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I am. happy to. see 111e first ]S8Ue of the news letter Rays brougbt out by, .A:KGfM· Newsletter team lli.ghHg)h.'Ung 'the various aetiviries being undertaken ill tile last few rnonrhs.

I feel extrernel y happy to see a rapid ,grO'~ .. tJi-l. of the institution :1:1). ve1Y short span oftime, It is :~J~i'l[ a long 'vvay to go for .Al{:GlM and I am very confident that the expectations will bernet with continuous 'hard work and dedi cation-

'm' .......... ~·l,CJ1'iF"JI'j·-.]·I- ate all , .. he Smdems ·fID"lI, ...... i 11]'II-"iY !!fI,t1I,.,fii S taff ,i+~i"'II-I' I ..... ,r'I·ll,O~in(t '0' '-u" t ,.:_, uch a

.lIt IV II,,J!I. , =.IJ.ii;.lL'-I!, _ ~L., _ _ _[1., IJ. ~ "'-'_. ,._ ~I . .JJ __ ~~;! r.a~I~~, ,ll-,'~ I~L,lJjU ,_",.I.lI.. ,U,\J" ,J.,. ,~.Il .• ~ ", " .. It_, ~J~",.Il1 _

publication V!..i1:i,cb is a visua I, treat '~O say the ].ea;;;;t.,

D =IJi•• D ..... [·1 'I~, f'. ,:\.aJ1V ,lli~. , ,1,et,f".uJ[


'&]'1' ,', ':D'" k

" I r"" " ,.....

.,', lIDr I, , es· .

It gives me a great pleasure in presenting belate you all, Our nrs:~ issue of the news letter "Rays", This news letter is 2l small ,\:vaJY showcases all the activities being undertaken in the last few monhts $lind I sm sure readers will enjoy looking at the contents, A list O~~· forthcoming events, 'W'O:rtshOpB conference has been compiled and. appear in this issue for the benefit o:f O~1:[ readers,

'We shall continue our efforts in. various ac tivities '~O make ,AKiO':~:M a jewel in the

. ['A'KG 11'" t'~'- [- .;, I' b dd' l '! t

._ . . I .' B ",", • , •• • ~ - " , " ~p ~.' .. ,:, _. .,._. .' , .~, ,-. " .~~.. -,' • .('j' . ' ..

crown 0 ' . '"., group, .ms ,ISSu,e ,1# 1£ negrnmng 0, .our . UI. . mgra ent.

'Wishing ~U the dreams ,af 0111' students come tr-ue with :nylng colours and, also wish lng our readers a joyous and h®lP]Jly reading.

D:r. Vldhi. Agrawal Editor

Vol . .l Issue 1


La-mral tl1ilirn'l,tJlmg is a step=by=smp Irmeothod of creative 'thlin Ik~~lg with pmscribeo1 techlmii'qu@s that canoe used ,oorl15oi'ously:" According to de !Bono" linreliligienoo '15 a PQre.ntHal and t~h~kHng is. a sklill to use that potential. He adds that thinking is no, su Ibs1tiWfte 'for inmrmati;on but infbrrmartion may be a substirtu[e! fur tninkingl. Whille ,~riIfo;nmatioliil is: swamp'ling us" ttine need llSi, for appmplnl'ate thinking mchniqu9s '~O avoid bellmg 'werglhed down by exce;srv.e 'iil1~o;rmatioliil. JUlSt as thie skilill of time dri~er

d)etermiin~s, :lfhow' a car ~s USOOi!' 1hinking d:et~rml~n:es !how' ~nrte'llliglence is used, One may bel a good thinker w'jihho~t 'lbeliliilg an ilnmlll@ct.ual ,and vioo~ver,s~.

There' ls a spilrit~al~ dlim;ensioli1i to. ~atterijjl th~n Ik:iiliilg !that has more to do, wllTh perception than lo~k;. GOod oondi[]ct th~t arises m"m righit thmJgli11ts and pen:eptiolills ItS as ilmpat"iltant. as m~~mtion ~lliiId spiritual practi;LeS. ,De BoreOI oompalms, cleverness to a s:h;:r~lD! 'focus ,camst3 ,and Wllooomi to a wid@:~ angll@o ~ens. ijlliild wllSdlomd!epends ,hsavUy UpOIrn pe't"(Ieptton., N@Jj r'lty all systems of :medirntio~' ~iml at purity of' heart and m~nd m refine, Il'ercept~ns fur sound ]:~dgimeliiit. P:li1i IOSOplrlYf nberaUy 'love for wisdlO\m'l is a'ilso al means of sp'~ltilruaIIT!ty:" Wisdom to a lalrg~ ~lnt ~nlvotv:es oormcti'on of pe:rooptJi'on by €xperieln~ when, ons considers time ,dlllrtUmi, ~'lk.nowledgs' comes but, wisdom ling:e~!., F:OCl!l5~ng dir:ec~ly on ~thir11Ik'lirrig! sharpens perceptiOllis and la telra II '~hinkingl is one of the: best

mBi'!!lin,e ... "'" aeh ~e!.;!'.a. ,ik .... at Alb]" ;D....t<·luBi In ,":1:..;9; ·111ii......_.dIU ........ nn ........ hie ~ ~, ,-UI ~~ ·11{~c~·1WI iU ~ , ;Y'': ~~lJ '¥~. l.'lr I~ IIU" VU _. iL.14I~ I ~u ~.:::II

book S~r:iQlJS Creativity U5in~ th~ lPow@rs. of lammll Thdifllll<J1nQf de Bono states that hM man :pemept~on works as a self=

Rm\~n'I"'~lnii"1l ;1'1i'II.ar'9'rm'- ~JI.·I""IRI e'iJ'ejloi~'m

v. ;:.1rl;;JLlI ~I ,II AII!U I;;JI~- Villi .:;::Ill.;Ji'~ I III


- , -- ., ..

There' is a mis!J.eading beniiief that Cfleativity Ibebng~, to, the world (If ,i3ff end liS, al matter of m1lenlt and ,dh~noo and 1il00~hingl can be' ctmscionJStry dOlile ~1~O~'ti: tt. IlClmra ~ think'~rrig is, spedfic.ally' c:cmcemed wiith dlan,giilng Jlreamoeived ~oti)ans to bringl out ~ew' i(feflS and can be a~lu!'iimdl and practimd as ,a skill II., It ls a s~oJall hlronnatk:m ~alliildU ng process Uke matlrnemartks, ~agital

analysis or com lPuter sim~ llati;o,n,. Thinking t,schniqu)f!S, cmC'91 masmr;edr can be used both indlividllJl\rl!lly ian~ in a gll"OlIJIlD'f. d~spel15cng wll~h brail1l5OOnning. [1m, alii! tile exam pies o;f Ilateral ~hinkjng ,~irven in thrtS a rtkle, Uliiloon'iJlenti\onallTty d~lr~y comes to the rore. Al'Jl:(iIrding '[,0 de Bono, Oliii@ shouldl be free of loo~strnhgts" tradTI~lon and hiswry in cirder '001 be aoolblve. But ~ha:t fn:ooom is more eliect.ivelly ,dbtained !by' JUsiing CEiIta~1Ill d@!iberat,"e' teahni~ IWe5, ra'IJher, than by' hoping '~O b~' free, There: is! ,a prevailing Ilbel,~ef that structun3S are n-esbiTct~ve for creativ;e thinkjng but this [<s, not 'entfml'y' We. A CUPI does not: U mit ons's dl01c'S of d r'~~ k, 00' one can oonsciousliy awid be~ng limited by strr'llJcture"S and aplD~Y them to one's 'fi:elcL

De Bono~aiS d€~eloped .ss,\i\€rn~ tochli1l[ques of ~a~9ral thinlkiln9 nJI nder the thnB:e broad categ.aries: Oha II~engef Altem!a~Uves and PiI"ovo~tilOn," Tile creativ'@: challlEmge is a chaillenge to e,~du~i'viiityf which does not a;cc@pt: status; quo ,an~ IS palm1cu~m1y mlevanlt in those areas wlrnere id!aas have becorne

'Iobsci!€te: 'w~fu '~1 me. Ciroomstancm and SJJruati(.ms often restrict 1Jhe (hJO~(je' of ~llftematrves ~ndf ti1er,emrr~1i' illt 15 better to assume' a dynalmic stalte of' affaks. Lilm~'ts ~ nd compom:~lIlIts are changed to ena.ble 1iI@W ways ,of dOling th lirngs m ,@m9rgle' suoc~1.. Plrovoc.a'tlon ~~ more iln the nature ()[ hypothesis where a s;ituatii(]lfl is f rst a:moeived or ~!m~ginoo i31liild then one proceeds to arrive ~rt unTlque plaus'i bIle COIillCIUiSiolills. Ao:on:ling' ro [le Eh:mOJ ~he wards hy(pOi)ij1es'i5,. SlUp(PO)se" {PO)ssilble and (PO)@~ry ,alii ircdiit~[e the fonvairo or proa,dtiV9 use o.f a staremenrt, whioh ill:nplies tlilat we, m~ke a statement 'first and see wlh!5l1! it mikes us, Th ItS ls ~gij'ijliiist prose and description" in which we seek, to ~how' sam~ing as it its, OJrn~ntlly.


The most po;pular technl;~ ue presented lb,y de Bono is: thesix thinkjng h~ts. AcNli1g alii ~he p'.res~ mpt:ioo that doin~ (Wffemnt thingtS, at the same' time [6, dimou~t aillid c,on~us'~lilIg, we Iilorm:ally malke UlS9: of (l(ne type' of tjhinkin~ at a ,ghn:m Dime. Ths hats;

d ~ til fbll .

._. _ _ ·_·1·",· . ",. 'I!

_ @riI0 e_ e '_ OWlngl."

L White, Hat mcts &. 'figuresl (what ilnrormatkm do we have ,and need to get?)

2,. R~ Hail:: emotions, ~!1ttuitiQn, 'feelingiS' (how do 'we feel ,about th~ sitHJIaltion ?)

J. 8taiCk Halt: Judg me~~ {does tl'ills, fit the facts?)

4,. ¥elllbw Hat~ advantagesf benefits (how .i5 'ita, ,good tlrnil ng to do?)

5. G~n Hat:: exploraJ1:Ji'ons., ,al~nna;1t:ives~, etc, (are'ther,e' diffemnt. ways?)

ti B~ue Hat;: t!m[~kingJ abou1tt~iit~lktllng (ronitro~ ofttiJ@ tl1ink~ng process)

Hats, aim oft"en used ro dertlooo the m~E3! one is pllaying such as a ,oas@baU 'GCIP, :sof,dih@rJ:s, Ihe~m~t" ;3lnd can be 18asny take1n off and

wo,rn agani1l. When a ~r50!1 puts on a hat. !me or sh€ plays ttne' role that belongs. to that hat This makes 1ft (31 ga:me where i1i1div~duals a Ii@ @l1c'oun;agoo to c'ontribum atlll kinds 'af ldeas under diverse hats, The njl~~playingl detaches the egiO from thinkirt;~h whnrn leads to dbject1vlw, Dime of the: most diflfi(ju~t thing5 to rOrnieve in a 'g roup discussion. The western tradition of ,argllU,meii1~ res~.Ib in takjng posltioniS wltu~reby diISCUSSij'OflS "mEl mduced to' 'Verbal wars. of attritjon with a, dash of pemonamties rather than of ~SSU@5. 'WRth t~@ s[)( hats, iinstmd of ilJOOlnfrontatlon there ls SllJJlPPOIli.ive sorutirilY of a Iil' tiSSUe, 'wnielM! ~, usefUl where ther;e are 'fierce "rguments, ble~tingl or ob5t~nacy:" n: is easy '00 swikJh ti'n~'rtIlldlrlg 'without Gus'ii~g oftel'1l5e. The' SrI)( hats method wo:~ks es weilll everywhe;re and can also be ~sed in family' sitllJJatl'ong,. Its most 'fruitful a[],va n[ag~: is 1lna:tt: it forces. you ito th iirlik more briQ;ad~y..

De 8ono fUlrth~r states )tnat gem~ratl~g ,oreat~ve id!eijs usl~g his. va rious Itecli"bniqU18$ is IInOt erllOUlgh. Ideas, by narumt aim risky:,

B~caul$e the idea is new, one. is not sure that it. wni work or be proctkalble art the op8ratioU1lal~ ~9ve~. There !mary be: iii nE!OO b) invest time, m.one:y ,andl erilergy befor!8' an idea bears 'f.Ii"U~t. M)QSt people are re~ul'danil: tal mak'Js, this effbrt so noc@ss2n-y' as

mmlPl~lties !multiply at the turn of the 21st ILeliltJJry. One person who did andl oor.alliT1l@ ,a ,stupendous success IS DhirulJha'ii ,Amlbani.

Laooral think~nQ ~n sav€' YOUIJ" life, as ill ~uS'~ra,tted :iillli this .smry. Two men were on a junglle ,s:arfari ij'~ A'mea,. Sud\de~lly" they QlIlme across a tig'er' that starredl r'OOlring. BOOh men wer:E~; frightteliiloo and UIilI@ of thern Ma'rte:i wOOlriln:g h~iiS shoes. The other Oli'De said; ",How is; thtlS 'go~ng to hE3lp? We. ,calrtl~t O[JltrUrii the

..,.' ...• 1 T'" - ,;1:;;'.......,.. ,.- II" ...II. r!f . ..:1 !II. 11.., I • . ~h···· .. " -I

ulger. i lie 1IIII:.!iIl man rep, neUl; ill eon l II law LU oun un u' e ulge~,

, 1·'1i.; ,- ... _., ....... "'··'II~

on V U IICliVe IW O~ IlJ unl YOIlJJ.

OD a ~ightel" ,side

Salles :IieP;!' an iadimllill~51Jr'irtt:ion clerk" ,and! tihe 'rna nageli" am wallkl1ng to lunch whe:nl ttn~ 'find an a ntjq~e oil lamp. They ru 10, ~t and a Genie comes OUlt. The IGenie ~::my,s\!, ~rn give eaoh ef 'you just one! wish .'! ~M@ first!!' Me ,fir:stJ!'~J' :says the ,adm.i1ni derk, ·~1,I

want to' be in ~8' Bahamas" driving a speedboat, withiout ,a care 'i;1m the WOIi"~d.N Pufli'! Sh~~s gone. ~1.Mie next! Me rilm!" says:

the s ail'€! s rep, ~.1 want to be in Hawaii, f\SlalXTrilg on the: beadh with rnY' persona,11 ,masseuse" an eEitdlesssup~~y of Plinil Colladas

'"" dOJ.;. - II· . _ ... ·'f' . I'~- ~'n =~ H--·!· ..... - \\;i"'\-K .. I ~ . ··1 ~' ...... -

an'U, u I~ ave 0 my ~ Ilel. FUi II " e s gon.@,,, 'V., s you fa IlJJIP', 1(..1181

Gmie says to the mana9~r. The Imanager says, "l want. ~h05e two back inl the office afit,Ef lunch,


The eCOriiomic and ~ Iibdu!Str[tal signliiilcanoo of oreativity ~ndls to the areas mngling from adv,ertis~ng~ the visua:a~ arts orafts,~ desiglli1l,. mshion" irumrad:ivE!: I@trsure' softwalr8~ music, thl€! :peoormingl arts,jI" software in igeneral ,and the! m;edlna are now seen to 00 [part: of what has, b@DO(me kinown a5 time ,oreatilv@ i1ndustri$. ~ II ti'ne orga 1i1i~'zatilons at ona point: ,of time', ,mac:.irn a 'p~ateau O'f o)m,lPehmoe,. It is olll¥ due to crea1uvity alli1ld

~ilnovalIDlon whIm prmt:ilde5 a c«:~mp~trtriVe edge. ~1iD an lim:rt€lasing~y tedhndl:ogh:al driven b~sin:ess ,~nvil1)lilm~nt", only the human capital, which Il'em~in5, uncha Ilsn!';,redi by mEu:h~llilesJ hss the a bill rrty to be cre2ativ@ whnch ~'s nu rtured for sUlrv~wll. 811111 Gat',9S dailms that '!II; MHuosoft'!s only factory ,aSOO't ~5 tiluman ]rma:g~ IilQrth:;ml. ~ C"e~tivifry end ,iimlnovartiOrl iii re the IrlIfe bhood of any business to' sUistain and @'XiooL

Um!le.-anding CreativitY a Innovaticu\I

Webster diid:~O\na'l'Y de{irl;es it as" ~~ Creativity' 'irs, marked by th!@ abmty or powelf' to crei3~ro lbringl Tmlm exll$oonce, to ~'Iilvest ''LiY11ti1 a new form, to prod!tuoe! tl!lmugllh ~maiQ~ lilaiIDive skinl to make or bring ~lnro existence some1jh~ng new,.CJ' Creat:j'virty riS ~~~e ,abmty

to [produce ideas that: (3,re both Iilovel and vallJlabl~~ (Myers, 199(2).

