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February 2011

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Year 5 Issue 56 February 2011

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Let us take this opportunity to impress that peaceful living and peaceful co-existence are two different things. We wish our young men and women should strive on their part to encourage sanity and create an atmosphere of non-violence. At the same time.” . This does not bring people together and create an atmosphere conducive to peace and upliftment. In case I had not done so. India and the whole world are keyed up for fighting the menace of terrorism. I tried to give up the habit. i. The saint asked the woman to come after three weeks. and also that a Satyagrahi—a man pledged to tread the path of truth–is never defeated. as real potential is the child of the new blood. This is the process of unfoldment of one’s potential. which result in war. It is also to be remembered that such persons as would bring about peace on earth. Never care for that. Even if he/she takes one step forward. PD/February/2011/1339 “Lots of people talk to animals…Not very many listen. Prejudice in the human mind is the source of all the divisions. If the terrorists do not get the support which they normally get from misguided people and grievances which provide fuel to terrorism are suitably addressed. but for the good of the society. because he does not fight for himself. The future of the human society depends on our young men and women who have right understanding of things and people. The quality of influencing people can be developed only by doing what we think or preach. While taking all measures to strike at the root of terrorism. this has to be done by the young men and women. This quality can be developed not by reading huge volumes or delivering inspiring talks. important for progress that men and women—more so of the younger generation. In fact.. will be of this earthly earth and not be creatures of some other world.Darpan to the good and the beautiful. and delusion makes people pursue false aims. care has to be taken to ensure that one type of terrorism is not replaced by another type of terrorism. in the right direction. and fortunately got rid of it. It is extremely important in such a situation that sanity must prevail. who got rid of the habit of taking too much of sugar. the step taken denotes the direction of the movement as well as displays the commitment to act. A note of warning may be struck. The saint smilingly replied—Madam. and silence in doing a right type of work is more eloquent than speech. Gandhian doctrine of truth and non-violence lays down more than clearly that one step is enough for me. It is extremely necessary to understand that the inner must be strong enough to be visible in the outer. should increasingly learn to uncondition themselves and make rightful thinking a supreme object of their lives. Co-existence means a state of strangeness. so every step taken by him takes the humanity a step nearer P. therefore. His inner was strong enough to come out as outer and influence the child. when you came to me for the first time. I myself used to take enough of sugar in the form of sharbat. Our thoughts must be powerful enough to generate forces of transformation. The concerned governments will take legitimate action for containing terrorism. poverty and exploita- tion. Let our young men and women prepare themselves for this great task which is seemingly so difficult.At the present juncture. Each such step will also throw light on the next step to be taken. that would be highly meaningful. During the three weeks’ time. I could have never been able to prevail upon your child to leave taking sugar. it is also true that sooner or later. almost impossible. love meaning the good of all—universal welfare. Let us remember that actions speak louder than words. the truth of the matter is that the real service can be done only if we try to live like the saint of the story in which a woman takes her child to the saint to make the child give up the habit of eating too much sugar or sweets. This is possible only if we live what we say or ask others to do. The outer can be effective only if the inner is pure and strong. for which I asked you to keep in waiting. Our intentions must manifest as actions. The woman out of curiosity asked the saint as to why he had asked her to wait for three weeks. sufficiently long time may be taken before your efforts bear fruits. though…That’s the problem. for. To contain and control terrorism is a gigantic task. none of you should have any difficulty in working out his/her individual role in propagating the doctrine of peaceful living and generating forces which will change the pervading matrix to facilitate real transformation. peace and love. Let us hope that our young men and women will come forward to develop faculties of inner peace and love. It is. A blend of firmness and civilised behaviour is required to tackle the problem. terrorism will dry up. In the light of what has been stated and outlined above.e. This can be accomplished only by persons with a clean heart and a thoughtful mind. Let us not forget that one’s potential is limitless.

Supreme Court to Monitor Investigation of 2G Spectrum Scam
The 2G spectrum allotment scam that rocked the winter session of Parliament and created a logjam of vehement protests by the opposition demanding the Constitution of a Joint Parliamentary Committee to probe the scam in its entirety is now to be investigated by the CBI, with the Supreme Court of India monitoring the probe.

who caused a loss estimated by the CAG at crore to the exchequer.

1·76 lakh

India-Oman Agreement on Technology Transfer
India and Oman have entered into an agreement under which the two sides will prepare a report on nine areas of cooperation for direct investment and technology transfer. The two sides are also eyeing contract farming as the next area of cooperation. According to Oman's official news agency, the agreement was signed by India's Planning Commission ViceChairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia and Omani ruler Sultan Qaboss' adviser for economic planning affairs Mohammad bin Al Zubair. The Supreme Committee for Ahluwalia : Promoting Economic Relations between Eyeing new deals India and Oman was established under a directive of Sultan Qaboss bin Said and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh during the latter's visit to the country in 2008 to promote economic cooperation between the two. “The report shows fields upon which economic and trade relations can be expanded not only between the governments of the two countries, but also between the private sector in the Sultanate and the Republic of India”, Zubair said. Oman could strengthen the domestic availability of foodgrains by entering into “contract farming with Indian farmers,” Mr. Ahluwalia said. The Indian law does not allow foreign companies to buy land there and therefore, Omani companies can enter into a contract farming relationship for producing the type of crop they want. “We have identified from our side a couple of firms that have shown interest in tying up with Omani investors to get into contract farming arrangements,” Mr. Ahluwalia stated.

What CBI will Probe
Supreme Court has directed the CBI to look into the following aspects of the case— ● How ineligible companies got 2G spectrum licence in 2008 and why no action was taken against those telecom operators who failed in their rollout obligations. ● Why the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India did not take action against the grant of licence to ineligible companies and those that failed in their rollout obligations. ● The conduct of officials of the department of telecommunications who signed on the loan applications of telecom companies for securing loans from public sector banks.

The Supreme Court on December 16, 2010 decided to monitor the CBI investigation into the 2G spectrum scam and said that prima facie, there was evidence of wrong doing in the grant of 2G spectrum licences in 2008 and of dual-use technology to some telecom operators prior to October 19, 2007. Allowing a plea filed by the Centre for Public Interest Litigation for court monitoring of the probe, the twojudge bench said that the allegations of wrong doings in spectrum allocation made in the plea were supported by the reports of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) and the Comptroller and Auditor General. It said the CBI would conduct a comprehensive probe covering the period 2001-07 in coordination with the Enforcement Directorate and income tax department. It directed the CBI to submit its first status report on February 10, 2011. The court also said there was no need to set up a special investigation team to probe the scam, adding that the CBI would conduct the probe without being influenced by any person or authority. The bench said the director general of income tax would provide transcripts of the tapped conversations between corporate lobbyist Niira Radia and several politicians, industrialists and journalists to the CBI. The court also said the CBI could register a first information report with respect to the officials and people

New RTI Rules : Ask But Only in 250 Words
The government on December 12, 2010 proposed new rules that require a Right to Information (RTI) application to be restricted to 250 words and only on one subject. Currently there is no word limit and applicants can seek information on any number of subjects in a single application.


“I am chained to the earth to pay for the freedom of my eyes.”

Conditions Apply
250-word ceiling for applications. Only one subject per application. Postage above Rs. 10 for government's reply to be paid by applicant. Appeals only in a fixed format, with several documents attached on its website and has invited comments from the public by December 27, which is a procedural.

The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has uploaded a 10-page draft of the Right to Information Rules, 2010 on its website. RTI activists criticize the new rules saying that they dilute the landmark legislation. A noted RTI activist said that the Act is meant even for illiterates, how can you expect people to follow such a tight word limit. Another RTI activist said that the proposal was a clear attempt to create grey areas in a transparent law and allows scope for harassment of applicants. According to new Rules, applicants dissatisfied with a reply have to appeal to the First Appelate Authority in a given format, attaching a list of documents. This condition was not in force earlier.

The proposed new rules require the applicant to pay postal charges in excess of Rs. 10 incurred by authorities in replying to the application. Currently, applicants are not required to pay postal charges. They pay only Rs. 10 while filling the application.


“I guess I’ve spent my life listening to what wasn’t being said.”

India Enters US-Backed $ 10 billion Gas Pipeline Project
[The Channel will bring in fuel from Turkmenistan to India Via Afghanistan and India] India on December 11, 2010 put its stamp on an energy lifeline that could reshape regional bonds and trigger a new economic dynamics through a natural gas pipeline all the way from Turkmenistan in Central Asia to India via Afghanistan and Pakistan. India's oil Minister Murli Deora representing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the Summit of leaders of concerned countries joined Presidents of New Beginnings : (From left) PetroAfghanistan, Paki- leum Minister Murli Deora, Pakistani stan and Turkmeni- President Asif Ali Zardari, Turkman stan at Turkman President Gurbanguli Berdymukhamecapital Ashgabat to dov and Afghan President Hamid sign the Inter-Gov- Karzai during a meeting in Turkmeernmental Agree- nistan on Dec. 11, 2010. ment to formally join the US-backed project that could cost over $ 10 billion. It may be recalled that the USA is very much against such a project in a group of countries which include Iran, its arch enemy which dosen't head its dictate on stopping its nuclear programme.
● ● “It will be the harbinger of economic growth and prosperity to us all.” Manmohan Singh had described it as the peace pipeline, says Petroleum Minister.

For, in case of the Iran pipeline project, which is cheaper and easier to build, India has been playing hardball over similar issues and insisting Teheran delivers gas at New Delhi's doorstep. India also appears to be playing along Turkmenistan's unwillingness to make up for any shortfall or disruption in gas supplies.

New Silk Route
Terming the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-PakistanIndia (TAPI) pipeline project as the new Silk Route between Central Asia and South Asia, said Mr. Deora added that this will aid in rapid growth of not only India but also other participating countries.

Govt. Nod for 4 More Stealth Destroyers
The Union Government has approved a major defence programme known as ‘Project-15 B’ to indigenously construct four guided missile stealth destroyers for around Rs. 30,000 crore at Mazagaon Docks Limited (MDL). In its quest to become a powerful three-dimensional blue water force and maintain a fleet of around 140 surface and sub-surface combatants, the Navy already has 30 warships and six sub-marines on order in various Indian shipyards. Moreover, it has an aircraft carrier, Admiral Gorshkov or INS Vikramaditya, three additional Talwar-class stealth frigates in Russia, as also two fleet tankers in Italy under construction. Project-15 B which is set to be undertaken at MDL after the three Kolkata-class 6,700 tonne destroyers already being constructed there under a long-delayed Rs. 11,662 crore project are finally delivered in 20122014 was cleared by the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) on December 8. It was earlier cleared by the Defence Acquisitions Council, chaired by Defence Minister A. K. Antony in July 2010.

Deora also utilised the presence of top Pakistani and Afghan leaders to remind that they need to address India's concerns over physical security of the pipeline and uninterrupted gas supplies to make the project work. “There are issues that need to be addressed. We have to come to a decision regarding the price of gas, security of the pipeline, certainty of gas supply, transit fee and the setting up of the consortium for laying and operating the pipeline,” Mr. Deora told the summit. For good measure Deora added, “As a buyer, and being at the tail-end of the project, we have concerns that relate to the realities that surround us. Quite obviously, our goal is not merely the construction of the pipeline, but also continuous and uninterrupted flow of Turkman natural gas over several decades.” India has agreed to accept gas at the TurkmanAfghanistan border and will bank on the international composition of the consortium building the pipeline to ensure supply security through Afghanistan and Pakistan. MEA officials attribute this to India's commitment to the reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. But there is no denying that the softer security stand is being taken in deference to the US backing for the project, which Washington wants as an alternative route for Central Asian gas bypassing the Russian pipelines network.


“No one is listening until you fart.”

both on rail and road.Commission President Jose Manuel tectionist trends. despite earlier resistance by the EU.500 km. Agni-II Prime Launch Fails The maiden launch of the Agni-II Prime Missile from the Wheeler Island. India hopes to deploy two potent carrier battle-groups by the middle of this decade. it was said that an ambitious and balanced broad-based trade and investment agreement would bring significant economic benefits to both India and the EU. to fill the gap in the range between Agni-II and Agni-III. Deepening Partnership : European Prime Minister Man. Rompuy did not respond when asked directly about the EU taking on board Pakistan's interests and concerns as it was a NATO ally rather than India's. Barroso respectively.000-tonne indigenous aircraft carrier (IAC) being built at Cochin Shipyard. It was also agreed—as reflected in the joint statement—that in the field of easy movement of professionals and other people. the missile plunged into the Bay of Bengal following a deviation in its trajectory. The failure naturally cast a gloom on the missile technologists of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). and to have a better range than Agni-II's. DRDO technologists said it would take a few days to figure out the exact reason for the failure. surface-to-surface missile has a range of about 2. to redouble efforts to ensure that early in 2011 a free trade agreement was ready for signature. With Gorshkov and IAC to be inducted by early 2013 and 2015. more efficient batteries to provide better power supply and sophisticated retro rockets.Another big project in the offing is the around Rs. The two-stage. M. The biggest warIncreasing Firepower ships currently on order are the 44.000 km away. equipped with tube-launched missiles and air-independent propulsion. Widening and deepening their strategic partnership. Joint Declaration In the two-page joint declaration released at Brussels on December 10. or composite casing.EU declaration on international terrorism was issued—there was not enough clarity on the EU position in relation to Afghanistan.75 (India). All the three were strategic missiles. 2010 failed. especially after 2014 by when European and American forces are expected to withdraw from the country. While Agni-II has a range of more than 2. including counter-terrorism. 45. Instead. Mr. a new initiative to improve cultural ties.Council President Herman Van mohan Singh called Rompuy (left) greets Prime Minister for “taking the lead Manmohan Singh as European Union in avoiding pro. boasting several new technologies. The 17-tonne missile is 20 metres long. the second stage of Agni-II Prime was made of fibre reinforced plastic (FRP). India and the 27-member European Union on December 10. While both stages of Agni-II were made of metal casing. XIth India-EU Summit in Brussels The India-EU Summit 2010 was held in the second week of December 2010 at Brussels in Belgium. an important issue for India. The biggest programme.000 km. It had a good configuration which meant the user (the Army) could move it around easily. respectively. It was noted that significant progress was recorded during recent negotiations and there was agreement on the contours of a final package which could be concluded by the spring of 2011. will be Project . capable of carrying nuclear warheads of one tonne. Agni-III can target places more than 3. high-energy propellants. capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The DRDO had built Agni-II Prime. Barroso looks on. and above all. Agni-II Prime also had a better stage separation system. enabling it to carry more propellants. They think they’re listening. Within moments of take off from a specially designed truck. of course. on legal agreements on extradition. prior to the EU-India keeping markets Summit on Dec. Even as it looked that an agreement on movement of professionals was very much on the cards. 10 at the EU headquarters in Brussels. He made this observation at a joint press conference also addressed by Presidents of the European Council and EU Commission Herman Van Rompuy and J. he said the EU was committed for the long-term reconstruction and stabilisation in Afghanistan. 2010 agreed to strengthen cooperation on a wide range of issues. off the Orissa coast on December 10. Although much space and time was devoted to mutual help and cooperation in the areas of counter terrorism and security related issues—a joint India .000 crore construction of seven more stealth frigates at MDL in Mumbai and GRSE in Kolkata. but it is still around two years away from being finalized. efficient propulsion.570-tonne Admiral Gorshkov undergoing a refit in Russia and the 40. Agni-II Prime was an improved version of Agni-II. where the Navy is to acquire six new generation stealth submarines. PD/February/2011/1344 “Women like silent men.” . open and encouraging the free flow and movement of people by the two sides. structured and comprehensive dialogue. the two sides should have regular. The FRP reduced the missile's structural weight. earlier called Agni-II+.

mohan Singh launched a new phase in their civil nuclear cooperation by signing the five atomic pacts for building two 1.Dec.” an official said. Sarkozy down the steps from their plane as they and Indian Prime arrive in Bangalore HAL Airport on Minister Dr. there was mention of opportunities for coordination on a financial task force of the EU countries and India that would try to prevent terrorists from gaining access to financial resources. in the joint statement on terrorism. small and medium farmers in India would be adversely affected. the G-20 forum of major and emerging economies and climate change. government procurement. skill development and vocational training.However. shakes hands with Prime Minister space. reforms of international financial institutions.650 MW nuclear reactors at Jaitpur in Maharashtra. But no agreement has so far been reached on some areas including investment. negotiations on five items—trade barriers. Man. Sarkozy who has come down to be one of the closest friends of Indian people received a warm and cordial welcome from Indian leaders.000 MW electricity over the next few years formed the centre piece of Sarkozy's four-day presidential visit to India that started on December 3. Other Pacts Besides five atomic pacts. 2010. including an earlier Works Agreement and a general Framework agreement between French nuclear giant French President Nicolas Sarkozy's Visit to India : India. high technology. 2010 research. education and Manmohan Singh at Hyderabad House in New Delhi on December 6. On December 6. It may be recalled that French President Nicolas Sarkozy landed at Bangalore Airport on December 4. In a way the summit was by and large successful. 2010 on a four-day visit to India. the two sides signed a pact for co-production of films and another agreement for space cooperation in the field of earth science and climate. there were vast opportunities for Europe to invest in India in infrastructure areas. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sarkozy held talks for nearly 90 minutes that focussed on expanding civil nuclear cooperation and forging closer links in the French President Nicolas Sarkozy (L) field of defence. “We have clearly articulated our reservations on certain issues and we are going to ensure that our domestic policies and interests are not compromised in any way. They sought to double bilateral trade to 12 billion Euros by 2012. It is appropriate to emphasize that France's long-term plan to build six reactors in India for producing 18. clean energy (solar energy was meant at the joint press conference). He stated that adequate safeguards could be put in place to take care of the concerns of farmers and small businesses. Against Terrorism France also underlined solidarity with India against terrorism and asked Pakistan to act against safe havens and sanctuaries for terrorist groups. PD/February/2011/1345 “There are truths on this side of the Pyranees. Sarkozy's visit to India was the signing of civil nuclear cooperation agreement. transparency and sustainable development. 2010 in New Delhi the French President vigorously pitched for a permanent seat on the Security Council as the two France's President Nicolas Sarkozy and First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy walk leaders Mr. ‘best practices’ on financial controls to be put into place would be shared. 2010. Safeguards Responding to questions. competition policy and rules of origin were finalised. which are falsehoods on the other. research. For this. Of the 12 areas. The two sides signed five nuclear reactor pacts. 3. which includes issues such as environment and labour standards. Manmohan Singh indicated.” . France Sign New Power Deal The biggest achievement of French President Mr. A business summit was held on the sidelines of the summit and as Dr. Singh allayed fears that if any agreement was reached on free trade in agricultural products. trade facilitation. Mr. defence measures. global terrorism. Dr. Global Issues The two leaders also discussed a host of global issues including UN reforms.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy. who arrived at Bangalore on December 3 on a four-day visit to the country. Just as over bearing controls stifle initiative. PD/February/2011/1346 “If you do not raise your eyes you will think that you are the highest point. He said with anguish that the “perceived ethical deficit of corporate houses is not conducive to sustainability of businesses. and ethical and responsible behaviour. he said that corporates may adopt a threepronged approach increasing the employability of population through effective skill development. Indian Prime Minister Dr. the PM said the “affected populations must see a stake for themselves in transiting to alternative lifestyles. dogmatic adherence to extreme models of non-regulation can also be disruptive to sustainable growth. corporate affairs ministry. The PM said that although the might of domestic companies has grown on the global stage with Indian corporates poised to become the main engine of growth for the economy. “India deserves a permanent seat in the UNSC.” said Sarkozy. For this. He pointed out that France had stood ‘shoulder-toshoulder’ with India in the aftermath of the 2008 Mumbai terror attack in which two French officials also died. “I am sure business leaders are aware that business practices of some corporate houses have recently come under intense public scrutiny for their perceived ethical deficit. Sarkozy appreciated India's efforts to ‘stretch out its hand’ towards its South Asian neighbour. Africa and Arab world should be in the UN Security Council. Prime Minister's Message for the Corporate World On December 14.” . Ours is the middle path. 2010. at the inaugural function of the 2nd India Corporate Week. in New Delhi on December 14. We call upon Pakistan to fight terrorism determinedly. “We applaud India's effort to stretch out its hand. Call to Pakistan Calling upon Pakistan to fight terrorism with determination. Though some industry associations have partnered for improving ITIs and developing skills of youth. Bandyopadhyay. resettlement and rehabilitation of project-affected families. yet “the manner in which they use the natural resources and the extent to which they are sensitive to the needs and aspirations of the common man is also critical to their own long-term survival and growth. which will help in integrating the weaker sections of the society to the mainstream economy. and the corporate sector will have to strike a balance between financial and human. backed India's bid for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council and its fight against terrorism. In the field of nuclear energy negotiation have reached an advanced stage to pave the way for the launching of nuclear power reactors in Jaitpur in partnership with Indian industry. While reiterating that growth should not suffer because of loss of confidence in industrialisation. corporate affairs minister Salman Khurshid (left) and secretary.Areva and the Nuclear Power Cooperation of India Limited (NPCIL) for implementation of two European Pressurized Reactors (EPRs) at Jaitpur (Maharashtra). Singh said at a joint press conference.” Sarkozy said addressing over 500 scientists. He said that although business needs to be profitable.” Sarkozy said in reply to a query on counter-terrorism cooperation at a joint press conference with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi. the Prime Minister said that the large companies have to set the pace in this direction. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (centre).” he said. R. captains of industry and students at the Indian Space Research Organisation in Bangalore. social and ecological capital to be viable in the long run. along with Brazil. much needs to be done to have a visible impact of such efforts. They were among the 166 victims. We believe that we must trust corporate India as indeed you must trust us. “Our cooperation on counter-terrorism is without limits.” Emphasizing on the ethical and responsible behaviour by India Inc. Japan. Germany. 2010 the Prime Minister of India sent out a suggestive message for the corporate world in such a succinct manner as carries a veritable conviction and serves a an eye opener for this part of the business world. which would soon be followed by smaller entities.” He said the corporates should focus on effective skill development. Sarkozy said India. The corporates should work towards proper resettlement and rehabilitation policies for families affected by their projects while ensuring that there is no adverse impact on livelihoods due to environmental degradation.

But mere inability to substantiate a complaint or provide adequate proof need not attract action against the complainant. In the case of false or malicious complaint. It fixes the responsibility on the employer as well as the district magistrate or additional DM or the collector or Deputy collector of every district in the state as a district officer and lays down a statutory redressal mechanism. The malicious intent or falsehood or part of the complainant shall be established after an inquiry in accordance with the procedure prescribed before any action is recommended. The Bill has identified actions that would come under its purview as “implied or overt promise of preferential treatment in her (any woman's) employment. irrespective of her age or employment status.Harassment Bill Tabled in the Lok Sabha The government on December 7. the Bill says. Women and Child Development Minister Krishna Tirath said that the objective was to enact a comprehensive legislation to provide safe.000 in case an internal inquiry is not set up by the employer or attempt is made contravene the provisions of the new law. partners in giving good life to the people of the two countries. Objectives Moving the Bill.000 in case an internal inquiry is not set up by the employer. including implied or overt promise of preferential treatment or threat or interference in her work through intimidation. Punishment for False Reporting However. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s Visit to India Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao paid a three day state visit to India in the beginning of third week of December. or implied or overt threat of detrimental treatment in her employment. 50.” . provides for mandatory setting up of an internal committee by a company or any other institute to probe a written complaint by an aggrieved person or settle the matter through concilliation.” PD/February/2011/1347 “In the presence of eternity. in the case of false or malicious complaint. India and China “are partners for cooperation and not rivals in competition. 2010. One thing that stands out pre-eminently is the warmth with which he stated that India and China are not rivals but partners. the bill provides for action against the complainant in accordance with service rules.” Under Scrutiny ● The legislation provides safe. or implied or overt threat about her present or future employment status. the Bill provides for action against the complainant in accordance with service rules and in any other manner in case no service rules exist. secure and enabling environment free from all forms of sexual harassment to every woman. ● ● The Protection of Women Against Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill. 2010 introduced in the Lok Sabha a Bill aimed at preventing sexual harassment of women at work places in various forms. irrespective of her age or employment status (other than domestic workers). secure and enabling environment free from all forms of sexual harassment to every woman. He arrived in the Indian capital on December 15 and immediately thereafter got engaged in talks with the Indian leaders. The proposed legislation makes it incumbent on the employer to order probe into any complaint and provides for a fine of Rs. 2010. The bill provides for a fine of 50. the mountains are as transient as the clouds.

The two sides agreed to take measures to promote greater Indian exports to China with a view to reducing India's trade deficit. environmental protection. Besides green tech. Singh should pay a standalone visit to China. investment and finance on a priority basis. China agreed to support Indian participation in its national and regional trade fairs. The bilateral trade between India and China is expected to be around $ 60 billion in 2010.” These words were direct echo of the sentiments of Indian Prime Minister when he met Chinese leaders at different fora. The two sides agreed to encourage greater mutual investment and project contracting cooperation between businesses of the two countries and deal appropriately with issues concerning economic and trade frictions. Mr. besides expanding bilateral cooperation in sectors like infrastructure. it refused to include in the joint statement references to Chinese sovereignty in Tibet and ‘One China’ that have been part of the past three summit level declarations. It was resolved to constitute an India-China CEO's Forum to deliberate on business issues and make recommendations on expansion of trade and investment cooperation. India and China have also agreed to “jointly oppose protectionism in all forms”. To his right and left are China and India. Stapled Visa The stapled visa issue on Pakistan occupied Kashmir could not be unstapled during the two rounds of talks between the two Prime Ministers. He said that China would pay attention to that aspect. The main ‘constraint’ is the stapled visa. “Set a new bilateral trade target of $ 100 billion by 2015. the two sides decided to establish a Strategic Economic Dialogue to enhance macro- Regarding India's bid for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. These were an MoU each between RBI and Chinese Bank Regulatory Commission and EXIM Bank of India and Chinese Development Bank. But both countries agreed on a mechanism to address the matter. Six Pacts Signed India and China signed six pacts.” . The pacts were signed after talks between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. They surpassed the $ 10 billion worth of agreements inked during the recent visit of US President Barack Obama. On the issue of dams or rivers. Hotline Operational On the political side. The bilateral trade imbalance was against India to the extent of $ 19 billion during 2009-10. enhance exchange and cooperation of pharmaceutical supervision and expedite completion of phytosanitary negotiations on agro products. Chinese Ambassador Zhang Yan and there are enough Minister of State for Commerce and areas for us to co. 15. economic policy coordination and address challenges facing economic development. It was also decided that from now on the two Foreign Ministers will meet annually. “There is enough space in the Fresh Thrust to Ties : Chinese Premier world for the deve. Wen was evidently non-committal but said that China appreciated India's aspirations to play a bigger role in the world body. Wen also insisted that apart from attending the BRIC summit in Beijing next year. Trade India and China agreed to raise the bilateral trade to $ 100 billion by 2015. The two sides also decided to reduce the trade deficit. Reserve Bank of India deputy governor Shyamala Gopinath and vice chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) signed a memorandum of understanding to enhace cooperation in the banking and financial sectors between the two countries. which India says challenges its sovereignty and territorial integrity. therefore. operate. In view of the potential to step up bilateral trade between the neighbours. Two pacts were signed in the banking sector. At a gathering of industrialists Mr. China changed its position slightly. the much-awaited hotline between the two Premiers has become operational. information technology. New Delhi. including one in the field of green technology. Both sides agreed to further discuss India's suggestion for increased cooperation on transborder river issues over and above the expert level mechanism for Brahmputra and Sutlej rivers. which is in favour of China. Mr. PD/February/2011/1348 “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule. Dr. They also agreed to address the pause in high-level defence exchanges—suspended as a result of the Chinese policy of issuing distinctive visas to Indian citizens domiciled in Jammu and Kashmir—by creating a basis for them to ‘continue without constraints’.Wen Jiabao waves an arrival at the Air Force Station at Palam. on lopment of both Dec. Indian and Chinese companies and business institutions proceeded to sign 50 deals worth a staggering $ 16 billion at a formal function in Wen's presence.Industry Jyotiraditya Scindia. step up investments and permit banks of other countries to open branches and representative offices. media an cultural exchanges. the Communique said. The modalities for allowing banks of other countries to open branches and representative offices. the two sides also signed an MoU each on exchange of hydrological data of common rivers.As if to under-score that point. Wen said. Earlier. “will be worked out by the concerned authorities“. said a joint communique issued after talks between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. telecommunications. Pending resolution of this issue.” it said.

the exercises varied with the one in 2005 being held at the Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School at Vairnagte.A. This meeting was a historic one in so far as historic decisions were taken. India also took up the issue of terrorism emanating from Pakistan and pressed the Chinese leader to take it up with the Pakistani leadership. there has been interaction at the top level too. India's Global Role : Support for UNSC Permanent Seat Russia joined the US and France in appreciating India's global role and speaking of India and itself as states possessing nuclear weapons. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was sharply critical of the Indian media. the boundary question has ‘repeatedly been sensationalised’ by the media after which leaders of the two countries have had to ‘repair the damage and harm’. the joint drills are being held every year. the Chinese leader said that “not a single shot had been fired” nor had there been any “exchanges in border areas” between the troops. For the last few years. This engagement tapered and ended around the time the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was in India and Pakistan. 2010. Ranganathan and China Development Bank Cooperation vice-governor Gao Jian signed a MoU to boost bilateral trade between the two countries. hydrocarbons and space sectors. Mizoram while another exercise held in Mongolia in September 2008 was on peace keeping operations. Medvedev promised to quarterback India's bid for full membership at the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and other multi-lateral export control clubs. Wen told a group of editors and scholars before emplaning for Pakistan that he understood that the press in India has freedom but it should play a role in promoting friendship. Mr. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's Visit to India 30 pacts signed from space to pharmaceutical. India. Mongolia Hold Joint Military Exercises India-Mongolia defence cooperation is abundantly reflected in the joint military exercises they held in December 2010. The Prime Minister told the journalists that India's relationship with Russia was special and privileged and would develop independent of its ties with other countries.C. Mongolian Defence Minister L. Winding up his three-day visit to New Delhi. policy statements were made and a slew of agreements were signed. Citing the Indian media's coverage of the situation on the Sino-Indian border. 2010. saying it was causing ‘damage’ to bilateral ties. The troops of India and Mongolia engaged in joint exercises. Still. Defence Cooperation Defence cooperation and relations between the militaries of the two countries has seen a steady growth over the last decade with the first joint exercise in 2004. Medvedev and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh materialised on December 21.” . there was no perceptible advancement of China's stand on India's bid for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. Exim Bank chairman and managing director T. Nearly 30 officers and personnel of the Mongolia armed forces participated in the workout called ‘Nomadic Elephant’ along with 50 officers and personnel of the Indian Army in counter-terrorism environment. with the latest two-week drill in counter-insurgency ending in Belgaum on December 19. As many as 30 agreements were signed. Close on the heels of the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao's visit to India in the third week of December came the visit of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev who arrived on the night of December 20. However.Chinese Premier Slams Indian Media Faced with negative headlines on outcome of his talks with the Indian leadership. Meanwhile. His advice to the media was that it should play a more active role in enhancing friendship. The meeting between Mr. General Noble Thamburaj visiting Mongolia in 2009 on the Mongolian armed forces day while its Chief of the Army staff visited the Defence Expo in New Delhi. Indian PM stresses cooperation in intelligence sharing and anti-terror strategies. he said. In recent years. PD/February/2011/1349 “The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. defence and nuclear reactors. the highlight of the same was the consolidation and extension of strategic cooperation in the civil nuclear. Bold was one of the dignitaries at the 2009 Aero India and also took part in the Joint Working Group meeting. Interaction at the Top Level Besides exercises. Both countries have had visits of top brass with the former Vice-Chief of Army Staff Lt. In an important development China shed its earlier ambivalence and agreed to back the UN resolution that proscribes terrorist organisations like al-Qaeda and its affiliates like the anti-India Lashkar-e-Taiba.

highly i ntegrated avionics suite. Dr. Director (D&D). the project covers production and joint marketing of the aircraft to third countries. The FGFA will have advanced features such as stealth. the President said in response to a question at the joint press conference with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The programme options include the design and development of a twin-seater variant and the integration of an advanced engine with higher thrust at a later stage. ultra-manoeuvrability. with the signing of the preliminary design contract agreement between their premier defence also companies. The agreements they signed were joint ventures in steel production. The aircraft would be called Perspective Multirole Fighter (PMF). The Memorandum of Understanding between Sistema. He said that his country's anti-terrorism cooperation with India was productive and quite open. Both sides also identified joint research and development in reactor technology as an area on which the two atomic energy establishments hold discussions. General Director RAC MiG and Sukhoi from the Russian side and HAL Chairman Ashok Nayak. It will involve the production of 200-250 aircraft. both the countries agreed for mutual investment in the private sectors and viewed bilateral energy cooperation as a key component of their strategic partnership. Agreement on CECA India and Russia agreed to consider CECA (Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement) to push the bilateral trade $ 20 billion by 2015. Recognizing the huge potential between the world's two fastest growing economies. It draws upon the basic structural and system design of the Russian FGFA Technology Demonstrator with modifications to meet the Indian Air Force's specifications. No Justification for Terrorism The joint statement noted that both countries “agreed that there is no justification whatsoever for any act of terrorism. peaceful uses of nuclear energy with third countries. In defence. Agarwal. Bilateral trade in 2009-10 stood at $ 4·54 billion and the two nations aspire to step it up Expeditious Punishment to Mumbai Attackers Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in his speech called for expeditious punishment to terrorists involved in the Mumbai terror attacks. 2010. both sides agreed to discourage unwanted or overstaying visitors and thereby avoid subsequent diplomatic wrinkles. India and Russia marked the beginning of their first-ever collaboration in producing a next generation fighter aircraft. internal carriage of weapons and network centric warfare capabilities. “As such there is natural synergy of interest in working together to deal with this menace. authors and accomplices of the November 2008 Mumbai attacks to justice. Pogosyan. A modern and civilized state cannot hide terrorists and should extradite them if it is interested in cooperating in the fight against terrorism. HAL from the Indian side here. There was also public acknowledgement of India's imminent membership of the Russia-China led Shanghai Cooperation Organization. India and Russia agreed to work together at the global level on nuclear energy. and N.” PD/February/2011/1350 “Won’t you come into the garden ? I would like my roses to see you. With both sides focussing greatly on improving their trade and economic ties.C. In the first initiative of Fortifying Ties : Prime Minister its kind to be taken Manmohan Singh greets Russian by either of them. hydel power plants and telecom products. Besides design and development. General Director of Rosoboronexport and M. 22. The Russian President pointed to the need for bilateral framework agreements for extradition. enhanced situational awareness. a longstanding Indian grouse that had earlier led to an IT major CEO abandoning plans to invest in Russia. Besides talks on the setting up of more reactors at Kundankulam and Haripur. and that multi-ethnic democratic countries like India and Russia were vulnerable to acts of terrorism which are attacks against the values and freedoms enshrined in their societies. the two sides agreed to continue their efforts to achieve the strategic target of bilateral trade volume of $ 20 billion by 2015. The corporate sector was also active on the sidelines as a result of their greater involvement after the setting up of a joint CEOs forum in 2008. India. It also “called upon Pakistan to expeditiously bring all the perpetrators. 2010 between Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and Russia's Rosoboronexport and Sukhoi. The intention to collaborate in the hydrocarbons sector was given a concrete shape by an inter-governmental agreement that will evolve into an extensive road map largely modelled on the Sino-Russia partnership in this sector.” . At the same time. Singh said that India and Russia were both victims of terrorism. Isaykin. Moscow agreed to smoothen travel procedures for business people and visitors. and ONGC Videsh progressed to a framework agreement on cooperation. Russia Sign Fighter Aircraft Pact The biggest defence programme in India's history—the contract for the preliminary design of the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA)—was signed on December 21. a telecom-petro giant with rights over two lucrative hydrocarbon fields. The agreement is the first in a series of such contracts that will cover different stages of this programme.Russia reiterated its support to India for a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council. super-cruise.” India expressed sympathy for the victims of the terrorist attacks in the Moscow metro stations in March in 2010 and expressed support for Russia's efforts to eliminate terrorism from Russian soil. The contract was signed by A. which are much more stringent. In the joint statement issued after talks between the two leaders. President Dmitry Medvedev prior to the two countries their meeting and the signing of agreed to consider agreements at Hyderabad House in cooperation in the New Delhi on Dec.

“Taken from routine production lot during earlier user trials by Indian Army. this was the key outcome of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's visit to India. Both sides feel that the projects in South Asian countries will yield economic and political dividends. two Prithvi-II missiles. In the case of Bangladesh. while in the case of Sri Lanka. having required features to deceive any anti-ballistic missile. Such pacts are already under implementation with the ASEAN.” . generating 200-250 MW of power. reaching close to zero Circular Error Probability (CEP). India. Noting that the BRIC (Brazil.” Negotiators from New Delhi and Moscow said both sides were confident of executing projects jointly. state-of-the-art guidance system.” the sources said. South Asian countries need smaller nuclear power plants. Sri Lanka. the missiles. Thailand and European Union.000 kg Weight of warheads it can carry. the IndiaRussia joint initiative will be an attempt to counter that as well. China) plays an important role in promoting a multi-polar world order and global financial stability. India and Russia welcomed the proposed inclusion of South Africa into the BRIC process in 2011. Russia to set up N-Plants in South Asian Countries India and Russia have decided to work together in the field of nuclear commerce.more than four-fold in the next five years. had demonstrated flight duration of 483 seconds.Darpan Two Prithvi-II Missiles Flight-tested Successfully Two Prithvi-II nuclear-capable ballistic missiles with a strike range of 350 km were successfully test-fired in an hour's gap on December 22. India is making efforts to link its eastern grid through its border in West Bengal. 2010 as part of user trials by the Army from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur off Orissa Coast. Singapore and South Korea. The test-firing of the sleek missiles. can deceive anti-ballistic missiles With a maximum strike range of 350 km Prithvi-II is capable of carrying a pay-load of 500-1000 kg warhead. Russia. reaching a peak altitude of 43·5 km during user's trial in 2008. were test-fired from launch complex in the ITR around 8·15 am and 9·15 am. The two sides agreed “to consider cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy with third countries. were routine trials conducted by personnel of Strategic Forces Command (SFC). According to sources. P. building infrastructure in a big way. sources said. aimed at different targets at 350 km were successfully launched within minutes of each other on October 12. Similarly. India is planning to lay underwater cables to connect the power grid in both countries. The missile. and hence. Key Features 350 km Maximum range 500 to 1. electro-optic telemetry stations and ships launched in the down range impact-point area in Bay for post-launch analysis. PD/February/2011/1351/2 “People who look through keyholes are apt to get the idea that most things are keyhole shaped. twin engines. Russia has also recognized India as a ‘supplier state’ in the nuclear business—both in terms of equipment and fuel. mounted on mobile launchers and aimed at different targets. Both Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are energy starved and India is helping them by linking their grids with its own. Malaysia. India. It may be mentioned that India is in the process of negotiating Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and CECA with a dozen-odd countries including blocs like Japan. “The entire trajectory of the twin trial was tracked by a battery of sophisticated radars.” the sources said. the missile had achieved single digit accuracy. China is active in most South Asian countries. 2009. Powered by liquid-propelled. As per defence sources. The two countries will help set up smaller nuclear power plants in South Asian countries such as Bangladesh. For the first time. already inducted into the armed forces.

PD/February/2011/1352 “No object is mysterious. But few expected the positive response evoked by the draft texts released on December 11. a Cancun Adaptation Framework and Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation COP President Patricia Espinosa took note of Bolivia’s objections and said the country had been given ample opportunity to present its case. Iraq still faces at least $ 22 billion in outstanding financial claims. said that Iraq planned to try to place its assets with the Federal Reserve. First resolution permits Iraq to develop a civilian nuclear programme and import materials once banned because they would possibly be used to help develop unconventional weapons. At an informal plenary. while simultaneously lifting the protection that shielded post invasion Iraq from countless legal claims.” . Working out final agreements on issues ranging from border demarcation to items stolen from the Kuwaiti national archives will be a priority for the next Iraqi government. Hiltermann. most countries did have reservations but supported the texts and the role played by the host. transparency. Iraq’s Foreign Minister. much of it owed to Kuwait. and also to try a parallel strategy in Europe. waiting for the UN protections to be lifted so that they could pursue court action. “But it does mean something for Iraq. tying up loose ends as its occupation of Iraq winds down. said Mr. The resolutions have no substantial implications for American policy. technology transfer. citing hundreds of such claims. The deliberations were conducted for about a week at Cancun. from claimants. the deputy West Asia programme director at the International Crisis Group. I think today we closed a dark chapter. whose presidential decree might shield them. 2011. The United States held the rotating council presidency in December. the United States. Mr. refusing to endorse any document without binding emission cuts. they take their sovereignty seriously. A second resolution formally shuttered the dormant. but to create a sense of occasion VicePresident Joe Biden presided over the vote in the Security Council. a Green Climate Fund. The hope that Cancun would deliver a balanced package was expressed often enough during the UN Climate Change Conference. Mexico.” said Joost R. according to UN figures. To much applause and relief the Cancun Agreements were adopted on December 11 with a big majority. The mitigation provisions of the Copenhagen accord of 2009 were put into a UN framework in these agreements which include long pending decisions on finance.” said Hoshyar Zebari. She called the agreements a landmark outcome and was overwhelmed by the support she got from all 193 supporting countries. “After years of being sanctioned by Security Council resolutions due to the aggression. westerners forced to serve as human shields and companies that lost business because of Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait have been among those Cancun Conference on Climate Change Concludes The 16th Conference of Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) concluded on December 11.Security Council Eases Sanctions on Iraq ● ● ● It permits civilian nuclear programme. pushed through three Security Council resolutions on December 15 that lifted restrictions left over from the confrontation with Saddam Hussein. Iraq will continue to set aside five per cent of its oil revenues in a special account to pay off reparations from the war Saddam initiated in August 1990. try control over most of Iraq will have control over most of its oil assets starting July its oil assets starting July 1. which started at Cancun on November 29. “I think this shows that Iraq is coming back truly to its rightful place among the community of nations.” Council resolutions that demand that Iraq resolve disputes with Kuwait were left intact. concerned that the one ending the oil-for-food programme did not sufficiently protect BNP Paribas which handled payments. Zebari. Bolivia raised strong objections. Mexico. 2011. News Service. Zebari. so that Iraq can free itself of all Security Council restrictions imposed since 1990. It gives Iraq control over most of its oil assets. the belligerence of Saddam’s regime. And the third gives the coun. France was the only country to abstain on any resolution. 1. It shutters the oil-for-food programme. The mystery is your eye. 2010.” As per New York Times. “Basically the United States wants to close the Iraq file and that is what it is doing. widely corrupt oil-forfood programme. Foreign governments.Workers on an oilfield in Basra.

However. Japan too was enthusiastic about the drafts and gave them the thumbs up.” The agreements said there should be no gap between the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol. However. which expires in December 2012. the agreements emphasise that in all climate change related action. said. “The trust deficit has been considerably bridged. and call for gender equality and effective participation of women and indigenous people in effective action on all aspects of climate change. Trust Deficit Bridged Union Minister for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh. human rights must be respected. While BASIC countries are on board now.” The agreements allow flexibility in choosing the base year for setting emission reduction targets. for the first time. with a view to reducing their aggregate level of emission of green house gases. But no figures are mentioned. the agreements merely call on the developed countries to “raise the level of ambition of the emission reductions to be achieved by them individually or jointly. though not perfect. Human Rights The agreements recognise that deep cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions are required as documented in the fourth assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and curb the increase in global average temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. including youth and persons with disability. speaking during an informal plenary. the drafts negate the three non-negotiable aspects PD/February/2011/1353 . this could be an inadequate and vague provision. In the absence of any firm target. They also recognise the need to engage with a broad range of stakeholders. After the failure to achieve any binding agreement at Copenhagen in 2009. Emissions trading and the project-based mechanism under the Kyoto Protocol shall continue to be available to developed countries/parties as a means to meet their quantified emission limitation and reduction objectives. the idea is to work towards identifying a global goal for substantially reducing emissions by 2050 and to consider it at the 17th session next year. However. the Cancun outcome could have an impact on the Kyoto Protocol since there are no binding emission reduction targets for the developed countries and it favours a pledge and review system of voluntary emission reduction commitments. Cancun managed to deliver a package.Both the Working Groups for the Long-term Cooperative Action (LCA) and further commitments for the developed countries or Annex 1 parties under the Kyoto Protocol adopted the draft texts. In the context of the long-term goal and the ultimate objective of the Convention and the Bali action plan. and the second phase.

through a Technology Executive Committee and a Climate Technology Centre and Network. This new fund will be the operating entity of the UNFCCC financial mechanism. PD/February/2011/1354 “I think in terms of the day’s resolutions. The two other issues were the need to accelerate disbursement under the fast start finance in the form of new and additional resources through a multilaterally supervised mechanism and recognition of the importance of continued dialogue on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) as part of the technology development and transfer issues. The agreements propose a Cancun Adaptation Framework to strengthen and address implementation of action. The first is the necessity of a second commitment period to the Kyoto Protocol. The fund will be designed by a transitional committee. the agreements call for information on the fast start finance promised in 2009 at Copenhagen by the developed countries. which is also established.” . Green Climate Fund On finance. The technology mechanism will facilitate technology development and transfer.the countries set out during the conference. They endorse the pledge by the developed countries to provide $ 100 billion annually till 2020 and say a significant share of this new multilateral funding should flow through the Green Climate Fund. with 15 members from the developed countries and 25 from the developing nations. not the years’. The agreements propose to enhance transparency by the developing countries and emphasize the role of market based mechanisms to promote mitigation action.

The official is quoted as saying that the North Koreans were blowing concrete into excavation. PD/February/2011/1355 “Set out from any point. “Cancun represents an important step forward.” . technology. The cables will compound existing international concern over Iranian and North Korean nuclear programmes. in part because of severe electricity shortages. the Environment Minister of Maldives. adaptation and transparency. are constructing a concrete reinforced underground facility that is 500 feet from the top of the cave to the top of the hill above. Bolivia was the sole country to oppose the decision in Cancun.” he said. A secret deal with North Korea would be in breach of international rules on nuclear proliferation. An expatriate businessman told the embassy in Yangon. but there was no agreement on extending the landmark Kyoto Protocol on emissions cuts beyond 2012. The two-week long conference closed with ‘Cancun Agreement’.” according to the cable.” he said. They are all alike. and show why Barack Obama has made nuclear non-proliferation one of the central planks of his foreign policy. including the International Consultation and Analysis. noting that the major emerging economies—Brazil. The UN climate conference on early hours of December 11 reached a ‘compromise’ to set up a US D 100 billion ‘Green Fund’ to fight global warming. Myanmarese Military Junta Building N-Sites with North Korean Help : An Intelligence Source Witnesses in Myanmar claim to have seen evidence of secret nuclear and missile sites being built in remote jungle. Aslam was referring to the Alliance of Small Island States. which is a transparency mechanism to review whether developing countries are carrying out their domestic mitigation actions. but isn’t viewed as a decisive boost for combating climate change. including a $ 100 billion fund to help developing countries. which marked some progress for finance. both countries have strenuously denied it and Myanmar insists that there are no North Koreans in Myanmar. “He has been reaching out to the AOSIS nations as well as to developed countries. especially China and India. The alleged nuclear site is the Irrawaddy river town of Minbu in Magwe division. “We are very happy with the text. heightening concerns that the military regime is seeking to develop nuclear weapons. but was eventually overruled. However. which will be given to developing countries for adaptation and mitigation purposes. Progress at the conference includes a broad agreement on technology-sharing mechanism that will ensure that poor and vulnerable countries are able to access green technologies easily and in a cost-effective manner. India and China (BASIC)—had welcomed the decision. many of India’s contributions had been incorporated in the text. aided by Myanmarese works. The nitty-gritty of the technology and finance mechanism still needs to be worked out. Myanmar has made no secret of wanting a civilian nuclear reactor. A‘Green Fund’ has been set up that is expected to mobilise US D 100 billion per year by 2020. west central Myanmar.” Mohammed Aslam. capital of Myanmar that he had seen a large barge carrying reinforced steel bar of a diameter that suggested a project larger than a factory. “The North Koreans. according to secret US diplomatic Cables released by WikiLeaks. “The minister (Ramesh) has been instrumental in bridging gaps. said. According to Ramesh. South Africa . The reports add rare detail to rumours that have circulated since 2002 that Myanmar is a country seeking a nuclear bomb with the help of North Koreans. The project has so far failed to start because of lack of funds. to take on hefty legally binding emission cuts. which are most vulnerable to climate change and want Jairam Ramesh developed countries as well as emerging economies. A Myanmarese official quoted in a cable from the US embassy in Myanmar said he had witnessed North Korean technicians helping to construct an underground facility in foothills more than 300 miles north-west of Yangon.” Ramesh earlier said. They all lead to a point of departure.India Built Bridges in Cancun Talks Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh has been praised for his role as a bridge-builder on contentious issues at the UN climate conference in Cancun which ended with a deal to curb global warming. and has signed a deal with Russia to build one. a decision India described as an ‘important step forward’.

