Music and Lyrics by: Maury Yeston ACT ONE Overture/prologue: In Every Age Thomas Andrews, Designer & Builder of R.M.S. Titanic: In every age mankind attempts To fabricate great works at once magnificent and impossible... On desert sands, from Mountains of Stone A Pyramid! From Flying Buttresses alone A Wall of light A chapel ceiling screaming one man's ecstasy! One man's ecstasy... Miracles them all! China's endless wall... Stonehenge, the parthenon, the duomo the aqueducts of Rome We did not attempt to make with mammoth blocks of stone a giant pyramid... No, not a pyramid« Nor gothic walls that radiate with light... Our task was to dream upon and then create a floating city!... Floating city!... A human metropolis... A complete civilization! Sleek! and Fast! At once a poem and the perfection of physical engineering... at once a poem and the perfection of physical engineering... Southampton: "The Ocean Dock" The Launching Wednesday, April 10, 1912; 6:00am How did they Build Titanic Stoker Frederick Barrett: How did they build Titanic? Near a thousand feet in length. Huge beyond past endeavor Strong beyond mortal strength Forty-six thousand tons of Steel Eleven Stories high! She's a great floating palace, Floating... Quiet as a lullaby There She Is Barrett: (to his girl on the dock) Fare-thee-well my darlin' I'll be back before a fortnight has passed... Radioman Harold Bride: Fare-thee-well my darlin' I'll be back before a fortnight has passed... Barrett & Lookout Frederick Fleet:Fare-thee-well, my darlin' All three: I'll be back before a fortnight has passed! (they turn and introduce themselves) Barrett:Barrett - stoker off the BalticFleet:Fleet -lookout off the MajesticBride:Harold Bride - wireless operator with the Marconi Telegraph Company. Barrett, Bride & Fleet:

(looking at the ship, overwhelmed) There she is... Towering high... Broad and grand... Ship of dreams! Barrett, Bride, Fleet & Crewman: Sailing Day! Morning Bright! Take your flight! Ship of dreams!... She strains at her lines, The smoke from her funnels trailing. Her prow like a knife, She'll cut through the waves unfailing. Soon to be Underway, Size and speed unexplored« And I'll be aboard That ship of dreams! Same scene: 8:00am Loading Inventory Stevedore:7,000 Heads of fresh lettuce, Titanic! 3rd Officer Herbert Pitman:Morning, Mr. Lightoller 2nd Officer Charles Lightoller:Morning, Mr. Pitman Pitman:Morning Mr. Boxhall Morning, Captain Smith! Lightoller:Morning Captain! 4th Officer & Navigator Joseph Boxhall:Morning Captain« Stevedore:36,000 oranges Titanic! Pitman:Morning, Mr. Hitchens Quartermaster Robert Hitchens:Morning Mr. Pitman Pitman:Morning Mr. Murdoch Hitchens:Morning, Captain Smith Capt. Edward J. Smith:Morning Murdoch... 1st Officer William Murdoch:Morning, Captain! Capt Smith: Mr. Pitman, Please Complete the loading of the freight And prepare for the boarding of the serving staff and crew! Pitman:Aye Captain!

Crew & Staff: There she is... Towering High! Broad and Grand! Ship of Dreams! Stevedore:42,000 fresh eggs Titanic!

Bellboy: Morning Mr. Andrews Hello Mr. Ismay Morning Mr. Etches Hello Mr. Pitman Morning Mr. Whitely

Crew & Staff: Sailing Day!

Bellboy: Morning Mr. Crawford

Hello Mrs. Hutchinson Morning Bright! Morning, Mrs. Robinson Hello, Mrs. Beecham Take your flight.. Morning, Mr. Weikman! ship of dreams! Pitman:122,000 pounds of meat, poultry and fish Titanic! Stevedore: 40 tons of potatoes, 1100 pounds of marmalade, 37,000 bottles of wine, beer and spirits, Titanic! Pitman:55,000 china dishes and 20,000 crystal drinking glasses, Titanic! Stevedore:One Renault town carriage motorcar, Titanic!

Crew and Staff: Soon to be...

Bellboy: Morning Mr. Widgery Hello Mr. Oliver

underway.. Size and speed unexplored... All:And I'll be aboard that ship of dreams! 10:00 AM The Largest Moving Object J. Bruce Ismay, Chairman of the White Star Line: Captain Smith has there ever been A finer morning to sail! Capt Smith:Never quite like this, Mr. Ismay! Never quite like this, Sir! Ismay:Mr. Andrews, has the line ever had a faster ship for the mail? Andrews:Not as fast as this, Mr. Ismay! Never quite like this one, Sir! Morning Mr. Hartley Hello Mr. Joughin Cheers! Mr. Weikman

Ismay: The pride Captain & Andrews: The pride All Three:Of mankind... Dominion over the sea!

Ismay: The Dream Captain & Andrews: The Dream All Three:Of progress! It brings great honor to me!

now point me toward that ship! Alice Beane: .. Kate Mullins. Be with her when she pulls away And takes her maiden sail. I must get on that ship! The largest grandest on the earth And I've reserved a birth to be aboard. Kate Murphey:Holy Mother of God! Is that a ship or a mountain? Kate McGowan: It looks long enough so a body could walk to America! I'm Katherine McGowan. Get me aboard Three Kates:Call out my name 3rd class passengers: It's to America we aim to find a better life. Kate Mullins:You travelin' alone? Kate McGowan: Not me. a sight for once in a lifetime! Charles Clarke:And the chance to run away and marry now we two daren't miss! Caroline Neville:It's a chance for once in a lifetime! 2nd Class passengers: Yes. then! Kate McGowan:It's not fate. It's Irish.. too. Kate Murphey:When that's gonna be? Kate McGowan:Soon as I meet him. but everyone calls me Kate. We prayed to make this trip! Let all our children's children know That this day long ago We dreamt of them and came aboard this ship! All:For the maiden voyage! For the maiden voyage! Get us all aboard! Pitman: Second class passengers proceed to "C". Kate Mullins:I'm Kate. "D" and "E" decks! Please contact the ships purser to arrange dining assignments!.. three! Kate Murphey-Kate Mullins:It must be fate.Capt Smith:To be the master. Charles Clarke:No account in the national press has quite done justice to this! Edgar Beane:It's a sight for once in a lifetime! Edgar & Alice Beane... a chance for once in a lifetime! Can't wait to board that ship today. Charles Clarke & Caroline Neville:Yes. Kate Murphey:And I'm Kate. I've got a feller. See that good-lookin' one up ahead? (indicating Jim Farrell) I'm plannin' to marry him. Andrews:And the builder! Ismay:And the owner! All Three:Of the largest moving object in the world! I Must Get On That Ship Pitman: 3rd class passengers proceed at once to the gangway! Please bring your boarding documents and await further instruction!.

