Telemedia Services

BHARTI AIRTEL LTD. 22 Bank more near Skylark Hotel Jharia Dhanwad Jharkhand 828102 T +91 9771352130 F +91 326 41613580

Sai Technology(Powered By – Airtel)
This is to certify that Mr. Mukesh Kr. Pandey ID.N0.-AT036 a student of K.C.M.T. Bareilly(U.P) fromG.B. Technical University, has done/is doing his/her summer training at Central Division, Jharia, Dhanwad (Jharkhand), from June 25th 2011 to August 10th 2011. The project work entitled “MARKETING OF AIRTEL TELEMEDIA SERVICES” embodies the original work done by Rohit Singh(Mentor) during his/her above summer training period.

(Rohit Singh)
Project Guide/HOD

(Rajesh Yadav)
Head, Training Division

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