Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally

Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally
The Most Complete Self-Help Guide Available for Cardiovascular Health

A Complete Approach for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Natural Health Practitioner David J. Getoff, Traditional Naturopath and Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Copyright © 2005 by Michael Arluck Scheinbaum, M.S

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS................................................. 15 DEAR READER .......................................................................... 19 HOW TO USE THIS BOOK................................................ 21 INTRODUCTION ..................................................................... 23
Start of a Discovery ...................................................................................... 23 My High Blood Pressure Experience ................................................... 24 How This Natural Program Works ....................................................... 25 Health and Vibrational Compatibility .................................................. 26 Messenger Molecules ................................................................................... 29 Fragmented Therapy ................................................................................... 30 The Healing Laws of Nature are on Your Side .................................. 31

CHAPTER ONE .......................................................................... 37
What Is High Blood Pressure? ............................................................... 37 Genetic Factors .............................................................................................. 40 Secondary Hypertension ........................................................................... 41 Insulin Resistance ......................................................................................... 41 Estrogen Dominance (Women Only) ................................................. 42 Medications and Hypertension .............................................................. 43 Alcohol Use and Hypertension ............................................................. 43 Conventional Drug Treatment ................................................................ 44 Side Effects ...................................................................................................... 46 Conclusion ...................................................................................................... 47

CHAPTER TWO ........................................................................ 51 Transcendental Meditation
Meditation for Deep Rest .......................................................................... 51 Benefits of Proper Sleep Habits ............................................................... 52 Benefits of TM ............................................................................................... 53 How to Meditate .......................................................................................... 54 Stress and Its Effects .................................................................................... 55 TM and Reduction of Free Radicals ...................................................... 57 TM and Physiological Responses ......................................................... 58 Hypertension and TM ............................................................................... 60 Angina Pectoris ............................................................................................. 62 TM Reduces Cholesterol ........................................................................... 63 TM and Atherosclerosis ............................................................................ 63 TM and Stress Hormones ........................................................................ 64 The TM Technique Increases DHEA-S ............................................... 66 Other Health Improvements ................................................................... 67 Selected Journal and Conference Presentations on TM since November 1995 ......................................................................... 68

CHAPTER THREE .................................................................. 70 The Healing Power of Prayer
The Search ....................................................................................................... 70 An Ancient Concept of God and Ritual Prayers ............................. 72 Wholeness is the only “Reality” ............................................................. 74 Your Faith Will Make You Whole ......................................................... 75 Healing Faith is Located in the Pineal Gland ................................... 75 Proof That Prayer Works .......................................................................... 76 The Wisdom of Eric Butterworth ......................................................... 78 The Power of Forgiveness ......................................................................... 80 Prayer and Frozen Crystals of Water ..................................................... 83 Prayer for Protection ................................................................................... 84

CHAPTER FOUR ...................................................................... 89 Exer ercises Visualization Exercises
Axiatonal Process ......................................................................................... 90 Rose Quartz Light ........................................................................................ 91 Snow Forest .................................................................................................... 92 Purple Bed of Ice ........................................................................................... 92 Relax Your Blood Vessels .......................................................................... 93 Flow with Nature .......................................................................................... 93 Changing Thought Habits ........................................................................ 94 Be Effortless .................................................................................................... 94

CHAPTER FIVE ......................................................................... 96 Take Your Blood Pressure Without Fear Pressur essure
Have a Goal .................................................................................................... 96 Take Control of Your Blood Pressure .................................................. 97 White Coat Syndrome ............................................................................... 98 The Moment of Truth ................................................................................ 99 How to Take Your Blood Pressure ....................................................... 103 Types of Cuffs ................................................................................................ 104 Overcoming Fear .......................................................................................... 104 Spontaneous Remissions ......................................................................... 106 Fear of Disease – A Tribal Illusion ......................................................... 106

CHAPTER SIX ............................................................................ 110 Bach Flower Remedies
Four Factors in Bach’s System ................................................................ 111 Positive and Negative Emotions ........................................................... 112 How to Take Bach Flower Remedies .................................................. 113 The 38 Remedies .......................................................................................... 114

CHAPTER SEVEN ................................................................... 123 Healing Through Self Love
How to Develop Love .............................................................................. 124 Possessiveness and Heart Problems .................................................... 125

Affirmation To Increase Self-Love ........................................................ 126 Ideas for Affirmations ................................................................................ 126 Self-Love Exercises ...................................................................................... 127 Filling the Body with Love ..................................................................... 127 Initiating Feelings of Love ....................................................................... 128 Loving the Person in the Mirror ........................................................... 128 Loving the Body in the Mirror .............................................................. 129 MariEl Healing .............................................................................................. 130 How Does MariEl Work? ......................................................................... 130 The Procedure ............................................................................................... 132 Love and Cardiovascular Disease .......................................................... 133

CHAPTER EIGHT ................................................................... 134 The Art Of Being Present
Emotional Energy ....................................................................................... 134 Present Centered Attention ..................................................................... 135 Have Faith in Faith ...................................................................................... 137

CHAPTER NINE ...................................................................... 138 Daily Awareness Techniques areness
HeartMath Change Your Heart Rhythms .......................................... 139 Freeze-Frame ................................................................................................. 141 The Heart Generates a Powerful Electrical Field ............................. 142 What the Research Shows ....................................................................... 142 Cut-Thru .......................................................................................................... 143 Cognitive Therapy ...................................................................................... 144 Overcoming Depression ........................................................................... 145 Depression Symptom Checklist ............................................................ 146 Cognitive Therapy Techniques .............................................................. 146 Being Centered ............................................................................................. 152 (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming The Technology of Achievement .......................................................... 153 Negative to Positive Thoughts .............................................................. 154

CHAPTER TEN ........................................................................ 159 Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals
Listen to Your Body .................................................................................. 159 How Herbs Work ........................................................................................ 159 CoQ10 and Hawthorn Berries – Your Heart’s Best Friends ...... 162 Hawthorn Berries ........................................................................................ 167 DHEA – The Master Hormone ............................................................ 169 Hypothyroidism .......................................................................................... 171 Cayenne Pepper – Hot Stuff to Lower Blood Pressure ................ 176 Ginkgo Biloba for Cardiovascular Health .......................................... 177 Bromelain – Nature’s Blood Thinner .................................................. 179 Empower Your Kidneys ........................................................................... 180 Say No to Diuretic Drugs .......................................................................... 181 Calcium – Your Heart’s Protector .......................................................... 182 The Many forms of Calcium .................................................................... 185 The Magic of Magnesium ......................................................................... 187 The Power of Potassium ........................................................................... 189 L-Taurine and Potassium ......................................................................... 191 Potassium Sensitivity ................................................................................. 192 The Role of Sodium .................................................................................... 193 The Heart-Strengthening Power of Vitamin E ................................ 194 L-Carnitine .................................................................................................... 201 The Amazing Vitamin C ........................................................................... 202 Diabetes – Reversal and Prevention through Nutrition ............... 209 Chromium and Blood Sugar ................................................................... 210 Syndrome X, Insulin Resistance, and Arterial Damage ................. 211 Vanadyl Sulfate, the Natural Insulin ...................................................... 212 Gymnema Sylvestre to Rejuvenate your Pancreas .......................... 213 Niacinamide and Beta Cells ..................................................................... 215 Treating and Preventing Diabetic Retinopathy ................................ 215 Bilberry ............................................................................................................. 216 Horse Chestnut for Your Veins .............................................................. 217 Alpha Lipoic Acid and Carnosine ........................................................ 218 Proanthocyanidins ...................................................................................... 218

......... 289 More about Salt .. Digestion and Hypertension Food Cautions ........................... 226 Nervines for Your Nervous System ........................ 242 Nutritional Summary and Additional Supplements .............................................................. 301 Low Glycemic Healthy Sweeteners ..................................................................................... too! .......................................................................... 254 Digestion Diet.................... 265 The Quality of Digestion ............. Insulin............................................................... 260 More About Cholesterol .... 222 Dangers of Aspartame ............................................................................................................................................................................... ................................................ 285 Brightly-colored Fruits and Vegetables Lower Inflammation .......................Systemic Enzymes ............................ 297 Chromium............................ Heart.................................. 220 Stevia – Sweet and Good................................................ 267 A Healthy Diet Makes the Difference ... 302 Good Fats and Harmful Fats ........... 226 Good Bye to Cholesterol .................................................................................................................... 234 Multi Vitamin/Minerals and Resources ..................................................................................................... and Homocysteine ....................................................................................... Glucose Absorption and Carbohydrates ................................ 280 Raw Vegetable Juices .................................................................................................................. 300 High Triglycerides Equal High Cholesterol ................................... 296 Food Allergies and Diabetes ........... 267 Foods Rich in Vital Minerals and Vitamins ...................................................................................................................................................................................................... 245 CHAPTER ELEVEN ................................................................................................................................................................................ 222 Licorice Root .............................................................................. 255 Free Radicals ..................................................................................................... 225 Trifala .................................... 261 Five Causes of Atherosclerosis .................. 303 ............................................................................. 292 Sugar and Hypertension ................................. 223 Formulas for Diabetes ............ 223 Noni .................................................................................................... 224 5-Hydroxytryptophan and Tyrosine ...... 298 The Glycemic Index....................... 273 Fiber – A Key to Lowering Cholesterol and Controlling Diabetes ...... 229 B Complex: Your Nervous System..................

................................ 318 CHAPTER TWELVE ................ 326 Dr....................................................Prostaglandins ................................................................. 305 Trans Fatty Acids .......... 309 Omega Fatty Acids.............................. 310 Fenugreek Can Lower Blood Lipids! ............................................................................................................................................................... 332 Mind/Body Types and Dr..................................................................................................................... Douillard’s Exercise Program ............................. 324 Exercise Cautions . 321 Exercise......................................................... 308 Omega-3 Fatty Acids..................................................... 327 Straining Leads to Poor Physical Conditioning ..................... 335 Nose Breathing and the Sun Salutation ................................. 336 The Twelve Positions of the Sun Salutation Exercise ............................................................................................................ 337 The Four Monitors of the Listening Phase ............................................................................................................. 330 The Pitta Mind/Body Type .............................................................................. Calcium................ Flax Seeds and Other Foods ....................................................................................................................... 315 The Art of Eating ............ Douillard’s Program ................................................................................................... 323 Tissue Plasminogen Activator ............................................... 336 Warming Up ..................... 311 Homocysteine and Coronary Artery Disease ......... 332 Combination Mind/Body Types .................................. 312 Water Keeps You Flowing .......................... 331 The Kapha Mind/Body Type ................ 328 Do Less and Accomplish More ............................................................ and Hypertension ................................................................................................................ 328 Your Optimum Training Heart Rate ........................................................................... 334 The Warm Up Phase .................................................................. 327 Nose Breathing ........................................................ 319 Exercise Makes You Feel Better ...................................................... 333 Your Optimum Training Heart Rate is a Mind/Body Technique ........................................................................................................................................ 324 Aerobic Exercise ................ 319 Exer ercise Breathing Techniques Exercise and Breathing Techniques Basic Considerations ........................................................... 344 ................................................. 329 The Vata Mind/Body Type ..... The Good Guys ........................................ 312 Alkaline Foods ........ 317 The Art of Thinking ............

.............. Acupuncture........................................... 372 The Eight Points on the Wrists ..................................................................................................................... 352 Heart Energizing Exercise ......... 366 Acupuncture – The Art of Chinese Medicine What are Acupuncture Meridians? .......................The Performance Stage ................................... 368 Meridian Therapy Creates Balance to Restore Health ............................................... 375 Integrating Energy Healing........................................................ Reflexology....................................................................................................... and Breathing Techniques ...................................... 353 Axiatonal Process-The Externals ......... 357 CHAPTER FIFTEEN ................................... 380 .......... 371 Acupuncture with Electrical Stimulation Lowers Diastolic Pressure ...................... 345 Brisk Walking ..................................................................................................................................... 348 Breathing Exer ercise A Taoist Breathing Exercise to Balance the Parasympathetic Nervous System How to Perform the Taoist Breathing Exercise .............................. Acupressure...................................... 358 Acupressure and Reflexology Points CHAPTER SIXTEEN ............................................................................................................................. 352 Carotid Artery Position ........... 345 The Warm Down Phase ..................................................... 351 CHAPTER FOURTEEN ..................................................................... 369 Acupuncture and Endocrine Regulation to Correct Hypertension Two Studies .................................................................................. 346 CHAPTER THIRTEEN .............................. 348 Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous Systems ............................. 345 Tai Chi Lowers Blood Pressure .......................................... 355 Chi Kung .......................................................... 349 Let Yourself be Breathed ............... 375 Acupuncture Massage for All Meridians ................................... 374 Meridian Massage to Reduce Hypertension .................................................. 345 Weight Lifting ......... 352 Energy Energy Healing Techniques Energy is the Basis of Your Physical Health ..................................................................................................................................

................................................. 398 Is the FDA in Contempt of Court? .............................. 393 The FDA And Dietary Supplements ............. 382 Effects of Chiropractic on Blood Pressure and Anxiety . 401 Pharmaceutical Money Drives the Medical Profession ....................CHAPTER SEVENTEEN .......................................................................................................... 398 False Prophets ........................................................................................................... 383 CHAPTER EIGHTEEN ................................................... 455 ABOUT THE AUTHORS ............... 397 Taking Control ............................................................... 461 ......... 418 Religion and Biotechnology .............. 391 Care The Health Care System and How it Affects You Drugs Stop the Healing Process ......................... 423 BIBLIOGRAPHY ....... 421 You Can Take Responsibility For Your Health ............................................. 396 Mixed Messages....................................................................................................................................... 459 INDEX ................................................ 396 Who Is In Charge? ............................. 399 The Berlin Tribunal ............................. 384 Growth Concepts and Summary RT V: EALT P A RT V: T H E POLITICS O F HEALT H CARE CHAPTER NINETEEN ............................................................................................................................. 382 Chiropractic for Anxiety and Hypertension Principles of Chiropractic ........................ 394 Your Mind and Healing ........................................................ 422 ENDNOTES ....................... 409 The Persecution of Harry Hoxey and Stanislaw Burzynski ............................................................................................................................................................. 413 Protecting Corporate Profits ............. Say “No” to Drugs? ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ 406 Conventional Medicine According to Gary Null ...................... 403 Vitamin C Bashing .............


my publisher. I also thank all the researchers and practitioners of natural health systems that enable patients to heal naturally. I am very appreciative to my artistic team for their time and dedication and offer special thanks to Judith Hans-Price. My thanks to Exlibris. organizational skills. Getoff. I offer special thanks and appreciation to David J. M 15 . and dedication have made this book possible. I thank all my editors whose insight. for all their help and dedication to make this book possible. my nutritional consultant.Acknowledgements y heartfelt thanks to my family for their deep love and support. I am so grateful to my cousin Eileen Mandell for her time and expertise in proof reading. whose information and corrections have greatly increased the value of this work.


A wise Healer uses what works regardless of what other authorities may say to the contrary 17 .The Kingdom of Healing is Within In a sense this book is a biography. the biography of the infinite healing intelligence within every cell of your body.


this book cannot be a substitute for professional medical advice. However. happiness and love on your journey.Dear Reader his book is intended to give you the knowledge to take responsibility for your health. diagnosis or treatment. This concept leads us to a junction that allows for the integration of natural and western medicine. I wish you perfect health. It is advisable to consult with a qualified health professional to ascertain the actual condition and cause. T 19 . The authors and publisher disclaim responsibility for any adverse effects from the use or application of the information contained in this book. you can create an effective program that involves the best of both systems. Taking responsibility for your health is where healing begins and any disclaimer invalidates the purpose of this book. Once you know this. so you can treat it effectively.


Enjoy T 21 . First of all. just simply read the book. since each chapter builds on prior ones. The index is another tool to help you find out specific information that you need to know. Do your best to read the whole book in chapter sequence. There is a summary section at the end of the supplement chapter for quick reference. The book is arranged in sections: a description of hypertension. Do not put any pressure on yourself to start memorizing and doing. Thus you avoid the intensity of trying to learn too much and getting frustrated. the mind. and allow the concepts to flow through your awareness. concepts. A suggested approach is to just read and enjoy the information. With this approach you can then go back and start with a chapter or health system that attracts your attention. This process will enliven and structure your motivation and understanding of how to balance your blood pressure.How To Use This Book here are many ways to use this book. the spirit. The information. the body. It is important that this information is enjoyable and rewarding for you. and the politics of health. and healing modalities presented can be overwhelming.


disease results. Eric Butterworth.2 This state of being unites different members or parts into the wholeness of your true self. a famous Unity Church minister and healer. The healing process simply reveals the wholeness. health is created. Barbara Brennen. which creates health on all levels. Through these laws. Hippocrates was the first physician in the Western world to assert that the pattern of wholeness is present in an unmanifest form even while the illness rages.Introduction Start of a Discovery reat health discoveries give us a new appreciation for the natural laws of healing. maintained and restored. means. the truth of who you really are — if only you can remember. in other words. G 23 . describes healing as simply helping yourself to connect with the truth of your being. When this memory is lost.” “Health” signifies physical and mental well-being. “to make whole.” and “healing. it is a state of freedom from defect.1 In fact. At the minimum. the word “health” comes from the root meaning “whole. states that we can be healed because we are already whole. the best selling author of Hands of Light and Light Emerging. Remembering who you really are brings back your original connection to your deeper self when you go through the healing process. pain or disease. a state of wholeness.” coming from the same root.

natural program.24 INTRODUCTION My High Blood Pressure Experience In July of 1994 my company moved to Colorado Springs. which had been rising steadily since the move. Fearing my blood pressure would also disappear into the clouds. While relaxing after work one evening. you can see Pikes Peak against the azure sky. after learning a few of the techniques. was not working. which had worked during a previous episode of high pressure. but the best news is it continues to stay low. it had decreased to 149 over 97. Drawing on years of experience as an energy healer and an array of books on natural healing. This book contains the concepts behind the techniques I successfully used to lower my own blood pressure. In one workshop a man wanted to see if my program could lower his blood pressure during the class. it dawned on me that the biofeedback effect of watching the pressure with the intention of lowering it. After settling my family into our new home. to 106 over 67. The current level of 171 over 113 was far beyond the pressure of 115 over 75 I had before we moved. By afternoon. A few years ago I started teaching these techniques to others.000 feet) it sometimes disappears into the clouds. and Treatment of High Blood Pressure. From anywhere in the city. I had never seen clients with high blood pressure and could not think of an immediate solution. I figured there must be a natural way to heal my high blood pressure. I designed a powerful. In my practice as a holistic healer and counselor. His morning pressure was 160 over 100. consider alternatives to drug therapy before prescribing drugs. Alternative treatments for borderline or mild hypertension include meditation and stress management. I fell again into the regular routine of taking my blood pressure. and I was surprised because my own . I knew something more had to be done. He was happy. In this book. you will learn to apply all of the techniques I used. Evaluation. The peak is so tall (14. including the Joint National Committee on Detection. At that time it dropped even below my goal of 110 over 70. a large city on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains. Would I have to resort to blood pressure medication? Most medical authorities.

You deserve to be healed in mind. but these investigations have begun with the premise that the cure will come only when we treat the cause of the disease. “Long before I formulated the theory I knew it was true. when Sir Arthur Eddington proved the validity of this theory during a solar eclipse. You will find that the universe responds to your vibration of health by reflecting the same vibration back to you. the germ theory of communicable diseases was conclusively supported at the Pasteur Institute in France in 1858. 1420. This healing power is your birthright.? Of course they did. Medical science is limited in its ability to prove anything. then that is what will grow in your life. the program presented in this book works on the level of the laws of nature that uphold health and wholeness. Experimental verification came in 1918. and spirit. but the right scientific questions had not been asked. “What would you have said if there was no confirmation?” Einstein replied. Every procedure in this book is based on scientific investigation.” In the same way. because he understood and intuitively appreciated the laws of nature beyond what science had revealed. Einstein also stated. How This Natural Program Works You may ask. For example.C.”3 He knew. body. The theory is correct anyway. Whether you know it or not. “How can I believe this program works when drugs and other modern medical approaches are only moderately effective?” The explanation is simple. Another example of this concept is Einstein’s theory that gravity bends light. When my Uncle Aaron went to the hospital with stomach .REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 25 pressure had come down very slowly. Upon hearing the news. Spontaneous remissions from cancer are not yet understood. but remissions happen all the time. The truth is often not visible to science because the correct question has not been asked. In addition to benefiting from the techniques. Healing is much more than suppressing symptoms. Did germs exist in 1857. or 1500 B. a student asked Einstein. you will begin to experience the healing power of your own mind and body. If you put your attention on healing and health. “Then I would have to pity the dear Lord. these are always at work in your mind/body.

he was given two days to live. Medical evidence for this can be found when we study people with multiple personalities. What happened to the diabetes? This example supports the concept that we are more than our thoughts. Because we are having those thoughts and emotions we can heal them. who invented the wireless telegraph. Another story told by Eric Butterworth is that of Marconi. Years after his invention people remembered what he had said and asked. It is in its essence. he awoke feeling fine. and in another he/she can eat sugar all day without problems. including their effects on our bodies. and he left the hospital. We need to understand that the physical matter that makes up our bodies is not as concrete as it seems. As we will see. Health and Vibrational Compatibility Unlike modern medicine. Disease is maintained by the energy of our thoughts and emotions. and physical bodies. What happened to his cancer? Studies show that we constantly recreate our bodies. even cancer and AIDS. emotions. A few days later. In one personality he/she may be a diabetic. we are more than that. When Marconi was a little boy he said he would invent the wireless. so he was ahead of them before he even began. consciousness. is not an insurmountable monster. this program is not based on fighting . “How did you know you would be the one when top scientists were already hard at work on it?” Marconi said. We heal as we grow beyond the place in ourselves that causes the disease. “They were trying to find a way to overcome the resistance of the air in sending wireless messages. As our conscious awareness changes. which is expressed as intelligence and energy.26 INTRODUCTION cancer. Although emotions and thoughts affect our biochemistry. these aspects of our being become livelier and thus change our physical body. I already knew there was no resistance to overcome. The family flew to Florida to bid him farewell. Disease. modern medicine suffers from the same kind of limitation. A subsequent examination showed no cancer.” 4 Marconi did not accept the mental framework that prevented these scientists from seeing other possibilities.

emotionally. you are more prepared to see that you can create health simply by putting greater attention on it. High blood pressure is not a disease to conquer. emphasized again and again that to return to health. By fighting disease. many approaches used in modern medicine are creating even more darkness. You will succeed in being healthy by creating balance in your mind/body. the originator of this system. you actually include it in your life. Your enemy will . Only by creating wellness can you live a longer and healthier life. You will learn how to send the message of balance to the mind/body. Using drugs to suppress symptoms is like trying to conquer an enemy by force. Unless you can make the enemy your friend. It is a symptom of a deeper underlying imbalance that simply manifests as high blood pressure. and money at disease aligns your energy to “vibrationally match” it. The solution is to put your attention and energy on health and wholeness. Bach. The way to remove darkness is by bringing light. Unfortunately. Significant changes in your personality. you must expect change. You cannot become healthy by killing disease because disease only exists in the absence of health. Throwing too much attention. such as substituting acceptance for intolerance. and money in an effort to exclude it from your life only creates the opposite effect.5 He explains that Dr. physically. and spiritually.” The medical and pharmaceutical industry is obsessed with obliterating or “killing” disease. time. Fighting disease is ultimately fighting the fear of death. mentally. This is what is meant in the old proverb “like attracts like. there will never be an end to the enmity. Direct fighting cannot conquer disease. may be necessary as you learn to replace your weaknesses with strengths. we will discuss the Bach Flower Remedies and how harmony is the basis of a real recovery. Your constant preoccupation with disease by allocating more energy. In a range of cycles lasting from one day up to seven years. not by creating greater darkness. Thus. Gregory Vlamis gives a brief introduction to this concept in his book Flowers To The Rescue. the cells in your body are constantly renewing themselves. As you align your energy with health and create a vibrational compatibility with it the universe will deliver it to you.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 27 disease. Later in the book. energy. you create new physical bodies many times during one life without even trying! Knowing this.

it will become clear that balance is the key. then these adaptive mechanisms make mistakes.28 INTRODUCTION always find another way to strike. Why say “yes” to drugs when your body can heal itself given the chance to create optimal balance. This war/disease thinking simply perpetuates the misleading view of the doctor as the “general” and drugs as the “army” and gives power to the pharmaceutical companies who create the army to fight wars that in reality do not exist. Imbalances arise in the mind/body because the innate intelligence is not flowing effortlessly. information flows through biochemical messenger molecules. Like an occupied country. your body will assert its independence and return to an even higher blood pressure in revolt.” In truth. As we will see later. . You will often hear expressions like “winning the war on heart disease. As soon as you stop taking many drugs. In essence. this model says that you have to be an occupied territory to control your blood pressure or to ward off any other disease. and negative side effects are created. Drugs cause side effects because they force your body to function in a way that is not in accord with the laws governing optimum health. The inner intelligence of your body directs an orderly sequence of adaptive mechanisms that maintains the optimum balance of all systems. As you continue your exploration of how to reduce blood pressure naturally. there can be no “war” on heart disease because the symptoms of heart disease arise from imbalances in the body and behavior. The constant preoccupation of the medical profession with waging war on disease leads us further away from finding real cures. Usually stress is the basis of this type of imbalance. An example of this is the negative side effects of drugs. you only draw closer to it. When a drug confuses the intelligence. you will fight for independence and establish your own government as soon as possible. When information does not flow correctly the body gets wrong signals and makes mistakes. let courage be your shield and let faith be your sword. sometimes creating high blood pressure. If you put more attention on disease. which occur because drugs create new imbalances in the body. Heart disease may be accurately described as a “civil war. Even if you feel like you are fighting a war.” but the only way to win this war is to end it.

not your enemy! Your body can think and feel. you can never heal high blood pressure. resentment and more. the body will make mistakes such as creating high blood pressure. every part of your body knows what every other part is thinking. without violence and fear. When you walk into a dark room.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 29 In the game of telephone. The next question is “Is there an enemy at all?” The causes of high blood pressure are many and are often difficult to pinpoint. gland or other system receives these messages. Your body does not talk in English. but communicates with biochemical messengers such as hormones. However. You would never do that to a friend. These are protein-like molecules that are not . A symptom is how the body tells you something is out of balance. anger. When an organ. Stress and improper lifestyle create imbalances that lead the body to send incorrect messages to itself. In a manner of speaking. A part of them aligns itself with the concept of being at war with their own body! This is like a house divided against itself. the final message is a misrepresentation of the original. If you suppress your self-expression it leads to frustration. Just as most international conflicts can be dealt with successfully. At best you will suppress it. In this civil war your body is both the protecting army and the enemy. The chronic disease game is similar. Your body is your friend. as modern medicine often does. You just turn on the light. you do not do battle with the darkness. imbalance is the cause. there are ways to deal with disease without bringing in the “heavy artillery” of drugs and invasive procedures. Working from the level of the symptom. which really does not make sense. Ultimately. Suppressing the symptom ultimately leads to wrong messages and even greater imbalances that will cause more symptoms in the form of side effects. some patients buy into this war concept. and balance needs to be restored. however. The whole concept of war is inadequate to solve world or individual health problems. How does this happen? Messenger Molecules Your body communicates within itself through messenger molecules such as neuropeptides. neuropeptides and neurotransmitters. In both cases you give away your personal power for healing.

If a calcium channel blocker prevents angina pain this creates a problem because the mistake in the mind/body balance that is causing the pain to begin with is not being addressed. This can be due directly to stress. The exchange of information from one system or organ to another through these messengers never ceases. Approximately ninety-five percent of hypertension is idiopathic. Why would your brain send an incorrect message to the coronary artery. Try not taking your medication for one day. In other words. One man I knew went from approximately 140 over 80 to 205 over 130 in one day! That was one day without high blood pressure medication. the drugs made it worse. before he started on blood pressure medication his pressure was 140 over 90. Therefore. if you are happy. Beta-blockers are used to ensure the heart does not respond as strongly to your body’s own stress signals such as the hormone epinephrine (adrenaline). your arteries and veins are happy. you may still have a problem with your coronary artery or blood pressure regulation even if your blood pressure readings are reduced with drugs. obesity. but all over the body. Calcium channel blockers are used to stop coronary artery spasms. your heart is happy. poor diet. However. etc. Fragmented Therapy You guessed correctly if you said drugs. causing it to constrict and produce the pain of angina? Obviously the message sent is a mistake because previously your brain did not send this type of signal. smoking. We know for sure that the body never shuts up. It talks to itself constantly. the problem with drugs is that the brain is still sending the message to constrict the coronary arteries. your liver is happy. This is not always the case. when incorrect messages are sent. meaning that the cause is unknown. alcohol consumption. Decades of research have connected essential hypertension to unhealthy lifestyles. So take a guess now how modern medicine responds to this situation. however. Imbalance can only be corrected through balance. Likewise there are receptor sites for these molecules throughout the body. as with people . or other aspects of an unhealthy lifestyle. Incidentally. There are times.30 INTRODUCTION only manufactured in the brain.

The real issue is that medication.”6 Since you are an integral part of the universe. These laws of nature can be considered impulses of intelligence. and the result is more imbalances that can cause more disease. the universe is on your side. Some cases of hypertension presumed to be caused by high sodium are really due to a calcium. for example. and potassium deficit. Hypertensive drugs make your blood pressure worse by drugs “lying” to the body by making the body think that there is no problem. How can you understand the body’s intelligence in a practical way? If a scientist conducts a chemical experiment. The Healing Laws of Nature are on Your Side Eric Butterworth says. but if the effect is dangerous or life threatening. the effect should be addressed until you can safely treat the cause. different chemicals are taken . has no known side effects.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 31 who wean themselves off hypertensive medication whose blood pressure stays low. magnesium. This is what my program is all about. because one cause of this disease is mineral deficiencies. it is up to you to exercise your birthright. does not work because it does not address the underlying cause. and therefore the body fails to self-correct. is more effective than calcium channel-blockers. Having high blood pressure while taking medication makes sense if you understand the concept that until the underlying cause is corrected the disease still exists even if there are no symptoms. the miracle is that you ever get sick in the first place. With the proper understanding and natural techniques you can correct these mistakes by using techniques that restore the memory of your body’s innate intelligence to self-heal and self-correct. When the intelligence that runs your mind and body becomes distorted or imbalanced it makes mistakes. the side of health and healing. Insular vision creates fragmented therapies. and has benefits beyond relaxing the arterial walls. You should always aim to treat the cause not the effect. The mineral magnesium. However. We will learn in this book that simple minerals can correct hypertension for some people. as a solution. “With all the laws of nature on your side for health and healing.

Every cell in your body is in need of your leadership. That is intelligence! You’re in pain? Your body chemistry dishes up an order of endorphins with a side order of enkephalins. When the mind/body is in balance. and love. Your body also mixes chemicals to produce reactions or other chemicals that are needed for health and balance. The big secret is that your high blood pressure can be greatly lowered and controlled using simple and safe techniques that are natural and effective. How does your body produce stronger pain medication than the pharmaceutical industry with no side effects? The healing and balancing laws of nature in your mind/body are a part of your inner intelligence. this knowledge translates into an active intelligence for healing and maintaining wholeness or health. and the pain is killed. All the universal laws of healing are on your side just waiting for your command. The difference is that in your body there is no shelf and no scientist in the experiment. Your body actually manufactures the molecules that it needs from basic substances obtained in the diet. coherence. . The key is balance.32 INTRODUCTION from the shelf and mixed to get a specific result.



PART I High Blood Pressure Description .


These are the estimated figures for the year 2000 according to the American Heart Association. High blood pressure adds to the workload of your heart and arteries. For instance. also called hypertension. and it is the number one reason for office visits. it jumps to 44%. enlarged heart muscle. about 30% of the “baby boomers” from age 45 to 54 have high blood pressure: for people age 55 to 65. kidney damage.Chapter One What Is High Blood Pressure? ver 50 million Americans have high blood pressure. much research has shown essential hypertension to be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. it tends to get bigger. vessel weakness. High blood pressure. However. High blood pressure can lead to hardening of the arteries. has been named “the silent killer” because unless blood pressure is extremely high. A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that 90% of Americans may develop high blood pressure in their lives. and therefore drug therapy is prescribed for life. heart failure. heart attack. The medical profession considers essential hypertension an incurable disease of unknown causes. A very enlarged heart is weaker and does not have reserves in case of a heart attack.7 The information in this book is invaluable to prevent and treat hypertension. The percentage of people with high blood pressure generally increases with age. and angina pectoris. there usually are no overt symptoms. Heart attacks are also more likely to be fatal when accompanied by high blood pressure. 37 O . stroke. Because your heart must work harder than normal for a long time.

moderate. this knowledge creates a complete program. Systolic pressure is measured when the heart contracts to pump your blood. In addition to following your doctor’s advice. If they are not relaxing properly. This book is about a natural program that enables your mind/body to self-correct. Blood pressure is essential for life. Combined. It is the force of the blood against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps and relaxes. Blood pressure is the combination of the strength of the heartbeat and the resistance of the arteries and capillaries. You pronounce 120/80 “one twenty over eighty. is measured when the heart relaxes and allows blood to flow into the heart. severe. which increases your blood pressure. and very severe. Also. mild.” The first number is called the systolic pressure. high normal. normal.8 Even pressures as low as 90/60 are indicative of health or low cardiovascular disease risk. Low blood pressure is of little concern when a person feels healthy. Become familiar with your blood pressure. blockages in the smaller vessels called arterioles can cause the blood to exert excessive pressure against the vessel walls and increase blood pressure. the vessels have more resistance. buy an inexpensive blood pressure cuff and track your blood pressure to alert yourself to any problems as well as help track your progress. Athletes often have blood pressure lower than 120/80. The tiny arteries and capillaries contract and relax in rhythm with your heartbeat to greatly influence blood pressure. it creates the balance needed to heal hypertension. . The second number.38 WHAT IS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE? Not knowing your blood pressure can be detrimental to your health. Blood pressure of 120/80 is considered normal. Blood pressure is categorized as low. the diastolic. You will learn how to do this in Chapter 5. Each chapter describes a modality for helping to heal hypertension naturally. When your mind/body selfcorrects. Varying levels of treatment address higherthan-normal blood pressure.

As you work toward balance using the modalities in this book your pressure will gradually become what is best for your physiology. What pressure is correct for you? Only when your mind and body are balanced will you know. . My blood pressure still fluctuates and averages about 115/ 79. I developed high blood pressure. a person is considered hypertensive. between 140-159. Hypertension is divided into four stages: mild 140-159/90-99. mm Hg Classification (Top Number) (Bottom Number) 120 or lower 80 or lower optimal 130 or lower 85 or lower normal 130-139 85-89 High Normal 140-159 90-99 Stage 1 (Mild) 160-179 100-109 Stage 2 (Moderate) 180-209 110-119 Stage 2 (Severe) 210 or higher 120 or higher Stage 4 (Very Severe) A child’s blood pressure is normally much lower than an adult’s. If there is a disparity between systolic and diastolic pressures. This is true even if diastolic pressure is normal. A systolic reading. As I continued my program. severe 180-209/110-119. Optimal blood pressure is 120/80 mg Hg (systolic/diastolic) or less. Normal pressure is below 130/85. which is considered mild. If your systolic pressure is 165 (moderate) and diastolic is 92 (mild) you would fit into the moderate hypertensive category. It goes up and down as I continue to monitor it. use the higher measurement to determine the appropriate category. hypertension can result. and very severe is over 210/120. After following the program in this book for 8 months. high normal is 130-139/85-89. moderate 160-179/100-109.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 39 In October 1994. When the cardiovascular system and other risk factors are out of balance. my blood pressure went from 171/113 to 93/62 and once as low as 89/58. Classification of Blood pressure for Adults 18 Years and Older Systolic. mm Hg Diastolic. can be a warning sign for more severe hypertension. When blood pressure is above 140/90. my blood pressure became completely normal for my physiology.

9 Generally speaking. blood pressure. also known as “primary” hypertension. During sleep pressure decreases to its lowest level.10 In most cases. among other things. Genetic abnormalities in the sympathetic nervous system may play a role in essential hypertension. as health and healing are always possible. You will learn the conventional medical concepts about genetic factors. Essential hypertension. is by far the most common type of high blood pressure accounting for 90% of cases. Evidence demonstrates living a healthy lifestyle is more important than genetic risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease. and how to heal beyond them. blood pressure varies in a predictable way throughout the day.12 Angiotensin-renin. The sympathetic nervous system controls. Students whose parents had normal blood pressure do not have this increase in nerve activity. blood pressure is usually highest. including blood vessel contraction. During work.40 WHAT IS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE? Children are at risk for hypertension if they exceed the following levels: 116/76 for ages 3-5. 126/82 for ages 10-12 and 136/86 for ages 13-15. People with severe high blood pressure are at the highest risk for heart attack and stroke when they wake up. influences all aspects of blood pressure control. salt and water . It drops slightly at home. system. and the diameter of blood vessels. One study demonstrates that students whose parents had high blood pressure show an increase in nerve activity governed by this system. heart rate. a hormone. Genetic predisposition to disease is not written in stone. and suddenly increases when waking and getting up. 122/78 for ages 6-9. the medical profession diagnoses hypertension as “essential” hypertension. Some Causes Genetic Factors Several genetic factors may interact with environmental influences to produce essential high blood pressure.11 The other 10% of hypertension cases have identifiable causes and are usually temporary. meaning that a specific cause cannot be identified.

and cell development in the heart. sleep apnea. but the body is unable to use the insulin to metabolize blood sugar in muscle cells or store it for energy. In this condition. while the other study found the opposite to be true. and long-term consumption of large amounts of licorice and consumption of some food to which a person may be reactive. a topic of interest to many experts. Genes that affect this system are being studied extensively. Secondary Hypertension Secondary hypertension has recognizable causes.13 We will have to wait for more conclusive research in this area. hormone abnormalities. You will learn how to relax blood vessels and balance the angiotensin-renin system to help normalize blood pressure. . The studies compared people who exhibited spiking blood pressures to those who did not.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 41 balance. and Cushing’s Disease. use of birth control pills. This causes hyperinsulinemia. Insulin Resistance Research has demonstrated family histories of high blood pressure coinciding with high levels of fibrinogen (a blood clotting factor). kidney disease. which are usually treatable or reversible. obesity. high insulin. and insulin resistance. cirrhosis. A transient high spike of blood pressure during exercise may be a predictor of future heart problems. exercise. They include: pregnancy causing preeclampsia if untreated leading to eclampsia. high blood glucose. tumors of the adrenal gland. Two recent studies came to opposite conclusions. People in both studies had systolic pressures that were temporarily elevated above 200 during exercise. the pancreas produces normal to high levels of insulin. Insulin resistance occurs in half the people with hypertension due to metabolic abnormalities that inhibit insulin and glucose binding to receptor sites of cells. A group of hormones make up the angiotensin-renin system. and over a two year period one study showed people who spiked having a lower mortality rate and less likely to have severe heart disease than people that had an elevated pressure. Temporary high blood pressure readings can result from stress.

Even if you have hyperinsulinemia and other risk factors. Estrogen Dominance (Women Only) Excessive estrogen and progestins have a detrimental effect on cell membranes. The condition of hyperinsulinemia creates high risk factors for coronary artery disease such as high levels of fat molecules. people without these risk factors may have hypertension. also known as type II. you may not have high blood pressure. The body compensates by increasing the level of insulin in the blood in order to lower blood glucose levels. (See Chapter 10 for more details). Hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance are primary mechanisms in this condition. Many people with high blood pressure also have non-insulin dependent diabetes. The opposite is also true. This effect increases the influx of sodium and water into the cells causing the loss of potassium and magnesium. Estrogen dominance should always be considered a possible culprit for female hypertensive patients. not loose in the extracellular spaces. which can be taken in the form of a cream. causing blood pressure to normalize.16 Progesterone taken properly enhances the burning of fats.” While the actual events leading to hypertension are speculative. The solution is natural progesterone. and resulting in intracellular edema (water retention). triglycerides. also known as estrogen dominance. Weight goes down and excess fluid is reduced. If you are on hypertensive medication and taking progesterone. the above conditions are linked. and has anti-inflammatory effects. it is the offender contributing to hypertension. Diuretics are not effective in this case because the water is within the body cells.14 We will learn later how to overcome some of the genetic factors that can cause and exacerbate hypertension. The progesterone normalizes many processes.15 When estrogen is responsible for water retention. the so-called “good cholesterol. be sure to monitor your blood pressure carefully. These both offer protection against coronary . is an imbalance that can have internal causes or can be caused by oral contraceptives. Excessive estrogen.42 WHAT IS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE? high levels of insulin and glucose in the blood. and low levels of HDL.

Rufen). Progesterone also helps control very important factors for cardiovascular health. from one to two drinks per day may exert some health benefits. Naprosyn. Medications and Hypertension Certain prescription and over-the-counter drugs can cause temporary high blood pressure. particularly with beta-blockers. known as NSAIDs. Once blood pressure is under control. Some research seems to indicate that mild to moderate consumption. and many others.17 Alcohol Use and Hypertension An estimated 10% of hypertension cases are caused by excessive alcohol intake. Piroxicam seems to raise it the most. Tolmetin).20 Binge-drinkers have higher blood pressure than people who drink regularly do. Those who consume more than three alcoholic drinks a day have higher blood pressure than those who don’t. and to deal more effectively with stress. there should be no detrimental increase of blood pressure from these drugs.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 43 artery disease. Aleve).19 Heavy drinking and binge drinking increases the risk of stroke. indomethacin (Indocin). and indomethacin. it helps you get a better night’s sleep. These prescription medications include cortisone. Higher levels of consumption of all types of alcoholic beverages are associated with a higher risk of hypertension for all racegender strata. Motrin. naproxen (Anaprox. Such drugs include aspirin. Cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine have been found to raise blood pressure in hypertensive patients. Since it is a natural diuretic. including . ibuprofen (Advil. Some drugs can cause hypertension. which seems to have no effect on blood pressure. Heavier drinkers have higher pressure.18 An analysis of a major study shows a correlation between the amount of alcohol consumed and hypertension. piroxicam (Feldene). estrogen. The least detrimental of these drugs appears to be aspirin. prednisone. such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. There are drugs that may interfere with the treatment of hypertension when used long-term. sulindac (Cinoril.



raising HDL cholesterol levels (the good kind), and reducing risk of heart disease.21 However, I do not recommend alcohol as a treatment for hypertension because it can contribute to many other diseases, such as cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis, pancreatitis, impaired memory, anemia, heart arrhythmias, and cancer.

Conventional Drug Treatment
Conventional drug treatment for hypertension consists of six basic categories. Although we will be discussing natural treatments, it may be useful to be aware of the approach that uses drugs. The conventional treatment approach is to recommend drugs if your hypertension does not respond to changes in life-style and diet within three to six months. As you explore many other approaches, you will learn more options for correcting hypertension. Warning: If your doctor has prescribed drugs to treat your hypertension, do NOT stop taking them. Follow the program in this book, take your medications as prescribed, be patient, and work with your doctor to adjust medication as appropriate.

Medications used to treat hypertension:
Diuretics: Increases urinary excretion of water and salt. Possible side effects:
gastrointestinal disturbances reduced potassium increased urination photosensitivity muscle cramps increased blood sugar general weakness impotence

Beta Blockers: Blocks effects of adrenaline, thus the pumping action of the heart is easier. Also widens blood vessels.



Possible side effects:
lethargy decreased blood sugar fatigue increased triglycerides bronchospasm with some asthmatic patients insomnia reduced exercise tolerance decreased HDL

ACE Inhibitors: Reduces production of the hormone angiotensin. Angiotensin causes arteries to constrict. ACE inhibitors decrease peripheral vascular resistance. Possible side effects:
dizziness skin rash increased potassium lightheadedness loss of taste cough hypotension, or even abnormally low blood pressure heart palpitations

Calcium Channel Blockers: Decreases the contractions of the heart and widens blood vessels, and slows or blocks the flow of calcium into muscle cells. Possible side effects:
dizziness nausea weakness hypotension facial flushing headache constipation lightheadedness


WHAT IS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE? rapid heart beat ankle or peripheral edema

Alpha-1 Receptor Agonists (and Antagonists): Central alpha-1 agonists reduce the passage of impulses along certain nerve pathways. This relaxes blood vessels, and blood flows easier. Possible side effects:
dizziness nausea drowsiness palpitation headache severe hypotension

Vasodilators: Dilates arteries of the heart, and relaxes smooth muscles. Possible side effects:
headache heart palpitations nasal congestion tachycardia fluid retention

Side Effects
All these drugs have serious potential side effects. Exploring alternatives with a holistic physician or other qualified and properly trained health professional is invaluable. I will explain in Chapter 10 how to find such a physician.

If you must use drugs, have your physician explain the potential benefits and risks, or research them yourself. As you have been learning, intelligence is not only in the brain, but also everywhere in the body. Actually, intelligence is primary to the matter that makes up your body. The disruption of intelligence is directly related to the incredible array of side effects that you can get from one drug. Side effects are the disruption of many different functions in your



body. Drugs rush into the receptor sites and fill them for as long as you take the drug. In the introduction, you learned that each part of your body is listening to get messages from other parts of your body. If the receptor sites are already full, then the neuropeptides that your body is sending never get delivered to the appropriate site. Drugs actually interfere with the free flow of intelligence and information throughout your body. Deepak Chropa M.D., author of Quantum Healing and other best selling books, illustrates this point using steroids as an example. Even though the steroids reduce inflammation, there is also a host of other strange reactions. Steroids can cause depression, fatigue, abnormal fatty deposits under the skin, and brittle blood vessels leading to bruises that heal slowly. Potential long-term side effects also include diabetes, osteoporosis, and suppression of the immune system (which can lead to cancer and other diseases). Peptic ulcers, internal bleeding, elevated cholesterol, lower ability to tolerate stress, atrophy of the adrenal glands, and perhaps even death are attributed to this class of drugs.22 Allergies and allergic reactions might even occur because the adrenal glands would stop functioning after using steroids over a period of time. Properly functioning adrenal glands are necessary for a healthy immune system, to fight allergies and to combat stress. Steroids also suppress the symptoms that are warning your physiology of an imbalance. A study at Yale University showed that poorly prescribed drugs kill 2,000 people a week in the United States. Corticosteroids replace some of the secretions of the adrenal cortex, a yellowish pad on the apex of the adrenal glands. They also suppress other adrenal secretions. This in turn can affect the secretions of the pituitary located in the brain and other endocrine glands as well.

So where do all the side effects end? No one really knows for sure. In this book you will discover many alternatives to drug therapy. You are beginning a journey, breaking the boundaries of your own limited belief system while exploring your inner healing potential, an exciting journey to take.

The Spirit

Chapter Two
Transcendental Meditation
Meditation for Deep Rest
ranscendental Meditation (TM) enlivens your spirit, which has enormous health benefits on all levels. Medicine now recognizes the intimate connection between health and spirituality and Transcendental Meditation is recognized as a technique to accomplish this union. This chapter examines these benefits for cardiovascular disease. The National Institutes of Health recommended meditation as the first treatment for high blood pressure in 1986. Transcendental Meditation is a simple, effortless mental technique that can be learned easily and quickly by anyone. It is practiced for twenty minutes both morning and evening. Hundreds of scientific studies worldwide over the past 30 years document benefits of the practice to both the mind and body. Because TM spontaneously induces a deep state of relaxation, practitioners find it refreshing, and therefore very pleasurable to practice. This enjoyment creates an internal motivation to continue practicing the technique. Although meditators gain great benefits from reaching a level of rest that is deeper than sleep (as measured by heart rate and oxygen consumption), TM is not a substitute for sleep. A good night’s sleep is still necessary to maintain strength of the immune system, in order to fight off minor and even major threats to health.





Benefits of Proper Sleep Habits
Sleep deprivation is a common malady in our society. Sleep experts recommend going to bed at the same time every evening, before ten P. M., or even earlier if possible. There is a common belief that every hour before midnight counts as two. Although many persons claim that they only need four or five hours of sleep, research shows that students and adults function much more efficiently after having a full eight hours. Adequate sleep can reduce stress hormones and depression, two biological markers of cardiovascular disease. Sufficient sleep also helps maintain proper melatonin levels. Melatonin regulates circadian rhythms, the 24-hour fluctuations in body temperature, mood, energy level, hunger and other cyclical biological activities. It is secreted by the pineal gland in response to darkness. Sleep restores the brain, enlivens mental faculties, and sharpens the ability to focus on tasks. REM sleep, the dream state, keeps our mood upbeat, which makes us feel happier. Eve van Cauter, a sleep specialist at the University of Chicago, demonstrated the deleterious physiological effects of sleep deprivation. After limiting a group of healthy young male subjects to only four hours of sleep for six consecutive nights, their blood insulin levels nearly matched those of diabetics. Their ability to process blood sugar was impaired by 30%, resulting in a huge drop in the insulin response. These findings suggest that chronic short sleepers have a hard time keeping their blood sugar levels stable. This makes them prone to insulin resistance and obesity. They also have elevated levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, which can lead to hypertension and memory impairment. The sleep that helps the body recover from fatigue happens quite soon after falling asleep, so naps of 20-30 minutes can help overcome sleep deprivation.23 Skimping on sleep increases the stress hormone, cortisol. The more stress hormones produced, the more the body is in a state of constant vigilance, which leads to higher blood pressure levels. Sleep deprivation also creates havoc with hormones that harm brain cells, increasing growth of fat instead of muscles and accelerating the aging process. Brain levels of cortisol, secreted by the adrenal cortex in response to stress, increase after skimping for just a few nights. Lack of sleep is like

Because the state of rest spontaneously induced by TM is even more profound than that attained during sleep. at which you learn about the value and benefits of regular practice of the technique. Transcendental Meditation. your mind and body spontaneously release anxiety and deeply rooted stress that they would . mental. describes some of these benefits: • • • • • • • • • • Reduced stress Improved memory and learning ability Increased energy Increased inner calm Reduced insomnia Increased happiness and self-esteem Reduced anxiety and depression Improved relationships Improved health (in many categories) Younger biological age25 How do so many benefits come from one technique? After a full night of sleep you awaken refreshed. and prepare to let go of daily concerns. because repair and balancing mechanisms of the physiology dissolve physical. slow down your activities an hour before bedtime. and emotional stresses. A study conducted at the Division of Pulmonary Medicine. Get yourself in the mindset to relax. Let us examine Transcendental Meditation as a technique to enliven your inner self-corrective mechanisms. author of the book. Vancouver General Hospital concluded that short and long self-reported sleep durations are independently associated with a modestly increased risk of coronary events.24 So.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 53 living with chronic stress. Department of Medicine. Benefits of TM To learn TM you first attend a free introductory lecture. which suppresses the immune system and affects the heart. It can cause depression for those who are genetically predisposed to it. Robert Roth.

This state of total relaxation while fully awake. TM is a scientifically proven technique that is universally applicable. Rather than using any sound. you sit comfortably in a chair with eyes closed. The value of the mantra is in its specific sound value. TM takes advantage of the natural tendency of your mind to gravitate towards an area of greater happiness. It is not a philosophy or religion. TM allows your mind to go within itself to a source of greater happiness. or a change in lifestyle. people of all religions practice it (there is even a community of Trappist Monks who practice TM). not it’s meaning.54 TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION otherwise be unable to dissolve. No longer involved . it is best to receive one from a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. For example. This inner calm allows you to make healthier lifestyle choices because you are acting from a place of calmness and orderliness in brain functioning rather than from stress. effortlessly and naturally. These instructors are trained in accordance with the ancient Vedic Tradition to know which mantra is best suited to each individual. to subtler and subtler levels of the thinking process. Although TM is a mental technique. How to Meditate Following the introductory lecture is a preparatory lecture. Movement in this direction is facilitated by the use of a mantra. and what the practice is. until eventually all thought is left behind. each with a different song.29 This process allows your mind to experience more profound levels of thought. The sound alone attracts the mind and leads it. you spontaneously listen to the one that is most pleasing or enjoyable. a specific sound selected for you by a qualified instructor. difficult postures. it does not require mental control or concentration. where you learn more about how to meditate. and can be done almost anywhere. and is not. Once you receive your mantra. if you hear two different radios at the same time.28 On the mental level. 26 TM is practiced by sitting comfortably. purifies and thus rejuvenates the mind and body. and use the mantra as instructed. nor does it require physical exercises.27 Instructors refer to it as a “mechanical technique” because it works regardless of belief. or “restful alertness” as meditators refer to it.

It also strengthens your physiology. When accessed regularly. Stress and Its Effects As stress reaches epidemic proportions in our fast-paced society. Heart disease is the number one stress-related disorder in our society. deficiencies. it can be contacted. all possibilities for healing exist. This same field. habits of behavior. which is non-material and nonlocalized. As deeply rooted stresses dissolve. which were based on stress. It is in silence that your mind/body heals on all levels. is your individual consciousness. Stress affects you continuously. your physiology produces an excess of stress hormones. even when you are not aware that you are out of your comfort range and have exceeded your capacity. becoming exposed to its own deepest nature. your mind immediately becomes refreshed. Through a simple mental technique. more people die of cardiovascular disease than any other stress related illness.30 The accumulated benefits of contacting this source of happiness through daily practice of TM. Science accepts the unified field. sickness. and consequently. as the basis of the material world. This field is beyond thought and the limitations of the physical body. which is within you. and other causes of suffering. When efficient functioning is reduced. It is the source of happiness within you and everyone else. it has a tremendously negative impact on your health. enable you to overcome problems.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 55 in thoughts. pure consciousness. so that you do not succumb to stress. enabling you to release stress and rejuvenates your physiology. . you feel greater happiness and contentment. The description above shows how TM relaxes both your mind and body. avoidance or even reversal of cardiovascular disease. Because your mind is healing itself. These biochemical changes interfere with metabolic pathways and cause imbalances in your mind and body. your mind transcends. Regular experience of this pure source of thought frees you from attachment to irrational patterns of thinking. Benefits of regular practice of the technique include normalization of blood pressure. spontaneously fade away. When overwhelmed. After basking in this silent field of pure awareness.

An interpretation of stress from this stage leads to an automatic response from your body — the third stage. A series of steps leads to mind/body interpretation of a situation as stressful. with results that can lead to premature aging and disease. anxiety. When you regard a situation as threatening. insomnia and more. which lead to the creation of leukotrienes and thromboxanes. which trigger the fight or flight response. the fight or flight response. attack cells and creates toxic wastes. Free radicals. The sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system mobilizes your body for defensive action. The three stages of the stress response are: a) the introduction of a threat b) appraisal of the situation c) the body’s triggering of the fight or flight response Stage two is the only stage during which you have control of your body’s reaction. As the process continues. Your body’s reaction is determined by how your mind perceives the situation. anger. the adrenal and pituitary glands release a cascade of hormonal responses in your body. relationship problems.31 Problems are caused by other chemicals such as cortisol and catecholamines. fatigue. This process sets in motion a chain reaction that transforms these molecules into free radicals. Dr. A primary cause of age related degenerative diseases and the aging process itself is damage caused by free radicals. including epinephrine and norepinephrine. The degeneration of the mitochondria is considered to be a major contributor to the process of cellular aging and death. The energy producing organelle of the cell.56 TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION your physiology makes mistakes. catecholamines themselves break down into free radicals. Deepak Chopra discusses this response syndrome in his tape series entitled Ageless Body Timeless Mind. such as cardiovascular problems. In addition to the many other detrimental . the mitochondria. is particularly vulnerable to this damage. which are produced through this chemical pathway.32 Free radicals are unstable destructive “molecular sharks” that attempt to stabilize themselves by stealing an electron from atoms and molecules of adjacent cells.

Since TM reduces stress as measured by levels of certain free radicals such as lipid peroxide. Eighteen were long-term practitioners of the TM program for an average of 16. 1998) examined the relationship between oxidative stress. it also greatly increases the body’s need for many nutrients. Balance is attained by the body’s repair mechanism keeping up with the damage caused by free radical activity. which are often already deficient.33 Because maintenance of life is dependent on oxygen. If lipids are being damaged. the practice should yield significant improvements in every health category. free radicals (measured by lipid peroxide levels).35 These results also indicate that TM may reduce atherosclerosis and decelerate the aging process. the assumption is that other free radical damage is also occurring at a roughly similar pace. contributing to atherosclerosis and the aging process. The researchers concluded that these preliminary findings suggest that lower serum lipid peroxide levels may be associated with stress reduction using the Transcendental Meditation technique. Forty-one elderly subjects with an average age of 67 were recruited for this study. Subjects in both groups were of normal health and similar in age. Measurements showed that the group practicing the TM technique had 15 percent lower serum lipid peroxide levels. it is not possible to reduce free radicals to zero. Investigators at Ohio State University. and stress reduction through the practice of Transcendental Meditation. which ravages the cardiovascular system. High lipid peroxide levels damage the walls of arteries. TM and Reduction of Free Radicals Medical science has not yet fully defined the benefits of reduction in stress.5 years. An overall assessment of free radical activity in the body tests for lipid peroxides. in collaboration with Maharishi International University (now Maharishi University of Management) in . Twenty-three were controls that did not practice TM or any other stress management technique.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 57 effects of stress.34 A study published in the journal of Psychosomatic Medicine (January/ February. Serum lipid peroxide is a potent free radical. compared to the controls. and level of education. gender.

36 The above findings suggest that TM influences the entire mind/ body relationship. Regular practice of Transcendental Meditation balances the physiology so you regard obstacles as less threatening. When the mind and body are brought into balance. Brain waves also synchronize. Iowa. elevated cholesterol. TM decreases cardiovascular risk factors such as hypertension. The two groups were comparable in dietary fat intake.37 . The investigators analyzed the blood for levels of circulating lipid peroxide. the aging process slows down. and atherosclerosis. the innate intelligence of the body is enlivened to repair and heal itself in many areas simultaneously.5% lower than that of the non-meditators. the level of lipid peroxide was 16. Research published in the American Journal of Managed Care demonstrates this prevention aspect of TM. which could otherwise become free radicals and lead to cardiovascular disease. additional Maharishi Ayur-Vedic strategies were utilized by some of the meditators. By improving neurophysiological functioning. TM brings about a profound reduction of stress hormones. TM may prevent illness and decelerate the aging process because the practice reduces production of stress hormones.5% lower for meditators in their 60’s as compared to non-meditators. lipid peroxide levels. compared levels of lipid peroxide between long-term meditators and non-meditators. With reductions of this magnitude the investigators opinion is that the free radical balance could be tipped in favor of the body. Blood tests were analyzed in elderly people who had been practicing Transcendental Meditation. TM and Physiological Responses The body’s reaction to a threat is a result of the mind’s interpretation of the situation. The effects of epinephrine and other stress related hormones diminish with meditation because the heart rate and breath rate slow down. This causes muscles to relax so that mind/ body coordination reduces stressful responses in situations that would otherwise provoke anxiety. For meditators in their 70’s. and found levels to be 14.58 TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION Fairfield. The deep level of rest attained during the practice strengthens the physiology so that you are also better able to meet life’s challenges.

shows modification in the physiological symptoms and in hormone production. arthritis. Through direct experience with this source of peace. mental technique promotes actual physiological benefits. and exacerbates other conditions. produce fewer stress hormones caused by threatening situations. TM spontaneously allows you to be aware that you are more than the sensory experience of stress. the response pattern resembles that of psychologically healthier type B subjects. there is an inverse relationship between TM and stress hormone production. “End organ sensitivity. The less stress hormones you secrete the less free radicals are produced. Thus you do not become overwhelmed by it. You have thoughts. you do not identify with stressful reactions. despite what is happening in daily life. Wallace’s study demonstrates that meditators exhibit reduced end organ sensitivity of important cardiovascular receptors (B-adrenergic receptors). and therefore create less physiological damage. Wallace reports that the type A personality. but you are usually unaware of the ensuing activity of free radicals. The TM technique allows you to be calmer. You possess an internal awareness that is always calm and quiet. TM practitioners report that they are not as negatively impacted by stress. describes how this non-material. such as diabetes. but you are more than all of them. Not to be confused with denial of experience. Your inner source is where these sensations originate. and experiences. feelings. Identification with these reactions causes stress.” an adaptive response. For example. Dr. refers to the way in which cell receptors respond to stress hormones and neurotransmitters. Dr. Free radicals destroy cells. this state of awareness simply does not allow stress to overshadow inner peace. Robert Keith Wallace. but when you are in charge. which enable them to adapt better to the excessive physiological effects of stress. A simple technique that not only reduces . characteristically a stressed professional easily provoked into outbursts of anger and aggression. Dr.38 The best way to cope with stress is to go beyond the level of awareness that reacts to stress. which in turn accelerates aging.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 59 The results of stress can be felt externally when you perceive a situation as a threat. cancer. author of The Physiology of Consciousness. cardiovascular disease.

found that TM reduces blood pressure.. Even the reduction of mild hypertension is a great achievement. Dr. people make wiser choices and poor health habits diminish. or smoking are contributing to your condition. In one experiment both groups simply rested with eyes . because over time. you can still benefit from practicing TM. The American Heart Association regarded this finding so significant that they sent out over eight hundred press releases about it. drinking. There is also evidence that with regular practice of Transcendental Meditation. A middle-aged man with normal blood pressure (120/80) is expected to live sixteen years longer than one with moderate hypertension (150/ 100). Half of the deaths that are associated with this disease occur in borderline patients. A study conducted at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. Robert Schneider. Since 1974 hundreds of scientific studies on TM have verified its benefit in lowering hypertension.40 In other words. The researchers conducted cardiovascular tests on 32 healthy adults 18 of whom were long time meditators. demonstrated the effectiveness of TM in reducing high blood pressure. This study evaluated the effect of relaxing blood vessels in reducing blood pressure.D. Insurance companies consider blood pressure a significant indicator of life expectancy. and published in the August. and Skip Alexander. A decrease in blood pressure by decreasing blood vessel constriction may be one of the beneficial results of TM. if improper diet. stated that the underlying mechanisms responsible for the beneficial effects of TM on risk factors of heart disease are beginning to be understood. Ph. 1999 issue of Psychosomatic Medicine. even a small rise in blood pressure is considered very dangerous. Vernon Barnes.39 Dr. it prevents physiological stress in the first place! Hypertension and TM Transcendental Meditation is described in medical and nursing textbooks as a scientific way to reduce blood pressure and stress. even if one’s lifestyle exacerbates the condition. practitioners opt for an overall healthier lifestyle. As stress and anxiety decrease. MD. the study’s primary author.60 TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION stress and responses to stress.

How did the TM group experience a lower blood pressure? Declines in vessel resistance are associated with hormone-related reductions in vessel constriction. the non-meditating group averaged a rise 2 mm Hg. Borderline hypertension responds extremely well to the practice of Transcendental Meditation.5 mm Hg. The TM-meditators showed a significant decrease of 6.42 Starting TM has dramatically helped patients with recent onset of high blood pressure. indicating that it is a complete system of health on all levels.2%.5 mm Hg.6% rise. or an increase in nitric oxide.7%. The average readings dropped from 150/94 to 144/88. These figures represent significant improvement in diastolic pressure. .REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 61 open. which dropped from borderline to acceptable. The meditating group had an increase in cardiac output of 2. while the TM practitioners meditated for the same amount of time. it improved to within 5 points of the high normal category. that of non-meditators rose 0. a potent vessel constrictor. while the non-meditators have a decrease of 2.0 mm Hg. One thousand two hundred measurements were taken beginning one month after learning. This may be due to a decrease in levels of endothelin1. At Harvard Medical School a study was conducted with twenty-two hypertensive patients before and after learning TM. while the non-meditators had a 1. Although the systolic pressure was still in the borderline range. can also prevent its onset. Each benefit of TM augments other benefits. which can decrease blood pressure. In the next experiment non-meditators closed their eyes. In the first experiment systolic blood pressure of meditators dropped by 2.5% in total peripheral resistance. demonstrated in major medical schools to reduce systolic and diastolic pressure. and lasting until five years later.41 This research demonstrates how TM lowers blood pressure. and were told to relax as completely as possible for 20 minutes. For example. the lower reading. The TM Program produces positive side benefits in many areas of life. the measure of blood flow within vessels. In the second experiment the meditating group averaged a drop of 3. Perhaps one of the most important benefits of TM is the realization that health comes from within. a powerful vessel dilator. studies show decreased anxiety. The practice.

43 From 1989 to 1999 the National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded over 18. New research in progress demonstrates that the Transcendental Meditation Technique can help prevent heart attacks. lower cholesterol levels. These and .44 Medication alone. indicates that TM is a very useful adjunct to all forms of cardiac rehabilitation. and without negative side effects. NIH awarded 8 million dollars to study hypertension in minorities. “The fact that NIH awarded such a large grant to study the effects of the Transcendental Meditation Technique in these areas shows their confidence in the research we’ve been doing.45 Recent studies on Transcendental Meditation published in the American Heart Association journal. and mortality in high-risk African Americans. Robert Schneider. TM subjects over the age of 50 have lower blood pressure than the average 30 year old. strokes. These studies on the effects of TM are unique in that they are the first research on any non-drug antihypertensive modality. the lower your blood pressure. improve blood pressure and blood flow. In September 1999. Angina is chest pain that occurs secondary to the inadequate delivery of oxygen to the heart muscle. compared with the nonmeditating controls. which works on only one aspect of disease.62 TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION Regular practice of TM has a cumulative effect — the longer you practice TM. together with others previously mentioned. often has side effects. and increase capacity for exercise. show that Transcendental Meditation reduces high blood pressure as effectively as medication.46 This study. It can increase efficiency of biochemical and hormonal secretions. Often described as a heavy or squeezing pain in the midsternal area of the chest.” says Dr. Hypertension. A study published in The American Journal of Cardiology in April 1996 reported that patients with coronary artery disease who practiced the TM technique had improved exercise tolerance and maximal workload. Angina Pectoris A clinical study of angina patients shows a marked improvement for the TM group in response to exercise.5 million dollars in grants to the Center for Health and Aging Studies. and is limited in its potential to prevent or reverse heart disease.

Only recently has medical research confirmed that the mind also plays a vital role in determining cholesterol readings. decreases inner vessel diameter restricting blood flow.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 63 other studies suggest that the TM technique has an important effect on preventing and even reversing heart disease. The meditating group demonstrated a marked drop in cholesterol levels. from an average of 255 to 225. J.47 TM Reduces Cholesterol TM is a simple technique that reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol. and practiced it for eleven months. Free radicals. which clog the coronary arteries. Meditating can even lower abnormally high cholesterol levels. there was no significant decrease noted in the control group. Cooper and M. which contributes to cholesterol deposits.50 TM and Atherosclerosis Atherosclerosis. all with elevated cholesterol levels. two significant aspects of cardiovascular disease. Twelve of the subjects were taught TM. the body secretes fewer stress hormones. The researchers selected twenty-three patients. but of comparable age. and exercise routines. Aygen showed that meditation could be of significant value in lowering cholesterol. diet preferences. the body patches the scars with cholesterol. and also demonstrated that an elevated cholesterol reading within the normal range can be lowered.” can scar arteries. the build-up of fat deposits on the inside of arterial walls. weight. and liver function. The resultant restriction of vessels makes excess cholesterol a primary risk factor for heart attack. If allowed . thus reducing free radical damage. “molecular sharks. Serum cholesterol is determined by the interplay of physical factors such as diet. A review of the literature shows that acute and chronic stress raises serum lipids associated with clinical coronary events. Excess cholesterol in the blood is correlated with fatty plaque deposits. digestive efficiency. heredity. the other eleven were control subjects who did not meditate. In 1979 Israeli researchers M.49 A separate study by the same researchers showed similar reductions.48 As TM reduces stress. M.

01mm in IMT would indicate an approximate 7. thus reducing risk of heart attack and stroke. stress causes your brain to stimulate the release of two powerful hormones. cortisol and adrenaline.52 Although the precise mode of action of this change is not clear. these blood-clotting . it seems likely that the uniquely deep state of relaxation while awake (“restful alertness”). African Americans are twice as likely as others to die from cardiovascular disease (CVD). Researchers used intima-media thickness (IMT). IMT is a measure of coronary atherosclerosis. Based on previous clinical observations.7 to 15 percent reduction in risk of stroke and 11 percent decrease in risk of heart attack. deposits can lead to forms of cardiovascular disease. TM and Stress Hormones When you are feeling threatened and not in control.098mm in wall thickness. It is the first controlled research showing that a stress reduction technique. Results demonstrated an impressive reduction of 0.51 This dramatic study demonstrates the infinite healing power within everyone that is the basis for health and healing. A team of researchers from three different universities studied African American men and women to determine whether or not the practice of TM would affect the inside diameter of major blood vessels. attained during TM. and heart attack.054mm.64 TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION to accumulate. can reverse atherosclerosis. as an index for measuring inner vessel diameter. These chemicals cause the release of high-energy fats and clotting agents into the bloodstream. stroke. the control group showed an increase of 0. Ultimately. such as high blood pressure. leading to the regression of atherosclerosis. Sixty hypertensive African Americans at risk for cardiovascular disease were randomly assigned to either the Transcendental Meditation Program or a health education control group. and a predictor of heart attack and stroke. Pretests and posttests were conducted over an average period of approximately seven months. unaccompanied by change in diet or lifestyle. the distance between the inner and outer wall of the carotid artery. a decrease of 0. may be responsible for activating a self-repair mechanism that creates homeostasis or balance.

54 TM protects against stress by directly affecting the stress hormone response cycle. Tremendous benefits from something intangible translate into actual physical and mental health benefits.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 65 agents reach the interior walls of blood vessels. The nervous system becomes habituated to a state of balance. (641) 472-4514. The hormones created by stress return to a balanced state more quickly when a person is practicing TM. If you are interested in learning more about TM. 53 There is more compelling evidence that TM reduces stress by lowering stress hormones. which provide a foundation for cholesterol deposits and other health complications. What was previously considered to be the normal aging process leading to heart attacks. As science catches up to ancient health and healing techniques. A study utilizing TM and other aspects of Maharishi Ayur-Veda showed 86 percent fewer admissions to the hospital for illness and surgery. All the research on TM conclusively proves not only that there is a mind body connection. and creates the health effects of a balanced nervous and endocrine system. Insurance company records. . or www. Results were published in the spring of 1997 in the prestigious journal Psychoneuroendocrinology. Researchers at Maharishi University of Management in collaboration with the University of Iowa School of Medicine studied the effects of Transcendental Meditation on hormones affected by chronic stress. high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis need not be so if stress management techniques such as TM are employed. call (888) LEARN TM. for example. This type of health technique is complete because it prevents as well as cures. You can also call (800) 2558332. and ask for a catalog on Maharishi Ayur-Veda herbal products and books. This research demonstrates that TM decreases levels of hormones affected by chronic stress. show a much lower incidence of physician visits by meditators than non-meditators. there will be scientific validation of how real healing actually works. but also a deeper connection that the mind is actually in every cell of the body. This unhealthy series of events can usually be avoided by practicing TM

58 Stressful responses increase heart rate and blood pressure. HIV. Because of these and other previously mentioned benefits. Professor of Pathology and Director of Cancer Prevention and Natural Products Research at Ohio State University College of Medicine.56 Women with high levels of DHEA-S have reduced incidence of breast cancer and osteoporosis. should serve to maintain high levels of such hormones. which reduces hormonal secretions of DHEA and accelerates aging. Particular age groups among the meditators exhibited levels of DHEA-S that were as high as members of control groups five to ten years younger. Diet. . it appears that this technique can help preserve youth. MD. Hari Sharma. less likelihood of cardiovascular disease. Through the influence of DHEA-S. The TM Technique increases DHEA-S. cancer.55 Preserving this hormone may lead to health benefits. by reducing stress. osteoporosis. leads to the breakdown of muscle tissue (to provide fuel for energy). Participants ranged in age from 20 to 81 years.253 healthy people who did not meditate. is one of the body’s most abundant and significant hormones. Stressful responses. as well as lower mortality rates from all other causes. cortisol. the master hormone for health. but men who have maintained relatively high levels have less atherosclerosis and heart disease. especially lower blood pressure.57 Medical researchers compared DHEA-S levels in the blood of 423 people who practiced Transcendental Meditation to 1. which attack the efficient functioning of the physiology. explains that Transcendental Meditation. Muscle tissue is built up by DHEA-S. obesity and exercise effects were all comparable. which counters the adverse effects of stress and stress hormones. the stress hormone. exacerbate free radical production. the body can continue to build muscle tissue instead of wasting away.66 TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION The TM Technique Increases DHEA-S Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S). and decreased indices of aging. Results were gathered in five-year age ranges. Levels of DHEA-S rapidly decline with age.

This branch of science is based on principles that determine orderliness and coherence. Compared with other Iowans insured by the same company.60 Earlier studies show that Transcendental Meditation can reduce hospital utilization by about fifty percent. . and detoxification) used medical care and insurance money 63 percent less than statewide norms. the principles can also be applied to health and healing.64 TM and its effects can be better appreciated from the perspective of quantum physics. A study on residents in Quebec practicing TM for more than six years published in the American Journal of Health Promotion showed a 13% reduction in payments to physicians.62 There are other studies that indicate meditators have less need for medical attention. perhaps even synergistically. reduced health care costs. The cells in the heart communicate biochemically with the cells in the rest of the body.61 A newer study that added MAK and other aspects of Maharishi Ayur-Veda reduced the previous rate by more than half again. researchers and health practitioners now know that they can’t simply perform surgery and prescribe drugs to “fix” the heart. exercise. diet. As coherence increases in physical systems.63 TM and its associated preventative health modalities do far more than just address symptoms. 59 Another study demonstrated that the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health along with MAK. To treat heart disease. with other health improvement approaches.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 67 Other Health Improvements TM works harmoniously. Transcendental Meditation. herbs. the student group utilizing these programs had 86% fewer hospitalizations for illness and surgery over a seven-year period. an ancient herbal formula proven to reduce free radical damage. communicating that something isn’t right. living as well as non-living. Since these natural laws are present in all matter. They create balance in the entire mind/ body system. A study in the American Journal of Managed Care found that individuals who practiced the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health (a program combining. TM allows the brain and the body to calm down to the point where they can work harmoniously together.

and decreases disorderly catabolic functioning. and all diseases by 50% in high risk Causasian and African Americans Reduces blood pressure effectively in men and women in all five major risk-factor groups (obesity. Selected Journal and Conference Presentations on TM since November 1995: Hypertension (November 1995 and August 1996) American Journal of Cardiology (May 1996) Psychosomatic Medicine (January 1998) Society of Behavioral Medicine Annual Meeting (March 3-6.1997) International Journal of Neuroscience (January 1997) American Journal of Managed Care (1997) Circulation (February 1996) Physiology and Behavior (March 1996) The above publications and conference findings have demonstrated the following about TM: * * * * * * * Lowers high blood pressure as effectively as drugs Is twice as effective as progressive muscle relaxation Reduces myocardial eschemia in coronary artery disease patients after 8 months Lowers serum lipid peroxide levels (oxidized blood fats) in the elderly Reduces blood pressure by reducing constriction of blood vessels. low exercise. high alcohol use. 1999) Psychosomatic Medicine (January 1999. August 1999) The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (Fall 1995) Ethnicity and Disease (1996. It will truly bring greater harmony and coherence into your life. Give yourself a break. thus decreasing the risk of heart disease Lowers mortality from heart disease.68 TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION including physiological ones. cancer. psychological stress. resultant orderly mind/body coordination promotes healthful anabolic functioning. and high salt intake) . and learn TM.

and noradrenaline). a biochemical marker that increases with chronic stress Balances metabolites of three neurotransmitters (serotonin.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 69 * * * * * * * Lowers levels of blood cortisol. and significantly decreases left ventrical mass (LVM) in African Americans Significantly reduces ambulatory diastolic blood pressure Reduces hospitalizations by 92% for diseases of the heart and vessels compared to demographically matched controls Reduces incidence of all-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality in the elderly Increases cerebral blood flow during the TM program that is highly correlated with a decrease in cerebrovascular resistance . which are linked to stress and the effects of stress Improves diastolic functions. adrenaline.

a saint of long ago. A The Search Many of you are searching. How can God ever be your healing salvation. but you should first learn to tap the healing power of your own inner divinity. you know there is so much more to your relationship with God than what you have been taught. you will discover that natural therapeutic modalities create real healing. a distant desert.Chapter Three The Healing Power of Prayer ncient literature abounds with references to God in remote locations — the heavens. As you progress on your inner journey toward wholeness and awaken your own potential. the creators of magical potions. Pharmaceutical companies. because within the innermost depths of your hearts. That’s the place to search for the Almighty. He is within you. You may feel abandoned or 70 . but most significantly. He is omnipresent). We only need to grow spiritually to realize unity. There’s a correlation between the erroneous belief that God exists outside of us. It’s true that God is in all of these locations (after all. Drugs are necessary in many cases. if you and He are separate from one another? Oneness is already the ever-present reality. This inner healing power has always been within you. and the manner in which we have abandoned our own potential to heal by assigning it to others. and the doctors are the angels who deliver the remedies. have become the new gods.

“Those were the times when I carried you. The individual contains the whole. There is a story about a man who saw God’s footsteps beside his on the journey through life. More than experiencing something outside of yourselves. “When things were the darkest. You are within the consciousness of God as an individualized aspect of God. You may feel separated from God. This experience comes at the moment of stillness or at-oneness between thoughts and absolute silence. like a hologram. In a similar manner as you reach the higher level of our own nature. faith and belief in God can be a very important part of your search for meaning in life. the beginning and the goal of creation. and it is this feeling that enlivens your desire and motivates you to experience God through a higher level of your being. even the placebo effect reveals this fact. yet it always was the ocean. faith. Certainly. and thus capable of referring back to the whole. as a wave is from the ocean. thus there is no separation between you and God. The man said to God. The wave is an individualized expression of the ocean. you said You would always be there for me. whether you realize it or not. you are capable of experiencing the infinite in your awareness. you realize that you are and always have been an individualized part of the whole. or felt everything is perfect just as it is. and healing. There are volumes of research demonstrating that the mind directs health. This realization .” You may be more connected with God than you realize. Many people have had moments when time stood still and they felt at one with the universe. and as it settles down it becomes the ocean. you become more conscious of what has been happening all the time. You cannot experience anything that is not yourself. Where does that leave you? The only logical conclusion is that these experiences are real and are none other than your own Self. in healing you are simply experiencing your own higher nature. In a hologram each part of the picture contains the whole.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 71 separated from God.” God replied. Evolving and growing spiritually toward that oneness. Were those delusions or real experiences? Since each one of you is an individualized expression of the whole. there was only one set of footprints. These experiences can also change your biochemistry and this is the basis for the scientific research pertaining to the relationship of religion.

present. incorporating it as the Old Testament. waters. He speaks and the inorganic elements of creation are formed — light (energy). then the larger ones. Many Christians recognize this name as Jehovah. He is accessible! The other primary name for God is the one used in Genesis. earth. man has aspects of God that other forms of life do not.” God. One of these is the power of speech. and since time is defined by spatial movements (the rotation of the earth on its axis equals one day. but to Jews it is the ineffable tetragrammaton. and future. An Ancient Concept of God and Ritual Prayers Judaism uses two primary names to refer to God. and effectively lead to a more positive outcome. which you can use to connect back to God through prayer. and always will be everywhere. Thus. The above concepts of the presence and accessibility of God should not be viewed as alien to Christian thought. It is most significant that when these four Hebrew letters are rearranged.” is the Divine Presence that Moses encountered in the desert in a burning bush that was not consumed. “was. During the . manifesting in the physical and material world. Observant Jews say ritual prayers three times daily. then. usually translated as “Lord. This name for God refers to the revealed aspect of God. The Jewish understanding of God is acceptable and still relevant. is past. including within each and every one of you. the smaller inhabitants. By the very meaning of His Name. The first. Christianity accepts the Torah or Five Books of Moses (Pentateuch). Do not misunderstand God as transcendent. and therefore beyond your reach. He transcends the limitations of time. they can spell out the words.72 THE HEALING POWER OF PRAYER should give you faith in whatever therapy you choose.” or “will be. God is not limited to a specific moment or confined to a specific place. When He forms man. the revolution of the earth about the sun equals one year) God also transcends the limitations of space. He was. the name that cannot be expressed or described. is. but rather that He is beyond limitations imposed by space and time. He makes him “in His own image” and gives life to him by breathing into him from His own essence.” “is.

