Overview and Pricing

Wireless provider commissions are the life-blood of the dealer and inaccurate commission payout will sap your organization of thousands of dollars in profit every month! The key to mitigate this problem is quick and accurate analysis of the provider commission reports, identification of errors and omissions, and submission back to the provider for capture.
The COMREC team has engineered a proprietary auditing software program backed by a team of analysts to identify and capture those “lost commissions” in the quickest, most efficient manner possible. Whether you are currently conducting commission reconciliation yourself or paying a dedicated in-house staff, your time and money is better spent driving revenue! Outsourcing your commission reconciliation to the professional and dedicated COMREC team will yield you greater commission capture in less time and free up your resources to focus on your core business. • • • • Identify provider errors on monthly commission reports Verify payable commissions Complete requisite provider forms Create a payable invoice to the provider

We are currently offering a FREE one-month trial! We will run a side-by-side comparison to your current commission reconciliation process for one month at no charge and no obligation to continue! Once we have exceeded your expectations and you decide to join us, we will only get paid when you do! Member Pricing: 15% of the monthly commission capture Non-member Pricing: 20% of the monthly commission capture No set up fees, no monthly fees, no hassle.

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