Introduction To SAP

Rutgers Business School – Newark and New Brunswick
By Martin O’Reilly

What is an ERP? What is SAP? What is IDES? SAP Basics & Navigation SAP Exercises With IDES

RUTGERS UNIVERSITY & SAP University Alliance Agreement


What Are The Benefits? Cross-functional teaching tool Access advanced software technology Enhance marketability Pursue research opportunities Broaden outreach .

What is SAP R/3? SAP is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system .

What is an ERP? Enterprise-wide system which integrates the business functions and processes of an organization Integration of business functions into one seamless application Usually runs on a RDBMS Replaces Countless Departmental and Workgroup Information Systems .

What is an ERP? Links business processes Maintains audit trail Utilizes a common information system Implementation normally involves BPR: Business Process Reengineering Difficult to Implement Correctly – Railroad Tracks .

Evolution of ERP 1960’s: Inventory Control Systems 1970’s: MRP: Material Requirement Planning 1980’s: MRPII: MRP & Distribution 1990’s: MRPII  ERP with introduction of other business functions  CRM’s Today: Web Enabled ERP – Connecting ERP Externally .

SCM ERP Applications Linking ERP’s to Web – Web Services ASP’s = possible new market segments Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Tools .What is the State of the ERP Market? Weak Economy = Fewer Implementations ERP Systems firmly entrenched in infrastructure Implementing CRM. KM.

What is the State of the ERP Market? Portals Public Sector Growth  laggards Better Implementations Experience Upgrades: ½ of SAP’s customers need to upgrade by 12/03 Roll Up Projects Great Plains  MS Factor? Current Buzz: ERP II Next: Web Services Integration .

What is SAP R/3? SAP = Systems. 3 = 3 tier) German Based Company 3rd Largest Independent Software Vendor in the World SAP: ERP Market Leader 80% Fortune 500 Companies Use SAP Over 18.500 Customers in 120+ Countries Over 12 million users . Applications and Products in Data Processing (R = real time.

What is SAP R/3? Client/Server Technology Highly Customizable Based on Industry Specific Best Practices Multi-lingual: International Based on Open Standards Integrated Applications System: Modular in design .

New Dimension Products Business Information Warehouse Strategic Enterprise Management Supply Chain Optimizer .

Enterprise Structure Terminology SAP Enterprise Enterprise Company Company Subsidiary Subsidiary Client Company Code Plant Sales Sales Organization Organization Factory Factory Sales Organization Business Business Area Area Department Department Warehouses Warehouses Division Division Division Storage Locations © SAP AG 1999 .

..Levels Client Company Code Company Code 1000 1000 Company Code Company Code 3000 3000 Controlling Area Controlling Area 2000 2000 Plant 1000 Plant 1100 Plant 1200 . Storage Location 0001 Storage Location 0002 Storage Location 0003 © SAP AG 1999 .Organizational Structures .

com or the MySAP Business Suite? Hosted E-Business Platform Solution Hosted is + & Link Organization to Supply Chain Link Organization to Consumers Exchange .What is MySap.

The E-Business Platform mySAP Workplace mySAP HR mySAP SCM mySAP mySAPFinancialsmySAP E-Procurement Industry CRM mySAP SolutionsmySAP PLM BI SAPMarkets* .

com Solutions Cross-Industry Solutions q q q q q q q q q q mySAP Workplace mySAP CRM mySAP SCM mySAP Marketplace* mySAP E-Procurement mySAP BI mySAP PLM mySAP HR mySAP Financials mySAP Mobile Business q q q q Industry Solutions q q q q q q mySAP Aerospace & Defense mySAP Automotive mySAP Banking mySAP Chemicals mySAP Consumer Products mySAP Engineering & Construction q q q q q q q mySAP Insurance mySAP Media mySAP Mill Products mySAP Mining mySAP Oil & Gas mySAP Pharmaceuticals mySAP Public Sector mySAP Retail mySAP Service Providers mySAP Telecommunications mySAP Utilities mySAP Financial Service Provider q mySAP Healthcare q mySAP High Tech mySAP Higher Education & Research mySAP Services q q Infrastructure and Services q mySAP Technology q q mySAP Hosted Solutions *mySAP Marketplace is delivered through MarketSet™. .mySAP. a joint solution from SAPMarkets & Commerce One.

