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m Founded in 1982

m Created as a catalog business

m Grown to become the world's largest
maternity apparel retailer
m More than 1,000 locations nationwide
m Rop Executives
À ×ebecca Matthias ² Chief Operating Officer
À Dan Matthias ² Chairman
À Sheryl ×ogers ² Vice President of Marketing
À Mona Astra Liss ² Publicity Director
À Frank Mullay ² Vice President of Stores
m Ôo Corporate Communication division
À Rasks undertaken by others

×ebecca Matthias & Mona Astra Liss
m Papageorge accused Mullay of firing her
because of her gender & pregnancy
À Rhree other employees were fired for similar

m Does this seem like something a

company named Mothers Work would
m Employee since 1997
m Store District Manager
m Mullay inspected 4 stores unannounced
À Deficiencies were found in stores·
m Mullay suggested Papageorge could not
meet job requirements due to her
m Supervisor was ordered by Mullay to fire
Papageorge because she was pregnant
m Supervisor Dowe refused to fire
Papageorge as it was illegal
À Mullay·s response: ´Rhere are always ways of
getting around the law.µ
m è months later
À Papageorge was released after requesting
medical leave for an unrelated injury
À Dowe was also fired for inadequate
performance after taking maternity leave
m Wynona Harris Case
 Wyona Harris (blue bus driver)
 Poor performance termination
 Awarded plaintiff $è00,000
m roat Captain Case
 ‰ibute Scherl(boat captain)
 Company wide reduction termination
 Awarded plaintiff $110,000
m Provide Rraining On Pregnancy Discrimination &
FMLA for all employees
À Provide information on local legislation if applicable
m ×eplace Frank Mullay as the Vice President of
m Establish a Corporate Communication Division
À Help communicate policies to employees and
m Partner with women·s rights groups

Help clean up company image and show support for all