” During the daily service. kindness. compassion. be filled with mercy for him (her). with all your soul. and you shall speak of them when you sit in your house and when you walk on the road. “healing will come soon. and concludes with a plea for “a healing of spirit and a healing of body. Blessed are You Lord. to restore him (her) to health. for You. You shall teach them thoroughly to your children. prayer is also said for the maintenance of good health. the congregation prays in unison for the continued good health of the members of the community. “May the Holy One. “Amen.”68 Love and forgiveness affect your cardiovascular system by decreasing stress hormones and increasing happiness. good vision. . “Heal us. One of the ritual prayers states. and with all your might. ample sustenance. and we will be healed. “Master of the universe! I hereby forgive anyone who has . often referring to it as a prayer for those who are “not yet well. infants and women . are a faithful and merciful healer. blessed be He. . In the Jewish faith the rabbi announces the prayer. ”67 It’s important to practice love and forgiveness. Help us and we will be saved. children who will not cease from or neglect the words of Torah — to this entire holy congregation. and to cure him (her). Shortly after the prayer for the ill. The prayer Jews recite before bedtime begins by offering forgiveness. bodily health. “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart. congregants mention the person’s Hebrew name and say. who heals the sick of His people Israel. O Lord.”66 On the Sabbath. to strengthen him (her). heavenly assistance. and to invigorate him (her). healthy and viable children.”65 Not only for oneself does a person beseech God. adults as well as children. when you lie down and when you rise. You shall bind them as a sign upon your hand. One of these 19 benedictions states. And these words which I command you today. even if just for the sake of good health.” The prayer concludes with.” continues with a request for a complete recovery to all bodily parts and veins. and they shall be for a reminder between your eyes. Grant complete cure and healing to all our wounds. And you shall write them upon the door posts of your house and upon your gates. grace.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 73 weekday prayer. there is one section of 19 benedictions. long life. “May there come forth from Heaven redemption. Almighty King. shall be upon your heart. but also for the well being of others.” and the congregation responds in unison.

the universe delivers the same back to you. Love binds you back to your source. and the . and finish the day by reaffirming that love and forgiving any one whom may have wronged them.”69 Thus. Wholeness is the only “Reality” Prayer is a very important part of the healing process. by speech or by deed. it is necessary to quiet your mind/body. we will explore this research in chapter 9. in this incarnation or in any other — any Israelite. inadvertently or deliberately. Research demonstrates that peaceful visual images create coherent heart rhythms. oneness. Separation creates fear. whether accidentally or intentionally. the real individual. “Please God come down from heaven and help me out. When you pray. it amplifies the problem. and prayer bridges any illusion of separation. a minuscule aspect of existence.74 THE HEALING POWER OF PRAYER angered or vexed me. pray from your higher consciousness. may no man be punished on my account. observant Jews begin their day by affirming their love for God. either physically or financially. against my honor or anything else that is mine. If your awareness is fixed in three-dimensional reality. so pray from the consciousness of health. In order to reach your higher nature that is beyond imbalances and relative concerns. Put attention on the core of your inner being.” This is not the reality of life. Affirmations that engender feelings of acceptance and good will help to maintain cardiovascular health. It is in silence that your mind/ body heals on all levels. and thankfulness. As you become connected to God through prayer and meditation the individualized aspect within blossoms.” If your attention is on the problem. Praying with the belief in separation amplifies pain and suffering. so called “reality. although for many people this is the function of prayer. Wholeness is the only reality. beyond space and time. then the whole is sacrificed. If you vibrate in harmony with separation from God. and not from the level of the problem. If any distance exists between you and God. which gives rise to hostility between individuals and nations. Do not let anyone convince you that your disease is terminal or debilitating. then praying is really saying. or sinned against me. or God. The universe will match whatever you radiate. The same will be returned to you. wholeness.

Thoughts and words can empower this “inner potentiality. direct your faith in health and wholeness.” It directly affects the health . God is both universal and individual. power. Prayer does not make you spiritual. When healing takes place it is only a symptom of the inner divinity or reality that has already changed and attuned itself to the healing frequency. not part. the best policy you can own. Health springs forth and is the result of seeing and experiencing yourself in the light of wholeness and oneness. you connect to the universal Divinity that is God. Your faith will direct you towards the solution of your health challenge. Your Faith Will Make You Whole When praying. Faith is your spiritual health insurance.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 75 experience of safety and freedom manifest. vibrating at a lower frequency. since God is all. When Jesus saw what had happened he said. “Thy faith hath made thee whole. and not in disease. permeated the energy field of the sick. knowing the reality of wholeness—God. As you connect to your inner divinity. After touching the hem of Jesus’ garment. one with source energy—God. your infinite source of love. If Jesus had worked from that level he would have had nothing to offer the sick. or some. could not survive the higher vibration. and not bind you back to disease. you are already one with the wholeness and unity of God. People who tell you to “face reality” are in fact telling you to put your attention on the disease. Jesus healed people from disease from the level of wholeness. It is your faith that guides you into the unknown toward the healing solution you desire. As a spiritual being you use faith and prayer to reconnect yourself to your own inner divinity. and healing. a woman was immediately healed. Healing Faith is Located in the Pineal Gland Faith is a mind power that you use all the time. Jesus.” Faith is of paramount importance since it is an essential component in creating wholeness. He recognized the wholeness and divinity of being without acknowledging the illness. People were healed because their illness.

74 Other studies in 1996 showed that 4.000 elderly persons living at home who attended church regularly were less depressed and physically healthier than those living at home who did not attend church. Again. above the ears and connected to the eyes. According to Catharine Ponder. A study at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in 1995 demonstrated that comfort and strength from religious faith was one of the best predictors of survival among 232 heart patients. Those who did not have religious faith had three times the death rate of those who did. cite more than 200 studies that touch directly or indirectly on the role of religion and health. subtle yet physical. the internal energy matches universal energy. These biochemicals affect every cell in the body. This information comes from a survey of 30 years of research on blood pressure.71 There are at least another 900 studies on this subject. Activating this mind power directs currents of energy. creating a vibrational match that stimulates the universe to deliver the circumstances and situations needed to fulfill healing desires. Proof That Prayer Works Dr.70 As thoughts and words of faith go forth. Levin of Eastern Virginia and Dr. even when adjusted to account for smoking and other risk factors. Every thought and emotion has a biochemical equivalent.73 The risk of dying from coronary artery disease is half for men and women who attend church regularly compared to those who rarely attend. The majority of these studies offer evidence that religion is good for one’s health. a research psychiatrist formerly of the National Institutes of Health. It is located in the center of the brain. Faith is the initial step to activate healing from God. Studies have also shown that those who attended church have lower rates of depression and anxiety. David Larson. author of The Healing Secret of the Ages your pineal gland is the faith center.72 Churchgoers have lower blood pressure than non-churchgoers — 5 mm lower according to Larson. to create health and healing.76 THE HEALING POWER OF PRAYER of your mind/body. smoking and socioeconomic factors were taken into account. or worshipped at home. enlivening the inner life current and potential to heal. and well being on all levels.75 This lowers the .

stroke. reducing pain.77 A study conducted at Georgetown University demonstrates that involvement in religious healing activities and faith can be beneficial in treating and preventing illness.76 A study of 990 hospitalized heart patients admitted to the coronary care unit (CCU) showed the power of intercessory prayer. The design was a randomized. CRP is a measure of inflammation. Research conducted at the Medical University of South Carolina on the relationship of religious practices.78 A study conducted at Duke University Medical Center demonstrates that those with involvement in religious healing activities have lower blood pressures than those who are less involved. controlled. as compared to the control group. and the other half (receiving the usual care) were not prayed for. you have really started on the path of self-empowerment. Four weeks later the medical records showed an 11% decrease in complications with respect to the need for medications and surgery for patients that were prayed for. Patients were unaware that they were being prayed for. When you experience this from your spiritual nature within. and not because you were told.80 Research continues to dissolve the artificial barriers involving mind. At the time of admission the patients were assigned randomly to receive either the usual coronary care or coronary care plus remote intercessory prayer.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 77 risk of platelet aggregation. parallel group trial. recovering from surgery. CRP and mortality show that people with diabetes who have not attended religious services in the previous year are more likely to have elevated levels of CRP. heart attack and high blood pressure. . Half the names of the patients were randomly assigned to be prayed for by one of fifteen teams of five practicing Christians. prospective. and improving quality of life. body and spirit that we have created.79 Diabetics have a higher risk of cardiovascular mortality and higher C-reactive protein (CRP) levels than people without diabetes. The dissolution of these barriers promotes self-empowerment and growth on all levels. double blind. a major cardiovascular risk factor that we will discuss in the Diet Chapter. Other studies showed that those who were religious and socially involved had a fourteen fold advantage over those that were not religious and were socially uninvolved.

and of several best selling books. The purpose of prayer is to wake up. know that we are an eachness within this allness.81 We live in infinite mind or divine mind. We are an expression of the infinite process. but conditioning our lives with the awareness of God. Here are some thoughts from his tape entitled. Prayer is not conditioning God to our needs. Then prayer can be considered as a process to quicken that awareness. Many of us work from the perspective and the attitude that causes us to practice the absence of God. and audiotapes. As we are lifted up by them. a Unity Church Minister for over 50 years. Prayer cannot get us into divine mind. Prayer is really not to get God to do anything for us. we live and move within divine mind. People get ready to say their prayers with the intention for God to get ready. He is the author of hundreds of essays. We want God to wake up and go to work for us and take care of our needs. you can lose awareness of it. We want to pray from the consciousness of God.82 Do traditional prayers have any special power? These prayers have power. Prayers are not for God. The New Science of Prayer. To better understand our Self within this allness. we must be in that wholeness. We are not all of God. You can never lose it. but if God is all. God has endowed us with the wholeness of the infinite process within. He has already done everything for us. God gets along quite well without them. So. Prayer cannot be a mechanical process. We start from the concept that God is someone out there.78 THE HEALING POWER OF PRAYER The Wisdom of Eric Butterworth Eric Butterworth. even though we may talk about the presence of God. The basis of prayer is scientific. mean what they imply when you say them. know what the words mean. we have to know that the fullness of Godhead bodily is within. instead of praying to God about things. so that Christ shall shine upon thee. articles. however. because there is no way we can get out of divine mind. In this case prayer is the process of reaching across the abyss to get God’s attention and bring Him down to our experience. The prayer process is to expand our awareness of divine mind. because here they come. has lectured at Avery Fisher Hall in New York City for decades. of course we can use these . What we really have to do is to awaken the sleeping awareness of our own God Self.

or put your attention on the condition. therefore. Letting go is the key. When you pray and are burdened. This is what prayer is for.” As you . Out of the realization of oneness and wholeness. Prayer will not work if it starts with anxious concern. your words can access the power of God) You can’t wonder if your prayer will work. You first need to get yourself in tune and at one. then you are missing the point. as whole. unless you first release the need to fix the very thing that caused you to pray in the first place.83 You may want to change yourself or others to behold the Christ in yourself or them. or overly concerned. you have to see them right. or with the attitude of “fighting disease. the problem is not in the person. We all live in divine mind. You can do more harm than good when you pray for yourself or others out of worry and anxiety. as healed. then send forth your prayer or affirmation. my yoke is easy.84 (Authors note: when your consciousness is free of concern. frantic. It’s time to work on yourself. at peace and at one.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 79 prayers. The paradox is that you cannot pray for yourself or others. your words will go forth on the wings of love. They are extremely helpful as long as our consciousness is being led to its source. Are you going to be part of the person’s problem or the solution? Praying from the level of the problem adds to the problem. Every reason you have about yourself or others as to why change is necessary blocks out the truth that divine perfection is within. our thoughts affect the people we are overly concerned about. For example. not concern. you must first dissolve your concerns. that experience of oneness. It is hard to accept that our deep concern for someone can be part of the problem. but within you. First see yourself or others as one. To pray from the consciousness of God will bring the power of prayer into our lives. It is human to be concerned. to get that feeling. if you pray for others. but it is wise to let go of that concern. Cast your burden on the Lord. You don’t have to set things right. and are worried. The same is true when you pray and feel drained. then pray. and not take on the burden of the person who has the condition.85 Once you are centered in the infinite. The key that makes this principle work is that love and awareness direct intention to heal yourself or others. it is time to center yourself. which is oneness.

This wholeness is healing.80 THE HEALING POWER OF PRAYER pray. You can make your own prayer treatments such as Eric Butterworth used in the following. “God’s Law of Adjustment Regulates All the Affairs of Your (My) Life.89 This stillness or silence is wholeness. it is wonderful. “I let go.”87 “And it is good. look upon yourself or another from this level. That stillness.”88 When you feel concern in your life or for another. this is your reality. Allow yourself to let go. absolute in its nature. Make it a regular part of your life. You are a participant in the divine process.86 Feel the divine peace within you that is beyond all understanding. Now you are ready. experience a sense of freedom in this process. Your focus of attention on being still is the key. a level of consciousness. and All Things Are in Divine Order. is omnipresent. And so be it. That oneness allows you to tap into the infinite healing presence of God. The Power of Forgiveness Prayers for forgiveness can be used to heal the pain from wounds that we have carried in our mind/body for decades. all organs. Feel this sensation of total lightness and peace. You are now a vehicle that is as light as air. let go. Get a sense that you are a co-creator with God. Know now that you are not working alone. and thus the healing forces of the universe will spring forth. return to this feeling of oneness. You are a dynamic center in the universe in the dynamic mind of God. you need to see wholeness in yourself or another from the consciousness of God. “God’s Law of Adjustment Regulates All the Affairs of Your (My) Life. Allow yourself to be a channel for prayer power. but you can return to it any time. That mind is flooding your being from all sides filling and thrilling you. Even if you don’t go through the whole process. You may lose sight of it. face. and All Things Are in Divine Order. let go. and it is a realization. tissues. and we give thanks.” Feel your whole physical body let go — your eyes. Say it quietly to yourself to get yourself in order. These two . I loosen it and let go. let go of whom you are praying for. then say to yourself. You do not have to attain this. it can be repeated. If you are still holding on. This process is scientific.” Now enter into the inner chamber and close the door. a vortex of divine ideas. down to every cell in every part of your body.

face the sun with your palms open and up when deep breathing. release. Deep breathe fresh air 3-5 minutes before speaking the prayers. and immense rewards. The following information is from his website: http://www. Speak these prayers once or twice a day for transformation and spiritual growth. reread. the more often the Prayers Of Life should be spoken. The more serious our life genprayer. Whenever possible.livingtruth. three to five times a day or more. happiness. which creates the healing action. The Prayers Of Life encourage humility. The information is powerful and forms the necessary link between human and Divine. “Prayer Of Forgiveness” I Bless This Day And Give Thanks For My Life I Forgive Completely All People Who Have Hurt Me (Repeat 3 Times) I Ask All People I Have Hurt To Please Forgive Me (Repeat 3 Times) . whether physical or other. and healing through forgiveness. and peacemaking. hold for the count of 8. Following these guidelines will bring you freedom. and discover more beautiful prayers. The Prayers Of Life are Divinely inspired and have been utilized since 1974. The Gift Of Life This information is to further your inner and outer development. Humble yourself. and allow yourself the gift of being open.html.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 81 prayers are from Howard Wills and he states that they are divinely inspired. Breathe in on the count of 8. and 3-5 minutes after. drop all judgment. heightened awareness. when they were first revealed. Read. For more information log on. to address more serious or life threatening problems. and breathe out on the count of 8. and practice what you learn.

Your Humble Child I Give You My Love And I Thank You For Your Constant Love And Blessings Lord. For All The Times I Hurt Myself Or Hurt Others Please Lord. Thank You Lord. Power. All Life. Always “Prayer Of Personal Forgiveness” I Bless This Day And Give Thanks For My Life Lord In Heaven. Freedom. Please Lord. Thank You Lord. And Health. And The Invisible I Rejoice And Give Thanks For My New Life. I Ask That You Help Me To Forgive And Release Myself Completely And Totally. Please Lord. Bless. And All Humanity I Love. I Am Your Child. All People Who Have Hurt Me Please Lord. I Ask That You Help Me Forgive And Release. I Ask That You Help All People I Have Hurt To Forgive And Release Me Completely And Totally Please Lord. Thank You Lord In Heaven. And Respect. And Give Complete Blessing And Love To All Life. Peace. Thank You Lord. Thank You . I Bless All Creation In The Entire Universe And I Fill The Entire Universe With My Love I Love And Bless The Earth. Thank You Lord. Completely And Totally. The Visible. Power. Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord. Please Lord. Thank You Lord. And New Life.82 THE HEALING POWER OF PRAYER I Apologize To Myself For My Wrongs To Myself And My Wrongs To Others (Repeat 3 Times) I Apologize For All My Hurts Or Wrongs To All Life Forms (Repeat 3 Times) With This Release.

they generate a greater order and balance that promotes health and healing. bright white hexagonal crystal-within-a-crystal. Always Thank You Lord In Heaven. And Give Complete Blessing And Love To All Life. Thank You 83 Prayer and Frozen Crystals of Water In over 10. Prayer can restore the crystalline vibratory frequency of health. the Reverend Kato Hoki.000 water-sample experiments Dr. Our body. showed that the water’s structure was dark and amorphous. . new water samples were frozen and photographed. After the above water sample had been taken. And Respect. Because crystals are coherent. After that. Thank You Lord. Peace. The Visible And The Invisible I Rejoice And Give Thanks For My New Life. Masaru Emoto from Japan has demonstrated the power of prayer. The change was stunning – the ugly blob of the former sample had become a clear. This is an interesting and creative example of how prayer can affect our physical health and the earth. like the earth is 70% water. Thank You Lord. Bless.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY Lord In Heaven. chief priest of the Jyuhouin Temple. To view pictures of water crystals from the extraordinary book written by Masaru Emoto log on to www. I Bless All Creation In The Entire Universe And Fill The Entire Universe With My Love I Love And Bless The Earth. All Life And All Humanity I Love. Thank You With This Release. said a one-hour prayer beside the dam. positive thoughts and emotions using water. I Ask That You Help All Life Forms I Have Hurt To Forgive And Release Me Completely And Totally Please Lord. Power. Thank You Lord. And New Life. And Health. Water taken from a dam and then frozen. Power.adhikara. Please Lord. with no crystalline formations.

The power of God protects us. written by Unity Church poet laureate James Dillet Freeman: The light of God surrounds us. Wherever we are. Prayer for Protection Here is a beautiful prayer.84 THE HEALING POWER OF PRAYER You are the creative process of the universe at work. The presence of God watches over us. The love of God enfolds us. God is! . and health is part of that creative process.



PART III The Mind .


and sink into the exercises. and spiritual conditions. Gerald Epstein and published by Bantam. or creative mind. Relax and let go in a comfortable environment. As you let go and access deeper levels of yourself. and is the side that makes necessary changes. intuitive. which cause dramatic changes in a person’s biochemistry. There are hundreds of imaging exercises for physical. He recommends several visualization exercises to reverse heart disease. by Dr. 89 T . allow plenty of time to absorb yourself in them. you will become more receptive to the experience and recognize that these processes are beneficial for healing. The resultant increased awareness allows the intelligence of the body to come back into balance and repair itself. Suspend judgment. is engaged in the visualization. Gerald Epstein. Give yourself permission to settle down for deep healing. The right brain. As with all self-help techniques. Images enliven the mind. providing a basis for new possibilities of growth towards better health. fluid. To get a thorough understanding of the value of imaging exercises it is best to read Healing Visualizations written by Dr. The author explains the concepts behind these exercises and how they work. It is receptive. Visualizations take you beyond the rational mind. high blood pressure and diabetes. mental. Most are based on the release of stress and tension.Chapter Four Exer ercises Visualization Exercises o read more about visualization techniques I recommend Healing Visualizations.

Now. Visualization exercises offer an opportunity to activate your mind power to heal hypertension before using drugs. The Rose Quartz Light visualization is designed to reduce blood pressure by helping your arteries and veins to relax. Transmuting anger into allowing directs your emotions to flow in a non-resistant manner. and inhale and exhale through the nose only. Take three deep breaths and let each breath out very slowly. This system of healing is consistent with the Kabbalah. lay down and get comfortable. To begin. and explain how the laws of nature function. you can use any of the following exercises to lower it. I derived this visualization from an energy healing system developed Janet Di Giovanna. and ambition are emotions usually associated with high blood pressure. Di Giovanna’s healing system is called Axiatonal Process. you can incorporate these methods into the three breaths. Any time that you internally sense that your blood pressure is elevated. You can burn yourself up pushing to satisfy your desires. anger. Later on. and is founded on specific laws of nature that promote health and healing on all levels. 90 Cooling your blood stops it from boiling over. It aids in releasing emotional pain and strengthens the heart.90 VISUALIZATION EXERCISES Anxiety. The exercise involves imagery and concepts of energy healing. you can gain mastery of these laws. . These ancient scriptures are blueprints of nature. the Vedas. and the Keys of Enoch. By being in harmony with nature. you will be putting your attention on balancing and relaxing your blood vessels to lower blood pressure and maintain or develop a healthy heart. You may want to record these visualizations on tape. Ms. a gifted healer. let’s begin the visualization exercise entitled Rose Quartz Light. In this exercise. this allows you to relax and gain the most benefit. Axiatonal Process What you put your attention on is what grows and develops. after you learn the breathing technique for aerobic exercise and the parasympathetic breathing technique.

Visualize a rose quartz sphere in the center of your chest. keep your awareness in your arteries and veins for a few minutes. your awareness has healing power so let it work naturally (you may want to record your experiences from this exercise). Next. remember that you are still in the rose quartz sphere. or feelings that you may experience. Slowly allow it to expand so that your whole body is inside the sphere. The body can learn where it is sending messages to create stress hormones and can create alternative responses. The patterns . thoughts. After you exhale. allow the sphere to come back into your chest for a minute. and that is where healing begins.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 91 Rose Quartz Light Purpose: To relax your blood vessels and strengthen your heart. breathing in rose quartz light from the top of your head. for five minutes allow your awareness to be in your body without directing it to any specific place. breathing in rose quartz light from the top of your head. Keep your awareness on being inside this sphere while you practice this exercise. Take a deep breath. You will feel deeper benefits and more profound experiences with continued practice. With practice you will begin to feel your heart on a very subtle level. feel and visualize the rose quartz light filling your heart. and then gently let it go from your chest. As you exhale slowly. and now also have your awareness in your heart. removing all tension. feel and visualize the rose quartz light leaving your arteries and veins. and now also keep your arteries and veins in your awareness filled with rose quartz light. hold. Take a deep breath. Repeat this step two more times without straining. Be simple. and effortlessly allow your awareness to be on your heart for a few minutes. Relax in the sphere for a few minutes. Each time feel the rose quartz light in your heart. Now. After you exhale. and feel the calming influence of rose quartz light. As you exhale. remember that you are still in the rose quartz sphere. Be aware of wherever your attention naturally goes and do not judge any sensations. hold. Repeat a total of three times.

Now feel your nervous system completely calm and at peace.92 VISUALIZATION EXERCISES of stress will begin to dissolve. as you feel comfortable. and breathe out three times. your torso. It is important. back off. Make appointments with yourself and make healing a joyful experience. and then exhale slowly. inhale through your nose. though. connected to Mother Earth. your arms. and toes. your fingers. You can alternate them on different days. or however many times feels right. Take three breaths. You can use this or any or the other visualizations from one to three times per day. through your nose. Notice that the snow is lightly tinged with the color purple. Snow Forest Purpose: To return your blood pressure to normal by calming and relaxing your nervous system. If you feel there are too many techniques to do. You begin to feel the cold purple snow blowing from the tree branches towards you and into your body. feet. close your eyes. Feel and sense the purple . to set a daily or weekly schedule so that you do not lapse. Purple Bed of Ice Purpose: To release tension and stress to lower blood pressure Imagine yourself laying down and relaxing on a purple bed of ice. With any of these techniques it is better to start small. Feel the calming effect of the snow in the nerves inside your head-brainneck. At this point the snow inside your body merges with the snow under your feet. and you will experience the fullness of self-love. and not overdo them. Know that your blood pressure has returned to a healthy state and open your eyes. Add a little more with time. As you gradually adjust to the changes from these techniques you will want to continue your growth as smoothly as possible. Imagine yourself standing in a beautiful snow covered forest where even the green leaves on the trees are covered with snow. calming and cooling every nerve. legs.

head and brain. Sense the flow of purple moving effortlessly through your body releasing all tension. As you do this visualization. Sense and feel where your blood vessels are constricted and that this miniature you relaxes – with a sense of peace. letting go of any tension and stress. When you feel this total relaxation. back. At this point you feel and sense that all the blood vessels in your body are completely relaxed. feet. Repeat this procedure as you travel into the blood vessels of your shoulders. As you feel the purple coolness in your blood vessels merge with the purple coolness of the bed of ice. Relax Your Blood Vessels Purpose: To relax your blood vessels Close your eyes. loving. causing them to relax and releasing any tensions. back. Now feel and sense this purple coolness permeating your blood vessels. Breath out three times. hands. enjoy the smell of the flowers. legs. stomach. fingers. and safe place in nature. arms. and toes. open your eyes. Feel the green trees sway back and forth – as you inhale and exhale. stomach. know that your blood pressure has returned to normal. arms.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 93 coolness permeate every part of your body. feet. and see a miniature loving you enter into your left shoulder and go into the blood vessels in your head and brain. and toes. legs. every constricted vessel in your head and brain. shoulders. Close your eyes. experience the warm sun – permeating every cell in your body. and open your eyes. hands. You may be in a meadow or forest. feel and sense a complete letting go of tension in your blood vessels. now feel yourself expanding and contracting with the rhythms of nature. chest. fingers. chest. Feel . You find yourself in a warm. breath out three times. Flow with Nature Purpose: To feel safe and relax your cardiovascular system.

As you learn to be effortless. and so can the blood flowing through your vessels. and . the name of a group that teaches The Science of Deliberate Creation. Know that you are safe. situations. Abraham recommends taking 17 seconds in this process before acting so that the old habits will be replaced easily. Blood is the flow of life itself moving through your arteries and veins. Next. less pressure will be internally returned to you. the universe returns that pressure. and open your eyes.91 Conscious awareness is needed in order to detect when you are starting to go back to old habits. exhale and imagine yourself releasing pressure throughout your body. staying in the now. You can move in an effortless way. meaning your intentions are varied a little bit from the segment before. Inhale. the more internal pressure you generate. and life in general. Segment Intending will help in this new process. transmitting and receiving the very same vibration you send out. in this moment. and not letting a recent transgression sabotage your efforts. then imagine it the way you want it to be. Here’s a quick visualization. feel that you have let go. Be Effortless When you exert force and pressure to deal with challenges. Changing Thought Habits Let’s look at imaging as a positive motivational tool. says it takes a conscious decision to change as we break into a new habit of thought.92 Now identify what you most want in this segment and why. You stop in this new segment. Like attracts like.93 This happens because the new action is more in harmony with who you are and what you want in this segment. You are a unique transmitter and receiver of energy. your blood pressure is returning to normal. You can use this as a visualization.94 VISUALIZATION EXERCISES yourself suspended in time and space as an integral part of the endless flow of the rhythms of nature. and the more force and pressure you use to make things work out a certain way. holding the new outcome in your mind for at least 17 seconds. Abraham Hicks. There are simple techniques that can help you change thought habits such as Segment Intending.

REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 95 imagine your blood flowing effortlessly through your body. and make them a part of your routine. There are many such tapes available. This is accomplished by listening to a tape or CD where you are being guided to envision and become part of a changing scene. your mind/body will become accustomed to the exercise. See if you can hold this thought for one minute. and the level of relaxation will become increasingly more profound. For many. it is a great deal easier to do a guided visualization. As you do. Light Being and Visiting Angels by Serenity @ (800) 869-1684. Some of the ones I have found to work very well are The Healing Waterfall I & II. Think about which of these visualizations are most beneficial. .

It is impossible to make a correct diagnosis of high blood pressure based on a single reading. For example. Align your energy with positive thinking to attain the desired goal. many people will need to sit and rest for five or ten minutes before taking readings in order to be relaxed enough for accuracy. The mind/body has infinite healing and organizing ability. Have patience. especially in a doctor’s office. F Have a Goal Have a goal right now of WHAT YOU WANT YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE TO BE. For example. Do this in an easy manner without discouraging thoughts or attachment to the outcome of your readings. and averaging the lowest one from the left and right. Have as part of your goal taking your blood pressure without fear. you might get higher readings on your left arm that could mean some 96 . Even the act of taking your blood pressure while having your awareness on what you want it to be has healing power.Chapter Five Pressur essure Take Your Blood Pressure Without Fear ear is a reminder to let go of your limiting beliefs. alternating from left to right arms.94 It is necessary to take your blood pressure four times a day for at least a month to get a baseline figure. You can check your blood pressure at different times throughout the day. with four readings. and remember healing is a natural process. and is waiting for your permission to spring into action. You may see patterns but don’t be anxious during a high cycle.

You may lose fear as you take many readings over time and realize that these are just patterns or cycles of your mind/body. Always have your attention on the goal.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 97 cholesterol blockage on that side. Your blood pressure will decrease as you work on it. for example. Know that you can face your blood pressure reading no matter what it is. no matter what they are. Take Control of Your Blood Pressure Your fear of high blood pressure empowers the imbalance or disease. I may have a stressful day and get a reading of 108/74. Be kind and loving to yourself. Then a few months later you might get high readings on the right. Always know that you are doing your best. For some people (including myself ) who have a labile blood pressure. Just stay focused on self-empowerment. align your intention with your inner healing power–the mind/body intelligence ready to promote health and balance at your command. it is sometimes hard to reconcile the stress of the day with the blood pressure readings. It sometimes doesn’t make sense. getting a lower specific reading. and then have a pleasant day and get a reading of 130/86 or up to 130/90. Rather than putting your attention on fear. which is precisely what you are working on lowering. and watch the progress. This reality goes beyond your blood pressure readings. You may begin to see a connection between the readings and how you are handling stress during the day. As you take your blood pressure every day remember your goal to lose the fear of having high blood pressure. If you have hypertension you may often get high blood pressure readings. Don’t be concerned about this. The main thing is you are taking . It is just a cycle within the body. Know that it’s ok. This will become clearer as you incorporate daily charting into your routine. For example. Keep a daily chart. The process of healing is what is important – not the readings you are supposed to have. see your patterns and cycles. I will outline some teachings and give some references of how to help relax in order to properly set the stage for taking your blood pressure.

Have faith in yourself and the infinite healing power inherent within your mind/body. . it spontaneously lowers when I begin taking it more often. As a result of these observations I noted that just as there are cycles in nature. Some doctors recommend taking each reading at different times throughout the day. rest a few minutes. For example. This cannot be emphasized enough. A week later I averaged 121/79 and then it continued to drop. there are many external sources in which to put faith. Charting blood pressure averages year after year have shown me that my pressure rises in the early spring and midautumn like clockwork. I have my own seasonal cycles. I take the four readings at one time within ten minutes of each other. a minimum of four times a day. White Coat Syndrome Unusually high readings in a doctor’s office indicate “white coat syndrome. I find that when my pressure is on an upswing. The first indication was mid140’s over high 90’s. A study published in JAMA showed that 21% of the 292 participants had this condition. During a high cycle just know that your blood pressure will soon return to what is normal for you. A simple chart using daily averages can be made as follows: Date 8/15/01 8/16/01 Systolic 120 118 Diastolic 80 79 Goal 110/70 The above chart allows you to see patterns in your blood pressure and to learn not to panic during a high cycle. One technique in dealing with “white coat syndrome” is to ask the nurse or physician to take your pressure on the other arm. then ask to have it taken again.98 TAKE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE WITHOUT FEAR responsibility for your own health by taking your blood pressure regularly. I saw a quick rise in the second week of November 1997 that lasted a week. but the inner source is the most powerful. I find it is best to take my blood pressure every day.” which is the anxiety of having your blood pressure taken in a medical setting.95 In this chapter we will explore many techniques to lower the anxiety of high blood pressure.

when you are doing the above exercise. and is very effective. I knew it wasn’t terrible. etc. there is another step that can be added during the visualization process. To apply this approach to managing your blood pressure. snakes. start by putting the cuff a few feet away from you while visualizing taking your blood pressure calmly and getting the desired result. All the techniques in this book will help you to overcome fear because they empower you to take control of your blood pressure. Next. My blood pressure was under control for over five years and then suddenly it started to climb again.g. then put it on your arm and visualize. but I had been averaging 115/78. But by continuing to follow the program I got it down to 102/63 in about five weeks. If needed use many steps until you put the cuff on your arm. it’s not always so easy. The following desensitization approach can also be used along with other techniques when taking your blood pressure.. hold it and visualize again. Roger J. I merely instituted the techniques in this book when I took my blood pressure and. The more control you have. etc. as you can see by the results. Tap with your middle and index fingers on the bottom edge of your eye socket bone beneath the center of the eye. I started seeing readings of mid-140’s over mid90’s. so I encourage you to take steps to go beyond fear. Systematic desensitization is used to overcome many fears like those of spiders. Then move it a little closer and visualize again. the less fear you will experience. they work. author of Five Minute Phobia Cure. You can use any variation that I have described while also visualizing the pressure reading you desire. Tap on both sides 35 times . Begin by putting the object of fear far enough away from you so that a feeling of comfort predominates. Take your time. I began to be fearful of taking my blood pressure again just as when I began my program. Callahan. A situation like this is a great opportunity. This technique is from Dr. 110/70. e. Then gradually move it closer and closer as you maintain your level of comfort.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 99 The Moment of Truth Overcoming fear sounds good but when the cuff is on your arm and you have a pulse rate of 100. If fear still predominates.

It is also useful to visualize breathing in love and breathing out fear. I have taken as many as 20 readings per day when my pressure is in a high cycle. and effective technique for overcoming . use these and other techniques included in this book regularly to lower blood pressure before and between each reading. and Li11 (see figure 16-1). For overcoming deep fears. One technique is to rub the wrist points for the heart and pericardium meridians shown in the chapter (see figure 16-2). This will reduce your blood pressure and relax your heart. Chapter 16 also contains effective techniques to use before taking your pressure. breathe it out from the part of your body in which you experience it. Then see if your fear is reduced. When taking your readings see the desired pressure in your mind. Doing this helps to lower it because while I am taking it I am feeling that my pressure will decrease. This enables you to have more control of your blood pressure and thus reduce fear. press on Liv3. Every time you exhale feel your blood vessels becoming more relaxed. Just taking it helps to overcome fear. Visualize your heart filled with rose quartz light and with emotions of love and contentment. When it is high take your pressure in two sets of four readings to help lower it. The ear pressing point is also a major blood pressure lowering technique shown in Chapter 15 (see figure 15-2). I highly recommend the book Getting Through to Your Emotions by Phillip and Jane Mountrose. If the fear is localized. Even if your pulse is normal and the fear has diminished. It will work – just give yourself time without pressure. The big secret is to just be easy about it. If not repeat this procedure. Visualize your heart and blood vessels completely relaxed and filled with rose quartz light. Their Short Sequence is an excellent. Use these as needed for the entire time you are taking the readings. which is called the parasympathetic breathing technique. I encourage you to use any other technique described in this book to help lower your blood pressure during this time. St36. Also as described in Chapter 16.100 TAKE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE WITHOUT FEAR while simultaneously being in touch with your fear. One effective breathing exercise is outlined in Chapter 13. simple.

I deeply and completely accept myself.” Say this 3 times while tapping on the “karate chop” point on the outside of either hand. THE EVALUATION: After the fear is at full intensity. THE SETUP: Bring your fear of hypertension (or if there is a more dominant fear related to this condition) into the present. along the small intestine meridian. (Figure: 5-1A) . which is located on the outer edge of the hand along the line where the red and white skin meet. when you make a fist. “Even though I have this (specific fear). I will simplify their steps for your purposes. However. 1. fill in the blank with words like “fear of hypertension. is behind and lateral to the knuckle of the little finger. It is the point that.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 101 fears. THE AFFIRMATION: Repeat the affirmation. rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. the book is more thorough and describes the profound concepts of this system.” For example. 2. 3.

b) The side of your eye. f ) The collarbone (It is easiest to describe the collarbone points in the following acupuncture terms). the indentation at the midway point between the bottom of your nose and the top of the lip. tap on the specific points shown below while repeating aloud the above phrase one time at each point. THE TAPPING SEQUENCE: After step 3. c) Under the eye. about four inches below the armpit. A cun is the width of your thumb knuckle. d) Under your nose. so count 2 thumb knuckles to either side of the midline. Use the ends of the fingers. In the depression of the lower border of the clavicle. . g) Under your arm. e) The middle of your chin just below the crease. not the pads. 2 cun lateral to the anterior midline. in the middle at the bottom edge of the bone under your eye. a tender area on the side of the chest. The Points To Tap Are: a) The inside edge of your eyebrow.102 TAKE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE WITHOUT FEAR (Figure: 5-1B) 4. over the inside corner of the eye. next to the outside of the eye. near the temple.

Give yourself permission to take a break for ten to fifteen minutes and relax for the first five or ten minutes. Under of Eye 4. and whatever else . pleasant and relaxing procedure. re-evaluate your fear on a scale of 0 to 10 in relation to the original intensity.96 How to Take Your Blood Pressure Taking blood pressure at home can be a simple. In this program. then do so.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 103 1 3 4 5 2 6 1. and allow your energy to settle for a minute. It may even be completely gone. Under the Arm (tender area about 4” below the armpit) 7 (Figure: 5-2) 5. After feeling settled. If you need to do it again. Collarbone 7. and can be part of your regular blood pressure routine. Use the fear reducing techniques. Eyebrow 2. Stress can cause a higher reading so you need to take a break from your rushed lifestyle when taking your readings. your intention is to lower your blood pressure by taking it regularly. the blood pressure lowering techniques. The Re-evaluation: After your tapping is completed take a deep breath. It should have a cumulative effect. Side of the Eye 3. Chin (just below fold) 6. Note the difference. Under the Nose 5.

The greater the challenge the greater the opportunity to practice faith in a positive outcome. Instructions come with the cuff. Most pharmacies have different types of cuffs. I sometimes take it while in bed slumped against a pillow. You can rest it on a table. I personally have been very satisfied with the arm cuff. Dr. an ordained Unity Minister.104 TAKE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE WITHOUT FEAR you need to do to feel relaxed – this is your time. published in the October 2000 issue of Unity Magazine discusses fear as having faith in a negative outcome. Frustrated with him. As he looked out the plane toward earth. I once saw a video about a man who was learning to sky dive. as we shall see in the following story. such as finger. with my knees bent and resting my hand on my knee. Overcoming Fear An article by Jane Droker. It is best to keep silent while taking your blood pressure. Your arm should be relaxed. and these devices are very simple to use. Some can be inaccurate with high blood pressure readings. since it usually rises when speaking. Whitaker recommends a digital “wrist band” device for simple and accurate readings. He was totally petrified as he made his first jump. wrist. so check with your health care provider to determine which type is best for you. then jumped himself. and held at chest level. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have awareness on your blood pressure in this healing process. but accurate with normal blood pressure readings. he was frozen with fear. and arm cuffs. the man who had been pushed had a problem . The power of faith can work in either direction – it can help to create the feared outcome or it can point you in the direction of perfect health. He kept hesitating and told his buddies how frightened he was. As they were descending. supported. one of his friends just pushed him out of the airplane. Types of Cuffs There are many types of cuffs.

Their horror abated as the team on the ground witnessed the man decelerating. He felt so unified from this experience that later he jumped again without using his parachute. the already terrified friend had a parachute that would not open – even the emergency chords failed.800 feet the man and the researcher were told to open their chutes. This time the doctor witnessed the jump and called the Office of Scientific Investigation and Research. To the jumper’s surprise. Our petrified jumper must have been going through a terrifying ordeal when an amazing thing happened. After some reluctance the investigative team agreed.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 105 with his parachute. which failed to prove that he could. The researcher repeated the command to the man. The doctor heard about the upcoming second jump and went to stop him since she didn’t believe the story in the first place. What might have been a brutal death turned out to be a great triumph. Everyone was horrified at this turn of events. They studied the man and administered tests to see if he could float. He changed his thoughts and changed his destiny. What confidence. Few of us will ever be faced with a situation that forces us to overcome our fear. They filmed the whole event as he floated down to earth. His friends were stunned by what they observed. and thought he was probably delusional. but insisted that the man wear his parachute. The event described here does not defy the law of gravity – it illustrates complete unity with it. One of the researchers was also a skydiver and jumped along with the man being studied. who smiled and then took off his parachute. At 2. The man was so angry he told them that the only real test was to jump from the plane again. He was unhurt and standing upright on the ground as if nothing unusual had happened. This was an extraordinary event to say the least. I believe that the ability is within each of us to overcome our greatest challenges and make our positive story true. The rest of the team monitored the man’s vitals from the ground. His friend took him to the emergency room and the doctor found him to be unharmed so he was released. what courage was shown in this union with the law of gravity. not once but three times. However. What happens when you think about putting on a blood pressure . He started to decelerate down as he was falling to earth and finally landed unscathed.

Bernie Siegal M. in the universe there is no loss. He changed his destiny. Wayne Dyer. a predicted outcome. What you may think of as loss is simply transformation. and your blood pressure skyrockets.99 Exploring these concepts in greater depth will lead you to discover the nature of how such a shift from fear to fearlessness can occur. the nature of this shift must be none other than your own inner spirit or love. Chopra spirit is love. and Dr. then probably your heart rate increases rapidly. or worse. Deepak Chopra who has lectured extensively on the role the mind/body phenomena play in the recovery process. And according to Dr. The common factor in all these types of remissions is complete and total lack of fear – fear of death and fear of loss. Can changing your thoughts change the predicted outcome of an imbalance in your body.100 Therefore. However.97 Chopra. The only real fear is the fear of change.D. including hypertension? Absolutely! Spontaneous Remissions Changing your thoughts and transcending the fear of death has been postulated to be a marker in self-healing. One of the best researchers in healing modalities is Dr. Through this exploration you can discover the cause of this shift of awareness in a person who is not afraid of death.98 When we apply judgment to change.106 TAKE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE WITHOUT FEAR cuff. It is from this level of consciousness that you can see how natural it is to overcome the fears that contribute to and perpetuate your high blood pressure. a sense of terror infuses every cell in your body. But the man who fell without a parachute overcame something even more terrifying by changing his thinking. Healing of terminally ill patients is still a gray area. the kingdom of heaven is really within as you open up to your greater potential. have observed and agreed upon the common feature of people who have spontaneous remissions from cancer. What part of us is that which does not die? It is spirit. The unmistakable answer seems to be – and must be – an encounter with that which does not die. Love and spirit are your personal saviors. loss is the term we use. taking your blood pressure? If you suffer from hypertension. . along with prominent physicians.

REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 107 Fear of Disease – A Tribal Illusion As you listen to “health reports” on the news. and consciousness that create our physical body can also heal any disease in our physical body. The mind/body responds with confusion to your fears because the threat is not yet manifested on the physical plane. which is you.” empower the healer within. just a natural response to step out of harms way and to remain healthy. Here the “cure” is an emotional. but it cannot defend against exaggerated fears on which people consistently dwell. Consciously there was no fear. leading us to thoughts of despair that are biologically destructive. Therefore thoughts of health strengthen your immune system and thoughts of disease weaken it. and this is the direction in which your thoughts must be directed. you naturally realize in consciousness that disease and aging are only an outcome of a process that we accept on a mass scale. Growing beyond the level of the tribal mind. goes beyond mere survival. it is what we believe in as a nation. mental. it is our belief system. Vibrational energy is generated by thought. love and oneness with spirit to operate at peak efficiency. There is a solution to curing hypertension.102 This quality of life requires fearlessness. and psychic vaccine. energy. your leadership. The body is able to self-correct against any disease. but most of all. Your body spontaneously jumps out of the way to safety. a 3D projection of the mind. Its purpose is to maintain the quality of life at certain levels and promote health and fulfillment. We rarely hear that the intelligence. . “Real cures.101 The tribal mind effects us on so many levels because it is our group consciousness – it is our conditioning about disease. For example. The main purpose of the body. Disease is not something you are supposed to inherit. and it is the healing power within you. your mind becomes infused with more fear of impending disease every day. and creates a greater possibility for it to manifest in your life. unaware of an oncoming car. which can only be created and administered by you. you may be crossing a busy intersection while reading a newspaper. Fear aligns vibrational energy with illness. We have fallen into the tribal mind syndrome. Through fear you can create the very diseases you don’t want. it is a belief structure. The mind/body is in need of coherent leadership.

one heals and the other weakens the mind/ body. An abundance of symptoms are reported to doctors. who in turn develop a prognosis and generate more fear about the symptoms. Medicine always presents the body as a disease waiting to happen. thereby creating more fear and generating more disease. When you . always there. As you take your blood pressure fearlessly and use these techniques you will experience the healing process. A recent review of the medical literature has highlighted a spectrum of diseases whose onset and course may be influenced by pro-inflammatory cytokines. As you experience your own inner healing abilities you become empowered and fearless. All of your reactions to events including hypertension are really reactions about yourself. from cardiovascular disease to frailty and functional decline. or fears of disease. Remember the 3D concept – the mind is not in every cell. Most patients go downhill after a distressing prognosis. Your enemies or allies are those of your own household. drugs are created for a purpose. all fears are projections from within you. Pro-inflammatory cytokine production can be directly stimulated by negative emotions and stressful experiences and indirectly stimulated by chronic or recurring infections. This is a profound subject. thus escalating the cycle. and we fulfill that purpose by taking them for our symptoms.108 TAKE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE WITHOUT FEAR Years ago Eric Butterworth spoke on the leadership that your cells need from you and of its importance for health. You consciously and unconsciously direct vital energy for health or disease continually through your thoughts and emotions. but it is peoples preoccupation with illness that exacerbates these conditions. Drug commercials seem to be a self-fulfilling prophesy – after all. but at times overshadowed by your fears. Love is the basis for spontaneous healing. Love is the reality of life. To think is to change the biochemistry of your mind/body constantly. fear and love create an opposite biochemistry. Ultimately. and is vital for health to be achieved and maintained. You can project thoughts of fear into the environment and react to them while believing them to be an external reality.103 Every day you are inundated with commercials for drugs to combat this or that disease. it is every cell. You want to replace fear with love. your own thoughts of health. Your body will mirror your mind. Disease can exist outside this paradigm.

.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 109 dwell on fear you are separated from your love and power because fear is nothing more than the absence of love. you are able to share it with others and grow more loving with yourself. which will increase the inner flow of love. Love connects you to a deeper reality of your higher self and this takes you to a place where fear cannot exist. And when fear cannot exist in your mind/body. a major cause of high blood pressure is removed and you have overcome the disease in your body. In subsequent chapters you will explore and learn self-love exercises. As love flows from within.

not the symptoms. Dissatisfaction with side effects propelled him to continue searching. pathologist. not the disease. Bach knew that good health depends on spiritual. he developed this natural system of healing that has no side effects. He was very successful in his field. Dr. mental. and soul. True healing – restoring harmony – opens up the channels for this vital flow of life. He was a physician. The Bach Flower System presents us with an ideal of health beyond the absence of symptoms. immunologist. The effects of disharmony are manifest in your mind in the form of negative moods and thoughts. This depletes the body of strength and vitality. When you are not following your inner direction emotional problems can result which in turn create physical problems. and a bacteriologist. blocking the life force necessary for existence on all levels. Finally. Bach Flower remedies harmonize mind. and emotional factors being in harmony. Dr. Edward Bach originated the Bach Flower system in England during the 1920’s. and created a series of remarkable vaccines for many diseases. Bach understood that these negative moods and thoughts could affect your body.Chapter Six Bach Flower Remedies r. body. Bach Flower remedies are sold in small bottles containing clear liquid flower extracts formulated to effect emotions. Bach believed in treating the person. Bach had a unique and varied background. Dr. He worked with the cause of illness. Even on the surface level 110 D .

can restore balance.104 The system has a total of 38 remedies. These vibrations restore the inner intelligence to a balanced emotional state and that translates into a healthier biochemistry. Some people are affected by disease. discusses Dr. Bach opposed modern medicine that concentrated only on the physical. true healing is postponed and the disease continues. 2. 4. while others seem immune. Bach’s remedies are made from flowers. although I discuss all 38 remedies later in this chapter There are also Bach Flower Counselors throughout the world who can give you a consultation. although both classes may be exposed to the same possibility of infection or disease. It is even possible for this stress to translate into a physical problem like an ulcer. Disharmony between the personality and the soul creates disease. overcome all harm. or a tumor. Materialism ignores that there are . 3. Bach’s view of focusing on emotional as well as physical healing. hypertension. He considered drugs to be mostly counter-productive because the negative mental and emotional patterns creating the disease are continued. they contain the vibrational frequencies of flowers. The frequencies of flowers. We have the desire and ability to discover the fault that is causing the conflict. Bach believed that physical disease was a result of negative mental and emotional states.105 Medical science cannot explain many remissions and cures of terminal diseases. Developing the opposite virtue will remove the fault. Four Factors in Bach’s System 1. author of Flowers to the Rescue. Studying a book on the Bach Flower remedies will help you decide which remedies will be most useful for your individual emotional balance. Patients need to realize that Divinity is within. Therefore. Gregory Vlamis. Like homeopathic remedies.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 111 personal problems can cause stress and pressure in your life by changing biochemistry. The inevitable result is more serious illness later on. Often relief from drugs is temporary. Dr. and through this knowledge. like the frequencies of herbs.

This remedy brings out your inner awareness to experience . find the remedy that fits your overall personality in addition to using some that fit your current mental and emotional state. disappointment. you can use that remedy. Bach Flower Remedies bring out the life-supporting aspect. discouragement and personal setbacks. ROCK W ATER is for types who are too hard on themselves. you will be hearing about the term “personality type.106 Positive and Negative Emotions Positive and negative emotions are two sides of the same coin. Quantum physics has shown for over 100 years that the material plane is not physical in its fundamental nature. No matter what you are experiencing. Below is a sample of seven remedies I use as part of my personal blood-pressure reduction program: GENTIAN is used for depression. What you put your attention on grows in your life. do not feel restricted by your personality type. Bach Flower Remedies can play a vital role in health by enlivening your higher nature. Rather. The energy that creates emotions is not positive or negative. The positive lesson to learn is to take responsibility for creating personal reality. the neuropeptide for love and hate are biochemically almost the same. while you are learning and growing. the polarity of the energy gives you the free will to put your attention on the positive or the negative. If you are experiencing similar states of mind. They do not attack darkness but instead flood your body with the beautiful vibrations of your Higher Nature. In the presence of these vibrations disease melts like ice on a hot summer day. These remedies bring you closer to your inner light. As you explore all of the 38 remedies. Remember that darkness is negated by light.” However. who have a lot of self-denial and extreme selfdiscipline. who pressure themselves. Gentian can help you remember to exact the positive from all life situations.112 BACH FLOWER REMEDIES factors beyond the physical plane. In a spontaneous remission from cancer it is the subtler level of your true nature that protects you and renders you unsusceptible to disease. For example.

Larch reminds you that you can take action even in the face of fear. Next. Mimulus helps you to overcome the limitations of physical reality. without the need to incorporate this idealism into your life. at times may feel overwhelmed by responsibilities. Larch helps you realize that success and failure have no real meaning – as long as you are growing you are successful. MIMULUS is for fears that have a known cause. buy a oneounce dropper bottle and clean it. however. and to take things as they come – even if it means taking one more day to complete a project. If you want you can say a prayer over it. Use the dropper to put seven drops of the liquid into your mouth . This will help you abandon the need to be mentally strict with yourself. First. The positive quality enhanced by this remedy is understanding that you are already perfect. Vervain helps you activate your will without being limited by personal beliefs. as well as for shyness and timidity (being timid). How to Take Bach Flower Remedies You may take up to seven remedies at a time. VERV AIN is appropriate when personal will defines the nature of reality and you seek to convert others to your beliefs. Shake it gently. the more profound effect they will have because the concentration is more focused. fill the bottle with purified or spring water until it is about 7/8th full. The fewer remedies you take at a time. With this remedy you can learn to face worrisome situations without fear. Rock Water can help you trust this greater innate order and rhythm of life. LARCH is used for fear of failure and doubt of one’s capabilities – this fear can lead to immobilization. People who benefit from Elm may have rigid concepts of perfection and strain to live up to some impossible ideal. ELM is for those who are very capable.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 113 the order inherent in all of life. If you are a Reiki practitioner you can use symbols for emotional healing over the bottle. Put seven drops from the stock bottle of each remedy you wish to use into the dropper bottle. The positive side of the traits enhanced by Vervain aligns personal will with universal will.

we will give the remedies for each category. Over sensitivity: Agrimony. Crab Apple. Red Chestnut. Mimulus. Despondency and Despair: Larch. Lack of interest in present circumstances: Clematis. Sweet Chestnut. Bach Flower Categories Fear: Rock Rose. Over Care for Others’ Welfare: Chicory. Aspen. Mustard. Honeysuckle. Gorse. Pick the one(s) . Vine.114 BACH FLOWER REMEDIES four times a day. Do not touch the dropper to your mouth. If you are under stress. Olive. you can take the remedy as often as needed. Holly. Elm. Each of these remedies represents a personality type. Cherry Plum. I want to give you a brief description of the other Bach Flower remedies so you have a broad perspective of the possibilities for healing with this system. First. Vervain. The remedies are divided into seven categories. Beech. Oak. Pine. Uncertainty: Cerato. Willow. Wild Rose. Rock Water. Hornbeam. Walnut. Chestnut Bud. Centaury. White Chestnut. The 38 Remedies We are all unique. Scleranthus. Gentian. and then a basic description of each remedy will follow in alphabetical order. Star of Bethlehem. Everyone needs a different combination of remedies. Wild Oat.

suffering. Bach noted the perfect example of tolerance was Jesus during his crucifixion. The positive aspect of this personality type is . Cherry Plum is good for fear of losing your mind: nervous breakdown. and therefore do not have a guide in the present or the future. People who need this remedy repeat past errors. Jesus had no harsh thoughts. and forgave his persecutors. and follow the dictates of others. and are always seeking advice from others. It may be fear of death. On the positive side. This remedy helps you see the good within. and once they make a decision. The positive aspects are fearlessness through love. These types are critical taskmasters. On the positive side. On the positive side. On the positive side. they may serve wisely. and worry. Century is for the timid who lack strength of will.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 115 that describe you. This booklet is concise and very practical. do not stand up for themselves. and fear of losing control. a love of peace. Beech can inspire strong convictions and high ideals. realizing the true nature beyond pain. knowing when to give and when to withhold. They sap the vitality of others. The positive influence of each remedy enhances specific qualities in your personality. or being alone. lonely. take a long time to learn from mistakes. quiet courage. they will stick to it. yet underneath there is mental torture. Agrimony is for those who show a brave face. They like excitement and companionship as a distraction. and being a good companion. and then add whatever else is needed for a current emotional challenge. despite any internal pain. and usually keep to themselves. Chestnut Bud is for those who fail to learn from past mistakes. Aspen is used for vague fears of unknown origin. they can have wisdom. The definitions and concepts of the remedies are from the Dictionary Of The Bach Flower Remedies. Using this remedy can balance the personality and bring out the positive aspects of a truly carefree attitude. fear of suicide. and sometimes do not learn from experience at all. Dr. becoming participants of real joy. Cerato is for those who doubt their own ability. with a strong individuality. darkness. Cherry Plum shows calm. are subservient. They try to forget the past. Beech is for intolerance – not allowing for shortcomings in others.

When depressed. The positive aspects of Clematis are a lively interest in many things. melancholy. lacking interest in the present. it is difficult to believe it is a lack of faith. gains knowledge and wisdom from experience. This remedy allows you to see your mistakes as others do. Gorse types feel hopeless and despairing. and enjoys arguments. and being down to earth. and expects others to conform to their high ideals. and see things in perspective. concerned and caring for others. They may be despondent and exhausted. Chicory – is for those with the qualities of possessiveness and selfishness. The positive aspect of this personality type is the ability to see difficulties. They may have a vacant look. These symptoms are temporary. No obstacle or task is too great and setbacks or delays in completing tasks do not affect this type. A momentary doubt of abilities exacerbates weakness. These types feel despair. Gentian types are easily discouraged and despondent. mastery over thoughts. When in balance. and capable of giving without thought or needing anything in return. Clematis is for those who are dreamers. understanding. Chicory needs constant attention. accept oneself. and intuition. and is capable of learning from others. unclean and ashamed physically and mentally. efficiency. On the positive side. and be indifferent or impractical. Clematis types are heavy sleepers who fall asleep easily and prefer to be alone. This type is easily hurt and offended. especially when told that nothing else can be done for their condition. They feel it is useless to try . there is no failure when doing the utmost. It works externally as well as internally. the positive qualities are capability. and choice that hinders overcoming problems. This includes a negative outlook. self-disgust. seven drops can even be put into the bath. creativity.116 BACH FLOWER REMEDIES aware of mistakes. both mental and emotional. and being easily depressed when things go wrong. On the positive side. dislikes being alone. be broad-minded. This remedy is known as the cleansing remedy for mind and body. Chicory is selfless. Crab Apple – is for those suffering from self-hatred and a sense of uncleanliness. with ideas of being incapable of the task at hand. Elm types feel inadequate due to overwhelming responsibilities. is strong willed. idealism.

yielding unsparing efforts to help others. and always have to tell someone about himself or herself. These people are hateful. prefers to work alone. and lose interest in the present. On the positive side this type restores vitality sapped by others. They are tired and self-preoccupied. On the positive side they have a generous mind. On the positive side. but usually accomplish tasks. Heather types tend to be self-centered. and have little interest in the problems of others. Hornbeam types doubt their own strength to face or cope with situations. wants everything done quickly. Honeysuckle – personality types are living in the past. avoid greed.108 We will learn about the cardiovascular risks of homocysteine in Chapter 10. Their vital forces slow down. suspicious. and can make spiritual and mental progress. give freely. Holly is for hatred. are poor listeners. They corner and sap others. fear the future. envy and jealousy. They have suffered and are willing to listen and help. they experience the past as being of essential value. understanding and tolerant. When in balance. nervous. Impatiens is for the impatient. This personality type can be irritable. high levels of homocysteine have been correlated with anger and hostility. and is irritated by others – all this frustration causes mental tension.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 117 another treatment or situation. rising above mental or physical conditions or other people’s views. and rejoice in the success of others. Heather may be obsessed with ailments and problems. and be loving. Holly has the ability to share. This is another example of the intimate relationship between mind and body. On the positive side. They suffer. The positive qualities of this type are lack of . The positive qualities of this personality are faith and hope. Hornbeam is associated with weariness and mental fatigue. usually without a cause. Homesickness and nostalgia are in their thoughts. and are angry. greedy. which can be released. have a bad temper. Hornbeam types are certain of their ability and strength to face problems no matter what the challenge. finishes sentences for others. makes mountains out of molehills. aggressive. They look back.107 According to a study published in Life Sciences. and is selfless and understanding. in balance. dislike being alone.

a capability of facing challenges in life with equanimity and humor. Mimulus types are afraid of illness. On the positive side they experience deepening faith and can release the struggle. The mind is also exhausted.118 BACH FLOWER REMEDIES haste in thoughts and actions. The positive side of this personality is an inner serenity. They may be sapped from an illness. accidents. On the positive side. Oak cannot ask for help and wants to solve problems alone. and are strong and patient. Oak types are despondent but struggle on. Larch types feel inferior. but can quit when it becomes too much. these people have courage and stability. Mustard types experience a deep gloom with no origin. Pine types are self-reproaching and feel guilty. They cannot relax and enjoy. This depression creates hopelessness and despair. and avert failure by standing down. Pine . The positive qualities are a quiet courage. and public activities. but also know the ability is there. patience. life is an effort. death. capable. They blame themselves for the mistakes of others. This effort eventually becomes self-defeating. poverty or lack. They are obstinate and persistent. They can claim the strength and vitality to sustain and encourage others. They are shy and blush easily. they won’t even try. The positive side of this personality type is that they are not fearful of failure or success. They are determined. relaxation. They admire success in others. There is no strength. For no apparent reason. willing to take risks. Olive types suffer complete exhaustion. and for anything else that goes wrong. harmony. They are capable of withstanding great strain. The person may feel overshadowed by a cold dark cloud. enjoy helping others. tolerance and gentle concern for the shortcomings of others. Even when inactive. the darkness lifts just as suddenly as it comes. Larch types lack confidence. and interest. and do not admit to having fatigue. push themselves. a peace and joy that cannot be shaken. This removes normal cheerful thoughts. Mimulus types in balance can have stable emotions and be able to enjoy life without irrational fears. suffering over an extended period of time. the dark. They overwork. Convinced of failure with no possibility of success. and not discouraged by results. and could result in a breakdown. they can maintain peace.

bad news. and safety to those around them. and lack of balance. There is a lack of feeling settled. Their positive qualities are taking responsibility with a balanced attitude. such as a nightmare or serious accident. Star of Bethlehem is used for shock. Star of Bethlehem soothes pain and sorrows. The positive aspects of this type are calm. This is for those who suffer extreme mental despair and mental torture. They indulge in self-denial. determined. Sweet Chestnut types experience extreme anguish. as well as the delayed effects of a shock or past trauma. and sound judgment. Rock Water types are very hard on themselves. self-domination.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 119 types have a guilt complex that takes the joy out of life. On the positive side. Use this remedy for terrifying situations. they can send out thoughts of health. and even self-martyrdom. and prompt to act. In an emergency situation. a flexible mind. loss of opportunities. The positive effect of this remedy is to neutralize shock and trauma. a balanced Red Chestnut can remain calm physically and mentally. perseverance. Rock Water types experience self-repression and denial. fright. strength of will and character. Scleranthus experiences extremes of joy and sadness. Scleranthus types are uncertain and indecisive. The positive aspects brought out by this remedy are high ideals. and a willingness to risk self for others. Rock Water will not be influenced by others because of great convictions. They concentrate on the self too much. This can be from an immediate situation or as a delayed effect. quick decision-makers. such as an accident. Red Chestnut types are anxious and worried about the welfare of others and concerned that any symptom in another will become a serious illness. They are very uptight with a rigid outlook. courage. Add a few drops to water for children’s nightmares. They are overconscientious – achievements are never good enough. In balance. laughing and crying. Their minds are ruled by theories. The mind vacillates between two possibilities. who have reached . Rock Rose helps terror. humility. even panic attacks. These negative thoughts can harm the very ones they are concerned about. The positive qualities brought on by this remedy are great courage. and a will to move on to a greater theory.

puberty. which is heard. The great gifts. These types are oversensitive to the ideas and the energy projections of others. loving. They force their will upon others and can become dictators. The positive aspect of this remedy is that it enlivens strong character and increases faith in a higher power despite any situation. These people cannot relax. Water Violet types are proud and aloof. These people possess knowledge and are very capable.120 BACH FLOWER REMEDIES the limits of endurance. The Walnut remedy is helpful when breaking away from the known and safe paths of life. or menopause. Sweet Chestnut types have full control of emotions. They crave power. as well as the environment. Vervains push the limits of mental energy. Balanced Vine types allow others to know themselves. The positive aspects of these people are that they are independent and self-reliant. Vervain types suffer from tension and hyper anxiety. new house. They are fanatical perfectionists who do not let go of an idea or thought – they keep pushing those around them. inherent in the balanced Vine. Their poise and dignity come from . The positive aspect of this personality demonstrates that accomplishments are by being. creating miracles through their cry for help. not doing. It is good for transition stages in life – life changes – such as a new job. and condescending. This over-effort leads to stress. and have aggressive pride. These types cannot adequately protect themselves from a dominating personality or circumstance. and will be ruthless in their methods. This remedy protects from over sensitivity to adverse circumstances and influences. and find their own path. Vine types are domineering and inflexible. Walnut is for people who need protection from change and outside influences. On the positive side ideals and ambitions are carried out with determination despite the circumstances and opinions of others. with no hope and no peace. These people have a tendency to use their gifts to gain power and thus dominate others. are used to guide without the need to dominate. They demand obedience. In balance. because they think they always know better. disdainful. are greedy for authority. The positive personality of this type is a ruler who is wise. distant. They come across as conceited. and understanding. Physical problems can manifest from this mental rigidity.

Others cannot do enough for this type. thoughts are constructive and controlled. The thoughts do not abate. Wild Rose in balance is lively. faith. they resent the good fortune of others – they are irritable and sulky. Take Rescue Remedy when you . Feeling they do not deserve a negative situation. and continue to maintain it. Willow has bitterness and self-pity about any misfortune. Life issues are not clear. Wild Oat types are uncertain about their correct path in life. Bad situations in their lives seem incurable. The positive qualities of this type are a quiet. Positive aspects are a definite character. These people are just resigned to illness or wrong occupation. and passion. They are weary. recognizing responsibilities and the power to attract positive experiences. Rock Rose. This type resents and blames everyone else. Impatiens. whose talents and ambitions are known and lives a happy useful life. and they are difficult patients. They have purpose. Balanced Water Violet types use their capabilities in the service of others. White Chestnut is for types who have unwanted thoughts and mental arguments. In balance. and others experience them as dull. and Star of Bethlehem. They learn to live with them. and ability to be sympathetic. as well as despondency. nor does anything bring happiness. Wild Rose types are apathetic.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 121 their wisdom. Unfortunately. calm mind and internal peace. gentleness. Rescue Remedy is a first aid kit in a bottle. The Wild Oat remedy supports the natural tendency to find one’s station in life. The person is involved in everything. Wild Rose types fail to understand that they create their situation. This leads to a preoccupation with the thoughts that divert attention from the present. It consists of five of the Bach Flower remedies: Cherry Plum. They may feel hopeless and powerless to stop these thoughts from spinning continuous mental torment. There is uncertainty and dissatisfaction. Their interest and vitality leads to happiness and fulfillment. have low vitality. ambition. like a constant replay of a movie they do not want to see. with a keen interest in what transpires around them. Their positive qualities are optimism. On the positive side. Willow types are resentful. This leads to frustration. and expect to suffer. Clematis. Rescue Remedy is used for emergencies – for physical and emotional stress and trauma. yet nothing is satisfying.

Callahan. Rescue Remedy helps with self-sabotage in overcoming fears.J. published by DK Publishing Inc. This book guides you in overcoming fears and phobias using meridian tapping. Wheeler. A good book on homeopathy in general is Homeopathy the Principles and Practice of Treatment by Dr. To learn more about homeopathy for emotions and well being read The Bach Flower Remedies by Edward Bach. Another book with interesting case studies is. Nicola Geddes.D. Philip Chancellor. M. going to the dentist. Callahan recommends Rescue Remedy to avoid self-sabotage when overcoming phobias. Ph. and helps break fearful emotional patterns. discusses using Rescue Remedy in his book The Five Minute Phobia Cure. or are otherwise fearful. anxious about taking exams. and F.122 BACH FLOWER REMEDIES are in an accident. Bach Flower Remedies by Dr. .D. It is both simple and profound. Roger J. M.109 It can also be mixed with any of the other remedies.D. Andrew Lockie and Dr. Dr.

It shows their wife’s love and support is an important 123 C . considers the healing power of love to be the physician of the universe. One case study of 10. making a complete recovery in three months. This story illustrates that thoughts of love strengthen the immune system and heart. correct circulation problems. The book discusses a miraculous recovery that transpired when a nurse called the patient’s name and affirmed loudly. and more. increase energy levels. balance emotional biochemistry. Blood tests taken after visualizing love and world peace have shown an increase in immune cells of 50%. “Your heart is right with God. as well as the imbalance that creates a condition for heart problems.Chapter Seven Healing Through Self Love There is no fear in love. John 4:18 atherine Ponder. She then gave him the affirmation and he used it at home. but perfect love casts out fear. divine love is healing you now. author of The Healing Secret of the Ages.000 men demonstrates the power of love on angina pectoris. It is the medicine that heals all disease. This mighty power releases the heart’s desire.110 The great healing power of love is located in the region of the heart. As love is released it sends out healing heart energy.”111 When the patient became conscious he stated that he felt he had been healed of a long-standing heart condition by something the nurse said.

and they are more content. people. The risk factors cited in the study are age.113 Earlier in this book research was cited that demonstrates hostility increases homocysteine levels. and tear down cells. Vitamin “L” (love) is needed for a healthy cardiovascular system and the entire mind/body. Catherine Ponder offers some pointers for developing love. total serum cholesterol. Meditating daily on the mind power of love in the center of the chest will develop its light. as well as all of nature. Negative emotions such as hate and jealousy impede the flow of love. According to some studies there is a heart/mind unit that controls the two areas via a direct neural pathway. certain electrocardiographic abnormalities and diabetes mellitus. which is why love is so important for a healthy cardiovascular system. Their circulation is better. thymus and lungs to keep them vital and healthy. depending upon the emotion experienced. Loving people get sick less and recover quickly when they are ill. Love is not just an emotion. the heart chakra in the middle of your chest is the center through which you love. a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. family. and through it flows the energy that connects you to life. which apparently reduces the risk of angina pectoris even in the presence of high risk factors.124 HEALING THROUGH SELF LOVE balancing factor. friends. You live. their heart is happier. How to Develop Love Many diseases are caused by suppressed emotions.112 According to Eastern philosophy. systolic or diastolic blood pressure. more from your heart than you realize. Love empowers your heart. it changes the biochemistry of every cell in the body.114 This energy center feeds and nourishes your heart. and it is the expression of life itself. People who can express love are happier and healthier. Research has shown that the neurons in your heart are identical to the neurons in your brain. You can awaken this center by putting your attention on it and by affirming. As your heart center opens it increases your capacity to love yourself. Science is beginning to demonstrate that different emotions impact your physiology in both positive and negative ways. and especially love. . pets.

By taking the ‘log out of my eye’. Love affects your health in a powerful way. I used two symbols. thinking or experiencing this affirmation. Feel your chest expand as the weight of your burdens dissolve. In previous chapters you learned about neuropeptides. The heart. because when will takes over the result can be damaging to the heart. For months I was working every day with a person who was very irritating to me and I used a Tera-Mai Reiki II technique involving energy symbols. Thoughts of love heal and balance biochemistry. When this happened I could only experience love toward this person. is the beneficiary of life-supporting or damaging emotions. This technique taught me that our own projections of feelings. You will find that you have the power to heal and balance yourself through your own internal energy. Possessiveness and Heart Problems Love is a powerful force that flows naturally and when people try to control or dominate others. The energy from your hand will energize and strengthen the heart center. Emotions that constrict the heart and its ability to circulate blood freely can cause cardiovascular problems. I perceived my brother without a chip in his. Doing this technique has no outer manifestation. energizing and healing every cell in the body. more than any other part of the body. will quicken love’s growth. one to amplify the energy and one to enliven love and beauty. it is purely internal – no one could see that I was doing it. and energy towards our self and others really affect us more than we can imagine. heart problems can result. and feel the energy from your hand sink into your chest. Your will must always be guided by love. I sent the combination of symbols in his direction one time a day for two months. and the symbols spontaneously appeared in my own heart. I suggest you try holding your hand on the center of your chest.”115 Putting your attention on the heart. MANIFEST THYSELF IN ME NOW. thoughts. which blocks the expression of this mighty energy. which communicate thoughts and emotions throughout the body.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 125 “DIVINE LOVE. Now it is time to learn . This type of behavior inhibits the free flow of love.

“I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself with all my problems and shortcomings. According to Callahan. A primary ingredient is replacing self-rejection with self-love and acceptance by putting your energy and attention on love. Callahan. For example. Affirmation To Increase Self-Love You can use the following seed ideas to create your own affirmations. Roger P. and not betraying yourself by agreeing with them or even pretending to agree knowing that you are a beautiful and loving being • • • • • • .D.. You can use affirmations and exercises to accomplish this task. You will also explore the work of Barbara Brennan who shares some enlightening concepts in her book Light Emerging. child. by Dr. which came from the work of Roger J. fear is the red flag that we need to increase self-love in a specific area of our life. for loving yourself with your imperfections you could say. The Five Minute Phobia Cure. (this affirmation addresses self sabotage and overcoming phobias. Callahan) being strong being creative and loving loving your spouse. Ideas for Affirmations • • loving yourself loving yourself with your imperfections. author of The Five Minute Phobia Cure. family. It is included in the book. and animals accepting your life and changing what you do not like loving those you disagree with.126 HEALING THROUGH SELF LOVE some exercises to help you on the journey toward healing your blood pressure by increasing the flow of love. Ph.” Many years ago a healer told me he used the above-modified version of an original affirmation.

ashamed of. Then . or accusing yourself of faults because doing so will not foster self-love. as it overflows you can give this love to others. Think of yourself as a cup that is constantly filling up with love. do not love. If you become negative. Is there a part of your body that you feel badly about. Daily Awareness Techniques to Lower Blood Pressure. talk to it kindly and lovingly. Self-love fosters giving your love to others. This book also has many examples of how the healing power of love can heal heart problems. stop and put your attention on the positive. or that needs physical healing? Put your attention on that part. Wholeness is where manifestation begins. and send love to it. rather than try to escape the pain. Schedule a particular time or specific times each day to do these exercises to actively generate more self-love. However. Feel it fill with love. judging. enter into that part of your body with your consciousness. Fill that part with awareness and loving kindness. Do them without analyzing. The basis of affirmations is to align your energy with what you want and obtain the desired outcome. Self-Love Exercises The following self-love exercises are modified from the book Light Emerging by Barbara Brennan. The affirmation is just the conduit – it is your vibrational energy that does the work. Once your vibration is aligned keep it in harmony with your desires at the point of wholeness where the mind and heart are one. When you are in pain you try to run away from it.117 Filling the Body with Love It may be easier to start with only one part of your body. You will learn techniques to stop negative thinking in Chapter Nine.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 127 • • knowing that you are full of love remembering that in your true nature you are a divine being116 There are many affirmations concerning affairs of the heart in the book The Healing Secret of the Ages by Catherine Ponder.

and love yourself. direct love to your whole self. Through sight we see the beauty. and stop them.119 Loving the Person in the Mirror Sit in front of a mirror. even smell different parts of your body. until it becomes part of your daily schedule. Concentrate your awareness on your whole self. Love and speak kindly to yourself. feel yourself inside it. See other aspects of yourself. feel it. redirect the energy behind the thought into one of love. Become aware of how much pleasure your body has given you. hair. just as you do to those you love. Once you have generated powerful feelings of love within yourself. or a flower.128 HEALING THROUGH SELF LOVE do the same for your whole self. Use this exercise daily. appreciate your body. then gold and white. Feel that they are an expression of your spirit. and facial features. the next step is to transfer those feelings toward yourself. Use all of your senses in the process of appreciation. animal. Now you can do the same thing with yourself as you did with the object or person. use the colors green. Touch it. through touch we can experience texture. through hearing we hear or feel the sound or frequency of the object. Many people see their faults when they look into a mirror. then at all the other parts. look at a favorite part of your body. or some other attribute. See the spirit within as you look deeply into your eyes. eyes.118 Initiating Feelings of Love Put your attention on something easy for you to love – a person. then rose. and how your favorite pastimes have . Love your body. Send it your love and feel an appreciation for its beauty. Imagine the child within full of love. Look directly at your body without a mirror. charm. the love. Be aware of judgments or self-denigrating thoughts. look into your eyes. stroke it gently. through smell we can enjoy fragrance. You can also use color in this exercise. and wonderment. Become aware of your positive aspects. and the life struggling there. speak kindly to it. see the longing. joy. If you find yourself doing this. what you like to do. Become aware of how much you love and enjoy the object.

122 When you accept and integrate your disassociated body parts back into wholeness. See the knowledge and information of which you are a caretaker. and then on the person in that part. Fill your whole body in this way. as you become more conscious you can turn the negative into a positive. they become part of your eternal river of life. What is the mission of the person in the mirror. You want to culture kindness and appreciation and to honor the signals your body gives you. the reason for coming to earth? What is the deep longing of the person in the mirror? Explore how you can help this person in the mirror. Speaking your negative self-judgment out loud allows you to become aware of the emotion behind the judgment. When you cut them off from your consciousness. As you are looking. love and accept your body.120 Loving the Body in the Mirror As you stand in front of a full-length mirror. The next step is to replace it with a positive statement. This awareness can create a positive physiological response instead of a negative one as in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Therapy explained in Chapter Nine. enter into that part and simply be there. or imagine a tiny self.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 129 shaped you into what you are today. You need to abandon “should” and “must” performances of perfection from your body. stroke it. and love the person in that part of the body. Then fill that part with loving-kindness. This is the time to become aware of how you treat each part of your body. In this exercise replace any negative judgment with a positive statement about that part of your body. with your attention on a specific part of your body. the continuous flow of love and bodily intelligence is thwarted to those parts and they are left .121 Barbara Brennen reminds us first to concentrate on the part of the body we are working on. Concentrate and fuse your conscious awareness with every part of your body. Most of all love this person and all that you are. like yourself. This will make you aware of what you do to yourself when you make these statements. Become aware of emotional responses to any negative selfjudgments that may arise by speaking them out loud. If you are rejecting your body.

mental. or short-circuited energy pattern. and tissues. As you hold onto emotional charges. and physical memory of thoughts. Snow is a masterpiece of information on this system. In time your conscious memory fades. or event. while a distorted energy pattern gives rise to unhealthy bodily functioning.130 HEALING THROUGH SELF LOVE vulnerable to disease. In time these . An Introduction To MariEl Healing. not just the brain. feelings. bones. MariEl Healing MariEl is a complete system of healing. How Does MariEl Work? I utilize many systems of energy healing and each of them is unique. blocked. The cells that were previously functioning in a healthy energy pattern with free flowing energy are now blocked. The DNA and the RNA (the genetic code in the nucleus of every cell) have been scientifically proven to have memory. You can use this system to re-pattern painful emotions and to increase the infinite flow of internal love. This can create energy balance or imbalance within your cells. Your emotional. person. but the cells in the body still remember. organs. by Halsey W. Healthy energy patterns are a healing blueprint for the physical body. MariEl healing is a process that is based both on scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom concerning the nature of memory. As your river of love and life flow through these parts so does your healing energy. the pain associated with the traumatic memory causes the cells to function in a contorted. Different kinds of stress and trauma have a propensity to lodge and thus create energy imbalances in specific parts of your body. The following is a visualization technique to practice when you can set aside a quiet space for at least ten minutes. tendons. On the psychological level this is experienced in how you respond to a specific situation. MariEl is designed to enliven the energy of pure love. Every cell in the body has memory. and experiences also penetrate the cell’s memory. These energy imbalances target muscles.

For progressive muscle relaxation you can begin by tensing and relaxing muscle groups. upper back. it should still prove helpful. emotional. The higher Self can heal the body as energy flows freely. Although you will be doing this exercise out of context of the complete process. worthless. It may be a time when you were criticized. and will release the energy block and cellular memory of the painful emotions so they can be re-patterned into a growth experience. they may manifest a physical problem. This happens because a negative thought coupled with a negative emotion over a period of time can create a disease. After this you may begin the following visualization exercise. mid-back. or to any other part of your body that you feel it is affecting. Even if these memories are unconscious. Move the scene into a golden protected bubble 18 inches above your heart. The memory of the event will still be there.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 131 distorted patterns yield physical effects and the part of the body that holds specific memories develops a problem. Take a deep breath. wrists. the energy system in the body becomes balanced. The part of this complete healing system that I will share in this book is the visualization technique that re-patterns cellular memory. lower abdomen. Then just relax for a minute. and energy flows freely. ankles. or mental healing is to release the pain associated with the retained memory. then go to the shoulders. lower back. made to feel inadequate. and feet. chest. experienced betrayal. arms. The aim in MariEl for physical. or any event that you have interpreted as painful. but the negative emotion about the event is removed. Thus good health is the natural result. and let your mind roll back in time to the earlier days of your life until some painful thought or feeling about an experience comes to mind. Start by tensing your neck muscles for ten seconds and then relaxing for ten seconds. legs. As the painful memory is released. hands. . It may be easier for someone to read the instructions to you as you practice it for the first time. mid-torso. Relax and allow the details to come back. Begin by lying on your back and relaxing with 9 repetitions of the parasympathetic breathing exercise (see Chapter 13) or by practicing progressive muscle relaxation. From there you will work out the stress in a way that is life supporting.

This exercise allows you to re-pattern painful experiences. Simply say what you need to the person or persons involved. are they listening? 7. If not. Who is talking to you. where it is taking place. etc. Now see yourself as an adult entering the bubble and stand behind the child with your arms around his or her chest. Once your inner-child has heard you merge the child into the adult. . For example. 10. 6. Once you feel that the situation is resolved. and how they are contributing to your feelings. 9. how old you are. and what are they saying? 3. You deserve to be heard. Become aware of what is happening in the scene. it’s not my fault. “I don’t deserve to be treated this way. you can release the scene from the bubble while you yourself remain in the bubble. Did the person or persons involved hear you. Childhood is a very vulnerable time and children are impressionable. Forgive those who hurt the child and participated in causing the pain and suffering. Accept that they did the best they could. not me. Now repeat what you need to say. you are ready for the next step. get their attention again. This will merge the growth that the child has made inside the bubble into the adult which is you. 2. 8. In the final analysis remember that experience is not what happens to you – it is what you do with what happens to you. Events can have an emotional effect on you as a child that persist throughout life. Speak lovingly to the child with compassion and forgiveness. It may take some time until they listen. Help the child to realize that it was not his or her fault and that s/he is a good and worthy child. State simply how you feel to the person or persons involved. 11. Are they listening yet? If not.” or whatever feels right for you to say. Once you feel they hear and acknowledge it. Tell them you need them to hear this. You have the right to be heard. who is in the scene. Become aware of how you are feeling in your mind and body. keep at it.132 HEALING THROUGH SELF LOVE The Procedure 1. 5. 4. you are the adult and you are responsible.

