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Intelligence Report: Bridge City The Poor Man's Armorer American Jiu-Jitsu Chemicals in War Improvised Munitions Handbook Chemistry of Powder and Explosives


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Detailed Intelligence Report

Name: After Action Report B.E. No.: 16-790-9 Date of Report: August 28, 1979

Series: Technical Evaluation








29 August-1979

TO: Director - Special Operations Division, Special Assistant For Counter-Insurgency and Special Activities FROM: Senior Field Agent David Fischer, acting for Field Agent George Neary (deceased) SUBJECT: REFERENCE: After Action Report - Weapons Evaluation Operation "Bridge City" (16-790-9) Levell Section Heads Only


In accordance with Counter-Insurgency Directive 24A-156-75 the following report is forwarded. Please be advised that this initial evaluation covers only an overview of weapons and weapon systems used ~y and against operational personnel in the Northern districts of Mexico during August, 1979. (Bridge City 16-790-9) For additional information on specific weapons refer to FSTC-CI~-07 -1-69.

David Fischer Senior Field Agent


2.. of JJ.

MAUSER HSC mil i tary-Pe 1i ce weapon available
The Mauser !-1St:was des; gned durii ng the 19.3{1lls for iUSIe!. as a In general it ha well dies i gn.eda.nd effective phtnl. Its prirrna.ry drawback is that it is chambe!red for therel at; velyweak 7 . 65111T11 cartridge. Po. threaded ba.rre1 wa.s

to attach a silencer.

Caliber - 7.65 rnn Sys. tem - ~ a utomati c
MUIZi e vel oct ty - 9S0

Weight - 1.3 lb.


device - 8 round detaehabl e box mas:a.z.ine

feet, per second Eff,ec:ti ve range - 50 meters

MP-6~SpaO'bh Super AZUL~ 7.63 The .Spa.n.; sh 'Super Az.uli


MP 193.2 sel El'c~t.;veire pist.ol without 1 ocking se~ect·o,r sw;i:tches. f The Azul was w'ldely di s,tri outed (:QrmlEu'cial1y before 'W.W!'. nand RIIany neve lIIlil,de t.hei r way 'i nte the Untted StCites and Latin Amer~ca.

s ;a:n exact

cOlpy o.f t.he ea rly Rila!Us~r

Caliber - 7.63 mm 5y:;; tem - retaill.~ s 81 ect i ve fi.'re Feed device -11 0 rei,. or 20 rd . detachable Weig~t - 2.93 lb.
Mu.zzle vel ~c.; ty -1575

box mag:az~'noes



- 100' meters


per second


s: of -- Il

AK-47 Automat Ka1ashnikov The years following W.W.II saw the Russians with the need to replace their aging submachine guns (PPSH41Y PPS43) and the variety of rifles still in service. The AK-47 filled their needs so well that more than 30 million have been produced since (the production figure includes variations) The AK-47 is far more accurate at a longer range than the Israeli Uzi, British Sten, or U.S. M3-A1 "Grease Gun". It will hold a six inch group at 100 yards, about one-half the group size of conventional sub-machine guns. The AK-47 is usually found in two versions, one with a wooden stock and one with a folding metal stock. The AK-47 frequently turns up in small guerilla wars around the world. One of the greatest attributes of the AK-47 is its ability to function under adverse conditions. Even when rarely cleaned and firing "corroded" ammunition it continues to be an effective weapon. AK-Assau1t Rifle Weight 10 1/2 1bs. Caliber: 7.62 mm Muzzle velocity: 2330 F.P.S. System: gas, selective fire Feed device: 30-rd. detachable box magazine Rate of Fire 600 r.p.m.
COpy NO. ;L

Browning High Power 35 pistol


This was the last pistol designed by John Browning. Though in design and function it is very similar to the Colt .45 1911Al (Browning designed) there are major differences. The High Power was used extensively during W.W.II by the British and Canadian governments, and is still the main service sidearm in those countries. Models are frequently found with tangential sights and detachable shoulder stocks. The effectiveness and availability of the 9 mm cartridge has made this a highly desirable sidearm in most countries outside the U.S. Weight - 0.8 kg. Caliber - 9 mm parabellum Muzzle velocity - 450 meters per second System - recoil box magazine Effective range - 70 meters Feed device - 13 round detachable

CZ-50 Pistol The model 1950 pistol is no longer in service with the Czechoslovakian army. Large numbers of these weapons have been given to the "emerging" and third world nations. The CZ-50 is frequently encountered in both Africa and South America. Caliber - 7.65 mm (pistol) System - blowback, semi-automatic Feed device - 8 round removeab1e box magazine Weight - 1.5 lb. Muzzle velocity - 919 feet per second Effective range - 50 meters

COpy no.



Brawn 1n9_ ,.0 Ca:~ Mach i!le Gun 3
f 1no.lly adopted by the Army in 1917. coo 1ed , but these ha ve been obso 1ate

The original

design d~tes from 1910, but the design was

found in use in third world nation. The excelhlnt ~i r cooled vers i an Wa:.5 re p Iaced by the 'M-6a mach 'i nequn In th e 1960! S. , It ~ hCfwe!ver~ sun used as sec(mdary So, armament in arfllOur,ed vehi c'les or for hnfantry use wi th a wi d.e
var'ieiy of tripod - 30 in. mounts, CaJ iber


jI"sars, ~ t~Hlugh eccas 'I ana 11 y water

System - recoil
Feed device


Muzzle vel,ocHy - 850 meters Effect; \f,e' range .~. SIOOmeters.

VIe ight ~ 14 kg.

- ,250 round fabric

bel t, or


1i ni<:.bel t

per second

COpy NO.

..2Lof J.L_





Herste l Belgi urn)

weapon thatf;

The' fAl is the mas,t, successful of all~ssilu1t rifles. developed Warl d War n. 'With mlinol" modifiications it l:s ;In use by mare than 65 ccuntr-ies a.round the world. The FA'l is a se"fctive fire since

in genera 1 use - one s toe: k •

res from. a closed bolt. Two var1.atiOI'1lS of the rifl e. wi th a fi xed stock end on e W'1 th a fo 1d1 ng

Cal i ber - 1.ifi2:rml

System Feeding


Wei'ght - 4.5 kg. Muzz1 e 'velocity - 730 meter

device - 20 round detachable
- :500 meters

box magazine

Effec t ive range




The 9 MM UZ.I submalchin1egu,n was, developed by an Israeli anny during the ea'rly 1950's.. The des'ign 'seems to h,ave been in fl uencsd by the Cze,chi M,-23 su:bml1ch n egun; tn'Dwell,eT,~ the UZI has i severs 1 nove 1 features, for a. 50 ubmachi n,egul'il: A bayonet and a s pi got type gremu:le' 1,aunche'r.. The UZI is cons i dered to be an extreme 1,y The UZI is mam.ifactu-red 'in Israel and B,el gh.u1l1. It is a standar-d weapon in Jsrae l , W. Ge'rrnany and the Netherl1anas. It isalso carried by members of the U.S. Secret Service.

reliable weapon.



System - blowback
Muzz] e vel oc i ty

9 I'IIIl

Weight - 8.8 lbs. Effective

Feed dey; ce - 25 rd. ~ 32 rd. ~ or 40



e box mage.zi ne

r,ange - 200 meters

435 meters

per secon d

COpy NO.


PAGE ,,- of .JJ._

Guerilla Found Armed ~ith IJZl

Remains Of Gueril 'l a Found Amed \~ith f'AL

Th a~'gl1 it f'iresa relathely weak cartrildg!€!".ype Weight . the weapon 1s higihly fun.~ bl0. en was de sign e d fo.'of 11 VI 61 Skorp~on Machine' Ph.egan turn.At"Ifrled Wi t..65 IIJIII fi re box t.chcslovakia) The Storpion is a tr~e machine pistol.frica and South Ameri ca .tem .tol (C.i3iTmOUred v eh ic 1 e crews.r use by .ze. an troops .A. PAGE 2- .l y o.1. CaHber Sys. . ng up in: . E. mel~'r pe r s@cond range .wlback~ sel active . 1~a Found .ctilima] and is i I'll 'genera 11 servi caw.10 or 20 round detachabls Muzzl e ve 1cc 1 ty -~ 30 5. ttl czechos 1ovak.31 k~.h CZ-60 .7.50 to 75 meters Suer..ffective Feed dev'ice. The highly concealable Sk 0 rp .COpy NO. The weapon has rseent..

. s. S. in the la te Hl5Q IS.0 rd. lbQ1 t Indu5.eve loped.l tber ~ 5.s M ghly .le pi stcl .changed to M-l9HAL The" 45 ACP lJistc.ll' is the p'remier '~iliUr~ pi'stol ..tri es.-arutomatic pi'stoi is 'th. Gas Feed device . -- an nat Muzz]' e veloci ty .tem ~.45 Wei' htg ~tuzzl e train.9 kg Ga. 56rmJ and 3.50 yards 1.) Th e Ml~ was d. It .ti on sand. Army proved its.ijccurat~ .2 1/2 mi 11 ion have been produced. imp~ovements were made to the guni n the \920 IS and the des ignat~ on W'6iS . box tYFH:!' Colt .9901 meters per second Effective range' . S. The rifl@ is now s tandard issue wi til nearly U. 2.ilIJflcl hi ts with a punch reminicent r)f ft.(.e'en copied more than any other sing. Because of their wi de spread dis tri' bu t t on the weapo. 250 meters p'er' second Effective range . .w movin~ fre'i~ht c'ai i her . H. To dat e fmli".COpy NO.400 meters Sys.. Forces.e.encountered among gueri units Sduth of th e bordar'. Th e U.ns are fre'Quen tly on th'l! bleek market and are c.01 t "11911 semi.. forerunner of mo.n 'whi ttl the modern mi11 tary weapons . M-lfi. W'ei ght _. slc. va l us for jungle warfare conclusively during the Viet Ham era.20 rd.The original Browning has b. has p'illrU c:i pared s i nee W.45 pistol The . Th.i round detachabl e box magaz. ~ PAGE !i_cf 11 U.~ weapon has seen se'rV'i ce i: n every war i. System . [ • Modi fi c:a.oflilllonly .1 kg.ine vel adty . S. n the w{)r1:d.e' than Hi .rece tl ilCP Feed device .

b110wback Feed dev ice ~ 30 rpun ~ detachable box type Effective range .effective ~JubJlllachll'i1e 'gunWrJ the world. c!:L PAGE /0 of.75 meters -.sma11: pencil h~!'Ild stae dot .f the. The Laca sight is one of the first successful applications of The combination of a laca Laser sightt teloscopic 5ight~·and ~:JrQP.2. relathe1'y minor i ncreas e in the di s pers i on pat tern .l ----------____1 .. ~fled weaponsyst.cie. . 850 Feet per second Lato L~ser Sight 1aser technnlogy to small arms sight'S. durabf s and accurate submach ine gun..4.. ons . Hmy ver.S.slbly be the mast .. \~ith a f~tted sound and f'1ash supresso'r i tban i deal' personal weapo. With ii'll t.n for (:hndest1ne ope-rat. of the U. Government as wen as nUliIlerous countri as around the world. In a properly all.8 kg M z 1e ve Iocl ty uz System .1 .MAC-10 S~bmachinl Gun .em ths 1aser beam accurately predicts the impact point of the bullet at a given range.errly s i ghtedi n high powered rifle i s devastating . Cal iber ~ . The MiAC -HI is al i Ight!< compact. It is currently i'n use wi th age~l1I. wea. The sel f contai ned laser unit projects al aser beam Oilier a 1eng d~sta.he eff.5 14e~'ght .e'(:ti ve ranqe o.l'ilce with a.poni tis mounted U'I:tOfi the 1aser beem rema ins '" .5.y pos. COpy NQ.

n Sy stem _. I twas.COpy NO.s a v 11C1 ous and effect. round hits an)'Where W 1th i I'll til €! effective' rang1e of the weapan.7 kg..~. and as a as a night Sight.4 power Ra. 1200 feet per second . extens +ve 1y use d there in cOLIn U!ri ns urgency opera ti ens wi ttl a grea t dea 1 of S uccess ..6. The SIONICS siih.. This 1':5. dge and few of the drawbacks. Even a minimal amount af starlight Dr moonlight is 51 uffi c i en t to 9'. The Automat. ve weapon.5. Its accurecy is guaran teed by the factory.41! magnum mode l' 58 .50 yds.r_yw'eapons for' use ' Magn ifi cat i em . 308 System .!)r pass he use in vi sua 1 observe t 1on . Muzzh! Caliber .44 magnum. . Cal iber _.6 s~ot cylinder Neight .41 rnagnum is an idea 1 conpromise between the .:ncer effeet1ively muffl es th e report and csncuf'l ag.00 meters "Star l i 9ht SCOpg" (U. do u b 1e ac ti 0n r·evo 1 v er ~ 4" ba rr e 1 F~ed device .3S.41 magnum Eff..2 1/2 lbs.ecti ve1. th 6111d Wesson _M:ode 5·8 1 \~hi'le made os tens ibly The . de's.. Army scope AN/PVS-2) night sight.. VEl i3i surpri singly good pi c tu re.z.s a "man kill er" it is frequerrt ly the choi ce 0 f mercena rys and other profess iona 1 gl!mm:e . The i~Sta r 1i gh en scope was deve 1oped for the Vi €It Ham ccnf'l ict. The "Starliiglhtiil scope is a portable.ecHy ~ ve range . Wefght . PAGE JJ if'Jfll - -~- Remington 40-XB The ~emi ngtOln r~odel 40-XBsl1enced rifl'9 is c:ompletely hand fitted and tested befors it is sh 'i pped. ns trumen t.$ the' strong points of leach cartr.400 meter moonlight 300 meter starlight Sm. S.nge . It retain..• al sctro-cpt'ica l the IlOS i t"hm of the rHl eman. for the mil i tary pol ice 'in the U.7 magnum and . hand held . perhaps the fi·ne·st counter sn l par weapoln a.. c Ran'ging Telescope pnH/i des almo st certai n l t act ton Effective Range . A. gned f. The . its I!IICli n purpose is i1'IS a conbat WEh11 pon .\I'Ciiabl e l for intermediate and 1anger' ·ranges. The scope may a 1s a be f1 Ued to ·most current mi 1~t/il.

On September 29~ 1969~ I wanted to re-prime some shotgun shells. No overview. I 1earned the hard way and 1 don't want you to share any such experience.. The formula plain1y said to moisten the ingredients before mixing. I didnlt have the overview then that I have now. learning what it says~ rather than what othe~s say it says~ there would be no Islamic terrorism. you might spend a long time in the hospital pondering your stupidity~ as I did. Whether you apply it against your enemies or yourself is up to you. The best way to insure your safety and your ability to use this po~r is to study each book in this volume before trying any process. I believed this ~as necessary only SO as to drop the mixture on paper so it would dry in little mounds. No. But this dope has never really read the Ko~an and pondered its concepts. Suddenly my left hand was fingerless hamburger and 1 was also legally blind for several a~ul months. hypocritical mUllahs and so tries to bomb the world back to the seventh century. First. every time. Possibly more important than anything you might learn from this book is how to study it. He follows the recipe from the cookbook but still winds with a terrible mess and an enraged wife.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. 2 1 DON·T BE AN IDIOT: READ THIS FIRST This book is power. This is the person who has never really read the Torah~ Bib1e. Next~ read the entire book from the first page through to the last. It·s like study~ . Ilm often bothered by readers of my works who have not completely read the book they are working from. I used no water. and with dry red phosphorous. They're like the man who doesn't know his way around the kitchen but tries to bake a three layer cake~ with icing yet. The best example of this lack of an overview is the Moslem terrorist. etc. Since I wanted it as a dry powder to pou~ into holes made in the primers. It will also help you later to find subjects which are not cross-indexed to your satisfaction. read every word in the index~ Unconcious1y. otherwise. Do this even if you don't think you can understand it. and pondered all its concepts before inflicting himself on others. Had I read the whole book before trying to make the p~iming powder. They say they tried a process and it didn't work. He gets his religion from power-mad. this will feed data into your brain and give you a subconcious overview of the subject. In my ignorance. I wOUld have learned that potassium chlorate can often explode spontaneously by dry mixture with sulphur. I looked up the formula for paper caps in Weingart's Pyrotechnics~ under "Japanese or Cap Torpedoest'• The formula called for potassium chlorate~ sulphur~ chalk and amorphous (red) phosphorous. While holding a plastic medicine bottle in my left hand I mixed less than a half ounce of potassium chlorate with sUlphur. If every sand monkey would read the Koran from cover to cover. Islam is actually a peaceful religion. The ingredients for paper caps seemed the ideal medium. Although he reads avidly~ he is merely scanning the material looking for passages to reinforce his o~ prejudices. cha1k and a small amount of red phosphorous. Koran. Another example of a fool who acts without an overview is the religious fanatic. I wanted a powder which exploded by concussion.

As world civilizations decline and the presently powerful and affluent are reduced to begge~y and he1plessness~ the owners of these volumes holding a veritable storehouse of both industrial and military power will survive to form dynasties. Although a college course in chemistry is helpful. Also~ college courses tend to be based on high school chemistry courses which you might not have had. It is knowledge alone. Your brain will work on the unregistering concept as you forge ahead. Pages J and 4 ~re. At any rate. Of course~ if you are young. it is not essential. When you Come to a paragraph you don't understand~ read it over. and with a teacher ~ho has no patience with beginners. or other educated fools who learn only enough to imp~ess the ignorant. Most of my books contain material written years ago for people with no higher education. it up. and all of a sudden. Maybe it will become clearer if you reread the previous paragraph. and will by the time you've finished the book. At a certain point. i KNOWLEDGE IS POWER Knowledge sets man apart from the beasts and above them all. Othe~wise you'll be like the karate student who qets thrashed by a street punk. intentionaly omitted . get a1l the formal education on those studies you have time for. read the next paragraph. try and then go on. ideas and concepts start falling into place and you know. Better to teach yourself from them than to quit in confusion and frustration because of classes for those used to formal study. not money nor force~ which secures money and force for the knowledgeable man~ while the dUll-witted lose whatever theytve come by through luck or conniving.PUOR MANiS JAMES BOND Vol. including themselves. By the time youtve struggled th~ough the whole book you wi11 kno~ much more about the subject than you did when you started. When you come to a word you don't understand~ look. 2 2 ing a foreign language you can't understand and don t think you ever will. If that doesn't help. And don1t just b~eeze through it. You1d be surprised how much your brain can absorb. Also~ your higher conciousness will then send an ala~m if you are drastically mistaken du~inq working a process~ unless you are pre-programmed to selfdestruction in the first place. But ~hether forma1ly O~ self-educated~ read every word in the hook.

When it. The' next best. Figu. Al- when the rocket ex i ts the tube. s ach i eved when the motor's entire thrust occurs while the rocket is still within the launch tube.e fl i ght.tem Vised on the r'egul ate'.ned amount of pressure. a the rocket t a bullet fired from a conventional f1 rea rm.i r'I. 1eaves the 1. wi thout power much 1i ka that results from a s~dden increase in the motorls thrust while the roc ket 'i 5 in fre. uncher . 1 #4/pp 64). or a motor that delivers its entire thrust almost instantaneously...j t o requires an extremely long and . RDdd ~ot i~itij)Q i~atcm.Jt of both safety and accursey is the b'lowout 'i gni ter sys.'s seal ad JW. Tn.FOOR ~1ANt S J. s.rocket. an ul tra 1i ght.g toward the te rget. n terms dangerou~.. (SEE PAGE 48) Optimum accuracy for bazooka rockets . unnerving. Thts s. has reached both peak thrust though the motor is still burning thrust wi"1 tend tD push the rocket in a relatively straight line withrounds. th _an i 'gn i tc'r plug' that paps Ol. the wobb 1eo lAAW Rock'e t M 12Al and M72A2 "see PW\ Vo'l.AMES BOND Vol.teady burning 'rater. In thi s type' of system.1w1 O'g reasons. 'sol uti on . and hard to such a motor would actual ly be clcsar' to a small expl os ion ~Thi s is when the motor genera tes a predletenrm. . th-at may be easi ly defl ected by eros swi nds . This "ideal" system is not practical for use with one man recoil'ess shoulder launchers for one or more of the fo1. the nozzl e of the rocket motor .er tha t des tabi 1 iz e convent rona 1 baaeoka . 2 5 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER . s e'11 mi nates i s rthen coast.cumbersome 1aunch tube.teady it and a Ig'n1tion of out the sudden burs ts of po-w.~ 11.

The distance be lween the na. These large1 s are tl ung from a piece oJ cl 01 hesH n8 abou1 25 yards from tne shoorer. . In us!!:. 2 6 THE POOR MANIS ARMORER ••• COMBAT P~STOl TARGET By C~yde aarrow Any rut In the 10 inch circle 15 a acore.iI points--w hich must be r.. - . in the modern mac hine or wood-working shop ill the lathe. of some sort. each h~t can bet eas i IY seen.ean be made longer or shorter. in. I._---_ .!ectrlcity' A l·in.. may be constructed. The diagonal IInes Increase the vis~bHHy of 1he Hl. A Her each roy nd ef shooting. as shown in ·the sketch. bullet holes carl be repaired wl1 h pieces or mask iog tap. the j oln ts should be 5C rewed up tigh t and then futened with.- -- Pictured Is a d lagr8lll of an excell ent target to uSE! YIIhEm pr. Wben the button is pusKli or the circuit dosed in &ome other way tbe dls~hilrge oceurs. ral 1Mt ffom the e target.worker who has a workshop. Tbe upper one llihould be tapped with a machine -tap for the spindle whleh is threaded to fit it.. loined by a standard long' nipple as shown in Fig. The t. abol. long. .. tailstoc:k . The point should extend about 1% in. A g«ld and sub~ta[ltial homemade lathe.right and cleaD-should be just enol:lgh to give a good. The collar can be turn ed or sh ru nk on the spindl e as desi red. sltould be bored out (or a eliding fit on the bed pipe.. out from the collar.The lower tee. but if j_~ is made much Ionger. It .1 elbows. no ma tter how small.. l se .a Hstock i9 also made of two tees joined by a. Dipp1e.. After everythiDg.Istd singularty. _- .. '0 A SmlU Beru:b Lathe Made of PI Pittings The bed of tMI lathe Is made of a piece of l·in. even se . in groups or two Or thfee-. in the center of a ..j!l(~tIc~ng defensive shoo1ing with a 30..' . amaery teur mechanic and wood. fat $parlr:. put wouJd be too numerous to describe. The spindl e hole should be drill ed and reamed after they are screwed in place the tee. or even mOte if you .es lOll(. pipe.-lit. nipples and flanges arranged as shown. The two bearings in the h eadstcck are of brass.$ tn is is the area con lainl ng th e maiori1 y ot tha lIital organ s 01 the bu man body. F Of thlS reason e. All . A damp for hold in. --_ .' a larger sh:t.'ntj cipa1e a gun Ught with a band 01 desparadO$. 1. from pipe and pipe fitHogs as shown in the accompanying sketch. The si IhoueU&s may be l.-t:~Qtef". is anxious to j.. . These were. w hie h is suita ble for woodturning and light metal work.. 1101('was bored.g the taHstoc:k ~piDd!e J1c. Two finishingflails wel"e dri yen j n.. but there is hardly a.I!-In. A wide black fltlt Up pen ls used lay 0.ral targeuil on '8 inch X 30ihch pieces of C01l'ugated -Ciud beard t follow Ing the measu rements g l'Wen 'n the drawing. POPULAR MECHANICS 1913 To Explode Powder with E. other end bored out for the --- .lOI5Se5S & lathe. The uses to which this wonde-rhll machine can be the Both the tailsteek and the headsbx:k center-points should be hardell:ed. The headstock is made or two tees. and 1h$ Iin.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol.w a I!o rudy the powde-r wu poured in the hole and aboa rd weigh ted with rocks placed over the block. . p ins to ke-ep th em from turning. connected to terminals of an induction ooir.Theends .of the bed an: fixed to the baseboatd by mea n~ 0.. mecha nieal o~ra lion in w hich the tnrning Ja the does not figure.square hi ock. The end of the spindle should.fget In poor IIghl. The spindle hu a in handle fnted at one end and has POPULAR MECHANltS 1913 The most importaIit machl[ll!.. 8. an d un! ike the solid black of C onve n lion al 1argets. be th readed to receive a chuck.llad up with a 1elt pen... The spindle shou Id be of steel and lo:ng enough to reach through the bearing and pu Hey and ha lie enough end left for the center point.::of plpe shoutd be used.

E__ Btock should be PIc. ml gtlt bEl mon Itl)(8d.::N.tewho p iace!! h imaelr as close ttl ttl e scene of conversation as pcsalble: outside· an office. aJ I owi ng about 9 hours of record Ing.urvelll. a:!l shown in Fig. When the conversation CN:!les... The bug transmUs to a re-ceiver /tape record&/' setup In your Ile... Ttl e transmit button 15 taped down rand your collllerutj on I!I bl"OQ(:lcal'l... sa ve a grca t dea 1 (Ji ti me trouble and possibly some errors. use l1'Iodlfled Cataette mlChlnM that turn ~ . walkie tal k.. The two designs Clf chuck s 5. 100 teet U the rset urn. An exlsUng machlna C8n be so mod Ifled by In stall Ing & rheostat SW itCh to cont rol the Speed of the motor 1n 1 he tape rece rder ..:ord'" bulton. ..25 from an rad 10 and electron lcs store. It is fastened to the spindle by lne.ted to the cornpanl en un it which. Both the low-er tees of the handfest aDd the b. (80 mln. The slm plest method u M$ two v u recoro If left on HIe scene the wirele&& mtke wlB inue to Sin it for about 80 hou rs. These unUs are ava~li!bl-et 'Of $25 from security 81..nYWIiIY•• 5 tne rang.. .. thus ~EI$san Ing the chance that the con'O'ersatiOI. a "bug" can be hid den In your pocket and may be left at thE! scene. or . 11 C81'I be attached to the bottom of a desk or c ha. T th is.• pro" ide d With S. is set exaetly "". ~IO.and a: forgi n. In an adjoining room. strap iron. tape lnurt • blank 120 min u1& . One •• piugg8d I nto the tpealo>er 0 u. be tuned to NI'W SUBHIHI"'TUR~ fM W"lR£ l-ESS H ICR(I PHON f BARGAIN BUGGING By Clyde Barrow Wh en 1$ necessary to you r co n\lf3"fSaton with another person c r i his con\l'E!rsat ion with a . eLoOCIf. ThMe un ~t8 are small anou gh to carry In a coot pocket Of may be taped to your leg. an opeon spot on !he FM band •• lound and 1he t'aO!lm ithM' tuned (complete ~nst ructions are InCIuded .. iii "wiratess rnlm mlke" can be will fit tightly ov~r it. thick as desired.. ll.011 p'O~II. a tee . receives the sig na! an d transfers It to the tape mach ~nEl ither by microphone or wife e connection. or 1 in.!l . is on+y outside lind less t!:lan $ig nal must ptl. turned on and l!i connected to • Uripe rw::ofder With ill phone of a n Figs. The forging can be made by a bl... abDU1 300 The chances of being overheard 819 Bligh.t~at an . The "rnlke" should.. Th I tl 1S a resu It of the un It beIng cons!antly '"on" as long as 1he battery Is. ! he \oj ~U remain II on 'or fl\'e seconds and thoo switches off..SS "'rough the wall II of a b-u ild ing. slot cut iD it about eaehalf its length and ir should also have cne bead filed away to that the da. Qr for $14 direct f rom 1M man ufacturet'. The other end is pi ugged Into the tn put j.. Th e hand reat iii made from a tapering elbow.a(:bmitb ·at B small eKpenae.. Th IS at:lds UWe bu tk and an ows the tlug to function for weoaks.e. hIrd party after your departure.T"·'" eorresponding line made on this. :!il.for ~ grut vanety work. If the wal kle tal kle is too bu Iky to h Ide on your person or leave at the scene.l"arby parked car Or carried by your assoc ~a.. 2 7 THE POOR MANtS ARMORER btoadcast on an un used port Ion of the band.. a straight line should be sen .k on th. ri' Cue mud be taken ~ the tail- on tile top of the bed pipe. etc. of el ectron Ie skltl can tap Into ttle battery oi rou ~tof the mike an d InstaU a voice activated sw itch on tM bug. These lolI"its are min lat LIte radlO hansm iUers that bc'oadcast on tt1e F hi! band. Anyone wUh a fai r amoun. Pror'S$!ona1 .. in pj ace. The bug transrn its on Iy when conversatloo In the room tnggers the voice acttyllted witt1 a piece of tape or ribbo n apoxy or hidden in III paper bag and p Iaced In iii Conyenl ent waste basket. key can be used as well stock center v-erticaUy ever the else taper tumi ng will result. -The tee should have 8. ponable FM radio ~s tuntd to the freq u8t'lcy • Th.l. Md40 It. ./8Idel and press. The pulley is made pl. 3 and 4 are very ~asy to. and the tailstoc k.and will answer.AIn. will. Th Is is com uan ..Iow~y.. the -.1ppllero. it is held..... %.. . bent and drill ed as shown. i. together by mea ns of a 3maJ] machine screw and a knurled nut.:n:w damps to hoJd tham in place..POOR MANtS JAMES BOND Vol. Adeq uate ones are avail abl a for about S... hard wood pieces. mike) .es. The one drawback to this transmltter 1$ 1he short battery ·lIre.(.s made of a piece of. An.

. A I Umin ume. th. When used .ystero DiCk H b:on used to cut h18Own throat d l. You may look Bke a walkl ng signal ml rror as you Stal k through the woods or sleaze around 10 dark be 1 nstalled bfltWMn the 2 8 THE POOR MAN 1 S ARMORER radio and tape meet. n De blac'l<ened permanently on I)' by anodll: respect . This wJII . l. but a coat of Pledge or . to pound their greln.... received from the radio. mulng it the moat .. Sigh t Black I. the rope end and rUM the doubled Btr.aped to the outside or the cartridge.. a Uall Of" '-'IhIplaah cl ue.. long" than the main bomb or grenade fuse. Now drlU 8 hole Intothe end (If aach piece to a depth of abOut ahrea Inch. .houid .111 thrown or shqt from a laundler.1 Id not btl CO"fUled w~th commerci1ll hot bluing whleh requltu larga tanks of cnem ICIII. a Jayer or flnl~ naila or ta.. Aft ... a flai I. creaUng • vl.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vel. expensive and few me181sho~ do th Is type or work.a"A of Watergate. product contain.. club..ipebomb or grenade device.. self Al urnlnum Black. furniture pan.rn:ls togeth8f ~'lth • match.. tor .mall boMb. the QUnm..1 can only be blackened with epoxy ~nt. each born b wlU exptode Ind 1 1 . by tapl ng teY8l'al of aheM . You shou-ld now have one "L shaped tlole. Epoxy does chip off and must bfI retouched periodically. 3/16 inch dlatneter cannon and hObby fU·H 1 now gl ued I nto the hole s Be sure to cut the ende on • dmgcmal. &eh new roll o' .Ifatfil and OOpPIf' lulfate..du. is a spray on dull black paint that washes off with 9un !SOlvent..pem-In • fu'urj issue.cka I.. It can W made with l'Mte .p. to • Nunchaku By DaMs McCoy C02 BOMB By Clyde Baitow Em pty CO2 c:artrl~e.~ wide enoug h to ac:eommodaie a nylon rope.. To make one. the other for leverage. and utOft..... Cold blue wm war off ~nUme. lure poeHi'o'e Ign Ilion of the powder. ..'HI I. not . •• deal red.... Theile fuaea ehou Id be Ml to bum teY'8ral 88COndt.. CUmtntly on the markM. the unU . (How to anodize at home will appMr In a later I. The nalla may Urtt be d~pped In pol80n 11 deal reel. A Ught COlt of oil will '8Iso protect • new cold bl ue rrom the element •• The U'tdltonal mlSltlll')' flnl$1. being Ui 1/2 InW8 long.n h.. and can be mu. h... designed Co be used to touch up ISCI'atchea and worn .. Now repeat the proon. each 'tlc:k u8e.. So the Oklnawml •• had to turn to ~mprOYi. eaaUyo had from any Iumber yard Of hardw. tor· our purpoe. are a cold type blul ng.nd Une¥8n. An Y metal surtace can be blackened temporarily with G96 Gun Sight B~8Ck. the type of .. the strlki ng tnd reach.1'lI StOol1l.. 1111... If • fragmentation e1fec.eneclwith one of the com men::laI touch UP bl .lna weapon. beft bucklea. each piece th. wi P'I on and onM off.t paraphe'nalla. to do. o1f eas fly and rnuat be oon. Now drt U Into the 'kit of tht dowel to Lntersect the Ind of the 01_ hole. n~keI .... the best for th II purpOM.go ~ poSHflsion or any . garrote.. A email funnel I.. speed.. be t. of ovar 100 to • cenb'at p. which I.. good at gun ShOWS. with Of". A 8~milar voice ectlvatecl Sow Itch c. ue. A fragmentation devtce capable of IlfGe di atribution can be nws. of ... Duetcratchet and WNtlI off .l1y..l.rea.. . Coubl.ku can be uaed .. One sueh weapon wa. artlcJe on \hI.teMd .. When the ma'n bomb OlCplodM.1m U.. Each of these mInl bombt win Ln tum apray 'heir The rUM . • kn Ita bt.m~er do.. Am. either 81ngiy or h'l groupa at. will . and 'hen _ few Seconds later.. It wilt ofttn appear blotchy. and varioul other pieces of hardware are probably made or polished metal..apon by an Oklnnf8n was fCllbjdden. the surface aM help to protact .eU ke garrote..tant. rome and star nteu stt18.. proeeaa will ." the end of the rope throug h ttt.Ine.lican... 11 fuses . Carbon Steel and brUI.. Th III will allow the tape mIlCh100 to remal n off until a signlll I.u that look!: g reel. ry from one roll to anothef. a cent.. It I.... • gll'rote. Th. A NC't~ 81!11 When J.nd 01 the dowel and pull through the targer hole. Cold blue t..n erfecUVl!l~Y ·b'ack. QUl bfi uead mini bomb.. tt rub. rrom common toele..ce..) Several gun acoeasory firm. The. tit.y touched up. . such . 00 resld ue and Woo't harm the surface. aome 350 yea rl ..apan 1 n.. Ttl I.. or ·grenades.. • black C( gray matte fin.-:led and occupied Ok In. like • piece of 1 1/2 Inch dI.ea of the individual bam bs are trimmed to ahe urne length and the ends to be lit IIlfI held together lootely with a· rubber band. Now In...but matters 11"1. Parta that receive a lot of handll ng or abrasion wlU have-to be touChed up every few days. the mini born ba will be '6Cauered ehrough the a~r over • wLde . teHurlwn dioxiDe.1 31 Inchu long and cut In half.:u~ a tool uud by the . with Ihrapnll.pots on ~ IIlXleUngbl ue lob.rways...tUe and wlcktd hand-to-hand weapon twer d8't/1 Mel.Msily. The nunch..... Un. will tomtda1 .rUM should be lestedt as 'he buml ng rate may . Get the beat yoo ~ afford... uted to nil Ihe boi'nb wUh black Of' smokeleu POWder..b or grtnMie. home with oniy • few houl1l practj. The hole eho-uld be J u.. Plli1" c. It S/16 ~nchdiameter hole 1:11 drilled Into the neck of t". rt co'd bl ue is used to color 8 farge area. HOW TO BLACKEN METAL By Clyde Barrow M8ny of your knife and gu 11 pari!.ru.'" known 88 PlII'kerizl ng: A complet.. p'pe bon!. II . ltd beforehand 10 detenn'li. .paclflo bumlng rate. When used . Mod S he 1. The fu...Irlng the d. The lOIution en prod UCQ a chalky bt8dt IJUrf. fluoborlc &eH:l. U consisted or two st~ Uoo together by • rope or cord.cartridge.. bul big enQugh 10 hold the rope doubled..

the wedge Is p uHed free al1d rnai ntal n t he co rrect ten IS len to arid the clothespin snapll shut. AdJust the ten slon to SU s pend the :!ltrfp between SWITCHES By C ~ yde Barrow A simple pull switch for use In burg lat a1arms.. with no mad IficaUon. ~~--------. hel d flrml y in the arm p It...... the ctroult will be material Ii! uch as wood' or plastlc is campi eted. 1he pounds pow SQuare Inch are much deadlier lhan those delivered by a round object. or 'rom the under arm pos ltlon. the metal strip wlU touch noB clot hespl n Is in a relaxed PO!.18 to the wh Iplash effect. It h.. Wooden base Moat IItora-bought nunchakus come W ~th c:hal ns Instead or rope... but cI'1a~naare no lay and are not worth the sUori. knot could.1'"0 U nd the t we jaws of the two naU s. a block plane and pkule eU the roundnes& of the dowel. and It dON more damage bec8U!UI of the edgea left atter plan In" off the curves.. The one drawDack to ttl e above system Isthe easewith which It can b& d Isermeo _ It the subject shoul d spot t he wi Ill.For the under arm posiUon.g.Ietl rn. end met hods of I!Itrl kina that can be uMd. completing ttle cjrcutt...._------------------------- . hand·to-hand weapon. using the other end of tho rope..- _ . The trtp w~re 18 attach€ld to the DIE ... end of the metal st n p. the clotheseln.. When 1he It is al most im pos sible to cut the wi re w ire Is pulled. with 'he other end either nanOI ng backward over the Nrne shoulder.::..~_.... It can be l. The n IJnchalm j 5 u. and when you realize that the cl ub you are holding it a~$O eftecUve aa a the at ickB about midway. a wood or pla!'ltlc wedge.ftd a. A fall safe switch to foil these $rINky typell III show n is dtawi rig 112_ A hacksaw blade or slm Uar Hexl ble strl p of conductive matel Is secured 10 a board wUh th rae nails [a. II k. n between the two .$ show n.!iI a flall by holdi rlg.lsed liS III regu lar club by holding the two stlcj.. the strl ~dng end ~. maki ng it Into". The nu nchaku I.. . NaBs D & E are driven Into the board about 1 Inch apart. IEIlWI g about five inch . . In this manner the circuit s· W· w UI be closed ~f the metal amp to uenes either nail D or E. The fused strands shOlJ~d fit Into the hole.tlcks. WhfHl theM edges. be tied I n the ends or the rope$lnsteed or burning them witt.. bo 0 by trap !I an d 'or arm i no born b S can be made from a spring clothespin.. the 2 9 THE POOR MANIS ARMORER Attach TripwJre bare to no 1e attached in circuit to hole wire in blade blade 1ll81ches.. The bate WIWS should If the wire Is pulled [n a trip wIre touch and close ttle circuit when the fastlion. YQur own Imag lnationl 0' Attach bare ELECTRIC PULL·RELEASE SWITCH them Hg htl y 8. rt can be swung 'rom a hanging position.~mpl..e 'n the mO'o'i1i18. hexagon. Ietlm'. Th ia Is. popu! ar anti 'i nsertec between ttl e jaw s .. you t)eQi n tc) realiZJI that you hold the wcr1d's moSl effect I. and c) 8. very 8Uperi Of to the yawarll stick for S8Yefa1 reasoos. the other stick. is the 11mIt to the num bel" -of way. -_. A . _--_... The second circuit w Ire Is now attached to t hElse two nai Is as shown. and a pu U IN ire or strIng..... mounted 10 a SOlid surface by driving a nail through the ho!e In the clothespin spring.(s together.A pull wire d lst ru bane€! dalll ce fer bom bs bacau 15$ ls attac hed to ~he wedg e. b. It hits hardef d 1.---_. (S" drawing 81~. th urnn polnUng toward the rope. The switch 15 .:. tak.. I"vj og noth Ing sUCking out.. a it w III sprtng open and contact nail E.. and relBaMd with a suddeo snap at 'he .__. wedge of Sam !!Ii non-conduct lve Either way.. prevent touching the contacts.. he can sl m pi y cut It and proceed about his bu s Iness.!tlon . temple or rl ba.. a much greater reach. h It a . When you have practiced enough to keep from baIIh Ing • youruU in the forehead. First strIp the lnsullatlon from the end $ of t he two ci rcu it wi res and wrap CLOTHESPIN ITC' H U U - .To 0 but U the wi re ~sdi scovered and cut l hoi d the c trc u It in an open position.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vo1.... One 01 the two elre uU w Ires is now attached to thill end of the metal strip.

.. mob dissideEits wowd have pevef been ~ by profe&SJc.88 revolver •• Baretta automaUc. W'U • favOrite of tlgwt$ of the Office of Strategic ~rviC€I$ durluS World War n._ N~ I Th Is system wo uld be bauer. "".. a sJ~. Made !r'ean.ennIned nmaber of .aUabte.. feden] AJcohol.D golq on for tbe pat hl'O yeaN hoUowed. 2 10 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER Hit.d 10 the mob. J--_ . balrd· r--I tks experts nete that bigb·velocity . '1ta vaiue .....c. minor IOW'cit 01 the and. In 111 ~ and avaUahWty. or a shotgun In the past.!i1ns uulU two yean agO. "Whit 1t loob like • that some mob usaMto squada have stoieJ:I I page ftom our spy agenele5..eUce.n WQU Id aJ low you to control tM. 'The kll5 1Dcluded a LUJler-tYPe . attons 01 the ItUD CI. ind many gUD buffs UW!I I1mDar weapons for target pn. The lntere5t of the IJl(Ib :aad otb. WM 0Dlr • v. guJISIDltbs ..automatic . as the butte.---- I 1 ..IhI \brQ_pgb gun IItOr"eS arouDd.. ~ . .. .22 and that hclUowed-oo....-- ---- --- -.. lQ IfeD:O or from fordID 1IOurtfi..So a photo If anyone buUds ooe that works._..!wa.t b. for example. bigh..I recen.--- --.Ugblnes5. bad peddUng been even mOIl! efficient tt has attracted In recent the mob.. the murders of two mea have been traced to the JIiIIJDB.Men's Silenced .. ttl ~UD-.g Dear tbe handle that.22-calibet' automatl.. when llIuffied U by a l!Iihmcet"." Mid.lI~ 'The mob hal a.I:e attUne)' IOW'C8 crime famUy iOkUer. fired: a puIl-rtn.eacbI that spWler and rip apan lItet hitting a Yk:Um leaW! bO traceable baJtJsdes.llEIlWunltion cau DOW be fired by Both poJke aDd federal WEI kits for $500 apjece. ~ tbe .. the . Garrett W8I urated. 10 It. 10 New Jeney md New York... ..22 Weapon Nea' York to sllelXf! The t}-pe of guQ used 110 ll1.. bel' by lID. but tben .Q be bou. automlt- dl). _4DtMkIr .:e ~I J!... It has bei!1J a Jong-UDM! favot1te of the C1A LIght. w1UIng ud able to ptO'I1d:ethem at from flilO $2llO dependiue Oil qlllUty. • poII. tbaDiei Gattett iQ MilmL Garrett. hteh veloctty.e1eover ageog of W8. when lugged. compact. am t1b '""' beIIe¥ed IOI.ceII 1n tbe mob purge lhat is believed to ba~ bee.22 u • murder t. Tobacco ud I'h lnDI burua but not before Q.eDeer ~ be boqbt is • tun dote. Ihe nMJon. eral mstaD.dJy informers receDtty aod 8Ss81l.-. ~ II federal SOUrce Nld. UDdet. hi.yII preferred the 9nwI. numbar of shots fi red.YOUl'1elf 8SSI1SiDlI- A al. AD U80ciate 01 a C8nnine Glilente .-.... weapon 'The . of the bJt victbm have left a baJfbtic:fJ tra1l. 0I:f0..nal . but most. but pprec:ov~ 1caDy flred • clip of etahI rou. Send .Uy n:empllfied by tbe conY1etion of George N.bowever. gives a "pop-pop" DOise tbat" can bareJy be heard.ds w1lh deI..' ~ wen uted.out copper.22.d. Guntt.v.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol.el"'!i in the .ly aecurate [rom close range. to . an attache case through wbkh the guQ eeuld be.

Co m mercial unit s smugg led in fro m ot her co unWIes. 2. the revolver IS not au liable fer 811 encer use. When a a~lel"lcer is uSeQ 0(1 a high powered fI rearm.$S.e. The burn i ng powde{ Is iJ nabfe to ganfllrate the n ecassary press u re to d rl \Ie ttl a buUet faster than 1120 f . The major Source of gun blast and noi se from con 'lienlion al weapon 5 Is this escaping gas slamming Into the atmoaphara upon e)(ftlng the barrel. . the bu !let travels down. 4. 80m It no1se abo escapes t Hroug h th e uni eckeo breech area of these autos. The t ube i~ mounted On the m uzzle end of the barrel an d ~ allg ned S .$ Stamp that dasigllates t hem as "m 8. E)(am pies of t hl S last type of silencer THE SILENCERS By Clyde Barrow Of all 20th centu ry small arms development!!. I n addition to com msrclallv prod u ceO and federal Iy reg ulated 8i1en oers.enced with un$i len red weapons. 2. poachers.the exaCt coo ter of ttl e tube. or manuraetu rEI of a sl~encer has btlen a SBflous felon y. Pay a $. .dns can e. the center of wh iCh has a hole that is !ll ~ ghtl y lar~er than the dlame1 er of the bu Ilet to be fI red. (ATF) 3. l. Tobacco. fhe fi rearm sHan car was one of Maxi rn's ea. Underg rc und prod uctlon In comastic factories.ial m ~ Ider load may be used in unaltered weapons. a coup Ie oT 1nchas long.d y contrl button 8 to the f i e'd of not se poilu r Ion coni rol.. ReceivE! transfer approval rrom the Federal Bureau 01" Al cohot.s.. Some 89m I and fu II auto weapons need to be altered to function re Iiably wit h su bson ic rounds.nuf act urers of destruetl ~ da'iu. t he forward press ure of the ng from 1he gap betWMfI tne barrel and cy Ii nder .J Its are obtai ned with IItan dam am mo when It Is 11 red through a conventlonal 100g1h barrel 1hat has ha"d a series of tin y tI a Ias drilled along lts len gth. SliM c:er product ion Is retltrlcted to hol'ijefs of a $500 Federal Firearm. SU encef poesess fon for private cltlten I'i is currently restricted to those who can mee1 the lOHowlng requlrernents."Ith the axl a or 1he bore. Co nslderab! a noise ts gen erated by th a gas esce. Si m liar res i. These hoi as bleed 0 f1 a pori ion of the prope IIan t gases. The front 0' the tube is covered wtth an" end pi ate. 1. again reducing buHet speedC _ A s per. Thesa are referred to as sub Son tC loads. possession. A su person lo crack is prod ucec U tn eo bullet reaches a $ peed greater t h all 1120 fee1 per second." firing. the Urearm $oi lencer Is probabry the most mystefious and the teast understood. The s Ii encer had become SO steeped In int n gue the It was incl uded j n the restrlet IvEl "dest ructlV8 -devl cas" category of the National FI rearm Act of 1934. &re a tw isted loke on t he part of H 0 IIywood prop men.:. and F~rearm8. A sl Iencer also do ubi as as an effective flash hider for l"I igh t shootll"lg.200 Federal Transfer Tax.t you see on TV. A bolt acUOI"I rUle w 111 prod uce little If any rnachan leal nol Sf! when fired and no $0 und escapes from the breech area. gangsters.ndard ammunltlon will n01 prod uce a crack if Ored In weapons w ft h 8M0 rtened barrels. st d k@ break81"s an d stlckup men" had made "sUen eer" a dirty word. Sta. 3.nvented 11"1 1goa by Hiram Maxim. lrn provfsoo 0 r one shot sileneers. several othe( types are available: 1. Sll"Ioo 1934. 1he modem I This ls what you _on TVI"" But th isis closer to the truth. To make m atters worse. 1hose m irli sir encers. In addition to noise suppreeslnn. ttl e speed ot sound. Tn ese rou nd s co nta1n te~HI powder and do not pro pel bullet S to au per son lc speed s. Com pi y with all state and local restrictions on sUencer possess 10n. The rema In Ing sou rces of gu n noi se are aa follows: A. in the 51Iencer ec ual ilas and vi rtually e! i min ates the raco II ell ~i. the superson!c 'Crack experienCE!d with these weap. commerc I01 1 inch to 3 iftChes In diameter and about a foot long. home made si lencers. M echa nical no iS9 is prod ucad by the functioning of the weapon upon sUel'1CE1ris a metal tube In genefal. 2 11 THE PUOR MAN'S ARMORER be ellmlnaied In one of the three ways: A.POOR M&~tS JAMES BOND Vol. Ind ~\lidlJa! I y produced. The ·1 Bfior of ttl e s tlen cer tu be nt Con tal na a series of baffles an d chambers VII hich catch and delay the rapldl y ascep ing gases prod uced by the propellant powder as it burns. B. Contrary to wh. Th 18attandant e latter hi most prcnounCfld In saml and full automatte weapo ns. 8 y the t930s. use.

