Stage of lesson 1.


Teacher’s activity a) Teacher greets students b) T shows pictures and asks SS to say what the people in the picture are doing c) T plays a game (miming) involving the SS T checks the homework by asking SS to respond orally (Ex E, p.43- look and write) T offers feedback

Students’ activity a) SS respond

Intera ction L


Tim e

Purpose a) To make SS be aware of social status and roles b) to create a pleasant atmosphere and initiate conversation.

b)SS answer

c) SS guess what their classmates are miming SS respond L SPEAKIN G To verify if SS did their homework !tema este data pentru consolidare/practice To let SS know how well they performed

2. Checking homewor k 3.Feedba ck and Evaluatio n 4.Introdu cing new knowledg e: a)PreListening

SS listen feedback-ul este realizat impreuna cu copiii, deci relatia este reciproca!



a) T asks SS to listen to the song T plays the song again and SS sing along

a) SS sing T-SS


a)To stimulate their interest

b) SS listen b) WhileListening b) T asks SS to listen to exercise 3/ 54 T gives a task ( to find out what Lulu is doing) SS give answer to the task



b) To listen for specific information

Feedba ck and Evaluatio n Teacher offers feedback SS listen T-SS LISTENI NG To let SS know how well they performed . WRITIN G IW SS do the exercise and write on the blackboard and in their notebooks 5. c) PostReading SS read T-S READIN G To develop their reading skills c) T asks SS to do exercise 2/54 T asks SS to do exercise 4/55( to look at pictures. stopping after meaningful chunks. and asks students to read along after the model. to ask and give answers to questions) T asks SS to do exercise 6/56 ( listen and write the answers on the blackboard and on their notebooks) SS ask and give answers to questions based on pictures PW c) To use their vocabulary and the correct tense To ask and give answers to questions using the Present Continuous.T plays the CD again.

.6.Homew ork T asks SS to do ex7/56 Give them instructions! SS listen and write in their notebooks L LISTENI NG To make use of the knowledge acquired during the lesson.

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