Phases of gastric secretion:
A-Cephalic Phase: 2.Neurogenic signals from the brain transmitted through the vagus nerve to the stomach (Y3nii: Preganglionic vagus fibers synapse with postganglionic enteric neurons). 3. Postganglionic neurons stimulate parietal and G cells. 4+5. Gastrin is carried to the blood circulation and further to parts of the stomach

B- Gastric Phase: Initiated by the entry of food into the stomach which stimulate gastric secretion by: -Long vagovagal reflex -Local enteric reflexes -Gastrin mechanism

C- Intestinal Phase: Intiated by the emptying of the stomach into the duodenum 4.Small amount of gastrin secreted by duodenal mucosa. 5. Inhibitory mechanisms of gastric secretion include: 1) secretin, gastric inhibatory peptide (GIP) & CCK. 2) Vagus stimulation.

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