This increases the risk of premature death and disease up to ten times. and without community support. not physical heart disease. In the September 1998 Unity Magazine he spoke about his experiences with love and healing. Now blow the bubble away and God will resolve anything else that needs to be done. angry. discusses the value of life-enhancing changes you can make by opening yourself up to intimacy and love. and repeat the exercise again at another time.124 . He discusses emotional and spiritual heart disease. Social networks and support groups have greatly diminished from previous generations. He feels that opening up the psychosocial. emotional and spiritual dimensions of your nature improves the quality of your life and health. People are lonely. Love and Cardiovascular Disease Love is gaining more recognition as a modality for healing. Dr. Dean Ornish’s book. no longer attend the same synagogue or church. Love & Survival. Dr. lose support networks. Dean Ornish has spoken about love in relation to heart disease. You can make use of it now for health and healing with the preceding exercises. reductionistic. The current biologic. unidimensional. depressed. Today people move more often. technologic approach to the treatment of heart disease must be expanded to include the psycho-social-spiritual dimension. If you cannot fully resolve it finish as best you can. as the real epidemic of modern culture.123 It seems that science is just beginning to explore the amazing healing power of love and compassion. isolated. Step 10 may be difficult if you cannot forgive yourself for some situation.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 133 12.

You set out on a particular mission but because you hadn’t completed past missions. which is the ever-present reality. You have $300.D. Carolyn Myss. This represses your divinity.Chapter Eight The Art Of Being Present ou are a divine being with an infinite capacity for self-healing on all levels. not the past. Prana is biological energy needed for perfect health.00 for that.00 was not allocated for the present trip. Let’s take the example of going shopping to buy a television. Though life can be painful. and that empowers you to express your wholeness. love. power. say $50. Y Emotional Energy In order for healing to take place you must be in the present. Ph. as pain is released you become more aware of your divinity.00 for this. and capacity to heal. leaving you only $45. It is obvious you were unaware that all of the $300. Pain and trauma can cause you to repress your emotions. You need to give yourself more credit. There is no way you can buy a new television set. and $90. you may already have most of this energy 134 . like unresolved past debts. stresses the importance of being in the present in order to heal. $115. Before you enter the store you remember you haven’t resolved you’re past debts.00 for something else. a medical intuitive. Unfortunately.00 to spend. you couldn’t allocate all the resources you thought you had. Letting go of past hurts allows you to be fully present.00 – enough to purchase a nice stereo TV.

Let’s say you have 100% of all the energy you need for perfect health. A mind that learns to gradually let go starts to function as it was originally intended and its inherent wholeness. be aware at each moment in time how you feel. So 15% is spent for your grief. emotions. and 40% for resentment. happiness. You can only grow now. If you are feeling discouraged. Present Centered Attention An article by Michael Jameson in July 1997 Unity Magazine discusses how valuable your attention is. You are more capable now of having evolved perceptions and experiences with greater growth potential than you were in the past. Don’t allow your past to keep you from growing in the present. Now you are more capable of integrating perceptions since you have grown from the past. etc. and simplicity emerge. When you keep borrowing energy from yourself. thoughts.125 It is also the most precious gift you can give yourself – to be aware of how you feel on all levels and to have full attention in present circumstances. Next year will also be the present because all that ever exists is the present. and anger you have not released. 25% is for anger. Now you have only 20% left for healing. To live is to grow. This does not mean you deny past hurts and pains.” examines presentcentered awareness from the perspective of letting go. the past is over. Bring your awareness. but your body needs at least 80% in order to heal. In other words. then that is how you feel at that moment in time. into the everpresent. By living and functioning in the past you are denying all the infinite healing power of the present. as opposed to recounting your life’s pain in order to get to the present.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 135 invested in the past as painful emotions. What you have from the past are the experiences based on perceptions at that time in life. eventually you become so imbalanced by the lack of energy that a disease manifests. even if you do not feel that you are growing. An agenda of unfinished business expends most of this vital energy before it can heal you. hurt feelings. Another article by Hugh Prather in the August 2000 issue of Unity Magazine entitled “The Great Power of Letting Go. When . but rather work through them in the present. Your full attention is the most precious gift you can ever give to anyone.

When you are effortless. Second. It is not necessary to have control over the subject matter of your thoughts to release destructive emotions and life-damaging impulses. not a conflicted mind. You do not need to control anyone. that place of quiet and loving relationship with others. When you are called upon to stop what you are doing and do something else.136 THE ART OF BEING PRESENT your mind is filled with past hurts or useless thoughts you fight unnecessary daily battles and sacrifice your happiness. wholeness.128 We discussed the healing power of love in the previous chapter. and to let go of judgment and control. in order to accomplish moving beyond the obstruction. Do you sincerely want stillness. Be clear that happiness is more important than your original task. and how it allows you to be fully present. You cannot experience happiness while carrying useless thoughts and pain that negatively color your perceptions of daily events. wholeness is experienced by responding from a whole mind. free. and simple your inherent nature and happiness will shine through. Find that place of wholeness within. Take responsibility and don’t wait for someone or something to change. 126 Releasing the need to make circumstances more important than your state of mind is crucial to the process of letting go. any circumstances. you will not experience the feeling of wholeness or real connection with others. or be anything except what you are. Failure to let go sabotages your opportunity to experience happiness. if you do not take the first two steps honestly. Maintain your focus on wholeness and happiness throughout the day.127 There are three steps in the process of letting go: The first is to look at what obstructs your wholeness and peace. Realize that the desire to return to what you were previously doing is what is stopping your inner flow of happiness. This is what . This will prevent you from letting go because you are waiting to be saved by an outside circumstance or person. it often seems that “something else” is stopping your happiness. other people’s behavior. Third. but it is actually the desire to go back to what you were doing. or other people’s thoughts. and oneness with people around you? According to Hugh Prather. this is a pre-requisite to its removal. You are not at war with your thoughts. be certain that you want to. circumstances.

As you overcome and let go of your problems. providing that the sequence of bodily processes leading to it can be healed. and bodily conditions. As you drop the pebble on the ground. He compares a problem or a challenge to a pebble. Certainly healing is one of those things. and allows your energy to be utilized for health and healing. If you hold a pebble in front of your eye. If you hold it at arms length you have a larger perspective. it becomes a stone pathway to walk upon. All these relative aspects of your being are tools for growth. and thus more objectivity and non-attachment in your view. they become tools for growth. As you take one step at a time on the pathway of present awareness you will find that all things are possible. emotions. Have Faith in Faith Have faith in the faith that you can overcome your emotional and physical pain and grow beyond it.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 137 keeps you in the present. Prayer is the art of seeing what you want to be. Eric Butterworth tells a story about growing through problems. Now you can use your problem or challenge to grow. You are more than your painful thoughts. Any condition can be reversed. it can block out a mountain. .

a particular saint that you feel kinship with. As you identify with your higher self and not your stressful thoughts about a situation. about seven times from the consciousness of peace. You can return to a state of equanimity by putting your awareness on your higher self. you will be ready for action in a non-attached manner. not from fear or distress. That is the part of you who is never stressed. I am at peace. such as the Christ Consciousness within yourself.”129 The positive affirmation to use for high blood pressure is. the “spark” of Moses. the silent one between your thoughts. health and wholeness. or your inner silence. Instead of getting stressed and increasing anxiety about high blood pressure.Chapter Nine areness Daily Awareness Techniques ind time to enjoy yourself every day. you can learn to use your blood pressure as a positive reminder for creating better health. Know that your health and blood pressure are more important than concern for some pressing situation. “I joyously release the past. Putting your awareness on your higher self enables you to be aware of the you who creates your thoughts and emotions.”130 F Repeat this affirmation many times. Louise Hay says that high blood pressure is caused by a “longstanding emotional problem not solved. even when you feel stressed. not reinforce fear or 138 . Let the words bring forth your inner peace.

to any area of your body that is in need of healing. negative feelings and discomfort will begin to dissolve. agitated. This part of your body simply needs love and attention. Use your awareness daily to feel love wherever you experience pain in the mind/body. Emotions come from the combination of a thought and a sensation in the body. These changes are based on simple exercises that are designed for the process of converting negative emotions into positive feelings. You have more power than you can possibly imagine. This simple technique helps to release emotional pain. HeartMath Change Your Heart Rhythms Cardiac research demonstrates that you can make your heart beat in a more loving rhythm.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 139 emotional pain. you no longer need them. Put your awareness on this part of the body without judgment. Learn to be aware of how you feel throughout the day. especially your heart. By evaluating your thoughts and feelings you can maintain a positive chemistry. Your energy will become more balanced so growth and love can blossom. You can also send rose quartz light. and allows it to dissolve. or feel a loss of faith. dismiss them. If you walk into a restaurant and something doesn’t feel right. People with high blood pressure direct stress to their heart and circulatory system. As you become aware of how you feel. heartbeat patterns change from jagged to smooth. You create your body chemistry all the time. why do I feel uncomfortable?” Tune into the part of your body where you feel uncomfortable. Negative emotions create a corresponding negative . resentful. stressed. evaluate your feelings. Ask yourself. Become aware of your stress and let it go. “How do I feel in this restaurant?” “Am I losing energy from my body. Putting attention on a particular part of your body dissolves the bodily contribution to the emotion. As your emotions change from anger to love. impatient. bless and release pain of any kind. The following exercises can be used when you are angry. Put your attention on that part without judgment. Although old patterns might resist. the color of love. Learn not to take things too seriously throughout the day.

” author Bill Thompson discusses the relationship between these two branches. In the article on HeartMath entitled “Change Of Heart. dramatic changes take place as you move from these negative emotions to love and positivity. What you put your attention on is what manifests for you. The simple exercises taught at HeartMath such as Freeze- . therefore. The researchers at HeartMath believe that love is a physical state. responsible for rest and repair. an institute involved with feelings more than with thoughts. There is more evidence that feelings can weaken or strengthen your heart and immune system. joy. fear. Love can be created within by changing heartbeat rhythms. and anger. you can be taught to create this state in yourself.140 DAILY AWARENESS TECHNIQUES physiology. Subjects who are hooked up to an electrocardiograph can see dramatic results in the pattern of their heartbeats. The body shouts what the mind can only whisper. These branches of the autonomic nervous system have different roles to play in emotional and physical health. Conversely. alerting you to change direction and create a physiology of love. The coherent functioning of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are needed to create a physiology of love. The parasympathetic branch. The sympathetic branch speeds up adrenal functions. you get peaceful and loving feelings. respiration and other systems. The heart is a 10-ounce muscle. When you respond to stress with worry. and the opposing emotional states they create. As discussed earlier. slows down the heart rate and other systems. every cell in your body experiences emotions. By stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. the sympathetic branch becomes stimulated. A balance between these two branches creates good health. such as heart rate. The institute has published research in respected journals such as The American Journal of Cardiology. now there is proof. Incredible research is being conducted at HeartMath. Focusing on the heart with feelings of love and appreciation creates a change in rhythm. compassion. You have heard for centuries that the heart is the seat of love. and fulfillment.131 This tremendous potentiality lends itself to the conclusion that the heart can produce love.

When you are experiencing stress or anger. Ask your heart what would be a better response. and take time out. Recall a positive feeling you’ve had in life. Working on your emotions directly causes physiological benefits. There is sound scientific proof that emotions directly affect the physiology. his heartbeat rhythm settled into a smoother. and re-experience it. After he began Freeze-Frame. stop and recognize it.134 Heart specialist Dr. yet very powerful techniques. more even pattern. Bill Thompson describes his own experience with Freeze-Frame. like ripples on a pond. 2. and heal yourself using simple. listen to your heart’s answer. 3. The process began by being hooked up to an electrocardiograph machine connected to a computer.132 HeartMath has numerous studies showing what happens to heart rhythms when these exercises are performed. 4. Freeze-Frame The technique called Freeze-Frame is a five-step exercise that can bring about a positive transformation leading to improved health. 5. he was asked to think of something that made him angry. You can take responsibility for your well-being. Shift your focus to the area around your heart. it remained that way as long as he practiced Freeze-Frame.133 The author explains that he watched the patterns of his “angry” heartbeats rise and fall across a computer screen in jagged spikes. Imagine breathing through the heart. and is not a waste of time. After fifteen minutes of induced anger. With three electrodes taped to his chest.Rollin McCraty. Thompson was asked to practice the following five-step FreezeFrame process: 1. In his article “Change of Heart. says the smoother pattern of heartbeats indicates a coherent heart rhythm. director of the research team that investigates healthy heart rhythms at HeartMath.” which appeared in Natural Health.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 141 Frame and Cut-Thru bring the two branches into balance.135 .

Some of the subjects actually tripled or quadrupled their DHEA levels. This balance in tern creates a beneficial condition for lowering high blood pressure. anger. This electrical entrainment (see Chapter 10) is a very powerful healing modality and is at your command. and this is a simple and . These changes translate into emotional and physical well-being. The brain in turn tells the endocrine system to produce hormones that promote health. You will learn about the vital importance of DHEA. or frustration. This process of entrainment provides a foundation for self-healing to any part of the physiology. without changing their diets or exercise habits. In another study cortisol levels were measured to assess the benefits of Cut-Thru. for example balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. In one study. a major stress hormone. and how the exercise called Cut-Thru increases levels of DHEA. which will be explained later in this chapter. High levels of cortisol. reducing anxiety. which changes the heart’s vibration to a different energy frequency. anxiety. What the Research Shows Scientific evidence indicates techniques that transform the emotions produce profound physiological changes.142 DAILY AWARENESS TECHNIQUES The Heart Generates a Powerful Electrical Field The heart generates a powerful electrical field. is used to zero-in on stress in this rapid pace of life we live. and producing healthy hormonal and immune system changes. HeartMath researchers say that the heart responds to love. you have a corresponding rise of cortisol levels in the blood. Emotions affect body chemistry.136 When you feel emotional stress such as guilt. damages brain cells and accelerates aging. Cut-Thru. subjects who practiced Cut-Thru increased their levels of DHEA by 100 percent after just one month. Cortisol levels in all twenty-eight subjects of the study dropped an average of 23 percent after practicing CutThru for a month.137 When subjects switched from angry emotions to those of appreciation. they all consistently produced smooth heart rhythms. which entrains the rest of the physiology.

as they demonstrate that you make yourself ill.139 When practicing Freeze-Frame. Cut-Thru Feelings of worry and insecurity can be released by the Cut-Thru exercise. participants in the study missed work less often. The results of these studies have huge implications. have demonstrated that you can change your electrical and chemical makeup in ways that generate states of health.” your goal is to replace them with “balanced care. Then. including decreased anxiety and depression.138 Consistent with this finding.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 143 profound technique to consistently create a healthy emotional body chemistry. recall a positive feeling you had. improved creativity. recognize your feelings of overcare. These exercises utilize your heart/brain for healing. Because these feelings are caused by “overcare. McCraty and the other HeartMath researchers. If it’s raining. then take an “inner weather report” to see if it’s rainy or sunny. Participants report decreased stress. Businesses have documented the success of employees who participated in the HeartMath training. Author Bill . like many powerful natural healing methods. joy. it is surprisingly simple. that you can also make yourself better. choose a more hopeful perspective. and try to re-experience it. Research has shown that over 60% of the cells in your heart are neural cells. Studies demonstrate that there are subjective emotional benefits from practicing Cut-Thru. indicating that it may have improved the overall efficiency of the immune system. just as in your brain. and love. but more importantly. and less frustration. sincerely ask your heart what a more efficient response to the situation would be and listen to your heart’s answer. The first frame is Freeze-Framing it – taking time out.140 The next step is to pretend that you are breathing through your heart. feeling more patient and loving. The Freeze-Frame exercise has been shown to increase salivary immunoglobulin A (IgA) by almost 25 percent.141 That’s the exercise and.” First. The developers of these simple techniques. and increased feelings of love and forgiveness. first recognize a stressful feeling. increased energy.

For more information on HeartMath’s training and research. The magnetic field generated by your heart extends several feet beyond your physical body. You do not have to look at every case of “painful emotions. This exercise teaches you how to put your attention on what generates positive feelings and harmony in your life. Learning these concepts and techniques will allow you to use the energy behind your thoughts to be life-supporting.142 Abraham Hicks states that even though you may put your attention on negativity.143 When you put your attention on negativity. Research at HeartMath demonstrates that healthier emotions translate into healthier body chemistry. This self-help therapy will enable you to grow beyond sadness and depression. Cognitive therapy is another tool that facilitates your emotional and mental well-being. Cognitive Therapy Behind every negative thought there is a positive intent. instead of self-defeating. you can use them for growth and healing. Your quest for a healthy emotional mind/ body will open your awareness to many tools available for growth. Eric . Remember. such as the news. For example. To order tapes and books. it even has potential to build a more peaceful society. If you focus on problems. Homogenize or blend the feelings in your heart. loving healthy heart rhythms can pull in and entrain other hearts with the same rhythm. you vibrate with that frequency. it is important not to let these feelings sabotage your progress towards physical and emotional well-being. This step is to disperse the energy. most of what happens in the world is actually of a positive nature.144 DAILY AWARENESS TECHNIQUES Thompson gives the example of imagining that you are floating on a raft. call (800) 450-9111. then find your peace and hold onto that feeling. and the universe delivers more. or soaking in a heartwarming bath. they will grow. If practiced on a wide scale. call (800) 616-8846.144 As your individual heart is cultured to appreciate life. The universe gives you that on which you put your attention.” and call them negative. we discussed a simple meridian tapping technique that uses your fears to overcome them. Although past experiences and the emotions attached to them may feel too painful to deal with.

he concluded the same risk factors for late life depression might be the same for stroke.D. you can see it in perspective. M. Depression is likened to being in a constant state of stress.148 . especially if there is narrow vessel diameter. high blood pressure. Major depression. which are primed to clot. This exists because the brain is signaling the adrenal glands to secrete more stress hormones. is evaluating the effectiveness of treating depression to improve cardiovascular functioning. according to Alexander Glassman.D. Overcoming Depression Overcoming depression improves many aspects of cardiovascular health. Reducing sticky blood platelets. heart attack. After studying the brains of the elderly. lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke. the parasympathetic nervous system becomes more active in turning on the rest and repair function. If you hold it in front of your eye. it can block out the view of a mountain. This may be because once the autonomic nervous system is more balanced.”147 The good news is that depressed people who become less depressed have platelets that are less sticky. stickier blood platelets.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 145 Butterworth likens personal problems to a pebble. it drops to the ground and becomes part of a stone pathway. is untangling the complex relationship between stroke and depression. Dominique L. rampant among cardiac patients. and elevated stress hormones. of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Emory University School of Medicine.146 Biological and emotional wellbeing are two sides of the same coin. A population based study report in the May 1998 Archives Internal Medicine addressed the relationship between depression and stroke. David Steffens. M. high cholesterol.D. Sticky platelets secrete substances that cause fatty plaque to build up in the arteries leading to cardiovascular disease.145 Depression can increase the incidence of irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia). stroke. At Duke University Medical Center. The study demonstrates the strongest epidemiological evidence to date for this very high correlation between depression and stroke. M. If you hold it at arms length. is one predictor of heart attacks. He terms this “vascular depression. As you let it go.. Musselman.

149 If you feel depressed about a particular situation. lack of enthusiasm. remembering. or “empty” mood Loss of interest in ordinary activities Decreased energy or fatigue Sleeping problems Eating problems Difficulty concentrating. it is not necessarily the situation that is tormenting you. People who are depressed often think their condition will never improve. * * * * * * * * * * * * A persistent sad. anxious. whether it is a health problem or another situation in life. or helplessness Thoughts of death or suicide Irritability or restlessness Excessive crying Recurring aches and pains that don’t respond to treatment (Source: National Institute of Mental Health 1999) Cognitive Therapy Techniques Cognitive restructuring. Depressive thought patterns perpetuate a vicious cycle. worthlessness. also called thought changing. but your judgment about it. and believing that nothing will work. such as helplessness. Depression Symptom Checklist If you’ve been experiencing four or more of the following symptoms below for more than two weeks you should consult a doctor or health professional. teaches you the art of being assertive when dealing with negative thoughts. You can make the .146 DAILY AWARENESS TECHNIQUES All thoughts and emotions have a corresponding effect on the physiology. and help you heal and grow. Cognitive Therapy techniques are designed to halt this cycle. Cognitive therapy focuses on stopping distorted patterns of thinking. Wallowing in despair hinders you from beginning the self-healing process. or making decisions Feelings of hopelessness Feelings of guilt.

and replace it with positive thinking. however. which allows you to experience the beauty of a situation. Research on positive thinking shows that your thinking can be empowered to improve behavior. “you’ll never.. undermining you as you tune into them. This therapy aims at empowering you to silence the voices that limit you from experiencing more powerful thinking. and create feelings of sadness. you will notice most repetitive and negative statements are preceded by an automatic thought. Cognitive restructuring cultures optimistic thinking. Unhealthy voices use the same word patterns. and thus change thought patterns. Practice allows you to connect negative feelings about yourself and the world with recurrent patterns of negative thoughts. These same thoughts can be made to empower and strengthen you rather than undermine and weaken you. In order to overcome unjustified .150 As you think you act and fulfill your own prophecy. This ability enables you to spontaneously gain power over thoughts and behavior. This will have a powerful impact toward creating a brighter. When you are feeling low or depressed. You can monitor them.151 Begin the process by taking charge.” “you can’t. Because your thoughts influence feelings and behavior the first step. As you Listen In. you can use the logic and techniques of cognitive restructuring to effectively lift your moods. This is the primary tenet of cognitive restructuring. The next step is to become aware of your thoughts.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 147 most of life’s experiences by changing your thoughts. happier. Cognitive restructuring techniques enable you to unlearn self-destructive thinking. you produce the results you predict. and your feelings and behavior will change. freeing you to grow and enjoy life. and productive life. Cognitive restructuring also makes you aware of inner voices that have a weakening effect on your life. is to Listen In. This type of thinking is usually learned. There are five steps to the process of cognitive restructuring. Here are the steps: Step One: Listen In Begin by observing the voices of inner speech. They may be heavy or serious voices that fill your mental awareness. You can turn this to your advantage. Negative or pessimistic thinking yields the opposite results – less energy and a lack of motivation.” etc.

and is probably even damaging. as well as the heavy thoughts that produce a gloomy mood. Childhood memories and experiences significantly distort the interpretation of present events. berating in nature? When you hear these thoughts. Capture the words by repeating them out loud. since the words themselves are the most helpful clues. b.152 When Listening In pay attention to these details: a. in your inner dialog you may hear. If the interpretations are self-limiting or destructive.” Categorize the tone. It is often useful to examine automatic responses from the past and forgo them in favor of more beneficial responses. You can be aware of optimistic and pleasant thoughts that produce a more upbeat mood. Underline the damaging words. Step Two: Underline Once you have learned to Listen In. you might remember the pain associated with the original situation.148 DAILY AWARENESS TECHNIQUES voices.” “why can’t you. For example. The word to Underline is “lousy” because it won’t help you to improve. identify the actual words used. See if those feelings are outdated and inappropriate. and write them down. Right now you are the sum total of all past experiences and interpretations of them. For example.” or “I’m a lousy” anything. change those self-defeating interpretations. Repeat them into a tape recorder. By following the steps of cognitive restructuring each time the negative thought arises you might also heal the past. c.153 With practice this can become a polished skill. d. Recognize whom it is that is speaking. and stem from guilt producing words. “I’m a lousy athlete. identify what feelings are triggered. As you work out the present event that triggered your painful thought and emotion. which cause depression it is important to first match the sad feeling with the negative thoughts that proceeded it. You should allow yourself to enjoy playing ball or improving some aspect of a sport without feeling that you have to be a star athlete. Use the actual words. is it judgmental. critical. such as “you should. Next. .

” you are defeating yourself before you even begin. you need to be assertive and tenacious. You lift a heavy object and feel some discomfort. If you are thinking that this chapter belongs in a psychology book and not a book on hypertension remember that your thoughts and words are the first step in taking responsibility for your health. and it will take practice. I’ll never be able to do it.” At this time. “How stupid could I be? I can’t lift my own suitcase anymore. Don’t be a victim of your own thoughts. Sometimes your own thought process is set up to discredit you because of preconceived interpretations of particular situations.” By paying attention to the details of Listening In. Listen In and Underline any weakening words. If you say.154 This is not easy. “Stop. When you say. Immediately you hear the voice. I could give myself a heart attack. Do not interpret that as “I’m not worth acknowledging. In the steps following Listening In you will see how to handle your well-intentioned mother’s tapes. “That is too difficult a change to make. For example. you must Stop these damaging thoughts immediately.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 149 you might recall that your father began having heart problems at a certain age and now that you are approaching that same age you are worried that you will experience the same problems. Remember. Use your own thoughts to empower and strengthen yourself. If your mind . you might recognize that it sounds like your mother berating your father. Stop self-defeating thinking patterns now and start progressing towards your full potential.” Self-denigrating thoughts cause you to perceive and relate to your world in a way that is unfulfilling and lead to more self-defeating behavior. Step Three: Stopping When you hear a weakening word in your head mentally produce the word “Stop. you are walking and someone that you know ignores you as he passes by. You do have a choice! When trying to overcome a health challenge and make changes in lifestyle be aware of your inner dialog.” it must be said loudly and forcefully as if you really mean it. When your inner thoughts distort what others say and how they act towards you don’t let their words or actions disempower and weaken you.

switch to bite size pieces.150 DAILY AWARENESS TECHNIQUES doesn’t believe that you are serious your negative thoughts will keep manifesting. ask yourself if this negative thought is helpful. When you say “Stop. Keeping track of how many times a day you are confronted by a particular thought will help to reinforce progress as the repetitions decrease. after all.” So. and Switch immediately.” do not judge yourself for having had negative thoughts. it is you who gave them power in the first place. Learn to be tough. the more effective the process will be. Stopping and Switching are a one/two punch. Stop. such as a goal or prior situation that made you feel worthy. The sooner you Switch after Stopping. and raise your voice to be heard. Think of something that means a lot to you. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when Switching.155 You can even have a prepared sentence to prevent a void after you Stop. Be kind to yourself in this process. If you think that taking responsibility for your health is too great a task. and whether it solves your problems? The answer will probably be. can change from negative to positive. the next step is to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. Make sure that you Switch to something that makes you feel good. and consequently. You need to be on your side. and lead you further and further down. “no. After telling a thought to “Stop. After hearing a weakening thought.” you might realize that the thought made you feel depressed or hopeless. Your mood and thoughts. you can overpower those fearful thoughts. be decisive and just “Stop” as soon as possible. Break the task into smaller units of . your physiological response. Habitual negative thoughts especially need to be arrested by saying “Stop” out loud. If this is difficult to accomplish at first don’t worry. Step Four: Switch After the damaging thought is Stopped. You are in charge of your mind. If this occurs. not on the side of negativity. strong. by training yourself diligently you will soon be able to do it. and upbeat. At first you may find this task too challenging but soon you will find it equally rewarding.

” or “I’m capable of taking one step at a time.” or “I’ll just take one supplement instead of ten. Suite 200 PO Box 205 Oak Harbor. you should stop referring to your self as stupid. Use imaging to see the fulfillment of your goals. Visualize yourself in control of your life. I can go at my own pace.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 151 change. At first. you will see yourself and the world around you differently. By Reorienting. It also gives you more options.” say “I’ll just read one chapter and make those changes. anxiety and depression. Instead of focusing on a problem. etc. normal cholesterol. For a home-study course that shows you how to use cognitive behavioral techniques to attack stress. After that. healthy blood pressure. As you work on it the problem will seem more like just another challenge. do something different. it’s okay. and stimulate you to achieve your goals. motivate you. contact: The Midwest Center for Stress & Anxiety 106 N. Be aware of behavior that does not bring you closer to your goals. learning to see yourself with more possibilities in your life. and reorient to behavior that does. Then you’ll have a new target. OH 43449 (800) 944-9428 . Your thinking and mood may change because of the process of Reorienting. Instead of saying. when too much attention is focused on a problem it may seem insurmountable.” Step Five: Reorient Reorienting means changing the direction of your thoughts. Reorienting is more like visualizing. Reorienting is a broader technique than Switching. The next step is to Switch to a solution. such as beginning a rehabilitation program. Use thoughts and concepts that empower you. “I will do it. Church Street. Think about health issues that excite you. For example. you will spontaneously become optimistic and start envisioning your progress towards health.

Once accomplished. Bringing up negative emotions can help you to gain insight into their origin. and let it rest there. Pay attention to your body. and no one will disturb you. Pay attention to your breath. In the audiotape series Ageless Body Timeless Mind. This is not the case with negative emotions. 3. See the air as faint swirls coming into your nostrils. then bring your attention to the center of your chest. your attention may be distracted. After a few seconds. You will experience the feeling of being centered is the most natural and comfortable way to be in any chaotic circumstance. Emotions are the clearest mirror of this fact. releasing painful or repressed emotions is the first stage of mastering our emotions. but focusing on negative emotions does not lead to healing. Deepak Chopra. This exercise discharges negative energy. According to Dr. and close your eyes. You may have been taught that to make progress you must concentrate and work hard. It’s more empowering to dissolve these obstacles. The air will come in. and then gently go out again. Chopra explains how to remain centered and calm in the midst of chaos. Feel it for one minute. Sit comfortably. 2. Prior to these periods center yourself for five minutes using the following steps: 1. Effortlessly bring it back to your center. Find a quiet place where you can be alone. increase the control they have over you so that instead of mastering your emotions you become obsessed or enslaved by them. In our technological fast-paced society we often become detached from our emotions. End by sitting quietly without any activity. in fact. Dr. He recommends isolating two time periods during the workday. . It may. we spontaneously react favorably to challenges and opportunities. including your entire past and present. but do not resist this diversion. Do this for two minutes.152 DAILY AWARENESS TECHNIQUES Being Centered You are the totality of all that you have experienced.

an information scientist. and John Grindler. Their great contribution. you can adopt their empowering beliefs. or jog in place in your office. however. take a walk. run up some stairs. At the level of pure consciousness depression and anxiety simply do not exist. Remember. then you can change and become more empowered. When you understand how you do this. (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming The Technology of Achievement Human excellence is a trait that characterizes successful people. The sun salutation exercise in Chapter 12 can be used for depression as well as lowering blood pressure. and you do not have to wait until stress attacks your physiology. Just as the map is not the territory. The technology of NLP is based on subjective experience. It is beneficial to study these successful individuals to identify the essential components of their success. they are not the world. These representations are only your interpretations of the world. NLP nourishes personal and professional growth by giving you choices about your feelings and thoughts.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 153 There are other techniques to center yourself and overcome depression and anxiety. You create your inner thoughts and feelings. which is pure consciousness. demonstrates how to transfer these qualities to other individuals. and you think and behave based on these views. and exceptional talents. It is a unique communication method that will allow you to master communication with yourself and others. Chapter 12 explains how exercise reduces depression. analyzing and studying human excellence. take a five or ten minute break and do a few repetitions of this exercise. Richard Bandler. Transcendental Meditation has been shown to alleviate these conditions from the center of who you really are. NLP helps you to tap into the experiences you want to have. your internal representation of life is only an interpretation. and maintain them. When you feel stressed. that everything in this book can be used as prevention. Each of you has your internal representations of the world. a linguistics professor. by applying the techniques of NLP. . Then. attitudes. developed NLP in the early 1970’s. Instead of a coffee break.

and feel frustrated due to lack of achievement. . It burns completely and so does the emotional pain associated with this issue. This exercise is on page 66 in the book Introducing NLP. 7. Rip out that page.154 DAILY AWARENESS TECHNIQUES An excellent NLP motivational exercise is in the book Introducing NLP by Joseph O’Connor and John Seymour. Open the door and experience the golden light that floods the room. 6. and close it 3. It is called “New Behavior Generator. 5. Next to the dish is an old-style long match with a striker. You open the book to the exact page that has the most damaging statement that you have ever heard about yourself. You find yourself in a room and see a door that leads to the basement of the house. and model yourself after experts. 8. You walk toward a golden book that is on a table in front of you. Now you see a golden pen next to it. Light the match and burn the page. get comfortable. and put it in a dish that is on the table. particularly if you are dissatisfied with your level of performance. As you walk through the basement. and enjoy this exercise. Close the book. 1. Open the door and walk downstairs into the basement. you see all the aspects of your childhood. Pick up the pen and write a completely positive statement about that issue using the same grammar and syntax as the negative statement used. Just let it go. Continue walking toward a golden door. Lie down.156 Negative to Positive Thoughts Here is a Lazarus visualization exercise that changes negative thinking patterns into positive ones. walk out the door.” This new skill can easily become an automatic part of your behavior. close your eyes. turn around. 4. It is particularly useful because it enables you to make more choices. 2. This exercise can help reverse high blood pressure. Turn your attention back toward the golden book. develop new skills.

Perhaps the most potent technique for a healthy cardiovascular system is laughter. and write the same statement across the top of the paper you wrote in the golden book. etc.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 155 behind you. Positive feelings such as joy and love give you a feeling of no resistance. vibration. Cut the statement out and put it in a place where you will see it often. The good news is that when you take your attention off a negative emotion your energy comes back up. Open the door. 9. it is natural for your energy to be functioning on a high. Walk through the basement looking straight ahead and go up the stairs to the door you originally entered. When you put your attention on something that is commensurate with the highest level of your being. The power to do this is already within you. pure. or guilt. Take the rest of the paper and cut it into one-inch squares. because it knows the original statement that was written on the paper. As your inner happiness (not dependent on external events – bliss) bubbles up into laughter. This powerful tool for healing is ready at your command. The ability to turn a stressful or limiting situation into one of personal healing and growth will blossom. Negative emotions mean you are giving your attention to anger. and more personal healing power. the office. your biochemistry becomes your inner healer. fear. you are in tune with your spiritual essence. 10. car. Emotions and thoughts are powerful healing tools for health. get a piece of paper. This programs the subconscious mind. and you are not living up to who you truly are. Put them anywhere you work – in your house. The universe will always match your vibration and return more of it back to you. Practicing them will promote more insight into thoughts and behavior. You feel it if there is no resistance. Get up when you are ready. enter the room where you began your journey and close the door behind you. The deepest level of your being is pure positive energy. . and they can be used as a barometer to see how your energy is flowing. blame. According to Abraham Hicks. We have discussed many tools for increasing awareness.


PART IV The Body .


It is arranged alphabetically by symptom for quick reference. as well as many others that can be used to lower high blood pressure. The union of the absolute and the relative. or the whole and the part. which means union. Your commitment to learning how to take care of your own health is very important. as well as in the universe. Use prescription drugs only as a last resort after trying other options.Chapter Ten Herbs. Vitamins and Minerals Listen to Your Body his chapter discusses the supplements that I have used in my program. which creates perfect balance in mind and body. Scientific research has proven herbs and natural supplements to be extremely valuable in the healing process. This health care system from ancient India is based on yoga. It is also helpful to read books on natural supplements and herbs from your library or health food store. T How Herbs Work Ayurveda. the most ancient form of holistic health care in the world. describes how herbal remedies work. it also includes many supplements not discussed in this chapter. The cosmic 159 . develop the courage to become self-sufficient. The supplement summary at the end of the chapter has been arranged to give you a complete guide for dealing with hypertension and to promote cardiovascular health.

gland. it is a natural process. your body forgets how to function in a healthy fashion because of loss of memory. Ayurvedic herbal combinations work by restoring the memory of your wholeness. The problem is that you identify only with your individuality and not as an integral part of a larger whole. We know from physics that . or system? It is apparent that Ayurveda is more concerned with the whole than the part. Your mind/body is a collection of the flow of information and intelligence. which is the basis of mind/body healing. western medicine is almost entirely concerned with the symptom. Your body is self-correcting all the time. In contrast. Yet by enlivening wholeness you automatically resolve symptoms. If your cells forget or lose their memory. which on a gross level can be demonstrated by chemical molecules such as neuropeptides and receptor sites. and poor life style. We know that if you put a number of grandfather clocks in a room. of the relationship between the part and the whole. The herbal combinations work by enhancing the flow of nature’s intelligence in your mind/body. or with the basis of perfect balance rather than the symptom. Healing the deepest level of your imbalance naturally corrects the symptom. An herbal formula works to restore the mind/body memory of health by a process called rhythmic entrainment. To simplify this. How could they continue to do this without a memory? How does an herbal combination restore the memory of your innate wholeness to an organ. improper eating habits. Due to stress. then the kidney will not function properly. we can say that your kidney works because the innate intelligence of the kidney is lively in the memory of its cells. How can your kidney cells have a memory? Just imagine how many functions your kidneys perform every day. some of these processes break down. VITAMINS AND MINERALS intelligence that creates infinite universes is also what creates you. “Dis-ease” can be viewed as the lack of memory of your innate wholeness. This works because enlivening wholeness stimulates the self-correction intelligence that is already inherent in every cell of your body.160 HERBS. the pendulums will all swing in unison after an hour or so. This cosmic intelligence is the basis of your existence. This same principle works to restore wholeness and balance in your mind/body. In other words.

As the mirroring effect takes place. the body part starts to resonate with or reflect the herb or herbal combination. glands. As the frequency expands and contracts. the memory of how it should function becomes lively in its intelligence. where the expanding frequency interacts with the contracting frequency. nutrients. High blood pressure arises when different parts of your mind/body forget the whole. because everything needed for perfect health is eternally present. The herb re-educates the organ or body part through resonance or through the process of rhythmic entrainment. As the herb resonates. This principle is becoming more obvious as science demonstrates that frequency and energy are the fundamental basis of matter. In other words. This mirroring is very important for the entire healing process. fruits and other foods. Nature matches the frequencies of the various functions. In other words. for healing. gems. This code allows the body part or organ to remember its perfect mode of functioning. as you hold a mirror up to see your face. there is an expansion and contraction to this resonance. Similar to Morse Code.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 161 everything resonates. or resonance. The way that resonance creates perfect health in the body is scientific. It just needs to be enlivened. The process of rhythmic entrainment is like Morse Code. this resonance is programmed to match the resonance of a particular part of the physiology to create balance. Ayurvedic remedies are made with knowledge of the frequencies (matter is just composed of frequencies-vibrations) of the specific herbs and specific body areas. a node is formed. The memory is always there. based on its resonance. Healing is thus the art of restoring memory. As the organ is stimulated to remember the way it is supposed to resonate from wholeness. organs. there are syllables and gaps in the herbal frequency. to go to a specific part of your body. It holds this resonance up to the specific part of the body that it is targeted to entrain. the memory of how the body part or organ is supposed to function is coded in sound. nature uses this aspect of natural law. and systems of your body with the frequencies of herbs. As the organ functions in a healthy mode the symptom is alleviated on the level of the cause by restoring the memory. . Specific herbal combinations have a specific resonance. vegetables. Each herb has a passport. a wave interference pattern is created.

Natural healing systems enliven the self-healing intelligence already in your body. and now there is no symptom to accomplish this. Thirty-four controlled trials and several open-label and long-term studies . The disease is still there – and often getting worse – because the symptom is what triggers mind/body correction. geometry is created from the points of intersection or nodes. and correct irregular heartbeats. It is this geometry that is responsible for the correct frequency pattern to restore the organ. lower cholesterol. CoQ10 and Hawthorn Berries – Your Heart’s Best Friends Two very important supplements for your heart and blood pressure are hawthorn berries and coenzyme Q10. your heart is the most responsive to CoQ10. Of all the organs in the body. As this interference pattern interacts with itself. the disease may get even worse! If you can understand this. and in patients with more severe heart disease.162 HERBS. CoQ10 Scientists in America. Let’s first look at the benefits offered by CoQ10. Imagine your unlimited power to be healed from within your own consciousness – which is not something that is in you. Levels decline with age. India. and Australia have studied the role of CoQ10 in cardiovascular disease since the 1960’s. you have learned the secret of healing. You already have all the healing intelligence of the universe in your mind/body. Japan. expansion and contraction. It is the disruption of the flow of intelligence in the mind/body that creates the disease in the first place. and with further drug suppression of this intelligence. it is you. Both supplements strengthen your heart muscle and heart valves. created by the two frequency directions. Unfortunately. or system to the normal point of entropy. both physically and psychically. the conventional medical approach suppresses this intelligence in order to eliminate the symptom. VITAMINS AND MINERALS The frequency in these nodes now contains its own frequency. Europe. balance blood pressure (whether it is high or low). gland.

increases energy and improves exercise tolerance.158 Congestive heart failure results from a tired. like other antioxidants.159 A study using CoQ10 involving ten people brought the average blood pressure down from 161/98 to 142/83 in ten weeks. weak. Research demonstrated that CoQ10 has the potential to prevent heart disease. Nutrition News cited a study involving CoQ10. CoQ10 lowers blood pressure. hypertensive heart disease. Hawthorn berries can take up to six months to show good results. This inhibits artery-clogging plaque. It is a super antioxident and counteracts the pro-oxident action of vitamin E known as TMP (tocopherol-mediated peroxidation). and preserves blood levels of vitamins A. The subjects’ average pressure was 141/97. and beta-carotene.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 163 on the clinical effects of CoQ10 in cardiovascular disease were reviewed. prevents heart damage from cholesterol lowering drugs known as statin drugs. CoQ10 also prevents LDL (low density lipids) oxidation such as the process called peroxynitrite (the reaction of nitric oxide and a free radical called superoxide). and Japan. Does this sound like the most vital supplement for your heart? CoQ10 is a super cardiovascular supplement. ischemic heart disease. CoQ10 offers protection . relaxes the heart muscle which is necessary for the heart to fill with blood. It regenerates vitamin E and C. An eight-week randomized double-blind trial of patients on antihypertensive medication who received 60 mg of CoQ10 twice daily showed a decrease in blood pressure possibly due to decreasing oxidative stress and insulin response.157 Diabetic cardiomyopathy has been documented to lead to congestive heart failure (CHF) even in the absence of other risk factors. and after two months of supplementation. and reperfusion injury as it relates to coronary artery bypass graft surgery. Use both together. E. diastolic dysfunction of the left ventricle. C. CoQ10 will yield quicker results as demonstrated by these studies.S. stabilizes cellular membranes. 160 Both CoQ10 and hawthorn berries help to reduce cholesterol. typical of studies conducted in the U. slows aging. Another study published in Molecular Aspects of Medicine demonstrated that. it was lowered to 126/90. energystarved heart that loses its ability to pump blood efficiently. increases heart energy. These studies included congestive heart disease.

knows this quite well. Subjects in studies are given a daily dose of 100 to 600 mg of CoQ10. A nice side benefit of CoQ10 is that one patient. given over 240 mg. A strong heart relaxes more efficiently. as well as in alternative clinics in Mexico. the manufacturer of Mevacor. Diabetic patients on statin drugs desperately need CoQ10 to convert glucose to energy in the cells. Research demonstrates that CoQ10 allows your heart to fill with blood more efficiently (the diastole). may lower energy levels because they deplete CoQ10 levels. Patients taking these drugs have developed congestive heart failure. was cured of cancer. the relationship between cancer and heart disease is known. a statin drug. which are used to lower cholesterol. so blood levels of CoQ10 go down as well. But they only manufacture the drug without the CoQ10. CoQ10 increases energy. Merck. and improves the effects of heart surgery. because it improves the relaxation of the heart muscle. Statin drugs. CoQ10 also protects the heart against cardiotoxicity from drugs like Adriamycin. If you are using a statin drug. is needed by the body to manufacture CoQ10.162 In Germany. VITAMINS AND MINERALS against the accumulation and deposit of oxidized fats in blood vessels.164 HERBS. These drugs block enzyme pathways needed for the production of cholesterol. The same enzyme. It is a known fact that many cancer patients die of heart disease. A doctor who put a patient on a dosage of 240 mg of CoQ10 daily for a circulatory condition was amazed to find his patient’s blood pressure and cancer dramatically improved. HMG-CoA reductase. This demonstrates that CoQ10 helps protect us from two major diseases. Any substance that weakens the heart in exchange for lower cholesterol doesn’t make sense. Research has demonstrated that cancer patients have deficient blood levels of CoQ10.161 These fats can lead to atherosclerosis. The body removes CoQ10 from the heart muscle where it is present in high concentrations in order to utilize it to fight cancer. since one of their patents contains 1000mg of CoQ10. take at least 200 mg or more of CoQ10 (take with a healthy fat for absorption) twice daily or 100 mg or more Q-Absorb or Q-Gel (more easily absorbed) twice daily. The pharmaceutical giants have known since the late 1980’s that many cholesterol-lowering drugs block the synthesis of the vital nutrient Coenzyme Q10. .

These patients had advanced congestive heart failure and did not respond well to diuretics and digitalis. an increased tolerance for activity. The book. shortness of breath was reduced.163 CoQ10 lowers blood cholesterol levels. CoQ10 might also be a good supplement for people who do not exercise on a regular basis.165 Another study involving twelve patients who were followed for seven months while they took 100mg of CoQ10 daily showed excellent results. Sufferers believe that they are having a heart attack when they first experience angina. In one double blind clinical study. reports that patients with congestive heart failure had renewed vigor with CoQ10. and a disappearance of shortness of breath at rest. NO 6. As arteries become constricted. The American Journal of Cardiology demonstrated the therapeutic benefits of CoQ10 in the treatment of angina pectoris. and muscle strength was increased. In addition. as reported in Nutrition News 1994 VOL XVIII. which causes angina pain. Their need for nitroglycerin tablets was halved as well. and increases blood vessel diameter. The patients reported feeling less fatigue. ten hypertensive patients taking 100 mg of CoQ10 lowered their cholesterol from 227 to 204. .164 It can increase stamina and help people to begin an exercise program. 89% of the patients experienced that blood was pumped more efficiently. CoQ10 promotes a wide range of cardiovascular benefits. Angina pain can be immobilizing and terrifying. stabilizes the vascular membrane through its antioxidant activity. Thus. When angina sufferers were given CoQ10 supplementation the incidence of attacks was halved after only four weeks. Patients who had extreme trouble moving and even breathing were able to look forward to an active life. The psychological and physical benefits will greatly add to the patient’s quality of life. After ten weeks. A study using sedentary people as subjects demonstrated that supplementary CoQ10 improves the heart’s performance and strength without the duress of exercise. Miracle Nutrient CoQ10. CoQ10 is beneficial to some people with severe heart problems.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 165 In 1985. The narrow vessel diameter of arteries is not able to deliver the additional oxygen needed by the heart muscle during emotional excitement or exercise. there is a decrease of oxygen and blood flow to the heart. (This does not mean that one would take it and then subject the heart to undue duress).

Some companies have research but have changed their formulation since most of their research was done. VITAMINS AND MINERALS their heart rate fell while volume increased (the amount of blood pumped per beat). The preferred way to get your CoQ10 is in the water-soluble form rather than the capsules filled with a yellow/orange powder. Another well . When I asked David Getoff. Twenty-two percent had “remarkedly beneficial” results.166 Thirty-four patients with severe congestive cardiomyopathy (a syndrome characterized by cardiac enlargement and congestive heart failure) received 100mg of CoQ10 daily. he told me he only uses Q-Absorb® 100 mg soft gels from Jarrow Formulas. He has personally had conversations with the researcher who tests the absorption of this product into the human body as compared to other products. After two years. This would enable patients to get precious oxygen. there was a survival rate of 62 percent of the participants. Twenty-seven patients that had ventricular premature heart beats (premature contractions of the heart that are independent of the normal rhythm and arise in response to an impulse in some part of the heart other than the sinoatrial node) and no clinical findings of heart muscle problems were given CoQ10. the clinical nutritionist who I am consulting with for this book. He believes that Jarrow Q Absorb® is one of the best-absorbed Q10 products on the market but is also one of the most reasonably priced. published or not. Each manufacturer claims that their product is better absorbed than the others and most have no human research. which product he uses and why. it would be hailed as the cure for all cardiovascular diseases.166 HERBS. since CoQ10 plays a major role in energy production and oxygen utilization within every cell of the body. There was an increase in stroke volume (the amount of blood pumped per beat) and cardiac index (amount of blood pumped relative to body size) for over 80% of the patients. especially when there is a stressful situation. This compared to only a 25 percent survival rate of similar patients treated only with conventional methods. Increased oxygen would have a beneficial effect for patients with congestive cardiomyopathy.167 If this were a drug. physiologically or emotionally. to back up their claims.168 Taking CoQ10 supplementation has increased energy in some people.

At 49 years old. Maria began taking daily doses of CoQ10 along with other supplements. Don’t let them. Hawthorn berries are able to produce a catabolic (destructive) effect on fatty adipose tissue near your heart and elsewhere throughout the body. is Tishcon’s Q-Gel®. thus scarring the arterial walls and causing more cholesterol to patch up the scar.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 167 absorbed product although more costly. This particular supplement will do more harm than good but it seems that pharmaceutical companies don’t get it. not even a therapeutic dose according to research. which creates free radicals in the body and will exacerbate cholesterol problems. Dr.bcn4life. The more knowledge you acquire. Health & Healing. Dr. She says she feels better than she has in years! “God made a miracle due to the CoQ10!” This is the kind of story you won’t hear from your doctor. These formulas also contain hydrogenated cottonseed oil. her doctors said her only hope was a heart transplant (cost: $300. Maria Irene Sylvia had already had three heart attacks – one after the other. the more powerful you become in taking charge of your health. but these companies will continue to try to fool you. It is through this marvelous “chemical combustion” that you can lose . Whitaker has a monthly or (800) 803-5333.000). This herb destroys fat. Julian Whitaker reports a case study of one patient taking CoQ10. Some CoQ10 formulas in pharmacies contain only 10 mg. but it is also tremendous for the loss of weight in acute cases of obesity. She no longer needs a heart transplant. and has lost 43 pounds. The hydrogenation process creates trans fatty acids. walks 30 minutes a day. Hawthorn Berries Not only is hawthorn hailed worldwide as a marvelous cardiotonic (an herbal formula used to strengthen the heart). Jarrow’s product is available at better health food stores and also from Beachwood Canyon at www. yielding more free radicals. Rushed to the emergency room a few months later with congestive heart failure. You can’t fool Mother Nature. her husband read about the near-miraculous healing properties of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Lucky for Maria.

and rheumatism. to prevent cholesterol binding to artery walls. VITAMINS AND MINERALS pounds over a period of time. Hawthorn has been proven beneficial for mitral stenosis (a blockage of the mitral valve) and heart diseases of old age. N. New York. and inflammation of the heart muscle. 1979. 179).170 arteriosclerosis. patients have been able to reduce or discontinue digitalis medication. including angina pectoris. ursolic. caffeic acid..169 With regard to weight loss. It has been used to treat high blood pressure. chlorogenic acid. arthritis. a medical anthropologist. a hypertensive class of drugs.173 They also contain bioflavonoids such as proanthocyanidins (grape seed extract) to balance serum cholesterol. John Heinerman. ACE inhibitors. trimethlamine. and ascorbic acid. Mcgraw Hill Book Co. It has an inhibiting effect on angiotensinconverting enzyme and thus helps to prevent hypertension. and cherry pits for instance). In Europe. With hawthorn. crataegolic).168 HERBS. Scientific investigation on hawthorn has shown it to be helpful for insomnia. describes the benefits of hawthorn berries in the publication Herbal Dynamics. are designed to inhibit .171 Hawthorn Berries lower resistance in the arteries.172 The berries contain the following interesting constituents and vitamins: triterpene acids (oleanotic. and to help maintain the integrity of artery walls. Angiotensin II is a potent blood-vessel constrictor.Y. hawthorn berries are used to improve blood flow to the heart as well. and dilate (widen) coronary artery walls. anthocyanin type pigments and flavone derivatives like perlagonin and quercitrin (include in this hydrocyanic acid and amygdalin or laetrile such as that found in apricot. acetylcholine. peach. It should be noted that hawthorn works better in conjunction with a complete weight-loss program. p. They do this partly because they have been shown to inhibit ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) thus aiding in the creation of angiotensin II. purines. (Nutrition Almanac. chlorine. According to research a fish protein powder (fish peptide extract) also inhibits ACE. Hawthorn also strengthens the contractions of the heart as well as stabilizes heart rhythm. I would recommend that you eat organic foods and avoid canned and chemical weight loss products. and is effective for a variety of other heart ailments. It can also alleviate irregular heart rhythms.

The body uses DHEA to put out the big fires first. This berry also contains calcium and magnesium. which are vital for vasodilation needed to lower blood pressure. If you are taking beta blockers. Hawthorn berries are a master supplement for cardiovascular health. which is only one of its many cardiovascular benefits.176 . recommends 400 mg of hawthorn berry one to three times a day. DHEA supplementation also reduces the need for insulin in diabetic rats. but hawthorn berries do this as well. diabetes. DHEA treatment (4 mg per day for 3 weeks. and more and more physicians are recommending it. M. and risk of mortality from all causes by 36%. including lower rates of cancer. A study evaluated oxidative damage and lipid peroxidation in relation to hyperglycaemia. Remember that Transcendental Meditation helps preserve DHEA-S levels in the body. has generated a lot of excitement.174 Work with your physician to alter and/ or lower your blood pressure medication to be able to take this valuable herb. What does DHEA offer for cardiovascular disease? A twelve year study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1986 showed that it decreased risk of heart attack by 48%. per os) protected the rats against oxidative damage and lipid peroxidation. an adrenal hormone. Taking hormones can also have adverse reactions such as shutting down your body’s ability to make the hormone on its own. and obesity.D. cardiovascular disease. Julian Whitaker. Mannatech makes a very effective wild yam formula.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 169 angiotension converting enzyme. The extract should contain 1. The product is called PLUS. thus assisting in the prevention and healing of disease. just call (800) 267-2722 for information and/or to place an order. DHEA – The Master Hormone DHEA. The best solution is to take a natural substance that effects your body similar to DHEA. Some authors have indicated that wild yam or Dioscorea Villosa will accomplish this goal however this is not true even though in many people it has shown enough similar effects to be useful.175 The study also showed a twenty percent longer lifespan for rats supplemented with DHEA. do not take hawthorn berry.8 percent vitexin4-rhamnoside.

Mind/body intelligence then does what it needs with the DHEA. is discussed later in this chapter. The older you get.170 HERBS. DHEA confers this benefit because it protects cells against oxidative damage. DHEA appears to be incorporated into high and low-density cholesterol. DHEA lowers cholesterol.179 It is a marker of biological age. 20-25 mg men – check with your health care provider for higher recommendations. It also lowers elevated blood sugar levels and inflammation.177 Animal studies with experimental atherosclerosis have confirmed the anti-sclerotic effect of DHEA. University of British Columbia supports the many benefits of DHEA. like chromium. and starts to decrease after age twenty-five. so it stops your body from producing fats. Diabetics can increase their lifespan by decreasing the amount of insulin needed. it will not block the production of all fats. DHEA blocks the production of excess lipids. Before starting DHEA . the older we get. A review of the literature conducted by the Division of Endocrinology. Research demonstrates that serum lipids and atherogenic lipoproteins were lowest in animals supplemented with DHEA. which means it burns fats as well as blocking fat production. if you need some fat in your physiology. the more prone we are to disease. both of which increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. also increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin. which exacerbates cardiovascular disease by increasing cholesterol and obesity. If you can increase your levels of DHEA. Chromium. It also increases oxidation of lipids. DHEA. In a metabolic process known as the krebs cycle. Correspondingly. As we age. essential for patients with insulin resistance and diabetes.178 We hear so much about eliminating fats. Over forty thousand reports during the last few decades have shown the health benefits of DHEA. this does not have to be the norm. In other words. VITAMINS AND MINERALS Too much insulin in the blood causes free radical damage. thus helping to reduce serum cholesterol. the less detectable DHEA becomes and the more cholesterol molecules are susceptible to oxidative stress. Maintaining proper weight can reduce blood pressure and diabetic complications. protecting it from oxidation. DHEA levels drop and cardiovascular disease increases. DHEA: 5-10 mg women.

It receives signals from the hypothalamus and the pituitary. and cannot inhibit its own synthesis. up to 400 to 600 mcg can be used. known as hypothyroidism. progesterone. and for your body to function properly. muscles. which is biochemically. It converts to DHEA and progesterone (which cannot be made from DHEA) by two different pathways.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 171 supplementation higher than the recommendations above. which may indicate increased . The signals tell it to speed up or slow down metabolic activity. the mother hormone. The thyroid gland resides at the base of the throat and controls the rate of metabolism. it secretes thyroxine. it is suggested that you ask your health care provider for a complete hormone panel to establish a base line. A natural precursor for DHEA is pregnenolone. which tells the cells and tissues of the body how fast to break down food to produce energy. Hypothyroid patients have higher levels of homocysteine and cholesterol. as well as autoimmune disease. by the liver. Your brain is especially sensitive to a thyroid hormone deficiency. which can cause depression and strange psychological symptoms that usually do not fit into a defined category. Then have another in 6 to 8 weeks to see if the DHEA is increasing as desired. It is interesting to note that a selenium deficiency causes many of the same symptoms as a hypoactive thyroid. Even a slight deficiency of thyroid hormone causes cells and cell metabolism to function inadequately. for every cell in your body. and this conversion is dependent on selenium to a large extent. and heart cells. homocysteine or triglycerides. Take 50 mg 1 to 4 times daily on an empty stomach. and not throwing other hormones out of balance. Usually 200 mcg of selenium is recommended as a healthy daily intake. Thyroxine or T4 is converted to T3. The Estrogen Alternative by Raquel Martin provides excellent information on wild yam. a more active thyroid hormone. An under-active thyroid. Hypothyroidism Thyroid hormones are vital for cardiovascular health. can have a detrimental effect on cholesterol levels. In turn. and hormone replacement therapy.

TSH. If you think you have hypothyroidism. A simple test for hypoactive thyroid is low body temperature. especially for revealing borderline hypothyroidism. your doctor may recommend a thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) assay. This is what creates a host of symptoms that are hard to pinpoint. skin changes.181 Other symptoms are anxiety. Take it in the morning for ten minutes for four days. Another excellent web site containing a wealth of information on these conditions is www.wilsonssyndrome. even if the thyroid is making enough T4 and actually not hypoactive. Dennis Wilson. hair loss. Check the web site for Wilson’s Syndrome (www. difficulty concentrating. This test is more sensitive and accurate than preexisting ones. not just a gland. dry skin.172 HERBS. There is a book written on Wilson’s Syndrome by E. Many diabetics have an under-active thyroid. and get the average. memory disturbances.6 degrees. Take your underarm basal (resting) temperature using a basal or regular thermometer. which is a thyroid-stimulating . since the thyroid controls all metabolic processes. constipation. and the cells need to be able to convert T4 to and chronic yeast infections. M.D. if you are not menstruating this will not apply. We will also discuss diabetes and its relationship to cardiovascular disease. VITAMINS AND MINERALS cardiovascular risk. and weight gain. A functional thyroid deficiency is called the great pretender. because it is hard to target the thyroid as the culprit. record it. This can exacerbate cholesterol problems because an under-active thyroid can lead to abnormal cholesterol metabolism as well as coronary artery disease. because enzymes cannot function properly much under 98. If body temperature is too low. The good news is that symptoms will often clear up once a patient is on thyroid supplementation.180 Classic symptoms are to find a physician who treats this condition. intolerance to cold. enzymes used to make T3 cannot function properly. depression. The thyroid is a system. Women should be aware that only the first to the fourth day of your cycle will yield accurate results. the situation is compounded. slow heartbeat.drlowe. A condition known as Wilson’s Syndrome creates a low body temperature for a number of reasons.

a saturated fat. has been shown to help correct this condition and support the pituitary). Unsaturated oils suppress both tissue response to thyroid hormone. An under-active hypothalamus can cause hypothyroidism. (Coconut oil. blood pressure would probably be low. especially the sulfur-containing antibiotics. so if it were under-active. • In women the cause is usually estrogen dominance. The phone number is (212) 721-6633.. It is a natural diuretic. and the transport of the hormone on the thyroid transport protein. but it will take about three cycles to take effect. Other causes of hypothyroidism are: • • • Exposure to toxins. and you may have psychological and spiritual challenges as well. The TRH stimulation test shows functional problems that cannot be picked up by routine testing. and reveals how the thyroid is actually functioning.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 173 hormone produced in your pituitary gland. natural or synthetic. The soil is mineral deficient due to chemical farming. it will be very difficult to pinpoint with thyroid testing. helps . and progesterone cream is recommended to balance the estrogen/progesterone ratio. which goes beyond the traditional tests that only show pathology. Antibiotics. enhances the conversion of fat to energy. is what stimulates your thyroid to produce thyroid hormones.182 If you have a sub-clinical condition. an internist and the founder of the Center for Progressive Medicine in New York City recommends this test. and give thyroid hormones. Progesterone can also have a beneficial effect on high blood pressure. such as drinking water with organic hydrocarbons. The herb Vitex(Chaste Berry) will also balance the estrogen/progesterone ratio. We would have to go by the symptoms. there is an even more sensitive and accurate test known as TRH. The TRH shows sub-clinical deficiencies. and/or natural substances and try to see what happens. can cause thyroid malfunction. thyrotropin-releasing hormone.D. Rafael Kellman. and even a sex hormone imbalance can cause symptoms of hypothyroidism. The hypothalamus controls blood pressure. M. if this is the case.

the active thyroid hormone that the cells actually use. VITAMINS AND MINERALS thyroid hormone utilization.” showed a dramatic decrease in phytoestrogen levels. Progesterone increases available thyroid hormone because it balances high estrogen levels. and conversion from T4. gave test results for beans not sprayed with glyphosate. the company that engineered these beans. Fluoride and chlorine in water can inhibit iodine uptake into the thyroid cells. Soy products aid the conversion from T4 to T3 in adults. No long-term studies have ever been done to assess the safety for humans and the environment with these products. then natural thyroid replacement is worth a try. to T3. Many nutrients are involved in thyroid production. the milk they produce is much higher in fat and lower in protein than non-genetically fed cows. because estrogen blocks thyroid hormone conversion to T3. Many holistic doctors use a natural thyroid replacement hormone from desiccated porcine (pig) thyroid gland. Lack of nutrients is the main cause of problems with thyroid function. This has many advantages . not to mention the toxic chemicals used to protect them from pests. metabolism. High estrogen levels cause food calories to be stored as fat. The reduction was most noticeable in genistin and then daidzin. secretion.174 HERBS. It seems it is the glyphosate that causes this potential health hazard. but may have the opposite effect in young children. If your thyroid tests are in the normal range. has a normalizing effect on blood clotting. and restores proper cell oxygen levels. A reduction of 12-14% was observed in the genetically altered soybean strains. Consumers eat soybeans because these phytoestrogens protect them from cancer and cardiovascular disease. Monsanto. “Alterations in Clinically Important Phytoestrogens in Genetically Modified Herbicide-Tolerant Soybeans. and you have many of the symptoms mentioned. helps to normalize blood sugar levels. A study from World Health Organization scientists revealed this startling information. Eat fermented organic soy products because genetically engineered soybeans sprayed with glyphosate have a higher estrogen content. the active form. When cows eat these soybeans. This may show that genetically engineered soybeans have an effect on hormones. Another study published in the Journal of Medicinal Foods in April 1999 entitled. the inactive thyroid hormone.

resolve them and find meaning in your life. is a precursor to thyroid hormones. Patients who are on synthetic thyroid hormone replacement and still have a host of medical problems often get immediate results with porcine. and B6 are coenzymes in energy and normal thyroid hormone production. Not taking responsibility for your life can also lead to thyroid problems. your health care provider can recommend a formula based on your specific needs. high in iodine and potassium. if your blood level is low in this amino acid. if you are not pursuing your life’s goals and not fulfilled in life. dulce. Low iron can result in low thyroid function. This can be confusing. Some thyroid problems are caused by psychological and spiritual problems. A lack of iodine can result in depressed function of the thyroid.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 175 and is more effective than the synthetic versions. The herb bladderwrack regulates thyroid function. and E are also necessary for proper thyroid function. a childhood trauma may be manifesting as a thyroid problem years later. and French unrefined light grey sea salt. Irish moss is full of trace nutrients. Vitamins A. low energy production resulting in fatigue. slow hair growth. then thyroid problems may result. . vitamins B1. an amino acid that helps with fatigue. L-Tyrosine. Zinc levels need to be up to par for the production of active thyroid hormones. Also. while the synthetic version only has one of the hormones – T4. Glutathione deficiency is a key factor in hormone function. B3. is beneficial and makes the blood more alkaline. As you become aware of past traumas through therapy or energy healing work. Also. There are numerous supplements that can also help if you have an under-active thyroid. and patients with hypothyroidism have been reported to have low levels of this mineral. and metabolism. Cellular energy productions are influenced by aspartic acid. Both iodine and tyrosine are needed for the production of thyroid hormones. B2. C. This should always be considered as a possibility. then thyroid problems can be healed. you may have hypothyroidism. The porcine contains the entire gland’s components and hormones. A manganese deficiency may contribute to some symptoms of hypothyroidism: dermatitis. Kelp. A formula called THYRO-MAX SUPPORT by Biochem is designed to support healthy thyroid function. Natural iodine can be found in kelp. an amino acid.

and how they can have so many side benefits. excessive thirst or any kind of inflammation) discontinue the cayenne for a while.000 to 50. which is very valuable in eliminating toxins from your body. You need both. Cayenne pepper is very high in the anti-oxidants vitamin C. A study in India demonstrated that cayenne prevents the absorption of cholesterol and assists the body in excreting excess cholesterol. which strengthens the heart and lowers blood pressure. If you develop any pitta conditions (an ayurvedic term. With beta-carotene. According to ayurvedic medicine. you should use cayenne sparingly. which may help clear the arteries of cholesterol deposits. leading to free radicals. Thus.000 IU for 3 months and then reduce to 10. . An important difference between beta-carotene and vitamin A is that the latter is needed for mineral absorption. To learn more about ayurveda and how to balance pitta conditions. A therapeutic dose range of vitamin A is 25. Weak digestion allows toxins to result from undigested or improperly digested food. 25. cayenne lowers cholesterol indirectly as well. why cayenne pepper is not the best herb to take. pitta is characterized by excess heat. There are reasons.176 HERBS. VITAMINS AND MINERALS Cayenne Pepper – Hot Stuff to Lower Blood Pressure Another unique natural substance is cayenne pepper. check out the books in your health food store or call 1-800-255-8332 and ask for a catalog of ayurvedic products. These doses are based on an average adult weight and need to be adjusted for children. rather than side effects. itchiness. and vitamins A and C to reduce cardiovascular disease.000 IU may be taken continually.183 Cayenne pepper strengthens digestion.000 IU daily. It is simply amazing how useful herbs are. redness. Be aware that because of its heating properties. a vitamin A precursor. Free radicals cause scarring on your arterial walls and then your body uses cholesterol to patch up the scars. however. and beta-carotene. it also lowers cholesterol and thins the blood. Some major studies have shown beta-carotene. thereby preventing blood clots.

in an article for Health Store News.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 177 Ginkgo Biloba for Cardiovascular Health A standardized dose of Ginkgo Biloba leaves may promote longevity and resistance to aging in humans. . health problems and accelerate aging. N. Ginkgo inhibits water retention in delicate tissues and enhances cellular energy production. increases blood flow and oxygen circulation throughout the body. Ginkgo can thus prevent heart attacks. It is also very effective for asthma. The individual properties of these chemicals give Ginkgo its amazing power to promote health. and can have a beneficial effect on mental deterioration. when the demand for blood cannot be met) may be of prime importance.184 Ginkgo has been around for approximately 250 million years.D. But the reduction of other symptoms may lead these patients to a more active and happier life. Thirty-four major studies conducted during the 1970’s and 80’s have confirmed Ginkgo has significant health benefits for many degenerative symptoms. those dangerous renegade elements that cause cellular damage. Ginkgo is made up of two major components. Ginkgo improves brain function. asserts Michael Murray.e. It neutralizes free radicals. What makes Ginkgo work so effectively? According to chemical analysis. a decrease in vascular insufficiency (i. as well as enhancing memory retention and mental clarity. which can contribute to a reduction in hypertension. Chinese records show that 4. which may also be helpful for people with cardiomyopathy who have difficulty breathing. It also boosts the transmission of signals through deteriorating nerves. Research has shown that Ginkgo does the following: Strengthens the cardiac system. and prevents unnecessary blood clotting. For cardiovascular patients. because it increases breathing capacity.800 years ago people understood and used Ginkgo effectively for conditions from poor circulation to memory loss. Since clots can lead to a blockage in arteries. called flavonoid glycosides and ginkgolides.

and have the ability to protect blood capillaries against becoming brittle and fragile. They have the ability to reduce pain. Ginkgo prevents both these potentially harmful paths – of inflammation and blood clotting – to exert their effects. and the fluid retention. which can lead to a stroke or a heart attack. which may mask the symptom but not effect a cure. which were discovered in the 1930’s. Flavonoids also have the power to dramatically aid the healing process for injuries that may not have been externally generated and also might not even be apparent. Ginkgo can protect you from the blocking of vital arteries. bruising. The flavonoid glycosides also exhibit very potent anti-inflammatory activity. shock. This same clotting factor is one of the keys responsible for triggering allergic inflammation.178 HERBS. which result from tissue injuries. We will discuss the role of inflammation and heart disease throughout the book.189 The ability of Ginkgo to protect against platelet aggregation. or PAF. Ginkgolides prevent the clumping together of blood cells. which can protect you from forming blood clots. VITAMINS AND MINERALS The Ginkgolides: there is a crossover effect that is very beneficial between the ginkgolides and the flavonoids when it comes to reducing inflammation. The beautiful and simple effectiveness of Ginkgo is its ability to function through two distinct and natural chemical pathways. which can prevent heart disease. and asthma!186 Do not use Ginkgo if you are taking blood thinners. Thus.185 We have learned that ginkgolides interfere with the ability of the blood platelets to start the clotting process. What is at work here is a natural catalyst known as the platelet activating factor. Flavonoids have a very beneficial effect on circulation. Depression causes blood cells to clump and Ginkgo helps alleviate this emotional condition. and with little or no toxicity. and provide a continuous supply of nourishing oxygenated blood to the .188 This may also help to prevent stroke. bleeding. protecting you emotionally and physically. as opposed to many traditional medicinals. The Flavonoid glycosides are part of a chemical family known as bioflavonoids. Ginkgo’s action is preventive.187 These “internal” injuries are linked to the degeneration processes that occur with aging. as well as protect against diabetic retinopathy.

is powerful insurance against a heart attack. In studies. In addition to reducing inflammation. which is a common cause of blindness among sufferers of severe diabetes. and phlebitis.192 Bromelain is extremely versatile and has many health benefits. an enzyme contained in fresh pineapples. It decreases your risk of blood clots by breaking down fibrin. Jarrow Formulas makes an excellent Ginkgo product.191 Ginkgo demonstrated a noticeable protective effect against the deterioration of the retina in animal experiments. and enhances the immune . It also increases overall circulation. it eases the pain of arthritis. Bromelain – Nature’s Blood Thinner Bromelain. Take 120 mg. Ginkgo scavenged free radicals more effectively than all other flavonoids tested. which does not have to be an inevitable outcome of diabetes. so it is efficacious in treating peripheral edema. heals gastric ulcers. a major cardiovascular risk factor. and reduce inflammation in the blood vessel walls. Ginkgo is a potent free radical scavenger. varicose veins. and thus helps to prevent a heart attack or stroke. a blood clotting protein. has therapeutic effects for blood pressure and the heart. In addition. Research on Ginkgo demonstrated such a powerful effect that it took just one tenth as much of the herbal extract to produce the same beneficial effects as other flavonoids. or chest pain.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 179 heart. Clinical reports have demonstrated the disappearance of pain entirely after four to ninety days of taking bromelain. in which Ginkgo was given to diabetic rats for two months. Bromelain modulates prostaglandin formation. Ginkgo can also increase arterial tone. Diabetics would be wise to use Ginkgo to prevent or delay the onset of retinopathy. preventing your blood platelets from sticking together.190 It also has a beneficial role to play in diabetic retinopathy. We will learn of many other natural substances that prevent diabetic retinopathy. Ginkgo extract is available in a 24% standardized extract. Bromelain is linked to a reduction in angina pectoris. The flavonoid content in Ginkgo is responsible for this ability. 3 x daily for one month then reduce dosage to 60 mg 3 times a day.

It is available in tablet form in health food stores. cramp root. Its relationship to insulin. parsley. it includes many excellent herbs that enliven kidney function while strengthening the kidneys as well. aids the body in excreting excess sodium. cysts. magnesium.193 According to Dr. blood sugar. increasing the efficiency of healing processes and creating balance. KB includes such valuable herbs to support kidney function as juniper berries. and swollen lymph glands. as well as in fresh pineapple. which can be involved in hypoglycemia and diabetes. and high blood pressure makes this herb very beneficial. rather than consuming excess salt. a kidney herbal combination. It also increases the effectiveness of antibiotics against resistant strains of bacteria. tumors. Herbs work the opposite way and produce side benefits. Vasant Lad and David Frawley. marshmallow root. by reducing fluid in the body it reduces blood pressure. and golden seal. Many hypertensive patients restrict their intake of salt to accomplish this effect. while herbs promote the innate ability to heal by enhancing bodily processes. and potassium. Take it on an empty stomach unless you are using it for a digestive aid. but research has shown that sodium sensitivity may be due to a lack of calcium. drugs interfere with bodily processes. Dandelion. You will not want to choose drugs as the diuretic of choice after you take a look at some of the side effects of these drugs. dandelion is valuable for problems of the breast and mammary glands. breast sores. Dandelion is also a natural diuretic. high in potassium.180 HERBS. It clears and cleanses the liver and gall bladder. Herbs can also effect the body in undesirable ways. Do . Herbs aid the communication from one part of the body – and one process – to another. VITAMINS AND MINERALS system. is used to remove excess fluid from the body. Simply put. uva ursi leaves. authors of The Yoga of Herbs. ginger root. KB Formula.194 How can one herb do so many things? You easily accept that drugs have many side effects. suppression of lactation. Empower Your Kidneys Dandelion root affects both liver and pancreas. Made by Nature’s Way.

N. In this age . An intimate relationship exists between the kidneys and the heart. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that both kidneys equal the heart in beats per minute. and may exacerbate the diabetic condition. As the kidneys work harder the heart has to work harder. No. The loss of vital minerals can lead to hypertension. potassium. Even sodium is needed to reduce blood pressure.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 181 not just purchase and take the above herbs for kidney support without consulting a qualified herbalist or at least a couple of good books on the subject. 6 1996. coronary artery spasms. There is a balance that is maintained between these organs. irregular heart rhythms. which may weaken the heart in the long run – especially if it is enlarged because of hypertension. They force the kidneys to work harder. Julian Whitaker discusses the dangers of diuretic drugs in his newsletter Health and Healing. Vasant Lad. N. and even heart attack. Every part of the body has a relationship with every other part. chloride. Michael Tierra. then mineral wasting is already a condition and these drugs compound the problem. Potassium loss can lead to heart arrhythmias. and Michael T Murray. C. This heart-kidney relationship is a component of Chinese medicine. Books by Dr. sodium. forcing excretion of potassium and magnesium. you just need the right source. zinc and iodide. 6. Vol. Say No to Diuretic Drugs Thiazide diuretic drugs have side effects like heart arrhythmias. He points out that diuretic drugs cause the elimination of vital minerals.A. or irregular heart rhythms. the potassium wasting connection is seen in conventional medicine. Dr. magnesium. are very informative and practical in deciding which herbs to select. Diuretics are taken by twenty percent of all people over the age of 65. Some of the very minerals we will be discussing to lower blood pressure are those that are eliminated.D. They are calcium. The average heart beats seventy-two times per minute and the average kidney beats thirty-six times per minute. certainly not commercial salt and processed foods. If you are diabetic..D. known as mineral wasting. stroke.

Drink up to four quarts a day if you can. This one thing alone is remarkable. the body senses danger and floods the cells with the “flight or fight” hormone. This will give you an increase in kidney function the natural way. A physiology that is alkaline in nature contains up to twenty times more oxygen than one that is acidic.182 HERBS. In addition to its anti-cancer effect. A long-term study in England concluded that drinking two glasses of milk a day would reduce cardiovascular disease by 400% and four glasses of . Calcium creates an alkaline environment in the body. cancer. This hormone constricts blood vessels. and other degenerative diseases are acidic in nature. and thus increases the risk of heart arrhythmia. If you have congestive heart disease or kidney dysfunction. do not change your dose or discontinue on your own. and that increases the oxygen in it up to twenty times. VITAMINS AND MINERALS group. This has enormous health benefits. There are natural alternatives to drugs available in any health food store. Epinephrine also causes a decrease in potassium. Calcium – Your Heart’s Protector Calcium changes blood pH from acidic to alkaline. which is epinephrine (adrenaline). and prevent disease. increases heart rate. The New England Journal of Medicine. since heart disease. which can be caused by high blood pressure.196 If you want to stop using these drugs work with your doctor. calcium is also needed for proper DNA replication. diuretics have more adverse side effects than any other prescription drug. Mineral wasting from diuretics increases the death rate. Disease flourishes in an anaerobic or non-oxygenated environment caused by acidity. Find a holistic doctor or a clinical nutritionist who can make appropriate recommendations for your specific needs. April 1997. as some large-scale studies have shown. Calcium is needed to stay young. healthy. check with your physician. One natural yet often overlooked potent diuretic is water. summarizes research showing calcium can prevent breast cancer.195 In the moment of a heart attack. In 1932 it was proven that cancer is an anaerobic disease. and can put strain on an already enlarged heart.

