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DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS >[may gawad kalinga diagram shizz dito na hindi ko nakopya.

] >Productivity: y Should not be an individual concern y Projects to earn & help community >Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) y Dual objectives: 1. social assistance 2. social development y targeting system o poorest households  eligible households: y under poverty y have children 014 y/o, pregnant women y agree to meet conditions y program cycle:
Selection of provinces & municipalities Selection of households Supply-side assessment Organization of assemblies

integral part of the military s counter-insurgency (COIN) program 5. 4Ps and its undesirable outcomes will even come at the cost of increased debt of the country >Kalahi-CIDSS --aims to empower communities to reduce poverty --objectives: 1. Empower local communities 2. Improve local governance 3. Provide seed funds --principles: L ocalized Decision Making E mpowerment T ransparency C ompetition I nstitutional Capacity-Building D emand-driven S ocially inclusive S implicity S ustainability -- main components: 1. Social preparation, capacity building & implementation support 2. Provision of community grants 3. Monitoring and evaluation --stages: 1. Social preparation 2. [hindi ko na nakopya yung iba. ]


5 major concerns: 1. Insufficient and poor quality of educational and health facilities may not be able to absorb the additional users 2. 4Ps will be a smoke screen to prop up support for the sort of neoliberal free market policies of globalization 3. Provide short term income relief but nonetheless remain dole-outs 4. Likely be implemented in many armed conflict areas as an