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Published by GreenEnerGTimes
PDF of February 2011 edition of Green Energy Times(tm). A print publication created in an off grid office in Vermont.
PDF of February 2011 edition of Green Energy Times(tm). A print publication created in an off grid office in Vermont.

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Published by: GreenEnerGTimes on Apr 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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www.greenenergytimes.org 802.439.6675
eb. 15, 2011
We erate an 8 bedr bed and break-ast, eaturin 40k  Nrdic ski andsnwshe trails and untain bikin inthe suer. We als er ur Rund Barnevent center and hst an weddinsand events ear rund.
s H i, sk  bk C H, Vt  k .
We added tw 4kw AllEarth slar track-ers in Nveber, 2009. These dual axis s-lar trackers have rduced 60%  SleeHllw’s electric rductin in 2010(Ttal annual slar rductin  10,511kwh), The slar anels are rid inter-tied,and a just ver $0.15 er kwh, s urslar anels set $1584 wrth  elec-tricit r us in 2010. We received a 30%Federal tax credit, as well as a 30% VT taxcredit which heled ake the rjectre ardable. We aid $24,800 ttal a-ter tax rebates, ivin us an arxiateaback erid  15.7 ears. The trackersare cnnected t the internet, allwin ust nitr their dail, nthl r earlrductin at www.allearthrenewables.c (We are site ID #117)Slee Hllw is a ail run business.
Creating Energy Awareness & Understanding…
editors’ page, subsCriptions
...2transportation ...................4, 5solar pV ......................................7wind .............................................8solar Hot water ....................11batteries ..................................12Hydro .........................................13renoVations ............................14ConstruCtion + ......14,16-17,19
sustainable eatures
.........22-25news, Clues & reViews ..........26energy uture ........................27Heating ...........................18,28,30View rom tHe top .................29biomass .....................................31
...............................32Community projeCts ............35resourCes, Classiieds ........36
Compost toilets, permaCulture
...38tHe green lie ....................37,39
sleepy Hollow - x-c ki with solar! 
be energy independent!
gr rgy t ms
i 7
 15, 2011
.. 802.439.6675
g.e.t. it!
yes you Can! ... be energy independent!
>> Cot' o p. 35 >>> Cot' o p.34 >
- Group Net Metering in VT! 
By Nancy Rae Mallery 
Dec. 14, 2010 Srineld, VT
iVeK C. s Cth
 is ciall the larest, rivatelwned “net-etered” sste in VT, at209 kW! It is exected t eet r90-100%  their electrical needs!!The sun cae ut, ater the clud,ra nths this ear, aln withse new snw that lasted int thernin. As I drve dwn t Srin-eld, VT, t attend this celebratin, itwas aazin - t see the sk en, re-vealin blue skies and the ln lst sun - just intie t shw uests hw the IVEK slar wrks!The ceren was well-attended, in-cludinthe installer, paul Biebel,as well as his sn, Ti- wners  prudent Livin  Windsr, VT. mrBiebel exlained that the rject wrked ssthl because  the ‘tea ert’.He thanked mr. Tann, CEo  IVEK and mr.Blake, oeratins manaer r entrustin thisrject t the. “It tk se aith n theirart. The jurne thruh the junle  aer-wrk and nances was re unredictible thanan  us thuht it wuld be. I a rateul tthe whle prudent Livin and Biebel Buildersand Brite-Lite Electrical Crew r their reci-sin ert as well as Jerr and Dn r ResTec,ur d riends and artners. man thanks ,as well, t Du gurne r stain just ahead us and als r Ji Willias r his beautiulence wrk. Last, but nt least, I’d like t thank gre Heatn r CVpS - alwas available t an-swer questins.” This tea cleted the rj-ect in just nine weeks r start t nish.I’d like t als thank mark r ivin e thisrtunit t exress  assin r Renew-
man hes and businesses
