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Short ride from Cogent Home Manufactory Co., Ltd (0 Nan j ing port takes 30 minutes, to Nan j iug airport takes 40 minutes .


• Huai"an

• Varx:f'I,engi

• Xi'ilghua .~lIIi


• Shanghai

Company Introduction

Cogent Home Manufactory Ltd is located in Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone P.R.China and has 12 thousand sqm workshop building which

occupie s abou t 80 thousan d sqm land. The total am oun t of in vestrn en t is approx i rnatel y

10 million USD. The annual output is 600,000 sqm of about 3000uuits standard wood

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frame houses.

Cogent Home is a Manufactory of Timber Frame Houseunaker), a supplier of decoration materials (offer) and a provider of installation service (builder). Cogent Home holds

certification of GBrT19001·2COO and 1509001:2000.

ISO 9000 A

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< American Report on Cogent Home

Professional Advanced Equipment

CAD (Computer Aided design), CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) and Laser projection are used through production activity in Cogent Home. Quality of production is guaranteed by fully autornatizerion. All timber components are designed and engineered strictly by MiTek ZOIZOTM software insuring stability and durabiliry of products. Equipments are sourced from Wood Truss System which i 5 the company based in USA.

MiTek 20120TM is the most advanced timber engineering software embedded interface to equlprnent using in the factory, The software works in three modules, roof truss, floor truss and wall panel, The designer is able to see and evaluate situation of every piece of components in !he srrucnire through 3D presentation, The structure designed and represented by 3D is very easy rar designer in comparing 10 architecture drawing. Once designer finished design" the software does engineering works following.

Raw materials are all introduced from the leading companies around the world. Such as SPF dimension lumbers: NLGA & BTR, from Canfor Caaaca: OSB: EN300/0SB3, from Kronoply Germany; Metal Connectors from Mirek Australia.

Construction &Decoration

Shortening building cycle" improving 1i ving environment, lowering energy consumption, adapting to the need far seismic safety, all these advantages of wooden prefabricated houses keeps being enriched in Cogent Home, That's the reflection of wisdom & hardworking in Cogent Home, who also has gained plentiful experiences from the construction & decoration,


Roof Truss Floor Truss Wall Panel Frame Internal S tructure Main Body of Stairs Sheathing Metal Connector Treated Wood
SPF lumber 38mmx89mm SPF lumber 38 mrnx 89m m SPF lumber 38mmx 140mm SPF lumber 38mmx89mm SPF lumber 3Smmx 189mm OSB 9mm, 12mm,15mm Mitek ACQ treated SPF
Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Germany AU-I!r.li. Canada



Roof Ve nting System Roof Air Structure Waterproof Membrane Insulating Wool Exterior Window Entrance Door Roof TIle SBS
TeL TK board DuPont Tyvek RockWooJ PVC Matel Security Door Fiberglass Waterproof Material
Cbin. China USA China China Chin. China Chin.
~ PI urn bing S ystern USA

S moke E~ tractor China

Faucet Chin"

Outside Wall Siding China

Cooker China

Illuming Ilght TCL China

Inside PVC Door China

Steel Sink China

Switch TCL China

Ceiling Lafarge France

Bathtub China

Panel Box TCL China

Drywall Lafarge France

Faucet China

Water heater A.O,Smith 60L USA

Main Structure

I Outside Decoration Materials

Complex Floor China

Shower China

Air Conditioning USA

I Inside Decoraticns

I Kitchen

Tile for wall and floor Chin"

Toilet (pan) Chin.

Garage Door Chin.

I Bathroom

I Equipmenls

Kitchen Closet China

Lavatory China

Cables [or wire, network Far East


Services &Harmony

J_ B asker Sol unon

An easy way for having houses called Tum Key project - the exterior decoration and interior decoration can be finished at Cogent Home with international brand an d m aile in Ch ina to save your ti me wi th a better price.

2. Desi go Serv ice

Thou sands of hou se sty le designs for selection. DIY a house by your own design drawings.

Cogent architects design a hou se according to your dream. Cogent engineers keep enlarge the prefabrication promotion. 3. Construction Service

Cogent can provide construction service, we can send the engineers to the job site, but physical labors will depend 00 their visa. The installation guider service will be free. Regular construction period with 60 labors is 5 months for 2O,OOOsqm.

4. Shipment

JOOsqm house (standard material list) could be loaded in a 40HQ container; If order is big enough, you can save the containers.

Realization of Dreams - finished cases

We are building your dream s!

No matter Villas, Vacation Houses, Apartments or Bars, C III bs, Restaurants. Hotels, Markets, Stadium, School - any house in your dreams will come true in Cogent Home.

Howlo Order


Select the drawing from our website ~ Choose the style of design which you like:


www .. cogenthome.en.aHbaba.com www.globalsources.conJcogenthome.co


Customize the floor plans of drawings

- Make decision on the function of the house


Adjust the decoration materials and equipments

- Make a list of detailed decoration for a Basket Solution


Discuss the commercial conditions - Confirm the final price and payment terms


Make the schedule of the project - Design, production, shipment, installation


Signing contracts

- Production arrangement

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