my aunt would always tell me "life is to short; you should live each day like it's your last.

" i really did'nt understand what she meant until I grew up! Her family was very strict. She wasn't allowed to cut her hair, wear blue jeans, wear makeup, have sleep overs, and wasn't allowed to be far from home. As a child my Aunt thought her friends were the most important thing, but as she grew up she learned that it wasn't friends that were important it was her family. My Aunt, Donna Marie Millette was born on October 2, 1959. It was a very exciting day, because she was the first child born. When my Aunt was a child her role model was her cousin Kaen and Karen's husband Mack. She thought they were cool, because they would always listen to her and take her side when my Aunt and her Mom were fighting. My Aunt got out of high school and took a job as an accountant. The job paid decent money and she she worked as an accountant for twenty years. At the age of forty four she became a nurse. She went to nursing school for two years and at the age of forty seven became a nurse. If my Aunt could change anything in her life she wouldn't have gotten married young and she would have attended college at an earlier age. She likes to read, cook, garden, travel, do crafts, decorate things, and she collects crosses and crowns. If my Aunt could travel anywhere her first two choices would be Paris and Ireland. People say my Aunt is loyal, generous, and compassionate. My Aunt told me three bad qualities aboput her is she is inpatient, gulible and a procrastinator. My Aunt's proudest moment was when she graduated nursing school. Her happiest moment was when her nieces were born. She never had kids of her own, she considered her nieces her children. As far as what she has liked best, she told me it was being able to spend time with her Mom before she died. They were best friends and did everything together. Her most difficult time was losing her Mom, March first was one year and she still gets sad and cries. She feels her purpose in life is to become a Hospice Nurse and help people to die with dignity, so they may spend their last days with their families pain free. My Aunt has many years left to work, but she looks forward to retireing, so that she can travel the world and she also looks forward to her nieces having kids.

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