Seth are IigM t. a total of sil(feen between each batr1 e. rubbers. Solder aU ten washers In n plated. The remaln Ing eight wlilshera are s. This method works weU for R while and IS ext remely accu rate. a. eve-ryth ing el s. These con sirvcuon proceed ures can be easily modifi ed for bllildi ng s Ueocers In larger caBbers. A. are: baUOOf'l8. is destroyed.. The hole. sUVaf soldered together. trouble free and quUe effective.crews because the waj I thlckneu is !lufflC lent to hold threads. The overall effect 15 80rt of half assed but then naif qu let ~s baUer than no quiet at all. The fo owl ng 8«1 conetructlon plan II for two 22 cal iber sl~encElrs. IIUI e m ore with each a uccesslve shot. of four 1/16·1 nch hoi es bet ~ each set of wash· ers.e outer tu be. ThEi seccn d Is made from a~um Ino m and is held together with machine screws. The flext round catches on a baffle and the 00 Ure Ime-te r of the un I. The spaces between the was hers may be fi IIad with steel Woo I or 10~ of brass Is screen before InstaUir"lQ tn tr.They expan d to contal n iii: portion of the propellant gases.ndlad In severa~ d lUerent ways. the silencer t u bEl must be SU pportsd by at least two po ints 0(1 th eo barrel..-re I.e ~all s Into place. 9(32 inch driB bit and drUI.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. 1 6 inch drill bit. 12 fendif' washel"$-1 3/16 Inch :mep.pac«t eq usU y betWHrl the trent i!lnd rear. can be wrapped arou nd a firearm to reduce Ii rl ng noise. A smail hole or "X" is cut In the en d. Alignment and mounting 01 the tube can bEl t1 a. M 06t in dhti d UBI IY produced or "hat! d made'·' $ileflcet's SOOn meet a common fate. TubIng The two types. The 0 n e drawback to ttl Is system is a tendency for the tube to aIowl y crawl eft the ba. Thi. IK!(ltions (8 ~llChes are needed). PillowS.".'1 or may not ho Id up to repeated ring.00 each _ Brass d ral n pi pe Is so Id in st raig hi sections 12 Inches Ion g. can be drU led and tapped In the conventi 011 al manner or simply drlBed with CI hand d rill and th reooed with seU tap pi ng mac:hi n8 serews. Even with a excellent sltencer. You can imag Ine how am barrass ing 1hl s is to a you ng gu y just startl ng out. si Iver solder and propane tOl"::h tlac~saw file 0 r gri nder dlarneter. These 8eetions cost about 52. etc. The 81m plest method j s to tape the barrel at two poin ts to support the tube (see ~mprovi sed silencer mou nt artlcle]. As a bon us r the tube 18orten lau nched 50 feet dow n range. Ttli 5 wUl result I n four rowS of four. Th e mat' washef is placed one Inch from the rear or tha to be. The al urn In urn Cornes in 6 foot Iength8 and sell s for about $3. Bt'M!: n Orlll two rowe. The fron t washer Is modified to IIlIp O\l'flf' the barre' and rest at a The two . g call't be i!i<Ildered but 15 easily held together with e. the resulting unit . The key then Is aUgn lng the tube wit. THE POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND by Ku rt Saxe n contams p ~ans for a si lanced box with El han6gu n Inside. The fi rat one uses brass tubing and I. of metai t ubin g generaU y used In homem ade sll sneer const ruction are 1hick wliIlled atu m In urn tu bi ng and \h in wall ed brass d ral n pi pe. the bore. a~ways ma~lltainlng a constant rearward tension on the tu be wh iIe fjr~ng . 1 114 Inch d I am eter.!il$emqly lntc the .fflin g devices. bot h pial n brass and Chrome 1 pi &ce 9/32 in ch bras !I t ubln gsold In 12 Inc. and available at most hardware and pi u m bl ng: stores. Inexpensive. Th I n waned brass tubes 81e e8sU)' joi ned together with sliver solder.· then 2 12 THE POOR MANtS ARMORER Ten or the twe-ille washers are now sU pped over the 9 J 32 ~nch tu be.00 each. At some pol m the 1I1iencer loses proper a:Ugnmerlt with the barrel.e. The front wallher (end cap) should be 11 ush with the rront end or the t ubi ng. heavy coat s. etc. Both units we simple. It is a good ldea to harlg Or'! tl gh t to th Is type of unit. So Ide! the bante assam bly J n place. most autoa need to be wrapped In 8oma1 h ing that w III muffle the mechan teal no I88 of operation. Remove any bu rrs or metal ch ips f rom the In· tenor 01 the tu be with a ~h In file or i! rolled up piece 01 sandpap8(.mUng assern bl y.a un Its m 8. Thes.viii be no more than two tape thicknesses out of aUg nment. A lurnl nu m tubl. Braes Tubing SBencer Mater~al II needed . oo. Step6 r. 11 care is-taken when wrap pi ng the tape.euter tube. Th!!"Se ani! st retched over t he en d of the bEllml MId taped ~n place.The fronT baffle [and cap) shou Id be recessed about 1/16 inch. but one basIc rule ho~d8 fruEi for all of 'them. ~ep7 remai ni ng wunen are used as the mc •. Orlll completely 1hroUgh the tube. In st!lll t he baffle e. baby boUle n ipp 1 es.s 1$ optional aa there is some d lsagnMmerlt about the value of these materials as b.". Just reach irlside and bl astaway . 1 plEl(la Brus d ml n pi pe (pial n or enrcrned): 12 in cnes long. foam rubber. To assum constant al i gn ment with th e bore.

plasH!. of t ~e batrt will prevent U from movi ng to rear. and. SI ide the may nt tu be onto the bartet u ntH 'he rear c lamp Is di rectI y OYer the fear roll 0 r the tape. Alig n the s. Whim the mount is COl'l'lplated U may be blued.y aI $0 be used. the waSher wi II be held f rom forward movement by the sight base. SlIdR the silencer over the· barrel and onto t he rear washer. ome anyth in".arou nd the $Uencm d Iroot Iy over the front mount waS1'lerand tighten tns C clamp In place. point d~recUy behind the fron~ sJght base. of the two mount washers. Sight dO'llilfl the !!IUencar I!!ind bend i' into proP41r . This wlU prod uce 8 even Iy . 1 Inch deep Sevel the It"Islde edges of both ends of t he ~ube with a roun d file Of sandpa~. When the uni1 Is aligned. place a C c Iam p .lSl ghta m. It may be adJueted. Th is wash« dOfJSrl't lock. U~ functions as a rw support onl y.paced S10t5.pWnd!ln It for some reason the .lyed hi placa. The s llencar is now m ovad forward one inch. front of thE! mark on the barr~1.Uancer I. e F CI1tS J N t'~D bF ~f" a~out9lneheslong.. the tape Is n n • See fini~hed silencer next page. ThIs may be-·done vlsuatIy or with a tight fitting stick. aHa~h~n9 ii ·Hrmly to the barrel of the weapon and mal ntlilinl ng perfect al i g nmen t with the bore.Ban mant wh ". The tube lIS now tn aI most perfect al i g nmsnt with the barreL The sHenCer 10· nOw taped ~n two plQce~ UI"Itij it ~5al90 a snu 9 fit in the 1 ub6L The front clam p should correspond to the front rc II of tape on th a .1 encer -wutJ the bore of the gUPl. the fi rst d Irl!l<:Uy behl nd the front sight and the second about 5 i net! es bah ind the muzzJe. . tcreW down oo f Inge~ tight Tile barrel ~s now wrapped w ~th hi ack plasUc ele<:hi cal tape at 2 poi n t s.. R&ady made cornmerc liiil . It is made from iiII metal or hard plastic tu be 1 1 1. tl nAIL. Th is m ou nt wlB not interlere with the sllg ht pattern on • !lcoped'" rlne. TMs requires reaming. Foy·r 1 Inch deep t1acksaw cuts are made ~neach end of the tube. ac n StepS t' . COl"ltinu e to wrap the ta. drHllng or filing out the hole to match 1he. ~ barrel. oot In COfl'ect ilHgn ment when Instalted.. Thetaper. Remove the s i 1"13 fleer fm m the barrel. Take care not to erst urb the poa ~ Uon of t he washer ir'I ·the tube. The fear wuher is noW notched and dri lied unt i I it will sBd'l'l on to 1he gun and come to rest lilt a poin1 1 J 16 inches In. Th Is creates i! two in c h chamber betwMn the muzzle and t he rear baffle. ThE! gun'!! muzzle wUI bt3: restl n g agai nst the rear end 0 f th e sHencer' $ inner brass tu be.barrela sh 0 rter than 5 Inehee.fI be u :sed to mount a co m men::~al 0 rim prOvi !led ai lencer. Tne washer is now SHPped over the barrel and turned 1 deg. CtAillP HOlf ____________ " •• _n . A cut out ~I!.ght g must be ~nstalled for use on a handgun. . but s . T his washer ls now sc Ideroo 1n pl ace 10 the si lenCer interior.12 irlches inside dl ". R~!l'I0\le the C"elamp. 2 13 THE POOR MANtS ARMORER wrap ped a1 the reaf of tt-. tspe. The com pi Mod 111lencerf mount "lIliaem b fy carl now be ~n8t..gj len cet' .barrel· that cortes po I"Ids to the rear edg e of tM si leneer tu until both roll s are a sn ug fit when the tube Ia pushed onto the barrel._. hNUnc tha soldered Jo~nt. d ~aml. It ooouid extend 1 6 inch beyci r'ld tne washer. pal Me(!. (lr covered wHh bl ac!ri. Place a nose cl am p on each end of the t .meter and r Sight IS may be fabricated trom meH. On . Place 1 mark 01"1 tM. Th €I MOll pl t can be used wit h several 51zes of si lencers and is deslg ned tor qu ick I rlstaliaHon and removal.. made in the washer to allow It to aUp past the sj ght basEl. C~lm'Ip the gu n into a padded vIse. th the place on the barrel.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. Th f5 Space 1& necessary for the In iUal expanston 01 gas as i1 leaves the muz11e.ner of the barre~at th is po Int.1 Of plasUc and soldefad or ep0:. So tder t he washer to t he ail encer. Step S Improvised Silencer Mount Th is device C8. Ti gh ten the resr c lamp with a penn y or sCrElwdrlver. sUp the sileneer onto tha g un all fat as possible. the abmre was dona propet'ly.11ed and ramoved In f' ~i.

.or~ . bottom of the can helps it throw farther .g bun ~own In the .irpor t 0". handy. ~~r.. -<Ivai I-elDle fr~ 1IIQ5t -If'lY h:.. o ~ tloi flnolly.u-ll_r"" or d i 5e.r SHARP KNUCKLES BY M.t\t!.. II top l'I~tch ~~~tol ~hot hO$ been knOW" tg mts~ ta rget ~ ae ross t n. at ~d~r 51.ousehold ~CI!~Or~._. amj they an! {.po.1 . Ju~t pla~e th~ s~tl~or~ Tn th~ fl!t a~ i~n and you are all ~Bt to tnN)H I p~n~ with lOme real authorlty In It. I: :t ~ ~ I !2IIB:II!II . u~d~r &tr-l!!~~.(J hst yotl MV. 2 14 THE POOR MAN t S ARMORER I~ ~ '" t . ~"'I'._~ I• ~t G. i" to tillie.: . t tlol::! fo i d I n.belleve me). ~ven i~"t •• "d I ega I ~t:ku _II~~ non I «1. Whet 1$ ~~~. A w. KoH • .1 10 ''L".__.~.ovnt nore. I ee $ t'llIl\eclown5. To use.. Add ( S·' ' '. It u~es a mihimum amount of fuel~ is silent (no bottles breaking)~ and cheap to bufld.I o• tneir U5e i5 <1$ flatural rowll1S1 _ pu~e". Stuff with some sort of absorbsnt material. " !): :}' i~ I~ 11 THE HANDY ~ NO IMPACT REQUIRED fIREBOMB By The Firebug Io1llIIII . VQuire quit.. r~ due re the I"vc? un t~ ~yl. Who'! e (i t ~y~ to be 'fOU r O'OIt'I ._ . one'5 ~~illty to USB i t "mde~ H re~!.~ type In 'talnle" steel ~ rust If gotte~ ~t._ IIIOre iIapOr tlln t than on.. fit any budget. OHNO M ifltlXpoi!!fl5 IV-I!! .POOR MANtS JAMES BOND Vol.. t~y ~~uld pa$S rnu5ter al .. I came up with this devilish little device one day while pondering the best way to torch piles of hay.'. t . t• ~~ ~I •I •• t .05 t .~ good .alnp iflg.IB!IIIIl tlley tMy nor b-l!! IIeve dilit you r f In~ rnllTl~ grew !. . Take ah empty ~oft drink can and remove the top. in~~r~5 against rM)t ~angetou$ ~nemv.l!! I i n~" and IOO~CU l a r ttl"~tcn axpBri8n~~ ~Il.~pon II only.41$ h~~~ • to ~" ) "rut In$t~ll t~ . thtl fltlW t •t. •• i ::. tCi ~II P t~ all day. . are ~~et.~ I: I ~t 11 ~ . all you have to do is light the top and throw on a fl alTllla~ substance.e. ~lg~t i~ink. sllftl frOll! coneea Ied ~pQn5 na II 1. Pour ~n a few ounces of g~s and pour out excess..g fell t ure 1f'l14~rtlnt ~isadve~twrc~ such a! ~~~t~~tion o~ di!~· ~Imt!nt wh~n 5itting ~n q~i~kly I ~por t-l1'lt I r.guile of the ordinary n. Ali t t 1e sand ln the 1 e. I: 1 ~ •• G• ~~~:-:'~ . t fQldl.

Wail all ul)mov~ &!. tlaDU'l"· Dowe.. he. Nothing could stand before ~h~ twi!&.tm'S expected luru to pikh rOl'wnl'd Bud die.. 1l11d n rtou di1'ecLly oII.ILII know ..Ged 001 y for !ibo.. or· eoUl'e. and .rmnn.t}lemt and then thicker alTJlo:r ~ as mlil. il'On-elad MtI"f'tmac Wooden !ililpil or WIIJ' p~t.ys. Dowe'a iUl"n in. and.d they lltopped fl"OltI laa. Pf!l·h. of . atld e vel'l body said. and behold.. He IIle.'&blfl· bu hruks. Bullets wen t Un'Ough it..&t LUll)"" h." v otJ!.. - IiIn bon boil..1.ilOl' d~ Hot lie.. !iIDoke clea. aod seOl'M or htlil.hill~took up the subject. softened by lhfl gn..eo..:..~ anxi n-WI Hule taUw doll hll bolla v.. Now they are buHding' rdlips fut enough to run from "oh other.1mod all In nnl. .dfl.POOR MANIS JAMES BOND Vol~ 2 PEOPLE AGAlN...: in y~is il~e iu. . IIJ)d make a ~~ ot hiD'l:llflf. of in.htl ~Id h. hammer and tonp. It WI1. They My that &..rbed.resl-" aeh r the w. hamIn1ll' "ou ld ring off Hi. It wu no UR. all dille n rullli were bu il t to pil!l"(:e. Tho!! breost.. .1I c:ru mbled. and .. rode m?ento." was killed.y.toppoe:d.YIn i the ihickMt of.. Some or the de~dl7 blow. the billiwl ot the agtI ot t:hi val:r1 ill ttiU ot" him." Lola ot other people wrote Jettei'll .5t. Til'" Itulmn] w~n~ ~m -t-alhlg.'e olhe~ Pfll": aolljj. bu ~ a..ol"ll DO (1M bellel'"cd. pd UU'Jh hea.g ali all Aunt 811Uy at A tQI~...:. JI. or aoHd oak bf:ing aLopped... aDd th enl wu onl. in eYel'y old bit Of nne.c:. In n. by a tUff pad ot feU and lOme other compoahion: Dot only .8Plok~ of the !>l ~e all unharmed. foemen by the 1OOftl..nd they abQ~ 111. kntgbt ill a.I'iII itsel f to pieces ill the cloth. ~~\Ve ~llOUJ'bt there WIUI somel. At Ust he penuQ. III.Y.Ihi..~t".lIy cea. and ~Q. Til ey We1"e mOJJ~tceplical.&y on liLt home 01' keep ·lii.. and Dot. . feel be was lAte '!'Om the ordin lII.i1l It it 01.:li twelve men wiLhout it.e1' statue. Like .\ l. & peed ill If Ull!een bullet-and pel'ha~ the kn igh til uecamtl braH].. one thi PI hlil cotI. fan j &w. 15 THE POOR MANtS ARMORER 'WlliolL HelDlI the onJ1 way w. 01 E'I'el'laat· What do Bitt the .II We ~ or . ylill Ui. TherefoR WI! must infElI" th. when he L.:! .: wa. lollg as be eeuld .zy.n:!.. but ot ¢Ou~ Le d{)\IIII~ leU 't any one jll~t how it ill made.I!y weapon!! of thoa u a. ~"\:=~ . ArmOl' grad ua l1y went ou ~ of fasllion.rmOr lVall U rcod l1.ld Doot do--ge~up it hfl fflU do" o.valm'Out deed..yiet" KUn5. lnveont I. sud 10. When he "ilbed to puL on hi! bullet proof vest. it ~ bll\ '1N" dKl not know..nd&I aRlilin. 110 tll ~t there is Ilttle IIboolt to \he well. III.e people believed hilJ1 . to Uds day. of the "brave. fNt IIi_.t llia !j. 'lrO y011 the INIme W&7 that the blow. II is proof enough to 8&1 that in a battle in FI"anee Bfly armed ·Imig-hla on & &ide'fougllt UI ~'Oughotl t an dtflrnoon. and shot agai u. lH}I1i{!. ~ lbill pll1t1 HARPER'S YOUNG TUB SAME IrSlNG OVER ONG ~n ago .me ouL the other side. than enr.1I v-e 10 very oh. it ill aU)lpQi!&iI... ill tbis had IioOmetbillg to do w~th Mt nloroull deeds..mll tbiDI year-a before. ...e a~ in moria) hans.ndlie sml] ed l!lgai n.k of breath. Gerrn..-y one wU 100 bu&J' to li. HUlli taHor of llau beim.Md to be builL Every Dation iUI'1lN its atttutioo to bui1dju" impen~t. lIn UBccu~8Ci{lua tlutt =~ gr"ell~ Ihany :IIpt!ClQ. a. sud Ho£ll'rDoWfi Wtl:ll (1:1al.the fr-ay. The bullet does not ghmee. oot or shape r Tbil hu been dOD" nnd a. it weigh:! about len pounds.. ami ill ill flexible. U.. nd Ule blo iIr bJ. him III.IIrted up on fin!".'_..ded some one to take a.'. shield. lUI d . Han" DOwe N. they all lau. koight who lorth 1. lJefoN ve~y loug the a.1.ide. and. Nol'l'" pei'hapl!._mA91l110!'$ W"ef'tl kUJed in battle. bu t teB.I . the ad 'lJ"e'Di of rnnpo wdu thtng:IJ changed." Theil Lh~y pu L ~he ! Ql" perhaPi ~e pme mat 11a'" been caned h on aoeuun ~ of !lark. and. or to doool'al._.val dreles. They carerully put it on II pl~. flO 00. Uley are flght. 'Who kElowat MI_....aion .rtet' Ule HUle iron-chul'Monitor fought the. !O helmet and cui~. wailltcoat..!"my people-who hate to lla.rtnO:rn much i ~ I he .would nO~ let ·ll. in r~t. :IIidfl.. . grea..lUI ()tRCIlrfl.ttlll' tlult.u invented the· ill..!. when. mot at him.nd Iha~ fl.t..-.rention an m . that IItt'1la hi m ran r off hit heav1 III.0 batUe wn auppoaed too b$ the hrav". singh! OU.: --:--'- :==~~ .l. .p.plare thai H(!I'I' DO\\'ti invented it made of and tnelAl.. . lhiok ot a· sieel. --.eld on a.nd it t:1!:rtn.~ount lor lhe maDJ" toemen .poi uted bullet that penetrate. A~h t" wd tLI!!~l'iI'l. De$!! Wi With . there . and IIlazed II wlI.glol the :!1I01. iLat. mAY .1] u al impedl ng oil he apeed..laln.II nt. $miled.M Mr.e.inly don aceou Z1 for 11 t illl "maio ill g a. and thougbi that the cailOl' t'L'M Cr8. up to bI!I shcit..owen. Hel'l' Don bowing through Uole.lteQ to hill LaJk.. dear man a~ • pa~h~~itl .dill trLal before 1ll'Omi uent German ('Im~l't. and ~11&ifl':II1! ~'ere .

howevl'r.prinp.. SI""" Form .' will have to build l'iftes to pierce it.. bow my be liVeD I CClat .. who was pl-eaent. . It.el itheD tnaert I hotk saw Motte and saw rbe eetl re oJot u . will nol be cut ". lotIly ftat.. TYPE YEW FL1GH1' Zs. ll{i in. Be lUre both ['Up" Ire . meter. for he lIever seemed to know whether to go to sleep Or to prance about.~~_ :t ...k<o11.... .c. lcle•. IIlrin.hort . Sevel'al Englishmen wished to try their own pet rilles"and many supposed that a bullet that would go through Lhe tough hide of an elephant would certalulv p}el'ce three inches of anythiug but" solid of va..." A"01II'. NEW Dg5IGN IPriIlll lrool·dii ..' refused to allow any one to be shot at. p tho back .s IOmtthln~ better rOt tarset &hoo1in~ as wtll AI fllgbt Mooting.What the German army will do with the shield remains to be seen. 'and the other day j:!llve au exhibition in London. I... bolly.. ... 1. 1--In.. piece of oquared sliver 01 bamboo."5Id.Inn. incb for inch...pring. the in. d~. insert lhl'o 'i • t .....-....1 barrel.". 2..r.11.. who was dead on the field where hi!! squadron luw charged on a line ot intreuehed iufanh'r.... The hOI'Se. and stop flghLing. The term ". . 0 3O·io. in each hole in wuhu. _..) The lize 01 th... and I suspect wondered what it was all about. although Admiral Suumerez one of t)le committee... pipo '. 6.. 1<~lephal~t rifle.. and armor..f from JOlo 4(). y tben be pul an and the bow braced. <liJli and ~ on .. pipe so thlt the DOCk ot book wilt .he IIIIM dastaEK-t from _ends limbe. eightpenoy fin"h~ DBtt. bend in perfect s)'I'I'Itnelry. and Leie·MeUOI·d (tile two latter beiug the army rifles of Gl'eat Britinu).t-d'..."'" . but th .Ill..veIoped for 81ght sMoring.. Port Orlord .d. and the -expej-iment (so tar as HeIT· Dowe goes) was a 'great success. or...f ~ -iD.hown it> Fig. I lbe handle oodion and continuing 10 the end of geb er a washer (Fli. Theil comes the tilicker aernor again you see.. \. I.· T. 4· . ~ wi". Clu. Tho of oprin. 000 . •. and grent gUllS. :~:!:JfltT!a~d. brace the bow with a Siron. If!! i""ld . Make bracket 01 I/IMn. tiPfu in Fi~.'~. Ioo~ . I am convinced that the new equipment &110 olle. muek . ... U..urkcd out. bo w. volunteered to stand up like 0.lIit the pull.odor arro . U Io-Ib. Tum sla"e .. M!l:'tion of.. Futtn a..POOR MANIS JAMES BOND Vol... JO-Ib. Tap. 'it (''OO'P1. pull of 30 lb.... are the DlUm.Dd .. In ~.prlnp.. oIIp lhe eye ove...lailrillAJil 01' mteeded to be used wltlt it._.. . _Itt handle . SAoo#"..". L Leave . bo . ~~!f~heb~~ ted and abort tlot Hill lQ )'. rubbed wit b thin. If they can make ~t hght enough. Conventional am:Jws ale 3O-lb.:. Orville LIIlIetDJI and I bave obtained almost in cr edible r....110 opru. Bore • "'-in.Ib.l sido !<I in. _. r..t. dofbo ere 1. ld6)1o . t_. . however that remain~ to be lot AIIIAQitII TN. 'iJ. bo .. I". of 81~bt-5bot "perimenL. thick lIot ot . each one proved ineffectual. ratlail file.tu. In I'll.1~~'t:E L~ oideo of thO rib. kutl . with.30-1b. alTO". ch . d continlH t•• tilll until the two limb... wide.... back fully .... Sh lh... hen the bow " drawn. I~ J"" a bow .. Port 0. btlt . is required to dra .· 3 . hieh arc pulled inst . IOh~.fP'iy .Was again brought POPULAR MONTHLY SCIENce 1'37 Flight Bow PU LLS INSTEAD OF THE ARROW PUSHES 'pnng' and a few olber p .de like otber but three umbrella rib~ a nu1. 1..~-in. but k.. cut .t a rew incbes to _ where there are any . .1U I'l"itr.I'_ _ end as in Fic. The new doubl... ". and the. p. . I( he had had on a Dowe shield he llIight have thought it a joke.of _hUC' boost er _ f"'. ill l'1I.'·e..". is 1)fII'fora~ed through and thl'Ougli by thirteen bullets.) Smooth the back.. ~.. ~h. JD..tri ....~::! w~~ and blohed ...toil . ond .. temporary strins.p oiIouId be . tbe oprinp will be lirotched . 6(] yd.. M<.lts in a setie.s in FiS.T . shown and plane stave In sh_Pt. ..110 J "...-action bow is· m. th . l09 yd. used wilh the new bow.. frGm one .. Put loop of 1>0001or wiee Ihrough h<tlo In cnp and iD se rt pin 01 nail.. ~clion I. (Ex~rien ced workers may use yew Of ouge arange. to be IiMd IS a . bullets did not alarm him._ . til" from tin or b .. . 65-lb. -=' '\ bo. Th. lD.. dJ... bbded chi. <ldl.. loy out .... ... 3'""IJ.. SUp plpo thTOUlh hete in b . . ta·in.. d 01 pi.. then work to lines with pl.iKn. add lho . FgII hole. I. 'WI~at they will do wi~h t~lis hew inventkm is & problem... I. t3-in. are added. n :pstlillh. in PI«. b eles is hit. bow" meano that.1Ioq-t..'014 <Od . Tile Duke of Cambridge. . and the. Pull wi re lout and mllb luI so thlt . lylM'. . ~ . They took it off 9.. thick.:"ilt. M. hatever t en gth 01 arrow .~r '. Its inventor. "'L • BOW AND ARIlOW OF WDrk them dewn ta the eros section ." ".:riI ~ back. on.. In Beeliu in the great armv museum there is ~ euirasa (a breast-plate and back-plate) that.. 8\ lor bo .o~ tbe Itriq._ 01 :Jj&s 0:1 slot . Cut temporary nork. IOtdor I'" joints. Th. " ~t lIb .~·in. BEST SING what ilcti-aa" driveu arrOw of entirely new I term a "doublebow and a Jront-wheelU By HOWARD HILL Fn . Mat·tini-Heury... are olmplicity it . S. 2 16 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER on... and that is 11.. Her.rlDt. bracket. him take his 1:4\'ol'ite role. Soldor it to buRl • now in England... Round fuUt dr. ~:. Jl8 yd..nd . lmll1h nf ~-iD. u.. Rult e:l"l& of bOCI5'U:r wifa thft\l8h the boob ol..IId • ::. J04 yd. . express rifie.m aocordiDII to • .. t .dtld IMm. leeted 10 .. conduit pi.. 4 It. 9.TtON ICM' ut. C3I hoUow umbrella rib and driU • omaII hGIO in the d-... and scraper.. The little tailor almost shed !carll of disappointment because they' would not let.a. Perhaps they may get til'ed spending mouey onwar. !'I've • 65-lb.u1I4Itt fJliIUcd'b. o.. Bo"<I. Port Orlord udar orrow . the hol ••• nd I•• t . tlR . Bow...... bellinnmg on each side .. U se lemonwDOd sl....till sectiens..nd t~.. I Bay again-who knows] Umb. bow and arrow ITeater Right tban I W~Pl.. Make two clips from b~ or hoavy un (FI...._---- 160 yd.. IIoII<l and SharpoD a..ln. and pi&<1O t:lI'I'I bow to the overlapped :portlct'l i8 tow. tll4 pilil Dr whi. toulh wood and difficult to make !Ucce. lIltodO*lly ta the <lid. B) 10 lit limbs of bow about 8 in. pull. of m.... Nate I""rdore tbal tbe new bow 01 Ihe finest type he~<Jfore d... Drill • oori<o . and pull ..rrow....dully.. to wear.... it may change the style of flgbtlllg. ~an and run the risk.row .. Draw center line RI in Fig.. In.• tiJl" (ril..d~ up.1. poor FI'elich cavuh-ymau. liv"...t 01 bamboo or . lor borrd.older oj -world's "wnJ BOW fti.... & I...1 ""hb l'bllllirnE'IIiaturt bow... Drop or· to .ch h .. center the full widlh and thickn ••• of stave..r won.nII fnJJIIIII .. Draw four lines 00 back a."o I in.

.. m~ be IIghtanad by grinding 1M front and back flat berora reinatatllng On the blade. l I ~ t I ~ I . To remove 1M handle U I. tor Ihe knife i. T.jng _ bench Of Mind iii rl ndef". Thel r push daggera fU. thould slide off the Ung. knife. A more desl rable method Is to remove the h8l1dla and ahorten the blade from the ariMo The knUe: may be carried ~n II sheath .!ured engraved blflde.. produced by . A gen SI F mite from England may b8 uted but they ~. the orol nil configuration and B tha flnl Ihed boot tm lfa. handle Is now h.. tha raaumng lcnlt. 1Jle handle'll" orlO lnally &eCu red ..111 Kde..O. Puah Daggar The pu. I_vi ng the ahllrpened edges and point In. u'n.ckuwed or ground off. drawing D. Although this method..] :o.-. Th Is wrap-ping shoukl be aNI ad with Unt.act. j aewn to th:e-Inilde or you r boot or the a. of these earl y push daggers were 'IIiOrU Qf art. remove the matetla-! Indleated with diagonal linea I". lnoh of the hlIndl.•. _-------------- . The k. The Unell Is VEI!y strong and can bI!I ftlmowd lrom 1he kn Ife t... worke.nd unraveled.Ua was .. When the twl ne drte. About 12 feet of Iw Infl are ·used. necessary to grind oft the.bcHJt doll atlI.-v. U. __ .y to . was a popular backu p or h Idool.. new poslUon by repeening the end of the tllf'lg with • c. FIIl rbaln mMdo KnUe.. about $15. BO)( F. A more QCu. top 118 n. of muklng tape to ~eet. The hand Ie i. c. Boot Knife Moal boot knlwes coal between $35 the blada by peenIng (mushroom Ing) the end of the tang.l1 weapon lor tha American travel« In the 1800II... __ . and handtaa ot german sliver and waltu$ tusk..nd Pusb Dagpr By Clyde a. he price ~.r wrapping It In.s It wltl shrink tight to the handle.. -----_ .· II ke the dePTlngar. An aXCBIlent 8 ~nc:h boot Imlfti (' 100h blade) be klr . wou~d often produoe a push dagger to tettle a gambling arg urnent.. The hand Ie la saUd SlHI and rather heavy.. tang ptOtrud Ing from the .". R~Y8fboat gam bl. A well made copy of th...95 pi . A 11mp~e w. from American Colon lal Armament! P.r MX D s. also illppary when wet Dr bloody.n'ar punch.rorn becom Ing frayed . '*' . Chl~() Ridge. and many gentlemen tatTled a daggef as a dlaCl'I!iIte means of prote<:tion tor encountenl with the local rlff·ralf.u-.. T $4.h d'Gger. 'h Ipping. leCuNd ~n It.rat laye".. The basi.honen the blade Is to ari nd and reshape the blade. &ot KaIfe. grip la oblal ned by \!flapping the handle' In wet Bnen Iw'ne.". Continue to· grind untll ltIa handle C8l1 be ham mef8d back onto the tang.m'" Com. Grlnd end of handle smoot h llnd reblacken wUh Urqrm touch up blu Ing or black pall"!t.•. 10 remove thEa PNfftd O¥et' mtt.i: hUe. 11i. It may 1I1!l0 be epo)(yed In place. The blade is now BlCUred in a ylse . Drewl ng A show. IIUnols 1!10415.POOR MANtS JAMES BOND Vol. Ie rather shoddy looldng and hard to reshflrpen •.. the· Syka.. It wou Id al80 make en exceU ent garrot If 1he need shou Id..auppned ~n a german sHYer sheath FIGHTING KNIVES LtoR (PIIM nn:nn.rifli.cabbard suppl~ed with tht1 knife can be ahortaned to tit the new blade length. the edge and your flngllfll. _ .n. 2 17 THE POOR MANIS ARMORER five Dollar Boot Knife . . "00.. The hwldt.nd used Q fI'h Ing or anare Hne II) an emergency. One or the more populat design .p gently agllinst the 'lngit' guard with • hammtf and the hand. manuractur1K:lIn Germany ~. "The Il(Q8$S .PUSH ·DAGGER· ."nu and Finck of San Franc lsec. { I I FULL SIW-ATTERN ~.. Men).Md oiL to prevent It ..

A.'J'OR 's NOTE. The price range In $10 . I suggeet starting with the reduce~ load. Attaching the ordnance to be launched is done in various ways. Drawing E. Next. The clandestine militer~ services use a Similar Improvisetj s~s t em. excessive chamber pressure is created. but bracing the unit against the ground like a conventional mortar is better as the recoil 15 severe. A good way to determine the optimum handle shape is to first carve it from soft pine or balsa wood. molotov cocktails even the C02 bomb detailed In issue #1. and a relatively new design. When the stick is loaded in the gun. it can be screwed right onto the stick. Then the bomb's fuse Is lit and the thing Is fired. It will not be used on the completed push dagger. the belt knife. and the gun is set at a 45 degree 30 dollars. The bomb can be taped to the stick with good. This will preserve the temper of the blade. as it makes an excellent file handle. be machined from aluminum or brass bar stock. it should be long enough to protrude from the gun's muzzle about six inches. Before firing.:the push dagger has become a popular concealed weapon. The original A HOME-MADE By Robert KOkTAR Haybeth 2 18 THE POOR MANIS ARMORER EDI. the shell Is cha~bered and the stick. • • • 'It • . bu t t he~ reCOlJl!lend r<!1IIOV i ng % ot the powder charge. When the right shape is found. These beautiful knives can cost anywhere from 50 to several hundred dollars. Quality is governed by price. It can de I Ive r almost any type of bomb. Dr. with a fancy clip for attaching to the !?elt. while the high priced units are stainless steel with belts of high quality saddle leather. a regular shotgun shell Is converted for use In the mortar. Use a quality brand of epoxy and allow 24 hours curing time before using the knife. STICK The weapon can be fired from the shoulder. a hole Is drilled in the center of the handle and the blade is epoxyed in place.shot gun of any gauge. Excess material Is removed from the blade with a grinder. Cl~de handle is removed in the same manner as before. First.reight of tire original shot charge. but should be saved. obtain a piece of round wood stick or dowel. Inc'ud ing incendiaries. as a guide and' be sure to keep the blade cool by periodically dipping It In a can of water. A great home defense weapon if there ever was one. When completed. If it's something like the potato masher grenade shown on page 37 of the POOR /iAN'S JAKES BOND.POOR MANtS JAMES BOND Vol. design your own. pipe bombs. Two basic designs are currently available. end carefull~ work up to the full power charge that Bob describes. In recent years . Is pushed Into the barrel to contact the shell. The belt knife design is available from several manufacturers. An excellent push dagger of the traditional design can bEt made from the five dollar Commando knife used in the boot knife project. PIPE BOHB AUTO BODY PUTTY . It the combined weight ot the dowel ~d projectile are mQch greater than the o.pair of legs are attached to the shotgun as shown. a sandbag Is placed under the shotgun's butt to prevent stock damage from repeated firings. The shell is opened and the pellets are removed. It is aimed by adjusting the angle of the shotgun. To use. the traditional push dagger with palm shaped curved handle. with armament attached. the wadding is pulled out and replaced by a wad of cotton. All traditional type push daggerS now being produced come from custom knife makers. strong tape. which ma~ danYge the shotgun. like a conventional grenade launcher. The handle can be made from any traditional knife handle materIal or it can. It Is copied in the final material. The cheaper plated steel knives are supplied with vinyl belts. Or t~e mount can be partly bul It Into the bomb Itsel f. POWDER COTTON STICK SHOTGUN SHELL A simple mortar can be made from e . Use the full size pattern.

It makes use of the following fact: even a slngl~ small flash bulb. First. and four on the run. the poor slob simply fIred the electronic flash on your camera as he was steal ing it·. the jury has only the burglar's word that something you rigged up blinded him and the chances are he never got a look at the device before it was activated ( and promptly lost his chance forever). The· authorIties and their minions frown upon the use of firearms In general and set guns in particular.the more the better.oj Ires shor t enough that the circuit can fire before it Is re· cognized as a "trap" or camouflage It. can cause permanent and serious damage. It Is by no means the only way. battery. or bolsadero. spreading out to form a six foot line that wrapped around anything in its path. or have room for. It Is simple to make and use. (they can be improvised) rell~ able. and eventually banned. The gun Is being. Several flashbulbs fired simultan· eously at close range would instantly and permanently blind an intruder. The CLOTHESPIN SWITCH. yet devastating weapon· the EYE POPPER.clgar box (or jewelry box: It makes an irresistable bait that takes burglars out early In the game) is rigged wIth a double wIre pull. Now feed the cord through the hole and tie a knot on each side of the sin· BOLAS By Darvls KeCoy For centuries. The stones were of unequal weights so when they were thrown. what could you do? The diagram illus· trates one simple method of USing an EYE POPPER. Opening the box does the trickl Use as many flash bulbs as you wIsh. wIth the EYE POPPER. but their value as a weapon has not diminished. Flash bulbs offer many possibilities. an~ nounce the intruder's tresspasses. They are stIlI easy to come by and will probably be amoung the last items to be serialized. a 9 volt battery. and effective insurance for a broad variety of security problems. if you are around. and. tying a leather thang about three feet long to the pouch. and a victim activated circuit. The centrifugal force caused the stones to whiplaSh Into whatever flash bulbs. others are possible. Why.the cord. they must be used with the greatest discretion. page l~ of PHA Vol. Today the gaUChos who Inhabit the pampas use them to snare the feet of livestock .). an 8 oz. Always use aluminum foil to reflect and concentrate the maximum amount of light out of the box and into the burglar's face. Juries have been known to award huge sums to burglars who were maimed In the process of breaking into or looting the home of a set gun user. Then round off the edges of the hale with a sharp knife 50 there won't be any sharpness to cut. and· some leather thongs. and a 10 oz. drill a hole In each sinker just wide enough to allow passage of the cord. I II is a good one to use in boxes for any purpose. you are lImited only by your Imagination. the Indians of South America have used a weapon called the bola. A modern version of the bola can be made with three fIshIng sinkers (8 12 al ternat Ive solution available to us: a non·letnal.. It consists of a flashbulb(s). The bola of old was made by wrapping a stone in a leather pouch. when fi~ed from ciose range at a dark adapted eye (Iris dilated). I used the double pull switch because it is simple. registered. Try to keep . There is . set guns will provide cheap. they can kIll or maim an in~ truder.. for hunting and warfare. putting an end to his activities of the moment and rendering him Incapa· bre of organized actlvltles·hostl1e action or easy escape. Increasingly portrayed as a villan in our society by those who wish to ban them. and was very effective a· galnst the Spanish cavalry. Correctly rIgged.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. The main fly In the ointment wIth the set gun is the gunshot wound which Is proof In Itself that a fire~ arm was used. they circled at different speeds. and the use of set guns has decreasing sympathy wIth Juries. or your battery wi II f i re. the line had caught with unbelleve· able force. 2 19 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER Eye Popper By FrItz the Cat Set guns are a dandy way to protect yourself and your property. ail in series. It was used widely in tribal disputes. But make sure your wires are insulated so they do not short out on the foil. For the present. then tying three of these together. A. If push ever comes to shove In our uncer~ tain future.

