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Notice to Mariners

Please be advised that Osiris Projects will be carrying out marine survey operations, on
behalf of Eneco, on the export cable routes for the proposed Zone 7 West Isle of Wight
offshore windfarm. The survey will extend up to 3 nautical miles offshore from the
landfalls of High Cliffe, Barton on Sea and Milford on Sea on the Dorset coast.

Survey operations will commence on the 5th April and continue for around seven days
subject to any weather delays. Survey works will be undertaken on MV Freja with
details below.

The survey work will be concentrated in the area defined by the following WGS84

Point Latitude WGS84 Longitude WGS84

A 50°43.97'N 1°41.61'W
B 50°44.00'N 1°41.34'W
C 50°42.58'N 1°40.76'W
D 50°42.54'N 1°41.36'W
E 50°43.65'N 1°38.50'W
F 50°43.59'N 1°38.25'W
G 50°42.27'N 1°38.95'W
H 50°42.39'N 1°39.52'W
I 50°43.34'N 1°37.08'W
J 50°43.28'N 1°36.82'W
K 50°42.02'N 1°37.76'W
L 50°42.14'N 1°38.32'W

C11012 Zone7- IoW

SFP11/01-10 Issue 1
MV Freja will be towing underwater sensors up to 100m astern of the vessel and will be
restricted in the ability to manoeuvre. It is requested that all vessels operating within
this area keep their distance and pass at minimum speed to reduce vessel wash.
Survey operations will be conducted during daylight hours only and the vessel will
display appropriate day shapes and lights (during reduced visibility) and will actively
transmit an AIS signal.

Contact details for the vessels are as below:-

Freja (Call Sign VSY07)

Skipper: Ken Walsh Boat Mobile: 07714 220 251

Further details are available from Osiris Projects at:-

Maritime House, 4 Brunel Road, Croft Business Park, Bromborough, Wirral UK CH62
3NY Tel: 0151 328 1120 Fax: 0151 343 1057

Distribution List:

C11012 Zone7- IoW

SFP11/01-10 Issue 1