What is an Exposition?

An exposition argues for a certain point of view about a certain topic. With each statement or fact you write to back up your main argument, you must provide evidence to back that up. A main point or claim Reason for the claim Evidence/Facts to back it up An exposition needs to: clearly state the point of view use research to support that view address other points of view defend that point of view from others. An exposition should have a title or heading. This will introduce the topic of the text and may even show the writer's point of view on the topic. The first paragraph is the introduction. This is where the writer states the topic that is addressed in the text. The introduction is important because this is where the writer establishes the point of view of the exposition. State Topic and state point of view you will be arguing. The following body paragraphs are used to make different points, called claims, about the topic. Each paragraph addresses one part of the exposition topic. Each paragraph will make a point, give the reason for that point and then provide evidence for that point. Introduce one point in each paragraph; give reasons as to why it is important and related to your main argument and give evidence to back up your point. If you can think of an obvious problem somebody will have with your argument, include a paragraph where you admit that some people may think this BUT... then add a counterargument. The conclusion is used to re-state the writer's point of view on a certain topic. This is where the writer sums up the ideas discussed in the text. A conclusion can also address and respond to another point of view on the topic. Refute other arguments people may have about your topic, summarise your main ideas and re-state your main point of view again.

Examples of Exposition Topics. You can choose your own position, For or Against. Is pollution mankind s fault? Should school be for 4 days a week instead of 5? Should the Aborigines get their land back? Should sport be compulsory in primary school? Should logging companies stop cutting down trees? Is it a good idea for school canteens to not sell any junk food? Choose an endangered species and argue why it should or should not be saved.

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