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fileId:3096224743934972 Notice the Wings? more by James S. |edit October 17, 2006 02:17 PM EDT (Updated: October 17, 2006 02:19 PM EDT) to groups: Truth for 911, Living a sustainable life, politics and international news, People against Bush!, Iraq Peace 2 Discussion tags: honesty, bush, 911, iraq, news, education, afganistan, conspiracies, terrorism, iran, middle east, war, politics rating: 4.1/10 (15 votes) | comments: 232 email article email to a friend print article print this article digg it People who are fighting this myth, are often badmouthed by idiots who do "no research" & simply name call to get their point across. One of these people recently sent me a letter, apologizing for spamming me, but he was not. I replied to him with the following: Np. However I did enjoy the links you gave me. I watched a few videos on the subject. It amazes me that I have only just heard of this all so recently, as I am sure you guys have been at this for quite some time. I will also say that I am "not amazed" that mainstream media will not give more airtime to the obvious truth. I have my own issues with CNN running Lou Dobbs on a daily basis with his protectionist values, but giving 0 time to the advantages of the EU, & the good parts of Free Trade if implemented. I personally have sent many letters to CNN & Lou pointing out "the other side" which fall mostly on deaf ears. Yet I am a little surprised that PBS would not be running this, or for that matter the Canadian CBC! Understanding that PBS gets some government money & might have ulterior motives not to air the truth, but CBC? I am not amazed at the fact the American People themselves would try to debunk the facts. Holding the party line, & being Patriotic by following a dumb President is not something I find as hard to believe with many Americans. Long before 911, I found it ridiculous for the USA to be pushing their weight around & when I was woken up & told of 911 on the day it happened, my girlfriend crying & saying "The USA is under attack", my first response was "It's about time"! For a long time, since Vietnam actually, I found it ridiculous that the Administrations of the USA could not concentrate on their own Continent & involve themselves is such overseas Drama. From the paranoia of Communism to the backing of Saddam & Bin Laden, to the turning against these people, to their mere presence in the Middle East... I found these Administrations laughable to say the least. Concentrating on Oil when they should be concentrating on "alternative fuels" in the first place shows me how biased these Administrations seem to be towards immediate money, rather than planning any kind of future for the American people that makes any sense. Not to say Canada has been much better, but then again, we are kind of lead "more or less" by the wants & desires of the USA, considering their size & spending power. Yet I must say I was in awe when I saw those towers fall, as it did not seem right to me from the beginning. At first I was in the group of people who accepted that

Bin Laden was behind it, but justified just the same. I always knew of the facts of the USA Administrations twisting the truth on issues & doing things that were "outright lies" to rally the Troops to their cause, but although I believed Bush stole his First election, I would never have suspected him going as far as to Murder thousands, to drive the people of the USA into war just to further this World Domination idea, which seems to be obvious to me now since watching these video's on 911. Certainly there could have been many people to profit from the destruction of the Towers, but I seriously doubt it could have been done without Government involvement & direct planning, just as I believe the same happened with Pearl Harbor. I therefore salute you in your efforts to educate the American People to these facts, & hope you all the more success. Yet I remind you that it has taken this long to reach me. I am usually into these kinds of things, being a regular viewer of CNN, PBS, 60 Minutes, Dateline, Discovery Channel, History Channel, A & E etc, that if it has taken this long to get to me... there is a great distance to go in order to get this information to the educated & intellectual people inside the USA. Best of luck bud & again... thanks for the links. Jim Stewart. Now the links he sent me, which I found "mind blowing" were these... Hi James, There is only more than 1,000° degress of temperature, or roughly half of the total temperature under debate, your naysayers still need to account for. It's a whole lot easier for them to call you names, and assail your character, so get used to it. As long as 1200° degrees remains the highest temperature any uncontrolled burn can attain, without optimizing fuel and oxygen. And structural steel only becomes malleable under extremely controlled conditions, that cost a great deal of money to optimize. The fact that the 'Twin Towers', as well as 'Building 7', were comprised of structural steel certified by Underwriters Laboratories to withstand no less than 2750° degrees, for no less than (6) hours, to even register a difference. Bear in mind the Underwriters Laboratories employee, who felt obligated to bring these original certification documents to light, was let go for his efforts. I hope he has found comparable employment since, integrity like his can not be bought. Silverstein's (3) World Trade Center Properties, (1) of which was not even hit by a plane, reamin the only steel structures to ever fail as a result fire, the day he hit the lottery ... LoTek | Fetzer | Start a Chain Reaction!

Send these three links to at least two friends, asking them to send them to at least two friends as well. When all is said and done, everyone linked to anyone here will have them: 9/11 Mysteries (video) Loose Change, 2nd Edition (Recut) 9/11: A Conversation with Jim Fetzer (video) Thanks for your support and concern. We can do it together! Jim James H. Fetzer Founder and Co-Chair Scholars for 9/11 Truth For more 9/11 events, visit

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