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bhavsar case study

bhavsar case study

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Published by Piyush Prasad

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Published by: Piyush Prasad on Apr 06, 2011
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Presented By :p

Group Members :

1) Loladia Tanaveer 2) Suthar Bhavesh 3) Jain Amit 4)Patel Jigar 5)Thakkar Ronak 5)Thakkar 6)Prasad Piyush

Content of presentation : 

Introduction General Information Competitors Companies Orientation towards Market place. Market Segmentation Product Promotion Selling Promotion Marketing Strategy SWOT Analysis Benefits of NIRDOSH Conclusion

Introduction : 

Typically tobacco smokers smoke 10-20 a day or even more. This smoke is highly toxic. Compare this with smoking natural herbs in Nirdosh and the benefits of Nirdosh are profound, while the risk is minimal. We are presenting you an unique product, a result of 25 years of assiduous effort to develop a Cigarette, which wouldn´t harm your health, but in contrary will agree with it. Its discoverer used his knowledge on tobacco field and concentrated himself on research in tobacco substitute without presence of harmful nicotine.He made a cigarillo which creates a feeling of smoking but doesn´t bring so many harmful influence to organism. The smoker may inhale NIRDOSH Cigarette into his/her lungs and to feel like smoking, but this time without nicotine and other harmful substances contained in usual cigarette. Due to this effect the popularity of NIRDOSH cigarillos increases not only in India, but also in many other countries of the world.  

General Information :
Name : Maans Brand : Nirdosh Promoter : Mr. Natwarlal Bhavshar Form of organization : Sole Propritorship Total Assets : Rs.60000 Sales Volume : Rs.1000000 in 1980

Ingredients :

Competitors : 

ITC VST GTC Godfrey Phillips National tobacco company

Company orientation towards market : 
The Product Concept 

The Marketing Concepts

Market Segmentation :

Product Promotion :
` ` ` ` ` ` `

News Paper College Promotion Rehabilitation centres NGO s Outdoor publicity Leaflet Distribution Door to door Marketing

Selling Promotion : 
Quantity Discount Scheme  Price Differentiation  Coupons  Premium and gift  Speeches  Seminars  Events  Sales Meetings with retailer

Marketing Strategy :

Benefits Of Nirdosh : 

Helps body's defense mechanism work against diseases Real rejuvenator Induces a sense of well being and helps concentrate mind due to its herbal contents A throat cleaner, thus enhances sonority in a singer's voice No nicotine--hence, no harm to the health No paper to burn--hence, no harm to the health Long-lasting pleasant smell of smoke Reduction in death rate

SWOT Analysis : 

A unique product in offering It is also a social cause to remove the harmful effect of Nicotine. Will be well supported by the society A Niche market with probably no competition The product is not only a replacement to tobacco but also has health benefits associates with it Weakness Lack of funding to initiate mass production Lack of marketing strategy Lack of Supply Chain management

SWOT Analysis : 

Opportunity : Supplying the product to a much wider audience. Can go national instead of just concentrating in the state of Gujrat Can collaborate with Social houses and Indian Government and use their already existent infrastructure to market the product like Khadi Gram, Government Hospitals, Rehabilitation centers Can explore options of exporting the product by maintaining the quality standards. Ayurved is much known in India but is unknown to the world hence the product will have a catchy effect to it 

Threats : No patent taken. This can lead to competition and eventually downfall of the whole idea. The raw material like herbs is seasonal. This can affect the production of Nirdosh manufacturing Increase in production will require technology involvement. Lack of intent and effort may lead to limiting the growth perspective

Conclusion : 
Switchover to Herbal Filter Puff Inhaler -- It's GOOD

for your health!!  Kindly convey this healthy message to your addicted friends too! Best Substitute of cigrates and bidis. Not hazardous to health Affordable price High scope of marketability

‡ High level of promotional area required ‡ Requirement of more capital ‡ Change Human perception ‡ Make product readily available

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