The heart then has less resistance to overcome. it is necessary for cardiovascular health. New Jersey.D. There is a domino effect – when magnesium levels fall too low then potassium is also lost. He found that cholesterol was lowered by 48 points. Calcium is an essential nutrient whose ratio to magnesium must be maintained to prevent magnesium loss. is more than a bone builder. has conducted research on calcium and cholesterol. the most abundant mineral in the body. Research shows that calcium is very important in preventing high blood pressure. and triglycerides by 115 points. if potassium wins.D. both can aid in lowering high blood pressure and improving insulin sensitivity. helping the heart to deliver two and a half watts of power. Vitamin D is not only essential for calcium absorption. A study discussed in Understanding Vitamins and Minerals. Calcium also makes sure that your heart doesn’t overwork. Bierenbaum. then excess fluid is excreted and blood pressure is lowered. This resulted in a cholesterol drop of 25 percent in one year. at St. It is involved in every heartbeat. at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison. describes the cholesterol lowering effect of calcium. it is needed for adequate blood levels of insulin. It accomplishes this remarkable feat by reducing cholesterol. Did you know that calcium and sodium have a tug of war as well? . We know that potassium and sodium have a constant tug of war. Ph..197 This reduction in cholesterol has a beneficial effect on lowering blood pressure..REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 183 milk by 1000%. (Note: Vitamin D is also needed to help calcium work its wonders). Supplemental calcium performs this feat. Calcium helps you lose weight and reduce body fat.000 milligrams of dietary calcium a day to 10 people with high blood fats. Calcium. Marvin L. Harold Yacowitz. Calcium prevents the absorption of bile acids by binding to them. and in lowering high blood pressure once you have it. the arterial plaque that can clog your arteries. excess fluid is held in the tissues and blood pressure increases. M. Vincent’s Hospital in Montclair. If sodium wins. by Rodale Press. gave 2. because your vessels are clear. in people who were consuming 1600 milligrams of total calcium daily. not dairy products containing calcium. New Jersey. giving every cell in your body a negative charge to maintain an alkaline biochemistry.

which acts on the smooth muscle walls of your arteries..201 It is recommended to get between 1000 mg and 1500 mg of calcium per day. states that the metabolic indices of calcium may predict and even determine dietary sodium sensitivity in hypertensive patients. because it has proven to be more effective than beta-blockers. Insufficient calcium causes your kidneys to release the hormone calcitriol. controlling its own influx across the cell membrane. Dietary calcium actually acts as a calcium channel blocker. We’ll look more thoroughly at the role of magnesium soon. Keep calcium levels up to protect magnesium and potassium levels. points to the connection between calcium. in other words it expands your blood vessels and thus reduces blood pressure. insufficient calcium intake may be a greater risk factor for high blood pressure than salt intake. then magnesium levels are maintained. This is because calcium increases sodium excretion. magnesium’s effect can prevent a heart attack and save your life. potassium and sodium to regulate hypertension. Oregon Health Sciences. This action constricts your arteries and elevates blood pressure. More credit should go to magnesium. The relaxing effect of magnesium on the coronary arteries (helping prevent spasms and angina attacks) makes it a very powerful tool to lower hypertension. If you get sufficient calcium. VITAMINS AND MINERALS Melvyn R.198 Calcium encourages sodium excretion by the kidneys. and magnesium relaxes blood vessels to reduce blood pressure. helps to relax the smooth muscle lining of your arterioles.200 According to his research. Creating balance in the physiology through proper nutrition is a major factor in reducing high blood pressure.199 Recent research at various universities in the United States have shown lowered blood pressure in human subjects using calcium supplementation.184 HERBS. A good therapeutic dose of magnesium is 1000 mg. Here we see that there is no magic bullet approach to curing your high blood pressure. lowering diastolic pressure. then your cellular calcium levels will be adequate. Magnesium delivers this effect by increasing the production of prostacyclin. Masking the symptom of high blood pressure as drugs do does nothing to cure the . which is vasodilating. Werbach. M.D. Thus. and in concert with magnesium. If your intake of calcium is adequate. The research of David McCaron.

and K3 (dihydrophylloquinone) which is produced during the hydrogenation of oils and is not a good source of vitamin K. an essential amino acid. oxide. David Getoff uses a number of different forms . carbonate. The Many forms of Calcium Calcium is available in a multitude of forms including lactate. K2 (menquinone) is made by probiotic bacteria in your intestinal tract. Vitamin K also suppresses interleukin-6.204 Vitamin K helps perform a vital function. also functions to promote calcium absorption and lowers serum triglycerides. It is K2 that vessel walls have a high preference for accumulating and utilizing. Vitamin K has a key function in the synthesis of at least two proteins involved in calcium and bone metabolism. citrate. If you have severe hypertension. arteriosclerosis–hardening of the arteries. Lysine. call (800) 323-8310 for more information. namely osteocalcin and matrix Gla-protein (MGP). but a free radical producer. Take 1-2 mg of vitamin K daily to insure that calcium is properly directed to your bones and not harden your arteries. NOW Foods has a calcium/magnesium powder at a 1:1 ratio excellent for relaxing muscles for those with leg or other bodily cramps. K1 (phylloquinone) found in chlorophyll rich plants. Research has shown that poor vascular vitamin K status may form a risk factor for vascular calcification. which lowers blood pressure. which has little or no such research other than a lot of hype. take 1000-2000 mg daily. to keep your arteries flexible. an inflammatory marker for cardiovascular disease.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 185 condition. oyster shell. BioCalph is bio-available at 95 percent. Caution: Patients taking Coumadin (warfarin) should not use a vitamin K supplement because it could interfere with anticoagulant effects of the drug. Most of these forms have had some valid published research studies to show how well they are or are not absorbed by the human body with the exception for coral calcium. however. See NOW Foods products online at: www.nowfoods. MGP was shown to be a strong inhibitor of vascular calcification.203 In other words.202 There are three different forms of vitamin K. dolomite and coral. medication buys you time to balance your physiology.

a poor lifestyle causes it to be deleterious to health. With all its nutrients. A lactic acid buildup in your vessels eats away at the arterial walls and can cause the walls to become thinner. Calcium can protect the muscles in your arteries. citrate and lactate. Remember that the 10001500 mg recommendation that you often hear or read is from all sources. In general David finds that the three best forms are hydroxapetite. the form of calcium that is in coral.186 HERBS. LDL (Low-density lipids) is blamed instead of your mineral deficient lifestyle. If you are mineral deficient. This mineral deficiency affects your arteries because these vessels are muscular in nature. A high absorbable calcium takes care of this because it is utilized by your body. Cholesterol is really a good guy in emergencies. Your arteries contain muscles to pump your blood to the far distant reaches of the body. Information on supplements as well as other health related information is available on David Getoff ’s videotapes and from www. www. As you or amazon. he recommends the calcium that tests best for each patient. he has found that the hydroxyapetite form seems to be best for the largest number of his patients. however. VITAMINS AND MINERALS of calcium in his practice. Low-density lipids are used to patch up weaknesses in arteries so you won’t bleed to death internally. your muscles lack necessary components needed for homeostasis. The main consideration with any supplement is whether you can absorb and assimilate it. That is why the health of your digestive system and individual testing can be so important. Calcium carbonate. your body is properly supplied and . After working with patients full time for over a decade.ppnf. With the aid of kinesiological testing.audiotapes. are two products he endorses. This is very important because normally calcium cannot be absorbed without stomach acid. and so if you are eating a healthy diet then you may only need 400-800 mg in a supplement and that may already be in a good multi vitamin. the veins simply return the blood. Enter the mystery hero that has always been considered the bad guy because it is found at the scene of the crime. Exercising increases lactic acid buildup in your muscles because the available supply of nutrients and minerals is used up during the process. Ultra Bone Up from Jarrow formulas and Bone Strength from NOW is one of the most poorly absorbed forms and he rarely uses

We know that diabetes can cause or exacerbate hypertension. and magnesium is definitely a key player in ameliorating both conditions. There is a lot of research on calcium and CVD. This downward cycle can be stopped through magnesium supplementation and diet. The type A personality – the personality most likely to die of sudden . discussed the dual aspect of magnesium. such as type II diabetes.206 Insulin resistance. which is important for individuals with diabetes and hypoglycemia.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 187 doesn’t need to take calcium from muscles and bones. In some cases. one third of all households surveyed in a study were below the RDA for magnesium. Magnesium is involved in the secretion and production of insulin. Magnesium can stabilize irregular heart rhythms. Here is another invaluable side benefit of calcium. increases urination that is glucose-laden and full of minerals like magnesium. Andrew Meyers. Therefore. which weakens your heart muscle and thus makes it vulnerable to cardiac arrhythmia (which can be fatal). Magnesium shows its usefulness here because it has a very beneficial effect on hypertension and blood sugar conditions. ND. magnesium helps to control blood sugar levels. The Magic of Magnesium Diabetes and hypertension are intimately related. We will later discuss the deleterious effects of calcium channel-blockers. intravenous magnesium has had dramatic and immediate results in correcting arrhythmia. According to Prevention magazine. It worked very effectively. they also cause a decrease in insulin sensitivity which can contribute to hypertension. Magnesium should also be given before heart surgery to protect the heart muscle.205 According to research. The relationship between calcium and cancer has been known since the turn of the century. It also creates an alkaline body chemistry in which disease cannot survive. not only do low levels of magnesium reduce insulin production. It is obvious how vital calcium is for your health. In the Women’s Health Journal July-August 1997. Surgeons used to pour a caustic or alkaline solution on the cancer site after surgery to stop it from spreading. or cardiac arrhythmia. A heart attack causes rapid loss of magnesium.

.209 Remember that magnesium is lost during periods of stress. In Finland.208 Bella T. Pharmaceutical calcium channel blockers are medications that relax the smooth muscle in the artery wall by inhibiting calcium absorption. So type A personalities should take more magnesium and be aware when they are creating stress in their mind/body.. magnesium will only give you side benefits. Altura. Studies have consistently demonstrated that incidence of SDIHD is highest where the drinking water or soil is very low in magnesium. the artery walls are muscular. of the State University of New York’s Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn. since stress decreases your magnesium levels. and where the blood circulation was obstructed.207 A magnesium shortage was most acute at the site where the heart muscle was infarcted. believes there is a close link between stress. and magnesium is needed to dilate or open the blood vessels in your heart tissues. destroyed due to ischemia. Magnesium is a natural calcium channel blocker since magnesium is responsible for muscular and smooth muscle relaxation. studies demonstrated that mortality is highest in the part of the country where the soil is most deficient in magnesium. Ph. the patient’s blood pressure will fall as the wall expands. Thus.188 HERBS. Adequate magnesium intake allows the coronary arteries to relax and open wider to lower blood pressure. Research in Canada has shown that the hearts of heart attack victims contained about 22 percent less magnesium than the hearts of those who died of non-cardiac problems.D. Another benefit of magnesium we have already mentioned is that it helps to lower blood pressure by dilating your blood vessels. and they have recently been linked to heart attacks and cancer. magnesium deficiency and SDIHD (sudden death ischemic heart disease). VITAMINS AND MINERALS heart failure – might be due in part to a magnesium deficiency. This is not surprising. Calcium is responsible for muscular contraction. calcium and potassium.211 These drugs can produce many side effects. Modern day life has also contributed to magnesium loss. Both stress and noise deplete your cellular levels of magnesium. In contrast. as well as in your arteries.210 The good news is that even small increases of dietary magnesium protect against noiseinduced stress.

Magnesium has so many vital functions that it is essential for overall health. Chapter 11 contains many foods high in this precious mineral. a high potassium intake prevents calcium excretion. especially if you are sodium sensitive or potassium deficient. Their blood pressure normalizes with magnesium supplementation. Potassium also increases calcium retention. Many forms of magnesium exist in supplement form. Natural Vitality (http://www. Therefore. High magnesium intake is needed to lower blood pressure and improve diabetes. Potassium plays a vital role in this important relationship for cardiovascular health. . which in turn prevents excess magnesium and potassium home. which is when you need this mineral the most. The glycinate form will cause the least loose stool effect. The Power of Potassium The intimate relationship between calcium. They also have a Cal-Mag Plus formula that contains potassium. it also increases angiotension II-mediated aldosterone synthesis in normal human subjects.213 Aldosterone is secreted by the adrenal cortex and increases intracellular sodium levels. like leafy green vegetables. It is involved in hundreds of enzymatic systems. Low levels of magnesium increase the release of thromboxane. magnesium and potassium is important for many vital bodily functions. which is vasoconstricting. glycinate and oxide. Research has shown that half of all magnesium-depleted patients are hypertensive. We usually hear that potassium helps the body to excrete sodium. Doses which have proven helpful range from 100-500 mg 2 times a day for a total of 2001000 mg daily. which we will now discuss. meaning that it causes the blood vessels to constrict. and that this will decrease the amount of excess fluid and thus lower blood pressure. which in turn increases blood pressure.shtml or call 800-446-7462) makes biological active nutrients such as magnesium.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 189 Magnesium is depleted during times of stress.212 Not only does magnesium deficiency constrict blood vessels. Ones that are used most often are the citrate.naturalcalm.

In both groups. and also took sodium tablets. both systolic and diastolic blood pressure fell sharply and significantly in the hypertensive group. but provides seventy other trace minerals as well. They reached this conclusion since the participants’ regular diets included only a marginal rise in sodium but a much greater decline in potassium.190 HERBS. I know your doctor told you not to eat salt but here is the catch – sodium is necessary to absorb magnesium. They ate two different diets. Most people get their sodium from the wrong source – table salt.215 . magnesium. their normal diets were supplemented with potassium. sodium sensitivity may be a symptom of low calcium. and potassium intake. or healthy group. Eating this real salt actually helps your body to excrete excess sodium and maintain potassium levels. At the time.214 After this study both groups were tested one final time a month later. the high-sodium diet produced a slow rise in blood pressure. The table salt that is sold in supermarkets is not really salt at all because it is so refined. One study compared a group of 16 people who had mild hypertension with a group who had normal blood pressure. During the second period. it is needed to lower blood pressure. We need proper magnesium levels to prevent potassium loss. But during the high-potassium/low-sodium diet. and not to add salt while cooking or at the table. The conclusion drawn by the researchers was that the key factor in the startling drop in pressure during the high-potassium/low-sodium diet had been increased potassium. Contrary to everything you have ever heard about sodium. Both groups ate their normal diet during the first 12 weeks. They were also instructed to avoid excessively salty foods. The solution to this age-old problem is simple and natural. and the hypertensive group’s blood pressure had shot back up again. each for a period of 12 weeks. according to the researchers. it satisfies not only the sodium requirement. To get out of this dilemma part of the solution is to look at the source of sodium in your diet. As we discussed earlier. VITAMINS AND MINERALS The relationship between sodium and potassium is a biological tug of war. When you eat French unrefined light grey sea salt. the participants had returned to their regular eating habits. a complete salt. There was a small but insignificant rise in the normotensive.

and potassium. which will maintain magnesium levels. Because cardiac muscle is extremely sensitive to potassium levels. High potassium intake will maintain calcium levels. blood pressure increased. The adrenal cortex releases three classes of hormones that provide longterm responses for stress and homeostasis. Stress stimulates the adrenal cortex to release aldosterone. One such class of hormones is called mineralcorticoids. good nutrition may offer a better alternative. Replacing potassium is invaluable in this situation.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 191 Potassium also serves as an electrolyte. or irregular heartbeats. carrying a tiny electrical charge to insure proper functioning of every muscle. Stress lowers potassium levels in your body. which increases sodium levels. Research on this amino acid shows that it may be . as are techniques for releasing and preventing stress. especially the heart muscle. magnesium. calcium. which can bring the heart’s work to an abrupt and fatal halt. a sudden drop in potassium can cause cardiac arrhythmia. Stress-induced potassium loss is triggered by the adrenal glands. We must have nutritional balance to lower blood pressure.218 According to research. and thus increases blood pressure. Research shows that dietary potassium intake is inversely related to blood pressure: when potassium intake decreased. increasing potassium intake may be more important than decreasing sodium. The mineralcorticoid aldosterone regulates the balance of sodium and potassium. and that will maintain potassium levels.217 Other research shows that potassium supplementation may reduce blood pressure in hypertensives. L-Taurine and Potassium The amino acid L-Taurine can insure proper metabolism of sodium. This is another process that demonstrates the relationship between stress and hypertension.216 Modern medicine acknowledges the value of the heart receiving proper electrical charges by using pace makers. Potassium supplementation through diet is very important in dealing with stress. This can protect your heart from potassium depletion that can lead to potentially dangerous irregularities in the heartbeat. which raises blood pressure because it causes your body cells to lose potassium and hold on to sodium.

and Phyllis Balch. A review of the literature by the Division of Cardiology. Prescription for Nutritional Healing. please see the book.000-2. atherosclerosis. hypertension. and Phyllis Balch. .. on the benefits of L-Taurine supplementation. Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto. 79% improved compared to 21% on placebo. It also acts as a building block for all the amino acids.220 L-Taurine also has many other health benefits such as aiding in the regeneration of the optic nerve. M.000 mg a day of this essential amino acid. helps to prevent heart disorders. absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. VITAMINS AND MINERALS beneficial for patients with congestive heart failure. which is needed for the digestion of fats. It has numerous benefits. and the control of serum cholesterol. supports the benefits of L-Taurine.C. authors of Prescription for Nutritional Healing.192 HERBS. To find out more about the benefits of L-Taurine and all the amino acids.. Some studies show that vegetarians have a lower blood pressure in general.N.D. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Other studies suggest that potassium has a lowering effect on blood pressure regardless of family history. L-Taurine has the following benefits for the cardiovascular system: aids in fat digestion. C.D. There were fourteen patients in a clinical trial where the patients served as their own control group via a crossover study design. recommends 1. M. L-Taurine is the key component in bile. According to James Balch. Certain cultures that have a low intake of potassium also have a higher percentage of hypertension.N. Michael Jansen. M.219 L-Taurine is very valuable for a healthy cardiovascular system. and edema.C. especially yellow ones. A study was reported in the Fall 1997 issue of Herbal Insights. patients with a family history of high blood pressure because of low potassium levels seem to develop hypertension if their potassium intake is inadequate. hypoglycemia.221 Optic nerve care is vital for diabetics.D. by James Balch. including relaxing blood vessels and enhancing the contractile ability of the heart muscle. are high in potassium. After four weeks of taurine supplementation. Potassium Sensitivity According to a study at the London Hospital Medical College. C. published by Kroeger Herbs..

and only 3 milligrams of sodium. and the potassium is cut in half. and you will feel satisfied eating less. eliminates fatigue. food irradiation. So the sodium has increased almost 200 times. The Role of Sodium Getting your sodium from the correct sources. For example. Even before you work on decreasing your sodium intake. and your heart’s rhythm is electrical. or grow your own. the only way to know what you are eating is to buy organic foods. Today. I know you were probably told to take potassium along with your drugs. Research has shown that organic foods have hundreds of times more nutrient value than commercially grown foods. So you are getting more for your money. make it a priority to get your potassium. is necessary to lower blood pressure. This salt can be purchased from Marine Salt Traders at 1-800-903-SALT. But when those peas are canned and salt is added the peas contain 588 milligrams of sodium. and can save your life in extreme heat. Remember. and the body conserves water to buffer this harmful acidic condition. anything that goes against your body’s ability to heal itself should convince you to look toward alternatives. Eating refined table salt creates an acidic body chemistry.000-6. How much potassium do you need? The range is between 2 and 6 grams (2. Just buy organic food. a cup of raw peas contains 458 milligrams of potassium. Avoiding this situation is easier that you think. yes.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 193 Raw. Remember that diuretic drugs flush potassium and many other nutrients from your system. with pesticides. Potassium is the very nutrient that is essential for flushing excess sodium and fluid from your body. unprocessed foods provide much more potassium than canned or frozen foods.000 mg) per day from food. Potassium also increases muscle strength for all muscles. potassium helps maintain electrolyte balance. and genetic engineering. you can even buy organic frozen peas. and the potassium is down to 239 milligrams. . like French unrefined light grey sea salt and food. however.

also for conditions such as diabetes. that research showed vitamin E would be good for his cardiovascular condition. We see here another example of fragmented information. They say that sodium causes fluid retention. Then he mentioned that the article also stated more research was still needed to verify preliminary results. It’s like having your car running on only one cylinder and saying that gas is bad because it will allow you to drive and ruin your car. is the amount of potassium you are consuming. rather. Vitamin E has immeasurable value for the health of your body.222 Vitamin E was also making headlines back in the 1960’s. Since a nutrient cannot be patented.” It’s too bad. “it needs more research.194 HERBS. however. VITAMINS AND MINERALS The medical establishment has Americans conditioned not to eat salt because sodium is said to exacerbate hypertension. The FDA mandates that the amount and percentage of sodium must be on food labels. Why? The food with 25 mg of sodium may not contain potassium and the food with 100 mg of sodium may contain 250 mg of potassium. conventional medicine will always say. Running your car on one cylinder causes an imbalance. to activate all cylinders is the solution. so he didn’t take it. especially for your cardiovascular system. You have to fix the other cylinders. Do not go on a salt free diet. because you do need some sodium. and cancer. Forty years later you will hear the same thing from conventional doctors and researchers. since herbs and nutritional supplements can save your life. a food with 25 mg of sodium might be worse than a food with 100 mg of sodium. My father told me. before he died of a heart attack. The key is the relationship between sodium and potassium. High potassium/low sodium is the key to correct sodium-induced high blood pressure. Simply put. Even more important than sodium intake. This is far from the truth. even if you were told to avoid salt. a net gain of 150 mg of potassium. . and that this excess fluid creates more pressure on the arterial walls and increases blood pressure. discuss this with your doctor. The Heart-Strengthening Power of Vitamin E Vitamin E first made the news in 1946 as a preventative measure against heart disease.

224 CoQ10 and vitamin E co-star as a team. reduces inflammation (creactive protein). protects against bacteria. and helps prevent diabetic retinopathy. CoQ10 comes to the rescue. concluded that cholesterol-lowering drugs are more effective . CoQ10 actually helps to prevent the process from starting in the first place. and vitamin E breaks off the chain reaction of lipid peroxidation. Make sure you take CoQ10 if you are using vitamin E. When taken with vitamin E. You may hear that vitamin E is a double-edged sword.U. A study published in the August 2001 issue of Atherosclerosis. CoQ10 regenerates vitamin E. many studies use between 400 and 1200 I. it significantly counters this unwanted effect. Roland Stocker and colleagues at the Heart Research Institute in Sydney. Supplementing with a formula that contains all the factions of vitamin E and is highest in gamma tocopherol and delta tocotrienol is most beneficial for cardiovascular health. Such a balanced formula may eliminate this unwanted effect of vitamin E. which means that it protects you from the damage of free radicals that scar arterial walls (which the body then has to patch up with cholesterol). protects the eyes from cataracts. and more. a journal of the American Heart Association. cancer. dissolves blood clots. improves skin disorders. viruses.223 strengthens the heart. eases angina pain. (international units). prevents platelet aggregation.” or TMP.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 195 General Benefits of Vitamin E Vitamin E boosts the immune system. Australia. Researchers use between 100 to 600 I. while the really beneficial factions are gamma tocopherol and mixed tocotrienols. Another key factor is that most research on vitamin E only contains alpha tocopherol. It also protects you from the ravages of pollution. Take CoQ10 to protect yourself from this unwanted effect. Stocker calls this pro-oxidant action of vitamin E “tocopherol-mediated peroxidation. and are found together in cell membranes and in LDL (low-density lipoproteins). lowers blood lipids. tumors. This vitamin is a super antioxidant. It improves Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons conditions. The recommended amount is far too low to get these favorable results.U. discovered that Vitamin E promotes LDL oxidation. Even with a CoQ10 deficiency vitamin E is 90% effective in protecting you and only 10% pro-oxident. Thrombosis and Vascular Biology.

you can develop circulatory problems. heart attack. a pathologist at Memorial City General Hospital in Houston.226 Use vitamin E to clear up arterial plaque. When blood flows through narrow blood vessels. If your vessels are clear. It can clear up sticky blood vessel problems in more ways than one. and their chance of a heart attack or stroke much less. then blood flows effortlessly. therefore preventing cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels. Statin drugs lower CoQ10 levels and vitamin E needs CoQ10 to work effectively. a mineral that works closely with vitamin E. also prevents LDL from oxidizing. Complexes of fats transport blood cholesterol and proteins called lipoproteins. Circulatory vessels can narrow because of fat buildup or from blood platelets clumping against the inside of the vessel . or thrombophlebitis (inflammation of a vein associated with a blood clot). Let’s look more closely at the relationship between vitamin E and cholesterol. Low density lipoproteins are what we traditionally call the “bad guys.” they carry cholesterol away from your cells.225 Selenium. A high percentage of LDL in the total cholesterol presents a high risk factor for a possible heart attack and stroke.” they are the carrying mechanism that transports cholesterol to your cells. Vitamin E is not the cause in itself for this pro-oxidant activity. after just a month or more of taking vitamin E. A high percentage of HDL means a low risk factor for cardiovascular disease. but the drug that inhibits CoQ10.196 HERBS. you assume that it will continue to do so. of vitamin E per day to five people with very low HDL. In a study. VITAMINS AND MINERALS alone than with antioxidants such as vitamin E. When you think about blood flowing effortlessly through your veins. We have been told that high-density lipoproteins (HDL) are the “good guys.U. Their cholesterol was normal. angina. The underlying message is that your body cannot heal without drugs – do not be fooled by biased science and the media. which is needed by vitamin E to work effectively. It’s amazing how science gets twisted to make supplements look bad.D. This can even lead to circulatory ulcers of the feet. If your vessel walls are clogged or narrowed. The result of your blood vessels narrowing can be high blood pressure. gave 600 to 800 I. M. Take 200 mcg of selenium with your vitamin E. you can have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. William Hermann.

oxidized cholesterol level.5 is more important than the total number itself. the risk of heart attack increases. Use only the natural form with mixed tocopherols and adequate gamma-tocopherol.0 ratio. That protein makes the molecule much more likely to stick to the artery walls and cause damage. In order to get a better idea of your cardiovascular disease risk you also need to check your homocysteine and inflammatory markers. Many health professionals recommend a healthy cholesterol level between 180-200. Other important indicators of heart disease include your homocysteine level. A great deal of research shows that up to 250 is still a very healthy number as long as the important ratios are okay. Levels of cholesterol below 180 have been linked to cancer in some studies and below 165 they have been linked to emotional problems such as depression and suicide. In contrast. including tocotrienols. fats. For example. Murry. and lipoprotein(a) level.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 197 wall. This is equated with a low risk of heart disease. If yours is not. but with a low HDL of only 35 would give a ration of 5. Vitamin E protects you from this damage. and heart disease can be found in any of the following references: The Cholesterol Myths by Ravnskov. According to Dr. Any good cardiologist should be very familiar with homocysteine and other inflammatory markers. Always try to get a homocysteine test for more accurate information. a total of 300 with an HDL of 100 would give you a 3. which is an above average risk of heart disease. A healthy and balanced cholesterol level may significantly reduce your risk of heart attack. a naturopathic physician. As platelets clump or clot.1. this form of LDL the “bad cholesterol” has an additional molecule of an adhesive protein called apolipoprotein. is linked to helping prevent or reduce cardiovascular disease. For more thorough information on cholesterol read Dr Ravnskov’s book The Cholesterol Myths. The best information on the facts about cholesterol. and Eating for . you might want to look for one who is more up to date with the current research. Getting your total cholesterol/HDL cholesterol ratio below 4. The entire vitamin E complex. a total of 180. C-reactive protein level. Garlic can be helpful with cholesterol as well as exercise and a low sugar and starch diet with adequate good quality fats and essential fatty acids. Diet and Heart Disease its not what You Think by Byrnes.

U. A study by William J. 227 Vitamin E appears to be a redistribution agent of cholesterol. demonstrates the protective benefit of vitamin E. If you are not going to run or walk to increase your HDL.. Within a few weeks. Jr. five with average amounts of HDL cholesterol and five with low HDL levels. Lipid peroxides are fat oxidation products that are toxic to human and animal tissues. Both groups benefited from this treatment. VITAMINS AND MINERALS Optimal Health in the 21st Century (video) by Getoff. Herman. they are free radicals. it elevates the HDL fraction and decreases the LDL part.229 Exercise also improves this ratio. They confirmed previous data showing that total cholesterol is not a predictor of cardiovascular disease in people age 80 and older. all five people with cholesterol problems increased their HDL levels from 220 to 483 percent. M.198 HERBS.230 The combination of exercise and vitamin E should have a synergistic effect. He placed them all on 600 I.232 We have discussed free radical damage . community-dwelling very old subjects base-line plasma concentration of vitamin E and FPLPs predicts the risk of future cardiovascular events.231 At Kyoto University in Japan.D.228 A change of this magnitude in the high-risk group may possibly indicate they had a deficiency of vitamin E. The results suggest that in apparently healthy. Even four of the five people with average levels saw their HDL fractions rise as much as 237 percent. All are available from the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation in Lemon Grove California 1-800-FOODS4U. vitamin E should definitely be on your supplement list. of vitamin E per day.. He studied ten people. researchers from the department of internal medicine conducted a study to examine the effect of vitamin E on lipid peroxidation. In 1997 the British medical journal The Lancet reported that heart attack patients put on vitamin E reduced their risk of a second heart attack by an amazing 77%. When they accumulate in blood vessels. Research from Italy demonstrated that subjects with vitamin E levels in the highest quartile of the study had a risk of cardiovascular events one-sixth those with vitamin E levels in the lowest quartile. they impair circulation by promoting atherosclerosis and blood clots. It may be this original deficiency that contributed to the abnormal levels of HDL and LDL cholesterol.

when animals were fed a diet deficient in vitamin E. The low vitamin E levels in these patients was thus the basis of their abnormal platelet aggregation. Bierenbaum gave 2. and also run a higher than normal risk of developing heart disease. (Avoid eating fried foods.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 199 in the blood vessels. New Jersey has demonstrated these findings. Marvin L.D. Diabetics especially need to be aware of this situation.237 In March 1996. Vitamin E can be very essential in lowering the amount of sugar in the blood. they actually produced significantly more of these peroxides than did a group supplemented with vitamin E. The patients’ blood platelets also became slightly less inclined to stick together and form clots. and not just in people with deficiencies of vitamin E. A vitamin E deficiency can lead to platelet aggregation or clotting.U. and platelet aggregation became normal in most of those patients. of vitamin E per day for six weeks to a group of 25 diabetics. One study demonstrated that every patient with low levels of vitamin E also had abnormal platelet aggregation. The Lancet published the results of a study . Hospital procedures.234 The good news is that vitamin E can prevent this situation. such as intravenous feeding as the only source of nourishment.233 This holds true in humans as well. and he announced the findings at an American Heart Association convention. Bierenbaum. which can deplete vitamin E because frying causes fat oxidation to take place faster). According to the researchers. Dr. This change was significant. A real problem can develop in 15 days of intravenous feeding. A review of the literature supports this finding.236 Many diseases are created or exacerbated by nutritional deficiencies and a deficiency of this nutrient is a prime example. M.235 Plasma levels of vitamin E were raised with supplementation. This had a significant effect on their blood sugar. lipid peroxides are a prime example of this destructive process. can cause such a deficiency.000 I. Vitamin E can definitely promote circulatory health through its antioxidant activity. of the Atherosclerosis Research Group in Montclair. which fell by 6 percent. It is important to protect blood vessels. since they have difficulty regulating the amount of sugar in their blood.

and not dl-alpha-tocopherol or tocopheryl. This research was conducted at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. of natural alpha-tocopherol daily for three months) lowered CRP by 30% in all three groups of a study. which was decreased by 50%. Components of Vitamin E Vitamin E consists of alpha. This randomized clinical trial was very convincing. always buy a mixed tocopherol blend for maximum benefit. 2000 issue of Circulation reported that natural vitamin E reduced inflammation caused by white blood cells known as monocytes. double blind.” it is synthetic. The July 11.000 patients with coronary heart disease. placebo controlled study involved 2. Other valuable supplements to combat inflammation are listed in the summary at the end of this chapter. Half of the patients were given 400 to 800 I. VITAMINS AND MINERALS demonstrating the protective effect of vitamin E.240 This reduction directly translates into a lowered risk of heart disease and stroke in diabetics.239 The study demonstrated that vitamin E significantly decreased levels of CRP in both diabetics and nondiabetics. It is secreted by the liver and is elicited by monocyte interleukin-6. . The goal is to keep levels of CRP below 2 milligrams per liter to reduce the risk of subsequent heart disease and stroke. the label will list d-alpha-tocopherol. an indicator of inflammation and a predictor of heart disease. of vitamin E daily.200 HERBS. and cholesterol is used to patch up the damage. demonstrating that vitamin E offers protection from heart attacks. beta.U. and all patients were followed for 510 days. This randomized. and gamma tocopherols. Diabetics are more prone to cardiovascular disease because they have increased inflammation. When using vitamin E. CRP attacks arterial walls. Vitamin E supplementation (1200 I. If there is an “l” after the first “d.U. The vitamin E group had a 75% reduction in heart attacks.238 Vitamin E reduces levels of C-reactive protein. High-sensitive CRP may be the most important barometer for cardiovascular health. Alpha Lipoic Acid helps to increase the potency of vitamin E. Take natural vitamin E because it is more effective. delta.

tocotrienols can lower serum cholesterol and LDL. and heal arterial damage more effectively than tocopherols. In the tocotrienol group atherosclerosis of the carotid artery was reduced and blood flow to the brain improved in 7 of 25 patients. prevents fatty build-up by transporting long chain fatty acids. taken with L-Glutamine and L-Glutamic acid. an amino acid. They are called alpha. or visit them online: www. Have your health food store order vitamin E products from NOW Foods. such as tocotrienols. beta. They may have even more potent effects for cardiovascular health than tocopherols. Gamma tocotrienol has shown to be the most potent in lowering cholesterol. and gamma-tocotrienol. The Life Extension Foundation has formulas with mixed-high gamma tocopherols and tocotrienols. Call (888) 469-2766 for information. L-Carnitine L-Carnitine. lower triglycerides. Through their powerful antioxidant properties. some of who experienced a 31% reduction in their serum cholesterol in just 4 weeks. vitamin E actually contains a series of four more compounds known as tocotrienols.242 Vitamin E can be very beneficial in protecting against and ameliorating cardiovascular at (800) 532-2445. delta. call (800) 5444440. help reverse oxidized lipids. The research suggests that antioxidants. Tocotrienols actually decrease the capacity of the liver to manufacture cholesterol through different mechanisms than statin drugs.241 Another study used 160 mg daily of palm tocotrienols (gamma and alpha forms) with 64 mg of alpha-tocopherol in palm oil. The hypocholesterolemic effects of tocotrienols have been confirmed by a number of studies. may influence the course of carotid atherosclerosis. One double blind crossover 8-wk study gave 200 mg of gamma tocotrienol to subjects.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 201 In addition to the four tocopherols. After 6 months the dosage in the treatment group was increased to 240 mg of tocotrienols with 96 mg of alpha-tocopherol. Tocotrienols have a subtle difference in molecular structure than tocopherols giving them greater ability to catch and fight free radicals. this amino acid aids in preventing heart disease.lef.246 Also.243 ‘244 ‘245 Some physicians recommend a product called 400/400 tocopherols/tocotrienols by Yasoo. .

arterial plaque. teams up with vitamin C there is a marked increase in the production of nitric oxide. increases blood flow. lowers blood pressure. When you take nitroglycerin. If you are a vegetarian. Nitric oxide is an endothelium-derived factor. relieves angina. Take up to 4. L-Arginine. and we know how important these are for normal blood pressure and heart function. and deters blood clots by preventing platelets and white blood cells from attaching to your vessel walls. which is not sold in stores. NO also prevents platelets in the blood from sticking together. Its purpose is to relax smooth muscle cells in your arteries. which dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow. The decrease in resistance lowers blood pressure. on an empty stomach.202 HERBS.C. Grace called Unique E. It thus aids in weight loss and can prevent heart attacks. The Amazing Vitamin C Vitamin C and L-Arginine Induce Vasodilation Vitamin C has so many health benefits that even after forty years of research we still don’t know all of them. and stops the process of atherosclerosis. thus decreasing resistance. The endothelial cells in your blood vessels produce nitric oxide.5 . it results in the generation of the nitric oxide radical. It protects the vascular system against atherosclerosis by various effects on leukocytes and vascular permeability.247 This is your own internal nitroglycerin. For more information on this interesting nutrient read the Carnitine Miracle by Robert Crayhon. a precursor to nitric oxide. decreasing the formation of clots that might initiate a heart attack. VITAMINS AND MINERALS L-Carnitine ensures that consumed fat is not stored as triglycerides. take 500 mg of L-Lysine twice a day. It also enhances the effectiveness of vitamins C and E. It is beneficial for diabetics and syndrome X patients because high blood levels of fat decrease the effectiveness of insulin. an amino acid. Your health professional may carry an excellent vitamin E complex from A. A very unique and unknown property of vitamin C was researched in 1998. Take 500 mg twice daily of L-Carnitine. When L-Arginine. which mediates local vasodilation.

n-acetyl-cysteine. neurodegenerative disease. If you are taking supplements to promote internal nitric oxide production be sure to take CoQ10 as well. The use of Arginine may greatly decrease the available Lysine and can cause a herpes outbreak in these individuals. green tea extract. Be aware that L-Arginine is antagonistic to another amino acid LLysine. This is another demonstration of how antioxidants heal and prevent hypertension and heart attacks. which leads to chronic inflammation. antioxidants such as grape seed extract. . Vitamin C repairs injury to these precious cells. in divided doses).org. According to Roland Stocker.248 Peroxynitrate is a promoter of arterial plaque through the oxidation of LDL in the inner arterial wall. A British study stated that vitamin C could cause cell damage when it reacts with iron to create free radicals. This is really a condition of nutritional deficiency and a lack of the gamma faction. Stocker demonstrated that 150 mg of CoQ10 for 5 days protects LDL from peroxynitrate damage. Balance is the key. If the endothelial cells are damaged by free radicals and cannot produce nitric oxide it’s time for vitamin C to step up to the plate and go to bat for your arteries. When vitamin E is present. at www.lef. Many individuals with any form of the herpes simplex virus need additional Lysine to reduce or prevent herpes outbreaks. discusses this in length and gives ample scientific evidence as to why this is not quite true. don’t take amino acids with protein. producing peroxynitrate. The consumption of nuts. For example. as well as CoQ10 which we have discussed. provide significant protection against the production and cellular effects of oxidized vitamin C. as this will impair absorption. then more lipid peroxidation of LDL occurs. as we discussed. on an empty stomach or with carbohydrates. Check with your physician if you take medication for hypertension or sexual dysfunction.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 203 grams (4500 mg) three times daily (some people have taken up to 20 grams for maximum benefit. nitric oxide can react with superoxide. and toxic shock. The Life Extension Foundation. rather than taking a large dose of a single supplement. which are high in Arginine. so that they can again produce nitric oxide to enable your blood vessels to dilate properly. can also result in increased herpes lesions on infected individuals. a free radical.

251 In other words. This study demonstrated that plasma concentrations of L-Arginine correlated with effects of vasodilation. there is more pressure on the walls of the vessels and thus a corresponding rise in blood pressure. A suggestion from the study was that in essential hypertension.204 HERBS. There are substances that inhibit nitric oxide from doing its job. Italy found Vitamin C improves endothelium-dependent vasodilation by restoring nitric oxide activity in essential hypertension.253 More Wonders of Vitamin C We mentioned vitamin C’s power to scour out arteries. This data may provide a basis for the utilization of LArginine in cardiovascular disease. Nitric oxide expands the blood vessels and thus lowers blood pressure. and cause more damage. it improves endothelium-dependent vasodilation. impaired endothelial vasodilation can be improved by the antioxidant vitamin C. With its .250 A conclusion of this study indicated that in essential hypertensive patients.252 Supplementation of L-Arginine also normalized the abnormality of renal hemodynamics accompanying salt-induced hypertension. L-Arginine was researched at the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology. you don’t need nitroglycerin. Indirectly. an effect that can be reversed by the nitric oxide synthase inhibitor N(G)-monomethyl-L-Arginine.249 A study conducted in Pisa. white blood cells also migrate to the artery wall. which demonstrated that it induces vasodilation in healthy humans. cholesterol will be used to patch up the damage. promotes peripheral vasodilation in humans. This study showed that L-Arginine. this effect of vitamin C required nitric oxide. VITAMINS AND MINERALS Let’s look again at the situation of damaged endothelial cells that cannot produce nitric oxide. in addition. you can have this condition. along with fat and platelets that adhere to the artery wall. As the blood vessels fail to dilate or expand when needed. Even if a cell is not physically damaged but its function is impaired. if you make adequate amounts of nitric oxide. infused intravenously or by oral absorption. superoxide anions impair endotheliumdependent vasodilation by breaking down nitric oxide. This type of vasodilation impairment is associated with essential hypertension. First of all. Then.

leg ulcerations. . Scientists led by Nobel laureate Albert SzentGyorgyi first observed this in 1936. hemophilia. vitamin C and bioflavonoids are very effective in healing damaged capillaries. Drugs create free radicals in your body. infections. atherosclerosis. Mineral deficiencies and processed foods with hydrogenated oils. a group of bioflavonoids also known as grapeseed extract. which is vital for good health. have powerful antioxidant activity. These two capillary healers strengthen capillaries to stop bleeding by lowering the permeability of the capillary walls. The cholesterol actually prevents you from bleeding internally. and artificial ingredients. Excellent for diabetics. The white parts of green peppers. high cholesterol. all scar the arteries and cause cholesterol deposits. cancer. What causes cholesterol to build up abnormally in your arteries is the real issue. high blood pressure. They are beneficial for retinal degeneration and hemorrhages. however. ulcers. Many people take high blood pressure drugs. Your doctor never told you that cholesterol is really a good guy. drugs. headaches. Vitamin C is so versatile and important that a deficiency wreaks more havoc in more places in the body than any other vitamin. it will also strengthen the walls of blood vessels. local inflammation.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 205 companion bioflavonoids. and scar the arteries. It plays a major role in every bodily function. take between 150 and 200 mg two times daily with vitamin C. You hear about eating a balanced diet. and protection against x-ray damage. In test after test. facial capillary weakness. diabetes. cholesterol is used to patch it up and this causes cholesterol buildup. a deficiency of vitamin C impairs the liver from detoxifying the very drugs you are using. the soil is so nutrient deficient from chemical farming that supplements need to be added to your diet. Humans and guinea pigs cannot manufacture vitamin C. easy bruising. Proanthocyanidins. as well as pollution. Bioflavonoids are found in fresh vegetables and fruits. dizziness caused by inner ear infection. research found that guinea pigs on close to maximum saturation levels of vitamin C handled cholesterol better and developed fewer gallstones when put on a gallstone-producing diet. stroke recovery. varicose veins. particularly citrus. bed sores. To achieve the best results. hemorrhoids. oranges and grapefruits are particularly high in bioflavonoids.

206 HERBS.256 Yet. When you eat foods that produce high-density lipoproteins (HDL). that is more important than cutting down on cholesterol. Vitamin C helps cholesterol to stay on the right path. cholesterol is safe and useful. This is not the case. in the United States. Vitamin C has demonstrated time and again that it can rescue patients . The hypothesis is that vitamin C is diverted to the heart. Many people take from 500 mg to as much as 10. Within 6 to 12 hours after a heart attack. as well as hormone formation. a state of vitamin C saturation is optimum for health. vitamin C drops down to scurvy levels. leads to the extracellular accumulation of Lp(a) and fibrinogen/fibrin.255 A British research team entered a plea for higher recommended daily intake of vitamin C. At least 2000-3000 mg with a bioflavanoid complex per day would be very beneficial. According to Dr. Scottish physicians at Southern General Hospital in Glasgow found this to be the case. If you can get cholesterol to take the high-density route. ascorbate deficiency simultaneously increases the plasma concentration of vasoconstrictive and hemostatic risk factors. where it is needed to rebuild damaged coronary tissue. It is as beneficial to high-risk subjects as it is to those already afflicted with heart disease. Complementary evidence shows that people with high cholesterol have lower levels of vitamin C. But introduce low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and cholesterol is up to no good. and it plays a role in digestion. There is evidence that vitamin C can protect as well as defend you from coronary heart disease. Chronic ascorbate deficiency. VITAMINS AND MINERALS This same situation seems to hold true for humans. the FDA is lowering amounts of the recommended daily intake. the hallmarks of the atherosclerotic lesion. As mentioned earlier. including Lp(a)and fibrinogen. Cholesterol may even protect us from cancer. vitamin C lowers cholesterol. Mathias Rath. We have been conditioned to blame cholesterol itself for atherosclerosis. This is in complete opposition to thirty years of research on vitamin C.000 mg a day for optimum health. It is becoming axiomatic that latent ascorbic acid deficiency may be one of several preventable risk factors contributing to the present epidemic of ischemic heart disease in the western world.254 Studies have shown that people with heart disease have lower levels of vitamin C.

(1000 milligrams) of vitamin C will keep cholesterol levels low. Ph. The FDA apparently would rather see so little vitamin C in your diet that it is ineffective and would require you to be on cholesterol-lowering drugs.260 The increase in heart disease will eventually be linked to a compensating reaction to a nutritional deficiency of vitamin C (Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. and potassium deficiency.. 1991)).D. Vitamin C has a very beneficial effect on lowering cholesterol. The low recommended levels (60 to 90 mg) do not lead to maximum levels of vitamin C in the blood. University of Frankfurt.258 Studies have shown one gram. found concentrations of vitamin C were significantly lower in patients with heart disease than the control groups. This was proven at the University of Louisville..D.261 People with diabetes . Kentucky. similar to the pool values found in monkeys.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 207 with heart disease. Frankfurt/Main. just balance. M.259 The maximum pool is actually about 5.000 milligrams when you examine the C content of tissues. (Eating raw fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C will boost supplement levels). This is true even if you are eating a high cholesterol diet.D. This is yet another of the countless examples demonstrating that what we call disease is really a nutritional deficiency. Research at the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. M. I’m not advocating a high cholesterol diet. This is approximately 32 milligrams of vitamin C per pound of body weight. just as sodium sensitivity is linked to a calcium.257 Patients with high cholesterol also have lower levels of vitamin C than control groups. magnesium. The intake we need to keep our reservoirs topped off at 5. Germany.000 milligrams is only about 200 milligrams a day. The officially recommended dose of vitamin C is unable to ensure a maximum body pool. the work of Linus Pauling. Jaro Ramirez. reports that alphatocopherol and ascorbic acid (taking vitamin C is more effective) exert direct protective actions on isolated cardiomyocytes against oxidative damage and provide an over additive effect when administered simultaneously. and Mathias Rath. and even less in the tissues. This seems to be the direction our government is taking while the pharmaceutical companies are lobbying to classify herbs and supplements as drugs so they can own them.

In his nutrition classes. cold sores. Medical doctors say that these people have very expensive urine. steps up production of lymphocytes. Studies have demonstrated that a full store of vitamin C can help battle harmful levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. If a drug could do one hundredth of this. Research shows that these blood fats are linked to heart disease. it would be considered a medical breakthrough and be on the front page . “I want the extra nutrients in my expensive urine. as well as side effects of cortisone on the adrenal glands. fights the common cold. detoxifies pollutants and drugs. effective against hepatitis. Show me a drug with no side effects that could even come close.262 Vitamin C is truly amazing – it lowers cholesterol.000 milligrams of vitamin C daily. bacterial.” More evidence is accumulating to show that. having a state of vitamin C saturation is vital for good health. It also increases interferon production. Calcium and magnesium make vitamin C more bio-available. shortens duration of colds. enhances iron absorption. David Getoff often states. many people take as much as 10. The medical profession seems to think expensive urine is great as long it is drug induced rather than nutritionally induced. Vitamin C (especially with bioflavonoids) strengthens the gums. and counteracts some of the side effects of chemotherapy.208 HERBS. Having expensive urine is a lot less expensive than the surgery and drugs that are prescribed for diseases that are actually vitamin and mineral deficiencies. speeds healing after surgery. In other words. That will give me enough so that when even my stress level goes up. and provides cancer protection. in humans. Optimum levels of vitamin C can also both detoxify potentially dangerous histamine (the hormone linked to allergies) and neutralize unwholesome chemicals in the diet. and much more. As we previously mentioned. acts as a natural antihistamine. fights fatigue. my body still has an adequate supply of everything it needs. and promotes health in the bladder and kidneys. expensive urine pays dividends. measles. Vitamin C also strengthens the immune system. VITAMINS AND MINERALS and cardiovascular disease need more. Many people with expensive urine are protected in numerous ways since many diseases can be caused by nutritional deficiencies. mumps. meningitis and viruses. dissolves gall stones. and fungal disease agents.

Once food is converted into glucose for energy. and 90% of diabetics have what is called insulin resistance. gastritis. kidney problems. Is there a common denominator as to how vitamin C does all this? Most diseases occur from oxidative stress caused by free radical damage. convalescence from fever. of vitamin C per piece of fruit. Vasant Lad and David Frawley as well as in other books on Ayurvedic medicine. this condition exists because the insulin does not bind to the receptor sites of the cells to bring in glucose and other nutritional factors. biliousness. and palpitation. We have to slow down the release of glucose . contains 3000 mg. diabetes. it is a nutritive tonic. an ayurvedic herb. gout. mental disorder. premature graying or hair loss. anemia. blindness. and vitamin C donates electrons to neutralize this damage. The resulting interference is an inability to convert digested food into energy for maintenance and growth. general debility and tissue deficiency. especially of the lower extremities. Therefore. vertigo. weakness of liver or spleen. The main criteria for diabetes is an elevated blood sugar level. by Dr. Diabetes can exacerbate your chances of heart attack. Diabetes must be controlled to eliminate the risk factors for patients with this disease. which means they are non-insulin dependent. either because of lack of insulin (“type I”) or an inability to use available insulin (“type II”). Amalaki. Diabetes – Reversal and Prevention through Nutrition Diabetes is an alteration of the metabolic process. constipation. the blood sugar and insulin levels remain high. (which also involves peripheral nerves). and circulation problems. colitis.263 You can read more about this and other ayurvedic herbs in the book The Yoga of Herbs. osteoporosis. hemorrhoids. mineral wasting. A few of the conditions that amalaki helps to heal are bleeding disorders. Even though they have a high blood sugar level. Then insulin is needed to bring the glucose and nutrients into the cells. Also. Diabetes causes high blood sugar levels. hepatitis. it enters the bloodstream. even though they make enough insulin.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 209 of every major newspaper. The normal range of blood sugar is approximately 70-120 mg/dl (milligrams per deciliter).

is an . pain in the extremities. and zinc. also known as glucose tolerance factor (GTF).264 There are formulas that contain these nutrients and many other nutrients to make this simple. In ancient ayurvedic medical texts. Other characteristics are weakness. Dr. are lost along with glucose rich urine. Vanadyl sulfate is like natural insulin. and slow wound healing. VITAMINS AND MINERALS from the small intestines into the blood stream and increase this receptor site binding to help the insulin bring glucose and nutrients into the cells. Vital nutrients. and thus lower blood sugar and insulin levels. M. chromium. and sweet smelling breath appear. please consult your doctor before lowering your dosage or before using vanadyl sulfate. mentions these three supplements in an article.” in the Journal of Longevity Research. including magnesium. extreme hunger. non-starchy vegetables and quality oils while limiting fruit. and 200 mcg of chromium picolinate daily.210 HERBS. frequent infections. see your doctor to rule out other causative factors. as well as other vital nutrients. diabetes is called “honey urine. Carl Ebnother recommends chromium. If you are taking insulin. Carl Ebnother. The article addresses adult onset of blood sugar problems that can lead to type II diabetes. impotence. fatigue. vanadyl sulfate. Patient management has more of an impact on diabetes than any other disease and there are measures available to ameliorate this situation. Some people take as much as 200 mcg of chromium 5X a day. Eating a diet of healthy animal proteins. numbness. This is discussed in detail in David Getoff ’s 2 hour video on healthy eating available from the PricePottenger Foundation at (800) FOODS4U. B vitamins also suffer in this process. Chromium and Blood Sugar Chromium.D. 120 mg of bilberry. clearing excess glucose from the blood causing excessive thirst and frequent urination.” The kidneys overwork. and bilberry to aid in stabilizing blood sugar levels and diabetic complications. sweets and flour based foods like bread and pasta can often correct this condition or at least be of great help. Dr. Ebnother recommends 50 mg of vanadyl sulfate. If you suspect that you may have diabetes. Eventually. entitled “New Hope for Diabetes. complications such as blurry vision.

promotes . Chromium reduces cholesterol and triglycerides in type II diabetic patients. Syndrome X suppresses the normal activities of the thyroid and adrenal glands. According to ayurvedic medicine. In type II diabetes your pancreas is usually producing enough insulin. Research shows that an inadequate level of zinc. Insulin works more effectively in the presence of chromium to transport glucose from the blood into your cells to be burned for energy or to be stored. using herbs such as licorice root and gota kola helps the adrenals in this condition. Cinnamon has potent insulin-like biological activity. chromium helps make insulin more effective to regulate blood sugar levels. Also. since these supplements strengthen the adrenal glands. diabetes and other diseases. See the section about hypothyroidism for thyroid supplements. Eat foods that do not elevate blood sugar levels. Making this process more efficient plays a crucial role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. sixty percent of all deaths in the United States are attributed to heart disease and diabetes. and taking 1000-2000 mg of vitamin C daily along with a 75-125 mg B complex supplement is very helpful. hypoglycemia. These foods are called low glycemic index foods. Nutrition can have an extremely beneficial effect on this condition. fenugreek. Insulin Resistance. and bay leaf have also been shown to increase receptor site binding.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 211 essential nutrient that lowers blood pressure contributing factors in patients who are insulin resistant.267 Syndrome X. cinnamon. Actually. and are discussed in Chapter Eleven.266 Some physicians recommend up to 1000 mcg of chromium (usually in 5 doses of 200 mcg daily) for patients with severe syndrome X – those not utilizing insulin effectively (insulin resistance like Type II diabetes).265 Inadequate chromium intake can contribute to heart disease. Therefore. which is needed for insulin production. and Arterial Damage People who have Syndrome X or insulin resistance have a defect that does not allow their cells to absorb insulin. especially if you are insulin resistant. and cinnamon helps you feel more satisfied because it has a sweet taste and heavy properties. Eating foods high in vitamin C.

269 . and for the following three weeks were treated with vanadyl sulfate. the Natural Insulin Vanadium. a trace mineral. diabetic retinopathy and other blood sugar complications. There was also an increased sensitivity to insulin and muscle reaction improvement. A study with six adult onset diabetic patients (insulin resistant) were treated first with a placebo to establish a baseline for their sugar metabolism levels. The glucose disposal rate into body muscles was increased by about 80 percent among the diabetic subjects. The increased cholesterol attracts more cholesterol and this leads to arterial blockages. This excess insulin can cause free radical damage in the arterial walls and then cholesterol is used to patch up the damage. has insulin-like effects. it creates high insulin and blood sugar levels. The preferred form of this mineral is vanadyl sulfate. This group did not know when they received the test substance. not to mention an increased risk of heart attack.212 HERBS. which is used to improve the way your body processes sugar. Remember that insulin is a hormone that is a carrier mechanism to get glucose and other nutrients into your cells. Warning signs of Syndrome X are: • • • • • Fasting glucose levels above 115 mg/dl Blood pressure consistently above 140/90 More than 15 pounds overweight with excess fat on the chest or stomach Fasting blood levels of triglycerides above 160 and sometimes even above 125 mg/dl Fasting HDL lower than 35 Vanadyl Sulfate. the pancreas gets feedback that more insulin is needed and continues to pump out more insulin. As the blood sugar level. Because the previously pumped insulin has failed to transport glucose into the cells.268 This effect was maintained for up to two weeks after the diabetic patients stopped taking vanadyl sulfate. One result is an increase in blood pressure. VITAMINS AND MINERALS insulin resistance and heart disease. also called blood glucose level. remain high. weight gain.

One treatment is gymnema sylvestre. A ten-week treatment program of vanadyl sulfate resulted in increased reactions of vascular smooth aorta muscle. Vanadyl sulfate decreases this potential risk and also aids heart muscle function. Gymnema sylvestre is an ayurvedic herb that has been used for healing diabetes and blood sugar imbalances in India for centuries. does not contract as much due to the upset ratio of insulin to sugar in diabetic patients. Gymnema sylvestre stabilizes blood sugar and enhances insulin production by regenerating betaproducing insulin cells in your pancreas. Not only did ancient ayurvedic physicians have an extensive understanding of diabetes. Check with your healthcare provider to determine a healthy starting dose. produce insulin. Studies have shown that vanadyl sulfate can help this condition.271 As with all supplements.270 Vanadyl sulfate is like another form of insulin. It also has a protective effect on the pancreas by protecting B-cells. or beta cells. It is imperative that diabetics supplement their diet with a very complete vitamin and mineral formula. . It reduces diabetic complications and even helps to heal diabetes. they knew how to treat it. Blood sugar imbalances can lead to anxiety and even panic attacks. The B-cells. Gymnema Sylvestre to Rejuvenate your Pancreas Gymnema sylvestre. dismantles the mindset that diabetes is incurable. Many health professionals consider 20 mg three times daily to be adequate and safe. Mineral wasting from excess urination to remove glucose causes diabetic complications. composed of smooth muscle. while others would use only 1 or 2 mg per day. located in the pancreas. it has been shown that magnesium loss in diabetics plays a major role in diabetic retinopathy). Vanadyl sulfate protects them from damage and also seems to encourage beta cells to start working again. Inform your physician before using vanadyl sulfate to decrease your insulin. like vanadyl sulfate. consult your physician.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 213 Diabetes can cause cardiovascular disease. (For example. The heart aorta. especially if you are pregnant or are planning to be.

As diabetics decrease the intake of sugar and high glycemic foods they need less insulin and thereby decrease complications of this imbalance. The research also demonstrated that diabetic rats obtained normal fasting blood glucose levels after 60 days of GS3 and 20 days of GS4. The less insulin needed. Dr. and Healing. Studies suggest this is accomplished by regenerating insulin-producing beta cells in your pancreas. These cases show that our body is not so solid and fixed. One such case was aired on the Discovery program Vital Sign.” showing that our personality affects hormones and other biological functions. Love. Bernie Siegel discusses changes in physical characteristics as personality changes. I have spoken with people who have reduced their insulin by 30% to 70% using herbal combinations containing gymnema sylvestre. reducing diabetic retinopathy and coronary artery disease. it is . This even includes people who have type I. India using 400 mg per day of GS4 on 27 insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) patients demonstrated that it enhances endogenous insulin (produced by patient’s own beta cells/B cells). and human studies of type I and II support this theory.214 HERBS. The GS3 and GS4 increased serum insulin to levels approximating normal fasting levels. now called dissociative personality disorder. thus increasing serum insulin levels and producing blood glucose homeostasis. There are even case studies of patients with multiple personalities. Herbal extracts enhance glucose control by enhancing production of endogenous insulin.272 Stabilizing serum insulin levels normalizes triglycerides and cholesterol. who may be diabetic in one personality and not even affected by sugar in another personality. entitled “Minutes To Choose Our Body. and thereby decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease.273 We have been conditioned to think that diabetes is irreversible but there is medical proof that this is simply not true. VITAMINS AND MINERALS Gymnema sylvestre actually helps you to lose the taste for sugar. doubling the islet and beta cell number. In his book Peace. The researchers concluded that this therapy provided repair/regeneration of the endocrine pancreas. or juvenile onset diabetes. the less free radical damage. Research using two water soluble extracts from the leaves of gymnema sylvestre. More research at the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Madras. GS3 and GS4 tested diabetic rats.

Another herb used to treat diabetes is Momordica Charantia. which can change and self-repair. This B vitamin also acts as a protective antioxidant.D. Another study published in Diabetes Care 1996 demonstrates a therapeutic effect of niacinamide (nicotinamide.D. This was at the time of diabetes dependent diagnosis. Niacinamide and Beta Cells Niacinamide. Clinical trials in Canada. . also offers help for diabetics. N. Vascular damage is caused by high blood sugar. “If it ain’t broke” the herb won’t fix it.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 215 instead a flow of information and intelligence. The dosage of gymnema sylvestre recommended by Michael Murray. vanadium or both. Some of the better preparations contain both of these herbs along with a small amount of chromium. Once damaged. It is the most common form of diabetic eye condition caused by damage to the retinal blood vessels. to the point where drugs were no longer necessary. vessels leak fluid. is 400 mg for type I and type II. A review of the literature published in Diabetes Care supports the beneficial effect of niacinamide on beta cells. part of the B-vitamin complex. which restricts oxygen and blurs vision. Check with your physician for proper dosage.275 Diabetics in one study experienced a complete reversal of their disease. and works by improving beta cell function.276 Treating and Preventing Diabetic Retinopathy We’ve already mentioned diabetic retinopathy. B3) to preserve residual beta-cell function.274 There is intelligence present in this herb which works to enhance your own healing power. and niacinamide can stimulate them to secrete insulin. Israel and in eighteen European countries showed that Type I diabetics taking niacinamide were able to restore the beta cells in the pancreas or at least slow down their destruction. This will not affect blood sugar or produce hypoglycemia in non-diabetics. Again we see that the beta cells in the pancreas are able to regenerate. N. A helpful book on diabetes is Diabetes and Hypoglycemia by Michael Murray.

One of these enzymes. he discusses how VMA improves night vision. depriving tissues of oxygen and nutrients. It stabilizes blood vessels and collagen. These supplements are bilberry. and other antioxidants that strengthen vascular tissue around the retina.216 HERBS. This plant-based medicinal food is prescribed by European physicians and is sold in European pharmacies. they also impair circulation to the eyes. is . VMA/bilberry increases the production of enzymes in the retina that are responsible for energy production. alpha lipoic acid. called retinol purple. Horse Chestnut. magnesium. because it contains anthocyanosides and phytonutrients. bioflavonoids such as proanthocyanidins. the central and most vital area of the retina. beta-carotene. vitamin C (protects lens) and E. is responsible for focusing central vision that is needed for seeing fine detail.lef.277 You will also learn what supplements control blood sugar levels to stop glycation. and dietary supplementation with antioxidants in animal models of diabetic retinopathy inhibits retinal metabolic abnormalities and retinal histopathology. The protocols/prtcl-071. VITAMINS AND MINERALS Cardiovascular disorders such as high blood pressure and atherosclerosis affect more than the heart.Shtml There are many natural substances that can prevent as well as heal eye conditions. World War II British pilots knew they would have better night vision if they ate bilberry jam before night missions. Oxidative stress is associated with the development of retinopathy. For detailed description of macular degeneration please see the Life Extension Website: http://www. and neutralizes free radicals in the retina. Bioflavonoids are discussed in this chapter with Vitamin C. More than thirty years of research have shown amazing benefits from bilberry. flavonoids. Bilberry Scientists have found that bilberry stimulates circulation. leutin and zeaxanthin (protects macula the center of the retina). which fuels oxidative processes. It is high in beta-carotine. which is sometimes referred to as VMA. In an article by Rob McCaleb. vitamin C. president of the Herb Research Foundation. especially around the eyes.

and thus improve vision.281 Bilberry allows your capillaries to stretch without breaking. it can also be used to prevent stroke. It is the light/dark adaptation that this herb improves. tightens. this allows red blood cells carrying nutrition and oxygen to the eyes to maneuver and squeeze through smaller spaces. It keeps your blood vessels in tiptop condition. an increase of blood flow carrying oxygen to the retina increases the overall health and vitality to the eyes. vitamin C. Studies confirm this.279 Bilberry extracts aid vision by increasing blood flow to the retina. These nutrients are also valuable in treating varicose veins. it effectively corrects varicose veins and hemorrhoids. in fact. the ability of our eyes to adapt diminishes. the extract speeds the rate at which the eyes adapt to changing light conditions. like cayenne. It is a blood vessel tonic. as they become more deformable.278 Ginkgo Biloba increases circulation to the optic nerve and can also be beneficial. Through these two properties. It will not cause hemorrhaging. As they become more distensible.280 Because bilberry flavonoids can reduce pressure in the eye. researchers believe it can treat glaucoma as well. It reduces fragility and speeds healing to any injury of the blood vessels. Horse Chestnut for Your Veins Horse Chestnut has benefits similar to bilberry.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 217 vital in the conversion of light to electrical signals that go to the brain. and bioflavonoids also help to prevent and heal in this manner. This increase seems to be related to the antioxidant properties of the extract. Working particularly on the veins. Horse Chestnut. like a conditioner for a car hose. Bilberry also is effective in slowing cataracts from progressing. and tones leaky blood capillaries. bruising. it will prevent it. . hemorrhoids. and heals capillary fragility by strengthening the capillary walls. which improve the flexibility of cell membranes. and many other circulatory disorders. It quickly restores function and flow to these damaged blood vessels because it strengthens. The properties of capillaries to stretch more easily are enhanced. This is important because as we age. Since bilberry is a blood thinner.

and so much more. inhibit COX-2. taking ALA and carnosine can stop the AGEs component of this viscous cycle. also a powerful antioxidant. it protects proteins from cross linking. It is the most effective natural glycation fighter. a degenerative nerve condition. VITAMINS AND MINERALS Alpha Lipoic Acid and Carnosine ALA is an antioxidant that protects cells from oxidative damage.283 Research has demonstrated that ALA yields a therapeutic effect in insulin resistance and diabetic neuropathy. CoQ10 eventually becomes degraded by oxidation itself. making it very versatile. Cooking foods especially animal products at high temperatures produce glycotoxins. Inflammation accelerates cardiovascular disease and diabetes. ALA has been shown to recycle CoQ10 to the antioxident-active form. inhibits damaged proteins from damaging healthy proteins. Proanthocyanidins Proanthocyanidins. grape skin and grape extract. The suggested dosage is between 1000 and 1500 mg daily. It can be transported across cell membranes into critical cell components. known as advanced glycated end products (AGEs). Glycation and oxidation reinforce each other.286 is an antioxidant and aldehyde scavenger. Carnosine is a must for all diabetics. and has anti-aging actions. Degraded proteins accumulate and promote cells to emit signals that induce the production of inflammatory cytokines.282 It is both water and fat soluble.218 HERBS. especially in muscle cells where it is used for energy. We need energy. a dangerous enzyme that interferes with prostacyclin.284 CoQ10. Carnosine is safe and naturally present in your body and it made up of histidine and beta-alaine. which contribute to glycation. which are contained in grape seed extract a specific Pine Bark extract. protects you from lipid peroxidation. Prostacyclin is a . which may in turn recycle Vitamin E.285 Dosages range from 100 to 600 mg or higher. It reduces damage to proteins caused by excess glucose in the body. ALA enhances the ability of the body to metabolize sugar. It also protects membranes by interacting with vitamin C and glutathione.

It contains the following nutrients: Vitamin A Beta Carotine Quercetin Lutein Zeaxanthin Alpha Lipoic Acid Lycopene Carrot Powder Schisandra Berries Vitamin C Bilberry (standardized extract) Ginkgo Biloba Extract Eyebright L-Taurine N-Acetyl-Cysteine glutathione Glutamic Acid L-Glycine 5. Treatment with NAC retained glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and moderately decreased blood glucose levels. which we discussed as vanadyl sulfate. is one of these formulas.000 IU 300 mg 15 mg 600 mcg 10 mg 3 mg 260 mg 160 mg 100 mg 320 mg 60 mg 60 mg 600 mg 260 mg – NAC is a precursor to 60 mg 60 mg . there are formulas that contain many nutrients to reduce specific complications of diabetes. and vanadium. Ginkgo Biloba. Proanthocyanidins are powerful antioxidants that protect your blood vessels from free radical damage. central to protection from the pathogenesis of diabetic neuropathy. It prevents platelet aggregation that leads to clots and strokes. A study concluded that type II diabetics should take antioxidants to protect against oxidative stress in the progression of pancreatic betacell dysfunction. Other supplements that enhance prostacyclin are Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 219 beneficial substance that is a major vasoprotective molecule. by Dr. such as to maintain and enhance eyesight.287 For diabetics and others. vitamin E. Vision Essentials. Julian Whitaker.000 IU 10. Take 150-200 mg of grape seed extract two times per day.

as well as other vegetables and fruits were consumed without ever having been denatured by the heat of cooking. This made it impossible to cook any form of food and so everything was always consumed in its raw state. digestion and assimilation by your body. a few of which are Enzyme Nutrition and Food Enzymes for Health and Longevity both by Edward Howell and Enzymes the Fountain of Life by Lopez. All raw foods contain enzymes. the phone number is (800) 686-2299. Our bodies were not designed to have to produce the quantity of enzymes needed to digest cooked food all our lives. In today’s society. The phone number is (800)-611-8235. Other excellent vision products are Vision Optimizer by Jarrow Formulas. Numerous books have been written on the uses and benefits of enzymes. eggs. Jarrow Formula products are available in better health food stores and from Beachwood Canyon and www. which aid in their own breakdown. Ocular Nutrition also makes an anti-oxidant eye drop formula. VITAMINS AND MINERALS To order this formula and other products by Dr. Whitaker. berries. Williams and Miehlke. This appears to create a subclinical enzyme deficiency. All meats. which may begin as early as our late teens or early twenties. During the majority of the years that humans have been on this planet. Systemic Enzymes Another extremely important therapeutic aid to lower high blood pressure (as well as numerous other health conditions) is systemic enzyme formulations. not to mention foods that have had preservatives added! Preservatives are actually designed to PREVENT the food from breaking down (think about that). fats. As enzymes circulate throughout our bodies they digest . and Insight Compound by Herbalist and Alchemist who also sell a manual called Herbal Of equal importance is the fact that raw foods do not require as much enzyme activity from the body since they contain some of their own enzymes. The majority of our foods are cooked and in many cases processed and preserved as well. they did not know how to start a fire. call 1800-722-8008. nuts.bcn4life. Systemic enzymes are responsible for hundreds or even thousands of chemical reactions necessary for good health.220 HERBS.

In Europe. manufactured by World Nutrition in Phoenix (800) 548-2710. In this way the enzymes travel to the intestines where they may first breakdown old pockets of trapped food. Unlike digestive enzymes. fight cancer and aid in reversing cardiovascular disease. but since their formula has remained basically unchanged for about 50 years. David Getoff has great success using systemic enzymes in his practice in patients with many varied health conditions. arthritis.5 hours after the last food was consumed and then no food is eaten for another 30-45 minutes. breakdown fibers and plaque in our blood vessel walls. systemic enzymes are taken on an empty stomach so that they are NOT used up digesting food. the use of systemic enzymes can be one of the most important additions to the supplements he uses with his patients. they begin to get into the blood through the intestines where they can now circulate throughout the body and begin to slowly do their magic. After the first week or so. reduce platelet aggregation. reduce inflammation. The enzyme product used most often around the world is called Wobenzym®. Some of these conditions include high blood pressure. diabetic complications. research has found ways to improve on their product. This condition accelerates aging and has a detrimentally effect on our health. which in turn can slowly help remove arterial plaque and reduce blood pressure. many of these functions can no longer occur at their optimum levels. This brand is also available from some health food stores but if you order it direct from the manufacturer. kidney disease. breakdown fibrin to aid in preventing scar tissue. He finds that over a period ranging from 2-8 months. emphysema and all kinds of inflammation anywhere in the body. Getoff currently uses only one particular systemic enzyme product called Vitalzym®. which are taken with food to help digest that particular meal. occasionally causing loose stool or gassy intestines for a number of days. They are generally taken at least 2. cardiovascular disease.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 221 foods. They may even break down the exterior protein coat of viruses enabling the body to more easily eliminate them. . act as an anti-inflammatory agent all over the body and aid in far more chemical reactions than we have yet discovered. When our quantity of circulating enzymes falls. speed up wound healing. many physicians and surgeons use systemic enzyme therapy to promote healing.

This is extremely harmful to the optic nerve. patients lose weight. methanol . Wong to learn more about the uses of systemic enzymes. also known as NutraSweet. VITAMINS AND MINERALS Getoff suggests that you ask for a free copy of the cassette tape by Dr. in the sweetener section as a powder. It does not have any of the negative effects of sugar. Once in the bloodstream. Once they stop taking aspartame. has been shown to increase appetite and cause weight gain. Stevia is healthier than any sweetener on the market. and insulin lowers blood sugar levels. It causes you to crave carbohydrates in order to increase your blood sugar level. the brain senses sweetness and tells the pancreas to secrete insulin. It is sold in health food stores in the bulk herb section as a dried herb. or anyone for that matter. too! Stevia is a very unique herb. Look for white or clear stevia. You can cook with it or use it as a sweetener on foods. one hundred fifty to four hundred times sweeter than sugar.222 HERBS. The only problem is that there isn’t any additional glucose in the blood. aspartame. Getoff ’s usual dose is one capsule twice a day on an empty stomach the first week increasing to two capsules for the second week and finally remaining at three capsules twice a day for 2-8 months or longer. it has a taste closest to sugar.288 When you consume aspartame. This makes you hungry. Aspartame is not a diet product at all. or bottled in liquid form. aspartame breaks down into wood alcohol (methanol). Dangers of Aspartame According to a study published in The Lancet. It actually helps strengthen your pancreas and stabilize blood sugar. should not consume it. Stevia – Sweet and Good. During digestion. also known as moonshine. You can thank the FDA if you’ve never heard of it. Until recently they prohibited it from being sold in any prepared food because it would put the sugar industry as well as the artificial sweetener companies out of business. It does take time to get used to its unique taste. and a diabetic.

coma. Michael Tierra. Aspartame has contributed to the rising incidence of lupus. discusses some of the unique properties of licorice. Imagine the deleterious effect on Parkinson’s sufferers and people with depression. Symptoms include fibromyalgia. and 57_Reports/57_reports. Licorice Root Licorice root is a wonderful herb. which is very important for people with low blood sugar/hypoglycemia. joint pain. aspartame causes blood sugar to go out of control. and brain tumors. vertigo. headaches. It also strengthens the pancreas.289 There are two kinds of licorice.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 223 is metabolized into formaldehyde. Noni Since we have related blood sugar to hypertension.html. let’s look at Noni. or Royal Hawaiian Noni.” We will learn about other healthy. Therefore. author of The Way of Herbs. It also mimics diabetic retinopathy and multiple sclerosis. dizziness. blurred vision. which involves mostly the adrenals and liver. and also in treating other glandular problems. it is very beneficial in treating adrenal insufficiency. N.D. low glycemic sweeteners besides stevia. Be aware that large doses taken frequently can exacerbate hypertension. Noni . The substances contained in licorice are similar to the adrenal cortical hormones. It has a harmful effect on brain chemistry. it can be used in cooked foods. To sum it up. adrenals and liver. causing acidosis. Sweet and tasty. depression.. leading to memory loss. See the 57 references to the detrimental effects of aspartame listed at the following web site: http://presidiotex. DO NOT consume products that say “SUGAR FREE. Formaldehyde is stored in the fat cells around the hips and thighs. the type called DGL does not exacerbate hypertension. tinnitus. In diabetics. anxiety attacks. licorice root helps to stabilize blood sugar. in Chapter Eleven. Like stevia. then to formic acid. We will later discuss reactive hypoglycemia. memory loss. it changes dopamine levels in the brain. an amazing fruit from Hawaii.

In the United States. Holy Basal Extract (leaf ). 161/95 who took Noni for five months and his blood pressure decreased to 112/60. Bitter Melon Extract. INC. professor at the University of Hawaii. Dr. Although I have not read much research.” by Dr. many personal stories confirm that this fruit has been useful for diabetes and high blood pressure. It seems that there are many types of Noni. This was so dramatic he couldn’t believe it. The Netherlands. Green Tea (leaf ). Check with your health care provider and monitor your blood glucose levels carefully when using nutrients for glucose control. Germany. . *GlucosolTM (Banaba Leaf ) is a trademark of OptiPure. Banaba Leaf Extract. Ireland. a great deal of work was done at the University of Hawaii. our Government’s national science center. I heard one story of a man with hypertension. It contains the following nutrients: Chromium polynicontinate. cancer and many other illnesses. Taiwan. It is used for diabetes. Formulas for Diabetes Too many nutrients to take? Try this excellent formula. Whitaker. Vanadyl Sulfate. has discussed this fruit on a tape entitled The Tip of The Spear. Gymnema Sylvestre Extract (leaf ). Austria. Isabella Abbott. VITAMINS AND MINERALS has been researched at leading institutions in France. the research was conducted on morinda citrifolia. “Glucose Essentials. Cinnamon (bark). and asked the nurse to take it again. and Canada. To find out more about Noni call Nutra Quest Corporation at (800) 54NUTRA. Call (800) 665-9737 for more information or to purchase this product. Noni research has even been conducted at the National Academy of Sciences.* Siberian Ginseng Extract (root). One woman mentioned that her father’s physician told him to discontinue the use of insulin.224 HERBS. high blood pressure.

which may help lower blood pressure. if you feel happy.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 225 5-Hydroxytryptophan and Tyrosine Controlling brain chemistry reduces cravings for carbohydrates. If you feel fulfilled. Tyrosine is the key amino acid to build up your reserves of these neurotransmitters. use from 500-1000 mg two times daily. which helps control weight. This can lead to heart attack or stroke since vessel diameter is already decreased. Julian Whitaker recommends that you start with an evening dose. causing elevated blood serotonin levels. salt content is also better regulated. It is the level of serotonin in your brain that causes mood elevation. since it will make you feel drowsy at first. 5-HTP is best used at doses ranging from 50-150 mg once or twice a day. Keep up your serotonin levels to decrease cravings and maintain well being. so do your cells. is the main precursor of serotonin. Tyrosine and 5-HTP are available in health food stores. Serotonin is made from the conversion of 5-HTP(5hydroxytryptophan). Researchers use as much as 900 mg of 5-HTP to reduce carbohydrate cravings.290 When brain chemistry is satisfied. and weight. Dr. . carbohydrate cravings go up. diabetes. Tryptophan. and thus balances blood sugar. a key nutrient. This can be dangerous for people with atherosclerosis because elevated serotonin blood levels cause platelet aggregation. it may convert in the blood. When serotonin levels drop. When there are adequate reserves of brain tryptophan. Begin with 30 to 50 mg at bedtime. Glucose (derived from carbohydrates) and insulin increase the absorption of tryptophan into the brain so serotonin levels increase. which is made from the conversion of tryptophan. (Tryptophan is converted to serotonin in the brain and does not present this problem) Your physician can prescribe tryptophan. Dopamine and norepinephrine are two other neurotransmitters that create a feeling of well being. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that creates a feeling of well being. so do your cells. Caution: Since 5-HTP converts easily to serotonin. the cells throughout your body are satisfied. You may build this up to 100 mg three times a day within a few weeks.

Although it is primarily used as a digestive aid. Maharishi Ayur-Ved Products also makes it in a convenient tablet. Amla individually can be beneficial for palpitations and diabetes. salmonella typhosa. hypertension. to aid digestion and elimination. hyperlipidemia. A study published in the Journal of Associated Physicians-India showed a 60% increase in HDL cholesterol after 3 to 4 weeks using it.D. anti-inflammatory. and bibhitaki (Terminalia bellica). salmonella paratyphi. klensiella and pseudomonas). trifala is shown to be antiviral.226 HERBS. composed of three amazing herbs. call (800) 9251371. antibacterial (against Escherichia coli.D. however. We can see that trifala is vital to treat hypertension. Virender Sodhi.294 You can also see your health care provider to establish the correct dose for you. shigella. It also lowered serum cholesterol by an average of 23. antihistaminic and laxative. it has mild laxative and bowel regulating effects. Call (800) 255-8332. It is one of several ayurvedic herbs and herbal combinations we will discuss. a plant extract. is a powerful combination that works in a gentle way. explains that the combination of these three herbs has a synergistic effect. These results were obtained within four to twelve weeks!293 Take about 200 mg. VITAMINS AND MINERALS Trifala Trifala. This formula has been used for centuries in India to rejuvenate the body. Trifala has traditionally been used to treat anemia. four times a day of this standardized herb. the beneficial actions of each are thereby greatly enhanced. eye diseases and skin disorders. It is usually in powder form which is very bitter. yeast inhibitor.6%. is very effective as a rapid cholesterol buster.292 Trifala can be used on a long-term basis.. The three herbs composing trifala are amla (Emblica officinalis). The range of treatment possibilities of trifala is enormous. . chronic lung diseases. haritaki (Terminalia chebula). Good Bye to Cholesterol Gugulipid. M. N. Dr. yeast infections. diabetes.6% and triglycerides by 22. My nutritional consultant has excellent results with R-U-Ved triphala. (Ayurved).291 In clinical studies.

4%). enhances the benefits of exercise. Wright wrote a wonderful article on Policosanol in the January 2002 . Cuba. reduces complications in people with artery disease.6%. prospectively randomized 12-week controlled trial.296 Dr. low-density lipoprotein cholesterol of 10. and does not interfere with your sex life. UCLA School of Medicine in Los Angeles. Most of this information was reported with over 20 scientific references in Life Extension. and the low-density lipoprotein: high-density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio 9. inhibits lesions in arteries.” According to Jonathan Wright. the research demonstrated significant reductions in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. elevates HDL (in one study HDL increased 29. June 2001. M. it may be advisable that you supplement with CoQ10.295 Check with your health care provider before using this product. Policosanol research conducted at the Center of Natural Products. a unique product that causes the pectin to break down in the small intestine for maximum absorption. Due to similarities to statin drugs.298 It also lowers triglycerides. Gainesville in a 16-week double blind. The results demonstrated reductions in plasma cholesterol of 7. stops LDL oxidation.8%. Dr. It inhibits HMG-CoA reductase. placebo controlled.1% and LDL decreased 24. Cerda has develped Profibe.297 This supplement also lowers cholesterol. Subjects were at medium to high risk for coronary artery disease due to hypercholesterolemia. diet and lifestyle were not adjusted. National Center for Scientific Research. Havana.8%.D. in the article “A Natural Anti-Cholesterol Dietary Supplement. showed that it significantly reduced platelet aggregation caused by arachidonic acid. Grapefruit pectin was studied at the University of Florida College of Medicine. helps prevent strokes by inhibiting platelet aggregation. Department of Medicine. statin drugs also work this way and can produce serious side effects. crossover placebo study using 27 volunteers. reduces thromboxane (which promotes inflammation). In a double blind. Amazingly.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 227 Red-yeast-rice dietary supplement was studied at the Center for Human Nutrition. Policosanol is a group of eight to nine long chain alcohols and is a solid waxy compound.. This supplement is extremely beneficial for your circulatory system.

Only oxidized cholesterol is harmful to your blood vessels. which are linked to atherosclerosis. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) improves insulin sensitivity and this lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease because elevated insulin levels promote atherosclerosis. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity (August 2000) concludes that CLA reduces abdominal fat among men classified as abdominally obese.228 HERBS. keeping your arteries clear. which is a professional only brand. This supplement may not offer the health benefits discussed above in the short term. The recommended dose of Perilla Oil is 6000 mg daily. Other companies are marketing Policosanol products. It significantly lowers cholesterol and blood pressure in randomized placebo-controlled trials. . has been associated with hypertension. To order call the Life Extension Foundation at (800) 544-4440. a product from Biotics Research. most patients that test for this substance test best for the Biotics PCOH® product. It has been shown to inhibit inflammatory cytokines. says that in his testing. but they may not be as efficacious. and cardiovascular disease. or visceral fat. Coleus forskohlii is another herb that breaks down triglycerides. The article discussed studies demonstrating that Policosanol out performed drugs such as Zocar and is supported by research. diabetes. Abdominal fat. which is used to make PCOH®. VITAMINS AND MINERALS issue of his newsletter Nutrition & Healing.299 The doses used in studies ranged from 10 to 20 mg once to twice a day. Research in India demonstrated the effectiveness of Arjuna for cardiovascular health. CLA also lowers cholesterol and triglycerides. Be aware that most if not all of the current research was carried out with a specific Policocanol manufactured in Cuba from sugar cane and not the ones made from other substances. is healthy fat that is high in omega-3 fatty acids.000 mg.000 and 6. and may require long-term use before benefits are realized. It is a powerful weight loss supplement that reduces body fat by increasing basal metabolic rates. Our nutrition expert. and CLA is a stable fatty acid that can be incorporated into cholesterol to make it less vulnerable.300 Perilla Oil. David Getoff. An effective dose of CLA is between 4. Currently only health care professionals have access to this particular Policosanol.