But even their genuine efforts are frowned upon on the planks of non-proliferation regime. So long as double standards are followed. the cable notes. the state department fears that the major policy shift could trigger unnecessary tensions with Russia. Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao reached Islamabad. and Estonia. Latvia and Lithuania. but in the distant future. NATO leaders are understood to have quietly endorsed the strategy at a summit in Lisbon in November 2010. Mr. History is witness to the fact that it is the double standards of the big powers which have been responsible for big catastrophes like the two world wars. the alliance’s top commander in Europe. North Korea and Myanmar are criticized for enriching uranium. the fact that Mr. on December 18. The Plan entails grouping of the Baltic States with Poland in a new regional defence scheme. ending years of division at the heart of the western alliance over how to view Vladimir Putin’s Russia. which was boosted at the NATO summit attended by Russian President. there is little possibility that new entrants in this field will be stopped from carrying out their programmes. “On January 22 NATO’s military committee agreed… under a silence procedure”. and its allies have for the first time since the end of the cold war drawn up classified military plans to defend the most vulnerable parts of eastern Europe against Russian threats.Gilani speaks with his Chinese struction and ring counterpart Wen Jiabao during the in—together with inauguration ceremony of the Pakistan Pakistan—the 60th China Friendship Centre in Islamabad. The latter have spoken again and again that their objective is to generate electricity from nuclear capability which they are seeking to build up. 2010 China-Pakistan diplomatic relations in 2011. If we do not learn the lesson from the past even now. deepen cooperation. The strategy has not been made public. Other Security Council permanent members. US admiral James Stavridis. Nine NATO divisions—US. according to a secret cable signed by Hillary Clinton. According to a secret cable from the US mission to NATO in Brussels. North Polish and German ports have been listed for the receipt of naval assault forces and British and US warships. according to confidential US diplomatic cables. Pakistan on December 17. British. marks the start of a major revamp of Nato defence planning in Europe. anniversary of Pakistan.Comment It is an irony and a sad irony indeed that double standards in foreign policy are being tried to carry conviction with world public opinion. Wen did not concede any diplomatic ground to India vis-a-vis Pakistan came as a big relief. are in possession of a good deal of nuclear stockpiles.S. Despite President Barack Obama’s policy of “resetting relations with Russia. The ideal would be that first the nuclear powers put a complete fullstop to their nuclear programme and destroy all existing nuclear weapons and then seek to ensure that the same is done every where in the world.” . The U. Though China’s expanding relation-ship with India has been a cause of concern in certain quarters in Pakpolitical circles. Dmitry After his three-day visit to India. NATO to Defend Baltic States ● ● NATO planned to defend the vulnerable parts of eastern Europe against Russian Threats. too. Israel is allowed by the USA to keep nuclear weapons and there is made no hue and cry about its nuclear plans. Wen said : “The purpose of my visit this time is to solidify friendship.A. Following years of transatlantic dispute over the new policy. The policy was put to top military officials from NATO’s 28 states. The US state department ordered an information blackout when the decision was taken earlier in 2010. But all of them harangue others to keep off the same. In his arrival statement. German and Polish—have been identified for combat operations in the event of armed aggression against Poland or three Baltic States—Estonia. 2010. according to reliable sources. The USA itself is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons. proposed drawing defence plans for the former Soviet Baltic states of Lithuania. The decision. Since January 2010. Medvedev. Latvia and Lithuania was taken secretly earlier in 2010 at the urging of the US and Germany at NATO headquarters in Belgium. Latvia. support Pakistan’s efforts of Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza post-disaster recon. another repetition of a catastrophic eventuality may not be prevented from materialising if not in the near feature. But countries like Iran. the blue print has been refined. Pakistan rolled the red carpet welcome for its all weather friend China as the Chinese Premier landed at Islamabad from India without making any reference detrimental to Islamabad as has been wont with many a head of state/government visiting New Delhi over the past few months. The first NATO exercises under the plan are to take place in the Baltic in 2011.” PD/February/2011/1356 “Immorality : The morality of those who are having a better time. in line with NATO’s customary refusal to divulge details of its ‘contingency planning’—blueprints for the defence of a NATO member state by the alliance as a whole. referring to a decision carried by consensus unless someone speaks up to object. the US secretary of state. The decision to draft contingency plans for Estonia.

Mr. 2010 reiterated Pakistan’s desire to strive for a peaceful resolution of all issues with India including “the long standing Jammu and Kashmir dispute”. Maliki’s national unity government has been an exercise in balancing the competing interests of Iraq’s Sunni. Shia and Kurdish power blocs. Pakistan’s “most trusted and reliable friend” the Prime Minister articulated Islamabad’s appreciation for Beijing’s support on various regional and international issues.” he observed. As for the agreements for bilateral cooperation. Kashmir Issue at the Banquet Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on December 18. who chose to visit Pakistan in its hour of trial. Wen announced a $ 410 million package for the ongoing flood relief. has been appointed as the Finance Minister. Describing China as. Apart from signing a number of agreements. Maliki has retained as Foreign Minister. with all its formations. The Iraqi Presidency is also headed by Jalal Talabani. Allawi. a newly created post. nor any other person’s ambition. the leader of the Iraqiya party that won 91 seats—two more than the Mr. The formation of Mr. Mr. the business communities of the two countries vowed to boost bilateral trade to $ 18 billion over the next 5 years. Another prominent Iraqiya member. Security Council paid high-level visits to India on their calendar in 2010. All through the visit of Mr. Esawi is also a Sunni. satisfies its citizens’ aspiration. nor the political blocs’.Deals Worth $ 15 billion Signed Mr.” In his new line up. Allawi “We as the Iraqiya bloc declare our full ● support for this government. “Iraqiya will play an active. because it is formed in extraordinary circumstances. During his address to Parliament. Nouri al-Maliki confirmed as Prime Minister In his address to law makers. During their one-on-one interaction Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and the Chinese Prime Minister discussed ways and means of broadbasing and deepening the strategic partnership between China and Pakistan though Mr. specifically the ‘One China’ policy while condemning any attempt to undermine China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. they span a crosssection of sectors and regions including Pakistan occupied Jammu & Kashmir where Chinese firms are already engaged in over 14 development projects including hydroelectric power projects. ● Newly created post for Iraqiya Allawi said his Iraqiya coalition would leader Ayad fully participate in the government. nor my ambition. a seasoned Kurdish politician. Hoshyar Zebari. China is the only P-5 country to send a head of state/government to Pakistan in 2010. Both sides decided to commemorate 2011 as Friendship year. a veteran Kurdish leader. Gilani maintained that their relationship was not directed against any country. Wen Pakistani leadership’s endeavour was to convey to China its gratitude for being a steadfast friend.” . He extended Pakistan’s support to China on all its core issues. Even from outside P-5 such a high-level visit to Pakistan has become a rarity. Continued on Page 1378 Iraq Gets New Government After Nine-month Delay Iraq’s Parliament after a delay of nine months confirmed in the third week of December 2010 Nouri alMaliki as Prime Minister for a second term. “I do not say that this government. Besides agreements/memoranda of understanding worth $ 15 billion. Mr. N. The Iraqiya party had won heavily in Sunni-dominated areas and Mr. while the other four permanent members of the U.” said Mr. Wen’s visit to Pakistan has good significance in so far as a slew of agreements worth billions were signed by members of his delegation in a wide range of areas. Both countries expressed the intent to create a transborder corridor for trade that would further deepen the relationship which will turn 60 in 2011. Maliki acknowledged that the formation of the new government had been problematic. Ayad Allawi. Mr. Rafie al-Esawi. He brought up the K Word in his speech at the banquet he hosted for visiting Chinese premier Wen Jiabao. productive and cooperative role. PD/February/2011/1357 “A real patriot is the fellow who gets a parking ticket and rejoices that the system works. Maliki’s State of the Law coalition but was unable to form a government—has been appointed as the head of the national council for strategic studies.

Ramoji Rao and K. HARYANA Haryana Sets up Mitti Kala Board The Haryana Government has constituted a Mitti Kala Board to promote the traditional art of handicrafted earthenware. Saroja Devi has been chosen for the prestigious NTR National Award for 2009 while well known film producer K. It portrays and explains the effects of water supply constraints and development of sewerage networks. 2 lakh. while the B. managing litigation through IT based decision support system. The Board will be constituted as an autonomous body with a perpetual seal. enduring. sed by voice vote. 2010 the State-level-Empowered Committee. The the second consecutive term in Patna in resolution was pasDecember 2010. State Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda announced it on December 9. Ch. Rs. Skill development faculties in manufactures of earthenware. Raghava has got the Raghupathi Venkaiah Award. As per the New Haryana Policy on Litigation as announced by official spokesperson on December 18.ANDHRA PRADESH AP Film Awards : Saroja Devi. 5 lakh. New Haryana Policy on Litigation Haryana government in December 2010 announced the New Litigation Policy which aims at bringing about a visible. sewerage and river environment. the gallery aims at enforcing water conservation. quality of menpower system and procedures. interactive kiosks. department level Policy Implementation Committees and district-level Policy Implementation Committees would be set up. The NTR Award carries a cash prize of Rs. 2 lakh each. capacity building review and dispute settlements and improving infrastructure. Both awards carry a cash prize of Rs. 2010. The policy focusses on better decision-making. The state of the art gallery is an initiative of the Delhi Jal Board and has been built in collaboration with the NSC. BIHAR Chaudhary Re-elected Speaker of the Assembly Senior Janata Dal leader Uday Narayan Chaudhary was on December 2. Through the use of over 30 displays including illustrative panels. Ramoji Rao Among the Winners Popular yesteryear actress B. Ramoji Rao was selected for the Nagi Reddy and Chakrapani National Film (From left) Saroja Devi. main causes of pollution of water bodies. Adiseshagiri Rao selected the nominees at a meeting on December 6. N. 2010. PD/February/2011/1358 “Chaos is a name for any order that produces confusion in our minds. Artists involved in manufacture of earthenware pottery and artefacts will be encouraged and promoted in a big way. The Policy Implementation Committee would regularly monitor and review litigation arising in departments and it would have powers to take decisions on DELHI Country's First Water Gallery Inaugurated Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit inaugurated the country's first ‘Water and Wastewater Gallery’ at the National Science Centre in Delhi on December 14. Media baron and producer. The Empowered Committee would identify major causes of litigation and recommend suitable measures to minimise cases. 2010. and the Raghupathi Venkaiah Award. His name was proposed by Minister for Water Resources Vijay Kumar Chaudhary Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and and seconded by Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi greet Uday Narayan Chaudhary Road construction Nand after he was unanimously elected as Minister the Speaker of the Bihar Assembly for Kishore Yadav. The focus of the Gallery is on educating and entertaining the visitors and elicit a response towards water conservation and abating pollution in the Yamuna. quick response to representations. Raghavendra Rao Award. Raghavendra Rao. Reddy National Award was given to veteran director K. The recipients were named after a five-member committee headed by producer G. 2010 unanimously elected for the second term as Speaker of the Bihar Legislative Assembly. managed and conducted.” . pottery and artefacts will be set up by engaging artists of repute across the country. live models and documentaries on water supply. and efforts made by the DJB under Yamuna Action Plan-II and other major projects. qualitative and quantitative improvement in the manner in which litigation is perceived.

However. In case it “feels the need for streamlining some policies or rules. Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are to have more than one lakh infected people while Punjab. Himachal Pradesh tourism and civil aviation director. low-prevalence States such as Chandigarh. Arun Sharma had recently met Ms. RAJASTHAN Award for Jaipur BRTS The Jaipur City Transport Service Limited established in the Rajasthan Capital recently under the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) scheme has got the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) Urban Mobility Award 2010 for new technological applications and innovations. Andhra Pradesh has 5 lakh. the estimated adult HIV prevalence is greater than the national average of 0·31 per cent. followed by Andhra Pradesh (0·90 per cent). according to the latest figures released by the National Aids Control Organisation (NACO) to mark World AIDS Day. While all high-prevalence States indicate a clear declining trend from 0·41 per cent in 2000 to 0·31 per cent in 2009. The Home or Administration of Justice Department would be the nodal agency for facilitating coordination and interaction between these committees. Maharashtra. Chattisgarh and Puducherry have a prevalence rate ranging between 0·28 to 0·30 per cent. 4·2 lakh. Gujarat. HIMACHAL PRADESH Preity Zinta will be Himachal Pradesh's Brand Ambassador Bollywood Actress Preity Zinta who was born in Himachal Pradesh has agreed in principle to become the State’s brand ambassador for tourism and environment. HIV has notably declined in Tamil Nadu. We judge ourselves by our intentions. 2·5 lakh and Tamil Nadu.000 infections each. In Karnataka. Chandigarh. She will promote tourism in Himachal Pradesh. Of all HIV infections. including 9·3 lakh women. Rajasthan. Jammu and Kashmir. Punjab and Tamil Nadu. Mizoram (0·81 per cent) and Nagaland at (0·78 per cent). West Bengal. It would be mandatory for employees to seek redressal through the complaints’ redressal mechanism before going to courts. Awards were given away on the occasion to the best mass transit projects selected from among the JNNURM projects across the country. Jaipal Reddy at the Urban Mobility India Conference organised in New Delhi on December 5. Children account for 3·5 per cent of all infections while 83 per cent are in the age group of 15-49 years. Orissa. it would make recommendations to the State-level Committee”.000-1. Zinta in Mumbai for getting her consent to lend support to the state by Preity Zinta becoming the brand ambassador. Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya have shown rising trends in the past four years.Darpan NORTH-EAST/OTHER STATES Highest HIV Infection Prevalence Found in Manipur As per the data released by National Aids Control Organisation (NACO) Manipur continues to top the list with an adult prevalence of 1·40 per cent. Rajasthan state Transport Minister Braj Kishore Sharma received the award from Union Development Minister S. Uttar Pradesh. the six high-prevalence States account for only 39 per cent of the PD/February/2011/1359 “We judge others by their behaviour. P. Gujarat. Uttarakhand. Of the 1·2 lakh-odd new infections in 2009.” . The total number of people living with HIV infections in the country is close to 24 lakh. Karnataka. West Bengal. West Bengal.cases where the financial implication was not very high. Bihar. Orissa. 39 per cent (9·3 lakh) is constituted by women. It is estimated that India had approximately 1·2 lakh new HIV infections in 2009 as against 2·7 lakh in 2000. Orissa. Kerala Jharkhand. Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh have between 50. 2010. Maharashtra. Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat account for 41 per cent of new infections. while Delhi.00. cases while Orissa. 1·5 lakh people living with HIV infections. Goa.

arms control and disarmament. K. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has retained the team which the late Holbrooke created for his Afghanistan and Pakistan agenda. His first term ended on December 31. Prof. Deepak Sandhu. Valiathan Eminent cardiologist M. Law Minister Veerappa Moily and Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj. Ruggiero joined his new assignment with immediate effect in the beginning of the second week of December 2010. N. 2010. Verma put in his papers a month before he was scheduled to retire. Satyanand Misra Satyanand Misra. a 1976 batch IAS official. secretary. The agency wants various taxes levied by the government reduced so as to provide affordable housing. Tariq Mansoor. His appointment comes into effect from January 1. Sharma and Shailesh Gandhi. S. 2010 appointed S. New Aviation Secretary Nasim Zaidi. M. a career civil servant who served under late Richard Holbrooke. Tariq Mansoor Prof. S. 2011 for a term of five years. PD/February/2011/1360 “All honor’s wounds are self-inflicted. has been made Acting U. India’s foreign policy. Tripathi was earlier head of the Aviation Research Centre. Mr. J. C. Tariq Mansoor is the first surgeon from Aligarh to be elected as head of the body of surgeons of UP which has 1600 members in all districts of Uttar Pradesh. took charge as the new civil aviation secretary in the first week of December 2010. L. one of them an Indian American. Organisation and Disarmament (CIPOD). Mr. Mr.CRSDAI—The Confederation of Real State Developers’ Association of India. Sushma Singh. It incorporates international partners into this structure. had welcome him in the ministry when he became the civil aviation minister. NATCO2010 which opened in New Delhi in the second week of December 2010. Mr. Tripathi will have a fixed term of two years. The other five Information Commissioners are Annapurna Dixit. He remembered how Zaidi. GSL—Goa Shipyard Limited ICGS—Indian Coast Guard Ship IMBL—International Maritime Boundary Line Special Representative to Af-Pak region and will be assisted by two deputies. 2010. Professor Mattoo’s teaching and research interests include issues of international security. Bharat Bhushan Bharat Bhushan will lead the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)—the country’s aviation sector regulator. currently one of the six Information Commissioners and an IAS officer of 1973 batch has been selected to be the next Chief Information Commissioner. RAW’s airwing. Misra’s name was finalised for the present post of CIC after being recommended by a panel comprising Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. department of Surgery. Tripathi The government on December 26. K. M. Amitabh Mattoo is currently Professor of Disarmament Studies at the Centre for International Politics. School of International Studies at the Jawaharlal Nehru University. Ruggiero will lead the SRAP (Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan) structure that Richard Holbrooke constructed. Aligarh Muslim University has taken over as President of Association of Surgeons of India (ISI). The association organised a two-day convention.S. Mr.” . A Padma Sri winner. The SRAP structure that will continue on in his absence combines individuals and experts from across governments. U. Aviation Secretary Praful Patel referred to Zaidi as ‘brand name’ in aviation. Tripathi as the new head of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) after incumbent K. Valiathan has been appointed National Research Professor for the second term.S. Nasim Zaidi. Frank Ruggiero Frank Ruggiero. Amitabh Mattoo President Pratibha Patil in her capacity as visitor of all Central Universities on December 20. and will really serve as one of his finest legacies. Misra will replace A. N. S. Mr. Tiwari who has held the position of Chief Information Commissioner since October 1. UP chapter at Kanpur for 2010-11. His last posting was as additional secretary and financial adviser in the aviation ministry. 2010 approved the appointment of Amitabh Mattoo as the first ViceChancellor of the Central University at Jammu. Medical College.

the government of China for his advocacy of democracy. for better or for worse. Zuckerberg is the youngest winner since Charles Lindberg was named the magazine’s first person of the year in 1927 when he became the first pilot of flying solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Now. Verma. Since the announcement of the Prize to Liu Xiabo. and later formed the basis of the American rocket programme.An old hand in RAW. S. Deve Gowda welcomes former CM S. he is survived by his wife Ruth. D. This year they passed 500 million users. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernauke was the 2009 winner. He was 96. no matter which side he’s on. Zuckerberg was a 19 year old sophomore at Harvard University in 2004 when he started a web service called the face book. founder and chief executive of the Facebook social networking site that has more than a billion users. At 26. the German site where he helped develop V-2 rockets that were launched against London during World War II. S. Time defines the Person of the Year as the person who. Bangarappa Former Karnataka Chief Minister S. Gowda described Bangarappa as a ‘crown’ for his party while his son and state unit president H. C.” . Mr. Bangarappa on December 15 quit the Congress and joined Janata Dal JD(S) Supremo H. U. 2010. he is one of the world’s youngest billionaires and his privately held company is projected to have 2010 revenues of $ 2 billion Time said. Mr. died in Alabama in the US. DEATHS Walter Haeussermann [Nazi Germany’s key rocket scientist passes away at the age of 96] Nazi Germany’s famous rocket scientist Walter Haeussermann. K. his wife Liu Xia is under house arrest. The Huntsville Times reported. does the most to influence the events of the year. He has the rare distinction of making it the ninth time he has switched parties. PERSONS IN THE NEWS Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg. Haeussermann died on December 8 at Huntsville Hospital of complications from a fall. Mr. He is one of those persons switching party loyalties again and again. The Chinese government is angry with the Norwegian Nobel Committee for having awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for a man who is behind bars in China. Interestingly China has been able to enlist the support of 100 nations in Anti-Nobel protests and calls those responsible for awarding the honour as clowns. Liu Xiabo Liu Xiabo is the Nobel Prize for Peace 2010 winner. Tripathi has served in various capacities in the agency and was also in the running for the top position in 2009. was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year on December 14. But then at that time Mr. Bangarappa into the party in Bangalore on Dec. who was member of a team which helped America send its astronauts to the moon. Secular JD(S). then Secretary (Security) in the Home Ministry had been appointed to the post. Haeussermann was with Wernher von Braun at Pennemunde. He is a Chinese dissident leader who has been jailed by PD/February/2011/1361 “The enemy is anybody who’s going to get you killed. Kumaraswamy saw it as an ‘inspiration’ for the outfit. 15. for Mark Zuckerberg his dorm.

which ultimately helped end the war. safer and more respected. Her entry into politics began at a very young age as her mother was working closely with the Communist leaders and railway workers at Pommalai in Tiruchi. Richard Holbrooke Richard Holbrooke. When the Janata Party came into power he declined the offer of a Union Minister. As Holbrooke Foreign Service Officer a t the time of Vietnam war he displayed acumen in the Paris Peace talks of 1968. She was 80. You’re either lying or telling the truth. Affectionately called ‘Leader’ by his admirers. Papa Umanath Papa Umanath. He was 93. 2010 after a brief illness in Tiruchi. 2010. Karunakaran national level. died on December 13. He was 69. Mohan was a true socialist and constituted a link between the new and the old socialist movement. The National Press of India Golden Jubilee Award. Kannabiran (PUCL). Papa was the daughter of Lakshmi. Kannabiran passed away in Hyderabad on December 30. a human rights and civil liberty activist. Mr. He authored a book ‘The Wages of Impunity : Power. He was the President of Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee between 1978 and 1994 and went on to become the national President of People’s Union for Civil Liberties K. 2010. the Congress stalwart was a master tactician who remained influential in Kerala politics for decades and a much sought-after political troubleshooter at the K. Till his end he was managing the state’s first cinema hall. He was imprisoned during the Emergency Surendra Mohan in 1975. 2010.He joined the team of scientists and engineers who worked on America’s space programme at Huntsville after the war. Besides the above Mr. cultural and social organisations passed away at a private hospital in Kozhikode on December 30. 2010. Mr. He was 84. a political columnist. one of the senior leaders of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and one of the founders of the All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) died on December 17. His contributions to the space programme were recognised with the Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service in 1959. He had also independently directed two critically acclaimed Assamese movies Kesa Sun and Dhoomuha. Hridayanand Agarwala Hridayanand Agarwala. Haeussermann. He was a lover of Indian classical music. Jonaki. He was also the former Chairman of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission. Justice and Human Rights. Mr. Mr. the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award. Agarwala was 93. President Barack Obama’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. G. He was in charge of guidance and control systems for rockets that landed American astronauts on the moon in 1969. Mr. and a Parliamentarian. 2010 after a prolonged illness. Assam on December 10.” . remained an enthusiastic supporter of the American space programme and attended reunions and public events regularly until his death. a former judge of the Supreme Court who played a leading role in several spiritual. He was 88. Surendra Mohan Renowned socialist thinker and activist Surendra Mohan passed away in New Delhi December 17. Kannabiran Eminent civil rights activist and prominent lawyer K. He was the youngest brother of the first Assamese film producer-director Rupkonwar Jyoti Prasad Agarwala. a noted film director of Assam. established in 1939 by his brother Jyoti Prasad Agarwala. Obama described Holbrooke as a true giant of American foreign policy who has made America stronger. Mohan was an environmental activist. the first woman to die in prison after 23 days of fasting against the jail authorities. G. G. died at his residence at Tejpur. Holbrooke had played an important role in upgrading the Pakistan-US Strategic Dialogue to the ministerial level and expanding the Richard scope of Pakistan-US relations. K. Agarwala engaged the eminent Assamese singer and director Bhupen Hazarika in 1976 to make the documentary Rupkonwar Joyti Prasad aur Joymoti. Justice Eradi. the Shiromani Award and Balakrishna Eradi the National Citizenship Award are among the honours he won during his long and eventful career. Mohan was a member of the Rajya Sabha from 1978 to 1984. He was 81. Justice Eradi Vettath Balakrishna Eradi.’ PD/February/2011/1362 “There’s no such thing as bragging. Karunakaran passed away on December 23. who had also served as Chief Justice of the Kerala High Court and President of the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission had been ailing for some time. who became a naturalised US citizen in 1954. Mr. Mr. Papa’s original name was Dhanalakshmi. 2010 in Washington at George Washington University. Kannabiran had been defending political dissenters since the late 1960s. Former Kerala CM Karunakaran No More Veteran Congress leader and former Kerala Ch i e f Minister K.

40 lakh cash prize was shared by Mr. CNN-IBN at a glittering ceremony in Singapore on December 9. 2003. Mick Molloy (Australia). New Zealand.K. filmmaker Andy Emmony’s ‘West is West’ witnessed the screening of 300 films from 61 countries in 11 theatres. Thapar won the Best Current Affairs Presenter Award in the 15-year history of the Asian Television awards. Israel.000 US dollars and a trophy.” . received the coveted Golden Peacock Award for the Best Film at the 41st International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2010. set up in the name of the Patrika founder. Kulish International Award for Ghana Newspaper The prestigious Rajasthan Patrika Groups K. Maxico. and three films from India. The Silver Peacock Award for the Best Director was bagged by Susanne Bier of Denmark for her film ‘In a Better World’. The film is a saga of the life and times of Lalan Faquir and his liberal sect whose message of tolerance and secularism is becoming most relevant in today’s world. Thapar won the award for his ‘Devil’s Advocate’ interview programme. The theme for this year’s award was ‘‘Inclusive development. Poland. The MAKE has rated Tata Steel best (first place) in developing knowledge workers through senior management leadership. Iran.. Kulish International Award for Excellence in Print Media Journalism for 2009 has been conferred on ‘The New Crusading Guide—a daily newspaper from Ghana in West Africa. Ghose and producers of the film Gautam Kundo (India). carries a cash component of 11.’ directed by Bertrand Tavernier. Karan Thapar Gets Asian Television Award The Asian Television award for the Best Current Affairs Presenter was presented to Karan Thapar of the PD/February/2011/1363 “I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street. The 11-day festival concluded on December 2. The winning interview with Ram Jethmalani was conducted in June 2010. Other members of the jury were Sturla Gunnarsson (Canada). K. premier French director and screenplay writer. 2005 and 2007. 2010 with the screening of the French film ‘The Princess of Montpensier. Olivier Pier (Switzerland) and Revathi Menon (India). This is the fifth time that Mr. The Rs. The interview ended abruptly when Mr. Jethmalani walked out in anger over questions that explored allegations of opportunism surrounding his return to the BJP. M. C. Russia. Habiburahaman Khan and Faridureza Saqar (both from Bangladesh). Festival Director and Goa Chief Secretary Sanjay Srivastava were present. The Best Actor Award of Rs. Jethmalani’s controversial decision to rejoin the Bharatiya Janata Party. This year Mr. He won the award in 1999. Denmark. Khan. ‘Just Another Love Story’ from India and ‘The Boy’ from New Zealand were the joint winners of the Special Jury Award. an Indo-Bangladesh joint production. Finland.’ The films were chosen by a five-member competition jury out of 18 entries in the competition section from the U. 2010. The 11-day extravaganza which was began on November 22. the Czech Republic. S. Turkey. C. Tata Steel Bags MAKE 2010 Award Tata Steel has received the distinction as the only manufacturing company from India’s Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) for 2010 for sustained excellence in the field of knowledge management. 2010 with U. Thailand. Taiwan. The subject was Mr.’’ The merit awards have also been announced for reports appearing in Hindustan (Lucknow). The daily has been selected on the basis of a series of reports on Ghana’s Madhouse and Chinese sex mafia.K. China. The jury was headed by Polish director Jerzy Antczak. 10 lakh went to the Turkish actor Guven Kirac for his role in the film ‘The Crossing’ while the Best Actress Award was won by Magdalena Boczarska of Poland for her role in ‘Little Rose. It is the only manufacturing company to achieve this feat in 2010. The award. I met a man who had no feet.41st IFFI Awards : Moner Manush Gets Golden Peacock Bengali filmmaker Gautam Ghosh’s film ‘Moner Manush’ (The Quest).

IFFCO Bags National Energy Conservation Award Fertilizer cooperative major IFFCO (Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited) in December 2010 said it had bagged the National Energy Conservation Award 2010 for adopting clean and efficient technologies at its Phulpur unit in Uttar Pradesh. He has been chosen for this honour for changing the vocabulary of politics. 2010. PD/February/2011/1364 “A penny will hide the biggest star in the Universe if you hold it close enough to your eye. Narayana Murthy. Talking about Nicole. Editor-in-Chief of Patrika. Nha Trang. Gopikrishnan. Agriculture scientist M. The other awardees are Manoj Kumar Karwarsa.” . and Rajan Savlo Ghate. The awards. who was instrumental in exposing the 2G spectrum scam. putting development on centre stage and triggering hope amongst millions. “I want to make friends and enjoy my time in Vietnam. This is the only title India has won in 2010. Nicole has got the looks. Hindustan Times (Delhi). The awards were decided by a jury consisting. Wrestler Sushil Kumar was chosen in the Sports category. Vinita Kamte. has also received the ‘Certificate of Merit for 2010’ for conservation of energy. Nitish Kumar Chosen the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year 2010 Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was chosen as the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year 2010 in December 2 010. Orissa. J. who exposed the illegal purchase of Goan lands by foreign nationals. journalist. Verma. Ramesh Kumar Verma. S. The awards were selected by a jury comprising Gloria Brown Anderson of The New York Times. “I Miss Earth 2010 Nicole Faria feel very happy for her. Ashwini Akkunji. Lyngdoh. according to a company statement. It may be added here that the awards are given by the Public Cause Research Foundation. The foundation also organized a ceremony to honour the 10 RTI activists who were killed this year. Manasvi Mamgai said. The awards were announced on December 20. of Infosys founder N. a young Block Development Officer of Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh with a sterling record in upholding transparency and handing out information. a school teacher from Haryana who filed RTI petitions to expose the panchayat occupation of government land in his village. category). journalist-editor Madhu Trehan. constituted by the Union Power Ministry. Special Achievement awards went to the Shillong Chamber Choir and the Indian Women’s Relay Team of Manjeet Kaur. industrialist Kumar Mangalam Birla (business). the former Chief Justice of India. S. J. Miss India World 2010. It’s not about winning or losing. Athar Shamsi.” Faria is a 20-year-old girl from Bangalore. 2500 crore scam in the export of rice. Nicole also won the 2010 Miss Earth Talent Competition. so we all had expectations that she would win. M. Indian Express (Delhi). Swaminathan receiving the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year 2010 Group and SEEDS Lifetime Achievement Award from India (public service Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee. film director Shankar (entertainment) and the Ladakh Ecological Development M. Miss Puerto Rico Yeidy Bosquez was announced Miss Earth Fire and Miss Ecuador Jennifer Pazmino won the Miss Earth Air title. Rashtra Deepika (Kottayam). Alagh Chairman of the Institute of Rural Management and Gulab Kothari. S. were presented to IFFCO marking the National Energy Conservation Day on December 14. Miss Thailand Watsaporn Wattanakoon grabbed the Miss Earth Water Crown. Manoj Kumar Karwarsa and Athar Shamsi have been named among the seven National RTI Awards winners for 2010. and Daily Jang Mir (Quetta. Balochistan). Yogendra K. Sini Jose. but how you play the game. and the former Chief Election Commissioner. Mandeep Kaur. India’s Nicole Faria Crowned Miss Earth 2010 India’s Nicole Faria has been crowned Miss Earth 2010 in Vietnam.Malayala Manorama (Kottayam). The 10th edition of the Miss Earth beauty pageant was held in Vinpearl Land. La Opinion (Los Angles). Vietnam in December 2010. The winner in the Best PIO category is Pradeep Kumar. Gurumurthy corporate advisor and columnist. Swaminathan has been honoured with the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding Nitish Kumar leadership in the field of agriculture that has contributed to ensuring food security for millions of Indians. Saikia Dutta of the Outlook magazine has bagged the Best RTI Journalist Award for using the Right to Information Act to expose a Rs. a Haryana-based activist who brought to light irregularities in the supply of medicines to government hospitals. S. J. R. Right to Information Awards : Saikia Dutta Gets the Best RTI Journalist Award Saikia Dutta of the Outlook magazine. so it’s great. 2010. IFFCO’s complex fertilizer unit in Paradeep. Nicole said. among others.” During an interview. was honoured with the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year 2010—Special Achievement Award. who fought for the rights of beedi workers in Uttar Pradesh.

K. according to a press release.Admiral Anil Chopra. 2010. Aurobindo Uzir [Bodo] and Gopi Narayan Pradhan [Nepali]. the second in the series of 90-metre Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV). The contents of the report were not divulged in the year past. a shawl and a cheque for Rs. Bani Basu [Bengali]. Laxman Dubey [Sindhi]. four novelists and three short story writers. Basher Bashir [Kashmiri] have won the awards for best books of criticism. Srikrishna Committee Submits Report The Srikrishna Committee. a retired Supreme Court Judge had been constituted on February 3. The other winners include eight poets. Chidambaram in New Delhi on December 30. Kumar has won the award for his travelogue ‘Haimavathabhuvil’ in Malayalam. the government said in the Supreme Court that it would consider granting the permanent commission. one lakh. Srikrishna (second from left) submits the panel’s report on Telangana to Home Minister P.’ It may be added here that the awards are in the form of caskets containing an engraved copper plaque. Others in the picture from left are : Ravinder Kaur. P. Director-General of the Coast Guard. Among others. Sheen Kaaf Nizam [Urdu]. Army sources divulged the information in New Delhi. 2010 and its term was to end on December 31. submitted its report to Union Home Minister P. more so along its sensitive International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) with Pakistan. 2011 during the festival of letters organised by the Akademi.Sahitya Akademi Awards for 2010 Announced : Veerendra and Nanjil are among the Winners The former Union Minister. and Vice-Chancellor of National Law University in New Delhi Ranbir Singh. and Rear Admiral (retired) Vineet Bakshi. Uday Prakash [Hindi] and Manoj [Dogri] have been chosen for the award. Had appealed in Court The decision came after the selection board met during the second week of November. were present on the occasion. Under the category of short stories. To be homeported at Porbander. M. These officers were among the group which had sought a direction from the Delhi High Court. DEFENCE New Vessel to Patrol India-Pakistan Sea Border Indian Coast Guard Ship (ICGS) Vijit. Chairman and Managing Director of the Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) which built the ship. 30. Pathani Pattnaik [Oriya] under the category of ‘autobiographies’ and Bhogle Soren [Santhali] under ‘plays. Nanjil Nadan [Tamil]. Rahamat Tarikere [Kannada]. Ashok R. N. Pallam Raju at Goa on December 11. The ICGS will be commanded by Deputy Inspector General Naresh Kaul and manned by eight officers and 82 men. It had come in March 2010. They will be presented at a function on February 15. Later in August. Veerendra Kumar is among the 22 who have won Sahitya Akademi awards 2010 for the best works in literature. Vice . Dhirendra Mehta [Gujarati] and M. Vanita [Punjabi]. The awards were annnounced in December 2010. It may be recalled that this five-member committee headed by Justice Srikrishna. or twice as large as it needs to be ?” . Borkanya [Manipuri]. Professor. the state-of-the-art vessel will be used extensively to patrol the country’s northwestern maritime region. after holding wide-ranging consultations over the past 11 months on the demand for a state of Telangana and maintaining the present status of a United Andhra Pradesh. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT Army Grants Permanent Commission to Women Officers The Indian Army has decided to grant permanent commission to 12 women officers in the Education and Judge Advocate General branches. member-secretary of the panel V. PD/February/2011/1365 “Is the glass half empty. M. Duggal. Srikrishna Committee Chairman Justice B. 2010. half full. the sources said. IIT-New Delhi. The novelists are Esther David [English]. The winning poets are : Arun Sakhardande [Konkani]. Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. Chidambaram in New Delhi on Dec. Mangat Badal [Rajasthani]. Mithila Prasad Tripathi [Sanskrit]. Kelkar [Marathi]. Mr. was commissioned by Minister of State for Defence M.

Over 68% of people mention corruption as one of the most serious problems facing the world. Lake stated. In neighbouring Pakistan Terrorism was the most talked about subject with over 54% respondents mentioning it—the highest in the world alongwith Turkey. Mr. for BBC World Service revealed that corruption/greed was considered the most serious problem in 21 out of 26 countries surveyed. the UP food scam. law enforcement and maritime patrol.] On his first visit to India. UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) executive director Anthony Lake expressed his grave concern at the problem of malnutrition and lack of quality education in India. which inpacts the child’s future.390 tonnes and is capable of attaining a maximum speed of 26 knots. gathering all manner of the high and mighty in its sweep. you tend to see every problem as a nail.’’ Mr. High Power External Fire Fighting System (ABS Fi-Fi Class-1). it has an endurance of 4. UK Russia Issue Corruption Climate change Terrorism State of global econo-my Extreme hunger/ poverty Issue Extreme hunger/ poverty Corruption Environment/pollution Terrorism Rising prices Persons share* 69% 68% 64% 61% 59% * Multiple mentions were allowed. According to Mr.’’ Mr. that things are changing in Bihar. is an indicator of slow cognitive development.’’ he said. STUDY/RESEARCH/SURVEY Malnutrition : A Big Challenge in India [Each year 23 million children die before reaching the age of five. The advanced Global Maritime Distress and Safety System on board makes it the right platform to carry out SAR operations. co-workers and family. All these have preoccupied Indians like never before. A World Bank-UNICEF study found that across the world. Topping the charts is the gigantic 2G spectrum scam with its chaotic political fallout. Most interestingly. accounting for 21% of the world’s under-five deaths. ‘‘The future history of India will be written in places like Bihar. be it India or Ethiopia. Mr. and an indigenous Close Range Naval 91 Gun Mount. Core Concerns Country India China Pakistan US. ‘‘Stunting. along with an optical fire control system for round-the-clock use. the bottlenecks are not in the supply but in demand. or low weight for age. A recent survey of people in 26 countries showed that the most talked about topic this year among Indians in the year 2010 was corruption. sensors and machinery. ‘‘Governments have to partner with communities to make the most of available resources to meet the 2015 deadline of the Millennium Development Goal (MDG)”. The survey carried out by opinion research consultancy Globescan. which has halved since 1990 and is above the global average. It features an Integrated Bridge System. Lake stated. Lake visited the Vaishali district in Bihar and saw things for himself. India faces its biggest development challenge. He was satisfied. Lake is understood to have said. with 46% children underweight and 38% stunted. It is also capable of carrying pollution response equipment to combat marine oil spill contamination. The year 2010 has seen the exposure of sleaze at an unheard of scale in the country. About a third of Indians reportedly talked about corruption with friends. and a host of others. Lake. At economical speeds. PD/February/2011/1366 “If the only tool you have is a hammer. ICGS Vijit displaces 2. which is why the world needs an equity focused approach to child survival and development. Then there was the Commonwealth Games scam. Lake said. however. A new UNICEF study shows that $ 1 million spent on helping children under 5-years in the most backward areas can prevent 60% more deaths than the current approach. Each year 23 million children die before reaching the age of five in India. Rising prices was the second most talked about issue in Pakistan followed by corruption. People don’t access services such as healthcare and education because of issues of social exclusion. There are millions of young adults alive in India today if it wasn’t for this statistic. Mr. what Indians thought was the most serious global problem. Corruption Tops Minds of Indians The big question is as to what the Indians generally talk and worry about.500 nautical miles and can stay at sea for 15 days without replenishment.” . India is short of over 1 million teachers who need to be hired to reduce the high drop-out rate in schools. It was corruption again. ‘‘India is making progress in the under-five mortality.The ICGS is fitted with advanced navigation and communication equipment. The ship is designed to carry one twin-engine light helicopter and five high-speed boats for search and rescue (SAR).

2 in Emigrating India continued to be the largest recipient of remittances in 2010. Migrants now make up 10% of the population of high-income regions. it is the developing countries which receive the bulk $ 325 billion. PD/February/2011/1367/3 “Be careful how you interpret the world : It is like that. Through the course of his indepth interviews with victims of violent relationships. Globally. brought out by the International Organisation said that about 57% of all migrants live in high income countries up from 43% in 1990. educational and racial terms. corruption was considered the most worrying problem. less than 1% of the country’s population. according the recently released Migration and Face-book 2011.’’ said Sharp. is believed to be significantly larger. even as 11·4 million people from India went abroad. Not surprisingly. Nepal. an increase of 6% from 2009. accounts for almost a quarter of the worldwide remittances flows of $ 440 billion in 2010. sadness. Shane Sharp. even recorded remittances in 2009 were nearly three times the amount of the official foreign aid and almost as large as foreign direct investment (FDI) flows to developing countries. only a marginal increase over the levels recorded in 2005. US Remains Top Migrant Destination Country The true size of remittances. up from 7·2% in 1990. making India No. with 21% respondents flagging it. and Turkey receive the lion’s share of over $ 301 billion. Prayer Helps Tackle Woes in Crunch Situations Those who choose to pray find personalised comfort during hard times and can easily deal with their emotions and problems. India and China which received $ 51 billion in remittances. with the figure rising from $ 49·6 billion in 2009 to $ 55 billion in 2010. a sociology graduate at the University of Wisconsin . Interestingly. including unrecorded flows through formal and informal channels. 10 in the list of nations attracting the most immigrants and the most attractive Asian country for immigrants. Russia.In India Terrorism was the second most popular topic of conversation in India. trauma and anger. with 42·8 million migrants in 2010 compared to 34·8 million in 2000. with about a quarter of those surveyed mentioning it. However. and came largely from Christian back-grounds. Those who were boiling with anger said they found ‘‘a readily available listening ear.” . The fact book estimated the total number of international migrants or people living outside their country of birth in 2010 to be 215 million persons. according to the World Bank Report. India. The US remains the top migrant destination country in the world. Egypt. Mexico. just over 2·2 million Americans live outside the US. gathered ways how prayer helped them deal with their situations. Meanwhile the World Migration Report 2010. Bangladesh alone account for over $ 11 billion.Madison has claimed. the report estimated. Uganda and Cambodia receive just $ 24 billion. or 3% of the world population. Pakistan. India No.Madison. Sharp’s interviewees represented a wide swath of the US in geographic. according to a new study. while low income countries including Bangladesh. Tajikistan. Interestingly. It was also the country with the second largest number of emigrants (those migrating abroad) after Mexico. The 75% of Americans who pray on a weekly basis do so to manage a range of negative situations and emotions– illness. Middle income countries including China. too. a researcher at University of Wisconsin . This is much higher than the global average of about 14%. 5·4 million came into the country. High income OECD (Organisation of European Cooperation and Development) accounts for just $ 107 billion of the global remittances flow.

lack of access to health care facilities and support mechanisms. Protecting and promoting the right to health of migrants including access to HIV services is vital for safe mobility. prejudice. In Nepal in 2007. particularly domestic workers. Also. and workers who migrate through illegal channels are the most vulnerable to exploitation and in these countries there is little or no mechanism to protect these workers. waves and rain at the ancient part of Ashkelon in Israel. other top destination countries are Russia.000 years ago.Migrants from South Asia Vulnerable to HIV Infection [UN Reports paints alarming picture. 41% of reported cases of HIV were among migrant workers. But long-established Israeli archaeological sites such as the ruins of coastal Caesarea suffered serious damage in the storm. Ukraine. Over 40% of the $ 44 billion in remittances received by India in 2008 was contributed by the increasing number of unskilled and semi-skilled Indian workers employed in the Gulf states and Malaysia. It pointed out that most South Asian countries did not have any process for reintegrating HIVpositive migrants who have been deported or have returned home on their own. a general absence of support services and treatment for sexually transmitted infections. weights 200 kg and dates back to the Roman occupation of what was western Judea. The Migration Report said that for Asia too. The top immigration countries relative to population are Qatar where migrants make up 87% of the population. osteo . urged the report. over 96% went to the Gulf countries. Mummified Head of French King Henry-IV Found A 400-year old mummified head has been identified as that of French king Henry IV. including language barriers. have important roles in protecting migrants’ rights and access to health services. with over 10 million people—a 27% share of the total migrant population—made up of nearly 2 million Chinese..K. official sources revealed. UNDP Country Director in India. between 1. Out of more than 7·2 million people living with HIV/AIDS in Asia Pacific. buying sex said to be reason.800 and 2. Asians are the second-most numerous group of migrants in the US. the US was the main destination with 7·9 million Asian emigrants going to that country. Monaco (72%).archaeologist researchers in France identified his Philipp Charlier of embalmed head. Vulnerability to HIV is often an outcome of external factors. discrimination. HIV-infected returnees often preferred to hide their positive status for fear of exclusion and humiliation. migrants. It will be put on display in museums. ARCHAEOLOGY AND CULTURAL HERITAGE Roman Statue Unearthed A Roman statue buried for centuries has been unearthed by the winter gales that rocked Israel’s coast. several million of them will be at risk of infection. even the repeated ones. throughout the migration cycle is evident in all countries of South Asia.” . PD/February/2011/1368 “Each act is virgin. unskilled workers. to date. Besides the US. Of all migrant workers. This was revealed in the report HIV/AIDS and Mobility in South Asia of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). composed the head with sculptures and portraits of Henry. the U. which disappeared University Hospital during the French Revolution in 1793. his skull with the reconstruction The team led by overlaid. including HIV.] Migrants from South Asia who send billions of dollars as remittances to their home countries are extremely vulnerable to HIV infection as a large proportion of them migrate under conditions that expose them to greater risk of such infection. ‘‘The sea gave us this amazing statue. stated the report. Many of the big destination countries are also origin countries like Germany. is about 4 feet tall. the United Arab Emirates (70%). Kuwait (69%) and Andorra (64%). concluded that the head actually is Royal Match : A reconstruction of the of the beloved king face of France’s king Henry IV (L) and as thought earlier.’’ they said. The US also recorded the largest outflow of remittances in 2009—$ 48 billion—followed by Saudi Arabia with an outflow of $ 26 billion and Switzerland and Russia accounting for less than $ 20 billion of outflows each. After 9 months of tests. The statue which lacks a head and arms. Of the 849. next to Mexicans. The white-marble figure of a woman in toga and sandals was found in the remains of a cliff that crumbled under the force of winds. More than 40% of the women who have tested positive both abroad and in Sri Lanka are. or have been. said the report. the unsafe conditions under which people migrate exposes them to a greater risk of infection. While data is not available for all South Asian countries. About 67% of the identified HIV positive cases in Bangladesh are returned migrant workers and their spouses. Germany and Saudi Arabia in that order. While migration itself is not considered a vulnerability factor for HIV infections. said the report calling for stronger support systems to facilitate migrant reintegration. Poincare in Garches. UNAIDS and the International Labour Organisation released on World AIDS Day. The Roman statue unearthed in Israel. whose body was mutilated by revolutionaries during a symbolic desecration of the tombs of the country’s monarchs in 1793. so the statue’s find brought the officials little joy. recovered at the site were fragments of Roman bath-house and mosaics. 1·7 million Filipinos and 1·6 million Indians. what is available paints an alarming picture. However. stated the report. 5 million are in South Asia. Russia and India. Countries that send migrants out. who carried out an extensive forensic examination of the mummified head and its inner parts.000 low-skilled Indian workers who went abroad for work in 2008. and digitally reconstructed the face. said Caitlin Wiesen. It is just these unskilled and semiskilled workers who are most exposed to the risk of contracting HIV. as well as host countries. A team of multidisciplinary researchers. Since migrant workers tend to buy sex when they are away from home.

India A 250-page book. Nha Trang A coastal city of Vietnam where 2010 Miss Earth beauty pageant was held in December 2010. The Conference is the latest in the series of international events that started with Geneva. TERRORISM Centre Forms Teams to Nab 31 Most Wanted Terrorists The Union Government has constituted special teams to locate and nab 31 ‘most wanted’ militants. Jim Corbett National Park The world famous Jim Corbett National Park—home to the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger—is celebrating its platinum jubilee in January 2011. including 19 of the Indian Mujahideen and some Jamiat-ul-Ansar-ulMuslimeen terrorists. an offshoot of the banned SIMI and Pakistan based Lashkar-e-Taiba and is directly controlled by the Pakistan intelligence agency ISI. Reddy. was assassinated by a fanatical monk. most of whom are wanted for carrying out of or the other bomb blast in the last three-four years. Chief Minister of Gujarat. Published by MacMillan. 2008. The story of how Henry IV’s head became the subject of a forensic investigation can be traced to 1589. Pant 5. The China Syndrome : Grappling with Uneasy Relationship —By Harsh V. Abu Dhabi Three decades after it came into being the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) session was held in Abu Dhabi (UAE) in December 2010. when his predecessor. The present book is the one in English. Live Science reported. we see them as we are. it primarily focusses on how Gujarat has responded to challenges of climate change. Global Crisis Recession and Uneven Recovery —By Y. adding some foreign countries had already started helping the security agencies and begun surveillance on some suspects. India for A Billion Reasons —Edited by Amit Dasgupta. The head stayed in the hands of private collectors until recently. My Life with the Taliban —By Abdul Salam Zaeef. Henry III.’’ said a source. the teams will co-ordinate with foreign law enforcement agencies and go abroad to get the terrorists from the countries where they are currently holed in. Convenient Action : Gujarat’s Response to Challenges of Climate Change —By Narendra Modi. Hyderabad If needed. Hyderabad The capital of Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad will host the World Wide Web 2011 meet. and the royal brain lay undisturbed inside the skull. National Days February 24 Central Excise Day February 28 National Science Day International Days February 2 World Wetlands Day February 21 International Mother Language Day P. particularly from Uttar Pradesh.The result was a dead ringer for the beloved king. It may be mentioned that Modi had earlier penned short stories. the researchers said. Orient Blackswan. 2. adding that the same techniques could be used on the other mutilated remains of French royalty. Shah Commission Report : Lost and Regained —By Era Sezhiyan 7. The Centre’s plan assumes significance in the light of recent terrorist bombing in Varanasi as well as intelligence inputs that the Indian Mujahideen is trying to expand its network by recruiting new members. where nine bombs exploded. V.” . ‘‘We have asked the teams to make a concerted effort to apprehend these people. poetry and essays. The list of terrorists sent by the Union Home Ministry contains documents and sketches/photographs of the 31 absconding terrorists. New Delhi 3. Ourselves Unborn : A History of Foetus in Modern America —By Sara Dubow 6.Darpan PD/February/2011/1369 “We don’t see things as they are. Translated by Alex Strick Van Linschoten and Felix Kuehn 4. The Indian Mujahideen. The mummified head was well-preserved. Daryaganj. The Indian Mujahideen’s hand is suspected in over 10 serial blasts in Delhi and other parts of the country that claimed nearly 500 lives while JIAM struck in Bangalore on July 25. Detailed dossiers of these terrorists have also been shared with a few Gulf countries as intelligence inputs suggest that some of them are currently based there and carrying Pakistani passports. Fact Sheet 19 out of 31 belong to Indian Mujahideen ● ● ● ● ● ● Karnataka (3 from Bhatkal town) Uttar Pradesh (All from Azamgarh) Kerala (All from Kannur) Maharashtra Gujarat Jharkhand 10 8 6 3 2 2 BOOKS AND AUTHORS 1. killing a woman and injuring 20 people. He said the move was part of the planned crackdown on absconding terrorists. and sending some of them to Pakistan for training. Scheduled in India for the first time it is the fourth in an Asian city. but they are all in Gujarati.