The' term creatlv:iity and innovation are ,often used ~l1Imrchangooblry:r, how€"ve~ there 'ItS al (Ilear d rfSt~lidieo:n bebv@~n cnsarthiilty' and ~ Iilnow1tiOIii", the mrm'9r Ib~llilg thee g€lnerationl .of rideas a nd tha latter its imp:l!emlE!riltattion. An innovatioJil ls a Slt~P'!beyond a creetive idea. Wlh~ lie creativity is about IProdudtiom .of r.deas, ,inll'llova'~i!on is about. pl!'a;Qticall ilmp~ementation of those ideas, IDIil this ,era of gl~oib~lIl\Za[ioril and corn jpetitiOIl1l,., crearnv11w and innov,ath::m are considered to be ke:y 'factors, 'mr S~ Nih/a:II, SI;!ICCeS:S and ,~tellenoo of orgalln~zat~Qns.

TtJ1ere a roe lead~ ng e>OOlmples of the OrgallrnlSCltiO\Iil's efforts towards ~o~r~i1Ig cml(3ltr1vt1ty ail: 'Work place II~ks '[)rnasoJ, an Oli1ita rlo (om P'all'ii¥i celle/orams an an Inuall Cmaij~ifty & ]lnlnovation We~k. :~vents, include learning forums, cafemnla ce~eb:ra1tionSf !H\!IE! music, brain [oosersl and plant"Wild'e messag@s. Each time' BMW begl~ns d;9V.9Iopiirng ilIl '~llf'r the 'Pro]''9dt tenrm's rnem belTS ~,.. same 2.00 to 30m staffers. from eng~nooringi desIgn, prod uction, malrlketlng, p.un:;lrmsingl and finance =" a:re mlocamd from tlileilr s~ttemd ~ocations to the auto m;a~!"'s Reseamh and ]Ili1Inovation 'Celi1m~, mlUed IfJLZJ" 'for up to! 'three years. Such proxilmity h~lp5 $jp~ up (jo:mrrm.lI,li!IkatiOIrnS (alli1id fu~refu,re car devel~pm;@nit) iii nd encouraqes 'rnG@-t~ftaoo ms@ltings tirnart ,1P~li1It ~atte,..istage ccmfllicts ootINe en i!' 'say, marketiiniQ and IMgl~n8erilng" 3M en:cournges staff members to spend up to :[ SaiD of their t~me on ~roj~d:s of t1he~ r OWIin choosing. In Indlitan context '1ntfu,sys is a lteadingl exa1liliilple of I@>:!ooilimoo by fos'[eli"~rrig i~lw allb~II'Uty ,of 'its peop;le., Tlrney hav.e: develQPI a cu~~ure 'Of openness, ,energy and trust. in the orgalli1lizatto:n . .It is, due' to tne~r' 'ViS!lon~ wiu~~, commitmell1lt of I eaders etc. The inmmal oommuni(E!tii'on '!;)rngra mme' kli1iown by' tile n~m~ INS~NC focus 0111 lre,ep~lng the~r ,emplloyOO$ talbreast of the 1;a,t@St d~loplments. ~!l t!meir o:rgan[!zaticms a n:dI business eml,virOIi1l me nt, Tilley a~so '~lIiItrOOuced "velce of YOU~hl'l programl 'for' geln~ratior:li .of fmsh Trle.as of yo:ung '~UJl.tt:ives of the Company: The ., [dears,' ~roglralm of' ,apeL is an initiativ.e' to reoognll2ie and Ipmmom cr,e;ijVl1ty at the workp~ac@ ~lnd derive beli1l~fits ~rom the ~li1Inovattiw ideas, Employees, ,at. ;aln ~e~@lls are encou ra goo, to Sij~bmit. the hanovative 'which has. Iled to tari;g~lble or intang'~ijle benefits. lhery 1(3IUJlnched iii Iil UTTAJM SU-] HAV PURJJSIKAR for the best suglgest~Q.n. The efforts of' alPCI 100 to become tfl1e :lfirSlt ol1)!aniz:atiOIil to intmduce uSlMAIR.T CARD~~ am @=initiative 'for'

petro OOnUl5., They aliso staded many inn;OllJatWe' schemes at th911lr :lPeUu outlSlts, such alS hig 1m speed 'fuel, dhabhaf. lin &, Out stores, ,AlNs etc,

Fa do rs 'Influencing C~ity'at 'Work Plaice\'

sorne of major 'faaors imlu~ndnlg cr,eativity at indiiV'idilllal and org!anizc:rtional ~e.vsll alre as under ~

1. Qr'ganirsatiotJ'DaJl vTsicm ; The OrganisatIon halS ro' lPa~ lilt a v:isiort! 'whiclm indTams the ol'g\af1lnzati0I15 oommiiItment tow,ardls crmijvl1ty~ ~Il1iJflovaJtlon att 'work.lplac'e.

2. Human resources ; Organizaitional ,oomllPeWli1oo' 'is; based on quaHty of' :!H1j ma Ii1 IresOUrces, in tlr~ enmrprise. A good Human ffiSouroo becomes an imlportant oO\nneliStone of alii'll enmrprise m.rcreativity.

,3. Org:afIJisaijonal S1Jnuctur'8!; Th@' orga t:1izat len all strudIttU,9' of any orcg:anitzaijoliil ls lone O'f' the important i'attors to determiM.e tilt cUJII,rur:e of any' 'Qrganizatl'on" This denotes the offiol~1 channel for communic.ati()n..

4L 0 rg ani sati 0 In a II En\i"~ ron m ent: The Orgla rniisath, na I enrvii'ronmentt ~s one of ~he rmost important factor deoormlli1i~ Ifftg th~ wltu Ire of anrv orrg~'lilaijon., T,he wlttur1e' of 'O:Il'€mn~f moti\i"armion~" iniSp'iiratlons ;SUPlPorts ror oreat~ng oonducirw enrvii'ronmenlt.

5. Natum of ,J\ssignmetJ'D!s=' At the [nd~vlIdualllevElI" the levell of em pow~t:iment\!' Task. idlentllty, T~sk s,igl~ificanaJ' Autono,my alsQ plays ,an important role in motiwtingl an ~Indivjdual m be Cfieartive end ii'liiInovaitive.

6. Reward I ~oognlrition IIPoUcy: ,f!!;. 'Weill mtai~I'irshedl Reward policy 'for @n.co!Lllragingl ideas, imp:rowm:enlt: in sysoom5:~ ~ni'novaltlve worik etc motiwtes ~ nindltvid ~al~ emllP~O¥ee ~ nd th~reltlll cmatin~1 an. ena'bm~g emvircm ment 'for roSMnl ng creeij\lity at work place, Far Examip(l@ Nldkll'a CorIP',. (INOK) ,~niducts ,en~ ~Ile~rs 'Wllth at least. 10 patients ~!faro it:$ !:'ChJIO 10, ~I li'eooglt:l~z'~rlig them each '~Ir ln a forma I Gwan:j~ c,emmcmy..


O,rganisa1Jlonal Oreat~vrfty is d1amcmrnsm by '~he abiHrty' to IPSmeiV8 the worl!d in new ways, to 'tTi nd hidJd@1'li pat.it~nsl to rna ke oonn;ecth:;m5lb~n seeminglly unrelamd p(he:nomeli1lal,~, and 00' g€!l~l@ram solutions. G~n;er,at~n;g 'fresh mIUl~lons. to IPrn~l@m5f ,andl1Jlhe abmty to ,oreate new pR.ldu0t5, processes or services for a ctni:lng~ing markiet" ,~we ,pa lit of the intellectuall c~prtal tli1alt 'glirV~ a company ;[ts oompet'iith/8 edge. In the ch a 1119 i ng scene r'iio I' ma ny new chsll eng,as Irequ i re fUlrndalmentally n9;W ideas ,and alp;pr:oom to work. :EIiiI thl® oem of d@mgulaltTon dramt3tflc. chang,@s ar,e ta ~i:li1Ig place" SystematIc: aplPn:n:u;Jh and by cri@iiiong oonducive elnviroli1m~;nt can :~liiIcrease the chances of inniovat'iIorl ocwning., By rosmrTIiiIQ the IPrinc·~p:I!@s. of orgaltJ'DTzatiana II looming, innowtiOIi1l cailiil 00 nalrm~ssoo to achieve orgalliil'iiz,atiOIill:rll goals.

Suppose that every day, ten men '~ro 'out roll" ~aiS5i ~lnd the bill 'for all 'ten comes to Rs.l00. U they lPa~d their biiU time way we pav our m>res,,' ;~t 'WOU] lid go :something U ke 'thtrs.,;

The first four lI1en ,(the, poorest) would IpalY nothing'. 'The fifth wOIIII~ pay'IIs.1.

The six1!:h WOl!llld pay' Rs .. '3~,

ThesevenHl would 'pay 1b~7,"

'Theeigbt'b would pa, Rs.12.

'The Idm;h woulfd .. ,' As. lB.

Thete., man (the ri'chest) woiJI'(d P8Y'IRs.I9.

The ten men drank, in ttne lassi shop every (hJ¥ and seemed quite happy wii"th the Gllrrange:melilt, U1r1l'tt:i~ on,e dayi the, (lWI1@r' thmw theml a ClUN~.

'IS~noo you are aiU such good customers,' he' said, II!m g,oii:li1Ig to red uos the ,mst: !'Jf' 'y,our daily' lassil by' Rs.20.,1 l.assis for ~he ten !maw oostjust.IIRs..80.

The glroup Slnlll 'Wan~dl to ~¥ '~he~r bill the way' ~ lpay our mxes 00' the 'fiiirst 'four men Weffl unaffeomd"

How cou I)d they' divid\e, the Rs.20 'Wilmdrn I,~ so that ,~veryone

w .... uld g6,," L.. is 'IW;_ lr ,eh'9lt-.at)' , 1;,1'.: ' !I;;;;i!l,. I Ii <;;!I' ~'CI . ,;::] UI to.

T~ey realized that Rs.20 dhfJded by six is Rs. :133~

Dl!I"'" uf' ~hMJ ,el ~~-..I thst from aJ;,il.CN-n,c;!!'e .. hare then iIo~.a u.: LL a 1.1 ~., 1~~UIU'P~~ ~ ~IL V,I C1f~. ",y\ II::;;I! ~J I~I ~J!' IL ~ ~I:I~

fiffi1 mall and the' 'sixlth rna n 'would each end up bei ng paio1 to drink hillS ilassl.

So", t~u~ 'shQ1p' owner 5ugglested ti1a!l: ij't would be' fair to reduce

eaoh men's blill by ro[JghlV the salm~ SlmOUIilt:., and he proceeded to, work: o~1t the amounts eaclil should pay.

·;!i.I1'd I~A'· 1M , .. n::!IVIIoI

'The ,-.fth lnan, like' 'the first fou~, now' pili'dnoU1inl ICllO~ __ ving1S')~

'Thesixtb now paid Rs'12 insmd of Rs. 3

(' 33' , Ofo ,_ 'J

-:_: _' - ,:.5aV11'tg5, r III

'The seventlfl no'w [p;J'y' As. 5 i IlIlstead' o,f' b. 7 1(28Oibsarv'iBgS:) III

'Theleigldh now paid As.9 hlstead of ,As.:1::! i(210f0 5aving5)~1

'The' !uiil1ld1 now'paid 15.14 insEd of IRslljlLI (22 ~'saving5)'1l

'Theteo:lh, n,gw paid IsAl instea-d oflb.:51 (16'010 .. ving5)1~

Btut: onoo ourtsld~ the mstauranrtt, the men begarn- to corn pa.re

their ,sav~ ngs,. '

~J[ on IIv got: ,a rupoo out of Uae IRs,.20,'!1 dBdared the SllXllLh man, He po~nrted to th~ tenith maim, !burt he got As. iIlO!'

~J[ ol'il'l~ ,salVed' a rupee, too. illt's unlfailr tlMlalt he, got ten tillmes 'more 'tthi;ln m did'

"'TI!..~~e' ~ ·0 I ~I" e I!.. 0' ,,~ ,I ................ L.,o elc;.u£lolRl ...... m'~n !Wh' " fIiJ' .eL.' ..... ~ lid L.,o Ii"1lot,

I: I!CI"IJ.. .;ii l~ !Uj~'~ ,i, .;iill D ~ ~ ~ lU I~ ~'Mj\:i~ II,:U I g. '.. '";r ~I 'v.,~ :_ I t!&;i :=11.$ ,

jj]'''''' 10 b ,II.. .... 1>." -I ot c 'II' 'Io!,~,'" ') Th _ ',_' I·AiL... .....iio I~ 'tl!..· ~. . , ,acr.;. 'nll~ I Bill , go on, Y IL,":"O. ,@ W'e!ilI lUi IV g~1L a ~ ~ lie

1!..1'\a;!!!i It..- H LiII't:i ... I~·

W"(iiit a mliru.JOO!, ~ Y'8llled the first four men in u Ii1l1son~

"We didl~~t get ,an~hing at ,a~:II. The system !@;:<plo'ie the IPOO~

The 1iiIex! night the Mlilth mlCin dT)dln-t show up 'for !assll" so the nine sat down and had ~a~5is w:i~hcmt ~ii'm.

But wheli1l it ,calma time to 'pay the bUl, tlney di1Soover'ed som;etlfn~ ng ~m,portal~t.

The,v ,!dIi:dI1il1t: have enOUlgh 'monley. Ibeb\l'oon clU of them fQr 1fB'i/<@n half aft~,e lbiHI.

And tihat, lsdies and gentl~menr and roUege professors, a big qU!esth::m ls how our tax ,sy'Sltem wonks.

The ,people wl"i!) paY' the' highest taxes get: the moot Ib~libefit 'from a tax redl[]cti'on.

T~ .... them ... ,A;i"i; m'~ II""... '!:!iNo ... ....:k' them "-It' 11..8 -lllI"ig u~e;,'9I'iI""",!d '9 .... d 'thEiV kl;";; U Iii.::; l'!.,ilu I ~""III.l" !tlIlU.it;lu" II 10 '~II'!."M 1!J!Ei; IiI. ,'Ii'III'IO:i!til ILiI I,,:,. !til Ii I, "''1,::;,:1'

just, may not show' u p ,anym(,n'e .

In fact, t~ey might start drinking lassls OlVeirseas 'whsre the atmosphere is som~what frielibdlier"

for thme, who u~demtairlld;l' no ,~planait.ioli1 is n90000

for ttlhOS9 who d)o, not: und\erstano;J" no explal~altlon 'ice; possibl€!!

Bl.U1t when it came time: to p-a¥ ,th~ billl" th~ discovered someithin:g importarut.

Tli1e'l didn"[ haw eliloug:1h money' between all of them for even ,h~'lif of the' bi III"

And that" l\ad~es and gerritiemeUll, end ,oollege IlProresso:rs" a big quesnon 'ils, now our tao< sysmm works ..

The people 'Who pay ~he ~~ghest ta~ get the most benefit from a m'x reductkm.

Tax them too, much, a1.'t;ack. them for being W'Mlt~Yf end they just mary not show up anymore.