Pressure and tension are mediated through the nerves. If you are using a drug. Skullcap. such as Balm. There are many herbs in western and Indian herbalism that strengthen and relax the nervous system. and also aids in insulin production to help you metabolize fats. Low levels are not healthy as discussed in this book. . Cardiovascular problems are related to anxiety and stress. notify your health care provider if you plan to use a nutrient or herb instead. Why would you need a nervine if you have high blood pressure? David Hoffman. Motherwort. Physicians in general have not been exposed to the facts regarding the hazards of low cholesterol. they can lower blood pressure by balancing your mind/body. If you take cholesterol lowering supplements or drugs. Hops. Let’s discuss some of them. and it is often impossible to pinpoint any particular cause. and also strengthen the glandular system. monitor your serum cholesterol levels. Nervines for Your Nervous System Nervines relax the nervous system. The Chinese medicinal concept of adaptogens is also very useful in the treatment of hypertension. inner reality and physical tendencies that causes the manifestation of a specific problem. Nervines will do more than just make you feel relaxed. the use of relaxing nervines. Consult a nutritionally orientated health care practitioner if your serum cholesterol level goes below 180 mg/dl. (We have discussed the relationship between depression and cardiovascular disease). explains that anxiety and stress can lead to cardiovascular problems.301 High blood pressure is a very common problem in our society. Our perception of a given situation as stressful plays a major role in the onset and exacerbation of hypertension by initiating the production of stress hormones.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 229 the building blocks of fat. this can lead to a constriction of peripheral blood vessels that influence the heartbeat. and increase your feeling of calmness and well being. strengthen it. It is the interaction of lifestyle. Adaptogens help the body deal with stress. perhaps 40 to 50 million Americans have it. and Valerian has to be considered. Pasque Flowers. Therefore. author of The Holistic Herbal. Lime Flowers.

which are biochemical equivalents of thoughts and emotions. Stress is not what happens to you. We have all seen people who are ungrounded. Diabetes can precipitate and exacerbate cardiovascular problems. M. his/ her body is making interferon and interluekin. This herb affords a psychic protective effect. A classic example of this concept described by Deepak Chopra. such is the role of receptors and neuropeptides. connected to the earth’s energy. but how you experience and metabolize what happens to you. One person may be enjoying the ride. Ashwagandha covers you on all sides. This creates unstable emotions. and is making stress hormones.302 These benefits certainly can ameliorate hypertension. a grounding effect on the emotions. is a roller coaster ride. It is a powerful anti-diabetic herb because it lowers stress hormone levels. an ayurvedic herb. The latter process communicates fear to every cell in the body. Remember that your body creates neuropeptides. Low stress hormone levels balance blood sugar levels because when you have high stress hormone levels your liver releases glucose into the blood. it has a strengthening effect on the mind.D. Then you metabolize the same biochemicals you created in the first place. and will inhibit the absorption . The emotions. Here. as we’ve mentioned). These people may also absorb the emotions and stresses of others very easily. Sodhi. we will concern ourselves with its nervine. anti-hypertensive.230 HERBS. which strengthen the immune system. has many uses. for the “fight or flight” response. Since ashwagandha acts as a tonic for the nervous system. While one person is strengthening his or her immune system the other is taxing the adrenals and immune system (which is really a roving nervous system). become more stabilized. According to Dr. and tonifying effect on your physiology. The way we metabolize experiences determines how our body is affected. and a strengthening or adaptogenic effect on the physiology. and create your own stress or peace. VITAMINS AND MINERALS Ashwagandha Ashwagandha. the nervous system is strengthened and you are less affected by stress. Someone else perceives the ride as stressful and is having a fearful ride. ashwagandha has a sedative and adaptogenic affect (a strengthening effect on the nervous system against stress.

306 Kava Kava Kava Kava has also demonstrated remarkable properties in reducing anxiety. they infiltrate brain tissue..D.303 This herb can be used to reduce tension and anxiety. author of The Way of Herbs. describes valerian as very calming for all emotional disturbances. palpitations. Valepotriates have unique properties. It helps to ground you and make you feel more balanced. then try taking it in a formula with other herbs to eliminate this unwanted effect. Ashwagandha can be purchased in most health food stores. valerian is helpful for insomnia. Stress takes a toll on your mind/body and especially your heart. Valerian should not be boiled because the essential oils will dissipate. Remember that arterial walls contain muscles. As they relax. Valerian Roots out Anxiety Valerian root has many benefits. and nervous disorders. Valerian is an effective aid in producing a natural healing sleep. where they produce a strong sedative effect on the entire body. Consult the book The Yoga of Herbs for dosages of ayurvedic herbs. one being that it is useful as a nervine and a sedative. as well as relaxing muscles. These active constituents are the source of its remarkable medicinal powers. there is . and chest pains. it can enliven the natural potential of your mind to deal with stress and improve mental functioning. Iridoid compounds called valepotriates are present in Valerian root.304 If this herb makes you feel drugged. Along these lines.305 A review of the literature supports the use of herbs like valerian. and the central nervous system.307 heart palpitations. hysteria. blood cells. N. C. an ayurvedic formula can help you function under pressure. Mind Plus.A. it is valuable for over-excitability and hysterical states. People who worry a lot may have insomnia. Michael Tierra. calms muscle spasms and alleviates menstrual cramps. With fourteen powerful herbs.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 231 of other people’s emotions..

discusses motherwort as an excellent tonic for the heart. Dr. author of the Holistic Herbal. and epileptic seizures. This is what seems to exert its qualities in allaying hypertension. They are located at 533 N. It also has a calming effect on the heart and dispels excessive desire. or 888. All heart conditions associated with anxiety and tension can benefit from this herb. We have already discussed the great value of hawthorn berries. and hatred. Motherwort – Your Heart’s Relaxing Agent Motherwort. jealousy.22. hysteria. VITAMINS AND MINERALS less resistance.311 . an excellent nervine and sedative. This herb may well replace beta-blockers as an effective way to keep your heart relaxed. may be combined with hawthorn berries for a very effective tonic and antispasmodic. a nervine and cardiac tonic.670. is attributed to the leonurine present in the herb. The phone number is 800-6380082 ext.232 HERBS. which can help to reduce blood pressure. the application of extracts of the plant on isolated animal hearts has been experimentally demonstrated. and treating palpitations and neuralgia in his book The Way of Herbs. palpitations. Michael Tierra discusses this combination in preventing heart attacks. The wonderful sedative force upon the body. This action has been confirmed in whole animals as well. Kava King has a very effective kava product that you can take on an empty stomach – at least 8 hours after eating.309 Motherwort extracts have been reported to have cardiotonic effects. as it reduces the fiery emotions of anger. irritability.310 Skullcap Puts Your Mind to Rest Skullcap.308 David Hoffman. It has a strengthening effect and is very beneficial for an over-rapid heartbeat when it is precipitated by anxiety and other such causes. and keep your blood pressure under control without side effects. is very effective for hypertension. the synergy of combining herbs increases the effectiveness of each. FL 32174. Ormond Beach. Nova Road Suite 203.KAVA (5282). especially the heart and central nervous system.

315 This herb should not be used when there is a marked depression.312 Wood Betony Wood betony. Hops Hops is very useful as a sedative and anti-anxiety herb. controlled clinical trial in parallel group design demonstrated equivalent efficacy and tolerability of a hop-valerian preparation compared with a benzodiazepine preparation in patients suffering from sleep disorders according to DSM-IV criteria. This remarkable combination exerts a powerful effect that calms the entire nervous system. Skullcap is high in calcium. lowers blood pressure by enlarging the outer edges of blood vessels. It further showed that the investigated hop-valerian preparation in the appropriate dose is a sensible alternative to benzodiazepine for the treatment of nonchronic and non-psychiatric sleep disorders. found in many herbal nervine formulas. and is useful when tension leads to restlessness. which strengthens the nervous system and relieves anxiety and fear. Black Cohosh This unique herb. magnesium. and is effective in the treatment of insomnia. headache and sometimes indigestion.314 Hops will ease tension. it can be combined with ashwagandha in proportions of one to four. Nature’s Way makes Ex-Stress and.313 It is one of the herbs in a very effective nervine formula called Ex-Stress. containing tannic acid. and potassium. it is also available in your health food store. like most of the supplements mentioned. A randomized. which also contains many of the nervine herbs we have already mentioned in a balanced formula. This remedy has a dramatic relaxing effect upon the central nervous system. We have discussed the benefits of ashwagandha. Not only is high blood pressure . contains alkaloids that act as a mild sedative to the central nervous system. anxiety. Lad and David Frawley.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 233 As a very strengthening nerve tonic. according to Dr. double blind.

Other nervines listed in the Holistic Herbal are Balm. ginseng and gotu kola. there are many useful herbs such as St. Just try browsing. lowers high blood pressure. If you have depression. and knowledge will grow by leaps and bounds. Lime Flowers. kava kava root. I guarantee that your excitement. Johnswort can stop blood thinners such as Coumadin from working. possible interactions should be considered when selecting herbs. and Homocysteine B vitamins have many healing benefits for your heart and cardiovascular system. Cooperation makes the B complex vitamins work most effectively. Nervines should be selected taking into consideration their associated interactions. gives support for heart muscle function. which may help to prevent cholesterol buildup near your heart. An effective formula for depression with all of the above herbs and many more is St.316 Black Cohosh works quite well as a sedative for nervousness and headaches. B Complex: Your Nervous System. Cardiovascular disease is also associated with depression. made by Gaia Herbs. this dual action is very beneficial for people with high blood pressure. Heart. If you are taking drugs. and Pasque Flower. anxiety. B Complex also helps decrease cholesterol. Johnswort. There are many other nervine herbs and formulas. helps correct heart arrhythmia. and LDL cholesterol. David Hoffman discusses the use of nervines in his book The Holistic Herbal. helps digestion (including enzyme production) and alleviates fatigue. B complex influences fat metabolism and fatty acid conversion to hormones. It is also advisable to consult with a health professional knowledgeable about herbs. These herbs are sometimes combined with others and used in formulas. aids in dilating blood vessels and decreases elevated homocysteine. and emotional and mental conditions such as depression. It affects the heart and nerves. VITAMINS AND MINERALS reduced. but also your circulation is stimulated. triglycerides. check the herbal books in your health food store. St. each of the B vitamins depends on the others.234 HERBS. stress. and aids in converting tryptophan to niacin. . interest. Johnswort Supreme.

and also knew the cause to be inadequate levels of folic acid. Elderly and ill people usually have lower levels of SAMe. a Harvard pathologist. It is amazing that this information took almost 30 years to reach the public. and B12 will recycle homocysteine in your body and reduce your risk of atherosclerosis and heart attacks caused by this amino acid. now linked to cardiovascular disease. it is recognized that elevated homocysteine is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. This process transforms it into methionine and SAMe. can be a more significant risk factor for heart disease than high cholesterol. choline. SAMe is an amino acid derivative normally synthesized in the body. This increases the formation of blood clots and the deposit of more LDL cholesterol. a member of the vitamin B complex. Homocysteine is also detoxified via the trans-sulfuration pathway. McCully theorized this in 1968. Folate deficiency can increase levels of homocysteine and also aggravate depressive disorders. trimethyglycine (TMG). inositol. A process of detoxifying homocysteine is called remethylation. Take at least 2000 mg of TMG to be sure). This leads to free radical damage in the lining of the arteries. Dr. Low levels of folic acid. science has shown that other nutrients also facilitate the remethylation process.. to alleviate depression. A main symptom of this imbalance is early onset of cardiovascular disease – before age 55 – and it does appear to be genetic. and zinc. They have a metabolic error that allows homocysteine to build up in their bodies to a level that is toxic. Today. in which methyl groups are donated to homocysteine. but some people cannot metabolize it correctly.8 ng/ml to 7. Homocysteine is an amino acid. theorized that elevated levels of homocysteine result from a defect that causes metabolism of the amino acid methionine to be incomplete. (Note: After I added 1000 mg of trimethyglycine to my supplement program.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 235 Kilmer McCully. and B12.D. Research supports the theory that supplementation with folic acid. my homocysteine level went from 10. converting it into cysteine and finally glutathione.317 A study . B6. B6. The defect blocks the trans-sulfuration pathway by inducing a deficiency of the vitamin B6-dependent enzyme cystathionine-B-synthase. Now. S-adenosylmethionine. along with B6 and B12.0 ng/ml. cholesterol is used to patch it up and this leads to atherosclerosis. M.

Other experts say that a level below the 8 to 9 range is a healthy measurement. Canada demonstrated that folic acid supplementation significantly improved endothelial dysfunction in patients with coronary atherosclerosis. Halifax. progressive risk of heart attack.236 HERBS. According to the Life Extension Foundation website.320 According to the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation (Nov. 1995.lef. the following supplements have demonstrated effectiveness in lowering homocysteine. 2825-30). There is a clear association between elevated homocysteine levels and major depression. if it is faulty. Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre.318 The Division of General Internal Medicine. either in combination or alone: . homocysteine is created. The researchers concluded that folic acid and cyanocobalamin (a form of B12) supplementation may be costeffective among many population subgroups and could have a major epidemiologic benefit for primary and secondary prevention of CHD if ongoing clinical trials confirm that homocysteine-lowering therapy decreases CHD event rates.321 Lowering homocysteine will help alleviate depression because mood-enhancing neurotransmitters are dependent on methylation.3 ng/ml. A 35% increase in myocardial-infarction (heart attack) is found in each 3-unit increase in homocysteine according to a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology. Nova Scotia. 15. www. Department of Medicine. People with higher levels of homocysteine have lower levels of SAMe (a powerful mood enhancer) and serotonin (a neurotransmitter needed for a feeling of well-being).322 The association between depression and cardiovascular disease is also discussed in Chapter Nine. University of California. VITAMINS AND MINERALS conducted at the Division of Cardiology. Proper methylation is important because. safe levels of homocysteine are below 6.3 ng/ml cause a steep. published a study that demonstrated the value of folic acid and vitamin B12 supplementation in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Levels above Research concludes that total plasma homocysteine levels are a strong predictor of mortality for patients with angiographically confirmed coronary artery disease.

and vitamin B(6) significantly decreases the incidence of major adverse events after percutaneous coronary intervention. Yet cholesterol-lowering drugs like Cholestyramine and Colestipol deplete folic acid and may increase homocysteine. There are also other blood tests available for cardiovascular disease risk factors such as: total cholesterol. cholesterol/HDL/ratio. HDL cholesterol. Homocysteine is a greater cardiovascular risk factor than cholesterol. and they have specials as low as $48. a . After intervention the process of increasing homocysteine levels continue.00 but if you join the Life Extension Foundation.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY B6. Hartford Hospital. Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that homocysteine-lowering therapy with folic acid. BNP. Call (800) 208-3444 for further details. glucose. 30 to 90 mg daily 237 Note: Some people who lack an enzyme needed to convert B6 into pyridoxal-5-phosphate (the biologically more active form) need to take pyridoxal-5-phosphate itself. and fibrinogen. It is very important to get a homocysteine blood test. the cost is $85. 200 to 800 mg daily trimethylglycine. 500 to 9000 mg daily zinc. a predictor of CHF has been studied at the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. 250 to 1000 mg daily SAMe. LDL cholesterol.00. 800 to 5000 mcg daily inositol. Homocysteine buildup is a process in your body that cannot be cut out or removed by surgery.00. therefore you need to lower your homocysteine level. B-Type natriuretic peptide (BNP). iron. 100 to 600 mg daily (do not take such high doses of a single B vitamin without also taking a high potency multi B formula. vitamin B(12). Hartford. CT. The cost is $110. 500 to 5000 mcg daily folic acid.323 That means these vitamins decrease the need for repeat antioplasties or heart bypass operations. triglycerides. Creactive protein. 1000 to 3000 mcg daily choline. possible nerve damage from B6 alone) B12.

Thiamine Thiamine. Depression. and steadies nerves.238 HERBS. Jekyll and Mr. Several test subjects were also prone to a bewildering type of Dr. including heart cells.326 More than half of the study participants ate a diet high in junk food. There are marked changes. has emerged as the first whole blood marker for the identification of individuals with congestive heart failure. like becoming suddenly sensitive to criticism. Subjects with a mild deficiency can suffer from neurotic symptoms such as depression and insomnia. lack of initiative. and depression caused by heart medications. If not. depression (which can lead to cardiovascular disease). this took up to fifteen years to discover. and hostility.325 Jangled nerves are soothed by this nutrient. Blood tests indicated that every member of the above group suffered from a relative thiamine deficiency. is needed for the metabolism of carbohydrates. We have all heard expressions about a happy heart.324 When taking specific supplements for your condition it is good to have a blood test every few months to see if your supplements are actually lowering cholesterol or homocysteine. Many heart medications cause depression. irritability. Thiamine also has many side benefits for your heart. Hyde personality. A slight lack of thiamine can lead to a poor memory. These symptoms can be caused by even a mild thiamine deficiency. This research concluded that BNP concentrations obtained from whole blood samples are useful in the diagnosis of CHF and staging the severity of the disease. cause every cell in your body to be depressed. recurrent fever and chronic fatigue. VITAMINS AND MINERALS protein released from the left ventricle in response to volume expansion and pressure overload. and inability to concentrate. insomnia. Studies show that senile and neurotic patients have much lower levels of thiamine than controls. supports heart muscle cells. and that the heart is the seat of your emotions. and they are too often diagnosed as senility or neurosis. vitamin B1. work with your health care provider to find those that will work. especially for . Other symptoms are chest pain. aggression.

According to the Cornell University Medical College in New York. and liver enzymes checked every three months. When using niacin therapy over 1000 mg daily. have your cholesterol. creates the flushing which is an acute allergic reaction or . and eventual cardiac failure. blue hands and feet. This. Do not use niacin therapy if you have liver disease such as hepatitis. and it also supports heart muscle function. triglycerides. time released niacin may damage the liver. Some of the symptoms are shortness of breath. This B vitamin can also lower C-reactive protein. niacin is vital in metabolizing fats.327 Riboflavin Riboflavin. and for some people a much lower dose. A common deficiency symptom appears as cracks in the corners of your mouth.329 High doses of niacin are required to get these benefits. Niacin and Niacinamide Niacin. only 30 percent of the thiamine group had heart spasms compared with 95 percent of the other group. can rival cholesterol-lowering drugs. a weakening of the heart muscle. results show that only 10 percent of the thiamine group had abnormal heart spasms compared with 30 percent of the other group. thus lowering high blood pressure. also known as vitamin B3. one group of patients received thiamine. Take about 400 mg daily. is used in the conversion of tryptophan to niacin. vitamin B2. or gout. It decreases LDL cholesterol and raises HDL. their hearts were artificially stopped in order to perform the procedure.328 Niacin is a vasodilator. usually between 1000 to 3000 mg daily. for energy metabolism. Niacinamide corrects biochemically-induced anxiety. Ten days before open-heart surgery. When their hearts were revived at the end of the operation. lowers triglycerides and lipoprotein(a).REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 239 chronic drinkers who have a massive thiamine deficiency. or ulcers. During the operation. An interesting Japanese study provided more proof that thiamine strengthens the heart. and the other group of patients did not. which can be caused by eating too much protein.

331 Researchers Elizabeth Kornecki.000 mg three times daily. Dr. inhibits the action of a number of the chemicals that cause platelets to stick together in the bloodstream.332 Adenosine diphosphate (ADP) is one of the platelet aggregating chemicals that B6 acts to inhibit. the tendency of blood cells called platelets to clump together and form clots. and platelet aggregation was significantly reduced. A major contributor to heart disease is platelet aggregation. Ph. Ph. VITAMINS AND MINERALS that subsides in about 20 minutes. B6 Inhibits Platelet Aggregation Vitamin B6. is vital to maintain a healthy functioning body.D. We already discussed how depression could cause platelet adhesion. Northwestern and Temple University medical schools tested B6 directly on platelet aggregation. have found that pyridoxal phosphate. one of the active forms of vitamin B6 in the body. but also in the veins of the legs. Take cholesterol supplements at night because most of the cholesterol manufactured by your liver happens at night. ADP is contained in grain-like particles within the platelets. which lasted for two days in some cases. Check with your health care provider before taking doses of over 1000 mg of niacin. When ADP is released into the blood. It is essential for good circulation.240 HERBS.333 In general antioxidants greatly improve this situation. . This is an accurate simplification of the process. when this happens they form a plug which blocks the flow of blood in the damaged vessel.330 This dose range did not effect glucose control. and Harold Feinberg. Flush-free niacin is available called inositol hexanicotinate. Research shows that low doses of ER niacin (1000 or 1500 mg/d) are a treatment option for dyslipidemia in patients with type 2 diabetes. the ADP makes blood platelets that become adhesive to one another. Julian Whitaker recommends starting with a dose of inositol hexaniacinate of 500 mg three times a day for two weeks.D.. kidneys and liver. The subjects received one dose of 100 mg of B6. a very unique member of the B complex. Abnormal clotting can have serious consequences. then building up to 1. as you may have to monitor your liver enzymes. not only in the heart and arteries feeding the brain.

D. a catalyst that converts fats. from Old Dominion University in Norfolk. In susceptible women. 100 mg. 335 It also may increase serotonin levels. Women who take B6 reduce all these dangerous side effects. He slowly worked his way up to 2700 mg of B6 until the pain finally stopped. In one study.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 241 B6 also prevents the buildup of cholesterol in the blood. Taking birth control pills increases the risk of atherosclerosis. although many people take much larger doses without any problems. Taking 100 milligrams of vitamin B6 daily for two weeks greatly improves glucose tolerance.334 Check with your physician before you take high doses of vitamin B6. he then slowly decreased the dose until he found the lowest amount. this vitamin decreases fatigue and increases endurance. We discussed the relationship between diabetes and high blood pressure. that would keep him pain free. Low levels of vitamin B6 have been traced in some cases to this reaction. according to a report in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. depression and mood changes. Research at the University of Oregon shows that physical stress and exercise increase the need for B6. rats were given B6 and fed a high cholesterol and high fat diet. thirty percent of older people tested in a nursing home had low levels of vitamin B6. M. Virginia. my brother had carpel tunnel syndrome. which reduces inflammation. which can lead to a feeling of well being on many levels. According to the Journal of the American Society. . diabetes may be triggered by pregnancy. Pantothenic Acid Pantothenate is a potent anti-stress B vitamin. According to the research of John H. For example. a brain neurotransmitter that has a calming and mood elevating effect. which should have resulted from such a diet. very instrumental in helping strengthen the adrenal glands and to produce cortisone. since it is used to build Coenzyme A. A high dose is usually considered to be anything over 50 mg. which he continues to take. a very painful condition of the wrist and hand. they showed no accumulation of cholesterol in the blood. This nutrient is also needed to fight fatigue. Richardson. Vitamin B6 also increases energy levels. blood clots.

Rainbow Light. Because of this relationship. VITAMINS AND MINERALS carbohydrates. you may have additional needs for certain special nutrients. For more information about Forward. you should use an oral spray or a sublingual tablet. which encourages you to exercise. If you take one of the exceptionally complete multiple formulas. Country Life or Nature’s Plus are excellent. Keeping your energy levels high allows the body to function at maximum efficiency. call (800) 262-2116 to find out about this and other fine . New Chapter. B6. Multi Vitamin/Minerals and Resources It is advisable to take a high potency multi vitamin/mineral formula to insure getting the whole spectrum of nutritional factors. as well as other nutrients lower homocysteine levels. Solgar. which can enhance your lifestyle and health. and is called Perfect Blend Formula 2. Research has shown that methylcobalamin is the most beneficial form of vitamin B12. Since vitamin B-12 is hard to assimilate. low levels of pantothenate can lead to fatigue. or (949) 851-1550 extension 444. nerves lose their insulation and begin to deteriorate. call (800) 826-1550 extension 444. Twinlabs. and folic acid. elevating mood and lowering blood pressure. Another outstanding multi-vitamin is made by Super Nutrition. and protein into energy. NOW Foods makes a good oral spray and Jarrow Formulas makes a high potency sublingual tablet. Julian Whitaker call (800) 722-8008. you may not need individual extra nutrients. However. such as CoQ10.242 HERBS. There are many indirect benefits from nutritional therapies. Vitamin B12 Vitamin B12. as well as nerve regeneration. If you want to talk with one of the physicians at the Whitaker Wellness Institute. Vitamin B12 is vital for nerve and brain functioning. and this prevents arterial damage. Formulas made by Kal. a comprehensive formula from Dr. which leads to atherosclerosis. Research has also shown that a lack of methylcobalamin (a form of vitamin B12) causes degeneration of the brain and spinal cord.

REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 243 multi-vitamins. To find a nutritionist: www. Also recommended is Absorb Aid by Natures Source.. To get a free catalog. or go online to www. This site has invaluable health information.findnd. Each of Gary Null’s products includes a full description of all the nutrients.findanutritionist. I switched from CoQ10 to his Q-Gel and immediately felt more endurance.000 nutritional .org or www. supplements. The Vitamin Shoppe catalog features over To find a naturopathic physician: www.vitaminshoppe. and his email address is: naturopath4u@aol. Dr.drrath-research. log on and browse. call for a catalog at (800) For information about Maharishi Ayur-Ved herbal products and Maharishi Ayur-Ved. including name brands.naruropathic. Another spectacular multi-vitamin and mineral formula is Life Extension Mix. sells a Q-Gel Visit Dr. For his product line call (800) 304-1708. call (800) 255-8332. international so you know exactly what is in each formula before you buy it. Gary Null also has a brilliant web site on health.naturopath4you. The Life Extension Foundation (LEF) carries a potent line of multi-vitamins/minerals as well as many other products. call (800) 223-1216. Call (800) 544-4440. call (800) 554-4440. as well as the milligrams. a cardiologist.garynull. Mathias Rath. L & H Vitamins also has great discount prices on name brands. or go on-line at www. or go on-line to www. To find an alternative physician in your area call: (866) 464-5226 or (800) to order. etc. American Holistic Medical Association: (703) 556-9245 My nutritional consultant can be found at: ww. and health issues at www. For digestive enzyme information call (800) an internationally known physician and researcher on cardiovascular disease online at www.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price. and relax and strengthen the nervous system. heart valves. see them online at www. VITAMINS AND MINERALS These ayurvedic formulas restore and balance your mind/body intelligence. Diet and Heart Disease its not what you think by Stephen Byrnes. NOW Foods also has excellent Always check with a health care provider who can make appropriate recommendations for your individual needs.healthytalkradio. where you can explore and learn more. lower cholesterol. The overall cardiovascular value of many of the specific nutrients in this chapter is to strengthen the heart muscle. reduce excess fluid. The website www. Nutritional supplements always include instructions on the bottle as well. lower blood pressure. The formula ‘Cholesterol Protection’. relax the arterial walls. reduce platelet The Cholesterol Myths by Ufe Ravnskov.244 HERBS. For more health information and additional web sites. The Cholesterol Conspiracy by Russell Smith. Some recommended reading is: The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book by Shari Lieberman. Please check out the books in your local health food store for more information on taking herbs and supplements. The Carnitine Miracle by Robert log onto www.bcn4life.nowfoods. supports your body’s ability to properly metabolize fats. Jarrow makes excellent products.wholehealthmd. for example. find them at www. .com also has a great supplement index.

then 60 mg 3x 400 mg 3x 500 mg 3x 500 mg 2x 1.500mg 3x 500 mg 300 mg 2x LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 120 mg 3x-one month. Acidic biochemistry: Calcium Herbal Aci-Balance Magnesium Potassium Super green foods 1. see phone numbers and web sites under Multi Vitamin/ Minerals and Resources in this chapter. You can find formulas that contain many of these nutrients. B12 C Calcium CoQ10.000mg 3x and up to 4.inositol hexanicontinate Anxiety. 1. Q-Absorb or Q-Gel (take ½ for Q-Absorb or Q-Gel) D (must also take calcium & magnesium) Digestive enzymes E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) Folic acid Garlic Hawthorn berries K L-Lysine Lutein Magnesium Potassium .000 as tolerable with niacin 500 mg (800) 340-6978 100 mg.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 245 Nutritional Summary and Additional Supplements It is not necessary to use all the nutritional supplements under each category. divided doses 400 mg 3x 1-2 mg 1.000 mg 300 mg 2x 2000 IU daily + sunlight follow instructions on bottle LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 1. Q-Absorb or Q-Gel (take ½ for Q-Absorb or Q-Gel) E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) Ginkgo Biloba Hawthorn berries L-Carnitine Magnesium Niacin or flush free . Work with your health care provider to find the best supplements for you.000 mcg 1. or use tea 500 mg 3x 2.500 mcg 1000 mg.000 mg call (800) 255-8332 500 mg 2x 5 to 7 grams from food follow directions follow bottle instructions. biochemical: Niacinamide Arteriosclerosis and Atherosclerosis: ArtheChel Plus B6.000 mg 2x 20 mg 500 mg 2x 5 to 7 grams from food Angina: Black cohosh Bromelain C and L-Arginine Calcium CoQ10.500-3. The following are daily recommendations for a therapeutic effect.000 mg 3x 1.

OmegaBrite.OmegaBrite.246 OmegaNutrition(800-661-3529) Carlson’s EPA/DHA 60 mg (40 GBE) 3x 1.000 IU 1000 mg 2x LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 OmegaBrite(www.000 mg (800) 548-2710 100 mg 2x follow bottle instructions and or use tea 1/2 to 1 teaspoon LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 60 mg (40 GBE) 3x up to 4500 mg 3x 500 mg 2x follow instructions on bottle 1000 mg 2x LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 600 mg 3x follow instructions on bottle 60 mg (40 GBE) 3x Blood clot prevention & treatment: Beta-carotine Bromelain E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) EPA/DHA Ginkgo Biloba Magnesium Vitalzyme (World Nutrition Phoenix) Blood flow increase: B6 Black cohosh Cayenne E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) Ginkgo Biloba L-Arginine Magnesium Blood thinner: Cayenne Bromelain E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) Garlic Ginger Ginkgo Biloba Capillary Fragility: Bilberry Bioflavonoids C Horse Chestnut K Proanthocyanidins(grape seed extract) 60 mg (40 GBE) 2x 1000 mg 5. VITAMINS AND MINERALS N-acetylcysteine Policosanol Proanthocyanidins (grape seed extract) Proteolytic enzymes Selenium 500 mg 3x 10-20 mg 2X (800) 544-4440 200 mg 2x follow bottle instructions 200-600 mcg OmegaNutrition(800-661-3529) Carlson’s EPA/DHA 400 mg 3x 500-1000 mg follow bottle instructions 5 to 6 grams from foods 1.000 mg 2x Cardiac arrhythmia: Calcium (with Vitamin D3) CoQ10. Q-Absorb or Q-Gel (take ½ for Q-Absorb or Q-Gel) E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) Hawthorn berries Magnesium Motherwort Potassium L-Taurine .EPA/DHA OmegaBrite(www.000 mg--in divided doses 250 mg daily 1-2 mg 200 mg 2x 1000 mg 300 mg 2x LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766EPA-.

5 grams 2x 3 tablespoons ground up before meals 900 to 8.500-3.000 mg 3x 1.000 mg (800) 544-4440 500 to 1100 mg 3x w/meals 10-20 mg 2X (800) 544-4440 LEF (800) 544-4440 follow bottle directions follow bottle directions 200 to 600 mcg daily--check with physician LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 follow bottle instructions cook with. Q-Absorb or Q-Gel (take ½ for Q-Absorb or Q-Gel) D (must also take calcium & magnesium) DHEA (or use wild yam precursors) E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) Fenugreek Flax seeds or golden flax seeds Garlic Ginger Grapefruit pectin Gugulipid Hawthorn berries L-Lysine Lovastin Ultra N-acetylcysteine Niacin or flush free--inositol hexanicontinate EPA/DHA Perilla oil Phytosterols Policosanol Pregnenolone Probiotics Red-yeast-rice Selenium E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) Trifala Turmeric. (800) 544-4440 250 mg 2x (800) 544-4440 200 mcg 3x to 5x 300 mg 2x 247 Cholesterol: Arjuna Artichoke leaf extract C Calcium Cayenne Chitosan Chlorella (Sun Chlorella) Cholesterol Protection CoQ10.000 mg 2x call (888) 227-1937 500 mg 3x 400 mg 3x 1.000 mg 2x 500 mg 1 or 2x 200 to 600 mcg daily--check with physician follow bottle instructions 300 mg 3X 1.000 mg use in cooking. Type I: Alpha lipoic acid Carnosine-very important Chromium CoQ10. 20-25 mg for men--check with your health care provider for higher recommendations LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 OmegaNutrition(800-661-3529) Carlson’s EPA/DHA 6.000 of niacin as tolerable OmegaBrite(www.000 mg 3x 1200 mg 2x http://www. curcumin Diabetes.000 mg Follow bottle instructions 500 mg 3 to 6x call (800) 661-4087 call (800) 255-8332 300 mg 2x 2000 IU daily + sunlight DHEA 5-10 mg for women.OmegaBrite. Q-Absorb or Q-Gel .REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY Cardiomyopathy and Congestive heart problems: B-complex C CoQ10. 1/2 teaspoon in drinks follow bottle directions 140 mg 3x 400 mg 3x 1. Q-Absorb or Q-Gel (take ½ for Q-Absorb or Q-Gel) CORvalen (D-ribose) Hawthorn berries L-Carnitine Magnesium Selenium high B vitamin formula 2000-4.

syndrome X): E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) Flax seeds or golden flax seeds K L-Carnitine Glucostat (formula) Gymnema sylvestre Magnesium Moducare N-acetyl-L-cysteine EPA/DHA . cook with Vanadyl sulfate 20 mg 3x Vitamin and mineral supplement. w/meals (triples insulin efficiency) 2000 IU daily + sunlight Gaia Carlson’s EPA/DHA Proanthocyanidins(grapeseed extract) 200 mg 2x Vitamin S (Sleep) at least 8 hours Stevia(use white kind) use as a sweetener Turmeric Follow bottle directions. 20-25 mg for men--check with your health care provider for higher recommendations E (high gamma mixed LEF (800) 544-4440 tocopherol/tocotrienols) Yasoo (888) 469-2766 Flax seeds or golden flax seeds 3 tablespoons ground up before meals Glucostat (formula) call (800) 255-8332 Gymnema sylvestre 400 mg K 1-2 mg Licorice root use as a sweetener Magnesium 500 mg 2x Moducare Follow bottle directions N-acetylcysteine 500 mg 2x Niacinamide 400 mg 2x Noni follow bottle directions EPA/DHA OmegaNutrition(800-661-3529) OmegaBrite(www. VITAMINS AND MINERALS (take ½ for Q-Absorb or Q-Gel) D (must also take calcium & magnesium) Devil's club root bark DHEA 2000 IU daily + sunlight Gaia Carlson’s EPA/DHA Diabetes.because of mineral wasting Diabetes. follow bottle instructions DHEA 5-10 mg for women.248 HERBS.000 mg 2x call (800) 255-8332 400 mg daily 500 mg 2x Follow bottle directions 500 mg 2x OmegaNutrition(800-661-3529) OmegaBrite(www. Type II (Insulin resistance. very high potency .1 mg 3x Follow bottle directions (800) 544-4440 200 mcg 3x to 5x 1/8-tsp. beta cell production of insulin: Gymnema sylvestre Magnesium Moducare Niacinamide Vanadyl sulfate Banaba leaf extract Carnosine-very important Chromium Cinnamon D (must also take calcium & magnesium) Devil's club root bark DHEA 400 mg 500 mg 2x Follow bottle directions 400 mg 2x ½ .OmegaBrite.OmegaBrite. 20-25 mg for men--check with your health care provider for higher recommendations LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 3 tablespoons ground up before meals 1-2 mg daily 1. follow bottle instructions DHEA 5-10 mg for women.

Q-Absorb or Q-Gel (take ½ for Q-Absorb or Q-Gel) E (high gamma mixed Tocopherol/tocotrienols) Ginkgo Biloba Glutathione N-acetylcysteine Proanthocyanidins (grapeseed extract) Selenium Super curcumin w/bioperine .000-10.OmegaBrite.lef. consult physician 500 mg OmegaNutrition(800-661-3529) OmegaBrite( 1000-3000 mg 3x (800) 544-4440 LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 60 mg 3x (40 GBE) 250 mg 2x (20% aescin) 20 mg/5 mg 600 to 1200 mg (800) 686-2299 200 mg 2x 1000 mg 2x call (800) 665-9737 500-1000 mg 2x 300 mg 2x 125 mg/mcg formula 25-30 mg. glycation: Carnosine (very important) L-Lysine Free radical damage prevention and healing: Amrit Kalash-both formulas Beta-carotene/mixed carotenoids C CoQ10. retinopathy. prostacyclin enhancers & protectors: Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) Diabetes. neuropathy: Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC) Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) High B-complex Methylcobolamin (B12) Magnesium EPA/DHA Diabetes.000 IU 3.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY Proanthocyanidins(grapeseed extract) Vitamin S (Sleep) Tryptophan 200 mg 2x 8 hours or more food sources--such as beans or from physician’s prescription 249 Carlson’s EPA/DHA 1000 mg in divided doses LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 (800) 544-4440 2000 mg daily call (800) 255-8332 25. and circulatory system: Acetyl-L-Carnitine Alpha lipoic acid B-Complex (high) for B2 (protects lens) Beta-carotene Bilbery Bioflavonoids Brite Eyes (anti-oxidant eye drops) C (cataracts) Carnosine-very important E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) Ginkgo Biloba Horse Chestnut Lutein/zeaxanthin (macula) N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) (cataracts) Ocular Nutrition (eye drops) Proanthocyanidins(grapeseed extract) L-Taurine (protects lens) Vision Essentials (formula) 2000 mg 150-200 mg 2x High B-complex formula 25. other eye conditions.000 daily 300 mg 2x LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 60mg (40GBE) 3x 500 mg 3x 500 mg 2x 200 mg 2x 200 mcg daily (800) 544-4440 Diabetes.000 IU 160 mg 2x 500 mg 2x (800) 544-4440 or www.

follow bottle instructions 15.200 mg 300 mg 2x OmegaNutrition(800-661-3529) OmegaBrite(www.000 mg 50 mg daily follow bottle instructions follow bottle instructions.000 IU 200 mg 50 mg to 200 mg daily (take w/B .com) Carlson’s EPA/DHA LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 600 mg 2x 400 mg 3x 1.000mg 3x and 4.Complex) 1000 mg 2x use on food 5-10 mg women. and valves: C Cayenne CoQ10.000-10. 20-25 mg for men--check with your health care provider for higher recommendations LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 Homocysteine: B6 B12 C Choline Folic acid Inositol SAMe Trimethylglycine (TMG) Zinc Hypertension.000 mg 2x 500 mg 2x 200 mg 20 mg 3x 100-600 mg w/B-Complex 1. Q-Absorb or Q-Gel (take ½ for Q-Absorb or Q-Gel) EPA/DHA E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) Garlic Hawthorn berries L-Carnitine Compounded Linden/Crataegus Magnesium citrate Niacin or flush free--inositol hexanicontinate Potassium Yarrow flowers Hypothyroidism: A Aspartic acid B1.000 mcg 250-1. VITAMINS AND MINERALS Heart muscle.250 HERBS. B6 C French unrefined light grey sea salt DHEA E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) .000 as tolerable with niacin 5-7 grams daily from food Gaia Herbs. Q-Absorb or Q-Gel (take ½ for Q-Absorb or Q-Gel) E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) Hawthorn berries L-Carnitine Magnesium Thiamine Vanadyl sulfate-for type I 2000 mg 2x use in cooking or follow bottle directions 300 mg 2x LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 400 mg 3x 1. B3.000 mg in divided doses 2.OmegaBrite.500mg 3x 1.000-3. general: Arjuna Black cohosh BP Balance (ayurvedic herbal formula) C C and L-Arginine Calcium CoQ10.500-3.000 mcg 2000-5000 mg 500-5.000 mcg 800-5. follow bottle instructions 500 mg 2x 1.000 mg 200-800 mg 500-9.000 mg 2x Gaia Herbs. B2. or use tea (800) 255-8332 2. contractions.

Q-Absorb or Q-Gel (take ½ for Q-Absorb or Q-Gel) DHEA Fiber Flax seeds Ginger Green tea powder Hawthorn berries EPA/DHA L-Carnitine Mood elevating amino acids Perilla oil Oxygen flow increase: CoQ10. Q-Absorb or Q-Gel (take ½ for Q-Absorb or Q-Gel) E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) L-Arginine Obesity: Banaba leaf extract Be Trim Type 1 or 2 (Ayurvedic formula) Calcium Coleus forskohlii Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) CoQ10.OmegaBrite. 3x daily Take fresh ginger before meals. also cook with Follow bottle instructions 400 mg 2x OmegaNutrition(800-661-3529) OmegaBrite( Carlson’s EPA/DHA 60 mg (40 GBE) 3x Follow bottle directions Follow bottle directions Follow bottle directions 6. 20-25 mg for men--check with your health care provider for higher recommendations 40 grams daily-include flax seeds 3 tbsp ground up before meals.000 mg (800) 544-4440 300 mg 2x 251 Inflammation reduction: Boswella Bromelain C with bioflavonoids E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) EPA/DHA Ginkgo Biloba Moducare Nettles leaf extract Oral systemic enzymes Perilla oil Policosanol Proanthocyanidins(grapeseed extract) Turmeric Vitalzyme (World Nutrition Phoenix) Nitric Oxide production: C CoQ10.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY Irish Moss Iron Iodine from kelp L-Tyrosine Manganese Selenium Zinc Follow bottle directions 30 mg 450 mcg 500 mg 2x 10 to 20 mg 200 mcg 50 mg Follow bottle directions 500 mg 3x 1000 mg 2x LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 OmegaNutrition(800-661-3529) OmegaBrite( Carlson’s EPA/DHA 1000 mg 2x see 5-HTP and tyrosine 6. Q-Absorb or Q-Gel .000 mg (800) 544-4440 10-20 mg 2X (800) 544-4440 200 mg 2x Use in cooking (800) 548-2710 2000-4000 mg 2x 300 mg 2x LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 4.500 mg 3x Follow bottle directions (800) 255-8332 1200 mg Follow bottle instructions (800) 544-4440 300 mg 2x DHEA 5-10 mg for women.OmegaBrite.

com) Carlson’s EPA/DHA . 5 grams daily 400 mg 3x 1000 mg 2x 1000 mg 2x 500 mg 300 mg OmegaNutrition(800-661-3529) OmegaBrite(www.200 mg 600 mg 5-7 grams from food follow bottle instructions 75-125 mg/mcg formula 1000 mg 2x Herbal combination-follow instructions follow bottle instructions or use tea 500-1000 mg (800) 255-8332 200 mg follow bottle instructions or use tea 200 mg follow bottle instructions or use tea follow bottle instructions or use tea 400 mg 2x Palpitations: B-complex Hawthorn berries Motherwort Valerian root Platelet aggregation: B6 Bromelain E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) Ginkgo Biloba Magnesium Policosanol Sodium sensitivity: Calcium Magnesium Potassium Stress: Ashwagandha B-complex C Ex-Stress (Nature's Way) Hops Magnesium Mind Plus (ayurvedic formula) Riboflavin Skullcap Thiamine(B1) Valerian root Wood betony Stroke volume increase: CoQ10. Q-Absorb or Q-Gel (take ½ for Q-Absorb or Q-Gel) Triglycerides.OmegaBrite.252 HERBS. or follow bottle instructions 100-600 mg 500 mg 3x LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 60 mg 2-3x (40 GBE) 500-1000 mg 10-20 mg 2X (800) 5444440 1. VITAMINS AND MINERALS (take ½ for Q-Absorb or Q-Gel) E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) Garlic Ginkgo Biloba Magnesium LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 600 mg 3x 60 mg (40 GBE) 3x 500-750 mg 75-125 mg/mcg formula 400 mg 3x follow bottle instructions 500 mg at bedtime. to lower: Banaba leaf extract C Calcium Chromium E (high gamma mixed tocopherol/tocotrienols) Fenugreek Hawthorn berries L-Carnitine L-Lysine Magnesium Niacin or flush free--inositol hexanicontinate EPA/DHA follow bottle directions 2000 mg 3x 1000 mg 200 mcg 3x to 5x daily with meals LEF (800) 544-4440 Yasoo (888) 469-2766 Cook with.

REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY Vanadyl sulfate ½ to 1 mg 2x follow bottle instructions. . prevents atherosclerosis and blood clots. and eat parsley 5 to 7 grams from food 253 Vasodilation: Black cohosh C and L-Arginine Cayenne CoQ10.500mg 3x daily follow bottle instructions 300 mg 2x OmegaNutrition(800-661-3529) OmegaBrite(www. a Chinese medicinal herb. has many cardiovascular benefits. It increases blood flow to the heart and reduces the oxygen demand of heart Carlson’s EPA/DHA 600 mg 2x 400 mg 3x 500 mg 2x follow bottle instructions 5-7 grams daily from food sources Cook with follow bottle instructions follow bottle instructions 300 mg 2x follow bottle instructions follow bottle instructions follow bottle instructions follow bottle instructions.OmegaBrite. 4. Q-Absorb or Q-Gel (take ½ for Q-Absorb or Q-Gel) Dandelion Juniper berries and marshmallow root together KB formula (Nature's Way) Parsley Potassium Water: 10 glasses daily – Use filtered water. has anti-inflammatory activity.000mg 2x. or distilled Stephania. Q-Absorb or Q-Gel (take ½ for Q-Absorb or Q-Gel) EPA/DHA Garlic Hawthorn berries Magnesium Nettle (Urticaceae) Potassium Rosemary leaves Water retention: Cleavers Cornsilk CoQ10. or use tea 2. Reverse Osmosis (use a product to make the water alkaline and replace minerals). Stephania also lowers blood pressure by dilating blood vessels.

When you digest. Most of you have eating habits that are difficult to change. and the repair of living tissue. or if your food is not wholesome. maintenance. In ayurvedic medicine. According to Dr. part of the digestive fire. which is the ancient process of turning non-precious metal into gold. The inability to breakdown and digest food can lead to almost any disease. we will discuss guidelines for proper digestion. the digestive fire is called Agni. Your body is a mirror of the natural world. You have to work in accord with the laws of nature to maintain health through proper digestion. Don’t 254 M . low stomach acid. Modern science calls Agni “digestive enzymes. Without proper digestion.Chapter Eleven Digestion Diet. Yet alchemy is used by every living organism to turn food into something more precious than gold – nutrients for growth. Digestive fire needs air. By wholesome. you are an alchemist. I mean organic and fresh. can cause hardening of the arteries.” Agni is vital for the transformation of food into living tissue. Are you using the best material for energy and growth? Are you eating high quality food? If your digestion is incomplete. The process of eating and digesting food is an offering to the temple of the living God – your body. even the best food becomes poisonous. In ancient offerings. Digestion and Hypertension odern science scoffs at stories concerning alchemy. a material is transformed into energy by fire. Digestion and oxygen maintain life. then the effects on the mind and body will be less than optimal. Later in this chapter. Jonathan Wright.

and for perfect health. because even small changes can positively improve your health. Free radicals can seriously damage your cells over time. abnormal complexes. As you grow older. potassium. AGEs. Nonorganic meat contains hormones. to prevent a stroke or an aneurysm. Free radicals are created in the body from chemical processing. magnesium. and potassium. artificial ingredients. margarine. This decreases the elasticity of blood vessels. and many baked goods. Consuming cooked animal protein creates an acidic condition in your body. to lower blood pressure. pesticide and drug residues that can damage your health. such as hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils in commercial peanut butter. contributes to high blood pressure. which does not form in the same way when the animal protein you consume is raw. which is the prolonged exposure of amino acids (components of proteins) to high blood sugar levels. a predominately animal-based diet depletes these minerals. and injuring arterial walls. your ability to digest and absorb nutrients decreases. . Ayurveda has good guidelines for digestion to enable your body to function at peak performance. The acid-alkaline balance is also of paramount importance for proper digestion. Diabetics should keep cooked animal protein to about 15% or less of the diet because elevated blood sugar levels can lead to glycated end products (AGE’s). magnesium. This robs your body and bones of calcium. Meat chelates copper out of the body. contribute to degenerative vascular disease such as atherosclerosis. Especially as you age. and super green foods create alkaline body chemistry. However. You should stay away from foods that create free radicals in the body. proper digestion becomes even more important to maintain good health.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 255 get discouraged. damaging blood lipids. Read on to find out how. mayonnaise. To lower hypertension. you need to preserve these minerals. the result of glycosylation. Calcium. Copper is needed to keep your capillaries strong and flexible. and overworks the heart. which are all vital to reduce blood pressure. AGE’s. Food Cautions Let’s look at some foods that would be better to reduce or avoid.

DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION mineral deficiencies. avoid fermented products. These vitamins are all needed to neutralize homocysteine. Alcohol consumption increases the risk for eye336 and nerve damage337 in diabetics.256 DIET. We will later discuss the role of homocysteine and early onset of cardiovascular disease due to the free radicals it creates. and norepinephrine (noradrenaline). Contrary to what you have heard about the positive benefits of alcohol. a class of anti-depressant drugs. because they can cause your blood pressure to skyrocket. . inflammatory markers. In general it is advisable to reduce or avoid foods containing cholesterol although we will also discuss the value of eating healthy foods that contain fat and cholesterol. Research at Duke University demonstrated that 4 to 5 cups of coffee in the morning elevate blood pressure and stress hormones such as epinephrine (adrenaline). which can cause heart attacks. Try to avoid processed foods. High blood sugar levels increase insulin. The negative effects of smoking on cardiovascular disease are well known. An obvious measure to improve your health is to quit smoking. If you are taking MAO Inhibitors. Another study conducted by Duke University Medical Center demonstrated that caffeine increased the levels of free epinephrine excreted during the workday and the evening by 32%. one drink a day can destroy vitamin B6. Some research has shown a negative relationship between alcohol consumption and homocysteine. because these hormones put your mind/body under stress and promote free radical damage in your body. Try to avoid drinking alcohol. Stress causes the production of excessive adrenaline. and homocysteine.338 Caffeine amplified the increases in blood pressure and heart rate associated with higher levels of selfreported stress. cholesterol is used to patch up the damage. fueling the fight or flight response.339 This can lead to heart disease or stroke. colors and other artificial ingredients. commercial salt and refined sugar can contribute to high blood pressure. and folic acid. Free radicals etch chinks in blood vessels. Sodium. This type of biochemistry keeps you under constant stress. which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. and this in turn can clog arteries. B12. The liver responds by releasing glucose rapidly into the blood stream to increase or normalize blood sugar. artificial flavors.

is converted to triglycerides and cholesterol in the liver. The study showed that high sugar intake may be the most important dietary risk factor for heart disease in women. heart attacks.066). digestion. Since licorice may increase blood pressure.025 Dutch adults aged 20-65 years from a population-based cohort examined in 1993-1996 (n = 19. Excess sugar. one-quarter of the amount consumed remains in your body. A cross-sectional study investigated the extent to which coffee. leading to anxiety and other nervous disorders. alcohol drinking (negative). The lifestyle factors most strongly associated with plasma total homocysteine level were smoking (positive). High levels of LDL are associated with atherosclerosis. Coffee has been shown to increase homocysteine.340 Even eight hours after caffeine consumption. which are vital to the function of the adrenal glands for energy production. Coffee and alcohol deplete thiamin and vitamin B1. and coffee consumption (positive). and smoking were associated with nonfasting total plasma homocysteine concentrations in a random sample of 3. . An example of how detrimental this is was demonstrated in a study published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. it may not be advisable to be used by hypertension patients. and alcohol consumption. LDLs. and ginseng strengthen the adrenals as do B vitamins and vitamin C.341 The relationship between blood sugar imbalances and high blood pressure can be improved by healthy adrenal function. and hypertension. emotional balance. leading to occluded arteries. low-density lipoproteins. beyond what you need for energy. It is very detrimental for men as well. however animal fat can put a man more at risk for cardiovascular disease. Coffee interferes with this process and it robs you of B-vitamins. Herbs like gotu kola. which increase your cardiovascular risk. Check with your health care provider to be sure. such as cola and cookies – can also lead to thiamin deficiency. and cholesterol levels.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 257 triglycerides. tea. Thiamin is vital for proper heart functioning. Foods with empty calories – junk food. and so much more. stroke. licorice root. carry triglycerides and cholesterol from the liver to other areas of the body. Coffee is a loan shark – the gain of an immediate burst of energy is offset later by greater energy depletion. physical activity.

corn. bagels. The MariEl healing system calls blood sugar imbalances and cravings the “if-only situation. and beets Processed fruit juices. and pastries that are flour-based Canned foods. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION If you constantly crave sweetness. Here are some pointers offered by Dr.258 DIET. not the candy coated version. You may want to find an energy healer who can work with emotions related to the loss of sweetness in your life. potatoes. We discussed a MariEl healing exercise in Chapter Seven. He uses a modified Mediterranean diet for its cardiovascular benefits. asparagus. Inc. Many of these foods are discussed in greater detail later in this chapter. MariEl is a hands-on energy healing system that re-patterns painful emotions by balancing the flow of energy in your body. Sugar cravings can be the result of the loss of emotional sweetness in your life. For more information on his programs. flaxseeds. After chewing just swallow them. drinks (loaded with sugar). pastas.” life would be better. and spelt Organic fresh vegetables. pasta made from Jerusalem artichoke. breakfast cereals. carrots. in a booklet published by Phillips Publishing.” “If only that relationship had worked out. a cardiologist. Eat less: * Processed foods with white flour (flour in general turns into sugar quickly). I have modified and added some information to his list. * . try sucking or chewing on fennel seeds every hour. Use the whole plain herb. and soda Cooked red meat and prepared red meat products Commercial cooking oils and shortenings Dairy products * * * * * Eat more: * High-fiber foods like oatmeal (use steel cut or old fashion oats and not the ones that cook in under 10 minutes). Sinatra. oat bran. Fennel seeds can help pacify your craving for sweet tastes. call (800) 304-1708. leafy greens such as kale.

REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 259 * * * * * * * broccoli. which helps you lose weight. since they are not aged much and thus generate fewer free radicals. . organic extra virgin olive oil. and cardamom is very healthy (mix with whisk or in a blender – this delicious drink is called “lassi”). Mother Nature is always right and when we alter her creations we are always wrong. and legumes (lentils and chickpeas) Onions and garlic Cherries. organic ghee. walnuts. seaweed. and tamari. Nature does not produce dairy products with reduced fats. Particularly if you do not eat fish. canola oil. cantaloupes and grapes are very healthy. According to ayurvedic medicine. kiwi grapefruits.. fresh yogurt diluted 50/50 with water and seasoned with ginger. Rocky. If you wish to reduce fats. and Irish Moss. Celtic salt (discussed later in this chapter). and do not consume the damaging un-fermented soy products such as soy milk or tofu. These animals also eat wild food. flaxseeds and flax oil. margarine etc. Brussels sprouts. Protein such as fish and beans. Favor soft cheeses like farmer cheese and cottage cheese. always consume them closest to their whole and natural form. If you do not eat fish. spinach. macadamia nut oil. buy New Zealand range fed meat. but contain a great deal more sugar. apples. so a small piece only Eat soy products only if they have been naturally fermented such as tempeh. cinnamon. and favor whole foods. free from antibiotics and hormones. berries. and Rosie. plums. cabbage. Healthy and necessary fats such as avocado. consume French unrefined light grey sea salt. supplement your diet with EPA/DHA. Raw vegetable juices made daily (discussed later in this chapter) or healthy juices purchased from a natural foods store If you eat dairy products. almonds. natto. miso. pears. If you eat meat. you should reduce (or better yet eliminate) the damaged fats such as soy oil. and peaches. Their meat contains conjugated linoleic acid. Good quality brands are Sheltons. kelp. and get plenty of exercise.

They want this electron very much. the energy producing factory in the cell.343 This intense need causes these molecules to become unstable and highly reactive with other atoms and molecules. too much is a double-edged sword. smoking. If your body has a proper diet and appropriate supplements. . is affected. Free radicals are implicated in everything from degeneration (otherwise known as aging) to atherosclerosis. however. nitrates in processed foods.342 Free radical atoms and molecules are missing an electron. this protects you from free radical damage. This leakage also allows toxins to seep into the cell nucleus. allowing the cytoplasm inside to leak out. free radicals are created when we convert fat molecules into energy. The DNA can be damaged – this causes a chain reaction of mutations that can lead to numerous diseases or toxic cell death. it would be good to have a firm understanding of how they affect health. As many as 80% of all diseases and environmental toxicities can be attributed to damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are ferocious because the missing electron in the outer orbit must be paired at all costs. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION Free Radicals We discussed antioxidant supplements in Chapter Ten. These unstable molecules attack vulnerable molecules in human cells. Free radicals are also created when we are exposed to radiation and cosmic rays. Exploring the nature of free radicals increases your awareness of the value of living a healthy life. radiation therapy. Free radicals occur naturally in the body as the result of our normal metabolic processes. which stream through our universe all the time and are unavoidable. Since we will be discussing free radicals periodically in this book. In their desire to pair. Chemical bonds can be rearranged as the cell nucleus is attacked. rheumatoid arthritis. The mitochondria. x-rays. We need oxygen for life. with another electron of opposite spin. Air pollution. This impairs the cells’ functioning in the life process. For instance. as well as a host of other consequences of modern life contribute to the creation of free radicals in your body. free radicals attack the cell membranes. This chapter focuses on foods that protect us from free radical damage by neutralizing free radicals. alcohol consumption. Even the use of oxygen to metabolize energy from the environment creates free radicals.260 DIET.

and the side effects of radiation. Even if a food has no cholesterol. and cherries.344 Many processed foods contain hydrogenated oils. and some tissues. blackberries. Brussels sprouts. The top ten ORAC vegetables are garlic. Cholesterol is produced mainly in the liver. broccoli florets. which contribute to arterial plaque. and buy organic whole foods that don’t contain these harmful ingredients. emphysema. plums. We need cholesterol for optimal . Your body’s intelligence uses LDL cholesterol to patch up the injury. estrogen. blueberries. Free radicals injure your blood vessels by scarring them. raspberries. red grapes. Alzheimer’s Disease. which cannot be properly broken down and digested by your body. cataracts. oranges. Fruits and vegetables have antioxidant potential measured in oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC). kale. This can cause vessels to seep blood. synthesized in the liver and other bodily tissues. So you can see the fallacy behind the concept of “a cholesterol-free food” or “no cholesterol” created by the food industry. diabetes. but free radicals that fuel the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. it can cause the same result that foods laden with cholesterol are supposed to cause. depression of the immune system.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 261 cancer. Corn is a high starch food so the others would be better choices. testosterone. and corn. onions. Cholesterol is needed for the formation of steroid hormones. is vital for proper health. the less is needed for repairs. It is imperative that you read labels. The less free radical damage in the blood vessels. The top ten ORAC fruits according to the US Department of Agriculture are prunes. inflammatory bowel disease. red bell peppers. The result is free radicals and other toxins due to incomplete digestion. The problem is not the cholesterol. especially in the brain. Thus hydrogenated oils as well as artificial ingredients lead to the production of free radicals. alfalfa sprouts. raisins. But the patch of cholesterol on your blood vessel wall attracts more cholesterol and this starts a destructive process called atherosclerosis. It is an intrinsic building block for organic molecules. spinach. More About Cholesterol Cholesterol. strawberries. beets.

A decrease in consumption of healthy fats. starches and sugar. These foods cause more cholesterol build-up in the blood vessels. Research has shown that foods grown with chemicals are less nutritious. And we know that mineral deficiencies can contribute to free radical damage. increased coronary atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. and then see where you fit on the tables below. where they contribute to a host of health problems. Cholesterol: Very desirable 180 to 245 mg/dl . including hormonal function. In the case of cholesterol. Chemicals used to grow food generate free radicals that place a greater demand on your body for more antioxidants. Do You Know What Your Cholesterol Is? Ask your doctor for a cholesterol test. Eating free range and or properly fed animal protein and fats will not sabotage this benefit.262 DIET. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION functioning. animal or vegetable has not been necessary to attain normalized cholesterol levels. Populations that consume food in this manner have greatly reduced their incidence of numerous diseases. We also know that balanced hormones are needed for normal blood pressure. Your cholesterol level is based mostly on liver production and regulation. A diet higher in non-starchy plant-based whole food products can greatly lower cholesterol. By implicating cholesterol in food as a cause of heart disease. Low testosterone can lead to high blood cholesterol levels. modern medical science is not looking at the whole body. The relationships between nutrition and health need to be better understood by medicine. how different foods interact with the body is critical. Many people’s cholesterol level has been normalized by a few months of proper liver support and a substantial decrease in the consumption of alcohol. The body produces between 500 and 1000 mg of total serum cholesterol daily.

Triglycerides Ideal under 100 mg/dl 150 mg/dl and above-needs to make dietary changes. High Density Lipoprotein (HDL): Too low under 35 for men Too low under 45 for women Too high such as above 95 may be an indication of a high toxic chemical load on the body. Other Very Important Cardiovascular Risk Factors Parameters Fibrinogen Standard Reference is up to 460 mg/dL Optimal range is under 300 mg/dL . The highest cancer risks are at levels of 140 mg/dl and below.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 263 Seemingly a healthy total cholesterol level may be unhealthy. For example. Low total cholesterol levels are also associated with increased risk of suicide and in manifesting symptoms of exposure from toxic chemicals-cholesterol is required to remove these chemicals. which needs to be addressed. All other risk factors must be assessed to determine healthy individual levels. research has demonstrated that cancer risk increases as your total cholesterol level drops below 180. Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL): Very desirable under 120 mg/dl Alarm range is above 180 mg/dl Always look at all risk factors.

264 DIET. Elevated blood levels of cholesterol can increase your chances of cardiovascular disease. this good type carries cholesterol from storage areas in your body back to your liver. LDL cholesterol: Low density lipoprotein. your total cholesterol divided by your HDL. waxy substance that travels throughout your blood stream. including your arteries. It transports cholesterol from your liver to other areas of your body. that is.3 mg/L Homocysteine Standard Reference is up to 15 micro mol/L Optimal range is under 7 micro mol/L Glucose Standard Reference is up to 109 mg/dL Optimal range is under 100 mg/dL Iron Standard Reference is up to 180 mg/dL Optimal range is under 100 mg/dL Cholesterol Terms Cholesterol: Made by the liver. and not build up in the walls of your arteries. Atherosclerosis is characterized by the formation of fatty plaque in your arteries. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION C-reactive protein Standard Reference is up to 4. This is the bad stuff. HDL cholesterol: High-density lipoprotein cholesterol. which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. A healthy HDL/total cholesterol ratio is below 4. . it can be excreted from the body.9 mg/L Optimal range is under 2 mg/L Some studies indicate C-reactive protein levels should be below 1.5. This can lead to atherosclerosis. which is the most common form of arterial disease. Once cholesterol is in the liver. cholesterol is a soft.

Triglycerides are contained in 95% of all fats we eat. Five Causes of Atherosclerosis Remember the sequence leading to atherosclerosis: cholesterol repairs arterial damage caused by free radicals and inflammation. and refined carbohydrates from your diet to stop rapid surges in blood sugar and insulin levels. Triglycerides: Consist of glycerol and three fatty acids. such as cigarette smoke and air pollution. this attracts more cholesterol and blocks arteries. Here are five main causes of atherosclerosis: 1. generate free radicals in the body. white flour. which makes you less sensitive to insulin. Lack of water causes the body to line vessel walls in order to minimize fluid loss. Drink lots of water to prevent this situation. This is simply more evidence that you have to take responsibility for your health. Poor eating habits and environmental pollution: Inadequate amounts of dietary fiber. They are fat particles. The danger of the amino acid homocysteine has been known since 1969. fruits. The pancreas then has to secrete more insulin. Consuming homogenized milk products is especially deleterious. produced in the liver from carbohydrates. This can be caused by homocysteine or other markers of inflammation. . trans-fatty acids. Too many poor quality and over cooked animal foods. High levels of insulin damage arteries and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 265 Even levels of 200 mg/dl can lead to a heart attack. However. Triglycerides may be a more accurate predictive parameter for heart disease than cholesterol. and too much sugar. It is important to eliminate sugar. This disease decreases blood vessel diameter and increases blood pressure. This cycle is self-reinforcing. Triglycerides increase cholesterol and obesity. Environmental pollutants. Eating processed junk food generates free radicals. and vegetables. They are the primary fat storage molecules in fat tissues (such as “love handles”). which were explained in Chapter Ten.

which contributes to coronary artery disease.pneumoniae is a bacteria that damages blood vessels and cholesterol is used to repair the damage.pneumoniae can lead to atherosclerosis. magnesium. Eating red meat and chicken that exacerbate homocysteine levels. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION 2.266 DIET. leading to high levels of free radicals. leukotriene B(4). resulting in cholesterol deposits. Stressful lifestyle: Too much stress causes the adrenal glands to secrete stress hormones that etch chinks in the arterial walls. interleukin-1 beta. Another cause of mineral depletion is acidic blood chemistry. Inability to metabolize homocysteine. Mineral deficiencies: Lack of mineral intake causes a build-up of lactic acid in your muscles because of depleted minerals. Body chemistry conditions such as: homocysteine. and cholesterol comes in to repair the damage. . Lactic acid eats away at the muscle in the arterial walls. tumor necrosis factor alpha. Patients also need to build their immune system. The process of cholesterol build-up continues. 4. and hypoactive (under-active) thyroid. Bacterial damage from C. and C-reactive protein. C. and potassium to buffer the acidity. A hypoactive thyroid can also cause faulty cholesterol metabolism.345 Inflammation may prove to be the number one cause of cardiovascular disease. which increases cholesterol if not corrected. Metabolic imbalances: Syndrome X. A stomach ulcer is an inflammatory condition caused by Helicobacter pylori. This condition is life threatening. Inadequate amounts of sleep also increase adrenal stress hormone production such as cortisol. Syndrome X leads to high triglycerides. Much heart disease is considered to be a result of inflammation such as C-reactive protein. interleukin-6. The above conditions can lead to arterial plaque. 3. These are the same minerals that are needed to reduce blood pressure. markers of inflammation – fibinogen. so your body responds by using up alkaline minerals like calcium. Your arteries also have muscles that are needed to pump your blood.

small amounts of fresh fruits. and ginger. and promotes activity that breaks down inertia. guard. cinnamon. raw seeds and raw nuts for snacks. In general a pungent herb like ginger stimulates digestion. When you eat out. pungent herbs can break up cholesterol. especially beef or lamb. For more information. Lack of proper supplements: Inadequate amounts of antioxidants. but also help the body burn out toxins. some legumes if you wish. a 3 1/2-oz portion of chuck roast contains just 1 oz of actual protein. Eating bitter and pungent spices with your meals or just before you eat is an ayurvedic digestive aid. minerals. The spices to use are black pepper. These herbs will not only stimulate digestion. Incomplete digestion leads to toxins. For example. see the summary at the end of Chapter Ten. cayenne. A Healthy Diet Makes the Difference A good diet includes a high fiber content. the digestive process will not be complete. a bitter herb. According to ayurvedic medicine. which leads to cholesterol deposits. We will discuss many other digestive aids later in this chapter. eggs and dairy products). amino acids. and herbs that keep cholesterol in check. large amounts of low glycemic vegetables (especially dark green leafy vegetables). as little sweets and flour products as you can manage and adequate portions (2-5ozs per meal depending upon activity level) of good quality rare or raw animal protein 2-3 meals per day (organic free-range meats. The Quality of Digestion The quality of your digestion influences all of the other causes of atherosclerosis. . Another useful spice for lowering cholesterol is turmeric. and protect against atherosclerosis. enzymes. Use the other digestive herbs in cooking to taste. bring a shaker that contains the above herbs and sprinkle them on your food. You can also take a slice or two of raw ginger before meals.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 267 5. These toxins cause free radical damage. cloves. If your digestion is not strong. vitamins. circulation. whole grains if desired.

I cannot recommend the consumption of any non-fermented soy foods.347 Organic fermented soy products stand out as particularly heart-healthy. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION In an attempt to discover the nutritional causes of high blood pressure. Organic farming decreases carbon dioxide.000 health professionals who did not have hypertension were studied for four years. Beans Eating foods that are low glycemic (release glucose slowly into the blood). plant-based diet. high bulk and high in fiber is very beneficial for your cardiovascular system. Research indicates a significant inverse relationship between legume intake and risk of CHD and suggests that increasing legume intake may be an important part of a dietary approach to the primary prevention of CHD. What is good for the individual is also good for Mother Earth. The study showed that dietary fiber. potassium. and magnesium were associated with a lower incidence of hypertension. If you have only been exposed to the good side of soy. consumed lower amounts of dietary Until it all gets sorted out. 30. but organic farming has the opposite effect.soyonlineservice. with adequate organic freerange meat and organic dairy. although not hypertensive. So eat organic – heal yourself and heal the earth as well. potassium.268 DIET. although not as complete as animal protein. Chemical farming causes an increase in carbon dioxide. you should sign on to www.346 Eating an organic. Sprouted beans are a great source of balanced amino acids. and magnesium. This association also had a preventive aspect. A review of the literature suggests that lifestyle modification such as consuming more potassium should be recommended for the prevention and treatment of hypertension in the general population. Bean protein does not contribute to hypertension or diabetes like animalbased proteins Soy Protects Your Cardiovascular System Currently there is a great soy controversy. takes the guesswork out of what is healthy to and read about the research . The participants who developed a small rise in blood pressure.

It induces a feeling of relaxation. or mix organic tomato paste with some organic extra virgin olive oil for cooking. Both sides do agree that traditional fermented soy products like tempeh. Flavonoids protect LDL cholesterol from oxidation. It also has anti-cancer benefits. and this can reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. Cooking tomatoes with healthy cooking oils makes lycopene easier to absorb. and tamari have healthy benefits. Make your own decision after you have seen both sides of the story. miso.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 269 on soy’s damaging effects. stroke. Watermelon is also very high in lycopene: there are 30 mg. Research has shown that drinking green tea enables LDL to be more resistant to oxidation. thus it can help you lose weight and make insulin work more efficiently. well being. the rate your body burns energy. Theanine. hypertension. (a substantial amount) in a two-inch thick slice. an amino acid found in green tea produces a calming effect on the brain. It may help coffee drinkers to switch to a healthier beverage. a potent antioxidant.350 Research has demonstrated that gamma- . and heart attack. Green Tea Green tea contains flavonoids. and lowers blood pressure. soy contains L-Arginine. these foods confer the benefits without the downside. natto. Because the fermenting process reduces phytates and trypsin inhibitors. Lycopene may reduce the risk of myocardial infarction heart attack and intima wall thickness. The cholesterol-lowering effects of green tea have been confirmed in animal and human epidemiological studies. Green tea effects thermogenesis.348 Lycopene is a potent antioxidant that prevents free radical damage to cells and DNA.349 which inhibits free radical damage. It is rich in a carotenoid called lycopene. which contributes to a healthy heart. So cook your tomatoes. Tomatoes and Watermelon The beauty of a tomato is more than skin deep. What is important is that the soy be organic and nonGMO soy.

and zinc. remember moderation. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION glutamylmethylamide(GMA). betacarotene. Avocados also contain beta-sitosterol. theanine in green tea inhibits the stimulatory action of caffeine. However. C. just like olive oil. reduces blood pressure significantly. Healthy Fat Do not go on a fat free diet – healthy fats are essential for your well being. Green tea contains caffeine. kasmard. It comes in boxes of 24 tea bags or in a canister ground for automatic drip coffee makers. so you may want to drink a cup of green tea and see how you feel. These nutrients promote cardiovascular health. They are loaded with nutrients like vitamins E. which reduces the amount of cholesterol absorbed from foods. which can cause health problems for some people.270 DIET. It tastes similar to coffee. or upsets your stomach. licorice. Anti-Oxidant Beverage A delicious caffeine-free anti-oxidant beverage is Raja’s Cup. copper. a component of green tea extract. It lowers LDL and preserves HDL. B6. This 100% caffeine-free product is all natural and contains only four ingredients: clearing nut. which is imported by MAPI (Maharishi Ayur-Ved Products International). riboflavin. If you like fat.351 Before chugging gallons of green tea. niacin. and winter cherry. Avocados are a great source of fat for vegetarians. the perfect food for you is avocados! Research has shown that this delicious fruit has the “good” fat seal of approval. avoid these products. If you find that consuming beverages and foods that contain caffeine makes you sleepless. irritable. magnesium. potassium. . Raja’s Cup has been proven to fight free radicals and claims to be hundreds of times more powerful than vitamins C or E. and are concerned about your cardiovascular system. and goes nicely with organic milk and a little organic dried cane sugar or white stevia. You can also check with your health food store for decaffeinated organic green tea. It is available by calling 1-800-2558332. It contains monounsaturated fat.

These oils are abundant in processed foods and baked goods. or bake them into casseroles and sweetbreads. Walnuts and almonds convey exceptional health benefits and according to the Physicians’ Health Study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine nut consumption decreased the risk of sudden cardiac death. which go rancid easily. and can be mashed in with sweet potatoes. when eaten in abundance. soups. Walnuts were discussed in The New England Journal of Medicine back in 1993. and studies suggest that it is the fiber and fatty acids in almonds that create this effect. which enhances cardiovascular health and reduce risk factors such as insulin resistance. according to Raymond Peat. Walnuts also contain arginine.352 Healthy fat that contains DHA helps you lose weight and lift depression. antitoxin. could help reduce the risk of heart disease such as preventing abnormal heart rhythms. and almond butter is a terrific substitute for peanut butter. The journal stated that eating walnuts. Ground almonds can be baked into cookies. anticancer. Coconut oil. which causes free radical damage. Slivered almonds are great sprinkled on casseroles. soy. Don’t be fooled by cold pressed. anti-spasm. etc. not all vegetable oils are healthy. which helps lower blood pressure by increasing endothelial nitric oxide production.D. enough heat is generated during the processing to oxidize the fat in these oils. anti-seizure. or squash – this is a lot healthier than commercial baby food. Stay away from polyunsaturated vegetable oils like canola. Progesterone and its precursor. safflower. high in omega-6. inhibit omega-3 absorption. . an omega 3 fatty acid that lowers blood pressure. Ph. which contain linolenic acid. These oils. pro-memory. and low-fat desserts. and corn. proattention. have a generalized protective function: antioxidant. anti-clot. but can also reduce your risk of heart disease. Eating almonds can not only lower your cholesterol levels. You can eat them whole as a snack. has been gaining a good reputation for lowering cholesterol by promoting its conversion into pregnenolone. pro-myelination.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 271 Avocado is also recommended as a good food for babies. Don’t be fooled. Brazil nuts and chia seeds also supply DHA. a saturated fat. pregnenolone. They lower LDL. however.

354 Garlic oil is good for the heart and helps circulation problems. which would otherwise lead to atherosclerosis. The garlic can be sautéed. the brand Kyolic offers odorless tablets. For instance. which produce a relaxing factor known as nitric oxide (discussed in Chapter Ten).D. they produce less nitric oxide. The Life Extension Foundation recommends 900 to 8000 mg of garlic supplement daily. Garlic can compensate for this condition. It aids in the prevention of heart attacks because it thins the blood by inhibiting platelet aggregation. Nitric oxide increases vessel diameter.272 DIET. Women showed more favorable effects than men did in terms of CHD risk factors. Garlic lowers blood pressure through the actions of methyl allyl trissulfide. Babylonians. the smell of garlic is just too malodorous.353 One study demonstrated that garlic benefits could be gender specific. 7:139-49 demonstrated that Kyolic liquid garlic extract reduced cholesterol levels in the majority of test subjects between 12% and 31% in six months. Garlic reduces the risk of blood clots because it contains ajoene. according to James Balch. Greeks. This condition can lead to blood vessel spasms and higher blood pressure. For many people. You can simplify preparation by putting peeled garlic cloves in a bottle of olive oil – they will keep in the refrigerator for up to a month. You can use the oil for salad dressing. There are odorless garlic capsules available at most supplement outlets. When these cells are damaged. capsules. and oil extract. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition Research 1987. Romans. M. References to garlic can be found in the literature of the ancient Hebrews. The benefits of garlic have been known for thousands of years. . including myself. This chemical dilates vessel walls. It also protects LDL from oxidation. steamed or used in a variety of recipes. Your arteries are lined with endothelial cells. and Egyptians. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION Garlic Can Lick High Blood Pressure No anti-hypertensive diet would be complete without the healing properties of garlic. It also lowers serum cholesterol levels and aids in digestion. Garlic reduces the buildup of fatty plaque in arteries.

drained solids Broccoli. drained solids Mozzarella cheese American cheese Milk.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 273 Foods Rich in Vital Minerals and Vitamins A study published in Nutrition Review 1999. 2 oz.” identified these food factors as significant modulators of stroke in men. This protective quality is due to direct or indirect effects of these factors on blood pressure and regulatory functions such as endothelial function (the dilating of blood vessels). 3 oz. sockeye. Calcium According to Prevention magazine. The effect was especially pronounced in hypertensive patients.57(3):84-8 by Suter titled “The Effects of Potassium. Atlantic. 2 oz. 1 cup 2 oz. 2 oz. skim milk Provolone cheese Monterey Jack cheese Cheddar cheese Muenster cheese Colby cheese Brick cheese Sardines. cooked Portion 2 oz. and Fiber on Risk of Stroke. skim Buttermilk Limburger cheese Salmon. Magnesium. 3 oz. 2 oz. Calcium. 1 medium stalk 1/2 cup mg 544 452 428 424 408 406 388 382 371 366 348 302 285 282 274 158 147 . 1 cup 1 cup 2 oz. cooked Dandelion greens. 2 oz. as adapted from the Nutritive Value of American Foods in Common Units are: Food Swiss cheese Yogurt. the best food sources of calcium. 2 oz. 2 oz.

demonstrated this by taking angina patients off milk. 1/2 cup 144 137 132 110 109 103 For some people.355 Xanthine oxidase concentrations in arteries are highest at sites of plaque. It contains xanthine oxidase (XO). 1/2 cup of Chinese cabbage has 239 mg of calcium. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION Pizza. Homogenized milk itself poses serious health concerns. In the plant kingdom. drinking regular milk results in the passage of much of the fat without absorbing the xanthine oxidase that it contains. Kurt Oster. such as Mozzarella or Farmer Cheese. causes heart disease by damaging arteries. which creates problems only when milk is homogenized. calcium and potassium. cooked Tofu Kale.274 DIET. which do not separate out of the milk and get absorbed into the bloodstream. 70. Homogenization causes fat droplets to break into much more minute droplets. Xanthine oxidase induces plasminogen (protects blood vessels) deficiency. 1999. So cook with rosemary. Connecticut from 1971 to 1974. it may be better to get calcium from plant sources. vol. We discussed the benefits of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and organic dairy products contain this valuable fat to help you lose weight. between 240mg and 333mg per 8-oz glass.356 This enzyme. however are so high in sugar that you may want to just consume small amounts. as these are easier to digest and assimilate than milk protein sources. 1/2 cup 1/2 cup 3 oz. Research by Dr. He then gave them folic acid and vitamin C. a great combination for lowering hypertension. cooked 1/8 of a 14 inch pie 1 tbsp. These two vital minerals. Rosemary leaves are very high in calcium and magnesium. are contained in one delicious juice. Fruit juices. Try to eat cheese that is not aged too much. cheese Blackstrap molasses Soy flour Collards. which leads to endothelial disruption and consequent formation of arterial plaque and CVD. Buy organic raw milk cheese. Xanthine oxidase is primarily in fat droplets. and 1/2 cup of mustard greens has 212 mg according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Chief of Cardiology at Park City Hospital in Bridgeport. the . Our digestion of milk fat droplets is not very efficient. Some orange juice is fortified with calcium.