2010 for more details.nic. Age Limit—36 years for Deputy Manager and 39 years for Managers. Selection Procedure—Selection Process will Comprise Personal Interview. See Employment News December 25-31.m.bhelisg. Educational Qualifications—A graduate degree from any university recognised by Law in India with minimum 80 words p. Total Vacancies—277. See Employment News December 18-24. there are only uninterested people. 2010 for more details. 2010 for more details. 2010. Paper III will be based on Hindi shorthand while Paper IV will have Hindi typewriting. 2011. Educational Qualifications— Minimum 10th Class Pass. 2011. 2011. Age Limit—21 years to 35 years of age. There will be Physical Efficiency Test (PET). How to Apply—The applications are to be downloaded from website www. How to Apply—As per the format given in Employment News December 25-31. speed in Hindi type. PCS Additional Private Secretary (U. Paper II will have General Hindi. Selection Procedure—The question paper will comprise four sections English. How to Apply—As per the format given in Employment News December 25-31. 2011. Total Vacancies—250. See Employment News December 25-31. Total Vacancies—50. Recruitment in Indian Navy as Sailors for Artificer Apprentice (AA) Last Date (Receipt of Application Forms)—January 15. Mode of Selection—The names of eligible candidates will be arranged in the order of merit on the basis of total length of military service. See Employment News December 25-31. Educational Qualification— Matriculation or its equivalent from a recognised board. How to Apply—As per the format published in Employment News December 25-31. Recruitment in North Eastern Railway for Various Post Last Date (Receipt of Application Forms)—February 12. 2010 for more details. Eligibility Criteria—Ex-servicemen who have retired after putting in 15 years of service and have passed Army class-I certificate.m. 2010. Procedure of Recruitment—The recruitment shall be on the basis of scrutiny of applications. Selection Procedure—All candidates shall be required to appear in Physical Efficiency Test (PET). Recruitment in Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited for Engineering Professionals Last Date (Receipt of Application Forms)—January 7. Age Limit—16 to 19 years. Total Vacancies—146. Science. 2010 for more details. Educational Qualifications— 10 + 2/equivalent. 2011. 2011. Application will be received only through Ordinary Educational Qualifications— Full Time Engineering Degree in Civil/Mechanical/Electrical Engineering etc. Age Limit—18 years to 25 years. PD/February/2011/1370 “In the ideal sense nothing is uninteresting.P. East Coast Railway : Recruitment Against ExServicemen Quota in Group D Last Date (Receipt of Application Forms)—January 24. Total Vacancies—987. Recruitment in South Western Railway Against Ex-Servicemen Quota Last Date (Receipt of Application Forms)—January 25. Mathematics and General Knowledge. Recruitment in East Coast Railway Against Sportsperson Quota (Open Market) for the year 2010-11 Last Date (Receipt of Application Forms)—January 24. 2010 for more details. Total Vacancies—12. Selection Procedure—Paper I will have General See Employment News December 11-17.nausena-bharti. 2010. 2010. Age Limit—18 to 33 years How to Apply—As per the format given in Employment News December 25-31.U. Eligibility Criteria—Ex-Servicemen who have retired after putting in 15 years and have passed class-I certificate or equivalent. 2010 for more details. See Employment News December 25-31. Secretariat) Examination 2010 Last Date (Receipt of Application Forms)—January 21.” . 2011. Selection Procedure—Selection will be based on performance in Sports Trials/Interview. speed in Hindi shorthand and minimum 25 words p. See Employment News December 25-31. How to Apply—The submission of applications will be online only through our website : www.

” . Age Limit—21 to 35 years. Each optional subject will consist of two papers. How to Apply—Applications must be submitted only in the prescribed format given in Employment News January 1-7. 2011 should be submitted. General Engineering (Civil and Structural.. How to Apply—As per the format given in Employment News December 11-17. Paper-I (Optional) Paper-II (Compulsory) : General Studies For the Mains Examination : The Written Examination will consist of compulsory and optional subjects. 2011 for more details. i. 2011. Age Limit—18 to 27 years. Educational Qualifications— Degree or Diploma in Civil or Mechanical Engineering. 2011. General Engineering and Paper II will consist of Engineering subject. 2010 for more details. Paper I will consist of General Intelligence. 2011 for more details. Total Vacancies—100. Electrical and Mechanical) while Paper-II will be conventional type (General Engineering—Civil and Structural. 2011. Written examination. After Mains Exam. How to Apply—OMR Application forms with instruction can be purchased for Rs. Personality Test (Interview) will be held. The preliminary examination will consist of two objective type papers of which answer sheet be on OMR sheets. (3) Viva-voce (Personality Test). Total Vacancies—142. 2011. Paper-I will be objective type having General Intelligence and Reasoning. The candidates have to select any two optional subjects for mains examination. Plan of Examination : The competitive examination comprises three successive stages viz — (1) Preliminary Examination (Objective Type). Northern Railway : Recruitment Against ExServicemen Quota Last Date (Receipt of Application Forms)—January 10. See Employment News January 1-7. (2) Main Examination (Conventional Type). Electrical and Mechanical). Educational Qualifications—The candidates must possess a Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent from any recognised University. Selection Procedure—Written test will have two Papers. See Employment News January 1-7. Total Vacancies—2116. Eligibility Criteria—Ex-Servicemen who have retired after putting in 15 years of service and have passed Army Class-I certificate or equivalent. 2010. See Employment News January 1-7. 155 from the designated Post Offices. SSC Junoir Engineers (Civil and Electrical) Examination 2011 Last Date (Receipt of Application Forms)—January 31. How to Apply—As per Application format as given in Employment News January 1-7. See Employment News December 11-17.UPPSC : Combined State/Upper Subordinate Service Examination 2011 Last Date (Receipt of Application Forms)—January 28.e. 2011 for more details. Mode of Selection—The recruitment will be on the basis of scrutiny of application and there will be no physical efficiency test or written test. 2011. Age Limit—Upto 32 years for Junior Engineers (Civil and Mechanical) in Central Water Commission and 18-27 years for Junior Engineers (Electrical) in Department of Posts. PD/February/2011/1371 “I am not an Athenian or a Greek. I am a citizen of the world. SSC Recruitment of Junior Engineers Last Date (Receipt of Application Forms)—January 31. General Awareness. General Awareness. Selection Procedure—There will be two papers.

in. 2011. (Jan. (I). Multi Tasking (Non-Technical) Staff Recruitment Exam. 13) (Papers : AR. EC. 23) Punjab and Sind Bank Specialist Officers Exam. CH. 12) U.P.E.” . CS. (March 6) Dena Bank Clerical Cadre Exam. Principal Higher Secondary School Recruitment Exam. Selection Procedure—Written Test will consist of Reasoning.) Exam. 17) Madhya Bharat Gramin Bank Officers Scale-I Exam.B. (Feb.T.. 6) Union Bank Clerical Cadre Exam. Gramin Bank Officers (Scale-I) Exam. See Employment News January 1-7. MT. 2011 for more details. 27) LIC Assistant Administrative Officer (Generalists/ Chartered Accountants/Company Secretary/ Legal) Exam. 20) Baroda Rajasthan Gramin Bank Officer Scale-I and Scale-II Examination (Feb. (Feb. AG. (Feb. (Feb. 2010 (March 13) (Online Closing Date : 14 Jan.. (Jan. Trained Graduate Teacher Recruitment Exam. CE.. Clerical Aptitude and General Awareness. (Jan. Selection Procedure—On deputation basis in most cases. All India Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Entrance Exam. (March 13) Andhra Pradesh Gramin Vikas Bank Office Assistants Exam. Bank Executives Exam. Total Vacancies—134. Administrative Officer (Scale-I) Examination. Police Telecommunication Organisation.. 16) Corporation Bank Officers Cadre Examination (Jan. in State Bank of India’s Associate Banks (Jan. 2011) PD/February/2011/1372 “Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn’t mean he lacks vision. How to Apply—As per the instructions given in Employment News January 1-7.S. (Jan.P. (April 9) I.R.S. 13) GATE 2011 Offline Exam. 27) Rajasthan Gramin Bank Officers Recruitment Exam.E. 20) Indian Air Force Airman Recruitment Test (Feb.P. 27) Chhattisgarh Gramin Bank Office Assistants Exam.T. PCS Review Officer/Assistant Review Officer etc. 16) M./ Technology Diploma Course) (May 24) (Closing Date : 19 April. Primary Teacher (Mains) Exam. 27) Dena Bank Probationary Officers Exam. (Feb. 16) Madhya Pradesh Assistant Director/District Statistical Officer Exam. 23) I. 6) (For Class VI) Reserve Bank of India Grade ‘B’ Officers Exam.B. 30) M.D. Joint Entrance Exam. Educational Qualifications— Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent from a recognized University in any descipline.. (Feb 13&20) Central Bank of India Clerical Cadre Exam. 23) UCO Bank Probationary Officer in JMGS-I Exam. 13) Assam Gramin Vikas Bank Office Assistant Exam. CY.. How to Apply—Candidates are required to apply on-line through Bank's website www.. School Education Department.. ME. (March 6) Bank of India Clerk Examination for North Eastern States (March 13) Rajasthan Gramin Bank Office Assistant (Multipurpose) Exam.P. 2011) Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Entrance Exam. 2011 (Feb. 30) National Insurance Company Ltd.) (Group ‘X’ Technical Trade) S. (Jan. 2011. (Feb. (Jan. 6) Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Post Graduate Teacher Preliminary Exam.B. Recruitment in Saurashtra Gramin Bank for Various Posts Last Date (Receipt of Application Forms)—January 28. 13) UPSC Combined Defence Service Exam. EE. (Jan. (Feb.(Feb. (Jan. 2011 (May 15) I. 2011 (April 3) Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Post Graduate Teacher (Mains) 30) (Papers : GG and TF. Gramin Bank Office Assistant Clerical Cadre Exam. Total Vacancies—Approximately 700. General Selection (Pre. 20) Chhattisgarh Gramin Bank Officer Scale-I Exam. XE and XL) Assam Gramin Vikas Bank Officer Junior Management Scale-I Exam. 2009 (Jan.I. 30) U. 30) GATE 2011 Online Exam.. Recruitment in the Office of Registrar General India for Various Posts Last Date (Receipt of Application Forms)—February 14. 2011 for more details. See Employment News January 1-7. 11) Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan TGT and Librarian.. 20) Madhya Pradesh State Services (Pre.bkgb. Educational Qualifications—As per the requirement of the post. 2011. (Feb. 2011 Punjab and Sind Bank Probationary Officers Scale-I Exam. 16) Clerical Recruitment Exam.) Exam. 30) M. (March-April) C.Recruitment in Ballia—Etahwah Gramin Bank for Assistants Last Date (Receipt of Application Forms)—January 25. (Jan. Total Vacancies—199. FORTHCOMING COMPETITIVE EXAMS. 2010 (April/May) C. (Feb. Police Constable Recruitment Exam. 30) (Closing Date : 10 Jan. (Jan. (March 13) Indian Navy Senior Secondary Recruitment Exam. BT. (Jan. (Feb. Bhopal Constables (Radio) Operator Exam. PH and PI. 2010 (Jan. AE and MN) Punjab and Sind Bank Clerical Cadre Exam. 2011. (Feb.. All India Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental (Mains) Exam. (Feb. Entrance Exam.. 30) Madhya Bharat Gramin Bank Office Assistants Exam. Numerical Ability.P. (Feb.I. (Feb.P. 2011 (Allahabad) (Engg. MA. 27) Baroda Rajasthan Gramin Bank Office Assistants Recruitment Exam. 2011 (April 10) Rajasthan Sub-Inspector Police Combined Competitive Exam.E. 2011) Baroda U. (April 8) Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan TGT and Librarian. (Jan. IN.P. Primary Teacher (Pre. 2010 (Feb.) Exam. (March 6) Bank of India General Banking Officer Scale-I and II Examination for North Eastern States (March 6) Baroda U.

sgb.nic.. Total Vacancies—865.04. 2011 IES/ISS Exam. Log onto www.2011 (Saturday) 17.2011 (Monday) 11.10.03. (II).2011 (Saturday) PD/February/2011/1373 .2011 28. 6. Log onto www.05.2011 30.03. Date of Notification 19.2011 12. General How to Apply—Candidates are required to apply online through website www.bsf.09. 2011 Civil Services (Mains) Exam.2011 19. 2011. 2011 SCRA Exam.08. 2011 S.03. 8.bsf.05. Numerical Ability.06.2011 (Monday) 18.05. Age Limit—21 to 30 years.. Qualifications— Age Limit—18 to 23 years for HC (RO)/HC (Fitter) 18 to 25 years (ASI-RM). 2011. How to Apply—As per the format given in www.Educational Qualifications— Bachelor's Degree. on Reasoning.bankofbaroda.10. No 1.2011 (Monday) — 29. Educational Qualifications— Degree in any discipline from a recognized University. General Knowledge. How to Apply—As per the format given at the website www.2011 Last Date for Receipt of Applications 21. Chemistry and English & GK while in Second Phase UPSC Calendar for Examinations-2011 for more details./Steno (GD-B/GD-I) Ltd. Dictation in English and Personal Interview will be held..O. 5. 3. Name of Examination Civil Services (Pre.2011 13.2011 (Monday) 19.09. Deptt. 4. 10..2011 (Saturday) 03.2011 (Sunday) 09. Selection Procedure—Written Test will consist of Objective test. General Socio Economic and Banking Awareness English Language and Marketing Aptitude.07.2011 09. Quantitative Aptitude. Total Vacancies—900. 2011 Geologists’ Exam. 2011 Indian Forest Service Exam. Recruitment in Directorate of Border Security Force for Various Posts Last Date (Receipt of Application Forms)—February 26.sgb. 2011 NDA & NA Exam. No other means of application will be for more for more Selection Procedure—In first Phase Written Exam will comprise Physics.2011 (Saturday) 31.) Exam. 9. Log onto www.2011 (Monday) Date of Commencement 12. Physical Efficiency Test.2011 (Monday) 09.2011 (Sunday) 29..2011 (Monday) 12. Recruitment in Bank of Baroda for Probationary Officers Last Date (Receipt of Application Forms)—January 25.12.02. 2011 Central Police Forces (AC) Exam.2011 (Sunday) 09. P.Darpan com. 7.2011 23..12.2011 (Saturday) 03.08.2011 — 30. (II). Selection Procedure—The test will comprise Reasoning. 2011 CDS Exam.04. Competitive Exam.2011 (Monday) 30. Educational Matriculation.2011 (Sunday) 21. General Hindi. 2.2011 (Monday) 27.09.06.nic.12.2011 (Sunday) 18.bankofbaroda.

2010 in One Day International and thus had 5-0 ODI series sweep. Zealand with 173 deliveries to spare. 2010 in Centurion (South Africa). It is noteworthy that Zimbabwe won the first match and Bangladesh took the second and third. Saurav Ganguly-India's former captain of cricket team called him the best batsman ever ahead of the late Don Bradman who retired in 1948 with a Test batting average of 99·94. Bangladesh Wins 5th ODI. It may be recalled here that Tendulkar has scored seven Test centuries in 2010 during which he also notched up the first doublecentury in the history of one-day cricket. England Retains Ashes : Crushes Australia in Fourth Test England retained the Ashes on Australian soil for the first time in 24 years by completing and emphatic innings and 157-run win over Australia on the fourth day of the fourth test on December 29. India registered eight wicket victory over New. Yuvraj Singh (42 not out) was declared Man-of-the-Match. This was India's biggest win in terms of balls against New Zealand. 2010. Clinches Series Against Zimbabwe Bangladesh beat Zimbabwe in the fifth and final overs international by six wickets and clinched the fivegame series against Zimbabwe 3-1 in Chittagong on December 12. 2010 in Melbourne. It may be recalled here that India's only previous 5-0 sweep was against England at home in the 2008/09 season. The English responded with a towering 513 to hold a match winning 415 run innings lead which Australia found totally beyond it. Bangladesh reached the winning run in reply to Zimbabwe’s 188-6 with seven overs. India secured a series whitewash against New Zealand with an eight-wicket victory in Chennai on December 10. Now Sachin Tendulkar has become the first batsman in the 133 years history PD/February/2011/1374 “The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory.CRICKET India Sweep ODI Series Against New Zealand India defeated New Zealand in Chennai on December 10. Bangladesh’s Iqbal was five runs short of reaching his century because of which he was named man of the match for his 96-ball knock that included five boundaries and seven sixes in his town. The fourth match was abandoned due to wet field. of Test Cricket to achieve half century of hundreds.” . 2010. but progress. England's last triumph in Australia. It was England's biggest win over Australia since 1956 putting it an unbeatable 2-1 up with one match to play-after a quarter of century after Mike Gattings team claimed the series 2-1 in 1986-87 in Sachin's Another Milestone : Makes 50th Test Century Sachin Tendulkar — India's most loved cricketer—recorded another milestone in the history of cricket when he scored an unprecedented 50th Test century against South Africa on December 19. Left handed Gautam Gambhir was adjudged ‘Player of the Series’ for 329 runs—including two centuries—at 109·66 in the series.

Serbia Bags Davis Cup 2010 Serbia's Victor Trocki defeated France's Michael Llodra to bag Serbia's first Davis Cup title in the 110-year old competition on December 5. for emerging the top scorer of the tournament. You will be proud of us. Qatar will host the following edition of 2022. a Hero Honda bike. Raghunath was given a special prize. Qatar 2022 bid President Mohammed Bin Hamad Al Thani promised—“we won't let you down. 2010. She out played Kimiko Ijima of Japan 6-4. Air India took the match away by scoring three goals in the first 16 minutes. 2010 in Belgrade (Serbia) Trocki Previous Hosts/Winners of FIFA Cup The Air India team which won the Indian Oil 21st Lal Bahadur Shastri Tournament on December 4. Nicha Lertpitaksinchai FIFA President Sepp Blatter announces Russia as the host nation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Zurich on December 2. Diwakar Ram was adjudged the ‘best player’ of the tournament and V. Earlier.HOCKEY Air India Clinches Lal Bahadur Shastri Tournament Air India subdued Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) 4-2 after leading 3-0 in the final of the Indian Oil 21st Lal Bahadur Shastri Hockey Tournament on December 4. 2010 in Zurich. USA Spain France Australia Australia TENNIS Lertpitaksinchai Maiden Title Grabs Nicha Lertpitaksinchai of Thailand won the $ 25. Past Ten Years Winners of Davis Cup Year 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 Winner Spain Spain USA Russia Croatia Spain Australia Russia France Spain Runner-up Czech Rep. The winners (hosts) were declared after a secret ballot of 22 FIFA executive committee members in Zurich. Army XI was presented the fair play trophy. Two of them were by Birender Lakra. 2010 in New Delhi. Earlier Thai pair of Wannasuk and Kumkhum won the doubles title on December 10. 3 Novak Djokovic won both his singles rubbers in the 32 victory. Years 1930 1934 1938 1950 1954 1958 1962 1966 1970 1974 1978 1982 1986 1990 1994 1998 2002 Host Uruguay Italy France Brazil Switzerland Sweden Chile England Mexico West Germany Argentina Spain Mexico Italy United States France Winners Uruguay Italy Italy Uruguay West Germany Brazil Brazil England Brazil West Germany Argentina Italy Argentina West Germany Brazil France The champion side was presented Rs. Argentina Russia Argentina Slovak Rep. to emerge winner. and the runner-up got Rs. South Korea & Brazil Japan Germany South Africa Italy Spain 2006 2010 recorded straight sets victory over Michael Llodra in the final singles match. He rated the triumph as the best moment of a career. Serbian tennis team holds the Davis Cup trophy after winning the cup against France in Belgrade. FOOTBALL Russia and Qatar Declared Hosts of World Cup 2018 and 2022 Respectively Russia has been awarded the hostship of 2018 World Cup Football while the gulf country of Qatar has been declared the host of 2022 World Cup. 2010. This information was made public on December 2. The World No. 2010. 1 lakh. France's Michael Llodra and Arnaud Clemont beat Nenad Zimonjic and Victor Troicki to emerge champions in doubles final by 3-2.000 Questnet Open ITF Women's tennis on December 11. Serbia. 2 lakh. Earlier Novak Djokovic beat Gael Monfils to level the tie at 2-2. 6-3 PD/February/2011/1375 “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world. proud of the Middle East”. ” . The announcement means the World Cup will be staged in two countries which have never hosted the event before following the 2014 tournament in Brazil. 2010 in Bangalore.

she also swept the field aside to win the under-20 girl's 200 m dash setting a new meet records in the process. 21-17 win over the Chinese in one hour and 11 minutes summit clash. Ghule managed 6·30m. took the overall championship with a tally of 28 gold. NR (Old : Jatin Jain top seeded Gan Chai Teik and Tan Shen Bin of Malaysia 19-21. U-16 : 200 m : Kamberdeep Singh (Pun) 22·33s. Singapore Open 26th National Junior Athletics Championship Concludes : Nirupama Completes Sprint Double The 26th National Junior Athletics Championship came to a “Efficiency is intelligent laziness. Shot put : Surender Singh (Har) 16·98. It is note worthy that Saina won back-to-back title—Indian Open Grand Prix. 3000 m steeple-chase : Jiyalal Bind (MP) 9 : 30·85. turning in an excellent performance in the under 20 girls' long jump to add to her triple jump gold. and 23 bronze medals. 21-15. 50. Triple jumper Arpinder Singh also had a memorable outing. 400 hurdles : Durgesh Kumar Pal (Mah) 51·74. close in Bangalore on December 4. on a day when seven other National records fell. In Men's singles. Javelin : Manoj Yadav (UP) 71·96. NR (Old : Rohit Kumar 71·52). Best athlete : Arpinder Singh (Pun) 1096. 4 × 100 m relay : Kerala 41·64. overtaking two runners to help the Karnataka team finish with a silver. 19 silver. improving over Ruta Patkar's mark of 6·25. 3000 m : Inderjeet (UP) 8 : 25·91. NR (Old Renjith Maheshwary 16·06). U-18 : 200 m : Prateek Ninave (Mah) 22·22s. NR (Old Parmender Patel 4·30). The Results (winners only) : Boys : U-20 : 200 m : Manish (Har) 21·85s. In Men's Double's Ko Sung Hyun and Yoo Yeon Seong of Korea defeated Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan of Indonesia to emerge winers. 400 m hurdles : Ramashankar Bharati (Mah) 53·46. 2010. leaping 16·45m to break Renjith Maheshwary's six year-old under-20 boys' record of 16·06. meanwhile. Triple jump : Arpinder Singh (Pun) 16·45 m. 8 : 27·31). Kerala. Shot put : Gurwant Singh (Pun) 17·37 m. 2010 in Hyderabad. In the women's singles final. In Women's Doubles Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Christinna Pedersen (Denmark) outclassed Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei (China) to clinch victory. In mixed doubles. Rumbaka and Hui Zhou Emerge Triumphant Top seeded Rumbaka Hayom Dionysius of Indonesia defeated the unseeded Avihingsanon Suppanyu of Thailand 14-21. In men's doubles final the second seeded Indonesian pair Ahsan Mohammad and Septano Bona beat Sindhu and Prannoy with Trophies Thus Prannoy clinched men's title and purse of Rs. Pole Vault : Parmender Patel (UP) 4·70 m. Maharashtra's Shraddha Ghule was responsible for one of those. 21-15. Hammer : Ali Ahmed (UP) 64·34 m. ATHLETICS Saina Nehwal with Hong Kong Open Trophy a 15-21. Karnataka's Nirupama Sunderraj completed the sprint double for the second year in a row.” PD/February/2011/1376 . 2010. Series and defended the Indonesia Super Series. 2010. NMR (Old : Shejil Verghese 53·14). Best athlete : K. 21-17 to claim the title. and Maharashtra (17-9-3) finished second and third. 21-17. Prannoy downed Nanda Gopal of Andhra Pradesh whereas Sindhu out classed fellow AAI player and fourth seed Neha Pandit. In women's doubles Huan Zia and Tang Jinhua of China beats Ng Hui Ern and Ng Hui Lin (Malaysia) to clinch title.000 while Sindhu pocketed Rs. Her time of 24·28s was well inside Maria James' 24·83 from five years ago.BADMINTON Prannoy and Sindhu Claim Titles Kerala's Prannoy and AAI's Sindhu won their maiden badminton major senior titles on the final day of the Bank of India all-India Senior ranking badminton ranking tournament in Bangalore on November 30. 21-16. Haryana (18-28-10). 800 m : Jinson Johnson 1 : 52·49. Sunderraj also ran a spectacular anchor leg in the 4 × 100 m relay. Liu Peixuan and Tang Jinhua (China) defeated Ng Hui Lin and Gan Chai Teik (Malaysia) 21-17. After her victory in the 100 m earlier. 21-12 to clinch men's singles title in the Indian Open Grand Prix Badminton Championship on December 19. Saina Nehwal Clinches Hong Kong Open Ace Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal registered a scentillating three-game victory over Shixian Wang of China to bag the title in Wanchal (Hong Kong) on December 12. 21-9 to bag the title. 75. The 20 year old Indian took her career's fourth Super Series title triumph with Rumbaka Hayom Dionysius and Hui Zhou who won the singles titles. 21-14 to emerge winners. condemning Tamil Nadu (16-14-16) to fourth place. Prem Kumar (TN) 1096. the unseeded Hui Zhou of China outclassed fifth seeded Fransiska Ratnasari of Indonesia 21-13. NR (Old : Indrajeet Patel. Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia beat Taufik Hidayat (Indonesia) 21-19.000 for her win.

In women's final. 11-7 emerged Saurav Ghosal triumphant in the tournament. Baek Seu K.” . 2010. The President and CEO of Samsung South West Asia. Ultimately it was Karlberg who finished to seal the $ 1·25 million Hero Honda Indian Open golf title. Rikard Karlberg with the Indian Open crown Trophy Atoev of Uzbekistan 7-0 in the final in 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou in November 2010. His showing in Poland has certainly compensated for it. Vijender had defeated world champion Abbos S. Parimarjan Negi Emerges National Champion Parimarjan Negi of Bharat Petroleum won the 48th National Premier Chess Championship in New Delhi on December 22. P. Vijender Bags Award Boxer Vijender Singh was presented the Most Valuable Performance Award by Samsung on December 22. 11-2 victory in the men's final of 58th Senior National Championship on December 10. 4 × 100 m relay : Kerala 48·38. it was Joshna Chinappa (Tamil Nadu) who after beating Saumya Karki (Maharashtra) 11-6. SPORTS AND GAMES BRIEFING Saurav Ghosal Wins Squash Title Saurav Ghosal defeated Harinder Pal Sandhu for a 10-12.N. Best athlete : Shakti Solanki (Del) 982. carries a reward of Rs. Sethuraman won a Grand Master Tournament by a one point margin at Poland on December 1. NMR (Old : Chitra Soman 25·00). 53. Sethuraman scored 7/9 and finished ahead of the GM Norm requirement which was 6·5. Hyun (Korea) finished second while Manav Jaini finished third in the tournament. R. presenting the ‘Most valuable Performance Award’ to Vijender Singh. 2010 CHESS title after beating G. 1·25 lakh but also an unexpected bonus of Rs. 5 lakh worth of Samsung products. P. 800 m : Anju (Har) 2 : 13·81. In the 10player all-play-all. Saroj 48·74). NR (Old : Ruta Patkar 6·25). Gopal. Best athlete : Shuvhendu Mishra (UP) 931. P. he must know how to fall. 11-14. NR (Old : P.23·03). The title win fetched him not only a glittering trophy and a cheque for Rs. Best athlete : Duttee Chand (Ori) 1026. 12-10. Best athlete : R. Sethuraman is India's Youngest Grand Master Former World Under-16 Champion S. High jump : Ajay (Har) 1·91m. The MVP award. Discus : Parmila (Har) 49·10 m. NR (Old : Geetha Roby 1 : 03·43). U-18 : 200 m : C. High Jump : P. He won the Karlberg stayed off the lead and Baek Seu K. Best athlete : Nirupama Sunderraj (Kar) 1038. He disappointed at Porto Carras in Greece by not finishing among the medals despite starting as the favourite in the World Under-18 Championship. Gopal display their trophies in New Delhi on December 22. NMR (Old : M. Long jump : Shraddha Ghule (Mah) 6·30 m. 2010 to complete his third Grand Master norm and become India's youngest grandmaster on date. Jung Soo Shin. Merlin (Ker) 1·56. Anu (Ker) 1 : 02·65. U-14 : Best athlete : Rochelle Macfarlane (TN) 949. U-14 : Long jump : Ashaful Mondal (WB) 6·62m. NMR (Old : Maria James 24·83). 3000 m : Sahanara Kalam (WB) 10 : 29. Hyun dropped three strokes by 12 holes and surprise leader Manav Jaini tumbled from 11-under to chok on the 16th and 17th. PD/February/2011/1377 “It is not enough for a man to know how to ride. Sethuraman wed earlier norms made at Parsvnath Open in Delhi 2009 and Paris Open July 2010. 2010 in Mumbai. Rengitha (Ker) 24·79s. His third norm folloS. 50. The 1993-born player from Chennai has become a Grand Master ` GOLF Rikard Karlberg Bags Indian Open Crown Sweden's Rikard Karlberg won the Indian Open Crown of golf in New Delhi on December 5. Anburaja 6·33). U-16 : 200m : Ruma Sarkar (WB) 25·42s. Anu (Ker) 999. He is the first National Champion from Delhi. 400 m hurdles : R. All the other athletes who had won medals in the Asian Games were also felicitated with different sizes of LCD television sets and mobile phones. 400 m hurdles : Anju Rani (Har) 1 : 02·56. It is noteworthy that Karlberg won the SAIL Open title and began this event in third place on the Asian Tour's Order of Merit. 2010. 2010. Girls : U-20 : 200 m : Nirupama Sunderraj (Kar) 24·28s. as he is already rated above the 2500 mark. Newly-crowned National champion Parimarjan Negi (right) and runner-up G. N.000 from Delhi Chess Association. 11-4.

PD/February/2011/1378 . Pakistan Test-fires its Gauri Missile Successfully Pakistan on December 21. fully secure and under a multi-layered command and control system. 2010.118. self well in the first term. the Prime Minister said that they “are safe. The Arab world will be well advised to extend all cooperation to the new government and let it work independently in the interest of regional peace. No cause of excuse must be left for the imperialist forces to prolong their stay in Iraq. journalistic sources revealed on December 15 as South Korea prepared for its largest civil defence drills in years. with violence writ large on Iraqi polity right since the formation of a government in his first term. He acquitted him- old Army Strategic Force Command (ASFC) for the successful launch. He has succeeded well enough in bringing conflicting segments of Iraq’s political brass and has been able to elicit a vow from America to withdraw its forces at the earliest. Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said that the test was a signal to the world that Pakistan’s defence capability was impregnable and should never be challenged. Velammal Silver Jubilee 59th Senior National Volleyball Championship (men's title) in Chennai on December 19. News in a Nutshell Russia Launches Rocket Carrying its Glonass Nick Matthew (right) and Jenny Duncalf won the PSA and WISPA Masters titles on December 19. Earlier Railway women clinched a hat-trick of titles beating Kerala to emerge champion in women's section. In the women's final the top seeded Jenny Duncalf of England outplayed the second seeded Kasey Brown of Australia and clinched WISPA Masters title in 34 minutes dropping 14 points. The triumphant Tamil Nadu team members pose with the trophy. Addressing concerns voiced internationally about the safety and security of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. 2010. P. 2010.093 and the runner-up $ 19.Matthew and Duncalf Claim Squash Titles World Champion of Squash Nick Matthew of England beat James Willstrop to register a splendid victory and thus clinch the $ 192. P. Inter fax reported.500 Punj Lloyd PSA Master Squash Championship in New Delhi on December 19. 2010 successfully test-fired Hatf V (Gauri)—a Medium Range Ballistic Missile—capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear war heads over 1. North Korea Digging Tunnel for N-Test North Korea is digging a tunnel at its nuclear test site which would make it ready to conduct a third nuclear test by March.300 km. Tamil Nadu and Railway are Volleyball Champions Tamil Nadu scripted a classic come-from-behind victory after defeating Kerala in the final of the Operational : Hatf V (Gauri) being testfired from an undisclosed location in Pakistan on December 21. 2010 from the Baikonour cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.” According to Press sources the launch was conducted by the Strategic Missile Group of the ASFC on the culmination of a field training exercise.Darpan Continued from Page 1357 Comment It may however be mentioned that Nouri al-Maliki is by and large a sagacious leader.Darpan The champion collected $ 29. Lauding the 11-year- Rocket launched a rocket carrying three Glonass navigational satellites into space on December 5. The Protocol M-rocket blasted off on time carrying three Glonass–M satellites part of a system designed by the Russian government as a rival to the United States government's Global Positioning System (GPS). It was reported by Interfax news agency.

2010. PD/February/2011/1379 “Every man regards his own life as the New Year’s Eve of time. ● ➟ Parimarjan Negi ☞ Parimarjan Negi beat G. ● The winner of the Hero Honda Indian Open golf title is ➟ Rikard Karlberg ☞ Sweden's Rikard Karlberg registered a splendid victory to clinch the $ 1·25 million Hero Honda Indian Open golf title on December 5. The exercise was named ‘Nomadic Elephant’. ● The 4th Indo-US Healthcare Summit will be held in representing 60. 2010 by Finance Minister Pranab The Mid Year Analysis Projects for Indian Economy Mukherjee it is estimated that growth in 2010-11 will be 8·75 plus or minus 0·35 per cent that is nearly about 9%. putting development on centre stage and triggering hope amongst millions. 2010 in New Delhi while South Korea's Baek Seuk-Hyun finished second in the tournament.National ● ➟ Sanjeev (SK) Tripathi ☞ Sanjeev (SK) Tripathi—who was hitherto the head of the Aviation Research Centre (ARC) has been appointed The new Chief of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is the Chief of Research and Analysis Wing—India's external intelligence agency. ● The winner of Hong Kong Open (Badminton) Championship is clinch the title at the Hong Kong Open in Wanchai on December 12. The man who has been chosen CNN-IBN Indian of the year is ● ➟ Nitish Kumar ☞ Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has been chosen as the CNN-IBN Indian of the year for changing the vocabulary of politics. ● The winners of 59th Senior National Volleyball Championship in Men's and Women's Sections respectively are ➟ Tamil Nadu and Railway ➟ Jaipur ☞ The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI)—a premier medical association in America ☞ Tamil Nadu beat Kerala to clinch the 59th Senior National Volleyball Championship (men's section) while Railway also defeated Kerala to bag women's title of the 59th Senior National Volleyball Championship held in Chennai in December 2010.000 doctors is holding its 4th Indo-US Healthcare Summit in January 2011. 2010.N. India recently signed 30 pacts with agreements were signed between India and Russia. 2010 by External India recently signed two pacts on nuclear safety and 5 pacts in nuclear field with Affairs Ministry while two pacts on nuclear safety with the same were also signed on the same date. Gopal to clinch the 48th National Premier Chess Championship on December 22. ● The winners of Indian Grand Prix (Badminton) title in men's and women's finals are ➟ Rumbaka Hayom Dionysius and Hui Zhou ☞ Top seeded Rumbaka Hayom Dionysius of Indonesia beat Avihingsanon Suppanayu of Thailand to clinch men's singles title while in women's singles final Hui Zhou of China beat fifth seeded Fransiska Ratnasari to bag the title in the Indian Open Grand Prix badminton championship held in Hyderabad in December 2010. ● The National (Chess) Champion is 2010 in New Delhi. ● ➟ Russia ☞ Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev had a very significant visit to India in December 2010 during which 30 ➟ Mongolia ☞ The troops of India and Mongolia held joint military exercise with two-week drill in counter insurgency India recently held joint military exercise with ending in Belgaum on December 19.” . ● ➟ 9% growth ☞ In its Mid Year Analysis 2010-2011 tabled in Parliament on December 7. ● ➟ Saina Nehwal ☞ Ace Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal registered a scintillating three game victory over Shixian Wang of China to ➟ France ☞ India signed five agreements with France in the nuclear field as announced on December 6.

● The highest HIV infection in the country in percentage term is found in ➟ Manipur ☞ As per the latest data released by National Aids Control Organization Manipur continues to top the list with an adult prevalence of 1·40 per cent followed by Andhra Pradesh (0·90%) Mizoram at (0·81 per cent) and Nagaland at (0·78 per cent). 2. though the Parliament postponed its final approval till next year. The 2014 World Cup of Football will be held in Brazil. PD/February/2011/1380 “All the suns labour to kindle your flame and a microbe puts it out. grenades. 2010. It was Englands biggest win over P. Kulish International Award for Excellence in Print Media Journalism for 2009 has been conferred on ➟ Ghana Newspaper the New Crusading Guide ● ● ● ● ☞ The New Crusading Guide-a daily newspaper from Ghana in West Africa has been named the winner of Rajasthan Patrika Group's K.) in Shekowal and Khelwal village near Ludhiana.C. Recently Indian Army was involved in Operation ‘Saiyam’ (patience) which was related to ● ● ● ➟ Scrap Ammunitions ☞ Indian Army began its biggest operation in November-December 2010 to dispose of scrap ammunitions (mortar bombs projectiles. 2010. 2010 from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur. The K. 2004 and 2005. 2010 in the State Duma— Lower House of Parliament. He also won this honour in 2003. The winner of Davis Cup (Tennis) 2010 is ➟ Serbia ● ● ☞ Serbia's Vicktor Troicki beat France's Michael Llodra to clinch Davis Cup (Tennis) 2010 in Belgrade.C. at present 2010's nominal value is the highest on record just ahead of 1998 and 2005. The winner of Ashes Test Series (cricket) in December 2010 was ➟ England ☞ England retained the Ashes Test Series after an innings and 157 run victory in the fourth Test against Australia in Melbourne on December 29.” . The Best RTI Journalist Award has been conferred on ➟ Saikat Datta ● ☞ Saikat Datta of the Outlook has been given the Best RTI Journalist Award for using the Right to Information Act to expose a Rs. 2010.300 km. It was ● Serbia's first title in the 110 year old competition. The estimated new HIV infections in India in 2009 was ➟ 1·2 lakh ☞ As per recently released data released by NACO it is estimated that India had approximately 1·2 lakh new HIV infections in 2009 as against 2·7 lakh in 2000.Darpan Australia since 1956. The Time Magazine Person of the Year 2010 is ➟ Mark Zuckerberg ☞ Mark Zuckerberg founder and Chief executive of the Facebook—social networking site that has more than half billion users has been named Time Magazines 2010 Person of the Year in December 2010. FIFA World Cup Football hosts for 2018 and 2022 respectively are ➟ Russia and Qatar ☞ Russia and Qatar were awarded the 2018 and 2022 World Cups (Football) following a secret ballot of 22 FIFA executive committee members in Zurich on December 2. The operation was named Operation Saiyam (patience) which aims at destroying scraps imported between 1999 and 2004. As per World Meteorological Organization data. International ● Russian Parliament recently approved ➟ New START ☞ The Russian—American New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) won preliminary approval of the Russian Parliament by a 350-56 majority in the first of three votes on December 24. The year which has been ranked as one of the top three warmest years is ➟ The year 2010 ● ☞ Since the beginning of instrumental climate records in 1850 the year 2010 is almost certain to rank in the top three warmest years. Pakistan recently test-fired ➟ Hatf V (Ghauri) ☞ Pakistan on December 21. 2010 with one match yet play. rockets etc. Kulish International Award for Excellence in Print Media Journalism 2009 for its series of reports on Ghana's Madhouse and Chinese sex mafia.500 crore scam in the export of rice. India recently test-fired ➟ BrahMos Missile ☞ India's supersonic cruise missile BrahMos was successfully flight-tested on December 2. The man who has been declared African Player of the Year is ➟ Samuel Eto ☞ Cameroon's Samuel Eto of Inter Milan was named African Player of the year for a record fourth time on December 20. Orissa. successfully test-fired Hatf V (Ghauri)—a Medium Range Ballistic Missile— capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear warheads over 1.

2010. 2010. Mid-year review highlights the better performance of the economy in the second quarter of the year 201011. he is always full. 2010 presented country's Mid-year Economic Review 2010-11 which indicates good health of the economy and projects 9·1 per cent growth rate for the year 2010-11. PD/February/2011/1381 “As far as the Moon is concerned.RBI Promotes Liquidity by Reducing SLR to 24% Reserve Bank of India in its Monetary Policy Review on December 16. 18. e. RBI also made this rate effective for RRBs from December 18. The Economic Survey. f. Analysts put the view that these steps of easing liquidity tightness and increasing government spending will ensure a comfortable environment on liquidity front. RBI has taken these steps to ease the liquidity tightness and to provide support to credit growth. 4 per cent growth in farm sector and 9·8 per cent growth in manufacturing sector helped the economy to attain 8·9 per cent GDP growth in the second quarter of the economy.0 25 20 Sep 22 ‘91 Effective date Dec 18 ‘10 (in %) Rate. Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate but RBI may raise these rates as the inflation pressures are still mounting in the economy. 2010 Mid-year Economic Review Puts Economy on Right Track Finance Ministry on December 7. 2010. 2010 put main focus on liquidity problem which commercial banks were facing. If SLR is reduced. RBI reduced Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) by 1 per cent to 24 per cent. By varying the SLR.” . 2010 Nov. 2010) Key Rate Bank Rate Cash Reserve Ratio Repo Rate Reverse Repo Rate Statutory Liquidity Ratio Rate 6·0% 6·0% 6·25% 5·25% 24% w. the RBI controls the expansion and contraction of credit. 2. Reserve Bank of India on December 27.f. The new measure declared for RRBs means that RRBs can now keep less of government securities and have more lendable resources for credit needs. the lendable resources with the scheduled commercial banks gets correspondingly increased and vice-versa. Though in its review on December 16. SLR signifies the fraction of deposits which commercial banks are mandated to invest in government bonds.e. presented by the Ministry before budget 2010-11. April 30. 2010 Dec. 2. CRR.5 30 24. had projected the growth rate of 8·25–8·75 per cent for 2010-11. 2010 Nov. 18. Besides. 2010 also announced reduction in SLR by one per cent point 24 per cent for Regional Rural Banks (RRBs). RBI announced infusion of 48000 crore in liquidity—equivalent to a 1 per cent cut in cash reserve ratio–through open market operations in one month. Key Rates of RBI (Status as on Dec. SLR is an effective instrument of credit control with Reserve Bank of India. 2003 April 24. SLR’s Journey 40 35 38. Mid-year review puts agriculture and industry growth rates for AprilSeptember 2010 period at 3·8 per cent RBI also Cuts SLR for RRBs to 24% After 10 days of announcing a reduction of 1% in SLR to 24% w. It is the highest projection of the growth rate in the last three years. The similar cut for commercial banks was announced by RBI in its monetary review made on December 18. 2010 RBI has not altered any of the other key rate including Bank What is Statutory Liquidity Ratio ? SLR refers to that portion of total deposits of a commercial bank which it has to keep with itself in the form of cash reserves. December 18.

but raises concerns over debt and deficit. to reduce the trade deficit. China at a Glance GDP 2009 China $ 4·98 trillion India $ 1·31 trillion GDP Growth Rates (%) China India 2007 13 9 2008 9 7·4 2009 9·1 7·7 China agreed to support Indian participation in national and regional trade fairs. The bilateral trade between India and China is expected to be around $ 60 billion in 2010. India's cumulative merchandise exports to China in 2009-10 stood at $ 178751·43 million while total imports were at $ 288372·88 million. The bilateral trade imbalance was against India to the tune of $ 19 billion during 2009-10. The two sides agreed to encourage greater mutual investment and project contracting cooperation between businesses of the two countries and deal appropriately with issues concerning economic and trade frictions. Important Statistics Midyear Economic Review (in million $) April-June 2009 Trade Balance Current Balance Account – 4·45 1·82 6·12 8·27 2010 – 13·73 1·12 3·12 4·61 – 25·64 – 34·19 NRI Deposits/Remittances FDI (Net) Portfolio Mid-year review presents satisfactory scenario of revenue deficit and fiscal deficit due to increase in tax and non-tax revenues. India's trade balance with China has risen from $ (–) 46075·20 million in 2005-06 to $ 109. environmental protection. India and China to Raise Bilateral Trade to $ 100 billion by 2015 India and China have agreed to raise bilateral trade to $ 100 billion by 2015. 621·45 million. Finance Ministry puts signals to bring the economy on the right track. projected at 19·95 per cent is another serious worry raised in the mid-year survey. India and China have decided to establish a Strategic Economic Dialogue to enhance macro economic policy coordination and address challenges facing economic development. PD/February/2011/1382 “The rich would have to eat money if the poor did not provide food. though the balance of trade lies heavily in favour of China. To step up the potential of bilateral trade. India and China also agreed to “jointly oppose protectionism in all forms. information technology. Both the countries have decided to promote India's exports to China so as to reduce India's trade deficit.” besides expanding bilateral cooperation in sectors like infrastructure. Revenue deficit and fiscal deficit may remain below the target of 4% and 5·5% of GDP for the entire year 2010–11. GDP has been estimated at 8·9 per cent in the first half of 2010-11 which is higher to 7·5 per cent obtained in the first half of 2009-10.and 10·2 per cent respectively while they were only 1·0 and 6·3 per cent for the same period of 2009. Now both the countries agreed to take measures Economy Scenario India Vs. China has become India's largest trading partners. According to the official statistics. enhance exchange and cooperation of pharmaceutical supervision and expedite completion of phytosanitary negotiations on agro products. on a priority basis.” . telecommunications. investment and finance. Average food inflation.