In 'met, they ,1iTl~ght ,Sltart drinkingl lassis overseas wlrnem the: atmosphere 'its somewlrnat '~n1endlner.


~ ~~ .

.. .""""

I .

... ,.

... . """-


- '~ .

~ ~,'~'-

(7';:- .• '.". "r'. ":'::'!. '.=Io~ ;:r;4- '.

R€'oenrt events in the gllo:lb;'11 '~ronomy' hi}v@ Ileft finance heads withl ;a Ii1I op:1tiom Butner iID increase ~erfoli:ming assets or nabmty· rna nagememt and thls [15.] us! tne beginnilng ,of change ~n the old school O'f thl!:uJight, The: roc,ent. g~obal b!l!lsini8ss eliilvironmenit mas presented mainly ctJ1allenges. HOW9:'VS~, with wery

h I~ rt 'tv 'Th" a , t id

'. . . .", ,'1' ... - '-,. "1' I II'" I"'_' il .. _' J_ •• ,.-' •• ,:.... •• ",

C 2M @fiige comes oppo _u m ,. IS 9lmllmlllmm . prOVI , es an

occasion to r,et.hfiini'l( '~he ,e;'llsr importartt Finance function. The top sreas 'Kllf IFli'li1Ialliiloe imlprov-em@nlt include';

1. 9~reliilgt~enliritg ov~rall'~ ,~inana (;(~lpab.1llitl:9S

,2,. Improving the use of IT s.yslte:ms to su PlPOrt Finance (Risk manaQ)em~nt)

3,. Improving the overall all'i'gnment of Finance 'to overall

busi N·

. LJlSln~5S O'~JoctIlV'eSi

4,," Imlp;rove IliJlalli1lning~ ,!budige-tbilg and 'mreca&~riig

leading oompairifiies; ,are usingl th~~ ,oorre;nt BIiI!Vi1 ronmeli1l't to transromn time way' they I1Jm fu~lr ,Finance fun.ct~on. Tirnlrough 'md@'$ign~ng Ai n~_li1oe', Olfg~ lilizatTlOiI1$, ,~re foc~sedl on ~dEmtilfy~'li1g val ue-creatlon opportun uti@sl' i Im:lp\rorvling thelir !lFin;alnoo operating model, and ootter Iman;agill1g1 '~he'~r business performance.

The b-enlefitts can be f.ar=~mchiing. rN;ot (mly wm Rlm-:moo perform better th,rouig!lh greateir coordination 'ibetiN@en resources, orlgariilzatiolil and e'~ecutiO'Ii1I.!' ibut f~niince wlill help to drive va I ~e cf"eaiDon and become a mod~11 for i mprovoo busaness peOOrlmanoo., Orga nizattlQ:ns tlh~it ta~@' adrvBlli1Imge of this opportu liiI~ty' willi em~r'Sle stroli1g~r and marie c;omp8Jtit.ive from 11he OU~li1t :lbusinem eril'V"O rorment,

The follow'ilflg are the ways by' which the finalnce can ,help in iDlprovjjng t'lle business 'perfOnnance:

1. Creat'i'I11I Vah!ll@1 and Dlana,gillllgi busine'5s perfOIi"Mance:,

One of '~he 'wa¥S eli1l~~prises, cream '\i\alu~ is by making e-ffOCtive use of. IInf;(Hlmat10Utl to ellla~le the IPrroudltiol'1l of strat,sgic and fu Ii1Ictional pla ns, Fmanoo can best 'support 1th~: business by getting the fnglrnt ~lnformat~Q;n ii'li1Iw the righlt hands at tlhe rigrht tilme, snd being dosely' involved when {'(mversati:o;ns arou nd focus and strategy ~Ike p'~a;ee. ~~ding Finance organizations

should be: ,aoove ratimer than pa5S~ve p,~rth:'lipaints in thne;, !process," By providl~ng robust finanQlal iI'Ililrormat~on end i[~slghtf ctlmbined with finanda II Inigor and c'ha II~eng@f Mlnanoo can

I!.. ~. Ii>..· ... d f>'Ii., ibb_

llJoc,orme an iii,l.ILrW' lLiIuslness partner cUiII', SUPpai! II.. U ~e,

rdelil:ttifficaitlcn oF-value ic::reatii~g oppertu Iia~tties.,

.a1J Deliveringl '",all ue ,th,lIo-ugh idSl1lJtl'fYing 'valmU:e~creat'CDlIl 'DP'POrtlJllll1i.ties:'

Finance, has C(llilb',QI ,of bUiSiness ,data that time' ,on-ga Iilizatlon 'li1Ieed)s tn operate eff@d:iVtely:. IMI order to get tile riglimit i1nronmatioUil, into th@ lilalli1lds of the right pooplfe' ,at. the. righ~ t~m@.f 'ut is important 00' @valuate· the infbrmation required at. eadh I:eve w'jiljhin ttJ1e orglannzatiol'1l. TtJ1~:s fis, 'eSipocia~ IIY 00 'wlh~n ,an org1aniz:attion is tryhiig to del liver fcc!lJIsed d'®dI$iorn-1i~iPPQrt IInfo:nmatioll1 with scarce or limit'ed resoUn:;e5., A, nrnaIi1G~' function that C,aili1l artiC!l!Il\ate dearly' 'What ns, important and @liminate the :~~fomlaijo~ that ls not ~'mportant~ 'will II li1e~p the org,aniza,tion becoma more ,successf!l!l,I. Add jifjlonalll'y, ttl is, wIn ef'l;ab~e' fact-based deci~iiOn-m~king ,and ~Pcfn~pria_ ,~ctlons, that dell~\IIer vallllll-e.,

31l DeliverhlQ 'walllKe tilltl'ough operaiiin,g, efficiently 'illilld eff:ectively:

Finanoo must ba~alliiGe prioritties ~n d@liv,e;rlIng an e-ffecti\l'e' su PlPont function 00' tim@ organiz:atiOIl1,. lilt must h~IP' to lim plemeliilt the buslness strategy' bl i;del'1llD~lirng valllu@-oreat-f:oin' opport[j 1il1ties., At: the selma time iit must prot,.ect ttJ1e finandal as~ts of the ()rganiza~lon. This mus.t be delliVtered whlil~ also md'udng 'the' cost. of finance. f~nand~'11 mal~lket ~nsmbilii'ty:, Togetiiher this pr[e.~~ts a nurn bali" ,of opportunities" th n-eats and ,rLtSk's,. Wh~le lit pn~·senlts opportunities for 1fI~jbi~rfty in dewl~pment 'fill1anoo ~'com,p;.nies; ~1'iiI pkk. and ohoose from a

be of fi' lt ~ ts m ,< k

• J I l I'" ,', - .i I·' -_ ',_ ,_ l'" '. _," .'~ ", ," - I _',-' I· • ,-'.

li1Ium _ _ r _ ~n:ancmgl ,souroes, ~ el so p:resoo_: glrea· J" .liltS ,S

becsuse the rulss of the game ,am diiaJriiginQI. Far ,oomlpi(m~e$ with, ,strong:er vallue 'creatI;QnI' dTversifl:,ed capadry and pe:rfOlrmlance rna n,ag emlentr th is. presents (;II ~ at c:f opportu nines.,

41J Deliv;ering 'Value 'through Managing busJo,e5s


u .... ~, th ., 110: -' . .dI ......... d ..li: ....

€I :III;,;I(I'~ on.llile ,o:rga IilIIZ;;h,,JOr:lr s enU"'w-€nc pel ~ ulTlilanoo

ma nagem~nt wHth the Salm€l1 mnadty and disr:ipnne' that thev app~ ied to Eniterpnlso Resourc~ P!anni ng (fJU?') led tr:ansrormatDon and shafted SErvIce init~atives 11m '.realI'S past, This wm mqll[]~'m IF,lirnal~c@! to talk€: the learn, in IProv1:d~ng IInmgrnmdf. 'E:1ndf..to~e1nd lP~alrii,ning with <31 focus en €);jeClutioliil and accounltalb:lllity.

W~ ~lre in a tilme of chang'e in terms of d~I\O\pm:enit finance., Time ~nmli"li'balti]onal 'finial1ci~11 system, ls incm;5inglly alrri<31 rchical

alld eid is 'f1ragmenOOdi. With that anardhy comes greater flnanQlal merket iil~sta'b~ll:~ty.. l:ogether this p:resenm a number (if op portunltles, in ream ~ nd risks, Wh~ I@ lt presents opportu nines; for 'filexibillity in d~lopiment '~lnalfilc,e~ - oompanies can pkk and choose from a number of 1fin~ndng SQUIl:e5 - it also ~resent5 gnoorer IiI15Ks, 000'3 use th€ rules 'of' tile g;;rme (us: changing" For ,oomlp'(Nl~@S. wIrth stroli'1lg~r val~ue cre~tion,., div>ersffloo capac:irty and pelliotim~noo managem@ntl, this p~smts allot of op,pOl!1unirti)e!i,.


bjl!"'i.'_~i ......... n"''''' ·11i'"i,...,.... ~, nood ~ .... b·7' i;i\iI\h~"'L. is '9 ii"l\oo~1 r!90I"e£01!' 0- otion for ~ ~~"'i.!' w ~~IL m~IIW g ~I.:._.:U JlV ~:~/ "i.n n ..... liilr ~.~' ~.·_.····U Ur;lll~lj ····VI!-lU '1110

mil!;/}' Ib!iRW do -I nll'li"loUI up '~Iii m'IJ -C9f'\aiCi;I!"" T--r..aeoa. '3Jr:a ;i:'..", .... J

. ~. I-lly _ - ~-;...; ~I ,~ .. Io! _ _ n I I 11 _ i;;J1 ~II'- "" 1111~II;i!l;:.ll ~ n;:;,,~·

qu~on5 trrnat Iba:ffle many. IUli'iIll'Iik@ in the past:~ c.an!e:r options. <ue' alpil@nlty· too)'jay and to ,ohoose the oost. 'one Worn them is a difficllIllt [ask. A. proper ,calmer plalnning Gould ,oome handy in

- , h -...... ' ...:-- -- - E:I' IE L. - - -- -- - -- -- - do - -- - - -- -- - I" . ,', -r-- --

sue al SIILU(allJon. IYlIUII !lew can Ollie - -- 0 01 cameii' p :a l!1n1ngl. '!L..(iIlJ'eer

p~al1i ning Ifne~ps to set al gool and it helps a person to, pllan !how' to ad,ie-w it. Before makilngl ijj cpr:eer choice ilt is ilmportant for a pelrsO\n '001 learn about h'~ms@lf/h~rsel'f. ~Iislh:~r wll:lUles~ '~nterestsi!' and Skillll$~ in oombilF:1:atllOiI1 with oortain lPersonam:y' tr:a~ts, will make some careers eslPocialli~ slll;irta~l~ fbI!' a person and some pautiou~arty 'i:li1iaippro.prlam.

The 1l'IiO& IIlmpoa"tant: part ,of car@eir'lP~all1 n~ng is ~he viiSioli.ii· palrt-

II_ ... , , -- - -' -- -11·· ..... I ... ·iIo ~ If-. .. ,.jO 1---- ",110, k ---, -- _. -- .,,,.,!I.,,.iI" -- .. -

~nowlll1g w 0 yo~ wan!.. IIJL!I IlLIe,. or al!l. ea~b.Iii(jwillilg Y1f~Ii:h:. ¥QU

want to achieve. U Imay be u~e~u~ to have short mnm gua Ils, but lit ~5 tar more irnportanrt to Ihave a long term v:RsiOIi1l to whi;dh 'you can guide your short. mnm Cimer declsions ..

Thiough trrnem is. ,a duffen~noo of opTlilion about the ,app.ropr~ate· Dime IPe:Mi'od for ~~an 1i1I~lng ,a carie@r them 'i\5 no, d:eniall about the siglliil~ficanc:e o,f it, The vision for the c.ar,eer should be' created @ariy in Ufe. AI: that. tim~ tbe mind is, 'fresflil a nd ~iha!S·1jhe a!billirty to dreaml bigl. As, we ,get. old:er and e;noouner more obstacles,

t of t3rt:- roO' 1-' •. [ d 'ID-II·~··

.' ':. ,"' I" -au- ", . I! I J' ,,_. _. :" •.. '. . II' . I" ' ' .. ' ,-'

mos .. IlJIS s· .... II mi. cur .. maims,. eYeliil as our c:a IDS.~ I Ii. ies

and strenlgths ,am ad:uaUy ·iini!:nE'as~ng. This is one of the Ib~g p,a radoxes of U·~-e.

U iis always adrvisalble to (lIen a ·calmer earill' in life" This e~alt]le5, an ~ Ii1Idividu~1 to haw· ~uffk:ieUilt[ t]me to go throughl the mlli1iute·

detallils: Oir the !Iearningl aspect. em, 'which hns/her talre~ will·11 be based, PrclongJed tra~nilng in a IParth::UJ~ar field also h€IIPS in talk~lliIg conective' im@a5Ures ·lIm· ti;me and! skill II enhanoomenrt and :spontaneous process a~on;g Slide acadlem~c tralllnllrng.

:It l15, SSitd· 1hat e'Ve1i1l ~'f ~ person fails to mak~ a career d!eols~o:n l8arly there ,are many options of doiln~ it ~ater also, It slhou~d not 00 Hi;Ougl~t ~h~t uf' a person has; 'rn~ I:ed! to ma~ an @arly decJsIiOf1, he/slMie hes no! room 'ror career' p;lanli'il~'lllg lamr ~11i1 IrnlsJher ~iim. There ·are. niumero~s cases, wll@n a :stMdent has made abrupt changes ~n hislh~r G3lreer, gUl;d@o by h'is/her in5N~ct and Ib~nt of mind and mads g'l:ant leaps careel!'-1Nlse.

1C;lroor planllil'iili1lg gllr"Vesa c~ee If' [road .mall' a'ibolliit the drreoocm ~In which (3i person wants m mike hi$llrner calm~. Th@re are C~~~11i1 1Jhing:s tlhart one must kiee(p' in mind to plan his/nell' career which indudies spedfic. fie~d'5/on::lUpati0Ii1S 1to expllore, one mllUst IlJIrnd~rstatnd '~he job de$onlJ~th:m, ed ucattOIn a nd ,other

li'll9ii"1llll"II·li'.BImanArr- J' ob AllJIiI1dii"ii,."II~ '9dH~nl!"\i!!i;mBl:'llt ""'pNllrt~ 111IlI~""'_ ~i'!id U "'"'~IIIJI 11'!i;;i : ;';'l~, '41' _. '1.;1' _ IILh,J(,;!,1'ii.,r ill··· ."ii;;J !i,.t:i I '1;;11 ~I ", .. t"~'i;lII! I~ 1i,I~ Ii;;.III ;1-

19i;amings, go in for ~'li1Iforrti1al inteN:i)@ViIS 'with peop\le wino hav:e filrst~h~nd mowh~dg;e' off' the oa::lUlpati0l15 ~n whim you an~j inmresoodl.~ narrow down time Ilist ()If possllb~e oo:upatlons, based on what one Ih~s learned from thelli resean:::h.

At ~uocessful caresr ca nnot hi;li ppsn overnIght it happens as ,2) result: of oont'~Ii1iUoIUIS end ca mful decisions taken a'!IiElr ,a period of time, So a 'weill pll.anr:ie~, decision about a ca reer 'wulill ensUlre ·a steady al~d 5ucmsst:ull caree;r path.

AKGlfiM IRI\agjt flies ~iigh (moo ag~in. P6[)MI students at Ajay K!il[rm~r Garg Irnstiwr1t@ aF Marmg€lm€lnt: ~ave ~roveQ: their exooliernCl€ 'ti me and again. The ro~ll()w'i;~g laum~s Iiameth~i'li way in MO ofr 1th~' Managem,@nt P:es1ti~is they' ,IDa mcipatedl 0 ~d wo~ prRz'€1S.