dn’t haveideal rs r slar wer, & wind turbinesdn’t usuall ake sense in sene’s back ard. S even thuh slar and wind wernw ake ecnic sense, an elecannt easil bece ener indeendentwith these surces even i the have thene t ake this kind  investent.A ew ears a the VT leislature adewhat was tuted as a landark chane thatwuld enable “ru net eterin” r wind& slar wer. The idea was that a ru  ele can install a lare slar r wind w-er sste that eeds wer directl int therid vs. bein lcated n their rert, buteach eber  the ru can al theirshare  the nthl wer rductin ttheir wn residential/cercial wer bill.generall, cercial-scale slar/windinstallatins are re cst-eective thanresidential-scale sstes. With tda’s ric-es & incentives, ebers  a slar r wind-ru shuld exect t see a cst-er-kwhver the 30+ ear lie  the sste that isbelw tda’s utilit rices.I have been invlved in ranizin twru-net-eterin erts in VT; ne thataied t install a 100kw NrthWind 100turbine r lcal anuacturer Nrthernpwer; and anther that is cused n slarwer. m initial cnversatins with wercanies and state reulatrs iliedthat the adinistrative rcess was still un-clear since the cncet was new, but that itwrked sethin like this:Sene r the ru inrs thewer can each nth as t hwan kwh credits shuld be distributed teach eber’s wer bill, based n theirshare  wnershi  the wind/slar ss-te and hw an kwh the sste r-duced each nth. The wer can wuld then alcredits t each eber  the ru, re-ducin r eliinatin their wer bill.Since this sunded easible, and sincether ru-net-eterin rjects inther states like Clrad have develedautated stware t easil handle thisnthl bill/credit accuntin, we havebeen rceedin t nd land and t setu
> Cot' o p.29 >>
h 
DC Ener Innvatinscleted the installatin  a 30kW slarpV sste at RTW pele's plaza, a sallbusiness in Richrd, VT. The sste is es-tiated t rduce clse t 100%  theelectric deand  the buildin.RTW includes several businesses, all inne buildin, which eet se  the ba-sic needs  the cunit. Included in thebuildin are a child care center, laundrat,tness center and tannin saln. The busi-ness anaer, Ta Rea and her ather,Richard Rea, were interested in cnvertinthe buildin's ener usae t renewablest secure their ln ter cst  ener aswell as t d their art in reducin the en-virnental iact  the business. As Ver-nt Electric Cerative (VEC) custers,their electric rate is n the hih side. Atercnsultin with DC Ener it was decidedthat, althuh their lcatin did nt havethe reatest wind resurce, their buildinr was clse t ideal r slar.The Reas' tk advantae  a ew rantst ake the rject re ardable. As asall business, the alied r and wereawarded a USDA Rural Ener r Aericaprra (REAp) rant r the rject. In ad-ditin, the were able t take advantae  the US Treasur Sectin 1603 RenewableEner rant and the VT Renewable Ener
pg 22-23 >
in richfod, VT
>> Cot' o p.18 >
is your
pg 24-25 >>pg 24-25 >>
By Gaelan Brown
By Eli Enman
 C     a nm a  g en t   a  el   l    ow B l    a  c k  
eb.15, 2011
m thk   s:p r e, g V th p sch
Green Energy Times
wants to hear what YOU are doing to help to reduce your and our dependence on Fossil Fuels.
Your example may bethe one that makes the diference! 
Next Issue o G.E.T.: May 4, 2011.
Feature: How Sustainable Is Your Community? 
Dierent towns will be highlighted in eacho our issues throughout the year.
Let us know what your town is doing! 
Feature 2: Rte 100 Corridor - Action abounds! 
1749 Wright’s Mountain Road • Bradford, VT 05033
Nancy Rae Mallery
exuiv Dirr
Liane Allen
cribuig edir
Roger Lohr
… Nancy Rae Mallery, Liane Allen
Concord Monitor, Concord, NH
Using Recycled
Newsprint & Smudge-Free Environmentally Safe Inks
Ad Rp
Vicki Moore, Danville, VT
Liane Allen, S. Ryegate, VT
Nancy Rae Mallery, Bradford,VT
Jessika Yates, Marty Philbrick, Linda Evans,Peter Roudebush, Alycia Moore, Jessica Tanner, DwayneCormier, Cintia Morrissey, Roger Lohr, Leslie Battistoni…
Thank you
or your help! 
ABoUt G.e.t.