Peptides derived from the major whey proteins do not have the inhibitory potency of synthetic drugs commonly used in the treatment of hypertension. as adapted from the Nutritive Value of American Foods in Common Units are: Food Soy flour Soybeans. Milk contains two primary proteins: casein and whey protein. these naturally occurring peptides may represent nutraceutical/functional food ingredients for the prevention/treatment of high blood pressure. Milk that is organic. The results were dramatic. and unpasteurized is the best choice. Chest pains decreased.359 Magnesium The best food sources of magnesium. symptoms lessened.357 Angiotensin-Iconverting enzyme (ACE) has been classically associated with the reninangiotensin system. Make sure you get between 1000 mg and 1500 mg daily of calcium from food. dried Buckwheat flour. and add cardamom. Whey protein isolate is the purest form of whey protein and contains between 90 to 95% protein. light Black-eyed peas. and each of the patients is healthy today. A 1992 report in The New England Journal of Medicine also notes that cow’s milk can contribute to juvenile diabetes and autoimmune diseases by impairing the ability of the pancreas to produce insulin.358 Whey proteins are high quality and nutritious dairy proteins. dried. Research has demonstrated that whey protein increases HDL.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 275 benefits of which we have discussed. non-homogenized. cooked Almonds. decreases triglycerides and lowers high blood pressure. cinnamon. which regulates peripheral blood pressure. Hydrolyzed whey protein is more easily digested and has a reduced potential for allergic reactions versus non-hydrolyzed whey protein. ginger. whole Portion 1/2 cup 1/4 cup 1/2 cup 1/4 cup 1/4 cup mg 155 138 112 98 96 . In ayurvedic medicine milk is considered very beneficial. or turmeric to enhance digestion. warm the milk.

halved Whole wheat flour Shredded wheat Peanuts. chopped Banana Beet greens. winter Portion medium 1/2 medium 1/2 cup 3 oz. raw. lentils. cooked Lima beans. chopped Avocado Peanut butter Peanut flour Blackstrap molasses Potato Oatmeal 3 oz. as adapted from the Nutritive Value of American Foods in Common Units are: Food Potato Avocado Raisins Sardines. dried. raw Brazil nuts Pecans. the best food sources of potassium. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION Tofu Cashews Kidney beans. dried.276 DIET. drained solids Flounder Orange juice Squash. 1 cup 1/2 cup mg 782 602 545 501 498 496 473 . roasted. Atlantic. black. chopped Walnuts. 3 oz. 1/4 cup 1 tbsp. and some beans. 1 medium 1 cup 95 94 82 81 79 77 68 67 63 60 58 58 56 56 54 52 51 50 In general. Potassium According to Prevention magazine. Legumes are mature seedpods such as peas. eat plenty of leafy green vegetables and legumes. 1/4 cup 1/4 cup 1/4 cup 1/4 cup 1/4 cup 1/2 cup 1 cup 1/4 cup 1/4 cup 1 medium 1 cup 1/2 medium 2 tbsp.

. 3 oz. 6 grams of fiber to help control cholesterol. Vitamin E The Best Food Sources of Vitamin E.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 277 Banana Apricots. fresh Peach Round steak. 451 448 444 406 345 342 323 313 308 298 297 283 274 259 247 225 201 Just 20 cherries are loaded with 524 mg of potassium. 3 oz. 3 oz. honeydew melon.2 . white meat 1 medium 1/4 cup 1 medium 1 cup 3 oz. and 25 mg of anthocyanidins to protect artery walls against plaque buildup and heart disease. white meat Turkey. trimmed of fat Turkey. dark meat Tuna. trimmed of fat Leg of lamb. 3 oz. But anthocyanidins are even more powerful. and papaya (usually genetically engineered) are also very high in potassium. eating 20 cherries a day can cut your risk of heart attack by 30%. According to Muraleedharan Nair Ph. trimmed of fat Haddock Pork. Watermelon is also high in potassium and it’s a great diuretic. drained solids Chicken. 3 oz. as adapted from the Nutritive Value of American Foods in Common Units are: Food Wheat germ oil Portion 1 tbsp. elderberries. Cantaloupe.U. a food science and nutrition researcher. 37. Anthocyanidins protect you from cardiovascular disease in a way similar to the actions of vitamins C and E. 3 oz. 1 medium 3 oz. raw Milk-skim Cod Sweet potato Beef liver Apricots. I. 3 oz. dried Tomato.D. 3 medium 1 medium 3 oz.

cold-pressed oils from Omega Nutrition or Flora.5 12.278 DIET. Peanuts 1/4 cup Corn oil* (produces free radicals – best not to use) 1 tbsp.7 12. halves 1/4 cup Hazelnuts 1/4 cup Safflower oil* (produces free radicals – best not to use) 1 tbsp. Peanut butter** 1 tbsp.0 7. Eat nuts such as walnuts and pecans and also sesame seeds high in gamma tocopherol.9 4.8 12.9 4. Salmon steak 3 oz. palm fruit. I left out a few items from the above list because they contain hydrogenated oils or are entirely genetically engineered. Otherwise these products contribute to free radical damage and increase cholesterol in your blood vessels. and wheat germ. Sesame seeds also elevate levels of tocotrienols. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION Sunflower seeds 1/4 cup Wheat germ.8 12. fresh squeezed Green peppers.7 12. Vitamin C The following list is composed by Prevention magazine as adapted from the Nutritive Value of American Foods in Common Units are: Food Orange juice. * ** 26. Tocotrienols are found primarily in the oil fraction of rice bran. raw. Almonds 1/4 cup Pecans. raw 1/2 cup Sunflower seed oil* 1 tbsp. barley. chopped Portion 1 cup 1/2 cup mg 124 96 .8 3. Lobster 3 oz.3 2. non-hydrogenated peanut butter. Inc.9 3.0 Please buy organic. Cod-liver oil* 1 tbsp.8 2. Please buy organic.

000 Japanese people over the age of 40.360 Whole foods are important beyond their vitamin value. We can also get this vital nutrient from food sources. raw Cabbage. chopped Blueberries Cherries.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 279 Grapefruit juice. Vital co-factors can be lost through processing. chopped Strawberries Grapefruit Tomato juice Potato Tomato. People who ate the largest amounts of fruits and vegetables had the highest blood levels of vitamin C. Food Sources of CoQ10 We discussed the enormous cardiovascular benefits of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) in detail in Chapter Ten. chopped Blackberries Spinach. . raw. sweet Mung beans sprouts 1 cup 1/2 medium 4 sprouts 1/2 cup 1 medium 1/4 medium 1/2 cup 1/2 cup 1/2 cup 1/2 medium 1 cup 1 medium 1 medium 1/2 cup 1/2 cup 1/2 cup 1/2 cup 1/2 cup 1/4 cup 94 94 73 70 70 56 50 45 42 41 39 31 28 21 15 14 9 5 5 A 20 year study published in the October 2000 journal Stroke demonstrated that vitamin C is vital for cardiovascular health. fresh squeezed Papaya (usually genetically engineered) Brussels sprouts Broccoli. mackerel and sardines are very high in CoQ10. fresh fruits and vegetables have phyto-nutrients that enhance health – these phyto-nutrients are called co-factors. raw. chopped Orange Cantaloupe Turnip greens. raw. cooked Cauliflower. which was inversely related to the subsequent incidence of stroke. This study was conducted on 21. For instance. raw. Fish. Co-factors in whole foods prevent disease and promote wellness.

It is then combined with guar gum. Fiber intake is a more important factor than fat intake. dark green vegetables. Fiber helps you to lose weight. another fiber. consisting of a unique form of pectin. Organic food is best because it will not be irradiated or genetically engineered. nuts. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Supplements are usually needed for a therapeutic effect. and juice sacs of the fruit. For cooking and salads. reduces levels of serum atherogenic lipids. The results indicated that there is a 60% greater risk of developing high blood pressure for people who eat less than 12 grams of fiber per day compared with those who eat 12 grams or more of fiber daily. You can obtain all of the substances mentioned in this book through food sources or supplements. as well as diabetes and obesity. broccoli. decreases blood pressure in those with hypertension. spinach. Fiber – A Key to Lowering Cholesterol and Controlling Diabetes Eating whole foods with fiber can decrease the incidence of diseases of the colon and cardiovascular system. which is water-soluble and obtained from the rinds.000 men was designed to determine how dietary fiber affects blood pressure levels. since the existing deficiency needs to be overcome. and made . supports findings that 40 g fiber/day. Research demonstrates that the amount of fiber you eat affects blood pressure.361 A overview of the literature. February 1996. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION CoQ10 is also contained in bran. A study involving 30. and reduces body weight in the obese. which lowers blood pressure. in some cases reducing it by 100 points in thirty days! There is a special grapefruit fiber mixture. published in Diabetes Care 1991. sesame oil can be used as a source of CoQ10.363 Grapefruit fiber has shown to be a super cure for cholesterol. improves glycemic control.280 DIET.362 Fiber can be a delicious addition to your diet. and soybeans. membranes. The more fiber subjects consumed the lower their risk of heart attack. demonstrates that fiber plays an important role in the prevention of coronary artery disease.

Grapefruit fiber protects your arteries in two ways. It causes glucose to be released more slowly from the small intestines into your blood stream. plus or minus 11. An increase of fiber was very useful in lowering plasma glucose in a majority of diabetic patients in a random order diet study.lef.4 milligrams per 100 milliliters of blood. 10% to 15% fat calories. Mean plasma glucose level for the high fiber intake group was 120. It can prevent a clog from ever occurring.364 This suggests that increasing dietary fiber can decrease your need of insulin units. caloric intake of protein between 10% to 15%. Anderson. All other aspects of diet were kept constant. Scientists believe this fiber creates an ultra-thin layer of water in the intestinal tract that hinders the absorption of cholesterol. This powder can be sprinkled on foods or mixed in drinks. and unclog existing plaque.1. KY conducted this study. Eight insulin-dependent diabetes patients consuming either 20 grams or 3 grams of fiber per day were studied for 10 days. For more information on diet and insulin sensitivity please see the book Reversing Diabetes by Dr. After only two weeks.D. web site also suggests the following specific dietary considerations for diabetics: . and 14.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 281 into a yellow tasteless powder. These patients were on a diet of 75% carbohydrate calories. Eight of thirteen patients in a study of diabetic men were insulin dependent. For more information see Chapter Ten.8 plus or minus 10.2 grams of crude fiber. and dietary fiber between 30 and 40 grams daily. and reducing “up and down” blood sugar levels.7. The Life Extension Foundation (www. Mean plasma glucose level for the low fiber diet was 169. James W. recommends a diet that contains 70% to 80% complex carbohydrates. In addition. Fiber holds nutrients in the intestinal tract. The results of specific dietary changes were incredible. four of the eight patients requiring insulin injections and all five on oral medication were insulin-free. grapefruit fiber produces chemicals that suppress the liver’s production of artery-clogging cholesterol. and the other five used oral drugs. 9% fat calories. Whitaker. Fiber is essential for diabetic patients to control glucose. including insulin dosage.365 Julian Whitaker M. thus slowing the absorption rate.D. and his colleagues at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Lexington.

and removes wastes quickly from the intestine. The Glycemic Research Institute (202) 434-8270) publishes lists of many foods. This feature helps rid the body of yeast infections. unless it is consumed raw. Brussels sprouts. Insoluble Fiber There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. the stronger the immune system. Eat small to moderate amounts of protein. We will discuss this index later in the chapter. By helping to prevent constipation. so eat a low fat (remember to include healthy fats) high-fiber diet with lots of leafy greens. brown rice. Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water.282 DIET. Learn about the effects of alcohol on causing high and low blood sugar levels. and tobacco also causes severe vessel damage as well. flax seeds. as well as beans and grains. providing a feeling of fullness. pasta. It lists the relative speed that various foods are digested and increase or help stabilize blood sugar levels. these foods can relieve straining and venous problems in the legs as well as hemorrhoids. cauliflower. Diabetics usually have high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Fiber is found in plant foods such as fruits and vegetables. . corn. Eat smaller meals. broccoli. to keep blood sugar levels stable. lentils. Here are some food sources of insoluble fiber: bananas. and helps you lose weight. This helps prevent colon cancer. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION * * * * * * * Eat a cardiac patient’s diet. Insoluble fiber decreases the time it takes for food to pass through your digestive tract. Diabetes causes cardiovascular disease (this information is needed to counter the effects of diabetes to protect your cardiovascular system). and it may aid in preventing many cancers – the fewer toxins in the body. Learn about the Glycemic Index. You may need to eat more frequently to get an appropriate amount of calories. High protein is difficult for the kidneys to process. but not in animal products. since this system is degraded by diabetes.

368 Raw in granola or cooked. Evidence suggests that oats may also help lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients. Muscle sensitivity to insulin is increased so less insulin is needed to get the job done. Soluble fiber attaches to and removes excess bile acids. Oat bran seems to be one of the most beneficial sources because it has a high concentration of beta-glucan. This breaks the cycle of raising blood levels of triglycerides and cholesterol. especially LDL cholesterol. spinach. oats consumed daily can help lower cholesterol. This clears the digestive tract of excess bile acids. After eating soluble fiber.366 Therefore. and whole-wheat crackers. Eating more soluble fiber reduces the impact of cholesterol on your arteries. Soluble fiber prevents cardiovascular disease by lowering the level of fat and cholesterol in the blood. which allow absorption of cholesterol and other lipids into the bloodstream.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 283 potatoes. The removal of these acids helps slow the development of micelles.367 One study showed that a diet high in soluble fiber reduces cholesterol by 24%. This reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure. making it easier to lose weight. which are produced by the liver to aid in the digestive process. A 10% drop in cholesterol can significantly reduce your chances of a heart attack. Eating soluble fiber decreases the liver’s production of fat and slows the rate of fat absorption. serum glucose levels are reduced. Flaxseeds are one of the best sources of fiber – they have 15 grams of fiber in just 3 tablespoons. the fewer micelles. a spongy. heart disease and stroke. corn bran. Soluble Fiber Soluble fiber dissolves in water. which is more than anything else has. soluble fiber that mops up the cholesterol precursors in the intestines and escorts them out of your body. They contain beta-glucan. wholewheat bread. Soluble fiber contributes to cardiovascular health by lowering the total amount of cholesterol circulating in your bloodstream. wheat germ. the less cholesterol and digested sugar gets into the bloodstream. A constant reminder throughout this book for you is to buy organic . and purifies blood toxins. which in turn decreases serum insulin levels. wheat bran cereal. atherosclerosis.

celery. Beans and Weight Control Dried and uncooked beans such as pinto. By binding to receptor sites. carrots. flax seeds (discussed in detail later in this chapter). vegetables. nectarines. Psyllium comes from the husk of the psyllium seed. Processed high-fiber foods are sales gimmicks more than health products. peaches. you are less inclined to eat.3 grams of soluble fiber per 100 grams. barley. beans. Many of these foods may contain hydrogenated oils that are trans-fatty acids. and whole foods. lima beans. tangerines. sweet potatoes. chickpeas. kidney beans. soybeans (in small amounts. Not only do you feel better. wheat germ. and zucchini. a food grown primarily in India. . kidney. lower insulin levels. and refined sugar. All this new research on the relationship between food and health would not be needed if we just ate ample portions of organic fruits. oranges. As you cook beans. whole-wheat products. oatmeal.284 DIET. if at all) and butter beans all have over 6. Some sources of soluble fiber are: apples. The FDA has approved claims that foods containing soluble fiber reduce the risk of heart disease. synthetic oils inhibit your body from getting what it really needs. peas. berries. I also advise you to not eat synthetic foods and oils that are “fat free” and hailed as substitutes for fat. much of the fiber is lost. which increases triglycerides and cholesterol. lower LDL cholesterol. As dopamine increases. which elevates your mood even more by increasing the conversion of tyrosine to dopamine. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION whole foods. Fiber. oat bran. In general beans are a good source of protein. so cook them just enough for proper digestion. navy beans. with amino acids like tyrosine that energize and lift your mood. rice bran. pinto beans. okra. grapefruit. peas. and lots of vegetables. Beans cut your hunger. split peas. This can directly motivate you to exercise. appetite decreases. cabbage. They bind to the receptor sites that are needed to absorb healthy oils like vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids. Approval means that the FDA acknowledges a nutrient-disease relationship. turnips. In general eat some fruit. apricots. and psyllium and oat bran to get your fiber. lower blood sugar levels.

Beans fill you up with few calories. A healthy diet leads to cardiovascular health. Raw juices provide enzymes. Be sure to add some healthy fats to your diet. Tropicana. In Dr. The life force of vegetables is in the enzymes. Enzymes allow digestion and absorption to work at peak performance levels. weight loss may motivate you to exercise and further tip the table in favor of a healthy cardiovascular system. Since high protein diets cause your body to use calcium to counter acidity. which benefits diabetic patients. Beans have both protein and calcium. Maintaining a healthy weight has many benefits. Enzymes are vital for life – they help digest proteins.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 285 and increase HDL. This is just one example of lifestyle changes that promote health in multiple directions. including increasing HDL. there are some good bean recipes. and other orange juices are now fortified . and maintaining a healthy weight can greatly decrease their potential liability. Arnot’s book. The study suggested that fat mass-associated hyper-insulinism may contribute to faulty metabolism of homocysteine in childhood obesity. lowering LDL and triglycerides. which we have discussed.369 High homocysteine and high insulin levels are major risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Pavich. Enzymes are necessary for life itself. and makes insulin work more efficiently.370 A study showed that even store-bought orange juice reduced LDL by 43%. beans counter the problem of high protein diets. Raw Vegetable Juices The immense health value of juices is becoming more evident. They have been described as the intangible magnetic Cosmic Energy of Life Principle (not substance) which is intimately involved in the action and activity of every atom in the human body. If you are overweight. You can also look for bean cookbooks in your local bookstore or library. They can be used in appetizers as well as main dishes. A study of obese children and adolescents demonstrates that insulin is a main correlate of homocysteine in this group. including weight loss (if needed). The research was published in Diabetes Care in September 2000.

Juicers range in price from $75 to $250. the Internet. The Champion has a great reputation for mashing the vegetables and fruit – this process is helpful to protect precious enzymes. and that either type is good. Be sure to juice only organic fruits and vegetables. . It may also cause your blood pressure to become too low. Better yet. health food stores.286 DIET. Make sure you drink your juice immediately after you make it. Do not peel carrots before juicing. scrub them with a vegetable brush. Some readers may not want to juice fruits and vegetables. but it does much more than make juice. If they are dirty. and keep it out of the light. it may be advisable not to drink grapefruit or orange juice without consulting your doctor if you are using medication for hypertension or cholesterol. Holistic cancer clinics use juicers costing over $2000. Home juicers can be bought through catalogs. while it is fresh and full of enzymes. Some juicers have an automatic pulp ejection system that cuts down on cleaning time. ask your doctor to wean you off the medication. Most juicers use a centrifugal force system that extracts the juice. I suggest you consult with your health food store. before you make a decision. Some home juicers cost as much as $400. they are still beneficial. Grapefruit juice may reduce the dosage needed for antihypertensive medication. The juices in this section have much greater value for health and more vitamins and minerals than we will mention. we will focus on hypertension. Basically. and while they will not be as fresh. and even at tag sales. Some authorities say there is no difference. If you want to save it for later. any vegetable or fruit can be juiced. Many ready-made organic juices are available in health food stores. but for our purposes. I have an Omega juicer that costs between $225-$250. The basic Champion juicer is about $200. Vita Mix is an expensive juicer. Grapefruit juice also reduced LDL. by 32% in one study. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION with extra vitamin C and calcium – both nutrients are needed for cardiovascular health. and read up on juicers (see Consumer Reports magazine). Some grocery stores and beverage outlets offer freshly made juice. put it in the refrigerator in a covered glass jar or jug. There are pros and cons to different types of juicers. as peeling removes the best nutrients.

walnuts. and excessive blood thickening. If syndrome X is involved. The beta-carotene lowers the inflammatory marker fibrinogen. or flaxseeds and mix them into the juices. this juice can be of great value. Celery juice is critical if you have eaten concentrated sugars. and calcium. Or you can grind up sesame seeds. By the way do not insert these nuts and seeds into the juicer unless the instruction booklet indicates that you can. The seeds and nuts provide protein and non oxidized fats to stabilize blood sugar. potassium. all of which have a beneficial effect on hypertension. starches. as it maintains calcium. Carrot and celery juice is a great combination. and magnesium. If you need to watch your blood sugar levels. it lowers cholesterol. High levels of fibrinogen increase your risk of a heart attack via several mechanisms. and helps to unclog blocked arteries. and can contain a lot of fructose. Cut up carrots. and you can mix other juices with them as desired. and also contains sodium. use an electric or manual spice mill. and keep some fresh fruit on hand to satisfy snacking urges. and broccoli tops. It also has high amounts of organic sodium and magnesium – remember that sodium is vital to correct hypertension. If you cannot. a potent blood pressure lowering compound which relaxes arterial muscles. perhaps you can use some of these foods as snacks. potassium.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 287 If you do not like drinking juices. Cucumber Juice: This is an excellent diuretic. magnesium. and potassium levels. drink sweet juices during meals. This juice also has an abundance of vitamins and minerals that help to create chemical balance in your body. The high potassium and calcium . hyper-coagulation. Juices are a concentrated form of fruits and vegetables. Most fruits are naturally sweet – some vegetables like carrots and beets are very sweet. sunflower seeds. Celery juice contains high amounts of 3-n-butyl-phthalide. calcium. usually in most juice combinations. Celery Juice: Juice the leaves and stems. especially with high glycemic juices like carrot and beet. and any kind of refined carbohydrates. you will find that you actually desire the healthier foods. Carrot Juice: This is the powerhouse of all juices.371 This juice is rich in vital organic alkaline elements such as sodium. As you continue to eat healthier foods and lose cravings for junk food. almonds. such as platelet aggregation. celery.

go for it. Collard greens are high in magnesium. sugar imbalances. yet it has great medicinal properties. Dandelion Juice: This plant is a prolific weed. 1000 mcg of B12 supplementation is needed). Dark leafy greens also contain vitamin K. Grape Juice: You can get the benefits of proanthocyanidins by juicing grapes. atherosclerosis. Onion and Garlic Juice: We know that eating these vegetables is good for blood pressure and cholesterol balance. and cholesterol. make it an excellent choice for helping to correct hypertension from water retention. Dandelion also has diuretic properties. and seed. collard greens. Dandelion not only conserves these vital minerals. Dandelion leaves and roots are used in salads and to make raw juices. as discussed in chapter 10 this nutrient is needed to direct calcium away from your arteries. Dandelion counteracts hyperacidity. although the bitter taste itself is good for hypertension if caused by excessive anger. Proanthocyanidins are a group of bioflavonoids beneficial for high blood pressure. lettuce juice has the ability to build cells for muscles and the nervous system. If your blood is too acidic then calcium. Leafy greens such as kale. so if you can handle a little in juice. which protects the eyes. Kale is very high in lutein. and normalizes the alkalinity of the system. using the skin. People with hypertension get a double benefit from dandelion. Lettuce Juice (not iceberg): High in magnesium. as well as diuretic properties. add enough carrots to take away some of the bitterness. and stroke recovery. leafy greens are good for hypertension. Leafy Greens: As mentioned earlier. pulp. but it also contains an abundance of them. When juicing leafy greens. high cholesterol. magnesium and potassium are utilized to buffer the acidity. . and turnip greens are a good source of calcium as well. You can sometimes find organic dandelion in the health food store. make sure it is not treated with chemicals. Grape seed extracts have an abundance of proanthocynidins. Lettuce also contains potassium and some calcium – this triple combination of minerals is excellent to lower blood pressure. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION content. Mix it with carrot and other juices. If you pick it from your garden or lawn. Foods with a bitter taste are valuable in reducing sugar cravings.288 DIET. They are typically high in B vitamins (except for B12 – for a vegetarian.

How about making a juice out of them to accomplish this valuable function? Use parsley juice in small quantities – under two ounces – mixed with other juices. Cantaloupe. parsley. and makes it a filling meal. Yellow Fruit Juice: I decided to do some internal cleansing during the spring of 1973 and lived on fruit and fruit juices for four months. Green pepper is delicious when mixed with carrot juice and other juices. bananas. Davis. Celery. raspberries. and other yellow fruits. Turnip juice helps lower hypertension. I had juiced a lot of cantaloupe. University of California-Davis. and Leeks: These three vegetables are used in a broth to flush sodium from the body and increase potassium. California demonstrated statistically higher levels of TPs (total phenolic content) were . Otherwise. Brightly-Colored Fruits and Vegetables Lower Inflammation Brightly-colored fruits and vegetables are important for good health. These juices may be mixed in a blender (that’s all I used at that time). straight parsley juice may be too strong. which balances blood sugar. After consulting a few books. At the end of this time I was amazed at how great I felt. and a great alkalizer. so I wanted to see what was in these foods that made me feel so good. apricots. broccoli. it was obvious – these fruits are loaded with natural potassium. and green pepper are high in vitamin C. Spinach and carrots can be added to this combination. Be sure to eat or drink organic blueberries. Vitamin C Juice: Kale. as they are loaded with more phyto-nutrients such as carotenoids. grapes. as it makes the juice creamy and satisfying. Add some yogurt for protein. contains calcium and other minerals. strawberries. and carrots are high sources of potassium and other valuable minerals. Turnip Juice: This has a greater percentage of calcium than any other juice. banana. blackberries. It is also very high in potassium. and they are also high in potassium. anthocyanins and other antioxidants than conventionally grown foods.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 289 Parsley. Research conducted at the Department of Food Science and Technology. and cherries. Start by putting apple or grape juice in the blender and then add fruit.

which also . fibrinogen. The typical symptoms are redness. damage the walls of arteries and lead to plaque formation. C-reactive protein (CRP) indicates an increased risk for destabilized atherosclerotic plaque and abnormal arterial clotting. Destabilized arterial plaque can burst open and block the flow of blood through a coronary artery.290 DIET. These are all markers of inflammation.375 and white blood cell count. hyper-coagulation and excessive blood thickening. an inflammation-heart disease association. The study acknowledged that a carotenoidheart disease association might be. A multitude of studies demonstrates the relationship between inflammation and bacteria in the mouth and cardiovascular disease. CRP contributes to an increased risk for destabilized atherosclerotic plaque and abnormal arterial clotting. Bacteria that cause gum disease enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation. this is vital because cardiovascular disease is mostly an inflammatory condition.374 A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in December 2000 shows a relationship between low serum carotenoids and C-reactive protein. C-reactive protein is an essential component of the inflammatory process.376 CRP can also promote type II diabetes. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION consistently found in organically and sustainably grown foods as compared to those produced by conventional agricultural practices.373 A study conducted at the First Department of Medicine. another inflammatory marker. Research demonstrates that atherosclerotic plaque stripped from carotid arteries contain bacteria some of which are found in the mouth. resulting in an acute heart attack. Finland concluded that the results give further support to the hypothesis that dental infections are a risk factor for coronary events. can induce a heart attack through increased platelet aggregation. An important note is that inflammation in your mouth such as gum disease has systemic repercussions in the rest of your body.372 These foods contain polyphenols that promote nitric oxide and reduce inflammation. Inflammation is an immune response that occurs when you have an infection or injury. the measurement of this protein reflects the level of inflammatory activity within your body. in part. High fibrinogen levels. heat and swelling. Helsinki University Central Hospital.

REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 291 degrades the cardiovascular system. Harvard Medical School. platelet aggregation. Here are some of the many benefits of polyphenols found in the foods we discussed above: * * * * reduces thickness of the inner arterial lining. and free radicals reduces glycated end products381 CRP levels in the body are strongly influenced by diet. smoking.379 CNN reported on this study concerning the “inflammation hypothesis” stating that. many believe the evidence is overwhelming that inflammation is a central factor in cardiovascular disease.380 Over weight patients have higher levels of IL-6. the intima layer reduces atherosclerosis lowers the duration of arrhythmias and ventricular fibrillation reduces LDL susceptibility to oxidation and improves flow mediated vasodilation (one glass of red wine was more effective than the grape juice used to achieve this result) relaxes rat aortas boosts activity of vitamin C which then increases the levels of vitamin E promotes nitric oxide which widens blood vessels to lower blood pressure protects against too much nitric oxide which gives rise to the free radical peroxynitrite reduces inflammation. which are supposed to promote atherosclerosis and ultimately provoke cardiovascular diseases. and Vascular Biology October 2002. concluded that plasma levels of IL6 and CRP are independently related to several clinical cardiovascular risk factors in women. high blood pressure and dyslipidemia. such as age. Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Boston. MA and published in the journal of Arteriosclerosis. Simin Liu. which increases CRP. * * * * * * . such as coronary artery disease.377 Research published in March 2003 journal of Atherosclerosis suggests that CRP is involved in the interrelation of cardiovascular risk factors. obesity. Thrombosis.378 A study conducted at the Center for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention.

and white rice. High blood pressure patients are told not to eat salt. muffins. Dr. as Loeb remarks. pure sodium chloride. what is sold in supermarkets as salt is actually a very unhealthy product the FDA allows to be sold as salt. This sea salt contains seventy-plus micronutrients from the ocean in the perfect proportions of seawater for proper health. of the Harvard Medical School found that women who ate large amounts of high-glycemic (or diabetes promoting) carbohydrates had very high CRP levels.. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION M.. describes an experiment that Dr. Even if you have high blood pressure the good news is you may be able to eat it! Salt has a bad reputation. however. Your doctor may have told you not to eat salt. Jacques de Longre. but French unrefined light grey sea salt is very healthy for the body. These are two of several key inflammation-causing substances in the body.292 DIET. white bread.D. which promotes dangerous CRP levels. in solution at the concentration in which the salt exists in seawater. Ph. More about Salt It seems that everyone likes salt. Consuming large quantities of these foods lead to being overweight. and they lived indefinitely.382 These foods include potatoes. the author of Sea salt’s Hidden Powers. Ph.D. Loeb demonstrated that refined sea salt.D. we will turn to the work of Jacques Loeb M. It would. To prove this.. Loeb performed. Foods containing omega-6 fats such as margarine. is poisonous to marine organisms. How do you get the real salt that the body craves? Salt was actually one of the healthiest foods before modern technology turned it into an unhealthy product. breakfast cereals. What is the fate of our . but there is a type of salt that is good for you. be impossible to prove the toxicity of sodium chloride if the organism were not able to live in distilled water. Dr..D. Loeb put young fish in distilled water. To demonstrate how unhealthy “table salt” is. corn and safflower oils are the basic building blocks of arachidonic acid and prostaglandin E2. a biologist. Eating refined or table salt restricts the freedom of your bodily fluids to cross membranes and allow the kidneys to filter out saline fluids. Sodium chloride has this poisonous action because of the absence of the other constituents of seawater.

acid-base balance and more. Vasant Lad. all of which are needed for healthy blood pressure. please see Perfect Health. eating salt is the only way to satisfy the requirement for a salty taste. Even health food sea salt contains only a few more nutrients than commercial salt because of the . sodium chloride? Dr. but also for total balance. For more information on the taste of various foods. For most people. a perfect food to balance blood pressure. yet there are only a few containing a salty taste. Remember we mentioned seventy plus micronutrients from the ocean. was turned into a poison due to greed. your thirst for excessive salt would end. These six tastes are sweet. and you pay the cost in good health. astringent. Not eating a whole salt can have a negative effect on your health. bitter. If you ate French unrefined light grey sea salt. no matter how much you eat. sour. This relates to the six basic tastes that one must consume each day for perfect health according to ayurvedic medicine. or books by Dr. especially if they eat non-organic food. As far as health requirements are concerned. ayurvedic medicine considers salt to be very important not only for nervous disorders and digestion. hormones. Genuine salts like French unrefined light grey sea salt contain these seventy plus micronutrients in the exact proportions to balance the endocrine system. There are many foods containing these tastes. Many people consume too much salt because they need that taste to balance their physiology. Eating this salt is completely different from eating the commercial product that claims to be salt. a fantastic real salt product with all the nutrients in the same perfect proportions as the ocean. You also need the micronutrients that are present only in French unrefined light grey sea salt or genuine salt. sodiumpotassium. pungent. by Deepak Chopra. Loeb’s fish died in a solution of refined salt. All of the balancing properties of a real salt can lower blood pressure. Since table salt is not a whole food. and what is sold commercially contains only sodium chloride. What happened to the other seventy? The FDA allows the salt refineries to sell them to chemical companies. The loss of calcium promotes the loss of magnesium and potassium.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 293 internal organs when we eat commercial salt. and salty. Real salt. your salt needs cannot be fulfilled.383 Refined salt has been associated with mineral bone loss.

Magnesium is not only essential to lower blood pressure and balance blood sugar. helps to keep calcium and magnesium soluble in the blood. and parsley cause your body to excrete excess sodium from the cells. is a symptom of calcium. Please check with your health care provider to see if it is OK.384 Please be warned that even though French unrefined light grey sea salt is a natural and organic product. as we mentioned earlier. A high potassium content works inside the cells. But aren’t you restricting salt to lower blood pressure in the first place? This is a tremendous error made by the medical profession. Not consuming sodium blocks the uptake of magnesium. Going on a salt-free diet deprives your body of essential nutrients and removes one of the six basic tastes. it could still be harmful if your hypertension is too sodium sensitive. Sodium sensitivity. then by all means stop consuming it. magnesium. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION way it is processed.294 DIET. your adrenals become starved for it. heart attacks. Avoiding salt exacerbates the condition that you were told to not eat salt for in the first place. high in natural sodium. and take it under his or her supervision. Kelp from the ocean. You need to balance your system. for numerous reasons. Mineral deficiencies can lead to coronary artery spasms. Remember that soups made from leeks. and reduce high blood pressure and edema. Try this salt and monitor your blood pressure. French unrefined light grey sea salt and Celtic salt may be available from many health food stores. and potassium deficiencies. If you eat too little salt. If you are one of the extremely few who has a problem even with the grey natural salt. The seventy-two minerals in French unrefined light grey sea salt can prevent and correct the deterioration of artery walls and correct cholesterol build up. If your health food store does not carry . Sodium works very intimately with potassium. celery. and lactic acid build-up. Proper processing is the key for salt to work its magic. and this cooperative effort is aimed at regulating the body’s water balance and normalizing heart rhythms. leading to arterial damage by eating away at arterial walls. but also necessary for life. Your salt-starved adrenals send signals to the brain to boost blood pressure to extract what little salt is available in the blood. while a relatively high sodium content works just outside of them.

This process allows the natural iodine from sea breezes to permeate the salt as it dries in salt marsh beds. power and economics play a more . is available from The Grain and Salt Society. many Europeans took extra iodine to prevent the absorption of radiation. The Grain and Salt Society’s web site is www. You need iodine for general health. The natural iodine in French unrefined light grey sea salt saturates the thyroid and prevents the absorption of atomic radiation such as radioactive iodine 131. throw out your table salt. French unrefined light grey sea salt is processed in such a way as to retain all of the inherent nutrients. 273 Fairview Drive. but is also very satisfying. NC 28815-3020. Use less than you would with “table salt” because it has a much richer taste. Marine Salt Traders at (800) 903-SALT sells French unrefined light grey sea salt. In case of contact with radiation. ask them to order it. remember that iodine in table salt is not in a natural state and cannot prevent you from absorbing radiation. The toll-free number is 1-800-867-7258 (1-800-Top-Salt). Celtic salt. French unrefined light grey sea salt not only tastes delicious. Because cancer is of epidemic proportions and causes untold suffering and financial hardship you would think that the FDA would promote “real” salt and not allow commercial salt to be sold to the American people. Should this ever become an issue for you. Asheville. or order it yourself. having French unrefined light grey sea salt in your diet can only help the situation. This salt supplies organic iodine to the entire glandular network385 and may even reduce the incidence of thyroid cancer. especially for your thyroid. France.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 295 French unrefined light grey sea salt or Celtic Salt. If you eat out frequently. and that is not enough time for absorption to take place. which is the exact same salt from the same salt harvesters in Brittany.celtic-seasalt. After you purchase French unrefined light grey sea salt. Unfortunately. Order low-sodium or no-sodium meals and sprinkle a little French unrefined light grey sea salt to taste. This Salt also forces radioactive iodine to leave the body. and may lower salt intake naturally. buy a little portable salt shaker from a camping store and fill it with French unrefined light grey sea salt. The iodine in iodized table salt is only available for absorption for twenty minutes after it is ingested. After the Chernobyl nuclear accident in

Sugar and Hypertension Ingesting sugar causes the pancreas to secrete insulin. One way to be safe is to eat this tastier type of French unrefined light grey sea salt. Low-sodium foods include fruits 1/2 cup (less than 10mg). A lot of low-fat diet foods are loaded with sugar and high glycemic ingredients. Bitter herbs and foods can help you lose the craving for sugar. Some people have insulin-resistant cell receptors that cause blood glucose levels to be elevated. Do not substitute bad fats with junk carbohydrates such as french fries. soda. which secretes insulin. The pancreas. In excess. high sugar and high insulin can have a detrimental effect on hypertension. Eliminating bad fats is essential for stable blood sugar levels. candy. leafy greens. fenugreek. read the labels or look up the nutritional value in a book because some are low in salt while others are high. The combination of sugar and insulin constitute a major dietary connection for many hypertensive patients. turmeric. is forced to secrete more and more insulin because glucose levels remain high. and processed baked goods which are all about the same as eating white sugar. Insulin is the carrier hormone that delivers glucose and nutrients from the blood into the cells. and protein foods help to stabilize blood sugar. For instance. or Type II diabetes. dry beans cooked in water without salt 1/2 cup (less than 5mg). DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION predominant role in medicine than health-promoting products. this condition is called Syndrome X. cumin. chicory. Depending on the severity. insulin resistance. the higher your insulin level will be as a result. high triglycerides and high cholesterol. rhubarb. white bread. Cut down or avoid cold dairy products and dairy products in general. This elevated blood sugar causes the problems of syndrome X. because bad fats decrease the effectiveness of insulin. high insulin. which are high blood sugar. For vegetables. Even if you do not have this condition. .296 DIET. the higher your blood glucose level. Gerald Reaven of Stanford University School of Medicine has seen that over 60% of all cases of hypertension are caused by a diet that produces high levels of insulin. White bread and french fries send your blood sugar through the roof. Dr.

com. and diabetes is the result. diabetes. and counseling such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. acupuncture. techniques to stop addictions such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (Getting Through to Your Emotions with EFT by Phillip and Jane Mountrose). sugar intake becomes even more devastating. it is difficult for the immune system to discriminate between the two in this type of allergic reaction. A review of the literature shows that if you have insulin resistance. Many alternative physicians consider the ELISA test to be very accurate and reliable for determining food allergies. Such sensitivities are characteristic of Ciliac disease. The laboratory must have performed a substantial number of tests and have good quality control to provide reliable food allergy tests. and high blood pressure. Food Allergies and Diabetes Food allergies must be considered as a possible cause of Type I Diabetes. A food allergy develops when your immune system tries to reject a food that you eat. Since they are very similar. . The good news is that this condition can be greatly improved or even reversed as we have discussed in Chapter Ten. and antibodies all play a role in the allergy drama. chemical mediators. Immune cells. this could be a major contributing or precipitating factor exacerbating diabetes. high triglycerides.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 297 Sugar intake has been shown to cause water retention.drbralyallergyrelief.386 It is a vicious cycle that needs to be controlled by a low glycemic diet. Skin tests are not accurate to determine food allergies. heart disease. Dr. insulin resistance. obesity. James Braly. discusses the similarity between the proteins in foods such as wheat gluten and the beta cells in your pancreas. author of Food Allergy Relief (his new book is Dangerous Grains). your immune system destroys insulin-producing beta cells. If you have a gluten or dairy sensitivity. mood swings. tooth decay. Once beta cells are destroyed. For more information on tests and food allergies see www. and it is advisable to get a blood test for this condition. In the process of attacking a similar protein allergen. you cannot produce insulin. supplements. exercise.

Do not drink chlorinated water. which can lead to a host of diseases. syndrome X stresses the pancreas to secrete more and more insulin. Insulin. do not produce an immune reaction.298 DIET. which are often called food allergies. Chromium nicontinate seems to be the most effective of all the chromium supplements because it is better retained by the body than any other form of chromium. To understand more about this see Gary Null’s book on food allergies entitled Good Food. Chromium. IgE is the antibody involved in this reaction. Food sensitivities. . Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) is very useful in aiding this process. People with delayed onset food allergies experience powerful addictive cravings. If untreated. Thirty percent of delayed food allergy patients report disabling withdrawal symptoms when they stop eating the food. Excess sugar intake can increase urinary chromium losses up to 300%. children who are sensitive to sugar or artificial coloring such as red dye can become hyperactive or irritable after consuming these foods. Chromium greatly improves syndrome X and insulin resistance (in which the cellular receptor sites do not readily accept insulin). It also has the benefits of potenized niacin to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION Immediate onset food allergies usually appear within 2 hours after allergic foods are eaten. IgG is the antibody involved in delayed onset reactions. Delayed onset food allergies appear 2 hours to several days after consuming allergenic foods. Chlorine converts a portion of the vitamin E complex in your body to “alloxan” This chemical also attacks the beta cells in the pancreas. therefore sugar becomes a double problem. For example. chromium helps insulin bind more effectively to cellular receptor sites. Glucose Absorption and Carbohydrates As we discussed in Chapter Ten. Good Mood. A special form of chromium. You can take 200 mcg of chromium before each meal to improve insulin utilization. Chromium helps your body usher more glucose and nutrients into cells and decreases unnecessary insulin production.

High fiber. obesity. On the other hand. and becoming tired or cranky if a meal is overdue or missed. The complex carbohydrates in fresh fruit create a slow rise in blood glucose. Simple carbohydrates – sugar – do the opposite. while low glycemic foods promote a slower release of glucose and insulin. a way of evaluating foods according to how quickly they are metabolized into glucose. high cholesterol and high triglycerides. A low glycemic diet (foods that release glucose into the bloodstream slowly thus decreasing the amount of insulin needed) reduces weight and fat. and diabetes can also be signs of hyperinsulinism. fresh fruit has both simple and complex carbohydrates. heart disease. and a slow corresponding rise in insulin. We have mentioned the health risks associated with high insulin levels. Foods with a high glycemic index enter the blood stream rapidly. blood lipid abnormalities. and can lead to hypertension. Some symptoms of hyperinsulinism are having a “spare tire” around the midsection. Most cake and cookies are not much better.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 299 Syndrome X is also known as hyperinsulinism. Eating low glycemic foods accomplishes this important health requirement and is also a key ingredient to weight loss. Research conducted at the University of Toronto and at the Glycemic Research Institute in Washington. So keep . high blood pressure. especially soluble fiber. Diabetes is now rampant. Children are eating junk food with unhealthy sweeteners that create a blood sugar imbalance. Giving children snacks consisting of fresh fruit instead of candy can make the difference. obesity. The thinner you are. The key is to make most of your carbohydrate intake low glycemic and complex. Please check with your physician if you think you may have this condition. The latest research shows that there are variations even among complex carbohydrates. particularly if they contain a lot of white flour. the less insulin you need because fat inhibits insulin utilization. DC has clarified which foods cause a rapid or gradual rise in blood sugar. slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream. and the way to keep insulin low is to keep one’s blood glucose stable. Candy contains only simple carbohydrates – sugar. and diabetes. A more accurate way to look at these foods is the glycemic index. We used to think in terms of a carbohydrate as either being simple or complex. so understanding the carbohydrate and syndrome X connection is vital. Heart disease.

and use the other guidelines for stabilizing blood sugar we have discussed. kidney beans. especially with oat bran Rye and barley Sprouted grain and rye breads. whole wheat pita bread. black beans.31=10. The Glycemic Index. If a food is healthy and has a high glycemic index. The glycemic load is another important factor in this equation. tofu.48). lentils. especially whole wheat pasta (it has more fiber that puts it lower on the glycemic index) Oatmeal. such as soybeans. grapefruits. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION your blood sugar level stable.300 DIET. plums. a small serving of a high GI food may be eaten. Carrots have a very high GI (131% or 1. Since the GI is based on 50 grams of carbohydrate. and peaches Green vegetables Beans and peas. Buy organic foods. rice bran Wheat bread. Below are some examples of high and low glycemic foods. You can eat a lot if they are compatible . but 3 carrots have 8 grams of carbohydrate yielding a low G L of 10. * * * * * * * * * Some fruits. and that will keep your insulin level stable as well.48 (8X1. Especially low are cherries. you can eat a small portion. The GL is determined by the amount of carbohydrate in a serving multiplied by the foods GI. chickpeas Nuts Pasta.31 based on 50 grams of carbohydrates). except tropical and dried fruits. LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX Foods that enter the blood slowly and keep blood glucose levels stable. berries. which cause weight gain. This prevents carbohydrate cravings. and whole wheat tortillas In general beans are a great choice for high bulk foods – they fill you up and are low in calories.

Oat fiber powder can be taken before meals to help you load up on soluble fiber. Remember that soluble fiber slows the release of glucose from the small intestines into the bloodstream. as they may contribute to chronic inflammation. ripe bananas Most cold cereals Crackers. and obesity. stroke.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 301 with your digestion. High Triglycerides Equal High Cholesterol The whole equation is high blood sugar levels = high insulin levels = high triglyceride levels = high cholesterol levels = increased risk of heart attack. pineapple. rice cakes. HIGH GLYCEMIC INDEX Foods that enter the blood stream quickly and cause spikes in blood glucose levels. high blood pressure. * * * * * * * * Corn Most breads and sugars Carrots and potatoes Fruit juices. For more information on the glycemic index. Insulin resistant patients have high . sweetened jams and jellies. and chips Snack foods and other foods made with refined flour White rice Note: generally avoid high glycemic index foods. Bob Arnot. This information on the glycemic index and foods gives us a better understanding of how to keep blood glucose and insulin at healthier levels. They are good for you – low glucose load. a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. see the book Revolutionary Weight Control Program by Dr. and high in soluble and insoluble fiber. High glycemic foods elevate blood sugar levels. raisins. Before cooking – Soak them overnight with a potato to reduce gastric distress.

It is also great on hot cereals. and whole fruit such as apples. Some baking powder contains genetically engineered cornstarch. eat plenty of low glycemic fruits and vegetables.302 DIET. beans. and eat salmon a few times a week. Barley malt syrup – sprouted barley is used to turn grain starches into complex carbohydrates. bananas. Stevia has no calories and actually regulates blood sugar levels. cholesterol and heart attack concluded that there is an increasing interaction between cholesterol and triglyceride levels that might be of importance when evaluating the cardiovascular risk of middle aged men. fenugreek. prunes. less than 140 is ideal. dried fruit. moisture and leavening power. It even comes in a powder form for convenient use in beverages as mentioned in Chapter Ten. Brown rice syrup – use in baked goods and hot drinks. increase fiber. They contain soluble and insoluble fiber to slow glucose release and add a rich taste to your baked goods. Add it to fiber-packed muffins or cookies and it is even more slowly digested.000mg of fish oil. it has a pudding consistency.387 Low Glycemic Healthy Sweeteners Low glycemic sweeteners are slowly metabolized into glucose. which makes amasake more desirable as a leavening agent. dried apricots. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION insulin levels. Stevia is natural and made from a plant. A normal triglyceride level is between 40-160 mg/dl. James Kirkland author of . figs. To correct this situation. take a good multivitamin/mineral supplement. Stevia – is 150 to 400 times sweeter than sugar. Whole fruit – you can bake with fruit purees. 10. eat a low glycemic diet. and dried peaches. Amasake – especially good for making baked goods. which prevents the ups and downs of refined sweeteners. blueberries. antioxidants. You can use it to flavor beans (which are already loaded with soluble fiber). nicotinic acid. These complex carbohydrates are absorbed slowly and steadily by your bloodstream. which causes the liver to make more VLDL and this condition produces more triglycerides. A study demonstrating the interaction of high triglyceride levels.

unrefined cane juice. which has been used for centuries. concentrated fruit juice. The difference concerns the production of prostaglandins.html to find many more books and health information about stevia. The key is which ones you are eating. They are honey. This indicates a xylitol-induced protection against aging-related osteoporotic changes. crystalline fructose. You can also visit the website http://www. but those of you with blood sugar conditions should avoid them. It has anti-bacterial qualities to reduce tooth decay when used to sweeten mints. there are good guys and bad guys. and blackstrap molasses. A study using extra virgin olive oil significantly lowered blood pressure in patients . or eat small amounts.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 303 Sugar-Free Cooking With Stevia: The Naturally Sweet & Calorie-Free Herb. just like sugar. Good Fats and Harmful Fats You will hear a lot about avoiding fats and you will see how fats can constrict blood vessels beyond the obvious cholesterol connection.steviasmart. discusses many recipes for using stevia. Let’s examine the difference. there are good fats and bad fats. Buy this oil in a dark green bottle and store it in a cool dark place. Research published in the journal Gerontology concluded that continuous moderate dietary xylitol supplementation leads to increased bone volume and increased bone mineral content in the long bones of aged rats. gum or candy. date sugar. it is called a nutritive sweetener because it provides calories. Monounsaturated fats such as olive oil. Shortchain fatty acids lower cholesterol and protect you against colon cancer. Just as in every never-ending story. is high in these monounsaturated fatty acids. macadamia nut oil and avocado lower the low-density lipids (LDL) and do not affect the good cholesterol (HDL). Olive oil. because there are good and bad types of prostaglandins that affect blood pressure.388 The following sweeteners are better than sugar. The colon manufactures short-chain fatty acids from fiber. maple syrup. Eating foods sweetened with it or just taking it has been shown to re-mineralize tooth and should be used liberally. Different fats react differently in your body and this affects blood pressure. Xylitol – A sweetener found in plants and used as a substitute for sugar.

Because cooking involves heating the oil beneficial properties can be lost. or pour some on luke-warm foods such as rice or steamed vegetables. helps prevent plaque buildup. Raw nut butters such as almond butter contain healthy fat. Coconut oil.D. and helps stop blood platelets from sticking together. sprinkle water on the food to keep the temperature lower to prevent the fat in the oil from oxidizing. which expands blood vessels. Macadamia nut oil is even more stable and is 80% monounsaturated – the highest among popular cooking oils. Butter and ghee are also stable saturated fats. in your body. Modern research has shown that not all saturated fats are alike. . In addition to olive oil. Consider steaming. If you cook in a wok. Kabara.304 DIET. Michigan State University. the fatty acids in coconut oil. the medium chain triglycerides. research has demonstrated that the oil of oregano. After six months the groups crossed over to the other diet for another six months. it is not from your diet. and pumpkin seed. but chronic state of inflammation.389 Olive oil rich in polyphenols enhances internal nitric oxide production. which also produces glycotoxins (think of glycation). and more. You can also use olive oil as a salad dressing. As an antioxidant. simmering. Twenty-three patients on anti-hypertensive medication were assigned to a diet containing either extra-virgin olive oil or sunflower oil. Some are more delicate than others. Professor Emeritus. do not raise serum cholesterol or contribute to heart disease like the long chain triglycerides found in seed oils. elevates HDL. a saturated stable fat. High heat cooking causes sugars and certain oxidized fats to react with proteins to form glycotoxins in the food. which yielded a greater reduction in blood pressure than the sunflower oil group. Most of your cholesterol is made in the liver. and are healthy because they do not oxidize like polyunsaturated oils such as corn or soy. lowers blood levels of lipoprotein(a). According to Jon J. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION with moderate (less than 165/104) hypertension. Drug usage was cut by 48% in the olive oil group. olive oil protects LDL from oxidation. can lower blood pressure and improve insulin resistance. stewing and using a slow cooker to limit the production of glycotoxins. Glycotoxins may be responsible for the induction of a lowgrade. cumin. Olive oil is more stable than most oils. Ph. which lowers cholesterol. We discussed the danger of high heat cooking.

Americans have substituted unhealthy fats like margarine (canola or cottonseed oils) for healthy fats like butter. both of which are important antioxidants. and both of these are important for healthy cardiovascular functioning. because different types of fats influence prostaglandins. call Omega Nutrition at 1-800-661-3529 and get a copy of the catalog. A survey showed that butter consumption verses margarine cuts the risk of developing heart disease in half.php. needed by the thyroid and adrenal If you wish to use healthy vegetable oils. and make insulin work more effectively – the good news. Understanding these different types of fats helps you control blood pressure. extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Now back to fat. promote platelet aggregation leading to clot formation and increased . The lecithin in butter assists in the proper assimilation and metabolism of cholesterol and other fat constituents. Heart disease was low at the turn of the 20th century. Pay special attention to the temperature chart. The only oil Omega sells that is not recommended.ewg. The good fats produce the good type of prostaglandins (E1 and E3) that tell the blood vessels to expand and thus lower blood pressure.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 305 It is also advisable to use glass cookware because heating releases unhealthy gasses from non-stick cookware such as Teflon. Polyunsaturated fats lower the bad kind of cholesterol. it rose precipitously between 1920 and 1960.390 Please see the website: http://www. is canola oil. They are produced in the cells by the action of enzymes on essential fatty acids. They are biochemical messengers bringing good news or bad news to your blood vessels. The problem is that polyunsaturated fats lower the good kind of cholesterol as well. reduce inflammation. It also contains vitamin E and selenium. Do not use any of the oils above the temperature listed on the chart. Examples are corn oil and liquid margarine. Prostaglandins Prostaglandins are localized tissue hormones that seem to be the fundamental regulating molecules in most life forms. Butter is rich in vitamin A. The bad fats produce the bad type of prostaglandins (E2) that tell the blood vessels to contract and thus raise blood pressure.

A healthy ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 is 2:1. DHA is the principal omega-3 fatty acid in fish oils. EFA complex). http://mercola. Carlsons and Nordic Naturals EPA/DHA formulas are considered to be free from toxins. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid. because fish is such a healthy food. a pre-cursor to DHA and EPA and linoleic acid. Udos oil (an excellent Essential Fatty Acid. a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid). and take 200-400 mcg of selenium daily to detoxify mercury. Mercola talks about this unfortunate situation on his website. Dr. In addition. Wild Pacific Salmon. pregnant women are advised not to eat fish. Garnish fish with cilantro. avocados. if you want to use supplements. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION cardiovascular risk. almonds. and inflammation. Farm raised salmon is also artificially colored. leading to water retention. Dr. Sardines. You can use organic flaxseed oil and Udos oil on salads. Avoid farm raised salmon as it is grain fed and therefore does not contain the high levels of DHA/ Joseph Mercola has compiled a list of fish that he considers safe – Summer Flounder. a precursor to GLA.392 A study published in April 2002 in The New England Journal of Medicine concluded that n-3 fatty acids found in fish are strongly associated with a reduced risk of sudden death among men without evidence of prior cardiovascular disease. will produce the good type of prostaglandins in the body.393 You can also buy fish oil supplements containing GLA (gamma-linolenic acid. and Tilapia. it chelates heavy metals-takes them out of the body. borage oil and evening primrose oil.306 DIET. The good fats are in walnuts. Your cardiovascular system benefits more from DHA than the other . Because many fish have high methylmercury levels. which are highly toxic. salmon and tuna. More sources of healthy fats are flaxseed oil. Croaker.htm. Haddock. ALA (alpha-linolenic acid. and fish that contain omega-3 fatty acid such as sardines. Since EPA/ DHA inhibit abnormal clotting. please consult with your physician before using these supplements if you are taking anti-coagulant drugs like Coumadin (warfarin). E2 also makes your kidneys retain sodium. Prospective data published in JAMA 1998 suggest that consumption of fish at least once per week may reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death in men. an omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic). It is unfortunate that the mercury pollution from coal plants has contaminated our waterways and fish.

Stress-related hormones such as catecholamines and glucocorticoids inhibit D6D. so DHA will help you emotionally as well as physiologically. Healthy fat is essential for a healthy cardiovascular system. Linoleic acid is a precursor (omega-6) to GLA. Supplementation with linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid alone may not be adequate. Stiffness of the arteries increases with age. as your body cannot break these oils down. an adrenal hormone that raises blood pressure. and thereby lower blood pressure and heart rate responses to psychosocial stress. GLA supplementation decreased plasma triglyceride (TG) levels by 48% and increased HDL-cholesterol concentration by 22%. and alpha-linolenic acid (omega3) is a precursor to DHA and EPA.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 307 oils. Too much linoleic acid in the typical western diet inhibits the uptake and conversion of alpha-linolenic acid due to competition for the same enzymes. GLA and DHA reduce the cardiovascular reaction to stress. A pulse pressure of more than 60 (the difference between your systolic and diastolic) is a marker for atherosclerosis and indicates a high risk for cardiovascular disease. Synthetic oils produce free radicals. DHA. The enzyme D6D (delta-6 desaturase) controls the conversion but unfortunately this enzyme decreases with age. because only about 15% is actually converted to GLA and DHA. DHA has also been shown to decrease aldosterone production. Fortunately supplementation with GLA and DHA can circumvent impaired D6D function. and thus restore levels of the good prostaglandins. There are now instruments that can measure both capillary and large blood vessel elasticity.395 We will discuss more benefits of essential fatty acids later in this chapter.394 In addition DHA is a powerful anti-depressant (use 2 to 6 grams daily – see summary at the end of Chapter Ten). Both GLA and DHA lower blood pressure. Depression exacerbates cardiovascular disease. reduce serum lipids. Total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol levels were significantly decreased by omega-6 EFAs.396 Stay away from synthetic oils like Olestra. cause the . and help reverse insulin resistance. and a deficiency of D6D may play a role in this condition. Let’s examine the precursors for GLA. In humans. Supplementating with GLA restores D6D activity. and EPA.

Margarine is firm because it is commonly made with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Olestra pushes up the glucose load. put olive oil in a wide-mouthed jar and store it in the refrigerator. needed to prevent cardiovascular disease because they decrease inflammation. Saturated fats are found in meat and dairy. the result is trans fats. involving 80. Replacing trans fats in the diet with unsaturated fat would greatly reduce heart disease. commercial peanut butter. showed that trans fats were worse than saturated fats. ages 39 to 59. and frostings. and prevent the absorption of carotenoids. and not firm like margarine is. Instead of spreading margarine on bread. It will be solid and spreadable in a few days.398 Remember this the next time your physician tells you to eat margarine. mayonnaise. Olestra is even banned in Canada. When you see . Bob Arnot author of The Revolutionary Weight Control Program. The best fat in your diet should be organic extra virgin olive oil. A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health. That means trans fats. The ingredients on margarine labels list hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated soy bean oil. this would reduce the risk of heart disease by 53%. Trans Fatty Acids Trans Fatty Acids are very popular fats that are misrepresented by the food industry. high blood sugar can lead to cardiovascular disease. Department of Nutrition. Trans fatty acids are the result of hydrogenation. DIGESTION AND HYPERTENSION loss of fat-soluble vitamins. Trans fats are in baked goods. Nutrition is lost through this process. and this will increase inflammation. Avoid canola oil. and it prevents the absorption of healthy fats such as omega fatty acids (which are needed by the body to build myelin sheath for nerves. When polyunsaturated vegetable fats have a hydrogen atom added to them. which can be genetically engineered and oxidizes at a low temperature. Trans fatty acids also inhibit insulin binding. as well as in deep fried foods.000 women. According to Dr. and lower blood pressure) because it blocks the prostaglandin chain. cereals.308 DIET. If we could replace only 2% of the energy from trans fat with unsaturated fat. 397 Hydrogenation will make the vegetable oil firm at room temperature when the oil should be a liquid.

which is a substance that produces abnormal blood clots. A 1990 study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that trans fatty acids raised LDL.399 Trans fats block the role of healthy fats and essential fatty acids from carrying out their critical duties. This increases the risk of diabetes. Blood thinners reduce the tendency of blood platelets to clump together. artificial fats have been implicated in cardiovascular disease. This can create a corresponding drop in blood pressure. low birth weight. Trans fatty acids differ from healthy fats that occur naturally in many ways. Ever since the 1950’s. raises lipoprotein (a) in humans. Their molecules do not fit into biological structures. Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Some adverse effects of trans fatty acids on humans and animals are: raises LDL. lowered HDL.400 They have also been implicated in diseases such as cancer and atherosclerosis. lowers HDL. Many diseases have been linked to trans fatty acids including breast cancer. and raised total cholesterol. In more recent times. there is less resistance. infertility. and immune dysfunction. The Good Guys Fish oils. When blood flows more freely. your internal natural blood thinners such as prostaglandin I3 will increase when you consume omega-3 fatty acids. do more than lower blood fat levels. obesity. Omega3 fatty acids reduce thromboxane A. and increases blood insulin levels in response to glucose load. The studies implied that trans fatty acids pose a greater risk of cardiovascular disease than saturated fat. This incorrect fit causes problems with enzymes and membrane structures. high in omega-3 fatty acids.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 309 hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil listed in the ingredients of a product. raises total cholesterol. Eating TFA also exacerbates essential fatty acid deficiency. 2000 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine discussed some studies that demonstrate the adverse effect of trans fatty acids and the risk of coronary heart disease. Even if your . don’t buy it. Fish oils also reduce triglycerides and cholesterol levels. scientists have been questioning artificial fats in terms of health. According to one study. inferior quality breast milk. Trans fats are misfits.401 The June 24.



blood levels of cholesterol and fat are high, fish oil can protect you from atherosclerosis. A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, April 10, 1997 demonstrated that people who consume 35 grams of fish or more daily have a 42% diminished chance of death from myocardial infarction. The research was conducted by the Department of Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University Medical School on 1,822 men over a period of 30 years. According to the researchers, these benefits may be due to the omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.402 Even the right kind of saturated fat is important; coconut oil is needed to absorb essential fatty acids, and fat soluble vitamins like A, E, D, and K.

Omega Fatty Acids, Flax Seeds and Other Foods
Flaxseeds have been cultivated for 7,000 years. From Hippocrates to the Cherokee Indians, flax has been revered for its health benefits. What is in flax that contributes to these healing qualities? Linolenic acid, lecithin, beta-carotene, vitamin E, essential amino acids, fiber, and lignans are all in the tiny flaxseed. Flaxseeds are 35% oil, and 55% of these oils are omega-3 fatty acids. Essential fatty acids make up vital components of nerve cells, cell membranes, and hormones.403 The lignans in flax offer benefits for breast and colon cancer patients and for patients with cardiovascular disease. Lignans can lower your risk of heart disease. Studies show that flax lowers triglyceride levels in the blood. Triglycerides and cholesterol increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. Of course, essential fatty acids are needed to absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin E, protect your internal organs, conduct nerve impulses, and insulate nerves. Both the omega-3 fatty acids and fiber in the flaxseed have a positive effect on lowering cholesterol. This seed also aids weight loss efforts by satiating hunger. You’ll eat less, but you’ll be just as full! Many people consider flaxseed oil an essential food. Organic flax and golden flaxseeds, a superior variety, can be bought in health food stores. Grind them up in a nut grinder or coffee grinder for use in drinks and to sprinkle on foods. You can buy flaxseed oil in the



refrigerated section of health food stores in opaque jars. Keep the lid on tight and refrigerate. I have baked cookies with whole flaxseeds, but heat can ruin this precious oil; some reports say if the seed is whole, the oil will be protected. It is better to sprinkle flax on cereals or salads, or put on food that is already cooked to preserve this wondrous oil. Be warned, however, that excessive use of flaxseed can have a laxative effect. Sunflower seeds are high in essential fatty acids, and high in vitamin E. These crunchy, munchy seeds taste great by themselves or in cereal. Sunflower seeds taste delicious ground up and put on a salad and they add bulk to any meal. For convenience, you can purchase sunflower seed butter (ground sunflower seeds) and spread it on toast. Seeds of Change, an organic seed catalog, carries the vegetable purslane. Purslane, whose leaves are high in omega-3 fatty acids, helps regulate the metabolism and distribution of serum cholesterol and triglycerides in your circulatory system. Purslane has the highest concentration of omega-3 fatty acids in land plants. Its concentration is 5 times higher than in spinach, and more than 10 times higher than in lettuce and mustards. One year I purchased a package of purselane seeds for my organic garden at home. I planted it with the other crops and what a surprise when it came up! It was the same plant that I had considered a weed and was pulling out. Now I put purslane in salads, and it is delicious. I also juice it with carrots and greens. Always be sure to eat wild plants only if you are 100% certain of their species and edibility.

Fenugreek Can Lower Blood Lipids!
The culinary herb fenugreek showed amazing results in a medical college study done in Udaipur, India. The research was published in May of 1997 in Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids. The placebocontrolled study demonstrated that fenugreek given at 2.5g twice daily for 3 months to patients with cardiovascular disease and non-insulindependent diabetes mellitus yielded a significant decrease in blood lipids. That means lowering total cholesterol and triglycerides without affecting the HDL.404



Homocysteine and Coronary Artery Disease
A mother once told me that her eight-year-old son had very high cholesterol and that her doctor intended put him on cholesterol lowering drugs when he turned ten. High cholesterol at a young age is a positive indicator for possible genetic homocysteine problems. I asked her if the child’s father had high cholesterol problems. In fact he did – he had even suffered a heart attack, and he was only thirty-seven. I told her to ask her doctor to test her son for homocysteine problems. You have learned that vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid and trimethyglycine lower homocysteine. Some foods are high in these B vitamins. They are leafy greens, dark leafy greens, peas, whole grains, legumes, Blackstrap molasses, and root vegetables. If you eat dairy products, make sure they are organic. A study published in the journal Stroke indicates an inverse relationship between dietary intake of folate and subsequent risk of stroke and CVD. Increasing dietary intake of folate from food sources may be an important approach to the prevention of CVD in the US population.405 Usually it is difficult to get the needed amounts of these B vitamins from food; therefore supplementation is recommended (see Chapter Ten). Research has demonstrated that decreased plasma homocysteine concentrations in humans can be attained with a mix of fruits and vegetables that have a moderate folate content (Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables, Journal Of Nutrition, 2000, Vol 130, Iss 6, pp 1578-1583). Remember to eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables every day. The inability to properly breakdown the amino acid methionine creates homocysteine. If you eat red meat and chicken, increase B6 intake as described in Chapter 10 to lower homocysteine levels. Also follow the additional information in that chapter for homocysteine.

Alkaline Foods
The human body stops building bones at around the age of 30. After that, bones dissolve from 8-18% each year depending on body acidity. Your body acidity level depends on the ratio of potassium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals to phosphorus, and is dependent on



diet. A diet high in meat, dairy, and sugar increases body acidity. Soft drinks are particularly insidious because they have sugar (very acidic) and high phosphorus content. Thus, more buffering minerals are leeched from the bones. These are the very minerals needed to lower hypertension. Eating an alkaline diet positively affects every aspect of your health. Both chronic and acute diseases take hold in the physiology when the body is too acidic.406 It can also set up a cancer friendly environment, which was first realized in 1932 by a Nobel Prize winner. When your body chemistry is too acidic, an oxygen deficient system is created, which generates less energy. This biochemistry does not allow enough oxygen for metabolic oxidation to take place.407 Without enough oxygen, cellular processes are carried out less effectively. Lack of oxygen also weakens the energy levels of your cells.408 This degenerates into a condition that allows your body to retain a great deal of water. It can also create an internal environment conducive to cancer because the energy of the cells has decreased and this weakens your defenses against disease. Acidity can lead to hypertension because it causes sodium to replace potassium. Loss of potassium can make blood pressure increase, as described in Chapter Ten. Acidity is also similar to estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance is discussed with hypothyroidism in Chapter Ten. The potassium/ sodium ratio is distorted in these examples. The acidic internal nucleus and the alkaline cytoplasm surrounding the nucleus create a cell battery.409 Maintaining this electrical charge is vital for your cellular vitality and thus your whole body. Otherwise, your body creates excess mucus that congests the physiology and prevents oxygen from entering the system.410 Eating too many acidic foods causes the body to use up calcium, magnesium, and potassium to buffer the acidic body chemistry. Generally, nutritionists suggest eating 80% alkaline food and 20% acidic food for optimal health.411 Eating alkaline foods prevents calcium, magnesium, and potassium loss. Favor foods that are more alkaline like seeds, fruits, beans (especially kidney beans), aduki beans, vegetables, honey, miso and French unrefined light grey sea salt. Acid-forming foods like sugar, drugs, soft



drinks, alcohol, some beans, nuts, grains, and animal foods will deplete mineral reserves. Some very alkaline foods are: alfalfa grass, avocado, barley grass, cabbage, cayenne pepper, celery, fresh cucumber, dandelion, garlic, kamut grass, pure soy lecithin, lettuce, sprouted raddish, and soy sprouts. Some of the very acidic foods are cooked beef, beer, white bread, cheese, cooked chicken, coffee, eggs, ocean fish, ketchup, liquor, pistachios, pork, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and veal. High body acidity is a leading cause of osteoporosis. Even a slight shift in pH, still within normal range, can cause this condition to occur. For example, eating too much meat protein is a primary cause for osteoporosis.412 Calcium is excreted from the bones to buffer the high acidity. Then this precious calcium is excreted in the urine. As calcium levels in the body fall, so do magnesium and potassium levels. Thus all the benefits of these nutrients are lost if the body is too acidic. As potassium levels fall, sodium levels increase and this can lead to fluid retention and a corresponding rise in blood pressure. Dr. Whitaker recommends eating super green foods to shift your pH to alkaline.413 There are many other benefits from these foods, but for our purposes we are concerned with the loss of calcium and the possible rise in blood pressure. Your saliva should have a pH between 7 and 7.5, which you can test with litmus paper. The litmus paper test is an indication and not the actual blood pH. You can give yourself this simple test by buying litmus paper or litmus strips from a drug store. Spit on the litmus paper, and compare the color to the color chart on the side of the package. We discussed the value of French unrefined light grey sea salt and can also relate its usefulness to preventing calcium loss by balancing your pH level. Jacques de Longre, Ph.D. discusses how sea salt balances your pH and lowers blood pressure in his book Sea salt’s Hidden Powers. For proper nervous impulses to occur there must be a difference of potential between the interior of a cell and the exterior. This is accomplished by keeping potassium and magnesium inside the cell, and calcium and sodium outside. Sodium bathes the cell and maintains osmotic pressure, which prevents excess loss of liquid. Potassium inside



the cell is the principle cation (an ion with a positive charge) of the fluid inside the cell. Potassium maintains the acid/alkaline balance of the inner medium. Cellular energy is used to maintain these minerals in perfect balance on either side of the cell wall. This prevents losses of ions through its membrane.414 According to Longre, even a small loss of ion equilibrium can cause various types of cell damage.415 Maintaining this delicate mineral balance and proper pH is vital for proper health. Ayurvedic medicine recommends eating lots of green leafy vegetables (buy organic local vegetables in season) to help lower blood pressure. In particular, kale is a leafy green vegetable that has the added benefit of lutein, which protects your eyes. Leafy greens are high in folic acid and are also alkaline. Keeping your biochemistry in balance is very important for lowering high blood pressure and for general good health. For more information on alkaline foods see the books, Spiritual Nutrition And The Rainbow Diet by Gabriel Cousins, M.D., and Healing for the Age of Enlightenment by Stanley Burroughs. Ayurvedic medicine also recommends apricots, artichokes, asparagus, and almonds to be especially beneficial for the heart and circulatory system.

Water Keeps You Flowing
Drink eight glasses or more of water per day. In Health & Healing, June 1996 Dr. Julian Whitaker discusses the valuable role water plays in reducing high blood pressure. He recommends up to four quarts a day. Consult your physician first if you have congestive heart failure, kidney disease, or are taking diuretics. Some physicians dismiss the idea of drinking lots of water, try it for yourself and see how you feel. Water is the most effective diuretic. Adequate water intake shuts down some of the hormones produced by the kidneys to conserve water.416 If you do not drink enough water, your body will end up retaining water and toxins. If the brain is not sufficiently hydrated, coping mechanisms are impaired. This can lead to depression, anxiety, fear, and anger. The brain runs on electrical energy generated by the water drive of the energy-generating pumps.417 Research shows that depression equals



stress and dehydration also equals stress. Stress hormones exacerbate cardiovascular and diabetic complications. Dehydration leads to stress and stress leads to dehydration – this is a vicious cycle. Stress hormones such as endorphins, cortisone, prolactin, and vasopressin are released to compensate for dehydration. Vasopressin, produced in the pituitary, causes some capillaries to constrict. The hypertensive property of this neurotransmitter brings about a steady filtration of water into the cells. It is released because of the insufficient free flow and direct diffusion of water through the cell membrane. 418 Here is another link between depression and cardiovascular disease. Sufficient water can also relieve depression because it makes tryptophan more available to the brain. Your body converts tryptophan into 5-HTP, and then into serotonin, an antidepressant. During stress, available water is used to break down stored materials such as proteins and fat. When the fluid volume of the body is diminished, the renin-angiotensin (RA) system is activated. This system is strongly active in the kidneys, and conserves water and salt. The blood vessels tighten measurably, and we call this hypertension.419 Cutting out salt may not be prudent to lower high blood pressure. As we discussed, a healthy sodium/potassium ratio is needed to lower hypertension. According to F. Batmanghelidj, M.D., author of the book Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, essential hypertension is the adaptive process to gross body water deficiency.420 As some cells become dehydrated through lack of water, the slack in capacity is adjusted for and capillary beds in some areas close down. Dehydration can cause hypertension, and the solution is water, not diuretics. Dehydration creates the need to hold onto water, and cholesterol is used in this preservation process. According to F. Batmanghelidj, M.D., cholesterol is deposited to protect living cells against dehydration. It regulates the permeability of cell membranes to water (how much water is allowed through cell walls). Cholesterol produced in the cell membrane is part of the cell’s survival system. Dr. F. Batmanghelidj states in his book that it is imperative to drink water before the brain signals thirst. By the time you are thirsty, the damage is already done.



Water is also lost through the function of insulin and must also be considered from this perspective. Many people eat when they are thirsty instead of drinking. When you are thirsty, drink water. Dehydration also increases histamine release, which increases the rate at which the liver breaks down tryptophan. Diabetics must have enough water because water shortage causes a chain reaction that leads to the production of IL-6, which destroys beta cells in your pancreas and increases CRP. Drink pure water. Reverse osmosis (add minerals to make it more alkaline), spring and distilled water (totally devoid of any minerals, so always add ionic trace minerals before drinking) are also good. Check with health food stores and water system companies in your area to find out more about reverse osmosis systems.

The Art of Eating
When you eat, it is important to eat fresh organic foods. How you eat is as important as what you eat. Eat sitting in a quiet atmosphere. Do not eat too quickly or too slowly. It is best to talk after swallowing, instead of while chewing. Try not to overeat, and leave about one-third of your stomach empty. Eat after the previous meal is digested. Eat only when you feel hungry. If you have blood sugar considerations, follow your doctor’s guidelines, such as eating smaller meals more frequently. Make an effort to eat your largest meal at noon, when digestion is most complete. If you need to lose weight, eating your largest meal at noon can always have a beneficial effect. Eat a small meal that is easy to digest at night, such as soup or fruit. Sit for at least two minutes after eating. Walk for ten to twenty minutes after your two-minute rest. If this is not possible, walk for only a few minutes. Walking after a meal has a profound effect on digestion. As you walk, your leg bones bend slightly and then go back into their correct position. This back-and-forth motion sets up a resonance. This creates the correct frequency for healthy digestion. Walking also increases brain levels of tryptophan, since it steers competing amino acid transport mechanisms to the muscles for activity. Walk during the early morning or evening when possible. Enjoy your walk, without



pressure to accomplish anything. Become aware of your internal happiness, and your inner experience of the environment. If you do not like your environment, put your attention on an aspect of it that you do like, or on what you would like it to be. Create your reality.

The Art of Thinking
You digest and metabolize your thoughts as well as the food you eat. There are various ways to diminish the stress responses of the sympathetic nervous system. Experience life while believing that you have enough time to accomplish everything you need to complete. Never think, “I am running out of time.” This type of thinking speeds up your biological clock and causes premature heart attacks and strokes. Tune into each moment, and stay in the now. When you are eating, put your attention on your food – chewing, swallowing, and the process of eating. Become aware of how you pressure yourself. Remember that your body is continuously digesting your thoughts and emotions. Every cell in your body experiences every thought through a neuropeptide system. Feed yourself good food, good thoughts and good feelings. Feed your mind/body awareness so that you can heal your blood pressure. Always be loving and patient with yourself. Learn to be your own best friend, and practice trusting and loving yourself. Helpful exercises can be found in the book Light Emerging by Barbara Brennan. I hope that this information leads you to a diet for a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle enhances your health and enjoyment of life.

Follow the rules for avoiding strain. P 319 . and work up to regular aerobics. you will review the basic tenets of exercise and develop a regular exercise program appropriate for you. you may need to start with an easy type of exercise. If your exercise program makes you miserable. Choose activities that you like and work at your own pace. be creative and re-work it with your doctor’s help. If you have been fairly sedentary. You will learn about Dr. Exercising a few hours before or after meals is even better. If you enjoy yourself.Chapter Twelve Exer ercise Breathing Techniques Exercise and Breathing Techniques Basic Considerations roper exercise is essential to health. Exercise at least one half hour before or after meals. You should work with your physician to develop a customized exercise program. you will find it easier to stick to the program. Be regular and disciplined. The most important things to remember while exercising are to enjoy and not to strain. Diabetics may want to eat a small snack before exercising to keep up blood sugar levels. You will also learn about a powerful method for breathing that may enhance your pleasure and performance during exercise. Enjoyment is a necessary component of your exercise program. In this chapter. such as water aerobics or walking. John Douillard’s breakthrough exercise methods for enhancing health and vitality.

