1. What is Windows Installer Technology? 2. What is Application Packaging? 3. What is Application Repackaging? 4.

What are the steps of Repackaging? 5. What are the Functions provided by MSI? 6. Why repackaging is required & what are the problems in Legacy Installation? 7. Explain the PACKAGING LIFE CYCLE? 8. Name few MSI Re-Packaging tools 9. Name few Deployment tools? 10.What is Windows Installer? 11.Benefits of the Windows Installer? 12.What are the types of Setup Captures in Install shield? 13.MSI Installation Mechanism (Background Mechanism)? 14.What is a MSI? 15.Structure of MSI? 16.What is Product? 17.What is Feature? 18.What is Component? 19.What is KEY PATH? 20.What is GUID? 21.What file types must be placed as one per component and marked as Key files ? 22.What is the difference between COMPONENT and FEATURE?

23.What is self-healing 24.What is the difference between Self-Healing and Repair 25.How advertised installation is different from a normal installation? 26.What are the reasons for self healing in an Application? 27.What are the Different types of Privileges during the installations can be given? 28.What is PER USER and PER MACHINE installation? 29.Determine all the values of the ALLUSERS property set in the MSI file? 30.What is Registry, Tell the Structure & types of Registry? 31.What are Shortcuts & Types? 32.What are INI File & its format? 33.What are Services & its types? 34.Where is Service information stored? 35.In the MSI, which tables contain information about the service details? 36.What is ODBC & DSN and its types? 37.What is File Association? 38.What is Environment Variable & its types? 39.What is Property & types of Properties, give some Examples? 40.What is Merge Module? 41.What are all Merge Module tables? 42.Detail the Background mechanism of Merge Module? 43.How to give Permission for files, folders & Registry keys in MSI?

44.How to install only one particular feature during the Installation through Command Line? 45.How to disable ARP (Add/Remove Programs) Details during the Installation through 46.Command line, tell some ARP properties? 47.What is Dll HELL? 48.How to register the DLL manually? 49.What is Advertisement? 50.What is Advertised Feature & Component? 51.What is install on demand? 52.What are the ways to make the changes in an MSI during installation? 53.What is Transform? 54.What are the types of Transform? 55.How to Create Transform in Install Shield? 56.How many Transform can be created for one Vendor MSI? 57.How many Transforms can be supplied in the Command line? 58.What is the command line option for applying two or more TRANSOFMS to a Single MSI? 59.What is Custom Action? 60.What are the types of Custom Actions? 61.What are the types of Sequences in the Custom Actions? 62.What are the types of Conditions in the Custom Actions and what is the use? 63.What are the types of In Script options in the Custom Actions? 64.What is the difference between “Immediate Execute / Deferred Execute”?

65.What is the difference between “Deferred in System Context / Deferred in User Context”? 66.What are the types of Processing Options in the Custom Actions and what is the use? 67.What are the types of Scheduling Options in the Custom Actions and what is the use? 68.What is Launch Condition? 69.What is the latest version of Windows Installer? 70.What is the latest version of Install Shield Admin Studio? 71.What is Conflict Management? 72.What is Elevated User & how to create it? 73.What is Wrapper MSI? 74.What is Lock down environment? 75.What are the other tools which are used during the testing & solving the Issues in the 76.Application? 77.What is Orca tool & what is the purpose and Advantages? 78.Which drive your Application will Install, C drive has less space and D drive has more space? Why & how to solve? 79.What is a Patch? 80.What is Upgrade? 81.What is the difference between UPGRADE and UPDATE?

82.What are the types of Upgrades and what is the difference? 83.What is ICE? 84.Give some ICE Error number and tell how to solve the ICE Errors? 85.What are the File types of Application Packaging? 86.How to install the .Exe file through silent mode? 87.List out some of the default Environment settings in XP? 88.List out some of the default Windows Installer properties? 89.What is Package Code? 90.What is Product Code? 91.What are the command line switches are supported in MSI? 92.Explain Self-reg table 93.How will you register a file without including the SelfReg table entries? 94.Why are some files not being removed during uninstallation? 95.What is the difference between /qb, /q+-, /qb! 96.What is the Event Viewer, how to open & what is it use? 97.What are OCX files? 98.What Applications Should Not Be Repackaged? 99.Why MSI should not be repackaged? 100.What is filemon and how to use it ? 101.What is Regmon and how do u use it? 102.How to determine a property to be private?