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Demonstration Lesson Plan In English V

I. Objectives At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: A. Identify and use contextual clues correctly; B. Differentiate a definition and appositive contextual clues; C. Use the dictionary; and D. Participate actively in the discussion. Learning Content A. Subject Matter: Using Contextual Clues B. Reading Selection: Intramuros: The Walled City C. Reference: Reading 5 Textbook, pp. 40-49 D. Materials: Pictures, charts, illustration boards, markers Procedure (Cooperative Learning Group) Teacher s Activity 1. Unlocking of Difficulties I have a box here. Inside the box are unfamiliar words that we can find in the story that we will read today. Let us find out the meaning of each. I will draw each word from the box and each group will look for the meaning in the dictionary and write it on the board provided. The first group to raise their board will get the point. 1. Artillery 2. Blue Print 3. Edifice 4. Hoary 5. Moat A place where guns and other firearms are guarded. A detailed plan of action/A photographic plan of a building Large building Ancient A deep wide canal filled with water around the castle A low wall or railing



Pupil s Activity

6. Parapet 2. Motivation What are the historical landmarks in the country? So Intramuros is one of the beautiful historic place in the Philippines. Do you know that Intramuros was a center of politics, religion, business, and social life in the Philippines? Yes, it was the center during the older days and it also played an important role.


Pupils will enumerate examples such as: Luneta Park Heritage Village Etc.

No answer.

Group IV Question: Why is the walled city a source of pride to us Filipinos? b. 4. Reading Proper 2. Answering Comprehension Questions I will give each group a question to answer to test if you understand what you have read. let us find out in the story. - Read with your eyes Understand the story being read Do not be noisy Etc.3. . Reporting Pupils will read the selection Intramuros: The Walled City Pupils will report their answers. What do you think was its significance to our past and present? Alright. Motivation Question Today we will read about Intramuros. Group I Question: Describe Maynilad before the Spaniards came? Group II Question: What changes happened to Maynilad in the hands of the Spaniards? Group III Question: What could have been the purpose of Intramuros being shaped as a pentagon. You will write your answer on the board and you will report it afterwards. Comprehension Check a. Setting Standards Ask: What should you do while ready silently? Pupils give variety of answers. While Reading 1. B.

- C. Answering the Motive Question What is the importance of the walled city to our past and present? Intramuros played a significant role in shaping our religious. it serves as a bridge that links our past. No. farther. Second one . No response. No answer. we can still give the meaning of an unfamiliar word. cultural and business life during the Spanish regime. social. What is their difference? Let us read these two example on the board to understand it Pupils will read the sentences. We need to know about contextual clues. And contextual clues has two main type which is definition and opposite of context clues.3. Does each example define the underlined word? Which do you think is a definition of a contextual clue? Yes. Post-Reading 1. - First one. What is their similarity? They both help in defining an unfamiliar word. What will you do in case there is no dictionary available? Can you still give the meaning of an unfamiliar word? Yes. Today. What are context clues? Contextual Clues are words or group of words in a sentence or surrounding sentences that helps in defining and giving the meaning of an unfamiliar word. No response. present and future as Filipino Nation. Discussion Earlier you defined unfamiliar words using a dictionary. even without the aid of the dictionary.

Application Direction: Copy the context clue that helps you guess the meaning of the underlined words. 1. Definition Context Clues give a statement that describes or explains just like in the first example. what is then the difference between the two? The difference between a definition from appositive is the way they help in defining an unfamiliar word or the structure of the sentence itself that makes it different. 3. Intramuros. Practice Exercise Direction: Identify if the underlined words is a definition or an appositive. The elaborate. State whether the clue is a definition or appositive. that serves as the headquarters of the enemies.How about the appositive contextual clue? So. detailed work. is an example of Filipino craftsmanship. 2. 3. 1. On the other hand. the walled city. Manila was once called a noble which means well known city. The name Manila came from Maynilad which means mangrooves. . 4. 5. The soldiers attacked the fort. a military enclosure. - First Second No response. gates of Intramuros are beautiful. and Appositive Context Clues is a word or a phrase that identifies the word it follows and is separated by commas and sometimes dashes. A moat is a canal around a castle used to protect it from invaders. 2.

Who ruled Maynilad before the Spanish came? a. Sinful city __________2.2. Part of country s patrimony d. A significant link between our past. Memory of Spanish regime in the country . 3. Direction: Choose the letter of the correct answer and write it on the space provided. The general s artillery was composed of armed forces trained in the use of guns. Lapu-Lapu c. City of flowers d. City within a city b. How would you describe Intramuros to today s generation? a. __________1. A tent. What is the difference between a definition and appositive contextual clue? IV. After its constructor d. 4. a portable shelter made of cloth. Generalization What is a contextual clue? Contextual clues are word or words that helps us understand an unfamiliar word. After the king of Spain b. 4. 5. After its structure that was surrounded by walls c. Walled city c. For defense against pirates d. Intramuros is actually a pentagon. To be a business center b. Why was Fort Santiago built? a. Rajah Matanda d. To keep Filipinos prisoners c. Evaluation A. a figure with five sides. What is Intramuros popularly known? a. Puertas are opening with elaborate gates that were built with chamber for guards. To be a religious center __________4. A and B __________3. Heritage in store b. How did Intramuros got its name? a. A definition contextual clue describes and explains the unfamiliar word while appositive contextual clue identifies the word and often separated by comma. Rajah Sulayman b. was erected to house the refugees. After the churches you can find in it __________5. present and future c.

an epidemic caused by bacteria. __________4. challenger. will be Mosley. Intramuros As described in the selection As you imagine it would be today . Pacquiao s next rival. Assignment Direction: tell something about Intramuros as indicated in the chart. The bubonic plague. __________2. Direction: Box the contextual clue and identify if it is a definition or an appositive. The beaming light which is very bright illuminates the park. a doctor specializing in children s diseases. V. __________5.B. __________3. killed thousands of people. Our sewer which is an underground pipe was fixed by a skilled plumber. Michael was checked by a pediatrician. __________1.