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The political lynching of Senator Buttars

The political lynching of Senator Buttars

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Published by Brady Harper

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Published by: Brady Harper on Apr 06, 2011
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The political lynching of Senator Buttars Strive for Common Sense!

Tuesday evening a meeting brokered by Attorney General Mark Shurtleff in behalf of Senator Chris Buttars and the NAACP did not happen. The purpose of this meeting was to help clear the air around comments made by the Senator in a senate meeting last week. He used words that were misunderstood and were thought to have defamed a black baby. It was cancelled due to disagreements as to its privacy and exclusion of the press. This disagreement caused Senator Buttars not to attend. In the time vacuum created by the last minute cancellation, the NAACP took opportunity to have a press conference and publicly call for the resignation of Senator Buttars. Additionally many strong words were spoken concerning the Senators perceived misconduct, words that when properly examined give rise to questions as to the sound principles backing this cause undertaken by the NAACP. Mr. Edward Lewis Jr., of the NAACP expressed distain and anger that Senator Buttars would use the term “Hate Lynch Mob” to describe the persecution surrounding him. This was unbelievably obtuse. Mr. Lewis’ said “The man knows nothing about what a lynch mob is… it's an insult for the man to say he's being lynched when WE know what real lynchings are.” This is a direct implication that Senator Buttars had no right to use the word “lynch” because he doesn’t have the requisite skin color. Forget that almost every American – black or otherwise is several generations removed from any such violence. The real trouble with the words Mr. Lewis expressed is that he expresses a prejudice that speaks to the core of the true problems of modern racism – reverse discrimination. The Jews are/were persecuted, lynched and discriminated against, as a race and religion for several millennia. Were not the Mormons found in very similar circumstances involving horrible hate crimes and atrocities because of religious bigotry? It was because of such prejudice and bigotry that forced the Mormons to leave the United States and to the eventual creation of the State of Utah. Therefore to think that one group of people can lay exclusive claim to the “right” to carry the banner of persecution, prejudice and inequality is absurd. Yet this is what Mr. Lewis and the NAACP are attempting to do by claiming the Black Race to be “the punching bag of America.”1 The NAACP is blatantly guilty of abusing its position and political pandering to the ignorant masses. Most people know nothing of the day-to-day events transpiring on capital hill, let alone the jargon used while referencing bills as babies that are being debated. The NAACP is involved because or their opportunistic political positioning which seeks to advance the banner and false pretense of discrimination and has very little if any relevance in the lives of the average American. The division and harm caused by the whining and ranting of the NAACP on this profoundly misquoted matter causes more segregation and racial tension than anything Senator Buttars could have possibly said.


Salt Lake Tribune article dated 19 Feb 2007 “Buttars Stands Up NAACP”

hatred. it should be assumed that the way this story was positioned from the beginning was done to sell more news papers and attract more viewers by creating the proverbial “mountain out of a molehill. To do so is irresponsible at best and diabolical at worst. Senator Buttars is being lynched in a very real way. It is not the way to remember or learn from the spectacles of slavery. In doing this the NAACP is attempting to validate is purpose in our modern society. The definition of the word “to lynch” means literally “to put to death by a mob without legal sanction. Calling for the resignation of Senator Buttars is to end his political life. These are the tools of the propagandist and the seeming sole purpose of groups such as the NAACP in modern times.” This then gave the NAACP a voice to exploit the situation for the gain of their establishment. Brady Harper Taylorsville Utah brady@aaaaaaaah. This irony only shows the complete circle in that they have become what they sought to destroy. but how we choose to remember it and learn from it is what will chart our course as a nation united. It must be ok . They struggle to rid the world of discrimination and thereby justify their purpose in existing.taking his words out of context for political and social gain.com 2 Merriam-Websters online dictionary definition of “lynch” . The alleged racial comments by Senator Buttars. It could be said that because of the deadlines of both print and televised media that thoughtful consideration and attention to accuracy are often sacrificed to meet the deadlines and space requirements both in running time and print lines set as obvious limitations of these media.” 2 What legal authority or sanction does the NAACP have to ask for this resignation given the real facts of this case? No group or individual has special claim on the word lynch. They have taken this deliberately out of context. is an intentional misquote .so long as it keeps the circus seats full! The self proclaimed “establishment” for anti-racism and prejudice is in desperate need of a reality check.The local news media is also guilty of exacerbating this situation through poor reporting and explanation of the facts. However in this struggle they have chosen the same weapons for fighting that were used against their forbearers – ignorance. then positioned it as the “great divide” being the latest example of racial segregation “proving” prejudice is alive and well in our society as a whole. fear and political pandering. Since those of the news media should not be represented as being ignorant or stupid. added fear and chosen ignorance. The events of the past week display the horrible over correction our society has made in the attempt to smooth over the dark past of slavery that will forever be a chronicle of our nation’s history. noose or any aggrandizement of words that are not contextually accurate. It cannot be undone nor forgotten. The NAACP is holding the political noose while decrying his sins and the news media is covering it as if it were a match between gladiators held in the Coliseum of ancient Rome. They are still drawing battle lines for a war that is long over for the average American. segregation and racial prejudice.

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