The bola will now be circling at it5 ful! six foot length. you need a chain (the dog leash type inches long and costs about one works well)..s Is the common rubber. and several other areas of the US it is illegal to carry any weapon. The belts have to magazine up as tight as you can.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. The one we are Interested in here is the weighted chain. the power should be increased by about 1/2.t he knots are t igh t. When held two handed. whIch means they can be carried cocked and ready without too much danger of accidental discharge. It really comes into its own when coupled with the element of surprIse. It can be snapped at the face or groin (like a wet towel) swung like a fla[I. dur legIslators have apparently forgotten to control the ownership or carrying of on... snaring them togeth~r.• Normally these are powered by a length of surgl ca I tubing. The stick Is carried In In the chain. And.. newspaper can be rolled and secured t ruew Ith .• .. Legal. then through weapons category.. medium-sized game ~an be brought down consistently by an experienced thrower. You don't want the sinker coming off and flying around as you swing the bola. I assume this is to protect the poor m isg uided crim Inal from savage citizens who have the gall to defend themselves when mugged on their doorstep. Secure the ends with holes In the sinkers and the links rubber bands. and can be thrown. such a gun.. Almost all of them have a safety catth. makIng it possible for the hunter to cut the throat of the animal while It lies helpless on the groun~. tIed . NINJA TOOLS BY DARVIS MC COY In feudal Japan there existed an organization of assassins known as Ninja. Long after ammunition has disappeared from the face of the earth. One legal weapon available to those who choose to obey these laws Is an improvised fighting stick made from a rolled up magazine.. Follow the same procedure with the other two sinkers. tight to the sinker." can be carrIed around wrapped In a brown paper cover. In the neighborhood of I 1/2 pounds. it Is very difficult to block because It continues to whiplash around the block. USed a~ a garrote. while keeping the smallest weight tightly in your hand. several shortened ith spear "arrows. Generally they are light. UNCONCEALED CONCEALED WEAPON By Clyde Barrow In NYC. or Inside an ordinary jacket.. but It's deadly In experienced hands.. you have a highly concealable. with the index finger hooked through the fork of the other two corqs. partIcular silent de~dly and easily concealed weapo~. or manrlklgusarl. concealed or not... The weighted chain Is a versatile fighting ~ool. Such a gun can be hidden up a raincoat sleeve. OnCe you do master it. But Lethal By Boyd Hili In theIr rush to regulate firearms use. just roll up the the sinker. They were adept in the use of all weapons of their day. a citizen for carrying a deadly As with any weapo~.the man r Ik Igusa r i·.' War-making Is not the only capacity In which the bola Is useful... or thrown like a bola. Different versions of this weapon existed... .. Most of these guns run between 2 feet and 30 Inches long. 11 To mjke a manrlkigusarl.. or the chain with a weight on each end. a speargun will throw Its heavy pivot barbed. striking the target behind anyhow. but the head and nut the hand or back pocket. It Is not easily mastered. paper edges first so the stapled edge be sma 11 enough to fit through the is exposed.. 1thin throwing distance. then let go of the fork. Th. The stick Is 1 Inch diameter. it will also serve to block or deflect a punch. through the aIr for 8t least )0 yards with considerable accuracy and enough force to penetrate 6 Inches or more into a coco palm tree. kick. about 3 feet from the sinker. unless its employIth ment has been demonstrated previously In action. If th I5 . keep swinging after you are ready for it to stop.. This Is especially Note: If you don't read. a strIng. If your local should be too big to slip through. Make su re. the nut 'up magazine and hang on to It. The chain should be from your reading material. kidneys or groin. but Is effective on any victim . ker 50 it can't slide either way. The two pistol grips are compact.... The bola Is not a close quarters 2 20 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER weapon. At 15 yards It will probably put the spear completely through a m3n. To throw the bela. When swung like a flail..The conmon method of hunting is to cast . Rrlmltlve hunters of the future will be putting meat on the table with their leather-thonged death . Drill a hole through the center of laws are so twisted that the mere each sinker. It is necessary to practice in order to bemagazine. stomach. or C02 powered spearfish'ng gun beloved by snorkle and scuba divers Although designed for underwater work. Roll the 2 to 3 feet long. depending upon the quality of and two fishing sinkers (I used ioz. two bolts with nuts dollar... or when used against horsemen or bikers. sinkers). because of the tendency for the cha In to In a similar manner. It should pass 8S a simple tool for recreat Iona 1 sport. . Swing these clockwisB around your head. tubing is doubled. such as the long rope. Put the bolt through the place the stick In the dangerous end link of the chain. This weapon is devastating when the end is jabbed full force into the "victim's" throat. start out holding the smallest weIght In the last three fingers. with a ring on one end and a knife on the other. extremely potent weapon In your arsenal. The most appropriate for modern street defense ·Is the latter.the boJa'at the legs of the prey.. a discarded corne proficient. or knife thrust. California. As the Indians have shown for many years. then sere . (It might be even more hazardous to your health than smoking]) Tie the other end of the cord to the ends of the other two cords. Cut off any It would be hilarious to watch the excess length of bolt and mess up action at the local precinct after some the threads to prevent the nut from overzealous police officer had arrested working off. metal "arro . . spring. just wide enough for presence of the rubber bands could the bolt. . Find a secluded spot and practice on a tree trunk until you are confident In your new skill.

eral holes.winl I. The plates are made in several styles... Take a 1/4" wood dowel and In5ert It Into the center of . knife-edged. The hardness and stiffness can be obtained to plates are obtainable :'It jewelers' supply suit the requirements of the work in hand.p. FEW mechanics amateur or otherwise..eally vary Impressive or effective unless they fire an explosive proJectile. Robertson Mortars are not . "'ith them wires of copper and similar soft metals. and draw like .. Next obtain some empty (fired) 16 gao and empty 12 gao shotgun shells Punch the primer out of the 16 gao shell.s a propellant for light artillary and rockets.. The principal advantage.. the exact degree of of length of almost 6 .POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. snip a taper at one end. Simply cut a strip of sheet metal of a width approximately 3 1/7 times the outside diameter of the tube required. a booster charge such as gunpowder should be placed In the hole. When It starts. hole 1/"" wide by 1-1/"" long In the center of the charge.:tlleexplodes by ". The cardboard disc...-. Then pack the reSt of 'the ~Iosive 3/"". and even mild steel. You can adjust the length of time beIfore the projec. . SeL it Ina warm. houses and cost only about $1.whiCh II dllllptld uprta:ht • viH l I" wire to close the joint . Pick and scrape the explosive off of about a thousand s t lck matches.... First cut a number of discs from cardboard that are the same size as the inside diameter of your mortar. grasp it with tried. dry area and let it dry completely. name-face to the front. to harden earefully remove the dowel so that you . fIlled with powder and wi th a fuse about I" long projectIng from the 16 gao end. Glue a couple of discs to the other end. S. Slip them over the fuse carefully and glue to the 16 gao shell... making a long point.and tt is also there to Insert your detonator. and pullIt through. Fill the 16 gao shell with black powder.. Next. ...00 percent. or ha. Be careful not to damage the fuse while you are putting the shells togetnep.. Clamp a plate upthe owner of such plates needs to stock but one or two sizes of the metals he commonly US('S as he can quickly make any smaller size necessary. sizing.. can be made The drawing... After being reduced in sevmonev. flash pow· der.. Glue the fuse to the cardboard and drop a pinch of black powder on the glue before It dries. make.lf-ro'. ~ . Spread the split ends apart carefully so as not to dump out any more powder than necessary.broulh .ty. Seal the fuse in with . - . Then split the fuse almost to where It enters the disc. I have made quite a few of these and I have never had one that failed to ignite. wire to 1/64 In. dr. Cut a I" c lrele of paper and tape It to one end. steady force. The fire from the propelling explosion will Ignite the fuse. . The Usefulness of the plates does not end with shaping. is that The operation is this. Pack the tube f~ll for about ""I. peel off the scotch tape and gently remove as much of the paper bag as you can.. and once hole small enough to bind. 2. hardening. They can be used for making tubint. - ~_- 16 GA..... punch a small hole In the middle of several of the cardboard dIscs.. Repeat with the next smaller in the long run save considerable lime and hole..the tube.. Remember there can be no wadding between the powder In the mortar and the fuse. The devl~ Is another step in standardIzing you r 0 rd j nance for mas s produc t l en .in~. It should be great for making bombs and. 3.. . tube out-of a paper grocery bag about 2" long by I" wide. ire. Insert a length of flrecracke r fuse and fill the rema I nde r of the primer hole with tissue paper.111.50 each. Besides. DISCS EXPLOSIVE CHARGE BY FRED BILELLO Using scotch tape. SHELL POWDER 1. The purpose of the hoie Is to allow... however. bend lengthwise into a shallow The wire i.. This in itself is an advantage in most ... square. or better yet. The two shells will fit tightly together. and so on. Slide the empty 12 gao shell over the 16 gao shell containing the powder. With two plates in the round ". When utilizing it for a bomb. Insert the point in a vet these tools are most useful. but straightens the round.. not only reduces the diameter. -- SPLIT FUSE AND GLUE TO BOTTOH. This explosive charge will cost about a dollar and it$ size and shape can be modified to suit your particular job. it will be noticed.!. Sharpen one end of the wire to be drawn... ._ .It. Add a little water to them and crush them up In a glass a$htray. EXPLOSIVE CHARGE HOW TO USE WIRE-DRAWING PLATES right in a vise...:s serve as wadding.::lrriost of material and an increase no loss kinds of work. - LAUNCHER 12 GA. the wire will need to be: annealed by heating it to redness . F-. They <Ireparticularly useful to model makers and pliers. 2 21 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER Explodilll Mortar Bombs By James L.round It.r hoI" in W P~I".. using a smooth.. the Interior to dry.. adjusting the length of the fuse and the number of cardboard dIscs. lvely trough. WIth ever. Some of It will probably stick to the charge. After a few days. Here Is one that Is easy to make and really works. You should now have two shotgun shells fitted together. know much a~ut wire-drawing plates...I. are hard to get along without. so they should be a reasonably good fit.10. reduced In lise by.-..SHELL DISCS . and straightening . so that the projectile lOoks like a dumbell. Be sure the fuse comes back Into the empty shotgun shell 1/2" or so. IS wire so that there are no local kinks whateasv to reduce Hi-in.

. and to give it proper weight.. The magazine is 3 in. of course. lawn mowers. Som.] StZES 0' AND S'Alk MIll 19 19 20 21 2l 24 25 27 28 30 32 35 3.oki 100. Mo"...937 .181 1. long. SltlNalS flAtflON DIC . After much use. 501 ct.he arrows should be ofhght pine.00 XC2 10 fll XC_SltenUl frorn 1. y"". The pri nciple of operation Is much rh e so me a s a gun • i' encer.250. __ H_ ca.lQk. 110.HOIId. 25 O.. A considerable reduction in the noiae level is now po$6ible with no 1011 in power.. cut a soft pine board..- J & II hal developed a silenci ng devl CII to be used an expanlion chambers....654 1..250 .HO deep.11 ""8Ih • Inche. square. With a saw and knife.. R Ave. roo.000 1....90201 XCI to XC Sn.. CAL ... To make the gun. s. Cl 72 Ho. 2 22 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER $10 SILENCER $10 mailorder silencers are now available."4 1. 250. __ _ 2. 1970 KowolOk.ldtd on pipJ M_IOII.! A Ctoubow Ma. should be cut just under the rear end of the magazine.a. mpil H~..1/4' 1·5/16' 1·3/.00 xa to fll aU XXC SII. the real' end notched and the front pointed.3/16' 1...~k. and pushes the cord oft the notch when ready to) fire.102 1. ca. thus permitting the five arrows to he ew:n1r in it without crowding. long and % in. T. H.uine G1ID A new type of bow gun that a boy can make.6 22 !u.062 1. 125. 14 in....9o. The rear mounting area is slotted for easy installation with the hose clamp provided. !ofly s.590. Ct.. CLI 15 ... 250 450 250 fMoIOD Ko".. SCOlJt Bell Gardens.....812 . Pressure on the trigger shoots this arrow.ha TCI bt. A I I . ct. For a more permanent installation. and is held in place by four small strips. 191 I. MX 1. C200. To make the arrow shoot In a straight course. CIOO. n.. the unit may be welded in place. Disassembly requires a pair of snap ring pliers.£ 0"".. Homio 11. for your motorcycle...315 1. 1(.i1 80..· $2.l perforated Stllel core Inltclilotion a clarnp I.010. where the arrow will lie ready to be shot out when the hickory bow is I'C-' leased...con be easily takan aport for dear. CL 12...875 . 8 m.age a replacement kit is available which includes new deadening material and a new perforated core which will bring your .il"ncer back to new operation..lng. Yomon. End 1. 51. The $2 replacement kit contains II new baffle spring... The interior contains a 1" 10 ~erforated steel core and a roll of fiberglass·packing..9$ Ollbll IY DECIMAl.400.4. Moon xc (I'"d.15l1 2.1/161·1/81.625 1. 40 in. Tile notch in which the bowstring catches. Y. the silencer . 7738 J &. Be sure to specify barrel OO'when TM250 H. and the cord is pulled back o~ce m• ere. G31M G<wtI 50th.u""no ~Q.. the b~d ~nd should be bored with a %. bit. lonl' and 6 in. The body is 7~" long and 2" 00. . wide. Yomollo frorn .. DI1·MX. Dla . The bow IS of seasoned hickory and is set r---------------_ into the end of the barrel. ' The J&R silencer may be disassembled for cleaning or packi'ng replacement. CL9(1.. 71 • 0_. pumps. The magazine holding the five arrows is made of thin boards.. The trigger is an L-shaped.125 1. :160 .1·7/16' 1·1/2' 1·5/81·314' 2- Gi'Ki'.. and melted lead run into the hole... ca..789 .11111.. n. 160.. :1-60.. I QQ 1". .500 1. After extended .312 1.o.. stII AIIEmlS tll5CJ1mON Eo~t Horley Dav_/llolo ~owa. SLlt5 s.loy 8010 Co__ 250. deep. 3~O SL 350.~kl 90/125 11. pivoted piece.n the bowstring is again pulled back mto place behind the notch.d"l' IIr _Idlnl •• "" Ply ~~~~ 2356~. Hondo 250 \ ~o. s. CT90.000 Opo.. n . provld . 111. Sl90..000 2."ki 2 50 125MX.. 450. 3:g iJ Mano . ond . 0 . another takes its 250. perforated core and a piece of yellow fiberglass packing material.9~1 1. cut the rUn fonn as shown.w.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol.".1y 01 II.CI. ~o ~2 50 T. CL.. chainsaws and any other noisy item with a barrel of 3/4' 00 or more. As soon as the first arrow lea ves the tfUo the one just above it drops down into the groove whe. is one of the repeating or magazine variety... A spring loaded baffle maintains core alignment and II sturdy snap ring holds the steel endcap in place.. and which will give him plenty of good sport..000 IhroUlh 2.70~ 3/~13/1~' 7/8U/l~' _k..827 .411 U31 1. These units may also be used to quiet portable power plants. l . HO. 360. Total silencer length when assembled is B". 360... r o~mOillnbo4y 2 Inch" snaprlng . II1-MX.100.... . By Ctyde Barrow BOY MECHANIC VOL.00 'It SILINCER IEI'lACEMENT KIT J & R SILENCER CAN BE EASILY TAKEN APART FOR CLEANING AS SH.. 3.709 throulh . The silencer is formed from welded steel tubing with a flat black painted finish. 22 sn.. available from any hardware or auto parts' store. Cut a groove along the top of the barrel..ti . n.. 10~. 90 Vo. ki ~O SuP*' 10'.259 1.OWN steel body eOilch $9..

round Iteel pieCe approx.k and file the end round and lmooth so th~t It will hit the exact cen~ of the shotgun shell the end of the 2" pipe nipple . pi pe nl pp Ie It" long (or longer). Cotter Pin Cut-a-way .. You will need these Items: 3/'" pipe cap.3/'" pipe nipple 2" long. The range and spread of the shot can be varled by making the barrel longer. tear gas proJector. Next. pUlh the cotter pin Into the hole In the short nlp~ pie. IV THE KENTUCKY RIFLEMAN C~t the breechblock down until It will JUlt fit Intd the coupling end make It just long enough to make the barrel (long pipe nipple) fit snugly when loaded with the shotgun shell. and Install the breechblock. don't load the shotgun shell until you have the trap set up.otherwise the shell won't go off..cOj:ter pIn.flar. l/It" x 1/2" •. Cut the nail to All that's 1 eft . CAUTION II This device fires as soon as the pin Is pulledl For safety.s tightly as poll II.l/It" pipe couplln. I- I .or grind grooves in the barrel and put a second pipe cap on the end (see drawing). Hake the spring long enough to push the hammer against the breechblock.flle. or rig trip wIres or use your own ideas. 1/8" longer than the breechbloc. . and compress It with the cap and screw the cap down tight.. then . A muffler clamp can be used to mount to metal posts and fences. . . You can set this one off yourself by a pull wire. Now set the spring against the hammer.or a•• d Ir'" cctlonal mine or set gun. you can make the whole thing much more powerful by overloading the shell with powder. shotgun. Take the breechblock out and dr Ii1 a 1/8" he 1e through the exact center. Start by screwing the coupllng.nail approx.or corner of a building (see drawing). . .fence post. I .~ parts available at. .I" x I'~ .spring.llde the hamm.12 ga. 1 . . BasIc Unit Hanmer 8reechb lock 1/8" thick.r down the nipple to rest against the cotter pin.ed as a fragmentat Ion ml ne. I f you hand load shotgun she 115. Dr III • 1/8" hoi e I n the 51 de of the 2" nipple about 1/2" behind where the nipple and coupling Join. any size as long as It's strong enough. To assemble: Start with the coupling-short nipple assembly.. The eut-a~y drawlng.shows how the devIce Is put together. flare launcher. saw. 2 23 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER BOOBY TRAP A very effecthe and verutlle axplodlng booby trap can be made .1s to load the shotgun shell Into the barrel and screw the barrel Into the other end of the coupling. I .or tear gas shell. This device can be u.1/ .round steel piece approx.Ile. A good way to mount this device Is to weld or braze a large wood screw to the cap and screw It to a tree.. To make a fragmentation bomb..POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. any hardIIIIre Itore.

CONCEALABLE. some wire. longs.. ABS and PVC p~pe. government buildings and other controled areas where a magnometer check might be encountered."10 Steel Plpe.q" long File end to form firing pin . the generator can be covered with an airtight top fitted with a hose . It wIll fire . and birdshot. and a thin metal rod. plexiglass. a coupling. It is easy and Inexpensive to make. ZIP GUN BARREL Bleach Bottle 1.! need Is two pieces of pipe. but they do have two unique and noteworthy features. A steady cloud of gas will be generated. the actual duration depending upon the rate of bleach flow. The first feature allows these devices to be carried through airports.1 t the f1 red she II.22 shorts. auto body putty. they are both non metallic and x-ray transparent. Punch a hole near the bottom of the plastic bleach jug snd place the jug in the center of the pan. These plastic devices won't produce shrapnel fragments or concussions equal to the power of conventional bombs. level off the top of the pile. It should look like a straight-slot screwdriver. and.22 and to poke 01. Pour a can of Sani-Flush in a baking pan. a rubber band. . Assemble everything as in the diagram.Inner tube Pipe Bomb-made from prethreaded "pl as t Ic "tube 3/16" Stovebolt . The inability to detect plastic fragments with x-rays will require that each fragment be probed for and will complicate surgical treatment. By Jim Black This little gun Is made so that you can hide It In your boot or by taping It to your forearm under a long-sleeved sh lrt . vacumn formed styrene sheet etc. CHLORINE 2 24 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER Chlorine gas is generated when chlorine bleach is mixed with sodium bisulfate (8aniflush).22 PLASTIC BOMBS Hand grenades and antipersonel mines can be easily and cheaply constructed from polyester casting resin. The firing pin should be filed on one end.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. If it is necessary to direct the gas to a specific area. The flr~ In9 pin Is used to both fire the .Ji" long-file end iIS shown In de ta 11 A II yol." 10 Steel Plpe-6" long TAPE OR WIRE RUBBER BAND cut from old. SHELL CONNECTOR TO JOIN PIPES RECEIVER 1. Mortar Bomb-cast ha Ives Plastic shrapnel filler can be coated with poison before it is added to the bomb to increase the kill rate of the explosion.

.. for example. . pop rivet If. ltloIIo\'lt-"'U'''''III • .divisions have been marked. IS"xlO"x6"..ow. If F.aI"'IIH. a good lensth to make the blades is 6~ in.JiI~JIII. Similarly. Ollt bl. clamp a heavy pipe fn a v.. se and peen flat as shown. cut the two blades to tbe shape shown in the upper diagram. brass. when the instrument is assembled.. Note: To flatten the pop rivets tIiit extend into the tube. to enlarge three times. carries a lAAW rocket type percussion firing device (see PMA Vol. The principle of Jaying these out is made clear by the divisions on the five lines drawn immediately below the pattern for the cardboard blades. Then mark the blades as accurately as possible for the holes. Hal!lllerere h Ho. if of stronger material. two . nil.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol.lll4llollllliIUIIII ''AT''''''''O When extended.. The folded launcher will easily fit in a small suitcase The rear section..proportional dividers. inside dimensions.IIIot..prin&" wit. the distance from the pivoted joint to the one end will be exactly twice the distance from the joint to the other end. small work. X.. three complete rockets can also be carried with the launcher. the tube is sufFigure A shows a 48" long x 3" di a.d . two .. it measures a compact 18" x launcher.A(t. sui tcase approx. it is desired to enlarge a drawing to nactly twice its size. 10" x 3"... ~.small gate hinges. doesefficient subONE'S drafting kit not include an L L~'~AIIIOJIIRo!. pop rivets and gun. If an 18" x 10" x 6" case is used. The dividers will be found very useful for enlarging or reducing a drawing or sketch. . For. and • qllleir.l 18). the blades should be divided lengtJiwise into three parts and the hole made at one of the divisions so that. Other divisions can be worked out in the same way. the blades must be divided into four parts and the pivot hole placed at a point one quarter the length of the blades from one end.. aluminum. lor proportional dlvld . The pivot should be quickly removable Modify this example to suft fOf setting the blades. as indicated by the inch scale All dimensions are arbiplaced beneath the lines upon which the trary as 1s the choice of al. ~ Figure A lAAW Fi ri ng· Device latch hinge stitute for this rather expensive instrument may be easily made by the method illustrated. taper them as suggested in the larger perspective drawing. IItA'9' M ~oIYID"CIoIoIT"'" . or even thin Wood.. When folded. difficult to make. . uminum as the tube material. ficiently rigid for firing... 2 25 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER ROCKET LAUNCHER by TAKEDOWN Clyde Barrow MAKING PROPORTIONAL DIVIDERS Popular Mechanics 1937 Materials: three . The blades may be made of cardboard.luggage latches. The wire design the materials most available shown bas given satisfaction and is not to you. to la. pivot of cardboard.&" .3" aluminum irrigation tubes. IS" long..

. Fire-Sail . 2 bee r can s I ea v I ng -c I ean Flg. flatten out upon impact. and above all. All you need is the scale.lfylD. look at the two tiny slotted-head brass studs in the palm of the hand shown in the photograph above. The original pieces... They are for use.lUI It I.. While I know of • few who have launched dry tennis balls holding the tube In their hands. tremely important. and with a little patience 'and practice you can split the hundredths and make linear measurements correctly within a few thousandths of an inch. . lIr. tbere'fore. Hair-splitting precislon like this is easy...01 lDd. the reUD. and the same scale and magnifying glass were used for _. ke .. __ . Insert fuse and tennis 'ball. appronmately .. that. I he I tha t a stand shou Id be IIIIIde.The ball will fit snugly Into the tube. The second photograph shows one of the studs placed against the edge of the scale. a small magnifying glass. FrOlll Popular Mechanics WITH 1937 ordinaty. . Th'is ball of gasoline may reach as far as a city block. stick.the dimension in questlon is a trifle over six and one ball divisions and is.... Cuts were taken with great care./ the measurements. 2 26 THE POOR MANtS ARMORER FIRE-BALL Materials CANNON Needed: Cut out the tops Joe Brown Can Opener Lighter Fuel Tennl s Ball by 3 Beer Cans Black Electric Tape Slow Burning Fuse Casol i ne and bottoms fr~ edges.. lthla .0668 in. On this ·ob the critical dimerlliOD happened to be the distance from the uppeudge of the saw cut to the sholllder on the stud. ..der • "'1. confidence in the fact that it can be done and that you can do it. It is dear. IDII ...0672 in. quired size. and spread flaming gasoline.. the lathe and two slots sawed in it sufli... high-grade steel scale? The hundredth of an inch divisions were not put on the scale u an ornament or to impress you with the quality of the tool. and check each in the lathe tool holder at an angle 10 measurement from two positions if posthat thl! sides of the point cleared both the sible. 1111. Flg..Z line the walls of the tube with a thin coating of lighter fuel..Jus. to .POOR MANtS JAMES BOND Vol. DOway of reallzewhat measuringdonewith an YOU can be in-the accurate I ---_ . makIng sure that the walls are smooth...The matter of Jetting proper light is exdently far apart to make the two pieces.. .. the other . Have the light evenly A diamond pointed tool was then adjusted diffused from both side!.1 Tape the three cans with electric tape to form the~ Into a tube... 'rhLS illustrate! how coarse and easily read the hundredths of an inch divisions appear under a magnify-' ing . using the 5aW cutl al reference points.. a reasonable supply of patience. Measuri Reprinted ndredths lengthwise and crosswise faces. Then cut out the top of a third beer can and make a fuse hole In the center of the can bottom. 1.Soak a tennis ball In a container of gasoline for several h~urs or until It fills with gas. but may hava to be gently pushed down with. As an example.066 in. A check-up alter lbe studs· II. even from the photograph. were finished showed one' of them caliThen a small brass rod was chucked in brated . that it was not possible to get at them even to measure the head diameter with an ordinary micrometer. of which these are copies. All measurements were taken from the originals with the aid of nothing but a steel scale and a smaU magnifying glass. were located in such a position on the apparatus of which they are a part.

Each of the five following loads Is designed to overcome. b c d e • E. The end is first heatsealed with a soldering gun. first cut a shell as In B. Cue along a lIne just above the brass base. Standard rifled shotgun slugs have a ulab I. C This lOad is used to penetrate. sabot loads will appear In a future Issue. The bullet will have a range of severe I 'hund red yards. shortcoming found in the standard 12 gauge rounds. The sabot travels dowr the barrel wi th the bu Ilet ilnd fa I I s aside a few feet after leaving the mulzl •. R lot shotguns wi th IS" or 20" barrels are Ideal for slug shooting but tend to allow buckShot to scatter in too wide a pattern for long shots. A round headed steel wood screw In the tip of the slug will increa. machine gun bullet.d and tool bl~ are inserted.lgh the new projectl Ie on a bullet scale and then chilrge the ~ase with the appropriate amount of powder. A simpler method is to substitute an equal amount by weight of fiSherman's ~pllt shot.000 feet par second. When the 5hot is in place. It may be necessary to remove a portion of the wad In the case to make room for the increased volume. B The lower ~d and powder charge are l. D. This principle was first us~d with artillety rounds and Is the ba' sis of the n. Seal the sIdes only as the end Should be free to unfold when the shell Is fIred. A. pry open the end of a buckshot shell and empty out the individual balls.06 case. The shot remains attached lO the wire loop and ~ravels to the target as a unit.standard shotshell is cut in half lengthwise wleh a razor blade. These ImprovIsed slugs usual ty stay together on Impact but could be modIfied to break open after striking the target. the gun's recoil could cause the polnt'to detonate the primer of the shell In front of Ito This II tha reason all lever action rIfIe almlO is of the round nose type. the case breaks along the cut and the entire front of the shell travels as a unJt.e the degree of penatratlon by delaying this InUsh room Ing act Ion. Carefully drill a hole In the ~anter of the large wad and I~sert a carbide or hardened steel burr or irinder bit Into the hole in the wad: This projectile should not waIgh more than the original slug or charg~ of pellets. Assemble the 3 sections ilround the bullet and install the u~ nit in the c.ubstitu~ ted for the slug. Remove the large wad and drill about 2/3 way through the wad's center. As wi th a II 5 of these loads.22 bullet reaches a velocity of about 4.e range of on Iy 100 yds.aled with a soldering gun. 00 not seal the end completely as was done in 0. Kevlar body armor and bu lid proof gl us. It is sometimes possible to seal the case with scotch tape but this causes feedIng problems in some shotguns. The completed grapeshot is now Installed in the case. and wire. Large bones and steel over liS" thick wi II ciluse the soft lead slug to rapidly mushroom ~d stop before it has penetrilted the target. Buckshot patterns 'can be ccnt ro lled by tying the individual balls together with plano or picture framer's wire. If iI shell with an exposed point were loaded in . Tie the wire loop as above and then crimp on each split shot with a pair of pI iers.111 a hole In the exact center of thl slug and turn the wood screw In flush with-the slug's tip. The procedures are oriented to non reloader' who will be buying . If you are a re~ader. B. NOTE: Please remember not to greatly increase projectile weight without . The wad is now cut into 3 equal pieces with a razor blade.Iso be uled. To make a 12 9auie sabot load. This Is currently the highest velocity round available in small arms ammo. C. They are now strung like beads on the wi re wh lch shou 1d be about 12" long.lU9 made from re9ular shotahell. 16 or 20 gauge shells may .w Accelerator rifle round. Carefully peel the two case halves back and remove the shot or slug and the large cardboard wad. D Special Purpose Shotgun Ammo By Clyde Barrow Blrdshot. This type of load is known as grapeshot and originated during the Clvi I War. refold the end of the Shell and spot seal or glue the end closed. buckshot and the rifled slug are three standard rounds avalteble for the 12 gauge shotgun. It is Important to keep the screw from projecting past the tnd of the shotshell case. Rifle bullet encased in three piace sabot. the case i~ s. as this case 15 supposed to open normally when fired. The processes should be easy to modify for those of you who have reloading setups. Just touch the ~ut to reseal it. t Ions ca 1"1 for spec I ill alllllO. 2 27 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER duction and is no longer avallble. The bulletlsabot combo is fired from a standard 30. The case is now cut almost through with a razor bla~e. Several years ago a 12 gauge shotsheil/sabot load was available commercially. bullet with a surrounding plastic sabot.tubular magazine. This will prevent the end from unfolding when the Shell is fired. These loads should be handled carefully as they may break open while being fed through a pump or gas auto actJon.tnd mod-' Ifying pre loaded ammo. certain situ. the range Is increa. An Improylsed slug load can be made from any regular shotshell. The . After the The sabot carried a 50 cal. To make a grapeshot load. The cut should extend from the front end to the edge of the brass base. Improvised . When the shell 15 fired. A The factory loaded rifled slug Is adequate to stop most medium size game and penetrate most thin met. irs a simple chore to w. Hardened ateel or tun9sten carbide tool bit in wad. Round headed wood screw in end of rifled ~lu9. A small hole is drilled In each ball. It wou Idaho be useful against tempered aluminum ailoy armor found on'current riot oontrol vehicles. Tie the ends of the wire to form a circle about 4" In diameter. This Is accompi ilhed by encasing the bulletin a 3 piece collar called a sabot(sa~) defined as a thrust-transmitting carrier that pOsitions a projectile In a tube). Or. An In depth look at the Accelerator and 50 ~al. Addltlonel weight can cause excessive chamber pressure and may damage you or the gun. Grapeahot load -' lead ball.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. This round Is now out of pro- E Commercial rifled slug loadS are often hard to obtaIn. a A.ft Intact. adjustable rifle sights Should be Installed to utllile the full potential of the round. Reseal the case as in B.ll barriers.ed several tImes. steel armor plate. If a lighter rifle bullat Is . leave only enough uncut material to hold the case together.. While the'e loads are adequate for mostapp IIcat Ions. The Accelerator carrIes a 22 ~al.

push out the damaged part." loosen tlie wires. at the outer edge. it is now necessary only to roll the strips as tightly as possible under your knee and bind with wire as described a little later on. It may then be desirable to cut out a wedge-shaped itgment from the old part of the tar~et. wear out quickly. 1101" ft.. it lasts to be no larger than 2 ft.t as possible by runDing them be- shot away. starting at the new insert and widenmg out to about 4 in. hard roll of pasteboard in the center. however. and roll and msert a new center. . If a standard 4-ft. in diameter.el' n. An meUent substitute. reducing the powder charge. Make the target from 4· to e-in. '" '" '" '" . or m any other convenient way. It will improve tbe target to hr brush the pasteboard heavily with a sohrtion of sodium silicate (water glass). un be roll. but they are I necessity when firing improvised weapans or Irnmunlt ion. 2 28 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER CHEAP TARGET ARCHER ROLLS TARGETS FROM PASTEBOARD Tar.spaee doses. .hown below II be Ire expensive..d ""dl' one'l kDee Reprinted From Popular Mechanics 1937 :z Bl"er t"rlu like Ihu 1100 left Illrled in 1100.. mo y but finI. It is best to start rolling the target under your knee (with the wooden roller in the center) until a diameter of about 18 in. which is sold in large rolls for packing purposes.. place two No.. Saw the roll of corrugated board into 5· or 6-in..ele.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. Apply new wires and tighten until this . . Insert a small. and it can be repaired easily. . Always wear tempered shooting glasses and hearing protectors when firing experimental loads. In di. lengths and crush the strips u lla. can be made from ordinary single-faced corrupted pasteboard. The cost is low. cannot STPJ.. target is to be made. oversize.hed 011 • 'WOodin f .".rre.of thl tYPI .W target backs used for archery hoIne even in the few localities where &Uitablerye straw is to be obtained. When the center bas been hit so many times that it "leaks. II II ...rame as shown in the drawing. A target back of any size can be rolled from this material. Bore the center for a wood roller.. prepare a f.. If the target. I. As soon as the Iollin~ is completed. has been reached and then mount it in the frame and continue rolling.6 or 8 wires around the target as tight as possible and crimp them with pliers. and cannot easily be made at repaired when the centers have been tween the rollers of a wringer. 1 recommend their use for all shooting. flattening them with a lawn toller.

Some are of recent manufacture. When the proper length fuse is determined. Cut a circle of aluminum foil about 7/16" in diameter and epoxy in place over the primer or cap. ~any examples of these grenades are rusty. The test should determine reliability and -the specIfic burning rate for that particular roll. inst~ll the saEety lever ~nd pin beEore proceeding on the Euse ~ssembl~. No ignitor or explosive charge is supplied. The Nazis often left grenades lying around with no delay fuse at all. in both cases it's ready for Immediate use. Several military surplus suppliers are currently selling these "inert" grenades. No plug is supplied. 12 PKA Vol. others are supplied with the above parts intact. which ever Is available to you. Some examples have had the striker and striker spring removed.contaln no firing apparatus & are useful as paper weights only. This acts as a moisture barrier and allows the grenade to be carried in foul weather without worrying about misfires due to damp primer}1 Test various lengthS of 3 32" cannon fuse.u::. in the bottom of the fuse assembly. the armed grenade can be loaded in a launcher or carried in the hand. The fuse is I it with no smoke. without pin. and press Into place inside of the fuse assemb 1y. The unit is absolutely safe until the p ln is removed. (potassium chlorate) the spark from the fuse itself wi 11 be sufficient io detonate the filJer.) The prefered procedure is to thread this hole and install a removable filler plug. or any other surplus outfit. Th is e 11m! nates fumbl ing around with I ighters. This insures both good Ignition from the primer and a nice fat spark to detonate the explosIve filler. These converted units have several advantages over improvised grenades. A file should be used to make this surface as flat as possible. D. When ordering gren~des from SherWOOd. A lower price is ~v~llable for case lot orders. C. fuse Assembly Insert a long punch or nail. It may be sealed permanently by soldering a plug in place. it the cas t iron body shatters well into deadly fragments. The. with epoxy. 8. Cut a length of fuse which will give the proper delay. COM¥ERSION PROCEDURE A.~. The stri~ ker assembly Is Intact. Probably most Important Is the lever/pin system.:. This allows the fuse assembly to be installed and waterproofed on the empty grenade body. Enlarge the primer pocket to accept a small or large pistol or rifle primer. A black powder cap may also be used. If the grenade body wi 11 be filled with black or smokeless powder or match heads. This is also the type of grenade that TV terrorists carry in their hand. If threading the hole Is not are cast in one pl. about 1/16" diameter. #1. Use a 1/8" drill to clean out and enlarge this tube. usually corroded in place. be sure to specIfy' moveable parts' as most dealers also sell training grenades. The rubber washer suppl ied is often cracked and should be replaced with a new one of similar size. cut both ends on a diagonal for maximum e~posure of the black powder center. The~e practice grenades are iden' tical to the fragmentation units diagramed on p. The flnes~ e~ample we've seen Is currently available from Sherwood Distributors. The completed lin is waterproof. he was greeted with an instantaneous explosion. This will allow a tight.95. The unarmed grenades can be safely stored In this manner and fIlled with powder prior to use. Th". available from Zeller Enterprises @ 15 ft. jOrenadesl ARMING GI PRACTICE GRENADES by Clyde Barrow Surplus practice grenddes can be easily converted to five status In the home workshop. Ads may be fOl. for $1.: 3/32" Fuse ---_'~=~I.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. The only other work requIred on the body 15 to true up the top surface where the fuse assembly screws in. strikers and friction igniters. while others date back to the early 1950's. dlnged up and are missing the striker and spring. After pin removal. A glob of auto body plastic filler may also be used. These grenades are clean. lody The unthreaded hole In the bottom of the cast iron body yaries from 3/8" to 5/8" d 1ame ter • (The examp Ie from Sherwood was 3/8" dl~. The fuse assembly is supplied with a fired primer and burnt out fUse. with no rust and are of recent manufacture.lf for some reason you make up a batch of fuse assembl ies with various time delays. but the actual time may be varied to suIt you~ individual needs. If the entire body . FiYe seconds is generally accepted as a good duro atlon. Price for a single unIt is $~.ce.iI!I~ side bend HAMMER PATTERN B. flash and relatively little noise. and Is left open. moisture proof fit between Aluminum Foi 1 Epoxy Primer or Cap-. Drive out the spent prImer and powder residue from the tube. "Shoot me and we all die" etc.lnd in Shotgun News and In several gun magazines. The filler hole at the bottom of the body has not been threaded.the burning rate may vary greatly from one roll to the next.j-the thought was a 5 second delay fuse. The hole should be large enough to a IIow the pr Imer or cap to be pressed into the hole wIth finger pressure only. the shape and weight are handy for both hend throwing and rifle launching. it's imperative that you color code or otherwise mark them for your future identification. When a GI pulled the st ring on wn. e~cept for the following: A. NOTE: Cock the striker. This is impor' tant because although fuse is consistant withIn each roll.00. Coat the fuse except the ends. prImer or cap should be flush with the top of the fuse body when Installed. 2 29 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER body and fuse assembly.

If you are going to store dynamite.. . but a good Idea Is to by WI! I Jam Segal carry It very carafully awe. NOTE: If your particular fuse body has been made "safeH by rell101'41 of 2 30 THE POOR MANIS ARMORER the striker and spring. There is no safe way to dispose of can burn It.. will not be filled.ticks of 40% gelatin dynamite were stored In his'workshop at room temperature. Another two sticks of gelatin 40% were stored In a cool place under his workshop.somehydrochlorrc acid.After the Potass!um Chlorate In. so if you area. When the epoxy 15 dry. Acid will set off the safely store dynamite an4 what hap. Disposing of unstable dynamite Is a problem that has to be faced HYDROCHLORIC ACID If you are careless about storing GENERATOR It. no leakage at all. so dlsUn(:e. Occas lonaIly. Anyone who has re~d The Poor Han' 5 James ~ knows "Soiiie t hin9 about dynamite. a good Idea Is to store It in a cool place and t\lrn It over once a month. When the bottle 15 broken. Step 1 The center strip Is cut In the middle Take a wine bottle with a cQncave and Its ends folded downwards--the bottom and fill It with )0% Sulphur. a jar.6 of the PMJB has some good InformatIon on dynamite. The pro- Flamelese Molotov . store It right In the first place. concave Such as a milk carton. the this. This will form ~ waterproof seal between the bqdy and fuse assembly. a friend of mine. Slip a twelve months the dynamite was JUSt plastic baggle over the bottom and like new. the fire. cardboard 10 It snugly fltl over the Once a month.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. would be of AD help. WIpe a II powder gra Ins from the threads before Installing the fuse assembly. however.Potassium Chlorate which In turn. tut a circular piece of laid out on a piece of plywood. and also somewhat Incorrect.procedure). tube of desired length (preferably metal. side of the sticks. the plete.through a screel\ up. In the paper wrapping on the outespecially the concave bottom. This generator cause If you bump It or give It (:anbe used In Instances ~here t~ any kind of a Jolt while It Is smoke may need to be Issued through burning. but It Is better to be safe than sorry. the filler plug should also be coated with Permatex before installing. If a more sophisticated explosive filler is [0 be used. ~owTO SAFELY DYNAMITE STORE BY TODD W. In which case an acid-filled you should be prepared to dOUSe eoffee can with foil placed Inside. This After his experiment was comIs to keep moisture out. The grenade is now ready to use (see Grenades Part I for. It will most likely blow a vent Ilation system. First. And. though heavy plastic will do for a limited duration before It melts) . He experimented with gelatin dynamite by storing it In dlff~rent places to find out If It would'leak nitroglycerine. a wad of paper should be used to ensure that a quantity of filler is held in pl~ce around the fuse. a propeller smalge I a tin dynaml tes don't 1eak n Itro. or generally In situations where the Unstable dynamite Is very gas Is to be directed to one certain tricky and dangerous. the explosive must be added before the fuse assembly Is In· sta II ed. so that In bottom case it does leak. It will take more than a month to start leaking. a g I ycer 1 ne .. One Important thing about dynamite that has leaked and "become unstable Is that the explosive power Is greatly reduced.coat the threads of the grenade body with Permatex or a similar non drying g~sket sealer. from When foil Is dropped Into hydroall buildings and then get clear (:hlorl acId. metal funnel. Step 2 The third group was stored unPack the bottom full of Potassium der the workshop In a cool spot.Burnlng ting this gas can be easily and inexdynamite Is very dangerous bepensively constructed. a you won't have to worry about it. Two . If you do not want to A simple generator to aid In emitblow it up. After eight months. the Jar lid is cut to shape BV F.. using tin snips (as shown In drawing).. If you do a rOOlll. If the fill e r ho Ie has been permanently sealed Instead ot threaded for a plug. be sure [0 use the correct companion booster or IgnItor charge. some nitroglycerine had leaked out of both sticks and the milk carton that they were stored in had quite a bit of the unstable liquid In the bottom of It. Most hi9h explosive' cannot be detonated by fuse only. gelatin dynamite CAN leak nitroglycerine just like the sawdust-clay type dynamite. wrap a rubber band around It. After eight months. however. the part about storage of this high explosive is rather vague. the full siZe pattern enclosed may be used to fabricate a replacement. I found out that" the more. who Is a road construction contractor and uses dynamite In his work. and 50t the diameter of the motor.ler than the diameter of the Jar. when someone tells you that one D size battery.. dynamite Is handled. yet allow for later disassembly if necessary. The section on p. The materials needed are. It is very likely that the gas may need to be emitted a short newspapers will catch on fire. Last ye~r. and all!!Jllnum fol1. Seal the top and thoroushstarted to Seep through the seams Iy wipe the bottle clean and dry. Contrary to what is written In the PMJB. the nltrogly~erlne had ju~t Gasoline. you will know the Facts. Also It Is a good Idea to store It In a leak proof between the folds should match ic Acid. The spark cannot be counted on to make a jump. a small electric motor. the nitro will be contained and it won't run out allover the place. Chlorate. unstable. the resultis a gaseous c of the area and let it off under Substance which can effectively clear a pile of newspapers. 20t Motor Oil. the more un· stable It becomes. began a series of experiments on storing dynamite. he simply rolled bottom and tape It In place to keep each stick over 180 degrees. I asked my friend how to Sulphuric. After addition of the explosive filler.. B. pens to dynamite wh~n It becomes will explode the gasoline.

then a more compllclted design must be employed.rubbe r for a wr I $ t recket .~~. The ends of the surgical tubing ere attached to one end of the bamboo.the power for tn. When It Is released. thereby releasIng the shaft to b. pushed with the surgical tubing. then pulled back as far as possible. (though not el(lctly a speargun). -A trigger Is then cut from a thin piece of wood or a thick piece of plastic. If the propeller spins the wrong ~y. 'For th I5 weapon to work the dart must 'be pushed dl rect Iy agal nst the marludlng animal. A notch Is made on the end of the spear shaft and the middle of the V Is fit tightly Into It. The tube is then connected to the small.I Ide the rubber ns pouch. A switch Is. as much tension will be applied to this area.and the propeller activlted. of a V shape.the dev'ce's pUrpose wIll be <teleated. held In place by wire and electrical tape. pel lor Is connected to the shaft and the motor is then Inserted between the two metal folds. Another kind of aquatic weapun. carefully sealed to avoid gas leakage. On the ands o( the surgical tubing II tightly wrap~d a thick piece of wire In the for. _----- . once the basic principia 15 understodd. the spear is forced through t he bamboo and into the lola ter (or air. providing ample time for the lid to be tightly screwed on. The poycli Is fastened onto ~he top of the first tower using a thick. connected to the wirrng and the polar Ity should be such that the propeller turns In the direction to suck up the The above version Is fine but If you wish to have the lulturyof a handle Ind a trigger mechanism. Depend Ing on the 5 ize of t_hedev Ice and the motor's torque. for keeping agressive dogs at bay--to say nothing of assai hints.' The valve stem from a blc:ycle. This attachment should be made especially sttong.... A small opening is made between the funnel and I id to allow space for the wires connected to the motor. The first notch Is secured onto the trigger assembly and the tubing Is pulled back and placed on the end notch. Devices similar to thesa In c:_rc:lal use. The val va stem then pushed through '5 --_ . The D size battery 15 taped to the side of the funnel and the motor wires attached to It.The steel shaft 15 slid Into the bamboo and the nonpo inted end placed . the gas cen reich from three to silt feet. open end of the funnel and should also be sealed with black tape or _epoltyto prevent leaks. this arrengment will reduci thl tension from the tower. First. When ready to use. In the center of the end of the valve Is a valve reIease In the form -of a sma II pinhead like protrusion. Inner tube can be cut off and cleaned thoroughly ot the re~ ~Inlng rubber. for much of the gun's accuracy will depend on this.. 2 31 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER While It Is true that the speargun gas and push It out of the . With half of the surrounding thread wall gone. Strong wire Is used for the second part of the trigger mechanism which Is placed through a hole In the rear tower to match the height of the trigger top. It takes a few moments for the foi I to begin creatIng the smoke. th~y can be constructed easily ~nd Ineltpenslvely (certainly much less than you would spend on a flctory made onel • The most simple kind of speargun can be made using I sl~ inch long piece of bamboo. depending on how you are using Itl_ be expensive. Using a hac:ksaw. blnt nlll as shown In the drawing.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. 1 t 5 HOMEMADE $PEARGUNS BY WILLIAM SEGAL be'lng in the price range of 20 to 30 dollars. a piece of wood (preferably oak or blrch--one which will not WI rp) Is cut to shape II shown In the drawing. However..chanlsm to fit snugly Inside. Is an effect I ve and I ega I weapon. the chaapest of which Is Ilso true that the speargun can P':opeller • :.lnd a rep 1acemen t . the valve release Is readily accessible. I·fcarried inconspicuously in a case. The holes drilled th~ugh the 'two t~r-Ilke protrusl~s at the top should be made esspecially level.s~argun. using strong twine or string.. can be made at home. called shark darts and are dIfferent from spearguns In that they force a dart Into the opponent rather than a spear. The pouch Is grasped between the thumb and fingers as If you were firing an average wrist rocket. A wrist rocket repllcement rubber Is again used to provlde. half of the thread portion of the valve Is clretully cut off. The steel shaft Should be about 1/" " in diameter with I notch filed In It. This generator would be excellent for bug extermination and. allowing for the wire . Onto this improvised Jar 1 id 15 fastened a metal funnel. the jar Is filled wi th hydroch Ior Ic ae Id and a wad of aluminum foil Is dro~ped inside. steel shaft. When the trigger 1s pulled the wire drops from the first notCh. &-FOII Acid . An empty C02 c:apsule 15 obtained and the open end drilled through to allow for a valve..

the tube and Into th victim. This tube Is then screwed onto the end of the valve and I dart(wlthout the fins) 15 slid Inside . leaving nothing but the short 221e. If this no~~le is plastic. Care should be taken when a handle or trIgger will release the the tlnk might explode. at a right angle near-the end. Three feet from the end is marked off ar. ~n air' pump '(pref.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. Depending gas powered spearguns shQuid not be with threads and fitted onto the on how your extinguisher is designed •.sllghtly All spearguns are legal to own.nd releases the Shaft.~~"~'~ ~ side the pole the wooden plllg Is fit it In place with the wire trigger. The long spring Is removed and some form of poUCh Is made on the end of an old tree lamp.d then cut using I hacksaw. though careful not to damage the spring inside. If the smailer and thinner than the tubings however. left out In the sun. The last kind of speargun requires Ittle alteration and works on the ame principle as gas powered spearuns. the ext Ingui sher IS Iength) and bent gas to escape.The· . is slid Into the fire one while on a publIc beach. The also at a right angle. Once dry. On some units here Is a cone shaped pipe connected ro this. On the small home fJre ext Inwaterproof ulshers there Is usual1y a noz~le tape hrough which the fire extinguishing ubstlnce is emitted. filled with air until the pumping' strokes become difficult. stem. A steel shaft. a strOng plastic sealant can be used bending the metal tube so that there to attach a hollow tube about 2 feet gas and force the spear out of the (or longer or shorter depending on are no cracks or folds to allow for tube. Inside diameter. can be fitted tube as far as It will go. forcing the dart out of. with a quick r~ l. .. should protrude at l••st half an Inch from the tube so that when the dirt point Is pushed against an attacking shark (or whatever) It will release the compress. it Is [Ilegal to load or ~2~le Is metal. as It Is possible ~zzle. dart. nan solder here dart shift A different type of speargun can made cheaply usi. pouch.rably on. tightly onto the end. After the plJlllP relelsed. soldere or epoxyed. A knob from an old radio or television works fine as a pouch when It Is attached upsIde down on the end of the spring. SCRAP SPEARGUN 2 32 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER t II II n t capsu e an . which can easily be taken GAS-POWERED SPEARGUM fl. an aluminum tube. A wooden plug to match tne diameter of the l~p pole is cut to shape about an inch apart in the tOp of the wooden plug and through them Is ~shed a wire which will serve as a trigger. the kind of lamp fixture which encases a spring and extends from floor to ceiling. • round .aH) Is 'attachfldand the cartrl dg. After the spring is placed back inbe pushed up into notch ~~~~Yb~======~.the rim to ensure an elr-tlght 5•• 1. I hollow metal tube Is about 3" long is prepared wi th InsIde threads 'to IN! tch those of the va 1ve .d air.A notch near the When the wi re is pushed down it leaV end of the spear will ser~e to hold the notch .