Astor. Benjamin Guggenheim and party will find his customary suite on A Deck! Alice Beane: Made his money smelting gold spends it like the water Forty five hundred dollars for The Louis Quatorze Suite! So he can live in luxurious sin With his latest mistress! And they call that justice! They call that justice?... Be at my fingertip. George Widener may proceed to Promenade Suite B-51! Alice Beane:He's the richest man in Philadelphia Pitman:Mr. John B Thayer and family. So she must be somebody! She must be somebody« Pitman:Last call for boarding! This is the very last call for boarding! All: . The best among them we'll befriend They'll stand right next to us. Promenade Suite B-58! Alice Beane:Vice-President of the Pennsylvania Railroad! Pitman:Mrs. Arriving now from that boat train Direct from Waterloo station May proceed to their parlour suite A-62! Alice Beane: Her name is Madeline She's John Jacob Astor's Second Wife. She's only Nineteen-years-old And now she's married to a prominent man Worth over a hundred and fifty million And twenty-nine years her senior! They've only been married seven months She's already seven months pregnant And the scandal was such They ran away to the Europe to avoid The publicity! Avoid the publicity! Pitman:Mr.. Own Macy's Department Store Outright! And he was close advisor to President Grover Cleveland And served in the House of Representatives Two Full terms! And that's his wife of forty years. Charlotte Drake Cardoza Suite B-54! Alice Beane: No one really knows who she is but the newspaper says she's booked The most expensive suite on the ship And travels with fourteen steamer trunks A medicine chest Her personal pillows and sheets And four little Pekinese dogs. Isidor Straus may proceed to the Parlour Suite .. named Ida Sad! She's hasn't been well So the two of them have been wintering On the French Riviera French Riviera! Pitman:Mr. All: Great heads of state and millionaires Who run the world's affairs Will all be there.The finest people will attend.. Pitman:Mr.B-55!Alice Beane: Aren't they modest? You'd never think by looking at them That he and his brother own Macy's Department Store. and Mrs.. too. I must get on that ship! For the maiden voyage! For the maiden voyage! Get us all aboard! The First Class Roster Pitman: Colonel John Jacob Astor And Mrs. and Mrs... and Mrs.

From your berth glide free! As you plough the deep...I don't allow alcohol on my bridge. Murdoch: Aye Aye Sir. I do. Lightoller what is our current speed? Lightoller:19 Sir.. Murdoch. Etches.my apologies. Sail On Great Ship Titanic. Captain:Not at sea. Captain:Mr..6. Captain:Thank you Mr. What is our present course? Murdoch:281 degrees North Captain:Steady as she goes. it would be considered my bridge. Safely West May you carry me. Murdoch:Aye Aye Captain.Maintain 68 revolutions of the main propellers (Ismay and Etches enter Bridge) Ismay: E. I couldn't possibly allow you to drink it. Mr.let it go. Ismay? Ismay:Never mind . Cross the open sea Pray the journey's sound 'Til your port be found Fortune's winds Sing Godspeed to thee. (on speakerphone) Boiler Room 1. Ismay . In your arms I'll keep. One single prayer.this bottle seems to have gone completely flat. God bless this noble ship! Pitman:All ashore who are going ashore! All ashore who are going ashore! Godspeed Titanic Full Company: Farewell. J.(going up gangway) Lift up the ramp Let go the lines Raise up her colors and design! Prepare for the casting off And through the port we'll slip Each person standing at the rail. Etches:Yes Sir. Captain:Maintain 19 knots Mr. Ismay.. Murdoch. Etches: I'm terribly sorry..J! Now that we are officially underway I thought a little celebration might be in order. . Would you like me to fetch you another Mr.. You know that Mr. Fortune's winds Sing Godspeed To thee! The Bridge Captain:Thank you. Let one great thought prevail.Sir .. Sail On. Captain: I'm sorry Mr. Etches:Again . Mr. Farewell Godspeed Titanic. Etches. Ismay:Oh technically speaking E.

grander and safer than any ship in history! The greatest achievement in Trans-Atlantic Navigation since that very first crossing nearly 420 years ago. Barrett Barrett:71? If you ask me Mr. Ismay:20 knotts? Well. Murdoch: 20 knotts Aye Aye Sir! (on speakerphone) Increase speed Mr. Bell. what is our present speed? Captain:19 knotts. Captain:Watch your compass Mr. you're the one who built the thing. Tell me Andrews.Mr. Mr..you're bloody well off course! Boiler Room #6 Bell:Set your screws to 71 .you are drifting off course! Hichens:I don't think so Sir Captain: Don't argue with me man. Ismay. give us 71 revolutions...Titanic! Nearly a quarter mile in length She's bigger. Ismay:Excellent! Sir! Andrews:(continuing) But . Ah Andrews ! I'm glad you are here! I was just congratulating the three of us on our magnificent contribution to the 20th Century. Ismay . I understand that 22 knotts would be necessary in order to make a six day crossing. it's a start I suppose. Mr. Royal Mail Steamer . If I say you're off course .. Possibly a bit more if pushed 23 perhaps. Ismay: Really? I would have expected us to be going much faster now that we've cleared land. Carry on Gentleman. Progress Gentleman! I give you both.it's a might soon for 71. I want us to make NY by Tuesday afternoon. Captain:(interrupting) I trust you will forgive us Mr.J. Murdoch . Ismay:Well then we must persuade him to do so mustn't we? Captain: As a point of fact. Are we capable of 22 knotts? Andrews:Capable.(Etches leaves with champagne bottle) Ismay: Yes -well with or without champagne I want to toast our ship. .when can we expect full speed? Andrews:When the Captain orders it. Hichens . Bell .We have our duties! Ismay:Tell me E.increase speed to 20 knotts. yes I'm sure we are. Sir. Ismay: It's the maiden voyage that creates news dammit! I intend for this one to create a legend! Talk to me straight man .it is customary for a maiden voyage to precede prudently. In your expert opinion is Titanic capable of that speed? Come Andrews. I was about to give the order when you walked in.

