The Creek of My Heart

by Erfan A Hettini

Late at night, memories of you rafting over the creek of my heart turbulent moments shrouding over my veins muttered are my feelings like the mist of the rain, cascading relentlessly to no terrain, scathing the clouds of my soul, chaffing the hurts I gained. wondering what's real in a world of betrayal stead-fasting the mounting waves, my feelings are in disdain. to null the pain of my veins, to comfort my child of his wounds, to braven the knight within.. to shield my soul of what remains.. to harness the sunshine of my vain.. To quilt the slivers of my heart.. To fathom that of what I dare... I must send your ship asail to the land of no return.

Copyright © 2009, all copyrights reserved, erfan hettini.