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@ = Resources
Mefinition :
© process by which an organisation
ensures that it has the right number &
kind of people at the right place and at
time, capable of effectively
the right time,
and efficiently completing those tasks
that help the organisation achieve its
overall objectives..
 1) Each Organisation needs personnel with
necessary qualifications, skills, knowledge,
experience & aptitude .
 2) Need for Replacement of Personnel - Replacing old,
retired or disabled personnel.

 3) Meet manpower shortages due to labour

turnover - Ôndian Airlines, Gas Authority of Ôndia headless for 10

 4) Meet needs of expansion / downsizing

programmes - As a result of expansion of Ô companies the
demand for Ô professionals are increasing. PSUƞs offering VRS to
employees to retrench staff and labour costs. MO .COMs firing staff.
 ) Cater to Future Personnel Needs - Avoid surplus
or deficiency of labour.
7 of organisations are overstaffed. Redeployment of staff to
other units.

 6) Nature of present workforce in relation with

Changing Environment - helps to cope with changes
in competitive forces, markets, technology, products
and government regulations.
Shift in demand from ERP to internet programming has increased
internet programmers dema
demand a
at Wipro, Ôfosys e.
etc. Ô Ô reraie
retraied its
exisig workfore i he ew eleroi elephoe sysem.
^ther uses
i) quantify job for produing produt / servie
ii) quantify people & positions required
ii) determine future staff-
iii) assess staffing levels to avoid unneessary
iv) ede
redue delay in ping
pring taff
v) pevent htage / exe f taff
vi) mply with legal eqiement
âb Analyi
@ pe f lleting and tdying infmatin
elating t the peatin and epnibilitie f a
peifi jb.
@ deteminatin f tak whih mpie the jb and
f kill, knwledge, abilitie and epnibilitie
eqied f the wke f a efl pefmane
and whih diffeentiate ne jb fm all the.
@ pdt f âb Analyi ae âb Meiptin & âb
Step in âb Analyi
Clletin f ^ganiatinal Stte Ônfmatin

Seletin f Repeentative Pitin t be Analyed

Clletin f âb Analyi Mata

Mevelping âb Meiptin

Mevelping âb Speifiatin

Clletin f Mata
@ Wh Cllets ?
- ^n
the-jb Emplyees, Speviss,
Cnsltants / tade jb analyst
@ What t Cllet
- Physial & Mental ativity invlved
- Ea task essential t a ieve veall eslt
- Skill / Edatinal fat needed f t e jb

@ H
t Cllet ?
- C eklist, Ôntevie
, ^bsevatin, Patiipatin,
e nial Cnfeene, Miay Met d, Qantitative
te niqes
Aea in whih infmatin may be gatheed :







M%  &  
âb Analyi
e f ^btaining all petinent âb Fat

âb Meiptin âb Speifiatin

A ppe definitin & deign A tatement f hman
f wk. A tatement qalifiatin neeay t
ntaining: d the jb ntaining:

âb itle Edatin & Qalifiatin

Latin Expeiene & aining
âb Smmay Knwledge & Skill
Mtie & Repnibilitie Cmmniatin kill
ateial, l & Eqipment hyial eqiement - eight,
Weight, Age
Fm & ept handled
Speviin given / eeived enality eqiement -
Wking nditin Appeaane, âdgement,
Ônitiative, Emtinal tability
azad & Safety peatin
pe / Ue ^f âb Analyi

© ^ganiatin & anpwe planning

© Reitment & Seletin
© âb Evalatin & Wage, Salay
© âb Re-
© Emplyee aining & anageial
© efmane Appaial
© ealth & Safety

^ganiatinal ^bjetive

 Need Feat  Spply Feat



Cntl & Evalatin

Spl  etited iing, Shtage  eitment &

Lay ^ff, VS, eded  Seletin
^ganiatinal ^bjetive & liie

0 Mwnizing / Expanin
0 Aiitin / ege / Sell
0 ehnlgy pgadatin / Atmatin
0 New aket & ew
ew New dt
0 xtenal V Ôntenal hiing
0 aining & e
0 Unin Cntaint
 Memand Feat
pe  etimating utue quantity and quality 
e equied  an aniatin

@ xtenal at  mpetitin, la

eulatin, enmi mate, hane n
tehn and a at

@ Ôntena at  budet ntant,

pdutn eve, ne
pdut & eve,
anatna tutue & empee epaatn
*eating ehnie
 anageial âdgement  anage di and aive
at a fige f inflw & tflw whih wld ate t
fte lab demand. #

 ati end Analyi  Stdying pat ati, ie . f

Wke V Vlme f Sale, feating fte ati
and adjting f fte hange in the ganiatin..

 WkStdy ehnie  Ued when length f

peatin and amnt f lab eied an be
allated. #

 Melphi ehnie  *m a gp f expet the

pennel need ae etimated.
 Spply *eat
pe  etat te qatty a qalty 
e avalable teally & exteally t a

Spply Aaly
@ xt a ee
@ Ôteal Se  Spply
@ xteal Se  Spply
xiting man ee
Capability / Skill Ônventy ing  Ônfmatin Sytem
G e n e r a l In fo rm a tio n -





Ë a lif ic a t io n -

           +       ,    

E x p e r ie n c e /S k ills -

O ts ta n d in g A c h ie v e m e n t / A d d itio n a l In fo r m a tio n -


Ôntenal Spply
 Ônflw & ^tflw  he nmbe f le & gain f
taff i etimated. ###

 nve ate  efe t ate f emplyee leaving.

= ( . f epaatin in a yea / Avg n. f
emplyee ding the yea ) x 100

 Abenteeim  nathied abene fm wk.

= ( ttal abentee in a yea / Avg n. f
emplyee x . f wking day x 100

 dtivity Level  = ^tpt / Ônpt. Change in

pdtivity affet n. f pen pe nit f tpt.

 vement amng âb  intenal e f

eitment, eletin and plaement
xtenal Spply

© xtenal eitment, eletin & plaement 

Advetiement, anpwe Cnltant, Camp
eitment, Unliited Appliatin, mplyee

 ield ati  ae etimated in the pe f hiing

iing e ati
© Ad geneate 2000 appliatin. 200 ae ptential 10:1
© ^t f 200, 40 attend inteview :1
^t f 40, 30 wee ffeed jb :3
^t f 30, 20 aepted 3:2
^veall ield ati (2000:20 00:

Balaning Memand and Spply

@ Vaanie filled in by the ight emplyee at

the ight time
 lan Ômplementatin
@ eitment, Seletin & laement

@ aining & Mevelpment

@ etaining & edeplyment

@ etentin lan

@ Mwnizing lan
Cntl & valatin

ü Ae Bdget, aget & Standad met?

ü epnibilitie f Ômplementatin &
ü ept f niting  lan