.. Get out of the pit And Westward I knew I could run And ship out to sea and there my new life was begun. there's no place for you elsewhere You trade a life of dank and gloom To shovel in the boiler room But now you're seven decks below A Lady's dainty feet.. Faster and faster we watch as we gain evermore Seventy-three. And the screws are turning at seventy-one. And what are the boys from Midlands doing here? Coal it is that makes the steam That runs the machines that run the world That sends the men below the ground To mine the coal Each day.. born to the coal. Barrett's Song Barrett: She's sparkling clean... Barrett.. Bell. and too soon it is seventy-four. Barrett... if it was my ship I wouldn't recommend the speed be increased too quick Bell:Do as you're told Mr. Feed the heat in the hold As the men draw back And the dust of the coal in the air is black And a trickle of sweat runs down your back. It became my dream to got out to sea. Stoke the fire down in the hold As the men draw back...Bell:Captain's orders.. That is the truth I swear! The Bridge To Be a Captain Murdoch: Thousands on board each in his class You are the master of all that must pass Yours to set course Yours to command You hold their souls In the palm of your hand You hold their souls In the palm of your hand 3rd Class Commissary . We'll watch from here as up above They'll catch a whiff of glory This wonder ship may be brand new But it's the same old story...From Leicetershire and Nottingham Us Lads who worked down in the pit Knew if you got above the ground You'd save your soul Some way.if you've got no objections that is! Barrett: It's his ship isn't it? 71 it shall be! But I speak plain Mr.. Further out from the mine you couldn't be.. And nothing has changed There's nothing a miner can do The pit and your mates Turned into the hold and crew. But. Mr... And the screws are turning at seventy-two. this new-born ship But one old thing is clear The orders they propose above We execute down here.......... For a record speed I believe we strive! For the maiden trip that's too hard to drive If you push her faster than seventy-five..

1st Man: I want to be an engineer..... In America The streets are paved with gold Kate McGowan: Oh.. In America It's better I'm told Three Kates: Oh.. that can be! In that grandest nation I'll stand tall Reach my very highest hopes Of all. I will be grand. I'm hopin' that it is... I will be grand. All: Oh far beyond the northern sea A new life can unfold And I'm planning that it will How I'm planning that it will Where my dreamin' And my hopin' and my schemin' And my prayin' and my wishin' to be happy Will come true enough And. <DT. McGowan & Murphey:There I'm hopin' that it is.......Lady's Maid Kate McGowan: I will be a proper person People will look up to me What a girl that girl McGowan Katie Violet Maud Marie I aspire to heights of glory In that new world. Kate McGowan:There's a place called Chicago I've seen it on the map Kate Murphey:There's a place called Mary-land I've seen it on the map Kate Mullins: There's a place in America called Albuquerque And I'm hopin' it's a bit like Donegal Kate McGowan:Oh.. to call my own.Three Kates: Where my dreamin' And my hopin' and my schemin' And my prayin' and my wishin' to be happy will come true enough And.... An Engineer.. I want to be a Lady's Maid! Lady's Maid in America In America the streets are paved with gold Kate Murphey: I want to be a Governess Governess in America In America It's better I'm told Kate Mullins: I want to be a sewing girl Sewing girl in America In America I'll sew till I am old. Murphey & McGowan: In America The streets are paved with gold 2nd man: I wanta shop to call my own..... 3rd Man: . Murphey & McGowan: In America It's better I am told...

German Man:Ich will ein gutes leben haben..... I Want to rise above myself. the streets Are paved with gold. All:Oh. that I hold. All: Where my dreamin' And my hopin' and my schemin' And my prayin' And my wishin' to be happy Will come true enough And. Altos & Basses: America the streets are paved with gold Kate McGowan: I want to be a lady's maid. Latimer! Prepare to greet our clientele Our meeting is imminent Our having just run the dinner bell It won't be a novelty We mostly have seen them all before......... Three Kates:There I'm certain that it will....Oh I will be grand Tenors & Sopranos: America. Kate McGowan:And I'm certain that it will. 1st Man: Engineer.... Three Kates and Farrell: America. All: In America! Kate McGowan: (to herself):Better place for me and you. Three Kate's and Farrell: ... The 1st class Dining Saloon What a Remarkable Age This Is! 1st class Steward Etches: My Dear Mr.. 3rd Man: Millionaire.......... Italian Man & Woman:Una Bella vita negli stati uniti... We've served them on the Baltic And the Oceanic Olympic and Majestic And . 4th Man: I want to be a constable! Constable in America In America you rise above your class. Better land for the baby.. Prepare for the usual You should be aware of what's in store.... Better land to start anew.. the streets Are paved with gold... there's a place your industry and talent Can be sold..I want to be a millionaire! Millionaire in America Strike it rich and spend the fortune I amass.

. Steel Is splitting shares at five to four! Monopoly makes the industry Far better than before! Millionaire's wives:Attending the coronation of King George the Fifth was grand Etches:And afterwards off to Monaco To frolic in the sand All: .. Male 1st class passengers: We're sailing aboard the greatest ship That ever sailed the seas The hull and the keel imperviously Stronger by degrees! Female 1st class passengers: Magnificent crystal chandeliers parquet in all the floors All:The ceiling is Jacobean A Decor the world adores Remarkable ship Oh what a ship! Remarkable keel Oh what a keel! Remarkable steel! Oh what a ship! If it could be put in a phrase.today's the same There's nothing changed. Straus Likes the grouse with the sauce on the side And the Wideners love Kidney Pie Bring it hot... if it's not They'll be fit to be tied They're accustomed to the best Of all that money buys The world of free enterprise Has given this privilege to the rich. it's "What a remarkable age this is!" Male 1st Class Passengers: A Fellow's invented see-through film He calls it "cellophane!" All: Another has built a parachute For jumping out of an airplane! Remarkable things flow endlessly From out the human brain! Indeed And what a remarkable age this is! Etches: (addressing his staff) Keep the Captain's table pristine Where we seat the elite whom we happily serve Here they dine on fine French Cuisine It's the Creme De La Creme's Exclusive Preserve! It's the pleasure of the leisure class's greatest wits To be where the Captain sits When taking their dinner on the sea Giving difference to their preferences is our chief art! We play a part In a perfectly working machine You should be ever aware This is a privilege great and rare A Special burden that we bear In our respective lives! Millionaires: Remarkable! U..S.. Astor takes his toast dry Mrs. Mr... When they're idle They're entitled to the luxury Which we provide That's forever the source of our pride. Which is why we're always there With our especial form of care For every hungry millionaire By now they've all arrived..