Green Energy Times is powered by 100% solar, o-grid with a 3.8kW PV system. We live and know that Energy Independence isindeed possible - with clean, sustainable renewable energy.
Our mission is to promote Energy Awareness, Understanding& Independence. We must save our planet. Think Solar,Wind, Hydro... and energy reduction! Believe in this earth! < Solar works! … anywhere! under the sun! 
G.E.T. is published quarterly, Feb. 15, May 4, Aug. 5 & Nov. 5, by
Advertising Company. It is free and availble throughout85% of VT & 45% of NH: the Upper Valley-St.J.down toBrattleboro,Windsor-Ludlow, Barre-Montpelier-Burlington,Stowe, Mooretown-Waitseld, Morrisville, Hardwick, Danville,NEK, Grand Isle, Woodstock-Rutland-Bennington; NH: Woodsville-Hanover-W. Leb.-Plaineld, Eneld-Claremont, Keene-Concord-Plymouth-Laconia, Littleton, & towns in between…If you would like to have G.E.T. available somewhere you have notseen it, let us know! You can also download each issues of G.E.T.
online at www.greenerergytimes.org.We encourage you to patronize our advertisers. We strive to selec-
tively include those that we feel can oer trust-worthy services
products. G.E.T. cannot be held responsible for advertising claims.
t advri i G.e.t.
contact Ad Reps listed above.
edirial Pliy:
Green Energy Times works with a variety of writers and also publishes community submissions on varioustopics. We aim to publish content that is independently researched,unbiased and relevant to our audience. Submissions are subject toour guidelines. Publication is subject to our editorial judgment &
$20/yr. Contact us for a subscription form.
G.E.T. wants to thank everyone who has submitted articles orhelped in any way to make this all a reality. We want to also thankour advertisers & ask that you support them. Say that you saw
them in
Green Energy Times
. Now let’s all
moving ahead
towards a clean, renewable future - one where our children &grandchildren will be able to breathe & grow, live & love on thisbeautiful planet where we live. Thank you for reading G.E.T. Sendyour comments & suggestions to: info@greenenergytimes.org.
W wa  har wha yu ar dig  mak a difr!
Together we all can make the dierence! 
solar power
The ink stayson the page,not on your hands.
100% No - Rub Water Based Inks
Recycled Paper
Minimal Waste
No Hazardous Chemicals
Compost Friendlyls
 ost Fri ls
t a FIT rra. I cntacted CVpS andthe acted as i the had never heard  "Feed-in Tari" which is a scar resnset be aced with, s I' beinnin tlse a little cndence in  abilit take this chane. An inratin uhave that wuld hel e wuld be stareciated.
- Cheers, Bill Bassett 
Hi Sue and Lawrence!I received this r a ail, whse slarhe we eatured in a revius issue  green Ener Ties. I realize this is antin r the dierin Utilities here inVT & that gmp is the st areeable.Hw wuld u suest that I advisehi? I have alread encuraed hi tcntact the state leislature t exress hisinin and t encurae all  the utilitcanies t llw gmp's exale. Du think that the rates will ne da be
rck ev, b, Vtdv g.e.t.
GReen eneRGY tIMes(G.e.t.)
one year ……$20
 ___________________________________________ m ___________________________________________ ddss ___________________________________________  ___________________________________________ cit.stt.zip ___________________________________________ mil  ___________________________________________ wbsitoff gd i U.S. l. Cd: $US 24.00. Fig: $US 30.00Gift subsciptis vilbl!pls sd chck t 1749 Wight’s Muti rd Bdfd, Vmt 05033
sl pw wks!
ud th su
Letters to the Editor 
Nv. 8, 2010Hi Nanc Rae –Lks terric! I knw wh ur newsaeris din well: 1) s uch ener/enthusias in the aes, 2) trul rassrts – everne ets a chance t have astr, i ssible. Nt ull  bi us lecturin u and shts  hueinstallatins n individual can ard, butstries r the little us with attainableinstallatins.
- Thanks, Todd (Walker)
P.S. Could you send me a couple of hard copies of this issue for my les? 