.,,,. r::;$(now'ptJur ,wurld

\I'Burlding Rood€ms,'" sha~ I 00 ~ l1ewspilP~r whioh will be mulitlfaooted, ~n terms or the iillpproodh to rep~ent the facts ro me tar'g,et customers in a ~lghly ,effective mali1lltler.

"~'BlU'dding Read@~ is a OOf1;~~1t ~b)ut ·develOPJlng GI daily nswspalpel!" whl;c:h shalll' be War the dhilldmn beMoo~ the' ~ges of 9 '~Ir:s m 1.5: 'yEli!lll"S.·

The, oonoopt 'fOCUlSe5 on alNllng, a niche ~'1iII ttll€ prinil: media by S®lMlI1gl the€! glrow~fiig needs ,of the chilildren ~'1i1I the given ,age ~lroUPI wlrnkh al~ not 'fulfilled Ii):y any' of tile h~ad~ili1lg newspaipers ,of Jtrndial tooay..

Ind I~ lacks in servingl th~! need 'Of develop;l fIlg

the krnOw1I@dge bsse of M1e ,~utUlm ,of the 'OOUli1Irry: The II@ading newspalpew dei Im~5 do oome' UPI With some weekly editiolils to focus ~his 'tar:gm ~r but their products hardly' cOlilmlil1il ~he OOI1iOOIi1l1t which ~ n increase the knowh~dg~ ofth@ chiUdlr@n.

As GI D'Sirt of the oocnal Irespon$ibmtY;~ duri~li1Ig the Students ]ndumon Program which was held from 2JndAu~ ust 2)010 to 14'bh AugUJIst 20:li 0,. the PGDM first year stl!ldsli1Its, 'were .ass~gned ~he Proji€d:s 'Whidh fuey ~~d to !Undertake ii'lm 50ciallliy ~nd

.aoo· . nF'lm-I;",~IIV' ;dI-li!.'"'9dH9n ...... I"lI ..... .dI li!'\c ............ !i'e Pt.#. the eOC-I~j! 'Th'~f" u_r~.e o;;:;'_ ~ 1 ~ i il,Jl~!l;lI ,¥'i;;J ~~!@U ~i<.JIlJ4J!II~ 'CiII_IIII:t;i ~,=_ ri;.ll,it.I~;;t!,~ijo!l;:li;;l!

~nmli1d~rl to; make them ,awalm ~bout the seda II pmbllems, and to eliiCQiurage. 'blhem fur aaiN@ Jpra Ii1ici patiO n,

The ,a,dWlntag:ss 'of' these an(3lritge:ments. are: man:lrml!d and a~mpts to bring NGOs", and the oorporate sector dcser wham AKG;]lM ,acting as ani int,.erm9dnary~

The inpu~ prov,i'ded by. the: stud~nft after ]lrnwnSll've ;study' of a 'pelrtk:1A lIar org.clrn'i(z,at~o:n, b~mefits, not only' that orglanizatior'll" but: a Ilso to' ~he ();rg ani zatlcns, lrnalvJ li'ng the simila,1!" 'work ~niVJronm~nlt. At the same: tl me t~e studermts ,g~t tbe hands on @xperimre (:lInd can utmze tine learnilirng for ~he'iir 'future



Students of' PGi[)M ,2,0:10~ ilL2 baroh visi;ted IfNJo~da 1Lok. Mancll and INOGs during ~heiir ]llductiofl1i Il?togrnmm@ H81,~ from

Th is. s ha II i ncl ude usi ng P~ ctorial mp,rnS€lntatrons of the major na,ppenings of th~ day Ibe~;ides nalVlTIilIQ quizzes, puzzlles, gelrnerai kli1iaw1ledg~ .fadts,I!' croSS'li'il,crrd puzzll@s, C!O'I!ll~t striPl 'bi;~ and guidance to impll"O\il9' on the IQ and regu liar s:~udies.

The oon,~pt beingl ~ pa rt of 1jhe klilowiledge orie~md industry' shalll be lkoonliy explored by the dhilldren and tlleir p-ar®ntE; and the teachers lead ~fI1ig to a Stg n~flc.anr[ '9 rowth of'tlhe da~lly.

N(jid~ lok iMantn US' .cl I"Egismred non profit, non- po~~tkal,.

·,··'"t.II· ,,···· .. ,-····1 N--~'O~·,"''''''''i-I,.I·I!...--1- lI,i!"'in-7 ._ ...... -, I"'~

OOCI,a 'if conSCIOus . \;,;I_ ~1L(lI1:,lI IISi Ite!JI In JL~'9', as a poop e s

ImovemEmt fur the' ~oop~e\r by the people, of the people, bY' a ~ m ,of dedh:ate~' vol u]lI1te~r.5 '~mm varied d I~Cll,Dmrnes such as educatii!on;!' .medicine, tochniolo~y, industry~, a rmed mrc@s, In~w~ and a~ili" 'forces" judlh::h31~, ,adml~n'l:straltion a Iild oorporelte sector. This.lfNJ.GO 'was made to tadcl\e the problems whlch are IreI1at,.edl to valrious subjects of' oodety II i1ke Healtim I Education alli'nd socia~ jUlsttce etc.

Sh, M1ahesh S~x,'~lna is an In;du~tria'li[lSt. and the' rounder Genelrall Secr,€tary' of tl1;e Org~aniz:anon who 'Is ij B . .Tech ~n Chern'iall lE'ng'lll1eering from HBTI Kalfl'n pur and a Gold M\ed\alist.

,A, one of irs, k~nd ~'Irn the' emtim District of' GaUiWlm 'Budh Naga I!" The Ubrary has; mum than 30000 books en a vari~tv of subjects. IMom than 200 people us@; the Ulbrary' da,i1ty.

IIDIJ r~rng the, vis'~t the students 5Ul~gested Mass, aWiu,eness IProgramm~s w~~th shou'ld be c,cmduded! in associaticm of schools end oo~ll~g~s\. Vi~bi~iirty' shou td !be increased in the form of blog ~ndl fiorum writing or :it can even be a n advertisement ~11iI the' newspaper requlesting Il'oople to SUP,Port the origaniitzath:m. St_ijd~nts, should be taught th~ngs lilke how to m~ke pa pel!" crafts. and da¥ amTdes that wu I'~ increacs@!their inmrissr in :schodl !i3lli'nd school ,a~l\111ijes


Students ,m P(];DM l 'y,EIC r 'vi~lted ,Samliksh;a~NGO

Thi@ 1st year studefl11[s of IPGDM art ,AKGIM visited Samiksha

duri til ,', '-I d 00' -P h ld ~ 2' d-I AUl- st

.. I . _". ", '" I ,""_. ,'.' "' .. ,". I" -, ,,_. I' ." ,",. . •.. 'I

unng, ,. ~I[ ,IFile U' - Orii,rogramme @', ,rom -!t1~ __ gu_~

20:10- iIl4tb ,AuQu51: 2!O~l-O.

salm~ ks~al a NGOs ~stabllished '~~ Gh~zllabadl s-rnrted work in Irnoolth sector ;iili] IGha.zllaood, dry a nd ~\apt!lli towln as early' as, 1990", Tlrnrough U,rib~ lit Basi'e: SeNloss fur Poor {UBSP) Progltamm@' wit~ :sup~mt 'from UNICE'f it wa15 fUlltl1er

...... t"alRinto ... Bln·.a~ THe "'A'ur 'ljJ'a~ I:" It'!Il"f\fIlt"9lmm-a, "In.,.J!lu,.,IIad II9IBII'liBlr,51

;;,)LII, ~Illl!tlllll,~ J~U. Iii I~~ Illy- :_: J.l~~ I~ fi'1'~i:'-II'~ j f!l;i U :.: U~~· =~Ii il~ iLl

~~Ith" ,sanitationl, child hSIClfth and numtion", ,ante~natal and post-9lilam I,c;a re, ilmmu Irn~'zatr:on, safe d Ii~n klTIi1IQ' water, educatIon, self @mplbyment, ,ek. The program me W,iaS also ,ailmoo el t11lpliftment c·f soolall staihus of wo~m~n.

:salm~ ks~al ls ~ssod~ltEd 'w~th pol~o ~radicat~on 'c.aml~tGlrg,n ~JIIlIOO' Iits start in 1.9i95" Apart: 'from a bQoth ,at .sam ~k'5ha offio@' Olm aiU polio days, it sends s'loc-seven realmiS on MO""Wh@€1@1r5 on the outsldrt5,~ brick kilns, '~l~nbag'e dum pilngl gmunds a nd I~g

ii"itl,pL£lre' 1;i"i;1"'~II~t·I'ae' U,!i!..,a-r:a a/i.;r.a:1:"II p,..,II·I·"" 'IIo'AB'mlE" do Iil .... t 6\U3i1i'li -11~lr, .... ....,. ~~ 'lwfi.~ .~I ~~_~ II _ ~~l 'M-M'~ il~ \;i' I..:;;V ~I: I . -~ f~1 ~~ I ~:_- ~ I ~._ ~'''~II ~I IIU~ ~UI

pass throBJIgh. Us, d1edh:alted t'E~ ms have brought wond~rful

I .................. ,,.,11... I~ ..lI'''!Ioi

resu ~w¥li,arlU~, po 10 era:!;;II!IC3IuOrii.

~jlk@ a,liiiy' other city, ,(jhazii:abad and adjoinlling ,ar~e5 al~rSo hw;e th~l r 'sh~re ,of urban poors 'who ;;alre 'mrmd to, li9iBd th~lt:' lives in d~radoo locaillit~es and ,sll~ ms. BriS\1< ij'liiidU1Strualilsat~on of' tlte ama has liEld to a:m:1till1uedl infl:ow ,of migrant labour and other 'mij IilpOlNer. As a II"eSUI,I~ health (,m the peop/l'ej!" 1P~lrijctllll'arlv' poor !,oopl~ in ~h€5e (m~~s has 'suffered"

HapUir tOWIi'lI as early as 1990 .. Througl~ Urban BaSile SeNi:ces 'for Poor (UBS!P) Prog\1"a mme' with sup;port from U NnOEF ~it w.as fu rther stn~mgthened. ThLl$, f'Our yoor proglr,aimlme ilnclllJlded geli1eral~ hS911~, sanitati)o(n, chUd health and Ililutrut'l\Qn,

an~IIh~JtaIII and post-natal 'Icare" imlmunisation,. sam dltiTli'llking wat,€!t; educa-tTon, se'fsf €!mplIO!!fment, etc. Time proglramme w,as als-o almed alt !l!Ipli"fi:mellllt of sooTal status of wo:me:n.

Salmi kshia is associaitOO wTWh polio elrad~catioli1 campalfig Ii1 siinoe:

Fts start ]~ 1995., Apart from a booth at Sam~ksha ,offiCi@: on all polio d~ys" lt :sends sb::=SeVlen 1te6lms on 'Mo,.wh-e~er.5 on the: outskirts, lIOnel< k.i~nsl g)arbag~ dum lP~ng gmundls and rag pickler$' loca;llit~esl wheri@' e-WIiii po!l,f)o '~Ims do not ev-eMI II i Joe' to pess tlilrough. IJEs dedic.amd ~Ims Ih~ve brought wond~rful results towards polio erad Irca1tiOlil.

AKmM organized a VltSit to 'Grnoe Home 'for the stud@nts of PGDM., Grace Homes :$tay as ~ ,!Uhalnne~ ()ff' slrnalr~ng Goo':s ,lOVE' with the' Ilhurt!ng people a round '~he 'Vast nation of Ind~'r8I with a :5 poE$o1 al l~mpna5is, on 'IiJrp\h~ns, d~rumf :$tm~t d1i1drm, widows, a nd the homeless did pOOp~9~. AKGi1[M organized the "1[Sit for tts st~de;nt5- to giv@! managlem~nt students a hoil i\5.th:: perspeotiv€ ,o.:If the' social mspol1siblilities of futum business ~e~deli'S and to malke them realize" 'bha.t the 'world 11$ n;Qt as easy as, they ttnlliiik ,and they halve been ludky.,

loinillilg cUlly ,A[CTEal~pfOVedl PGDM (Two year, fUll ti line,) Iprog fa.me, 20!l.l,,,,13 :i11l11 any ,of th.e institutes, illil India


.. 1-'0 M-'-'- aJt"li;j:. 'cu .... h,..,!I~reh~lne: PI'f 1iE!i'f'" s-,iI"iil O··,r!i.r1l/ B'3;..JL.. '~Ii'

", . _.. . t:;il RilL I~ 0 ii;:Jl;.;:I ~ Ul (\.3.. _".IJJI, . _" !UU'",' - tb'W I 1114111

C"""'iFi iD-~f!;liTS' J-O'if\f!;i[-I-N"'-' .i!i"'V~'-lif"'T~' ~.nii'liDO"ji~n iFli~D---:,f!;" ("iIi11

~ II UIbJI:'!!1 :_. -_ ... "_g_Jli'il_ .. ·.!;;II i"U.\I'~' M '!.;r.1 ilb.,,,,,"FIT,,,,, _ '~'b:l;,II 1f'"'I.,j .U~III;.IIWO

-'fear~ if~11 ~ lIm~ ) PROG R:A!MMlE,. 2.0 ill 1-1.3 .]N ,ANY OF THE INS I ill I U II es IlrNl IrNIDIA,

ElI,f,SI~~blllity 'few ApIPrIY~'iIilg

,. ShQuld be [ndi~ln Natio~al

.. Should have ,appll~ed for AI,CTE approlVoo PGDM programmes, :( T\iVO, Yeal~, Rulli mime ~ ,20:1 1 ~ l3) of' any ~'lJastiruoo in In~Ta

,. Should 00 @nglibl!e fur ~:rry' A.lCTE approlV'sd PGDM

prog ralm me as per AlC I E gu~d'f:enlne5 ·ShO'u~d i1av@ takEm .oR. shall II be taking

,admission J~ AICT'E a ppro-v-ed PGDM 2'(n ill-13 (Proof' of ,Admiss~on Required 'for S€~€ded f.a~didams)

• Should !fUltinislll on Seloctiun, the a pplicab~e' EIiiiUanoo Test :Scom/Reg'ii5.traitlon No. 'Wilth proof~ [lam of iBirth ~roof and Perrona~ Idl~ntiitY' Piroof, ~sldefl1oe Pil"om~ all Academic: rra Iilscr'~p'ts in orig inal ( a~onrgl with pnotooopt9S" dully ortll:es1tOO by 'Gazetted OffiCief. Alii the iniformartion stllibmiltOO, In '~giSUatvon 'form Sho~llti maloch w'irth the Origin~1 Dorumenm.

!Eligibility' 'for dlishLU ffiement of SChOIi1arsh~',~1 to the 10 Se!~cted Candi'da:tes

• Should hav~ Cio,mpleood TrimesffElr r lSemest~ I '~riI th~ PGDM proglram me atOOnding (, Furniilsh proof frem the a::dlege/il1$tilbJte ,atbEmding)

• Should hav~ reg~smmdl for Irimester II/Semester II: ~ lib '~he PGD,M programme ,atm~dingl( It'Ultinisn proof from the

:Intern,ational Con'ference on Chal lengles lof "G' ID:-'b'~II!!Ilza't!!l!I'o'n' D_ S' 'tr'.""a-: 'g" y" rCo-"r C-: Dlm- 'petljllllt!lll've'n- e-' "5"-1,,1

..... '._ ~["I .. ·"_. I.~_ -- ,', _,·~._I.-llJ -,.1': ,11 ,[ ;_ '", 1 _:_ ", ,I .1 .

• The decision on the Final Ilist of M~rl't SthQII;H·S~if~p CarndidaiEes sfnalll be 'taken by al Jury 'oom~:ri·sin.g of' al ~e'w emine;nt. membsrs wli)~~h Vil()uld includE IDlain'n8ln o1f the

S ,', nJ ,C·,,..;,",,~ - -f....... Co "ii::OhJ i'j; tli.. -'It.., ,-, ii:',ji,!l,.;.,

_-OCI~L:rT' ,~L'I ~IUJ Ii)' 0 II!J 19' "OCI~":r:I' ,t1;., () Illlel!' mem,l:JIel!'S 0;1 II:JIle

Soci~w and Two Faculty rnernbers ,of AKG,rr~Ml Gthal.l\abad.

s~all be p~,Itn!~5hed on ~he w€ooit,e'. INo' request fur ImLcuils~d@rati:on or reevaluation of tine Mierit: I~'st shan be enmrtal~ed .