I'm very disappointed. In my fathers day they were lucky to get any heat at all.Remarkable talk Oh what a talk! Remarkable times Oh what a time! Remarkable world Oh what a world! So much to surprise and amaze. Was Titanic intentionally designed to run slower? . Ismay:Really? Such as what? Andrews: I'm disappointed in the water pressure in the upper decks.through film and what a remarkable age. Andrews: Not as well as I'd hoped Mr.. I don't mind telling you ... come Andrews. And... Mr. Are you satisfied with our present speed? Andrews:I think so. Come. Ismay: Well. All:This. You chaps at Harland & Wolff built the Cunard ships. Ismay: There's gratitude for you. Ismay. Etches & Staff: The hull and the keel Impervious Magnificent crystal Chandeliers A fellow's invented see. Ismay. The sea is calm. The kitchen staff are complaining that their quarters are overheated. That's faster than any White Star Ship has ever managed. Ismay: Talk to me straight Andrews... Sir. the weather is fair . Millionaire's & Wives: What a remarkable time What a remarkable world What a remarkable age. Is! The Bridge Ismay: Andrews! There you are! I've been looking for you everywhere! I want to know your opinion on how you think the crossing is going so far.... We've got a few problems.why aren't we going faster? Andrews: We are doing 22 knots.

Captain:Mr. Late Saturday Night Barrett:Excuse me! Excuse me! Bride:Who's there? Barrett:Barrett! Barrett! Bride: The stoker? I remember! Welcome to the most important place in the whole ship! What can I do for you? Barrett:I heard you can actually send a message back to England. It's like we say in . I'd explain how it works but I'm . That's your old ship! Barrett: Yeah! Bride: As you can see I'm awfully busy Barrett so what is it you want? Barrett: Shouldn't the Captain know about that iceberg then? Bride: Not to worry. When your father ran the line. Captain:I can only say it's still possible. And if second rate tubs like Deutchland and Kaiser Wilhelm can turn around in fortnight than so by God will we! Captain:I'm sure that we will do everything that we can Mr. It's from the Baltic.message coming in! An iceberg warning. If you ask me . Hold on .they don't know what the bloody hell they're doing up there! Excuse my French. Cunard may get their passengers here a little faster yes. Bride: You heard right . Sitting right here I can communicate with important people all over the world. Ismay: Possible! But it's imperative dammit! If we have to stand off till Wednesday morning our return to England will be delayed for 24 hours. he demanded safety and comfort before speed.. Ismay: It's a new world Andrews! These days people want speed above everything else! Americans would gladly lose their dinner over the rail if it meant arriving in New York a day sooner..Even the bloody krouts can do it.all right. I've already sent him half dozen warnings just like it. Sir. Ismay is there something that you wanted? Ismay: EJ. I was wondering if you could now predict with any certainty our landing in NY by Tuesday afternoon. Titanic must be known as a six day ship! EJ .Andrews: I really must protest the implication. Ismay! Ismay:Splendid! That's all we can ask isn't it? The Radio Room.but White Star gives them a far better ride.

Romance and telegraphy don't mix.. The Proposal/The Night Was Alive Barrett: I'll be coming back to you. She said if I wouldn't take it serious she knew somebody who would. Knottingham.. How much would that cost? Bride: Ahhh . Darlene Back to your dark eyes and hair Marry me when I return. Dit ditdah-dit dah-dit Dit dit-dah-dit dah-dit.the telegraphy business...Knottingham...you can't be in the telegraphy business and remain a Christian. Darlene And until that day. Barrett: Darlene Watkins. Darlene's sort of funny you see. But romance or not the minimum rakes 2 pounds 4.. I was young and shy...... few friends I kept myself to myself Quite alone Then I found Marconi's Telegraph It could span the planet's width by half Fifty yards. Sir -what's the rest of it? Barrett: I don't know. a home-bound lad Hardly spoke. How can you communicate with only one person when you've got the entire world talking to you! I'll need the name & address. two thousand miles The same! Touch the spark.? Barrett: Oh yeah. Barrett: So how much would it cost to send a message to my girl in England? Sort of a romantic message? Bride: Very pretty.it's gotta be just the right thing. Barrett: 2 pounds quid!? That's twice what I get for going to America and back! Bride: Hold on! Maybe I can give you a professional discount. I'm not due back for another 2 weeks so I might as well come straight out with it. take care Be thee well May the Lord who watches all watch over thee May God's heaven be your blanket as you softly sleep Marry me When you're fin'ly in my arms you'll plainly see This devoted sailor's heart and soul are yours to keep! Bride: Yours-to-keep Every day from G-M-O-M "Good morning old man" to G-N-O-M "Good night old man" My telegraph sends it's messages to ships at sea Sending out its dit dit-dah-dit dah-dit. detached and sad Spent my days indoors. England Bride: All right.nothing! They'll never know the difference! Barrett: Ah you must be sort of a romantic person yourself! Bride: Not me...sound the tone And the night was alive with a thousand voices Fighting to be heard And each and every one of them . England. Barrett: What's that you're doing? Bride: Darlene Watkins. my love..

Upper Promenade "A" Deck Hymn/Doing the Latest Rag Passengers: God lift me up in mighty waters Keep my eyes on things above Righteousness.. divine atonement Peace and everlasting love....Connected to me. dit dit-dah-dit-dah-dit Marry me. Bandmaster Wallace Hartley and his Two-Man Ensemble: Ladies and gentleman . dit dit-dah-dit-dah-dit Barrett: Signed "Fred" Bride: (tapping out "F-R-E-D" on this telegraph key) Everywhere! (He picks up a signal from the receiver) Message received.. And my life came alive With a thousand voices Tapping out each word Like a thousand people Joined in a single heartbeat Tapping out our dit dit-dah-dit da-dit Dit dit-dah-dit dah-dit Dit dit-dah-dit da Everywhere.Everyone up and out Follow the band and shout: "Isn't it a lovely day?" (Yes!) Hartley: Watching all the ladies in Parisian fashions On display .... Barrett: Marry me thousand May the Lord who watches all watch over thee Bride: It's alive with a voices And every one of them Connected to me So alive with a thousand Voices Marry me May God's heaven be Your blanket As you sleep Those people joined with a single heartbeat Tapping out our dit-dah-dit-dah-dit Marry me...