Nv. 17, 2010Nanc Rae -I u have inratin n Thetrd'sEner Cittee, I wuld be interestedin havin it. I' in the rcess  trint et   the Net meterin rrawe are n with CVpS and switch verstate-wide, llwin the exale  gmp's net-eterin rate?Nanc, Bill,The Standard oer rra (Verntdes nt have a traditinal – FIT r secicreasns and t avid FERC jurisdictin) isadinistered thruh the SpEED rra t www.verntseed
 The utilit has n jurisdictin , ninratin. yur exerience is nt a surrise.
The rra has been ull ever since itened a ear a (oct 24 2009). The list is ln and I wuld assue uwill nt ake it in.In shrt, REV is wrkin t chane se the net eterin rules and tentialllk t sread a gmp rra acrss thestate, but nthin et. 
Stand by, & please if not already, join REV! 
- Best, Lawrence H. Mott, New Generation
 partners And Chair -REV 
Biass Cncerns
oct. 22, 2010Dear green Ener Ties,Burnin rests r electricit, aka biassincineratin, is bein rsed as a “cleanand reen” wer surce, but questinsreain cncernin health, cliate andrest iacts.Unlike slar and wind, biassincineratrs ut ut harul llutantssuch as Carbn mnxide, Sulur Dixide,Nitren oxides, Hdrchlric Acid,Ania, Fraldehde, Chlrine,Dixins, and particulate matter.The Aerican Lun Assciatin citescncerns abut “severe iacts n thehealth  children, lder adults, andele with lun diseases” r biass,while the massachusetts medical scietstates, “biass wer lants se anunaccetable risk t the ublic’s healthb increasin air llutin.”In June, massachusetts released the“manet” stud, denstratin thatbiass incineratin will release relbal warin ases than cal ver thever tierae cliate scientists insistwe ust curb ur carbn eissins.Frests alread act as the lanet’s bestcliate buer thruh the sequestratinand strae  Co2. Accrdin t NASA,lin rests is the #2 cause  cliatechane.Instead  re biass, let’s rau ener ecienc and cnservatin-rerts estiate that Vernt culdeet 19-30%  electricit deand recienc easures alne.The realit is that n cbinatin renewable ener can wer theAerican wa  lie unless we transitinur liestles t sethin the lanet cansustain.
- Josh Schlossberg, CommunicationsCoordinator, Biomass Accountability Project Editor, Biomass Busters newsletter 
 )Dear Josh,Thank you so
much for all of 
 your eforts and  your concerns
about biomass.
While weappreciate what your concerns are, I would 
 just like to make sure that our readers
understand that these concerns are indeed 
of value when it comes to making electricitfrom biomass. Josh is 100% correct in that there are clean alternatives to meet our needs for electricity -Solar, Wind, Hydro…
But - when biass is used t enerateheat r a cunit, erhas we need tlk at it r anther anle. I the saenuber  ailies use wd stves theat their hes r use ssil uels, whatwuld the iact be n ur envirnentin carisn t a biass acilit rheatin hes and businesses  thatsae nuber  buildins? The eissinswuld be hiher i dne individuall andthe rests wuld rbabl have less  an iact. A district biass biler burnslw-eissins, carbn-neutral wd(the Co2 released b the asicatincbustin rcess is n reater than theCo2 absrbed b the trees durin theirlie). These acilities, i run in a sciallcnscius anner strive t use lw radeand waste wd and encurae healthrest anaeent. The burnin is uchcleaner than an  the wdstvesthat are currentl bein used. Biassr heat can lead t a re sustainableuture, i dne riht! Is it a slutin thatakes sense r nw - until sethinelse devels that iht be better. 
correct - when biomass is used for making electricity! He is right about our need to ramp up energy eciency &conservation! We must learn to reduceour emissions now & transition into a truly sustainable future. Let's all work harder toturn our wasteful habits into a higher level of energy consciousness. ~ G.E.T.
