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History of shezan

History of shezan

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History of shezan Founded in 1964 aftert a joint ventu between shahnawaz group pakistand alliance industrial deveolpment corporation

. 1971 Shahnawaz group purchased all the shares of fAID C AIDC with the permission of gov of pakistan. In 1981 separate unit was installed in karachi. In 1983 first bottle filling plant was installed in lahore. In1990 a juice factory was ibstalled in hattar in NWFP. Shezan headoffice is located in Lahore SHEZAN international ltd. TO be known as leader of quality products in the region. Dedication to quality is a way of life at our company, so much so that it goes far beyond rhetorical slogans. To play its role in the economic development of the country and to enhance quality of life of its people. Mission Our mission is to provide the highest quality fruit and vegetable related juices and products to retail and food service customers. We will accomplish this by maintaining a tradition of pride in our products, growth through innovation, integrity in the management of our business, and commitment to Team Management and the Quality Improvement Process. INTRODUCTION The Company's principal activity is to manufacture and distribute juices, beverages, pickles, preserves and flavorings derived from fresh fruits or vegetables. The products of the Company include tetrapak juice, mango juice, pickles, custards, vegetables, jellies and jams. The Company distributes the products under the Shezan brand name. PRODUCT LINE Beverages Juices Condiments Pickles Jams Ketchups Marmalade Fruit pulps COMPETITORS Following are the main competitors of the Shezan International Ltd Mitchell¶s Nestle Ahmad Rafhan¶s National Benz etc THE MARKETING MIX

PRICE Product Promotion .

another key marketing mix tool. stands for the various activities the company undertake to make the product accessible and available to target customers´ four consumer goods marketing channels are: y zero level y one level channel y two level channel y three level channel . use.PLACE BRANDS OF SHEZAN intrnational LTD APPLE JUICES MANGO JUICES MIX JUICES MANGO RASBARY JUICES MANGO MIX JUICES LEMON BARLYE TWIS SHEZAN WITH RESPECT TO 4 P¶S PRODUCT: ³ A product is any thing that can be offered to a market for attention. acquisition. or consumption that might satisfy a want or need´ Product family Product class Product line Product type BrandItems Need family PLACE ³Place.

allowances. Maintains global juices industry leadership. Increased market share.PROMOTION ³Promotion stands for the various activities the company undertakes to communicate and promote its product to the target market. Skilled Labor Force. It has to set up communication and promotion programs consisting of advertising. Maintains its major focus on world wide expansion of the Shezan¶s image. Less effective external communication department. Increased market share Weaknesses Not Completely dairy products. High Experience from International Market.´ Price would remain same because it¶s an appropriate as compared to NESTLE and other established JUICE brands. sales promotion and public relation as mentioned in the figure below. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH One of the multinational companies in Pakistan. discounts. Its price should be commensurate with the perceived value of the offer or buyers will turn to competitors in choosing their product. . High Market Share. This extremely recognizable brand is one of Shezan¶s greatest strengths. and credit terms. Reduced consumer purchasing power. Less focus in the low income areas. High Technological Equipment. Price will be affordable by the lower class. direct marketing. As for as the prices are concerned. Company has to decide on whole sale and retail price. Innovative R&D Department. they are on the top of the list. High Price. They are providing the juices at relatively low price as compared to their competitors product. train and motivate sales people. Thus company has to hire. namely the amount of money that customer have to pay for the product. Opportunities New Flavors.´ PROMOTION Advertising Sales promotion Personal selling Direct marketing Public relations PRICE A critical marketing mix tool is price.

Strong brand names and world wide identity as a leader in the soft drink industry. High utilization of resources. Lack of diet product. Entry of new multinational brands into local market. Threats Political and economical instability in the country. Seasoned Bracket. Seasoned bracket Seasoned bracket . Increase in availability. Sales team better functioning. Product line extension.

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