I miss school at 7:30 and coffee at 8:00. Being up early, something I used to hate.

I miss our first Randy's and you stealing my lighter. And I miss total vortex, subaru or pathfinder. I miss all the snowbanks we got our cars stuck in. And I miss making love instead of just fuckin'. I miss TDK and Erock Anonymous. I miss skipping school with the intention of bong hits. I miss leaving work and sneaking in late. That job was a bitch but the Pad Thai was great. I miss my long driveway on that old dirt road. I miss Johnny Frostbite, Turbine, and Toad I miss the proverbial woodwork where one might lose direction. And I miss Mainstreet Pizza and the 439 connection. I miss not hearing traffic and car alarms ringing. And I miss waking up to the sound of birds singing. I miss the breakfasts, toast and eggs on a plate. I miss being home in the green mountain state.

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