• Regi~tjtm S.y' 'Candlidlares: June 30, 20 ~ 1

• Merit list Announc~m~nt: on tl1.e, AKGIEM Website: JUI~


Seloctlon Ilf'ammetw andl Defln1tion of Scores Total rN!o. IQ]' Parame,t,:efS ~ 6

Total Score _, S'OI

5. GflrI_.5 I 5:

The world is witn;ess'lirng economlc restrudur'i:riig and al new g~obal @oonQ\11i11c pattelrnl in bemng 9elne:rarm-d with bel\n:l~riless trade. The oo;mpanie; worldwide: (ll"€' trvin~1 to ~nd more, s~ace 'outsi~~, their own cou ntries and with Ililting of ~he trade ~llf'd8rs cln(:i ~mpmvement in the (QMm IlJnicat~on, a.I;~ this has become paSSii'b~e., The' rewards o-fg'llobal~'zatton are €vid®nt and lit is i1m peli"atlve to mooglni [Z,8: r'itSk:.s, mood; by ,oomlpallJii:f@s and iJm:p~emel1rt risk m iltigartion systems.,

Uriid~r this ecolil(nll1lnt: sOOl1iario~ whether ]nd~an compean 1:8S ,are ready' to 'moe the compstitio~' from tile big giiiants end aliso wheth@r',O'~r companies Qii If8 give ill form'lidabl\@ 'clro~ln~nge W the companies wO\rild 'wJde

With this bac:kgn:n1J nd, we' "at AKGiillM thiou~'i1[ it. fit. m organtm· an hflmma1tion~1 col'iirf,~reli1oo by tlllllUwung the balll openl to academiTcia ns, reseerchers, :st~deli1lts; and man~ag,~rs 'from iJl1du5tll.~. to deUlberom on the c;:h:aUeI1Qes whidh GldbaH.z.ath:m oHmrs and wlmat strn~ies :should be' adgptred by Icyrg~ nimti:Q(I1s to counmr ~he 'U~'mat5, and to stay' c:o.mpe\titiv:e ,and W'~I'1l, gloooIUy;,

We· [nviblBd ~aQul1tV,~. re.ooalrci1ers and cor,porat@: Imli3rnagers to su omit their research p~PeJrs. The resporrnoo woo ITem~ndlous and unpmcOOeli1ltoo '~ooml four corners of [jndi~ alliild ,~u::ros:s the Globe. It lis true oosmopol~ta.1rn in oha rader~ the,y' are from Nie'w

The 111 rst AKGI,M ,Allu mni Meet was, held 011 .15til January~ 2{U 1 in· ~he AKGIM premism toinoJding with the .Infternaitional Conference illCCGC 2011. rut WG1S ,a wort-derfull JoocosnQ\t1 to ool~kDr:a~E[ wTfu tile .AK'GIIM AJllUmni! who met and sha 1:'00 thEir experiences· w-r~n the 1faoulty and the ourrent bal:ch srudenfts. Mom than 30 alumn us who are em,plo~d1 ·with loo~ lIi1g companh~, a5S®imb~@dl aft AJKGIM: Campus w~r:e prssentto OO~E3brat€ thE3:·0~stQjn

Zeal~andll from SOlitn ~mar Qlnada" ·alnd Malay$i~ etc end gaw ~i: a 1J~Ue gh)OeIII !I'otdc.

In mdli.a it ls from Godhra to Co~m b;ator@, from Ko'ilkita to Ja'~rmr

d f -M·I b .. to ]- . - tJ!h I~ til d b d~h

._. . .-. .- I· "_ I' ", -."' 'I '" . - . '. .""_ -_ "'I -r ," . 1'-' ,"

an _ I ram u,m : il~ I .. , ·am IiTIU oov>snngl, e. ng. ,an: _ rea . J ,

·(lfth@ rolJJlntry.

,299 ~bstradts were received [.ilQ all. A riiumber of~hem are from top buslness SchQdls II ~ke UM,r illITs etc.

Mer time flirst rou nd of' revieJN,$ by our dlsti nguished Ipanell of experts ffltlm ,acadlemi~ ,andl oo.rpora~f 225 ~~ sho~lii&ted for s:ub:miss~o.n of fijlil'jpi pers,

These fUJJI ~ papers. WSW€! subjw€d 'to doubl\e' bnnd revi:E3W IbY'Qlur

a .... eert 1i"!I,~ I:"II~II ~~""'~i!:"t·li'lin "iI'iif' 'tlj.."I:IRiIII", '~nl, .... frorn "1'lRidui!:"loru ~Fi'..iI !Io, .... 1i'li I!.;>''"'t'''';; . IP.!l;lII~III:;;i~ ";"141'~ [I~~· I 1;:::11 'l;I' III l~ 11:1!i;. I~ ~"III y I~ II, : ~!I. • .; ~I ~1;.11 1l!Ji)~'

business sdhoo~s:.

~r ~ lengtlmy' process off su.ugglsstiOr1:S by' experts and ~m'lProvem@nt ~Iil pal~r.5, by' the autbers, il64 'were 'finan" 5~~:ed and !(l)U~~' 'fil'ild pllaoo iiilrn ttne ~o wlum,€s, of the ,plroceedings Ibo~k ~ublished under time banlrner ()'If MIls; Ma,cmiUam.,

Five Inmrn~t~o;n~II' Jou r,tJ1ellt$ ~mt€ ofliernd to publish s@l;ectOO palper:s ~rii, thelr este,emed ,editioli1ls

AKGIM. A'I:~mni Assoc'~atjo~ Offi!C~ Beaf€rs


11 Octobe~ ,20:10

ViSll1t of rNlIESBUD ,affidais WillS, h1e~d at AlKGIM Cam,pus on :1lth October 20 jJ_ C. O~III'~ ~g riae Vilsit IE... V~l'!icd Gu pita, (Director) NIESBUD and p'fiQ'fessor H. P. Si'ragh (S~nior O::msu Ibl~t) NI.ESBUD inmmcmd 'wjtl11iaou~W' melinb~rs a nd sbud~nts and h~ghUghted time ilmportance of e ~tjll'ep rene ~'r.$;h[1P for se If grow:lth and ,overall naitlon buUdlng prooess.

iGe8,ping 't1l1~'$ in mind A.KGlM has' :10111ilM ha nds witirn rNlati~na,11 Institute for Entr,epreneurship &. Sma~ I U~sliriteS5 ~Iop;m~nt. (INIE9I8&JID) and with! Natlilonal Smaln Industries Corporation (INGlC) = ,an ISO '9001 cemfliedl com p~ lily, workingl 'for the promotion and d~~O\prnent o.f Mii'(:r;o ialnd Small 'IEnterpri~E!s. Enltr.epreujj'@:u rr;ehi'p Educatlion and Prattice PJlatf'Q(nm is the perfect IP!llace 'fOr b~dd'lin~1 Ma1niagem,ent Promsshlli1al~' to enhance their self ~I iant: rompetend\8S.

D U ri ng the vi s lt the"y' app:rociattOO tile In~l'GstAJdtUr;e of Camp~s and ~5. weU as the' commitmenrt -slii,own t:lY' t.he' AK.GIIM ~Imny 1ilor IPromQtlon of @ ntrepre nsu rsh 'ii'p in the country as their social respo:nsiilbill Illy' ,efforts.

AlKGI M IProvides a perfoct p\latflJl'im foli the acquitcsith:m and e nha nce m e n t of ~n~reilrenie~JIi~'al skms. Und.er th is pll attt:fQ rm f AKGnl4 at present pl9'rtners 'with the fOliowingl tJrgall'il'i'z,atiol!ls;,

D~mogrnlphk DIvid@ndi ca n take the country to ne)(t ,1)e'~'91 oJ gll"O"Wtb. Far this reascm GO.l has devehoped variolUs pl\atfolillmS for d1e·v'8~op~ng ,~ntmpmn~Ul~sh~p behaviori:n ,()ur ml!lIfaITy.,

i. N~tiol1al In5Ntut~ roll' lE'ntrnp\renenJIir:sli1~ p &: Small Busln~s:s D~~Oipm9nt (NIESBUD) established by IMinistry ,of Slm~lllr :Scalle llilrndu<strt, Govt.of India.

2. N~f1Olilal :91in~ II :lirndustries Corporation (N~IC) .., 'alii) ISO '9001 certified company~,

Tij'~lrbg this, ii'lrn~a notice M\anag;sment Educaltllon is mow Mspo:ndlin;g 'f~&, :It is tran5fr:)rm~ ng" to net ~:n~lly d~eJlo,pin9 :studmts to become marile:ger.s, !but 'to 'take the: I~in 'from existing mectnal'li'lsm5 of rontro!1 m th,eir ,own h~ nds 'wihicilil h~I,ps l1~m a;eql!J'lirinQ c'ollTIp~nOOs. rowamls self' reJialllii(l~, ~nde~e!mdenOOf lt3mpowermernt of yo~th and pro~pen[ty' ,Qdt the @oonomy end ti1~ $Ociety~

'working for tim@ ,promot~Qn and development of' Mi(lro and Smalll5nterprires.,

Sru~errts ~sitto NSIC

Th@ IIlr(ear Srud~ents of PG;DM at AKGJLM 'visTited [~S[C (NaJtlonal Small II Ind!UJsmle.s Corpor:ation ltd)" Okhlla, Ne:w Dellh ~ en December 8,,1' 201.0. The 'vi Slit was fun of ~E3ernitng and awal!"eIi1l@5s. ij bout ple1tho\t';. of opportn 1i1~t:ies ,av,ailai~I'@ to alnl aspiringl eliltnE·pr,eneur.

There, ,are l!1umlber: of s~lPport 'rncilities extended by the Government of Indma to tlhOO9 'whQ Walliii! to go 'For: ge~f emip~oym,ent The 'who~;s intf.OIliimation ~ Iild iiPNarnlruss w,as h~ghly' ij,ppr,ecil(;lted by tile srudlents., One wor~hop was a lso cormducted lOY' Mr. lRavi Gupm NSIC" train~r who dlelivemd a' PQW~r: pactoo motivatr,oo~ll, lectu m to th~ srudlE;lnts.

Ejne~y' Co niS9rvatiOlil and maliii:lgemenit has beoom~ orne of the b\lggest: challslilges in pr,eselibt days ~' ~iii~h thi$ all th~ stakehdd€it"S of Busin~s are ooming togetiher. In time salme nne, ,AKGIM has mken ~'niijaijve to rUIiii short term prngra rnmss on !Energy 'ConseN,ation and Audit wiith the: 1tochllillcall :SUPIPort

of [~troleum C:o:nseNa/tlon ,~seartlh Asisoo1atl)(Jn (PCRA.J" a' •

Go\it., of IDt:ldi~ Und'ertak.ing.

The programme focuses on ereaiting ~,warien€5S abO'u~ G lebal w,arming" It'nergy Conservation amcn~ yo~U1f ~ndustry' and • other stakehcdder,s, and it G lisa fi'neips pmpar,e ~n~ candidates, mr Energy ,Audit. tests,. Short run worksho~s ar~ ccmduoted ror time ~ndlJlsbr:r)@s and profeSSionals.

Srudentts off first: ymlr PGD.M,. visired the' Norrthem :lR1egioliii Headquerter of P@troleum Gcmserv;tlionJ &. Rese;;a r(:h AssoQlatl~n (IPORA)" New D~IJg~ on 24th IrwJOV~ 20.:lJ.1~1 It was. a

9 reat loorn~ng experience for a'il students as they' become w(dl' versed wiith the burning issue like gl!(j!tna,1 wClrmil':ragf ellergr:i laudut.r' ,cad,on 'omd~~ @f'ii€rg¥ ;ool15'ervatto:n alriid the ~'Iil~·tt:iaJ1Jlve taJoon Iby PCRA in '~his direction.

Mr., V. K., Srivastava, D:lireaor PCRA and Mr. 'Medhi Addit~olnal DJmcto,r" ,PC~ ~llso addresses the stUJdgnts. ,A ,~tD~1 ls al~so conducted by' ~CIftA on that: da~l II lit wh~dh 5 sruOI@f'itm 'won tlhe prll2!E'. It 'Wa5 ,established in iIl91'iS bV '~he Ministry' .of Petrn~euml and [Naturall G~s",

• To formulam strategies and promote meaS!!j,rres 'fOr ,accelerat11iii9 oons~tiorm Gf' IPe1trol:eum pro(juc1s 'I~adingl to enviro\n ment p,r(rnsQ1;llonf energy secu riltv a n'di sustainable d~lop'ment

• To cre;i;:rt<e' aWaJrnness amongl masses about the importance, !benefits and methods of C01ib5®l1V~ng, petroleum prodit!!cts ,s. d~ III ernviron liTlIell!lt by enhancingl information and (~lPacjly b~~ l:cHli1g,.

TO promote research, develOlPment ,andl d;ep~oyment iefforts aimed a,i p@troleum OOnS81J"ii!a1tion &, ,envin)nment prom,otio~, SijlPPo,rt &. 'fao1ll~tate efforts for adbpti()111 ,andi d lssemi nat~on of 'fU]i9,11 eff11(:~ent tech rnologi,~s and subs'tirutilOn Qf petro!let!! m prrod ~,cts w'j~h altM1~m 'flI8J1s

!9if"j,..jI t'If!iII"'IF.e;IUi~bllc, 01 tlJl I '~I I~na -,. f~!.

To establlish sy\ner:gis1tic in5ltitutional Ilil1kag~s, at the l'iia'biona~ &. internat'jiOna~ 11e!jJ'Sls '~nl ~~ areas of petro~euml corii5ervati:on &. en\li~ranm,ent prot,:ecijon.,

To provide trainingl land techntCEI~ .advisory :5@iIV~G~S/ designed to .aohieve OCOlilomry '& ief:lfioTen:ey lim use' eif petroleum products 'mr' cl~lliber' ermvilronmelillt.

TO 'fUnctiQIil as a Th~ril'k Tank. to the Govlt, ,of In;d~a for proposl rmg pol lclss a ndl stnrt@iQies on petrol S~ rn Olril~Natr\(ln ,and enr'VlTronmenlt pro;tealon aimed at ,redl~cif1j~ !XDe5SJve depenc)enloo en on",

Batoh :2010-1:2 rommences on Aug Mgt ,2, 2,0 U) Elndeeyo~ Ii' to pursue focus on I:Si;mning oriented curriCluilUm at AKG~M" we tDaiVe introdw;jed eu Ii' Fmsh batch of PGDM! 2(n.,1] s~LJdmts to the basics of the curriculum in the lri1ductiOrii Prog ra'mme sclrneduled betwee~ 2Uild Aug ust 00, :14tlrn ,A,uQutst ,20:10 .. The prog rralmme started on August l:f 2JnO with 'bhe students ~mg;iisrerin;~ for the proglram me and 'tth~n atlt8nding the dasses ~'~ 'fuU ,stn3ng~",

The Inductian P:roglram me ~ 5 d esTg ned [0 brt ng students from d ~flf8\rent Ibaclkgrou nds to' ,a cernmon IP iatforml and h IiJ i ld a common 'g round before 'they ,are S~ bi~dJ to ~he rl gou rr of tim e A,K.G:! M CUlnrTcuIUlm,. It 'wU~ aliso he~p

'lIob_ - ' ....... ,d,', ',' "11,-,) ( ,,:".:..:' ,1:, ~

IU ~~m IU) "eve ,op :SUOOOSS:l'~tl

wOI1'~i;li1g rellatic.mshilPs with '~he peer gm~p and und'@rstarcd the skills and action m~u~roo to achr,s'v@ a woo@ssfu~ ac.adem~'c: ,and career ouOC,ome.