India's total broadband subscription at the end of September 2010 was 10·29 million. Delhi’s National Capital Region (NCR). Madhya Pradesh ($ 398 million) and Tamil Nadu ($ 331 million). computer hardware and software and construction. FDI flows into different states in India have increased steadily since the early 1990s but Maharashtra and NCR took the lead in attracting maximum FDI due to better infrastructure as compared to other states of the country. while Orissa and Uttar Pradesh attracted $ 11 million and $ 80 million. Making similar to the line with NEFT charges. According to the ASSOCHAM Investment Meter. Wireless user base registered 2·55 per cent increase between August 2010 and September 2010.000 crore respectively. Among the list of top 20 investment attracting states. retains its leadership position in mobile phone user base with a market share of 20·84 per cent.” . Vodafone Essar with market share of 16·80 per cent stood third in the race. Bharti Airtel with 9·04 per cent share in the land-line market stands third in the list. RBI has taken this step after taking note of the fact that some banks charge as much as 110 for such cash deposits.e. followed by Reliance with 17·06 per cent market share. total investment plans of India incorporated increased significantly from 79. the country's total telephone user base. 2010 reached 723·28 million. The main reason of this decrease was global recession. It may be recalled that in 2008. September 30. metallurgical industries. Uttar Pradesh attracted massive investment plans of about 205000 crore during the first half of 2010-11. attracting $ 1·04 billion during the period. 2010-11.. power. The sectors that attracted the maximum FDI include services. followed by Andhra Pradesh ($ 491 million). branch other than the one where the customer has the account. Bharti Airtel. 2010 while it was 59·63 in August-end 2010. April-September period of 2010) which is 34 per cent of the total FDI inflows into the country. an assessment of corporate investments across states and sectors. 2010 declined to 35·37 million from 35·77 million of August 2010. Gujarat and Orissa secured fourth and fifth position by attracting investment plans worth 1.275 crore) during the first half of 2010-11 (i. Maharashtra and NCR accounted for over 50 per cent of total FDI inflows into the country during the first half of RBI asks Banks to Cap Cash Deposit Charges Maximum at ` 5 The Reserve Bank of India has taken a major step by directing banks not to charge more than 5 for any cash deposit made at a non-home branch i. Maharashtra Attracted Maximum FDI in April-Sept. Karnataka remained the thirdmost preferred FDI destination in the country. Thus. Power and services were prominent sectors which attracted major investments.70.e. The total FDI inflow during the first half of 2010-11 stood at $ 11 billion. telecommunication. 2010 Maharashtra attracted the maximum Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of about $ 2·67 billion ( 12.000 crore in 2009 to 100. the apex bank Reserve Bank of India had directed that the charge for a transaction under the National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) upto 1 lakh should not exceed 5.96.-end 2010 As per the data released by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). country's largest telecom provider.97.ASSOCHAM Ranks Uttar Pradesh Among Top 2 Domestic Investment Destinations ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) has ranked Uttar Pradesh as the second most preferred domestic investment destination in India after Karnataka. The audience was a failure. Uttar Pradesh registered a growth of 75 per cent (year-on-year) and 4·7 per cent share of total investment commitments made during April-September 2010-11. adding 17·10 million new subscribers but country's fixed line phone connection as of September 30. As per the statistics.000 crore and 1. The over-all tele-density statistics has been placed at 60·99 as on September 30. Since the beginning of liberalisation and globalisation era. including landline and mobile phone users as on PD/February/2011/1383/4 “My play was a complete success. The foreign direct investment into the country in 2009-10 was $ 25·88 billion which was 5 per cent lower than the $ 27·33 billion FDI inflow in 2008-09. In land-line telephone market BSNL is still leading with 73·71 per cent share in the market and having 26·22 million land-line users as of September-end 2010. The wireless telephone density rose to 57·99 in September-end from 56·61 of August 2010. Less developed states like Rajasthan received $ 13 million of FDI during the period. government is making sustained efforts to make the FDI policy regime more attractive and investor-friendly. The availability of rich mineral resources like coal and iron ore along with cheap availability of manpower helped Jharkhand rank amongst the top three states in attracting corporate investments. 2010. respectively. RBI now directed banks not to charge India's Tele-density Reaches 60·99 as on Sept.000 crore during the current financial year. According to ASSOCHAM's Investment Meter (AIM). Karnataka has emerged as a preferred destination with the highest share of over 9 per cent in domestic investment plans. including parts of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana could attract $ 1·96 billion ( 8961 crore) of FDI during the period which is 20 per cent of total FDI into the country.91. MTNL remained the second largest fixed line telephone operator with a market share of 9·77 per cent or 3·47 million subscribers as on September 30.

World Bank's report also extends the view that the overall FDI inflows to the developing world continued to be ‘overwhelmingly’ concentrated in middle-income nations. Hero Honda will continue to produce and sell its existing product range. KVK Energy Ventures Pvt. Pharmaceuticals and Engineering Companies have already set up offices in Kazakhstan. 15·31 per kWh for solar thermal and Rs. and Rajasthan Sun Technique Energy Pvt. a unit of Welspun Corp that has interests in steel and textiles. FDI into Developing Countries to Rise 17% in 2010 : World Bank According to a Report of World Bank. This transaction shall be placed for necessary ratification. an additional supply of upto 10 GW by 2017 and the rest by 2022 at an overall investment of about $ 70 billion. India and China alone absorbing half. the Russian Federation. 37 Companies Selected to Build Solar Power Plants To support country's Solar Mission Plan. the government has selected 37 companies to build solar power projects. The agreed transaction will take place in a phased manner and is expected to be completed by 2011. the foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows into developing countries. with Brazil. After buying this stake. Munjals will have control over 52 per cent stake in the company. 17·91 per kWh for solar module—about eight times the cost of coal power. for 3·5 Bn Tenge (US D 23·765 Mio approx. at par. unveiled last year. PNB has acquired 35 million shares of 1000 Tenge each. Agreement made under MoU shows that the Hero Honda group can also use the Honda brand name on new models until 2014. Godawari Power and Ispat. Honda. Kazakhstan the largest economy in Central Asia has strategic importance for India due to growing economic cooperation between two countries at the apex level. and encourage the use of solar lighting systems in villages and small towns with micro financing. As per the NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam Ltd. Munjals-promoted Hero Group will buy out Honda's entire 26 per cent stake in Hero PD/February/2011/1384 “The tyrant is nothing but a slave turned inside out. Hero group has not specified the price at which shares will be exchanged. RBI had mandated a fixed charge for cash withdrawal from third-party automated teller machines. The Solar Mission Plan is to make the use of solar-powered equipment and applications mandatory for hospitals. India has initiated a plan which seeks to significantly scale up production of solar energy from zero to 20 GW by 2022. Damodaran.). Besides. were also selected to build power plants with a capacity of 50 MW each. The report—World Investment and Political Risk—launched by the World Bank's Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency said that the net FDI inflows into the developing countries was projected to touch $ 416 billion in 2010. Banks used to charge customers as much as 55 for cash withdrawal from other bank ATMs. won bids for a maximum project capacity of 100 MW each. Last year. including India. Ltd. Ltd. beyond the five free transactions. including pensioners. operational presence in Kazakhstan has been considered crucial for PNB due to growing bilateral business opportunities and per capita income in Kazakhstan. NTPC. which has natural resources aplenty. PNB has its presence in Almaty. RBI recently set up a committee under former Securities and Exchange Board of India chairman. Many Indian Oil and Gas.more than 5 for cash deposit charges. hotels and government building. According to the road map of Solar Mission Plan. Further there being no other Indian bank in CIS countries other than Russia. and Punj Lloyd Infra. NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam (NVVN) will lead the solar plan's initial phase through long-term contracts to buy the first 1 GW of energy from developers at Rs. Kazakhstan can be a gateway for CIS countries for tapping India centric business. Munjals have signed a new agreement with Honda. which was to end in 2014. M. replacing its old agreement.” . 2010 announced the termination of its 26-year old joint venture with Japanese auto company Honda Motor Corporation. Sources. PNB Acquires About TwoThird Stake in JSC Dana Bank. RBI takes such type of steps whenever it finds banks on unfair track. the country is to produce 1300 MW of power by 2013. Other selected bidders included Maharashtra Seamless Indian Oil Corp. Tenge. and suggest a mechanism to expedite grievance redressal. In accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the two companies. up from its 2009 level of $ 354 billion. Welspun Solar AP. It would look at the range of services offered to retail and small borrowers. in the General Body Meeting of shareholders of JSC Dana Bank. In order to systematically achieve the aspiration of becoming a truly global and universal bank in the foreseeable future. Corporate Ispat Alloys Ltd. Kazakhstan PNB has completed the transaction for acquisition of 63·64% stake in JSC Dana Bank Kazakhstan. Hero Groups Terminates Joint Venture with Japanese Honda Munjals Group of Hero Honda on December 16. and Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd. Though Munjals group is dependent on Honda for research and development (R&D) but Munjals disclosed that the Hero group will be free to develop its own R&D capabilities after completion of transaction. Honda will provide the Hero group new models at the existing royalty rates. was expected to recover over the next few years and was projected to rise by 17 per cent in 2010. through its unit. which has raised the capital of JSC Dana Bank to the level of 5·5 Bn Tenge from the existing 2 Bn. Besides for reviewing customer service in banks. Under this new agreement. Lanco Infratech. Kazakhstan since 1998 through its Representative Office.

with a cumulative capacity of 2·53 MW. grew at a robust 22 per cent in October 2010 after registering a contraction of 4·1 per cent in September 2010. Another favourable figure of imports for November 2010 shows a much slower pace of 11·2 per cent to $ 27·8 billion.429 million). Basic and intermediate goods grew at 7·7 per cent and 9·5 per cent. The panels in the solar power plant have been designed to work for 25 years. Not only with IDA. IDA is the largest sources of assistance for the world’s 79 poorest countries. Ethiopia and Nigeria with $ 890 million each. Tanzania ($ 943 million). During the current financial year 2010-11. India is also the third largest borrower of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). Mining and electricity production grew at 6·5 per cent and 8·8 per cent respectively compared with 9·1 per cent and 4 per cent. all the months of 2010-11 experienced declining growth path in IIP. These panels will absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity and will feed directly to NDPL's main grid line. established in 1960 with the aim to reduce poverty by lending money (known as credits) on concessional terms. On cumulative front. for AprilNovember 2010 period.578 million. respectively in Oct. and gems and jewellery by 16 per cent. It is also pursuing the prospect of setting up a 100 MW grid interactive solar power plant in Rajasthan. Kenya ($ 614 million).Delhi gets 1 MW Solar Energy Generator North-Delhi Power Ltd. Bangladesh ($ 828 million). Among the bank’s FY10 Top Ten IDA borrowing countries. Besides. It is worthnoting that the government had set an export target of $ 200 billion for 2010-11 against the export level of $ 179 billion obtained in 2009-10. exports of petroleum refinery products increased by 41 per cent and cotton yarn by 46·5 per cent due to support of global market. a part of World Bank group with a total loan of $ 21·9 billion which have financed 77 projects in the country. This 1 MW unit is designed to produce. Capital goods. The trade deficit for the first eight months of 2010-11 stands at $ 81·7 billion. NDPL will also facilitate grid interactive solar PV systems on the rooftops of individual households and commercial buildings. Uganda ($ 480 million). With the ongoing trend. which have been one of the most volatile components of IIP. was IIP could take rebound basically on the back of an increase in manufacturing. Except July 2010. followed by Vietnam ($ 1. However. This includes setting up gridinteractive solar PV systems on the roofs of 56 of its grid substations in its distribution network of North and North-west Delhi. Among various states in India. It may be recalled that IIP had registered the 16-month low level of 4·4 per cent in September 2010. 2010 compared with 4 per cent and 15·4 per cent of Oct. India tops the table with $ 2. PD/February/2011/1385 . September's IIP growth in 2010 is the lowest expansion since May 2009. The installed power plant consists of more than 5500 solar photovoltaic panels made of crystalline silicon. (NDPL)—a joint venture of Tata Power with the Delhi government has commissioned a solar power plant installed by Tata BP Solar. 39 of which come from Africa. the Commerce Ministry has extended hope to see export level at anywhere between $ 210 billion and $ 215 billion. the official data show a huge amount of positive growth every where. Index of Industrial Production (IIP) rebounds back into double digits at 10·76 per cent in October 2010. IDA credits have no interest charge and the repayment period ranges between 35 to 40 years. Exports Register 27% Growth in November 2010 India's exports in November 2010 registered a rise of 26·8 per cent to touch level of $ 18·9 billion yearon-year basis which raised government's confidence to breach the export target and touch $ 215 billion level. Democratic Republic of Congo ($ 460 million) and Ghana (433 million). exports have gone up by 26·7 per cent to $ 140·3 billion while imports expanded 24 per cent to reach $ 222 billion level. Manufacturing registered the highest rate among sectors at 11·3 per cent in October 2010 compared with 10·8 per cent last year. IDA. termed as ‘Soft Loan Window’ of the World Bank. India has become the largest borrower from the International Development Association (IDA). particularly of consumer durables. 1·58 million units of electricity annually which is sufficient to light more than 1000 homes. Tamil Nadu hold the maximum assistance of $ 2·1 billion from the World Bank to support its six on-going projects. All the three sectoral components of Index of Industrial Production (IIP) showed declined growth rates in September 2010 on an annual. IIP Rebounds to 10·8% Growth The third quarter of the financial year 2010-11 started with a robust industrial growth. a component of World Bank Group which helps the poorest countries of the world. After showing a big dip in September 2010. 2009. eight months to $ 31·6 billion. NDPL has planned a three-fold initiative to promote solar power generation over the next three to four years. The big positive on exports came from the engineering sector which increased by 50 per cent in the first “The bluebird carries the sky on his back.” IIP Growth Path in 2010-11 April May June July August September October 17·6% 11·5% 7·1% 13·8% 5·6% 4·4% 10·8% India Becomes Largest Borrower of IDA According to the statistics of World Bank. as well as on a sequential basis. certain sectors like garments and agricultural items are in negative as exports of most of the commodities are restricted.

Presently IDBI. As per official sources of RBI. urging Russia to take part in the exploration of 34 hydrocarbon blocks. the agriculture and allied sector registered growth of 3·8 per cent in the first six-month of 2010-11. IMF Managing Director extended the view that India's result in terms of economic growth and also in terms of inclusive growth were really amazing. Sajjan Jindal said that JSW would refinance Ispat's entire 7500 crore debt at a lower interest rate and get fresh lenders on board. NELP-VIII could attract a very poor response which could manage only $ 1·1 billion. October 2010 Sector Mining Manufacturing Electricity IIP October 2009 9·1 10·8 4·0 10·1 October 2010 6·5 11·3 8·8 10·8 JSW Steel Buys Ispat Industries JSW Steel declares to buy a controlling 41·29 per cent stake in Ispat Industries for 2157 crore. 2011. Inflation for primary articles also moderated to 13 per cent as compared to 16·7 per cent in October 2010 and fuel price inflation declined to 10·3 per cent compared to 11 per cent in the month October 2010. Wholesale inflation has maintained a broadly moderating trend since April 2010. RBI to Buy upto 12000 crore of Govt. (OIL) to co-operate in two upstream gas projects. expects the economy to grow by 8·5 per cent during 2010-11. Vice-Chairman and MD of JSW Steel Mr. JSW Steel will raise the entire debt from a new set of lenders at lower interest rate and will repay the existing lenders by September 2011. the 7·99 per cent 2017 bonds. The Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry has extended hope to arrange investment of around $ 14 billion in this ninth round of auctioning. 16·73 per cent during November 2009. Allied sectors livestocks. The bids for the latest auction is scheduled to close down on March 18. As per the agreement between the two Ispat will issue on a preferential basis 108·66 crore equity shares at 19·85 a share. On his visit to New Delhi. India imports over two-third of its crude oil needs and that's the reason why India has come forward to reduce its dependence on overseas purchases of oil and gas. In its continued efforts. This rate was 8·58 per cent in October 2010 which again moderated to 7·48 per cent in November 2010. compared to only one per cent growth obtained in the same period of last year. Gazprom is one of the most active Russian energy companies which has been invited by India's state-run explorer Oil India Ltd. News in a Nutshell Russia Invited to Explore India's Hydrocarbon Reserves India has invited Russia for exploration of its hydrocarbon reserves. which uses a different computation for calculating GDP. IMF has projected Indian economy to grow by 9·7 per cent in 2010 and the Indian economy is well going ahead to achieve this projection. According to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data released by the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO). Food inflation stood at 9·4 per cent in November 2010. International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Dominique Strausskahn described India as a ‘Leading Power’ and an ‘Economic Powerhouse’. respectively. Government Securities purchased under the programme included the 7·02 per cent 2016 bonds. The entire capital infusion will go towards strengthening Ispat's balance sheet by paying off creditors and lenders. for a consideration of 2157 crore. Wholesale Price Index (WPI) got moderated to an 11-month low of 7·48 per cent in November 2010. Ispat also owes State Bank of India 2000 crore as part of its working capital debt.Sectoral Growth October 2009 Vs. on the other hand is also interested in increasing its participation in the development of Russia's vast oil and gas reserves. forestry and fisheries showed growth in the range of 3-4 per cent which WPI Moderated to 11-month Low Level of 7·48 per cent Due to deceleration in food inflation and high base effect. Disclosing the road map of Ispat Industries revival plan. compared to 14·1 per cent in October 2010 and PD/February/2011/1386 “The chains that bind us most closely are the ones we have broken. the country's farm sector grew by 2·5 per cent and 4·4 per cent each in the first two quarters of the current financial year 2010-11.” . ICICI and IFCI are Ispat's prime lenders of Ispat Industries. India has taken this step to attract more investment in its energy sector so as to ensure less dependence on oil and gas imports. India. the 8·13 per cent 2022 bonds. in the same period last year. compared to 1·9 per cent and 0·9 per cent. the auction was conducted on December 15. IMF Chief Places India as ‘Economic Powerhouse’ On the basis of solid performance of Indian economy. India. The inflation rate was 4·5 per cent during November 2009. 2010. Bonds The Reserve Bank of India declared to buy upto 12000 crore ($ 2·7 billion) of government bonds through Open Market Operations (OMO) in a move to inject liquidity into country's banking system. With its New Exploration and Licensing Policy (NELP) which was launched in 1999 India offered better terms to contractors for exploring reserves in India. Finance Ministry has extended hope that the inflation rate will come down to six per cent coinciding with the Reserve Bank of India target by the end of the financial year 2010-11. IMF chief also extended the view that higher economic growth than what was being witnessed by India might lead to risks of inflation and high current account deficit in the country. NELP in Moscow. Indian energy officials presented the ninth round of ● Farm sector shows 3·8% growth in first half 2010-11—Due to better support from Kharif crop production.

PD/February/2011/1387 “If you see the world in black and white. It is worthnoting that natural gas produced by ONGC and OIL. Gujarat and other states covered by GAIL's HaziraVijaipur-Jagdishpur and DahejVijaipur pipeline. you’re missing important grey matter. a regulating agency.200 a tonne from $ 525. The sector had grown 1·6 per cent in the previous financial year. The government has also made exports almost impossible for those who are already in possession of ‘no objection certificate’ (NOC) given by the Nafed and 12 other agencies. (OIL) have been allowed to charge upto $ 5·25 per million British thermal unit (mBtu) for 7–8 million standard cubic metres per day (msc md) of gas which is sold to nonpower and non-fertiliser sector w. 2011. The biggest contributor to indirect tax revenue collections has been custom duty which increased 67 per cent to 86844 crore in the eight-month period this year against 52011 crore in the year-ago period. like Rajasthan. ONGC and Oil India Ltd.f. who are getting gas from identified onshore fields.P. As per MoU signed. the project's equity ratio between NLC and U. 2010. consumers in western and northern parts of the country (Maharashtra.” . South Gujarat and isolated customers in Gujarat. It may be recalled that recently Uttar Pradesh has taken the MoU route for power projects totalling Indirect Tax Revenue Collections AprilNovember Period ( crore) Tax Custom Duty Excise Duty Service Tax Total Indirect Tax 2009-10 52011 61020 32927 145958 2010-11 86844 81984 38927 207756 % increase 67·0 34·4 18·2 42·3 ● Onion Export banned for short period to curb prices—Onion prices in the open market have risen 70 per cent to 60-70 per kg in the past few days which worried the government and compelled it to suspend onion exports till January 15. The rise in onion prices is due to stock holding in home market on the one hand and on the other due to large scale export of the produce to gulf countries and neighbouring Sri Lanka and Bangladesh since September 2010.gave support to farm sector to obtain 3·8% growth in first half of 2010-11.Year's collection during the same period constituted 54·5 per cent of the overall target. marketing margin/service charge and taxes. ● Natural gas price for non-priority sector raised—The government has given its approval to raise 10 per cent prices of natural gas which state-own petroleum companies sell to consumers in non-priority sectors such as steel and petro-chemicals. Indirect Tax collections have gone up by 42·3 per cent to 207756 crore between April-November 2010 period against 145958 crore in the corresponding period of 2009-10.e. It has more than doubled the minimum export price (MEP) to $ 1. Around 70 per cent of the project will be funded by debt and 30 per cent by equity capital. Government attributed the price rise of onion phenomenon to supply crunch due to unseasonal rain in Maharashtra. The rates set would be excluding cess. The collections in the first eight months are about 66 per cent of the budget estimate of 315000 crore for 2010-11. Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam will be 51 and 49 per cent respectively. transportation charge. December 1. Madhya Pradesh. ● Indirect tax collections went up by 42·3%—With an increase in custom duty collection. Consumers in the North-east would pay $ 4·2 per mBtu. Haryana and Delhi) will pay $ 5·25 an mBtu. Gujarat and Southern states which produces bulk of onion in the country. Users in Rajasthan. The government has set a target of 4 per cent agricultural growth a year in the 11th Five-Year Plan period (2007-12). would be charged $ 5 anmBtu while the same in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh would pay $ 4·75 per mBtu and $ 4·5 per mBtu. Uttar Pradesh. As per official declaration. In 2009-10. The project is scheduled to be completed by 2014 with an estimated investment of 10000 crore. Proposed power plant will have the initial capacity of 2000 MW but it will be extended in future. due to widespread drought across the country. meaning no shipment can take place below this price. from fields given to them on a nomination basis is sold at government controlled price calle APM (Administered Pricing Mechanism) rate. showing an increase of 18·2 per cent over 32927 crore collected during the same period of 2009-10. According to the petroleum ministry order. Revenue collections from service tax stood at 38927 crore. at 0·1 per cent. The State Government will get 75 per cent of the power generated. respectively. Kanpur. Agriculture cooperative major Nafed. Excise duty collections went upto 81984 crore which is 34·4 per cent more than 61020 crore collected during the same period last year. ● UP Signs MoU with Neyveli for Power Project—A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between Uttar Pradesh government and Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) to set up a 2000 MW thermal power plant unit at Gatampur. This project is estimated to generate direct employment for 800 people and another about 10000 jobs indirectly. the agricultural sector recorded its lowest growth in five years. has been asked by the government to stop giving fresh clearance to exporters.

despite the 21·4 per cent dip in FDI. that is. declined to 35·43 million in October 2010. 2010—According to the data released by Commerce and Industry Ministry. NTPC has also proposed an investment of 55 crore in PHHL in return for services. In this project. Addition of more than 17 million connections per month has put the telecom sector in a strong footing. (PHHL) to 49 per cent from the present level of 21·5 per cent by infusing 96 crore. ● BSE launched ‘Shariah Index’ —The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and Taqwaa Advisory and Shariah Investment Solutions have launched the BSE TASIS SHARIAH 50 Index since December 27. Pawan Hans was incorporated in 1985 to provide helicopter support to the oil industry.almost 10000 MW. As per the declaration of Department of Revenue. came from Mauritius. PHHL is also looking for inviting FDI because 100% FDI is permitted in a seaplane operation venture. ZTE Corporation and Israelbased ECI Telecom. ● Telecom sector registers growth of 40% in 2010—The telecom sector has added 216·13 million subscriber in 2010 which shows a growth of 40 per cent over the statistics of 2009. At present government owns 78·5 per cent share in Pawan Hans Helicopter Ltd. Out of this total of 742·13 million. India is now having the largest wireless network in the world. wireless (or mobile) subscribers increased from 56·95 million to 706·70 million (more than 12 times) during the same period of five years. The move would impact import of the equipment from companies like Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell. tions in the country stood at 742·13 million. for import from China and Israel. Landline subscribers. of $ 3·84 billion. followed by Singapore ($ 1·13 billion). Gujarat at the cost of 6 crore. which were 41·42 million in March 2005. The subscriber base of wireless services rose at a compounded annual growth rate of 57 per cent since 2004. The project is expected to provide opportunities to the farmers to grow new kinds of vegetables. Haryana government has set up an Indo-Israel horticulture project at Gharaunda in Distt. seedling of various vegetables like tomato. 706·70 million were wireless or mobile phone users which stands about 95 per cent of the total subscribers. The overall FDI inflows in the country during April-September 2010 dropped by 28 per cent to $ 11 billion against $ 15·27 billion in the same period of 2009. ● Anti-dumping duty imposed on Chinese equipment—India has imposed anti-dumping duty of upto 266 per cent on import of an IT equipment—also used in the telecom sector—to guard the domestic industry against cheap Chinese and Israeli shipments. ● Indo-Israel horticulture project setup in Haryana—To enable farmers to grow unseasonal vegetables. 2009. Work has already been started on three power projects at Bara. the telephone connec“A boil is no big deal. Besides. At present. net house and these saplings would be provided to the farmers on subsidy.Darpan ● FDI in services dips 21% in April-Sept. 2010. During the period. compared to 526 million a year ago. ● ONGC proposes to raise stake in ‘Pawan Hans’—Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has proposed to increase its equity in government-owned Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd. This project would help farmers to increase their income because unseasonal cultivation of vegetables would fetch better prices in the market. Last year for the same period this figure was $ 2·62 billion ( 12782 crore). Japan ($ 563 million) and the Netherlands ($ 498 million). Wireline connections are declining every year. ONGC has also agreed to give Pawan Hans a five year loan of 275 crore.” PD/February/2011/1388 . and Southeast Asia. The index comprises the 50 largest and most liquid Shariah-compliant stocks within the BSE 500. services to remote areas and also to promote tourism in the country. seedless cucumber and capsicums would be prepared in the green house. P. According to Madhu Kannan. 2010. the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the country’s service sector during the first half of the year 2010-11 declined by 21 per cent to $ 2·06 billion ( 9506 crore). the restrictive duty on import of the ‘synchronous digital hierarchy transmission equipment’ would range from three to 266 per cent on the CIF (cost. from December 8. Karchchna and Meja with total capacity of 4600 MW. Pawan Hans has 41 helicopters. the index will give Islamic and other socially responsible investors another means to access the Indian market and help attract pools of capital from the Gulf. The service sector. topped the chart in attracting FDI inflows from abroad. managing director and chief executive officer of BSE. superseded or amended earlier) from the date of imposition of the provisional antidumping duty. As on October 31. According to the official declaration. The project has been set up over an area of 25 acres of land. On someone else’s neck. not equity. The index is the first shariah index created in India utilising the strict guidelines and local expertise of a domestic Shariah advisory board. the anti-dumping duty shall be levied for a period of five years (unless revoked. the US ($ 724 million). On the other hand. This NTPC investment will be used for fleet expansion in PHHL. Europe. insurance and freight) value of imports. the highest FDI.

2. In response to NATO's establishment in 1949. which led to the emergence of cold war in international politics. so that it continues to be effective in a changing world. it is aware that the acquisition of substantial and modern military capa“Listen or thy tongue will keep thee deaf. businesses. The example of such organisations are SEATO and CENTO. spread of terrorism and other extremist groups. core tasks and activities of NATO and the commitments of NATO in the changing scenario. more organised and more damaging to the government administrations. on the one hand. It says that terrorist groups continue to spread to the areas of strategic importance to NATO and modern technology increases the threat and potential impact of terrorist attacks. NATO came as a collective military response of western bloc in the beginning of global cold war politics. cyber attacks. health risks or water scarcity. The Changing Security Environment—The Strategic concept highlights both the conventional and modern threats faced by Euro-Atlantic area. NATO is the only collective security/military organisation active outside the UN collective security system. whereas they created suspicion and hatred among the nations. In addition to these two major collective security organisations. The capitalist bloc was led by the USA. Its guiding principle is “Active Engagement. biological or radiological capabilities. instability or conflicts beyond NATO border areas. the USA and western bloc also managed to set up other such collective security organisations in other parts of the world. the differences between the soviet bloc (communist countries) and western bloc (capitalist countries) were intensified. The eastward expansion of NATO near the borders of Russia and its plan to set-up missile defence system in eastern Europe are considered as security threats by Russia. the strategic concept has reviewed all the conventional and non-conventional sources of threat to the peace and security of NATO nations in the contemporary scenario. the NATO should have also gone in to redundancy after the end of cold war.” It reflects upon the new threats arising from the changing global security environment. As far as conventional threats are concerned it states that. the communist bloc also established its own military organisation. terrorism poses direct threat to the citizens of NATO countries and more broadly to the international stability and prosperity. 1. Most of the East European member states of WARSAW pact switched over to capitalism and multi-party democracy. The strategic concept identifies many new and non-conventional threats to security of its members. transportation and supply networks and critical infrastructures. on the other. development of laser weapons. 2010. In brief. at present. However. 20. Euro-Atlantic area is at peace and the threat of a conventional attack against NATO territory is low. These military organisations. if terrorists acquire nuclear.” PD/February/2011/1389 . In its estimate. In fact. the WARSAW pact was disbanded in 1992. security and stability. the Summit leaders agreed that cyber attacks are becoming more frequent. These are proliferation of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery. Modern Defence. After the second World War. safety of land and maritime means of transport and communication. which have deep bearing on the future role of NATO in global New Strategic Concept NATO has adopted a new strategic concept for the defence and security of its members in the Lisbon Summit held on Nov. which was known as WARSAW pact. electronic warfare and technologies and environmental threats like climate change. Its membership has been opened to former soviet bloc countries. On cyber threat. The strategic concept is likely to guide the next phase in the evolution of NATO. Such attacks have potential to reach a threshold that threatens national and Euro-Atlantic prosperity. Core Tasks and Principles— The strategic concept identifies three sets of principles and three types of core tasks. Its expansion in Eastern Europe and further attempt to include breakaway republics of former Soviet Union has been resented by Russia. The new strategic concept underlines the changing role and status of NATO in global affairs. bilities particularly proliferation of ballistic missiles in different regions and countries poses a real and growing threat in Euro-Atlantic area. But NATO continued to exist and expand in the post-cold war era with new focus and priorities. against new threats and with new capabilities and new partners. while communist bloc was led by the Soviet Union.NATO : New Strategic Concept —Arunoday Bajpai North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) adopted a new strategic concept at its Lisbon Summit concluded on November 20. ensured the collective security of its members. In the normal course. chemical. Both NATO and WARSAW pacts were chief instruments of western and communist blocs respectively during the heyday of cold war politics. 2010. in particular. After the end of cold war and disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991. The Strategic concept contains 38 points.

stablise post-conflict situations. disrupt and protect against terrorism. 2001 to tackle the problem of terrorism in the mediterranean. Even after the deadline PD/February/2011/1390 “No one really listens to anyone else. nonproliferation and disarmament. UN and European Union. the strategic concept has identified the following three Core Tasks of NATO : (a) Collective Defence—The NATO was established under the Washington treaty signed by member states in 1949. democracy. the actual withdrawal of NATO forces shall depend upon the improvement of security situation in Afghanistan. Renewed Commitments—In view of the prevailing security environment. NATO will remain a nuclear alliance. (c) It underlined the political and military bonds between Europe and North America. free and at peace. effective and flexible alliance. the Summit leaders expressed their commitment to the Washington treaty and charter of the UN. defend. human rights and rule of law. The third on goining military operation of NATO is ‘Operation Active Endeavour’ in Sept. modernisation and transformation. (d) It is the firm commitment of NATO to keep its door open for the new European states. to stop ongoing conflicts which affect Alliance Security and to help consolidate stability in post-conflict situations. which contributes to Euro-Atlantic security. NATO is an essential source of stability in an unpredictable world. It is reiterated that as long as nuclear weapons exist. Besides. Accordingly. (c) NATO shall offer more political engagement with its allies to shape the ongoing missions of the alliance. The NATO shall continue to defend itself together on the basis of solidarity. (f) The strategic concept reaffirms the bond between the member states to defend one another against attack. based on approximate mix of nuclear and conventional capabilities. These forces are called International Security Assistance forces. It is also decided that in order to make NATO security missions more effective. But as long as there are nuclear weapons in the world. 4. the coastal regions of Eastern Africa have faced the major problem of piracy. In the present decade. which was forged since the NATO was formed in 1949. shared purpose and fair burden-sharing. Current Military Operations of NATO At present. manage conflicts. including working closely with international partners. and by keeping the door to membership of NATO open to all European democracies that meet its standards. 3. In the prevailing security environment at present. The NATO forces led by the USA are engaged in bitter battle with Taliban terrorists. by contributing to arms control. For better cooperation between Afghanistan and NATO forces. (b) It commits NATO to the goal of creating the conditions for a world without nuclear weapons. which was launched on June 12. (b) NATO community is committed to the principles of individual liberty. The purpose of international forces is to establish and maintain security in Kosovo. remains a core element of NATO's strategy. the NATO will engage in a continuous process of reform. The fourth ongoing mission is NATO mission in Kosovo. 3. NATO shall deter and defend against any threat of aggression or security challenge that threatens the fundamental security of member states. during and after conflicts.affairs. The NATO forces in Afghanistan were deployed in April 2003. Conclusion The Lisbon Summit. (c) Cooperative Security—It has been reaffirmed that alliance would engage actively to strengthen international security through partnership with relevant countries and other international organisations. the strategic concept lists the following commitments of NATO : (a) It commits the alliance to prevent crises. NATO shall remain a nuclear alliance. Article 5 of this treaty states that any attack against one member shall be considered as an attack on all the members. NATO shall employ appropriate mix of political and military tools to help manage developing crises before they escalate into conflicts. It also noted that alongwith defence. The first major operation is to tackle the problem of terrorism in Afghanistan. This is a peace-enforcement force. 20. threatening the East-West maritime sea routes. whole. the deterrence. and if you try it for a while you’ll see why. (e) It commits NATO to continuous reform towards a more efficient. 2009 to tackle the problem of piracy. The three fundamental principles are : (a) The fundamental and enduring purpose of NATO is to safeguard freedom and security of all its members by political and military means. because enlargement shall advance the goal of a Europe. 1999 under the United Nations mandate. 2010 also committed NATO leaders to pull-back international forces from Afghanistan by the year 2014. However. 2.” . a joint statement by the Afghan President and NATO was also issued during the Lisbon Summit. The Security of NATO members on both sides of Atlantic is indivisible. The withdrawal of forces will commence in 2011 itself. Nov. The second military mission of NATO is deployed in the off the Horn of Africa since Aug. The purpose of this mission is to conduct maritime operations in the assigned area of operations to demonstrate NATO's resolve to help deter. NATO is engaged in four military operations in different regions of the world : 1. (b) Crisis Management—NATO has developed capabilities to address the full spectrum of crises-before.

If we review the 60-years existance of NATO as a security bloc. which is located in Belgian city of Mons. This treaty was signed by five countries namely Belgium. Poland. The 2010 Summit of this council was held on 20th Nov. At present its 28 members are : Albania.NATO : Important Facts NATO was founded by the treaty of Washington which was signed on April 4. France. Anders Fogh Rasmussen is the present Secretary-General of NATO. NATO has acted beyond or without the UN mandate. Even in some cases. the partnership between NATO and Russia may not have a smooth sailing. The present American strategy to ‘reset’ relationship with Russia is directed to sort out these differences. After the break up of the Soviet Union. Both its role and size have expanded in the post cold war era. Besides. In view of the resurgence of Russia in 21st century. we have agreed to further broaden and deepen NATO-Russia dialogue and practical cooperation and bolster a NATO-Russia partnership that enhances security for all in the Europe Atlantic area and beyond. The NATO council consists of ministers of Defence and Foreign ministers of member countries. NATO council and two commands. of 2014. Canada. NATO's military activities are carried out by two commands—(1) Allied Command Transformation (ACT). Similarly. the council is the highest decision-making body of the NATO. For this purpose NATO-Russia permanent joint council was established in 1998. Croatia. Greece. PD/February/2011/1391 “Home is where you can say anything you like cause nobody listens to you anyway. Luxembourg. at Brussels in which both sides resolved : Based upon our joint cooperation agenda. It is responsible for recommending to political authorities of NATO those measures which are necessary for the common defence of the NATO region. Hungary. Larger strategic issues are decided by the Annual Summit meetings of NATO. and (2) Allied Command Operations (ACO). Norway. it is responsible for setting broad strategic goals of NATO. Norway. Romania. NATO's Headquarters is located at Brussels. It holds two meetings in a year. Iceland. Lithuania. Bulgaria. NATO's military structure consists of the military committee and two operational commands. each member is represented at NATO by its permanent representative. Spain. NATO remains the only collective security organisation which has its areas o f operation in Europe and beyond. 2009. The new membership of NATO has come from the Eastern Europe and Balkans including the former members of WARSAW pact. Its apex structure consists of NATO Parliament. NATO is not likely to face any collective military challenge in the world. The ongoing military partnership between NATO and Russia underscores the military hegemony of NATO in Europe and beyond. Its meetings are presided over by its Secretary General. First. which was disbanded in 1992. France and the United Kingdom. These five states alongwith seven other nations— USA. Russia has raised objection to NATO's activities on two counts. NATO got fertile ground to expand to eastern Europe. the expansion was not materialised as Greece opposed the membership of Mecedonia and Russia opposed the incorporation of Ukraine and Georgia. The Treaty of Brussels signed on March 1948 is considered precursor to NATO. Russia opposes the inclusion of Ukraine and Georgia as it considers their inclusion as a threat to its Security. the impact of NATO in global security and political stability is likely to increase in coming years. The NATO Parliamentary Assembly consists of legislatures from member countries as well as Thirteen Associate member states. Albania and Croatia joined on April 1. 1949. After the end of cold war and disintegration of the USSR. At present. Germany.S. the Netherlands. Czech Republic. the membership of Cyprus is opposed by Turkey. However. which is responsible for transformation and training of NATO forces. Estonia. Portugal. Though.A. Afghan people have become weary of arbitrary military activities of NATO. It has emerged as a chief instrument of western military hegemony in the world. Within the given strategic goals. it existed and expanded as a single largest collective security alliance for maintaining peace and security in different parts of the world. The future enlargement of membership is also planned as NATO decided to incorporate Republic of Mecedonia. The Assembly is the political integration body of NATO that deliberates in the political policy agenda of NATO. in 2008 at Bucharest Summit. After the end of cold war. its long and complicated presence in Afghanistan is yet to produce a stable and secure Afghanistan. which is responsible for world wide military operations. Belgium. NATO has tried to engage Russia as partner to coordinate security process in Europe. Portugal. Secondly. Netherlands. Turkey the UK and the USA. Denmark. However. Luxembourg. the capital of Belgium. With the disintegration of WARSAW pact. there are certain fundamental differences between the NATO and Russia. NATO has conducted military raids against terrorists in Pakistani areas bordering Afghanistan. The NATO military committee consists of military representatives from member countries. NATO played an active role during cold war era as a major collective security alliance of western bloc led by the U. Denmark and Ireland were the orginal founders of NATO. the NATO missile defence plan in Eastern Europe is also opposed by Russia on security grounds. The supreme commander of ACO is called the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) and is based in the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE). Slovakia. Thus. The Annual Summit meetings of this council are held alongwith NATO Summit. Canada. Latvia. NATO has been the military vanguard of US bloc against the communist bloc led by the USSR during the cold war period. Slovania.” . Italy. Its principle role is to give direction and advice on military policy and strategy. However. The larger public opinion is opposed to the unwanted military interferences in different part of the world. we find that it has not only survived but has also strengthened and expanded after the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the end of cold war. Italy. the NATO forces may remain in Afghanistan to assist and train Afghan national forces. Ukraine and Georgia.

3. Kazakhstan and Belarus. Thus. they reviewed the progress in the commissioning of unit I and II of the Kudankulam Nuclear project (Developed with the Assistance of Russia) and decided to complete discussion for setting up two additional units III and IV.” The 25 points joint statement stressed that this partnership had been marked by close coordination of foreign policy approaches to a wide range of international and regional issues. The Agreement on the long term programme for military and technical cooperation for the period 2011-2020 was signed in December 2009. It should be noted that similar recognition was accorded to India by the US and France. would further expedite the process of joint research and development. Both leaders acknowledged that the progress in the traditionally close cooperation between the two countries in the militarytechnical field reflects the trust and confidence between the two countries. sistema which gives concrete shape to such cooperation.Reconfiguration of India-Russia Relations The latter half of the year 2010 marks the phase of high diplomacy as far as Indian foreign relations are concerned. British Prime Minister visited India in July 2010. India is poised to ensure a position as a global player in the international affairs. 2010 at the invitation of Indian Prime Minister Dr. at present. The bilateral trade between the two countries was $ 4·5 billion in 2009-10. The French President. Russian President Medvedev recognised India as a state possessing nuclear weapons and supported India’s bid to full membership of the Nuclear Supplier Group that works as a nuclear export control club. 2000 at New Delhi and decided to hold annual Summit meeting to strengthen and advance this strategic partnership. particularly manifested in cultural and people to people bonds. which has not supported clearly the Indian claim for permanent membership of the Security Council. During the visit. There are both areas of convergence and divergence among them. As Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the ONGC Videsh and the Russian telecom petro giant. Indian Prime Minister remarked that India’s relationship with Russia was ‘Special and privileged’ and would grow independent of her relations with other countries. To give new direction and filip to the relations between the two countries. 2010. First. After noting the substantial progress in bilateral trade. the Chinese Premier and finally Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited India in the closing month of December 2010. on December 21. China is the only P-5 country. both sides reviewed the progress in principal areas of cooperation including in the military-technical. The present visit was 10th in the series of annual summits launched in 2001. It is a rare coincidence that heads of government/state of all the P-5 countries (Five permanent members of Security Council) visited India with diverse agenda related to economic and strategic issues. Both countries signed the Inter-governmental agreement on cooperation in the hydrocarbon sector. Second. greater military and technical cooperation including the joint manufacture of modern armaments and transfer of technology and a warm traditional friendship between the people of two countries. This reflects the consolidation and extension of strategic cooperation in the civil nuclear. The Joint Statement The leaders of the two countries signed a joint statement. large-scale trade and economic interactions including modernisation and deployment of high-technology. The highlight of the visit was the signing of 30 agreements between the public and private sectors of two countries. given the complicated nature of strategic relations among the P-5 members themselves. These high profile visits within a period of 6 months have two significant implications. Manmohan Singh for the 10th Annual Summit Meeting under the India-Russia Strategic Partnership. which is subtitled as “Celebrating a Decade of the IndiaRussian Federation Strategic Partnership and Looking Ahead. followed by Barack Obama in November 2010. The strategic pathlines of the relations among these countries are not clear and bold. The main points of the joint statement are given below. Both sides reviewed the ongoing efforts to establish joint cooperation ventures between Indian and Russian companies in the oil and gas sector. hydrocarbons and space sectors. PD/February/2011/1392 “The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said. as Russia is a major energy producer and India is a potential energy consumer. both had signed Declaration on Strategic Partnership on October 3. Both countries viewed bilateral energy cooperation as an important pillar of strategic partnership. India has to tread a careful path keeping in mind her own national interest. The implicit reflex was to ward off any misgiving about the close relations between India and the USA. manufacturing and marketing 2. after due consultation with all parties involved. The Russian President Dmitry Medvedev paid an official visit to India on 21-22 December. Given the historical background of Indo-Russia relations as well as present setting the visit of Russian President assumes special significance.” . which would work as a legal mechanism to facilitate such joint ventures. For the expansion of bilateral trade both countries decided to put in place a Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) and consider the possibility of constituting a customs union between Russia. Russian President also reiterated its support to India for the permanent membership of the UN Security Council. (A) Bilateral Cooperation 1. Accordingly. energy and high technology sectors of space and tele-communication. both sides agreed to make efforts to achieve the annual target of trade volume of $ 20 billion by the year 2015.