For instance. schedule time for exercise three or more times per week and stick to it. noon and night cut your hours back to save your health. If your calendar is so full that you cannot exercise. re-examine your responsibilities. If short periods are all you can take right now. and inadequate digestion causes health problems. A slow warm-up before you exercise will gently increase blood pressure gradually. Start exercising slowly. which increases cholesterol buildup. Once you see some results. If you have a full calendar. If you must look after your children. if you are working morning. engage them in safe and appropriate exercise with you. Don’t feel selfconscious – you are exercising for health. Not only does your heart have to pump blood to the digestive system it also has to pump extra blood to the muscles. Keeping a workout log can motivate you because it is a way to track progress and make higher goals. include this time as part of your exercise schedule. you may be motivated to make time for more of this healthy activity. Progress at your own pace. Set up “meetings” with yourself and go exercise. change clothes and shower. We learned a lot about the hazards of free radicals in Chapter Eleven. They scar arteries. without strain. Even short periods of exercise during the day can have health benefits. Exercising directly after meals also puts a strain on your heart. You should get your heart rate up for twenty minutes at a time. Do not put emotional pressure on yourself to perform. organs and glands. Free radicals weaken the immune system. Could you exercise while the children take music or dance lessons? Many health clubs and swimming pools provide childcare. . that’s a good start. Perhaps you can start a group with other parents who will take turns watching the children while the rest of the group exercises together. If you need to travel.320 EXERCISE AND BREATHING TECHNIQUES Exercising too close to meals can hinder digestion. Exercising on a regular basis is a key to making exercise an antihypertensive tool. Perhaps you can swim laps while they take swimming lessons. which then produce free radicals. This excess strain can cause a heart attack if you have pre-existing cardiovascular problems. Food that is undigested creates toxins in the body. not preparing for the Olympics.

increased HDL (the good cholesterol). and enhances mind/body coordination.424 Other research at this Center concluded that. and this is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Exercise enables you to maintain proper weight. decrease stress.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 321 Exercise Makes You Feel Better According to ayurveda. elevated blood pressure. cardio-respiratory fitness levels were inversely associated with CRP values and the prevalence of elevated CRP values in this sample of men. enhance insulin sensitivity. London. One study demonstrated that exercise alone lowered blood pressure the same as in test groups that exercised and took high blood pressure medication. It also helps mediate diabetic complications. 422 A team from Melbourne’s Baker Heart Research Institute has found that when people exercise. A study published in the March 2001 issue Archives of Internal Medicine concluded that poor cardio-respiratory fitness was comparable with many diseases in importance as a risk factor for mortality.425 In other words exercise lowers CRP. 423 Research has demonstrated that moderate and high levels of cardio-respiratory fitness were associated with lower risk of stroke mortality in men in the Aerobics Center Longitudinal study population.421 The benefits of exercise include feeling and looking younger. obesity. which is made into high density lipoprotein (HDL). Exercise increases the supply of blood and oxygen to your heart. Correct exercise rejuvenates the body. Another study conducted at the Department of Primary Care and Population Sciences. exercise does more than remove stress. cultivates the mind. Royal Free and University College Medical School. Light or moderate activity in men with established CHD is associated with a significantly . the “master” hormone that improves cardiovascular function. and diabetes. It was compared to risk factors such as cancer. smoking. thus lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke because it increases your body’s production of growth hormone. lower LDL (the bad cholesterol) and lower blood cholesterol levels in general. muscles release cholesterol. or the “good” cholesterol. and lower blood pressure. UK demonstrated the value of exercise.

weight training. age. Dopamine has been shown to reduce prolactin secretion. the most dangerous type. NADH aids in the conversion of tyrosine. a neurotransmitter. Boston studied the relationship of walking and vigorous exercise to cardiovascular disease.426 Research at the Division of Preventive Medicine. Harvard School of Public Health and published in JAMA Oct 23.427 Research conducted at the Department of Nutrition. and decreasing appetite. Prolonged sitting predicts increased cardiovascular risk. Regular walking and moderate or heavy gardening was sufficient to achieve this benefit. a coenzyme formed from vitamin B3. According to research from Iowa State University. a quick 15-minute walk around the block will give you an energy burst and improve our mood. The women who did 45 minutes of aerobics derived the most benefit. It increases NADH. according to the researchers. Higher brain levels of dopamine cause a decrease in appetite. and body-mass index. To find out the amount of calories . Thus. which is one of your brain’s anti-depressants and has energizing properties. These prospective data indicate that both walking and vigorous exercise are associated with substantial reductions in the incidence of cardiovascular events among postmenopausal women. but 30 minutes a day were also beneficial. and walking were each associated with reduced CHD risk. exercise increases dopamine. which gives you your appetite. Exercise increases your feeling of well being for approximately six hours. an amino acid. Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven.429 Exercise is a proven anti-depressant and enhances self-esteem. to dopamine. running. irrespective of race or ethnic group.428 Another study conducted at Department of Epidemiology and Public Health. two components of any healing process. 2002 concluded that total physical activity. Exercise facilitates weight loss by burning calories. The key word is fat and we now know that exercise reduces hidden intra-abdominal fat. speeding up the metabolism.322 EXERCISE AND BREATHING TECHNIQUES lower risk of all-cause mortality. CT concluded that regular exercise such as brisk walking results in reduced body weight and body fat among overweight and obese postmenopausal women. The link between depression and cardiovascular disease was discussed in Chapter Nine. Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

and can reduce the chances of developing atherosclerosis. Emotional stress can be a major player in unsuccessful attempts at weight loss. but it certainly follows a logical sequence of thought. dancing. We have already discussed this invaluable trio in Chapter Ten. Stress elevates cortisol levels.430 Every thing that you do for your health can help. and this particular hormone can cause insulin resistance and carbohydrate sensitivity.cookinglight. These three minerals are very important for lowering blood pressure.230684. aerobics. and stair climbing. and Hypertension Weight-bearing workouts include weight training.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 323 burned for a specific exercise. Exercise helps stabilize blood sugar imbalances by increasing your efficiency of insulin utilization. Calcium helps preserve magnesium and potassium. Walking or jogging for at least 1/2 hour 3 to 4 times per week will be helpful. This in turn leads to fat gain. Exercise.13803.html. Pennsylvania. running. log on to: http://www. Can weight-bearing exercises lower blood pressure through preserving these three minerals? Studies would have to prove this. Calcium. Thus. A study conducted at the Division of Cardiology. a depression or sadness that lingers during the winter months. Anything that lowers anxiety and stress has to be beneficial for lowering blood pressure. If you have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).00. This may infer that weight-bearing exercise can preserve calcium. then walk or jog outdoors during the day. This biochemical change also reduces anxiety and stress. . exercise reduces triglycerides (caused by high blood sugar levels). You will get the benefits of exercise and sunlight to brighten your mood. particularly in the abdominal area (syndrome X). Weight-bearing exercise is beneficial to retain bone cooking/hl/resources/article/0. The chemical changes in the brain brought about by exercise increase dopamine production levels and this is what accounts for a feeling of well being on a biochemical level. demonstrated that moderate physical activity is associated with higher bone mineral density in postmenopausal women. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

tPA can prevent heart attacks. Regular exercise reduces blood epinephrine (adrenaline) levels. Epinephrine. Research has demonstrated that low levels of fitness are the greatest risk factor to develop cardiovascular disease in men. a powerful vasodilator that we discussed in Chapter Ten. By breaking up small blood clots that form in the arteries. secreted by your adrenal medulla. All patients and controls exercised on a multi-stage bicycle ergometer. Patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) were studied to see the response of endothelin-1 plasma levels to dynamic exercise. Research has shown that exercise causes your body to produce its own clot-busting chemicals called tissue plasminogen activator (tPA). This benefit is an important factor in reducing cardiovascular disease. What they found was a 44 percent increase in tPA levels after 6 months of exercise training.432 Research shows aerobic exercise can lower blood pressure. strokes. Studies conducted on aerobic exercise show reduction in blood pressure for mild to moderate hypertension. Since exercise gives people more tPA. and improves your heart’s ability to pump blood. Tissue plasminogen activator was studied at the University of Washington on healthy men ranging in age from 27 to 74. is the principal blood pressure raising hormone in your body. mentioned some interesting research on exercise during one of his radio talk shows. A study conducted at Tulane University . The results demonstrated that patients with CAD had significant increases of endothelin-1 plasma levels during stress testing. it can save lives.324 EXERCISE AND BREATHING TECHNIQUES Tissue Plasminogen Activator Gary Null. and death. author of numerous books on nutrition.431 Endothelin-1 is a precursor to nitric oxide. Aerobic Exercise Physical activity has been associated with reduced blood pressure in observational epidemiologic studies and individual clinical trials.

or dance to some music at home. may be the perfect exercise. however. Research has demonstrated that type I diabetics who ran 1/2 to 1 hour 3 to 5 times a week lowered total cholesterol. and enhance circulation. and Vascular Biology 2002.22:1869-1876 and conducted by Dr. Their diastolic pressure went down.434 As little as 35 minutes of walking three times a week can be very beneficial in lowering blood pressure. After four months. those who had hypertrophy. it’s one of the safest things you can do with your body. The negative relationship between blood sugar problems and hypertension can be improved with exercise because it improves carbohydrate metabolism. Try to do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise four times a week.433 An increase in aerobic physical activity should be considered an important component of lifestyle modification for prevention and treatment of high blood pressure. Patients with severe hypertension rode a stationary bike three times a week. A study of hypertensive African-American men turned up some interesting results. Thus it can be useful in preventing type II diabetes. The intensity of the aerobic exercise was moderate. A study published in Arteriosclerosis. or gently jog in place while doing housework. the more motivated you will be to exercise. strengthen blood vessels. Even if you can’t jump into your workout shorts on a regular basis. were found to have a reduction of size in that ventricle. Ride a bike. or to play tennis or racquetball. Whatever you do. Go to a dance. Thrombosis. a dangerous enlargement of the left heart ventricle. Walking. Jog slowly instead of walking somewhere.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 325 concluded that aerobic exercise reduces blood pressure in both hypertensive and normotensive persons. The better you feel. as well as increase HDL. in fact. Invite your friends to go swimming. Keep moving and feel the benefits. 20 to 30 minutes of brisk walking or other aerobic exercise is even more effective. be consistent. a little exercise can help. Moderate intense physical activity can reduce blood pressure. and lowered LDL. It helps reduce total cholesterol and triglycerides. also known as insulin resistance. Run up the stairs instead of using the elevator. Church and his . raised HDL. Park a few blocks from your destination and walk. Timothy S. For starters.

. Dr. This does not mean you should not exercise if you are taking these medicines. Church stated that the relationship between CRP and physical activity in women is somewhat more complicated. Antihypertensive medications can interfere with exercise capacity. This can lead to mineral imbalances. Check with your physician about your individual health concerns before starting or altering any exercise program. Do not drink coffee or caffeineated beverages before exercising. This protein discussed in chapter 11 is linked to body-wide inflammation-a major cause of cardiovascular disease. If you are taking diuretics. Texas demonstrated that men with higher levels of CRP appear to have a higher than average risk of cardiovascular disease. but likely similar. and this can put an additional load on your heart and increase blood pressure. consult with your physician on how to balance medications with your other treatment active. Rather. and drink sufficient water to offset this situation. multi-minerals.justmove.cfm. Beta-blockers may cause fatigue and loss of endurance during exercise because they inhibit adrenaline. If you take diuretics it is important to take potassium. Working with your doctor and using natural supplements to wean yourself off drugs is the best approach. Exercise and natural supplements pack a powerful punch at lowering high blood pressure.326 EXERCISE AND BREATHING TECHNIQUES team of The Cooper Institute in Exercise Cautions There are some precautions to take if you have hypertension and are exercising.435 We have discussed research demonstrating that calcium channel blockers may not be advisable. These beverages can speed up your heart rate. Justmove. exercising in hot weather increases fluid excretion. The best drugs for active individuals are ACE inhibitors and calcium channel blockers. the AHA’s fitness website has guidelines to tell you whether you should get a checkup before you begin at www.

Douillard’s Exercise Program Body. We don’t want to constantly feel that we are in a fight or flight response. Dr. You will learn what exercises are right for you.436 The autonomic nervous system consists of the parasympathetic and the sympathetic components. Nose breathing calms the heart rate. We will learn more about the autonomic nervous system in Chapter Thirteen.438 Simply breathe in and out using your nose. even while walking or during daily activities. It also integrates the mind and body in a very profound way. We know that aromatherapy affects the mind and the emotions. This book will teach you how to get all the benefits of aerobic exercise without stressing your heart. which has a fight or flight effect on the body. you need less oxygen. Body. By maximizing your oxygen exchange. With a little practice. For the full story. Using the nose to breathe will remove stress. And Sport is a complete mind/body guide. and enliven the mind/body. Douillard calls this the Darth Vader breath. It also accesses the lower portion of the lungs where maximum oxygen exchange takes place. you can buy a copy in bookstores or check it out of your library. Nose breathing turns on the parasympathetic nervous system.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 327 Dr. this breathing technique becomes natural . Douillard describes a specific ayurvedic technique of breathing that keeps your heart rate low while you obtain the best results from exercise. so we want the parasympathetic nervous system to dominate. Mind. Nose Breathing Dr. and produce fewer free radicals during your exercise program. And Sport by Dr. while keeping your mouth closed and making a rasping sound with the air in the back of the throat as the air is inhaled and exhaled. John Douillard is an excellent book on exercise. Mind.437 Mouth breathing stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. Fewer free radicals helps prevent cholesterol deposits in the arteries. and has a calming and relaxing effect on the body.

I worked out about eight or nine times a week when I was on the gymnastics team and lifted weights at home. but I pushed myself too hard. Today my tendons and muscles still feel the painful results. In his book he explains exactly how to find your target pulse and set up your own personal exercise program. Mind. According to ayurvedic exercise principals you should not strain your physiology. and keep your heart and arteries healthier. you will feel like you are not getting enough air into your lungs but that’s the point. At first. my muscles were so fatigued I couldn’t lift my arms over my head. I did not know that straining led to poor physical conditioning. Nobody pushed me. Straining Leads to Poor Physical Conditioning Unfortunately. straining during my training to become stronger made my body weaker in the end. Douillard’s program. by the end of my workout. Accomplishing more with less effort is an ancient health principle. Even in high school I strained. A lower pulse rate will generate fewer free radicals.328 EXERCISE AND BREATHING TECHNIQUES during exercise. I have found that even walking using this technique produces a blissful feeling. This breathing technique is used as a monitor during the listening phase in Dr. And Sport. when I was an athlete on the gymnastics team at Southern Connecticut State College. This is why I highly recommend that you read Body. This breathing technique allows you to do more with less. If the scenery is enjoyable the senses benefit as well. Douillard says that you can run a 6-minute mile with a 135 pulse rate instead of a 180 pulse rate. I also did heavy weight training and gymnastic exercises. which you will learn later. Ironically. Many times. Exercise . Do Less and Accomplish More Dr. walking is excellent for digestion and the muscles. For example. Exercise does not have to be detrimental in any way. Take a tip from someone who learned the hard way that when it comes to exercise less can be more.

The Program Consists Of 3 Phases: 1) 2) 3) 4) The Warm-up (resting phase) Listening phase involving monitoring Performance phase The Warm down (resting phase-same as #1) Your Optimum Training Heart Rate Your target heart rate during the resting. warm-up and warm down in the example. Exercise should be fun. The formula is: OTR . we would calculate: 130 . warm-up and warm down phases. warm-up and warm down phases. Douillard recommends. and this would be the target heart rate for resting.30 = 100. You need to first find your OTR and the formula for that is: 220-(your age) + (your resting heart rate) divided by 2 For example. and your resting heart rate is 80. subtract thirty from your OTR.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 329 should balance your mind and body and give you a blissful feeling. 220 .40 + 80 divided by 2 = 130 as your OTR To find your target heart rate during the resting. Remember to consult your health care provider before you begin any exercise program.30 = target heart rate during the resting. Douillard’s Invincible Athletics tapes and can also be found in his book. Let’s take a look at some of the exercise guidelines that Dr.439 . warm-up and warm down phases involves your Optimum Training Heart Rate (OTR). In this example. The following information is taken from Dr. let’s say you are 40 years old.

with light interrupted sleep and insomnia. They have a tendency to worry and have anxiety.330 EXERCISE AND BREATHING TECHNIQUES Dr. This phase conditions you to perform from a level of rest. . This pumps nutrients in and wastes out. comfort. Let’s discuss the characteristics of each mind/body type. and awareness. Mental and physical energy comes in spurts. excitable and prone to mood changes. and Kapha which I will explain shortly. Figure out your mind/body type. The breathing technique prevents the body from experiencing oxygen debt later. and you will be able to select the proper warm-up time. add 10 BPM to OTR For Kapha types. Vata mind/ body types are enthusiastic. and imaginative. The ayurvedic mind/body types are also called doshas. breath. and peripheral circulation will become more effective. For Vata types. Blood lactate will be pumped out. the listening phase. They learn new ideas quickly and forget them just as quickly. Douillard also gives a body-type adjustment if your OTR is 60 beats per minute or fewer. He bases this on the three ayurvedic mind/ body types: Vata. add 5 Beats Per Minute (BPM) to OTR For Pitta types. Pitta. After this warm up phase of five to ten minutes you will move into the next phase. irregular hunger and digestion. add 15 BPM to OTR440 Dr. Vata types also tire easily. The Vata Mind/Body Type Vata mind/body types have a light and thin build.441 Dr. We will discuss these mind/body types in depth later in this chapter. Here you will monitor heart rate. form. which can be a physical expression of mental imbalances. and balance. During this phase you use the breathing technique and breathe very deeply in and out. Along with these mental attributes they are also prone to constipation. Douillard recommends that you keep your heart rate below 100 for the first five minutes. and have a tendency to overexert. Douillard discusses how much time you should spend for each phase of this program. vivacious.

Vata leads the other doshas. circulatory system. worry. When Vata is out of balance. The physical characteristics of the Pitta type are a medium build. and can be hotheaded. Pitta mind/body types like drinking cold beverages to offset their own heat. The strong . When stressed. and small intestines. and intolerance to cold. sound sleep. Dryness aggravates Vata conditions. normal elimination. non-specific fatigue. Pitta types have a tendency toward anger and irritability. especially in the digestive tract. muscles. and a sense of exhilaration. strong immunity. Pitta types have a very sharp digestion and this trait defines them. This type is affected by disorders such as anxiety. high blood pressure. A sharp mind and sharp speech are also characteristic.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 331 Vatas are the thinnest of the three mind/body types. food through the digestive tract. This includes the movement of the breath. so Pitta and Kapha imbalances can be precipitated by a Vata imbalance. and continuous thoughts that produce fear and insomnia. and nerve impulses. nervous disorders can arise. and burning bodily sensations. with tendons and veins standing out prominently. Pitta mind/body types are prone to skin flushing. Characteristics of a balanced Vata mind/body type are enthusiasm. and existing nervous disorders can get worse. proper formation of body tissues. Balanced Vata is also characterized by mental alertness. heat in the stomach. The Vata mind/ body type usually has bony joints. They have warm hands and feet. strength. they become upset. thus cracking joints are typical with many Vata types. They have intense hunger and thirst so if a meal is late or missed. Vata dosha is responsible for all movement in the body. liver. tension headaches. inflammation or an overactive metabolism. and energy. Their focused minds lead to sharp intellects that are enterprising and like challenges. and some are just thin. and endurance. Imbalanced Vata leads to constipation. happiness. Some have difficulty gaining weight and are chronically underweight.442 The Pitta Mind/Body Type Pitta dosha is hot. They generally have narrow shoulders and/or hips.

Their skin is usually ruddy and often freckled. and often oily skin. Kapha. smooth. or two doshas. but have a tendency to be possessive. Pitta mind/body types are prone to skin conditions including rashes. Vata-Kapha. Excess Pitta can create heartburn. Mentally they are slow to grasp new information. Pitta. Vata-Pitta. They may be bald or their hair may be thinning or receded. The hot colors of their physical characteristics reflect the hot fire of their digestive system. acne. and hemorrhoids. slow digestion.332 EXERCISE AND BREATHING TECHNIQUES heat and fire of their digestion creates an aversion to the sun and hot weather. All these conditions are associated with too much heat in the body. They are slow to anger. Pitta-Kapha. and forgiving. Their energy is steady and consistent. They are affectionate.443 The Kapha Mind/Body Type Kapha is the third single dosha mind/body type. They have a tranquil and relaxed disposition. or light brown and may have reddish undertones. tolerant. as opposed to Vata. plus one mind/body type that combines all three doshas. In general they are slow and satisfied with things in life. which comes in bursts of energy. Kapha and Vata have opposite characteristics. Kapha types have a good retentive memory. Kaphas have cool. and VataPitta-Kapha. . Kapha-Vata. Kapha types are solid and have a powerful build. a burning sensation in the intestines. good physical strength and endurance. Their hair is blond. red. Kapha-Pitta. thick. yet once details are learned. stomach ulcers. This mind/body type is the most stable emotionally. and inflammation. Kapha types have a tendency toward obesity. Combination Mind/Body Types Of course life is not as simple as one-two-three. Actually.444 We will see that there are actually ten mind/body types composed of one. and mild hunger. There are actually ten possible combinations of these types: Vata. Pitta-Vata.

Douillard’s program. Douillard’s Program Now that you have a general idea of mind/body types. Vata season from November to February. Pitta season is from July to October.445 . use that dosha time if your combination is one that is the same as the season. Mind/Body Types and Dr. John Douillard. the Pitta type at least fifteen minutes. if you are mostly vata. Pitta or kapha. There is a complete mind/body test on pages 62-65 of the book. Robert E. Your mind/body type indicates the minimum amount of time you should spend on each of the phases of exercise. then the season tells you what your time should be. then you may want to go with the Vata dosha guidelines. Ayurveda The Science of Self-Healing. Mind. However. having mostly Vata characteristics. Perfect Health also contains a mind/body type test. And Sport by Dr. High blood pressure can be caused by an imbalance in Vata. Other good books that discuss the mind/body types include Perfect Health by Dr. The book. by Dr. Vasant Lad has a mind-body test as well. since Vata leads the other doshas. Body. The expression will be different depending on the dosha causing it. Svoboda. Deepak Chopra and Prakruti by Dr. Listening Phase: The Vata type needs to stay at the listening phase for at least ten minutes. and Kapha season from March to June.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 333 When any or a combination of your doshas are out of balance it may lead to a disease. To learn more about how your mind/body type should exercise see the book. During a particular season. You can also call Maharishi Ayur-Ved Products at (800) 255-8332 to request a catalog and a free Maharishi Ayur-Ved mind-body test. and the Kapha type twenty minutes. If you are a combination of two doshas. you may feel more comfortable beginning Dr.

Now you will apply the formulas you learned. If a heart monitor were available. A heart monitor also acts as a biofeedback device. As you go over 130 beats per minute. As you become more aware of this point. He would have to exercise easily and monitor his heart rate. the opposite occurs. or twenty minutes of the listening phase depending on your mind/body type. Douillard’s techniques really are a mind body integration program. Instead of a heart monitor. During the listening phase. Stress starts to accumulate because 130 beats per minute is about 50% of your maximum heart rate. fifteen. he would keep his heart rate in the zone between 100 and 130. Douillard explains that you will become aware of when your body moves from balance and comfort to fatigue and exhaustion. That’s what you want. he would add a 0 to get 100 beats per minute.334 EXERCISE AND BREATHING TECHNIQUES Your Optimum Training Heart Rate is a Mind/Body Technique Remember your OTR. During the warm up or resting phase. . Keep your heart rate below 130 during the first ten. to help listen or tune into how hard the body is working. Dr. This awareness coupled with a heart monitor or taking your pulse is a perfect biofeedback combination to monitor your heart rate.446 If you take your pulse during the listening phase for 6 seconds and it is 13. For instance. Keeping your heart rate low is the most valuable part of this program. He could take it for six seconds and add a zero to get the beats per minute. Take again the example of a 40-year-old male. the heart rate would be 100. he could take his pulse on the carotid artery below his chin on the outside of his Adam’s apple. or Optimum Training Heart Rate. you will not go into the exhaustion state. if he counted 10 beats in six seconds. then the added 0 makes it 130. Douillard emphasizes that at under 130 beats per minute your mind and body are integrating and stress is being removed. he would use it.447 You can see that Dr. As he exercised more vigorously. he would have to monitor his heart rate to keep it below 130 beats per minute. Dr. Remember that you want to keep your resting heart rate under 130 and this is accomplished through the power of your awareness.

After a while. This phase builds up an oxygen reserve to help prevent oxygen debt later. Now you need to monitor heart rate. it’s fine.449 Dr. Even if your heart rate is below 100. Awareness can keep your heart rate under 130 beats per minute. Can you push harder. Douillard trains people to stay below this level. Be aware of how you feel. You have learned about the breathing techniques used during the listening phase to preserve this level. The blood lactate level begins to elevate at 130 beats per minute. The Warm Up Phase The three-phase workout consists of the resting. and the muscular system. Now you can practice an exercise program that doesn’t stress the heart and circulatory system. and performance phase. and awareness in the listening phase. Oxygen debt creates stress and injuries. breath. But back off when you reach your OTR (Optimum Heart Rate). form. it will. Many athletes who use this program correctly say they feel refreshed rather than fatigued from exercise. The warm up and warm down components.451 This program is invaluable for hypertensive patients because more oxygen allows you to have a lower heart rate. At 150 to 170 beats per minute. or do you need to go easier? Be aware of comfort . During the resting phase you initiate the activity. Douillard says that if you ask your body to do more. you will become attuned to what it feels like to go from balance to exhaustion and fatigue.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 335 You want to make sure you do not get into oxygen debt. Here you will use the sun salutation. a series of flexion and extension postures that take five to ten minutes. This is a set of yoga postures that integrate the breath. both use the sun salutation. but the pace is easy.450 Let’s look at the warm-up phase. awareness.448 Your body can deal with blood lactate properly at about 20 to 40 beats higher than 130 beats per minute. It’s just a matter of listening and conditioning yourself to what is happening in your body. That’s why Dr. listening. nutrients aren’t getting properly utilized and waste products can’t be disposed of efficiently. nervous system. the resting phase. The two components of the warm down phase are a very complete way to end your workouts.

452 This is an ancient ayurvedic exercise to enliven mind/body balance. Whenever you reach up. I don’t know of any other warm up that has a mind/ body component like this. Your performance goes up while the physiological indicators go down. The combination of . The Sun Salutation is a perfect warm up and warm down exercise. Each posture or position should be held for at least five seconds. go back to the resting phase and end with the sun salutation. which you will learn in detail a little later. moving as fast as possible in an effortless way. Douillard. flexibility. It is done very slowly with nasal breathing. The less stress you put on your heart. hamstrings and quadriceps. arching back. and fifteen seconds is even better. Douillard believes that the sun salutation increases the strength. Using this exercise program will create joy and balance in your physiology. pectorals and trapezius. while keeping awareness on the part of the body being contracted or stretched. and stay in this phase for the correct time based on your body type. it will get you ready to exercise. Examples of pairs of opposing muscles are your biceps and triceps. Warming Up Warming up is an essential part of any exercise program. Here you will attain mind/body integration. According to Dr. Dr. your breath will be breaking up adhesions in the lower back and the lungs. and endurance of every single muscle group in the body. Inhale when you extend the body and exhale when you contract the body.336 EXERCISE AND BREATHING TECHNIQUES and balance. It is called reciprocal innovation. Now. go on to the performance phase. The breath is used in the sun salutation exercise to coordinate the mind and body. especially as you get older. This is stress-free exercise. this will not only break up old adhesions. As you feel comfort and balance. Muscle groups work in pairs and the brain must relax one of the muscles of the pair for the other to contract. Nose Breathing and the Sun Salutation The sun salutation is used for the warm up and warm down phases. Stress is being released and a feeling of well being is achieved. the more benefits exercise will yield. Both contraction and relaxation must take place for muscle movement to occur. even as the pace increases.

(Figure: 12-2 Raised arm position) . Your hands are in front of your body. Salutation position: Stand in an erect position. Exhale. arch your back. in front of your chest. (Figure: 12-1 Salutation Position) 2. extend your hands over your head.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 337 extension and contraction coordinated with breathing will balance your mind and body as no other exercise can. in prayer position. relaxing your neck. weight balanced equally on both feet. lengthen your spine. pushing your hips out. palms together. The Twelve Positions of the Sun Salutation Exercise 1. Raised arm position: Inhaling.

Lift your head. bend your body forward and down as you lengthen your spine. extend your right leg back and drop your knee to the ground. and arch your back to extend your spine. (Figure: 12-3 Hand to foot position) 4. Your front foot is flat on the floor and placed between your hands. Equestrian position: Inhaling. (Figure: 12-4 Equestrian position) .338 EXERCISE AND BREATHING TECHNIQUES 3. and look up. Keep your elbows and shoulders relaxed. Hand to foot position: Exhaling. Note: the same leg is forward for steps 4 and 9. Let your knees bend as needed while bringing your hands to the floor. chin back.

Keep your shoulders back. and chin. Raise your hips up into an even inverted “V” position. and stretch toward the floor with your legs and arms. Try to keep your feet flat if possible. hands. Allow all parts of your body that are supposed to be on the ground to make contact with it: both sets of toes.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 339 5. Continue into the next pose. Eight limbs position: Gently lower both knees to the ground then lower your chest and chin to the ground. (Figure: 12-6 Eight limbs position) . bring your left leg back to meet the right. (Figure: 12-5 Mountain position) 6. knees. Weight is supported on your hands and feet. chest. Mountain position: Exhaling.

Allow your shoulders to be sunken and relaxed. Look up and back. (Figure: 12-8 Mountain position) . and stretch toward the floor with your legs and arms. Cobra position: Inhaling.340 EXERCISE AND BREATHING TECHNIQUES 7. (Figure: 12-7 Cobra position) 8. Your weight is supported on your hands and feet. Mountain position: Exhaling. Push backward with your arms and keep your feet in one place. Keep your shoulders back. try to keep your feet flat if possible. raise your hips up into an even inverted “V” position. push your chest up keeping the elbows close to your sides while extending your spine.

and arch your back as to extend your spine. Equestrian position: Inhaling. (Figure: 12-9 Equestrian position) 10. (Figure: 12-10 Hand to foot position) . Hand to foot position: Exhaling. Keep your elbows and shoulders relaxed. your fingertips are in line with your toes. repeat position 4 in reverse. hands touching the floor. and look up. chin back. Step forward with your left leg and place your foot flat on the ground between your hands.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 341 9. repeat position 3. and let your knees bend if needed. in reverse. bend down from the waist. bring your right leg forward. Note: the same leg is forward for step 4 and 9. Rest your left knee on the ground. Lift your head.

342 EXERCISE AND BREATHING TECHNIQUES 11. lift your chest and look straight ahead. lengthen your spine. as you bring them together in front of your chest in prayer position. Raised arm position: Inhaling. (Figure: 12-11 Raised arm position) 12. stand up. and arch your back. Your feet are together. Vertically lengthen your spine and neck. This time your hands will be lowered. pushing your hips out. repeat position 1 in reverse. (Figure: 12-12 Salutation position) . and relax your whole body. Salutation position: Exhaling. extend your hands over your head. relaxing your neck.

You can also perform position 7. and hips. and lengthen your feet away from your pelvis. Allow your legs to turn out. Relax your head. You may need healing in that area. The sun salutation activates marma points. shoulders. repeat steps 1 through 12 but put the other leg back during step 4. If your attention goes to a specific part of your body. Marma points are all over the body. Keep the hands in the same place during steps 3 to 9. For a few minutes. Hold the position for as long as 15 four. John Douillard’s programs of Invincible Athletics. To finish the round. by itself. which are junction points between consciousness and matter. neck. and your gentle awareness on that part of the body has this benefit. From a prone position inhale into the position and hold your breath. a total of three. Exhale back into the prone position. and turn your palms up. You can also do three or six with one leg forward and then do the same number of half-rounds with the other leg forward. and forward during step 9. close your eyes. the cobra. relax and breathe freely. you can rest on your back for a few minutes. By activating these subtle points. Steps 1-12 compose one half of a round of the sun salutation. you create healing from a very deep level. Remember. Chiropractic. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. or nine times if comfortable. just be with it. Relax your body. This is a very powerful posture to lower hypertension. As you extend and contract your body. Allow your arms to rest loosely next to your body. including his health spa. Look up during the posture and keep in your awareness that this posture is lowering your blood pressure in a relaxed manner. These postures represent the different positions of the sun during various times of the day. This creates balance and healing. . Work slowly up to 6 rounds. please visit the web site www.lifespa.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 343 After completing your last round of the sun salutation for the warm down. have your awareness on the point of extension or contraction. seven. the sun salutation and all exercise performed with the parasympathetic breathing will create greater balance and integration between your mind and body. and Ayurveda. For more information on Dr.

Exercise equipment can be exciting.455 . rasping in the throat. and you will not feel fatigued. If part of your body develops a pain. do not push through it. Remember. What a powerful combination for health this is! Imagine that while you are getting the benefits of exercise. These four monitors are heart rate. Keep trying to reestablish comfort. you will move into the performance phase. Eventually. You should slow the pace down in any sport when the form deteriorates. For example. Douillard’s program is that form follows function. reestablish the comfortable rate and then start to work out faster. When these monitors are in the correct range. Exercise without distractions keep the mind and body connected. Eventually your exhalation will naturally become much longer than your inhalation. If we add stress to function. which we will learn in Chapter Thirteen. Start your breathing with four counts in and four counts out. As soon as your breath increases. and awareness. form. back off. but the techniques of this program stimulate your own internal reward system. you want to keep the heart rate under 130 beats per minute. Your breathing is done through the nose only. you can extend this to eight counts in and eight counts out.454 Listen to your awareness. your breath rate will also increase. so slow down your pace. Back off as much as necessary to feel comfortable. you are pushing too hard. instead of fast paced exercise. with perfect form you will need fewer strokes in swimming. The awareness of your breath will give you instant feedback of how enjoyable it feels to do the technique correctly. Just back off. breath rate. Always reestablish form as needed. Use the same concept with your heart rate as well. Enjoyment will motivate you to continue using the technique. If your breathing becomes labored. you are also balancing your blood pressure in many more ways than traditional exercising methods could ever offer. A tenet of Dr.344 EXERCISE AND BREATHING TECHNIQUES The Four Monitors of the Listening Phase The three-phase workout has four monitors in the listening phase. These two aspects are correlated – as your heart rate increases. Breathe at a comfortable pace.453 This is similar to the parasympathetic breathing technique. Moderation will lead to endurance. our form will break down.

or whatever. Chang Gung . If you can curl 110 pounds one time. He also recommends 2 to 3 sets of between 8 and 15 repetitions (reps). Tai Chi was practiced four times a week for thiry minutes. Then take a complete rest. You then use 5 to 10 minutes of the sun salutation as a warm down. after a month if you can curl 120 pounds one time. You can stay in this phase at any level for as long as you like – a week. Use a heart monitor for weight lifting because you will push hard lifting. just maintain it and you will experience the feeling of well being and effortlessness. A study presented to the American Heart Association in March of 1998 showed that Tai Chi lowered systolic and diastolic blood pressure. During this time period you observe the resting phase parameters and keep your heart rate below 100 beats per minute. Dr.456 Tai Chi Lowers Blood Pressure Tai Chi is a gentle exercise system from China with slow and fluid movements. Then. This is exactly the same as the warm up phase. then you should do curls with 55 lbs. Weight Lifting For weight lifting. A study conducted at the Department of Physical Therapy. Use the above program for all aerobic exercise. Whatever your level of comfort. The feeling of discomfort will be dissolved as you continue this program. and breath. balance. The Warm Down Phase Now you are ready for the warm down phase. a month. so it is harder to be able to monitor your heart rate internally. Douillard recommends the 50% concept. You will spend 5 to 10 minutes in the resting phase as your warm down. increase your training weight to 60 lbs. The same feeling of comfort and balance that you attained in the listening phase will now continue in the performance phase.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 345 The Performance Stage Now you are going to move into the performance stage.

. Work up to 5-30-5 in the sequence. As you feel more comfortable. demonstrated that the group practicing Tai Chi Chuan (TCC) had higher levels of plasma nitric oxide metabolite than the sedentary group at rest and after exercise. Taiwan. Brisk Walking Here is a brisk walking routine that you can use to progress at your own pace. Lung. If you get tired of a particular week’s pattern. Warm Up Walk normally 5 min. Week 1 Repeat the above pattern three times for the first week. This exercise is modified from Exercise and Your Heart. You can apply the techniques that you have learned from Dr. There is no rush to complete the patterns in a specified time. NIH Publication No. Continue adding 2 minutes to the Target Zone Exercising time each week as long as you are comfortable. this change may be partially mediated by enhancement of nitric oxide release. 93-1677.457 Remember that nitric oxide lowers blood pressure by dilating blood vessels. Cool Down Time Then walk normally for 5 min. just enjoy the process. Target Zone Exercising Then walk briskly for 5 min. Douillard’s program. Moreover. eventually work up to 60 minutes in the Target Zone Exercising time. and Blood Institute and the American Heart Association. They concluded that older TCC practitioners had higher cutaneous microcirculatory function during exercise than did their sedentary counterparts.346 EXERCISE AND BREATHING TECHNIQUES University. Continue with at least three exercise sessions during each week of the program. Total 15 min. Taipei. National Heart. stay with it for another week before moving on to the next pattern.

REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 347 You can even do the sun salutations before the Warm Up and after the Cool Down Time in this program. . Remember to monitor your pulse and breath rate as you learned earlier in this chapter.

Chapter Thirteen Breathing Exer ercise A Taoist Breathing Exercise to Balance the Parasymphatetic Nervous System he Taoist breathing technique described in this chapter can be used by itself and also incorporated into the energy healing exercises and acupressure points that you will learn later. The breath stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. by Dr. The Complete System of Self-Healing. 348 . Easily hold your breath for 10 seconds. simply varying the three phases of breath can reduce blood pressure. This technique comes from the book. Slowly exhale for 15 seconds through your nose. you may find it hard to hold your breath for 10 seconds. T How to Perform the Taoist Breathing Exercise To perform the Taoist Breathing Exercise. Do nine repetitions in a relaxed manner. 3. At first. According to this ancient Taoist System of health. Stephen Chang. follow these steps: 1. With practice. or spend 15 seconds breathing out. you will be able to do this exercise without difficulty. Gently try again. Inhale for 5 seconds through your nose. 2.

Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous Systems The parasympathetic nervous system activates the “rest and repair” systems of your body. This relieves stress because your mind is no longer centered on what you have to do. instead of becoming frustrated. Remember to inhale and exhale through your nose. Practice this breathing technique anytime it feels comfortable – while copying files on your computer. waiting for water to boil. Both these techniques yield profound results. and lowering blood pressure. You will feel the difference. Now that you have tried the technique. . and the exhalation is the longest part. such as assimilating. This breathing technique is so enjoyable. I guarantee that you will think the light turns green too soon. breaking down. here is the explanation of why it works. Let yourself heal from nature’s intelligence inside your body. or even while taking your blood pressure. Be easy with this exercise. What a simple and effective technique! You learned a very similar technique in Chapter Twelve. In time you will be able to increase the length of each phase. or whenever you have a lull in activity. This Taoist breathing technique centers your thinking as well so you experience life in the present time. do a few repetitions of this breathing technique. You can also do it for prevention when you are already relaxed. This includes digestion. If you are still thinking about what you have to do. You can do this technique several times a day. and immunity.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 349 The inhalation is the shortest part. During times free from external problems or stress the body takes care of its internal needs. holding the breath is longer. and never strain. sitting in the doctor’s office. etc. When you are waiting for a red light to change. rebuilding. elimination. it will be more in the background and not have such a stressful effect on you. Use it throughout the day when you feel stress.

Stimulating the sympathetic nervous system will increase blood pressure and heartbeat. the body will heal itself and turn off stress hormones. Stimulating the sympathetic nervous system does the opposite. both should shift to a slower rhythm under stress. Using this breathing technique cultures your heart rate to follow your breath rate. Because the heart rate is intimately connected to the sympathetic nervous system.460 Anger. Over time. Turning off these hormones has specific value in reducing high blood pressure and may also prevent a heart attack. you need to reduce the sympathetic nervous system’s influence. rage. or fear is accompanied by widespread activation of the sympathetic nervous system. the other one is simultaneously turned off.461 The sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system operate reciprocally. It may also decrease stress hormones produced in the adrenal glands – these hormones accelerate aging and degenerative diseases. which lowers blood pressure. 458 It increases blood pressure because it produces vasoconstriction of your blood vessels. The body takes advantage of a good thing – if you set the stage for growth and repair. Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system decreases the heart and respiration rate. The Taoist breathing technique is a step in the right direction. but if you already have a narrowing of the arteries due to cholesterol deposits this doubling effect can be dangerous. This breathing technique will habituate your parasympathetic nervous system to balance the sympathetic response.459 The parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems are part of the autonomic nervous system. . if you turn one on. Your emotions are intimately related to the autonomic nervous system. Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system is crucial to this healing process. The sympathetic nervous system works in an opposing manner by turning on the “fight or flight” response. Therefore.350 A TAOIST BREATHING EXERCISE Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system generally dilates blood vessels. This constriction can raise blood pressure by itself.

not your chest. and your inward breath will have a full flow. 4. Like the expansion and contraction of the rhythms of nature as the universe blows in you expand. author of The Way Of Energy. 3. from about 1 1/4 inches below your navel. According to Master Lam Kam Chuen. Dr. Imagine that the universe is blowing breath into you with each inhalation. . Feel this universal breath penetrate into every cell of your body.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 351 Let Yourself be Breathed Let Yourself be Breathed is the name of an exercise presented in Andrew Weil’s newsletter Self Healing. The abdomen should be moving up and down. This will allow you to relax. May 1998. 5. Experience yourself as a passive recipient of each breath. and observe your breath. and withdrawing it with each exhalation. as the universe withdraws you deflate. Close your eyes. Hold this perception through 10 breath cycles. It is a very simple exercise with profound effects. a book about Chi Kung exercises. Concentrating on the inhalation will cause you to tense up. let your arms rest next to your body. you should concentrate on the exhalation when breathing.462 This exercise can enliven your awareness of the intimate connection you have with the universe. 1. This exercise is very calming and integrating to your mind/body. 2. Weil likes to practice it first thing in the morning or as he is falling asleep at night. Remember to breathe from your abdomen.

Your arms should make a circle. Balancing your internal energy and removing blockages to the reservoir of energy allows the innate intelligence in your body to repair and rejuvenate parts and systems that are not optimally functioning. W Heart Energizing Exercise The Heart Energizing Exercise is a very easy and powerful exercise. arms level with your shoulders. Feel an energy current between your fingers. it activates the healing response. and after a while. Let’s look at some energy healing exercises that allow the internal flow of healing energy to reverse hypertension. which strengthens the cardiovascular system. You may keep your eyes focused on your fingers. Healing a cut and healing the cardiovascular system are both very natural processes. Begin in either a sitting or standing position.Chapter Fourteen Energy Energy Healing Techniques Energy is the Basis of Your Physical Health e are all composed of matter and energy. fingertips almost touching with just a little space between them. experience that energy moving from the left hand up the left 352 . Maintenance of good health and reversal of ill health require the free flow of energy to all “matter” in your body. or gently close them. As energy flows.

The energy naturally flows from the hands into the area of the body that needs healing. As in all natural healing systems. a safe and gentle energy healing system. University of Texas demonstrated a . Do it for as long as you comfortably can. heart and then down the right arm.463 I do it for four minutes. as you practice the exercise. (Figure: 14-1) Carotid Artery Position The next energy healing exercise is a variation of the carotid artery position used in Reiki. one time per day. A study using Reiki at the School of Nursing. This cycle continues automatically. This exercise involves laying the hands on a part of the body or area that needs energy balancing. It may be more comfortable for you doing the exercise on your back. the healing response is stimulated.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 353 arm. You can do it for four minutes or longer each time. Energy usually flows out from the right side of your body and in from the left side. Cells involved in bodily processes can remember how they functioned before you developed high blood pressure. All heart functions are strengthened and revitalized by this exercise. Repeat up to three times. in order to take the strain off your arm muscles. As the body part or area takes in more energy. strengthening the lungs. the body’s memory of how it was created to function perfectly is enlivened.

and it can learn not to send them again. Remember that high blood pressure is a symptom of a deeper underlying imbalance. fingers pointing upward next to your chest. They do not correct the underlying cause. with the hands turned horizontally instead of vertically. Move heels slightly apart so that your palms are on the thick muscle on the sides of your neck. Start with your hands together.464 As the energy in your body becomes more balanced the intelligence in your body stops sending signals to boost blood pressure. seven. or nine minutes. move your fingers away from each other and wrap your hands around your neck on a slightly upward angle. Have your awareness on the carotid area in a relaxed manner. Utilizing energy healing to normalize blood pressure is effective and relaxing. We will use a variation of the actual way this hand position is done. The intelligence inherent in your mind/body can correct the mistakes that are causing imbalances that manifest as high blood pressure. The carotid artery monitors blood pressure via the carotid sinus. Next. whichever feels right for you. This type of correction is not accomplished by prescription medications. keeping the heel of your hands together. but imbalance persists. Do this for at least three. because it is difficult to do on yourself in the same way you would do it on another person. This is the carotid artery position. Obviously. knowing that balancing the energy on the carotid sinus will normalize your blood pressure. with the heels of your hands in the front of your neck. Drugs work by preventing the signal to boost blood pressure from getting delivered. found where the neck and jaw meet at the back of the jaw region. your body didn’t always send these signals. the hand position will be turned from the Reiki position. .354 ENERGY HEALING TECHNIQUES significant drop in systolic blood pressure and anxiety in subjects.465 You can also use the parasympathetic breathing exercise while you practice this technique. This position works on the carotid artery and carotid sinus by stimulating the innate intelligence in the carotid sinus to balance your blood pressure. but still cover the same area. and often produce side effects. To make it easier.

REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 355 Heel of Hands Fingers wrap around carotid artery on side of neck. let the line go by giving a gentle flicking motion with your hand. and continue tracing this line a few inches past your small finger. The part of this system known as the externals will work directly on the carotid artery. down the neck onto the shoulder. Continue down the outside of your right arm. Janet Di Giovanna. behind the right ear. Use breathing technique for 9 repetitions (Figure: 14-2) Axiatonal Process-The Externals This next energy healing exercise is from the energy technology known as Axiatonal Process. strengthen the heart. developed this system. This is the most complete system of energy healing that I know. you will also balance your blood pressure. which we discussed earlier. Trace a line from the top of your head. a healer previously mentioned in Chapter Four. keeping them together as you move down the axiatonal line. Trace with four fingers. Start by putting the fingers of your left hand on the top of your head just behind the ear. and enliven the heart meridian. . After you are past the finger by a few inches. By balancing and strengthening these aspects of your physiology.

and then the left.356 ENERGY HEALING TECHNIQUES Trace the line three to nine times on each side of your body. Axiatonal meridian lines interface with acupuncture meridians and exchange biological intelligence. then exhale slowly as your fingers move down your arm. Inhale from the top of the head to the shoulder. holding your breath there for a second. This axiatonal line is a very powerful energy meridian and is a channel for subtle energy and intelligence to flow. keeping your fingers on the body. Trace slowly. There is a connection point or juncture where they meet to exchange this information. then the right. You can also incorporate the parasympathetic breathing exercise with a slight change into this procedure. and it is also stimulated by this axiatonal line. now trace the line with the right hand on the left arm. you will begin to feel energy moving down your arm. etc. on expansion and contraction of this axiatonal line.467 . Have the awareness in your fingers as you are moving energy.466 (Figure: 14-3) The acupuncture heart meridian ends on the inside of the small finger of each hand. The breathing technique used here has a powerful effect on enlivening mind/body healing. Here the breathing technique works with specific rhythms of nature. After a while. I alternate one repetition on the left.

and an effective system of health care that anyone can use. The exercises are simple. enjoyable. The influence of stress on gross and subtle levels disconnects us from our innermost being. they actually enliven a resonance (frequency) that is already inherent within your mind/body. . and spiritual.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 357 The axiatonal lines form a network or grid that enlivens the healing process on all levels – physical. To calm down a rapid heart beat: Touch the top of your head with the index finger of your right hand.470 You can also just hold your hand over your heart. It balances and frees up blocked energy. You can hold these positions for at least one minute or as needed.469 To release emotional-nervousness: Just hold one inch below your breastbone until you feel a release. This empowers you to heal from a very deep level. demonstrates simple internal exercises to lower blood pressure. Here are a few energy-healing positions to balance factors that contribute to hypertension. As these lines are repaired.471 and to balance the sympathetic nervous system. then switch the position of your thumb and palm. Master Lam Kam Chuen. powerful.468 On one level energy healing is the removal of energy blocks to promote the flow of the natural healing process. Kidneys: Just put your hands on your hips. author of The Way of Energy.472 I highly recommend this book. mental. Chi Kung Chi Kung utilizes preventive and therapeutic postures from the Chinese system of health care. and hold the left hand over your thyroid gland at the base of the neck. This system reestablishes the biological flow of intelligence to promote healing and wellness. Mastering the Chinese Art of Internal Strength with Chi Kung Exercise. but has to be remembered. emotional.

Put pressure on the points for at least 10 to 30 seconds or longer.Chapter Fifteen Acupressure and Reflexology Points ccording to Chinese medicine. life energy. and it is comfortable. acupuncture meridians are channels that carry Chi. Use as much pressure as you can tolerate. and apply pressure in an easy relaxed manner. or put your third finger over the index finger in order to exert more pressure or you can use your thumb. one inch on either 358 A . The following are pressure points I have found especially important for improving cardiovascular functioning: (1) The heart neuro-lymphatic points. In order to promote this flow. Massage these two points. you have to enliven these points by applying pressure to them. This electromagnetic energy maintains health by keeping a balanced flow of life energy to all areas of your body. you may treat yourself two or three times per day. without causing excessive pain. If you have the time. Use your index finger or third finger. throughout your body. Treat all points at least once a day. Know that you are lowering your blood pressure. which are located between the 2nd and 3rd ribs. Blocks or leaks in a meridian impede the free flow of this energy. The resulting imbalance will have a negative impact on your health.473 Have your awareness on the pressure point you are treating. The acupressure points are located along the meridians. and act like switches to stop energy leaks and also restore energy flow as needed.

massaging these points stimulates the body to restore normal cardiac functioning and can decrease or eliminate palpitations. Push forward and upward toward the bridge of your nose.474 It may seem peculiar that the same points can benefit two such disparate systems as the heart and the gums. your breastbone. Between second and third ribs near the sternum (Figure: 15-1) (2) Ear pressure point.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 359 side of the sternum. dizziness. Inflammation of your gums can also be a sign of inflammation elsewhere in the body that can damage your cardiovascular system. I also add 4 to 7 repetitions of the parasympathetic breathing technique (see Chapter Thirteen). and bleeding gums. author of Touch For Health. .475 When I practice this. I hold both of these points in the ears at the same time for four minutes. This is a very useful point for lowering blood pressure. According to Dr. While holding these points. hawthorn berries and coenzyme Q10. but as you learned in Chapter Ten both the heart and gums are strengthened by the same nutritional supplements. shoulder and chest pains. Thie.

heart.476 This point is located above the jawbone. Kidneys These are dual and are located at the superior distal end of the cheekbones just in front of each ear Artheriosclerosis. which sometimes have serious side effects.360 ACUPRESSURE AND REFLEXOLOGY POINTS Ear Treatment Point (Figure: 15-2) (3) Kidney-brain contact point. You certainly don’t want your health to deteriorate to the point where you are dependent on diuretics. Pressing it on a regular basis will stimulate the kidneys to work more efficiently. and touching the front of the ear (Figure: 15-3 & 4) . and possibly forestall the need for diuretic drugs. veins Located against the hinge of each jawbone.

it’s more common to recommend changes in diet or taking supplements to remove plaque or strengthen arteries. Massage each side in multiples of nine. Remember. thirty-six. then breathe out as you are stroking downward. Massage in a downward fashion on the carotid artery. (Figure: 15-5) . Start by placing a thumb on one side of the thick muscle of the neck. as you begin to feel more balanced. The carotid artery monitors blood pressure. though. It seems strange to recommend massaging an acupressure point to eliminate hardening of the arteries. See figures 3 & 4 for points. (5) Carotid artery. lightly pressing with the thumb and fingers. Allow yourself to let go and relax. Massaging this acupressure point can also strengthen your heart muscles and heart valves because it stimulates the intelligence that is at the command of your mind/body. or eighty-one times. and the fingers on the other side at the top of the artery under the jawbone. have the awareness that your blood pressure is normalizing.477 Stimulating them can help reverse arteriosclerosis. These points are located below the jawbone. twenty-seven. Breathe in and hold.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 361 (4) Heart and valve points. you have tremendous healing power in your body. adjacent to the front of the ears.

All of these points have a balancing and normalizing effect on blood pressure. narrow blood vessels. Massaging the kidney reflexology point on a regular basis can balance and strengthen kidney function. which regulate blood sugar. Secretions from the adrenals control blood pressure and blood sugar. which regulate mineral levels in the cell and sex hormones. without having to use diuretic drugs.478 right venous blood The left “X” is located in the axilla of the left arm at the highest point one can comfortably touch against these ribs. kidney. left arterial blood (Figure: 15-6) (7) Heart. These points affect venous and arterial blood. There is a relationship between the pressure that builds up in the walls of the heart and the flow of blood through the coronary vessels. Press other points on both hands. Massaging the adrenal gland point regularly is very important because the adrenal glands are greatly affected by stress. The adrenal cortex secretes cortisol and hydrocortisone. the adrenal medulla secretes quick acting stress hormones. and also help relieve lymphatic congestion. adrenal. and nervous system points on hands. mineral corticoids. which speed up the heart. The contact on the right “X” is the same as under the left arm. When under pressure. right side & arterial blood left side. Heart points are on the left hand only. and raise blood pressure and blood sugar.362 ACUPRESSURE AND REFLEXOLOGY POINTS (6) Venous blood. which have an effect on regulating sodium and potassium. . such as epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine (noradrenaline).

Issue 10. This has a balancing effect on the heart because the heart meridian runs along the inside of the small finger. appeared in Alternative Medicine Digest. see figure 157 and 15-8. (Figure: 15-8) . from the base of the finger toward the nail. and ends at the posterior corner of the nail. then press just below the inside corner of the nail at a 45 degree angle for ten seconds. 1995. A variation of this technique. one at a time. then massage ten more strokes.479 I do ten massage strokes. I have read that pressing the small finger on the left hand or biting the tip of the finger on the corner of the nail has stopped heart attacks.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 363 Nerves Heart Adrenals Kidney (Figure: 15-7) (8) Inside of the small finger on both hands. Massage them. which we will explore.

Chang systematized it for greater benefit. Next. Press hand first (H8). According to Dr. While in bed. 2.480 Left Side Only Heart (H8) Heart (H2) (Figure: 15-9) The acupressure massages recommended above should be practiced regularly for maximum benefit. or a restaurant.364 ACUPRESSURE AND REFLEXOLOGY POINTS (9) Blood pressure points on hand & elbow. legs. back and forth. Here’s an exercise that can improve circulation: Toe Wiggling and Body Stretching. stretch your arms.481 Many people (and animals) already practice a variation of it. 1. or even watching commercials. but Dr. and repeat a few times. so can be practiced any time or place. move the big toe. . and feet. The Complete System of Self-Healing. Dr. in any order. In his book. Wiggle your big toes back and forth several times. The next time you’re waiting in a checkout line. they are brief. and rest a moment before getting up. Stretching helps break up toxins and restores proper circulation to muscles and tissues. use your time productively by practicing these exercises. Stephen Chang recommends this exercise upon rising for patients with high blood pressure. then near elbow (H2). Be free about it. or at an airport. As with many of the exercises in this book. Chang. back. moving the big toe stimulates nerves throughout the body.

Place the right fingertips (finger pads) on the heart attack victim’s 5th thoracic vertebra (the first thoracic is the vertebra with the bump at the bottom of the neck). Doctors have used Ki-Iki-Jutsu successfully on 12 patients. According to Glen King. 484 This system allows Chi to flow naturally along the acupuncture meridians. Chang emphasizes paying attention to the toe movement. This exercise stimulates them. Using your left hand. Dr. This prompt action has consistently stopped heart attacks in progress. as well as energy healing techniques and breathing exercises. Wiggle your toes twelve times.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 365 3. cardiologists have verified the effectiveness of this technique. You will learn about acupuncture points in Chapter Sixteen. so that the movement becomes a sort of meditation as well. The end of Chapter Sixteen includes a summary of all acupressure. director of the Glen King Institute for Better Health in Dallas. pain.482 There are reflex points all over the feet that correspond to the whole body. Texas. A person on the verge of cardiac arrest can be shifted into a state with no sign of heart arrhythmia. so it can benefit the entire physiology.483 (Figure: 15-10) Ki-Iki-Jutsu is a technique that could save a life if you or someone else has a heart attack. hold the little finger of the patient’s left hand for three or four minutes. reflexology. . or discoloration within 2 minutes. and acupuncture points.

and is becoming widely accepted by Americans as we learn more about it. Topics included in these writings are acupuncture. Chinese medicine has been used for more than twenty-three centuries.485 Chinese medicine views each part of the body in relation to the whole. as in western medicine.487 Acupuncture alone is a very effective system of healing.Chapter Sixteen Acupuncture – The Art of Chinese Medicine cupuncture has been used successfully and with long-range results in improving hypertension. Modern research at the University of California at Irvine demonstrates that a needle inserted A 366 . including cardiovascular disease. and exercise. and it may also be beneficial in lowering sympathetic nerve activity. diet.486 Writings on acupuncture date back 4500 years. Imbalance or disharmony is corrected. doctors are learning acupuncture and integrating it into their traditional practice. This integration of East and West will ultimately have a great effect on our perception of health. and is a comprehensive form of healthcare. manipulation and massage. Traditional Chinese medicine still adheres largely to the wisdom contained in these works. rather than suppressed. It treats a wide variety of symptoms and diseases. Acupuncture is now accepted by the National Institutes of Health. hydrotherapy. sun and air therapy. herbalism. Today.

it does not have the same effect. The same is true for homeopathy. there are. operates in terms of correspondence.492 Chinese Medicine. like Ayurvedic Medicine. but nevertheless needing to be maintained. Chinese Medicine. dry and wet. like works with like.488 People are recognized as beings with self-aware minds that are projected into physical form. resilient. the individual is a miniature universe. which seeks out a disease and then a treatment to suppress the symptom. health is the result of the proper balance of contending forces. Quite a difference from Western Medicine. Everything is relational and interconnected. has an effect on the seeing part of the brain. hot and cold.490 Chinese medicine is a function of nature. summer and winter – which give rise to life. and exercise (Tai Chi and Qi Gong) to recover and preserve health. psyche and soma). The body is seen as a mechanical unit composed of smaller and smaller units. our own sensitive ecology. food. of cosmic and terrestrial forces. as a machine. No other acupuncture pathways between the foot and the eyes have been found. views the human body as an ecosystem. As a wise gardener looks to the root to balance or correct a problem in the plant. and the dynamics of human nature. a diagnosis finds the imbalance. S/he consists of a fusion or integration of heaven and earth.493 According to Chinese Medicine. Modern medicine pictures the world.489 Unseen and seen are mutually valid and cogenerative (that is. it is the polar forces – yin and yang. a reductionist view. If the needle is moved near the point. . and the treatment is designed to restore balance. In Chinese Medicine. based on nature. The human being is seen as a microcosm of the macrocosm. which corresponds to the eyes.494 In this system. a Chinese doctor utilizes acupuncture.491 The world is a single unbroken wholeness. Heaven and Earth. or Tao. others in reflexology. In acupuncture. The Eastern view is quite different. We each have our own terrain. which is part of the same science of health as acupuncture. but not on it. and thus the body. that exists within. the organism is viewed as having the ability to respond to a wide variety of challenges while maintaining equilibrium. herbs. observing natural patterns. its model is the natural world. however. massage (Tui Na).REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 367 into a certain acupuncture point on the foot.

He discovered that the structure and function of these lines of energy was different from those of the lymphatic. All levels of human existence are comprised of replicated universal patterns. His experiments showed that meridians are pathways of energy. as well as to modern holistic health care systems. Experiments have shown that the meridians are actually pathways for electricity. A vital function of the meridians is to provide energy to every cell of the body. Other branches reach the surface of the skin. this is where the acupuncture points are found. devices called point locators can locate them. Kim Bong Han’s experiments at the University of Pyongang in North Korea.496 Deepak Chopra has alluded to this with concepts like that of viewing the body not a frozen sculpture.368 ACCUPUNCTURE—THE ART OF CHINESE MEDICINE integrity. composed of a type of histological tissue.497 We have briefly discussed these energy channels and now we will explore and expound on them a little more. but a river. Since meridians are actually pathways that conduct electricity. For example.495 This system uses a holographic model: each part of the body reflects the whole. Prior to Dr. a flow of information and intelligence.499 The meridians have a membraneous wall filled with a transparent colorless fluid. although we may use one side more than the other in some cases. and are found beneath the surface of the skin. the heart meridian is found on both arms and hands. and each part interacts with every other part in a continuous communication. meridians were believed to be imaginary lines. circulatory. and coherence.500 Branches develop from the main meridians and supply adjacent areas with energy. We discussed some of these concepts in the introduction. we see here that the same concepts apply to many forms of holistic health care systems going back thousands of years. Point locators can also be . What are Acupuncture Meridians? Meridians are minute pathways used by energy (Chi) to circulate throughout the body. and nervous systems.498 Meridians are bilateral and symmetrical. The channels have a diameter ranging between 20 and 50 millimicrons.

Dove Health Alliance offers a complete set of instructions. and liver. and help line. This technique is called electro-acupuncture. gallbladder. but uses a combination of sound and light to locate the actual points. which are on the midline back and front respectively. lungs. and is a line joining a series of ordered points. If you are interested in this product. A meridian is associated with each of the five organs. The six bowels are the large intestine.dovehealth. The five organs are the heart. small . and the pericardium (here referred to as the heart constrictor).REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 369 used to treat imbalances. light. or want information about it contact: Dove Health Alliance PO Box 178 Pocatello. We can conclude that the system exists primarily to provide an effective means of transmitting the all-pervading but invisible energy. spleen-pancreas. videotape. the six bowels. This type of device does not pierce the skin. I purchased one from a company called HealthPoint. I turn down the intensity and treat anyone or myself painlessly. ID 83204 Phone # (800) 455-9155 Fax # (800) 455-6966 email thedove@ida. bladder. plus the Du and Ren meridians. I keep the intensity turned up high to help find points so I use sound. There are twelve main meridians. Once I locate the point. A point locator allows you to use your inner healing energy to create balance. kidneys.501 The word meridian refers to Meridian Therapy Creates Balance to Restore Health Research has proven the reality of the meridian web site www. which animates all manifestations of life. Triple Heater (an ancient term that refers to the glandular system). and electrical intensity for triple accuracy.

Energy is a dynamic force that circulates throughout your body. It also provides for continuing circulation when energy becomes superfluous or excessive in one of the main meridians. The point of entry is where energy enters the meridian. The heart constrictor or pericardium corresponds to the blood vessel system. Even if one of the meridians is blocked. and would otherwise block the energy flow. The acupuncture meridians affect the subtle bodies as well as the physical body.503 The organs and bowels are linked together by the meridians. Internal Exercises. by restoring the flow of “chi” or vital energy. This very marvelous system that keeps your body in balance can be enlivened by an acupuncturist. Since your body is a vehicle that runs on energy. and continues into the point of entry of the next meridian by means of a secondary channel. Stephen Chang explains this in greater detail in his book The Great Tao. there is a built-in system that maintains the meridian circuit. or acupressure. and the health of your body depends upon it. You can also use the meridian massage techniques in Dr. Chang’s book. and are enlivened by the energy that circulates along the meridian circuit.504 The eight extraordinary meridians are “lifesavers. author of the book The Complete System of Self-Healing. This system consists of eight extraordinary meridians that act as a safeguard. all health care systems must work at least indirectly with energy if they are to be effective. flows through the point of exit.” according to Dr. It then circulates along the meridian. Everything you do. Balance or healing is accomplished through a dynamic resonance interaction that is based on energy. the electro-acupuncture device. and stomach.370 ACCUPUNCTURE—THE ART OF CHINESE MEDICINE intestine. Energy and the Human Body Energy healing systems utilize energy manipulation techniques to restore balance to your mind/body. Stephen Chang. Subtle bodies can be viewed as subtle energy fields that sustain and allow the physical body to exist. as well as all the natural processes of your body . Each of the main meridians has a point of entry and a point of exit. These meridians provide a means for energy to circulate through the meridian system even if one of the organs or bowels is diseased.502 Dr.

neurotension. Most of what your body accomplishes in a day is not perceptible. Chang in his book The Complete System Of Self-Healing. of the body. Where there is a lack of energy. Acupuncture and Endocrine Regulation to Correct Hypertension Two Studies A study was conducted in Russia with thirty-five patients ranging from 25-63 years of age.” Besides acupuncture. during. Also. Radioimmunoassay. Let’s take a look at research on acupuncture and hypertension. the metabolic processes within each single cell could not be accomplished without energy to sustain those functions.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 371 depend on energy. and a series of acupuncture treatments. or battery. The body is self-perpetuating. hydrocortisone. on blood ACTH. beta-endorphine. Patients were examined after the first acupuncture treatment and again after the tenth treatment. or life energy. and plasma renin activity. STH. the internal exercises recommended by Dr. and after treatment. Blood was obtained before.506 . using special kits. determined the hormonal spectrum. aldosterone. The acupuncture meridians channel the flow of this powerful electrical charge. Your body can heal and regenerate itself by increasing and balancing the energy available to it. It was shown that acupuncture-related decline of arterial pressure occurs in regard to pituitary and adrenal hormones as well as polypeptides beta-endorphine and neurotensin. Blood levels of specific hormones were checked for each patient. thyroxine. sleep helps to recharge the energy. electromagnetism. In Eastern healing traditions it is called “Chi. weakness or disease invades and takes hold. because energy is produced by intra-and extra-cellular liquids that are vital in generating electrical energy. and Chi Kung will recharge the energy levels of various parts of your body. who had stage I-II essential hypertension.505 Nature abhors a vacuum. for example. TTH. The purpose of the two examinations was to clarify the effect of a single treatment. energy healing techniques. and is a type of battery.

Acupuncture with Electrical Stimulation Lowers Diastolic Pressure Other research has shown immediate significant reduction in diastolic pressure following electrical stimulation. The results of the study confirm that acupuncture decreases blood pressure in hypertensive patients. More research is needed to see if the reduction can last for a clinically significant time. as meridian energy flow becomes more balanced. and cortisol. Thirty minutes after acupuncture. Large Intestine 11. Ten subjects with diastolic hypertension were used in a study. conducted at Chiu General Hospital in Taiwan.508 It’s possible that after systematically repeating the procedure. the body naturally self-corrects. and hormones such as renin. vasopressin. however the other hormones had no significant changes. Plasma renin activity decreased. .372 ACCUPUNCTURE—THE ART OF CHINESE MEDICINE Another study. possibly by an endocrine mechanism. Fifty untreated essential hypertensive patients received acupuncture. The study concentrated on arterial blood pressure.01).507 Renin. Also. and the groove behind the ear. The points stimulated were Liver 3. the patients had decreases in systolic pressure from 169 +/-2 to 151 +/-2 mm Hg. diastolic pressure from 107 +/-1 to 96 +/-1 mm Hg. the inner intelligence of the body will wake up and remember what is the appropriate pressure for the patient. an enzyme produced by the kidney. and heart rate from 77 +/-2 to 72 +/-2 bpm (P<0. The study suggests that part of the decrease in blood pressure is due to a decrease in renin secretion. showed that acupuncture can decrease blood pressure in patients with hypertension. is elevated in some forms of hypertension. Stomach 36.

between the first and second metatarsal bones. Apply pressure using the same techniques discussed in Chapter Fifteen.509 The Stomach 36 point is at the protuberant aspect of the anterior tibia muscle when it contracts. The point is at the protuberance of the upper part of the muscle.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 373 Let’s look at the location of the first three points.511 .510 The Large Intestine 11 point is located at the cubital crease at the external end when the elbow is flexed. LI 11 ST 36 LIV 3 (Figure: 16-1) LIV 3 ST 36 LI 11 The liver 3 point is posterior to the metatarsophalangeal joint. or you can purchase an electrial unit.

P6 is 2 cun above the transverse crease of the wrist.H6.5 cun above H7 H5 is 1.P5. Location of Pericardium Meridian Points: P4 is 5 cun above the transverse crease of the wrist. The acupuncture points on the medial aspects of both wrists have enormous benefits for cardiovascular health.P7 These 8 points work on cardiac pain and palpitations. . Location of Hear Meridian Points: H4 is 1. These points have many other functions. P5 is 3 cun above the transverse crease of the wrist.H5.512 A cun is the width of the thumb joint or knuckle.H7 Pericardium Meridian Points These points are: P4. Between the above tendons.374 ACCUPUNCTURE—THE ART OF CHINESE MEDICINE The Eight Points on the Wrists P4 P5 P6 P7 H4 H5 H6 H7 (Figure: 16-2) Heart Meridian Points These points are: H4. Rub the points on both wrists.0 cun above H7 H6 is 0. P7 is in the middle of the transverse crease of the wrist. P5 also balances hypertension. Between the above tendons. The relationship between electromagnetic energy and health is demonstrated when people hurt their wrists and then develop symptoms involving the cardiovascular system.P6. Between the above tendons.5 cun above H7 H7 is at the depression on the radial side of the transverse crease of the wrist. Between the tendons in the center of the wrist.

Doing this will re-establish the flow of energy at that point in the meridian. to find imbalances in the body before they manifest as disease. We have been trained and conditioned to believe that we are behind the times if we don’t have the magic pill or the latest in scientific research. Acupuncture Massage for All Meridians Dr. which is not only within every cell. The Complete System of Self Healing. This ultimately is a system of self-diagnosis.514 These three important symptoms of cardiovascular disease can be ameliorated by one simple massage technique. and obesity (all of which are associated with the gallbladder. outside.513 In the book. and thus create the conditions for health. In essence. Internal Exercises. it is a reality.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 375 Meridian Massage to Reduce Hypertension Experiments have demonstrated that meridians are pathways for electricity. bladder. He calls it meridian meditation. you can balance your physiology in many ways. If this sounds too simplistic. and stomach meridians) can be corrected or prevented from occurring. and back of the legs in a downward fashion. Imbalances such as high blood pressure. you need only become aware of your meridian energy flow. Chang offers an excellent energy technique. water retention. All you need to do is awaken the healing intelligence of the universe. This is not a figure of speech. By massaging the front. meridian massage and other techniques work because of what lies within. Dr. Stephen Chang discusses a unique massage for hypertension. To practice it. Holistic techniques enliven this inner power. but is every cell. We have been taught to look without instead of within. . Everything is within. remember that all the healing power and potential you need is inherent in your mind and body. This self-healing system works by meditating or simply putting your attention on sites within your body where energy has become blocked. This thinking denies people the knowledge of where healing truly begins.

515 First you will need to familiarize yourself with the meridians. Chang recommends that you get a good acupuncture chart in order to do this accurately. Learn the meridians one at a time in the prescribed sequence. 3. Memorizing the meridians Feeling the energy pathways Tracing all twelve meridians at once. see the figures below. Dr.376 ACCUPUNCTURE—THE ART OF CHINESE MEDICINE There are three stages to the Meridian Meditation Technique: 1. 2. LARGE INTESTINE LUNG CENTRAL GOVERNING LIVER (Figures: 16-3) .


making sure you massage the entire length. Chang recommends you start with the lung meridian. Dr.517 However. Dr. on the front of the body. Yang meridians run from the fingers down to the face (picture your arms held over your head) and from the face down to the toes. Always follow the correct direction of the meridian flow. Yin energy is from the earth. ending in the fingers. the stomach meridian does run from the face to the toes. That means going up where the energy flows up and down where the energy flows down.516 Yin meridians run from the toes to the torso and from the torso up the arms. either lying or sitting down.378 ACCUPUNCTURE—THE ART OF CHINESE MEDICINE The meridians are massaged in the following order: Lung: (yin) from torso to hand Large intestine: (yang) from hand to face Stomach: (yang) from face to foot Spleen: (yin) from foot to torso Heart: (yin) from torso to hand Small intestine: (yang) from hand to face Bladder: (yang) from face to foot Kidney: (yin) from foot to torso Pericardium: (yin) from torso to hand Triple heater (San Jao): (yang) from hand to face Gall bladder: (yang) from face to foot Liver: (yin) from foot to torso Central and governing: from groin to face The diagrams show interesting information about meridians that clarifies the yin/yang mystery. become familiar with the exact path of the meridian and the direction of the energy flow. Second. and yang energy is from the sun. Gently massage the meridian. You can use the bulb of your thumb or the tips of your index and middle fingers to massage. it is . as in the pictures. Yang meridians run down on the outside and back of the arms and legs. Chang says that you first need to find the correct position. With practice you will be able to feel the energy flowing within the meridians. Yin meridians run up the inside (yinside) of the arms and legs and up the front of the body.

be sure to pay close attention to any subjective feelings that arise. be aware of your internal feelings as you use this procedure. When you finish with the head meridians. and begin by tracing these meridians. You may begin as in step one and start to trace the lung meridian. Dr. To do many meridians at once. This time.” but it is better to work with them all using this technique. “I will just work with the kidney meridian or the heart meridian.520 . allowing your shoulders to be in a slightly forward position. In time. all the meridians can be done at once. Sitting on a soft cushion will enable you to be in the correct position. Then focus all your attention on the lung meridian. You can either begin by tracing the meridians or by holding your entire hand over the meridians. The lungs are thus able to expand fully. as you continue repeating this procedure.518 Now. starting with the lung and ending with the liver. with your hands on your legs. working on the head. Feel your energy flow. or the lower half of the body. be aware and feel the flow of energy in the lung meridian as it moves up your arm toward your fingertips. Next. put your hands on your legs with the thumbs folded inside the palms of your hands. An acupuncturist will know which ones to work with for a specific imbalance. Now. repeat this procedure for the meridians in your torso and the lower half of your body. or the spleen meridian for the pancreas. which are of equal importance.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 379 important to keep the spinal column straight. Keep your shoulders and back relaxed. the tailbone and the spinal column are in line at the waist. massage one meridian after another until all have been massaged. it will be natural to sense even the most minute energy fluctuations in your head. using your awareness. Chang says that eventually you will feel even the most minute energy fluctuations in the meridian. Step three in this process begins when you can feel the flow of energy in all twelve meridians. Continuous practice will allow you to perceive the energy flow in all the meridians. Next. Thus. Let go of any irrelevant or excess thoughts. As you do this slowly. focus all of your attention on the meridians in the head. You can divide the body up into sections and do one area at a time.519 You might be tempted to think. After you do this. the torso. start by assuming the body position described for stage 2.



If you feel that it is difficult to follow the flow of a particular meridian, the energy may have stopped at a certain point. This is a signal that there is an energy block. In this case, begin again at the beginning of the meridian and retrace the path of the flow. Begin once again, and if you feel a block the next time, begin again. After a few attempts, go on and trace all meridians, then go back to the blocked meridian. You can work on a blocked meridian at any time. As your meridian exercise continues, the energy begins to flow freely, and you have prevented or corrected an imbalance that could have caused a disease. Always keep in mind what you are doing. If your mind wanders, start again from the beginning. Take your time. Don’t be anxious about the process. Be aware of where the energy is going; do this in a continuous manner without interruptions to the feeling process. Eventually you will be able to feel the flow of energy directly.521 As you become consciously aware of the circulation of energy within your body, you will be able to maintain a state of energy balance under any and all circumstances. This will prevent a disease from developing, since disease can only inhabit a body that has an erratic flow of energy along the meridians.522 To find a licensed acupuncturist in your area, contact the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine,

Integrating Energy Healing, Acupressure, Reflexology, Acupuncture, and Breathing Techniques
After you feel comfortable with the acupressure and reflexology points, energy healing techniques, acupuncture points, and breathing techniques, you can integrate them in an orderly manner. I have found a sequence that feels good and is easy to remember. It basically works from the head to the neck, to the chest, arms then to the hands, knees, and feet. The entire sequence takes about 18 minutes.



1. 2. 3. 4.

Ear pressing point with 4 parasympathetic breaths (30 seconds for each breath, total time 2 minutes). Carotid artery position with 3 parasympathetic breaths (30 seconds for each breath, total time 1 1/2 minutes). Heart Energizing Exercise – feel the energy circulating up the left arm and back to your fingers in the right arm (4 minutes). Run the externals 3 times, breathe in from the head to the point where the neck and shoulder meet, hold for a few seconds, then breathe out and continue until you pass beyond the small finger.

Hold the following points for 10-30 seconds or longer
5. 6. 7. Kidney brain contact point (above jawbone). Arteriosclerosis, heart and valves point (below jawbone). Massaging downward on the carotid artery 9 repetitions, breath in before you start each repetition, breathe out as you stroke downward. Feel your blood vessels relax. The heart neuro-lymphatic points between the 2nd and 3rd ribs and 1 inch on either side of the sternum. Venous blood right side & arterial blood left side. Press the Li 11 point. Rub heart and pericardium points on both wrists, 30 seconds on each meridian (2 minutes). Massage the inside of the small finger (from knuckle to nail) on both hands, rub H9 point, and then massage small finger again. Blood pressure points on hand & elbow. Heart reflex point on left hand only. Nervous system points on both thumbs. Kidney and adrenal points on both hands. Press the St36 point on both legs, and Liv3 point on both feet, for 10-30 seconds or longer. Wiggle toes upon waking.

8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

Chapter Seventeen
Chiropractic for Anxiety and Hypertension
hiropractic is an adaptation from Greek words meaning, “hand” and “to do,” or “practice;” it emphasizes the importance of aligning the spine properly by manual means, that is, by use of the hands. Healing and chiropractic originated with Hippocrates, who wrote extensively on proper spinal alignment. Daniel David Palmer, the founder of modern chiropractic in the United States, launched the profession in 1895. He added and synthesized information that revolves around correct spinal alignment as necessary for health.


Principles of Chiropractic
Because the spine contains and protects the spinal cord, a misaligned spine can cause disease, according to Palmer. Vital forces flow through the spinal nerves, and are mediated to all parts of the body. Palmer postulated a system of health care based on the hypothesis that misaligned spinal segments interfere with health by impinging on nerves. Proper health requires that the nerve impulses be free from obstruction. Therefore, manual adjustments for any nerve impingement of the involved parts of the spine were postulated to promote the health of the tissues supplied by the appropriate nerves.523



Effects of Chiropractic on Blood Pressure and Anxiety
Chiropractic treatment has been researched and found effective for treatment of high blood pressure and anxiety. Researchers Yates and Glen found that chiropractic manipulation of the thoracic spine could reduce elevated blood pressure. Both systolic and diastolic blood pressures showed a statistically significant decrease in subjects in the active treatment group, when compared to the placebo and control groups.524 The mechanism of such an effect is not addressed in this study; however, the results lend indirect support to the hypothesis that chiropractic adjustment does benefit hypertensive patients. The study demonstrates that chiropractic treatment relieves increased sympathetic neural discharge due to a subluxation of the vertebral unit.525 This study indicates that manipulation of the thoracic spine can reduce elevated blood pressure on a short-term basis. Previous studies substantiate these results, and are consistent with findings that demonstrate the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustment. The added methodological rigor of a controlled design with a more valid placebo treatment enhances these findings. This study raises interest in the long-term efficacy of chiropractic manipulation. Although blood pressure is temporarily reduced immediately after spinal manipulative treatment, it is not yet known whether or not such treatment is effective in reducing blood pressure over a period of days or weeks.526 Remember that the nerve impulses from the spine travel to all areas of the body. For example, nerves from the thoracic vertebra affect the heart, heart valves, and covering, as well as the coronary arteries. If nerve currents that travel to this area are impinged, they can cause functional heart problems and certain types of chest pains. The 10th and 11th thoracic vertebra nerves affect the kidneys, and the kidneys affect blood pressure. There are many correlates between proper nerve flow and good health. If you are seeing a chiropractor and have high blood pressure, or want to see one to treat high blood pressure, discuss your situation and find out if chiropractic treatment is right for you.

Chapter Eighteen
Growth Concepts and Summary
hrough knowledge and experience, a leader is able to effectively guide others to reach their goals. The information in this book is designed to promote your own leadership capabilities in your quest to completely heal hypertension. You are the healing that you seek, you are the magic drug you have been waiting for, and you can create the balance needed to heal hypertension. This inner leadership is self-empowerment. According to Ayurvedic Medicine, an intrinsic aspect of healing is self-referral. Your mind/body has the intelligence to administer the program; that makes you the knower. The process you are administering enlivens the intelligence in your mind/body to self-correct. The result of the process, lowering your blood pressure, is the known effect, which is the purpose of the program. This trinity effect of knower, the process of knowing, and the known, enlivens your inner healing potential. You are the doer of the program, you are the process of the program, and you are the object of the program. All the modalities in this program work by enlivening this inner healing potential, which is your mind/body intelligence that is selfreferral. The herbs, acupuncture, acupressure, and other healing systems are only effective due to the healing intelligence inside every cell of your body. The modalities help to enliven this inner healing intelligence, which is what creates a healthy balanced state. This program enlivens the inner knowledge that you are the process of your own healing. In other words, if there is a magic bullet, the healing intelligence within is




it, and this program helps you to bring out the glory of this inner splendor. When making a diagnosis, Ayurvedic and Oriental Medical practitioners consider individual differences in the fundamental elemental forces – air, water, fire, etc. In a similar fashion, because of your individual needs, you may be attracted to some parts of this program more than others. Start with one or more steps at a time; as they become part of your daily routine, add another and then another. Be consistent with your program. Most of the procedures are pleasurable and self-integrating to practice. Others may take selfdiscipline in order to become regular. However, once you experience results, it will be easier to make them a part of your regular routine. This program is cumulative and the benefits will grow more and more. Anticipate results, but be patient and easy about it. Know that you are doing the best you can. This needs to be in your awareness. Every time you exhale, be aware that your blood pressure is going down. Feel it, do not will it. As you let go and relax, nature’s intelligence inside your body will enliven the healing process. You have all the healing laws of nature on your side. You can be healed because you are already whole; perfection is within and your body is waiting for you to release it. Those of you who start a meditation practice will have a new experience of life. Your mind/body will function more coherently, creating more health and happiness on all levels. I recommend the Transcendental Meditation Program, because it is scientifically proven to be effective, and enlivens the inner intelligence that creates health. A good supplement and diet program can also form a foundation for radiant health. The energy healing exercises, acupressure points, acupuncture points coupled with the breathing techniques will also open your awareness to the intelligence within you, the inner healer. Your inner intelligence comes from a source within you that is also the source of the universe. Connecting with it establishes a unity between the whole and the part; this inner harmony reconciles opposite values, keeping you in perfect balance. For example, the autonomic nervous system has an active part, the sympathetic, and a resting part, the parasympathetic, which work in harmony. As you increase harmony in mind and body, health and happiness



will result. Even negative emotions such as anger are a signal that you are not in harmony with who you are, which is in its fundamental nature bliss and happiness. Bliss and happiness are much more intrinsic to human nature than suffering. Painful emotions are a signal to you to get back in balance. Every part of your mind/body is designed to work in perfect balance and harmony, because each part is an integral part of the whole – the whole of you as an individual and as a cosmic being.

Here are four basic paradigms to how your mind and body interact:
1. You have a mind and body, but neither interacts or influences the other. This paradigm is outdated and baseless, not to mention useless for healing yourself. Your mind and body interact and influence each other for wellbeing. This understanding is what most people comprehend about the interaction of mind and body. Although not complete, it is more comprehensive than the first level. The mind is in every cell of the body. This concept describes a more intimate interaction of mind and body. For example, if I am depressed, every cell in my body knows and reacts to it because the mind is everywhere. This reality is closer to the truth, but there is still a separation between the two aspects of our nature. The mind, which is non-material, also projects itself as the body in the physical, or space-time reality. Here, there is no separation between mind and body because they are the same thing; it is on this level that the real nature of healing is understood and accomplished.




You are a spiritual being having a physical experience, not a physical being who has spiritual experiences. As you continue to grow in your knowledge and practice of healing, you will start to experience level four, and beyond. Success will breed success. Success will then lead to more hope and desire to accomplish your mission. Your passion will increase and propel you toward perfect health.