The progr:ammi@ ~'ll1oorpQn:~~ ;:3, variety of adltivitie.5~ such as grolJl p exeocis-e5,. presentations" ,projJedfi:s, Iled:UlreS,. workshops and Ii'nronnal so da I 'events,. It introdllUc~s stud:ents to '~he AKG~M campus, the dWI th@ facullty. ft., few' higli1ll~g irnts; odf ~he p:rog ra,mme ,are inooradion 'Vllllth the' top ,oorJ)Qrnre 1€'~eC)utives and the, sharing of i~nldUl5trv ex~ri~noo ~hm~gh various tech 111 'I1Ciii II sessicns,

~M' - j!;, fo.in1\'"T11 ~- (to '11',e 'tl!..a OOUli'lim,!'~e nn Ih..~ .... m ~ l:"!i'I"'P'~tll""'n devo ...... ..iI1 e .... llalv .........

_ MI'IiI tit 1';:" ;;; ~ II~ . _._ . 1,1'l1;li1 -;:.., iui 1A:t ....r" !:!I!I:.Illt ~I za _ ~I;..!',: ._ II::Y!!Jl~!;,JII :;jJ1jJ iii:: i U)

non- 'forma~ Il@elntling Triicludingl ;silmulartion g!am~ for .ma !lUa!g@me~[ .& other ooumti'onm Its Qilmes ,are conducted In

..... , • .1"[1, ~"'me" J.""'.i"i;mli'!l~~;i"i;i'!iti'" ~CiL la'!!lorl"l'·lntl pli'Aii'!IIr'""m"-:eo iiiIC'~ OI"if!il~llrar

lLi6V ~lY.ll!1 ~. ~ I fri'~!LIIILIVI1~ CI. ~ III f91 .ljU~1 u ~., lll._'I:;;;t UI'ICr_I[JI~~

BRAND[Sl~f Heal~ startt Business Iins:1ght", IMy' Firm, ChaUf!nge" Orcliiestra and In GeI'ii:ii~5 :a re some ,m MANTI'S most. popu~ar brands,

MMTIS is' managed & I ~d by' Dr,. Vi nodi Dumbll,~kar t n PijirnneliSit~p, associaijon &, nemork$ wll~h o1Jh@1rS p r cfesslo na II a roe academics & r'eseardte.5 in lndna &, abm~d. He ~'s l n d l e rs mc st

exp~niencOO alutho,n1ity' &. only' researches in so:1ft1Nal'ei'"!basedl sImulation galmes.

A, 'nl!l~ """'c. ~ ,~w.. 2· n'tO It .F'III,J~,_ ;:::i!1,./' 1i,I1 .... ; JlIQU U, ..._".!I..: '"' .:

waiS a proud moment hosf Ii1'QI Mr. Ka rna I Singh, D'~r:e.ctou; COM" ,,IU M A", fl!iJi@W D@illi1f~ as the Olrlief Guest. Tine first s e s s io n o f the orr~entati)Qn pf,ogr:am WaiS

ta~n by rMr. Singlh as 'well ~ndl Ihe discussed

'SIIl..F'lJt rt th a !I ~m.arg'-llng

!l;IIi)\,/U, ._-iillCi 16.1 I ..... , ,.

Oha Il!eng~s; inl Gll\o!bai Bus~nessl! Wilth the st~d~nts of the ~mBd ii'li1IsIDtuOO, AlKG]:M. He shared his views" knDW~E5dge and experrrenoo wTr~h ~ne student 'reg~m!hlig '~he I'ndlnan BUSllnessss.

As 'soon as the first sess~on ·ended, the' emTIiii~~t faClu~ty' member .of the institJ!Jloo ~nttroduc@d, the students 'NTth the ,dliWen3nt courses thet ,ars aval~lable with the 'ii~stiwoo for spedal~,zattOin.. Time staffs. from IT (Infu'nmaticm, Techndog~) and Library tli1rew some Ught on the 'fad~i~tleSi· a,w~ I\ab~~ II ~ke computer la 105" commUIiii~'catiOrii Ilab and Ulbrary:" 'llu~lnf the sil:1JIl:h~Uil\ts had ,anoth@f session wutlrn Mr: lliem:anlt Bkshrt from UFM who, Emil tghtEned tthe students, with his knowl1edlg@ on fOlitEX,

market '51i"i-..I Indi an R--:' II tl1i'!l6BI i';Il'l\!~ ·.!UllliIU, ';Uuii;! 'J -::'C~~~.I

After Mr., IBflsht has shared h~s kn;ow,l)ed)ge~ the students Irnad a ena nos ito interadt wir~h Mr. Anku r lain, lHleed Ma I1keting and M01bile Dllvilsiolrns LI'Q'VID 'E3i"~eaming SefV~ces Private Umitedl. Mir., lain l1{)t only' enoourag~dI s~udent to clieere a brand inl them but also exlP~ain,edl the roles' they play' iln b~'~~d ~liIg the Instit~tiol'lit.

lOr: Vinod Dumbl'ekal~, an MBA{ P\h 110 is a traiin;@i; ,ms~irches, Irnulti-dlr6ciip~ ~~aJry consu Irta!iit &, Managem~nt 'teaoher with over .3 decades of ,extensive managelriial '& ,@:ntmprleneuriall expelr~enc:e i'n commerda ~ & Iillerchant oolliiill<J1 ng, mnanc:e &fii'liland!311 services, ~nfijrmatio~ tedu1;o;logi!!'!S 11 Mgmt educ.atron

ifI!®' has held aJ Wilr:i~ty O'f senior ]po$itioliii as tl't@, man6'sr@r of ~I cr:rmme n:JaI ban lie, pro1Fesoo~ pr'@S11dEmt &dlir!ecror ~.1i1 d1ufferient origanilZaHolils. H@i ,advises Ibwiness &. ~-l2 schools &. or:g'anHzatiorns. He has wrril~n a book, '& has pllj:lbl~she~~ palP~rs on simt!lllatl:ons gameSt ImarikeOInQ, 'fi'ina IilOS', learning &, Ma nagem@l1'Dt psychology." He' 'ils, the g~n@lro II s-ocmmry of tllhe slim'U~aftij'cn ga mingJ M'sndatti]on.,

ON 17ith ,A~g .2010, Dr. Vii nod D~lmbl~ka Ii visited AKG:IM CamplJS & irwohroo stud\enits ~n galm@,SL H@, made srudenm p~ary v~ml'ous,g)am,es: I~k:e word rneth, sneak peek, maze, tIlUilgo,&.tlhey learnt how to d~l~ 'i;1iii m~na9lement environ Ime~t

Mrs. \fU]ayallrnthi Jagalnnathaa :is a~ HR[) oo.nsultant prolVidingl tra~II!1~lng :so lu'I:!lOIilS, in time ,(;Ul3'al' of soft. skins to corpomtif3: & coillege;. She began her H RD career- as a faQ1.I !tater 'W\ltth the BQ,mbay ba~d orgalliii'lzatiQIil'"Cont~n.IlJ~ Iilg EdUlC'a,tlon &. Training C:mter (CETC) ,&_ moved OJ!! to becornea s€ni!l)r oo:nsultt;alnt.'with them, ]11 her ~n y~11!' associatioli1i with CElC,. she 'WGS aoo~1y involved lin dlev>~~opilng ,an n~oogr,atedr a IPpro£tch to tra~·nilng&. deve!l,opmenit fOr helpingr ol]lani;w,tion ~n fuel'r ma,r:ch towards. el.«Bllr~i11ce. AS. a consultant she has: designed! deve!t1poo .& c(mdUlct,sd more 'tlian taOO attiitudinal &. ,belrnavTbra~ programlmes for ,aU 1~!vel15 in various ser"lit:e, so'ftwari@, &. maruu!ftluturingl Of\ganRzatiOnfs. Sh~ has oondllUctedi pmglra mmes in Hinali, English ,and Tamil.

CUlrrently she is a 1($0 a facu lily in the panel of ~puoodl '~n5tlwtilQiJ'1s m1C@ Ma;rnlras Malrnag~m€[il1t Associ~tion (M MA) ,andl Centre ~o:r Exceill~noo in 'Orga n~zatkm (CEO).

She -is time jwunder director;)()r H'te· organitaJtiion TA:SK;Trn~ n~lng iiirn

17 August 2tUO

Felicity 2010 Cs:M1duCied Students fI PQJM batdl 2010 mesmerized the AkGlM r.an'p.lS by organizing a colourful ~ musical o.Jlturai event ffilOTY 2010

on the last day oI1heir S day <Jrien:ation Prograrrme.

Attroude., Skills and Krllow\l'e~ge.

On 18, August 2Dl0~ she 'vi$llted AKGJrM campus &. den~ered haetu Ire on .Soft SkillS. She gives iectur,e an Persolifta;llity Bu~'IId~ fIlgl.' lOg~call Th~l1'ki~ng, SUcc,e$5 Skilll iMamx. etc, She. tLaughrtt the stud@nrts tnow ro 'work in a 1team" how W r€li:uemnrt our .selif ~11i1 front of iJludiem:'e1 What should 00. time qua 1,~tle5 leader should hav~ ~nd 4 R's of !Juoc'ess'?' stud@nt Brnjoyedl her oompan~ in a flii)end·11'( man !mer., ,After ~ttend~'nQ th;@ workshOlP alboult 1\h~ soft sikllll(s" stud~nlts gained knlOwl:ed)ge wliitoh Willl~ help ti1em to CIffi00S8 tile right path in the manag~m~nt 'fileh::ll.

Al{GJtM Student: Adtj~ity forum took ~ne initiaithf~ of argaJniz'i1~g an interclass, badmlllnfton toUlrnamenlt at AKGI:M Caml'us on l6- 09=20 ~Ol. Fi~n m~td1g.s trfav~ play~ O~r: &. ~~tra dass) am,{)nQI<thJe 5tud~l1ts;. oIF .AK(iIIM a~r 't~e ~·.lilal![jgurat~Dtn by The:

Diroctor AJK:CiIM,f Ghaz.ia bd,

The winn;er team was: 'oonstiItumd olf JMr. Faraz Ze.ddi '& Mano) (both ~n ¥ealr) folll~ed by Inunrcsrs up Mr. Kaplil Palhwa '& Mr.:, 'V1sina I (both f ~Ir). ·tGculity im~mb@f also partLrilPc,jEOO in the: roul!'riiamenit.

Time ~'li1isti1ture. S~O-ces5ruUy 'orga li1I~md G lib ,event: '~Management CZar~~ QfIl Tuesd~Yf the 28th ,of September 201'0 at AK'GiM campus, The @wnt 'was artt,mdedl bY' over i 50 stud~nts mpmselnting miOire than 20 managemsnt, ilnsmturms, from Dellfl1l~:

NOR., Few emi~lii@nlti: Per,somlality from oorpo;rnm and acadlsmiQ; Sh.eUi@d th€ilr vis Jon ro gu~d@ students foil" their 'future.

The Ma ~agemern[ CIa ~ W(3!S, dh/Jded in to the tlmree P'Qlrts :nalme~ Business 'Q~iil~ Management Gam~s and ~un1 mer ~arth Project GO\mp.et~tllrln (SRPC) r@SJpec~TveIV. BUt$~ness quiz w~, designed to lirnculcam awamnESS ,about. the bUtSin~~ er1Iv'i'ronm@r1it g,ImOFilg the s~udmt who plan to 'OlPit 'FOil" mallJ1ij,gemeli1i[ studies, Management g~lmes was designed ,and (iolllductEd to make the studlenrts understa nd H1@ concept oif ~~ 'work and to make ~lhem foillow' s'~r1l,gle U ne of thought. ~i ~illarly~ SRPC w,as ~nduded as. an e\fe1i1i[ to, Ima~ 1the srud~nits SliiiU@' th€!lir ,~p@rieli1ice' du'rlil1g S!LJmmer inmrrilshiij'_P program ,andi

Q,1it 12th Novemlb~r 2.o10,IMan;g~ment 'Czar 'w:as o:mch;dEd by AKGKM i1n ,aSSQc'j!at~Qn witlhi IMTI; ~apur., The ~v~nt 'was atmndE3d by more than ,u~o students Ir:epresmtin;g ,more than ,20 I'fhanag!ement ~n5tiibJt€s from Delhi NCR. Thel'€ W€r€ three fJijlraUel sessions mrndumoo in lliMlr 'ea mpus oomp.rT5es Cif

to motiv,at'9' them to hu:uh::are ~n 1Jlherm tifae h~bit of PowerP'o'h,tt

,.:._,~ prieseni~llJon.

The e\fefllt was rollaWfd by al guest ~ectum em lH]NK W,IlHQUT I~ K. by IMr. RTtesh JainI' Dilroctor llME~, Glilai2iabad. He focused on mattul3matical Ci Iculaticm wltho~t ~sin:g pen and paper whidih 'was lrnil'ghlyapp:redartOO by the students.

The wJ'raners were ,awa rom cem1fh:aoos and, prize fiI1IOney:. In the BU~rlil~SSi, Quiz the teaml from ITS, G ihalliabad grnboodl the first prizes while ~he ]NMANTEC stao~' seoond . .In ~he Ma~;a;~em~nt Gamest ]NMANTEC ,glrabbed the: first prize 'while AKGEC1 G,lhaziabad ,stood. seoond. In ~he event Sum meli ~amh P r,oj OCt: CompetlitTon whiEm=' ~nd~~ldua[1 students 'W~m required to partitipam:, Sap~a Srivasmv wan first prim and I~stn:iif Ali from [MIT~, Ha:pur stooo second,

lBusTli1iess: gaime, Bu~in~ss quill,. Business plain.

lnner iQ,r each comp9ttiticm W8r8 a,ward~dl cash prim and given particTpatIJlon oertiffl~m.

~jay ,KJi],ma:r Garg linstitute of Mlanagem€nt (AGIM) has org!anized Managl@fiI1l@nt Czar in ,6soocHatiQn wi'tih New Etal C:oll leg e ,off

Sciemoo and Technology, Ghazia'b;ad S'uC(;~lIy' QIi1i ![)eooml[)er is, 2010", ThTc5 evert was the palrt of thie series of events AKGilliM is 'orga nizurnQ 'mr the ~ast sJx, ,mOl1tils ..

It 'was the third! lManagement: Czar SW:005S~IJ~ I¥ org~,n~redl slJoooeding '~he ,othl9ir 'tINto €-VlSnts orgaJrrfitz~d en 28th September and :Ii. 2th N(Jvember~ 20 :Il1~}.

Thee - ,"'" h - ",_" ......... ..-11 ,'- ,', .... ..-11 '_'- "-'" _' ':C '- - II - ,- ....... , "'ff-

, e ever:h. as roc~lv~ V€ry 'gGu:u resporuse rrom a SSudOIITi 0

srud'ents", fac~Jrty' clnd adm ~IiITstraror~t lhis was, oli'ile mort~ initiative or Student AdTvItfes. Forum at AK13u[M wh~ch 'liS :sol;el.y driven loy' the' students~ Tlrne eveli1t was attended Iby over 100 stud~nts mjpf,~l1lIDlngl SEViERAL ma,nagemelfht ]~s1ilrutes from 1D.elhi NOR." There W'€lOO thrr@@: p,6lrallell sess~ons (lD:ndu:cmdl· ~11i1 ~ ECST .CJmp~s' comprises ,00' B!LIs~n~, 'glafitle" BU9ir~esS qufIz, Il3usTlmess, pl'an.,

,;23rd [)Ei~mlberf 20 ]J) Management i~r W,a)S oo:ndlllctedl by AKGIM in ~C$sociq~lon w~~n ,Pama Uniiversity l[)-emocratl;c Tt!:adhers R:u1Jml 'iili1i lDepartm,@nrt of I5conomi~" Pam~ UniverSity at lCnnabh:angal H/Ou5e" lPatl'lla"

Malna~emenrt 'Event ~ !included 0) Management Debate (iii) Malniagemenlt 'Q~1i"1 Oii} Management. GamEt. A, Ilar,~e number O'f students of dit1erent c'oll~~ge: ,and UniveJsity Depaltlilu3nm ~lrIlldpat€d ifili1i th@ everts.

