RE SB 769 Honorable Chair Shields, Chair George, and Committee members, Thank you for hearing my concerns today

regarding SB 769. I am in opposition of this bill. This bill is in violation of the free speech of citizens. It will result in civil penalty for violations of speech. This bill is based based upon differences in ideology and using unsubstantiated accusations by abortion advocates and their providers. It targets small community-based nonprofit organizations that do not receive any state or federal funds. Pregnancy resource centers are financially supported by individuals, business and churches. Pregnancy resource center organizations served as a local safety net and provided over $4 million in free social services at no charge to low-income women. This does not cost the tax payers anything. It benefits the community. This bill also limits the physicians in their communities to volunteer their time in service for their neighbors. If this bill passes the cost to the Oregon Health Authority will go up to provide for these missing resources within the communities or increased costs to regulate the pregnancy resource facilities. This bill is against Oregon's business community as well. It mandates that these businesses must list services that they do not provide. It mandates that they give away records that are costly to produce and without compensation for these records. Place undefined “reasonable ” visual notices through numerous media sources for services they DO NOT provide. It teaches Oregonians to not be charitable, not to reach out to those facing difficult times in their communities. If this bill passes and causes these centers to close, we will all be poorer and will miss the compassion that they offered. Please do not forward this bill to the house. Thank you for considering my remarks. Janice Dysinger 32235 SE Pipeline Rd. Gresham, OR 97080 503 757 0670

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