2-3/4" long a 1umi mill tube la" !D. by 5 & S Arms Co. bushings and set screw may be of any thread pattern you choose and the sizes can be altered to fit the materials ava 11 able •. Support the er for further information. dies.. Qualified buyers should contact the manufactur. The AWe unit is available to of a and dies aren't available.3/4 " . a large drill may be clamped into a vise. 15/16-5/8 and 318 Threaded bushings Set screw w/a11en wrench. The bushings built on a High Standard pistol and containeda and aluminum tube work can be farmed out to a compressed stack of brass screen washers inmachine shop. pistol w/4-3/Q' barrel 1 .11-3/4" CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE avera 11 length . with a 4-3/4H barrel.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. These mounts are this design was used by the OSS in W W II and ~"x20 male thread at the front. 1 . They are ais still available to CIA and National Security vailable for $25 from D.8. page 58.Q. 2- 21- 33- 2- ':iu 00 1 " 00 washers Drl1ls . By Clyde Barrow Silenced Rugar Pistol Materia 1s Used 1 . This type of attachment is covered in the private individuals. Note that the This silenced pistol design is a simplified instructions call for two sizes of spanner. and relatively of holes in the barrel and install a removable low mechanical noise. autopistol. 2 33 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER All measurements and procedures are based on the S .118" 10-1" OD brass tube. stead of shreaded copper and fiberglass.A. Included is a reprlnt of short barre led silencer art ic I e in PMA. FRONT CHAMBER fl berqlass REAR CHAMBER packing sh redded COUPLER s BARREL EXTENSION coppe r pack i n9 ORIGINAL (barrel modified) 8ARREL & STANDARD RUGER MODIFIED RUGER Overall length . The Ruger was The simplest method is to drill the 4 rows chosen for both its reliability. wrenches.Ruger RST 22 cal. The above taps. a system of If taps Class 3 dealers for $225 and retails for $275. This has been simplified to the use version of the AWe Silenced Ruger manufactured large screwdriver and hand tightening. Packing Material See enclosed 5 & 5 instructions for description of packing material and procedure. the instructions that accompany the pistol.lISn and 1/4u diameter Taps. An earlier version of silencer mount on the muzzle.* other end of the work with a wood block or simThe basis of this unit is a Ruger RST 22 ilar steadyrest.* Mounts for severAgency (NSA) personel. sold in most hardware and plumbing shops as a toilet tank overflow tube. This early version was al other guns are also available. 15/16-5/S and 318 Dies. shims collars and set screws may be substituplus a $200 Federal Transfer Tax when so~d to ted. S drawing and they may differ slightly from the actual unit. about 12" you don't have access to a lathe.

and reme~ber that you are going to pack 12 ropes (2-1/2 copper scouring pads) in the rear chamber alonel In a simIlar minner. F.Q. 5. Drill four rows of holes in both the barrel and barrel extension." 2. I. 3. Drill and. 7. you should still be able to see portions of the threadS on the end of the barrel. Unfold the pads. In a manner similar to step ~ above...1/2 to 2-3/4' pad' appears to be optimal. This allows a good grip and eliminates the need for a spanner wrench. If stuck. 118" 00.lslng. Point of impact may change slightly with repacking. K. Cut the 1" 00 brass tube to the length arrived at in step J. you will have twelve of these copper "ropes. remove the trigger-frame assembly (It slides slightly to the rear) and the bolt. The inside rear of the tube is threaded to fit the bushing. The rest will disappear after the first shooting. unscrew the barrel extension. Screw the suppressor tube onto the barrel-receiver after lubricating the barrel and tube with a rust inhibiting greasa. Drill the center hole to ~" ID and thread. the first 3/8" of barrel is turned down to 5/8" 00.ove the 8-32 Allen set screw from the bottom of the suppressor hol. Screw hend tight only. Using the Packing Guide barrel extension sPInner. you may screw the spinner wrench onto the front of the barrel extension to give you ~ hlndle to pull with. such as an Icepick.ble for $2 ppd. clean with a sharp instrument. Clamp the suppressor outer housing In a vise. Remove the barrel extension. Repacking kits (copper pads and fiberglass) Ire avall. After plrtlally hammered In. Wrap one of the copper "ropes" . Follow the instructions below for packing and assembly. S. In step I -.A.cund the packing guide and push In with the white pl. drawing). NOTES: ~EVER use I thread sealant (such IS Loc tIta). H. The outside should slip snugly into the 7/8" ID brass tube.5/8~ ID. The fiberglass does not have to be packed Auite as tightly IS the e:opper. M. ~. You will note that the coupler remains Ittached to the rear of the barrel extension.d. Using the allen wrench In the end of the PIcking guide ( the end of the pla. It may be necessary to te~porarlly remove the packing guide. Several passes of an oiled brass bore brush should e:lean out most of these strlnds of copper. Use ~-20 threads with the D. Fill the front chamber with fiber· glass to the front. 7.15/16" 00.Six 1/8M holes per row in the barrel and five ~" ho 1es per row in the extension. Discard 111 pecklng. you may have seen several small wisps of copper packing protruding throught the holes in the barrel. To build the endcap. two blocks of wood with a "II" slot. 6. If the barrel holes are plugged with lead. 2.tlc tube to drive the copper rope 'n at far'a. Thread both ends of the aluminum tube and the front of the barrel with a ~" die. The thread pattern is up to you. The barrel of the pistol has been modified for use with the sound suppressor by having been .e over 1 pads. Cut II screwdriver slot in the front end of the barrel extension and join the barrel and extension with a 5/8" long bushi 1lQ-'r. Replace the Setscrew. Ind adjust the sights if necessary. as the barrel extension-Is aluminum. G. After the 2-1/2 scouring pads have been hammered in. The remainder is turned down to 00. 3. Disassemble the pistol and clamp the receiver-barrel assembly in a lathe. This distance is about 6". Each pad is made of a sleeve of copper mesh about five Inches diameter and slightly over & foot long. or severll Ilyers of rubber Inner tube be used to prevent marring of the blueing. Solder this washer to a second 1" washer. After field stripping the pistol.Claan all parts thoroughly end lubricate thoroughly with ~ light rust inhibitIng grease. re. mount. 1. Repacking can be done while you welt. Use the splnneron the packing guide to tighten the ISsembiy. Obtaining the materials locally is cheaper. an endcap w/baffles may be installed.22lR with an integral sound suppressor." 10. jf you bring the weapon. Factory repae:klng service is 1availble.. possible. A piece of ~" 10 aluminum tubing is cut to 2-3/4" long and is turned to a Is" 00.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. ~. Use a file to serrate checker or knurl the edge of the 1" washer. It Is reeomended thlt either I block of wood drilled with a I" hole.Align the index marks on the bottOm of the housing Ind receiver nelr the setscrew hole. l. reduce a 1" washer to 15/16" 00 on one side and taper to 7/B" on the other. Measure the distance from the front of the receiver to the front of the tapered area on the endcap. Ham. Shoot the weapon to check the point of Impact. Stand the unit upright on the workbench with the open end of the suppressor tube pointing up. Punc~r cut out the rivet in the copper scouring pads. but shipping the weapon requires transfers. 8. With 2-1/2 pads. Install the coupler/barrel extension assembly. tle:tube supplied (1/2" Pile water pipe). end It has been found that a rod (or large Phillips screwdriver) makes a good wrench when Inserted In the holes In the rear of the receiver. Suppressor Dislssembly: 1. This may require a bit of force. Measured from the front of the receiver.end of the suppressor outer housing. D. This Is usad to guide the copper packing Into the rear suppression chamber. If additional sound or flash suppression is needed. Note: 2. but will vary with each individual insta11a t ion. B. pack In the other II ropes of copper.tap the bush i ng for a B-32 set screw. Use the spanner wrench to unscrew the Front Assembly Nut. _Thread the 5/8" 00 area of the barrel and install a 3/8" long bushing . J. Drill a shallow corresponding hole in the bottom of the barrel. Never u. AWe SERIES SDUNO SUPPRESSED RUGER PISTOLS Dese:rlption: The ynlt tonsists of a stlndard Ruger ~el RST-~ pistol In e:al . It will unscrew about 1/2 Inch. Ins~rt the narrow end of the PIcking guide Into the end of the barrel (the Allen wrench will be pointIng up). 6. This taper is important because it aids in realignment of the tube mounted front sight when the unit is reassembled after each repackoing. but light blows with a hammer are recommended. 00 not sepirate the two. Screw on the front assembly nut using the spanner wrench provided. Screw the endcap onto the barrel extension. Bevel the inside front of the tube until the tapered edge of the endcap will slip snugly inside. This bushing is threaded on the lnsfde only. Construction Procedure A. Refer to drawing for placement of holes. Looking down the bore of the pistol. Z. The endcap may aIso be based on the MAC design-see (fhe Removable Endcap") elsewhere fn this issue. ~M 2 34 THE POOR MANIS ARMORER C. Construct and mount the unit as detailed fn the AR 7 silencer plans on page 58. 9." PIck the fiberglass around the barrel extension In the front sup· pression chamber. E. Packing the topper in tightly is e:rltlcal to the effect· Iveness of the suppressor. Cut crossways Into five pieces and then twist each piece Into a "rope" about I/~" diameter and 7-8 Inches long. Unscrew the receiver fr~ the suppressor tube. DO MOT use pliers. Packins and Reassembly: I.

01 fee. the front sight may be lowered by filing during the sighting in process. loc. to B75 f.' .. Bixler Firearms Co. red. IT BURNS. III obHr~ct Iud Ing to tile . Spacer .~40 to 930 f. The endcap contains two hard rub~ ber baffles. u ..s. and spread out the Bound pressure peak.R pravfd. Indentation from Staking Punch (J of 6) plus UPS shipping. making the weapon shoot low. pad.]90 siZes. the recoil spring of the pistol has been modified by having three turns removed from'the spring.. (you can mIx llzes for I dozen. The unit Is then removed by hand and a fresh replacement 15 installed.1 east . The ~ront sight is attached to the suppressor housing. ~: The standard model suppressed ~uses the origInal fixed sights which came with the pistol. ..'5.. The receiver and bolt can be cleaned with powder solvent and lightly ol'ed.v. us.e-tory for .up1.4trvic: • t the f. For owner.) Order from.r. and the suppressor adds only about three Inches to the overall length of the pistol.. 1nch . which occasionally fails to eject...ll. 00 IIOT US[ STEn I/(){)~. drilled to port hot gasses Into the rear suppression chamber (see drawing). (Standard" HV) in the suppressed weapon as compared to 1. lo. There Is a slight loss in effectiveness of the suppressor using ~V ammunition.050 to 1125 f. Interestingly. although any light oil will work. stor . ~ Tot. tau •• or "p' II L ~n ..t I nii pI K" prll:'S'S lon.Aluminum TubIng 1-1/4" 00 x I" ID x 1/2" long G. r t dlfied pistol.p. Undercut 1-7/16" 00 x liB" D.'1i--t.followed by a dry patch and a lightly oiled patch.lly •• n.iI. cllilfllbCir you will us. incIud ing Micro and l'Ii ature Kelch ne nI l Company (MHC) adjustable rear sights.. Copper has been found to be exceptionally effaetive as a heat conductor. a spacer and a retaining waSher whIch Is staked In place. then a thorough disassembly and cleaning of the weapon Is recommended.. 1ft Nord. Routine cleaning should consist of using a brass brush dipped in solvent to scrub the bore. res i dues .1 IllY thr •• you wi I L :uSe 2"1/2. expand the gasses..c.. helping to further muffle the report.• r 'Supprcs.1. 1..p. or . W. In 6" wide roHs for Insul. Fpr th4 front an hour will be '. END CAP COMPONENTS These caps will fit tubing with the followl ng specs: 1-3.. Plastic Baffle 9/]2" 10 x 1/4" thick x 1-1/4"OD H. ~rc.lib I. This Is done in case the purchaser wishes to Install adjustable rear sights."d"9" I t I til eU I. perfon .c. av. tcd th. The undersized holes In the baffles become enlarged and Ineffective ~fter severa I hund red rounds. 1-9/16" x 20 Ne x ]/B" long F.1. Undercut For Baffle ExpansIon Male Threads 1:. Knurled Rim l-]/~" 00 x ]/32" C.. tt. the s ava II . head 0 f 1'1 IJ I tary Armament Corp (MAC).s of Efflelentcy: iliiVl ng. i.q. Gretna LA 7005] Specify: HAC Suppressor Wipe Assemblies and include caliber desired when ordering. The rear cha~ber 15 packed with dense Shredded copper.ft~r the f i .· . 20e j>Or pad. The velocity of the CCI Stinger ammunition is reduced froml.ars choilll'llber l :1 . VelocIty measurements range'from B25 f.dl1:..POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. Cleaning: it Is recomended that only minimal cleaning of the weapon be "nd requh lng rep. Box 1"55..M~r. AlumInum Retaining Washer 1-1/"" 00 x ]/~" I0 x 1/16"thi ck I. ~na jlQWdec port.4" 00 1-1/2" 10 (liB" wall) Threads-20 pe r Inch NC .. All other eel ammuniiton works well. Whenever repeckIng of the sound suppressor Is performed. ThI.hI ck fl ber~ I••• about 6" by 1S".arkets ilS "Chore GI r I 'ure CoppAr ScoIJrlng '. and is normally supplied somewhat high. We can provide adjustable sights at a slight additional charge if ordered at the time of ordering the weapon. Windage can be adjusted by drifting the rear sight. and we recomend standard velocity . A. The worn caps can be discarded or may be returned to an arsenal for rebuIlding. the HMC sight requires a front sight lower than the original non-adjustabre-sTght. at ~st "lupen...s..allaol. The design resulted from silencer research conducted during the Vietnam era... . the caps are sold to anyone for $17.. Ill be . pl. W. but the combination Is effective. 9mm. l C. There are many excellent sights which can be field installed.t r epackI ~ will "-va to b.II • l\00I01.8<1.. Replacement baffles can be made from amber squeegee rubber. Tim O.1 suppliers.s. velocIty 15 slightlY reduced. of ana HE REPLACEABLE ENDCAP by Clyde Barrow INTERIOR VIEW This design for replaceable silencer endcaps was developed by Mr tche II Werbel1. Hole SIB" 10 B. The suppressing principles are not new..s.22LR ammunition for backyard and basement shooting.p.apan IN'III Witil tine. mim.. which tools the hot galle' quickly reducing both their temperature and volume. 1" tile barrel 1101l ch.d .. In the AU)uquerque. The front suppression chamber Is packed with fiberglass and acts similar to a "Glasspack" automobile muffler. in an unmo- 2 35 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER performed between repacking intervals. By bleeding the gasses within two lnthes of the chamber. This functions well with all types and brands of ammunition with the exception of CCI Standard Velocity. available from art supply shops and lC...oppe"r fo.(thread dep th 1/]2") Available in .. AmmunItion: Because of early porting of the gasses in the barrel reducing recoil.SlghtIng radius on the suppressed pistol Is app rox!rna te Iy 10". d every ~OO-800 rounds~ Haterlal' ar. and have been satisfied..p. WD-'O.. thi. keeping the bullet subsonIc.50 each or $150 per dozen . 5hredd.llghtly Th. If the standard sights are to be used. The barrel extension coupler and front assembly nut both help keep the outer tube (which carries the front sight) concentric with the bore of the barrel.l'!"e rear bee OIM: 1•• d tha suppr esno l1ii't I .

We eaH i't . h!. W'h!!..n. .f tile.ctJ r.'~ Till i~.c'ur~d "". ~ M.!!. IIr't fe l@i.i!J of th~ mr... of 18.!!! '9re:aJf.and aduO!.tre n~h.a c ~Ilr:!rliir ..eoll ~peel 'fh::·~lll y for d f le. '11H: I 2.etrt'i [un..1 '!f!erf~r~' ma. Wei t .d:8''FOJ"'! sed ~.gelll loaos. d is JH!!.!.l:ll.i al .t.ti$OiflS" 'tile r i !lI9~d!' ~oa.e. i:l'le~.H 1e.. !lInd .~p!lr'~ n'g: lin.ltUf:e Q'f tllei ~ cOn~ t r'Lld i'on :I~ we I ~ a. ~ill und~r Ti~1d co~ditiOl1!s.. y b~!.1 Ui91..yd s .~' tweeln 33 ~i'!d 31'" drQP!lt 1 00 yG~.ho.tI S I. U'ury 5Y~l:Id $ i flgi.he:111.f!.!IIrr. I umrtr ].e~.!iI.g. ~ 'ran.'1 Iil9 i Fig III load" r [Iff ~'Ieu tt l' ng II r in91ecl lo.!.!Qed load's: caifrre in w (HI ..!'reil botl'i type~ of' proJ~r::trh.[ln.eel I E~.y ~l1!d l:lerfOfmllll!ce 0'1 the r ] n~'ed lo". she 1l 1!.s .onG'e feod If I (:olilld shed .E!I hll1!ece 5'S!! ry Jlioido'o!'!!!f ..<I t i~ln 5· lSornl'~. s~ i"o C~mpa r I ~Q". t hne ago.r th~t dr~lane~.j s.r'e.I.POOR MAN t S J AME8BOND Vol..b.!!II".$Ihre te~ tS C!O!!!par I nil 't. I've. ltJe f1 ilHel' tlfaject'0 ry mean. 2 36 Ri. DilI:rt the amound!.rl ~.I'FO\l:e$ letlilnce s fo r .a a CC'UFilCy off' the ~he: Prn] ee t: II es • I I1i rr with ~hlel by :~TdI.<i' tin. J u ~t cu.ugs t:I'li!J1'I 01'1 Uri! :~I r c'k. I h~v!'l! t tr i.tlil h. ~. the 8nt i re sl:uj't lo. ~n old I'd 111 hi" Iy trTck.n.. th. TO r meg I h'l ii'lg ~e1'lI"dl3l!!" sl'l!fJl h to per'form :5peeLalll'ed fune'tron.~ 'I ~ te'f.11.!lifiDliiiir t: iiJrf" i:le.helfi.(lmed 't!'" sh~t ali nh: fla.ct i ". ' cOl'wenU goa I .tllld be on. take!'lw~ ~d Ii! ~. t h rOf:lgl'r~e vera A fu1 l-cl1oked' lJ. l'~H~ !olere.nd ~I:bo:k.'IIJ!9.ed . funu hJC'I'i!lbTl' ity. ilfr<iJ t tlhe solme des...a"d 21lc" 1 cVi'g. II!{lS'~ of 't. du .c.1f!rS togl!!~fu.ellr'& al'ld 9 rca'~ I 'II 1!11f..:CIs' !I. bore. 'n F'• ] ' b T !!OF!1I!1!: ~ t Plhl!~ II fG~lnd t'liJ. ~n!Nl.' 16 • and 2D gauge~ t~rDygh ~ ~ide ra!'l~~ of barn.~y i nog Otr. Fo~' th 1 s re~ ~. Tht:y ~'I!.t.~19I rnede: f rom a reg~ 11r s not she' I.I·$p.u1 iI'r rl'II!i"i~t Qr h ~de f1url't i "'9' but Uiley SlJrs do the job I i'I ii P ~tlc:I'L 'lihE! e:olpl:os.«:o rmed me tlilM ~'e". !:I. per hence with tti~ Orlu~:'des i:gna'ted i!ll ~i'l1! <l1'ft lellj!. g'li'1cat!! t nOel tYIl~ ~IFe tI"'l ed i n lehgt.lJra.lO'een o factory (. 22.i'! 1 fYOIiJ want to.r:mtranc. IIlm'd certaT I'I~ y ~"'e~~ r n boeiii:e~t~~'f'I Ol b~ rd~hot loadl jj~~d i f!I the COflY. iFy It!$ be!!1 a n 'j:lj".t.tgun ~.j $nedl IJ'5 rn~ a te.1!i a"a r'Fc'E! I~.c'ugh ·!.!!IeI :rtl:Qula r f actrO ry dr'1 ad .rl". a nal"row ~trip. ext@.!El(:!mporr... Te !. lliSka wnQ j V@ u5ed t nl!!!'I] On rroM'e O ~n.! U.h~ i!I(l. oad !(Ig1~e S Ur i $ .d ~.c:re.Uer tll!aif! the FiHe.taf!'l~ d.n Olrt ~c! e ~ppe<l'Feg IlIn>dltir the tit II! "Spec.'t. ~ 11' yeu "~!N!.~".a dl.u~ i st i~~ e.est we rfotrrnam::e ttl rou'9'I1.:!. l1i1'i. (.11i U. <:!I!D iill1 1 tE! 5 t i'~'g! w~~ done 'w~ th reg'uI ~rfT etd gl:l.vl i gti t em tl'i"" liSE! of an IjI' of t. Ulr!i ~fitiWe'd.:!i1"l'uel! photo8 Bilcl..> .d i $ a ~ho t 50he I II rid a 900d 11 s!ilall"p' Iln f'e.of Uil ~ ~~rn~g~ns ...r.t at 2:5..halrt for' I) 8. !11i :!r.B' ~TIi'l5iIe IIl~oJ~et i ]e.i-f Orin\!!nee w~ s. yr:r!Ll may chO<l~e.llIct!.1.'S were fi red thr~ughful~ 1 . the IICCI!I tac Y <!1Il-d p<@oidol"lnan€e. rid $ eY'e rll! ~ coyo'te!O OJ r ttl thel11l ~l'Id ~ know g U'l~ rnA 1.!1 ~ e8~-' r fI·9'5.I!IVel'~g!1l. wi ~h ~~~ of i mp. and~.apt"O! I!He. "'<.ppe III flFcm 151. CQn~ "'!!iiU~ona ~ gljl1 m<!9OJ.e.D. Tin ~s 1'~ bo'~n QLl t by U'le fa..y ~nd~lloot ~n~ elilllnc.lLJg~.~.e1" ..palFlicy octu !iTer:! lb!!twe~1l! ~Gild$.)"". hom dl1. Fe "'!.alri-'E!~5. al sUfvlval lJIeilS!ure and a ~Qllc1'erI'll!) i ron ju~t ~ u' 't Ilandly.ed f rnm t hie S!lim tlanrel ~5d ro.g tn! s 'wi th Clyde.trerkas.II' I iO!'l!. Tl'lh ~ r'>eal I 'I i s. ma.lrSQrli'!"e:1 . Wi!~. Howtl.~ !lQQ@ eho i ce fo r de fell!'if 'O'e 'UU..5 t ne :2 ~ c.epllr int of al r m'. I'r1!9ffM!lllt·aot Ion Uke 5. II :nil'!o'. Tnl~ Fedillc~$ the pOss I ble e FrtJ r' at UI'I known ell~s Mn.$: bac'll to the ttnnew:n.. by the I ettB~ I'!~'f. Or dot. g~.s t:ha 11 tl'iey ~ t mud:.1ow i ilg !! Heu CHlt~e d f I.1 ~hrr~ . He -. fU t~R9 th~~e r ] n e dI s Aug's.!1ce.50. ilCiJl1i1 ~O~ ds !fI!'!ve the i I" . F'e:~tecl III! t!1 is ffB !'IfllE!F t 5.e.e!'l HltlJ 1'i r~t bj'"a~s. Tin pr.!t ttl roug the a. fe.l c: pelf ~ f".e ev!! t s ~nee" P 110 make <! r I nge.12: :ga" .a.lI" <It T e Rem~l1J:gl~c'F!f." ~t5 LIS!!: !!JGre. il11JIil e ti fig' til e I targ~!t..roo.d 10010 15 tl'l~ '( t..:!I11I!!1 ~ab I efg!" te~·t r n'9! ~.1IU'9~ i!I'i"oppe..i rn quest ion i ng t~e ~$e. ped ill sl ug b.I'"S.!..~ more.!!! tl'l!l!l 1. ba rnd de ~ 19J'1ed . their aC.h~.e 1"1 Qed 'I Qacl 1'1 dOes far i!f!::r.g"e2 '] of t I:1it! Ar"1I1Q re'r a.d~ .f the r i 1l1'9itd .atl.w i 'li'1 ed 's·1 !lJ'!'0l1P' HglI! re ofl.gurei $ 5 e~'t1!h~.oblt'5IhQ ~ 'U:\<I!I f~~ tory ~C. TiIl. of ~. '9!.ne ~hel'~ (.rov ~5'ed '~Bcll n iqIH!5. art r c hi! dea H with r mp.n • Oine n'::a'~Qn for ~he 'glrea t ill i f~ fer~l'Ice ll'l tlfre t t aj.g!aii.rlPO~1!J $. "Theyi i'"E! OJ .1p'p 11 it.!In .fI ~..!l.<1 ~ i !'I'9' !lnd word'eo.rr IQo!cI.~ i s .liIlll of tl'le!l'l but.~c.i! 'f ~FIEld b~nc"" r.1!!!.sh~'~: v~atu:r ~ n !UOre QP~n -cno'ki!!.. c'l'll.1! ('BH ee ton the ta fg'e! t} 8f1. he ~n. f'la.f l>2 'II I! t I 00 yd'~. .ver.flIdiHpn.g ~ ' ~ i>e'8 l'~'.d !leu..!'I'll pCil·!!Jt rortiotl. l'l"h~ ri !.0.!.~U!l' 1o.l lenl9dr~ ilm!l ".bB abO~l 1/1& of &n ~n~hj of ~h~l I ~a$rn9 holding t~ two ~!!.. :1 i ve i'liI!!:vet both!!! reid to Mo!It ~E!o! 'I the <l!!i'!d of Hre ~.tur tl'i:!. guns.aj.~ It He too d!l\!.i!J .(I.Pu.~. couM. 20.r t!'le C-eilll ven t i.ive n. til' !..illi!.5. b<~$elcl paper~l'Ie l' I~. I got! t£rna I 11i~ i fiI~alct wT tlilI'nl. ilnd !~fety of these I oad ~.i'J. tl'ie r i nge. tl'l.ioih:ati.ere.t the loIadco.:rre.. ~a r'l. fl t i 'thn(! Uri s 15 u~e>r:ll a Il.11'1! ~'On1St t ~t iOJ!! . Tn ~.2: .!! h~l I ora rrr:a'I1i~tolliP'er.!. 'lltdl~' II He I d '~n ve ts i Of! ! act~~ 11Y .aii1..lJfIW1. .!lletonr 1:I. .Qatl:!. 5. I n ill i SCU'5~. !!l'i 11£::5 'I00 c.rthe d filged I o~!H:1 ~.<!1'Id12~1'.r:r!fr'a d ned! 'II that ~o..' of di f f'.. "lihey' to.e tty -CC!!!II1'Ii:Iil rae t: ic. !N!Jc!e li'Gr bot h ~a n Is t. 1ft i "g'ed I.I 01 n II ver>llge 'o.!li'! .hatgun Blu'9 lEIy' Mart:tIl Krus e byM.a ds. ~aofl'!E! O\J t.It the and of tile tH'I'r ha's iOO r."e tn ~~. 'SO<IIk'r p~ r U o.i f 0 F' many ~ a.!ll mill1!!'Iel".r!:h\!lp'~ we"~. t oi ~ f f.i'$ Il' toM hle"fOlJb I Y 'lhe~ hg~ ..era ~ readier 5 l'I~tI wr IU&n ~. and2.·- tn!!! i 'I" .g.ngeJd Ei.oOJ!1189'e In r'rlOlI1Y CIlI~e~.t.r. or ~~. ~'I:Ic:n tlh.j i'!ch.ehad 011 9r~a1t dea1 of' ex .(.!!: rG"ce oc.ilIs i 1l!9 so ~ g!Je:5':~ l t ' rea ~11 i $11 • t floe!.e~ or He !ipec:tlli ~ 11:19 glJnswcr~ .l"ce.!et ~ve for 're9. We re ma.i ft.Y11 at 11tl.~ .

011 DU~ !.!ll s e olr dol.S Uji t'eel tJ p]. oppoD~ed to JiB·2. s' ~~.!"e n.69 clllib~r). . TII!'I9 f' ~1'1 ~.e.S"s ~ul let ._<1 rid t:iQII:I'E! fl. W]'t11 di. tlhcy ~ ~t111!.. '!n.ffd fOfPO.l~r" .OliJIl.r I. ~S .!Jfore-menttone<i O!n. i'ed.0 face.e .gitler J.IU.@don the sa.~.~cl~ T~ VoJ. !b:Q!J:t 10 ciliH bEll'. Ellilt f·r:!r f.U t si1Qt Igad had betlrrl fl!hd SIJ!j):p<l'S'fI.. :~ Ma'l: tin rougl'l your own The..Ii t iii i rpe. rtll'ul r s'l ~.r wn r ~h liIlIIy l':lld to yo UI" C ho.e I.! cs . bu. located-at tki@ rear of e'icil1 barrel.ny ra.9 !)tI'Nf:r (lInd "hoiihl b@ 1101 suned W.e.e r i n9.nlged load'i tine boore (ai.e r. at O['lCIl' 'if des.ll<!t. 'IQad of fQlI~~. ~i th a ~ to's . t. 11M i~i>l!f~ ~QI"II1Ii! I i!liilP1 ~Cin ~Qn'i. P.iii !:iIi t. s mCi:ule loaded over a charge of black ~QWtier.x.e~ and th rQ!Jgh eve fY ba~re l • Tn~~ ~~ due.. due to t~eir 9rea~~r ~e~~ht. B. 'The Ip~o}ecti]e wt.e I. i!. I r e!!Ffelf U. to hl."lId ~noLll II O_OC'J'l1l Iii" 'I I of . They cu. 1t11s all m'lS th@ u:s.pea n.l.eme'. S c ompd sed 11.. It Ylo'ul d hi~iYle H tHf1! acve CompiU i $01'1 pnot.o s how:s.1:I f.1 ~ t.! ve!". i t.t!-l~¥. cheek '~!J'!. i 5 Vlel Siim.l.t htle.all g~!Jg.:kL'!lh~I'!' tin i s .o~t yaw" \i\IObbll I1g down ttl e bOi l'"e I a rid f in fll91nt.ct i v. of 2(10 'fd:~.c. OT' 1:i. 'Thl s 'Ill st:ol is i ntf1!nlil.. y Ud n .e-nerd.ud ~gmJ:j Q ~ fll"Ofri nU':'~e cil'laraict'Elr i ~~.'re' t. I1KH"el f I 1"11 cky.or )!:l"!OD't'8r rd'alf1<i~.(Tne. 12 ga.t 'fOil! .about 30. .opy olf tilE T~gi ~a.dac.11 ow the t~.• r 9!J<! rdecl gO\1ernrnll:rnti n s ta 11 a t'i on s • etc . ttl!.~(r ~ ~.a' iiI'! !lpe. 12 ga.d hm 91tn ! e~i1l to I '~ii 'ofr. IiIr. TOf' a W~n(:lle5~.!~ £j rsrt bd I::c.t: r I'e!lloea OI!'IY bO! HiI!oi 'proD 1 etll:5 as a. d i H e.~>e cM. I III al I ti'l ep~!17!"'$ ~ I . fulll-c. Aho" tlJ!e i 'F siflQ'Ft.eel l'o"u! ill rOI:i".e<!cn 01'1 ii.!!It 150 yds •..t1e~ j w ~th c U re~ tn~ ~limp:.:OtIst ru ctT On f1lake~ Ulll!J~o!Iprojeetlles hTgh!'y c!tesHl. for a r l nged 1Clad CIJ't f. ocelli s I orllli ~ykeyho 1e em ta rgl!lt . 'Tine threl! fil il~ii1bQjro!1.iie Hr~I!I.!.I h ·of l.!I j QD.9F. wi tit! ofi iJa:r and ear!:! wads. li 1ament .! lot '1'111<i.IJPil" ie-d by a 9 vol t radlio bill ry.!It I 00 yd rg.a.llgne>CI by th.t r ~eio:: ~. tllat t !11<!y blow tnt! ~Jj. R.t"()llIt II hi ten. t i gi1ter i 1"1 . th. rmrt: !" I I!lged ~oad'Si wi ttl t"'el r f~'t OlfldgireOiterr we i gnt '5~V~ tli"a 1 O! nnch .H!t's as an' faG tory r ] H ad s Iti~~. .U!11 flO ~ .e.!:1't r:lI!f)"to the O!Iiun!'1'9!5 I liVe ~1!I.oad! project i 'I.! i r r. resl. ~Il..the ~hal!1ib~r ~mQo'tl:ll. '_ each t!.!l1i. II. If 'l'C!4! h~li!"1l t.!be.iln..:lI.i ce e f th.) Jt.s. fot· ex'~Irn:pl e)1NI kea batch '" f tnt! I OoI. ..3ISS llna'tion w~nlot:m.utter I j ke no 1e • Ttie other fl:iao.of rj.n The body is made of pl~xi~~ass. ti'l~ ejeeuer !1'! i ~:~ed t ~e silo r tl~nedl'l ieee of !=a.e ri 11I'![Il!ld lI.E! :stopp~ 1'1.j!.t !f!'Ifi'lJ .5~. the $~ot91J n!ia tound. 1atter dt5tllrlce f'5 tooo !I Fe.i I'It bh:l1k use on!l!l I!Ivi'cleflced by t hef ec t th.Hit oz..i!l5 if the UfII(.OthB~S grlve 'oI<lf'yil'l'll aelg i'flf: ~ of he a.1 f ~s 1 i e meta 1 <IS pess ill l e. & C ~il' d.fjil] J O!i" power @j1t8. t nS'lJJre .1'10 e tond lit: I 'oi'e ea 5 i hr pe. .Setlin9S A.p~n tlO d~mp the fIred baSe b~~Qr~ c1o~ln~ rololnd.r~5 pO!lld ~ Ilg barre 1 tOI fi re • SeU. 1M) 5ll1h~..' HOI Ii:! 1~ thO!n ~'~:ee. '~6~a C t imp.!)!(!ctc. S<!.y.!!.I1 flog.d-It..~c but Ip:ta .... try Pli out N' nt DefOre VOu put it (lii the 11 i:fI~.O! t f ifled .h . Sl:)me . tn to grea~ infl~ghl 5t~br1]tt.ds dl!l'~ I gl'led by the leUe f 'A' TI'll tl.c:te: If!i<l'l1 are ccnC'el"l'led abOtlt .acs t h.lct i ve. ~ i I"Ig fie If tes t pLl !"IP'DSe5..Y '[. and fr@'iliJtlilit I . An:I.t.ich ~5 Th~ slugs pilch lind in n't T-HREE SHOT PLAS_TICPISTOL p~stol.wa. 5<1 fe to fir&.5.ilil iber.iOO.MES BOND Vol.i.! b 1 es ~ t nOl.!llliiq~J I :Dhc k ~wr.hOlt IPurposilI: (GIH bodl~e5.t j t 1~ lb<a'5.OIl il' ra!l9E! 'fl!) r d'l'E! ~t e ffe.~1'1OWI'I t 5 no t a FI !..g e t i'Be!lis. ~.(57'gr.!! :SO\. ·to i!\ .c. .l!1. 011!005 t i n to 1:1 1 e '. we re mos t I Y b Fe>ilill'.. coop l eltl!! d i5:a~ ~.o u'i>e iii 'i>hO't9. liih..c... time 1:10re Oil a trlle 1 ineand 'st'lIbU [ze welL No ~ey~ I i Ilg O(:C-I.5~ tern 1. ~ ill .rom a we.~1ittt:l T1I1El:Ij:ii'loj'ect i 1 es a low I"ela t:1 'i.t a n~at.71 .ey' 1]' '[ijo. oa d'S fe i!:t! i i'lte .!! r redl wi 1i:h r i ~9~d 1! lads ~ve:n OLI t to thi!.r'S are .I'l~~d J~d's [:!7. \!iii ret! to al'l o'nioff td gger I~nda four po s Hi {II'! S 1 tor '~\tGh.- Td. ~o. 1I'tie r I nli. ri n.a. p 1. lhe ~rC)l ka des.11'0!! 1nto II'S1!:. .i'll wtd c:1l.c~1l t '1gnl tor would! al so \\Iork.!I: 1. The' iJ i ste l."S$ i ve . ~o:we'l".~d ~h!!y ili"c. 6u.e II he~ I 41f il rrneS'~ gut of .1 #2 PM.p~g.. . TtI:i 5.8 ..~ ~ ~I'lgand ~ ts~ke~ t·a!~II.fIoaR MAN'IS JA.BGCS.'Ss 1 i iller j FI . Cl'Ii!lillDer' pN=~ ~ II re ..$Orne the br. tI:ow d'i~! Ii t '!jUri ~ t"~ rI~£d 1e<l~h.etl 1oalQ fo!'" ~Qme "PP'~ 1 t:OIt ~()I'! 1 ~ t.rei s .t 01' 5011l!e Q·f them. ~ s. ~ hl' ern ~<l ~ iJ..i ll!l paSiS ~tkirougtJ:i!i ma'9:rc!etD.'i.Il. .f ~fi'Ct h:med 5moO.~r 1:)0 c anGea 1 the\'l!'~aJP'OIlI on t'llS' Dod:)!.u.](!p.e 1!'I~ve:1" . ) The t 19~1ter .I~.. p. In~'" ranging from ~Tmp" c1earin~ l!oCt ~gn t. At .~] 9ht i 'Il1 e e ell.ecll'l left and t~l t distant. f~ r ktlow~ ling. !.bJ. .nithl.!'f .~110 t9\J!'l~ wh i'c:h nO!'ve le.! reVl!la. .. ~s eorwe i.doe:s not M'CO~ eil:iC. ~i!I ~. ~ 2 37 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER HlO '1'. fi r~t hand.C 50 (111 tnT'E::e I:rarri'eis 11lli. '!!.rt!l . a You may ool!!!e'-~nto Qne problem [~oLl~:n.m!lOl:~! r l1Wi!!'It LQlTledi c:a r lle 1".~ItI'b1 Y • ~ f you snoot a !Ii "Ili'toi.'to ttU!1 t f·i!lct tl'll!ll't tne.ract i COl I ral'lge.okes Out () f ~ooc LlI ro. t 'r 1iI:!. N:ltQIP N. by bu 1 1:1. i n!J'r@<3i d~g rl!. r barrre 1 '. thl..l L\ll.e. jIll"'ll'l1 c'r~e.i:l'Ig Ci h w1rild.e SlUR wil) i l jj ~he .~ _re.d i 1"1t he ee ~ t i 00.!)ed 'I!J I. !"BlleOlti!.

.. touch wi re to Jl__fX bare Insulated wire color . pieces of IoIOOd. vy) . and bend them at right angles so the lengths will be 1/2" It lilt". 2.. 3 . lure there Is at le8st a . wood se rews. Connect thfee different colored 3. Inside diameter about 3/8"..Wood dowels.l. The dangling end will be soldered later to the contact point on the push button. Drill a 1/"" hole In the bottom of each dowe I. 6-Headless nalls.. 1/"" diameter...POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol.. about Z-1/2"x flu. 1-1/2" x "" • " . length 1.. lay the copper strip on the con- coiled bere copper wire I X x STEP 3 .Sma II hinges &. I" long • 3 -lightweight electrical terminal lugs. lj.. Connect a 2" length of colored wlr. Glue the springs over the hole.D STEP 2 ~ PUSH BUTTON CONTROL PANEL I." .inal. 2 .I~ ready connected In point 3 above. Then.. a flash.." copper wire (h. te. tape the strip and wlr.l) STEP I .Pieces of wood. securely to the battery pack ... Strip the Insulation off of about 6" of bell wi re. with the looped wire on the bottom.rml nal lugs It. I . 2 . spacing the loops so that the center bottom of each battery will touch one.. 3. bulb will prove to be an effective detonator for mines and bombs. The bulb should go off. The color must correspond to the color . I.Strip rubber or plastic. Glue Electricians tape Small screws or nails (optlon. 3. SUPPLIES: .. about 2-1/2"· x 1-1/2" .. about 1-1/2" wide by"" long../"" .PUSH BUTTON 1.t . 3 .. r -"'. 2 38 THE POOR MANIS ARMORER tact points of the battery. Fig.Pieces of wood. 3 . Cut 3 5/16"· holes In one of the 1-1/2" x . Take the ..PIeces of wood. together ~ . Screw the electrl~1 terminals In the bottom side as Illustrated In Fig.. on the top side. See Fig.C &. each langth about li" long.. 3 . 1/2" wi de x "" long • 3 .-dry cell batteries. scotch tape a ~tch to your flashbulb and perform the experiment as Illustrated. nail.Flashbulbs. S. end protrudlnv. 3/"" long.LI ght copper st rip. batter les tape d FLASHBULBS AS DETONATORS ! I . lengths of bell wire.The holel should be lined up to 81low contact with the bare space between the tape on the copper strip on the power pack. Inserted In explosives.. Then make . They Fi g. to each tar. end.. color D. 0 will be used In the diagrams.-Fig. S. 2 .2 come In a small flat box. 3. 'pace of bare copBy Fred Bilello per strip be. To test your equipment. Put a drop of glue on an end of the he.Fig.Leng ths of d Iffe rent co Iored be II wlre.. each piece 1/2" long. In ~ Flg. you can bu lid your controlbox. 2. C A colored wires a A hole.Lightweight springs.B. 2 .3 Once your experiment is successful. en uch taping. 2.vy copper wire and Insert Into each dowel hole .Colors A.. double loops In t~ wire al Illultrated. A good bulb to use Is Sylvania model AGI. 2. Igc opper strip niting the match. Glue 2 of the bent nails to each side of a dowel with the 1/. ~ 9 x . lure that no glue gets on the opposlt.Small wood screws .POWER PACK I... Tape the " batteries together In a row.. .Pieces of heavy bare copper wi re.

This will be the bottom of the box. flashbulbs are great for all sorts of contact mines. and rep Iacement of bat ter Ies. the copper strip on the power pack. STEP 5 . trip wires. Ori II ~ 1/16" holll in thll bottom of the other 2-1/2" x 1-1/2" piece of wood. See Fig. B . 2.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. color 0.CONTROL BOX A 6. Solder the dangling IInds of wirll from the control ~nel to the contact points. Follow the hookup diagram in Flg. 3. connect wire 0 to wire 0 on the control box and then connect wires A. 5. 2 39 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER The Instructions and diagrams Ilstlld here will give you a control box capable of detonating 3 mines or bombs. 5. Using your Imagination. ". Secure the control p~nel to the top of the box and feed wires A.5 C B to the other 1-1/2" x 4" strip of wood. you should protect the wires running from the control box to the mines. There will be no top to it. ~ssemble the box. If you plan to hook up your defenses against a future attack. Glue the rubber or plastic strip STEP 4 . 2. wire resting on rubber . 6 for completed assembly. screws or glue. you can modify the design and makll a switchboard holding a hundred or more buttons. and bombs to combat trlle climbing snipers. . It would be a good Idea to keep the control buttons in groups of 3 for easy hookup. insert the bulbs Into the explosive of your minll or bomb. to one terminal on each bulb. B. which will be the back wall of the box. Slldll thllpush buttons OVllr thll springs and glue the springs to the bent nai Is. Then take one length each of wire colors A. and feed the wire (0) through the holti. When assembling. which will be the left s Ide of the box. From Fig.5. C to wires A.ASSEMBLY I. Either coat them with a spray or paInt to avoid deterioration of the insulation. I. D B D Flg. 3. Be sure to label each button so you can identify it with your target. There should be ~ Space of about 1/8" separating the contact points on the push button from. the pl~stic or rubber will be facing up. C and attach one of the colored wires to the remaining terminal. D A D B D c o Colored wires D Joined to form one curcuit Fig. ~nd a 1/8" ho III in the top right hand corner of the other 2-1/2" x "" piece of wood. Using nalls. T~ke 3 flashbulbs ~nd ~ttach ~ length of wire. B & C through the hole ~t the top right back of the box. Screw the hinges to one of the 2-1/2" x 4" pieces of wood and attach the other side of the hinge to the side of one of the 2-1/2" x 1-1/2" pieces of wood. B. repair. Rest the power p~ck on the rubkr strip.6 coiled bar. If you decide to build a bigger switchboard. ~. 'or encase the wires in tubes like BX cable. Besides the switchboard hookup for manual detonation. & C from the control box.