Winner ,of each QQ(mpetit~o:n 'were awarded cash prize end g~vern p-arti_Cll'~altion oottiflicate.

Pimf. N .K.Chaudilharyj. Departmelrlt of' E:oonomlcs, Patna Ul1liVersiity and! other 'rncUl~ty member were present. In his ad\dresS\r Professor Cl1audha ry expmS5~d [his grat~tude to ,AJ<:G][M for oO\nductin~ sudh an evenlt on ca mpus end app<mcial[ed the @\I\l!1nt~s role in pfovii:d~'ng OP.lportunity to. s~udents IDWSlrdS man~g\f!m~nt oou~cn and 'calmer.

.ii'tit"~ffl-M·- "'"rif:l'30ni"Cl' ........ -M~~n'9lii"10m"'lf"I1t r.._1j '·1·1 .... Tn u -Pu"'I'I'"" '~""''''''''''''''I M.N.\;:;iUl- . U ':=Q u::~', }i;;Ii::I~";' '1 ~I e- 'LL(:;II ~ II . t(.I.~U. -, ~ IJl iL.. ~II~";"; ,

Modllin~g\ar 'T1f1~~ was one mOA3J ~~fL ,addle~1 iin ·the' ~Ii~es of' Mariiag@m'@nrt Czar. The event got all~oQd response from alille: palrtlk:ipant5., Winners 'em the: competition! were· awarded Cash PlnlMS,.

The anlrnluail, fresher's, party ~MGMAN 21~}1(trOf Ajay K:umalo Gargl ]~s:tl1tute o.f M~rn~,g~"mefl1t (.AKIGllM) ·was ,()rg,~ni-z:ed at the coilleg~ campUiS en Sarundlay. The mesm:erizjll1g music". SOriigS, flash froozing lights and fue @'xu~ral1itt students are the definin~ mome~B in the pa rty: . .It iis' the day' of !ov~, affect jon" trust and albove ,a! II '~he oond of to~:etherl"l!ess ,and bellongrinJgness.,

On aooQ'unt of number O'f dances. and other tu~tulrajl ~erfOl8m!i] n005 of the studlents,. 8IiTiiibi-eli1loo' becomes ~meliy energ:eti:c:. At ~h~ end of the hi~alt to~ch~ng perfbrm'an:~,. Mr. Fn~sher &. Ms. Frestu~r' titles have been awa-li"ded to .As~Tsh

lB;eu~sal Q":lrnd Alshwarya Shah,. M Ii., and Ms. Even~ng w~r'e G.wan:~~d to V1911~ I. Glupta &. Shashi Bal~l and IMr. ,and; Mis,. ~r50rnalitv titr,es were given to Vlikas 'Oloudhary' aad ShUJ iba'lngini,.

Ail: the end of the programl srud\ents !have been oong li"arulared by tihe Diroctor 'or' t~e Ajay' Kumar Garg Inst~tute of Mall1ag81m~11t. on suoh a occaslcn, Event ooorrd ~Iii~mrs hO;~ also greeted t~e 1i1i@'W students, and :appreciated time sp:l:lilrt of sen lor ~GDM sW~~nrts. ~II"iI this way formsl 'iirnwooud:ion of junh:ms ~& 5elti\ors p~ts.a feu litdatio~ -,of ~Q{ng)-1erml mlati:o;n$lhip.,

18 Oct-obe;~p. 20:10

On ]LBth Octob~r :2010~ SPlliCM\l4CAY Onlenmltion ~erum: w,~s o.rg~·Irn~zed at At<GIM CJmp~S.f Gh~zjabad. tin 'Umls il~ctu~e stud~;nts, g~ot; the ,~ppo:rtunU.y to interact wn:h Pa;~lmG Sihri lOr.:

Kiran S®th of 1[1' Delh~ who is alS(t the 'founder ,of SPI(:

MACAY Society ,of Ind:~a a nd MrS, .. Arnwesha ~ta'lhalfl1rn wh;() d~srussed ttiJe $alttriya Dance form of Assa m.

On th~s gmart ('I!CY6a_tSiorn Ms,. Abha BanSC111 who, is, SPICMACt\y Coordinator ,of Gl1aZllaba'dl wals, also p;resEi!l1t: alrnd ~he shared her e>qJe1nl@l1cm 'will [his socisty and discussed the: iJm,lDorta~:ce of Indian C~ l!turn· 'with the students. On this occaslon ut waiS alsa decided tnat: A.KGn~1 ca rnpus wou~d ,act as tile n!Oda~ 'Cfu~teli 'for f~ rthetr m~@jting5 of' :sprCMA,CAV Chap~r hll G!hazjtabad~

P,adma Bhl!lcshan 'IlJIma Shallma PerfOrms hlhak Dance all:

,AKG:lM SP,][C 'MACA Y C:ba1pter :Event Oi Deoombe~, 20110

The QJt~lJli'aJ c-olliimijltee, at MGmM wni(jn is salel., driven by tlie stuoenl;$, .pruj ,$iP'IC MA.CAy jail1~I'II ~aIi1~~d KaJth~k, PerfuFtn~l'llc:e on D~elTtl~er 3J ;101.[0. iPao;alilia Bitusnan Wli1~ Sh~rJThjI\r ~n ~nl!ernatlali;ally ,renowlIlOO Indl~r1I ~ponelilt OJ tlilli3; ~H;;3k 'fb\l1Iiil of Intl~al'll da$'5L~1 d~nce Ip.EOOrm~d 011 tWJe' oc:Cai:5'ion, 'I

ga:theril'ilg of pl,J:cni~nre lTIrom, NC~ COlTIjpriSil]g of stud:ertrn ami noted dignlla.r:ies, 'from drnferent ~-,gch:Qb'la, ~n~ lirlthustry' ~n NOR -were p:~rl:t ii'll il:he ~l1Idi~n4e'. Th!3 ;audience !Nas I~ ~~ boufiltIL bv the penonriila([c'e ~nd

aP'Jlrec'i;;Jreti title diifliererrrt'l'!lb:oovs."". - ,-

iF'ror 1i:'ii''''J''IH Fcm, '~Lo..'9i\"'ur ......... ~..:I tl!".'~"'" ....... a. business 'oo-'mp'llc''V·lt·r~ 9n..,ill bi', ~ ''M Ii'\. liI:I!t:.Il!i;! _ ~uu' IIII; .. I!!. III I .... , I!) , o:;Il ~_;:;:!"_ I _ I .... ' ... ,~'I;;I ur

chal[l@ng~ of 21st c~ntuliY d~Mands mctraordjij~alry efforts and skins from tifn'e studern,ts and such aaivitfi9S gTw them @XPOSUIie:S, where t~ e classroom teach hr~!gls 'glets complem~nOOd.

Show' was. in~ugul13~d [by' the [Chailrman--Mr: As:hok Pal aJl1d ~~nded by t~~ oth€lrm;emb~rs of the malnfagemer1rtt:' committee, Mr Vi nay' Garg, M Ii Rakesh G~rg and ethers were 'alltso p~nrt in the <[pe'r1iarnmnoo., Th'€ mcu lity fraternity ,of V~ liIous BI""Sdhoo~s a 1(50 add~ed m the glow oft the: 1ri~lr.formctloo,"

IF" .

Comes out Iil~rurailly that AKGJITM is ImarctdfiiQ 'fa5t al~ead ~nl fhe 'fr'o~1t Iline rop 8",schiools. of NCR, who prov~de 'q[~ality rna nl~ gern,@rrt red ucatlon d iHe r.ently., AK.Gl[M ls al tremendous opportunity to management aspll!'ani:ts.

·organized em 19· December; .20.10

The 'first Sdhoouled MOP of .iH<'GIM on Fflrno!wnte, ror non finance eKeOuti~5 was held on 19th December 20 :Il1~}, 'whicln 'was attended by emwtives wmm d.lifferent sectors ,of the ]~dustri~.

The MIDP WBiS· spread ()Over the' day and had H1re~ ~sion5 O'f bvo hours eilach with ~ and lunch bre~k. Th~ ID~ mcipant5 fr,~m th~ :Indus/try alPPf"ecmted 'the d~y ~Oing ad:~vity ,and suggeSted severall themes 'liar 'Mure and al'ffilrmoo theIr assoCilatbi"on w"i1jh Ute· insiltitUrte ,and also t:o palmlcipati@' ~ n such events. ThEa! brief 'coverage' of oonmnt 'iiill the three oossl'Qns. is ~S, 'mIIIQws;

First :sessicm was. oon~ ucted by Prof. :Satlsh Ttl ukrall on 1)irne theeme ''''lrrtrodud:iQ:n to Ana nos" whicn covered, 1Jine foUowing topItes:

MIlDI' em M)otiv,ation, lrealmbulildrlll1.g and Leadership oo;ndll)Jcmd Management Developmelnt PR),g ramlm@ 011 MotrivaJ1:i:on" TeamllbuUding and Ilood@r:ship was held 0111 5th a Iild 61th of febll".ltJGIIiYI. 101:1 .. It went 'V'ery' $~ccessl\Jl, as it: Wa!$ attll:Endied by companb~s as. Hill Ltd, ,A.looft David Ltd, Tam Tel~ S~rv~oes Ud,.. Baj~j P-omr Ltc!... Simltj Irtalm~Qusily ~t was alS() .atterndOO by va II" r'QiU 5 ,;;u::adlemliolans from renowtJlied ]miS"titutkms ,and Un Twr,sities I~,ke IlMIT HOlpur ;& S!holbhit U~~versity. 'Trainees W~ffl ~d~r;essed: by Ik:nown ex~~1l1s in th~ll1" respectiV\@' areal$.,

A.. Broad OVeiNlew' of ltllnan.da II Starem€rilts

B. DociphieringJ .Finc:uldall Stammen.ts (lnoomeS'taitemeIfD4 Balance Sheet I&. 1~5tn Rlow Staitemel1t ~sing ,ann~al mport)

- - - - - -

Second seSSion was oond utted by Prof .AII100p Pant on 1th~1 theme '~'!,Al1al·v.sjs ,of finandal Statsrnmts~' 'which covered the ffiUOWlTlilg Top'lIC-S=

A.. Basics of Ri'li1Ialli1Lci~11 managem~nt

B. Rat!)O ·an~~V5i~; Co-mpu:w~lon &, lIJnmrpretatiCiIil

The Thiilrd ,and! time last S~$tO\n w,as conducted by Pr()':f: IMe6ita Sahu on ~TQL'!( P1alrii ningl fur Employees" 'whiC'h ooveretl 1the roU()wl1ilrng top'its;

.A. Teal Break T~oc ph:anning! 'for sela r:lled! Prers-Ol1 III How to fU~ an ITIlt

The tm/Y ,md;edl wiffu High "1001 and Vom of thanks proposed by Pr(li, Sa1tislrn Th~j'~ra I. The ~ocu!tl1ves 'elillso had to 'Iii III a feedbadk camlp whim was intended to ,gatlrner inmlfma!l)lon ~$,'to 'Wh~er thie content ,and ·d~liv@r:y was liked. by the' 1pa I1icipantt's ,and to know theil-II" s~ggfe5~i(ms ~f any. Time feoobadk as' given by 1th~ partitT~lwni[s ls 'very enrouragling arnd has been a'~$tedl alol1g wTltn the re~ort fur record The ifija rtidpanits w@r'e ,aIS'd' issued oort~ficatles ,of p-a mcipatilon.

~ -.

organized on 5th·a nd 6t~ Febnuery 2i~)1 ~

Progrn rnme: sta,r[ed with th~ lin~ugural speech by fOr., Raljhl 1Ft Thaku r.; OJ rector AK'Gn~lf whQ said that these 'prog II"Qlms· arl@' the plaitforml wh~ mwndustry ,andi ,~ce:u:j;emnLS "i1i1_roct witlrn ~-ach ,oth~r. T h ,e· aess i o n 'IN. tal S fcll~owedf, bty the' key nom

spe@cn of Prior. Dr. lMa:lrnq] Si~ha, from UniwrsJty ()'If D~lltiI]. Dr. Stnha is, an ~pert ~ lit t~1:Irn~'n'~g of I~dersh~p ,and its 'prnctic~ wh~dh he !lJS~(3iny' dell lIVers. ito ,offioers from Go¥~nnment [)€(partmeruts. Dr. ,S~I'li'Ih~1 ad)dressoo th@ traJin!ges on Importance of 'leadership in tod\ay's Malliha;geme~t world" He ~lllsO diSCtJl5500 tlrn~ ,ml~noo of Gand Ih~ as a leader ~111 Modern Indl!lJlstnTal World.

Tralnees also 'Qlot the opport~nity of inmractin~1 wlith Prof. IlDlr. :Sa nj,ay Kumar Singlh from lliMT G 1m (lIZ ~a bald. lID r. .s:~ lib 9 Iii! del w€red his session on :FIRO- a TIll~s' tedhniqm~ is

used to measure' or c,ontrdi' '!how group members fee~ when it: comes to, induslO\n, oontrol, . and ~ffoctionl'openli1les6; or to be a b~e to g€ilt feedba'c!k. from poople in a gn:mtp ...

IPn::u~ramme was then oontiillil ued by Dr. Vidh~ ~\arwa;11 wh:() gave wry bee IlJti~u~ ~pl~natiorn5 in tile area of Mot~vatlo.n Qll1d Confiliict IMan~g~me£ntf and ho,w '~O rremove $U'8SS from the: employoos: Iiv'€S.

IPr,ogramme WelS then oono1uded by Dr. Suruchi Singlh 'who h~s: delliveroo Im~r session for incrMsTng' time CO Irnc:eptual under5tand~ ng of lead~rship" laitest reseJalrm inthns, a ma QI!1d how to imp!h~m~mil: the Emot~cmG'1 and Splirit~al Le~d~rslmlp in

OmI51"i:le~"";i"i;i"fie t:"'r 'C'''fli'"\a~laJniI'\CI _ • =gl IJ .~·~[Uva :I~ !IIV ~~,~~ ~_ ~m

The; p:rogram'me 'was 'Very' Uve~ al~d inmraaiV>13: which had lot of live case discus$'flo~cS 'teambui ~ding a nd .story building exercises which were a IDpredared by al~ tll~:tra'h'ile~s .

B@(iorm~ n,Q An IE~eq;i've Sa II@S M'anag~1i 18th ,at 19th Fe:brualIY, 2.011

Ma m~geliTiiernt Deve~otPment Program on '~1;Becom~ng An Effet~ive Sales Mlanager'" 'was oondlUcmd on 18th and lli 9th febr:ll(3lirYl 201:1l at ,Aj-ay klumar 'Garg InsthJute of Manag~m~nt, Ghaziallb'ed. The MDiP 'W~S 'dhalmd by th~ faou~[y' of ,AK'GIIM Dr lTrlpumri Pandey allmd 'Co=dh~~'md Ib.y Prof' NamT1ta1 :NI I<lumar. There were: pa:rticipanJts 'from (lompanies" G'etlt Yellow Pages; UPJw1 and ,Acube Pm,moti'ons.I@,tc .. '~~s~des,r the 'faculty of AKGM, tile; ~6ions '~rrJ the p;rog ram wars also tallkerri by Amf. lR.ajat Gelrn, ]MT GlmalZi~bad, Prof. A, K. Biswes, BIMTEOi" Gfieamr Neida ,and! Mlr Hemaili1l,t Bisiht" a mrnoWinoo sales tra~mer ~In tihe indljst~.

The program was ~Ina ugUlramd' ,by' Mr AShilm Na¥(3I.r, CEO., Agm FOods Ltd. He shared ~TLS own €Xper~ence5 as a lil entrepli'@riiE!lU r and IP~S5Hona II in the ~ndustry~ Mr As!him wern.1t 0111 to stress the oomlm~b1l9nt by. t.h~ sa les pe:~ple mwar,d5 the 'oomlpa r:ny ,and tile; taslks which pradicaUy are beooming a di5blJribin~1 phenomenon ~hese' dlays;,. H@ ,also, ~el;t on the need to I!'~talin sales people from sw'ikh'~lliig,.

