Reflection about constructivism I learnt Piaget s theories and Bruner s ideas about how children construct their leanings

. First of all, according to Piaget, there are some crucial stages about children process of learning. They start with sensory-motor stage children try to perceive the world, and then they get intuitive stage where imagination begins. Other stage is concrete operational stage where they only perceive concrete materials and last stage is formal operational thinking in which they start to understand abstract examples and this can t happen before the adolescent years. Therefore, as an educator when teaching the young learners, we should use the materials including concrete elements. However, it will be useful to giving examples a little bit above their levels. Bruner gives importance to term whole person in learning process. We human beings have personal talents, cognitive skills as well as physical abilities. I know it will sound very humanistic but I think that we can t accept students as mechanic receivers so we need to give them a chance to use the language by some speaking activities or use their imagination to produce something like writing diary, imaginative story or writing reflections :). What I had difficulty in nothing but I need to focus on the terms assimilation and accommodation because I can easily mix them together. I believe I use this information learning should be relevant to students lives. I must use my examples according to what they know, what they watch, who they love because I don t want my students to drop out my lessons and I believe they learn better as these examples will be catchy. Another thing I can use different modes of thought. For enactive level of learners, I can use role plays or drama, for iconic level I can use pictures, drawings or videos because they need to visualize what they have learned.