Just sides. "Ix and pour liquid casting pla'tlc Into the mold until It Is approx. Hake sure It Is attached to ~ethlng solid .slng and the casting slightly curved. Use alcohol to remove the wax residue from the casting. When the casting has cured. (The open 'end 'of the box shou ld po IIltoutwards" from the vehl c Ie). Set the mold aside and let the plastic cure. bottom. Solder wire leads to the rear and the side of the bulb. Burlng rate Is approx. I . Glue the bulb Into the rear of the claymore casing with the flange Inside the case and the wire leads out the back: Hake a paper cylinder that Is large enough and long enough to protect the filament of the bulb. NOTE: Plaster of Paris or body putty can also be used to cast the balls in. etc. THIS WEAPON CAN ALSO BE HADE USING THE EXPLOSIVE AND FUSE BELOW. EmP Iacement: To place the claymore. casting release agent. Explosive: Mix three (3) parts Potassium chlorate and one (I) part granulated sugar.). Confine In a container (in this case the claymore mine) and use time fuse to set It off. 6" deep and 12 by 12" on the sides. Or. Casting: Hake a mold with an outside length and wIdth slightly less than the inside dimensions of the ca5in~ This should . 2 40 THE POOR MAN's ARMORER and touch the ends of the wires to the poles of a 12 \IOlt battery. NOTE: Th I$ weapon can be made effective (cover a larger erea) by making the c. Now fill the rest of the casing with black powder until you have a level layer of black powder slightly a7 bove the top 0 f the pape r cy 1 Inde r• Place the casting inside the casing on top of the layer of black powder. A switch set Into the dash Is the easiest way to set this pl~cement off. Add casting pla. You need ~ sides and a bottom but no top. one 6 x 12 and the other about 10 x 12. install the black powder ~qulb In the casIng as shown In the drawIngs. The ball bearings are the easiest to work with but any metal can be used (nuts. no top. Time Fuse: Boll equal parts of potassium chlorate and granulated sugar In water. Onee It dr le$ your e laYfllOre mine Is ready to be used. screws. Note: the box can be made any size. Use solvent type glue to put the box together. Test some to make surel This weapon can also. Securely fasten the mine Into the box with wire or what ever Is handy 10 it won't fallout as you drive down the road. Hake a steel box approx. The Ia rger itIs the more dalllilge you can do with It but also the more explosive It will take to fill it. Solidly attach the box to the side of a vehIcle with bolts or weld It In place. Lightly shake the casing to settle and pack the black powder around the ean Simply string wires from each of your mines to a central lOcation ClAYHQRE Drill a hole in the middle of the bottom of the casing large enough to put the ~se of the lIght bulb thru. Improvised Claymore Mine By Raymond J. Glue this cylinder to the ins~de of the cas Ing so thatit protec ts the filament. remove It from the mold. Casing: This can be Made of almost anyth 1ng. You can check the filament by very quickly attaching the wire leads to a 12 volt battery.refully break the glass off of the bulb.Inch deep.' To tast: Spray the Inside of the mold with. Now use a sillco~ or plastic sealIng compound to seal around the' edges of the casting. but 1/8 1nch th Ick p hud glass Is one of the easiest materials to work with. sixty (60) seconds per approx. Wire a lead from the battery thru a breaker or 8 fuse to the swItches and them to the claymores.tlc if needed so that the layer of ~lls Is buely covered.remember that back blast I Hake up 2 sand bags. Now pour In 3/16" or I/q" steel ball bearings until you have a layer of them covering the bottom of the mold. Now ureful Iy pour black powder into the paper cylinder that protects the filament of the bulb in the casIng. Make sure the ball bearings point toward the used on the side of a truck or tractor. pole or what ever II handy. Remember that this type of weapon produces a ~an back blast so make sure you are under cover when you set It oft You can ~ke up a control board to control a number of claymores that you have In place. This mold can be ~~de with body putty or with plaster of parls. tape It to a tree. I/q Inch deep.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. NOTE: for concealment use colored plexlglass or paint the claymore after you've put It together. Set the small bag In the bottom of t~e box and the larGer bag Into the back of the box. This was done In Vietnam and was found to be hIghly effective In ambulh situations where the enemy was at clos. Now set the claymore Into the box so that It is Sitting on top of the small ~g and against the large bag. DIp eotton string In the SOlution and let dry. quarters to the vehicle being attacked. Lamer Black Powder Squib: Obtain a 12 volt lamp bulb (with a flange on It [head or tall light bulbJ). C. Hake a small box that Is 3 Inches wide by 6 Inches long by I Inch deep. bolts.Let it cure and then use spray paint to coat the Inside of it until the mold is smooth to the touch. nail's. .

upon its cross-sectional area. FIG. SILENCER W. The principal object of the invention is to reduce the noise associated with the muzzle blast of a firearm. P.3 This invention relates to firearms and more particularly to a silencer for reducing the muzzle blast.~ tr FIG. MASON SIWaIGA Aac. however. Important factors in silencing the muzzle blast ot a firearm are the rapid cooling of the power gases and the reduction of pressure before th~y emerge. The effectiveness of such a device depends.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. Other objects are to reduce the weight. Applicant has di~covered. 194& 2.448. 31. 2 41 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER This silencer des~gn is an improvement of the ass silencer from WW II and is the forerunner of the silenced Ruger design from issue #4 PMA. 4 . that the importance of having a large cross-sectional area diminishes considerably toward the front end of the silencer. 28. amoung other things. 1944 FIG. An effective silencer utilizing these principles comprises a chamber containing heat absorbing material thro~gh which the bullet passes./ .382 F11eC Got. size and cost of a silencer and improve the stability of performance. 2 FIG.

7. Chlorate flashpowder is much more powerful than photoflash powder and also much more sensatlve. the equipment meeded for producing these powders Is very basic In nature. The plastic containers can come from Just about anywhere. with communicating holes through the barrel. the piece of equipment that needs to be purchased is the mortar and pestle. The equipment needed to make photoflash powder is a mortar and pestle.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. Chlorate powder should be kept In a plastic container and stored in a cool dry place. size and cost are reduced without seriously affecting the efficiency of noise reduction. The silencer may be built as an attachment or. The ratio by weight of these chemicals Is: one (1) part sulphur.The ba lance thatis requ ired can be . ThIs flashpowder Is manufactured In the same way as chlorate powder.and several plastic containers. After powdering. which may take the form of apertured discs. these chemicals should then be placed in a plastic container and shaken thoroughly for ten (10) minutes to Insure even mixing.powdered aluminum (AI). however BLADE VACU-VISE Flashpowders are some of the most explosive kinds of powders known.'~ In accordance with the invention. The chemIcals required to manufacture chlorate powder are.manufacture al'ld the least expensive. Weight. the plastic COntainers I found to work best were nothing more than plastic butter dlshes. one (I) part powdered aluminum. *Lenz~Robert Ri. Lenz" even regards flashpowder as high explosive due to Its tremendous power. (It is best to buy finely powdered aluminum as It cannot be ground. These chemicals should all be finely powdered for best results.Explosives and Borno Disposa GUide.The equipment needed for makIng chlorate flashpowder Is the same as for photoflash powder with one-minor exception. One other flashpowder Is a derivative of chlorate powder. potassium chlorate (KCIO)). The heat absorbing material may be metal screen. flashpowders are both easy and safe to manufacture. therefore. there are several things that one should know before manufacturing them. The most common of these powders is "Photon ash" powder or just s imply "Flash" powder. and powdered aluminum (AI). a Scale or balance. This powder is the easiest to. In fact. stacked one upon another and preferably held in compression. the chamber has at its front end a section of reduced cross-sectional area. The chemicals required are. Really. Once again all chemicals should be finely powdered and thoroughly mixed for best results. ahd eight (8) parts potassium-permanganate. preferably. Plating the screen with some metal such as tin before punching the discs will increase the stability of performance. Another explosIve powder which even surpasses photoflash powder Is chlorate flashpowder. A flat metal pan and a hammer are used to powder the potassium chlorate as the friction from a mortar and pestle could cause an explosion.5 W. Sulphur and potassium permanganate should be ground separately in the mortar and pestle to a consistancy of flour. One final note about manufactur~ . makeshift Just as long as It Is reasonably accurate. 2 42 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER FIG. The balance 1 used was constructed as such: A notched wooden dowel is used for the main beam of the balance while a Vacu-vlse and an Exacto knife are used as a base.Dixie cups Can be used for containing the chemIcals during weighing and fishing sinkers are used for weights. as it would be hard to improvise. sulphur (S). -~ Although I have just listed the basic flashpowders and theIr manufacture. and two (2) parts potassium chlorate. ~ Flash Powders and their Production By Dan Koore DOWEL DIXIE CUP a plastic container and stored in a cool dry place. To start with. and potassium permanganate (KHn04). It 15 because of this that I have decided to explain In detail the manufacture of these powders. one (1) part powdered aluminum.P. for example. This may offer an alternative to survivalists as sodium chlorate can be obtained from Solidox(See The Survivor Vol. The reason for Its Increased strength Is the use of potassium chlorate (a very powerful unstable oxidizing agent). the rear portion of the chamber may be built around the barrel of the firearm. sulphur (S). I have found this kind of balance to be very successful for the measuring purposes in this article. The In ashpowde r shou Id then be kept In instead of using potassium chlorate. In addition to this. MASON lit' INVENrOR .) The ratio of weight of these chemicals Is: one (1) part sulphur. sodium chlorate Is used.f~.2 issue #9).

To lessen or eliminate this possibility. ~ IMPROVISED SMOKE/ GAS GRENADES BY "QII To those readers who've built Dan Moo re' 5 "Supe r Bazooka" on page 53 and have spent the past few months' free time by blasting away at trees and fenceposts In sessions of secret target practice. Mix flashpowder In no more than 3 ounce batches to lessen the explosive potential. as It enables one to use the grenades Immediately after production.Repeat this until there Is about l/It" distance left to the end of the 1\lll~~ 8 Continued on Next Pa~e I PiCK . I. We have used either a vi se or a hanmer In order to Insure that the mix Is tightly packed. without a single mlshap. 3. as It should be with any article on explosives production. the manufacture and use of flashpowders will be both safe and simple. Never mix or store powders near an open flame. Provided these steps are taken. 5. 2. For chlorate powders. down In on top of the powde'r charge. though that's not essential. which Include the exact composition of your mix. ADD MATCH HJ'. Next. I might point out here that It's a good Idea to simplify your work by setting up an'''assembly line" and by performing each step on a number of casings at the same time. Keep the work area clean and well-organized. If you use Fuzee. place either 3-4 scoops (use a . or 3 to 4 paper match heads Inside the Inverted collSlng. the level to about 1/8" from the end of the casing. 2 43 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER Ing these powders Is the emphasis on safety. seal the end by pouring melted wax over the paper. 4. Open up the venturi In any of the clay nozzles which have been fused shOut. Fervent SurvivalIsts needn't discard them as useleSSi because I have Just the Information you need to turn those little tubes Into some of the best smoke 'n stink bombs available. (You can first start packing using the pencil. Use several pieces to bring up. certain precautionary steps should be taken.POOR MAN t S JAMES BOND vei. With that done. This Is better than using epoxy to seal the cases. Zeller's 3/32" cannon fuse works flne. This paper serves both as a primary end seal and as a heat-sink to prevent possible damage to the mix by the final ~x seal.ADS OR FUZEE case. A list of these steps Is as follows.. We Just let the wax drip from a candle. your grenades may work better left relatively loose. In order to avoid scrunching the fuse. Place a piece of reliable fuse in the nozzle.22 LR case as a measure) of Fuzee powder.fill wi th the smoke powder mixture to the end of the casing and tamp dOwn with a dowel the same size as the Inside of the engine. as well as permitting you to dig out the seal on a used/dud unit In order to use the casing for several more reload· FUSE DESIRED 1 Next . allowing It to pool In the recess.) Fill to the top again and tamp In. carefully tamp It down with an unsharpened pencil. INSERT TAPE. IF Start by examining your supply of spent engines. so a bit of experImentation Is In order here. wad up soine 4xlt" scraps of paper (newspaper or magazine stock Is what we prefer) and tamp them. there is always the chance of an accidental detonation. select those which havn't had th~Ir walls burn! thin and with their nozzles still Intact. the question has probably arisen as to what to do with all those empty rocket engines. Hote: depending upon a number of Variables. Mix only enough powder for Tmmed iate use. to keep It out of the way. Although these powders are not as sens ItIve as convent Iona I explos Ives. the black Ign Itor portion from the body of a railroad flare. add a small amount of bicarbonate of soda to desensitize the chlorate powders.11 I 6 ~ITH rowEL PACK s PACK WI Til I PENCIL Finally. and apply a square of tape over the fuse/nozzle Junction. This will help keep the filler from leaking from the fuse end during' manufacture-you can remove the tape when they're finished. I ADD I - FILLER I ~!I !! .Bend and tape the fuse over to the side of the engine.. or rammed down tight. uSe any length of delay you wish but have at least 1-1/2" Inside the-casing. your ab IIIty to cons truct them and local weather/atmospheric condl~ tlons.

to 'til diameter. Our most successful deMonstration Indicated that one of these goodies would produce enough Ammo· nla·Sulferhh _smoke. The faster riflIng twIsts found In rifles chambered for smokeless ca'rtrldges foul so badly when used wi th black powder (especT a I Iv 'n bores of . the spikes. Weld or braze the pieces into and 'X' shape. an old . design exist. they will produce a fou I·sme IIIng white cloud wh Ich Just Blankets a SOXSO' area. These devices are equally effective against today's automobile tires. not make sense.1I3). t~ air or IIIOlst surroundings. to contaminate the interior of a luburban-type ranch house. of 3't". bend one leg until it is blem of reopening the roadway. good for the situations where you wIsh to leave before much of a stink Is started. If placed on during rush hour traffic.ake an unauthorized entry are impeiled on 3. A pileup of several disabled ve- and • Wit t e X' lying f at on the hicles will of course add to the p~ behch.320 caliber nnd a rifling twist of one turn In 16 Inches would accomplish this Idea better than the .black powder. lllilke regulation "Police" I'lze grenedes from cardboard tubel. and pllY with the design angle from the surface of the 5. 15% C 10% S Carbon (flnaly grQund charcoal briquettes will work Sulfur This will produce e "seeper" that will slowly functIon over a 10 minute perIod. i.The road can be opened only after the caltrops are picked up one at a time by hand. The cleanup personnel are susceptible to snfper fire during this cleanup perfod. although this Is pos· sible once you can predict Its functioning. It w~s found that the . ful tn deternining the correct nf. Wedge It Into the ground and stand upwind to Witch the action. Not only may It get quit. If the following does bench. was originally designed as . The spi ke board (see PMA'V01. espestraight up in the afr. even Several variations of the caltrop ff they are on the lookout for them. Cut two pieces of fron or steel most usefyl and easily improvised. smokeless powder cartridge suitable for reloading with black powder. The caltrop should now rest pa 1nted f1 at black or dark gray. 5' Add a drop of ~x to the nozzle/fuse JunctIon or store your completed grenad. In the 5 to 7 minutes they last. to a length B. Sharpen all fOur ends to a Tn movies. Imagine several hundred of these devices on a major freeway angles to one another. have recefved multiple flat tires. as the mix Is ~at hygro~ scopic and May take on SOllIe 1II01s· ture fro. Th~ are easier to dake legs should still be flat on the than describe. Each of the three legs is now couple of pieces of-coat hanger or bent until they rest at a 30 deg. a circle. hot.-A Simple caltrop can be made as ~llows. w1th the fourth pointing roadway and will be almost impossible straight up.e. The following Ire the 1. For a more devastatIng filler that will actually BILLOW.which was Introduced In i895 and chambered until recently in the Hodel '94 Winchester level gun. This all~ the devices to be scattered from a fleeing auto.~ CALTROPS IMPROVISED BARRIERS By Clyde Barrow The traditional Caltrop is a four pointed device that was originally scattered on roads fn ancient times to injure the hooves of horses being ridden by the opposing anmy. For your first test firing It Is belt not to hand-hold the grenade. from it~ two adjac1ent The completed units should be legs. These allow normal traffic sharp point wi·th a file or grinder.s we found most effective run as follows: 75% NH~N03 Ammonium Nitrate 2 44 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER fUZil PCMSR SPDft' DOID----t WIIIO PACOD SJt)O CIWlQB-~~ Interchangeable Powder Cartridge By Martin Kruse The . use about less NH~N03 and add 5% KN0 3 (PotassiUM Nltrete) or homemade . Once the wax has cool" your lIttle NOnd. welding rod.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol.lllber Each of the fOur legs should now of degrees for each bend. which protrude at about ~N . forming your own nozzles. They solidly on any combination of three will blend in with the color of the legs. especially on damp nights. All 3 A. try it first with a 6. A dimestore protractor is usetical.r is ready for use. The remaining three legs are there is usually only one spare tire now bent until they are at 120 deg.30 call ber bore wi th one turn In 12 Inches twist found In the . The'e were lllade-from a "C" size engine.32 Winchester special. but the mlx. When you're sltlsfled that your construction Is safe you can proceed to throwing or othe~ls. Na~urally a "0" engine would be proportionally more effective-or.30/30. l:. but it may malfunction dangerously If you prepared the filler Incorrectly. but cars trying to . If you think smokeless powder Just might not be here to stay.30 caliber and smaller) that they are rendered totally inaccurate ~fter Just a few rounds. for drivers to spot and avoid. Various chemical fillings will work. at a cially if all available tow trucks right angle to the bench. rod.The four points are arranged fn a manner that guarantees that one point will stick straight up no matter how the caltrop is placed on the ground.32 Winchester special may be your kind of gun. The spiked hazard used at drive2. to exit. Outside. delivering the rest of that batch to your target. Ings and pract Ice "fI rings".s In a zlplock bag. be 120 deg. the legs would divide that circle into three equal parts. per truck. until you come up with the right The fourth leg should still be vershape. thrown by hand or dropped from the air.

but heavier me~ tal shouid be used for trucks and 0~~er1arge vehicles. Just got PHA and saw your little article on Ca1trops. Th~ personnel attempting to remove th~ obstacle are again op~n to snip~r fir~.Pi~ A 2 45 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER will contain total of 12 holes.3" bol ts w/nuts.. .::~I~~ \ 5 .. and siX.. .. b'. then twist 90~ across the narrow waist. S Pass the bolts through the holes and install and tight~n the nuts. Each individual caltrop is mad~ f~ a 'six inch long section of 1-1~" diameter pipe. see Figure 2. A guard extends the obstacle tnto one or both lanes to block the road..a't each end. Drill 6 sets of holes through the prpe. I . als on hand. in 3 rows of 2 holes each. six sets of holes.s anchored at one side of the road. . d. O.. .ining point sticking up. and folds it out of the way to allow authorized vehicles to pass.IE.0· . See Figure 3. The~e's an even e~sierway to aake th~ out of about 1/32" sheet steel that needs only a pair of tinsnipa (although compound leverage sviator's snips would be eaaier to use )...etc . the same cevice can be constructed using six large nails. wrecked vehicles. If weldf~ equipment is avail. large 'nafls may be installed 1n the h~les and welded fn place.The device has a sharpened spike at eac·h ptvot point and .. FIGUftE 1 Dear Clyde. one set for eaGh bolt (See drawing). . The advantage of this type of c~ltrop is that s~eral of the units can be strung onto a chain or cable. from the ground... b. 45 d~g. .' WI".. Us~ a grinder or file to sharpen tne ends of the bolts. The borders between European countries are ~quipped with movable road blocks that resemble the fold~ tng gates often used to prevent toddlers from falling down stairs or from entering 'off-limits' rooms. 6 1-3 4 E o -----------------------------_ .POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. a pair of tinsnip~ and a couple of hou~a.. i \ <r::. The measurem~nts can be altered to suit the mater. FIGURE 2 FIGURE 3 t . . A caltrop iike dev i ce tha t requires no welding or bending can be constructed from short sections of pipe and stx bolts and nuts. E.. The 1/32" thickness 111okay for passenger cars.boulders . This assembly can be stretched across a roadway and anchored to solid material. ...e. The road can be reopened only by cutting the chain or cable with a torch or bolt cutters. The pi pe caltrop j s constructed follows. With nothing but scrap steel. The Caltrop will sit on one edge and one point with the re..1.a.. you can have "hundreds of these Htt1e devib! '5 . Just cut a piece of sheet steel to the shape shown in Figure I. Thos~ spikes are MOunted on a weighted axl~ which ~ivots flush with the roadway on exit but locks solidly in plac~ during an attempt~d entry.' . If welding equi~nt is available..Dre.. trees..

The Marine Corps knife Is also a~ bout the largest blade that most people can wear concealed. but it is a·chance.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol.l may not call him a liar. This is because the knife turns In the air and there are only a few points along It's line of travel at which it will be point first at the target.A butt down underarm carry works wei-I as does positioning It In the center of the back butt down. It's an interesting and challenging sport and it's a skill which may save you. you're pr'obably S.I'm planning a slow motion film study on the subject.(lt varies with the Indivldual.1 believe this represents about the mi n imum sl.Whlle they throw nicely.As weapons. The fact is. Then twist it.not an endorsement for using the technique In combat. from 8 to 10 feet. Unless you take the time to develop a high degree of skill and practice regularly.Sometimes all rules of thumb are meaningless. your range isn't just limited by a maximum distance. The Marine Corps combat knife Is an excellent cholce. Throwing knives is an enjoyable way to pass Idle time. think of something else.I've never regretted having taken the trouble to acquire the skill.p_1 tch away.thereby giving you at least some chanc.but it may diVert his attention long enough to close the distance and kick his head in. For defensive or combat use.The respectful looks you'll see on the faces of the street corner punks will enrich your soul and restore your faith In humanity. then have wi th It. Follow through is important In any knife attack. if there is a serious intent to your practlce. while 3/~ Inch lead pipe works well a5 the outside sleeve.your effectiveness may be limited to one or two specific distances. The . Just about any knife can be thrown.knlfe selectlon. You're probably better off hitting someone with a brick or a good heavy rock.O. These wicked little gems are nothing but points and stick no matter how they are turned.and If It's the only one you've got.j. Any opening you can create in your opponent's defense (or balk In his attack-whicn 15 actually the same thing) should be exploited with all the fury and force you ~an'muster. And stay alive! rf the bastard's about to pull the trigger on you and the knife is in you r hand. It's a great way to win a few beers and it may save your ass someday.lf you're good at accurately Judging distances you may be able to change your throwing style to turn the blade faster or more slowly and thereby Increase the span of your effective ranges. When 1 hear a man claim he can do any good with a blade beyond that distance. If I ever get around to It I'll report the findings In the Armorer. ~hile It Is definitely worthwhile to be able to throw any blade which presents Itself as a weapon of opportunity.L.410 PUNCH BY DARV I S MC COY The walking-stIck shotgun described In Issue II PHA can easily be turned Into a yawara stick that is deadlier than any martial arts weapon ever taught In self-defense schools.AII the thrower need worry about is accu racy.e to put your man down.Oependlng on where you live you may be able to just strap it on in plain sight as I often do. It probably won't do the Job. You can improve your odds with practice.~10 shotgun shell fits the half In.well.however. but I sure want to see it before I believe him.) Jump on the sonofabltch and push the blade In the rest of the way. I want someth I"g wi th some heft to It to slash and even cleave bone if necessary. and movies would lead us to believe. f if you have time to think about it. First off. except that the point of a nail makes a more ef~ ficlent firing pin than a bolt. That's not a favorable prospect for use In combat. Wrap the 1/2 inch section In duct tape until there Is .) Thi~ means that while you may be sudden death at 6 or -12 feet. Most men I know get a range of 12-15 feet maximum with any degree of reliability. Th~ materials needed are the same as described In Issue II. It probabl y won t t th take him down. The only 'throwing knife' which has a high degree of reliability Is the Oriental Shlrken or Throwing Star. Stay away from the so-called throwIng knives that are supposedly ~dde for the purpose. But. But when all the bets are on the table. I would like to state here and now that In further discussions of edged weapons. It's strictly a close range proposition. (I also hope to report on the shlrken and how they're made and used In a later issue. size of the pipe very n[ cludlng the ever popular British Fairbairn to be inadequate.8ut don't count on It Knife throwing Is not nearly as efficient a means of dispensing death as paperback novels. Followyourblade In. is best to stick with I heavier blade whenever possible. Just act quickly and relentlessly. you Rlay the cards you've got and hope they're.however. It's of very limited'li only be two Jumps away. take ItI Whe re kn i·e throw Ing Isconce rned .1 know a few men who stick a blade consistent Iy and accurate Iy out to 30 ft.Once you have learned to get the feel of a knife just shift the position of your grip accordingly and you'll be able to stick almost any knife In a target. Another thing. The more common throwing techniques cause the knife to turn once every six feet.) This Isn't the case with a conventional blade. But at no time should you allow yourse 1f to forget the llmi tations of this in practical applications. For my money the large Bowies are the best bet.They may be fine for a surprise attack where one or two quick thrusts will do the Job. follow it up with a swift hand-tohand attack using every dirty trick you know or every weapon at your disposal. especially to someone whdS tried it a couple of times without success. throwing a knife Is stili an iffy proposition at best.e heft and for a real fighting blade.good enough. Being able to throw a knife is Impressive. any mention of a blade's throwing characteristics Is merely an evaluation of the weapon.they are generally too light to do much good as an attack stopping proJectile.becomes critical. Stilettos and daggers also make poor choices. A simple stab or slash is seldom enough to put an attacker down. even If you devote the time and effort required to develop the skill.But when it comes down to a real brawl. Especially a thrown blade which may not have penetrated deeply. * * * * YAWARA STICK ~ITH .they're not worth a tinker's damn and most of them actually don't throw well anyhow. 00 so regardless of whether your throw went true or not. life in a pln~h. (Unless you're one hell of a knife thrower. I consIder anything smaller and 11ghter. 2 46 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER The Trut h About Knife-Throwing By Martin Krua.Take your best shot and follow through w'l It. These knives possess excellent throwing characteristics and have enough weight to give at least some penetratlon. The balance point of a knife means very little In most cases. Or.

..with a regshell of shot and powder. As usual. Just attach the sinker inside the back of the cap with a large safety pin. MARTIN SAFETY KRUSE --. The assembly of the _ be securely taped together to preyawera stlck Is deftcrl bed In 15SUell.. -o . _ ""'c.. It's Just the thing for a late stroll In any nelghborhoodl point B wi II prevent the mechanism from sliding apart or closing to the firing position. and load ular yawara stick._. The handIest. Smash the bus 1end of the ha If Inch sec t Ion for ness end into the dirt.n" 0 .. It could be very embarrassing as well as a detriment to your continued freedom to have your'walking stick' either fall apart or go off at the wrong time.Thls is simply a piece of 1/8" or 3/16" drill rod slightly longer than the diameter of piece number three and bent at a right angie at one end for a stop.Catch an attacker across the side of the head with a good swing and he'll go out like a light..the tl~ needed to take the weapon off safe' and make it ready to use..) ~UAD "'_".. It won't.polnt of the eight penny forcefully. D't.l thlnk.Now cut offthe. greatly Increase.-l-hls step will...... • • * The walking stick shotgun made from water pipe which was featured in PMA #1 could be a very handy weapon.The end c._.. least conspicuous. but it's even prohibited to ~ one (unless you're a police offiter). C~ _. R .ln also Into the hole.. The diameter should be the same as an eight penny nail or a little larger.. the we~pon can be brought Into play In a hurry. ~ "11· _" J.. II 2. empty a . C "10 3-.0lIl8 ..if! • I.~ped safety 1n place. It's e~tremely quick and effective.r:) .forlll recess that a wil I hold the shaft of the nail •.... :: double pin :.. can drill the open ends of the stapleshaped pin and fit them with small removable cotter plns.. . and Is truly double saf& UNCONCEALED CONCEALED WEAPON BY MARTIN KRUSE The good old-fashioned blackjack is 0 f the bes t hand -to-hand ~apons around for real close quarter NOrk. Care should be away from you to protect your eyes taken to wrap enough duet tape around from flying particles.~ 2. Drill a shallow hole from th~ inside of the pipe cap. .!'! 'I single pin :. :: . struck In the center of the cap. It should only detonate nail.~ -. __ roo lin" -"' ..... 1. HAC". .1"'__ c. eo-.The best method. our Jaw-akers have seen fit to make thi5 fine defensIve weapon IIIega I•In Il105 t states. section should measure an inch longllr. you may run the pin through both pieces 13 and 15 by placing it at position B.. . and most ·"bust proof" I5 an Engl ish style cap u ill one with a one to three ounce fishing sinker In it..No digging Into pockets. 2 47 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER enough friction to keep the Inner section from sliding around freely Inside the outer sieeve." __ . _ r.. used for Its rllspectlve purpose:the To test your stick. slanting It deadlier Intentions.would be to use a double safety shaped like a large staple which would engage at both points. successl If not. You can eliminate this potential hazard by putting in a pin type ~afty 10ck. e~cept that It's unsafe to carry. giving you a quarter inch when the Small end 15 smashed eseetlon of shaft with a sharp point.410 cap end for strikIng..w • It ...) If you worry about the pin failing out and the weapon 'armlng'.now... since there are several I~rovised types you can make yourIselfwhich work just fine..however.Keep In mind that sectIon 15 IIIUStbe longer than sec t Ion 13 for the mechan 15111 fire... But the shell can still come Into contact with the fIrIng pin and possIbly dlscharge.410 shell going sure the flrlng pin (na II polntl Is off when the cap end Is. Bditor's Note' A rubber band around piece '3 would also hold tbe 'u' . just deep enough to . however.. the Iaws a re so wa rped tha[ the blackjack is not only Illegal to ~rry. Don't drill all the way through the cap.And. This would not be any slower to remove for firing than the single pin.._. make no danger of the . (_ . Pi.. This is perhaps the best kind of concealed weapon In that It Is disguised rather than hidden.. The 3/~ in.. "le9Itiml:l:e"the weapon by pinning in a sm~ll packet of fishhooks ~nd maybe even some line with the sinke~ As far as I know. while thll i/2 In. By drilling a hole through piece three at Point A and Inserting the safety pin there you will block the shell from the firing pin..nd of this st Ick can be while It's being carried.boat-tops or sleeves.. This has made this fine weapon relatIveIy hard to come by..Thls placement requires section 13 to be longer than your shell . Besides the danger.. however.. 5_ tI_ .POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. If the primer the Inner section so there will be detonates. vent the seetlons from separating EIther e......Just grab the brim and swing. QoOI. The Engl ish cap Is a comfortable and practical piece of headgear which has back Into style In recent years. e~actly In the center of the cap. preven t the weapon from s II d In9 apa rtIf you don't trust tape not to let go at the wrong time. or the protruding 't Into thest Ick. ~en will do double duty If you do happen to be a fisherman (flshperson1). piece should measurll about 41n. the law is really ~intless..r B A h . Put epo~y on the blunt end and Insert ga Inst its target. to The pin through both pieces at WATER PIPE SHOTGUN SAFETYBY .there is no law against carrying any fishing gear in your ~t. You can . . though. as. ..

currently used by third world terrorists. This compares favorably with the Soviet SAM missile. Payload: high explosive shaped charge approx. These and similar publica-' tions are available at the local library. 18" r so 11d balsa cruc iform wi ngs • spiral wound paper tube body and nosecone. guidance unit. launching: launch frame has rail to accept tee shaped launch lug on missile body.RECEIVER l. visually gu ded to target. • II'IPACT SWITCH B. OOIJEL HINGE .TRII'ITAB T.ANTENNA N • FRONT 0 I SC O. Propulsion tyle: 4 solid propellant Single stage motors . For those unfamiliar with radio control or model rocketry t suggest buying a copy of 'Basics of Radio Control Modeling' by Marks and Winter and 'The Kandbook of Model Rocketry' by Stine. and payload/ detonator section. Those familiar with building model planes and rockets will be able to improve upon the design and come up wfth a more sophisticated product. of explosive. .three seconds. g wi ngspan. Detonation: impact switch 1n ~ose activates electrit detonator. There are also several radio control plane magazines available at the local news stand. I NNER TUBE G. All materials described are available from either model rocket suppliers or firms that se 11 rad i0 control a f rp lane acces sori es. . hobby shop. Guidance tyle: two channel radio control. The construction data has been broken down into three sections: airframe/motor assembly.SERVOS I'I. diameter.WING S. BLAST I NG CAP I • DISC TO F IT I NNE J. Actual construction 1nfonmation has been kept to the basics.burn ng time . As cost is a should be noted that these missiles can be built for about $50 each.DETONATOR WIRES C.36 lbs . 24 M.HOTORS R.COPPER CONE E • OUTER BODY TUBE F. 2 48 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER HOMEMADE MISSILE 8y Clyde Barrow INTRODUCTION (SEE PAGE 5) The missfle plan detailed in thfs artfcle is a sythesis of several antitank missile designs used by NATO forces during the last 15 years. 4".8 lbs.NOSE CONE D.IJADOING Q.SAM missiles are known to cost about $1000 each to produce. 4 movable trim tabs on wings for steering. frame is ad~ justable for height and has top mounted handle for carrying. nlaxilllUlll combined thrust .average combined thrust .REAR DISC P. or bookstore.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol.BATTERY· K. CO-rlfiura tion: 1ength. '"''' TH I CK PAYLOAD CASING H. This deSign is intended as a general guideline only and there are many areas where alternative materials may be substituted. lbs.RETAINING BLOCK ~ENERAl DATA ~: surface to surface antitank missile. A sample 11st of these firms and their addresses has been included at the end of the article.

1 piece Estes. Test fit and disassemble for step D.. Cut a slot in each wi ng for the 1/8"xl3" dowel ninge. MATERIALS Section One . GTue two pieces of balsa." slot from potnt A to point B. IIITE: 11 CONSTRUCTION INFORMATION AS a backup to the impact detonation systeM.3. Section Two . electric blasting cap or improvised electric initiator.Y be added t-o allow manual firing of the missile. They should turn freely. This type of system is known as NOTE: '2 If an airburst fragmentation charge is used. 4 feet of bell wire. _1n9s: . E. RETAINING BLOCK ~----------- .8 " D " IIOtors by Estes. . Section Three .--_J reta1n. See Fig. Tr1 a1 and error will also be a factor in achieving accuracy.4 Estes "solar ignitors~.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. The two channel setups are available complete for as little as $75. launch angle and potnt of impact can be figured with the tables and te1ated information contained COMMAftODETONATION. fireproof wadding . a third channel II'Il. it will be necessary to use a COllllland etonator type d of systere.. while the other wing's slot is cut from point C to B. Cut this piece in half to obtain two pieces IB"x8"x~". The two wings will then ftt together as shoWn in Fig. two servo units and an on board battery for missile.. Only two channels are needed.ithout the control mechanism or movable trim tabs. 3 7/8" diac meter x 4" long.two pleces 3 7/8" diameter x 1&. 1/16" copper s~eet to II'IIkeone-approx. Compatable transmitter for ground direction. commercial high explosive or improvtsed plastic explosive filler . block over the ends of the dowels to hold them in place. spiral wound paper tube . Cut these two pieces as shown in F1g. Apply glue to the 2~" slot in each wing and assemble the ~ngs as shown in F1g. Any frequency will work but those within the CB radib range (27 MHz) should be avoided to eliminate the possibility of outside interference. hardwood dowel . AcceHori es IIOtorcycle battery two channel radio control unit.Payload / Detonator doorbe 11 but ton . Test the movement of the trim tabs in the wings. 2 49 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER in The Handbook of Model Rocketry by Stine or with theiirtil1ery range calculation tables available in IIIlIny mil itary publications. These units are available from numerous suppliers of-RIC gear. Allow this assembly to 2"'X~' dry before continuing. NOTE: 13 A variation of this missile can be built .-.-G~'-Ue--a--s~~.three pieces 4H x 36" x ~". 36"x4"xloi" together to Tonn a piece 36"x8"~".1/8" x 36'. E IOOtors .Guidance Unit RIC receiver.2.Airframe/Motor Section balsa .2. Note that the slot in one wing is offset 1/8" to allow the dowels to cross each other when the wings are assembled. (transmitter) launch frame.about 2 Ibs. Glue the four trim to the two dowels and in- Sect10n One· Airframe/Motor GLUED SEAM i rI"~~~~~~~~"~""""~~S~b~~~~a~s~s~~~i~e!s~i~n~to~t=h!e!~~n-g-s-. ~.I." long available fl"Olllstes. ignitors . _-_. D. Several frequencies are available. Mote that one wing should have a 2.

f the wi ng . c.p th1 s stri p iH'!JI.strip.e Fj.!I5semb1Iy. Check to b@. Se. 'Gut t~~ ~iI h'i!i ' the: bo'd:y. 718.I assemb1y.llIId .e tela!.ube .!IU~ tile ibody de t. hhe lII'il]51 ill s 11 p over the wi ~ before the ~ls~i S gfue has dJdeOJ.6 lIiIbeand -l1!u ]knEildls : '~uC7()~irSl'oh %" loIIide x 6~!I lQng ~n Cln~ end Of the body tube'. TIle tube SI!iQlI hI IIflW s lip over the l1iill'!. G1lil! 'Ollie (:It sk 1nto tlh e front and: orle tnto th." dfa~ter d'i~~s (mea!HU'1lithe Hl of tlh~ bQd_y tube.POOR MANtSJAME'S BOND Vol~ 2 50 THE FOOR MAN'i S ARMQ'RER fIG.apply glue 00 the portje. f err e>l~C t stud -:mt QI therel!la! ini !1Ig '4~ til j ck 1:11111 :5. 7 :jf"iI hHig . (slee F111 .!i I.! beyond the r~ar . The r~al" of the tube' should e-xtend :Ij.u..4) H.t two a.2 FIG'" s flG.s u.of t'he wi ngs.iI sheet. 1'111 'from the !l tiler 3 7/8" tube.n ·of the nrtlp tni!lt .• C. s Sp'l i t tile Ir'i'rlgs and UlS~ tape to join ti'lem into ..

~ s:embly with abllut lbio p.rpJ. . ~liJ:!' t!lpe of cha~ge is an4che [iX lncl. Si!ction Two .oul'lch of IHgb ex~Uosh~ or pot~ ss1 IJIIi c hl.' rods alld arms can lbepuT'chg.t '~nlbe used to hoH the l!II'ji ngsi n pUace.OIoI' jet' of' flaIM.. ~: Tbe P~posi!: of . [. etc.e oOJ1il.Y.tOlr' li'1l'1e &tIb .s. Pi genera 11.oess('::d about ~. The' black powder gra1111s shoul d M/I!j be exposed. r'lle".sht!)u14 be U'$ed' .n!1! Gap.i!'lrtl'wgif:J seve'r~l incneSl of !: Us'e severa.It tlilf'EH! (11' four' ~" 'X.I! 're. K. e'IH:iept. 1/16" copper "S'heet and' s. !l!l'iol!lgh 1.Qt the e.U b..OI1i: ~'O .I'K.!ld i1i(IW IJ.hbf!' f. They s h(!1l!~ d be a s.. lto'hI: together wi ~1i '!"lUbber . be fabrl ca1.1.stitl9 cap as S.~1' cone SAij'!.a"Il.1 er: (.~rtd are hoc ked to twa iI rIllS t.Pay1o!l!d and Illetol'l'i'i. ~1Je con'.d n wilt" the ''>tlrvo/recei'ler S6 t.jibr. Step'!. lOal!!.1 e).1. s' 'inner tube Q'I.:rc conE!' ~~.$~. not 1a IlS i be 1f • but not to any por_t i(1'n11l. ip _foillu'nt1g fO':. battery and b'la.led ~ TOO A.e'.ci1es cut tl'll tl'li" tWo di scs.k walled tllbe J5 bJ resl~t :l:fIe for= .is time to . The cone should s11p t nto the body tllbe· ~itboLit res t s tanCie. Cut 7~" from the 'spare 3 7IB. The strips sho.eadl .t. s.nsr "Jilll tsstLnsr pll'.ti .." SDE!!!r thf!~ mj 5si leh'1 f1 .f th·e e'ight '''[ill oooto'rs ("emilE!' Il1>iI!terial from title end w'lo the l'IOu. Ii" off o.1' o.. four fee t of bell wi rei 11 hi'll f ami attach to. Glue this tub@ in lP.uld be glued 't'liito l'ioct.ran9l~n. H j knD"~ <IS a sh. Wrap to!! J)e a'roulld the J11(ltors until ·ttle)' are I:!lmost 1 "1 n dhJllet~r. 2 51 IC". 'L.I~ i bl'as::til1gcilI!'I or ~l!ipl'IIiJlli'~ed . 8. .. th~ 5. tut thii!. l'Ie~t of ti1e form four on 1). Pla¢f! tlrirce' or fOllr 1ayers o·f fi rep.:! direqi: j t til'itfiJ'.!!! "t 5hllppingl bi:lg~ Ill' ill lolflgp~ ~ce ." diameter tuboe•.~tt(!:ct.Speci fic detl1:i]os wi 11 depend upon.lel" JAHES BOND Vol.[jjc~'. O. than.for the nue cone 'i11SSeMbly. 'Lei!/ive..!$) tl)CUS~ jet !>":t.f~es:.l.a t touches the body tube.p~r~fi"e. J!ack dIE! 7~'I~.e wires ·~re .r. . CIJ..'t 3" bahll str11ps to us~dJ to j CI in tile front bul 'kooad: of' the Loti ng sectil~m aiitrthe disc frarn Sti!P 1':.e lengthwise into tihe16~" j.l I~ ~rgppli[ ng paper to' stse'l chitrge HO.h~ ledg~'s so' that tI:Il! tw (r.[Ij 11gil diillEti1!1" holle at tlil'lpoi I'It of th~ cena.s e 11ne 1'f1. gnt" ihe cont1"OI.long mD. [.e to.u~e1copp!. P1aCeIDi1!nt '1i11'1'1 iiigain depend upon the a. MJTB'~ FQr bu.. 7: i1h~ two contro11'1ods are attached to the servos..sed from rad~oeolJtrol model ~l)rIlJlla.! a. type of 5erves YOli bl!i. For!ll ill 4" 'till co"e Ollt lof tnfl. as sl'iQWn1n e' belli tid it" .!.. Clllt a THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER wing assembly. Tne' nOSi1e ~ei"ve:~to n:re~~l JJe' ~ the! mtssif]e in flight.mof ~add11'19 (Este.0111HandbOIl It se.ifstOllnc:e fr.ll11JH'ovi s. RetooVE! th. I1illd ~d uHe t!)i dll"Y" After tlhe~ 'yl!u:e ~i!lS s... is' I!:hen dlr.11p1iiIM 'Or the ~lMil:J.5 diE!'g~s of travel.electl"h: in~tiatcQr to 1:4. 1I11pf"Qvi'soo last1 e 1t together.ial1011! sys.arm' the' mJ:~$j. tl1e '~$ correct 11 .ly'tlJltte fnthe l r~ Feed hin ll1lilclh The missi h now com'lllde.O. .t:oli"' s.eG!:e!:i' to 'the t~et.IIIt 1i me' of the system 1i5 ~hown in Fig. areilnelude.!l!d from 'brass. Tile !l'Itennill for the: re ce i vel" sho'iJl ill be mountE!d 011 the fl"!.lIlt edge ()f1 one I[lf the wi n!J$.ip..5i·tinsr. e~tentl through th~ bl!ll 1s compd sed of a receiv'l!cll". ll~h. Me sot servos hlWe aboy t UI! 5.Sp.i\l!thPi aI'!"..Guidance The 91. to the b hck: pCIW'der a rsa .nOliffl.eUh:m Thr-ee .ct 10 n for 5 i U'1 StrulC t i 01115 on mak ing thi5.s) between ttl! front bul~kMijld alld eadt I1Cl'tOI' and glue mot..rsm.Ii/ISS'. pci.t'ri!ll tab:!> . th 1 ck '" Th is tlilhe sholi 1d fi t i ntgtt'le ifll'i@l"bLiltie ~IId OOn@.ed MUlll t 1'.!:!'!" direetion. and at so creates: i stilil'ldoff ' d. degrees in eit.Jrl1 t.Olrs in place'.. B. (11 tihes.lIstem}.. Apl'..e ends 'tog@Uier .3. Gl i.slll th~ tQiI1Je't.e:!!ends of bell 'Wi Ir@'{o units and II bat't!n·y.nug f1 t1 n t!h e e 5 of the.1. c~pl etl'liI:l cel Iar frOll1the t>u~e.1! lit: ~~ trnJii't:. t two.".ze' and.) p 61U~ the tube as'sleilihly to the dis ~ (tJl the front 0 'f 'the wi 1'!9' as'soot] 1:y • fhl!' .lut . the paper tuJ:ioE! ~o. J.POOR MAN'S o.? ·~\lti5 a. Mount tJhe above coo.r4 the coP:f/!!Jr .t of the radio t'OO1loneIllU. ami wi li ltul"'l'1 the. 11 if De Apply glv. ~'" .v-er them.:15gisc. ean.l1:t this glut! it iiliql ~lip 9100 to the tul>.rU.t fDurlllle loch diameter circles iii the rear 0"1s':.- fi.extend 'frm the dowe 1 M nges on the tri m t~..1I1MI".r.bodY tube. and overhp.of ITiiIke a tube ahotlt Jlil ol'lgwi tn wa 1 ts DoU t: .ni! t .ld.t.(! bCl.f. fin~1I: Olle S. balilds* as shown in Fig.l!ies or c.II lI'm.. U1e copper ~lIe' from Step A to til. (TIlle battery \11'111 4~SO 00 w1i red into thE! Qe'tQna.~Il'£s "thit::.. iii" thick.copp. ponents sa that the body tulbewHl $..Q.SI!(! . balsill tdiisc to slip into the rear tl'1e .!'g s .1!70S' ~rlilCr. froo tihe' frollt endl a~ the U!:i~ bodlY~Llli!e When t1n. This b 11'ID~.oril te leva.i res' II fUr. "l"h. Cut.rough thli! llo1.tors.Ee·CO'nMcted IoI'Mn .

a :. Th~com! sho!jld beabaut -s1... ther!ll. (@.lU Ib<e groulild t.. frolt!slnldng' In soft oir . nu'l:. ' p1eee lAl:UtCl'!liE'R of thre\~dt.flMilmof three mts!s~l:es.yc 1e b:a.'~~2~' -OJ"'-n-s-'t-r~uc:~t~i~{I~n~: ~~~~~~~~ .ld b-e 001iP'fu 1 in ttl'ls hstance.t ill: 9(1~8'!'lgl!i!tlI ~bo be used to "jam" fJu'!: !JIi3Jsher in p1a~. U fe~t!Ul!'e~ til i ' ci!I. ri ng . of the 3: 'lIa~ tu:be 'tiD Irrlllk. Use tlile !"ema'~nde .sab 1e ~ ol1e s hot ~ffai rwh ~ch i!1s0 poii Tit to It! he 'I nUl liIa. G1ue tliltl swi ~en int-o the fral'rt of the conase the bl.. Titli!! biJdy 'tUD!1! '11!I'm'!inS~1!'o}~bl~ B.e .ba:ttery~ hpe the eillds of the wi ties.o ~11.hi pp i ng i'I.l to the unders'h:!le be.gfrllritihe shown.!!. i ti s l'Ieclls$.d!'l . se·rves !s a !.o . IDe exposed.Make i.. _u!:ed. 11f1~~e~'bll witlha orle ilnlcn dt aiOOter h~l~ ~t the po... lalurlch!!'r t~ W!1)llull: l Th!! seoond 1 a. IB!l'~eor ". C~!lIta n 8" long iii t ooe from .tmd!er..ze 'I.'tfle s!p!re. 03 7/.l1!l ng ! .rd 51JIrf. Bolts~n.Q P.:hes l! 214 i~cnes rod.f the top arm of tne·l !uncnel".! i~t to' pre'fent the InIf.DP~" cone t..itlld.rry j rig hand 1e fol!" repes i t1 0:1'11 and tranS pO.~to tilMil realT oftihe·'l"'i!lilChe!"'.taa 1it rge to a'11 GIl! the' buUtln to.rnudldy g)rt:)und . C u't .. hs i d@ I hr-gewas'her ilJ~au'tli'!!' ' .ace -. t.edges to mat.lOpper c~me. Bil"il. !. ThE! 1aunch swi tch. Sc'r.mj 'I jl 5 trap Qr l'~ngtt1r gil' rublb<er bj:b~ call! ~il! used ng b holdtille IIi sst1e irl phee fOIl" (:lrry1l'1g. l"ing) that wll l f1 t intQ ttJe b.Jtt@11'I 'Is @xPDse. each harnd . Jj. 1ded $'Q tlo:na 11 b 1as t ~. a.l1.~dy tube. or It g ht. fenal I FINAL ASS8MBlY . 're:!lte..ill"Tyi ngl CO'n!:! t I'!:er.@s. tlllen al ~ ~YHem~are! hooked I:IPon theiilifr dlowntn 1frl:mt of' the oox: to elnilt"li!the: 1 for if'i r1 ng" The four CO'!':!'I'ers@f tnt! bOX gL!11!1. n n .U" I!!'I:! 1. lJsetlpe g. TI\~ bo~ttom of the Un"eil:c!ecl rod snOll.oi n:~kI te.!:i'I'~h_ !". Cut pi. .i!/ry to glue" block cfbilba to A.fl e a's it l!!i'I!V:E!s the· 11 unohEi!M".e m1 s s.lre I1rl ss es illi.B'" dii ilmeter t.If the' switch '~s .. f1l'Qm.. IVC uM 1::S. .nd glUE! to assemble' t.umc:hli)cl)! ~ The front nap ~.eb.'r"QtJe-ct'~hii! s'..JAMES BOND Vol ~2 52 TIlE POOR MAN' is: ARMORER I .' of the wi res exng throu'9~tltle c. Two ba~dc typ~~ of hl!rlt:::ners... are U inches xlJ i ru..d ~.liI~ jll"i1! spre~d a. h A.II firs t un it 15 .al..uliic~e.jHch. Attach ()rlli! wi r~to !!Qich tenwi r'IlIIl of the' doe I"'be 11 switch. m.r'Id C.e a con.Befi.P the .ed t fI Il'lac!! and tJi'le. '.n@J 1.1" 11l !~t~nl~ tn1.. iIIH ~ fHiirlt~ the r1n9!. 9.t1. t.~N ~S .ill'ldl !ii'S 'the Ia LUlch€!1" wit" one II!hs es tnpp. Wi tll'Ithi g. min. Thre opstabi 1 i ze .otorc. TWo nuts 'fnay 1 Ilti'l!!'" The two b~ck fiod 01" CI 'long' car"l"~aglif belt as: own.ttel". G. >1 fO' H". t.e!lc!.ece's of e~ectdc!ll coneduit to t~ <l1I1l2nSlOn's 'tJh. is iii tli t roore COO1Plex O1r'1d 'is 1ntend!E!d1iQ!" !!'!Lll t11l.d: lU. ~1.~ be se'ry'h::ed I 'li!t1:.l.-~__. E"'. riOs:ecol'll! t!o .~'9 u.. See fi9!. meta 1 S:hee-ts: (':.1 e l! iJlru.!l~teryto be. 'Sl1 p <I Ipi . "bt.POOR M.Estes flC~ 1aI..M Ii! 11:1.Umlfnents. ~-l-a-YIil-c~h-e':'r:.I sNl1: COIll!!' that ean be ~1 i pped t!v!'!r the !ho be used. It is :S-Cl'l~~ilf$Pi!lt..:.ew fn"e .instal th!!hlsi de atthe' frll.y and II '~P!lte parn box.a.ube..8m c!!in. seCOl1idrl.elq a l'l!Jrt~ j)it'lefer.. ea n be made from any tyl'le of' thin Shlild me!t!~.fdiboilro.1 d i spo.1i~jflfital nn~ or ho~~'i.]iIngs.ul card es (:1M Qrr I'IlI.jts ~y I.€! tll.Jill t a 'tw(! ~n!! of !:ondu it bfl'twee"FI the nuts f. iJ.rvdt n.ern the' j. 5h t it and oV>er1!j:I the .nfli:~l)i'nf.e button. A ~rap~nYlild c:arryi lilY strap ""ou.s.nrry the: hullithet' and!!.~..Mil fut[rm ·to allow th~ i.ilck of the li!. ' nQS-1!! t..he ~¢lne i1Indi ring iota CHle ipilece. l:J~e U~' to hold bl1~ co:ne !.S'[:l"tl~ type e 1~V!tt em' ~'!'I h. ShO'!!rllo !1irldwel d or bruetogether. C!lrJ iill1 be >II Uacned.fu"il! 11~r:idl The e.b11'.

