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Fashion forms an important part in the lives of one and for all. The main purpose of this
research is to find out how youngsters are socialized in the fashion world and how they
are affected by the new fashion trends. Also how some young people gain their identity
through fashion and to prove that there is nowadays an inverse socialization; that is
parents are on the same track as their children. The research was a quantitative one
and was conducted through the distribution of questionnaires to college students and
university students. The sample size of the research was 50. 20 college students and
30 university students were approached to fill in the questionnaires. Information was
gathered from scholarly research, articles from fashion magazines, data from the
internet sources and the questionnaires. Through this project relevant conclusion about
the relationship of fashion, youth and identity can be drawn.

Throughout the research conducted, most young people nowadays have a strong
attachment for certain fashion trends even though these are not totally appropriate in
the Mauritian society. This research gives light to the fact that culture and family values
are still dominant in most family. Findings have also indicated that fashion helps to
identify ourselves with a certain peer group. Young people are more and more addicted
to western fashion and how to bring it to Mauritius even though it is not appropriate.
Some youngsters do not value their culture and shows no respect towards what their
parents say while others are still preserving their culture.

This research will certainly add to the scarce literature on fashion in the Mauritian
context. Nevertheless, people can reflect upon the impact of fashion trends on