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Published by: Dunkel Kruspe on Apr 05, 2011
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This Chapter discusses installing and running the PHP source code tests for OCI8 on Linux. The PHP
source code includes tests for all the core functionality and extensions. You should run the tests after
building PHP on Linux.
You should also verify your applications work correctly with any new PHP binary before putting it into
production. This gives load and real-life testing not possible with PHP’s command-line test suite. Consider
contributing new tests to the PHP community. Adding tests that are relevant to your application reduces
the risks of PHP developers breaking PHP features important to you. Please send new tests or report issues
with PHP’s test suite to php-qa@lists.php.net. It is also a good idea to pro-actively test your
applications with PHP “release candidates” and snapshots, http://snaps.php.net. Please report
problems so they can be fixed before each final PHP release. This ensures PHP continues doing what you

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