4. As Russia was entangled in the domestic problems to attain political and economic stability. Thus. 2010.4. Even during the national movement. Both India and Russia called upon Pakistan to expeditiously bring all the perpetrators. Both leaders considered the ongoing global recovery as fragile and characterised by wide disparities in the experience of individual countries. had concluded successfully. after India’s independence. However. based on the supremacy of international law and adhering to the goals and principles of the UN Charter. avoided to criticise Pakistan for Mumbai attacks. possessing advanced nuclear technology share the objective of preventing 5. It would involve the production of 200250 aircrafts. The cultural bonds also matured between the two countries during this period. both countries evolved and matured as natural allies in international politics. (B) Cooperation in International and Regional Issues 1. This programme would focus on innovation-led technology projects. Both countries decided to extend the Integrated Long Term Programme (ILTP) for Scientific and Technical cooperation for another decade. gradually moved towards closer relations with the USA. Russia was gradually oriented to the western countries led by the USA. While the USA termed the policy of non-alignment as ‘immoral’. 6. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the end of cold war. The Signing of Declaration on Strategic Partnership by the two countries in October 2000 marks the beginning of close cooperation and partnership. it proved to be of great help to India during the 1971 crisis. They demanded an early conclusion of comprehensive convention on International Terrorism to be adopted by the UN. Besides socialism and planned development. Whatever may be the criticism against this treaty. The two sides stressed the importance of enhancing international efforts to combat climate change under the ages of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). that the Indian movies and films have been very popular in the Soviet Union.” . during the last decade of 20th century. India. its ideological indicator was tilted towards communist bloc during the heyday of cold war. Though India followed a policy of non-alignment. Russia supported India as a deserving and strong candidate for a permanent seat in the expanded Security Council. Both leaders observed that the coordination of approaches of the two countries to various international and regional issues was an effective way to strengthen global peace. Both reiterated their commitment to the successful completion of the ongoing reforms of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to make them more inclusive. Many observers remarked that India had renounced the policy of nonalignment and had joined the Soviet Camp. authors and accomplices of November 2008 Mumbai attacks to justice. Thus. both countries shared a common ideological background against colonialism. India expressed muted criticism of Soviet intervention in Hungary in 1956 and military intervention in Afghanistan in 1979. the project covers the production and joint marketing of the aircraft to third countries. In order to increase the authority and efficiency of the UN. However. representative and efficient. Jawaharlal Nehru was deeply touched by the planned economic development of the Soviet Union. the Soviet Union had displayed sympathy for India’s independence. Thus. the highlight of the military cooperation during this visit was the signing of the contract between the public companies of the two countries for the preliminary design of the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA). Besides design and development. The new IndianRussian S&T Centre shall facilitate such innovative programmes. a grave violation of human rights and a crime against humanity. the reconfiguration occurred in the relationship between the two countries. The relationship between the two countries became sluggish and lacked the warmth of earlier period. The first Prime Minister of India. This is the process of reconfiguration of historical ties between the two countries. defence. India and Russia both as responsible states. activities in this field. during his visit to India a few days back. Both leaders reaffirmed that international terrorism is a threat to peace and security. Indo-Russian Friendship : Background India and Russia (Formerly Soviet Union) have shared a warm and close friendship for a long time. The turning point in the close relationship between the two countries was the signing of the treaty of friendship and cooperation in 1971. This military exercise focused on counter-terrorism operations. For a shared goal of strong. imperialism and racialism. While expressing satisfaction at the recently concluded Cancun Conference. It is a known fact. Similarly. They noted with satisfaction that the third India-Russia joint military exercises held in India in October 13-23. during the cold war era both countries shared close relations in the field of space. It should be noted that the Chinese Premier. India too displayed soft attitude towards controversial activities of the Soviet Union in international affairs. in the background of IndoPak War 1971. sustainable and balanced growth. Boris Yelstin visited only once India. both countries agreed to cooperate on the issue of the reform of the Security Council. the Soviet Union did not hesitate to appreciate the stands taken by India. when Putin assumed the Presidentship of Russia in 2000. a new phase of bilateral and strategic relationship between the two countries was in initiated. PD/February/2011/1393 “If animals could talk. the world would lose its best listeners. too. the Seoul Action plan of G-20 should be fully implemented. During his eight years of presidency 1992-2000. Both supported an international order which was inclusive and democratic. 2. which should 3. they agreed that the post-Cancun negotiations should be part of a comprehensive package covering all pillars of the Bali Action Plan. technology etc. be carried out in the manner that reflects the contemporary realisties and makes it more representative and effective in dealing with both present day and emerging challenges. security and stability and to build a just and democratic global order.

in view of the China and US factor. Both agreed to the conclusion of a Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA). India China). and in the Indian and Pacific Ocean region like. both share a common viewpoint on many regional and international issues such as terrorism. Both reconfigurated their relationship with the west. since the year 2000. In addition. At least I think that’s what she said. proposal of the US to develop missile defence system in the Eastern Europe. Russia supported India’s permanent membership to the Security Council and full membership to the Nuclear Suppliers Group. Highlights of Medvedev’s Visit to India The following are the major highlights of Medvedev’s visit (December 21-22. having due consideration to the legitimate interest of all states. India has to play a balancing role in relationship between Russia on the one hand and her relationship with the USA on the other. RIC (Russia. PD/February/2011/1394 “My wife says I never listen to her. both sides reiterated that all possible efforts should be made to address it through dialogue and negotiation and agreed that Iran has the right to development. Yet. India has to move carefully to protect its core national interests and strategic position in the region and beyond. Both emphasised the need for global nuclear disarmament to promote stability. stabilisation of situation in Afghanistan and evolving architecture of regional cooperation in Asia-pacific region. The progress in relationship in the fields of trade.rison to its relations with these countries during cold war. Similarly. India’s closer engagement with the USA has invited the attention of many international observers. peace and security for all. a security mechanism in Central Asia. SAARC. production and use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes in conformity with its international obligations. Russia is also interested to closely engage India with Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. Russia. Both agreed to contribute to the evolution of an inclusive and balanced security and economic cooperation architecture in Asiapacific region. After. Besides. Russia supported India’s proposed membership of SCA and Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Both signed the contract for the design and development of Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft in India with Russian collaboration. Both sides underlined the importance of successful regional and security cooperation formats operating in Asia. The USA intends to promote India as a counterbalance to China in global and regional affairs. On Afghan situation. Thus. The Russian resurgence in the present decade also facilitated this partnership. both leaders expressed concern at the deteriorating security situation and desired successful stabilisation of Afghan situation after elimination of safe havens and infrastructure of terrorism both in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Both sides resolved to work towards the creation of a transparent. nuclear issues of Iran and North Korea etc. India promised to continue to contribute to international efforts at strengthening nuclear non-proliferation regime. inclusive and balanced security and economic cooperation architecture in the Asia-pacific region. open. However. China) RIC (Russia. Both share common platform in BRIC (Brazil. At present. 7. Russia supported India’s full membership to Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR). the relationship between the two countries received temporary setback.Darpan 8. India welcomed Russia joining East Asia Summit in 2011. nuclear sector. trust and goodwill. hydrocarbon and energy and defence is the testimony to growing partnership. Both decided to set up joint ventures in the field of hydrocarbon and energy. the resurgent Russia and the US have many points of differences such as expansion of NATO. In total both sides signed 30 agreements out of which 8 memoranda of understanding were signed between the private companies of the two countries. Russia demanded that Pakistan should punish the perpetrators of Mumbai terrorist attack. the end of cold war and following the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991. India and China) EastAsia Summit and G-20. India. Russia has come closer to Pakistan and China both in compa. For last 10 years. APEC. research. Russia agreed to relax travel procedure for business people and visitors to facilitate business cooperation between the two countries. P. Both agreed to conclude negotiations for the setting of two additional Nuclear Units III and IV at Kudankulam (Tamil Nadu) by Russia. both launched a new phase of strategic partnership. 2010) to India— Both agreed to expand bilateral trade from $ 4·5 billion (2009-10) to $ 20 billion by the year 2015.” . reform of the UN and other international financial institutions. Russia also supported Indian membership to SCO and APEC. With respect to Iranian nuclear issue. Looking Ahead It is explicit from the foregoing discussion that India and Russia have shared historical ties of friendship. SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation). East Asia Summit and ASEAN.proliferation of weapons of mass destruction including their possible acquisition by terrorist groups. This may not be liked by Russia.

there has been a shock of fear that has made the brain in some way imbalanced. it yields an untidy crop. Some habits are really obsessions. As soon as a man makes the great decision to live his own life. As far as possible. but he should know that he is prejudiced on many matters. ‘Nerves !’ Usually. does not appreciate the value of advertising. his inferiority complex will make him a weakling. There are many little obsessions of this kind. He should train himself to look on the bright side of life and to think more of others and less of himself. It is a surrender to the weaker self—to the fears of the subconscious. They have no poise-no steel. some of the reasons are common to many youngsters on the threshold of a career. or those who yearn to go up the greasy pole of success. One drawback is morbidity. he must overhaul his habits. Dr. for instance. He will be stuck in the rank and file. Invariably. It has brought ruin and unhappiness to thousands of young people. And when his will has been strengthened. It may harden into an inferiority complex. He should grapple with his bad emotional habits. he PD/February/2011/1395 “The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention. mental. A morbid person must mingle with happy people. especially strangers. You must regularize life so that you will have more leisure. Pulitzer. had to spend the last twenty years of his life on a yacht-a ‘silence yacht’ that was specially built for him-because he could not endure the slightest noise. in a word. He inclines to sink back into isolation which is in itself a cause of morbidity. It prevents self-expression. the journalist. he must throw this out of his mind. Many endure harder troubles than he does. You should choose habits and not have them thrust on you. this is a word for bad temper and lack of selfcontrol. But if he has mental ambition. He own sense of self-respect should lift him above the power of trifles. and a failure—attitude. Some are helpful. Yet.Personality Development Coping with Hurdles that Hamper Success —I. But all are irrational. Shyness is serious when a man remains shy all his life. which varies from person to person. He should tackle his bad physical habits first. I can stand nothing. People who have ‘nerves’ are irritated by trifles. It often leads to a physical and mental breakdown. He should get rid of ‘nerves’ which paralyse. He should put his mind in order and begin to learn. he should be open to conviction. He once said to himself : “Alas ! I ought to be wrapped in cotton-wool. Soni A cluster of reasons silently operates behind your failure (or success) in life and career. Some people are terrified of cats or lifts. emotional and moral habits. It is serious because it represses him. Some are harmless. He has physical. No man has a perfectly balanced brain. poor memory. When this cluster is split. It is wise to live automatically with regard to the small matters of life. Even able men have allowed themselves to become the victims of ‘nerves’. Amuel Johnson touched every post that he passed. the biting of the fingernails. But in most cases this only means that he has his own point of view. such as. As engineer. Carlyle. Rossini was frightened of railway trains. It may spur us on to develop ourselves and do our best. too. If a young man has no pluck. or it may send us into a hole. Morbidity is caused by some experience in childhood. They are ‘driven mad’. If these defy him. Morbidity ruins disposition. Morbidity is a ‘mental disorder’. Should not brood on a trouble or a bereavement or a defect or a wrong. He should control his baser feelings. to take chances and to breast the blows of circumstances and grapple with his fate.” Any case of ‘nerves’ can be cured by doses of will-power and common sense. M. They are : habits morbidity. No man has ever yet cleared his mind of prejudices. The best way to overcome shyness is to meet more people. ifs and buts. bring your whole life into conformity with what you have decided to do. If he has the delusion that he is too fine-too delicate-too high-strung for his rough world. as many men do. Every man has habits. The cure is simple. shyness (read inferiority complex). for instance. develop a sense of humour and a spirit of gaiety. It is serious because it is hard to overcome. tortured himself by being irritated by trifles. He should not. Every man has characteristic faults or habits of thought that are more or less irrational. I am really ashamed of the figure I cut. It is a mild fear. A morbid person becomes more and more self-centred and hostile. You must. He should modify his opinions according to common sense and experience. help others. Those that are silly or harmful he must overcome. his inferiority will stimulate him to learn. laugh. he will not go far. Others are not. An inferiority complex may do one of two things. They ‘cannot endure’.” . It makes him put too low a value on himself. he can deal with his moral weaknesses and build up his character. It keeps hundreds of men in the rank and file. The wisest plan is to concentrate on some task that must be done—to turn it on something outside of itself. make a hobby of his prejudices. It becomes a sense of smallness. nerves. If a man is afraid of the sound of his own voice.

it becomes sacred.Darpan UPKAR’S Exam. Many have made history and shaped the destinies of nations though born with a wooden spoon. is regarded as immoral.. He may have a wish to be distinctive. he would never have discovered a new continent. G. divide it up and tackle one part at a time. Think tomorrow. both from within and without. They do not think.should join a class in public speaking. it would be afraid to leave its dock.” . the wisest policy is to concentrate upon the near future and the next step. We deaden the brain with drink.” when he was a thousand miles from land. worry that they are always watching you. All the prizes of life are upstream. When anyone suggests a new plan or improvement. However you find yourself opposed and uncertain. Imagination rescues us from the clutch of memory. A man goes forward by tackling his todays and planning his tomorrows. the timid. Go forward as man does on a strange road in a dark night-one step at a time.” His spark of ambition becomes a cinder. The average mind is practically all memory and feelings. says O. We create castes. But he shrinks back from paying the price. but…. “What will people say ?” and “I don't feel like it. P. There is always a resistance to be overcome. Keyserling says. We aim at oblivion rather than self-expression. When it becomes old. “Memory is the creator of tradition. A certain body of knowledge or ignorance becomes standardized. not by their usefulness and creative power. Lal & Jain Code No. The only way that any man can succeed is facing and over come his ‘buts’. He is held fast by the pullbacks. But the fact is that it has only to meet once wave at a time.” If an ocean liner could think and feel. Marden. He says. a man can overcone most. yet they continue to repress him. AGRA–282 002 E-mail : care@upkar. of his difficulties. It is orthodoxy and whoever questions it. he is faced with difficulties and opposition. We do bind the brain with formalism and class distinction. It becomes a creed. If Columbus had said : “I don't feel like going on. once said : “It is the next shot that counts. The active thinking part is not developed. There are always ‘buts’-risks and obstacles. As a gold champion. It is almost the incapacity to PD/February/2011/1396 “Don’t worry that children never listen to you. when one decides to follow his own reason and to live his own life. Date 6 Feb. Wave by wave.upkar. It keeps the brain positive. There is another pull-back memory. If he had been influenced by tradition or by what people said. We do have our traditional body of learning. And it gives him forethought instead of fearthought. it not all.” He makes weak excuses. He settles down to do what he is told to do and to live a life that is controlled by others-a puppet ! These are the whines of the weak. Every young man. has a wish to attain success. This. “The power of memory is overwhelming. 2011 RBI OFFICERS GRADE ‘B’ EXAM.’ His ‘buts’ have kept him unsuccessful. It makes a man look forward. That would be a good idea. Consequently. and step-by-step. Every bit of progress gives him increased confidence. superstitions. which is the most powerful enemy of progress”. traditions and castes.” “I can't change myself.S. It gives the habit of forethought and is likely to awaken a glow of resolution and confidence. They can never be reached by drifting. If fame were sold in ‘Bargain Basements.” There is the main reason why people are unprogressive. It would think of the vast ocean. he says : “Yes.” He always has a ‘but. Website : www. not back. They only remember. but by other tests which have nothing to do with intelligence.’ we could all be celevrities. 335/- It Contains Previous Years’ Solved Papers General Awareness English Quantitative Language Test of Reasoning Aptitude UPKAR PRAKASHAN. A man prepares himself for tomorrow's work by making a strong assertion of what he will do-by making it just before he goes to sleep. He says : “I am what I am. We have invented ways of dulling and paralyzing the brain. Take a short view. with a spark. a ship goes through the sea. says C. And it is strong enough to overcome one wave. We rank men. No one can set limits to self development. And the storms and the great waves. If you have a big problem. 443 Price : Rs.” “There is too much risk. strengthens the will. It would think of all its dangers and it would be afraid. (For Phase-I) By : Dr. Leland. He should take more part in conversation in larger groups. he would never have started on the most famous of all voyagers ! The weak man is always a ‘but’ man.

2009. PD—You must have read IAS Toppers’ interviews in newspapers/ magazines : what inspired you the most ? Any particular success story which influenced your journey to this result ? Suman—I used to read IAS toppers’ interviews regularly in Pratiyogita Darpan and other magaines. He deserves all admiration and our heartiest congratulations on his splendid success.e. guidance from teachers and love of my siblings this wouldn’t have been possible. Suman—Thanks a lot. Suman—I was constantly in touch with the trends post my under graduate studies. owing to his financial constraints. PD—Was CSE a planned decision or your parent’s wish ? Did you keep in mind some time frame. PD—While the changing economic environment offers immense lucrative career opportunities in various sectors. I. and was teaching at Daulat Ram College. Though the first attempt immediately after graduation was out of overconfidence generated owing to being the university topper. still what kept you motivated towards Civil Services ? Suman—Civil Services open a plethora of opportunities to prove yourself at various avenues. This important. Then the invaluable help of my seniors from the university who got into services was of great help and more so. but the Science and Technology portion of General Studies paper perhaps pulled me down. The previous attempt was a completely unprepared one just to get the feel of the exam as I couldn’t convince myself of taking coaching. Without the blessings of God. PD—In how many attempts have you achieved this success ? How do you visualize your preparation/previous attempts ? Suman—This was my second attempt. It is not without a reason that it carries adage of ‘a heaven born services’. wise if you want to.” —Suman Rawat Toppers—Civil Services Exam. PD—Were you confident of your success in this examination and how did you react to this news of your success ? Suman—I was confident of my success in the examination. however was expecting a good rank.⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ Inspiring Youth ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ “To labour intelligently is the secret of my success. though I haven’t seen the scores as yet. ‘Never say die’ attitude. Hindi medium issue is an invaluable help for the Hindi medium aspirants who might find it difficult to consolidate their preparation otherwise due to paucity of quality Hindi medium books. at what point of time did you make up your mind to make career in ‘Civil Services’. It is impeccable. University of Delhi. PD/February/2011/1397 “Be beautiful if you can. PD—Can you recall the exact moment when you realized the importance of Civil Services ? Suman—The importance of Civil Services was brought to my notice by my father who at his time couldn’t attempt the exam. but be respected—that is essential. Career in Civil Services ? Suman—After my Master’s I was working as a Junior Specialist at the University of California. my friend Major Ajay Singh Rana’s (Shaurya Chakra) efforts to keep me streamlined and disciplined paying me rich dividends. PD—Finally. you did get the right advice ? Suman—I read the planners available in the market to put things in perspective. for the examination preparation and number of attempts ? Suman—CSE. I personally referred to Economics and Polity Issues” —Suman Rawat pragmatic decision. I enrolled in M. encouragement from parents. 2009 (44th Rank) ‘Pratiyogita Darpan’ arranged an exclusive interview with Suman Rawat who has been selected in Civil Services Exam. What inspired me the most was a factor that was common in them all i. but I took a total plunge after completing my Masters academics. However this attempt was a well planned and a laborious one. PD Extra Issue on General Studies is of remarkable significance owing to its excellent compilation and relevance. Phil. thought provoking and highly inspiring interview is being presented here in its original form. the next was based on a and planned effort. how to prepare ? Which optionals ? What to read ? How much to read ? Many such questions come to your mind when you really get serious about Civil Services Examination ? From where..e. PD—Were you preparing for other career opportunities as well while preparing for your ultimate goal i. PD—Achieving top slot in the CS Examination is no small feat : accept our heartiest congratulations on your splendid success. though initiated as a parent’s wish ultimately called for a planned preparation based on “Pratiyogita Darpan is an excellent effort and is of great importance to any aspirant. He has achieved 44th rank.” . But the Civil Services kept drawing me so I came back. PD—The first step is the most difficult. along with my preparation. It is a tailormade profession for those whom social considerations drive more than economic considerations.

OSN. with its documented evidence of the success of previous aspirants and toppers. one who labours the most gets the most. financial and demographic status of the family of an aspirant have any impact on the preparation ? Suman—Yes in the course of preparation these factors do have pull and push impact. Internet browsing etc. Rishikesh B. Mains : Philosophy and Public Administration. Rishikesh 12th—68% (2002) OSN. M. PD—What is the importance of medium of examination for exams like CSE ? Suman—Any medium is good. playing squash. reading.A. I didn't however refer to optional series and hence can’t comment on the same. PD—According to a recent report published by reputed survey agency.” the largest read and the only Career and Competition magazine in top four magazines in India. PD—What is the secret of your success ? Suman—Success has no secrets.D. Sharing my own blunder. I bought the market opinion in my first attempt regarding optional and paid a heavy price. script writing. (Hons. S. IPS PD/February/2011/1398 . but don’t labour like a donkey. Phil. PD—Did you keep the same optional subjects in all your attempts ? Suman—In my previous attempt I wrote prelims with Public Administration and failed miserably. You must never go by market opinion. Got through University of Rome for Ph. size and the time of publishing ? Suman—I didn’t refer to the same as I confined myself to standard India Year Book owing to paucity of time. availability of course material and guidance.A. PD—In your opinion what role do the Competition Magazines play when you are preparing for an examination like Civil Services ? Suman—Competition Magazines are of immense importance. Personal Qualities Favourite Person—Moshe Dayan Strong Point—Oratory skills Weak Point—To hide weak points Hobbies—Playing violin. PD—What were your optional subjects ? Give the basis of selecting them. Science subjects surely are advantageous eventually science does play a role in ranking. I personally referred to Economics and Polity issues. this time the above question will have an answer in positive from me. Bio-Data Name—Suman Rawat Father’s Name—Mr. it was an obvious choice. They save a lot of time and at time inspire and boost a candidate’s confidence. 1984 Educational Qualifications— 10th—76% (2000). Its impeccable Hindi Issue is an invaluable help for the Hindi Medium aspirants who might find it difficult to consolidate their preparation otherwise due to paucity of quality Hindi medium books. Suman—While making final choice for optional subject/s what’s of prime importance is your interest. so there cannot be a static answer to this.PD—While making final choice for optional subject/s. Suman—Prelims : Philosophy. However. Looking at the result of previous few years including this years. should be the minimum period of time required to prepare for Civil Services Examinations ? Suman—One should start when one feels that one is ready for the challenge. as long as you can express yourself best in that medium. Rawat Date of Birth—May 10. with same subject. my friends in the services did recommend it to me as an invaluable compilation. PD—In your opinion at which Educational Level should one start preparing for Civil Services and what PD—Did you refer to Pratiyogita Darpan—Year Book ? What is your opinion about the contents.—(2008) continuing University of Delhi Previous Selections— 2009—Was teaching Philosophy (Hons. PD—What is your opinion regarding the general view that Science subjects have better chance to score than Humanities ? Suman—Well as far as CS is concerned. They not only are a repository of information but in an archival form are always present as a ready reference data. However. IFS. 2007—Worked as a Junior Specialist at University of California. intelligence has a role to play. PRATIYOGITA DARPAN (Hindi) is “Self-respect knows no considerations.)—69·75% (2005) Daulat Ram College M. Rawat Mother’s Name—Mrs. Phil. one year before one plans to take the prelims is appropriate and adequate time to get started. what’s important and what’s not ? Share your thoughts and opinions. Santa Cruz. But if you are determined then even sky is not the limit. PD—Does the educational. PD—What preference in services have you opted for ? Suman—IAS. S. How do you find Pratiyogita Darpan ? Suman—Pratiyogita Darpan is an excellent effort and is of great importance to any aspirant of competitive exams.—64% (2007) Hindu College M. Public Administration was advantageous considering that it was theory of what I would do post joining services. making crafts from waste materials. PD—Please give your comments on the PD Extra Issues Series on ‘General Studies’ and a few Optional Subjects ? Suman—PD Extra Issues Series on ‘General Studies’ is of remarkable significance owing to its excellent compilation and relevance.) Course at Daulat Ram College University of Delhi. Since I am a Philosophy graduate and was pursuing M. Every person has unique circumstances.

Even though Philosophy is a popular subject for Mains. Since childhood my father has inculcated a habit of reading and writing in me and that training made Essay paper relatively easier for me. too. My interview went on impeccably. after strengthening the conventional areas from NCERT’s I focussed on integrating them with current happenings from newspapers and magazines. Anyhow I feel ‘Negative Marking’ is a boon. I didn’t over attempt. Masih Social and Political Philosophy— O. I made my own notes of G. L.G. All this made my choosing this topic an obvious fact. I also kept myself stress free and cool by attending various cultural festivals happening around the city. I didn’t want to lose my rank in M. S. Hiriyanna A History of Philosophy—Fredrick Copelston Introduction to Indian Philosophy—C. I enjoyed my interview. Mains Optional I Philosophy ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● FOR MAINS For Mains I laid extreme emphasis on answer writing practice. PD/February/2011/1399/5 “Respect yourself and others will respect you. along with my preparation. I gave equal importance and time to both. Radhakrishna A History of Western Philosophy—Fredrick Copelston Series A History of Western Philosophy—Y. For the optional subject I read as much as possible and accorded a wide coverage to the subject. K.M. Phil. and attempted only those questions about which I was completely sure. I practised a lot of MCQ’s before Prelims to improve my accuracy rate in exam. my mother whose love and affection are my strength. time management. I could attempt almost all questions correctly in prelims in my optional subject. My brother Parikshit who is in class XII used to take my mock interviews on phone which were of immense help. was indispensable. D. Phil.Darpan ● ● ● ● ● FOR ESSAY PAPER Essay writing comes effortlessly to me. my brother Parikshit who kept me on toes. PD—Any suggestion/advice you would like to give to the future aspirants. Gandhi Ethics—W. Y. Contrary to general perception. Major Ajay Singh also groomed in personality related issues. strictly followed it and sometimes overstretched myself. Gauba Arthashastra—Kautilya Willgenstein and Modern Philosophy—Martnack Ideas—Husserl Philosophy of Religion— J o h n Hick. interacted regularly with my friends. P. Being a University Topper. Suman—Toil Toil ye rising ship never stop till you see the sun ! List of Books ● ● ● ● Outlines of Indian Philosophy— M. it was one of the best moments of my life. Here so. my friend Major Ajay Singh Rana.” . not a bane to get the best people in. I was questioned on every sphere with questions ranging from my background. I gave importance to ‘See and learn’ strategy to and travelled around and interacted more and more. Khan’s board. Outlines of Indian Philosophy— M. and articles from JSTOR Optional II Time Management Since I was doing my M. Sharma Indian Philosophy Series— S . I had my interview on March 25. But I tried it with focussed approach and it did work well. optionals to foreign affair economics and current happenings. so I had tough times often to balance between the two. Public Administration ● New Horizons of Public Administration—Mohit Bhattacharya Public Administration & Public Affairs—Nicholas Henry Public Administration—Fadia & Fadia Administrative Thinkers—Prasad & Prasad Indian Administration—Arora & Goyal Public Administration—Sharma & Sadana P.PD—To whom would you like to give the credit for your success ? Suman—My father whose commitment to education is my inspiration. ● ● ● ● ● ● FOR INTERVIEW For my interview I read a lot of latest literature. without whom this was just impossible. Hiriyanna Introduction to Indian Philosophy—C. As for negative marking. I also was up to date on the happenings on the security front. opting it for prelims was a challenge. Sharma Penguin Dictionary of Philosophy— The Problems of Philosophy— Bistrand Russell My Experiments with Truth—M. Irankena Introduction to Ethics—William Lillie A Short history of Ethics—Alsaid Mclntyre Ethics and Language—C. Masih etc. This time I picked up ‘Is India a Soft State ?’ I have interest in National security and political happenings. talked to my seniors etc. as well as optionals. D. the entire Universe then conspired to sail me through. Stevenson MY STRATEGY FOR SUCCESS FOR PRELIMS For General Studies. It lasted for 35 mins. 2010 in Sir I. selective and intensive reading. But since it is true that ‘nothing is impossible’ I made a schedule.


Inspiring Youth ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯

“The power is within me to shape my life.”
—Mrs. Komal Kiran Selected in Bank Probationary Officers Exam., 2010
‘Pratiyogita Darpan’ arranged an exclusive interview with Mrs. Komal Kiran who has been selected in Bank Probationary Officers Examination 2010. She deserves all admiration and our heartiest congratulations on her splendid success. This important, thought provoking and highly inspiring interview is being presented here in its original form.
PD—Heartiest congratulations on your brilliant success in the Bank P.O. Exam. Kiran—Thank you. PD— As you are aware, on the great demand from lakhs of aspiring youths like you, PD English was launched on 1st June, 2006. Now that you have tasted the sweetness of success, so please tell us— (i) What difference could it have made if you had got PD English while you were preparing for Bank P.O. Exam. ? (ii) What special feature/ features would you like to see in PD English ? Kiran—(i) PD English is an exhaustive book of knowledge. One need not read anything else if one reads PD thoroughly for G.K. and Current Awareness. I was completely dependent on it for my exams and interview. (ii) PD is already equipped with all the requirements of Bank P.O. exams. PD—Were you confident of your success ? How did you react to this special news of your success ? Kiran—I feel that success is often the result of taking a step in the right direction. I was not sure about success in this particular exam., but I was confident about its arrival sooner or later. I thank God for letting me taste it earlier than my other friends. PD—Before knowing your own result, what was your perception about toppers ? Kiran—Before my selection I used to think that those who qualify these exams do hours of labour to succeed, and they do something different but now I realised it was their strategy towards preparations. “Pratiyogita Darpan is really in great demand and I personally rate it as 9/10 because I was completely dependent on it for my current awareness preparation. PD Extra Issue Series on General Studies contain awesome features and are of great help. Economic Issue helps a lot in understanding the socio-economics and financial terms which are frequently asked.”

—Mrs. Komal Kiran
PD—Was only Bank P.O. your ultimate goal or were you preparing for other career opportunities as well simultaneously ? Kiran — Being an eligible candidate for Banking services exams and being a part of financial sector was not my aim but dream. Frankly saying I took steps only for banking services examinations. PD— In your opinion at which level of education should one start preparing for Bank P.O. Exam. and what should be the minimum period of time required to prepare for Bank P.O. Examinations ? Kiran—It is never late to start. The moment one realises his/her goal one should move forward to it. I myself started after completing my gradua-tion. Six months are enough if prepared with honest efforts. PD— What is the importance of medium of expression in the exams like Bank P.O. ? Kiran—It really doesn’t matter. It is the concept that really matters. The basic concept of anything whether in English or Hindi is important. One should opt for in which he/she is comfortable. PD—Does the educational, financial and demographic status of the family of an aspirant have any impact on his/her preparations ? Kiran—It does have as they do impact on our concentration power. But as it is well said that adversity makes you strong and bright. I feel that it is hard but not impossible to overcome these problems.

Name—Mrs. Komal Kiran Father’s Name—Shri Shyam Bihari Thakur Mother’s Name— Smt. Sunita Thakur DoB—October 19, 1985 Educational Qualifications— 10th—(2003) DAV Public School, Patna (74%) 1 2 t h — (2005) DAV Public School, Patna (65%) B.A.—(2008) A. N. College (MU), Patna (59%) Previous Selections—OBC Clerk, 2009; Allahabad (P.O.), 2010; Allahabad Clerk, 2010; PNB Clerk, 2010; SBI (P.O.), 2010 (Result awaited). PD— In your opinion what role do the Competition Magazines play when you are preparing for an examination like Bank P.O. ? Kiran—Competition Magazines guide us in exact way. Even if one doesn’t go to classes for preparation, one can perform well following the


“A man who doesn’t trust himself can never really trust anyone else.”

details and manner of solving the questions in these magazines. PD—PRATIYOGITA DARPAN is the largest read Career and Competition Magazine in India. How do you rate Pratiyogita Darpan and in what way can this magazine be made more useful for Bank P.O. aspirants ? Kiran—PD is really in great demand and I personally rate it as 9/10 because I was completely dependent on it my current awareness preparation.

Kiran—Yes, I joined the classes for strategic preparations. These institutes guide us in right direction and in a strategic way. I would like to give credit to my teachers at Maxmin Tutorials where I learnt many basic things required to qualify these banking exams. PD—To whom would you like to give the credit for your success ? Kiran—First of all the Almighty God who is present within me. Then the support of my family members especially my father and mother and some teachers with awesome personality who has been motivating always. PD—Point out the detailed strategy for Bank P.O. Exams., and Interview. Kiran—Time management. Be selective, if you are good at particular section try to get maximum in it and then give prioritisation to other sections.

Interview—Go through the last academic course you have qualified i.e., degree or P.G. whatever it is learn some general banking terms, socioeconomic topics and current affairs (newspaper and magazines). PD—Your biggest mistake. Kiran—Earlier I was unable to manage the time in exam. Mistakes are unavoidable which give you lessons and experience for your better tomorrow. PD—Any suggestion/advice you would like to give to the future aspirants ? Kiran—I would suggest to all aspiring candidates to have faith in themselves. And if you don’t get success at first attempt, just think something bigger and good awaits you. Just follow—‘Concentrate and have’. PD— Thank you very much and wishing you all the best for a bright future. Kiran—Thank you, once again.

Personal Qualities
Favourite Person—Kalpana Chawala. Strong Point—Persistence and curious to know. Weak Point —Feeling low when I do not get something I desire. Hobbies—Reading novels and magazines and listening music. PD—Please give your comments on the PD Extra Issue Series on ‘General Studies’ and other Bank’s related examinations. Kiran—They are awesome features and are of great help. Economic Issue helps lot in understanding the socio-economics and financial terms which are frequently asked. PD—Did you see our latest publication : Pratiyogita Darpan— Year Book ? What is your opinion about the contents, size and the timing of launch (Mid April—just before Prelims) ? Kiran—Pratiyogita Darpan Year Book is a detailed round up of happenings and events of particular year and to every aspirant of competitive exams. I would suggest to follow it without any doubt. PD—What is the secret of your success ? Kiran—For me the learning graph never ends. The power is within me to shape my life. I have a strong conviction that if I do not get something I desire, something bigger awaits me. PD—Did you join any coaching institute at any stage of the preparation ? If yes, then what is your opinion about the role these institutes play in the preparation for Bank P.O. Examinations ?

For Interview I covered the syllabus of my degree subject and for current affairs I read PD English and newspaper (Times of India). The questions asked were : 1. Banking ombudsman. 2. Question related to RBI (now it is diff. from other banks). 3. What is RTI Act, what is its changes. 4. Computer related questions, (what is rediffmail). 5. Some questions from my Hons. subject etc.

Time Management
Banking exams are all about taking stress tests. These exams increased my capabilities to deal in hard situations. Frequent tests conducted at Maxmin Tutorials helped me to understand where I am lacking. I followed the principle of smart and strategic study to tackle my time management problem.


“Respecting yourself means listening to your body and emotions continuously.”

Tourism Tou ism Article

Village Tourism : An Agent for Rural Economic Growth
—C. P. Chandan
The spirit of India resides in her villages and those living in cities and towns have their roots in rural life, its art and rituals. Indian villages, which have pastoral beauty and touching simplicity, offer fresh comforting breezes and lavish openness. They are the reservoirs of traditional knowledge. Those in the developed world who have a craze for knowledge about traditional ways of life, arts and crafts will be attracted to visit rural India if the concept of rural tourism is marketed well. Tourism growth potential can be harnessed as a strategy for Rural Development. The development of a strong platform around the concept of village tourism is definitely useful for a country like India, where almost 74% of the population resides in its more than half million villages. Rural tourism or village tourism stands for showcasing the ethnic arts, crafts, culture and lifestyle in its traditional setting, and providing a platform for tourists to experience this. It also signifies promoting the concept of home-stays in the host community. Though rural tourism may be relatively a new concept in India, in European countries it started as early as 1950. In France, agro-tourism started in 1950 and today nearly 20,000 farmers offer their services to tourism interested in rural tourism. Similarly, rural tourism in Spain started in the eighties and the country has nearly 7,000 rural resorts comprising 50,000 beds for people interested in visiting the countryside. In United Kingdom, rural tourism started in mid seventies, and today it is a strategic force in the rural economy. Overall speaking, in Europe 25 per cent farmers are directly or indirectly engaged in rural tourism. In countries like Australia, Ukraine, Canada, Philippine, Italy agriculture tourism is emerging as a mini-boom to the rural economy. In India, rural tourism started in mid nineties, when some entrepreneurs and some NGOs started exploring the possibilities of rural tourism. Here the scope of rural tourism is very vast, where 74 per cent of the total population lives in its more than half million villages. The country has more compelling reasons to promote rural tourism. One, is the immense potential of rural youth, the other is the urgent need to check rural migration to cities. Moreover, across the world, the trends of industrialization and development have had an urban centric approach. Alongside, the stresses of urban lifestyles have led to a counterurbanisation syndrome. This has led to growing interest in villages. At the same time, this trend of urbanization had led to falling income levels. Rural tourism is one of the few activities which can provide a solution to these problems. Village tourism or rural tourism has various forms of tourism such as—agriculture or farm tourism, nature tourism, heritage tourism, pilgrim tourism, adventure tourism, culture tourism, etc. Indian villages have potential of all such forms of tourism. The Botanix Farm House is located in Abhaypur village in Gurgaon district in Haryana. It offers the ultimate in leisure and weekend breaks. It is set in its own extensively landscaped gardens in the heart of Gurgaon countryside. It combines state-of the—art of facility with the charm of traditional village tourism to create one of the most luxurious and relaxing nature health farms in the country. The Kalki Mystic Farm House is designed on the lines of Vaastu Shastra. It spreads over 10 acres of land in Garhi Hasru village near Sultanpur lake tourist complex in Gurgaon district, Haryana. Farming is a year round occupation with a variety of activities occurring throughout the year. The exclusive setting makes it an ideal place for people seeking an experience, of true ethnic and cultural ethos and exposure of modern day farming. Spread over 75 acres of land, the Nature Care Farm is located in Daulatpur in Haryana’s Hissar district. The greenery all around invites visitors to a breath of natural village life and other relaxing breaks from hectic urban lifestyle. The Farm has an ecosystem concept of agriculture (biodiversity) which includes Herbal Farming, Organic Farming, Vermi compost unit, orchard and Vegetable garden, bee keeping, stud Farm, Dairy Farming, Poultry, agro forestry, aqua culture. Situated at Talao village in Haryana’s Jhajjar district, Pratapgarh Farms and Resorts have a lot of outdoor learning fun activities like archery, tube well baths, village games like gulli danda etc. The accommodation is cozy and the rooms are furnished with modern amenities. Designed on the lines of Vaastu Shastra, the Sheilma Farm House is spread over 10 acres of land at Khori Jamalpur village in Faridabad district in Haryana. Here visitors are welcome

Farm Tourism
Some important farm tourism may be explained as below : Spread over 10 acres of land the Banni Khera Farm is located in Samar Gopalpur in Rohtak, in Haryana. It is designed on the lines of Vaastu Shastra. Farming is a year round occupation with a variety of activities occurring throughout the year. This farm has a tranquil location. Located in Amarpur village near Palwal in Faridabad district, Haryana approximately 65 km from Delhi, the Progressive Farm spreads over 25 acre. The Farm is based on the concept of ‘Back to Nature. The Progressive Farm provides natural living, natural food, natural care and natural farming.


“Self-respect is a question of recognizing that anything worth having has a price.”

The holy city of Varanasi is situated on the banks of the Ganga. The great pilgrim destination for the Hindus is Haridwar. For the Sikhs one of the most revered shrines is the Hemkund Sahib. imparting technical know-how of the modern farming techniques. which revealed the eightfold path after His enlightenment. It happens to be a great site for rafting and trekking as well. The city of Sarnath is popular amongst the Buddhist as the spot for Buddha’s first sermon. The main objective of this farm is the development of body. in the laps of the Himalayas happens to be the common point for all the four pilgrim spots besides being sacred itself. Pilgrims also flock to Anandpur Sahib. with innumerable floating diyas and flowers is a must for all. Set up at Bhulwana village in Faridabad district. Kedarnath. one may visit the famous Gauri temple and bathe in the hot water pond. Rishikesh. The mountainous regions offer umpteen scope for mountaineering. minutely carved motifs. The Chardham Yatra is a major attraction for tourism in India. huge respect for the Indian heritage while craving for more such tours in the near future. Varuna and Assi. The Hindus flock to take a dip in the holy rivers. the Sikhs walk up to a height of 4329 meters through the difficult terrain to reach the Hemkund Sahib. follow the age-old tradition of bathing and performing puja at the ghats. you will surely develop a several pilgrim spots in the country that are associated with the birth and teaching places of Buddha. all tell the story of golden past of the country. Buddhism. India has an endless scope of adventure tourism because of its diverse topography and climate. As far as the Buddhist pilgrimage is concerned. The tourists can be taken to these villages where they can also purchase these if they explore the haveli at Sheilma farms and fields at their leisure. Badrinath and Govind Ghat. It has lush green undulation sprinkled with the most breathtaking variety of colourful plants. creates awareness through non-formal education and to improve the health status of the community. Max Mueller. Hinduism. rock climbing. The Yatra to the Chardhams comprise visit to holy places of Badrinath. attracts several pilgrims. Grearson. Jainism and Sikhism have originated on the Indian soil. Guru Govind Singh. mount biking and safaris while the rushing rivers from these mountains are just perfect for river rafting. Apart from these farms there are lots of other farms such as The Golden Dunes Farm House. fishing. Its tranquil location is enhanced by on-site fishing. The cradle of Buddhism. Surijivan Farm is located very close to New Delhi. which offer fulfilling experience in rural eco-tourism. embellished facades of the heritage monuments narrate the immense skill of the craftsmen of the yore which have been fascinating the world for many centuries. the YMCA Rural Center Hodal is the lighthouse of sustainable rural development. The exclusive setting makes it an ideal place for people seeking an experience. Pilgrim Tourism It is a widely accepted view that India has been a country of spirituality from time immemorial. The pilgrimage starts at the base camp of Govind Dham. mind and spirit. it will give you an admirable glimpse into the Indian history and heritage. People seeking eternal quest and peace of mind used to come here to gain religious knowledge. Nevertheless. skiing. canoeing and kayaking. of true ethnic and cultural ethos and exposure of modern day farming. then the mud house for a heady taste of village and rustic life. The number of important monuments and sites is so great that a single tour to discover the multifarious facets of its wonderful heritage is not enough. Adventure Tourism As most rural tourism trips would be in the lap of nature. trekking and bird-watching could go with it. here too we have Heritage Tourism India has glorious past which represents the rich heritage. The oceans are not behind in any manner as well. The Wilderness Farm House. The adjoining village is famous for making hand-made shoes and coloured baskets woven out of thatch. Devotees visit the Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji gurudwara at Manikaran known for the hot water springs with healing properties. devoted to Lord Shiva. something not to be missed. The Laksh Farm House. at the foothills of Shivaliks. The forest and the desert regions Continued on Page 1471 PD/February/2011/1403 “If we lose love and self respect for each other. the residence and meditation spot for the Gurus. Lumbini is the birthplace of Buddha. Gangotri and Yamunotri. this is how we finally die. trekking. or the door to God. Its name has been derived from the two streams flowing through it namely. Further up at Gaurikund. The sacred city of Poanta Sahib is visited to regard the tenth guru. Devprayag is a famous pilgrimage spot. skating. The aarti held every evening at the Har-ki-Pauri. The package is completed with visit to Joshimath. The pilgrimage to Vaishali is significant as Buddha delivered His last sermon here and announced His Nirvana. The Alamgir Mosque or the Beni Madhav Ka Darera close to the main city is an example of the beauty of amalgamation of the Hindu and Mughal styles of architecture. Pilgrims to the holy land. including Chinese travellers all came to India to seek knowledge. The splendid architecture. The exquisite marble inlay work of the Taj Mahal or the titillating sculptures of the Khajuraho Temples or the excellent fusion of science and art in Konark Sun Temple. Chamunda Devi and the Koteshwar temples. At the end of your trip. The unity in diversity is the keyword for the grand country. devotees from the world over frequent the holy city of Sarnath. Located at the confluence of the Alaknanda and the Bhagirathi rivers. Lord Buddha had attained Enlightenment under the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya.” . Uttarkashi town is situated on the banks of the river Bhagirathi and its Vishwanatha temple. The holy city of Rudraprayag located at the confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakini draws several pilgrims to the Rudranath. Pilgrims trek to a height of 4329 metres to pray at the world's Highest Gurudwara. hunting. which too is a pilgrimage for the Buddhists.

The memorandum would also pave way for more exchanges in the education community with the visas procedures being simplified for students seeking to pursue courses in the other country. It requires deep analysis.” . Prime Minister Singh expressed his appreciation to the Government and the people of Japan for Japan's generous role in India's development. Defense Minister and Minister of Economy. and valued their cooperation for sustained peace and prosperity in a changing and dynamic Asia and the world. P. They expressed optimism that Japan-India CEPA will deepen their economic engagement. after initial entry into India. The reality is that both will have to develop indepth ties with China. close engagement and lots of patience. may visit another country largely on account of neighbourhood tourism and need to reenter India within 60 days. investment and cooperation and contribute to mutual prosperity. In this context. healthcare personnel and information technology. The agreement also relaxes entry procedures for tourists. any Japanese coming to India for business or work will be straightway granted three-year visa and similar procedures will be followed by Japan. Chandan Indian Prime Minister Dr. They agreed that engaging China in more productive dialogue and developing structures of cooperation is the way forward. with a limit on the number of days of stay. in terms of trade in goods and services. before finally exiting”. They welcomed the launch of the ‘2 plus 2’ dialogue at Subcabinet / Senior Official level and the launch of a dialogue on Africa at the official level in 2010 as a reflection of wider policy consultation and coordination on foreign policy and security issues. Manmohan Singh’s visit to Japan for Annual Summit of the Prime Ministers on October 24-25. including infrastructure development and financing. “Nationals of Japan with tourist visas. The two countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding on simplifying visa procedures that would supplement the CEPA by catering for India's areas of strength in pharmaceuticals. including Japan's Official Development Assistance to India and Special Economic Partnership Initiatives. Dr. Both Prime Ministers welcomed the successful conclusion of negotiations on a balanced and mutually beneficial Japan-India Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA). they expressed their common desire to further consolidate. Both the countries decided to extend their cooperation to areas such as joint ventures in rare earth minerals. Singh and Naoto Kan expressed satisfaction at the steady growth of political exchanges. India has also relaxed for tourists from Japan its tough entry norm that requires a twomonth interval between two visits to ensure that genuine tourists are not adversely affected. They directed their concerned authorities to work towards early entry into force of CEPA and its smooth implementation. They hailed CEPA between these two leading economies of Asia as an important step for regional integration. They instructed officials to ensure the smooth implementation of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) and accelerate discussions on the reform of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). and transport and industrial corridors in south India. Manmohan Singh and Naoto Kan discussed the need for open and transparent dialogue with China. Each side may issue multiple entry visas valid for up to 5 years to each other's businessmen who travel to the other country on a temporary visit for business purposes. vibrant and multi-dimensional relationship between India and Japan. the MoU says. The two Prime Ministers reiterated the fundamental identity of values. some hitherto unexplored areas in defence. Prime Ministers of both the countries resolved to continue the talks on a civil nuclear agreement. They positively evaluated Ministerial-level annual dialogues and exchanges between Foreign Minister. The two Prime Ministers aimed for early completion of both phases of the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor in India in a parallel manner PD/February/2011/1404 “How like herrings and onions our vices are in the morning after we have committed them. to which both countries are aspirants as permanent members. Both of them underlined the vital importance of economic cooperation.International Relations Article Relations India-Japan Ties : A Strategic Partnership —C. in strengthening Japan-India partnership. interests and priorities between Japan and India. India and Japan also supported the establishment of a Ministerial Level Economic Dialogue between them to give strategic and long-term policy orientation to their bilateral economic engagement. enhance and expand the Strategic and Global Partnership between them through the second decade of the 21st Century. Under the Memorandum. 2010 at the invitation of Japanese Prime Minister of Naoto Kan has resulted in a strong. taking into account the regional and global context and to coordinate economic issues of cross-cutting nature. In MoU there are many measures related to Business Visas in India and Temporary Visitor’s Visas for Businessmen in Japan. They reaffirmed the political commitment in both countries cutting across party lines and popular desire for upgrading bilateral relations. dialogue and policy coordination at all levels. Trade and Industry of Japan and External Affairs Minister. Defense Minister. Commerce and Industry Minister and Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission of India and noted that all these exchanges were successfully accomplished in 2010.

Joint Study Group (JSG). including Prime Minister Koizumi's visit to India in April 2005. (e) Joint establishment of PDF for DMIC project. 3. etc. Japan and India signed a peace treaty and established diplomatic relations on Continued on Page 1471 PD/February/2011/1405 “The cyclone derives its powers from a calm center. visited Japan in October. and India. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to India in August 2007. Heads of coast guards of both countries visit each other almost every year. 4. Prime Minister Singh appreciated Japan's decision on the extension of the period of technical cooperation programme. This helped a great deal Japan’s recovery from the devastation in the post World War II period. The two coast guards exchanged a Memorandum on Cooperation at the occasion of commandant Ishikawa's visit to India in November. 2006). Chief of Staff (September. Admiral Prakash. India had helped Japan by exporting iron ore to them. Indian first Prime Minister Pt. Between the coast guards. From Japan. Action Plan to advance Security Cooperation based on the Joint Declaration on Security Cooperation between Japan and India was issued during the Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama’s visit to India in 2009. (b) Counter-Terrorism. Japanese culture was greatly influenced by the Indian culture and this is a relevant source of the Japanese people’s sense of closeness to India. During Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama’s visit to India in December 27-29. Japan started providing yen loans to India in 1958. and Joint Press Statement was issued to promote defense exchanges and cooperation. as the first yen loan aid extended by Japanese government. Indian Prime Minister Singh's visit to Japan in December 2006. Bilateral Cooperation—(a) Finalization of the Action Plan to advance security cooperation. (b) Acceleration of EPA/CEPA negotiations. 2009. Mr. The India-Japan 2 plus 2 Dialogue. 2. Japan and India singed the Joint Statement “New State of Japan-India Strategic and Global Partnership”. Kan expressed his intention to enhance Japan's involvement to DMICDC (Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation) through the efforts of related organizations such as JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) and AOTS (Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship). search and rescue etc. 2006. Visionary Leaders for Manufacturing (VLFM) Programme. and Prime Minister Singh's visit to Japan on October 2223. From India. 2006). Chief of Air SDF (April. 2009. It main elements included : 1. In August 2000 Japanese Prim Minister Mori’s visit to India provided the momentum to strengthen the India-Japan tie. 2005). 2008. have led to the establishment of the “Strategic and Global Partnership between Japan and India” as well as the further strengthening of the bilateral relationship. Chief of Ground SDF (March. “the Joint Statement on security cooperation between Japan and India” was issued. General Mori. 2006) visited India. (d) UN Reform. visited Japan in November. In April. Since then. which is the framework established based on the agreement by the Prime Ministers of both countries at the Annual Summit in December 2009. High level exchange is continuing between the defense authorities. So does a person. (d) Collaboration in IIT Hyderabad. Japan has become India's largest aid donor. Defense Minister of India. 28th April. Furthermore. annual meetings between prime ministers. (c) Early realization of DFC project. Maritime SDF joined in the ‘Malabar 2009’ which was co-hosted by U. The two Prime Ministers hoped that this programme will contribute to the development of manufacturing sector in India.” . They encouraged greater investment from Japan into India including in the infrastructure sector over the next decade to realize this vision. This treaty was one of the first peace treaties Japan signed after the World War II. four Indian navy vessels visited the port of Sasebo and the Maritime SDF's training squadrons visited the port of Goa in May 2009. and General Yoshida. and noted with satisfaction the progress on the Phase II of the Corridor with the signing of the Exchange of Notes for the Engineering Services for Phase II in July 2010. They took note of the potential of the DMIC project to enhance physical connectivity across Asia. Chief of Naval Staff. Historical Perspective of Ties Bilateral relations between India and Japan began in sixth century when Buddhism was introduced to Japan. bilateral trade between two countries is expanding but the speed and scope of expansion are still limited. The two Prime Ministers positively appraised the efforts from both sides to develop the Corridor in an ecofriendly manner as "Smart Communities" and welcomed the progress of cooperation in the field of urban development.S. including the establishment of Sub-cabinet/ Senior Official 2 + 2 dialogue. Chief of Maritime SDF (February. Besides. Security Cooperation—India and Japan have been conducting annual Foreign Office Consultations at the Foreign Secretary level. They expressed their desire to accelerate progress on the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). During the Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Japan in 2008. etc.with Japan's financial and technical assistance. Climate Change. The both coast guards conducted 8th joint exercise when the Indian coast guard ‘Sagar’ visited Nagoya in May 2007. Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Antony. Regional and Global Cooperation—(a) Disarmament and Nonproliferation. 2005. Cooperation in Economic Fields—Recently. 2009. have been conducted since 2000. Jawaharlal Nehru provided two Indian elephants to the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo in 1949. Since 1986. Following Japanese Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi's visit to India in 1957. The Security Dialogue between the two countries was set up in 2001 and six rounds of dialogue have been conducted since then. and asked their respective sides to engage in dialogues on public-private partnership on DMIC. was held in July 2010 in New Delhi. General Masaki. Admiral Saito. 1952. (c) WTO. This brought a ray of light into the lives of the Japanese people who still had not recovered from defeat in the war. combined exercises on anti-piracy.

International Relations Article Barack Obama’s Visit to India : Hopes and Hypes —Amresh Chandra US President Barack Obama has visited India for a series of high-level meetings and events designed to strengthen ties between the two countries. Afghanistan. The President’s historic visit to India offers an opportunity to set a new course for the direction of the USIndia partnership-one that acknowledges India’s growing global role and the changing Asian strategic landscape that makes strong USIndian partnership imperative for stability and prosperity in the region. During Kennedy’s period. myself and the President. We are the two largest democracies in the world. The 1974 Pokharan nuclear test resulted in increased suspicion and innumerable economic sanctions on India. The decision of US to sell arms to Pakistan further distanced the two countries. “we took this trip with the intention of strengthening what is already an incredible friendship between the United States and India. As I've said earlier during my visit. Meanwhile its continued help to Pakistan kept India estranged from it. This feeling got reflected in the very first comments of the US President during his tour to India as he said. the rules of interaction between nations that can promote peace and stability and prosperity not only for our two nations. In 1969 Richard Nixon became the second American President to tour India. US helped establish one of the first computer science departments at IIT. saw India as a partner against the rising power of communist China. While it turned with warmth and support towards Pakistan. but for the world as a whole. it attempted to woo China and decided to ignore India. 1975 was a significant year as an embargo on arms sale to India was lifted by the then President Gerald Ford. that the United States and India will be able to work together to promote the international principles. From 1970 to 80—The decade of seventies saw a change in the foreign policy of the US. President Jimmy Carter visited India. known for his India leanings was the first US President to visit India in 1959. Both the US and India are committed to full exploitation of the mutual benefits of globalization. India earned respect internationally due to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s calculative policy of Non-Alignment. In 1978. at a time when the world had polarized into PD/February/2011/1406 “Those who flee temptation generally leave a forwarding address. The then President Richard Nixon’s dislike towards India and its people is often blamed for this worsening of relations. and other members of the Indian delegation. divided nation was staggeringly picking up its broken bits. Through mutual harnessing of technology and human capital. Kennedy (1961–1963). “During the course of these discussions between myself and the Prime Minister. The US and India share common values based on their democratic. This resulted in military and strategic assistance by US to India during its 1962 border conflict with China. Their commonality is based on various aspects and has broad dimensions.” . strategic issues and on regional issues concerning China. I believe that the partnership between the United States and India will be one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century. During his visit to US in 1954. Pandit Nehru strongly protested against this but to little avail. This alienated it from America. which is an irreversible process driven by technology and the development of human resources in an increasingly knowledge-based world. the US and India can forge a unique partnership to achieve greater competitiveness and prosperity for the citizens of both nations. that we will be able to continue to build on the commercial ties that we already have to strengthen our cooperation in our bilateral relations in the international economy. as well as a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Most importantly. Pakistan and Kashmir. Indira Gandhi’s visit to the US in the same year turned out to be completely fruitless. The reign of John F. and that. India’s strong socialist leanings and growing closeness with the Soviet Union further strained the relations. multi-cultural. but now is a world power.” Further he said. given that India is not simply an emerging power. US clearly expressed its support in favour of Pakistan. American interests and outlook towards the international order changed. During the 1971 war with Bangladesh. Among the agreements reached during Obama’s visit are US D 10 billion worth of business deals designed to boost US exports amid the country’s sluggish economy. Obama has also endorsed India’s bid for a permanent seat at the U. multiethnic and multi-religious societies. Kanpur. Security Council that could significantly change the contours of IndoUS ties. Dwight Eisenhower. all of which support the bilateral Strategic Partnership. we share a core set of values. that we'll be able to focus on issues like counter-terrorism in order to assure that both the United States and India are secure well into the future. though the decade of 50s was that of poverty and underdevelopment when a weak. but not much came out of it. yet. We share extraordinary people-to-people contacts. that we can build on the people-to-people ties that are in part grounded in the millions of Indian Americans who contribute so much to our country and help give us an appreciation of Indian life. From 1980 to 90—With the collapse of Communism.” two blocs.N. particularly in agriculture. How- Relation Scale in Chronological From Second World War to 1970—After independence.

