[Compulsory Subjects for all B.Tech. Courses]

Type causes & prevention methods. Phases of business cycle. Nature and Scope of Economics. significance and methods of demand forecasting. Law of Demand. 2. average cost. Determinates of Demand. variable cost. Meaning of Science. Unit-V National Income. production function. duopoly sorbent features of price determination and various market conditions. . Imperfect competition – Monopolistic.I. Reference Books 1.N. and Measurement. Income and cross Elasticity. Kakkar Managerial Economics : D. Managerial Economics for Engineering : Prof. 4.EHU-501 : Engineering & Managerial Economics LTP 310 Unit-I Introduction : Meaning.N. Inflation and Business Cycles Concept of N. An overview of Short and Long run cost curves – fixed cost. Elasticity of Demand-Price. ELBS. Engineering and Technology. Opportunity cost. Managerial Economics and its scope in engineering perspective. Uses of concept of elasticity of demand in managerial Unit-III Demand forecasting Meaning. Koutsoyiannis A : Modern Microeconomics. Dwivedi Managerial Economics : Maheshwari. decision. Meaning of Inflation. Laws of returns to scale & Law of Diminishing returns scale. Unit-IV Market Structure Perfect Competition. marginal cost. D. Oligopoly. 3. Unit-II Basic Concepts Demand Analysis.

New Delhi. 3. SINHA G. And MAMORIA S. Industrial Relations Machinery Bi-partite & Tri-partite Agreement. 2. Dynamics of Industrial Relations in India.EHU-302/EHU-402 : Industrial Sociology LTP 200 Unit-I Industrial Sociology : Nature and Scope of Industrial Sociology-Development of Industrial Sociology. Oxford and IBH Publishing Co. SCHNEIDER ENGNO V. Labour courts & Industrial Tribunals. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. New Delhi. Standing order. Industrial Poling Resolutions – 1956. Code of Discipline. GISBERT PASCAL... MAMORIA C..P. Industrial Relations and Labour Legislations. Unit-III Industrialization in India. 1977. 4.R.N. and P. New Delhi. . 1972. 1979.. Industrial Disputes : courses. SINHA.B. References : 1. McGraw Hill Publishing Co. strikes & lockouts.. Unit-IV Contemporary Issues : Grievances and Grievance handling Procedure. Unit-II Rise and Development of Industry : Early Industrialism – Types of Productive Systems – The Manorial or Feudal system – The guild system – The domestic or putting-out system – and the factory system – Characteristics of the factory system – causes and Consequences of industrialization. Industrial Sociology 2nd Edition. Fundamentals of Industrial sociology.

4. Unit –IV Performance Management : Training & Development. Human Resource Management (fifth edition) New Delhi : Tata McGraw Hill. Unit-III Work Environment & Engineering Psychology-fatigue. C. Miner J. Boredom. References : 1. (2007) Industrial/Organizational Psychology : An Applied Approach (5th edition) Wadsworth/Thompson : Belmont. stress management.EHU-301/EHU-401 : Industrial Psychology LTP 200 Unit-I Introduction to Industrial Psychology – Definitions & Scope. Its Theoretical & Social Foundations CBS Publication. Blum & Naylor (1982) Industrial Psychology. Organizational culture. M. Aamodt. (1992) Industrial/Organizational Psychology. (2008). Leadership & group dynamics. Scientific management and human relations schools Hawthorne . 3. Major influences on industrial PsychologyExperiments Unit-II Individual in Workplace Motivation and Job satisfaction . Aswathappa K.A. Job Analysis. Recruitment and Selection – Reliability & Validity of recruitment tests. accidents and safety.G.B. 2. N Y : McGraw Hill.

: Environmental and Pollution Awareness. Productivity : Definition. productivity index. application and scope of Industrial Management.R. 2. SQC control charts. : Industrial Engineering T. Unit-III Inventory control : Inventory. Unit-IV Quality control : Meaning. cost. double and sequential sampling.process charts and flow diagrams. Reference Books 1.Management Tools – time and motion study. Solid waste and Noise pollution. Banga : Industrial Engineering and Management Sharma B.R. 3. Industrial Ownership. work simplification.EHU-601 : Industrial Management LTP 300 Unit-I Introduction : Concept. process control. Unit-II Management Function : Principles of Management. Water. Introduction to TQM. Introduction to supply chain management. Deterministic models. single. Development. Khanna O. Production Planning. types of production system. .P. Specification of Production requirements. measurement. Unit-V Environmental Issues : Environmental Pollution – various management techniques to control Environmental pollution – Various control acts for Air.

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