1oti&O ~"'O of _ H -. Estes Industries Inc. 3. 4. Illin01s. 2 53 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER Box 227. 6~TT~~lE~TSMOS 1oE.l Model Making" by Dario/Chivers. ~c.nt tlmls.lIE. CA 92708. Install the ignitor bundle into the foul'" motors. ~.ce. 7950 Deering Aye •• Canoga Park. Alexandr1a. CA 91304.s ~en • topic to which much thou~ht has. 18480 Banditier Cfrcle.1'" the bo~y of tube. ~. AI '85001. 2. Slip the one h. New York.. 2. Penrose CO 81240. MODEL ROCKET MATERIAL SUPP~IERS 1. Gain some initial altitude and then allow the missile to approach the target on a shallow glide path. America'S Hobby Center. one in each of the four body tube sections. Phoeni x. Titles and prices are listed 1n their cataloq. Stand behind the optional blast shield or to one side of the l. Centurf Engineering Co.. $6. 2.lf inch wide ccillar OYel'"the re. G. CA 920413. A HOI4EHAOE BAZOOKA Iy Oln Hoor. H - TillE ' . Many illustrated ads frOM all of the world's larger weapons manufacturers. 146 West 22nd St. Connect the ignitor bundle to the battery and f1ring ctrcul ts AlT8R PlACING 'rH1r rIR. Fountain Valley. !J bJec~ of Improvl!Jed we:..1027 North Seventh St. NY 10011. Ind Inetrectlve. Hobby Shack. Competition Model Rockets Box 7022. 3. 3535 So.I\i> . I declded to design. Enqlewood. Orbit Electronics. 8140 Center St. E.klng tl'lele f'ct!J Into mlnet.ING SJlI'l'CH F. I friend of llline developed the L.. Visually steer the ~1ss1le to the target. in the light of __. Excellent product reviews and features on new military weapons including laser guidance hardware. Ind encountering I few fallw/ure5.n devoted.95-Grenad1er Books. h. Milwaukee WI.! .slve . D. NY to hold it 1n pl.uncher. carefully attach the nOse eone wires to the two w1res that were taped off 1n Step A. 4... CO BOlIO. of the bnook" He I. CON~TRUCTI N OF O IN rHB OFP POSITIOW. "Buies of Radio Control Modeling" by Harks/W1nter.50-Kalmbach Publishing Co. Ater toying with the 14e. Use • paperpunch to make foul'"holes.Raytown. NY.ter built fr. BOOKS AND MAGAZINES 1. Royal Electronics to fIIIlte Ind highly . until rl~.. Use four wire shank paper fasteners to hold the col 1a I'" in place. . $6. IrYing St. Subscription informat1o~ is available from : Sky Books Internation.l Inc. La Mes. s. Slide the missile onto the launcher. ~ H - Th.pon tNt \'«Iuld be hIS been SDIIIIIwhat crud.. $ tollow the instructions proyided with the -ators.ponry . Chicago.. "HandPook of Model Rocketry" by Stine. 4. Punch four corresponding holes in the retaining collar. Estes also publishes technical reports on yar10us aspects of rocketry. '>eU)!. "Armies and Weapons" Ma9azine World wide 4istribution. MO 64133. H_vlr.I'" \III~~ IFl .ntl-gun leglsl.l1p the body tube in place. 'MThe Art of Scale Scratchbuilding-A Guide to Profession. Turn-oi the R/C transmitter and test the'function of the trimtabs.ffective.UI) Ide. T. 53233. build Ind test I _.VA 22307. and fire the rocket motors by turning the switch to the LAUMCN POSITION. Flight Systems Inc. Adjust the launcher for eleyatloR.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. 48 East 50th Street. Tape the connectfons well to insulate them from the copper cone.95-from Follet Publishing Co. RADIO CONTROL AND MOOEl PLANE CQMPONENTS 1. 9300 East 68th St.tlon. Box 1988. Install the nose cone and use glue 01'" t.

. To meke these shells you .rget and pull the trigger. 3 .. I had to put the ba~ook. In closIng.ce along with the battery few points. ThIs causes the shell to travel ~ch straIghter out of the tube.Ix volt current. As fer as ranges are concerned. . final assembly goes '5 follows: First the ba~ooka tube Is outfitted with a flash guard.y to . an Estes "1" rocket motor. placed the lead wires In them and filled the caps with· e layer of solder. (see dlagr.. The assembly goes as follows: The wIring goes from the rocket shell to the swItch. You can even use.galnst walls.An exa""le of a motor mod i· flcatlon Is taking the Estes ro~ket engIne and boring carefully through the prope l Iant .t ama~ing velo~itres .rd. When placing the handles on the bazooka tub~ I divided the tube Into two foot measurements end taped the handles In pla~e. Fill the cannon with gas from a gas jet and then push a I OK Glee. were the adaptlon of a flash gu.. These caps were then placed firmly on· the bettery tube completing the unit. a sight.s shoulder and he hIlS a completely portable weapon.hrget. but they also helped to Improve the fIrer's accuracy.d. These handles proved invaluable as they . to the caMon near the apark plug. Tbls Is us.n a set of slots cut Into the forward end of the aluminum tube. 1 do~en firings before you beeome tam IIIa r wi th the be~Ookaand are able to fire it quickly and accurately. Finally. tube wIth the top end removed for. When taping any of the·parts. First. ThIs weapon Is very powerful as It Is very Similar to a gun In r.nd then onward to the. is employment of an Impact ignition system to deton. The ba~ooka Is then ready for firing.d to hold the trailing fins of the rocket . nd. as they can be very d.~ooka are that rhe flr. My final Improvements on the ba~ook. Tum the switch to make a . You can start fires (matchhaad warheads) and detonat •• xplosives wIth It.ccompllsh this Is to fili the front end of the rocket motor with black powder. and the ne~e5sary wiring end electrIcal ~onne~tions.nt burns at one time producing an unbelleveable amount of thrust. Other methods of alterIng your rocket shells .r Ignlt.S.. It took me several weeks of firings before I could use It with any proficiency. From here the wiring th~n goes to the power pack (set on ground when firing) .nd then ~overed wi th frlct Ion tape to insure a good grIp. The shell will then speed out of the tube ..1/4"XI/16"X9" balsa fins. (see diagram).re fitted with . although my designs are not the on Iy ones you can use. thus producing the needed . together. Secondly the trigger switch Is wired and taped In pl.nd expensive. wlndshellds.. To fire thIs ba~ooka the firer simply has to ~ight his t. I have used this same kind of nose cone to p leree 1/2" plaster board and it is extremely hard. • loading breech and an open sight. lastly.000 feet (maxllllUm arc of f1 re).tween 100 yards (used In target shooting) and 1.s much less expensive. Next I cut the tubIng slIghtly shorter than the lengthwIse measurement of the batteries. The last modification to the desIgn of the completed rocket. Then the additional meul pointing outward from the tube Is bolted solid and this' Is used . Really though. Th. The next Improvement w.all of the propell. consisted of nothing more than an alumInum tube six feet long and 3/4 to I In~h in dIameter.tchel over hl.rts were all taped together for easy assembly and disassembly. The simplest w. will be finIshed. I would like to edd these I.Jy earry and use the ba~ooke. as it was so very simple In constru~tion.wlll need a few ess. Kost l Ike Iy It Is Illeg.ped In place . or "Super a.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol.l us) and the flrer can eu J. Connect one of the wires from a attery to a sr. The flash guard was nothing more th.l Items. The next refinement on the ba~ooka was developed by another'frlend. You then glua or epoxy (recc_nded) the nose cone out of some material other than balsa..gram) Once you have completed these assembl h=s. Upon fl ring . These shells will penetrate window glass. To make this battery pack I found a length of tubing slightly larger In dIameter than the batteries. six inch dlameterr.round the end of the bazooka tube.nd velocity It will take sever.nge . a motorcycle battery (power pa~k). Of course If you plan to fire your ba~ooka you will need to know how to make up rocket shells for It.. (see diagram) These shells can then be ·stored for later use or fired Immediately.park and a loud report will fonow.1 1/'" wIde Is bent .ntl.s of my own. I redesigned the battery pack whfch was rather bulky .statlng damage. 2 'a work Ing mode I and It wa5 an Instant s~~ess. targets .:rk coil and then to the spark plug. a nose cone and en Estes sol. ttach the other wire. To Improve I~ I took four alkaline penlight eells and wired them In serIes.. Among some of the targets I have hit aceurately are tree trunks (within a six Inch radius).-using this kind of mayhem with the b. You can also use other types and sl~es of rocket motors like the larger Estes rocket motor~ Astron or '0'.nd then back to the ro~ket shell.te the rocket's warhead. These are not rec· commended used to prevent the rocket flash from being seen. bore out the fuse hole large enough to tap and fit in a .nd even peopl~as the penetration with them Is very good.. Now a firer simply slIngs the been anything b~t a su~cess. and most recently fence posts (within.50.l everywhere In the U. (For the listed Improvements see dl.m) Finally I took two plastic sanded smooth and the ba~ooka shell Is ready. Now that the improvements were made..nd auto body fillar work best.ided not only In holding the ba~ooka. a light swit~h (trigger).t they . This first ba~ook.Iligator within 1000 ft. The final ImProvements on the ba~ooka came when I took the other designs and added some Ide. Next the handles are firmly t.ble distance. ThIs consIsted of placIng the battery pa~k in a ~anvas sat~hel. glue the nose cone onto the front end of the motor.r.ding breech and open sight. about $2. These p.t motor so th.c.r. The motorcycle battery was replaced with a 6 volt lantern battery wh.-ces . bla~k ele~trieal tape or friction tape should be used. two foot diameter targets (within a one foo~ radl~s). . You should treat your ba~ooka with respect as It Is capable of dev. In ord. I have found that plasti~. They .~ook. homemade BOY MECHANIC VOL. the open sight was constructed In this way: a thin pleee of sheet met. lastly the wire leads at the end of the bazooka tube . put the igniter Into the no~~le of the rocket motor as stated in the Igniter Instructions. my ba~ooka has a range of somewh. 1 AGuCumon If you have a small cannon with a bore of 1 or nil in. thus improving eoncea'men~ The loading bree~h was nothing more than the opposite end of the ba~ooka 54 THE POOR MAN'S ARMO~ER or modified rocket.mall sized spark plug such as used on a gasoline engine. distance of six In~hes." as I call It. Next. These shells are easy to make and generally imexpenslve. metal.s the pla~ement of handles on the ba~ooka tube. (see dl. These . The main advantage to c. Now the fins and nose cone . This Improvement was one that would prove to be very Important at a later time. lo.r can remain con~ealed (many firIng pl. broken glass or anythIng your heert desIres. evenly sp.ngerous . by increasing the dlemeter of your ba~ooka tube.grem). FIrst. you glue the fIns onto the rock.r to construct the roC"t you do as follows. These types of nose cones work best .hell steady during firing. cork in the bore close up to the spark ~ul'. it ~o~ldn't h. wailS and even people at conslder.~h w.Ire equlplng them wIth warheeds or similar explosive devices. matchheads.your ba~ook. = I .re.

When the entIre stock is completed and you . so you cannot legally shorten A custom folding stock wIll reduce the length of the standard weapon by 8".s will be properly .1/6" brass str ip I pc.gnt ..fea •• Weapon.. 5/8" plywood ~".. but It's rather In~nvenlent to reassemble the rIfle every time you want to shoot When assembled.. boats..ces 3 I ~"Iong of the )/8" 00 brass rod and Solder Into one end of 81ch 3/8" ID brass tube... STEP ~ STEP 5 Use the hack. the stock i5 the original length. Issue #1.13/32" DO bras s tubing 7/8")(1/8" machine screws w/nuts )/8" DO brass rod length 18" I I1~")(7116" coa rse thread sc re-.~ ~ !nclle.11 stock . the nuts .6" I pc. 5/8" b. CIi.. narrow halLway. STEP 12 Cut out two grips. Weight. it Is duplicated In plywood.ide plates as shown In pattern 12. The stock tubes should have a light coat of oil to insure smooth OIl.13/32" Ins ide diameter (I0)7/16" DO brass tubing 2 pes . If you are right h. (same thread as takedown screw In Itandard stock) 2 pes. be on the right .POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol.hould.aOlna aetac~able box magaljne: adju. side pl... the stock is wiped down with alcohol and paInted with black enameL prImer.. STEP 10 Build stock latch as shOwn in pattern STEP II After final sanding.iest to ~nstruct.and file to round off corners of the side plates and cut off excess mate ria I• Cut front and rear spacer blocks out plywood. System Basf~ Pistol Grip Folding Stock The AR-7 RIfle Is handy to ~arry around when the parts are stored inIide of the 16 1/2" planic stock. uS Ing patterns 13 and .. . Taper the rear of the hole to . 2 55 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER dimenSions (opt) 2 pcs.. Cut gr ip frame out of 5/8" plywood. Drill four 1/8" holes and 7/16" Ukedown se rew hole as shown.llgned. STEP 6 Assemble grip fr. Solder two 3/8" 10 tubes In pl. MS. 2~ Ibs. Be sure to ream out the ends of the tubing to ensure smooth operation of the slidIng stock. Reverse for Ieft handa .tabje ramp r-em. .ttern '2.rlt Ion.. $75_00 1 . Drill hole for stock latch.. When extended. .. Drill seven holes In brass . the d fIe i5 3~ 1/2" long. 12". torch SIlver solder and flux It.~ " Automatic: n LfI: e. Shape to suit and inslall on grip frame. 12"x)/8" 10 .ces of 13/32" ID tub 1 ng and silver solder In place as shown in p.ccomodate the head of the screw.ssembly onto receiver STEP 8 Cut two pI.tes and two spacer blocks '" th s 1)( 1/8" mach I ne I scr. I 1/2")(~xI/4" wood Or plastic ~terial for grips Tools Needed Hatks. It cln be blackened with touch-up blue or with one of the formulas on page II. Any rIfle may be shortened to the . The weapon is also uncomfortable to Shoot one comfortable with the final shape .ce. Inlmum legal length of 26". Several types of folding sto~k5 will be featured In future Issues but this sto~k is probably the simplest and ea. File notch . "'''·7.v '6. This aLlows you to make changes In grip shape or angle. This lengt~ combIned wIth the 'at bulky stock.. of 5/8" Insert takedown screw Into grip frame and Inst. This wIll Insure that the hol.. The AR-7 barrel his Ilreldy been made to the minimum length. STEP 9 Bend 3/8" brass tad as shown in J>$ttern #5. rt STEP 3 elit two ~" p I... STEP 2 STEP I . uS ing pattern Itis • good Idea to first make this piece out of balsawood.."TE~ . The area under the grl~$ can be cut out and used to star•• pare parts.... Hater I als t1 st I pc... make the AR-7 unmanuverable In tIght spaces such as cars. using pattern #7. -Dr111 1/8" hoI as where ind icated. Do not paint the stock tubes or the stock will not be able to slide freely. It's best to be on the safe si-deand ma int a ina totaI length of 26 1/2". adjuslable peec rear 51ghts: barrel and at I~on disman Ue WI thou t too IS MId stow In stock: ov_rall 1_l1li11'1.. l"xI2". 16" of eh is length must be barrel. An small holes should first be filled In with plastic wood putty or body putty. Clamp the two pieces together In a vise when drilling holes.Ide to reduce snagging on clothing.fine tooth blade File Dr! II 10 1/8" and 7/16" dri II bits Prop.1. Use doHed IInes on pattern n as a guide. STEP 7 as shown in pattern '5.nded..

. ... ..POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. .. of "" '" . _ .... .<:..... "' . . ..... I: ~ • .... ...." ."' . '" ....... "" .... . ... ... ... ..... ~ '" f . 2 56 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER ... .

Stand. MAN "S . EI. F rlrlr'it IMD~. c.P.- t Boaffl e: A~$e". ! I. 5l'ie rKoI:in t ScreWS .i.\.I. Ilea f '5 I ~n9 SW. ~!iRiol. B~r!"~l .s'$.i!li'l't SelreW 'C.e!l!b 11)' .~ i InB R. .d p Assembly GJI"JI_Mo.F.A.gOl. E. 2 57 THE POOR MAN'S i"\RMORER AR 7 R~FLE WITH CUSTOK ~T0CK. G.POOR.ound: C 1 r A @ .ap ...r 18 E.o] [ar frOIl D'.nd" e ~a. 'lor. Fro~l 5"nQ ~~ive~ C.r:boI 'I \Ii tnEr'lci c. F .1 B A.a r Tube 6 0) I c . KQd~ f"1te.i'l. Eo F. .c·1 T~b~l~r Sto~k o.dl B~ r r'e 'I G . SUPPRlssnR A~O SCDPE "" 1 F .A.rAMES BOND Vol.l.

Wi th a 118" dri" bit. go back to the cut. Sin. Found at hardware. and complete1y dr 111 out the Jli" 1ong pi ece of barrel liner from step D.4"". ~" apart. The hacksaw is still needed for other cutting. SHORT BARRELEO VERSION Materials Needed: See your rifle's parts list for ordering instructions from the factory-about $12. Tools Needed: . lpc. These are known as fender washers and are available from hardware and auto supply stores. You shou 1d now have four rows of 118" holes. A machinist's scraper or a sharp knife ts also helpful . 1/2 in. you can feel when you reach the steel 1 iner.1-5/16" s tic screen is unacceptable. It also removes the burrs caused by dr+l ling the lI8" holes. 1 pc.Propane torch and silver solder or acid core general purpose solder. Drill all the washers out to an I D of 3/8" and sand all ga 1vanizing off of them (be sure to d~ grease with alcohol before soldering) • 1 . If II 15/64" drill 1s not available. a ~" may be used. 15/64" or 1/4°' 1 . it measures about 3/4" 00 at the hacksaw cut and is abOut 1/16" larger. The hole may need to be slightly enlarged or the end of the screw may have to be ta15/64" drill bit. piece of tape around the from the front. so draw a line on the hacksawDTade 3/16" above the teeth. mark a point 5" from the rear of .not necessary but handier than the hacksaw for cutting drain pipe.Cost is about $2." 0 Washers. 6 . it just removes the lands which cause the bullet to spin. rotating it as you go. Use plenty of oil and don't let the hole become out of round.00 each. The collar itself may be filed to fit if the original outer barrel is going to be used to cover the liner when the silencer is not in place.8" sections are enough. Brass Drain Pipe . or maximum accuracy for long range use (long barrel).the ba rre 1 and cu t off the excess 11" of liner. it is better to have the surface smooth to minimize bullet distortion as it passes the drilled hol es. (Measure from the rear of the barrel.3/4"10-11.Knurled Knob. or Bolt with at least 1/2" of threads. 1 in. This drilling won't enlarge the barrel. thumbscrew or bolt you bought. Slide the collar onto the barrel and tighten the knob until it seats into the hole in the barrel. until the entire cut is 3/16" deep. 2 58 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER AR7SILENCED Note: The components pictured in PMA page 14 are for a general purpose des f gn.11.Screws/ 4 Nuts and assorted baffle material-described in article. and install it in the shaft collar. going all the way through the barrel. BARREL ner of the barrel-one along the side. Thumbscrew. buy 0 thin washers with a 3/16" diameter hole. STEP H The shaft collar is now installed on the barrel. Cut tubing to the following lengths: 1 pc. Available from hardwarp. STEP G Remove the piece of tape from the 15/64" or ~" drill bit. drill at the punch marks. 2 . STEP I With the collar in place. 1 . it's easy to bend the inner liner. so you remove it by heating the outer barrel with the torch. The hole should be about 1/8" deep. The undrilled portion of the barrel will still impart the needed spin. hand drill with the bits. 1 pc. remark the hacksaw blade and find the spot that is not completely cut through.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. Cut the barrel at the file mark.either plain brass or chromed. Actual size is 1-3/8" 00 . Drain pipe is usually sold in S" and 12" sections.. You want to cut through the outer barrel ~. 's" back (2" from the rear of barrel). . Carefully drill out the barrel to the depth of the tape mark. tooth blade.41:>_" x24" . . Cut a piece 3l:i" long from the discarded II" piece. which is either -It" NC or -It" "IF thread.Various flat and round files. and 4-3/4"..Bench vise .4in. STEP E Draw 2 lines along the exposed li- STEP F Wrap CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE . P. 3/8". (Epoxy breaks down at about 300°) Clamp the rear of the barrel In the vise.00 3/4" Shaft Collar . plumbing and building stores. If you saw slowly. Meta 1 Screen . About 50¢. A small set screw can be installed in the bottom of the rear. .extra AR 7 Barre 1 w/ Ba rre 1 Nut. Remove the screw and use a center punch to mark the location of the hole on the barrel. The outer barrel is tapered.Center punch . Procedure: STEP A Measure 2~" from rear of barrel and mark with a file. This is the support for the baffles. and use the vise grips or large pliers to slowly twist and pull the outer barrel section off the liner. 17. 2 .a clamp on vise for the kitchen table 1s fine. stores and tool suppliers.large pair of vise grips or pliers. That des ign is altered here to allow the option of maximum concealment at short ranges (short barrel).pc . If possible.for removing bUrrs from inside the tUbing.Hacksaw w/fine .4~". If it won't turn when heated. 1/8". The outer barrel can then be slipped over the barrel and screwed in place.Tubing cutter . Go easy when removing the outer barrel. 1-1/8" II (IS/64" f s preferred) . Note: If you want to be able to disguise the barrel with the silencer removed. Take the knob. Found at hardware and plumbing stores. turn it un til the screw hole pof nts down when the barrel is on the gun. The long barrel vers ion wi 11 be covered on page J J.) Mark and center punch the following points along each linei 4". The collar is used to retain pulleys and gears on a 3/4" diameter arbor shaft. save the outer barrel. Carefully f11 e thi s 's" wide area until the shaft collar will snug 1y s 1 i P over the outer barre 1 and rest flush with'ft. with a corresponding hole in the barrel liner. STEP B The barrel is composed of a steel liner 3/8n 00 and an aluminum outer sleeve that is 3/4" 00 at the mark. and one along the top of the barrel. expandfn9 it and breaking the epoxy bond. This should thread into the shaft collar. depending upon what is available to you. Material from an old screen door may also be used. when the bullet reaches the drilled portion. 3/4 in."00 This is a 's" thick collar with a It" NC or NF thread set screw.Drill motor or following drill 1/ 16".pcs. STEP C The liner Is epoxied into the outer barrel. 3 pcs. . STEP D With the outer barrel removed. STEP J Remove the co 11 ar and dr111 a ~" diameter hole at the mark.

a tapered hole "" at the rear and about 1/8" at the front must be made. Use a h~ out. while the rear 'a" of baffles must be notched to clear the nuts from the mount assembly.or paper. Be sure that the side. Each point should be "" to the rear of the froot edge of the tube. bottom. J. Slide it into the tube until it rests against the barrel support. Flexible plastic.. the front is recessed ~" into the B" tube. between the rear of the 4" tube and Tape the endcap in place for step O. take the endcap off. Remove all burrs and sharp tube assembly to be removed from the edges and install the ~" shim and 8" barrel by loosening the bottom screw rear tube over the collar. the "" holes and install the assembly in pOSition whlle drllllng the mounting holes. dri11ing a 1"" washer to an 10 of Stack 12 washers. Build up the rear of the ba~ round a pencil and carefully slip it rel/washer area with solder as shown into the front of the B" tube and in the diagram. washer to the front. The co l1ar shou 1d now be Mark a center line on the top rear a tight fit on the end of the outer of the 8" tube. Remove the the B" tube. between STEP N each of the spirals. The 4" tube.and is soldered together. The V' spacer will ho~d the. with no wobble. from the vise. Remove the screw. stack from the vise and slide it onto the 3~" front barrel liner section. Four nuts are now soldered or epoxied in place under each of the holes in the mount assemb ly.will The front barrel mount is made by be contained inside the 4" tube. A 1"" washer is in the rear with the 3/8" drill. or simply drilled for self tapping and drill a ~" hole in the center of 'screws or pop rivets. ling the 1/16" holes. Cut with hacksaw through the K. Don't try to make a hole in a baffle by firing a bullet through i~ you will probably destroy the endca~ A l/B" stack of wire screen discs can also be used as part of the end- pered with a file to obtain the STEP 0 correc t fit. These baffles are intended to allow the bullet to pass. brass tube and trim unt 11 1 t W111 f tt illto the endcap. A 4" section of vise with the top of the center hole pipe is split and trimmed as 1n step exposed. STEP U The remaining piece of brass tubin9. The front half of the endcap will take a baffle with a 1"" DO. this without wobbling. If harder plastic or nylon is used. The bottom nut may be used to mount a s11ng swivel if desired. slipped into this end and is soldered in place. the spiral assembly. These remove any inside burrs and a file two points are the location for the or sandpaper to smooth up the outer tube support screws. If soft rubber is used.1/B" holes. STEP V Insert the endcap into the 8" silencer tube. insert a J.It should fit flush with the front of the tube. This allows the collar/ piece. and clamp together in the round its edge. Measure 5/8" down barrel. STEP M Solder a solid washer flush with one The 4~"x24" piece of screen is now end (front). This increases gas over the barrel. gainst the shaft coller and about "" STEP Q of b~rrel should protrude from the The 12 split washers are now spaced forward end.. reduci ng the size unti 1 it wi 11 . with the remaining half edge to the center hole. Remove first washer lines up with the inside the 4" tube and washer assembly from cut of the third washer. It should rest aflow to the 8 . flush with one end. Line up only. 2 59 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER fit into the 4" tube. straight. This will prevent the mount assembly from moving when the other' 3 holes are drilled. and the front of the 4" tube. Thi s comshould be at a right angle to the pleted tube. and the center of both sides. Use a scraper or sharp knife to rear of the the first mark again.j" wide. The endcap should STEP T now slide into the front end of the The 3/4" long piece of drain pipe 8" tube and come to rest aga inst both is used to make a spacer for the area it. and replace them. The '1" roll of cardboard in the endcap can now be discarded. A 1" piece and a ~" piece of brass STEP S pipe are used to make the endcap asPass the 15/64" (or "") drill sembly. Drill a "" hole 1" from one end. Drill one of the holes and insert a screw. dri 11ed and tapped for mac can be hine screws Cut a second piece of pipe '>" wide.soldered in place. front barrel liner tube. The spiral baffle and front barrel STEP L assembly is made as follows. a small 'X' cut in the center is sufficient to allow the bullet to pass. Solder the seam and solder the tube to the washer.and a washer with 8 -folded in half to form a 2""x24" 1/8" holes. Spl ~t ~he~" .POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. washers. Measure 1" from the Cut a piece of the drain pipe 8" tube and long. Remove the stack of washers should slide snugly into the 8"tube. The rear should be flush with the rear of the endcap.intersecting 2 lines. Reinstall the mount assembly and endcap in the front of the silencer and check that the 4 screws will all fit. Split the edge of the 3/4" tube and overlap the edges. and the rema ining 1"" washer. with the edges 3/8". The mount assembly 1s now inserted into the endcap. Split the 1" piece and trim through the front barrel/spiral secas before until it will slip into tion to remove the burrs from drilthe '>" piece. is now evenly between the front and rear unsplit washers and soldered in place.Pr~or to inserting the mount assembly lnto the endcap. then drill 8 . Endcap Packing Procedure: Various materials can be used 'as flexible baffles to fill'the endcap. The rear of the tube is now centered STEP P on the barrel. Drill the 3 remaining holes as marked. Split one edge and file or whatever fasteners used do not excut out enough material to allow the tend through the co11ar into the bar\" piece to fit snugly into the 8" rel itself. but to partially seal off the end of the silencer and help to slow the release of gas. strip. Taper the hole Solder in place.~" from the other end. top. A 1"" washer is now installed mer or the vise grips to bend the flush with the end of the 4" tube stack until the outside cut of the and is . are used to hold the nut s for the mount screws that secure the en~ cap to the 8" tube. one half stack of washers from the outside at a time. The cut sl1pped into the 8" tube. and red or black rubber may all be used. nylon. when filed smooth. Mark the 8" tube at 4 points. and remove the mount assembly. The 8" tube should now be STEP R perfectly centered on the barrel with Dri 11 a row of 1/16" holes in the no wobble. They edge.1/8" holes aaligned. It. each side from the center line and STEP K mark the tube. with the drilled washer to the rear.j" spacer of rolled cardboard . The spiral assembly is now installed into the 4" tube. Roll the screen tightly a(rear). Don't make it so time with one side of the cut in the tight that you can't slide it in and vise and one side exposed. slipped into the 8" section and is compressed against the screen until The edges should line up to form a spiral.

. or a conventional sight ramp can be mounted on the B" tube.Rubbing alcohol to degrease before gluing.Epoxy glue.6x32 HC machine screws '5" long. A silenced version was also built by the government during the Viet Nam War. FFL holders can buy the rifle wholesale for about $54. The asbestos is covered with a layer of black plastic electricians tape. Custom scope mount 5. The stack of screen discs should have ~" holes in the centers. 1 . 22 Caliber rifle scope with scope rings and base 4. There are four major parts to the rifle: the barrel. 90¢ (and a tap handle if you dont have one. Center Punch. IF YOU INTEND TO USE THIS STOCK}A REMOVABLE MOUNT IS NEEDED. Pistol grip with collapsible.Hacksaw. Full length rifle with scope 2.50 NOTE: 1- ~. and retails for $75. a sight blade can be sol~ dered in the notch of the top mount screw.. First produced In the early 1. receiver. the AA~"7 was originally designed as a survival weapon for downed Air Force crews. One extra barrel assembly 3. 7 shot. Pistol 4. and resolder them.9608 by the Armalite Corp.6x32 National Coarse (NC) tap.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. If the unit will be used extensively. 22 caliber semi automatic rifle that Is popular with hikers. the silencer should be disassembled and cleaned. The original stock and 7 shot magazine are not used with this system. waterproof slack."lilt . tubular stock 6.- t . Submachine gun with silencer The whole works can be buill lor about $100. Silencer mount tube 7. In addllion 10 the basic receiver and barrel assembly. .1 :4fw clay In u correct 3 Fig. Procedure: ---------_ .7 1 . campers. Regardless of the baffle material used." holes I' ho Ie Flg. they will wear out afte r severa 1 hundred rounds and wi 11 have to be replaced.. as well as the baffles in the endcap. it is reinstalled on the B" tube.all for drilling and tapping. all parts are contained In the floati ng.6 center! remove burrs "-_". The screen should be scrubbed clean or replaced. Aifie with short barrel and silencer 3. 1 . about 10¢ each (flat head) . Tools and Materials Needed: Weaver Scope Hount Base IT9 intended for use on Ruger 10/22 rifle.Pc. The AA·7 rifle can be used as the basis of a complete mini weapons syslem designed to be carried In a small attache' case.. The unit is now completed. Price about $2. and pilots. it will get quite hot. Wet or Dry sandpaper 220320 grit. .) receiver ~ vlse~. After extensive use. Be sure to inspect the spiral baffle assembly for any breaks in the soldered washer spiral.Small piece of modeling clay. .Drill motor or hand drill.• pad Fig.7/64" drill .Silencer 8.) . 2 60 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER Briefcase Weapons System The AA~7 survival rifle Is a light. Fi flg. 1 .. Padded Vise. the following parts are needed to build the new system.Pc. After the end~ cap is packed with baffles. compact. Cleaning and tool kit with spare parts 9. Coarse sandpaper 36-80 grit. Small attache' case or lnstrumen! case The system allows a variety of weapon s to be assem bled. 1. stock. Pislol with silencer 5. When disassembled. but should be retained for possible future use.80¢ 1 . If a front sight is needed. en 1a rge measure from here Flg.FIXED MOUNT THIS MOUNT WILL NOT FIT INTO THE CONVENT 10NAl AR 7 PLASTIC STOCK. S . The completed unit can be painted with conventional spray paint or MG Coat (see article elsewhere in this issue). 1. cap packing material. Several 15 round magazines 2. and the magazine. AR 7 SCOPE MOUNT BY CLYDE BARROW TYPE A . The rifle Is currently manufactured by Charter Arms Corp. A handguard to protect your hands can be made by wrapping the silencer in several layers of asbestos gasket material.

1-5/8". ~. Spot sand any high areas plenty tough to strip aIlS holes of that are found. the holes in the mount mu~t be altered as follows: Enlarge the holes with a knife or round are Fig~ '3.r ot the receiver and sightin'1 down the barrel. If one or more won't start. 011.right . Drill and tap the remaining j hOles. If the scope is aimed at a point fairly close to the point of bullet impact. Go slow and Iteep the drill as vertical as possible. 7/64" dr 111.u~e a knife point to scrape away all burrs and rough edges from both the inside and outside of the tapped holes. Clean and. seen. Check the mount for flatness fit is obtained. Heat the mount the -------. do the opposite for right to left. N. as.320 grit wet Q.The screw individually and file or grind screws should slip through the holes off materi~l until the screw is in the mount without resistance. epoxy. See Fig.BEWARE . the epoxy bond is broken with heat: Take off the scope and disassemble the receiver. With all 5 screws the safety lever assembly which is tightened in or more of the screws is probably This will create a rocking chair efrubbing against the side of the hole fect. If the mount is to be moved to the right. epoxy down. The tapered screw head will fill the larger hole. If large gaps appear. this is • crude form of BORE SIGN'l'ING. Clamp the receiver in along the top inside of the receive~ the padded vise. If no light is progress often to be sure you aren't applying all the pressure to the ends. An easy way to do this glass. Clay is also used sma 11 "dam" at each end flat. To move the base. See Fig.e. See Fig. Use a center the scope is sighted in. ALLOW TO DRY OVERNIGHT Even if it says 5 or 10 min. If the shlmming is very extreme. Fill all screw clay. front edge of the groove. and under the rear for low sh90ting. receiver (12 if you count the shorty on each side).>p8is . Take care not to damage the threads. __ .to later compensate for 3/4".li'1n6d with the point that i$ $een when looking throu'1h the re.. See be tightened . an alternate method may be used. Dut if you wish. 6. and set both adjustknife point to scratch a line the ment knobs to a central setting. Vertical misalignment is again handled with ~hims. ~. be sure to cleanup G. Use coarse sandpaper to roughen area. J!. #4. The epoxy should be Slightly "piled up" on the mount. Elongate any bare aluminum line appears on both problem holes as in J. It should be Sight the rifle 1n at 25 feet. roughen the receiver and mOunt contact areas with coarse sandpaper. rear. These w111 e~sily strip out the soft Remove all internal parts except for aluminum threads. Find the center groove of this area and use a scriber or H. Wash the mount in alcohol and dry with a clean towel. etc. length of the groove.3-13/16" any slight alignment differences. fine. 1. Clean all parts.reassemble the gun. Check the mount-receiver Joint.S left.created by the curve and dams at each end. If one or both controls 1s turned to Its extreme before the scope is centere~ !:!.down. the front. If in the future you need to reinove the mount. ~lace the mount. I. up. a shim or series of shims is slipped under the front of the mount to correct high shooting. Alignment is rarely this far off. using bright silver and constrast well with a large white sheet of paper. make the oversized holes slightly to the left of center. '2.well as each screw into it's appropriate hole. Mount scope. Ori11 at each punch ma rk with the the mount will have to be adjusted. 2 61 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER '1. Abou t 1/16" of each screw will be through the mount holes and epoxy protruding into the top area of the underneath. you should punch to mark this groove at the fol. Drill and tap the front and rear holes only. When a flat sides. Using the hack~aw and padded vis~ cut the scope mount as shown in Fi~ Sand all rough edges smooth. Run all five screws down snug and Check that the mount is in complete or dry sandpaper to a large piece of contact with the receiver without any gaps. Shims of hard pl~stic or metal may be used. IIO'f'E: scratch a small • F ' for front in the slot at the front of the nw:>un t • the bottom (curved) surface of the mount. !. their threads. Glue a piece of 220. When the black background. When finished. Enlarge the holes in the receiver's interior. the screws will be too short. run your finger left in place. When you are satisfied with NOTE: If you can't fire the rifl~ by removi~g the bolt and screw. Sand off the excess epoxy test is to hold the unit up to a from the scope mount base by sliding window and look at the side of the it across the sandpaper. ~. al1-5 strews should on an open area of the glass. so use moderation when tightening. elongate the hole in the mount until the screw will thread into the receiver below. Let it dry AT LEASt 24 HOURS before firing.still have plenty of adjustment left lowing points. See Fig.. Epoxy the mount to the gun. with both stope controls in a near neutral position. Disassemble the receiver as per The gun's enclosed instruction sheet. on a hard flat wood surface and drill l. instead of the absolute flat in the mount. Up and down is easier. Thread each hole with the 6x32 tap. do step N rear si'1ht K. Place the mount on the receiver and start the five screws by hand. Stop sanding when a prevents a flush fit.2·1/8". _----- . There You should feel nothing but 5 shallow are 10 true ribs on the top of the holes.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. smooth holes with to make a of the mount. E. mount's alignment. or both holes will have to be enlarged slightly off center as in step M above. when enlarging the holes for adjustment. F. minor adjus~ ment is all that is necessary. The set. i. any ragged threads on the screw ends. which distorts it and bottom desired. slightly recessed into the top of the receiver when tightened in place After grinding. Continue this process until the scope is Sighted to center. especially the screws and the threeded holes with alcohol. Adjust both up/down and leftlright scope controls to a central position and install scope and mount on rifle. Go slow. Squirt a drop of oil in each threaded hole. See Fig. Clamp the rifle in place with a portable vice or heavy sand bags.1-1/4". drill and tap for the remaining 3 screws.Replace any shims that had been in place before cleaning. If the bullet and scope are grossly mi~ aligned right to left. When the unit is finally aligned. use oil as a lubricant and again try to keep the tap In a verticle position. and ft will be necessary to replace them with a longer unit. to remove the exce$S screw length that may now protrude into the inside of the receiver. Wash the receiver in hot soap and water to remove all traces of drilling debris. Remember. Remove each epoxy with a sharp pointed knife. Mix enough epoxy to fill up the If the gun shoots t09 far to the left the scope base must be moved left. as measured from the in all 4 directions. Place the mount on a surface. Ditto for right.

.75 9mm 10 8... This led to the design presented in issue '3. As stated. .. Red Phosphorus and Black Antimony Sulfide). A thick layer of red sealant. (509) 326-5283 phone. a wing nut.s showa in the dnwin.ti tening the aut. Joint hiDn aboat J in. I wanted to see Where it would crack. The line is called Velex and is currently available in the following calibers: 380 Autol 87 grain bullet 38 spec I 101 357 mag 1 101 45 ACP 1 200 " 44 magnum. 0 2 62 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER vertical rib behind the chamber on the right side must also be filed away.. The detonator (discriminating impact fuse) is a brass cup 3/16'x3/16~ The wall th ickness is about ha 1f tha t of a conventional primer...." After some experimenting it was discovered that by using coarse threaded screws.__ ~""T1TI1: .00 5. The horizontal top surface of the receiver is even close enough to bore alignment to allow the slight error to be corrected with the internal scope adjustments..REMOVABLE MOUNT BY CLYDE BARROW Three years ago. The cup is seated open end to the rear and . bore sight it as described in issue . Get.85 II II 9nrn 192" " Standard semi and full jacketed hollow point ammo is the basis for the Velex load. The hole extends to the base of the copper jacket. A number of 50so clamp-on removable mounts were then produce~ and were to be the basis of this article. The scope is easily removed for storing the rifle in the stock and the original sights remain intact._. ~ _- . a modern black powder substitute. Washington 99208.s recessed about 1/32" from the front edge of the each case the Velex detonated and the bullet mushroomed to approx.. Before reassembling the gun.22 scope rings can be installed. Ca1iber pack of: Reta 11 Whlse 380 auto 10 8. The volume USed . however. probably the same composition found in toy pistol caps (Pottasium Chlorate.Kade HaDd. they resisted stripping of the threads. too soft.50 6. This enlarged cavity 1s filled with what appears to be pyrodex. and receiver to about 300 or until the epoxy melts.-.. long that wiD A PRELIMINARY REPORT VELEX EXPLODING AMMO velEX EXPLODING BULLET the------~--~--~--~ fit the boles in the hinge. If nothing else.00 minimum order is required for -the wholesale price break... Put the bolt through the middle hole of the hinge and replace the nut . For the hell of it.·We'll present an indepth look at-Velex in a future issue after more extensive testing is completed.. insufficient wall thickness. It's so simple a 'how-to' article isn't even necessary. When the scope breaks or malfUnctions. and adjust as needed. possibly laque~ is used to seal the cup from moisture...• ~-~-- A JIome.7 rifle. 38 super auto and 44 special loads are currently befng tested and will be available from Velex in the near future. This recess prevents the round from "detonating on auto pistol feed ramps. The interior of the cap 1s coated wi th a shock sensitive explosive. twice it's original diameter. Just clamp the receiver ina padded vise and file a 'V' along both sides of the ribbed top of the receiver. I began to design modifications for the AR .bullets·is now manufactured and marketed by Velex Inc. threads will strip out. . this unit is unacceptable if the storage feature of the original stock is to be retained. This is especially nice in a survival rifle.etc. etc. but no loss of strength was noted. The hollow point bullets are redr1lled until the cavity is 3/16~ 1n diameter. With this devic:e any small object may be firmly beld by sbatl1 1acinc it between the sides of tile aDd .. were fired into large pink grapefruits. by Clyde Barrow A new line of pistol ammunitiun with exploding. I asked several gunsmiths about a provision for mounting a scope.. Continue to file until standard claw mount .05 357 mag 8 9. . and cut one in an old AR 7.00 5. YIII . or more loa.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol.3. It didn't crack. I also revived the integral dovetail idea. either by screwing on a base or cutting a dovetail directly into the receiver.. Dealer prices are as follows. "Can't be done. Include FFL with your order or have a licensed dealer order for you.00 5. It may be conventional black powder. A $50. N. 45 ACP and 380 auto.. lut '"r_~.50 6.-VIM A very useful little hand viae can . Spokane.s also about that of a toy cap. and a boTt about ~ ia. It works perfectly.85 45 ACP 10 9._ - ... '6809 lincoln. ~ - ~...75 38 spec 8 7. A small amount of the easily be made from • hinge aDd " bolt canyin. a back-up sighting system is invaluable. TYPE B ... and is also intended to act as an impact buffer. lead core The few test rounds I was able to obtain..

