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floppy disk and Hard Disk

floppy disk and Hard Disk

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Published by: Er Nitin Handa on Apr 05, 2011
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It is a flat circular piece of flexible plastics coated with magnetic oxides.

It is encase in a square plastic or vinyl jacket cover. The jacket give the handling protection to disk surface. They are also known as diskettes.

Different floppy disk .

2 31/2-inch Floppy disk. .Types of Floppy Disk There are two types of floppy disk 1 Floppy disk drive.

It is of interchaeable disk type and allows loading/unloading of different floppy disk as and when they are used. Speed of floppy disk is about 300 to 400 rpm.Floppy disk drive A floppy disk drive is a device used to read/write data to a floppy disk. And data transfer rate is 10 to 30 kilobytes/second .

hard -plastic jecket cover has a cutout for read /write head to make contact with disk surface. It is consist of 31/2-inch diameter disk encase in a square. All 31/2-inch floppy disk are of double-side type record data on the both surface. . This appear is covered with a sliding metal piece.3½-inch floppy disk It is the most commanly used floppy disk.

1 Double density 2 High density 3 Very high density .These type of floppy disk come in different capacity.

.Double density 31/2-inch diskette The duoble density diskettes have 40 trackes 18 sector and 512 bytes/sector giving total storage capacity for the two surface is 720 kb.

4 mb.High Density 31/2-inch Disketts This diskettes have 80 trackes 18 secters and 512 bytes/sector. .diving the total storage capacity is 1.

88 mb. .Very High Density 31/2-inch diskettes This diskettes have 80 trac ks. giving the total disk storage capacity is 2. 36 sectors and 512 bytes/sectors.

"drive" refers to a device distinct from its medium. Strictly speaking. . hard disk. or fixed disk drive is a non-volatile storage device which stores digitally encoded data on rapidly rotating platters with magnetic surfaces. or a floppy disk drive and its floppy disk. commonly referred to as a hard drive. such as a tape drive and its tape.A hard disk drive (HDD).

Types of hard disks PATA SATA .


SATA Serial advance technology advancement Uses SATA interface technology It uses SATA cables Rotating speed-more than 7200 rpm .

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