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Published by: Priya Maya on Apr 07, 2011
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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (commonly known as United Kingdom, the UK or Britain) is a sovereign

state located off the northwestern coast of continental Europe. Cott Enterprise (M) Sdn. Bhd considered three main factors to select this country.



there is always the risk that they may be damaged. Overseas Investment Insurance. Export Insurance Policy ii.POLITIC When goods have to be exported to a foreign country.destroyed or stolen. Bond Insurance Policy. . iii. UK offering policies to protect the exporters i.

fruit and tomatoes.ECONOMY Š Š Š Š Š Š The UK is a developed country. Since Cott Enterprise (M) Sdn. this factor gives the company an advantage to get into UK. UK high population provides a large domestic market for the country. cotton. Bhd are producing beverage products. rice. . The economic conditions also help in growth of agricultural products like wheat. The economy condition at UK is quite good recently and developed. So as a beverage product exporter. with the world¶s sixth largest economy by nominal GDP and eighth largest economy by purchasing power parity. soybeans. UK will be the best country. coffee. The people at UK give more importance in healthy product. corn. beans.

and participate in a "world culture". Bhd product because Cott Enterprise (M) Sdn. Since the people at UK believe in well-balanced. this will be an advantage for export Cott Enterprise (M) Sdn. .CULTURE Š Š The UK people desire to increase their standard of living by giving priority in health and enjoy foreign products and ideas. Bhd are producing beverage products such as soya drinks which is good for all kind people especialy women to avoid breast cancer. technology and practices. adopt new products.

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