... . ... 1> ... :i _ ii _g I>U _u Ii s: II! ... s ..... ...c: ..J .. =". "' . ..... .. "'" • ~ I> ..... "'I"'" . a.... ...c: ........ (J') z: !i ---------------------------- .. ex: .. '" '0 ~ I> u s II! II ~~ II III ". '" '" "" .... ..'" .. . . .. ..... ... '.... J:I '" ~ u f'oo...... ~ .. IC 1 1 . ~0 :::I . ... I> J:I II :....) .. . I>~ ... . I> '.. r-:» . o~~ .sat: ~ w (.N I . .... a....c: '0 u <0 e CI) 0 I> VI c: '" 1..ltO s 8J ~ .....J..~ ~........ ou 0 .. :Ul.. ... '0 u .. '" ~ . '" . I: 'i '" .N I ~ u l- .. . '" !::: ... '" J:I ....."'" ..... I: i . iCIJ 1j .......... I> I> c: 0 s: ~ .. . '" . Q . ~I~ '0 a. '" s "' .... u a. . '" • . "" ~ s: 0- '" ... I '" ~ '" .. . t ... '" . '... '" • • !l ll .....( ..<:0 "..... III 'j.. ....Ico f ~Ii:~ 1: zi:'" .. V -I> J:I '" .. ..... .. ..... 2 63 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER -. .... ... . ~ ~'" .... ~ ......c: '0 u ....POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol.u "... '" .. ... ....... ... . S 1: '" 8......... 0 I> J:I J:I ""'" . I:: 3 1IiI . c: . X s u '" "'k . C> .... ffi u IX: (J') -< ~ .... I> '" ..J:I 1 .. ... -ININ ~ I J .. 1> ....

the truth falls somewhere between these two extremes. The next few PMA issues. SMG's are designed to be cheap except the lower rec~iver. This open bolt firing allows the weapon to be both lighter in weight and simpller in design. and the German MP40. To most people. Examples of the round type of receiver include the Sten. The basic SHG type of weapon is ideal for small group or individual manufacture for the following reasons. The 1ssuefeatures a reprint of the patent for Gordon Ingram's MIO and Mil (MAC) Mach1ne Pistols. full auto being used only selectively. Appearance 1s a major factor issue). The picture created by those who hold the SHG in low regard is one of a maniac wildly spraying the landscape. . large magazine capacity and simplicity of design which allows for low cost production in sma 11 nome workshops. c. S & W M76. want to buy or sell specffl. or would 11ke to see material on some specific SMG. a. Therefore. The inertia of the bolt moving forward eliminated the necessity for complex breech locking mechanisms or stiff recoil springs found 1n commercialy available s~l auto guns. firing entire 30 round magazines with each burst. and other exotic manufacturing techniques and equipment. and need not be considered a detriment.will feature material on some of the more popular modern SHGs. he's wasting aIllllO!" Proponents will describe special combat firing techniques. without the the MAC 10 or 11 unit drop George need to make concessions to appearliu a line (see classified ads this ance. as the need arises.c SMG components. we have found sources of several excellent designs geared toward home manufacture.and we and easy to produce and are geared hope to have a set of construction to a military market. ceiver is used in both the 1sraeli UZI. and the Ingra~ MI0 & MIl submachine pistols. 2 64 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORE~ By Clyde Barrow We have received a lot of reader comments about submachine guns.Whfle we haven' yet been able to purchase a set of plans for PMA publication.a cocked or open bolt and contain a fixed firing pin. As usual. Most SMG's fire from. M3 Grease Gun. rhis is only one of the characteristics of these weapons.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. or is designed around a square or rectangular box shape. milling machines. relate tales of hits at incredible distances and swear that the SMG has rendered the autopistol and light assault rifle obsolete.and therefore some concession is made to target type accuracy. If you are interested in considerations alone.all replacement parts and several c~ase the cost and complicate the reprints of articles that have been manufacturing process. The square or box re. The topic generates strong feelings both pro and can. Most modern SHG designs also allow for semi auto fire. SMG means full auto. and can greatly in. the plans for the lower unft in a fudeSign can be based on practical ture issue. written about the M}O and Mil. both are good sets of plans. The receiver is usually based on either easily obtained and worked round steel tubing. "My god. All parts for these guns are available b.) If you have a design for sale. He sells complete registered when designing a commercial gun for SMGs to qualified buyers as well as commercia 1 sales. Sterling. The open bolt or Slam-bang type of action does jar t~e weapon upon ffring. The primary attractions of SMGs are one handed use. drop me a card care of PMA and we'll see what we can do. (See Roy Mc laughlin's ad this issue and The Void's ad for Holmes' Home Workshop Book in prevfpus issueS. wi thout the need to resort to investment castings.

HaneUe 2S e.. The numeral 7 aenerally desienates a trigger pard which is aifiled at one end to the (rame 1 as by weldina desipated by the Dumetal e.ed side vicw partiaUy in section and whicb lbows the bolt in its extreme open position ready for the initiation of a fuinl operation by the lIiller. are iudicated by the Durnerall 28 and 29. iaventicn. 3 by recoil sprin. lD the drawings the numeral I designates the frame structure of the weapoQ to the bottom portion of which a magazine housia.azine housinS 2 and the DUmerai ..736 AUTOMAnC fIItEAIlM Automatic wcapons of the lubmachlne aun typo are lOIRedill..h .I operation and at the C'ompletion tbercofrespcctivelyand in which flO.ich protnldes outwardly and funcdonl in the eonwnlioDal . The numerallO daipates an intermcdiatc portion of the tri&&cr pard 7 . 3A and 38. a manually operable baadie 15 is pf9vided in accordaace willi one feature of tid. 3 and depict respectively the bolt handle iD locked and unlocked positaons.lot 30. the triager.. the bolt is locked in Its open posilion.. FIG. ill weipt and eft'icicnt 1IIopo'!ration. 5 is a vieW limil .b. 11 it moumecl on bracket J 110 1M frame of the wcapolL Tbe barrel of tbc wcapon is fixedly IDO\'Dteci to the frame ud is . 3A and 38 are vicws taken . desi.651. A hand pipping portion 3 fonns a part of ma. For_example._-- . m_ FIGS. t from FlO. It . In additicm.uard of lbis invention iI arran. designates: a conventional remoyable magiUlnc struc:ture. FIG. Accordin. when the boh is locked. 6 is a view similar to FlGS. 'rriuer JUard 7 is provided at the othet end with &II inwardly extcndinJ portion 9 which servca nol only u • portion of the triuer . 18 and 3B. the line designated 3-3 in FIG. lA. Slot JO is ~Rltructcd with en1ar&cd end portions 31 aad 32. 3 it: a side vicw partially sectioned and similar to FIG.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. 3 10 the frame structure 1 and is received Ytithin a p.uard for triJlCr s. FIGS. JC formed lD bolt 21 10 that the rod U is slidably related to boll 2J. Boh handle 25 iii provided Ytith a sight passale 33 which ai- aockin. 2 65 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER 3.uard but whitb also serves as luide meaDS whereby rouDd5 of ammurulion ·from tbe mapzme 4 are directed iDto the breech cad "fthe barrel. Accortlin.. 4 but showinalbe bolt in an iatennediate position. when the handle 25 is disposed in its locked position in enlaracd portion 31 or sJot 30. I.h m&jor axil is disposed in perpendicular relationship 10 slot 30 and with the handle 2. 1. For.. For the purpose of manually ope.23 which is disposed about rod 24. 1 is. Bolt 21 is biased toward lH rilht as viewed lD flO.5disposed within the enlaraed portiOD 31 or 32 of . III order to racllitatc secure boIdinl of the pnby the user •• ..tend.. the bollll is freely slidlble from left to ri&ht and vice versa. the bolt 21 is locked in position. uer as. ------------------------_ . the bolt haneUe is provided with. or COUI'SC the bolt • locked In its closed position when handle 25 is locked within the enlarged portion 32 of slot 30. Triaer 5 is pivotally mounted on pin 6 secured to frame I in a manner weD known in the art. 3 which is reciprocal relative to the breech ponioa 22 01 harre113. 2 and which respectively depict the bolt handle in locked aDd unloc:ked condition. 27 and which lCaCSwithin I.ctable stock 19 II mounted OIl • pair of rods 21 which are slidable into and out of the frame ItntCtUre I. lions of tbe triuer pard 7. bolt 21. the bolt handle is &(ranged so as 10 provtde manual means for operati~ the bolt (rom its ckJsed to its open position and vice vena' and in addition the boh hlndle is movably mounted on the boll 10 as to form a relationship with an enlarged end of the slot formed in the receiver and in which the bolt handle is slid atole. In this manner a visual indicalion of the locked and unlocked condition of the bolt is af· fOlded.m be undentoocl that I'CCCISCI such as 18 and 29 ar~ di'Jposcd about the periphery or budle 25 and preferably are four in number.. FIG .. Rod 201is affixed at its leh. __ .b 510130 fanned in the upper portion of receiver 14. to aDOther feature of the invention. 9 is a sectional view taken alona the Une 9-9 in FIG. to its closed posruon and vice vena.. 9 the receiver 14 illUpportod at 1_ aad 146 by IMcraJ por.. . Front si&ht 15 is atlbted la coaventktnal to the: forwerd end of receiver 14 and rear daht 16 II atrlled by pina 17 and I.eCC=ues formed on the sides of handle 25 su. detailed desc:ription taken in conjunctioD with the accompanying drawing in lIrhich FlO..nated by the numeral 2 it: anixed. band end as viewed in FlO... 4 and 5 but showing the bah ia Its closed firiD. Handle 25 is rotatable about ill verricd azit aad II held in a plrticular position by meaDS of lock l:::1pill 26 which is biased toward the left by a path which aeccw. cavity at itllower ript hand portioa as viewed ia FlO.moclates the passale of liquid in aJigrunent with The front ud rear dahu wheD lIIe bolt is unlocked but which predudu liptin. At: is apparent from fiGS. _-------- .nd$ of ammunition are directed into the breech end of the lun barrel. lA and 18 arc vic-wI taken alonc the line desisnated '1-1 in FIG. FlG.. 7 and • are enlarged views partially in section o( the m"banlsm whicb depict the extractor and the ejector at the belinnial of an ejcctir. bener undentandinl of the invention reference may be had 10 the 10Uowin.from its opa. tcd by the Dumeral 13. positioD.. The trider is of conventional construction and is desipatcd by the numeqJ 5... the put of handle 15 which is didable within Ilot 30 is formed wi" a major axis &D'da minor axil .. to FIG.lon.tin. 1 is I side view o( a Iub--machine sun coestructed aecordinS to the invention. triaaer and also 10 as to fuAction as luid: means whereby rou.ed in luch manner as to afford preteetioa for the outwardly protrudin. Bolt 21 is llidably moun1Cd within receiver 14 ud is pr0vided with. On the other hand._to that when t. throu. lB.:. N. top view 01 the lun t:hown in FlO. to the fnme I. FIGS. A retn... ilaa enlat. referred to II machine pistok and such weapoDl must be IOLT BANDLI AND PISTOL em MAGAZINE lOa AN u.... BancJ 13 is arratlled to extend inwardly lofO the ncciva' 14. 1... t:i. With the bolt handle rotated to the unlocked position u abowD in FIGS. to this invention wei&ht of the weapon ia kept to a mblimum by constructina certain clements $0 that they petformlwo or more tunc lions..

. A pin 46 is mounted on tear . .e cue Cl toward the left whic:h action drive!i the bolt:n toward the left . Cartrid. a sprina 40 is provided wbicb is of tbc comprealonaJ type and whkh funaion. rLrinl operadon. unitioa inlG abe breech end or said bam) prior to and a bolt .. 8.1I IriUer 5 is depressed.ted against..wina out contact with UM ja . termed. shown for example in FlO..y be fired by rcstinl tbc s«<1t 19 a. _ . a barrel mounted Db laid recelvv.2 ..Jlbed inwardly inlo I~e I«kin.. cable with transvenely disposed lod:iDJ rodl 54 and 55 which cooperate with a transvene notch formed in rods 20.. manual pteSlure Is applied to projcctin.pted for example in FIG. 56 wbkh is mounted within rnanuaU).zinc 4 in position within maaazine housiDa 2 •• rotatable latch 34 iI pivotally mounted on pin 35 v. 3. Furthermore latch 34 iI biased in a clockwise direction.. e~~me Ie'" hand posidon... releue of the bolt from its open poIitioo. 2 66 tor THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER low•• ightin.. tbe transvenely disposed Ioc:kinl rods . • lriger auard ruediy rnowned 0:'1 said frame aDd baYiq All .. 2... the element 53 is pushed upwardly and the aoc:t p.. as explained above is retractably mounted 011 the rrame 1 by yirtue of the sJidablc relatioAlhip of rods 20 with the frame I. simply ca.. rlfinS pin 4' enp..imply neceuary manually to rotate triuer 5 in It clockwite direction about ill pin 6 This action· causes lhe triger 5 to rotate tear 41 in a countercloc:kwise dir"ction about pin 44 due to the engasement of trigger 5 with PU:46. When the bolt is thus released. Rods 10 are provided with a pair ofnofc:hes . the case downwardly and outwardly throu. the lIod: 19 is locked in its outwardly extended position..u ofbol121 to bold the bolt in cooperate with maal. Fornample.:d RJ to Ilide upwardly and towan! the rilhl alona luKie portion 9 of triller luard 7 .. surface 41to discDlale the lower riabt hand latchm.uac:tor ...plate 57 seeured al ill forward and rear pcruons to tranlVersely disposed rods 58 and 59 which are mouated at their endl in raed relationship on frame Itn:cture I. propcny or priviJcp: is claimed arc defined II follows: Iclaim: 1. said bolt !tom its opeD poaitio. 3.ariae ". surface 43 of bolt 21. up •• td prasure OD manuaU)' operable release element 53 elevate. 56 al its upper end ia Ie. recoil sprine 13 dri'lcs the boll11 toward the riahl causine the round of tmmunitktn dcsianal. or position. the projectile PI proceed. Sprin...azine •.D&edo i .aca &be lower side portioa of cartridae casc Cl and forca tbe cue 10 . Of COUlK the ejee- The stock .dusi".t8lly controUed tranlYenel.a.tive to frame I.. lu order to relrad the stock 19. to come into CODcact with free end of a carIridpo eI a rouad of ammuni.rom the breech 21 of barrellJ by an eatractor dc.. _ iDcJud. it is . On the other hand. along the front and rear lipts 15 and 16 Whell the bolt handle 15 is dis?OSCdin an unlocked position. Safety dement 60 is movable by pia 61 manually ia a uaaa. a triuer and leU' movably mounted 011 said . ThUi as"oown in flO.... 5.pinal. aDd operable to re!ea..cs lhe cap ponioD of round R J and fires the round.ion in the breecb end of 1M bun .tendin. in.. rodI ".. to 1aitiMe. Of COUBC the weapon continues to nrc automatically in known manner as 10n...ithin the hand ..POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol..e case: such as CI is extracted :.pabtc pin 53 II en . In order to remove ma..acd in locked position. In Ibis position tbe weapon m. For the pUrpole of biasing ammunition rounck upwardly ia a conventional manner.1 and dords a lUI· face for enpaement b)' trlaer 5. in envelopin. or 3. the action of recoil SPrinl 13.• . For coatrodina the operation of bolt 21 by meaas of lrigcr 5.e &be lelf "1 at the rear thereof thereby to prevenl bolt relasia.toek l' disposed in its rettacted poaition as shown in FIG.ohhe c. This action is depktcd in FlO.toward latchina position by • compreuioa sprinS 36 to cause the latchina lurface 37 of latcb ~ to ride underneath the!' Iatcbinl surface 31 forme<i in ma.. Whca the rilht hand ftOtch of rodl 10 (not showIt) en . aid t.... ejector pin 49 •• rikes the cartridae case Cl and drive.. operableeiement 53. a boIllDOU. and portion u:tendina from said trame ouIWaIdIy .verse: direction about pin 62 as a center 10 II to portion 3 of magazine houtin.bleb .lUtface. in known maDGer u is obvious from flO. movement of lhe Ie"'_· The embodttuents of the invention in which an e:r.. laps the lower rfaht band comer.... a mapzine mounted OD said frame willi ill dilcharae portion adjacent the breech end. 50 rormed m frame I. The extreme ricbt band -end 52 of ejector pin . the siahl pwase in handle U is disposed in transvene relationship to the line of light defined by front siahl15 and rear sight 16 thereby afl'ordin. releases Iatchinll lurface 37 from IalChlDJ IUdace 31 and IIloWi Llte magazine 4 to be removed downwardly in conven. is disposed within a PllSNlewa).I.. ilb Ihe . Thus .. portion of said mqaz:iDc and e:r. With round R 1 seated within thc breech portion 21 of barrel 13. Rods 54' aad 55 toaether with the manually operable clement 53 are biased ck. or u. a sear 41 is provided with ~ latc:hin. 1M ma~ is 'eld in itll6nice pia. outwardly toward the riabt in conven· tional ttan..riger pard bcIq artanJCd with one eflC1 thercot dispoted adjacenl . portion 39 of latch 34 to callie the Iatcb to rotate in 8 counlerclockwise direction about pin 35.watd1y by compression 'Prin._ . a ready visual indio cation of the locked condition of the boiL For the purpose of Rcurin. The pressure developed uraes the cartrid. Sear 41 is D&ued ia a clockwise direction about pia 44 by means eompreaioa .h the ejector openin. toward lite breech ad of said batrfoJ for rounds of .. me me rttL" recoiIlpria. " the downwardly biued Ioc:kin. chnc or the like or the user. Sear 41 " pivotally mousted on pia 44 aupported Oil frame: I. AI the cartridle case such II Cl moves toward the lett in unison with the bolt. tional fwien. Thuc in order to fire the weapon and with the parts d~ in the po&itktns depK:ted in FlO .aWI the shoulder _. and 55 aad cause.i. lb. Rotation of llear . a ftrin& pin 6xedly poIitiooect OIl a porIioa of bolt 10 located reladve to lhe breeclI ad oItbe barril.. dilposed lockinl rods. firiD. outwardly protrudi..aa muually enli. id receiver aDd telesc:opkally movable relative to the brecda end or said barrel. 51 formed in boll 2110 that there is a Ilidabic relationship bc~een the bolt 11 and ejector pill 49 which pin is fmed in poSItion rel. those rodI to dilenlaJC the notcbca formed in rodI 20 and aDows the rodl 20 to' be withdraw a toward the left.wr.1 causes its latchin... Z..prill•• 5.uidin.. 21.. position shOwa ill FIG.... A firearm comprisiDla frame.. when lhe bolt handle is arrar. a receiver lROuated oa said frame.. relation to said triUCr. the removable m. 'by the numeral 41... actio. afranaed to biu said boh toward position..

lf you saw it below the ridge. said tri!Bcr luard bein. cdl}' mounted on said frame and havin. A firt:ann comprisin. id dol: and &aid bolt handle bcinl confiaured 10 .i.uard Iir. a receiver mounted OD . KCOtdinI to daiM 5.. &lid ruin. a bolt mouated ill said receiver and telefCOpically movable relative to the breech end of laid barrel. with a possible bell-type sound depressor.a triaer and lear m"vably mounted OD aid trame and operable to rele. (contact silencer) It is easy to make. from said frame outwardly and in enveir. If you saw if off just above the ridge. This is not advised because then you have an N.95... A . A firearm cnmprisina a frame. a barrel mounted 0:\. to KCOIDmoda .POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND frame and havin. recoil aprina mcaDI anupd to biu said bolt toward pDlition •• boll handle movably mounted oa said bolt and' proarudin. •••• • Continued On Next Page 25MM FLARE GUN CONVERSION BY THE AMATEUR Here are the plans for modifying a flare gun to fire . a bolt IocJdq: poiItioa.Iot fonned m said re«iv ..... id trigger. Olin Corp. available from Shell Shrinker Industries. a 12 gauge to 22 LR ~hell shrinker. a m~azine mounted on &aid frame with ill dtscharp ponioII adJaccnt the breech cnd of said barrel. Box 107. confiaurod 10 ._ said boll baadIe is disposed ill unIodted caodidoa but aol _bell said bok bandle.. warelly inclined path for auidin.. this converter is avail· able from Olin Corp.25 mm to 12 gauge adapter or reducer. Box 46~ Fillmore. Iy forward of ... means includin.95.aid boll and 10 .. said lriaer Juard bein. outwardly throuah a kmptwliul" formed in uid receiver..idl o~ end thereof extendin.hta ali". mean. price $12.. possibly illegal .uard being confilured 10 define an up. and uses easily available materials.22 long rifle arrwno. f'ur1hcr compriliq ftoDt and rear ai. Wi bolt toward fiMa position.. operation. recoilsprin.l arranged to bill .ovab1erel&dve to the breech end of said barrel.. 4. a barrel mounted on saKi receiver. an inlermediate P)l'.ln~ Box F. A firearm accordm. a receiver moualed OD uid frame.. parts of said receiver and for atrordina aupport dlcrcfor. Peru Indiana 46970.A. but you can hammer ~he stainless steel shell shrinker into the aluminum adapter.. Art ic Ies Needed: I. open pDlitioa to initiate a firin. a barrel mounted on said receiver. arraaged with one end thereof uisposcd &djKen. said rculver and klacopic4Uy rr. (They also make a neat gun storage safe) 3. said slot ad said bolt baDdle bela. It will not easily come apart this way. a bolt mOUlltcd ia Mid receiver and tc~escopically movable relative 10 tbe breecIa end of said barrel.F. bott bandle. you are halfway home. 2 67 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER bolt from its open position 10 initiate a firina opcrldioD. aad allabt .California 93015. means includiD.~ edly mounlcd on sa.. and a triaer paard fb. inwardly into thc interior portion 01 u:d (rame throulh an openinl fonned lbcrein and dilpoted somewhat 10 the rear of the breech end of said band aDd said onc end of said triger ..C.. relation 10 UId triger. poUtio1I of said bott handle reladve to. a .25 mm adapter just above the ridge on the inside.A. III. 60415 sells one for $19. r""nels of ammunition Ioto the breccia eed of said barrel prior 10 firinJ and said one end oIl8id triqer auard bcina provided with lateral portions for enptiD& 10• .a bolt mouatcd ill . Either one works equally well. said bolt handle and ananaed to IICCOIDmodatt: IiahdDa . A firearm comprisint a frame •• receiver mounted on said frame. Price $3 2. relalion to said ':iller. 6.A fVeann accordinJ to claim 5.. a triUCr aad sear movably mounted on said frame and operable to release said bolt from h..22 LR pistol... die relative 10 aaid bolt.a frame.he breech end fIr said barrel. and a triacr .. rounds of ammunition into the breech end of said barrel prior 10 firina. sells one for about $40..25 mm flare gun. 5. but to play it safe you may want to weld or solder it in place.8ld ree .. a maaazine mounted 0. fa said boll ad 10 . 10 preveat IDCIovemeat said bolt rdadve 10 of said receiver for one posidon of sUd boll hudIe reIMi . 10 accomaaodate movemeol 0I1Iid boll relatiVe 10 ukI receiver tor another poIitioD of said bolt i... you will find the adapter will accommodate a shotgun shell. an intermediate por· t"'9 extcndirl from u. You then place the adapter. to prIWJIl . 2.. The disadvantages are that it is single-shot. beiDa formed You now have a sanitized. the diKlwp poi1iOD 01 laid mapzine and extendinl toward dtc breech end of laid barrel for luidin.ii1 frame ourwardly and in eDvelapiD. Chicago Ridge. the shell shrinker. a . recoll . 3. requires only a haeksaw as a tool. id frame. but the cheaper one needs an assist from a rubber band after the first few shotL By simply taking a hacksaw and sawing the . weapon which is unsafe to use.omoda a 12 gauge flare but not a te 12 gauge shot-shell...ananaeJ .' said frame with its discharac partioa adjacent . Olin made the adapter with the ridge so that It would ac· c. i . lion clltenclbl. to claim 1 wherein the other ead of saKi triaer luard is fu~dly mounted on said frame lrnmcdiacc. it will still not accept a 12 gauge shotgun shell. ment or said bolt reladve to Nid receiver for 08.prinl means """'Jcd to biu said bolt toward position. 1. and a 22 rim fire bullet in the flare gun as you would if you were going to fire a flare. single-shot .. witb dtc bolt haDdI&. movably moWltcd on said bolt and Ptolrudinl OUIWardIy throuah a ionptudinal . furtber compriliaa II lout one Iiabt aUpcd witb .... A. movement of said bolt relative to said reedver lor aDocbet position ohakl belt hudJe relative 'to said bolt.






M ,~




...I ,oi!


,·,"1 i



co ..












= __.





(!) •











::E Q w.J





I• '



..... :z

< a...






• -






SHUt 2




FIG. 2























7 62









United States Patent


Mar. 28, 1972
_ H

1.. 5)
l.276,323 3,31'.192 10/1966 511967 DkeknWia Millerel aI


(72) l.wenIDl':

Gor4on •• 1..,.... Sluello City. Cali'.


411i1ftCft: Mld.d

H. 4Airl R.-r S. R,,",. 10. clo TlCierock (·orper.tiOn. New York, N.V .• atfOrlMy .. i....ra,ct

Attllml)'-Noltt: 1S7)

ht_" tu",'.... r-lkn;'mln "tall"",.,r-Sllphen
Aul.iltJlll 6; NoItt:

91I9S 191115 X

A. botclM'h C; Benll.,.



J.... Ii•• ,,'

121J A"I. No.:


u.s. CL
hdd of Stlf'Cb RI'ere_

91132. ~:!/I

s, 89/1 K.

1'1 J i.L CL

~2J7, 16.3, 72: i9l21. J. IllS. a~/132. '10. 19.. , 195. 1~1 Cllad

r..d·tlJ02 l

(561 710,660 786,099 l.fOU76 1,'69,911 2.297,693

UNITED Sf ATES PATENTS 10/l90t 311905 711924 1/1932 10/1'.2 7/19.' 6/1M2 knnell It II Cleme"t K('wi.tJ Reilin Dicke SamploOnel .1 hfllhllM et.1. 2Iift.3 UX _ ~1f195X .• ""/ lb. 3 ux 16.:\ UX





2n X


An ."tomatlc nHltm compriM •• Creme. Ii 'lCei",r mou.ned on rhe f,un., I blrrel mouided on 1M recci\ier. I. bolt ditpoled Ind\G re«iVerlnd WCiC9plnlly mov.bIe rel,d •• 10 thl 'butch end or Ihe barrel 1,linlt tbe Icdon of. recoil .prinl, tbc bolt MinI tOrlwlled by • If-II which" movable ill rdpollit to movement of the weapon Iriuer. A !tIger ,1I1Id il mounled on the 'rM'll and dilpCSRd in envelepin. rellda •• ship 10 the tnger '114 arran(ed with one end prolrudin,lll\IINdl)' of Ihe Crime Ind adjacM1lhe breech end of the bernl , ... to lid in JUidin, rC'Ulldl of ammllnilion inlo the bf'hCb end oC Ihe burel. A bolt hind Ie is movably mounted on lit. boll and Imn,ed to UIC'nd.throulh a IOnJitudinJ.lslol formed in the T"eivcT. The boll handle il constnac.led 10 II 10 fOTID a luclr.m, relationship .·hlt enlar~cd tnt, of the lon,lfudinaillol when 10 the b,),J1;;;1I1 a li,ht paua.e .. (ormed 111 ,he ou"".rd!y protRidin, portion of the boll handle whM-h aUo..... ;'_hlln. Ilterclhrou,h in line with Ihe 'ronl IIId rear 'iah(& when Ihe bolt handle is in an unloded conditio. but pnclvdiftj .i,hUna wMn the boll handle .. in locked poailloa.

a.a... Il Draw".. rtp...


fuM ..,..... Mil"'" A

In.,. ... M1I*n4 MlI


U.S. P....

No. ~.6I

r,n6 ...



chl... ChI ..... ,....,., lII.nut_· CorporatIon·of .rl .....

o. Milrch 21, .'72. to tho cI•• ". of the











Converting the Mossberg .22 semlauto rifle to full-automatic Is very easily accomplished. the rear bottom of the bolt must be filed flat (see diagram). This "hump" act Ivates the sear j caus ing engagement of the striker on recoil. Removal of the "hump" allows contin· uous firing for the time the trigger is held to the rearjfull-automatlc fire of the weapon until trigger Is released. The Atchisson K-16/AR-15 .22 Ir CONV. KAR~ II 30-shot magazine [5 used for the Mossberg in this conversion. The magazine Is available from 81NGHAK LTD, 1775-C Wilwat Or. Norcross, GA. Price $17.95 + postag6 See dIagrams for all instructions below. Dis-Assemble magazine: First remove upper rear of magazine for I 13/16" from the top.Flle flat with body of magazine. Braze or solder the magazine guide (with extensions removed) from a 7-shot KOs~ berg magazine In this location 50 that bottom of magazine guide Is I 5/8" from top of magazine. Next, file the magazine feed lips to the configuration shown:leavlng enough metal to keep feed plate from exiting magazine at top. After filing, clean magazine completely and oil Inside lightly.WD 40 15 fine for this purpose. Re-assemblemagulne; load 1 round and check feeding manually. Kagazine guide arm extending down from bottom of receiver may have to be bent "slightly" forward or rear", ward. This Is actually un-likely, but possible. Once (1) round feeds successfully, load (10) rounds and repeat manual operation. Successful operation of (10) rounds suggest a cOlllpleted Job. Congratulations I






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3: <1&1 CIl-l 1&1 ULI. < :r::Z 1&1 1&I:r:: CIll=

LI"t .-I

ON 1-< A.0

Z 0::-

C l1&1 :1:1&1


~ 1&1

~ ! toO 0:: I-LI. .-I ~ o I

I 0::



:r::1&1 :I: CIlZ IZ 0 CIl CIl

U -l

" ~



0:: N

:I 1-1&1
<3: 1-1=0 UA. CIl




:E 1&10 Ou..

s:: 1&1


• ~






Building an SHG from scratch is not an easy Job for most people, even though excellent plans are available from various sources. Not everyone has the shop, tools or skill required. Converting a semi-auto pistol would seem to be a more practlca I approach. These conversions stll\ appear to be difficult to most folks, who believe that complex machine work and hard to get parts are needed. All of these objections are true sometimes, for Instance, to change an M-l carbine to H-2 (a favorite) requires a set of parts that are costly, rare, and wctehed by the Federal boys. The AR 15 rifle needs the lower receiver re-machined plus new parts before It will fire fully auto. The new Thompson MI92JAI looks like a natural, but it would be a difficult job indeed to convert It because It was designed just to stop such a project. But take heartl There Is a way out for the resourceful Individual. There are weapons that can be altered to be useful, useable, and in some ways, about ideal. Many modern automatic pistols are easily and cheaply convertable to full auto, and in a lot of cases no one can tell the difference unless they shoot it. After examining many pistols I can offer the following list of suitable guns, along with a few comments. Walther P-38 An easily converted pistol with good handling and reliability. It's biggest disadvantage is it's high cost, both new and used. Browning Hi-Power Very good design with large magaz lne and larger ones avallable.Very strong.




To put together your custom gun, a stronger recoil spring to Insure you will need a long barrel, an over- reliability. All that is left Is to Install the size magazine (I suggest at least new shoulder stock, give the whole 25 rounds), a custom-made shoulder stock, and the time and desire to thing a good safety test and you're in businessl put them together. The long barrels are available The Sauer M-38 Is even easier to from various parts dealers for some al ter than the Colt. Start by strippistols. Other guns may need custom ping the gun. The Sauer Is stripped by pulling down the latch in the made ones.ChecK around and read the trigger guard, then pulling the Shotgun News. Lots of places carry slide all the way back and uP. then the magazines, again, check around. letting it go forward off the frame. The stock Is easily made from a Then remove the grips. piece of steel or aluminum strap To start the conversion, remove (see drawings). the trigger bar (see drawing) by The Colt HI911 In any cal Is a gently prying out of the frame. natural because of simplicity and Then locate the hump on the outruggedness. After you have your pistol and the sIde of the bar that acts as a disconnector by fittIng Into a cutout new parts, you must do the alteraIn the s lIde , This hump must be tions. filed down until It no longer makes The first order of business Is to the contact with the slide. strip the pistol. If you are working There is a pin at the front of on a Colt 45, a military manual can the barrel mount that locks the barbe a big help. For any make or model rel In place. Remove this pin by of gun, a copy of Sma n Arms of the carefully driving out with a hammer World by W.H.B.SmltliTi' Invaluable and punch. Then gently heat the parin helping you to understand the rei with a propane torch or solderworks. Ing gun or Iron until It can be After you _have the slide, barrel pulled free. Your new long barrel is and s'pr ing off your 45. not Ice the Installed by first tinning the bardlsconnector sticking up from the frame Just behind the magazine well. rel (heating until a thin layer of This Is the part that must be short- solder adheres) then Inserting Into ened to convert the 45 to full auto. the barrel mount. Then replace the pin and heat to melt solder. Remove the dlsc:onnector and shorten The beauty of this type of barrel It by either filing or grinding ft mount Is that since the barrel Is just enough to be flush with the solidly fixed, you can mount just aframe. Then re-assemble the pistol using the longer barrel (If you wls~ bout anything on the end (such as a silencer), Just be sure It Is reand If you wish, a buffer unit and movable so you can strip to clean. To relnstall"the trigger bar, simply Insert the round lug at the front into the trlgger,making sure

Hauser HSc_ Compact size, easily eonverted, large capacity magazines available. Disadvantage is 32 ACP cal. Llama 45: See Col t 45 Colt 45 M 1911 Easily converted to full auto with parts and magazines available.My choice for a big bore sub-machine gun. Sauer M-38 A high quality pistol easily converted to full auto, a compact size. Easy to work on.


Sauer M38 that the trigger spring end that Is faCing to the rear gets placed over the pin In the trigger bar. "When you have re-assembled.your pistol, attached your shoulder stoc~ inserted the long magazine, and test f Ired, you have the poor man 5 KAC II.

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Original Colt M 1911 Cut-a-way Colt Showing Disconnector

Original Sauer M38

Cut-a-way Sauer M38 Showing Disconnector

Shoulder Stock

Modified Colt H 1911





Metal Strip The crossbow 15 one weapon no arms buff should overlook. It is silent, powerful, and more accurate than the long bow, given equel time to practice with both weapons. And best of .11, many city penal codes complete~ Ignore any mention of the crossbow. A simple crossbow Is detailed on p. 31 of the Survl vor , 1t' s a good design, but like most other cross~ it can only be used to shoot arrows or bolts. A crossbow with an enclosed 'barrel' 15 better Decause one,steel Lower 810l;:k balls and other round ammo can be used and two, rifle sights can be mounted on top of the,stock.A crossbow of this kind can be made by anyone at all skilled In woodwork for about $15. If you're the type who wants the best, get walnut for the stock; for most of us, though, maple or ash Is more realistic. You should get an unwarped, knot-free piece of wood 34" long, 7" wide and 1-1/2" thick. If the thickest wood you can find Is The barrel sections are not Joined only 3/1t" thick, then buy 2 pieces together until the bow and trigger and glue them together. aSiemblles are put in. To make the crossbow, first the The trigger return sp_r ing is mounted, outline of the stock is drawn on the on the one end, in a shallow hole wood and cut out with a jig saw or a COMPLETED CROSS90W drilled In the rear of the trigger, coping saw. After the stock shaping and on the other end,between the two I s done wI th a rasp or flies, the top small blol;:ks. L~~--J section of the barrel 15 cut off and must be able to move freely within set aside. Ne~t the 2 slots, for the The third step Is making the bow. the metal bands. trigger assembly and the bow,are cuL It is a compound bow, made of 3 The bow is put together as follows The smaller slot in front of the bow str ips of yew or ash I" wide by 1/4" one band is attached to the Ieft s Ide opening Is for the wedges that will th ick. Our! ng th I s part icu 1 ar s_tep, of the bow; then the bow Is 511 d Into hold the bow in place. its slot In the stock and the other The next step Is to make the barre 1. some guys go overboard and use steel for the bow, along with a wire bowband is put on the right side.lastly, The top section (that was previously string. This arrangement_Is fine for the wedges Bre spread with glue and set aside) and the bottom sectIon of punching holes In panzer tanks but driven Into the appropriate slot to the barrel are both planed flat, and the bows tring wea rs the cross bow raho Id the bow In pi ace , a 5/8" barrel channel Is roughly pidly. So, if you must make such. The diagram for the trigger assemgouged out to less than final diamonster, use a high-test dacron bowbly should be self e~planatory. The meter with a chisel. The barrel 15 string. trigger is cut from 1/8" t.h lck steel finished by wrapping a foot long steel Getting back to the bow: the last or brass, and holes are drilled in bar with sandpaper, and sanding both and longest strip 15 33" long, with the trigger and stock for the trigger barrel sections to fInal diameter. the end s tape red and necked for the pivo t sc rew. A II pa rts of the t r I gger You wIll then need to cut away bowstr ing. The second strJ pis 27", that wlJ I touch the bowstrJ ng are 1/8" from the Ins Ide surface of the the flrs.t 25". The strIps are held well rounded with a file or grinder. upper barrel section for the bowtogether wIth I" wide metial bands. string slot. The cut starts at a The bands are bent around the strips The _assembly procedure for the trigpoint 3" behind the muzzle and ends as shown In the diagram, and held to ger is as follows: the upper block, at the same point that the barrel the longest s t rl p, on Iy, wi th short wi th the bottom rounded to accept the does, at the end of the trigger SIOL sl;:rews. The other two strIps of wood spring, Is smeared with glue and




upper barrel section

metal band

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f fOnt tn rrl!!icta AU" @B~r= ! ~. 'J.~ milite:.'~i1! the 'the . adde. .On.e wll.I~ e~il!:~ g~lh~.Oil t:be ' IUGG1NG YOU~ CI(lf'\MAND 'pon IEP( F! S. drill a fi·ln. ma rill e.m to< ihape on.!'l'll I'~ ~. U._.!jf.miting knife . This wm ]eave p.OfID)!lr".~a ~ i t d! <lInd] a t!'lll! HOW TO CONVERT .yQlii' .I[tl...:s'@!!1·-"'1W'of/· ~~ can te~ tt nE!.1 t for ~C!I1II'. I t :il<aickand ".d the I end armQ.a'n~sc. II! tl"l!i!l!l $.lt:Q fi!i~.eel ~bu t ti1!~ hjait~.nd hl$iilt i f Ted ~y you.di or rcund.c:.A HUNT. Rtl'nQve -coo] ..oe ~$ t r 1"9 r $~t r I!!ng'.(h~-awin.s~i!lmb 1)': How.~.heic!f.5t_:!l"tlng i!'lto put'. aoovtl. eQt tOI!l w~dd i. Then. Gri:nd tb~ file dm. Any' de ~ fgn of t :awam"ilut I Q.1 OtIg WIlli tl\at 'fOil wlln t 1:0 do. 'to191 I f you JllIlt II y OllIe r n eH.w]e ~lQI!!rSewb:~] as slilown:.j1'l1!lr th~.~.r:!I. I·' YOIl 'l'I~'Ve • brg pfojell. ~ last I y.TM~~':2 .. hammer.lNG KNIFE I~tdp 11 12 I''I!! I de 11011 C15.C.g. was ~O!lrn 5hed . II 5C ~leW 1'1011 ttl!!! ii'I~y".1 .is completed.~i'li 091 .qow.O' i::oLdwater.jl'i ¥<luI' cOl:l'l'tland~~t.t lii ~e .tc tllke hl s p(lsHien .ecci to b~ t. sec t ion ~oget he r-. P 1au yOu F manlJ!lllly det'OM'tl!ld !IIi li1e:!i r n SPQtSttillt: CIl iii I\le i"'.ferrule.}\ F.~ :11]c in the v!se ~lh + H".· .. Anne~] 'the b~ul~ferru"le Jbrh~a:~· I.n<cd i iii toli1ol d t.ia] r~ fie .1ip s'i:lIe leather. te~.!rnP.. tl1(! md! ll1. if ees ~r! tbe . ~gMy :shrunk ~ the!l Ulift:l. Sit .nding..but dOl JlO.1 i tl:. tlht.• 11M ehen flm I sl'l'I'lim .. ti·~til'! 9'1 ue cIIlnd p~ ~hed 1n iii! lice un..~ :u· . Tn!!: cOrn'(ha.11'J.. 10 ef.. U4 :in.llJn!!~iO. a.!In.e:e!.]lt~wo. -. put rll~1'I.I!. $li pie<. lind br~aklt off WlM:! .! .~~. Mtihe SUIIlf!!.. Ahe r t:1'!.t ·t temper" them o1'l~olhe b!l!l.N't S JAMES BONiD Vol..tI(. a va r ~u'j" of Macing bed of liw coalsitii! flllrnarellf ------~..rtll nmlernade ~ ~gins can be aUllcl'lecl. tJIB 1I1i11'1.Q t 5.!n illS!! f1t1't s..!IrI be li~.~. 1m.t.. :2 77 THE: POOR MA:N'SARMORER FlIlI~he>d' 1 m t. .~¥.e~ on ~Il~' bl:tJd... 1'1'1 t!. to. firusbon afln.d l'il:Ile' 3~.POOR MA. . "3: i~ eitlys ullllii the ]eath.pFII.·t!.!!sed hOl'" Df t!"i~ lliilll" ri!Ji r i~. ' . the . tri'ggr!:r' $top b]o~k i~.e ofs:c~J) 1:1[1'.!lClhfH~. I!:llifoe.eel. rl. 'lhe ceatees and slip Cut (be . ~! !l"I'~lfIl!..aQe. .' Pi.iH :II! iii !~ hol'ng you O!nd t.6~ been lbreaaJec . of <i!. in ~ignU.t was MQjlllirca to mablhe hlgh~ pIe teel c ronbQw i'~ t!lIen $ t.) (batJ('W~n mp lI!It~. ------_II!..c~rry. hll~e: thvClll.ce~of!t..A. from II shoe . "ll~iii the td9gef' •. ~orJll!' or bury Ire: ~n .ag feUI" stl"lliIgs lI~eol"rH l'I.ernci! tl)at cSlly5~ . lightl~ "' WlssibJe. llioe.nvil and dove . a and btrl1'lg~o a white h~t..a!M'!i..d i Ii tQtl1e~ I Q t ~nd the t IF i 9!lel" Jlh!. 1Ih i $ .~g'g~r SpI"rn91 1Itth ·~.end . s~es.. Thtl ~O~ r b 1~~ k 'j 5 ~. RI!J1gU 1a r Mil.d' Tt 1e te$ t ne t·r·~ 9iQJe. lath~ or ~Y gri.shown.aided.file in <I.ILE INTO..O the t r i gglll1"51 Qt.!OId.:!!.Il.t ·put. or ..a[er the '1p·r· rig . up tile! end.di. stove < N@wp1!Lce th..gtlldual]y. lind !~l'ew :it Ughi~ly en l~ath~r into ! has ther- Let the knife ~l:!n. for 13b!8pe thefeuuJ...~ wl1ule end es indicated.s. D:l'iJ] or pUficih holes thW1:lgb.51.OIf ned II nc! gmde bil.g I''II' • IBy db i ng dd $.c unti!'th. m.. of t~ tang wMdi ha~"pre."ng..t. W1'I~n SMot! ngtlllly k~l'I.~ I<I!~ • ~' •m tAl' .0 r~w I~' lI. th r rig' w ~tn..l'!e 'pelilet 1'1'1 plillce.e&e$ t a:nm. YOII J'llIst Wl!Ill ~r. ler~ . ll~.t w~ t h Itrlnes.! U2" stcel 1:1. . p:u.1.l s i'91I:1t.. a'Dove: 'tl:ie j!aW5. If '1il1U 'b~mi1'9 '$t9:rme~~ ~ul1 • ~1 tl1:est f' h~~g'5 cOI'I!:Ie!. Ix:! 11 t~.111 !)ell ri ng 5 ! DUlt YO'U' t:0I1!1 evi. . _p .P.rl~d to n t the 'bll rre 'I . 'L:. Throa..ftilile shdtDrill I1l1d tap.

. . supplies. we begin stocking up on food. we next must consider keeping and protecting these precious. II 10: To arm the mine. NIELSEN eonven t size. This will provide further resistance to the elements. as well as keeping alive. It should be stressed that all of the following arE extremely dangerous and can and will cause extreme harm and death. square.move the slug from the bullet. L 5.. placing It Over the tube so that about 1/2" of the tube e~tends above t!'le IIIlne. They are definitely not toys to play with. In the buffer thet will be used to -saparate the e~ploslve from the shrapnel. defense firearms and ammunition. secure It. Invert the cartridge and Insert·1t In the tube. about 6" long. The first group of Booby Traps are classified as 'Stationary' traps. water. Do the same to . 11 and glue It firmly In place. 1 Cine Bullet I: H. these devices have been used against our Forces with deadly effec tiveness. Insert It over the datonetor housing and se· cure It In place with glue or SDOe other adhesive. One e lrcular piece of wood 2" diameter. Cut a hole In the mine co~r. nor to be used as a prank.i A variation of the 'Spike Board' is one called the 'Barbed Spike Bd.. a piece of string or yarn placed on a ttee near the trap to mark Its location. I should Hke to ment ion at th Is 't Ime that some method of marking your booby traps shou Id be used so that you won't become a victim of your own trap. A good place to place these traps is on the ma In path to the survival Shelter or hideout. 2 78 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER _. InSert a n. R. Some suggestions are. 7.Having made the above provisions. Glue. the urge to survive will be the one most uppermost instinct in al I men. 2 The purpoSe of the 'Barbed Spike Board' Is to prevent immediate withdrawl of the spikes. I twig brOken or bent.FI . 2. Slip the spring over It.. r. 00 not make your marking too obvious. It. Booby traps will not only help protect one against unwelcome intruders. thereby requiring the victim to be carried back The Spike Boards are mostly used as a harassment or delaying device a"d are usua II y p Iaced ina sma II pit about 10 to 12 "deep. d aerosol spray n Sealant. Fig. Seal any spaces between the mine cover and tube with an aerosol sealant to keep moisture out.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. and have the points sharpened after being _driven through the board. As we prepare for an eventual crisis. Cut a hoi. As anyone who has been to Viet Ham will tel I you. Drill a hole In the other-end.B. B.1 tube. Then take the rest of the bag and slIp it over [he mine and [Ie it around. or it will re- . solder. One met. .. 2.. 3. bullet stops here 6" tube wi th most of bottom removed-insert over hou51ng BOOBY In the event of an extreme emergency or catastrophe. 1/'+" from the end.. Carefully plaCe a plastlc bag over the plunger an~ secure It to the tube with a rubber band to keep water and dirt out. but can also serve as an alarm system. B. The first and simplest to make-is the ordinary 'Spike Board' trap. This is the the 6" tube and cut 1/2" of one end away so that only" thin pie<:es of nietal rema In. This Is the detonator hous~ l(1g. Inlart a light wad of papar Into the cartridge so the gunpowder does not run out. One lightweight spring about P' d "!llIIeter. A most Is board of about 3/1t" thickness and about I ft.twill One . The nails should be spaced about 2 to 3 inches apart. KIIterlals: 3. 6. and a T R A P S abenYr longienhails ortypicalhassizenurn-a of spikes driven through It. CONTACT "INE BY F.eter being wide enough to m allow the broomstick to pass thtough. 7.. the elrcular piece of wood II to one end of the broomstick. The construction of this one is similar to the plain 'Spike Board' except that the points of the nails are flattened and filed to a barb after be ing dr Iven through the board. which means that no movement on the part of the trap Itself 15 required to cause a resulting action. This device consists of a wooden board of BY BILLY L. carefully slide the plunger Into the tuba so that the nail Is about 1/8" from the cartridge primer. Large plastic big. "'11 sI" Illet tube th. Solde'r the detonator hous Ing to the bottom mid-section of your mine. Om! 6" length of brOOlnstlck. II. slide the buffer over the tube. into the hole. corners and cracks. Drill severai holes In the $Ide of the sma II !lie ta I tube. to a modern facility and to give the defender more time to escape. Fill the mine with e~ploslve. 9. '6. dl. end fill with shrapnel. point showing. snugly hold the bullet. They are placed on well traveled trails or paths. drilled holes down. 5.