Hartley & Band: Out on the well-deck Ship's personnel deck Feel all the ocean spray Band: Get yourself upon Hartley & Band: The upper hotel deck Oh what a swell deck! Great for your déjeuner Band: Turn the corner on Hartley & Band: The port parallel deck Passengers: Port.. my friends? So good to see you once more! How long since we first met? Has it been three days or four? It seems like so much longer Than a little weekend jag Hartley & Band: On the ship.. . by ourselves On this glorious afternoon Doing the latest rag! Hartley: I love the cool of the Breeze Feel the rhythm of the song in your knees Promenading along at your ease Like a feather in the air Hartley and band: Is that the hint of a chill? When you're dancing out of doors it's a thrill Keeps you hardy and healthier still Take a partner if you dare Everyone is bursting with emotion Dancing as we cross the mighty ocean Moving to the rhythm of The latest rag! All: Come on and Men and band: Dance with me please Feel the rhythm of the song in your knees ragtime Promenading along At your ease Like a feather in the air! Is that a Hint of a chill? When you're dancing Out of doors ragtime It's a thrill Keeps you hardy and Healthier still Hartley & Women: Dance The latest Ragtime Now! Dance The latest Ragtime Take a partner if you dare...Band: Young Mister Hartley Is playing quite smartly In Rhythm that could never lag 1st class Passengers: It's a musical treat to hear a band with a beat Performing their latest rag! Hartley: How do you do.

what a swell deck! Like a feather in the air! Kick all your troubles away Is that a The port parallel deck hint of a chill? It's La Plus belle deck When your dancing Out of doors All of the rest passé It's a thrill Keeps you hardy and Great demoiselle deck healthier still watch all the girls Take a partner if you Sashay! Dare« ..It's La Plus belle deck All of the rest passe All: Now the band is betting This ragtime setting Will take you away. Everyone up and out! Nobody lag about Let your darker spirits climb! Strolling with the orchestra beside you Playing four-four time Hartley & Band Member: We've got a fellow Who's better on cello Than any other ship can brag All: So take your girl by the hand And lend an ear to the band And do today's latest rag! Come dancing! Dancers: Hartley & Band & Bystanders: Out on the well-deck Out Oh what a swell deck! Feel all the ocean spray Band: Get yourself upon Dancers: Hartley & Band & Bystanders: The upper hotel deck Out Oh what a swell deck Kick all your cares away Band: Turn the corner on Hartley & Band & Bystanders: Dancers: The port parallel deck Out Great Demoiselle Deck! Watch the girls sashay All: How the ragtime music The ragtime music Can take you away! Dancers: All: Out on the well-deck Dance with me please Ships personnel deck! Feel the rhythm of the Feel all the ocean spray song in your knees Promenading along Upper Hotel Deck At your ease Oh.

Ida Straus: Maybe you should break bread crumbs Isidor Straus: Can you feel how cold it's getting.ever.. The First Class Deck Ida Straus: It's a beautiful night... finding my way back is an adventure. 10:30pm No Moon Fleet: No moon No wind Nothing to spy things by No wave No swell No line where sea meets sky Stillness Darkness Can't see a thing says I No reflection Not a shadow Not a glint of light Meets the eye. Edgar Edgar Beane: Won't you ever give up that view? Alice Beane: I want more than we've got now Edgar Why don't you? The Crow's Nest... Alice Beane: Please don't tell me never I'll want this forever.Everyone is bursting with emotion Dancing as we cross the mighty ocean Hasn't it been absolutely great to dance The latest rag! Have Danced Alice Beane: I have danced with the first class Edgar It was oh. Alice. Every time I go out for a walk.. Straus? All in the past couple of hours Would you like me to get your fur stole? Ida Straus: .... Alice Beane: That won't do! There are hotels on island Edgar! Great resorts near a sandy beach. There's a new world around us. such a dream come true! Edgar Beane: That class isn't for our kind. Edgar Beane: That's a world that's beyond our income And our reach... And we go sailing Sailing Ever westward on the sea We go sailing Sailing Ever on Go we.. Mr... Mrs. Straus Even though there's no moon Look at all the stars Can you find the big dipper? Isidor Straus: The big dipper? I Can't even find our own stateroom.

Kate McGowan: Funny? T'anks very much Jim Farrell: Because you come right out with what you want.. Kate McGowan.and tell the engine room to watch the stream winches.. Murdoch. Jim Farrell: But I don't . Lightoller & Murdoch: See how calm it is Smooth as polished glass Ah... I'd rather freeze Scene: The 3rd Class Deck Jim Farrell: Are you cold then Katie? Kate McGowan: Not now that you've got your arm around me. Mr.we go sailing sailing ever on Smith. Capt Smith: There's not much wind. Captain. Lightoller Lightoller: Yes sir. Scene : The Crow's Nest & the Bridge Fleet: . me boy-o Scene: On the Bridge.. Kate McGowan: And you find that funny do you? What kind of girl do you think I am? You think I need to be told what I want? Life's too short for that. Capt Smith: Warn the carpenter to check our supply of fresh water. It appears to be a flat calm.And we go sailing sailing Ever westward on the sea . the open sea Smooth as polished glass . (realizing he puts his arm around her) Oh you're a funny one. Murdoch: Ocean temperature's down to thirty-one degrees. Murdoch: Aye. it's turned very cold Only one point above freezing.. 11:00pm Capt Smith: The weather's quite changed Mr. is there? Lightoller: No sir.. Aye Sir.What and maybe never see you again? No thank you. the open sea Feel the bite in the air Ah..

Scene: The 2nd Class Deck Caroline Neville: Charles. Cardoza: Yes.. The Major: There's a new world out where? Mrs. darling.. Caroline Neville: Oh. Cardoza: Don't look so shocked gentleman. America! What's the first thing you're going to do when we get there. Hartley. then go Still.. Cardoza: Mr... think! In two days. Cardoza: Good evening. madam Mrs. defying all reason Will come.. The Major: Madam. Mrs.. All through the languorous season We ebb and flow Romance. . Cardoza: So what do you say gentlemen? I happen to play an excellent game of auction bridge.Won't be past Let breezes blow And turn cold As we continue growing old This Autumn Love newly found May yet last Mrs. Scene: The 1st class smoke room Mrs. Astor: Woman are never permitted it the 1st class Smoke room. Autumn/Finale Hartley: Autumn Shall we all meet in Autumn? Golden and glowing by autumn Shall we still be best of friends? Best of friends. But not at cards.. darling? After marrying me of course! Charles Clarke: Apply to the sports desk of an important New York newspaper. that's a new melody . May I join you? The Major: Where's your sense of occasion madam? I understand you've just lost your husband. perhaps this Autumn Love won't retreat in the Autumn We'll be complete in the Autumn All that we have won't be past . gentleman. this happens to be the Smoke Room! Mrs.J.what's it called? Hartley: "Autumn" m'am. Cardoza: So I see J. I'm sure that they can use a journalist with my experience. There's a new world out there.go we. you're sure to be a success! Charles Clarke: Let us both hope so! Both: That's why we're going there.

the open sea Sailing Smooth as polished glass All: Ever on go we.. by No wave autumn No swell Shall we still be best of friends No line where sea Best of friends? meets sky Best of friends. we go« Feel the bite in the air Sailing Ah.Scene: The Crow's Nest & Boat Deck Fleet: Ahead we plow Into the darkening night Can't see the bow How then to search With only starlight?.... the open sea On the sea. Fleet.. Fleet: No moon No wind.. Night was alive with a thousand voices Barrett: The screws are turning .. darkness Can't see a thing. says I No reflection Not a shadow Not a glint of light Meets the eye Passengers: And we go sailing sailing Fleet & Personnel: See how calm it is Smooth as polished glass Ever westward Ah. Personnel & Passengers: Stillness... Fleet & Passengers: No moon No wind No moon No wind No moon Bride: The night was alive with a thousand voices.. Passengers: Fleet: No moon Autumn No wind Shall we all meet in the Nothing to spy things Autumn? By Golden and glowing.