 C     a nm a  g en t   a  el   l    ow B l    a  c k  
www.greenenergytimes.org 802.439.6675
eb. 15, 2011
Spain Generated 3% o its Electricityrom Solar in 2010
Dpi Fallu--spaih slar sym Dlivrig Billi  kWh
Wid nw Biggr ha Hydr r cal
Prdu Mr Wid & slar ha caliria
By Paul Gipe
 January 27, 2011
Red Electrica rerts that Sain enerated nearl 3%  itselectricit r slar ener in 2010.Desite witherin criticis  Sain's nce-thrivin slar in-dustr, rjects installed durin the b ears  2007 and2008 are rducin cercial quantities  electricit.The netwrk eratr's reliinar rert n 2010 sas thatslar ener rduced 6.9 TWh last ear r 4,000 mW  en-eratin caacit, stl slar htvltaics (pV), r 2.7%  sul.Wind turbines enerated nearl 43 TWh in 2010 r 16.4%  
sul, slihtl re than hdrelectricit.Sain's hdr lants rduced re electricit last ear, 38
 TWh, than antie since 1997. The new renewables  wind and slar in cbinatin r-
vided 19%  sul. Tether bth new and cnventinal renewables delivered
34%  Sain's electricit.Sain's cliate, erah, and ulatin are siilar t that
 Calirnia. Sain's 46 illin inhabitants cnsue se260 TWh er ear.Calirnia's 37 illin ele cnsue abut 300 TWh er
ear. Hwever, wind ener enerates less than 6 TWh erear and slar less than 1 TWh er ear. Tether wind andslar rvide nl 2%  Calirnia's electricit.
t twhr %r gw
cmbid cyl
slf cumpi
Pumpd srag
totAL DeMAnD
spanisH renewables generation 2010
r ec
Dmbr 21, 2010
h t  H, Vt
and AllEarth
Renewables, Inc.  Willistn, VT haveartnered t install 31 AllSun Trackers® nLan Rad, suth  the twn’s waste-water treatent lant. over the curse a ear, the 141 kWt htvltaic arrais exected t rduce 200,000 kilwatthurs (kWh)  electrical ener which willrvide ver 45%  the electricit used b Twn-wned eters.
Hinesbur is quickl becin the slarcaital  Vernt. Accrdin t the Re-newable Ener Atlas  VT, this rject isthe larest unicial slar installatin inthe state. When cbined with ther s-lar electric rjects installed b Hinesburresidents and businesses, Hinesbur leadsVernt twns with ver 500 kW  s-lar htvltaic caacit which rducesenuh electricit r ver 75 hes. 
“The Hinesbur cunit has beenver active irvin ener eciencand rllin ut renewable ener instal-latins r slar trackers t sall-scalewind turbines t slar wered arkinlihts,” said Alex Weinhaen, Hinesbur’sDirectr  plannin & Znin. “This slartracker installatin is anther excellentexale  hw the Twn  Hinesburis vin rward the cnversatin andthe actual ileentatin  Vernt’seerin ener uture. Tether withcunit ebers and ur businessartners, the Twn is denstratin thatlcal and distributed renewable enereneratin can and des wrk.”
“Hinesbur has taken an irtant stetwards ener indeendence and is lead-in the wa r ther VT twns,” said DavidBlittersdr, president and CEo  AllEarthRenewables. “This rject shws reat re-siht n the art  Hinesbur twn vern-ent b ndin an ecnical use r landthat was therwise nt bein utilized.”The AllSun Tracker is a clete rid-cnnected slar electric sste which cn-sists  htvltaic anels unted nles installed in the rund. The ssteuses a gpS
(Global Positioning System)
and adual axis rtatin t kee the slar anelsat a erendicular anle t the sun’s rasthruhut the da.This axiizes the aunt  liht reach-in the anels, which in turn axiizes theaunt  ener enerated, rvidin asuch as 40% re electricit than xedanel installatins  the sae size. mrethan 340 AllSun Trackers have been in-stalled in VT t-date, creatin ver ne il-lin watts  renewable wer caacit.
 AllEarth Renewables, Inc.
EVERY MOON IS A HARVEST MOONat the Ferrisburgh Solar Farm
Pomerleau Real Estate is the proud developer, owner and operator of the Ferrisburgh Solar Farm, the first 1-Megawatt solar projectin the great state of Vermont.Please visit us at:www.vermontrealestate.comand:www.ferrisburghsolarfarm.comAnd check out what the solar farm is harvesting at:http://pomerleau.kiosk-view.com/ferrisburgh
Hug bcg sl Cpl  Vt

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