Don't forget to periodically check the traps to ensure that the cover 15 stll\ effect ive.depending on placement of the plt. o~ traps that caus. The-PunJi Pit is a pit or hole dug into the ground approxl~teIy 4 ft. Several small saplings or long stakes are driven into the bottom of the pit and the tips of the stakes are sharpened. damage due to their movement. square and 5 to 6 ft. All stepS should be taken to make the trap look as natural as possible. PART 2 by Billy Nielsen .4 A simpler use of the PunJI is sometimes very effective when used in fields where tall grass or weeds grow. In this trap the sticks are driven Into the ground at an angle of about 30 to 40·. and as Again.a trap not well camouflaged Is not. 2 79 wi II run intO'these THE POOR MAN'S site that ARMORER veal the . In Part II we are goIng Into SOllIe Idea s on '/'Iov Booby ing Trips'. As with all y traps. deep.Thls one can really be deadlyl Fig. a trap. The next type of trap Is the 'PunJi Pit'. Anyone walking or running or trail.POOR MANtS JAMES BOND Vol. these should be placed at a we said earlier. The entire pit is covered with interwoven small twigs or br.and a Iso to dete rm ine whethe r or not someone or something has not sprung Fig. camouflage 15 the key factor to Installing an effective trap.nches and covered with grass or leaves.6 Illustr~tes using the the trap. Note that placement of these traps as in Part I requires a location that Is a well traveled foot path or an avenue of approach to your hideout or survival she Iter. traps that requ Ire no met ion to ' cause damage. any variations on these ideas should be tried and in almost all cases will be effective. I would like to point out that the traps illustrated In this article were all used very effectively against out Armed Forces in Viet ~m. In both Insranee s . Remember that a trapwhlch iseasily spotted can be ~volded. borrowed from the ~rth Vietnamese. The main point Is to conceal or camouflage the trap in such a manner as to make It blend In with the natural surroundings.locat lon to the·wrorwj person. They are definitely not toys to piay with.The weather or wild animals PunJI stick In a small creek orstrea~ can sometimes bare the trap. BOOBY TRAPS In Part I of this article we discussed the construction and installation of stationary booby traps. and can be very deadly.

Flg. wide. and uses the same principle as that of the crossbow. As a person steps on the trap.l #3)ls tied to the sapling in such a manner that it will strike whomever trips the wire In either the chest or back. It Is constructed and placed in a pit In'the ground which has a slopIng bottom. The next device is called the 'Angled Arrow' trap. a young sapling. Any tension on the trip wire rotates the trigger wire on the pIvot axIs. depending on their direction of travel. 8 .POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. Fig. and the 'Suspended Spike Board'. the spikes rake his body. is tied crossways to a sturdy tree along the side of a well traveled path or approach and is positioned so that it's end will be about'chest high In the sprung position . .7 Two variations of the log Hace are the 'Spike 841. it removes one of the retaining stIcks and allows the Whip to spring towards the trail striking anyone in It's path.1 A SpIke Board sImilar to the one that was used In the Spike Pit Trap (PHA vo l. about 1-1/2 to 2 inches In diameter.6. the device falls straight down on the person sprInging the trip wire. A variation of this trap is called the 'Sideways' trap and is shown in Fig. SIDEWAYS TRAP rubber bands cut from inner tubes Continued next page . how sImple the trigger mechanism is to con~truct. and legs.. The various traps described here all use a simIlar trip mechanism which Is readily constructed from materials at hand. A guide channel. The principle of keeping the trip mechanIsm as simple as possible and the use of one type of mechanism for several trap designs reduces the amount of equipment that a person may have to carry In the construction and placement of these traps. arms.4 Note that the tri ger 2 80 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER trip wire is pulled. Remember that the rubber bands exert a constant strain on the trigger mechanism and therefore must be the strongest part of the. 3 ft. When the trip wire Is sprung. Notice In Flg. which Is a large cement ball with spikes in it.5. which releases the rubber bands. Flg. the board with spikes. The sapling is then bent back away from the trail and secured with the trip-wi re mechan ism. It swings down a long the path hitting anyone In the way. ThIs one Is used in conjunction with II foot pit.' tn this device. The rubber bands can be made by cutting up an old Inner tube or you can use surgical tubing. a small diameter log 8 to 10 feet lo-ng with spikes driven Into it. It has also been k~n as the 'Tiger Trap'.3 The arrow platform is constructed from a piece of board about 1 in. Fig. ~ With the Suspended Spike Board. As the victim is falling. is fastened to the board to direct the arrow in the desired direction. and about 12 In. causing the sIdes of the trap to close. releases the rubber bands and causes the arrow to fly out of the tube'.2. The fIrst type of trap is called the ' set into a small hole in the board as well as being held In place by the pivot rod.trap. The first Is a 'log Hace'. When a person steps on the treadle. Flg. The final group of moving traps are suspended above the traIl or path. Two spIkes are driven Into the board on a line across one end of the tube and are used to secure the rubber bands. pivots about an axle and strikes the victim In the leg. he dislodges the prop stick. long. wire. figs. thick. causing much damag~. It is suspended from an overhead tree so that the spikes are about chest hlg~ and then pulled back up Into a second tree and fastened to the trIp mechanism. The third trap 15 called the 'Pivot Spike Board'. The trigger mechanism Is constructed out of steel rod or a large nail. I remind you that these dev Ices can cause seve re InJur Ies and care should ~e taken when building and setting them up. This one can really be deadl~ Again.11'. such as a piece of tubing. This one is usually placed at the top of a pit about 1+ feet deep and Is camouflaged.

REMEMBER.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. depending upon the thrower. Using thIs method of launching. the fragments and eoncusslon ean hit a man lying on the ground. There are several times when you'll need a grenade to reach something hidden behind eover where your rifle or shotgun cannot reach.O. This devlee requires a bit of praetlee In order to be used accurately and a little room Is required to swing It. pipe bomb 100 yards 'or more. I ean only throw the same pipe bomb the normal way about 25 yards.3 side throw 15 second fuse 2-1/2 foot of string flg. where a groundbur't would miss hlm. shown In Flg. ference." (i.It 110ng my side._Flg. The eorrect throwing method Is shown In Fig. 2 81 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER SWINGING GRENADE LAUNCHER by A.l. Your performanee will vary under different conditions and will Improve with praetiee. Some friends who. . Fig. This launcher has the advantage of sllenee. and Is simple to build and operate. will produce better results. as shown In gives better accuraey and more rlng~ but It I.. I prefer to swing . always get under protection when us· Ing a pipe bomb. What kind of accuracy ean you ex· pect with this launching system? Iwas able to hit a 2 foot square target after only a few practice throws at 50 yards. If you are tall: perhaps the method I use. The grenade that wouldn't reach a nearby hili can now be thrown over' the next one as well.CRANfORD Here's a neat little device that ean launch a 2 lb.3. get the pipe elose enough to the target to destroy It. 15 eheap. The object is to swing It over your head IIke a eowboy swings a lasso. and by re\easlng the string at the right moment. When exploded In .the air. you shouldn't find it too difficult to throw aeeurately at surprisingly long distances.2 overhead throw .10 Flg.4 shows the advantages of an alrburst. Use a pipe bomb with a 1015 second fuse and tie a strIng 2-3 feet long around one end. Use sand In· stead of explosives for the filler when praetlclng. a matter of personal pre. stopped by to see what I was doing managed to throw the Inert pipe bomb about 100 yards.2. For me.

Sometimes you can buy scrap lead from junk dealers. The bullet shoots fair as Is but for better accuracy.. Never touch the powder or the face of the primer with your fingers. If you are going to Improvise ammunition for conventional firearms. including me.S. Trap 100. 175 'II buck / lb. Bench equipment Is 5-10 times faster at reloading than Lee Loaders. your Inventions are less than useless If they get you killed inventing them. buy a small can of red Lacquer paint. Use any old pan found in the kitchen to melt the lead In on the stove or use a wood fire.T. Survival Guns. cannot afford to purchase large quantities of ammunition for practice and to stockpile for when that time mey come. in S~lb. Now that you have loaded and shot a few hundred rounds of cheap alllllO you can use blocks of plaster of pa rIs or someth Ing to make you r own molds.45 cal. . Test everything by remote control. Tie fishing line or stout string to the trigger. They Sincerely try to help you solve any problems.30 cal. There are: Works In: 34014 buck / lb.44 & . Shotshell and Muzzle Load-' Ing. complete except for a plastic mallet. Pistol primers will show signs of pressure faster than rifle primers because the metal cap Is thinner and softer.257 or .C. A 22 short or 22 long 'rifle case full of powder II about right for nearly all cartridges. . Use a drill or knife or something to drill holes In the plaster blocks. Bench press equipment can make jacketed bu IIeu . They Improvise Into fantastic goodies that work by Impact.. I have taught dozens of people how to reload in a few minutes. With a small artist brush paint a coat of lacquer around the primer and the bullet where it goes Into the case.22.32cal. Read Lymans book before tamperIng with or making any ammunition. By ~ny readers will probably wonder If material dealing with reloading belongs In this magazine of Improvised weaponry.6mm. The answer Is yes.. . 8etter lube is made from one pound of parafl~ melted with one grease gun cartridge of Lithium Crease from the auto parts store. Buy a box of shotgun primers at your gun shop. which In my opinion Is far better.. I have reloaded tens of thousands of rounds of conventional ammun ItIon. Buckshot frolllthe gunshop costs about75( a lb..33 cal. although they are slow. All firearms. To learn the basics of bullet making It is best at this point to buy a Lee Hold complete for about $10 or a set of Lyman blocks and handles. The hardware store sells lead In 5 lb. 145 10 buck I lb. but It Is the best. . You will get nearly 3000 rounds out of a pound of powder.prlmers.. buy or borrow a copy of Lyman Reloading Handbook for Rifle Pistol. 300 13 buck / lb. dark secret.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. KEEP ALL WATER OR MOISTURE AWAY FROM THE MOLD AND HOT LEAD. I scrounged 225 Ibs.. o Part I Introduct Ion: . Tape the handle or put wood On It because It gets very hot very fast.38 cal.. Part II Bullets: Now that you have learned ~he basics It Is time to get Into exper iment Ing wi th homemade bullets. sewer pipe Joints In houses being torn down.I tIs much -cheaper and better tnan factory ammo.and change ca rtridge cases from one caliber to can start designing your own special purpose ammunition. 130 #00 buck/ lb. probably realize that a time may come when we will need large quantities of ammunition. You can get It from most gunshops and sporting goods stores. Excellent bullet lube Is made by melting togather a pound of'parafin from the supermarket with a can of S. Many of us. The !ubed and sized bullets shoots very accurately with a little playing around with the powder charge. To store handmade ammunition more than one year. When the lube cools and hardens cut the bullets out of the lube by pressing a fired cartridge case down over the bullet. shoots. If you run out. 2 82 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER SIMPLE RELOADING 8 Special Purpose A. Stand the bullats you have cast In a shallow pan and pour melted bullet lube on them. They cost about $1. Water will causa the melted lead to explode. The instructions with the molds are excellent. . They ar..uslng primers. Scrounge lead from wheelwelghts at the gas station.Many of you who have read ~I Tappan's book. Now that you have read the book from Lyman and understand the basics of reloading and-reading signs of pressure. Examine the fired rounds for s 19n of too much press ure as described by Lyman. and Ohas also make molds. Remember that small and large pistol primers are the same size as small and large rifle primers. A 30-06 case loaded with 2-1/2 grains of Red Dot. Your ammunition Is now waterproofed just like military ammunition and will keep for years. I have also deSigned and loaded thousands of rounds of special purpose ammunit Ion. either bought or made by you. I have yet to have an acc l> dent. Remember this when Improvising goodies . Tie or sandbag the firearm down. If you obey tne rules It Is much safer than running a lawn mower. 8nm. I molded excellent bullets for two years without the accessories. The cost Is around $5. get a Lee Lube and Size kit. cost around $10 and turn out very good ammo. and powder. blocks. II buck weighs 40 grains..Richard Youn. where will you buy ammo when a crisis Is on1 A five dollar Lymen manual. they still have enough body oil on them to ruin the primer and affect the powder.P. Unless you Intend to commit suicide..are. 9mm. No matter how clean or dry they.. 100 1000 buck/lb. and bullets for a hundred rounds of ammo will all cost about the same as buying a hundred rounds of factory ammo. need ammunition in one form or another. R. A stIck will lube hundreds of bullets. Stand behind a tree or something whl Ie Jerking the line. SO 145 cel buck/lb. Start out with a Lee Loader.B. The best lube is Alox 2138 I bought at the gun shop..25 cal. . Imm to . Use a large spoon to stir and pour the lead. the lead sheath around telephone cable. It Is not the cheapest. of lead from the last house that was torn down here. Some people prefer the Lee mold.357. or 452 AA powder and a number I buck sounds. Begln1ng Reloading: Please. and kills exactly like a 22 long rifle.. Pour the hot lead into the holes. Punch the fired primer out first Ind use a stiff piece of wire to shove the bullet out of the case.I. and scraps of solder. A 30-06 case can be made Into 21 other different milItary and commercial cartridges. A 22 short case holds about 2-1/2 grains of powder. for about $18. bags and makes excellent rifle and pistol bullets for small game and practice.243.50. Reloading Is no deep. Learn how to be safe. ten dollar Lee Loader. Use a fast .&. Pistol primers take much less Impact to set them off than rifle primers. If you are Interested then seek out a sma II gun shop in your area~ A lmos t without exception the people are very helpful at these small shops. Stay alive.

They are simply bullets wi th • deep "X" cut Into the nose. blank powder from noise making cartridges.30 carbine to . and pIstol smokeless or black gun powder. Hatch heads and match head com~ positions make good gunpowdllr.5/16" drill rod •. Dave Corbin Is the best expert to consult here. Pull the bullet from a 22 rlmflre cartridge. Plastics make rotten bullets. Notlee that the larger the cartridge case. Keep the the velocity down or they w[11 ex~ plode In mid air. Copper tubing and fired 22 rlmflre cases make good Jackets.own special purpose loads with a reasonable amount of safety. . Oregon 97535 for their Bullet Swedge Manual and Catalog..30 cal.)58 WI~ all use the same cartridge case.70 cal bore. Notice that the larger the caliber the keavier the bullet or flster the powder that works best. Th~lr manual tells It in plain lan~ guage how to begin. read Chemistry of Powder and Explosives and Gunpowder in Britannica EncyClOpedia. So much for experimenting with factory smokeless powder. the slower the powder that works best. Host pistol cartridges won't work. -~--- . . you can start dreaming up your . Hollow points seldom work below 1000 feet per second also. They blow frightful holes In people and animals.When substItuting a faster powder. Increase the powder weight. pistol. This stuff Is too hard to file and will rapIdly dull a file . Some can~ non cracker compositions are very fast so be careful. Find the section In the Lyman manual running from . . IIIt .POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. Bolts with the heads cut off IIlOIke good bullets In a pinch but will ruin the accuracy of a rifled barrel so use them only when nothing else can be found or in zip guns. picric Icid. It is faster than H-]35.ttlng It with a cold chisel Is also difficult. Even Ir you buy the Jackets the bullets still cost less than one third of what bought bullets cost and are as good or better. and . Wood dowel rods make good bullets for close range. An excellent armor piercing round Is made as follows: . Flash cracker cOll!positlonsare also fast. The Vel~x type bullet will explode on Impact yet Is safe enough to carry. Anything that dlltonates I Ike fulminates and high explosives will certainly blow up the gun.1 Ie trying to nick It. Press the 22 case.". . It Is very hard. 9nnI and 38 cal. An excellent Velex type special purpose round can be made by drilling e 7/32 Inch or number 2 drill bit hole In the nose of a . Don't get the rod hot or you will soften It. Buy hardened dr 111 rod frOll! we I der or mach I ne a shop In the correct diameter.21t3Win. the slower the powder. 50 if you don't have a grinder.-0 0 . H-33S Is faster than IMR1t89S so you must reduce the powder charge. . The four that I like are nItrocellulose. That FAST BURNING Blank Powder Hercules Bullseye Hodgdon HP-38 Dupont Unique Dupont P B Hercules Red Dot Hodgdon Trap~lOO Winchester 452AA Winchester 473AA Dupont SR7625 Dupont SR4756 Alcan AL5 Hodgdon HS-6 W1nchester 540 W1 nches ter 571 ~0 ~ ~/<I\ 'U " '" ~ ~ N ~ . Many formulas are given In PHJB and the Br Itan'n ca Encyc Ioped Ia. You can also buy Jackets.]00 magnum. Black powder is eaSy to ma ke. Nick the rod with a triangle file and hold the end In a pair of pliers or vise Ind snap the rod off like breaking a piece of glass.I/It". You have to be a genius to make smokeless pow~ der. 2-)/4" is very short for a . Send $5 to Corbin Manufacturing and Supply. Say you have load data for IHR-4895 but you want to use the much cheaper H-33S.-l/It" drill rod. Dip It In water often and work slow. Into the nose of the bullet until the rim of the case touches the bullet. decrease the weight of the powder • When substituting a slower powder. takes a very fast powder. Forget them. Now that you have done some reloading for your rifle. _ . How about making your own. Be careful of the explosive that you use. so use the same weight of H~335 and work the load up slowly to safe limits as described In the Lyman manual.. Grind the poInt quite sharp with about a 45· angle to It. Black Gunpowder [s safe to use [n all modern cartridges and most Improvised cartrJdges.. A 22 short works best and Is a must ~f=1'\ 2 83 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER is why 12 gauge shotgun which is .3/8" dr i I I rod. Phoenix. The heavier the bullet. or larger bullet. powder and all. They seem to work best ar pistol velocities of 800~ 1600 feet per second.Black I powder Is very dangerous to make. the slower the powder that works best. The slightest static or metallic spark and BOOM. The lyman manual tells the velocity of factory cartridges. For . Sensitive explosives may go off in the barrel of the gun. Saw the dowel into bullet sized pieces. ~rush the heads If you want them to burn flster.. the larger the case for a given caliber. Host manuals will list the very popular iHR-30]1. Never use blank powder for any reloading. the s Iower the powder. Nearly Iny mixture that burns violently without detonating will work.3/16" dr III rod.70 caliber. Most firecracker compositions work fine. Bullets with a copper or brass jacket·are easy to make..22 cal. This Works much much better than leaving the front flat.30 cal . or shotgun.ncluded kere is a 11st of I 112powders that I have experimented with and arranged In their Ipproxlmate burning order from fast at the top to slow at the bottom. They only work If the bul~ let is going faster than 1000 feet per sec::ond. Cu. shotgun powder.. tough luck. So. Notice also thlt the heavier the bullet In a particular case. You have probably heard of Oum~ OW'lls. They tend to explode InsIde the victim.. This list Is only correct by my experiences so a few powders may be slightly out of place.. for short pistol bullets but a 22 long rifle will work in long bullets. It is the fastest burning gunpowder by far and even the lightest bullet may raise pressure high enough to blow up the gun.I bigger beng put SOMe more explosive In the 2~ ease.308 Win. Use the buckshot as Is and press it in flush with the mouth of the case. If you want to try It. but you cannot file It. Box 758. If you have a bench grinder carefully grind a point on the rod before snapping off the piece.. . Part III ~Charglls: Currently_there are over SO dIfferent smokeless powders on the IIIi!Irbt. The powder chart can be used for powder substitution. 8mm . .ItS & ca I.

. 2. File 1.1 tulte exStrIng tending frOll!It. This Is the trigger . blocked It the end II-Ie" wood screws with paper. • MINE DETONATOR BY FRED Bt Supplies I-piece of hardwood. Drill a 3/~t hole through the to keep the powder In. 1. side until the point Just pokes MINE DETONATOR through the hole. other 2 3/11" from the bottom.sts . Then Insert center of the other piece of wood.about 2"x l"xl" I-strip of tension steel. and file It to a point.t them 3/8" from the bottom and the the bottom. Then using the I" nail the primer. .2 . Snip all but Ie" off the roofing nail.' FIRING PIN -1. Ind set the Mechanlsm.bout 3"xl" The Bates KFG. See fig. It cln ~e bought Hole in most stores. Secure the string to It.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. align the firing pin 50 It will strike of the hole.. Holes 2. remove the wood as illustrated In fig. business end from the bullet and put • small wad of paper In the clrtrldge II. i.14dle. 5.To as an axle/pIvot.The stock I Is BNR-12. Co. 3.about 1l:i"~"x3/4" String I-piece of hardwood. If you are using the ruler there will be no Pull problem. It should easily rock blck and forth It le. put the detonator belOW tea of the tension steel. pull the ~trlng. of Orange. So thet the fllSh·sets I-bullet the charge off at the bottom . Solder or glue it ~" from the top of the tension steel. now selling Mercury filted exploding bullets." grooves in the front and rear the cartridge Into the explosive. t.. 2 84 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER Hodgdon HS-7 Hercules 12400 Winchester 296 Hodgdon H-UO Hodgdon H-4227 Dupont IMR-4227 Norma N-200 Hodgdon H-4198 Dupont IMR-4198 Dupont IMR-3031 Nonna N-201 Nonna N-203 Dupont IMR-4D64 Hodgdon BL-C(2) Hodgdon H-335 Hodgdon H-4895 Dupont IMR-4895 Hodgdon H-380 Hodgdon H-414 Dupont IMR-4350 Norma H-204 Hodgdon H-450 Hodgdon H-4831 Dupont IMR-4831 Hanna N-205 Hodgdon H-570 Hodgdon H-870 SLOW BURNING Editor's Hote: Issue #3 . Place the trlggei 'nto the hole and hammer the nail through the hole In the trigger.TRIGGER j • • -- . hammer It into the lO· elch way. I" . FlCi. NJ makes a steel ruler that will do. Cut and dri 11 the 11ft piece of To utilize this device. DrIll" smell holes at the botBetter yet. FIG.let Ammo Co. This Is the firing pin. Drill 2 of the chlrge so the bullet r. Screw the firIng pIn to the front of the block. • Nail I-roofing nail Note: The bullet should be slanted I-nil 1 about I" long downward with.36 for addreu.

.. edl.• . Each ••• . thus preventing bumt tal1 feathers. OIt404N 1)(" ~..• CAIi~N· VlN1L CAH For pi stel.... ..UNtiE.•. The adapter.....ed on ""'s.i~. charges...•. 2 lb s.. te< ..10 Ctn7A" IS« _••• 2. 95352. Catalog SOt.. for ll1f1rl... C4USN NUDUS "" _dIe C4ll~ loch fOl ro..he . Cap-Chur Charge ~ . .M U ~:ru:~~~:::::::::::::::::::::::: ~:m~~~~~::::::::::::::::::::::::: '~:. Enlll AOArn.•• MEAV1 OUTT VI Nfl (i UN I:ASE fit. COllARED Nuou S C4229N Ill" n•• dl..•... .......~ri".• "' .. C42l4N Ill" ...~·C hur • . including guns. 1.••• . iMAU CSltU"IW' needl. 1...•••••. CUnN I" Medl........•. Other possible uses are to your 1l11gHlation... pOwd. Sh t. CALIF...• '12. 2 85 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER CAP CHUR GUNS BY CLYDE BARROW O1P-CHUR ACCESSORIES blank~ is in~dianileft overdeal with converting an air pistol to fire cap Chur darts... The system. ••••.O.. .•.... The darts and Cap Chur charges are both good buys for the price.•. HI......... . ... ... 'Nasco.••. .. C422tN Ill" needl.. Modesto...POOR MAN I S JAMES BOND Vol....~ s~:= CU..." 1« C.Box 3837 Princeton Ave. (28 gauge to 22LR). AcaSSO'IES I B _ -.•.Of of .. are well made and can be used as the basis of several types of improvised systems..OEI flltD tiUN n"Ntil'MIS . WIS.... " lb. All three guns appear to be priced and future issues will flash holes The following material is reprinted fr~ the 1976-1977 Nasco Farm and that holds the darts away from the flash of the blank.. C42D" ..65 05 'Alt "!C~ fll~ on f • i" in .HI... nAINNUDUS '0 rubber ~lUnger CUUN " •• n..rln~.." II "" needl.• C4122tt I·lle" ••• dl...••..." ....sed on coW..._ C42aM .• '1. .. S3538 or P.... UTIA 'USM toD AN0 '051 TlONEI Far PI. Sh I.....•..aED NEEDtES C42nN H/6" 1Iftd1....e . Note: The cap Chur charges contain black powder and cannot be mailed parcel post.r n. 901 Janesville Avs.65 CtU7N 10« .. The front carries a screw on extensfon ap-Chur Charge (actual siz~ Ranch catalog..... oz.porinl .•••• ". 3..... THICK SKINNED A. 13•• ~fi1 UTIA III rt...lI...••••••••. h hU7N '·lIa" .. do .. te. E.. C42311" '"'' n. $Ii. ()f . .'LA CA'·CMU... 1:1221" . b<h CSI46N IW' needle ... !Ion of rubller 'u~ _ pi U".H or PII. _ n •. Note: Gun 13 appears to be a 28 gaUge H & R shotgun.. darts and sedatives.."'" I ic CIUSN rill •.. More specific info on this in a later issue.•.ilh .• n... .12 .. •. Every item listed is available by mail from either of the two Nasco stores. part' C442SN. nortull. Charge CUllNT "'US ri n~.. . Fort Atkinson..A.HI.. wt.. - .. C4111" 1M" 1... flU ....•. . is baSieally a shell shrinker..ilts.. .. firing pin IIm<J) crimp primer brass '5 \: pr1me~ Spring") ICap-Chur "NO .as . I" Ill" nor_II. t. CUll" 12.. N[EOL{S r~ LAIltif.. tended for use in subduing or cating both wild and domestic mals. . .• .•.." nUIfGIILU"CANT CIMIN P....• _ 1..'rin •••.

.'IM) C. fa I 3.•.e projector fired by I powder ehatle -quite 11".lil oi cOline alkllokll &lid 10 I 1101111". The drUi we ofter 'I for purpOse of Immobilizing In animal for eaSy capture or hlndll"" but any liquid lIIedlclnl Or dnq: .... . rln.. (11. Is InMrted behind it. •• I •• .1" _.. Ct.'b.l1li... ~''''bed ...._ .. it SHoULD NOT • UIED OM Hoes 01 CAlL l1roe followl .. Sol I. ls .. Sol coioll.. (21.lor 71G III. '"Jecl ion of Ctp.liber bll.•. 1 1 .. Thfi use of the heavy Ioids lot very sbcitt ranles 1liiy (luse impacl dlll'llie to thin skinned or II."utH... Cll'9N .. '!lId or domestic Inlmll •... (1344' '" 605roa pet cc .tlely 25 shol$ per CO. (..." may be used with this equipment.M JllUScted anlNls.he hllllcrUlrters l1li II . (..6 t e12_ 19$10& (f . .. I . iII provide.. The s yr Inp Is Ic..lor 1110 I~. . (I.. •• pld Ielin. pneumatic powered pistol type projector.. y Iftduu I 1111I reacUon. by ~ !NIt. CU"'''' ""'"' '" <t .. (ylinder..el ion.. .....rod lhoo Id ... wi.. w>\'lNl~ .• C12_77OrIf PI' ec .1 kIt.stock producers. ~ IIoutI .. l CUGMN ' ee -Ior.. Bolt Action.•..•• tS Ill.IMIIIO.. ... 2l5lrtl1IfI.rI ....•... The weapOns propel a unique pateilted syringe which tarrlea the drui. nari.... ele ti.I . tlc ani_la. N Tho . dal ...lor t120 I~.... wildlife mlni. See deK..PISTOL TYPE (CO.EffecliVf fUll' up to about 40 feel.••••••••••• C12 are._ .real success.... iI.0 III") .id . blolosists and zoo . UI 1M ..ft • •• . S. UIIIIkc 01 allte Ind ollie.110001.. ..1 llllos) for JClIII... (549 kilos) 1. cylhiders Inserted into the rille will discharge the rifle a ppro~ imajely 10 times.1 NGrIt"' CC . _. SOL ... DnIlttlc and highly publicized uses tend to overshadow the fact It Is an IndlspenSible everyday worldnl tool for dontestlc 1Iv. 10. .fte.• r.$ )lice ~dfl .. be IrIooI"iS'l.. . int... 1.. 10..tIooukl be . .us ... (4It kiln) •• 1 1. 011..n1 . .""IS u.... """!riALS like MUles . iooIriU . Cop-Chu.22 blink poweIer loads 101' ranles each .. i.. Illest 'esull •• . (45.... cai.) II Cl:US. "2S._ . .'N.• . 1'hI dos&. _ . II..« . wi. (U4KH iOro1I CU4AI'" 75r1:1"' 45111 CC - «« -lor ee sizes ranglna from Icc to 15cc.. CI!>"CIt".•.Ipt1CJ11 of . In _ C.b. A thocI 10. ·W ee -lor 5SO I~.."stull' . and Inco the .IHIKnON 3cc DOSE CI2_N l65rrq: per« ...6 ai. ..J 1 C12~~.••.....GO CM>CMU...• "IO. .. 127...I the breech and the .pter which holds the blank clft.e pneumatic powered (CO.C(tltlilly and Iilltantlneoualy..."$ boo .... This eqwipment Is being used with . but with special adaption to hlndle the syringe... Id hi'" bel~ 11K""" '"ilcuoo.'Ios) ...••••••. 4..511..•. (M kllM)l I•••••..... '..I.GO SHOll lANCE PIOJ ECTOI .gu.i- I!\' tM 1t'I. 9lbs...••. SOl .ElITIEWf o. ...for '0 lb.lly. lSI ..i I_II 'njection..Ini I s."" 10 ... for" for.. Fires any-one of ] slIKial .. Convenient 10 use.'Ios) 1 nor. II I".. I". 1.. ". throUinout the world.•.. " toned rIosa... U. The lower velocity Cif Ihis unit minImizes danser of Injury 10 InImals result ing from Ihe phys ica I impact of Ihe syringe.... 1 II OM ti. A"i""" tuM"5o " 1ft IIoelr _11.Mt ~I"l aoJI. cc ..10 d ..saflly.. TIIlodrill II ofl'" .. bul mosl efl«ti ve a I 25 10 ]0 yard ranle. ..itlFLE TYPE (CO.. pOwerU) aclI.. lron .II I..) •• Tolil . pOwered) A specially designed pistol powered by CO. 11' IlUIoIA~ lEI ~S.. Coo..... _ ••••..rti . veterinarians. (6.1 U..nd I shOrt rill. <. very shortl. llllas) . on both wild and . n •• pIoslve charle within the syringe instantaneously dlscharles the fluid Ihroup the needl. III' CC _ for SOlb.. I•• or 11..1 ._ brh .) 1 Cl_ «I~ (2l1li kit") 1' CI244C'" 115......lIar to • conventl •• 1 firearm._UY.. SII. May be used at ranps trom 10 to eo Jds.paiI... u.. 2 86 cAr-cIUllQU"lIINT THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER .for lor 15 III. Specially desilned barrel...UII .lOr to I~ (K._---- _ .. available. 15 lb. Sh..... The ~rld famo.nk poWder loads dependln.s AN0 SMAu. ApproXim. IIod Inllnlctt_ "". rrl J . oIIt& i by oriki~1 ...JIII I ... WI..••• ••• ••••• . i..'Ios) .for 330 i~ (1511kir. 1_ '" .. The 2 small CO. and are reusable.E (fewftf litH) look and·feel of I conyenliDNI sportin..fOI...:i or.• 4. for" .ee .. we. CA Tnt "NO I.ers..... CA'·(HUk SOL . Ire 011_ II I _I . _I.Alot: MlIIUrI..tHN 55i11q pel' ce .UTIO"I SHOULD IE EXEtclSW TO AVDIO IN)K' TIO~ OR SWAlLOWI e. III· I"HlI per cc III lhe fluid...__ .100 '"j«II"I il 11* 11115CUll' • '" of . !lOr <c Ib. 214 Ibs.IOJECTOI ._ . WI. C1220N ... lIflE n. lifII III IIoe ... C4240N 175.. ...Ie. . police departments. wi. ... •• I . Easy 10 load. ..ded I..". JO (1S.. C1241fN". Can be successfully used at distances up 10 about )S yards... 'IOJECTOIS designed pneumatic rille tMI fires patenltdCapoChur syringe. for .. 0... InJlctl1ll flUid drug Into an animal from distances up 10 80 yatds ... '"Ilcled. Sol ."JKIIOII . 1!If ... . II . •.K I •• lor Ift" ....OI. 10lriduu• reslllallU10 Me' I """ "..... lhe IKOIId . CAi'oCHU. 8~ tbs.IN I Eel DOll (l145I11N )GIll ee . uoon the fa nle des ired.. Specially LONC lANCE PIOJ ECTOI ... 11'. _~ I.. A ICC 10 uNd on _II .•. ooc. LONG lANCE .11er i"J. iI 10il.•.anel •...l1li ~lIc.IIosI. II C1U41'H cc 1~. I' system ~or imrnobiHzin8 or medicalh.• ...1P"Chu. rro lb. 1100 III.•.. ".. ... ..22 c...slliolly O<C1I11 from 2 '" 10 In OlUh •• os Ind Iitt '" wi SIll I cciorrli nolillll 1liiY o<C"' II IS sllor1 • Iime IS 30 stCOlldl so lilal "11111 will 11(1'l1li Uy "1M _ fl' . us .. HIS the UTIA 2 Ca re must be e ~erc ised to bit SUfe the proper 100d is used lot the ranp desired.. 1ft'" II..•• •••• ••••• eu.... On IlnPut with the aniNI .fOI. 1l1li 1111.. 14ft kiln) l1li_1.(9. WelJ balanced... (20 ~ltn) 1Ii1 Cl-lJO.:. . ISM . ---_. M ... Three types of projectors are aVilillble: a lotIl rail....••.""'''''."".ehror Sol """."Uy.• 7•• .UIIosII 11 .for t5-40 lb. wild .l . I...." rei... . Sol il ef'KUn on _I 111..POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol.2 III") 1111.. of _II . 4 01.C"".......1" "'Ide I Ill"...Jft aoJI_l C12oMCJ1 ""'"' cc _ lor" III.

IDd eln lit '. 1_ .. Our It. il 50 111111..... When you pull the string.....·TI'If 10 " II1II .ld . Step 1.Jnce. Make a giant match by taking 3 stick matches al'lli all but 1/2" I:ut of the wood off.04 SIIHP Cilt" 1 10 1 Gool De . C<o4"lion Vllle<. ·occa ...t II. . ClllfCllllIa lOt S29-6957 Prices quoted here are from 1977 and are undoubtedly much higher now.. side by sid. ce "'UN CMUN 2DP!'lI1'H ec 4. 1-. _. Then pick the white heads off of about 25 stick matches and put them In a' glass ashtray. l........ 3104 >\ftta .HoI.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol.lIIc concelll." · df 'or ... .. cao lot _ ••• or •• _1. _ _illlll. ICltl""o. rt tan be used to explode flying bombs.ri.. ce lC111i11q cc . ..-'k and . ..til be. . .SIt'.Ire C. C6MJ. : 11' .._iene. ""llhI' Dol. '" . "" III.III "'_'JK' "". i _. lIca.. a."1 .'·CHUl $01.. In' III .. fa "'Ic~ do .... I_Ie . whole thing Into a tube and glue it closed. II 1 . ll100..... •_ of lIKIoarricol """"" udr I i.I"lts. . cc CUIIN lor . CUllN l~ ..•. C4U. per ••• d_ 111111 ...h 5"" ~!1i1lll0 10 jill' i. i.. quell . II.. and send a vlol~nt Jet of flame out of the tube. MIllluppllel. turnIng It occasionall~lt will dry hard. lIy e i_ !lev.....'00:1.. .._ "nil ..nI_l.. If you reverse the matc... Then tut a length of paper from the bag .... .'" All caRl! whllout _lay. .UTIONS like bIIIU.. The tube should be tight enough to hold the match In place... n. cap-Chu' ".•••••••• . <>H.. and set It aside.. This detonator should be inserted in iii meta I tube and Is used in manually detonated mines.Idoto! for ca.. needl. M 2 body 2104 1 Ia 4 87 "t...oj 01 bod.1* pipI'IeBI """ NaKO. i" II. IiIlIIII$ . 11 __ '" ...ion •.. hlltfieKed In die 11MfII 11111 equipllelll and il m NaICCl ffice ifrw . Add a couple of drops Df water and lightly mash them with • spoon....••••..... Tie them together with a long string. The firm will send you a brochure and you can order with no trquble. cali tile .••••... per _. o NASCO fGrt Atkins ._. but not tight enough to grip the match.. '_1«11_ no..••••••. .. . '" . .. Glue the strikers._I. . _ •~ GIANT MATCH string Step 2 Cut 3 pieces of the striker into 3/1t" strips ilnd peel 'as much of the paper off the back as yqu can. I suggest you call one of the above numbers and claim to be your area's poundmaster.•••••••.. Mar- NA5C~WEn ModeIIO. . Your C05t is about 3~...SII..h cc 1.bout 2 1/2" Ieng and 6" w Ide. . Ignrte.. pluUc..tN "" lOCI ... I'm (your name) the poundmaster for (your town) and we're having trouble with dog packs.I ~'hI"'''' ..Glop .._ .. "".- If. .. Unless you are affiliated with your police department or a close friend of your local veterinarian.allaie f. I I II willi lire of ea.0"".. don'tl sa exactl what I've written but ut it in our own words.1". ea.. you might say something like this: "Hello...Ii. with the match head being about 1/4" aboye the str Iker." SOOrrI:IIIIf cc 60IIIq "" ce .. lot _HI. Then roll the .. 11d ""_"''''' _"1 Co.. _.CIooor _ . 011 Ini ...U fei'.IIIOfI.111_1....I. eMI7N CMI4N _. leC...•.. 4.I"po...- contact /' polnt - ..h position and lengthen the sticks.ff I..ftl'~ 20 • 1". IPt<..ChIl Sol.. Cutaway view of frlction detonator (used to detonate flying bombs) .. Wilclllliin 414 563-1:446 _Ie 10 anlwer y_ 51. "'''" CMUN ]1IDrq lit< cc 5. THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER C . the match will slide oyer the striker..$cotch tape glue one heavy paper grocery bag FRICTION DETONATO FI BY FRED BILELLO Glue strikers Step 3 Lay the match On the paper.. YOII'....a. I.. In the middle of the 2 1/2" Iide of the per startln at one side. Of course. a elgarette. Our local vet referred you to me and I'd like a brochure on your line of capture darts and equipment". _ijlrI.11 nili"1 _d .. Mini....._ oJ ... "..tor._.''''. ..C" Sol lot U.2. tMre I I lid 1.. ..• tUAKUU'" S'lIIINC! D1fIIlIllbieIcc .. Supplies: one bOx of stick matches str Ing . DDrotII III IIillil ... Pack this paste around the 3 matches and set the arrangement on the ashtray 11k...llen...pod. .• I_ fIIONOJICTOIIPO$AU _Mill WIllI .... II •• c. ~ ...5T0CIl 5OI._ • .. We can't get close enough to use the noose and we don't want to shoot them.. _II' _. .. allllt. Some are homeless and pretty wild and some are pets..... ......WILI I4ld . you might have trouble getting the$e materials. . ...II' loci . _ 1:... When you call.".. wrap scotch tape •round It.

...... Figure A shows an IMP Crossbow Pistol that has been modified to accept rubbers and a triangular baseplate. (see IMP article page 95. The rubber power unit may be made up from surgical tubing. The larger rifle sized units featured a fo1ding stock mechanism based on the German MP-40 SMG stock. The dart catapult concept is a compromise between the easily constructed but inefficient rubber powered speargun and the power and accuracy of the bulky traditional crossbow.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol...... u r 0 '" 0 I::::t ••• o o~ .. The weapon waS intended for clandestine use and was produced in several models.... but the measurements are easily modified for building larger versions... .. The use of a trian~ular baseplate in place of the orlginal prod (bow) will reduce the overall width by 1/3 to 1/2. IC. The frame is fabricated from aluminum or brass flat stock. The frame design and scale are based on the IMP.-~ FIGURE B The Dart Catapult was conceived by the All ied Spec ill1 Serv ices during World War II..this issue.. . \\ o c . c .. \ 2 88 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER DART BARROW CATAPULT BY CLYDE \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ ... . . The easi.. ) Figure B is a set of full size plans for a home built dart catapult. slingshot replacement rubbers or jumbo rubber .. .y replaced rubbers eliminate the need for building and maintaining a complex and expensive recurve bow...

Tel. Note arrow stop slot on underside.. scratch. Align wit~ STEP 8 hole B and tap pin in place. plastic gri~s. If the gun wi 11 the bottom of the center piece (front receive light duty only.) C1amp pieces together and drill 1/8" diameter holes through a 11 three pieces at points B-L Hole a is for a press fit triggei pin so a sli~ht1y unders ized dr il 1 may be used 1f available . Catalo9 25¢. glass-fibre prod. Edge of base wood or other non metal materials plate should be flush with front of may be used.nlure. The child listed below. The aluminum trigger should for the dart catapult project on page 92 be shilJllled both sides with nylon washon and may be used instead of beginning from ers to eliminate wobble.. Decrease angle to near verticle for a target type "hair trigger. he<. If the The 3"x6" triangular base plate pin is not a secure fit. Drill 1/8" STEP 5 holes L. There is no provision for Crossbowman (USA). Custom grips can be 93 Ashbury Ave .&P. The B. Catalog SOt'. . The ""t.·om. Box 2159.""" 'IMP' [his cumJHIct little cro06bow w. glass or aluminum. to the bottom. Insert the rear Drill a !a"hole at each end of of ')uard into slot flo Drill 1/8" the base plate {points O}. Bend to fit flush and not obstruct the track... replacement bolts . Cut two shims from an old credit card or similar plastic sheet.• two bolts provided are brittle plastic and should be replaced with ones made of fiber. Barnett (Canada). vidual pieces and assemble as shown. The IMP Pistol Crossbow features a two piece cast aluminum frame.etc. books. Dnt. inserted until you are ready to fire. fiberglass prod (bow) and fully adjustable The desi9n of this crossbow is the basis rear sights. Drill 1/8" holes at J & K and install top cover on the frame.POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. a safety so bolt~ (arrows) should not be CAL 94952. Increase the angleof the undercut ·for rU9ged field use. the bolts must be slot H in grip frame before instalinserted from the top down into the ling grips. Use a saw or file to cut nuts for assembly. tarset and nillh t shoot.two outside frame pieces from ~" flat stock. STEP 1 Cut the.. Insta 11 hole at point I and screw ')uard to the two !a"x2" bolts with 1" 00 washframe. Thread holes and coat screws used or this frame's shape may be with loctite before installing plate altered to accept spare pistol grips to frame. ers and jam nuts as shown..(519) 681-6482. Order both catalogs as they she grips should be lengthened about I" by contain info on severel crossbows.. The trigger is made froo Ia" 11at stock.. If you are using bolts and on hand. an ncmnll ".hetop edge of the frame. taping or gluing a wood or plast1c block crossbow components." STEP 3 The front spacer is cut from ~" stock and 1s positioned between frame halves until all three bottom and front edges are aligned. Use Build the rear spacer/grip frame the base plate as a template to mark from !a" metal sheet. The front spacer (botSTEP 6 tom of the track) should be counter The trigger guard is cut from drilled to allow the bolt heads to 1/8" stock and is ~" wide..Holes C-E may be threaded for machine screws or 1/8" bolts and nuts may be used to fasten the three pieces together. (There should now be a ~" x ~" channe 1 along t. These are STEP 7 the mount points for the rubber powConstruct top cover from indier units." origin. 2 89 THE POOR MAN'S ARMORER bands.. arrow track. Use a sanding block to reduce trigger width until the tri9ger and two shims are a wob- ble free fit in the fast rrcoil 01 tho prod casl'lh~ bolt a minimum of 50 yards. I'll out of doo . the shape indicated and trim off STEP S the excess lengtti.. ia" plyspacer) on the frame. With our new lO lb weiaht. from 3/16" (minimum) Loctite at each end will hold it in brass. Mi and N in the plate. . STEP 2 Cut the cocking notch in the frame pieces at A. Petaluma. ~" if aluminum is used. Carefully align edges and clamp together for steps 2 and 3. a drop of should be cut. Thickness should be at least place.Uy dC'oillned for indoor use. N6E IT3. STEP 4 Cut the trigger pin from 1/8" diameter drill rod. The crossbow is 10~" long and 5~" talL The IMP Crossbow sells for about $30 The prod measures 12" across when strung and is available from one of the sources a~d 1n the uncocked position.PIN & SHIM@ ~ PRODUCT REVIEW PISTOL CROSSBOW 0/. RUB8ER MOUNT ASSEM8lY • TRIGGER.