Ethical hacking

The purpose of this research paper is to discuss the Teaching Ethical Hacking. As the use of the internet increased the need of computer security also increase due to hackers. The knowledge of Ethical Hacking is also become essential for the security of the website, webserver, organization server, government companies and even individual internet user. Internet should be reliable and secure. In this research paper I discuss about the teaching Ethical Hacking and its issues, some people are against its teaching and some are in its favor, I also conduct a questionnaire and try to find why people do not want that Ethical Hacking be taught as a course. Functionalities and responsibilities of ethical hacker and his limitation while he or she doing the testing of the system. In the end I give the conclusion, which critically analyzes the research paper. Hacker is a person who enter in someone website or in company server or someone Personal computer to stole or destroy the information. There are many kind of hacker who hacking like some people do it just for fun, game or as a challenge and they really don’t have any interest to stole or destroy the useful information. Some people did it to stole information or delete the useful information. So the need there is need for computer security so that we can safe and use this technology and don’t let it to go down due to this reason. For computer security we started to search some way to get rid of this then the Ethical Hacking with many other methods come in mind to stop hacking. Ethical Hacking is phenomena trough which we call some to hack our computer or web site or server in order to remove those whole so that after this there should no threat later or at least threat in this concern. Then question arise who will do Ethical Hacking for us. Did we train some professional for this purpose if not then what should we teach to those ethical hackers. Is it right to teach someone hacking for the purpose to stop hacking, ho! Isn’t it interesting? Education in Microchip millennium is really difficult art as well as very interesting too. You have to teach people bad thing for good purposes. No gentleman likes word “hacker” with his or her name, but I don’t think anyone dislike word “ethical hacker” with his or name. Teaching Ethical Hacking is as important as the computer itself because one day people start hating internet due to hacking and to stop hacker from hacking we should educate people in this regard beside other techniques.

1.0 Introduction
Development in computer changes whole world and bring uncountable good things for human like E-Commerce, collaborative computing, email easy access to information, advertising, name of a few. But the problem is that computer also has some dark sides as every new technology did in past. This is known as hacking. But the original meaning of hacking is “to do the computer programming at depth level” the term hacker was used for the people who have very deep knowledge of computer programming, but later this word started using in different meanings. The new meaning of

but still they were hacked. what are their boundaries and responsibilities? And in the last section I give the conclusion of this research paper. what are the benefits and flaws of teaching Ethical. the individual.1 Company has so tight security and still they are hacked and they do not know anything more in this regard to stop hacking. why we do Ethical Hacking. they are not assure of internet security. Sometimes it happened due to company less knowledge of its system. 2. and the big organization want to use it because no big company can survive without offering these . They try find out the hole in developed product and told to the responsible people of the organization about those holes and also suggest how to remove those holes from the system. I am very thankful to my friends and other who give their precious time for my Ethical Hacking is same phenomena as hacking but it will do for the safety of you are company web server or website or a software. But most of them are in favor by saying if we trained people like this they will help a lot to get rid of hacker. Ethical Hacking is done in the end product development when product is developed and ready to use. software or a Government organization from hacker.I divide my research paper into three main section first section is all about the teaching Ethical Hacking and try to give the answer of some question e. What can be the best solution of this problem is that we train student and professional to save themselves and other world from hackers. what should be taught in this course and methodologies to teach Ethical Hacking? In second section I try to explain who ethical hacker is. Ethical hacker use same techniques to hack software or website or server as the original hacker do but not for destructive purposes. companies and even individual remain under threat to be hacked. I am giving the point of view of only two my friends.g. Ethical Hacking should be a part of every software product development like planning designing etc. Hacking. As computer machinery grows.Sc software engineering and Networks System about their views on introducing a profession in Ethical Hacking. It is the responsibility of true computer professional to secure the company web server. To check the security level of the product and if they are some problem then for removing those from the developed product we do Ethical Hacking. So that when final product is inter in market it should have very less question regarding to the security point of view. Even individual are worried about their data like credit card number etc. implant software that will spread organization top secret data to the open internet and read their emails. But these Government organizations. Ethical Hacking Should Ethical Hacking Taught As career Course 2. what does he or she do. This problem was possible to get a tooth and nail response and it did when I asked some of my fellow who are doing M. These ethical hackers should be trained in universities. Most of the company hire best security available to safe there domain. Some of them are against and arguing that if Universities trained students for Ethical Hacking and if he or she did not get a job then he or she might go against the cause.0 services to its customer and vendor. It is a method or mechanism to stop hacker from hacking by removing the hole from a system or from a website or from a server so that no hacker can inter in a system or in a website or in a server by using those hole. For this purpose we should have a profession which is known as ethical hacker same as software engineer or network engineer. what is ethical hacking. companies. Big companies use internet for different purpose but they are always remain under threat that someone may break into their web server.