There is water in the fore peak. Etches to awaken the passengers. 1 & 2 holds. Wake Up! Mr. The Bridge Captain: Yes . Mr.(he rings the brass bell three times) Iceberg right ahead! Scene: The Collision. goes below to assess the damage.No wind No moon No wind Fleet & Passengers: No moon At eighty-one The screws are turning At eighty-one Bride: The night was alive with a Thousand voices Barrett: The screws were turning at eighty-one The screws were turning at eighty-one Andrews: At once a poem and the perfection of physical engineering No wind No moon No wind All: No moon! No wind! Scene: The Crow's Nest. . a tableau End of Act One Act Two 1st Class Corridor Wake Up. Andrews: There is a series of small gashes below the waterline along the three hundred foot section of the starboard side. 11:38pm Fleet: Dear mother of God . Andrews.Mr. He come back shortly to report the news. Andrews. Murdoch breaks the news to the Captain that they have struck an iceberg. The Captain sends Mr. also at the Captain's request.

A simple precaution. sir. sir.Sunday morning... Ismay: Nonsense! God himself couldn't sink this ship! Captain: How long has she got Mr.. Astor. You assured us those compartments are watertight. Every crystal bright as a star! Dressed in your pyjamas in the grand salon... We'll be on our way! We hardly need stay now....perhaps 4 compartments flooded... Widener. Guggenheim... Astor. Thayer: We spent eighteen hundred pounds Benjamin Guggenheim: Not a bit.. not a little bit. 12:03 am Dressed in Your Pyjamas in the Grand Salon 1st class passengers: Strange and quite disorienting being here. The 1st class Grand Salon . we must insist now It's a mere formality There is no cause for concern Etches & Stewards: We'll be on our way! A minor delay now. not a little bit. Dressed in your pyjamas in the grand salon Wondering if things are what they seem Can you be sure? Do you ever know where you are? Etches: Mr. please your life belt Mr.... not a bit. M'am Mr. Benjamin Guggenheim: Not a bit.. How the lights burn.. Thayer.. Thayer: I don't like the way this sounds. Looks to be bizarre in the extreme. Captain...in the mailroom. Ismay: That's all right. seems to be that she's damaged one of the wing propellers and we could be delayed for an entire day.... Andrews: She was built to stay afloat if 3. Guggenheim & Thayer: This is not the sort of a voyage we paid for! I demand to know what the ship is delayed for! Right now! 1st class passengers: How could this ever have come to pass Etches: Christ! Look who's here! It's the second class! Alice Beane: Everything is gorgeous in the grand salon! Stunningly appointed for the cream Thousands of bucks Gets a trip deluxe without par! All Passengers: Dressed in your pyjamas Etches & Stewards: Mr. wear your life-belts! Mrs. Ismay. if you would.. 3 of her boiler rooms . please . I demand to know exactly what's happening! Etches: The latest word. not a bit. In a moment or two she'll be right again Traveling west! John Thayer: See here Mr....It's a memory I'll want to keep. Recently awakened from a dream. two at the most. Now. Mr.. A moment of rest.....Titanic is sinking. Andrews? Andrews: An hour and a half. please put it on now..I would like to go Back to sleep.all six of the six single compartments have been breached. Certainly not six. Ismay: Andrews what are you saying? Andrews: . Things could improve if the steward opens the bar! Oh. Captain's orders Ladies and Gentlemen.. Etches.

. Guggenheim.... Guggenheim. please upstairs now..) Etches: Mr.in the grand salon Feels to be bizarre In the Extreme How the lights burn Every crystal bright As a star Stewards: 1st Group: We'll be on our way! Strange and quite disorienting A minor delay being here! and quite Now! being A simple awakened in a precaution! Recently awakened in a your lifebelt Mr. please put it on now It's a mere formality There is no cause for Concern 2nd Group: 3rd Group: We'll be on our way! Strange disorienting A minor delay now! A simple precaution here! Recently daze! Every light is A moment of burning light is burning with rest! with intensity! intensity! Everything We'll be on surrounded by a haze! on Our way! Strange and quite disorienting We hardly being here! and need disorienting stay now Recently here! awakened in a daze! Every A moment of rest! We'll be our way! We'll be on our way! Strange quite We hardly need« being (Everyone quiets as a serving tray rolls gently across the room . Everyone Else: .

. Widener... It's a mere formality There is no Cause for concern Stewards: 1st Group: We'll be on our way! Strange and quite disorienting being here! Strange and A minor delay Wondering if things Are what They seem.Mrs. now daze stay now! Recently awakened in a Any minute now! any minute! Any minute Any minute daze! Every We'll our way! quite being Daze! ... Can you be sure? Do you ever know Where you are? 2nd Group: 3rd Group: We'll be on our way! quite disorie nting being Now! here! A simple Recently awakened in a A minor delay daze! now! Recently awakened in a precaution! Every light is A simple burning precaution A moment of with intensity! light is burning with rest! Everything A moment of intensity! surrounded by a haze! We'll be on rest! be on Our way! Strange and We'll be on quite disorour ienting We hardly being here! way! Strange and Need disorienting stay Recently We hardly here! awakened in a need. if you would M'am..

