Geography Field Study

Economic Activity (Agriculture)

What are the problems faced by farmers in my community and how they may be solved?

Candidates Name: Darrick Foster Registration No: 1000050987 Name of School: Ardenne High School Proficiency: General Territory: Jamaica School: Ardenne High School

.A Geographical Study of Problems Faced by Farmers in My Community -An examination on farmers near my community and major problems they face and ways in which they can be improved or solved.

.Purpose of Study The purpose of the study is to find the problems faced by small scale farmers in Bellvue. Catherine. St.

Aim To investigate the major problems faced by small scale farmers in Bellvue. . St Catherine and to attempt to identify ways in which these problems may be solved or improved.

Recordings were made of the statements said and put together. 2009 Where: The study was conducted in Bellvue. At all stops. All the results were represented graphically with the use of charts. Obvious observations of problems seen were recorded such as pests and poor land usage. A field survey was also conducted to determine the use of the land. Lastly.Methodology When: A field study was done on the 7th of February. a questionnaire survey was done to give me additional information of the farms. However. St. . Answers to the questionnaire showed all of the main problems faced by farmers. separate questionnaires were used. Catherine where numerous small scaled farms are located. the study was done at five different farms in the area. My own observations of the farms were also made and recorded. How: The study conducted was through interviews with local small-scale farmers at each of the five stops.

Catherine were suffering from the same problems. Not having a reliable staff leads to inefficiency and overworking of staff.3 This is so. they had an unreliable work force as out of a staff of 25. only 15 workers were actually present.3 below. Fig. Water also encourages large potholes. As seen in Fig. As seen in the first stop. St. as transportation is a major problem in the area. There is also a lack of funding in the community and they cannot afford to pay for the . Due to many large vehicles constantly transporting goods/ materials.Presentation of Data 1st Farm The majority of farmers in Bellvue. Most of the roads are severely damaged and are not paid attention to by government. the roads get easily damaged. is the percentage of staff and the times at which they arrive. As investigated from the 1st stop. farmers were experiencing staff problems.

Since mechanization is too expensive.4 Another problem faced by the farmers was land size. . it needs a lot of land for it to be profitable. A flat fee would be paid every month having money available to buy the materials needed to fix the road themselves. public notifications (means of getting the media’s attraction) or creating a development fund in the community. As seen in Fig. As certain crops. The plots are too small. This problem can be solved with the use of putting pressure on the government to fix the roads by means of striking. crop rotation has to be done manually. 4 below is a cross section of a part of the road. and therefore means of growing crops eventually are unprofitable. must be grown in bulk such as sugar cane. Soil exhaustion also played another role reducing higher yield.damaged roads. Ways of buying fertilizers for soil will nourish it adding minerals which tend to be used and reused by crops. Fig.

5. it was observed that there was a lack of security on the premises. it becomes an attraction for thieves. This will aid in proper surveillance of the compound and stopping intruders from trespassing. Employing a number of armed security guards to live on the farm can be a good way of solving this problem. the owner of this farm has lost a lot of money through goods in the past 3 years. As seen in Fig. rusty and full of many spaces cut out by thieves. After speaking to the owner of the farm.2nd Farm At the second stop. Also. Praedial larceny is the theft of agricultural produce or livestock from a farm or estate. Due to the owner’s inability of staying on the farm known as absenteeism. he states that selling to the ‘middle man’ is unprofitable as they buy the goods at a cheap price but sell the same goods with a maximum increase of up to 50%. he clearly stated that the main problem he faced was praedial larceny. cause a lot of destruction. These thieves steal large amounts of produce from the farms to sell and make money from them in a market. Another problem faced by this farmer was the lack of finding a suitable and stable market in which to sell his produce. He also lost a large amount of produce over the past 4 years as intermittent hurricanes with great gale winds.He also had problems with the state of the road in the area. . The barrier fence was frail.


Fig.5 .



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