● ● ● ● PD/February/2011/1407 “It is a man’s own mind.ever. In 2001. While the terror attack on Pentagon and World Trade Centre created suspicions against Pakistan. including renewable source. Terrorism.” . Agreement on technical cooperation to study India’s annual monsoon rains. the 80s saw some sunshine and the bilateral relations began to improve due to numerous high level visits and inking of several economic. Manmohan Singh was the first head of the government that Obama hosted after becoming President. That partner may not be China if everything goes well. launch of US- India Financial and Economic Partnership etc. that lures him to evil ways. And in the same year Bill Clinton became the fourth American President to tour India on a highly successful trip that literally changed equations between the top leaderships of the two countries. The George W. Bush years are argued to be the best for India. In the same year Manmohan Singh visited America and many agreements. not his enemy or foe. an unconventional gas trapped in sedimentary rocks and the US is a pioneer in the field. the IndoUS High Technology Cooperation Group came into being. crop weather prediction and predicting floods. the Cold War ended. there is a potential of correcting the chart which seems to be going away from the path set by his recent predecessors. From 1990 to 2000—With the disintegration of the USSR in 1991. In fact from 1991 to 2004.3 million to $ 344. With this visit of President Obama [November 2010]. The agreement is likely to help India improve its capability in predicting monsoon. Indira Gandhi’s visit to the US in 1982 resulted in the latter agreeing to supply fuel and spare parts for the nuclear power plant at Tarapur. this is his biggest state visit to any country. In the same year India strongly criticized Obama administration’s decision to limit H-1B visas and that issue continues to be a thorn for the two sides. India and US signed an Extradition treaty in 1997. India and the USA agreed to establish a Joint Working Group on Counter-Terrorism. He also addressed a joint session of the Congress. In the next year 2002. nuclear proliferation. including the Indo-US relations. In May 2009. touted as his largest in his presidency term till now. MoU to establish an India-US Energy Cooperation Programme. the US has become India’s largest investment partner with American direct investment of $ 9 billion accounting for 9% of total foreign investment into India. which is crucial for the agriculture sector. But Mrs. This will broadly cover all sources of energy. MoU between India and the US on shale gas resources which will see US technology used to assess shale gas resources in India. US signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with India to set up a Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership for research and development of secure and proliferation resistant reactor systems. rise of China and economic and environmental concerns became major factors determining the ties between the two states at the dawn of the new millennium. Bill Clinton’s love for India further catapulted us from the peripherals to the position of a strategic partner. were inked. She institutionalized what is known as Strategic Dialogue between the two countries. relations with India would take a backseat. India opened its markets and the relations between the two countries got a fresh lease of life. In the 21st century. India does not have technology to exploit shale gas. he calls Singh a guru and has spoken glowingly about Mahatma Gandhi and enviously about India’s knowledge and economic prowess. Agreements Signed During Obama’s Visit ● India and the United States have agreed to set up a research and development centre for clean energy in India and will provide annual funding of $ 5 million each for five years to complete joint research in solar. The Obama era—Initially. India began to be looked upon by the world’s only superpower as a safety valve in South Asia. Singh’s visit of 2009 was marked by a new Knowledge Initiative. From 2000 onwards—The 9/11 attack on America in 2001 became a new parameter that began to influence the politics world over. It will mobilise private sector expertise and resources to address clean energy-related issues in India and the US. With the introduction of New Economic Reforms by Manmohan Singh. In 2000. resulting in the rise of new geo-political equations and providing a much needed boost to Indo-US camaraderie. Bush lifted postPokharan II sanctions imposed on India. and ties in with Obama’s focus on climate change. In 1994 PM Narasimha Rao visited America when several agreements were signed. including the civil nuclear deal. military and cultural agreements. The fears were supported by the fact that in February 2009 India was excluded from the list of countries that the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton toured during her first South Asia visit. biofuels and energy efficiency.4 million. resulting in US sanctions under the Glenn Amendment Act. Rajiv Gandhi’s visit to the US in 1985 was greatly successful as a bilateral agreement on scientific and technological exchanges was agreed upon by the two states. In 1998 the NDA government tested nuclear bombs at Pokhran for a second time. the stock of FDI inflow from the US increased from US $ 11. Clinton allayed the fears when she visited India in July in the same year and called India a key partner. It is a chance for India to showcase warmth which is at once symbolic of its love for the Americans and is also an indicator that they can depend on their partner in the East. China’s rapid rise became a major cause of concern for the US. The ties in his reign have been highlighted by symbolisms “Dr. though not as much for the world at large. Obama reiterated his anti-outsourcing views and criticized the current US tax policy for favouring companies who outsourced jobs. In 2005 an Open Skies Agreement signed between the two countries. it was believed that due to Obama administration’s excessive emphasis on China and the promises made on Iraq and Afghanistan.

The visit focused on the common interests and shared values in a strategic partnership of global relevance and reflects the vision and resolve of the two leaders to embark upon a new phase in their bilateral partnership. agri- PD/February/2011/1408 “The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. The MoU would be implemented through an agreed plan between the National Centre for Disease Control. though at a slower rate and declined in 2009 due to the global economic downturn. The agreement would enable sharing best practices for detection and response to emerging infections culture and counter-terrorism. India and the Centre for Disease Control. optical and medical instruments. hotels. science and technology. The total trade during 2008 was US $ 43·4 billion (India’s exports to US – 25. trade and food security. According to the India Brand Equity Foundation.000 jobs were created in the US in diverse sectors (steel. The two sides signed a Technology Safeguards Agreement that will allow India to launch satellites containing US parts on its satellite launch vehicles for non-commercial purposes. precious stones and metals. during Prime Minister’s state visit to Washington. non-discriminatory and internationally verifiable Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty at the Conference on Disarmament. other machinery. at the invitation of President Obama as his first State Guest. Major components of India’s export to the US include gems and jewellery. an estimated US $ 10. Consequently. Secretary Clinton and External Affairs Minister established a ‘Strategic Dialogue’ during the former’s visit to India in July 2009. by industry estimates.80 billion in 2008-09. automobile). an additional 65. In 2007-08 alone. The total trade during January-August 2009 was US $ 24·4 billion (13·6 bn + 10·8 bn). The FDI inflows from USA to India increased from US $ 502 million in 2004-05 to US $ 1. education. They also established a $ 30 million Science and Technology Endowment for various related projects. Trade and Agriculture on business. Telecommunications. They further committed themselves to strengthening and reform the global economic and financial architecture in the G-20. Both the leaders recognized that the India-US partnership is indispensable for global peace and security and acknowledged the common threat that international terrorism poses to regional and global security. and Science and Technology. organic chemicals. financial and investment related issues. India has emerged as a thriving market for US exports. counter-terrorism and military.” . Prime Minister and President Obama agreed to launch the India-US Financial and Economic Partnership to strengthen bilateral engagement on macroeconomic. and to achieving genuine reform of the United Nations including in its Security Council in a manner that reflects the contemporary realities of the 21st century. The two sides launched a Knowledge Initiative with a total funding of US D 10 million that will be allocated to increasing university linkages and junior faculty development exchanges between U. and beverages.25 billion was invested by Indian companies in the US. Cumulative FDI inflows from the USA till July 2009 were $ 9. Health and Innovation on major technologies and global health challenges which will lead to more focus on areas of common interest. engineering goods and. Education and Development on education and women’s empowerment. Strategic Cooperation on nonproliferation. iron and steel products. There is now a wide-ranging dialogue on global. In the Joint Statement issued on November 24. pharmaceuticals. to be pursued by bilateral working groups of five principal fields viz. chemicals. 2009. fertilizers.7 and US exports to India-17·7) as compared to US $ 21·6 billion (15·5 + 6·1) in the year 2004. Energy and Climate Change. India-US Economic Relations— The growing economic partnership between the US and India has been one of the pillars of the transformed bilateral relationship. Earlier. organic chemicals. The US is the third largest source of foreign direct investments in India. space. The sectors attracting FDI from USA are Fuels (Power and Oil Refinery). Major Areas of Cooperation in the Recent Past In recent years. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited India in July 2009 and had launched a new Strategic Dialogue with External Affairs Ministry. Prime Minister had met President Obama for the first time in London in April 2009 on the sidelines of G-20 Summit— He met the President again in L’Aquila in Italy and also during the G-20 Summit in Pittsburg. which nearly tripled in value between 2004 and 2007.● India and the US signed MoU on establishing and operating a Global Disease Detection Centre in India. investments from India to US in 2006 were estimated at around US $ 2 billion and rose sharply in 2007 to touch US $ 13 billion. there have been close and frequent contacts at political and official levels. textiles. financial. and investmentrelated issues. World Bank and the IMF. Atlanta.S. USA in September 2009. A Joint Statement titled “India and the United States : Partnership for a Better World” was issued by Prime Minister and President Obama on November 24th 2009. health. high technology. The Statement also focussed on trade and investment. Economics. clean and efficient energy. Both the leaders reaffirmed their intention to move ahead and operationalize the provisions of the Civil Nuclear Agreement at the earliest and also agreed to consult regularly and seek the early start of negotiations on a multilateral. The upward trend has continued in 2008. regional and bilateral issues of mutual interest between the two countries. Prime Minister’s visit to USA in November 2009—Prime Minister visited Washington in November 2009. which highlights the main areas of cooperation. since last year.71 billion. Major US exports to India include aircraft and aviation-related products. Food Processing Industries and Service sector. and Indian universities and they also agreed to launch the US-India Financial and Economic Partnership to strengthen engagement on economic. Electrical equipments (including computer software and electronics).

USA during December 7-8. information sharing and capacity building. 2009 and was represented by India. 2009. Nothing has changed in the global environment since Bush’s departure to call into question the basic course adopted by the United States towards India. global interests was considered substantial enough to warrant continued nurturing even in what could be initially fallow years. Indo-US Space Cooperation— The US-India Joint Working Group on Civil Space Cooperation is the forum for discussions on joint activities in space. Joint Working Group on Counter Terrorism—During the visit of PM in November 2009. India's first unmanned lunar mission. defence exercises and trade and technology transfer and collaboration. 2009. the strategic value of strong U. From the US. An MoU for ‘Earth Observations and Earth Sciences’ has been signed between Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) and US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in April 2008 and the first Joint Executive Meeting (JEM) was held during October 6-7. Chandrayaan-I was successfully launched from Shriharikota on 22nd October. education etc.Indo-US Defence Cooperation—During PM’s visit. both sides have reiterated their commitment to combating terrorism. Prime Minister and President Obama expressed their grave concern about the threat posed by terrorism and violent extremists emanating from India’s neighbourhood. 2009. USA. 2008 and carried two NASA payloads—a Miniature Synthetic Aperture Radar to map ice deposits in the moon's surface and a Moon Mineralogy Maper to assess mineral resources of the Moon. 2009. During the recent visit of PM. Consequently. India has presently contracted for defence equipments such as radars. transport aircraft. on Oceansat-2 collaboration. the IndiaUS Counter-terrorism Cooperation Initiative was initialled between the two countries. although India’s economic expansion has been slower than China’s in comparative terms. of Health and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. 2009 in New Delhi. Obama has consistently held that India—more than any other emerging power—has the potential to become America’s most important strategic partner because of its geopolitical weight and because both countries are tied together by common values and shared interests. This envisages setting up a Global Disease Detection Centre in Delhi. India and US Patent and Trademark office on November 23. A Memorandum of Intent between US Deptt. 2009 in New Delhi during the visit of US Secretary of State. six Joint Working Groups are functioning. A delegation from India attended the XXXII Antartica Treaty Consultative Meeting and XII Committee for Environmental Protection meetings held in Baltimore. The Oceansat-2 was successfully launched by ISRO from Sriharikota on September 23. Conclusion : More Proactivism of US Serves its Long Range Goals For a long time now. and the establishment of public-private partnerships. on the sidelines of the 6th plenary session of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) in Washington. both Governments agreed to continue pursuing mutually beneficial defence cooperation through the existing security dialogue. A $ 30 million Science and Technology Endowment for various related projects was established during the visit of Secretary of State to India on July 20. Indo-US Cooperation in Science and Technology—India and the US signed a Science and Technology Agreement on October 17. A Technology Safeguards Agreement (TSA) signed with the US on July 20. 2008 to carry out lunar exploration. anti ship missiles etc. The 11th meeting of the JWG was held in Washington on June 17. 2009. Obama would like to use the opportunity presented by his visit to India to deepen the bilateral relationship even if India currently remains more a beneficiary than a reciprocator. it is nonetheless growing rapidly enough that it is expected to become the third Continued on Page 1499 PD/February/2011/1409 “You must admit you have self-control before you can use it. In fact. 2005 and the India-US ‘Framework for Maritime Security Cooperation’ signed in March 2006 have added a new dynamism to the IndoUS defence ties. an “Agreement for access to Traditional Knowledge Digital Library” was signed between CSIR. to prevent misappropriation of traditional knowledge belonging to India. GOI. Under the Framework for Defence Cooperation. 2009.” . Further. from April 16-17. 2005 that deals with IPR issues and provides for joint research and training. The 11th annual governing body meeting of the India-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) was held at National Institute of Health. was signed on November 24. will open up fresh opportunities for India in the field of space launches and will facilitate the launch of non-commercial US satellites and satellites with US components on Indian launch vehicles.S. which would expand collaboration on counter-terrorism. Joint Exercises between the three Services of both countries have improved in scale and frequency since the signing of the New Framework. This would enable the US agencies to receive Oceansat-2 data for research.-Indian ties for America’s larger Asian and. India signed a landmark agreement with NASA at their Ames Research Centre on July 28. 2009 using PSLV. Bethesda. service-level exchanges. The ‘New Framework for India-US Defence Relationship’ signed between the two sides on June 28. by extension. A Letter of Intent was signed between ISRO and NASA on November 18. JWG on Counter Terrorism was established in January 2000 and in the aftermath of the Mumbai terrorist attacks in November 2008. 2009. The 6th Steering Committee Meeting of Methane to Markets (M2M) partnership was held at Washington DC during September 10-11. US has subsequently approved launch of ALSAT-2A and 2B satellites by Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). maritime patrol aircraft. at international patent offices. and agreed that resolute and credible steps must be taken to eliminate safe heavens and sanctuaries that provide shelter to terrorists and their activities.

freedom to make reasonable choices and freedom from cruelty. The core of the concept is the same everywhere. fairness. regimes that denied basic human rights to their citizens have lacked long-term stability. it was emphatically true. Defending human rights had really become a point of concern. furthering the idea that rights were not just man’s duties but also things man was entitled to. His dictatorship curbed all ‘human rights’. In the race for supremacy of power. led to the emergence of subjective rights. In the era of globalization the establishment of democratic institutions and inviolability of human rights have become PD/February/2011/1410 “It’s all right letting yourself go. on the other hand resulted in a wariness both with the state. nearly all states in all regions of the world. The acceptance of arguments like “we are all entitled to the same basic rights as well as to equal concern and respect from the state” has led to radical social and political changes throughout the world. History evidently points to the Cold War between the Americans and the Soviet Union that was prevailing decades ago. Although the term ‘human rights’ is not used in religious texts the idea is represented as man’s moral obligations ordained by God. Across the globe. The threat of intervention in the arena of human rights has been a cause for hostility to international instruments which deal with human rights standards. Today. human rights have a powerful influence in promoting dignity. in medieval times the idea was present in the form of moral obligation. at all levels of development. securing national border takes precedence over human rights. characterized by competing versions of human rights as primarily political and civil rights. Every religion has the common message to impart. which continued to exist. reflecting the very spirit of human rights in making the weak visible to the powerful. but the idea of inherent rights cannot be taken away. are to be found in all religions. International pressure. including a right to freedom from oppression. In the shifting of weight from medieval to modern times the concept of duty. In this era of ‘Globalization’ and ‘The War on Terror’. as communist regimes committed many atrocities. The idea of human rights. or a duty. As understood today. A nation’s progress on human rights or lack of it has been an established subject of international relations for only about half a century. Socialist ideas both contributed from and detracted to human rights. the growing inequality and dissatisfaction of the working class. is being regularly manipulated to subvert the rule of law and advance political goals. In all adverse situations. As each superpower tried to convert the world to its own beliefs.Political Science Article Human Rights Through the Ages —Shourya Gupta Today. the rule of law and representative government. can be traced back to religious rules and teachings that emphasize humanitarian values. It was a war of democracy against the communists. In all civilized nations attempts are made to define and buttress human rights. Human rights are the rights that one has simply because one is human. The link that is made between human rights and trade. humans suffered as they did never before. as long as you can get yourself back. rights that man was entitled to. compassion. Human rights are also inalienable. This was not always the case. a democratically elected leader. This progressed and evolved into ‘human rights’. and goodwill. most societies granted rights only to the lucky few. versus primarily social and economic rights. made human life a curse. It was a fight to reach the top of the world. It’s the human right to overthrow a sovereign who failed to protect their basic rights. In contemporary society the term ‘human rights’. rights that protected an individual from injustice in society and ensured his dignity. dignity and respect. Deep in the mind and spirit of human beings lies the conviction that every person has rights. However. the purpose of human rights to promote values like empathy. Historically. It did not rest on a concept of personal human rights that ordinary people could call on to defend themselves against unjust rulers. proclaim their commitment to human rights. with its universal appeal. which recognizes that human beings are extremely vulnerable and need protection from other men and oppressive governments. In contemporary society. it became increasingly apparent that the idea of respecting human dignity had become lost in a political agenda. Traditionally all groups of humans have had notions of justice. both from governments and from foreign organisations led to the government establishing global concern towards humans. which ensured his dignity and were enforced by the rule of law. this obligation was believed to come from divine commandment or from tradition. has. and among a number of human rights and development activists. They are universal and equal. They may be suspended. humanity being totally sidelined. the universality of the term ‘human rights’ is always being re-evaluated and modified. Many eminent people became a rallying point for previously marginalized individuals.” . rightly or wrongly. Ages ago in pre-historic times it was believed that rulers had an obligation to govern wisely and for everyone’s benefit. and the social clause that has been under discussion. The internationalising of human rights has had a range of effects. Every individual was denied their basic civil right. at various places and times. dispossessed groups used their limited freedoms to press for legal recognition of the fundamental rights still denied to them. During World War II the inhumane acts committeed by Hitler. Noticeably. In the face of industrialization.

It is the need of hour to point out that human rights are the new standard of civilisation. demolitions of ‘slums’. Many countries have become hostile towards the term ‘human rights’. However. wherever people are given the chance to choose. More emphasis is now being laid on humanity rather than on the socio-economic or political aspects of the case under study. sexual harassment at the workplace. Earlier existing social custom like land essential condition for political. religion and political ideology are starkly represented in society today. They want their voices to be reached to the masses. equality and freedom according to the universal declaration of human rights.Darpan PD/February/2011/1411 . whose actions promote this unjust reality instead of a world order based on humanitarian values developed over time. All people want their standard of living to be emphatically improved upon and guaranteed than their ‘humanitarian rights’. cyclical violence. P. ‘All human rights for all’ is the goal of the century and the aim is to ensure that human rights are universally accepted and respected. they choose internationally recognised human right. In the past decade the context of human rights in India was influenced by the state policy of liberalisation. But being vigilant towards humanity has immensely reduced honour killings. today the very existence of human rights is being threatened by a political attitude that accepts power struggles. and eliminate discrimination based on race and gender. Often identified as being dowry-related deaths. social and economic development. The lesson of the recent past is that. ‘The meaning of life is to serve humanity’. unnatural deaths of women in their marital home has acquired prominence. and by world leaders. Intermixing of cultures of different countries and free trade have made people aware about the relevance and importance of granting every individual their ‘human rights’ because they are born as humans. Many of the great political struggles of the past two centuries revolved around expanding the range of protected rights. a decade ago. We still haven’t gone far enough to realise that. All human beings have a right to dignity. fake encounters (extra judicial killings) have greatly denied humans their fundamental right. death penalties. There is a paradigm shift in the ideology of the way human rights were being treated. This included extending the right to vote to all citizens. Differences in culture. permitting working people to lobby for improved pay and working conditions. ‘Women’s rights are human rights’ has demanded a re-construction of the understanding of human rights. a product of contemporary society intended to protect the weak and vulnerable. the internationalising of human rights (Globalisation is the ‘buzz’ word). It is the high time when we regarded rights as ‘claims’ rather than appeals to charity. and war. Respecting human life in a given form has made the prevailing of human rights more justified.

Minor changes were made in the scheme of examination while retaining the basic ‘principles’ established by the Macaulay report. The ‘Hotha Committee’ on Civil Services which was set up subsequently supported the views of the Alagh committee and recommended ‘aptitude’ and ‘leadership’ tests for selection. It recommended that the Preliminary and the Main examination should consist of compulsory subjects like the Constitution of India. The Committee recommended a sequential system of examination based on the dictum that “the average quality would get richer as the stream proceeds from one ‘stage to the next’.” . It suggested that the ‘optional’ subject at the Preliminary examination should be continued but the General Studies paper should be recast to that of a Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) comprising questions on basic awareness’. D. The Y. K.Career Article The Proposed Changes in the Civil Services Exam. India after Independence. the foundations for a professionalised recruitment process can be traced to the East India Company. ‘problem solving and analytical abilities’ (situation from the civil services arena to be taken to test reasoning and understanding of problems) and ‘data analysis ability’. a ‘taste for pleasure not sensual’. Accordingly the examination was designed as a sequential three stage process : an objective type Preliminary examination comprising one Optional and General Studies (to prevent overloading the selection process by a large number of indifferent candidates). a laudable desire of ‘honourable distinction’. Accordingly the examination was structured comprising compulsory and optional subjects like English Language and Literature. Public Systems and Human Rights. In 1974. The Macaulay Committee in 1854 recommended that the ‘patronage’ based civil service of the East India Company be replaced by a ‘permanent’ civil service recruited on ‘merit’ by a written competitive examination. Indian Polity and Indian History and Culture (At present. from the Public Administration Perspective and specifically the arena of Civil Services). In India. appointed in 2001. the Minister of State in the Ministry of Personnel—Shri Prithvi Raj Chauhan declared that the government had decided to replace the Civil Services Preliminary Examination with a Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) which will test the aspirants aptitude for a demanding life in the Civil Services. Society and Economy and Data Analysis Ability). The recruitment system was based on the principle of ‘transferability of academic talent to administration’. Administrative Law. Civil Services Aptitude Test (Problem Solving and Analytical Skills. Natural Sciences and Moral Sciences. In 1989. Sequences would improve the efficiency of the selection process and make it more homogeneous”. : Are they Biased Against the Rural Aspirants ? —Gopala Krishna V. Indian Economy. ‘self denial’. Sustainable Development and Social Justice. Alagh Committee. (300 marks ) 2. Indian Legal System. a Main examination which would comprise 9 written papers (compulsory papers and optionals which would test the depth of knowledge of the aspirant and finally a Personality Test to test the ‘governmental sense’ of the aspirant. The Kothari Commission also ensured ‘inclusiveness’ by allowing candidates to appear at the Main examination in any regional language. No action was taken by the government on the proposals of the Alagh Committee. a still more laudable desire to obtain the ‘approbation of friends and relations’. the government appointed the Satish Chandra Committee to suggest reforms. recommended an overhaul of the existing system. Excellence is an essential requisite for any public service and its pursuit begins with the recruitment process. the Civil Services Examination is conducted on an annual basis on this pattern. S. Accordingly. Indian Polity. The Macaulay system of examination continued till ‘Independence’. it is more because of their weakness than because of our strength. The committee recommended that the ‘Kothari’ model should be retained and minor changes should be incorporated to remove the ‘imbalances’ that had crept in inadvertently. The committee believed that ‘Early superiority in academics indicates the existence of some qualities which are securities against ‘vice’ – ‘industry’. The Second Administrative Reforms (Veerappa Moily) Commission in its report in 2008 recommended further changes. Presently. Recently. Logical Reasoning and Decision-making skills. While designing a successor civil service the Indian political leaders chose to retain the system of examination based on open entry and academic achievements. It recommended that the optionals at the Main examination should be replaced by compulsory papers viz. the UPSC appointed a Committee under the Chairmanship of Shri. as the selected aspirants come from diverse background these subjects are taught at the foundational training course). Kothari. Science and Technology in Society. (150 marks) PD/February/2011/1412 “If we resist our passions. in a written reply in Parliament. Democratic Governance. General Studies (Current Events. The Preliminary examination is expected to comprise two Objective Type papers : 1. Mathematics. an ‘Essay’ paper was introduced to test the drafting skills of the prospective aspirants and the marks for the Interview were enhanced from 250 to 300.

by consensus. Can an aptitude test be designed in such a way that the Hindi Medium student is not at a disadvantage as compared to his English medium counterpart ? Many aspirants prepare for the optional in their ‘mother tongue’. K. a former Vice-Chairman of the University Grants Commission. the gap between the direct recruit and the promotee would get accentuated as the recruitment patterns are different which would defeat the avowed aim of esprit ‘de’ corps.” . The UPSC would. In this context. If the examination pattern is changed it would disturb this equilibrium. they have a problem with attempting the Preliminary in English yet they are able to qualify due to the their knowledge of the subject matter. how does one test the ‘aptitude’ of a candidate for the civil services ? Even today. discuss the recommendations with the government and finalise the content of the paper. teaching and standards for evaluation in the different universities. This has the twin advantage of a ‘backup’ for an aspirant as well as assured quality for the ‘State Public Service’ as most of the candidates appear for both the examinations.. before the Aptitude Test is made a part of the examination the following questions need to be answered : In an ever changing scenario of governance in India. This is the logic behind the optional at the examination. S.However. The committee is expected to work out the details of the Preliminary examination and submit its report. would such an aptitude test not give an undue advantage to aspirants from the ‘golden mile’ universities located in the metropolitan cities which inculcate the required aptitude by their environmental impact ? Can a candidate from the rural milieu ever hope to compete with his urban counterpart ? Most of the State Public Service Commissions like the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission and the Karnataka Public Service Commission. Incase the Preliminary examination is recast along these lines.Darpan PD/February/2011/1413 “For every man there exists a bait which he cannot resist swallowing. Until due diligence is completed it would be better to rely on the time honoured dictum—‘an intellectual test is the best moral test’ which has successfully produced the ‘steel frame’ for decades. P. Also. can a Test be designed which would serve the purpose with reliability and predictability ? Is ethics a product of heredity and schooling or is it an outcome of the system which one enters after passing the examination ? All examinations which are designed to test the required aptitude like the Common Admission Test for Business Schools and the Common Law Admission Test for the Law Schools have a dominant emphasis on English and are accessible only to the ‘elite’. would it be fair to try to test their aptitude ? If aptitude is equated with ‘ethics and morals’. Does this system where the ‘subject matter’ is new (and not available in their mother tongue) not work against their interests ? An eligibility test would logically be a test in what has been already taught at the university level. Would it be fair to test what has not been taught ? Would it not make more sense if the ethical component is tested at the final stage i. In these days of ‘demands for smaller states’ can we afford such a gap ? The syllabus for the aptitude test is being examined by a high-powered committee headed by Prof. would it not keep a majority of the rural aspirants out of the reckoning? Does this not defeat the avowed ideals of the makers of the Constitution who advocated an inclusive bureaucracy which represents all sections of the society ? The Preliminary question paper has to be administered in both English and Hindi Medium . Though.e. the Personality test and not at the screening test level ? When there is no uniformity of subjects. Khanna. then. as they have had their entire education in the regional media. a majority of the students at the University level are not aware of the opportunity of a career in the civil service. Unless. follow a similar pattern of examination. the committee finds suitable answers to the above questions it would be premature to introduce any change.

their aim is to incorporate as much of the world as possible into their sphere of influence. the best way to see what’s happening today in Iraq and elsewhere is through a geopolitical prism. the external strategies of states and the global balance of power. For example. the Caspian Sea basin and other potential resource countries of central Asia is the new centre of the world struggle and conflict. Spykman of the university of Yale) of Eurasia that is western Europe. the incidents leading up to the First World War came out of this mode of thinking of geopolitics. One was through the emergence of a continental power (or a combination of continental powers) that dominated Eurasia and was therefore. such as the 1898. The Spanish-American War was an intentional device by which the United States acquired an empire.e. territory. And it was this outlook that led to the formation of NATO. such as ports and harbours. Observably. The Spanish-American war and the occupation of the Philippines were followed quickly by the seizure of Panama. The pacific rim. i. In classical geopolitical thinking. of restraint. the reason for both the Korean War and the Vietnam War was understood at the highest levels in terms of the US interest in control of the Pacific Rim. Thus. For them. This perspective holds the view that Eurasia was the most important part and termed ‘Heartland’ of the civilized world and that whoever controlled this Heartland by definition controlled the rest of the world because of the concentration there of population. the strategists and political analysts saw two ways through which global dominance could arise. the contested Rim lands of Eurasia were the base of US power. Today. Now let us sit back for a minute and return to the classical geopolitical thinking of the early part of the last century. America has embarked on the classical geopolitical project of assuring US dominance of the most important resource areas as a source of power and wealth.International Diplomacy Article Geopolitics and Superpowers Concerning Conflict and Crisis in Major of Asia —Dr. CENTO and the US military alliances with Japan and Taiwan. area or most especially. For instance. Infact. is south-central Eurasia. Shahid Ali Khan and Dr. must enter into all finer joys. the spheres of influence may be in areas of strategic importance in which a superpower can wield effective power. However. canals. Concerning geopolitics as an ideology of self conscious through a set of beliefs on which elites and leaders of the super powers acted can be evaluated as : to see just how self conscious this process is. resources and industrial might. The size of geographical sphere and degree of influence make a superpower the ability to reach a desirable out come. Fashoda incident over the headwaters of the Nile river that gave rise to a near conflict between third Republican France and late Victorian Britain. The other approach to global dominance perceived by political strategists was to control the ‘Rimland’ (the inner or marginal crescent of the heartland which is partly continental and partly ‘oceanic’ renamed as the ‘Rimland’ by Nicholes J. Superpowers Superpowers symbolize those countries which have global capacity and strength to influence the events of world affairs. as a country. geopolitics is concerned with political relations between states. the master of the world. above all in the United States. really. Similarly. After the turn of twentieth century. Attemptedly/ desirably. For strategic point of view. a Swedish political scientist coined the term ‘geopolitics’ and he himself defined it as the theory of the state as a geographic organism or phenomenon in space. and the Middle-Eastern and there by contain any emerging ‘Heartland’. They achieve their status through economic power. If we look into past. the United States determined that it would infect maintain a permanent military presence in all the Rimlands of Eurasia. we will find that this kind of contestation has been the driving force in world politics and especially world conflict in much of the previous few countries. if we study the history of the cold war. as a land. Until now. the overt conflicts that took place were consciously framed by a geopolitical orientation from American point of view.” . The new centre of geopolitical competition. encompassing the Persian Gulf area which possesses two-third of the world’s oil. they try to maintain and improve their geopolitical position by PD/February/2011/1414 “An element of abstention. the world’s surface is like a giant chess board where the moves and counter moves indicate the changing balance of power. Akhtar Hasinur Rehaman Geopolitics Rudolf Kjellen. we are seeing a resurgence of unabashed geopolitical ideology among the leadership cadres of the superpowers. the Marshall Plan. resources and important geographical positions. military might and political influence. The United States’s motto to control the Middle East and its oil may trace out on the basis of the Truman Doctrine and the Eisenhower Doctrine and the Carter Doctrine. Md. SEATO. openly justified by geo political ideology. river systems. particularly the views of Sir Helford Mackinder of great Britain. as we see it. world politics is essentially a struggle over who will control the Eurasian heartland. oases and other sources of wealth and influence. By geopolitics or geopolitical competition means the contention between great powers and aspiring great powers for control over territory. the term geopolitics came to prominence during the late nineteenth century and referred to the way in which ideas relating to politics and space could be used within national policy. Thus.

They had long pursued this potion: buying US military equipment. Europe. and it is better to hold onto territories rather than seek a comprise solution. the IraqIran competition over gulf hegemony will continue in some form regardless of who is in power in Baghdad and Tehran. Equally. More importantly.extending their relative spheres of influence. Since Arab states will not cease trying to destroy Israel. this view accepts the claims of pan-Arab nationalism or radical Islamic groups that all Arabs want to unite and that they set their policy mainly based on the Palestinian issue and inter-Arab (or Islamic) solidarity. Interstingly. One recent analysis. Russia and the US. Several key principles based on real politik and geopolitics is indispensable to make a sense of region’s political course. We should think of oil not just as a source of fuel but as a source of power because of its significance as a valuable asset. the Middle-East geopolitics and real politic bedrock have distinctive aspects on global politics. if she needed to sustain its economic growth. This is the only geographical region in the world where the interests of the putative great powers collide. no one knows better than the Arab nationalist intellectuals that reality has been quite different from the expectation of the 1950s and 1960s when panArab nationalism seemed to be the wave of future’s line of course. it will be several powers dominating Asia together to decide the future course of Asia and middle-East. The USSR’s collapse. for the purpose of definition. The Arab world is seen as relatively unchanging due to ideological factors deeply rooted in political culture. has the ultimate lever over all competing powers. Instead. for whom Asia is the meeting ground. resource base. but interest screams aloud. The Arab-Israeli conflict as a whole and radical Arab nationalism’s appeal has declined sharply. ofcourse opening a new era there. the United Arab Emirates and are also most open to links with Israel in order to deter Iran and ensure them more independence from Saudi Control. Like the Gulf American monarchies. the 21st century is projected to be Asian century. Individual Arab states are far freer to stake and seek their interest. as the future peace and stability in Asia and world will be perhaps determined by the policies to be pursued by India. Among individual Middle-East countries. The likely scenario of one power dominating Asia’s geopolitical future is unlikely. South Korea will be in much the some position. Real politik. to the geographical region from Iran to Saudi Arabia.” . In strategic terms. the Greater Middle-East has been defined in an expansive manner to include the Arab world. judges that the likely emergence of China and India as new Asian and global players will transform the geopolitical landscape of the Asian continent. It is well worth remembering that India and China are competitors for the energy resources found in the Middle-East. a parallel concept is held by Israel’s right-wing. most of the world’s reaming oil located-approximately 70 percent of known petroleum reserves. history. not ideological enthusiasm is the foundation of Gulf politics. Thus. Geopolitics of the Persian Gulf Triangle The Persian Gulf area contains about 40 per cent current oil production and huge amounts of natural gas as well. the actions of superpowers are codified in geopolitical strategies which try to legitimatize their international role. US’s rise to sole superpower status. there is far less proof of these concepts in its history. a distinct regional role and interest often transcends regime changes and alliance shifts. Israel and Turkey-as also the Horn of Africa. therefore. China. Strategists see it. Iran. In coming decades. These trajectories have made all the more clear that a conceptual framework for understanding Middle-East is remarkably complex. Ironically. Russia. location. The Gulf monarchies are eagerly interested to rebuild relations with Iran-Oman-Qatar. Free enterprise and the pursuit of economic development have become higher priorities. any Israeli concessions are dangerous. Apart from this. These developments and a number of significant global and regional events have changed the Middle East in recent years. the area is triangular and there is no other place in the world like this. the similar states in the Middle-East were also ready to seek US and other western support to guarantee survival against their Arab brothers. for example. Western Central Asia and South Asia. the Trans-Caucasus. whoever controls Persian Gulf oil controls the world’s economy and. for example are bound to be competitors whether or not they even sign a peace treaty. China and the United States are expanding powers. contours. they were reluctant to be dragged into Arab-Israeli confrontation lest these should destabilize them. Israel and Syria. experts and politicians implicitly believe that Middle-East politics are primarily shaped by ideology. In the hotly contested Caspian Sea area. then real peace is impossible. Many strategists. political rhetoric. This is achieved through maintaining control in their respective cores. US-Israel relations were no barrier to cooperation because their own survival was at stake. Indeed. Iraq’s defeat in Kuwait and breakthroughs in Arab-Israeli peace making have greatly influenced the whole political affairs of the MiddleEast. Today. asking the US navy to convoy tankers and protect them. They are struggling with one another consciously and actively. While there is evidence for this standpoint in the regions. blend of population groups and relative strength. American Administration is determined to dominate this area and to subordinate these two potential Challenges and prevent them from forming a common front against the United States. The governing forces are each county’s. Equally. Japan. Paradoxically. Geopolitics of the MiddleEast Broadly. the Gulf Arab states portray themselves in a fascinating way where Israeli issue has become a minor factor in that process. China is expected to be totally dependent on the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea area for the oil. PD/February/2011/1415/6 “Conscience whispers.

both Beijing and Delhi have greater stakes at sea. the littoral importance for the global economy and great power. India and Japan are naval powers of varying capability and Beijing’s deepest fear is the possibility of long term triangular maritime cooperation with strategic overtones among the three democracies. Further. USA. Thus. Iran has just two basic options here. Pakistan has always favoured the passage of pipeline on its soil to get annual revenue in term of royalties. The Beijing considers that the Hormuz-Malacca Oceanic arc is both the new silk route and the Achilles heel for the rise of China. it has already existing internal pipeline networks of almost 4. France and medium powers like Korea. Iran could have the opportunity to play a central role in the competition for new pipeline networks offering an important water ways to the land locked central Asian countries.000 kilometres of major lines. The logical interpretation of globalization and trade means China and India are today more reliant on the seas than ever before. in the game of the various possible pipelines to connect the land locked Caspian Sea has claimed Iran’s role not merely as a transit route. but not imminent. the most important strategic triangle in our littoral and the maritime world will be that between the United States. Libya Sanctions Act’ (ILSA) have strongly hindred projects for an Iranian route. This means a steady expansion of the size and quality of China and Indian naval forces. Here. Observably. Georgia and Turkey has been a highlight confirming this tendency to Iranian exclusion. thus by passing Pakistan. the USA remains the lead presence in the Indian Ocean region and will seek to retain its advantage in the navigable oceans of the world including principal interlocutors namely India and China. Sri Lanka. via Pakistan or to lay a pipeline underwater from the fields to the final destination. besides enhancing oil recovery in old oil reservoirs. ‘String of Pearls’ is a phrase often involved to describe the Poeple’s Republic of China’s investment in ports in Pakistan. China. it is the triangular dynamic between Washington. the increase in the economic mass of China and India well intensify their gravitational pull and most certainly recognize the geopolitical space in the littoral of Indian Ocean. Second. the incubator of violent extremism. involving Azerbaijan. Beijing and Delhi that will be the most consequential. However. China. if not deliberate design to take into account the rising power of the Asian giants in its own policy towards Asia.Geopolitics of the Indian Ocean The strategic importance of the Indian Ocean by definition may clearly be understood as a major source of raw materials.Darpan PD/February/2011/1416 “Not using faults does not mean that one does not have them. Others argue that structural change in the geopolitics of the Indian ocean may be inevitable. The strategic maritime focus of the world has inexorably shifted from the AtlanticPacific of the Cold War to the Pacific Indian Ocean combine in the post 9/11 system. China which is the rising power of the early 21st century is driven by the same logic of great powers with global aspirations to straddle two of the three navigable oceans of the world and is investing in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) in a very determined manner. the whole discussion and these developments reveal that it will be several powers coming together to decide the future course of Asia. the location for a large number of failed and failing states. Geopolitics of the Pipelines Iran was the first country in the Middle-East to export gas via pipelines. China has been making a concerted attempt to legitimize and enhance its Indian Ocean Region (IOR) presence. at first. covering both the South-North and East-West regions. Last but not least. On its part. Given overwhelming naval superiority to the Indian Ocean. Interestingly. Persian Gulf is connected via pipeline to the Caspian Sea. Therefore. either to lay a pipeline overland from Iranian gas fields to India. In view of Iran’s geo-graphical position it has a high privilege of being the only country linking the two strategically hydro-carbons regions of the Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf. Consequently. Myanmar and now Bangladesh. Japan. Even Iran and India quietly reached a major long-term gas agreement under which Iran will supply India with 5 million tonnes of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) annually for 25 years and with 100. Nearly 90 per cent of world trade in commodities and goods continues to flow by the seas. some argue that the relative decline of the United States is inevitable and organization of the balance of power in the Indian ocean is necessary amidst the rise of China and the emergence of India. Along a South-North axis. Similarly. Thus. the house to some of the world’s most volatile regions. Indonesia and Iran to name a few well indeed have a bearing on the maritime structures of the India ocean. Iran itself needs to satisfy its growing national energy demand. India has always insisted on avoiding Pakistani territory. P. In coming decades.” . in principle. and India. but also as a final market for Caspian oil. To this end. the power leverages countries like India and China would have increased manifold within Asia’s geopolitical landscape while the United States will be forced by circumstances. This is because this transitional pipeline regards the role of Iran as a final user of Caspian oil and gas which further guarantees that oil and gas flows would not be interrupted. possibly China and India are emerging as important sources of the world economic growth and the drivers of regional integration in the Indian Ocean. United States opposition and ‘Iran. the approval of the controversial Baku-Ceyhan pipeline construction in the summer of 2002. Another factor affecting Iranian policies is the strong increase of energy demand in India and other Asian nations. While other major powers like Russia.000 barrels of oil per day for a period of one year. Summarily. upto now. This claim not only offers the cheapest transit route in its region for oil and gas but also to be competitive from a security point of view.

Shambhuchand Mukherjee. R. the Brahmanas. Kali Mohan —Vedas. Commutation. Remission. R. Chandra Shekhar Azad. Holmes ★ To be eligible as Vice-President a person should have completed : —35 years of age ★ Who is the author of the book ‘The Great Rebellion’ ? —Ashok Mehta ★ The pardoning power of the President in India as enshrined in the Article 72 of the Constitution of India includes : —Pardon.” —Nanthaniel Halhed Vedic Literature includes : ★ Who headed the committee on ‘Revitalisation of Panchayati Raj’ Institutions for Democracy and Development appointed by the Rajiv Gandhi Government in 1986 ? —L. Roshan Singh and Sachindranath Sanyal were all associated with : —The Kakori Conspiracy (1925) History and Culture of India ★ Who wrote the book “The Wonder that was India” ? —A. ★ The Palaeolithic Age in India is divided into three phases namely : —Lower Palaeolithic (Handaxe and cleaver industries). mandamus. 1956 ★ The Zonal Councils are the statutory bodies established by an Act of the Parliament that is : —States Reorganisation Act of 1956 ★ The first proclamation of National Emergency was issued in October 1962 on account of : —Chinese aggression in the NEFA (North East Frontier Agency now Arunachal Pradesh) ★ The State has its own Constitution is : —Jammu and Kashmir ★ ★ ★ Which Article of the Constitution empowers the High Court to issue writs including habaes corpus. “This (the revolt 1857) was an eruption of social volcano. Banerjee (at Mohenjodaro) and By D. prohibition and quo warranto for the enforcement of fundamental rights of the citizens and for any other purpose ? —Article 226 Indian National Movement ★ In the history of Indian National Movement Santhal Rebellion took place between : —1855-1856 Das and Jogesh Chandra Dutt were editors of : —Amrit Bazar Patrika Which of the British Acts provided for the establishment of All India Federation at the centre ? —The Government of India Act 1935 Ashfaqullah Khan. certiorari.Indian Polity and Constitution ★ Which Constitutional Amendment Act facilitates the appointment of the same person as a governor for two or more states ? —7th Constitutional Amendment Act. Middle Palaeolithic (Tools made on flakes) and upper Palaeolithic (Tools made on flakes and blades) ★ The Harappan civilization was discovered in 1920-21 following excavation : —By R. Respite. the Aranyakas and the Upanishads ★ The first definite mention of Bharata as a region is to be found in : —Panini who lived about sixth century B. Basham Who said that “The mythology. Greeks and Romans were borrowed from the doctrines of the Brahmins.C. After the eruption. Reprieve ★ Under which Article of the Constitution does the governor of state possess the pardoning power ? —Article 161 ★ Who said. as well as cosmogony of the Egyptians.” —Ashok Mehta ★ Sisir Kumar Ghosh. the whole social topography had changed.” . D. Ram Prasad Bismil. L. where many spent forces found vent. Rajendra Lahiri. the scars of rebellion remained deep and shining. Singhvi ★ The famine which killed nearly 8 lakh people during British rule as per the report furnished by the Famine Commission of 1660 had struck : —Western India in November 1876-77 Swami Vivekanand established the Ramakrishna Mission in —the year 1897 The first President of the Indian National Congress was : —Sir Wyomesh Chandra Banerjee ★ ★ 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act 1992 has added a new PartIX to the Constitution of India entitled as the ‘Panchayats’ which provides for : —a Three-Tier System of Panchayati Raj System ★ ★ ★ ★ The Central Recruiting Agency of India is : —The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) ★ Who called the revolt of 1857 as a war between barbarism and civilisation ? —T. Sahni (at Harappa) ★ Nizam-ul-Mulk Asaf Jah founded the state of Hyderabad in : —1724 PD/February/2011/1417 “The trouble with resisting temptation is it may never come your way again. M.

the production of rice.” .g.. 8 and 2 million tonnes respectively ★ Food management in India has three basic objectives namely : —Procurement of foodgrains from farmers.★ Tipu Sultan was the Sultan (ruler) of Mysore from : —1782 to 17999 ★ The Sikh Khalsa was formed to instil a strong martial spirit in the Sikhs by : —Tenth Sikh Guru Guru Gobind Singh in 1699 ★ The Chief of Sukarchakiya misl (a Sikh confederacy) was : —Maharaja Ranjit Singh district Karnataka) and Ramgiri Gold Field (in Anantpur district Andhra Pradesh) ★ The only tungsten producing mine in the country is : —Degana (Rajasthan) ★ In coal production. Kolkata. distribution of foodgrains to the consumers and maintenance of food buffers for security and price stability ★ Keeping in view the interest of the farmers as also the need of self-reliance the Government has been announcing Minimum Support Price (MSP) for : —24 major crops ★ FRP stands for : —Fair and Remunerative Price (of Sugarcane) ★ Under the Decentralized Procurement Scheme (DPC)–operational since 1997 foodgrains are procured and distributed by : —The State Governments themselves Science & Technology ★ Institute for Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences is located in : —New Delhi PD/February/2011/1418 “Most people want to be delivered from temptation but would like it to keep in touch. wheat and pulses is to be increased by : —10. Kanchenjunga. Nanga Parbat and Annapurna all are situated in : —The Greater Himalayas (Himadri) ★ The highest peak of the Karakoram Range is : —Mt. Makalu. Tri-Nitro Benzene (TNB) and Tri-Nitro Phenol (TNP) and RDX are all used as : —Explosives The heaviest element is : —Osmium The opposition offered by a conductor to the flow of current through it is called : —Resistance Geography (India and the World) ★ The middle zone of the earth with a thickness of 2780 km having an average density of 5·6 is known as : —Pyrosphere ★ The instrument which records the seismic waves generated by the occurrence of earthquakes is called : —Seismograph ★ Wild Ass Sanctuary is situated in : —Little Rann of Kutch. Mansalu. Everest. Delhi. Dhaulagiri. Cho Oyu. which state is on the top in present in newly developed Education Development Index ? —Kerala ★ Which bank has become the first registrar for Unique Identification Authority of India for collecting both demographic and biometric informations of the bank’s account holders ? —State Bank of India ★ Who won the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2009 ? —Anand Mahindra ★ Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited of Tata group has been renamed as —Tata Communication Limited ★ In Global Hunger Index (GHI) India has been ranked at : —96th place among 119 developing countries ★ The important gold fields in the country are : —Kolar Gold Field (Kolar district) and Hutti Gold Field (Raichur ★ ★ Agriculture ★ As per the Eleventh Five Year Plan Period (2007-2012) target under the National Food Security Mission (NFSM). blood pressure/ heartbeat) is known as : —Kymograph Who invented Ball-point pen ? —C. in descending order are : —Greater Mumbai. Chennai and Bangalore ★ ★ ★ Economic Affairs of India ★ The Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) aims at ensuring universal access to secondary level education by : —the year 2017 ★ The National Food for Work Programme was launched in : —November 2004 in 150 most backward districts of the country ★ Based on the European Banking system the first bank in India was started in India : —at Calcutta in 1770 named ‘Hindustan Bank’ ★ In the country. Biro in 1938 ★ ★ The instrument which measures strength of electric current is : —Ammeter One Angstrom is equal to : —10– 10 metre Astronomical distance is measured in : —light year Dynamite. India ranks in the world : —Third (after China and America) ★ The instrument which graphically records physiological movement (e. Tri-Nitro Toulene (TNT). Gujarat ★ The headquarters of North Eastern Railway is : —Gorakhpur ★ The Western Ghats are also known as : —The Sahyadris ★ The major peaks like Mt. K2 (Godvin Austin) ★ Vembnad Lake is located in : —Kerala ★ The most important coal field in India is : —Jharia Coalfield ★ The top five million cities of India as per the 2001 census.

