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. and thus many of the poor die. and crop damage ensues. During a drought period there is a lack of water.Drought is a period or condition of unusually dry weather  within a geographic area where rainfall is normally present. Water-supply reservoirs empty. wells dry up. Droughts occur in all climatic zones. During a drought there is a lack of precipitation. Drought usually results in a water shortage that seriously interferes with human activity.

slowing down of economic development .Increased importation of food (higher costs) .Increase in food prices . less food production .Damage to fish habitat.EFFECTS OF DROUGHT  Economic . loss from fishery production .Income loss for farmers and others affected .Increased predation .Loss of national economic growth.Damage to crop quality.

loss of wildlife in some areas and too many in others .Damage to plant species .Environmental .Damage to animal species .Lack of feed and drinking water .Reduction and degradation of fish and wildlife habitat .Disease .Wind and water erosion of soils .Increased number and severity of fires .

Loss of human life from food shortages.Social unrest . suicides.Mental and physical stress . heat.Food shortages . violence .Population migrations .increased poverty .Water user conflicts .Political conflicts . Social .

Atmospheric conditions that result in deficiencies of precipitation change from area to area. Agricultural and Socioeconomic  Meteorological Drought Meteorological drought is the amount of dryness and the duration of the dry period. Hydrological. TYPES OF DROUGHT Types: Meteorological. .

. reduced ground water or reservoir levels.Agricultural Drought Agricultural drought mainly effects food production and farming. and so on. Agricultural drought and precipitation shortages bring soil water deficits.

Water in hydrologic storage systems such as reservoirs and rivers are often used for multiple purposes such as flood control. navigation.Hydrological Drought Hydrological drought is associated with the effects of periods of precipitation shortages on water supply. and wildlife habitat. irrigation. hydropower. recreation. .

food grains.Socioeconomic Drought Socioeconomic drought occurs when the demand for an economic good exceeds supply as a result of a weather-related shortfall in water supply. forage. depends on weather. such as water. The supply of many economic goods. and hydroelectric power. water supply is sufficient in some years but not satisfactory to meet human and environmental needs in other years. Due to variability of climate. fish. .


. ‡Recycled water .Carefully planned crop rotation can help to minimize erosion and allow farmers to plant less waterdependent crops in drier years.Continuous observation of rainfall levels and comparisons with current usage levels can help prevent man-made drought ‡Land use .Former wastewater (sewage) that has been treated and purified for reuse.Mitigation strategies ‡Drought monitoring .Collection and storage of rainwater from roofs or other suitable catchments. ‡Rainwater harvesting .

‡ Transvasement .Regulating the use of sprinklers.Building canals or redirecting rivers as massive attempts at irrigation in droughtprone areas. and other water-intensive home maintenance . ‡Outdoor water-use restriction . hoses or buckets on outdoor plants. filling pools.

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