The MlDlP cornmencsd wTt~h the' weloome address by 1jlhe Director of tim@ conege, 'Dr Ramirv R Thakur. IIDr Th~kur @mptn:~s'~ll~d on the ,oorn(ijtnuity of MDPs for oorpoliam

pn~lfesslona!s as al tool 00, b.nldge tine gap Ib~en skill sets, The 'liilrst session on the first day of time MDI? was on Em,er'9,i1ng Clhalilleng9s a nd Self Malna,g~ment of ~I~es. IPria1i~sslonais was ta~n by Dii Tripurari P'Gnd®y:, He stressed on th~ s-elrf managennent. ,andl1oom linun~caltion part oi1f time o()vell'a,111 preblsm the sall~ mSlniagEms, a,lild organ ilZatioll1s ,are facing with ne,w g~ne;roiltion. A session on time reilevance of .5P[fN] concept of sellingl was also mk~n bV Prof. ~jat Gem, Profesoor;I1MT Glne(Ziabad ..

The next: da¥~5 first sesston starred witlm Pro:f. A K. BisWiliS, IB1[MIOCH, Greamr N:o.lda. Prof BiSVllas, lorought; '~om'e the ro~e of ,li1Iegotilatkm '~n ,sallEs and wsm;me;r relc,tjonlShlip. The partidpallil:[$ ,~ot 'ijl~ Ideas on' ~he new 'W~y5· of Key ACCOUri{[ Manag®<mmt: fur dl(fferent ina ustries by' M Ii H@mi.m'tt: Bisnt

The ,sEIi'i:es ,of sessJons:,endleQ wi~h a d~S'cusS!l'on on GonSJUmer Vs BusTr:nes5, Markle~, ,and, IDrmplicati;orn ,of 'bhe same on :Sem ng whioln wa!5 ;dha~'md by Prof fl';J]a m ita; N Kumar~ 'faculty AKGfM Glna\Ziabad"

At t~e end of ~he two day program, the: palltlcip"ants 'felt ~]Uv@rna'ted and motivated: w'li~h a new S@nS9' of '~he realities and approach surround~ rrng them, The sem~O'ns w~re IiVElrY ,and ~nmll"adive, 'Wil1th lot of rea II mllme qeesdons at work baggJlingl sales I~rofesshllila Ii.

The pn:gram oO\ncll~ded with '!jf,aledCWry ~ddress of Dr Rajihl R Thaku r~" Dilrecto~, ,AK',GIlM,. Time p-artidl~a lilts were gil've c;ertltificae5 of parttd~ation.

Iii ..... ,_a i;.;~,,,, ~IJ- M £'110-. ",J ~, lc'U IJUE$, ~:r r~ "~·I iiu •. M;;ael1i:~

The five loodersh~p traitsl~eadiership quall'iit1'es, are;:

1. Honest

,2. FoMard"'loo~i'lrng

,3. CoImIP~nt:

4, Insp'iirin;g

S. :Inmilligent

"flour skm at ,€'xhibift~~g ~h~e' five leadership qua~~'ties, lIS, strong ~ correlamrl W~~h peopftE!:'s diesare to foillow your' I€:G,L]. EXhilbitin~1 th~ 'brnilits willi ;i;1rn5P~ re COli1fidenc:e ;ijlrn yo~ r leadersniIP',. Not exh~biifijlng these traii'ts or exitiib.ltilng the ,opposite of these trailrts willi decmaoo yOUJ:1i' lead~r;ship ltnflU)®Ii;C-e w'i:~h those' ,al1)~lnd you.

Poopl!e W(3IIri1i[ 'to ro~,I:ow an honest lead~r. Years a;go', many emrp1Q¥ees :sta~dI iOUt: by assuminlg th~1t ti'neir lead'er.ship 'was 'hones! simp~y because the authority ();, ~hei'n- posith:m. With mod'ern scandals, thlt5, lIS, no l!ong,er true.

Forwalm~ Iodkli'lilQ as. a LeadernhilP lIra'lft

The wlmole point. of Ileadernh~IP' :i~ fi~ ullillilg eut where to go from - h -W- -11"1 kn wh t: to w;er~ you ,are riiOW,,, '. -' '1 e you may •• 'OW' .... €ire you warn I,.

go:~ psople 'won1t see 'that: untl!ess you ,actlve~y corn municam it with them, Remem[b~G' these trn'iits amn't just: things 'V'ou need to haw', they are ~hilngs, 'y.ou need to ,adlveliy d~'sp.lay 00' those ar'Qlundi YOI[].

Poopl!@,want-to roUow someone 'who is oompet@nt. This doosn1: mean a I:eader needs to 00 the 'foriemost expert on e""ery' areal of the entire organization, !but tney need to be abl/8' to demoniStn-am competency.,

IPeo1pie wanro:: to oo~l1Isph"edl. illlil 'fact,,. th~re is a wtnol'e dass of' peop:lie 'who will ro~llow allrn ~'l!1spilnlli1g leader-even whien the leadler has no other ql~anties. I;f yOUJ have d~lopoo the 01th@f traits ln this ,artidi@, ibeh1g ~'~spk;rlrng ls usualily jmrt a lmatter' of oomm ulnicat~n.g cI~lr~ ,and with paSSion., IBeing '~n5p.1 rilrnQ me:a ns ml nng Ipmp~e' how your organizaltion BS,g'O~ ng to dha nge the wO'Ii'II'd.

Iintellnlgerll"c'e is som@ttif~m~ ttiiait can be d~fficu It to devello;p .. , The ro-adl toward! becoming more intelligent ls diffiou~[, kmg and

"'~n~t .......... ""AJl"il"llp.~clloe...ll u"IJ.'I:..ii"iiIII"i" ,olli'M,J'6E"'Ro."ll;"!Ig 00'-' nsiders I!..lIa '''-li'li''i.ei

~ __ ~ 1l,iIo".I\I111~":;::ll;,'!<;;run 1I,!IIu",,!L 1~11"lf~U Iii. ,_, ;;1":1_ ...-li!l;:lI!,)J'!O:;: Il n I""':,.

IDev:elopiing inmllig@inoo iilS SI Hf~le choice.,

(Autl't{J:r: Ms. Mamt1i Ku~nw~h~~ :5:~udef'ilt: P(5[)(MmIl Y~I'; AKG]M)

I,nflati:on is :Directly' Pwpmtionate tol Calnlption

lin illlrndio" 'fears Cirte' growingl tlmat ru Irnaway ~nfllatkm could ~Iowdown the brisk glro~ of lits economy, whim was !a mOI1Q the, 'fastest to ~oover 'from the ,glbball f1nanolal onTsis. run pamou~arf a h~ge rise in food prices has ~mergerl as a majpr worry' for !ll C9untliry 'W1ith rm~llln(ms of poor jpoopll@'. And on the other hend Corruptlon is also a very bj'g !prolb~em in frn~1r: df Iindi~ 'for the ~atSt 50 many yealr,s,. These MO p,rob~E!ms. are, Ii'iIOW IPriomiln~nt in j['lrndiar alnid ,our so calilled 'go,v,emm,@rut is mot doilnQ @lITIough to tcl,ckl~ ,e~1ther pml:d~m.,

Corruption is ,a disease wtn~ch spread all ()ever the India It seems 11hc't this is tile; season of scams and the lb~gg:9sit ev;@r oorruptlon cases ~,1i1 Inrlil'a have been UJnealf1jhed mu:ne rec~nt~,Some' top scams. in flnd]ia am:,

l}lG 9pectrum Scam

We have had a Vliumoor olf SC;It1llS in India; but IflOlirle biQg:er than the, scam involvilng tlmel proOO5.S of' allocatingl ulrn~fied access service noonses. At ~he !heart of this Rs.l.76",llakh crore 'worth of scam ls ~he 1fonm~r Te~~oom minismr ,/l. ilR:aj;a - whQ aa:ord h1g Ito the 0\(3'1 has '9<v,adled norms at every ~e~1 as he ca rlrTed out the dltu-!OioU5 2G license afWlanjs;. in 2008· at a tlfgmw'~awal'f pric'€: wlhilch were' pegged at 200], prices.

2) Commcmwea~th Games 5[alm

,Alnotitner 'mather :ii~ the cap of Ind~an scandal list is CommonwmlUn Galmes Starn., It :iis;, estimatedl that out of' Rs, 70000 erors ~pet.1t: on the Gam@5", only' half the sal~~1 amCUI1It:


• WHY WALJMART STRUGGiJES liN, IN'tUA ~ ~1ttp:IIW'WIN,.gkjbalpost.oo,mldisparoh~rlmdia/lOill006/wallmait'it~~oono,my

• CRQSS' .. SrWf MNlcrlrMG ~ MORE: llIrll'ErM JUST It BAJI,IJKING ~,

Irnttp,=/ tWM'll .g!obalpos1t.oo:mJ'dis\pamhlch~niCi/ ]'OI1.007/taiwallm~b~nkingr",@oono;my


~t:tp;1 'W\iVW.globalp05t.oom/disp~Wh/f{mm~r"'soviet=~ Iilionl iliO l.'009lcyber=cn"iime


hittp=1 tww-w .1it. co mlicnt5/s/Od as 40'6 (lb(lS82,. t 1d[f,,8@86=OO:li 4,4fOObddJrAl[jtlmnlsedl=fall~e',.htmll?:_.JJoc.ati\on =http°tb3A '%2FU102IHNww,,,ft;.oomo/o2fcmt5O/~2F~~2F(¥o1o2fOda5406ijc,.d5'B2'~11df..,SeB6=OO ill~4f~lbdtO"htm~%3:FlttaimlP~3Dr5sf!t~I ~rmerer=h~p~o3A'%2Pt~2Fglobalnews. foreigl~ polir;y.o~mOJo2F&ftcalmp:=:rss

J::" - - R- - t - - Ie:' -- ri., ,., - • ;I.." -

nutesecua ,by'B"n natenara Prasanna

... . . .. ... -v· . '_ .' .. VZ;I I.. '. '_ .- •• _ " ". ""_"". ."."" "

A ..... _....,:nm·· . j.f1n'H,J st: ' • . ~~1'" " :: y~I.I'~I_""-ii!

RI$1M~M l'ms-atmtlj B*6:1; .l'rasanna: ,61. .shrl., Shubh ~

was ,spent OIi1i Ind'f\an sportspersons,

The G@ntr~ I Vr'g~:llanoo Cortl1im~5sh::ml ilnvdlved in Ipmb~lng th@' alleged com~lPt~o:n ~~n v~lr~(]us CommOinwe:althi Cia lines-related proj)eots, has mund ,d [rscre~:h':u~cies in tenders,'~ 'II ike IP~yment 'to rnonr-exismnt parti~es, wUIIf'-fUl~ delays in e>fBCulilon of oontra,d:s.f over-inl1laood price airnd bun~i~ing in pUrdhase of ~uipm8r!it through mnd'Sring - aJli1id mlsapp,roprnation tOF funds,

ii.f1-...iI '~I!e ..... IE"'FiI ft"ii'3ii"i1!il cases ~',k:a DO-~1i'C 1f"1F_:;!i m 'T.a!ln~ lEV"'9Im S'9lkl!!! m

M ;)J ~. ~"V. ~I III l;gl ~,; . _.:U~-~ ~ """~. u."_: II Ull ~ ~~l I- I ~ ::p.Y ~~ "I f. "_"" tJ!I."1.'~ I

sea m, ttne fodder scam, IPL scam ..

Afte;r seeingl 1:h~ cases InaTa d,o~lfnJ't nsed a '~rmr~t: or

II'IAbl.. .... l'ol" from .AI I..,...·',.,j\o, WIf!;, "',5'1;.i':E!I 901f''Ei1~'d'iJ' m- )'3 r'!i/iJ' ..... 4: ~al1"i:"1o

~ "'" .. 1,.!"!i:::i1.;::J' II'IL!' ~~ IU,..::; .. -~ IID"'IU CI I'~ ; 1 I ~11".1', 'VII 'IIJ I~ III.,

• DOUAR HOLDS ~UNE AS JAPAN S~ARES D,tp ~ ht:tp;llin"murers"oomJfin~nceJmalrkets

There is a Syli1iovate mood of th~ nation SUNl@:jI' is d)on@: by the TIMES. OF INDIA f a '9 ~ooa~ mark®t research ageru:Yl: ,polloo ,almost 2rSiOO respondents lim [)~~lhi, Mum bifllJ' KOlkam" Chenlii'ai, Bang\alo~ r Hy;d,erabad, ,Ah madebad ,and Luo'know and ~~dl ~o:~le from 9oci~OOl"iomic categQIi';I~$ A, 18 and C. Awordingl m this SUI'V@;¥ p@op(l@ am ~ry a ngry with the gov€rnm@l1it ailld ,aU f:eE5~ il:hat IiiIOW infl!ati,on and rnrrlllllPtio:n have breached ~h€ Illmit ofto!leranc~.

Accardin~1 to the ,survey 85% IPoop~e: !blamE!! C@nitre ,andl ~m govts ~or in~atllo;n, 600/0 ~oople 'feel p~nrtlcia ns main aulpritg" '96%, peOp(le say' c~ntral govt's imagi9 dam:a;ged by s~m of :sa;.alm.

Now we: ~aw to do som,@15hingl m stop, 'bnese' blggsr problems .. (Atntltor: Ml$. Sllrr9ibh~ God an_d M1s. li3ulbul, Stla.rma) IPFQjectt Miana.ger B:lUcatiOfl'l &. IR.eaI~estate Ulniscape Imfor-om Pvt. !..ttd'"

T~ T~ cOr!id~V'el is d~iglriedl to fun:ilimre a lnlch 'noW' of kmwl~ed\Qlef ideas and ilnfdnnat~Q{n ~[morngst 'faqJI~ty members, It"eSe~rch@rs;!' IPrndl'tku:1f€rs, dl~:v'€~operS'l ,~~t:ive5" stw:f®nt:5 !1liililid ~ser;$,.

AKGl1IM(Aj~' !Kumar Gar,g' rn.5tii~ute of Man~~enlenrt) Ghalifabad" one of the' 'profITI~5ing, B" S(h!Jolls ~m ,NO~f IndiG, an(l1 The :Statesma n, 1jhe l®dlllnQ [Eng,1 ish Najbiona~ Deii 11y:r-, ta~e :iimm@!n~ p~@asure in a,nnoonclirng:

~he ~tdtesmdn - AKGIM



The 'B~st pa per to be publlisihEdi in

"The s,tatesmalnr', 'the: I,eadi:ng Englliish Narti,o,na I Da i Iy.

Attractive Cash prizes and Certificates,. on 26th Ma rch 2011


.. AIKGIM Galmlpus;, GtllaziabiJd, India

We 'wot:J I~d als-o r,squest. you to kindly' 'foMard this inrormatlon to a U 'your ooilleaglll@s\r stud:enlsr resmrdhers and others those who may 'fil'lrnd this condaw umfu II end o;f~ nterest.

Dr ~jh" R. TlrU:l(lbJr C:o.lilc~e! Chailrs: -T'(:' i!o, I!:]If""" 20'- '·1' 1-


Prof. SatltSh 'Tlhuktal ,&_ PtO'f. Neeta Salhu lbudlget@~kgim.;edUi. in

Tell: 9.1-12r[hl76 2-592-99 E':d: 2'~7f ,21J 91-12,O~3:12 0411(D), 91.-98t12011322 Rnc= 91 ~] 20~276. 2004

w ww , a kg im , edu , in

.Ajay K1J1mar Gall Institute of Management

:2l11tllUI !l!lIl'1i!',IN'}l,,041; D~.tiIa,pW' EliIliiit!i5 RMiiI; Ai!lIi)'Jiln'llk 1'!Ii!i~M. GMlzl'8~i!H2(t1 oo~

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