Diploma in Financial Management (Batch 24) Project Proposal

Group Members: 1. Pranab Nanda 3. Pratik Parikh 2. Ankit Iyer 4. Jaydeep Kalaria

Project Title:

Equity Investment Opportunity Analysis: Case of a particular Sector



People now days are going ahead in investing in Equity markets since it is considered as one of the best asset classes for investment all over the world. The equity market offers more returns to an investor compare to the traditional meagre returns offered by banks for deposits for a specific period of time. rns Though the equity market offers better returns, it is associated with certain risks also. The higher the return, the higher the risk associated is. The equity market is driven by supply and demand. Most of the demand. M investors invest in equity market based on hot tips from friends, phone calls from a broker or recommendations from a TV analyst. They buy equities when the market is hot. But when the market gets cold, they panic, sell equities and bear huge loss. The primary concern of the study is to estimate the return from a particular investment, mainly for long term investment purpose, not for speculation purpose. So the basic idea of conducting this project is to prepare a method which can guide a common man how to identify potential equities for investment purpose.

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Objectives: To study three potential public limited companies in a particular Sector To conduct comparative analysis of financial ratios from investment point of view To identify, analyse and evaluate factors that affect equity investment To select the best stock in a particular Sector



1. The project covers sectoral analysis and equity analysis of three potential public limited companies of a particular sector;
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The Investor should read our recommendations and the documents of the company carefully before investing. Bonus given by Company. c. The project is based on secondary data available on public domain. Returns on Investment. Fundamental analysis of selected companies in a particular sector. strategies and guidelines for selection of Best Stock. VI. 2. Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Analysis include Changes in Capital Structure. Relevance/ Significance: 1. Changes in Capital Structure. its price tend and target of a particular Sector Submission of Final Project Report along with recommendations and strategies Presentation on Final Report 5 6 7 8 9 V. To enhance wealth of Investors and guide them through report. An Investor can assess and determine whether investment in any of the proposed security is worth or not. The following components of the Equity market will be studied and presented: a. Dividend Pattern. 3. Profit relativity. Volume Analysis. Dividend Pattern. Dividend Pattern. Volume Analysis of other two companies Project Review and Presentation 2 Incorporation of Inputs from Project Review 2 Preparation of recommendations. 2|P a g e . 2. Investment in Equity Market is subject to Market risk.2. Volume Analysis of that particular company Project Review and Presentation 1 Incorporation of Inputs from Project Review 1 Analysis of Financial Ratios related to Equity Investment. Market Price. Methodology: The entire project is based on exploratory design and the process of the project shall be executed into the following modules: Module 1 2 3 4 Particulars Quick review of 14 sectors of equity market and Selection of a particular sector Selection of three companies of a particular sector and review of history and past performance of three companies Assessment of Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet of 3 selected companies for the past five years Analysis of Financial Ratios related to Equity Investment. Return on Equity. Limitations: 1. IV. To prepare a guideline for a Investor for investing in potential equity. Prevailing policies as per Reserve Bank of India b.

Volume Analysis of other two Companies Project Review 1 1 Finalisatin of Project 9 3|P a g e Final Submission & Presentation W13 &W14 .Mar 20) W3 (Mar 21. Volume Analysis of one Company Incorporation of Inputs from Project Review 1 Incorporation of Inputs from Project Review 2 Preparation of Recommendations and Drafting and submission of Project Report Presentation on Project Project Review 2 Analysis of Financial Ratios.May1) W5 (Apr4. Project Study Timeframe W1 (Mar 07. Dividend Pattern.Apr10) Sl.Apr24) W4 (Mar 28.Mar 13) W2 (Mar 14.VII. Dividend Pattern.Apr3) W9 (May2 .Apr17) W7 (Apr18.May29) W10 (May9 .May15) W6 (Apr11. No Week/ Description 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Finalisation of Sector & Finalisation of companies Analysis of Balance sheets & Profit & Loss Account Analysis of Financial Ratios.Mar 27) W11 (May16 .May22) W12 (May23 .May8) W8 (Apr25.

4|P a g e .

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