Be focused and goal-driven, but not so consumed by the goal that you burn up the vehicle in your drive to get there. Remember, life is more about who you are than what you accomplish. I wish you all success in your quest for healing.

PART V The Politics of Health Care .


so the health care industry focuses on drugs and devices that companies can monopolize by having a patent. Patents are the reward for private research. Consequently. Medical research has verified the effectiveness of these natural time honored healing modalities. but that the establishment does not promote it. it is severely lacking in creating health. not by how many patients they help. body. exercises. by improving diet and lifestyle. Though modern medicine has had some success in destroying disease. The survival of private companies is determined by how much money they earn. but they also allow companies to charge exorbitant prices. Our economic system is based on profit. The two may not be harmonious. and spirit. the pharmaceutical companies often feed biased information to the media. if an alternative or traditional treatment is more effective than one requiring a prescription. and mental healing practices.Chapter Nineteen The Health Care System and How it Affects You he previous chapters explain how to reverse poor health. The techniques in this book are aimed at helping you live a healthier life to balance your mind. large companies do not carry them. The primary reason people don’t accept natural health care is not that it doesn’t work. so they are not as profitable as prescription drugs. practicing stress reduction techniques. Worse still. One reason is that natural remedies and procedures can’t be patented. especially hypertension. 391 T .

“The thing that bugs me is that people think the Food and Drug Administration is protecting them. who provide funding for research.392 THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOU or hire a lobbyist to influence politicians to ban this natural remedy. truth eventually triumphs. The primary concern of the drug company is its own survival. the trade war on vitamin C like other natural remedies exists because most patented remedies have natural counterparts (from which the patented remedies have their origins). not well. it isn’t. not yours. NIH. and the more drugs prescribed. It’s more profitable if the patient has to keep coming back.” 527 Natural health care is being overlooked because drug companies. But no matter what the obstacles. . and AMA are gorged with information about the benefits of prescription drugs. Ley. Similarly the FDA. you are brainwashed into believing that you must go outside yourself for the solution. Doctors get free samples with the understanding that they will encourage patients to use these products. don’t rely exclusively on a system whose economic health is dependent on your declining physical health. What the FDA is doing and what the public think it’s doing are as different as night and day. it rewards them for the number of patient visits. have heavily influenced medical universities and non-profit foundations. Herbert L. That’s why you must take control of your own destiny. The anti-supplement effort intensified after the discovery (by Linus Pauling and Matthias Rath) that heart disease is actually caused by a compensating reaction to a nutritional deficiency (Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. The government is doing little to protect us from the “side effects” of a health care industry whose income is more important than the health of its clients. The result of this is a health care system that is dependent on your being sick. Our health care system doesn’t reward medical practitioners for the number of patients they heal. Your purpose is to maximize health. The more disease. the more profit for drug companies. 1991). Instead of therapies that balance and enliven your mind/body to heal. Dr. In spite of the efforts of pharmaceutical companies. For example. the interest in traditional healing practices is growing enormously. but the pharmaceutical companies can’t make money on them. says. The purpose of these companies is to maximize profits. former Commissioner of the FDA.

This is not a “cure” or even a “treatment. Statin drugs. and may. A deficiency is an imbalance of energy and/or nutrition. Instead of restoring self-sufficiency. but also reduce CoQ10. The result for us is that the “whole” is sacrificed for the “part. which sabotage the healing process. Reducing cholesterol while lowering CoQ10 is not a safe tradeoff.528 This is why modern medical treatment leads to drug dependency because the underlying cause is not addressed. a healthy body does not produce bacteria to engulf itself. They are not the disease. Pharmaceutical companies must be aware of these side effects. for example. It also gained momentum due to the greater opportunities for profit afforded by an economic system which rewards companies for finding and patenting disease-specific remedies. Drugs trick the intelligence of the body to think that everything is okay. reduce cholesterol. which are discussed in Chapter Ten. a major dichotomy in medicine arose. Drugs also have side effects. . a rare muscle damaging complication. High blood pressure is telling you to change your lifestyle. Dr. a weak heart. not suppress the message by taking some drugs.” It’s a temporary stopgap. the self-referral feedback system is cut off. Bechamp argued that germs are the result of disease already within the body. and eventually to congestive heart failure. Drugs Stop the Healing Process The current medical options to correct high blood pressure involve drugs. and not a drug deficiency. Dr. nor do they cause the disease.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 393 Approximately 150 years ago. modern medicine makes patients dependent. in fact. CoQ10 is the single most important nutrient for cardiovascular health. by binding to receptor sites. Statins can also cause rhabdomyolysis. such as the condition of your immune system. prevent the body from healing itself because it thwarts internal communication. Louis Pasteur declared that germs are the cause of disease in the body. Reducing it could lead to cardiomyopathy. Symptoms are merely the response of the body to the disease.” Symptoms are addressed rather than underlying causes. Health care becomes disease care. The medical profession quickly sided with Pasteur because his theory fit the reductionist approach of newly accepted scientific methods.

author of Politics in Healing. .” David Adams. was foreseen by one of the signers . The documentation in this report tells us exactly how FDA plans to accomplish this mission. only the bottom line. FDA Deputy Commissioner for Policy before the Drug Information Association Annual Meeting. the establishment of a separate regulatory category for supplements could undercut exclusivity rights enjoyed by the holders of approved drug applications. Pay careful attention to what is happening [with dietary supplements] in the legislative arena . We will tell you what’s good for you . .” Dr. if these efforts are successful. it is now telling the truth about their intentions. July 12. . “The American public does not have the knowledge to make wise health care decisions . Daniel Haley. and logic are secondary at best. “ . 1993. FDA is the arbiter of truth . .394 THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOU They should recommend those patients who take these drugs also take at least 200 mg or more of CoQ10.” (Exact quote from pages 2 and 71 of the FDA “Dietary Supplements Task Force Final Report. David Kessler. Profits. www. The FDA is biased against dietary supplements. . . Larry King Live. . The end result for patients isn’t considered in the process of patent medicine. power. .” May 1992). . points out that the possible loss of Health Freedom in the U. .lef. and science. I’m a baby doctor. . 1992. there could be created a class of products to compete with approved drugs that are subject to less regulation than approved drugs . The FDA And Dietary Supplements The following quote demonstrates that the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry are conducting a trade war against supplements and your health. and doing it in print: “ . ethics. These quotes are from the Life Extension Foundation website. . Trust us.S. . and control are primary to the business of patent medicine. Although the agency has denied this in the past. to ensure that the existence of dietary supplements on the market does not act as a disincentive for drug development. .

when the FDA knew otherwise. we are thankful for western medicine. The FDA needs to be monitored more than the drug industry. To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privilege to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. which can be healed naturally. Emergency medicine is a spectacular blessing. In spite of their mediocre record.” The FDA is a rubber stamp for the pharmaceutical industry. You need to find the healing potential within. If an official works for some time with the FDA.529 Dangerous drugs such as Rezulin. while the healing effects of good nutrition and other modalities that have withstood the test of time are not regarded as effective. gave an entire account of this incestuous relationship between the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry. According to the General Accounting Office the magnitude of Adverse Drug Events in terms of health risk is uncertain because of limited incidence data. as well as blindness and birth defects. Most people die from degenerative diseases.A. and liver failure. kidney. Dr. All such laws are un-American and despotic. Records show that 12 patients in the studies were found to have life threatening liver toxicity. An article in the L. one of the most famous doctors in colonial America wrote: “The Constitution of this Republic should make special provision for medical freedom as well as religious freedom. The manufacturer did not recommend liver enzyme monitoring until late October 1997. with behind-the-scenes help. and when a medical condition is overwhelming. . he or she can later graduate to a six-figure income with a drug company. only after the first reported liver failure. That is probably why drugs approved by the FDA have serious post-approval risks such as heart. Times published on March 11.2% liver injury compared to 0. rather than project your inner healing potential onto outside forces as if they really possess that ability.6% for those who took the placebo. for type II diabetes were assured to be safe. senior FDA officials quietly collaborated with Warner-Lambert. Benjamin Rush of Philadelphia.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 395 of the Declaration of Independence. 2000. prescription drugs are promoted as scientific. Patients who took Rezulin experienced a 2. the manufacturer of Rezulin. such as cardiovascular disease. During the approval process.

and want to relieve suffering. through tacit acceptance. Conventional medical practices for degenerative diseases are limited to symptom suppression. Doctors must transcend the “pill for every ill” mentality. but when natural substances enable your body to heal. Most doctors are very compassionate. However. Because every cell is a threedimensional representation of the mind. you are told that it is just the placebo effect. Maybe it’s overlooked because it cannot be patented. the placebo effect is actually a great healing modality. Since it is so powerful. which does not address the disease itself. but also teach patients how to be healthy. in fact. Drug companies have a great influence over medical schools. because there’s no profit in it for them. collectively causing this to happen. and don’t encourage doctors to learn and teach preventive and self-help skills to their patients. and you cannot help but marvel at the computerized machinery keeping a loved one alive. Who Is In Charge? But who is really to blame for our one-sided system of medicine? All of us are. It shows that as you align your vibration with health and healing. Enter a medical intensive care unit. It’s such an important factor that researchers are cautious in excluding it from their findings.396 THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOU Your Mind and Healing The placebo effect helps as many as 30% of all patients. Doctors can do More Have you ever asked yourself why doctors spend so little time and effort instructing us how to take care of our health? A healer should not only relieve suffering. This is a form of medical negligence. why isn’t it studied as a healing modality? It seems like the most natural way to heal. you can be healed. . a new constellation of the doctor-patient relationship as partners must be established. and the mind is in every cell of the body.

The General Accounting Office of the United States stated that over 80 percent of all drugs prescribed by United States physicians and approved by the FDA have no scientific backing. The Office of Technology Assessment of the United States has stated that only 10 to 20% of all medical treatments can be proven scientifically. Children are brought up on drugs to overcome asthma. the American Cancer Society. They don’t trust their inner healing abilities.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 397 We have to take the initiative to create change. Take responsibility for your health. They remember the medicine chest full of drugs. and the FDA. So the youth of America look to drugs for the solution to their problems. Mixed Messages. the American public is conditioned to turn to drugs as their personal savior from disease. Because our youth are trained to be dependent on external saviors. We have to take it back. doctors. Children grow up seeing mom and dad using drugs to ease all their emotional and physical pains. the greater the chance for healing. Parents are often shocked to learn that their child has a drug dependency problem. the more options you have available. Yet so many Americans rely exclusively on prescription drugs. and doctors prescribe hormones and steroids. Say “No” to Drugs? There’s an underlying hypocrisy in the say “NO” to drugs campaign. emotional. Through multi-media advertising. We are trained to believe that drugs are the magic answer to any physical. so that’s where they turn. obesity and hyperactivity. Americans have yielded their power to the drug companies. or spiritual condition. they lack the self-help skills to work through painful emotions and physical challenges toward resolution and growth.530 That means 80% to 90% of all medical treatments are unproven and have no scientific basis. Foods are adulterated with artificial colorings and flavorings. believing that conventional medicine is their only option. This does not mean the drug is not effective-we just do not know how it works. but given the conditioning by the advertising media and quick fix mentality engendered by the age of . they are conditioned to think that the cure for low self-esteem and loneliness lies outside themselves.

2001 discussing drug industry deception. But research is falsified. The Bible says that man was created in the image of God. Major medical journals around the world have accused the pharmaceutical industry of distorting the results of scientific research for the sake of profits. whose submissions often exclude unfavorable data. Drug research is accepted as truth. and distortion of research. but we may need to be protected from the FDA. and segments sent to the FDA excluded (some of the original research on bovine growth hormone. The source of the problem is the loss of self-empowerment. only you can reclaim it. Natural supplements are far from dangerous. literal blackmail. The FDA is supposed to protect us. No one is going to give it back. Taking Control Self-empowerment is your spiritual birthright. False Prophets Science is the modern day false prophet. The divine in each of you provides you with strength and direction in life. this action disempowers citizens. the pharmaceutical cartels. You are encouraged to believe that if something is “scientific.” it is true and irrefutable. changed. But you have given away your power for health and healing. while drugs are the third leading cause of death. causing you to depend on the drug industry. An article by health editor Sarah Boseley appeared in The Guardian on Monday September 10. The FDA has supported legislation that prevents Americans from using natural supplements. . and the American Cancer Society are willing to take more of it at any time. so they rely heavily on the integrity of drug companies. the FDA. As a matter of fact conventional medicine. Regulating agencies are too understaffed to oversee all research.398 THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOU technology. and drugs are prescribed as a scientific means to combat disease. even though submissions of many studies are manipulated and biased. it should come as no surprise. for example).

The author of one study on blood pressure treatment stated. This 27 page lawsuit exposes a conspiracy of upper level FDA officials to violate an Appellate Court order that mandated . the Journal of the American Medical Association and other major journals accuse the drug giants of using their money – or the threat of its removal – to tie up academic researchers with legal contracts so that they are unable to report freely and fairly on the results of drug trials. October 24. the actual results that patients have in the field are not the same as those in randomized controlled trials. removed their statin drug Baycol after its use was associated with 31 deaths in the U. the United States Constitution.532 Is the FDA in Contempt of Court? The April 2000 issue of Life Extension magazine reported a lawsuit accusing the FDA of committing acts contrary to a Federal Appellate Court ruling. The lawsuit provides a basis for FDA officials to be prosecuted by the Justice Department for knowingly directing the FDA to engage in illegal activities.”531 This study caused adverse effects. A survey of 108 medical schools appeared in the NEJM. That is. particularly at low pretreatment blood pressure. reveals serious conflicts of interest between researchers and the pharmaceutical industry.” 399 Randomized controlled studies have much “better” results than outcome research demonstrates. the New England Journal of Medicine. Drugs are approved by the FDA. and the law Congress enacted which protects consumer rights to use dietary supplements.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY “The Lancet. Pharmaceutical companies pay for the testing of their own drugs and control the design and how the findings are handled. and when blood pressure increased during treatment. 2002. but in many cases “research” is done on patients who purchase the drugs. for example.S. Bayer. then subsequently pulled from the market if they kill enough patients. the Administrative Procedures Act. “The experience from the trials turned into an adverse effect of treatment in the population setting.

and Sandy Shaw. M. are fighting for the freedom to . 1999. Inc. A January 15. so in essence the FDA has no argument to deny scientific and truthful claims. Julian Whitaker.D. according to the lawsuit. and interfere with our freedom to choose safe and effective remedies.” These officials are motivated to disallow dietary supplement claims to make sure that the pharmaceutical industry has no competition. are “flagrantly violating their constitutional duties in order to effectuate an indefinite suppression of health claims.. the American Preventive Medical Association. and Pure Encapsulations. 3 mg of vitamin B6. Durk Pierson. such as the IAHF. They. and others like them. The FDA would be wise to obey the law. and therefore the FDA could not demand conclusive proof. Federal Appellate Court ruling stated the FDA suppresses truthful. This order is “immediate and omnipresent” and “that duty may not be delayed or denied. This case shows the authoritarian attitude of the FDA. the agency has lost every major legal case in the 1990’s. The constitutional mandate ruling against the FDA states that they could not demand conclusive proof in order for health claims to be made for a supplement. and 5 mcg of B12 in reducing the risk of vascular disease like homocysteine. FDA officials risk personal contempt of court charges for intentionally ignoring a Federal Court Order if they choose to fight and lose. 2000. The FDA still denies this First Amendment right and continues to ignore the Federal Court order as if it never happened. the FDA would assist the pharmaceutical cartels in having ultimate control over the world’s health care systems.” There are over 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers to support the supplementation of 400 mcg of folic acid. If left to its own. Congress only required “significant scientific agreement” for the FDA to approve a health claim. non-misleading and scientific speech. 1999.400 THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOU the FDA not violate the First Amendment provision of the Constitution relating to health claims for dietary supplements. This was the ruling of January 15. The officials. There is an appendix of 454 published studies attached to the lawsuit in order to substantiate a scientific basis that certain vitamins may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. On January 19. initiated this legal action against the FDA.

Certainly the government. Bayer. Because of this lawsuit supplements now state what system. These unscrupulous pharmaceutical architects define the human body and the diseases it hosts as their market place. look up the Life Extension Foundation at the largest war crime site in human history.iahf. In return they received free labor from Auschwitz. German pharmaceutical corporations such as Hoechst. This is not the philosophy of health care. and were the economic force behind WWII and Hitler’s effort to conquer the world. This situation demonstrates that the individual solution to aid these freedom fighters is to take personal responsibility for one’s health. From the early part of the 20th century the pharmaceutical industry has had an agenda trying to replace all natural remedies with patent drugs in order to control the health care systems of all nations. . and are controlled by the goals of these companies.html.lef. Bayer and BASF have controlled German and world health politics for many years. mass Americans every year. 24 of the managers of Hoechst. and The American Medical Association will not help. This systematic takeover by national and international pharmaceutical companies causes billions of people to pay trillions of dollars for substances that neither cure nor prevent disease. it is the economics of disease care which causes millions of people to suffer and kills over 100. gland or organ they support. the American Cancer Society who is openly hostile and against nutritional supplements.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 401 use nutritional supplements to prevent and heal disease. At the 1947 Nuremberg Tribunal. At the beginning of the Twentieth Century they formed the IG Farben Cartel. The Berlin Tribunal Much of the following information about the Berlin Tribunal can be found on the web page http://www. Governments and people of these countries are held hostage. These corporations sponsored the rise of Hitler to power. BASF and other IG Farben executives were accused of crimes against humanity for planning and leading the war. For more information on freedom of health care.

Low doses. some as chairmen of the mentioned corporations. which would enable them to extend their power over the health care system and sell more drugs.” If drug cartels ever took over this industry. so we can have unrestricted access to nutritional supplements. this cartel has tried to control them. the pretense of the Pharma-Cartel’s legislative plan was to protect the public from the “supposed” side effects of nutritional supplements. the oldest form of health care in the world. This creative intelligence factor is the basis of Ayurvedic Medicine. Ever since it has been known that these supplements can heal diseases because diseases are usually deficiencies of these nutrients.” but the intelligence in the herb that holds its potential to heal comes from proper toxin-free cultivation and preparation. Of course. they have tried to reclassify supplements as drugs. stated at the Nuremberg Tribunal that it was the IG Farben executives. would render them useless. Congress passed the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act in 1994 to protect us from the FDA and the Pharma-Cartel. aided by their former business partner Nelson Rockefeller and the US Secretary of State. Their reductionist approach looks only for the “active ingredient. The Pharma- . Since their distortions are no longer working. Telford Telyor.535 These were members of the Nazi Party. using their FDA henchmen. slavery and other crimes. grand theft and plundering.534 The cartel was dismantled by the Nuremberg Tribunal into the previously mentioned companies. He stated that they would do more harm to future generations than Hitler could have ever done if he were alive. The IG Farben managers who were convicted were released as early as 1952. though. tried to reclassify vitamins as drugs. and at worst dangerous.402 THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOU conducting criminal experiments on innocent inmates of concentration camps. In 1994 the Pharma-Cartel. and these cartels are still trying to conquer and enslave the world. not the Nazis. It’s amazing that they made the leap from “useless” to “drugs. The result could mean more disease. It is interesting to note that the FDA has always considered natural supplements to be at best useless. herbs and natural substances would become less effective.533 The lead prosecutor from the United States. who were being held responsible for the war. They reassumed positions in the highest levels of German industry.

An astounding 96% of the authors supportive of calcium-channel blockers have financial ties and are receiving funding from the manufacturers of these drugs.000 a year. JAMA Geriatr Soc 1995. 1998 New England Journal of Medicine (338 (2):101-6) shines a spotlight on the financial ties that the medical profession has to drug companies. One study dealt specifically with the conflict of interest that has become apparent concerning calcium-channel blockers. The authors of the JAMA study stated the results they obtained demonstrate a strong association between authors’ published positions . 43: 1191-7). Most of these so-called medical experts have financial ties to the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the very drug they are researching. hypertensive medications whose safety has come under question is reviewed in a number of journal studies (JAMA 1995.” showed about one third of researchers had financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. 274: 620-5. A study titled. “Assessing faculty financial relationships with industry: A case study. Ultimately pharmaceutical money drives the medical profession. like calcium channel blockers.537 This is handy for the pharmaceutical companies because physicians and scientists on the payroll may be more likely to support controversial drugs. oblivious to these monetary ties. 92: 1326-31. the indomitable righteousness of nature will always triumph. 1999 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. The researchers. The safety of calcium-channel antagonists. even drugs that may cause heart attacks. Circulation 1995. But no matter how much they try.536 The article found that private industry funding was eight times more likely to influence study results with conclusions that are favorable to industry. A study published in the January. Pharmaceutical Money Drives the Medical Profession A comparison of outcomes of studies on cancer drugs funded by the pharmaceutical companies verses the results of non-profit organizations was published in the October 20. allow their thinking to be influenced by them.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 403 Cartel will keep trying. The pharmaceutical companies court per doctor about $13.

538 . researchers have conducted a study of over 5.medcores. Older people taking calcium-channel blockers may be at increased risk of cancer according to a report. uterus. which are very effective and vital. Let’s take a closer look at calcium-channel blockers. the greater the patients’ risk of developing cancer. but more than that we need conventional medicine to be more user friendly. The following information was taken from an article by Damaris Christensen of the Medical Tribune News Service dated August 22. Marco Pahor at the University of Tennessee in Memphis reported that the higher the dose of calcium-channel blockers. Dr. Data was taken from the home page of Medco Health Care Services. www. drugs are a business to make billions of dollars for the manufacturers.1996. We need natural medicine and conventional medicine.S. and women faced a greater risk than men. showing that participants were 70% more likely to develop cancers of the lymph. The researchers did not recommend that patients discontinue calcium-channel and put its credibility in question. This is not to say that there are not life-saving drugs. rather than do it on their own. A team of Italian and U. and these drugs are commonly prescribed to treat heart disease and hypertension. If financial ties allow scientists to put the health of millions of Americans at risk. Many of these drugs do not work and others are dangerous.404 THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOU on the safety of calcium-channel antagonists and their financial relationship with pharmaceutical manufacturers. Patients who wanted to discontinue this treatment were recommended to consult their physicians.000 men and women aged 71 or older. This is a significant breach of trust because the medical profession has betrayed the American public. and blood systems than those who did not use a calcium channel blocker in the last two weeks. These are drugs that treat high blood pressure by actually stopping calcium uptake by your coronary arteries. how can we trust drugs at all? Drugs are not a foolproof system of health care. The study showed that blacks were at greater risk of cancer than whites. since this evidence was provided by a single study. Ties between scientists and corporate funding have created an unholy alliance.

the use of calcium-channel blockers is linked to an increased risk of heart attacks and death. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1998 concluded that: Our results demonstrate a strong association between authors’ published positions on the safety of calcium-channel antagonists and their financial relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers. Results are not yet conclusive. discussed CCB’s in his monthly newsletter. According to Pahor’s team. Calcium-channel blockers reduce blood pressure by preventing calcium from accumulating in the cells of blood vessels. it was not known for decades that some heart medications produce severe depression in patients using these drugs. the pharmaceutical companies and their paid physicians claimed the calciumchannel blocker study to be flawed. It is now known that severe depression can lead to cardiovascular disease). these patients were primarily taking short-acting calcium-channel blockers that are no longer commonly prescribed. M. Health & Healing and mentioned that they are used by six million people. Long term calciumchannel blockers are now more commonly prescribed. Many dangerous side effects of drugs are discovered long after they have been on the market. 539 Stampfer recommended more precise controlled trials.. so more precise studies have been recommended. allowing a cell to divide indefinitely. so that vessels are more relaxed. Other investigation concludes: no increased risk of cancer mortality . and may be linked to 30.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 405 This study was reported in the Lancet 1996 Aug 24. (For example. This is only speculative. experts disagreed on the validity of these findings. this therapy may prevent the normal process of cell death. The unrestrained growth could cause a tumor to form. but he noted that it is from observational studies that we learn and continue to learn about adverse drug effects. but researchers have found that calcium-channel blockers verapamil. allowing the heart to pump normally. which may eventually turn malignant.000 deaths! 540 Clearly. Although reports are conflicting.348(9026):4937. Julian Whitaker. and some scientists say they may not pose the same risks. diltiazem and nifedipine did increase the risk of cancer in patients.D. Predictably. we need better requirements for surveillance of unintended side effects once a drug is on the market.

and guide them to regard all opposition as anecdotal and unscientific. telemarketing efforts.406 THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOU with the use of CCBs.lef. sheds light on this situation. Between 1993 and November 2000. The problem is that this solution creates a greater void and then more power and control are sought and ultimately this process leads to emptiness. and 42% in heart attack risk. An article “A New Investigative Study Reveals How Congress’ Addiction to Drug Industry Money Threatens Medicare Drug Bill. television. and newspaper ads. The public must become aware of the monumental monetary forces at stake and the enormous control drug company tentacles have over legislation.348 adults over a ten year period demonstrated a reduction of 45% in all causes of mortality. From 1997 to 1999 the drug industry spent $235. 2000. www. It is usually filled with an insatiable desire to control others and make huge profits as we identify with our ego. They control the press. Work on self-empowerment and have faith that in most cases the mind/body already has what is needed to reverse hypertension naturally. radio. the Life Extension Foundation tested the blood of 200 of its members taking large doses of supplements for two years.541 It is always advisable for patients to take responsibility for their own health. We are spiritual beings and when this aspect of our nature is not developed the void must be filled.” Public Citizen Magazine (a Ralph Nader Publication) July 6. . The industry also spent tens of millions on direct Such vast donations do not go unrewarded at voting time. A significant published study of Vitamin C involving 11. Conflicts of interest also exist between Congress and the pharmaceutical industry. A natural approach allows the mind/ body to self-correct as opposed to drugs that suppress symptoms. and found no level of toxicity in the blood. Vitamin C Bashing An entire article on Vitamin C bashing can be viewed on the Life Extension Foundation web site. the industry spent $40 million in direct campaign contributions designed to protect their financial interests. In response to Vitamin C bashing. 22% in cancer incidence.7 million to lobby officials in Congress and the executive branch.

the American Heart Association presented information from an unpublished trial that a high dose of vitamin C. they had a greater or lesser degree of carotid artery wall thickening and atherosclerotic plaque. Not only do these organizations receive grants from the pharmaceutical industry. A high-resolution ultrasound of the carotids with doppler evaluation was used to evaluate the carotid arteries of the subjects. plaque deposits (atherosclerosis) compensate for this weakness. increased carotid intima-media wall thickening over an 18 month trial. The carotid systems right and left were subjected . These are the studies that support the negative view of mainstream organizations. cardiovascular disease and other diseases. Conventional doctors are biased against dietary supplements for economic and political reasons. The Life Extension Foundation responded to this presentation by studying 30 people taking high doses of vitamin C and other nutrients for at least four years. On March 22. This tactic keeps the public confused and guessing about the health benefits of nutritional supplements. over 500mg a day. have published data showing that low levels of Vitamin C are associated with hardening of the arteries. It seems that conventional doctors are unfamiliar with the 76 additional studies published since 1990 that demonstrate vitamin C yields benefits such as lowered risks of cancer. and thinner and weaker arterial walls..REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 407 The news media can’t wait to imply that dietary supplements are useless and dangerous. The media is quick to pick up on these studies showing no health benefit. limited collagen production. Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling and Mathias Rath. 2000. The information for this bashing comes from such mainstream groups as the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society. M. Those consuming over 2000 mg a day of Vitamin C were studied to see if in relationship to their age and other risk factors. Studies indicate that consuming low doses of Vitamin C often does not yield health benefits. as they expressed in support of the FDA regulatory restriction. but they also have a strong bias against dietary supplements.D. but without stating the low dose used. This is in total contradiction to previous studies demonstrating the protective benefits of vitamin C against carotid atherosclerosis and intima-media wall thickening.

the percentage of stenosis. the AHA should have checked for carotid atherosclerotic plaque. This is only one of four parameters that carotid ultrasound testing can evaluate.. Taking advanced age into consideration. to determine if atherosclerotic plaque was present. The test allowed Paul Wand. The other seven cases had some evidence of carotid pathology. and to determine if there was any narrowing of the artery. Remember the subjects in the AHA group only took 500mg of vitamin C daily. which is the least indicative of disease. Just because the American Heart Association or any other organization says something about health. whereas the AHA only tested for carotid intima media thickening. All subjects in the American Heart Association meeting presentation were under age 60. the quantity of intima media thickening. and it is the least important one. none of the subjects would have shown carotid artery pathology. and blood flow velocity. Dr. neurologist.542 These two scenarios paint diametrically opposed pictures. because age is a risk factor in this disease and the Life Extension Foundation used subjects between 45 to 81 years of age. stenosis. stenosis and blood flow velocity. Had the Life Extension Foundation used this parameter. LDL cholesterol and/or glucose as potential factors causing this condition. carotid atherosclerosis. doesn’t mean it is accurate and honest. The Life Extension Foundation tested for carotid intima media thickening. This study demonstrates a more accurate picture of people consuming high doses of vitamin C. . the extent of which was insignificant. a followup revealed elevated levels of homocysteine. Wand was surprised that the American Heart Association presenters only tested for carotid intima media thickening. In addition to intima media thickening. and results showed 23 out of 30 members taking well in excess of 2000 mg of Vitamin C had remarkably healthy carotid arteries. two of the seven had 30% and 40% carotid stenosis (blockage of the carotid artery). M. Increased blood flow velocity is a marker for a narrowing of blockage in the artery.D. the percentage of stenosis was not considered indicative of a clinically significant disease state. This involved seeing if there was an increase in blood flow velocity. The Life Extension Foundation did a four-pronged ultrasound test. Of the seven showing some pathology.408 THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOU to multiple sonographic scans.

and take responsibility. The cancer death rate has increased. pseudoscientific. Does the radiologist say s/he’s sorry. and they die. They tell a person to go home and die. nutritionist. go and die. Conventional oncologists also may think a patient is improving. If a patient challenges a physician in the alternative field. or pseudo-scientific. Does the chemotherapist apologize that s/he is sorry because secondary cancers have developed. Gary Null has achieved international standing as an athlete. and they don’t. Dr. If a drug is given that has not been proven to help a person. in my opinion. Many people take radiation and end up getting the cancer back. journalist. A million and a half new cases will be diagnosed this year. scientist. unscientific. or they give a therapy and claim it’s the best.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 409 Conventional Medicine According to Gary Null This segment is from a Gary Null radio talk show. or quackery.”543 “If you are looking for quackery in medicine. political fascism. sometimes they claim that a patient will die. why not look at the . but causes the disease it is supposed to be treating. and a total of seven million people with cancer. human rights activist.000 people will die of cancer. isn’t that quackery? Our process of denial is so evident in how selective we are in our ideologies. Are these doctors responsible for any of this when they say. but it isn’t. get your life in order. no. but the cancer metastasizes somewhere else in the body. because building the immune system was not part of the protocol? They don’t want to take that responsibility. This year (1996) over 650. then that physician is labeled as a quack. every single year we see anywhere from 20 to 40 thousand additional deaths. they don’t want to take that responsibility. Conventional doctors give experimental toxic treatments. but the patient goes out and seeks another form of therapy and lives. The basis behind this condemnation is that anything labeled as alternative is considered junk science. “we have nothing more that can be done for you. investigative reporter and broadcaster. get your will made?” There seems to be a selective form of prosecution. “The American Heart Association condemns chelation therapy and the methods they’re condemning it are a form of. 3 million people on active treatment.

fraud on the part of the physicians is more than $80 billion per year. American Pharmaceutical Association.S. shown by economists and medical researchers. This amount. They established a national network or clearinghouse for information on health fraud. Postal Service.410 THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOU National Institutes of Health and the official medical organizations own statistics of abuse. The Council for Better Business Bureaus. Ineffective bureaucracy: accounts for $70 billion per year. which operated completely in secret. Witch hunts that denigrate the work of alternative therapists with cancer started back in 1964 with Doyle Taylor. FDA and Legislation induced to self-destruct the medical system: $50 billion. Total: Over 500 billion dollars. U. and developed health fraud strike forces. The American Cancer Society. and Federal Trade Commission. The Arthritis Foundation. the diagnosis is changed. Taylor also created the committee on quackery. is over $130 billion per year. Unnecessary treatments: semi-fraud. and iatrogenic episodes. to keep patients in the hospital longer so they can be billed. a secret group inside the AMA. (There are times when this is necessary because a premature release can cause serious health complications). Overpricing and lack of cost management: accounts for $80 billion per year. negligence. They met on a regular basis to decide how they would deal with . even though there is a tremendous amount of money involved concerning these therapies. more than one-half a trillion dollars wasted and dominated by selective special interest groups each year. When the insurance company will not pay for a series of treatments. and government agencies such as the FDA. the head of a group called the Coordinating Conference on Health Information.”544 Here is a brief summary according to Gary Null: Medicaid: overbilling. All these groups had backing from representatives of the American Medical Association. The positive results are hard to find in many conventional therapies. is wasted because complementary lifestyles are not promoted for prevention. Insufficient use of alternative and complementary medicine: cost the taxpayers and patients $100 billion per year.

various chiropractors began a series of lawsuits against the AMA. They infiltrated every health group and environmental group and reported back to create actual information profiles on the leaders of these health groups. . The plaintiff’s attorney. how they were coached. infiltrating groups and in effect practicing medical sabotage on four separate occasions. They determined that it should not be covered. and what the response was. and Gaylord Hauser. After a lengthy review in 1987 federal court judge Susan Getzendanner gave her conclusions-see website: http://www. and always seemed to be practices like chiropractic. In 1976. (Gary Null has letters that indicate who was at00. Carlton Fredericks. The AMA has been found guilty of violating the Sherman Anti-Trust They intentionally kept them on the fringes. At the trial documents were presented showing that behind the scenes the AMA had coached and hand selected every one of the panel This was completely unethical and probably illegal. nutrition.545 The word “conspiracy.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 411 health fraud. Their dirty deeds were finally uncovered in a case that lasted ten years. Their task was to set about destroying these modalities. The process created a paper trail of over one million documents that showed thousands and thousands of supporters in the United States.html. Health fraud was. osteopathic. They tried to prevent these health care leaders from getting a national audience. They exposed the American Medical Association to be an organization that was engaged systematically in conspiracy to violate the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. helped win the largest lawsuit against any medical group in American history. so they would have limited power in the health field. in restraint of trade. The AMA worked hard to prevent insurance companies from approving chiropractic treatment.chirobase. They had large dossiers on Adele Davis. For more information on Gary Null see: www. podiatry. as well as many other people in the health field.html. and chelation.garynull. and was the longest medical trial in American history. McAndrews.” used repeatedly in the final verdict opens our eyes to conspiracies that we are told not to believe. Many references can be found on the website: http://www. engaging in restraint of trade. Congress even set up a special blue ribbon panel to see if chiropractic should be covered by federal insurance.

In just one year iatrogenic incompetence caused 13.300 deaths every year from ulcers.000 to 100. 2000. That barrier has served to deprive consumers . and five hundred billion dollars are being wasted due to fraud. p 484).300 hospital patients to die of infections that resisted every antibiotic drug. The AMA engages in the systematic destruction of anything that threatens its status quo. Journal of Am Medical Association. For example. If hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Americans are being hurt or killed. killing 625 people. That’s how many people die from medical care.000 drug induced cases of Parkinson syndrome. even with as little as sixty hours of training in formal pharmacology.000 hip fractures. why is the medical establishment considered authoritative? Those who doubt the verdict against the AMA can read the Supreme Court documents: “determined that the AMA has produced a formidable impediment to competition in the delivery of health care services by physicians in this country. non-steroidal inflammatory drugs like aspirin causing 3. (Imagine 3 airliners crashing daily.000 cases of drug induced impaired thinking or memory loss. What is not reported are the 61. when in 1996 press reports about the work of a holistic doctor like Juan Nicholas Gonzales. duplicity. Harvard University estimates that medicine kills 8.000 Americans die every week from poorly prescribed medications.000 Americans every year. a medical commission estimated that another 1. and unnecessary tests. If the medical profession looked at their own literature. prescription drug reactions causing 243. A Yale University study showed that approximately 2. malfeasance.412 THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOU The public was not aware that the finding was fraudulent when they were told there was no scientific basis to chiropractic. 163. and millions of prescription drugs inducing dizziness or fainting. who successfully used Kelley Metabolic therapy for treating cancer. Their enormous control over the press keeps the public unaware of these activities. the vigilantes immediately brand the treatment as suspect or quackery. July 26. The profession allows its members to prescribe drugs. and permits surgical procedures of questionable value. prescription drug induced falls causing 32.000 hospitalizations.000 a week die from failed surgery. they would find what causes so many medical problems.

to deter the offering of innovative forms of health care and to stifle the rise of almost every type of health care delivery that could potentially pose a threat to the income or fee for services of physicians in private practice. and founded the first Harry Hoxey Cancer Clinic in 1924 in Southern Illinois. which was passed down from Harry’s great grandfather to his father.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 413 of a free flow of information about the availability of health care services. author of When Healing Becomes A Crime. The cost to the public in terms of less expensive. Times and New York Daily News. or even perhaps more improved forms of medical services is great.S. and was invited by the AMA in Chicago to demonstrate the treatment. The Persecution of Harry Hoxey and Stanislaw Burzynski Of all the witch hunts for alternative cancer therapists. found documented visual evidence in the AMA archives regarding Hoxey’s therapies. Kenny Ausubel. The stories that do appear in the media are part of a larger campaign of misinformation and mind manipulation under the guise of protecting us from quackery. Harry became a naturopathic physician. Hoxey’s natural herbal formula was passed down for generations in his family. the case of Harry Hoxey was one of the most shameful in American history. He quickly became very famous for success in treating cancer. Harry Hoxey beat the AMA single handedly in court many times because evidence presented demonstrated the validity of his therapy.Y. Harry was born around the turn of the twentieth century and began apprenticing as an herbalist under his father at the age of eight.” It was determined by the U. It consisted of: Internal Formula: potassium iodide red clover buckhorn bark External paste: zinc chloride antimony trisulfate bloodroot . Supreme Court that the AMA and its state and county affiliates are a “trade monopoly.” This type of information doesn’t make the front page of the N.

and tobacco companies became the biggest advertisers in the AMA Journal. Malcolm L. Hoxey fought the AMA for the next 35 years. Hoxey a quack. The two largest cancer centers today. organized medicine admitted that the formulas are successful in the treatment of cancer. There is currently a clinic in Mexico. and he also had clinics in 17 states. Harris. treating 12. Hoxey’s victory over Fishbein was astounding – two federal courts upheld the therapeutic value of the treatment. This is one example of how healing can become illegal and criminal in this country. who called Dr. TX was the world’s largest private cancer center. Harris tried to steal it and own it. have 13. The treatments were never disproved. Hoxey would not allow it. Morris Fishbein. His clinic was enormous for its time. and was acquitted by the Supreme Court of Texas many times.000 patients. did not practice as an intern. Fishbein also promoted cigarettes. Since his treatment was very effective. A group of about 60 physicians witnessed how Hoxey’s herbal formula cured cancer and how it regenerated new healthy tissue. called Dr. one of which is Sloan-Kettering. and set out to destroy him.414 THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOU stilingia root berberis root pokeberries and root licorice root cascara amarga prickly ash bark burdock root Hoxey’s work was brought to the attention of a Dr.000 patients. He was first to defeat the AMA in court on charges of libel and slander. Dr. Fishbein. and never treated a single cancer patient. By the 1950’s his clinic in Dallas. flunked anatomy in medical school. Harris vowed to close Hoxey’s clinics. they destroyed it. therefore. editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association from 1924 to 1949. . a very powerful figure in the AMA and chief surgeon at the Alexian Brothers and the Henrotin Hospitals in Chicago. when they couldn’t. It is ironic that Dr. Hoxey a quack. but the clinics were closed on legal technicalities in 1963. the AMA wanted to own it.

and natural remedies. while making other. Until then. People are not satisfied with conventional medicine. less powerful players.547 Today the AMA attacks all natural treatments. He arranged for his company. Those who would not come into the fold “were crushed” according to a Rockefeller biographer (W. 1971}page 24). organized medicine has waged an ongoing campaign to eliminate all competitors in the healthcare industry. He pulled in his stronger competitors like Andrew Carnegie and JP Morgan as partners. Its prime targets are chiropractic.. For the duration of the 20th Century. Rockefeller to run around the country and ‘evaluate’ the effectiveness of therapies taught in medical schools and other institutions of the healing arts. homeopathy. Farben. petrochemicals. 85% of Americans went to natural medical practitioners. Inc. used the Flexner Report to destroy natural medicine early in the Twentieth Century.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 415 The medical cartels control the cancer industry by brainwashing people into having negative preconceptions about natural systems. they have brainwashed the public into believing this. despite the fact that their doctor cannot even tell them about other treatments. Standard Oil of New Jersey to obtain a controlling interest in a huge German drug cartel called I. such as a toxic chemotherapeutic poison. because their belief is that only a medical Rockefeller wanted to dominate control over petroleum. Abraham Flexner was engaged by John D. David: Report on a Rockefeller {New York: Lyle Stuart. Hoffman. Many . can save a patient. The conspiracy to limit and eliminate competition from non-drug therapies began with the Flexner Report of 1910. Nowhere is this more axiomatic than in the treatment of cancer. not to mention the prohibitive costs. stockholders in Standard Oil. During Hoxey’s time until the 1940’s. According to Educate-Yourself. (http://educateyourself. and pharmaceuticals (which are derived from ‘coal tars’ or crude oil). Sr. All Hoxey wanted was to have his treatment objectively studied. The AMA and John D. G. 90% of the medical schools in America were homeopathic medical schools. Rockefeller.546 The Flexner Report changed all this. the AMA and the Rockefeller drug interests destroyed natural medicine to protect their profits. Today 64% of cancer patients seek alternative practitioners.

548 Dr. the FDA planned a new attack.D. The FDA also cited him for not testing the sterility of the standard pre-packaged sterile IV bags from Abbott Laboratories. Burzinski’s cancer treatment. going after his manufacturing plant. Burzynski manufactures antineoplastons in a sophisticated pharmaceutical plant that he designed and built.. enters cells and turns off oncogenes that cause cancer cells to proliferate.550 . After a judge allowed Dr. Burzynski is still in practice. Could it be that the reason they’re so diligent in suppressing alternatives is because they want to protect the vested interests of the pharmaceutical industry? For a number of years the medical establishment has harassed a cancer treatment specialist who literally developed a miracle cure. these patients would worsen or die.. This was against the FDA’s own regulations. it could put an end to the conventional treatments such as chemotherapy. to put a hold on clinical trials without giving the sponsor ample time to correct their findings.416 THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOU cases involving natural medicine are not about protecting consumers – they are about silencing alternative treatment physicians and obstructing your freedom to take advantage of their expertise. Dr. why would they have to be sterilized again?549 The FDA approved 72 trials which would have caused the death of hundreds of cancer patients and later tried to put a hold on them. radiation. They were barely significant. and most were addressed on site. Over 70 percent of high-ranking FDA officials retire to the board of pharmaceutical companies. They found faults concerning items handled the same way by other pharmaceutical plants that were never cited. Ph. As his treatment gains acceptance. nevertheless. Public pressure and two congressional subcommittee hearings exposed FDA bias trying to put him out of business. Again the FDA found faults that would have been overlooked in other plants.D. Stanislaw Burzynski M. but Dr. It also activates tumor suppressor genes that stop cancer. Burzynski to continue to treat cancer patients. antineoplastons. As a result the FDA works to protect the drug industry more than it does the consumer. treats patients with a non-toxic therapy. If a reputable pharmaceutical company had already sterilized them. they were addressed immediately. and surgery. A court previously acknowledged that if treatment were stopped.

But the FDA conducts raids against physicians and organizations that practice and advocate natural medicine. On May 6. then current patients would also be at risk.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 417 Since their findings had no substantial basis. Chapter Ten in this book demonstrates countless natural substances that can be used to balance blood pressure. According to the law. intimidate. Just read the physicians desk reference and see what horrible side effects the FDA approves – some are worse than the disease the drug is prescribed for to treat. If there really were a problem with his therapy. The conventional cancer system is very concerned about the increased use of natural therapies. their main job is to protect the pharmaceutical companies to insure new drug research and drug patents. The FDA would allow the trials to continue on patients already involved in the treatment.551 Dr. public safety could not be their primary job. How does the FDA get warrants to raid organizations? Under perjured testimony by FDA compliance officer Martin Katz. showed dramatic and immediate improvement with antineoplastons. the FDA just wanted to stop Dr. Although the FDA hides behind public safety as a priority. Burzynski could not treat new patients. He is still in practice and his great work continues to be a blessing to cancer patients. However. 1992. and other medical procedures when they are the only means to treat certain diseases. a . and their success in cancer remission. and other diseases. Having the FDA in charge of protecting Americans’ health is like having a fox in charge of chicken coop security. Burzynski’s patients. given no hope and considered terminal by conventional doctors.26. we are thankful for drugs. diabetes. Burzynski from treating new patients. Jonathan Wright. Washington to raid a medical clinic run by Dr. the FDA does not have control over how physicians practice medicine in the United States. the FDA agents obtained search warrants in federal court to raid The Life Extension Foundation on the morning of Feb. but Dr. Considering all the suffering and deaths that drugs cause. The same is true for natural remedies to treat cancer. the FDA sent its gun-toting agents to Kent. and put natural therapy advocates out of business. However. raids with guns drawn using Gestapo tactics to scare. they came up with a new plan. 1987.

pain. and control seem to be the motto of the medical industrial complex. Profit.45. Perhaps that is the point. Protecting Corporate Profits The FDA deprives Americans of natural therapies in order to allow the pharmaceutical companies to continue making hundreds of billions of dollars from your pain and suffering. which was also obtained with perjured testimony. videotape: $33. arthritis. by phone: 1-800-338-4847)552 Dr. $5. put him out of business. former head of the Department of Health and Human Services. organized medicine does not allow real treatments to become mainstream. who has been successfully treating patients for decades. used a loophole to stop implementation of this law. On February 11. Wright notes: “The time.418 THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOU highly popular alternative medical physician trained at Harvard University and the University of Michigan Medical School. This gave the FDA a reason to declare the law unworkable. power. they also deprive patients of the medical care of their choice. and in some cases financial ruin endured by patients. When it . Livingston NJ 07039. from Box 7. The FDA’s illegal raid on Dr. and diabetes Despite all the suffering. heart disease. Wright. a CBS-TV newsmagazine program aired a one-hour show on alternative medicine with an opening segment on Dr. Wright’s clinic. (Transcript. Wright treated patients with “contaminated” vitamins. They also prohibit the re-importation of drugs from other countries at lower prices in order to maintain exorbitant domestic prices. It quite obviously will interfere with our ability to deliver the best possible health care to those who come to see us.”553 These raids are warnings to physicians to tow the party line. 1993. The FDA alleged that Dr. but the FDA presented no evidence in support of this allegation. Re-importation refers to purchasing drugs originally exported to foreign countries by American firms. and has kept American consumers paying the highest drug prices in the world. Both houses of Congress voted to allow Americans to purchase lower cost drugs overseas. Donna Shalala. expense and disruption involved here are enormous. Despite this support. Conventional medicine has not been effective in treating cancer.

it promotes growth of certain types of cancer cells. Conflicts of interest abound within the FDA drug approval process. it is a promoter. that is. The research to support this statement comes from Monsanto. However. This travesty affects more than drugs. not the FDA. the FDA granted 803 waivers in a two-year period beginning in 1998. traces of which wind up in the milk you drink. The same conflict alluded to above resulted in FDA approval of recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). with the advent of genetic engineering. not private industry. which has held prices so low that many dairies have been forced out of business. The drug is not approved in other countries because of its deleterious effects on cows and consumers. but we have a surplus of milk in this country. he is required by law to state that according to FDA that there is no significant difference between milk from rBGH treated cows and non-treated cows. requiring higher doses of antibiotics. and even working within the drug company. . owning stock in the company. Their decisions directly influence their finances. does not prevent or cure any diseases the FDA approved this harmful drug primarily because their regulatory official had previously worked for Monsanto.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 419 comes to necessities such as health. which turns off the selfdestruct mechanisms in cancer cells. Out of 159 FDA advisory meetings during a period of time. our food supply is now greatly jeopardized. Use of rBGH results in higher levels of mastitis in cows. In spite of the fact that this drug is not necessary for milk production. the drug’s manufacturer. The drug increases milk production. This poison is in our dairy products and isn’t even labeled and if an organic milk supplier chooses to label his milk rBGH free. Worse yet. Examples of conflicts of interests include the securing of direct funding for research from the manufacturer. there were 146 financial conflicts. government should serve its people first. An investigative report showed direct financial interest at 54% of those serving on FDA committees. Although it doesn’t cause cancer. How do these “experts” get on committees? The FDA issues waivers to permit conflicts of interest if the expert’s value outweighs the potential conflict of interest. The FDA received a summary that only reported the results Monsanto wanted to be known. rBGH produces high levels of IGF-1 in milk.

The biotech companies are fueled by a relentless drive to control and dominate the world food industry.organicconsumers. who are supposed to protect the public.purefood. and therefore no labeling is required. This is according to a report by Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy. regardless of the effects on your health. Agencies such as the FDA. a section of the genetic code from a cold hardy fish can be placed into that of a tomato so that it can resist frost. The biotech industry creates genetically engineered seeds for vegetables like soybeans and corn. without even knowing the effects but the FDA says you do not have the right to know. poisonous spider genes.” Phil Angell. Assuring its safety is the FDA’s job. it becomes apparent that the divisions between the two have dissolved. Approval for genetically engineered foods has been given in spite of recommendations from FDA’s own scientists that long-range studies need to be conducted to determine their safety. Monsanto’s Director of Corporate Communications. as well as other foods. New York Times 10/25/98. they have been on the top ten list of foods causing and http:// www.420 THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOU “Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food. Genetic engineering is a procedure that can cross barriers between species or even kingdoms. virus. For example. Biotech Bias on the Editorial and Opinion Pages of Major . Industry has managed to convince the FDA that this is essentially cancer virus. And the FDA assists them in their quest. The report. function as a rubber stamp for the biotech/pharmaceutical industrial complex. Ever since soybeans have been genetically engineered. and the EPA. Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible. You are probably eating insect. or pig genes. bacteria.cfm. If you haven’t heard about genetic engineering it may be because thirteen of the largest newspapers and magazines in the United States have all but shut out criticism of genetically modified (GM) food and crops from their opinion pages. Looking more closely at the unholy alliance between industry and government. USDA.554 Some good sites to learn about genetic engineering are: http://www.

found an overwhelming bias in favor of GM foods not only on editorial pages. while publishing several in support. According to Jaydee Hansen of the UMC.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 421 United States Newspapers and News Magazines. the Catholic Church reversed its previous position and embraced this technology. 2000.” Pope John Paul II addressed the problem of proliferating unchecked technology by referring to John Paul’s 13th encyclical. the report found that some newspapers surveyed did not publish a single critical op-ed on GM foods and crops. a forum usually reserved for a variety of opinions. ecological and religious liberty implications of genetic engineering. “ordered to something greater than a merely utilitarian end. It is necessary to subject it in advance to rigorous scientific and ethical checking to prevent it ending up in disaster for the future of the earth. speaking to a massive crowd at the Vatican. “Faith and Reason. with pre-market safety testing required.” .”556 Church officials said these remarks on science pertained to biogenetic engineering and cloning. stating that the use of biotechnology in agriculture “cannot be evaluated only on the basis of immediate economic interests. “We call for policies that encourage the gradual transition to sustainable and organic agriculture.” In the summer of 2003. but also on op-ed pages. Religious leaders around the world take issue with this new position. Amongst Protestant denominations.555 Religion and Biotechnology The Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism passed a resolution on labeling genetically engineered food. Pope John Paul II urged extreme caution concerning genetically engineered food. which the Catholic Church has called unethical. 11. The Commission called on the government to “monitor the health. On Nov. the United Methodist Church recently called for mandatory labeling of all GE foods.” Technology must be. then it could even become the potential destroyer of the human race. In fact.

When you take charge. and your body will heal itself.422 THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOU What You Can Do As religion teaches you. Think. You will begin to experience that you can be healed because you are already whole and that your body is naturally inclined towards health and healing. but it is only the universe returning the vibrant health that you have radiated. Practice the exercises and techniques in this book. Consciousness is primary and matter is secondary. Don’t be mesmerized by pharmaceutical and biotech industry propaganda. feel. Jump out of the trance. It’s just a matter of learning to allow the body to heal itself. A wound heals because the pattern of wholeness is already present within the cells that are damaged – the cells innate pattern of wholeness guides the healing process to completion. and vibrate health and wholeness. . do not follow a false prophet. The biotech industry launched a $50 million media campaign in progress to convince you how wonderful bio-technology is. then even a sugar pill can heal. Taking charge of your health is the first step in the healing process. the power of these special interest groups will disappear just as light dispels darkness. You Can Take Responsibility For Your Health Healing begins the instant you take responsibility for your health. If you have aligned your vibration with health. which remains in your awareness. I hope the information in this chapter has motivated and instilled the passion in you to take responsibility for your health. enjoy life. rather then forcing it to respond. your mind/ body influenced by consciousness is the greatest scientific modality you have for health and healing. Rising to that responsibility creates a feeling of empowerment. Medicine calls this the placebo effect. How you do this is entirely up to you. but the healing possibilities are infinite. Let go of fear and limitation. This will give you the opportunity to become self-sufficient by restoring balance to your physiology. Be happy. and use your own intuition to find your path to health and healing. and take the appropriate supplements.

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He also utilizes nutrition. and is a Tera-Mai™ Reiki Master. His main emphasis is to enliven the clients’ inner healing power to create balance from a deep level of mind. Touch for Health. and spirit. and has studied natural healing systems for 20 years. degree in psychology and Counselor Education from Southern Connecticut State College. He received his M. acupressure. diet.About the Authors Michael Arluck Sheinbaum is a Natural Health Practitioner. CranioSacral Therapy. He is a certified practitioner of Axiatonal Process. Bach Flower Remedies. body. and other natural systems. CT. electro-acupuncture (no skin puncture). in New Haven. gem elixirs. MariEl.S. 459 .

David is a Traditional Naturopath and Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist. David is licensed as a Naturopath in the states of North Carolina. David is a member of the International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists. When not helping his private clients. and the District of . the foothills in the south eastern part of San Diego County.naturopath4you. California does not currently license Clinical Nutritionists or Traditional Naturopaths. and the Vice President of the internationally renowned Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation. the California Naturopathic Association.460 ABOUT THE AUTHORS David Getoff has been a student of nutrition for over 25 years. he can often be found teaching classes to both the public and to health professionals both locally and in seminars and conferences around the country. The American Holistic Health Association and The American Holistic Medical Association. and is licensed as a Nutritionist in the State of NewYork. Idaho. a Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine. He is also an elected member of the American College of Nutrition. and has a private Health and Wellness practice in Deerhorn Valley. David loves imparting his knowledge to anyone interested in improving their health and may be reached through his web page at www. The American Association for Health Freedom.

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256 Dyer. 111– 112 of incorrect messages. 181 Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). 345 three phases of. 330. 317 . 393–394 free radicals and.470 INDEX Diet health and. 244 Dietary supplements FDA and. 322 Doubt Bach Flower Remedies for. 345 Dove Health Alliance. 77. 335–336 warm down phase of. 42 mineral wasting from. 412 Duke University Medical Center. 307 Dopamine. 343 Douillard’s program ayurvedic mind/body types and. 319. 254 quality of. 160 Bach Flower System in. 29 Diuretics. 221. 29 of war. 160 Disease model Ayurvedic. 397–398 side effects of. 306. 182 natural. 369 Droker. 181. Wayne. 106 E Ear acupressure point. 108 Drug industry. 333. 267–268 Diet and Heart Disease: Its not what You Think (Byrnes). 394 Drug research manipulation of. Jane. 403–404 Drugs effects of. 28. 343–344 performance phase of. 197. 267 spices for. 360f Eating art of. 225 exercise and. 328. John. 333 listening phase of. 267 Digestive enzymes. 205 message regarding. 402 “Dietary Supplements Task Force Final Report. See Pharmaceutical industry Drug Information Association. 180 side effects of. 394–395 Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act. 44 thiazide drugs as. 169 Disease definition of. 254 Digestive guidelines of Ayurveda.” 394 Digestion. 115 Douillard. 317–318 walking after. 104 Drug commercials. 255 Dioscorea Villosa. 327. 145. 398–399 pharmaceutical industry and. 28. 359–360.

322 straining at. 254–255 Ebnother. 182 exercise and. 369 ELISA test for food allergies. 152 physical impact of. Albert. 94–95 Eicosapentaenoic (EPA). 142. 112.” 273 Effortlessness. 32 Endothelial cells of blood vessels. 324 Exercise and Your Heart (NIH Publication). 173 The Estrogen Alternative (Martin). 319–323 aerobic. Calcium. 124. 297 Elm as Bach Flower Remedy. 42–43 hypothyroidism and. 108. 220 Enzymes juices and. See Digestive enzymes. 40 Estrogen. Williams and Miehlke). 83 End organ sensitivity. 306 Einstein. 42. 395 Emory University School of Medicine. 113. 324 NADH and. 139–141 Emotional nervousness energy healing for. 112 source of. 25 “The Effects of Potassium. 285 Enzymes. 357 Emotions life force and. 145 Emotional conversion exercises for. 197–198 Eating habits. 110. 210 Eddington. 25 Electro-acupuncture. 171 Exercise. See also Rhythmic entrainment Enzyme D6D. 326 dopamine and. 202. Carl. 116 Emergency medicine. 124 positive/negative. See Eicosapentaenoic Epinephrine. 59 Endorphins. Gerald. 139 Emoto. 111.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 471 Eating for Optimal Health in the 21st Century (Getoff ). 220 EPA. 174 Estrogen dominance hypertension and. 58. 322 epinephrine and. Masaru. 110 negative. 89 Essential hypertension. and Fiber on Risk of Stroke. 307 Enzyme Nutrition (Howell). 323 cautions regarding. Magnesium. 324 Epstein. 30. 56. 327 tPA and. 61 Energy healing mechanics of. Systemic enzymes Enzymes the Fountain of Life (Lopez. 139–140. 324–326 calcium and. 370–371 Enkephalins. 203 Endothelin-1. 346 . Sir Arthur. 32 Entrainment. 43.

311 Flexner. 137 Fats differences among. 56 Fighting disease. creating wellness. Abraham. 281 grapefruit. 233 Eye conditions supplements for. 27. 297–298 ELISA test for.472 INDEX Ex-Stress. 283. 93–94 Flowers vibrational frequency of. 414 The Five Minute Phobia Cure (Callahan). 258 Fenugreek. 193. 111 Food fresh. Harold. 107 as projection. 303 healthy. 280–285 Fiber soluble. 111 Flowers To The Rescue (Vlamis). 75. 415 Flow with Nature visualization. 108 systematic desensitization for. 309 Fishbein. 104 Bach Flower Remedies for. 297 . 306. 306 Fish oils. 126 Flavonoid glycosides. Morris. 259 polyunsaturated. 282–283 studies on. 207 F DA. 101– 103 Fear of death fighting disease and. 107 as fear of change. 254 organic. 240 Fennel seeds. 27 Fish mercury pollution and. 27 fear of death and. 297 Food Allergy Relief (Braly). 114 of blood pressure reading. 415 Flexner Report. 256 Food allergies diabetes and. 106 Fearlessness. 27 transcending of. 106 manifesting illness and. 122. 96. 28 v. 99 technique to overcome. 310. 178 Flaxseed oil. 249 F Fairleigh Dickinson University. See Food and Drug Administration Fear. 305 FDA recommendations of Vitamin C. 254 processed. 183 Faith. 310 Flaxseeds. 281 insoluble. 99 of disease. 283–284 Fight or flight response. 99. 107 Feinberg. 311 Fiber diabetes and. 104.

210. 166. 297 Getzendanner. David. 56. 180. 209. 270 Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). 260 effects of. 307 Garlic. 394–395 lawsuit against. 420 Gentian as Bach Flower Remedy. 73. 59.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 473 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) dietary supplements and. David. 220 Food preservatives. 193. 186. 77 Gerontology. 197. 72 Genetic factors in hypertension. 419. 421. 259 Fruit as anti-inflammatory. 63. 84 Freeze-frame technique. 255 creation of. 167. Susan. 288 Geddes. 306. 289– 290 G Gaia Herbs. 399–400 pharmaceutical companies and. 205. 233 Fredericks. 234 Gamma tocopherol vitamin E with. 409– 422 Food Enzymes for Health and Longevity (Howell). 397 Genesis. 100 Getting Through to Your Emotions with EFT (Montrose). 420 Genetically modified (GM) foods. 143 French unrefined light grey salt. 395. 116 Georgetown University. Nicola. Carlton. 411 Free radicals. 57– 58 Freeman. James Dillet. 220 Forgiveness healing power of. 223 Forward. 208. 185. 272 Garlic juice. 242 400/400 tocopherols/tocotrienols. 40–41 Genetically engineered food. 411 . 221 Getting Through to Your Emotions (Mountrose). 198. 195 Gamma tocotrienol. 398 unethical practices of. 112. 141. 198. See also Genetically modified (GM) foods Genetically engineered seeds. 249–250 reduction through TM. 260–261 reduction through supplements. 122 General Accounting Office. 303 Getoff. 416 protection from. 57. 201 Gamma-glutamylmethylamide (GMA). 80–81 Formaldehyde. 201 Frawley.

177 Ginkgolides. 218 Glycemic index. 95 Gymnema sylvestre diabetes and.” 135 The Great Tao (Chang). 227 “The Great Power of Letting Go. Good Mood (Null). 72 Christian concept of. 269. See Gamma-linolenic acid Glassman. 286 Grapefruit pectin. 215 research on. See Changing thought habits Haley. 136 . 213–215 dosage of. 234. 267 Ginkgo Biloba. 178–179 dosage of. Juan Nicholas. 257 GLA. 281 Grapefruit juice. 145 Glen King Institute for Better Health. Jaydee. 394 Han. 217 action of. 218. 257 Grain and Salt Society.474 INDEX Ghee. 72 separation from. See Gammaglutamylmethylamide God accessibility of. 116–117 Gotu kola. Kim Bong. 23 Hansen. 74 union with. 72 ancient concepts of. 300 Glycemic Research Institute. 386 importance of. See Genetically modified foods G MA. 226 Guided visualization. 72 ineffable name of. 153 GTF. 304 G M foods. 72 Judaic concept of. John. See Glucose tolerance factor The Guardian. 255 Glycation. 70–71. See also Chromium Glycated end products (AGE’s). 298. 288 Grape seed extract. 398 Gugulipid. 71 Gonzales. Alexander. low. 412 Good Food. 218 Grapefruit fiber. 270 Grindler. 234. 298 Gorse as Bach Flower Remedy. 179 research on. 177–179. 224 Glucose tolerance factor (GTF). 300–301 Glycemic load. 255 Glycotoxins. 368 Hands of Light (Brennen). 370 Green tea. 302–303 Glycosylation. 178 Ginseng. 214 H Habits. 295 Grape juice. 304 Ginger. Daniel. 299. 205. 421 Happiness. 210. 365 Glucose Essentials. 299 Glycemic sweetners. See Glucose Tolerance Factor GTF.

31. 414 Harry Hoxey Cancer Clinic. 250 Heart neuro-lymphatic acupressure points. 369 Health Store News. 181. 163. 89 Health as balance. 252 Heart pressure points on hand. 363f Heart problems possessiveness and. 357 Heart chakra. 131 of love.. 61. 142 kidneys and. 237 Harvard Medical School. racing energy healing for. 76. 195 . 375 The Healing Secret of the Ages (Ponder). 117 Hauser. 169 for obesity. 358–359. 177 Heart electric field of. 73. 181 neurons in. 167– 169 dosage for. 308 Department of Nutrition. 412 Hatred Bach Flower Remedies for. 32 definition of. 162. 370 Healing for the Age of Enlightenment (Burroughs). Gaylord. 322 Harvard School of Public Health. 162. 374. 125–126 Heart Research Institute. 124 Heart meridian points. Malcolm L. 123. 356. 362. 30. 405 Health care system. 127 Healing Visualizations (Epstein). 161 pineal gland and. 167–168 Hay. 413.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 475 Harris. 74. 42 Healing by Jesus Christ. 398 through dynamic resonance. 23 Health & Healing (Whitaker). 322 Harvard University. 391–393 profit motive in. 75–76 self-empowerment in. 384 Healing power as birthright. 140 Heart beat. 123 self as. 315. 138 HDL cholesterol. 315 Healing intelligence. 391–392 Health fraud. 359f Heart palpitations supplements for. 374f Heart muscle/contractions/valves supplements for. 411 Health Point. 124. 143 as seat of love. 291. 75 as memory restoration. 292. Louise. 25 of higher Self. 414 Hartford Hospital Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. 411 Hawthorn berries. 167.



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technique, 100, 131, 348 Parasympathetic nervous system, 140, 349–350 Park City Hospital, 274 Parsley juice, 289 Pasteur Institute, 25 Pasteur, Louis, 393 Pauling, Linus, 207, 392, 407 Peace, Love, and Healing (Siegel), 214 Peas, 193 Peat, Raymond, 271 Pentateuch, 72 Perfect Blend Formula 2, 242 Perfect Health (Chopra), 293, 333 Performance phase of Douillard’s program, 345 Pericardium meridian points, 374, 374f Perilla Oil, 228 Peroxynitrate, 203 Peroxynitrite, 163 Personality type, 112, 114–115 Pharma-Cartel, 402 Pharmaceutical companies FDA and, 416 FDA protection for, 418–421 Pharmaceutical industry, 391–392, 401 agenda of, 401 conflicts of interests and, 406 drug research and, 403–404 natural supplements control by, 402 profit motive for, 403–404 Phillips Publishing, Inc., 258

79 purpose of. 205. 43 Pitta mind/body type. 108 Prostacyclin. 171. 136 Prayer art of. 271 Progesterone cream. 135.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 485 The Physiology of Consciousness (Wallace). 78–79 Prayer for Protection. 276. 173 Progressive muscle relaxation. 305–306 Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids. 333 Prather. 81–82 Prayer Of Personal Forgiveness. 31 food sources of. 178 Platelet aggregation. 331–332 Placebo effect. 59 Pierson. 135– 137 Prevention. 218 Pineal gland healing and. Weston. 305–308 fats and. 189–193. 171. 394 Polyphenols. 291 Polyunsaturated fats. 311 . 43 Pregnenolone. 305. 43. 83 healing power of. 228 Politics in Healing (Haley). 76–77 technique of. See Essential hypertension Proanthocyanidins. 78. Catherine. 400 Pine as Bach Flower Remedy. 81–83 Prednisone. 118–119 Pine bark extract. 125–126 Potassium. 131 Pro-inflammatory cytokine production. 396. 127 Possessiveness heart problems and. 218–219 supplements for. 191 Potassium sensitivity. 73–84 process of. 422 Platelet activating factor (PAF). 123. 42. 192 Present centered attention. 227. 173–174. 75–76 Piroxicam. 256 Progesterone. Hugh. 240 supplements for. Durk. 218–219 Processed food. 244 Price -Pottenger Nutrition Foundation. 198 Primary hypertension. 271 Prescription for Nutritional Healing. 249 Prostaglandins. 76. 273. 308 Ponder. 82–83 Prayers Of Life. 84 Prayer Of Forgiveness. 315 deficiency of. 124. 276–277 L-Taurine and. 278 Price. 187. 252 Policosanol. 137 frozen water crystals and. 191–192 Potassium loss stress-induced. 80 traditional. 78 research on. 192–193 Prakruti (Svoboda).

119 Red-yeast-rice. 166 Q-Gel. 259 Rose quartz light visualization. 419 Red Chestnut as Bach Flower Remedy. 243 Quantum Healing (Chopra). 243. 353 Relax blood vessels visualization. 53 Royal Free and University College Medical School . 43 Psychoneuroendocrinology. 308 Rezulin. Mathias... 47 Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre Division of Cardiology. 112–113. 239 Rock Rose as Bach Flower Remedy. 64 Retinol purple. 90. 406 Pumpkin seed. 160. 206. 161. John D. Nelson. 244 Reaven. 100. 91–92. 274 Rosie meat. 119 Rock Water as Bach Flower Remedy. 207 Rath. 197. 151 Rescue Remedy. 164.486 INDEX Pseudoephedrine. 75 The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book (Lieberman). 111 Reorienting step. 244 Raw food diet. 93 Remethylation. Jaro. 296 Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). 121–122 Restful alertness. 92– 93 Purslane. 392. 235 Remissions. 415 Rockefeller. Inc. 402 Rocky meat. 216 Retinopathy supplements for. See also Entrainment Riboflavin. 367 Reiki healing. 249 Reversing Diabetes (Whitaker). 60 Public Citizen Magazine. Gerald. See Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone Reality wholeness as. 74. Uffe. 281 The Revolutionary Weight Control Program (Anot). 65 Psychosomatic Medicine. 395 Rhythmic entrainment. 259 Roth. Robert. 270 Ramirez. 236 R Rainbow Light. 119 Rockefeller. 220 rBGH. 242 Raja’s Cup. 311 Q Q-Absorb. 207. 304 Pure Encapsulations. 227 Reflexology. 400 Purple bed of ice visualization. 164 Q-Gel Plus. 407 Ravnskov. 139 Rosemary leaves. 57.

259. 243. 292 with trace minerals. 323 Seeds of Change. Stephen. 126 exercises for. Sodium chloride. See S-adenosylmethionine Saturated fats. See also Sodium. 235. 116 Selfishness Bach Flower Remedies for. 127 filling the body with. 123–133 Self-centeredness Bach Flower Remedy for. 190 Salt-free diet. Bernie. 314 Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). 294 Celtic. 226 S S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe). 294. 295 French unrefined light grey. 236 Safflower oil. 305 Siegel.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 487 Department of Primary Care and Population Sciences. 214 Sinatra. Bernie. 225 Seymour. 400 Shelton meat. 66 Shaw. 292. 117 Self-correction balance and. 259 Sherman Anti-Trust Act. John. 106 Selenium. 196 Self Healing. 116 Self-referral. 52 . 294 SAMe. Robert. See also Love affirmation for. 411 Short-chain fatty acids. 38 of body. 154 Sharma. 398 Self-hatred Bach Flower Remedies for. 60 The Science of Deliberate Creation. 232–233 Sleep. 160 Self-empowerment in healing. Benjamin. 311 Segment intending. 190. Hari. 294. 371 Sleep deprivation. 94 Seigal. 308 Schneider. 295. 193. 292. 271 Salivary immunoglobulin A (IgA). See Sudden death ischemic heart disease Seasalt’s Hidden Powers (de Langre). 94 Scleranthus as Bach Flower Remedy. 258 Skullcap as nervine. 194. 351 Self love. 127 healing through. Sandy. 52–53 napping and. 171. Table salt adrenal glands and. 384 Serotonin. 143 Salt. 321 Rush. 293. 259. 119 S DI H D. 314 table. 395 R-U-Ved triphala. 193.

52 Sloan-Kettering Clinic. 302–303 Stocker. 145 Steroids side effects of. 279. 338f. 234 St. 244 Smoking. 226. Vincent’s Hospital in Montclair. 64–65 Stress reactions identification with. 59 dehydration and. 340f. 242 . Roland. See also Salt calcium and. 259. Johnswort. 43 Sun salutation. 160. 292. 183 Standard Oil of New Jersey. 195. 341f. 296–297 Sugar-Free Cooking With Stevia: The Naturally Sweet & Calorie-Free Herb (Kirkland). David. 370 Sudden death ischemic heart disease (SDIHD). 242 Soluble fiber. Halsey W. 56 Stroke. 188 Sugar effects of. 190. 337f. 363. 58 TM and. 184 role of. Virender. 315–316 Stress hormones. 106 St. 311 Super green foods. 111. 206 Soy oil. 180. See also Salt toxicity of. 342f Sunflower seeds. 119 State University of New York’s Downstate Medical Center. 293 Sodium sensitivity. 188 Statin drugs. 336–343. 415 Stanford University School of Medicine. 164. 393–394 Steffens.488 INDEX Sleep habits. 312 Stroke volume increase supplements for. New Jersey. 193–194 Sodium chloride. 153. 363f Smith. 303 Sulindac. 231 coping with. 315 Spontaneous remissions. 222. 92 Snow. 314 Super Nutrition. 149–150 Stress. 106 Spiritual Nutrition And The Rainbow Diet (Cousins). 294 supplements for.. 203 Stopping step. 271 Soy products. 414 Small finger acupressure points. 252 Subtle bodies. 339f. 230 Sodium. 252 Solgar. 55. 133 Sodhi. 256 Snow forest visualization. 257 hypertension and. 130 Social networks health benefit of. 268–269 Spirit love and. 174. 59 Stress response. Russell. 230. 47 Stevia. 283–284 Southern General Hospital. 296 Star of Bethlehem as Bach Flower Remedy.

163 vitamin E and. 269 Torah. 278 Toe wiggling/body stretching exercise. 125 Terror Bach Flower Remedy for. 298. 173 THYRO-MAX SUPPORT.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 489 Svoboda. 346 Taoist breathing exercise. 56. Albert. 346 Taylor. See Tissue plasminogen activator . 141. See also Insulin resistance supplements for. 365f Tomatoes. 162 Syndrome X. 173 Thyroxine. 172. 189 Thyroid gland. 212 Systematic desensitization for fear. 248–249 warning signs of. 299. See Trimethyglycine TMP. 359 TPA. 150–151 Sympathetic nervous system. synthetic. 108 Thromboxanes. 270 Thiamine. 190. Robert. 195 Tocotrienols. 345–346 Tai Chi Chuan (TCC). 223. 171 Thyroid replacement hormone natural v. 324 TM. 171 Tierra. 402 Tension Bach Flower Remedy for. 99 Systemic enzymes. 143–144 3D concept. 119 Theanine. See Tai Chi Chuan Telyor. 140. 181. 333 Sweet Chestnut as Bach Flower Remedy. 257 Thinking art of. 205 T Table salt. Doyle. 348–351 Target Zone Exercising. 29 suppression of. See Tocopherol-mediated peroxidation Tocopherol-mediated peroxidation (TMP). 350 Symptoms as body communication. 232 Timidity Bach Flower Remedies for. See Transcendental Meditation TMG. 72 Touch For Health (Thie). 238–239 deficiency of. 318 Thompson. 193 Tai Chi. 231. 220–222 Systolic pressure. 224 Tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) exercise and. 119–1120 Switching step. 115 The Tip of The Spear (Abbott). 211–212. 38 Szent-Gyorgyi. 175 Thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH). 269. 174–175 Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). Michael. Telford. 120 Tera-Mai Reiki II technique. 296. 201. Bill. 364–365. 29. 140. 410 TCC.

53–54 cholesterol reduction and. 235 Tryptophan. 183 Unhealthy lifestyle hypertension and. 234 TSH. 267 Turnip greens. See Non-insulin dependent diabetes Tyrosine. 62–63 atherosclerosis and. 289 Twinlabs. 153. 30 Unified field. 59 Type II diabetes. 66 free radicals reduction through. 391–392 Trans fatty acids. 308. 114 Underline step. 421 Unity Magazine. 68–69 stress hormones and. 265 Trimethyglycine (TMG). 55 Unique E.490 INDEX Traditional healing methods growth of. 51–69. 366 University of Chicago. 252–253 Triglycerides. 324 Turmeric. 226 Triglyceride levels. See Thyrotropin-releasing hormone Tribal mind syndrome. 225. 63 DHEA-S and. 202 United Methodist Church on GM foods. 242 Type A personality. 186 Uncertainty Bach Flower Remedies for. 57–58 hypertension and. 385 angina pectoris and. 227 Udos oil. 148–149 Understanding Vitamins and Minerals. 68 mechanics of. 309 Transcendental Meditation (Roth). 60–62 journal/conference presentations on. 63–64 benefits of. 225 U UCLA School of Medicine Center for Human Nutrition. 301–302 supplements for lowering. 54–55 medical benefits of. 227 University of Frankfurt . 104. 52 University of Florida College of Medicine. 53 Transcendental Meditation (TM). 306 Ultra Bone Up. 288 Turnip juice. 167. 107 Trifala. 64–65 TRH. 135 University of British Columbia Division of Endocrinology. See Thyroid stimulating hormone Tulane University. 170 University of California at Irvine.

212 Vanadyl sulfate. 113. 212 Vancouver General Hospital Division of Pulmonary Medicine. 214 University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Division of Cardiology. 231 Valerian root as nervine. 200 University of Toronto Division of Cardiology. 213 insulin resistance and. 241 . 253 vitamin C as. 323 University of Pyongang. 90 mechanics of. 316 Vata mind/body type. 224 University of Iowa School of Medicine. 192 Unsaturated fats. 404 University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. 53 Vascular calcification calcium and. 90 Vegetable juices. 234–242 synergy of. 362. 202–204 Vasopressin. 213 dosage of. 89–95 axiatonal process as. 204 vitamin C/L-Arginine as. 330–331 Vedas.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 491 Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. 285–289 Vegetarians. 120 Vision Essentials. 185 Vasodilators side effects of. 212 research on. 95 Visualization exercises. 207 University of Hawaii. See Niacinamide Vitamin B6. See Thiamine Vitamin B2. 261 V Valepotriates. 65 University of Louisville. 202 Venous/arterial blood acupressure points. 234 Vitamin B1. 212–213 cardiovascular disease and. 219 Vision Optimizer. 120 Vine as Bach Flower Remedy. 207 University of Madras Department of Biochemistry. 221 Vitamin B complex. 368 University of Tennessee. 214 Vitalzym. 231 Vanadium. 89 Vital Sign. 240–241 dosage of. See Riboflavin Vitamin B3. 220 Visualization guided. 46 supplements as. 362f Vervain as Bach Flower Remedy. 308 US Department of Agriculture.

289 with L-Arginine. 315 Water retention supplements for. 269 The Way Of Energy (Chuen). 194–200 blood sugar level and. 243 Vitex.492 INDEX Vitamin B12. 29 Warfarin. 232 Weight lifting. Melvyn. 196. 345 Weight loss supplement. 122 When Healing Becomes A Crime (Ausubel). 200 deficiency of. 199. 199 food sources of. 195 lipid peroxides and. 195 Vitamin K types of. Robert Keith. 200–201 C-reactive protein and. 59 Walnut as Bach Flower Remedy. See Bilberry W Walking. 28. J.. 278–279 histamines and. 204 Vitamin E. Paul. 207 research on. 206. 271 Wand. 199 cholesterol and. 395 Water daily amount of. Andrew. 27. 203. 173 Vlamis. 408 War disease model of. 277–278 with gamma tocopherol. 306 Warm down phase of Douillard’s program. 351. F. Gregory. 242 Vitamin C bashing of. 205. 253. 195. 253 Water Violet as Bach Flower Remedy. 111 VMA. 228 Weil. 199 research on. 195 HDL levels and. 200 TMP and. 206 dosage of. 204 as vasodilator. 120 Walnuts. 205 cholesterol and. 223. 406–408 with bioflavonoids. 317 Wallace. 208 juice. 185. 198. 202. 207 FDA recommendations of. 185 Vitamin Shoppe. 208. 196 coenzyme Q10 and. 202–204 pool value of. 357 The Way of Herbs (Tierra). 195 components of. See also Brisk walking after eating. 345 Warner-Lambert. 198 LDL oxidation and. 207 food sources of. 413 . 120–121 Watermelon. 184 Wheeler. 231. 351 Werbach.

400. 314. Dennis. 378 Yoga. 405 Whitaker Wellness Institute. 221 Worry. 183 Yale University. 167. 412 Yale University School of Medicine Department of Epidemiology and Public Health. 228 X Xanthine oxidase (XO). 254. 303 . 169 Willow as Bach Flower Remedy. 281. 172 Wilson’s syndrome. 98 Wholeness experience. 74. 47. 169. 274 Xylitol. 315. Jonathan. 180. Harold. 233 World Nutrition. 172 Wilson’s Syndrome (Wilson). 136 as reality. Howard. 322 Yasoo. 219. 121 White coat syndrome. 81 Wilson. 289 Yin/yang meridians. 231 Your Body’s Many Cries for Water (Batmanghelidj). 121 Wild Rose as Bach Flower Remedy. 275 Whitaker. 181. 417. 242. 316 Z Zocar. Julian. 418 Y Yacowitz. 187 Wood Betony as nervine. 121 Wills. 121 Wild yam. 159 The Yoga of Herbs (Lad & Frawley). 143 Wright. E. 240.REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY 493 Whey protein. 224. 75 Wild Oat as Bach Flower Remedy. 172 Wobenzym. 221 Women’s Health Journal. 225. 227. 209. 242 White Chestnut as Bach Flower Remedy. 201 Yellow fruit juice.

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