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business communication

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Communication Tactics 4. Communication Strategy 3. Communication Objectives 2.Table of Contents 1. IMC Programs .

Communication Objectives 1. dinner or dessertfocus on their current customers to ensure that their customers will maintain their current purchasing and consumption behaviour • • . lunch. Target Audience • Is relatively a homogenous groupconsumers feel that it is all the same and wanting it at the lowest price • Ranges from all ages whether they are a toddler or a senior citizenis affordable and does not require an outstanding amount of income to purchase their products Established within the rural and suburban communities although there may be less in the rural communities Has many brand loyal customers that come in everyday whether it is for breakfast.

but at the same time they also purchase products from Burger Kingwill be communicated to directly to ensure that McDonalds remains in their evoked set Will have to ensure that their main message being sent out is clear and concise so that the new category users believe in it and switch to McDonaldswith their new Lighter Choice Menu.• Have many favourable brand switcherscontinue to buy their products. • • . Wendy’s or Harvey’scan find ways of getting these customers to switch overplanning on emphasizing more on brand experience by feelings over features and passion over price. this can attract new users that are more health conscious Will have to focus on other brand switchers closelythese customers purchase other brands such as Burger King.

Brand switching purchaseto ensure that brand loyalists will see that their products are just as good as those they are loyal to and will switch Repeat purchasespurchase within a specified time period because McDonalds have special deals every day of the week Repeat consumptionreturn because their products are fast. • • • • . during the Christmas season. convenient.2. McDonalds have Egg Nog Milkshakes that are only available during this time. and deliciousbest interest to convince these consumers to become repeat purchasers Timing and when to purchase is very importantcertain products are seasonalex. so they can see that all of the advertisements are true and concise. Behavioural Objectives • Brand trial purchaseall the users reached will go to try out the hamburgers and their well-known fries for themselves.

Communication Objectives • Category needfeel that the products satisfies their needs because they meets their expectations and needsit is fast. this will create brand awareness. . everyone can recognize the big “M” anywhere around the world Ronald McDonald himself is also another well recognizehe was once on the bags and he also has an organization that contributes to a good causeby expanding the role of Ronald McDonald with consumers of all ages. convenient and affordable • Brand awarenesstarget audience has the ability to recognize and/or recall the brandwith the well-known golden arch.3. • • The new slogan “I’m lovin’ it” will also create brand awareness when the consumer hears or sees the slogan.

Brand purchase intention is not necessarythere is low involvement since consumers’ consistently purchase McDonalds without putting so much thought into their decision process Purchase facilitationwill not affect McDonaldswell known and will not affect the consumers purchase decision • • .• Brand attitudeare satisfied with the reason why they want it because McDonalds has something for everyone and it is affordablewith a good attitude towards McDonalds’ products maintained. it will generate future sales.

 Will communicate a consistent brand message while capturing the spirit.  The five commercials spots will features three brand versions.COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY Campaign Theme  New campaign theme is called “Lovin & Livin It”.  Five new launch commercials shot in 12 languages and locations.  Designed to help connect with consumer all around the world. hip.  Location provides convenience and friendly service to the consumer. music. compelling. connect with people.  McDonalds has consistency and a good reputation.  Only fast food restaurant the produces good food and good service that people enjoy which keeps people choosing over the competitors . relevant.  New campaign is fun. and flavour of each local country Consumer Benefits  McDonalds has many locations and are within five driving minutes.

Communication Tatics 1. Execution Style • Straight sell or factual messageinformation concerning the product is straightforwardpictures of their products took up some of the ad and facts on how it is lighter and better compared to what they already offered Demonstrationit illustrates the key advantages of their productscan convince consumers of the benefits of purchasing McDonalds Testimonialsomeone praises about the productJustin Timberlake as an endorsementan excellent spokes person since he is popular and well recognized by everyone • • .

attitudes and purchase intention among the target audience: • • Use TV ads to reach 80% of target audience over a 1-year period Use the radio to reach the other 20% of the target audience over a 1-year period • • Outdoor billboards will be used all year round to maintain awareness and attitudes Send direct mails to every household every other week • • Heaviest advertising will be during the fall and summer months Create purchase intention and awareness to non-customers through the use of sponsorships and events .Media Plan 2. Media Objectives To create awareness.

b&c) Media Strategy and Specific Media Choices • TV adson all major channelson CityTV. Chum FM. NBC. Global and the Cartoon Networkthese are the most watched channels and can reach the most viewers all at once and it can create emotional appeals Radio adsaired on all radio stations such as Z103.5. AM 106.suited for every one of all ages and personalitieswill be used throughout the day especially during rush hours such as in the morning and after work Outdoor billboardswill be used all year round to maintain awareness and attitudes by locating them in specific locationswill be used in rural and suburban areas. Easy Rock. etc. construction sites and on the side of highwayswill also be situated in every bus shelter • • . AM 1010.2.

and high selectivity . higher information content.• Direct mailswill be sent to every household in Toronto every other weekcan maintain awareness and attitudesconsist of information on what specials they have for the week or introducing a new product linehas many opportunities for repeat exposure.

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