Sugarcane. ★ Ceylon is the old name of : —Sri Lanka ★ Bering Strait was discovered by : —Vitus Bering ★ ★ The capital of Bahrain is : —Manama ★ ★ Kangaroo is the national emblem of : of : —Bangladesh —Australia ★ Brooklyn (USA) is a place associated with : —Baseball The number of players in Water Polo is : —7 ★ Jatiyo Sangsad is the Parliament ★ ★ Lake Nyasa and Lake Victoria are located in : —Continent of Africa Miscellany ★ The medical term for memory loss is : —Amnesia ★ Zulus are the tribes living in : —South Africa PD/February/2011/1419 “There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable. the basic building blocks are : —Cells with : —Golf ★ The youngest World Snooker ★ ★ Prince of Wales Cup is associated ★ ‘Being Myself’ is the autobiography of famous tennis player : —Martina Navratilova ★ ★ ★ The study of Cancer is called : —Oncology ★ Bully.Darpan ★ The function of DNA in the body is : —To control the heredity In a human body. Corner. Off-side are the terms associated with : —Hockey The playground of wrestling is called : —Arena Fuwa was the official mascot of : —Beijing Olympics 2008 ★ Falklands Islands are in : ★ —South Atlantic National Highway No. Bajra. Groundnut are all : —Kharif Crops ★ Dirham is the currency of : —Morocco ★ ★ OPEC stands for : —Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries Sports and Games ★ Jwala Gutta and V. Dribble. Seasamum. 3 runs from : —Agra to Mumbai Hertz is a unit of : —Frequency of sound waves ★ The first Indian to win the Golden Globe for best original Music Score with Jai Ho was : ★ —A. Carry. Diju are the famous players of : —Badminton Lin Dan who was declared Most Valuable Player in 16th Asiad Guangzhou belongs to : —China Champion who won the final of ONGC—IBSF World Snooker Championship in Hyderabad in November 2009 was : —Ng-On Yee Boris Gelfand is associated with : —Chess Agha Khan Cup is associated with : —Hockey (Western India) Hat-trick. R.” . Maize Cotton. Soybean.★ National Project on Organic Farming was launched during : —10th Five Year Plan (2002–2007) ★ Neprologist is a specialist who treats : —Kidney system ★ Knesset is the name of the Parliament of : was : —Ferdinand Magellan —Israel ★ First man to sail round the world ★ The instruments for food management are : —Minimum Support Price (MSP) and Central Issue Price (CIP) ★ Cirrhosis is a disease which affects : —Liver —Sleep language of —Spanish ★ Hypnology is the study of : ★ The official Argentina is : ★ Wildlife Institute of India is situated in : —Dehradun ★ RKVY stands for : —Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana ★ The Zaid crop is grown during : ★ Integrated Coach Factory (ICF) is situated at : —Perambur (Chennai) Bhilai Steel Plant was built in 1955 with the cooperation of : —Former USSR ★ —The months of March to June Rice (Paddy) Jowar. Rahman The national tree of India is : —Banyan (Ficus benghalensis) ★ ★ ★ Sentinelese and Shompens are the tribals inhabiting : —Andaman and Nicobar Islands P.

67.77. Niigata Brief History Map of Japan The first Japanese state appeared in the central region of Honshu in the 7th century.994 (as per 2005 census) Males : 6. Iwate.977 Females : 6. Ibaraki. Akita.376·7 billion) Central Bank Bank/Main : The Nippon Ginko (Bank of Japan) founded in 1882 Largest Stock Exchange : Tokyo Stock Exchange Total Length of Roads : 11. Hokkaido. Aomari. Gifu.19. Miyazaki. Kagoshima. Shiga.267 (as per 2005 data) : 0·884 (Rank 11) HDI/World Rank (2010 Human Development Report) Adult Literacy Rate : 99% Birth Rate (2005) : 8·4 per 1000 population Death Rate (2005) : 8·6 per 1000 population Life Expectancy at birth : 85·5 years for women and (2005 data) 78·5 years for men Currency : Yen (JPY) Official Name Japanese Current Prime Minister Naoto Kan Japan’s Current Monarch : Akihito GDP growth rate for : 2·1% (In 2007 Japan’s total 2007 GDP was US $ 4. Ehime. Tokushima. Hiroshima.48. Major Prefecturs : Yamanashi. Kawasaki. Miyagi. Nugate. Nagasaki. Nagano. Kangoshima.915 sq km Official Language : Japanese Major Islands : Honshu. Kyoto. Shizouka Oita. Sapporo.017 Population Density : 343 per square km UN Projected Popula. Chiba. Osaka Principal Airlines : Japan Airlines International (JAL) Main Broadcasters : Japan Broadcasting Corporation (Nippon Hoso Kyokai–NHK) and the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters National Anthem : Kimigayo (The Reign of our Emperor) Major Cities : Akashi. Okinawa. Kobe.77. In 1710 the first Japanese PD/February/2011/1420 “Do not bite at the bait of pleasure till you know there is no hook beneath it. Airports Kagoshima. Hokkaido. Nagoya. Osaka. Tokyo.85590 km (2005 data) Main International : Fukuoka.54. Fukui. Nagoya. Nara. Kyushu and Shikoku Population : 12. Ishikawa. Aichi. Saga.: Nihon (or Nippon) Koku (Land of the Rising Sun) Capital : Tokyo Area : 3. Ichikawa.: 102·51 million tion for 2050 Largest Conurbation of : Tokyo (with a population the World of 35·2 million) GDP per Capita : (PPD $) 31. Toyota. Tochigi. Hiroshima. Kashiwa. Yamagata. Okayama Mie.” . Wakayama. Kochi. Fukuyama.23. Yokohama. Gumma. Naha. etc.

Cut-off from outside Japan gradually became strong. Prince Hisahito was the first male born into the imperial family since 1965. A revitalized Japan defeated China in the First Sino Japanese war in 1894-95 and gained Taiwan. Itsukushima Shinto Shrine and the historic ancient monuments of Nara including five Buddhist temples. Annual rainfall is 1·128 mm. In 2006. Guangzhou in 1938 and Nanjing in 1940. In 12th century anarchy entered Japan. Output of natural gas in 2005 was 3. The emperor is the symbol of the unity of the people. humid summers and relatively mild winters. Under premier General Tojo Hideki Japan invaded the US fleet in Pearl Harbour. The industrial structure is dominated by corporate groups (Keiretsu). Legislative power rests with the ‘Diet’ which consists of Shugi-in (House of Deputies) having a four years term and Upper House.01. Hawaii in December 1941.700 Megawatt. In the east is the Korean peninsula. Kyushu. Agriculture and Industry In Japan. Yakushima Shirakami-Sanchi.00. Japan began phase of aggressive expansionism Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931. the Ancient Monuments of Kyoto. The chemical industry ranks fourth in shipment value after machinery.642 unions. Major Tourist Places Japan has 14 sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list. In 1636 Japanese were forbidden to emigrate. Shikaku and number of small islands. Hiroshima Peace Memorial. Livestock stood in 2006 at 9·62 million in 2006. Location As earlier mentioned Japan consists of four major islands. Japan had a generating capacity of 47. Taira Kiyamori seized power and ended anarchy and then civil war followed causing the defeat of Taira Kiyamori. Nine shogun ruled during the Kamakura epoch (1185–1333). The best seasons are spring and autumn. The Spanish Jesuit missionary St. the catch in 2005 was 57. the control of barons (daimyo) started ruling Japan through the warriors also known as The Samurai. The new Japan remained a monarchy in which the emperor was a figurehead. Shrine and Temples of Nikko Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryuku. A law was passed in year 2000 giving voters a choice between individual candidates and parties when casting ballots for the proportional representation seats in the House of Councillors. metals and food products. It is an island chain between the North Pacific Ocean and Sea of Japan. Rice cultivation accounted for 17. Constitution and the Government In was established in Nara by Empress Genmei. The power passed to Minamoto Yoritomo who established a new office Shogun. The important tourist sites are the Buddhist Monuments in the Horyuji Area. the leading companies by market capitalization in March 2008 were Toyota Motor Corporation. It is an archipelago lying off East Coast of Asia. 1990).000 workers organized in 65. In 2005 there were 55 nuclear reactors.57. Sangi-in (House of Councillors) of 242 members (96 elected by party list system with proportional representation according to the d’ Hondt method and 146 from prefectural districts) one half of its members being elected every three years. After making alliance with Japan entered first world war against Germany in 1914 and took German island colonies in the north.000 tonnes excluding whaling.06. In 1794 capital was moved to Heian—Kyo (present day Kyoto). Himeji-jo. As for agriculture. Japan is the leading importer of fishery commodities with imports in 2003 totalling US $ 12·40 billion. The climate is temperate with warm.17. Output of crude petroleum was 9. The 1947 Constitution supersedes the Meiji Constitution of 1889. As for fisheries.000 in 2006).120 million cubic metres with reserves of 40 billion cubic metres. The rainy season occurs in June-July. the agriculture population was 4·08 million in 2004.65. Europeans were expelled and thus Japan remained for 220 years under self-imposed isolation. Japan’s ruthless advance overwhelmed the Allied powers. Rice is staple food. The Tokugawa shogunate ruled Japan till 1869 and established himself at Edo (present day Tokyo). In August 1945 USA planes dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki causing more than 2.000 deaths. Mitsubishi. the Emperor of Japan is Akihito who succeeded his father on January 1989 (enthroned on November 12. For the next 700 years Japan was ruled by a military dictator—the shogun while emperor ruled reclusively. the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine and its cultural landscape. It may be added here that the succession to the throne is fixed upon the male descendents in terms of monarchy. Thus Bringing USA into second world war (1939–1945). Now the country has emerged as a major donor to aid the developing countries. The country is dependent on foreign supplies for these resources.000 motor vehicles were manufactured in Japan in 2006. In May 2007 Parliament approved a national referendum on changing the commitment to postwar pacifism. Hokkaido. Climate Japan lies in temperate zone. The emperor Hirohito surrendered. Japan is the largest producer of passenger cars (97.08. Marine and land ecosystem at Shiretoko.” . A total of 1. In 2002 there were 1. From 1467 to 1603 Japan suffered the Fighting Principalities (Sengokiyidai).14. P. In 1937 there was full scale war with China. Sovereign power rests with the people. Mineral and Energy Resources Japan is not very rich in energy resources. Total installed generating capacity was 274·5 million kilowatt in 2006. but not falling.000 hectare in 2005. Japan captured Shanghai in 1937. The emperor has no power related to government. Frances Xavier landed in Japan in 1549. making it the second largest producer after USA. In January 2003 unemployment stood at 5·5% the highest rate on record. our real anxiety is to be tempted enough. Financial Group and Nintendo. Honshu.84. Sometimes September brings typhoons.725 kilolitres almost entirely from oilfields on the island of Honshu.Darpan PD/February/2011/1421 “We like slipping.

Website : http://www. NARTSS (National Academy for Research and Training in Social Security)—administered by the EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organisation) and imparts research. at Nagpur (Maha. Career Management and Training. nic. Based on the Annual Report (2009-10) of the Ministry of Labour and Employment (G O I). Economic Adviser. New Initiatives (during 2009-10) ● ML&E (GOI) gave the more stress during the year (2009-10) on vocational training for creating a world class skilled labour force. 22 Adjudicating Bodies and 1–Arbitration Body. social standards and security. is a premier Institute of Research. EPFO (Employee’s Provident Fund Organisation)–works under Employees Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act. workers education. 16. The Employees’ Pension Scheme. Labour and Employment Adviser etc. VVGNLI (V. in. CBWE (Central Board for Workers Education) established in 1958 Hq. Training and Education ● Major Achievements and New Initiatives Organisational set-up/Infrastructure and Functional Activities of the ML&E (Ministry of Labour and Employment–GOI) ● Under the ML&E (Ministry of Labour and Employment. Labour Bureau etc. labour Research and Training Institutes like. About 1·06 million training seats are available in both ITIs&ITCs in PD/February/2011/1422 “If passion drives you. Programmes are considered. through a network of more than 2000 Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and 5509 Industrial Training Centres (ITCs) located throughout India. the computerization plan of EPFO with NIC is being implemented.. Under functional activities.Annual Report : 2009-10 Present Scenario and New Initiatives in Indian Labour and Employment Sector : Highlights Undoubtedly ! in Indian agriculture and industries/factories. Nagpur (Maharashtra) NARTSS (National Academy for Research and Training in Social Security) etc. Adjudicating Bodies etc. ● ● ● ● ● Labour Research. activities and the main highlights can be expressed in nutshell. For the protection. ● ● The ML&E (GOI) has four attached offices and ten subordinate offices. which (labour) constitutes the poor. The main activities of this institute are. 1952 and also responsible for schemes of Provident Fund. the Government of India (GOI) and State Governments are fully responsible. safeguard and interest of the workers. several efforts have been made in the interest of labour and employment sector through labour research and training. V. wages. C B W E (Central Board for Worker’s Education) established in 1958 Hq.. training and development programmes.. VVGNLI (V. 1995 came into existence on Nov. are various organisations in the ML&E (GOI). 4 Autonomous Organisations. Additional Secretary (L&E). Information Technology (IT) Initiatives etc. Director General/ Deputy Director General (DDG)– Labour welfare. is a registered society imparting schemes related to workers training and develop consciousness among them about their rights.e. Giri National Labour Institute) established in July 1974. GOI). Labour Research and Training. the success and progress both are totally depend on manpower i. est. Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGE&T). the total operational and manufacturing work is being done by the labourers— as a key for operational work. 1995. The EPFO covers 0·57 million establishments and 47·07 million subscribers for social security–as an organized sector. scientists meet as well as promote and coordinate research with other agencies of the country and other countries.labour. deprived and disadvantaged sections of the society. the other posts are of : Joint Secretary. are fully engaged in their respective fields for Indian labour and employment sector. as below : the supreme post is of 1–Secretary (L&E) and under Secretary. labour. organising training. and in subordinate offices–DGMS (Directorate General of Mines Safety). In attached offices. This Board (CBWE) also undertakes programmes for rural workers’ education and functional adult education. workshops. The Ministry of Labour and Employment (G O I) decides the policies/laws. regulates the terms and conditions of service as well as employment of workers for the welfare and social security and their development and creates awareness through research. Welfare Commissioners etc. in general. IT (Information Technology) Initiatives etc. seminars.” . Special Secretary (L&E Labour and Employment). Autonomous Organisations. So also. duties and responsibilities. Training and Education in the area of Labour. personnel management and industrial relation. For which. training programmes on labour welfare. Under New Initiatives (2009-10). in July 1974. V. Giri National Labour Institute)—an autonomous body of the ML&E (GOI). Family Pension and Deposit Linked Insurance for the benefit of workers.). NRCCL (National Research Centre on Child Labour). group meetings. let reason hold the reins. educational programmes.

…… (A) 2007 (B) 2008 (C) 2009 (D) None of these Summary Based on the present status.e. Nagpur (Maha. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● enhancement of knowledge of labour. This Act/Bill provides safeguards to be adopted in the use and handling of agrochemicals (Insecticides / Pesticides / Herbicides–Weedicides) for handling hazardous chemicals in plantations and to prohibit employment of children. are under operation for gender budgeting including women. 1951 provides for the welfare of labour and regulates the conditions of work in plantation. of the country. It is imparting various schemes like. labour Research. April 1. provides health insurance to all BPL (Below Poverty Line) families. it also provides safeguard to be adopted in use and handing of agro-chemicals (insecticides/pesticides/herbicides) in plantation. 2009 at Guwahati (Assam) and on August 15. Safety Awards and VRP (Vishwakarma Rashtriya Puraskar) awards were given on Sept. original Plantation Labour Act.e. mainly in informal sector. child. the CBWE (Central Board for Workers Education) Hq. which has become operational from April 1. and in 12 child labour endemic distts. 28. RSBY (Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana)—w. below 14 years in plantations.” . etc. Education and Training activities and new initiatives taken under the Ministry of Labour and Employment–ML&E (GOI) during the year 2009-10 for attitudinal change. Other Activities Labour Welfare Scheme (LWS) The LWS. Training and Education. The minimum wages Act. including 7 women. in unorganized sector for social security.). through NSDP (National Skill Development Policy) like. Nov. several institutions like. 80 per day to Rs. and it is taking-up Medical Education Projects. NKDP (National Skill Development Policy) has been formulated. were organised. workshops. 2008—Plantations Labour Act. skill development and The National Safety Awards (Mines) were awarded on Oct. allowances to labour etc. V. 1988—5·21 lakh children have been mainstreamed into formal education system. 23. CBWE (Central Board for Workers Education) etc.f. 1. training. RSBY (Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana) formally launched under Ministry of Labour and Employment (GOI) on October 1. 2009. the National Floor Level Minimum Wage has been revised from Rs. ● Several new initiatives have been taken in the interest of labour and employment through ITIs (Industrial Training Institutes). VVGNLI (V. wage improvement revised from Rs. Noida provides training for Women. 16. 2009. it can very well be summarized in nutshell that. prohibits the employment of children below 14 years in plantations. Scholarships and Pension for the construction workers. has conducted 935 programmes of varied durations at National level for 22. Giri National Labour Institute) w. 100 per day. ● Under Plantations Labour (Amendment) Bill. NARTSS (National Academy for Research and Training in Social Security) etc. Plantations Labour (Amendment) Bill. 2008 has been enacted.f. 17. NVTI (National Vocational Training Institute) for Women.). 1952). 2009 and also NSA (National Continued on Page 1511 PD/February/2011/1423 “Opportunity may knock only once. ML&E distributes these awards as well as PM Shram Awards to workers. Hindi Use—Hindi Teaching Scheme (GOI). monitored by the GOI provides help in Group Insurance.e. Awards and Conferences ● Objective Questions 1. ● Workers Education Day was celebrated on Sept. Welfare of SCs/STs. a unit of 5 over period of five years. 1948 was enacted for labour. 2009 (Eve of Independence Day).the country. the Prime Minister’s Shram Awards for the year 2007 were given to 5 2 workers. IT (Information Technology) for their employment opportunities in the country. CBWE (Central Board for Workers’ Education. 5·21 lakh children have been mainstreamed into formal education system. ESIC (Employees State Insurance Corporation)—It covers about 13 million insured persons and 50 million beneficiaries. incentives. Since 1970 till Sept.f. Gender Budgeting—NCLP (National Child Labour Project). 2010.f. Under this scheme RSBY 1·27 crore cards have been issued upto Feb. which shows a progress in this sector. it can be concluded as pin-points that the M L & E (GOI) activities are continuously under progress and providing the right directions to labour through research. Medical and Health Care. 2008. 1951.e. 2009.e. ‘Skill Development Initiative Scheme (SDIS)’ w. ● Under vocational training programme of the ML&E. seminars. are working in the various fields for labour research/ training/education. Hindi Workshop for awards. ITCs (Industrial Training Centres) under Vocational Training Programmes of the M L & E (GOI). ● Under Labour Research. 2007. ● Under NCLP (National Child Labour Project) w. since 1958. 80 per day to Rs. but temptation leans on the doorbell. The unorganized Worker’s Social Security Act. at Nagpur (Maha.f. Every year. Indus Project Scheme. NCLP (National Child Labour Project)—Scheme launched in 1988. 100 per day. 2006-07 to achieve a target to train one million persons in first 5 years in Modular Employable Skills (MES) framework and thereafter one million every year for school drop-outs and existing workers. EPFO (Employee’s Provident Fund Organisation Act. Overall.584 participants. 2008. 1974. Wage improvement—w.

located in Kathmandu. manufacturers and commodities in their raw. to promote active collaboration and mutual assistance in the economic. social. (iv) inclusion of all products. technological. is headed by a Secretary General who is assisted by seven Directors in his work. The charter establishing SAARC was adopted at the first summit meeting in Dhaka in December 1985. understanding and apprecia-tion of one another's problems. He is appointed by the Secretary-General upon nomination by member states for a period of three years which may be extended in extraordinary circumstances. the pattern of their external trade and trade and tariff policies and systems. social progress and cultural development in the region and to provide all individuals the opportunity to live in dignity and to realize their full potential. The organisation is dedicated to economic. The Council of Foreign Ministers meet twice a year and is responsible for formulating the policy. Jigmi Y. that would cover all SAARC programs and also ranging from social to infrastructure to economic ones. It reviews progress and decides on new areas of cooperation and mechanism which is necessary for that. Pakistan. The Council is supported by a Standing Committee and by 11 Technical Committees responsible for individual areas of SAARC's activities of the Secretarial. Objectives of SAARC The charter lays down the objectives as—to promote the welfare of the people of South Asia and to improve their quality of life. to strengthen cooperation among themselves in international forums on matters of common interest and to cooperate Continued on Page 1476 PD/February/2011/1424 “You are a puppet. Maldives. but in the hands of the infinite. The highest authority of the Secretary-General of SAARC SAARC is vested in the heads of state or government who meet annually at the summit. accelerate economic growth. technical and scientific fields. Thinley (Bhutan) Sheel Kant Sharma English with international and regional organisation with similar aims and purposes. SAARC Preferential Trading Agreement The Agreement on SAARC Preferential Trading Agreement (SAPTA) was signed in April 1993 and entered into force in December 1995 with the desire of the Member States of SAARC to promote and sustain mutual trade and economic cooperation within the SAARC region through the exchange of concessions.” . semi-processed and processed forms. Japan. Bangladesh. India. to strengthen cooperation with other developing countries. The concept of SAARC was first SAARC adopted by Bangladesh during 1977. Bhutan. Sri Lanka. The basic principles underlying SAPTA are : (i) overall reciprocity and mutuality of advantages so as to benefit equitably all contracting States taking into account their respective level of economic and industrial development. Afghanistan was added to the regional grouping in November 2005. South Korea and United States of America. (iii) recognition of the special needs of the Least Developed Contracting States and agreement on concrete preferential measures in their favour. Dhaka 2009 Summit of SAARC The Dhaka 2009 Summit accorded observer status to People's Republic of China. The foreign ministers of the seven member countries met for the first time in New Delhi in August 1983 and Declaration on South Asian Regional Cooperation whereby an Integrated Programme of Action (IPA) was launched. which may be your own. (ii) negotiations of tariff reform step by step. to contribute to mutual trust. social and cultural development emphasizing collective Self-reliance. Chairman Secretary General Official Language — — — Organisational Structure Sheel Kant Sharma Type of Organisation The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) is an organisation of South Asian nations founded in 1985. Nepal. to promote and strengthen collective self-reliance among countries of South Asia. improved and extended in successive stages through periodic reviews. The nations also agreed to organize development funds under a single financial institution with a permanent secretariat. Logo of SAARC The organisation was established to accelerate the process of economic and social development in member states through joint action in agreed areas of cooperation.Profile International Organisation SOUTH ASIAN ASSOCIATION FOR REGIONAL COOPERATION (SAARC) Established in Headquarters Member States — — — 1985 Kathmandu (Nepal) Afghanistan. cultural.

Which magazine has been selected for International Press Institute (IPI) Award ? (A) India Today (B) Tehalka (C) Outlook (D) Frontline 20. The New Chief Minister of Maharashtra is— (A) Ashok Chavan (B) Ajit Pawar (C) Sharad Pawar (D) Prithviraj Chavan 14.Multiple Choice Questions Current Questionnaire 1. Army’s Strategic Forces Command recently tested— (A) Agni-II (B) Agni-I (C) Prithvi-III (D) Trishul 5. Which of the following has been ranked as one of the most powerful women of past century in ‘Time Magazine’ list ? (A) Indira Gandhi (B) Mother Teresa (C) Both of the above (D) None of the above 22. Which year has been set as a deadline for withdrawal of troops by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation from Afghanistan ? (A) Year 2013 (B) Year 2015 (C) Year 2014 (D) Year 2016 12.” . Rosaiah 13. Justice Arun Kumar Mishra is new Chief Justice of— (A) Calcutta High Court (B) Rajasthan High Court (C) Madras High Court (D) Bombay High Court 16. The 2010 Aga Khan Award (of Architecture) has been given to— (A) Five Projects (B) Six Projects (C) Three Projects (D) Four Projects Syria and UAE Egypt and Jordan Sudan and Libya South Africa and Leosotho 7. Recently the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) approved the commencement of an Integrated Action Plan (IAP) in— (A) 60 Naxal hit districts (B) 80 Naxal hit districts (C) 50 Naxal hit districts (D) 40 Naxal hit districts 6. Nikki Randhawa Haley—an Indian-American recently became the first woman to win the governor’s race in— (A) Texas (B) South Carolina (C) Ohio (D) Louisiana 18. The United Kingdom signed treaties agreeing to military cooperation including testing of nuclear warheads with— (A) Belgium (B) France (C) The Netherlands (D) Germany 10. Aung San Suu Kyi—prodemocracy leader of Myanmar was released from house-arrest by military ruler in— PD/February/2011/1425 “Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk. The New Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is— (A) Jaganmohan Reddy (B) Chiranjeevi (C) Kiran Kumar Reddy (D) K. Dilma Rouseff has been elected a the new President of— (A) Brazil (B) Argentina (C) Peru (D) Chile 15. Amar Pratap Singh has been appointed as the new Director of— 17. The President of India November visited— (A) (B) (C) (D) in (A) (B) (C) (D) September 2010 November 2010 October 2010 December 2010 (A) (B) tion (C) (D) Research and Analysis Wing Central Bureau of InvestigaPrasar Bharti None of the above 9. Judge Soumitra Sen has been found guilty of corruption by a Rajya Sabha-appointed committee and thus is liable for impeachment ? He is from— (A) Calcutta High Court (B) Allahabad High Court (C) Delhi High Court (D) Supreme Court 4. India recently signed MoU for High-tech Disease Detection Centre with— (A) South Korea (B) USA (C) Russia (D) Japan 2. G-20 Summit was recently held in— (A) New York (B) Seoul (C) London (D) Tokyo 11. India is purchasing the gigantic C-17 Globemaster-III giant strategic airlift aircraft from— (A) Japan (B) USA (C) Australia (D) England 3. Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace. The Hindu Best Fiction Award 2010 has been conferred on— (A) Manu Joseph (B) Vikram Seth (C) Anita Desai (D) None of the above 21. The state of Orissa has been renamed as— (A) Odisha (B) Orisa (C) Odisa (D) Orrisha 8. Disarmament and Development for 2010 has been conferred on— (A) Atal Bihari Vajpayee (B) Asma Jahangir (C) Lula da Silva (D) Tony Blair 19.

National Thermal Power Corporation along with French firm Areva is developing the 9. India has been placed at— (A) 120th rank (B) 119th rank (C) 118th rank (D) 115th rank 39. Which Indian boxer won the gold medal in 60 kg category and thus became the youngest to win a boxing gold for India ? (A) Vijender Singh (B) Vikas Krishan (C) Ronjan Sodhi (D) Somdev 38. International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) Male Athlete of the year 2010 is— (A) Usain Bolt (B) David Rudisha (C) Lin Dan (D) Michael Phelps 24. Who won the Paris Masters final of Tennis in November 2010 ? (A) Robin Soderling (B) Roger Federer (C) Rafael Nadal (D) Andy Roddick 34. Which of the following was recently inscribed on UNESCO’s intangible heritage list include— (A) Kerala’s Mudiyetu (B) Chhau of East India (C) Kalbelia of Rajasthan (D) All the above 28.” . The theme song of 16th Asiad 2010 was Chongfeng which means— (A) Harmony (B) Solidarity (C) Reunion (D) Justice 35. Hambantota is a newly built port of— (A) Thailand (B) Sri Lanka (C) Vietnam (D) Pakistan 32. Manmohan Singh 29. The winner of Durand Cup (Football) 2010 is— (A) (B) (C) (D) Chirag United Dempo Sports Club Churchill Brothers SC Mahindra United Answers with Explanations Continued on Page 1482 PD/February/2011/1426 “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. India’s Human Development Index (HDI) value in 2010 UNDP Human Development Report is— (A) 0·482 (B) 0·519 (C) 0·499 (D) 0·552 40. The Most Valuable Player of 16th Asiad 2010 was— (A) Lin Dan (B) Swimmer Park (C) Sushil Kumar (D) Saina Nehwal 26. ‘Decision Points’ is a book written by— (A) Barack Obama (B) George Bush (C) Bill Clinton (D) Dr.900 Megawatt Jaitpur Power Project in the state of— (A) Odisa (B) Kerala (C) Bihar (D) Maharashtra 33. As per the Human Development Report 2010 released in November 2010. International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) Female Athlete of the year 2010 is— (A) Blanka Vlasic (B) Saina Nehwal (C) Aselefech Mergia (D) None of the above 25. The country which led the medal tally in 16th Asiad 2010 at Guangzhou is— (A) China (B) Germany (C) USA (D) India 36. India’s position in terms of medals tally at 16th Asian Games 2010 at Guangzhou was— (A) Fifth (B) Sixth (C) Seventh (D) Third 37. The 16th FCCC Conference was recently organised in— (A) Cancun (B) Moscow (C) Tokyo (D) Jakarta 31. National Youth Day is observed on— (A) January 12 (B) January 15 (C) January 18 (D) January 22 30.23. As per a recent global report the country which tops the terrorism risk list is— (A) Pakistan (B) Somalia (C) Iraq (D) Iran 27.

Who is he ? (A) Anil Ambani (B) Mukesh Ambani (C) Ratan Tata (D) L. Global vision Award of Asia Society was awarded to an Indian entrepreneur in November 2010. the Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) becomes— (A) (B) (C) (D) 24% from 25% 25% from 24% 24% from 26% Maintained at 25% 7. country’s GDP growth for the period April-Sept. Which of the following public sector enterprise does not possess ‘Maharatna’ status given to four Navratna Companies ? (A) SAIL (B) BHEL (C) ONGC (D) NTPC 5. How many Navratna Companies have been upgraded and awarded the status of ‘Maharatna’ Companies ? (A) 4 (B) 5 (C) 6 (D) 7 12. In Mid-year Economic Review made by Finance Ministry. The new Direct Tax Code is proposed to replace the existing Income Tax Act. Which is this rate ? (A) Cash Reserve Ratio (B) Statutory Liquidity Ratio (C) Repo Rate (D) Reverse Repo Rate 2. Which is this institution ? (A) IDBI (C) NHB (B) SIDBI (D) NABARD 8. ASSOCHAM Investment Meter (AIM) makes a list of top 20 investment attracting states.Current Objective Questions Trade and Industry 1. N. With effect from December 18. farm sector in India registered growth of— (A) 2·3% (B) 3·2% (C) 3·8% (D) 4·2% 11. Rajeev Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls named as ‘Sabla’ includes the girls of the age group— (A) 9 to 12 years (B) 10 to 15 years (C) 11 to 18 years (D) 15 to 18 years 19. On the basis of market capitalisation which of the following Indian Company ranks first ? (A) ONGC (B) RIL (C) OIL (D) IOC 15. 2010. 2010 is placed at— (A) 8·2% (B) 8·5% (C) 8·9% (D) 9·2% 17.” . Mittal 21. What is this directed limit ? (A) 5 (B) 10 (C) 20 (D) 50 6. Which rank Uttar Pradesh gets ? (A) 1st (B) 2nd (C) 3rd (D) 4th 4. Hero group and Honda terminated their 26-year old joint venture known as Hero Honda. Which of the India’s public sector bank has acquired twothird stake in JSC Dena Bank Kazakhstan ? (A) Punjab National Bank (B) Bank of Baroda (C) State Bank of India (D) Central Bank of India 9. RBI has recently sold its stake in a financial institution to the government. Which public sector bank was the banking partner to the Commonwealth Games 2010 ? (A) State Bank of India (B) Central Bank of India (C) Bank of Baroda (D) Punjab National Bank 18. 2010 in— (A) Kathmandu (Nepal) (B) Hyderabad (India) (C) Dhaka (Bangladesh) (D) Islamabad (Pakistan) 20. 2010. As per the statistics released by the Commerce Ministry. During first half of 2010-11. RBI in its Monetary Policy issue has reduced one of its key rates. SAARC Trade Fair was organised between December 15-19. On December 16. Which of the following state shows the fastest growth in expanding Micro Finance business in the country ? (A) Gujarat (B) Andhra Pradesh (C) Maharashtra (D) Karnataka 13. Which of the following group has bought and acquired the controlling stake in Ispat Industries ? (A) Tata Steels (B) Arcelor-Mittal Steels (C) JWS Steels (D) None of the above 10. the growth rate of India’s exports (in dollar value) during the first half of 2010-11 stood at— (A) Above 25 per cent (B) Between 20 to 25 per cent (C) Between 15 to 20 per cent (D) Below 15 per cent 14. RBI has directed banks not to charge above a limit for any cash deposit made at a non-home brance. India and China agreed to raise bilateral trade to— (A) $ 120 billion by 2015 (B) $ 110 billion by 2015 (C) $ 100 billion by 2015 (D) $ 100 billion by 2012 3. From which financial year it will be effective ? (A) 2011-12 (B) 2002-13 (C) 2013-14 (D) 2014-15 16. Signed MoU allows Hero Honda group to use Honda brand name on new models until— (A) 2012 (B) 2013 (C) 2014 (D) 2015 Continued on Page 1504 PD/February/2011/1427 “Lenin could listen so intently that he exhausted the speaker.

districts with high population of Gonds are— (A) Mandla .Balaghat . Mumbai-Kolkata rail-route passes through which pass ? (A) Bhorghat (B) Palghat (C) Thalghat (D) None of these 3. In an ecosytem third and fourth phase of food-chain population descreases because of— (A) Negative effect of first and second phase (B) Energy decreases in transfer (C) Competition in organic life (D) Decrease in food materials 14.S. Tropical cyclones are more destructive than temperate cyclones. K. Alaknanda and Bhagirathi meet at— (A) Vshnu Prayag (B) Dev Prayag (C) Karan Prayag (D) Badrinath 2. because— (A) These have origin in summer (B) They have no fronts (C) Pressure gradient and rain are higher (D) These originate through convectional currents 13. Which one is not a reason for river-rejuvenation ? (A) Climatic change (B) Dearth of water in River (C) Dearth of river-load in River (D) Changes in sea-level 9. Who called time as fourth dimension in Geography ? (A) (B) (C) (D) Richard Hartshorne Carl Sauer F. The coral reef along east coast of Australia is an example of— (A) Fringing reef (B) Barrier reef (C) Atoll (D) Coral Island 15. Which race has Nasal Index above 85 ? (A) (B) (C) (D) Mongoloid Caucasian Negroid Australoid 5. Out of the following situations where will be the maximum clustered pattern of settlements ? (A) (B) (C) (D) Along river-course Along road In fertile agricultural plain In the area of industry 8. Which area is water-divider between Indus drainage system and Ganges drainage system ? (A) Saharanpur-Roorkee (B) Roorkee-Haridwar (C) Ludhiana-Ambala (D) Ambala-Saharanpur 4. Who believes that “all coral reefs were formed as fringing reefs and upgrowth was due to subsidence” ? (A) Dana (B) Murray (C) Davis (D) Darwin 16. The largest pork producer in world is— (A) United States of America (B) China (C) Germany (D) France 19. Which characteristic is not of Ecosystem ? (A) Monistic (B) Functional (C) Descriptive (D) Structured 7. In Madhya Pradesh. Which index cannot be determined for a living person ? (A) Cephalic Index (B) Nasal Index (C) Orbital Index (D) Cranial Capacity 20. 2009 (Held on 9-5-2010) Geography 1.C.Guna .Sagar .) EXAM. Which one is not a characteristic of ‘Doldrums’ ? (A) Convectional currents (B) Low Pressure (C) High Temperatures (D) Air Deflection 10. The observatory providing information regarding season in Madhya Pradesh is located at— (A) Indore (B) Bhopal (C) Pachmarhi (D) Shivpuri 12.Rewa 11. (Pre. because— (A) Temperatures are high (B) Sand-Dunes are there (C) Are in zone of easterlies (D) Are in rain shadow areas 18.Hoshangabad .Chhindwara . ‘Mesa’ and ‘Butte’ are formed by which agent ? (A) Air (B) Glacial (C) Underground water (D) River PD/February/2011/1428 . All hot deserts of the world are in western parts.Solved Paper MADHYA PRADESH P.Rewa .Seoni (B) Devas ..Neemach Bhopal (C) Ujjain .Indore Rewa (D) Bhopal . Schafer Peter Hagget 6. According to relief of ocean basin continental shelf is landform of which order ? (A) First (B) Second (C) Third (D) None of these 17.

Lumberjack of Canada are involved in which economic activities ? (A) Cultivation in Summer and Lumbering in winter (B) Navigation and Agriculture (C) Hunting and fishing (D) Forest gathering (B) Increase in foreign trade of India (C) Increase foreign banks in number of (D) Entering of foreign workers in India 25. Out of the following which is the purpose of Ganga Action Plan ? (A) Providing Electric Crematorium (B) Plantation along river course (C) Blocking residuals from Municipal Committees. Minicoy Island was formed due to— (A) Volcanic eruptions (B) Coral reef (C) Ridge formation (D) None of these 43. Which river is most important in terms of Inland waterway ? (A) Amazon (B) Mississippi (C) Rhine (D) Hooghly 26. furious fifties and Shrieking sixties ? (A) Oceanic storms (B) Westerlies in southern hemisphere (C) Westerlies in northern hemisphere (D) Pacific Ocean currents 35. changing direction (D) All of the above 33. The largest mica producing state of India is— (A) Jharkand (B) Rajasthan (C) Madhya Pradesh (D) Andhra Pradesh 36. According to 2001 census literacy rate in Madhya Pradesh was— (A) 50-55% (C) 61-65% (B) 56-60% (D) 65-70% PD/February/2011/1429 . If valley glaciers in their course of erosion meet with sea-coast. Which industry is developed in Shahdol and Nepanagar ? (A) Sugar Industry (B) Cotton Textile Industry (C) Paper and Pulp Industry (D) Cement Industry 34. Meheda etc. In Europe and Asia some settlements. the deepest trench is— (A) Tonga (B) Mariana (C) Puerto Rico (D) Kamchatka 40. In which latitudes oceanic salinity is highest ? (A) 0°–10° (C) 20°-40° (B) 10°–20° (D) 40°–60° 37. Narmada Water Disputes Tribunal in its report of 1979 allocated the maximum distribution of water of Sardar Sarover Project to which state ? (A) Madhya Pradesh (B) Gujarat (C) Rajasthan (D) Maharashtra 32. In marine trenches. In morphology of cities the highest cost of land is in— (A) Residential zone (B) Fringe zone (C) Industrial zone (D) Central Business District 41. In Madhya Pradesh mostly rural settlements are of which type ? (A) Clustered (B) Scattered (C) Semi-clustered (D) Radial 23.21. that is known as— (A) Batholith (B) Lacolith (C) Phacolith (D) Dyke 27. then they form— (A) Dalmatian coast (B) Fiord coast (C) Ria coast (D) Neutral coast 22. When lava solidifies in interior of the Earth’s crust in intermediate part in the shape of dome. are Gotra/class of which tribe ? (A) Gond (B) Vaiga (C) Maria (D) Bhil 44. Sun’s rays can make right angle 1 only upto 23 2 ° N and S latitudes because— (A) Earth is inclined at an angle 1 of 662 ° on its axis (B) Earth’s angular momentum obstructs beyond it (C) Albedo increases beyond it (D) Tropical zone ends 38. What are Roaring forties. Which effect of globalisation is not true in India ? (A) Development Economic Zones of Special 29. is primarily by the process of— (A) Corrosion (B) Attrition (C) Solution (D) Deflation 31. Vama. The water body separating Andaman and Nicobar is known as— (A) Bay of Mannar (B) Andaman Sea (C) 10° Channel (D) 11° Channel 42. Gaderi. Denudation which takes place in a limestone region. Mandar. houses developed around water bodies have a settlement pattern— (A) Nebular (B) Nucleated (C) Linear (D) Rectangular 28. In Madhya Pradesh Rock Phosphate is produced at— (A) Jhabua district (B) Chhindwara district (C) Balaghat district (D) Jabalpur district 30. Nomadic herders Badouins habitats in— (A) Hammad and Nefud deserts (B) Atacama desert (C) Central Asia desert (D) Kalahari desert 24. In which country Karst region is located ? (A) Ukraine (B) Italy (C) France (D) Serbia and Montenegro 39.

45. but near things are more related than distant things (B) Geography is the study of Areas (C) Geography is related with where. Mhow. how and why (D) Present is key to the past 56. liquid and gaseous ? (A) Primary and secondary waves (B) Only primary waves (C) Only secondary waves (D) L-waves 67. In groundnut production India ranks……among the world. Dholpur 66. Dholpur. Which lake is an example of Lagoon ? (A) Pulicut (B) Sambhar (C) Dal (D) All of these 49. because— (A) Amount of rainfall is high (B) Rice has higher sustaining power (C) Population is high and conditions are favourable (D) All facts apply 51. Etawah (C) Etawah. Kota. Mhow. Outwash plain formation is an example of— (A) Glaciofluvial Deposits (B) Ground Moraine (C) Plucking by Glacier (D) Lateral Moraine 61. Dholpur. Kota. km in Madhya Pradesh is— (A) 21 km (B) 23 km (C) 25 km (D) 27 km 50. The total road length per 100 sq. Who propounded the concept of ‘Stop-and-Go determinism’ ? (A) Friedrich Ratzel (B) Richthofen (C) Griffith Taylor (D) Ellen Churchill Semple 63. Concentration of Bhils in Madhya Pradesh is in which area ? (A) Balaghat-Betul-Chhindwara (B) Dhar-Jhabua-Ratlam-Nimar (C) Mandla-Seoni-Rewa (D) Devas-Bhopal-Hoshangabad 52. Which seismic waves pass through solid. Temperate grasslands provide ideal conditions for which crop ? (A) Rice (B) Rubber (C) Tea (D) Wheat 64. (A) Second (B) First (C) Fifth (D) Fourth 59. In India geo-thermal energy is produced at— (A) (B) (C) (D) Tamil Nadu Jabalpur Laddakh Mizoram (A) (B) (C) (D) First Second Third Fourth 54. In South-East Asia mostly rice is grown. Kota. Chickel Rose chewing-gum which tree ? (A) Cinchona (C) Zapota used for making is extracted from (B) Ebony (D) Hamlock 62. Etawah. Dholpur. Who of the following has started mathematical tradition in Geography ? (A) Thales (B) Hipparchus (C) Ptolemy (D) Eratosthenes 53. Boondi. In Demographic Transition which is ‘Early Expanding State’ ? PD/February/2011/1430 . then— (A) Stability develops in Air (B) Inversion of Temperature occurs in Air-mass (C) Precipitation is low (D) Air becomes unstable and precipitation occurs 48. Which of the following sequences is right in terms of flow of Chambal ? (A) Mhow. Masai Tribe of East Africa have major occuption as— (A) Hunting (B) Fishing (C) Agriculture (D) Livestock Rearing 57. Etawah (B) Kota. When a cold air-mass enters warm surface. Spouting Horn is a feature of— (A) Karst Topography (B) Marine Topography (C) Glacial Topography (D) Aeolian Topography 60. ‘Doggar Banks’ known for fishing is located in which sea ? (A) Baltic sea (B) North sea (C) Black sea (D) Mediterranean sea 69. Habitat of which tribe is related with ‘Playa’ and ‘Salt Pan’ ? (A) Eskimo (B) Pygmy (C) Bushman (D) Mawri 68. In India which region’s climate is affected by ‘Norwesters’ ? (A) Assam and West Bengal (B) Punjab and Haryana (C) Gujarat and Maharashtra (D) Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu 70. Mhow. According to Tobbler which is the first law of Geography ? (A) Everything is related to everything. Which is the oldest mountain range of India ? (A) Himalayas (B) Vindhyachal (C) Satpura (D) Aravalli 65. Boondi (D) Boondi. Formation of a region around a central place is an example of— (A) Uniform Region (B) Special Region (C) Nodal or Functional Region (D) None of these 55. In Madhya Pradesh major coal producing area is— 58. Boondi. How much share of total uranium production of the world is produced by Canada (Approximate) ? (A) 25% (B) 28% (C) 31% (D) 34% 47. Which type of coffee is grown maximum in the world ? (A) Coffea arabica (B) Coffea robusta (C) Coffea liberia (D) Mountain coffee 46.

Regarding morphology of cities multiple-nuclei theory was given by— PD/February/2011/1467 . Bhopal. According to 2001 census in Madhya Pradesh cities of more than ten lacs were in descending order of population— (A) Jabalpur. Surface currents in the ocean are primarily caused by— (A) Temperature differences (B) Density differences (C) Wind action (D) Coriolis effect 91. According to 2008 production about more than one-third of the Manganese production of the world came from single nation— (A) China (B) India (C) South Africa (D) Brazil 74. According to Guha which racial group has been considered as most ancient settlers in India ? (A) Proto-Australoid (B) Negreto (C) Nordic or Vedic Aryans (D) Mongoloid 83. Kulti (D) Mysore Bhadravati Steel Works. During Green Revolution in India major thrust was on which of the following ? (A) Enhancement of Greenery (B) Green Fodder Crops (C) More Foodgrain Production (D) More Cash Crops 80. A town is located at a height of 825 metres above mean sea level and its average temperature for June is 15°C. First Iron and Steel Industry in India was established— (A) TISCO. According to 2001 census. Had this town been on mean sea level this temperature would have been— (A) 10°C (C) 15°C (B) 20°C (D) 30°C 78. Innuits are inhabitants of which region ? (A) Tropical desert (B) Mediterranean (C) Tundra (D) Equatorial 84. 71. Which one of the following facts is not true regarding Indian Black-soils ? (A) These are rich in Ironcontent (B) These are rich in Potash (C) These are rich in Humus (D) These are poor in Nitrogen 87. The name ‘Parkland’ has been given to which vegetation ? (A) Tropical grasslands of South Africa (B) Temperate grasslands of South Africa (C) Temperate grasslands of South America (D) Tropical Venezuela grasslands of 72. In region of Gonds words Dippa. In which district Chalk hills famous for magnesite is situated ? (A) Mysore (B) Bellary (C) Hassan (D) Salem 75. Leading producers of Rubber in the world are— (A) Thailand and Indonesia (B) Indonesia and Malaysia (C) Malaysia and India (D) Thailand and Malaysia 79. Panda. Indore (B) Bhopal. Jabalpur. Which of the following statements is not true ? (A) 90° of the world’s population lives in Northern Hemisphere (B) 50% of the world’s population lives between 20°N-40°N latitude in Asia (C) 10% of the world’s population lives between 0° to 20° N latitude in Asia (D) 50% of the world’s population lives between 40°N to 60°N latitude in Europe 73. then its capacity to carry load will increase how much ? (A) Two times (B) Twelve times (C) Thirty-six times (D) Sixty-four times 82. Jabalpur 88. Bhopal. Concept of Region was defined and developed by— (A) Hartshorne Committee (B) Whittlesey Committee (C) Dickinson Committee (D) Preston James Committee 86. the per cent share of population of Madhya Pradesh to India is— (A) 5·88 (B) 7·62 (C) 7·35 (D) 4·89 76. Mandla etc. Jamshedpur (B) IISCO. According to Wegner’s Continental Drift theory which force was effective for drift towards equator ? (A) Buoyancy force (B) Gravitational force (C) Centrifugal force (D) Buoyancy and Gravitational forces 77. Bhopal (D) Indore. Dahia. In which census of India. are used for what ? (A) Regional Division (B) Shifting Cultivation (C) Division of Groups (D) Settlement type 81. Semang belong to— (A) Australia (B) Kalahari (C) China (D) Malaysia 90. Jabalpur.(A) (B) (C) (D) Betul Korba Sundergarh Singrauli and Sohagpur (A) 1921 (C) 2001 (B) 1981 (D) 1911 85. If velocity of a flowing river increases two-times. Burnpur (C) Bengal Iron and Steel. Indore (C) Indore. The Richter Scale was developed in— (A) 1925 (B) 1935 (C) 1940 (D) 1945 89. What is ‘Hammada’ ? (A) Aeoloian deposited Sandy Plain (B) Rockey Desert of Libya region (C) Plains deposited by river (D) Plains of glacial plucking 93. the natural growth rate was minimum ? 92.