Sir. Mr. Captain: I didn't design this ship Mr. They are all down below. you were not hired to play God! Captain: Well then let it be God who decides! . Mr.. Andrews: Are you taking it upon yourself to decide who lives and dies? I remind you that while you are the Captain.Now Now any minute! Any minute Any minute Now! Now! All: We'll be on our way! We'll be on our way! We'll be on our way! our way! our way! The Staircase The Upper Promenade ("A" Deck) Andrews: Captain! Captain: Yes. I don't think the passengers and crew fully comprehend their predicament yet. Captain: Not if a ship arrives! Andrews: Do you know of one? Captain: I'm just on my way to find out! Lightoller: Captain all first and second class passengers are proceeding to the boat decks as ordered! The 3rd class have been assembled below on the well deck awaiting further instructions Andrews: Captain. Murdoch up top in charge of loading the boats Lightoller: But the 3rd class passengers Sir. They would kill each other in order to survive. Andrews: I'm sure it hasn't escaped your notice. And that means that well over half of us are going to die in approximately 90 minutes . Captain: I am well aware of that! Andrews: But space for less than a thousand in the lifeboats. Captain: I want you and Mr... Lightoller.. Lightoller: Awaiting instructions Captain. Captain: That's not your concern. But the line thought that anything more than 20 would take away too much deck space from first class.... Carry on! Lightoller: Yes.... Captain: Evidently 20 boats were enough to satisfy the line! But how many would we need to save everyone on board? Andrews: 54. Andrews! Andrews: And I didn't instruct the management on the number of boats . Andrews. Andrews? That more than 1200 of them are going to be dead! I think not sir! There would be general panic. Sir but there are in excess of 2200 souls aboard this ship. You will have to tell them! Captain: Tell them what Mr.

Bride: Sorry Sir! Captain: And continue.. He must have signed off and gone to bed. Ismay: Well keep trying for God's sake! Bride: There's a new distress call. Bride. Andrews: That's more than four hours away! Captain: Carpathia can't be the only ship in the vicinity Mr. I put her within 10 miles but since the accident .. The California......You've got to do something! Captain: What would you suggest Mr.. With the Marconi international marine radio telegraphy...... .. Ismay: You must demand a response. Captain: How far is she? Bride: 58 miles. It's hardly ever been used but it's easier to read than the CQD and I thought perhaps if I tried.. Bride: Bride Sir. Captain: Why not?? Bride: I don't know sir. Bride: The smaller ships only carry one radio man Sir... Her signal was much stronger than the others. yes! Sit down. Ismay? Ismay: We need another ship here immediately! Captain: I'm afraid the nearest one to respond is four hours away..SOS. But still no response. Bride? Bride: 6 or 7 sir! The closest seems to be Carpathia.. Bride! You must rouse that ship!! . Captain: Yes I know Carpathia. Bride: (not looking up from his telegraph) Can't you see I'm busy! Go bother the captain! Captain: This is the Captain! Bride: Sorry Sir! Captain: Sit down Mr..he'll even the score by sending us a ship! The Radio Room.she hasn't responded. Mr. Bride: Yes sir! Captain: Now have you reached any ships in the immediate vicinity Mr.. 12:16 am Bride: CQD! CQD! Titanic! CQD! Situation critical! Repeat situation critical! Captain: Radioman have you reached any. Bride! Bride: There was one other sir. Ismay: EJ.. Ismay: Four hours! We'll be on the bottom by then! Captain: What about the California Mr. Captain: Yes.. Bride: I'm sure she is Sir... Bride? You said that she might be close by.. Bride: They acknowledged our CQD at 11:58pm saying they turned and are coming hard.Andrews: Well it seems that God is already leaning toward the first class! They are closest to the lifeboats! Captain: Then perhaps .that's the Cunard line.. Captain: Try anything you like Mr.

. I have built her from scratch And I know certain things! Ismay: If you know so much Why didn't you know to prevent this! What's to become of us all.SOS. Andrews: Dammit sir. now it's the Captain's turn! Pray. thank you Mr.. Ismay: There stands the Captain Who sailed us straight into disaster! Andrews: Oh. Who did it?! Capt Smith: Who did it?! Ismay: Andrews: And who had to have both The largest and fastest?« Andrews: Who did it?! . Capt Smith: Innocent folk Held in our care Living their lives Dreaming their dreams Dreaming their dreams...... please If you can! Capt Smith: Who called for speed and to break every record?! Who had to keep all the millionaires happy?! Ismay: How dare you Smith! I will not stand here indicted! Who ignored warnings of icebergs when sighted? (to Andrews) Who. Well then... Listen! We're hemorrhaging fast! It's our hull that's been staved! Ismay: Couldn't you design it right? Whoever heard of steel that rips? Andrews: Ismay..Bride: Yes Sir! Titanic ... Sir refused to extend up the bulkheads?! Andrews: You sir! To give the first class Bigger staterooms! Capt Smith: And who undermined the position of Captain? Ismay: And who took a course too far north for the Season? Capt Smith: And who kept insisting We land ever sooner?. Ismay: Possibly a ship will come Possibly we'll all be saved.. Andrews! You have done us in! Where's her leakproof bulkheads? Where's her double skin? That's your job! If someone must take the blame It is you! You!. Now that providence sent this! This is your work Mr. Andrews: Thousands on board Trusting and warm Roused from their sleep Sent up above Unsinkable ship What is she now? What is she now? Ismay: Possibly she won't go down Possibly she'll stay afloat Possibly all this could come to an end On a positive note. Situation critical! Come in California! Where are you old man?! Why the hell don't you answer?! The Blame Ismay: Surely something can be done to help us... I'm just in the business of building It's God who sinks ships!.. who urged him to go faster?.. Ismay For your contribution! Now please pray for some miraculous solution! Your timing is perfect! Now help us. Andrews: Not unless the ship could fly Not unless we all sprout wings! Honestly sir. Ismay: And who should have posted More lookouts in darkness?..

Let us have a smile... John Thayer: Go Along with mother to the lifeboat... Marion Thayer: John. Straus.. Lightoller & Steward: You must get in Please step this way. Capt Smith: Possibly he will provide.. This is my ship No one else's. John Jacob Astor: Maddie Dear... Isador Straus: No. I will not go before the younger men Go Ida... Look I'm next to Mrs.Who did it?! All three: Who did it?! Who did it!?! Who did it?! All three pause for a possible message from another ship.. Ismay: (to Andrews) Your work No one else's... Andrews: Possibly the Lord will act.. All three: And indicate how Our unthinkable fate Can be somehow denied Somehow denied.. no response. Capt Smith: (to himself quietly) There's only one Captain And I was in charge....you must go now Ida Straus: For what? To live without you? Absolutely not! Where you go I go! Murdoch...... John Thayer: Don't even say it I'll be fine I'll collect you both tomorrow morning you and this beloved son of mine I Must Get on that Ship (reprise) Murdoch & Lightoller: (to Ida Straus) Madam. The Boat Dock To the Lifeboats Getting in the Lifeboat Marion Thayer: (to her young son) You and I are getting in the lifeboat Father will be staying here a while It will be like rowing in the serpentine Come along now. you must Get in the lifeboat Alice Beane: Edgar. Astor There is no time Please don't delay ..... step this way into the lifeboat Lightoller: Mr. Andrews: My doing No one else's. by all means take a place..

