Factor affecting the hatchability in poultry 1. Temperature 2. Humidity 3. Handling 4. Turning 5.

Age of eggs



The optimum temperature for holding hatching eggs lives within the range of announced to 12 C (50 to 55 F) to high ort to low temperature during storage resulting poor hatchability when ever fertile eggs are held at a temperature above 13 C (67 F) in resulting abnormal pre incubation embryonic development which weakness the embryos similarly if eggs are held at very low temperature such as below 4 C their hatching power is reduce hence optimum temperature condition must be provided during storage of hatching eggs.



High humidity for holding hatching eggs prevent evaporative loose from the eggs their by improve the hatchbility it is especially beneficial in hot climate their evaporation looses are generally high the optimum humidity range from 60 -80 %

The turning of the eggs prevent the blastoderm fro m stiching to the shells. Age of eggs Eggs held at 10 – 12 C can be stored for one week there after hatchability decline progressively in eggs held up to 4 week the hatchability is almost lost. Handling Hatching eggs should be held carefully with their small and down eggs held with their large and down develop premulous air sells and such eggs with looses air cell do not hatch wells. v. Rough handling may resulting in cracked eggs which seldom hatch. iv.iii. Turning Generally eggs are not held more then one week but if they are require to be held longer they should be turned at regular intervals right from the first day to improve the hatchability. .

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