com E-Business Solutions .mySAP. .What’s Next? Co Chairman Hasso Plattner in his own words.  http://www.

master data. well-documented system environment  Simulation of business processes  IDES is a Standard R/3 System System R/3 (standard)  IDES data (customizing. transaction data)  .What is IDES? IDES = International Demonstration and Evaluation System IDES Basics Fictitious company using R/3  Customizing. transaction data  Integrated. master data.

IDES Guidelines To reflect increasingly complex requirements of modern business To design all organizational structures in a practical manner To make each element of the core functionality of the R/3 System available in its most up-to-date version To allow users with very little or no previous R/3 knowledge to easily run core scenarios in the R/3 System .

The Business Group IDES Corporation Manufacturing IDES North America New York / US Toronto / Canada IDES Europe Frankfurt / Germany Lisbon / Portugal Barcelona / Spain Paris / France IDES Latin America Mexico/ Mexico-C. London / UK IDES-Asia Tokyo / Japan .IDES .

coating and solvents production Process manufacturing Sturdiness SAP Pharmaceuticals  Production of tablets .IDES LOGISTICS SAP Aerospace / Defense  Production / Maintenance of an aircraft engine SAP Engineering / Construction  Elevator and Turbine production Engineerto-order Make-to-order production Assembly manufacturing JIT SAP Automotive  Manufacturers / Suppliers processes Complexity Industry Production by lot size Repetitive manufacturing Mass production SAP Consumer Products  Selling food and non-food products SAP High Tech & Electronics  PC assembly and customer services SAP Chemicals  Paints.

IDES .Financial Accounting IDES Corporation IDES North America IDES Europe IDES Asia Consolidation Frankfurt / Germany National and international charts of accounts (parallel) Cost of sales accounting Lisbon / Portugal Barcelona / Spain Paris / France London / UK .

Cost Accounting IDES Corporation Controlling Area IDES North America Controlling Area IDES Europe Controlling Area IDES Mexico Cost accounting for all companies Frankfurt / Germany Lisbon / Portugal Barcelona / Spain Marginal costing Activity-based costing Paris / France London / UK .IDES .

IDES .The Business Group IDES Corporation Retail IDES North America Los Angeles / US Denver Boulder Colorado Springs IDES Europe Giessen / Germany Mainz Frankfurt Darmstadt Tuscon San Diego San Francisco Oakland .

IDES .Logistics Production Engineerto-order Make-to-order production Assembly manufacturing JIT Repetitive manufacturing Mass production Food Retail Textiles Complexity Production by lot size Process manufacturing Sturdiness .

IDES .The Business Group IDES Corporation Banking IDES North America IDES Europe Frankfurt / Germany New York / US Dublin / Irland .

IDES .The Business Group IDES Corporation Service Provider IDES North America Philadelphia / US .

Documentation Process-oriented online help Step-by-step documentation with all relevant information “Functions in Detail” brochure .IDES .

IDES Summary Complete R/3 model company Complete integration Internet scenarios Process-oriented online help Basis for all R/3 training .

ini file Access in RU Labs Newark and RBSCS Levin Lab in NB .SAP Access Complete Application Form Confirmation via email with platin.

SAP Support at RBS Support is available via email at Additional Support materials readily available through web .

edu  Student  SAP Resources: Library  SAP Functions in Detail  SAP ASAP  Introduction to SAP ppt  Introduction to SAP PDF – Exercises  User Application Form  Lab Locations – SAPGui  Additional Access  .sap.rutgers.University Alliance Home Page www.

Additional Access Access via SAPGui for Java:  Install Java Plug-in or JRE  Install SAPGUI for Java  Copy platin.ini (sent with account confirmation email) to specified directory . http://www.baan.Links http://www.

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