Final lifeboat George Widener: Eleanor you must Get in the lifeboat Charles Andrews: My work No one else's ... Lightoller.take it for God's sake! Kate McGowan: Jim Farrell! I don't want to be a widow before I'm a bride! Jim Farrell: You're going to be a Lady's Maid! Lady's Maid in America! The Proposal/The Night was Alive (reprise)/Canons Barrett: Bride: (to the photo of Darlene) Be thee well It's alive with May the Lord who A thousand Watches all voices. Watch over thee the night May God's heaven be is alive Your blanket with a thousand As you softly sleep voices (etc) Be thee well When you're finally in My arms you'll plainly see This devoted sailor's heart And soul are yours to keep... Company: Hurry up now we must Get in the lifeboat! Hurry now we're Running out of time! (etc) Little time remaining. Lady's Maid (reprise) Jim Farrell: There's gotta be a place in that boat Kate . Steward & Bellboy: You must get in Please step this way There is no time Please don't delay Clarke: Caroline.This is the last to leave It must be lowered now Murdoch. . come quick here Is a lifeboat This is the last to leave All Passengers: It must be lowered now.

Yours to keep! Ships Officers: Lower Away!!! Company: Hurry Now! There isn't any time! We'll Meet Tomorrow Company: We'll meet tomorrow We will find a path And reach tomorrow Past this day of wrath We'll be together once again Cling to your hope and prayers till then. Charles Clarke: Come say you love me As I kiss your eyes Let one brief moment Make eternal ties... Both: Through fortune's changes Still Always we've known....... Isidor Straus: That the promise we made... Barrett: (to the photo) I'll hold thee closely As I say goodbye And keep your image In my memory's eye And all this love of ours will soar Come dawn or danger We'll meet tomorrow And have each other evermore Company: Give us tomorrow And another hour Let our reunion Come within our power. Full Company: If tomorrow is not in store Let this embracing Replace forever Keep us together Evermore. Isidor Straus: The way you move me Still Feels as it did When you first became mine Whispered the words Both: "I will" I loved you then And I love you Still Ida Straus: No one else could play your role Forever know my mind Isidor Straus: True Companion of my soul I won't turn from You I learn from Still.... 2:01 am Still Isidor Straus: Still The way I love you Still Lives in my heart Ida Straus: After all the years We've been together Both: Holding our Love Still. And I love you« still! The Boat Deck To be a Captain (reprise) ... Grant one more chance To make a start That we may live for As we part.... Both: Kept us as one And will! I loved you then. The Upper Promenade -"A" Deck.

2:16 am Mr.. "A" Deck.. The panicked people in retreat A thousand strong.. one by one.. Andrews' Vision Andrews: Just a cursory look at the blueprints here Shows the weaknesses that we have missed How the water poured in A threehundred foot gash And caused the bow to flood and to list and then it filled to the top Our separate watertight compartments And began to overflow..Etches: Thousands on board Each in his class You are the master of all that must pass Yours to set course Yours to command You hold our souls In the palm of your hand You hold our souls In the palm of your hand. Because the walls in between the compartments Are too low! She's the only sinking because these bulkheads stop a deck too low! But here's a thought! Take a line. and second Will mean nothing! And sheer humanity alone will prevail One single class Brute. up flies the stern To the sky. I cannot say I will not say! The rest in swarms will overrun the boat deck They'll lose all sense of right and wrong It will be "every man for himself" all right! The weak thrown in with all the strong! First class. Andrews! Andrews: The ship will start to plunge beneath the surface The water lapping at our feet Down sinks the bow. The First Class Smoke Room.... Bellboy: Mr. But when it's done.. There were over a thousand poor souls floundering in the .. Andrews! Aren't you going to make a go for it? Mr.. Harsh and crass That's what will come of the world that set sail Autumn. they'll climb up Toward the aft deck They'll cling they're desperately Like Bees to a hive! There they'll hold fast Doomed to the last Lost and abandoned and all Still alive A few of them will hang there From the railings As. then I know that she can't sink! Like this!« Like this!« (wildly erasing and redrawing lines on the blueprints) Like this!« And then like this!. and third.. Shall we all meet in the Autumn?« Shall we all meet in the Autumn?.. Aboard the Carpathia Survivors: One moment the ship was there ..the next she was gone. And extend up the walls to the brink« It's just a small redesign. they'll drop away! More than two-hundred-fifty feet They will fall And after that.

And after only a few minutes the largest moving object on earth had totally disappeared. And my husband. On Desert Sands. I'm ashamed to say I was relieved..... I stayed with the key 'til the end. We were only 95 miles from dry land. woman and child aboard...1517 souls lost their lives« Including the man I called my husband. Southampton: The Ocean Dock . All of the poor women & children in third class who never made it to the boats. We wanted to go back for them of course to pick them up. The women were so brave... And my husband.. And my husband.. All Survivors: Softly sleep..... They could have saved every man...... With only 711 survivors . And then after half an hour... And my husband. But they would have swamped us... The Parthenon. If only they hadn't kept increasing the speed.... Miracles them all! China's endless wall.. If only I had seen that iceberg before it was too late.... The Company: Our task was to dream upon And then create A floating city!........ Nor gothic walls that radiate with light.......freezing water. And it was all bathed in pink and hundreds of deck chairs floating in the water... Stonehenge. When dawn came we could see the ice everywhere.... It just stopped. If only the California had heard my call... Not a pyramid... A Complete Civilization! Sleek! And fast! At once a poem And the perfection of physical engineering.... The Duomo the Aqueducts of Rome We did not attempt to make With mammoth blocks of stone A giant pyramid No........ then no one could have survived.... From mountains of Stone A pyramid! From flying buttresses alone A Wall of light! A Chapel ceiling Screaming one man's ecstasy! One Man's ecstasy.... Offstage voices: Floating city!.... In every age mankind attempts To fabricate great works At once magnificent And impossible.. Why shouldn't I have taken a place in the lifeboat? It would have gone empty.. At once a poem And the perfection of physical engineering. I'll hear those voices for the rest of my life. The Company: A Human Metropolis. There were more than 450 empty seats in the lifeboat. The sound they made was deafening like there was an entire football stadium out there in the dark. Alone in the dark in the middle of the ocean...All of the musicians who kept playing Autumn right to the very end. In Every Age (reprise)/Finale Bride: Fare thee well May the Lord who watches all Watch over thee May God's Heaven be your blanket As you softly sleep..

Entire Company: Sail on... Sail on Great Ship Titanic! Cross the open sea Pray the Journey's sound Till your port be found Fortune's winds Sing Godspeed to thee. Fortune's winds Sing Godspeed to thee! The End .

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