Eoan s February Departure My lover s fragile hand slides through frigid February air.

Her heart, just as cold, pulsates icy streams to her fingertips. Her pale skin radiates morning sun, the way it did when walking through fields of prairie grass. Our journey has drug my heart through valleys of despair, as if it were tied to an untamed stallion. Through fingerprinted glass I stare at her previous smile. The same smile she wears through repetitious lies. It deceives me every time. I am lost in her trance, pierced by her evil ways. I wish she longed to be in my arms as I long to hold her against my bare chest. The train tugs slowly on the tracks as my emotions activate my tears. I let the salty pain slither down my cheek. I taste distain. A deep breath of the car s stale air calms my nerves briefly. Esther, my beautiful lover, will dance in the moonlight with another while I lie awake whispering self-reassurance into the hollow void of the night. My Esther, as dainty as a Daphne, as scornful as it s berries. I will forever admire your green gems, sweet smell of lilac and your curly auburn locks. I graciously placed my soul into the hands of a fire-breathing goddess. Tales of your late night rendezvous with other men have set my ears ablaze. Yet, I manage to let the heat from your emerald embers emit warmth into my bed. This departure should be a joyous moment of praise. A chance to finally turn my back on the beatings my humanity has taken. Instead, it will manifest into growing torment in my chamber of hell.

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