Project Charter

A. General Information
Project Title: Prepared by: Date:

Points of Contact

Position Project Sponsor




Project Manager

Customer (User) Representative(s) Other

B. Project Purpose 1. Statement of Problem

Organizational Chart

2. Project Objective


Project Customers 2. Project Description.C. Assumptions D. Scope and Management Milestones 1. Final Deliverables 1. Risks/Negative Impact 2 . Customer Requirements 4. Customer Needs 3. .

2005 November 26. Resources Identify the funding. Project Authority Authorization Project approval authority will come from the General Manager. F. 2005 December 08. Resources Funding Allocation and Source Project Team (Full and Part Time Staff) Customer Support 3 . committed to this project by the project sponsor. personnel. Project Manager . 2005 Estimated Duration E.Summary of Major Management Milestones and Deliverables Event Project Charter Approved Project Plan Completed Project Plan Approved Project Execution – Started Project Execution Completed Project Closed Out Estimated Date October 25. and other resources.

Facilities Equipment Software Tools MS Project Security Assessments (Risk Vulnerabilities) Other G. The Project Manager is empowered by this charter to proceed with the project as outlined in the charter. Position/Title Project Sponsor (required) Signature/Printed Name/Title Date Project Manager (required) Other Stakeholders as needed 4 . Signatures. if required The Signatures of the people below document approval of the formal Project Charter.

5 .

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