Disaster Management


loss of livelihood. . property and life.What is a DISASTER ‡ A disaster is a natural or manmade event which results in widespread human loss.

3. 4. Preparedness Response Recovery Prevention . 2.Components of Disaster Management 1.

.Disaster Preparedness ‡ It involves measures to ensure that communities and services are capable of coping with the effect of disaster.

EXAMPLE FOR DISASTER PREPAREDNESS 1. Community awareness and education 2. Mock drill. Proper warning system 3. training practice . Mutual aid arrangement 4.

.Disaster Response It involves measures taken in anticipation of. during and immediately after a disaster to ensure that the effects are minimized.

Setting up medical camps and mobilizing resources 3. Providing adequate shelter and sanitary facilities 4. Implementing the disaster management plan 2.EXAMPLE FOR DISASTER RESPONSE 1. Development of search and rescue team .

.Disaster Recovery It involves measures. which support emergency affected areas in reconstruction of the physical infrastructure and restoration of economic and emotional well being.

communication link 3. Counseling programme for those who lost the near ones 2. Restoring services like roads. Reconstructing damaged buildings .EXAMPLE FOR DISASTER RECOVERY 1. Providing financial support employment 4.

Prevention and Mitigation ‡ It involves measures to eliminate or reduce the incidence of severity of disasters. .

Disaster resistant buildings .EXAMPLE FOR PREVENTION AND MITIGATION 1. Preventing habitation in risk zones 2.

PRINCIPLES OF DISASTER MANAGEMENT Minimize casualties Prevent further casualties Rescue the victims First aid Evacuate Medical care Reconstruction .


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