3 As I write earlier that Ethical Hacking should be taught as a professional course. As technologies came into existence new ways of teaching also came into being. Teaching Material for Ethical Hackers 2. is as following: • • • • Teaching Methodology to Teach Ethical Hacking 2.question and give the answer of my question and there important point of view regarding to ethical hacking. Sumit chowdhary. I believe that if there are very strict criteria for this type of education or training then the skilful Ethical Hacker will not go astray and definitely helps organization and individual to safe there data from the hackers. He said Ethical Hacking should not be taught as a career course. So we can use common way of teaching to teach Ethical Hacking. • • • • • • • • • • • • • Should know how to handle virus and worms Should have the basic knowledge of cryptography Should have the basic knowledge of account Should know how to perform system hacking Should have the knowledge of physical infrastructure hacking Should have the primary knowledge of social engineering Should know to how to do sacking of web servers Should have the basic knowledge of web application weakness Should have the knowledge of web based password breaking procedure Should have the basic knowledge of SQL injection Should know how to hack Linux Should have the knowledge of IP hacking Should have the knowledge of application hacking As everyone knows that there isn’t any boundary of any knowledge exist but still an Ethical Hacker should at least have the knowledge of above mention things. As earlier there is no concept of distance teaching or no one knew about teaching through internet but with the invention of internet now many student started getting their lectures through internet. So when someone is going to designing a course for Ethical hacking should keep the above mention thing in mind for a better course design for ethical hackers.Sc Network System from the University of Sunderland responded my question of should Ethical Hacking taught as a course or not.2 The basic knowledge that an Ethical Hacker should have about different field. This will develop and increase the interest of people on the computer technology. currently student of software engineering in the University of Delhi. We can prevent hacking by simply using the hacker techniques and it is easier and less costly then from the company useful information or individual information such as credit card number. in following thoughts that Ethical Hacking should be taught as a profession. Teaching Ethical Hacking will produce more people who can do hacking and if the trained students do not get a desire able job then. Ethical Hacking is also been Should have basic knowledge of ethical and permissible issues Should have primary level knowledge of session hijacking Should know about hacking wireless networks Should be good in sniff ring . Rahul Gupta a certified Cisco teacher and currently doing M. they use their skill for negative purpose and this create more problems for computer industries.

• Interviews Student should be asked to take interviews from different organization. On campus teaching is more suitable for regular student and gives a real environment of study. Some of the methodologies to teaching Ethical Hacking can be depicted as below. • Chats Students of different Universities should be interacted via internet that what they think about Ethical Hacking issues. Use of Case Study A fictitious Ethical Hacking topic must be given to the students to discuss. Student should be asked to how they can counteract the circumstances. They are part time student and cannot afford to complete their studies as a regular student. where MUD (multi user dimension) and MOO (object oriented multi user) is used. • Discussion Groups Students should be divided into small groups and they should be asked to give there points of view in favor or against the Ethical Hacking. They also have the opportunity to learn the behaviour of other students that help him a lot to gain experience of behaviour. • • Exams An exam should be conducted on the Ethical Hacking. Off campus (learning through distance) and on campus both have their advantages and limitations. The report should be given to the teacher of their analysis. It can be done through hippocampus mechanism. On the other hand off campus student get the almost same teaching without any geographical and time zone constraints. . Whatever the situation is teaching methodologies almost same with a very little difference. A questionnaire should be developed to cover the different aspect of the Ethical Hacking. and then they should be asked to give their understanding for that situation.taught through internet as well as on campus. • Multimedia Student must be given the audio and video visuals in them hacking issues should be depicted. Students have supplementary chances to learn more during on campus study. Whether we are teaching Ethical Hacking on campus or off campus the purpose goal of teaching is same though they are quite different way of teaching. They are divided into groups. • Written Essay • Book Reports Student should be provided with the material from different book regarding Students should be asked to submit an essay or a report on the different aspects of the Ethical Hacking. The results should be considered by using statistical inferences. • Conferences Lecturers of different Universities and professional of different organization should be asked to give their point of view on Ethical Hacking.

how much money and how much time she or he can expend for this cause. Type of Test That an Ethical Hacker Performed Ethical Hacking for the critical understanding. • • • • Role Playing Students must be asked to personify the different act in the CASE study. The answer of same question varies from customer to customer and from field to field. But the more basic testing functions or tests are as followings: • • Main Functions of Ethical Hacker 3. 3. But the most of the answer you found from the client may be not sufficient for ethical hacker so it is the responsibility of ethical hacker to properly guide the customer about its security that he or she must do to safe his or her system. Ethical Hacker is just an employer or a contracted person to check the security of the system. The students that are viewing them in the class rooms will give them the points on the basis of there anti pacifist act. data flow information and about the organizations with whom business is run most of the time. There many more methodologies that we can use to teach effectively Ethical Hacking. Because many time attacker use the alternative path to attack the system.1 When an ethical hacker evaluates the security of system seeks the three basic answers: Testing of local network Testing of remote network . Hacker may spent to hack a system during this he or she may attacks the system several times so if someone have the knowledge of this thing then hacking can be stopped. networks information. They should have a written authority letter which clearly describe that they can perform testing as well as their boundaries within that system. code tester check the code standards and developer develop the software while Ethical Hacker check the security of software as a hacking point of view and then suggest how to remove those hole from the system. What he want to get from target system Does anyone have the knowledge of hacker’s attack on target system What a hacker do after getting the information from the target system These three question have their important you cannot say that this question more important than the other. Ethical Hacker should a part of software development team. Ethical hacker may also need some more information about the company like the employer names and there designation. what the factor against he or she trying to safe.2 There are many kind of method or function or test that an Ethical Hacker can be performed while testing the security of the system. Before starting the evaluation of the system he or she may ask some question to client like what he or she want to safe.0 Ethical Hacker Ethical hacker should be an honest and trusted person because he or she knows the secret of the system most of the time when they do hacking for security purposes and it is in his or her responsibility that not use the information of the system for destructive purpose. They have the written permission to check the network but they have some limitation to check network. An ethical hacker is just like a code tester or like a developer.

