Nicola Tesla - Forgotten Genius

Nikola Tesla, mad scientist or forgotten genius? Born in Croatia in the 1800's to Serbian immigrant parents, Tesla has directly influenced our modern world in ways that affect our everyday lives. Able to speak 6 languages before he was 18 years old, Nikola Tesla has been touted as one of the greatest geniuses of the 20th century, credited with invention of alternating current (AC Power), radio, Radar, remote control, robotics and the fluorescent lights and nearly 700 other patents. Unfortunately Tesla also had the reputation of a mad scientist due to eccentric behaviour and over exaggerated announcements. Upon immigrating to the United States, Tesla gained a position working with and assisting Thomas Edison. However it wasn't long before rivalries emerged between Tesla and Edison, as Tesla work on alternating current directly competed with Edison's work on Direct Current. It wasn't long before the two took each other on head to head, at Niagara Falls, New York State. After a public battle between Tesla and Edison, Tesla won the race to build his first great dream - harnessing the power of Niagara Falls to produce power. By 1897, Tesla and alternating current had become a house hold name. Free Energy Tesla was obsessed with the idea of providing the world with free energy and went to work perfecting the generation of electrical power without the use of fuels, solar or wind. He would pull the electrical power out of "the vacuum". He would also demonstrate the transmission of electric power without wires. Using the "Shoeman Cavity", a 60km high region between the earth and the bottom of the Ionosphere and charged with megawatts of electrical power by lightning bolts generated worldwide, Tesla demonstrated transmission of electrical power over many kilometres. He lit fluorescent lamps by simply holding them with the field he had created. Tesla also demonstrated the transmission of electrical power through waves of energy passing through the earth lighting lamps up to 25 kilometres from his laboratory. It was at this point Tesla was introduced to the infamous banker and financier, JP Morgan. Tesla convinced Morgan that he could build a worldwide broadcasting system that would make millions. Morgan promptly invested and Tesla began the Wardenclyff Tower project. The Wardenclyff Tower project

Initially Wardenclyff was about radio broadcasting; however Tesla convinced JP Morgan that he could pull down power from the Ionosphere, making it possible to transmit electricity around the world without wires free energy for everyone. At this time Marconi announced he had successfully completed a trans ocean radio transmission. Seeing there was no way to make money from a free energy device and fearing Marconi would monopolise radio Morgan pulled away from Tesla. Ironically, 40 years later the Supreme Court of the United States determined that Marconi copied his technology from Patents already held by Tesla, and it was Tesla who had discovered radio transmission, not Marconi. Some say it was more than JP Morgan pulling out that shut down the Wardenclyff project. It was Tesla himself who scuttled it. He feared that the potential power generated by Wardenclyff could bring lasting harm to the people and the planet. He knows militarisation of this technology could bring down planes and sink ships. Death Ray In July 1934 Tesla announced his Death Ray. Tesla stated that with the use of only 12 of these weapons he could end all wars! Tesla's Death Ray was a particle beam weapon, electrostatic acceleration of minute particles. Extremely small particles (micro projectiles) accelerated to extremely high speeds through the use of high voltage. The speed or velocity being used was so high, that very small particles could cause extreme damage. With a stream of highly accelerated particles focused on one spot, you could bring down a plane, sink a ship or take out a missile. This sounds very much like Ronald Ragen's Star Wars project (SDI - Strategic Defence Initiative) of the 1980's. Tesla stated with just 12 of these weapons strategically placed around the United States, his "Teleforce" could be used to keep the United States safe from any foe. With the world on the verge of World War 2 the US Government took an active interest in Tesla and his Death Ray. The US Government undertook work and development of Tesla's Particle Beam Technology in the 1940's and it quickly fell off the radar so to speak. The New York Times of the same period stated that "Tesla's Death Ray could send a concentrated beam of particles through the air and cause armies of millions to drop in their tracks" and "is the most important of Tesla's inventions". However, in an unprecedented decision, Tesla made it impossible for any one Government to exploit his technology. He distributed the plans for his Particle Beam Weapon in sections to the English, Canadian, American and Russian Governments (who at that stage

was allied to the United States). Tesla's plan was that each Government would have to sit down and work together if they wanted to realise his invention. Whatever happened to Tesla's Particle Beam Weapon? Try goggling Talon High Energy Laser Weapon and it may give you an idea! Pay Attention Here: If you interested in how to make a Magnetic Power Generation,I HIGHTLY recommend you a material call" Nikola Tesla Secret.I highly recommend it for any person wanting to build professional and integrated Magnetic Power Generation systems from scratch.Check It Out!