Every organization should be alert all the time for these types of attack and have the second line of defence to handle them. OS/360 Computer Security Penetration Exercise.0 Conclusion To test the security and the other functionalities of product is not new. Abbott. So what should these firms do then? I think Time to time auditing. M. It is not a magic potion. S. Multics Security Evaluation: Vulnerability Analysis. good system administration performance and computer security knowledge are all very important part of a firm’s or company’s security system. J. The MITRE Corporation. but its up to the organization that he palace its guards in right palace. Ethical Hacking is just a security system or tool for security to safe your data it is not an ultimate solution of problem. S. But unfortunately. top secret or any thing that is very special for particular organization. J. the answer cannot be yes because people are working in organization and they make mistakes and organization had to pay for their mistake in the form of hacking. R. Every new technology always has its benefit along with some disadvantages. Tokubo. MA (October 16. A hacker can easily use it for hacking and a competitor can use it for company intelligence. T. R. Most of the time ethical was asked this question that if the organization did all the suggested action. But in the early stages of Internet no one know about Ethical Hacking even about hacking. Chen. P. 2. MIT Press. Karger and R. Security Analysis and Enhancements of Computer 4. and S. A. P. Schell. Ethical hacking is another tool for security. MA (June 1974). good system administration performance and computer safety knowledge are all very vital part of a firm’s or company’s security system. MA (1991). But these disadvantages always overcome with the passage of time. Garfinkel. S. Time to time assessment. Where are the holes which can be used for attack and how those holes can be removed from the system? This final report is very sensitive and should be handled with care. 1972). this tool. The New Hacker’s Dictionary. Ethical hacker can only help the user to the better understanding of their security system. Goheen and R. Cambridge. Cambridge. You can not sit relax against the hacker after using . O’Reilly & Associates. S. The first use of the term “ethical hackers” appears to have been in an interview with John Patrick of IBM by Gary Anthens that appeared in a June 1995 issue of ComputerWorld. L. alert interference recognition. 5. Bedford. Failure in any of above may cast to the company or to the organization in the form of tangible or intangible loss. WP-4467. Vol. S. E. Database Nation. Headquarters Electronic Systems Division. especially due to hackers. 4. MA (2000). W. but with the passage of time people are more concern about the security of their data. E. 5. To teach more people about hacking you produce more people who are eligible to stop hacker from hacking and they will give more ideas and solution to stop hacking. Raymond. Donnelly.0 References 1. Konigsford. is it free from these threats. Its may include revenue. II. Fiske. Hanscom Air Force Base. ESD-TR-74-193. prepared interference recognition. and if you have the security it does not mean now you’re secure. A single failure in any of the above mention thing may lead to a serious harm.• Social engineering test After doing all these test ethical hacker should produce a final report which describe what he or she found in the system during the evaluation. 3. 6.

“Improving the Security of Your Site by Breaking into It. Inglis.See http://www. it has since been updated and is now availableftp://ftp. In 1965. the pace slowed down a bit. performance. W.Z. Cambridge. Thus. Security Problems in the WWMCCS GCOS System. however.porcupine. S. When he started to graph data about the growth in memory chip . but data density has doubled approximately every 18 months.cs.faqs. Practical Unix Security. 12. Defense Communications Agency (August 2. DC (April 1976). M. This strategy is based on the ideal of raising the security of the whole Internet by giving security software away. (Sanjay Kumar/sanjayjindal888@gmail. Intel cofounder Gordon Moore was preparing a speech and made a memorable observation. 9.2600. no one will have any excuse not to take action to improve security. In subsequent or http://defaced. Joint Technical Support Activity Operating System Technical Bulletin 730S-12. O’Reilly & Associates.html. For a collection of previously hacked Web sites. 1973). Farmer andW. 13. National Bureau of Standards. that some of the hacked pages may contain pornographic Systems. See http://www.alldes. and each chip was released within 18–24 months of the previous chip. 7. 10. Washington. 8. First Be forewarned. Venema. MA (1996). Spafford.” originally posted to Usenet (December 1993). 14.ruu. Garfinkel and E. see http://www. Each new chip contained roughly twice as much capacity as its predecessor. Who can really determine who said something first on the Internet? 11. he realized there was a striking trend. D. NBSIR

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