According to Koeppen’s classi. Tamil Nadu.(A) (B) (C) (D) Burgess Homer Hoyt Jefferson Ullman and Harris 94. Chhattisgarh (B) London-Mumbai (C) Maharashtra. ‘Old faithful’ Geyser of USA (B) Coromandel Coast of Tamil erupts at an interval of— 100. 95. The highest number of Artesian According to 2001 the largest wells in the world is in which gold production in the world region ? comes from— (A) India (A) United States of America (B) Australia (B) Australia (C) South Africa (C) South Africa (D) Brazil (D) China 110. Which ocean route is on Great Circle ? Kerala (A) Vancouver-Yokohama (B) Madhya Pradesh. 108. Nelson 98. North and South layer ? (A) Hydro-carbon (B) Carbon dioxide (C) Nitrous oxides (D) Chlorofluorocarbons from— (A) India (B) Brazil (C) China (D) United States of America PD/February/2011/1468 . Which pollutatns are responsbile tudes production of Tobacco comes for maximum damage to Ozone (D) 232 ° Latitudes 101. because— (A) Karnataka (A) Hawaiin type (B) Madhya Pradesh (A) Lack of rain and irrigation (B) Strambolian type (C) Uttar Pradesh (B) Soil cover is thin (C) Volcano type (D) Maharashtra (C) Farmers are not laborious (D) Pelean type (D) None of the above 99. 97. F. Hart (D) H. Harris (B) L. The term Ecosystem was firstly used by— (A) Ackerman (B) Darwin (C) Tansley (D) Huntington 102. Pownall (C) J.114. Best example of acidic igneous fication in which region of India (A) Equatorial Region rocks is— Tropical Savanna type (Aw) (B) Mediterranean Region (A) Gabbro (B) Granite climate is found ? (C) Monsoon Region (C) Dolerite (D) Basalt (A) Western Coast South of Goa (D) North-west Europe type 115. The maximum deflection of Nadu winds due to Coriolis force is (A) 30 minutes (C) Major part of Peninsular maximum at— (B) 35 minutes Plateau at south of Tropic of (A) Poles (C) 60 minutes Capricorn (B) Equator (D) 65 minutes (D) Western part of Rajasthan (C) 45° North and South Lati116. J.104. If cirques are formed on various slopes of a mountain on a same elevation. For functional classification of towns standard deviation tech. Ideal climate for the production of juicy fruits is— 106. nique was first adopted by— (A) Chauncy D. Gujarat (C) San Fransisco-Singapore (D) Punjab. Which pair is incorrect ? (A) Fana or Koo (A) Chinook–Rockies (B) Pal (B) Fohn–Alps (C) Jirga (C) Sircocco–Atlas (D) Tola (D) Bora–Himalayas Which are the most dangerous. In India with reference to regional disparities in agriculture highest yield is in— 1 (A) Karnataka. The largest sugarcane producing 105. Out of the following which To check environmental degrapeople are not coinciding with dation which measures are their habitat ? desirable ? (A) Masai—African grasslands (A) Industrial development be (B) Zikaro—Amazon basin blocked (C) Punan—Borneo (B) A check on greenhouse (D) Papuan—Sahara desert gases (C) Energy utilization be 111. Out of total surface area of the world how much percentage is decreased cultivable ? (D) All of the above (A) 5% (B) 27% Bhils call their huts by which (C) 11% (D) 52% name ? 112. Haryana.113. Western (D) Philadelphia-Liverpool Uttar Pradesh 109. they form which topography ? (A) U-shaped valley (B) Horn (C) Glacial Troughs (D) Roche Moutonnee 103. L. state in India is— blasting and disastrous volca. Baba Gurgur area is known for which production ? (A) Petroleum (B) Manganese (C) Coffee (D) Coal 96. The largest share for world’s 107. In Madhya Pradesh per hectare noes ? yield of wheat is low.

Negroid Mongoloid. Australoid (D) Caucasoid. Mongoloid. 120. (B) Capoid. Generally which three races are considered as major by Anthropologists ? (A) Australoid. Caucasoid Caucasoid. The highest peak on Chota Nagpur plateau is— (A) (B) (C) (D) Dhoopgarh Pachmarhi Parasnath Mahabaleshwar 118. Negroid.117. Which racial group has waivy hair ? (A) Caucasian (B) Mongoloid (C) Negro (D) Australoid 119. Negroid (C) Mongoloid. Exfoliation is which type of weathering ? (A) Physical (B) Chemical (C) Biological (D) Bio-chemical Answers with Explanations PD/February/2011/1469 .

P. Shimla. Village tourism can provide a solution to all these problems. What can be more scenic than a clean and rural setting. Kerala is known as ‘God’s own Country’. lesser job opportunities in the rural areas lead to poverty in the rural areas. jeep safari. P. held four meetings after July. developed skills for hospitality and marketing in 31 sites of the 139 rural tourism destinations. and the Second meeting was held in Tokyo in October 2008. 2005. Manali. It is undoubtedly the most captivating destination of south India. the Prime Ministers of the two countries decided to launch immediate negotiations for the conclusion of a bilateral Economic Partnership Agreement/ Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement aiming to complete in substance as soon as possible in approximately two years. Thirteen rounds of negotiations were held in New Delhi and Tokyo respectively as of July 2010. These 31 villages are spread across 20 states.Darpan Continued from Page 1405 composed of government officials and representatives of business and academia from the two countries. India has all that. 2006.Continued from Page 1403 have their own distinct place in providing scope for adventure tourism in India. The Hatoyama visit to India in December 2009 had taken place at a time when China was set to overtake Japan in the future as the second largest economy of the world and its all weather friend. The nature tours in India also include the scenic hill destinations that are some of the most sought after tourist spots in the country. India-Japan Strategic Dialogue on Economic Issues which reviews the current status of bilateral economic issues discussed at Summit meetings. Tourists can enjoy animal safari. Kodaikanal. the Government of India have identified some areas under Endogenous Tourism Project (ETP) of United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) across the country as tourist spots. Peep into the village life of the people here and observe their routine while enjoying the exquisite surroundings. Munnar. the United States. In August 2007.Darpan PD/February/2011/1471 . Its tropical setting is bestowed with greenery and breathtaking backwaters. wildlife safari and jungle trail in the forest region while jeep safari and camel safari are the most favoured adventure sports in the desert region. bird watching. which includes a recommendation for launching EPA negotiations. The fascinating Himalayan valleys and the long coastlines of the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal provide tourists a good opportunity to indulge in angling. benefits to rural and its new geographic regions. had scaled down rhetoric over Chinese military spending seen by western experts as disproportionate to its legitimate requirements. and undertakes coordination as necessary was held 3 times in New Delhi and Tokyo respectively as of July 2010 since the Dialogue was launched in July 2007. The project promoted people’s institutions. Mussoorie. the Business Leaders' Forum was held in New Delhi on the occasion of Prime Minister Abe's visit to India. Visitors can explore the paradisiacal destinations such as Dharamsala. JSG submitted its report to both Prime Ministers when they met in July. Dalhousie and Darjeeling on these tours. Everything related to nature can be found in villages of this country. a sport fast gaining popularity in the country. wild camp.Darpan Village Tourism and Government’s Efforts Falling income levels. Nature Tourism India has varied topographical features that range from the snowcapped mountains to exquisite backwater. 2006. Nature has played a key role in enticing the people to travel from one part to another in search of the natural treasures and also to explore its hidden mysteries. In December. Ooty. The whispering palmgroves and swaying paddy fields combine to enrich the charm of the place. In order to promote village tourism for socio-economic P.

The Islam was established in— (A) 5th A. Varanasi–Kanyakumari 2. 7. Match the following— (a) NH–1 (b) NH–3 (c) NH–5 (d) NH–7 1.Darpan PD/February/2011/1472 . Kizil The term ‘16 yards hit’ is asso3.C. Kiran Desai’s novel. 11. (B) 7th A. 4. Germany (b) Ankara. T. Who is the author of the book ‘Speaking for Myself’ ? (A) Salman Rushdie (B) Cherie Blair (C) Mohammad Hanif (D) Hillary Clinton 14. Which part of the human body is highly affected by the nuclear radiation first ? (A) Bone marrow (B) Skin (C) Lungs (D) Eyes 19. 5. 18. (D) 5th B. EXAM. ‘Lake Superior’ is located in— (A) Canada (B) Russia (C) Tanzania (D) Argentina 10. on February 2. Government’s ambitious UID Project has been renamed— can hear ultrasonic sound ? (A) Parichaya (B) Pahchan (A) Cat (B) Rat (C) Aadhar (D) Aanklan (C) Bat (D) Squirrel The acid rain destroys vegetations because it contains— (A) Sulphuric acid (B) Ozone (C) Carbon monoxide (D) Nitric acid Man Booker Prize winner Ms. ‘The Inheritance of Loss’ deals with— (A) Telangana movement (B) Santhal movement (C) Gorkhaland movement (D) Bodoland movement GARC is the acronym for— (A) Global Automotive Research Consortium 13.D. Spree 4. Kolkata–Chennai 3. Hungary 1. (A) 15 (B) 19 (C) 23 (D) 27 17. (C) 3rd B.A. Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission or Solar India has been launched to create an installed capacity of 2000 MW by the end of— (A) 13th Plan (B) 14th Plan (C) 15th Plan (D) 16th Plan Bollywood actors who. Avon ciated with— Codes : (A) Badminton (B) Baseball (a) (b) (c) (d) (C) Polo (D) Hockey (A) 2 1 4 3 The vital constituent of blood (B) 4 3 1 2 that helps in clotting is— (C) 1 4 2 3 (A) Platelets (B) Haemoglobin (D) 3 2 4 1 (C) Plasma (D) Serum Which of the following animals 12. In which State of India is the largest river island Majuli ? (A) Assam (B) Kolkata (C) Orissa (D) M. The name of India’s first homebuilt stealth warship whose features reduce the probability of being detected at sea is— (A) Sahyadiri (B) Satpura (C) Shivalik (D) Shivaji 15.C. (C) Shri Lanka (D) Maldives 16. P. Answers 8. Match the following— (a) Berlin. Which country will host the 17th SAARC summit ? (A) Bangladesh (B) Nepal 6. India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is seated at the ……… spot in the leaders’ list of 100 most influential persons of the world realeased by the famous Time Magazine recently. New Delhi–Amritsar 4.P. 3. Who invented the video-tape ? (A) Charles Ginsberg (B) Georges de Mestral (C) Richard James (D) P.O. The largest fresh water lake.. Farnsworth 20. Turkey (c) Bristol.D. Danube 2. New York—an honour usually reserved for CEOs of major corporations.Solved Paper UNITED INDIA INSURANCE A. UK (d) Budapest. are— (A) Amir Khan and Priyanka Chopra (B) Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol (C) Abhishek Bachchan and Aswarya (D) Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor (B) Global Atomic Research Consortium (C) Global Automotive Research Centre (D) Global Advancement Research Centre 9. Agra–Mumbai Codes : (a) (b) (c) (d) (A) 2 1 4 3 (B) 3 4 2 1 (C) 4 3 1 2 (D) 1 3 4 2 2. 2010 (Held on 6-6-2010) General Awareness (Based on Memory) 1. 2010 rang bells in NASDAQ on Time Square.

Which of the following will be the venue of the India-ASEAN Summit to be held in 2012 ? (A) Tokyo (B) Jakarta (C) Beijing (D) New Delhi (E) None of these 04. 2 and 3 None of these (A) Only 1 (B) (C) (D) (E) 06. As per the recent reports published in various newspapers. 2. the econo- PD/February/2011/1473 .500 crores in banks to make their capital base strong. Narayan has taken over as the Governor of— (A) Gujarat (B) Assam (C) Meghalaya (D) West Bengal (E) None of these 03. As per the provisions made in the Union Budget 2010-11. India’s economic condition has improved a lot. of India is planned to help farmers by providing a competitive price to their produce ? 1. India’s economic condition has further gone down as it has failed to control the fiscal deficit. K. Europe 3. USA 2. Earlier amongst the following were India’s biggest export markets ? 1. will infuse Rs. Minimum support price of agro products 2. 13. Naik (B) V. 16. Sundareshan Committee (E) None of these 12. There is no pressure of inflation of the economy as it is well under control. As per the newspaper reports the Standards and Poors (S&P) has changed India’s sovereign rating from ‘Negative’ to ‘Stable’. K. As reported in various financial newspapers the Govt. (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) Only 1 and 2 (E) None of these in August 2009. Rangarajan Committee (C) Kirit Parikh Committee (D) S. similarly the apex Bank of USA is called— (A) Federal Reserve (B) The Central Bank of USA (C) Bank of America (D) Central National Bank of USA (E) None of these 5. Which of the following schemes of the Govt. 2 and 3 (E) None of these 07. M. 3. Singh (C) Suresh Mehta (D) Deepak Kapoor (E) None of these 09. This means— 1. SAARC Nations (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) All 1. As per the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) unveiled by the UPA Govt. This figure does not include the performance of which one of the following industries. of India is planning to link the prices of diesel and petrol to market prices and may also introduce a graded system of sharing subsidy. Which of the following norms/ practices adopted by the banks is/are launched to ensure that the money from illegal activities/ sources does/do not come to banks and therefore. Latin America.. as it is not a core industry ? (A) Coal (B) Power (C) Paper (D) Cement (E) All are core industries 08. As we know the RBI is the apex Bank of India.Solved Paper PUNJAB AND SIND BANK PROBATIONARY OFFICERS EXAM. India will try to capture new markets for its exports in Asia.5% growth in the month of February 2010. Govt. 2010 (Held on 16-5-2010) General Awareness (Based on Memory) 1. If it is done this will be in order to implement the recommendation of which of the following committees ? (A) Murli Deora Committee (B) C. The Rate on which Banks borrow from the RBI is called— (A) SLR (B) CRR (C) Interest Rate (D) Bank Rate (E) Repo Rate 02. the core infrastructure industries registered a 4. Who amongst the following is the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2009 ? (A) Herta Mulber (B) Barack Obama (C) Martli Ahtisaari (D) Paul Krugman (E) None of these 11. 3. Africa and Oceania etc. Creating buffer stock of food grains Making loans available to them on special and subsidized rates of interest Only 2 Only 3 All 1. Who amongst the following has taken over as the new Chief of the Armed Forces ? (A) Pradeep V. This money will be infused in which of the following types of banks ? (A) Gramin Banks (B) Cooperative Banks (C) National Housing Banks (D) Public Sector Banks (E) None of these 10.

India in turn is also required to open equal number of branches in foreign countries. Financial Inclusion 3. Hence Indian Banks are opening branches in these countries.mic health of the nation does not get affected ? 1. Which of the following is not a food grain ? (A) Paddy (B) Jatropha (C) Bajra (D) Jowar (E) Wheat 29. As we know Govt. 3. The Act is now known as Indira Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. 2 and 3 (E) None of these 20. Rahman 26. 2. India has the largest network of bank branches in the world. Which of the following terms is not associated with the game of Hockey ? (A) Bouncer (B) Bully (C) Short Corner (D) Goal (E) Penalty Corner 24. This prompts them to open their branches in foreign nations. Branchless Banking (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) Only 1 and 2 (E) All 1. 250 per day. The 97th annual session of the Indian Science Congress was held in which of the following cities in January 2010 ? (A) Mumbai (B) Kolkata (C) New Delhi (D) Thiruvananthapuram (E) Hyderabad 18. (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) Only 1 and 2 (E) None of these 16. As we know many Indian Banks are opening their branches in foreign countries these days. Govt. Know your Customer 2. Which of the following crops is one which is used to make biofuels ? (A) Onion (B) Sugarcane (C) Wheat (D) Coconut (E) None of these 22. Minimum wage fixed under this Act is now Rs. Hence other nations also wish to take advantage of their services. Indian Banks get an opportunity to raise foreign currency funds and also the experience funding joint ventures of multinationals. has to take these special efforts to (B) BHEL (D) FICCI PD/February/2011/1474 . of India recently approved the national policy on Bio fuels. This is called— (A) CRR (B) SLR (C) Provisioning (D) PLR (E) None of these 15. As a practice. What in your opinion is/are the reasons owing to which these banks are willing to open branches in foreign countries ? 1. is paying much attention towards the development of watersheds and water bodies in all the areas of the country. all banks now deduct some amount from their pre tax income and set aside in a separate account to create a cushion for the loans which may go bad. 2. Who amongst the following is associated with music and is a maestro of international repute ? (A) Vikram Seth (B) Steve Waugh (C) Salman Rushdie (D) Ritu Beri (E) A. Which of the following is the abbreviated name of the company which produces chemical fertilizers in India ? (A) IASRI (C) IFFCO (E) FERA 28. As many foreign banks are functioning in India. Who amongst the following was recently awarded the prestigious “Order of Merit of the Italian Republic” ? (A) Sunil Mittal (B) Ratan Tata (C) Harshpati Singhania (D) Rahul Bajaj (E) None of these 21. 3. India is providing help to which of the following nations in setting up a Medical College there on the lines of the AIIMS ? (A) Nepal (B) Bhutan (C) Bangladesh (D) Myanmar (E) None of these 27. The Act is now applicable to all the districts of the country. Which of the following crops need plenty of water to grow ? (A) Jowar (B) Cotton (C) Paddy (D) Bajra (E) All these need plenty of water 19. R. 2 and 3 14. Which of the following is/are true about the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act ? 1. Who amongst the following was recently nominated as the ‘Member of the Rajya Sabha’ ? (A) Amitabh Bachchan (B) (C) (D) (E) Manoj Kumar Aamir Khan Javed Akhtar None of these 17. Which of the following countries is the largest producer of milk in the world ? (A) China (B) India (C) Denmark (D) USA (E) None of these 23. Saina Nehwal is a famous— (A) Lawn Tennis Player (B) Golf Player (C) Table Tennis Player (D) Badminton Player (E) None of these 25. (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) All 1. What is/are the reasons owing to which Govt.

Mr. This is a matter of great concern for all of us as this may result in severe water problem in days to come. Who amongst the following is NOT a recipient of the Padma Vibhushan Award given away recently ? (A) Y. who was on a visit to India a few months back. Naipaul (B) Anita Desai (C) Harivansh Rai Bachchan (D) Kiran Desai (E) Chetan Bhagat 33. Every family gets an assistance of Rs. Reddy (B) Zora Segal (C) V. 2 and 3 41.000 to Rs. Which of the following awards is given for excellence in the field of Sports ? (A) Kalidas Samman (B) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award (C) Jananpith Award (D) Arjun Award (E) Bharat Ratna 34. wants farmers to come out of it. The head office of the World Trade Organisation is located in— (A) Nepal (B) India (C) Japan (D) Australia (E) None of these 32. The conference of the Speakers and presiding officers of the commonwealth countries was organized recently in— (A) New Delhi (B) (C) (D) (E) London Pretoria Kuala Lumpur None of these (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) Mahesh Bhupati Leanders Paes Sania Mirza Rohan Bopanna None of these 39. Najib Tun Razak. An individual going to Bangladesh will be required to make all his/her payments in which of the following currencies ? (A) Rial (B) Dinar (C) Taka (D) Rupee (E) Dollar 42. Which of the following trophies/ cups is associated with the game of Cricket ? (A) Davis Cup (B) Agha Khan Cup (C) Nehru Trophy (D) Durand Cup (E) Duleep Trophy 35. Ramakrishnan (D) Pratap C. is the— (A) President of Iran (B) Prime Minister of Iran (C) President of Malaysia (D) Prime Minister of Malaysia (E) None of these 43. released by the UNO. 2. The one single biggest problem of the agricuture in the country is inappropriate irrigation facilities and farmers’ overdependence on the monsoon. The construction of a dam on which of the following rivers in Arunachal Pradesh has become a 37. 2. Reddy (E) Shreya Ghosal 36. The water table in some of the areas in the country is going down.000 per month as their income. is serious about it. (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 1 and 2 (D) Only 1 and 3 (E) All 1. All stackeholders will earn Rs. 3 lakhs for construction of new housing unit and upto Rs. LPG will be supplied through a pipeline from the nearest depot to the filling station which will be common for a constellation of 4 to 5 villages. Scheme is available only to those who are staying in any village or urban areas having a population of 50000 or more. 2 and 3 (E) None of these 30. over half of the total illiterate population of the world lives in just four countries. 3. 20. Govt. Around 30 to 35 per cent watersheds/water bodies in the country are not being utilized as the quality of the water in these has deteriorated over the years. Who amongst the following Indian Players won the Mixed Doubles of the Australian Open Tennis 2010 ? PD/February/2011/1475 . Which of the following is not one of these four ? (A) China (B) India (C) South Africa (D) Pakistan (E) Bangladesh 40. Which of the following is/are correct about the Rajiv Gandhi LPG Vitrak Yojana ? 1. Women/men in the age group of 21-45 years will be stakeholders. Who amongst the following is/was not a famous writer of English Language ? (A) V. announced recently ? (A) Antaheen (B) Fashion (C) Jogva (D) Bioscope (E) None of these 38. 3. Which of the following films was adjudged as the ‘Best Feature Film’ in 56th National Film Awards. Which of the following is/are true about the Indira Awas Yojana ? 1. (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) All 1. (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) All 1.develop/recharge watersheds and water bodies ? 1. 2. 2 lakhs for upgradation of old/existing units. As per the “Education for All Global Monitoring Report”. V. 2 and 3 (E) None of these 31. The scheme provides financial assistance to people living below poverty line for construction of housing units. 15. Govt. 3. S.

3. 2. It creates a framework for the creation of a free trade in the member countries. 3. SAFTA came into force in January 2006 and will be operational following the ratification of the agreement by the seven agreements. This will create a warning or alarming system so that Satyam like episodes can be averted.e. India and Pakistan have signed but not ratified the treaty. The seven foreign members of the region signed a framework agreement on SAFTA with zero customs duty on the trade of practically all products in the region by the end 2016. (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) Only civil suits related to the property of Rs. The new agreement i. the Union Minister of Corporate Affairs is planning to introduce a system where two firms may audit accounts of every company.00. Only 1 Only 2 Only 3 Only 1 and 2 All 1. Which of the following may be the impact of this dual audit system. Companies may have to suspend their plans of raising capital needed for extension of business for sometime. More and more Indian firms would like to borrow from global markets instead of domestic ones. P. Which of the following nations is considered or called the “Door of South East Nations” ? (A) Bangladesh (B) Myanmar (C) China (D) Afghanistan (E) None of these 47. 2. Besides this hardening of the ‘rupee in international markets is also possible.Darpan Continued from Page 1424 South Asia Free Trade Area The agreement on the South Asia Free Trade Area is an agreement reached at the 12th SAARC Summit in Islamabad in January 2008. The Magistrate of these courts will go to the villages in their area of coverage and will dispose off cases of the villages there itself. Bhutan. the companies adopt to beat their competitors. 2 and 3 Answers with Hint (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) All 1.Darpan 2. independent and objective assessments of the functioning of the companies. India recently provided a US $ 1 billion credit to which of the following countries in its neighbourhood so that bilateral trade with it can be improved ? (A) China (B) Pakistan (C) Bangladesh (D) Myanmar (E) None of these 45. The least developed nations in South Asia consisting of Nepal. As we all know the Govt. More and more Indian companies would like to open their offices/branches in foreign nations so that they can approach foreign investors easily. If it happens. 3. Bangladesh and Maldives have an additional three years to reduce tariff zero. In the final five year phase ending 2012 the 20% duty will be reduced to zero in a series of annual cuts.000 and above will be disposed off in this way. of India had launched ‘Look East Policy’ a few years ago so that it can have better relations and trade with South East Asian counties. As per the reports published in various newspapers.matter of concern as some people feel that it will damage the socio cultural environment of the State ? (A) Brahmaputra (B) Teesta (C) Gandak (D) Padma (E) None of these 44. P.. PD/February/2011/1476 . 5. Which of the following is/are true about the “Gram Nyayalayas” ? 1. These courts will be mobile courts and will function at Panchayat level. when implemented ? 1. This will bring transparent. what will be its impact on the market ? 1. Which of the following regulatory fiscal bodies is celebrating its Platinum Jubilee this year ? (A) NABARD (B) SEBI (C) IRDA (D) AMFI (E) RBI 46. Some financial experts and business leaders feel that the present policies of the RBI may result in hardening of the interest rates further. Which of the following countries is going to host SAARC summit next year ? (A) Bangladesh (B) India (C) Pakistan (D) Nepal (E) Bhutan 48. (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 1 and 2 (D) Only 2 and 3 (E) None of these 50. 2 and 3 (E) None of these 49. This will give an opportunity to auditors to learn more about the ‘inside activities’ of the companies and also a better understanding of the business tactics.

. Many times we read about SHGs in financial newspapers. (A) 50 years (B) 55 years (C) 65 years (D) 60 years (E) 70 years 11. The concept of ‘Carbon Credit’ is associated with which of the following areas ? (A) Protection of environment (B) Women empowerment (C) Development of rural infrastructure (D) Development of coal mines (E) None of these 3.] 1. owing to which Government wants to further improve it ? [Pick up correct statement(s). which of the following is not considered among them ? (A) Petroleum (B) Automobile (C) Mining (D) Steel (E) Cement 7. of India has decided to review its Foreign Direct Investment Rules twice in a year. Hawala in India is prohibited under the provision of which of the following Acts ? (A) Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act (B) Banking Regulation Act (C) Financial action Task Force Act (D) Foreign Exchange Management Act (E) None of these PD/February/2011/1477 . Under Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme (IGNOAPS). Mr. 2010 (Held on 31-10-2010) General Awareness Test-III (Based on Memory) 1. Many times we read about ‘Hawala’ transactions in newspapers. Global Micro Credit Summit-2011 will be organized in which of the following countries ? (A) Britain (B) South Africa (C) Spain (D) Italy (E) None of these 5. (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) All 1. Govt. The Business Correspondence Model being adopted by the banks provides Banking facilities to which of the following ? (A) Only Corporate borrowers (B) Only Weaker sections the society and people of small villages (C) Only those who are taking housing loans (D) All (A). Whenever newspapers talk about the performance of core industries. This will be done from— (A) 2015 (B) 2012 (C) 2014 (D) 2011 (E) None of these 13. A drought of 1987 was worst in this century but PDS played a vital role in overcoming the drought. 2 and 3 are correct (E) None of these 4. PDS was always there to give people at least the bare minimum to survive. Katsuya Okada who was on a visit to India few months back is the Foreign Minister of— (A) South Korea (B) Myanmar (C) Japan (D) Thailand (E) None of these 12.Solved Paper BANK OF INDIA PROBATIONARY OFFICERS EXAM. As we all know Government is paying much attention to improve Public Distribution System (PDS) in our country. Now PDS is feeding the poorest of the poor in this country. What is the full form of the term ? (A) Small Help Groups (B) Self Help Groups (C) Small Hope in Growths (D) Self Hope Groups (E) None of these 6. Which of the following have been the achievements of the PDS uptill now. (C) Vedanta Resources (D) Posco India (E) None of these 9. Which of the following bills presented in the Parliament will bring some changes in existing tax regime ? (A) Direct Taxes Code (DTC) Bill (B) Foreign Exchange Management Regulatory Bill (C) Companies Act Bill (D) Salaries and Perks for MPs Bill (E) Finance Bill 2010-11 10. the benefits are available to the people having minimum age of ……. 2. As per recent newspaper reports UK based Cairn Energy is in the process of selling its stake to which one of the following companies of Indian base ? (A) ONGC Videsh (B) Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (B) and (C) above (E) None of these 2. Which of the following agencies/ organizations in India maintains the Micro Finance Development and Equity Fund which was in news recently ? (A) Confederation of Industries in India (CII) (B) Indian Bank’s Association (IBA) (C) Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) (D) Reserve Bank of India (RBI) (E) National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) 8. 3. After implementing PDS in India. no famine was reported.

one of the major trade partners by Israel. Which of the following has been fixed as the target for fiscal deficit 2010-11 ? (In terms of percentage of GDP) (A) 3% (B) 3·5% (C) 4% (D) 5% (E) 5·5% 20. Which of the following is not included in Asian Market ? (A) Japan (B) China (C) Hong Kong (D) South Korea (E) Brazil 18. ‘Israel and Palestinians open talks’ was the headline in some major newspapers. The Summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation was held in June in which of the following places ? (A) Shanghai (B) Moscow (C) Tashkent (D) Astana (E) None of these 26. Which of the following is not amongst the Prime Minister’s new 15 point programme ? (A) Enhanced Credit Support for economic activities (B) Modernizing Madarsa Education (C) Improvement in condition of slums inhabited by minorities (D) Free train journey unemployed youths for (E) Rehabilitation of victims of communal riots 25. Pharmaceuticals 2. Tea and Coffee (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) Only 1 Only 2 All 1. As per the figures released by the World Bank. What are the main exports from India to Russia ? 1. Which of the following organizations of Indian Origin is helping Sri Lanka in rehabilitation of its war widows ? (A) Khadi and Village Commission (B) SEWA (C) Action for Food Production (D) Adhar (E) Aasha 28.14. Palestine is dead against it (D) Redefining the boundaries as a major glacier between them has erased the same (E) None of these 17. Which of the following agencies/ organizations has decided to make major changes for ULIPs ? (A) IRDA (B) RBI (C) AMFI (D) FRBI (E) None of these 30. The Mixed Double of which of the following Lawn Tennis tournaments was won by Leander Paes along with Cara Black in 2010 ? (A) Wimbledon (B) US Open (C) Australia Open (D) Dubai Open (E) None of these 24. Many times we read about the performance of Asian Markets in various financial newspapers. new foreign investments in manufacturing of which of the following is not allowed ? (A) White cement (B) Plastic goods (C) Cigarette and Cigars (D) Polythene bags (E) Pesticides 23. which of the following countries was the largest PD/February/2011/1478 . As we all know DIPP is the nodal agency in the field of foreign investments in India. 2 and 3 Only 2 and 3 Only 1 and 2 recipient of loans from the World Bank during 2009-10 ? (A) Bangladesh (B) Pakistan (C) Brazil (D) China (E) India 19. Who amongst the following became the first Cricketer to take 800 wickets in Test Cricket ? (A) Kumar Sangakkara (B) Saqlain Mustaq (C) Anil Kumble (D) Muttiah Murlitharan (E) None of these 29. Which of the following is the main dispute between these two nations ? (A) Membership of World Trade Organisation (B) Membership of G-20 (C) Selecting Syria. As we all know both the nations were not coming for the talks since 2008. As per existing policy. The declaration of the Summit was named as— (A) Towards Green and Happy South Asia (B) Silver Jubilee of SAARC (C) Let us meet again in Delhi (D) SAARC : The Future of South Asia (E) None of these 15. kfw is an organization/bank based in— (A) France (B) Japan (C) Italy (D) China (E) Germany 21. Which of the following countries has become the main supplier of Defence goods to India and has replaced Russia ? (A) Canada (B) USA (C) Israel (D) France (E) None of these 22. The 16th SAARC Summit was organized in Thimpu. Apparel and Clothing 3. India recently reviewed its trade relation policy with Russia. What is the full form of DIPP ? (A) Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (B) Department of Industrial Procedures and Promotions (C) Directorate of Industrial Procedures and Promotions (D) Directorate of Industrial Policy and Publicity (E) None of these 16. India’s political relations with its neighbouring countries are a critical part of its ……. As per news in various newspapers ‘kfw’ Group released another instalment of its financial aid to India. (A) Industrial policy (B) Trade policy (C) Foreign policy (D) Development policy (E) None of these 27.

She lost her match against whom amongst the following players ? (A) Le Chong Wei (B) Shixian Wang (C) Taufik Hidayut (D) Jung Eun (E) None of these 39. Which of the following ministries /departments operates the ‘Village Grain Bank’s Schemes’ ? (A) Ministry of Tribal Welfare (B) Department of Food and Public Distribution (C) Department of Social Welfare (D) Ministry of Forest (E) None of these 43. Lakshmanan (D) Justice P. S.31. Dronacharya Awards are given to a person associated with— (A) Education (B) Social service (C) Journalism (D) Sports (E) Films Continued on Page 1499 PD/February/2011/1479 . Which of the following countries won the Asia Cup Cricket Tournament 2010 held in Sri Lanka ? (A) Sri Lanka (B) India (C) Pakistan (D) Bangladesh (E) None of these 34. G. Who amongst the following is the Chairperson of the Human Right’s Commission of India at present ? (A) Prof. S. Which of the following terms is not used in Economics ? (A) Balance of Payment (B) Call Money (C) National Debt (D) Elasticity of Demand (E) Boyle’s law 42. Hiroshima Day is observed on which of the following dates ? (A) 6th August (B) 16th August (C) 6th September (D) 16th September (E) 26th July 47. Mr. of India to help lonely women by providing vocational training to make them self dependent ? (A) Apnalaya (B) Prayas (C) Abhiyogyata (D) Swadhar (E) Swawlamban 32. Sukhoi is— (A) Battle tank (B) Fighter plane (C) Submarine (D) Radar system (E) None of these 40. ‘Booker Prize’ is given in the field of …… (A) Literature (B) Social service (C) Films (D) Science (E) Sports 49. Which of the following games/ sports is not included in the list of Commonwealth Games 2010 ? (A) Table Tennis (B) Hockey (C) Weight lifting (D) Golf (E) Boxing 50. Which of the following terms is not used in the game of Cricket ? (A) Doosra (B) Century (C) Bouncer (D) Love (E) Ashes 33. Which of the following is not a financial term ? (A) Acid Test (B) Double Fault (C) Gross Profit (D) Depreciation (E) Cash flow 37. Which of the following nations is the recent one to join NonAligned Movement (NAM) ? (A) Fiji (B) Cuba (C) Sri Lanka (D) Colombia (E) Egypt 46. M. Which of the following countries recently conducted general election and became the first Parliamentary Democracy of Central Asia ? (A) Turkmenistan (B) Uzbekistan (C) Kyrgyzstan (D) Kazakhstan (E) None of these 44. Which of the following is the name of the programme launched by the Govt. Union Cabinet recently cleared 15000 crore Sukhoi deal. Dhoni (E) None of these 41. the recession occurring two times with a small gap in between is known as— (A) Double Deflation (B) Deflation (C) Deep Recession (D) Double Dip Recession (E) None of these 38. James Alix Michael who was on a visit to India recently is the President of …… (A) Australia (B) New Zealand (C) Colombia (D) Seychelles (E) None of these 35. In the terms of economics. Trupti Murgunde whose name was in news recently is a— (A) Badminton player (B) Golf player (C) Lawn Tennis player (D) Table Tennis player (E) Cricket player 36. V. Saina Nehwal was in Paris recently to play in World Championship. Swaminathan (B) Justice K. Who amongst the following is the recipient of the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award-2010 announced recently ? (A) Pankaj Adwani (B) Leander Paes (C) Sania Mirza (D) M. R. Reddi (E) None of these 48. Which of the following books is written by Chetan Bhagat ? (A) The Golden Gate (B) Journey to Ithaca (C) Fore on the Mountain (D) The inheritance of Loss (E) 2 States : The Story of My Marriage 45. Balakrishnan (C) Justice A.

Normally Bank accept Fixed Deposits for a maximum period of— (A) 5 years (B) 3 years (C) 10 years (D) 20 years (E) Any number of years 14.000 (B) 5.D.000 (E) There is no such provision 6. Money Laundering refers to— (A) Conversion of assets into cash (B) Conversion of Money which is illegally obtained (C) Conversion of cash into gold (D) Conversion of gold into cash (E) None of the above 9.Solved Paper I. PPF account is opened for a period of— (A) 5 years (B) 10 years (C) 15 years (D) 20 years (E) None of these 11. Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of security Interest Act relates to— 7. IFRS stands for— (A) International Financial Reporting standards (B) Indian Financial Rating Standards (C) International Financial Rating Standards (D) All the three above (E) None of the above 17.000 (C) 10. MSMED Act is applicable to— (A) Smalls enterprises only (B) Medium enterprises only (C) Micro enterprises only (D) Micro. Tax at source by banks is deducted on interest paid on term deposits in the interest amount in a financial year exceeds— (A) 3. What is the present Repo Rate ? (A) 5% (B) 5·5% (C) 6% (D) 6·5% (E) None of these 18. Code of banks commitment to Micro and Small enterprises is prepared by— (A) RBI (B) SEBI (C) FEDAI (D) BCSBI (E) Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises 15. These are known as— (A) Derivatives (B) Securitisation (C) Leasing (D) Factoring (E) Venture Capital Funding 2. Contribution to Prime Minister's relief fund enjoys Income Tax benefit up to— (A) 50% under section 80G (B) 75% under section 80G (C) 100% under section 80 G (D) 100% under section 88 (E) No exemption is available 4. Small and Medium enterprises (E) All enterprises irrespective of their size engaged in manufacturing activity 8.. There are certain financial instruments whose prices are derived from the price of the underlying currency of interest rate or stocks etc. ASSISTANT MANAGER EXAM.I. Which one of the following is not a salient feature of debit card ? (A) No bad debts to banks and no suits for recovery (B) No interest earning for banks (C) Works like a normal withdrawal (D) All the above (E) 45 dayes credit is given to the card holder 16. The is— (A) (C) (E) present Cash Reserve Ratio 5% (B) 5·5% 6% (D) 6·5% None of these (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) Sanction of loans Enhancement of loan limits Recovery of loans All the above None of above 13. National savings certificate matures at the end of— (A) Six years (B) Three years (C) Six and half years (D) Five years (E) Five and half years PD/February/2011/1480 . 2010 (Held on 14-11-2010) General and Financial Awareness (Based on Memory) 1.000 (D) 15. Yuan is the currency of— (A) Japan (B) China (C) Indonesia (D) Myanmar (E) None of these 12. Which of the following activities are expected to be performed by the Business correspondents ? (A) Disbursal of small value credit (B) Collection of small value deposits (C) Sale of micro insurance / mutual fund products (D) All the three above (E) Only (B) and (C) above 5. One of the objectives of KYC (Know Your Customer) norms is— (A) to give boost to bank deposits (B) to safeguard banks advances (C) to monitor transactions of suspicious nature (D) to help income tax authorities to collect income tax (E) None of these 3. The Monetary and Credit Policy is reviewed by the RBI after a gap of— (A) one year (B) one month (C) two years (D) five years (E) None of these 10.B.

the first letter ‘S’ denotes— (A) Separate (B) Small (C) Special (D) Savings (E) None of these 36. the Government has approved a plan to infuse 15. Can any one file an appeal against the order passed by the Banking Ombudsman ? If so who is the Appellate Authority ? (A) The Chairman of concerned Bank (B) The Deputy Governor RBI (C) Governor of RBI (D) Finance Minister (E) None of the above 29. CAs/CS have been told to report all suspicious fund trasnfers ? (A) RBI Act (B) Banking Regulation Act (C) Indian Companies Act (D) Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (E) None of these 34. Bancassurance is— (A) an insurance scheme to insure bank deposits (B) an insurance scheme exclusively for the employees of banks (C) a composite financial service offering both bank and insurance product (D) a bank deposits scheme exclusively for employees of insurance companies (E) None of the above 35. provide credit history of the borrowers ? 20. In the term STRIPS. Which of the following is not considered as lending under infrastructure sector ? (A) A Highway project (B) Construction of Educational Institution (C) Construction of Hospital (D) Laying down of petroleum pipelines (E) None of the above 22. Payment of Demand Draft can be stopped by— (A) Payee (B) Holder (C) Purchaser (D) All of these (E) None of these 28. Reverse Repo is used by RBI to— (A) Inject liquidity (B) Absorb liquidity (C) Increase the liquidity with banking system (D) Keep the liquidity at one level (E) None of the above 21. What is the amount of compensation to be paid per day.19. Financial Action Task Force has an office in India at which place ? (A) Mumbai (B) Chennai (C) Kolkata (D) New Delhi (E) All the above places 26. What is monetary policy transmission ? (A) It refers to monetary policy of Central Bank (B) It refers to fiscal policy of Government (C) It refers to various channels through which the monetary policy of a Central Bank alters PD/February/2011/1481 . as per RBI directives in case of failed ATM transactions ? (A) 50 (B) 100 (C) 200 (D) 500 (E) It is at the discretion of each Bank (B) To maintain minimum CRAR as per Basel II norms (C) To maintain NPA provision coverage ratio (D) To strengthen the Balance Sheet of banks (E) None of these 30. On which one of the following issue IMF has supported monetary policy of India ? (A) Tightening of monetary policy (B) Stimulus for agriculture sector (C) Concessions for foreign investment (D) Introduction of GST (E) None of these 32.000 crore capital into PSBs ? (A) To boost capacity their lending prices or output in the real economy (D) It refers to various channels through which the fiscal policy of the Government alters prices or output in the real economy (E) None of these 31. The term ‘Power of Attorney’ refers to— (A) Power of a person (B) An authority to operate a Bank account (C) An instrument by which a person is empowered to act for another person (D) All of the above (E) None of the above 24. Bridge loans refer to— (A) Loans granted to contruction companies for construction of bridges (B) Loan granted to PWD for construction of bridges over Rivers (C) Interim finance allowed by banks to their customers pending disbursement of term loans by financial institutions (D) All of the above (E) None of the above 27. What is the full form of ASBA ? (A) Allotment supported Blocked Amount (B) Application supported Blocked Amount (C) Application supported Bank Amount (D) Allotment supported Bank Account (E) None of the above by by by by 25. For which one of the following reasons. Under provisions of which one of the following Acts. The advantage of convenience in credit card operations is for— (A) Customer (B) Members Establishments (C) Banks (D) All the above (E) None of the above 33. KYC guidelines have been framed on the recommendations/as per guidelines of— (A) Reserve Bank of India (B) Ministry of Finance (C) Indian Banks Association (D) Financial Action Task Force (E) Ministry of Home affairs 23. Which of the following organizations.

which one of the following should be percent growth in farm sector ? (A) 2·0 (B) 2·5 (C) 3·0 (D) 4·0 (E) None of these 47. GOI (D) NHAI (E) None of these 49.Darpan PD/February/2011/1482 . Which one of the following has given ‘Aadhaar’ as its new brand name ? (A) UIDAI (B) Sports Ministry. Which one of the following country is in talks with EU and International Monetary Fund. Loans/advances to farmers is treated as— (A) Personal Loans (B) Priority Sector Loan (C) Business Loan (D) Corporate Loan (E) None of these 38. GOI (C) Ministry of Tourism. 2 and 3 50. to exit from debt crisis ? (A) Spain (B) Turkey (C) Portugal (D) Greece (E) Finland 46. Expand the term FRBM— (A) Financial Responsibility and Business Management (B) Fiscal Responsibility and Business Management (C) Financial Responsibility and Budget Management (D) Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (E) None of these 44. A customer can approach Banking ombudsman if he does not get satisfactory response to his grievance from the bank within how many days ? (A) 10 days (B) 20 days (C) 8 days (D) 30 days (E) 60 days 45. which one of the following countries will have highest percent GDP growth rate in 2011 ? (A) China (B) India (C) Brazil (D) Russia (E) None of these 48. Good Health Service 2. Which one of the following is per cent Bank Rate ? (A) 4·0 (B) 4·5 (C) 5 (D) 3·33 (E) None of these Answers with Hints P. Freedom from illiteracy 3. Which one of the following Organisations maintains CRR ? (A) RBI (B) SEBI (C) NABARD (D) IBA (E) None of these 39. Which of the following will help poor to come out of their poverty ? 1.(A) CIBIL (C) RBI (E) IBA (B) SEBI (D) CRISIL 37. With which one of the following ‘Channel Financing’ is associated ? (A) Retail Lending (B) Corporate Lending (C) SME Lending (D) Supply Chain Finance (E) None of these 43. For achieving 8·5 percent GDP growth in fiscal 2010-11. Optimum Sex Ratio (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) Only 1 Only 2 Only 1 and 2 Only 3 All 1. Which one of the following is the objective of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act ? (A) To provide 100 days employment to people in rural areas (B) To provide employment to educated youth (C) To provide employment under KVIC schemes (D) To create more valuable rural assets (E) None of these 41.Darpan Continued from Page 1426 P. When the loan is granted for purchase of white goods it is called— (A) Consumption loan (B) White goods loan (C) Consumer durable loan (D) All the above (E) None of the above 40. According to a report submitted by IMF in its World Economic Outlook. Structure of Basel II is based on how many pillars ? (A) Two (B) Three (C) Four (D) Eight (E) Six 42.

A started from point P and went 2 km east. 88. 5.75 1.. What is the total distance covered by A ? (A) 6 km (B) 8 km (C) 7 km (D) 9 km 89. He left it with the mechanic and turned right and went 1 km. Identify that row— (A) (B) (C) (D) (A) (B) (C) (D) 0. How ‘BOTH’ is written in that language ? (A) ANUI (B) PCIU (C) PCGS (D) NAIU 97. How far is A's destination from P (shortest distance in km) ? (A) (C) 90. Then he walked 15 m and turned to his left and after walking 20 m. 0. 1.5 0. 7 0.25. At the end of third km his bicycle got punctured. “He is the only son of my mother's mother”. How is the girl related to Neha's friend ? (A) Daughter (B) Niece (C) Aunt (D) Cousin 91. C and D. 4 1.5. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group.25. If the alternate letters in the following alphabet starting from ' A ' are changed into small letter (A) 3 (C) 4 (B) 2 (D) 6 PD/February/2011/1483 . Then he turned left and went 1 km and finally he turned right and after walking 1 km reached his destination. 8 0. Where 32 ? 16 as her mother-in-law remem(A) 8 (B) 10 bers that the birthday of her only son is after 20th but before 24th (C) 12 (D) 16 December. which of the following represents the second month after June ? ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP QRSTUVWXYZ (A) AugusT (C) augusT (B) AUgUsT (D) August PART-V General Mental Ability 86. The husband's birthday ? other numbers will give a clue to (A) December 23 the pattern— (B) December 22 (C) December 21 (D) December 20 96. In a certain code language ‘PAINT’ is written as ‘ZBVSK’ and ‘COPE’ is written as ' WARJ'. Now answer the following questions ? 87. 94. At what distance and in which direction is he now from the starting point ? (A) 10 m to the East (B) At the starting point (C) 15 m to the West (D) 20 m to the South Directions—(Q. hence from a group. 99-100) In the question below some numbers are given in rows A. Four of the following five are similar in relation to their position in the English alphabet and 99. 6. "The girl I met yesterday night in the party was the youngest daughter of the brother-in-law of my friend's mother". John started walking towards east and walked 10 m before turning to his right. Pick up the missing number true. 0. How is Reshma related to the Shyamlal ? (A) Reshma is the daughter of Shyamlal (B) Reshma is the sister of Shyamlal (C) Reshma is the cousin of Shyamlal (D) Reshma is the niece of Shyamlal 8 16 32 95.5. 4. 1. 87-88) Read the given information and carefully answer the following questions. Reshma said. 2. WAIT is related to WEIGHT as INDICT is related to— (A) Predict (B) Indite (C) Depict (D) Lick 98. 2. 1. 3. which day is Shyama's from the answer choice. 2. Nisha told Sheetal. 8 1. 4. 1. 2011 CSAT Mock Test (Continued from the Last Issue) —Dharmendra Mittal leaving the rest in capitals. Shyama remembers that her husband's birthday is after 19th 16 32 8 but before December 22. In three rows the numbers are related to each other while the numbers in one row hold no relation. 2. he turned right and covered 3 km.5. He again turned to his right and walked 30 m and finally he turned to his right and walked 25 m to reach the point F. 2 2. 1. Which is the one that does not belong to that group ? 101. How ‘NOTICE’ is written in that code ? (A) SAKVWJ (B) SAUVWJ (C) SRKVWJ (D) SAKVXJ 92. he again turned to his right and walked 10 m. B.FORTHCOMING CIVIL SERVICES (Pre. (A) 1995 (B) 1998 (C) 1991 (D) 1996 (D) 4 Replace the question work by choosing the correct response.) EXAM. If both of them are 102.5. 0. SUCCESS is related to FAILURE as HAPPY is related to— (A) Rejoice (B) Bliss (C) Disappointed (D) Sad Directions—(Q. Which one does not belong to the group ? (A) BDHN (B) FHLR (C) QTYC (D) JLPV 100. In a code language ‘TIME’ is written as ‘JUFN’ and ‘MOTHER’ is written as ‘UPNSFI’. 4. 3 ⎯ 32 + 2 √⎯⎯⎯⎯ 2 ⎯ 42 + 2 √⎯⎯⎯⎯ 2 (B) ⎯ 42 + 3 √⎯⎯⎯⎯ 2 93. Introducing Shyamlal.

98 for it. Which one is not a part of 111. (D) or (E). (C). Oranges. the airplanes fly ? 122. Mother. Person. Ramprasad 120. (D) (C) Sameer has three children Seema will be twice as old as (D) Ajit is the daughter of Malti Reena 6 years hence. Father. Malti is the mother of Rohan. (A) Sock (B) Gloves If M faces towards West. Each group of elements may daughter of my mother-in-law".partners. Writer.113. Finally. Again. while his uncle PROTOZOA written in that (B) No discount remembers that Rajesh's birthday code ? (C) A hike of 2. Nishant remembers that his (C) Cloud (D) Sea equivalent to— brother Rajesh's birthday is (A) A discount of 2. 107. Four of the following five are (A) O alike in a certain way and so form (B) N a group. God. N. M and N are PD/February/2011/1484 . then (C) Coat (D) Spectacles who faces towards South ? 118. A group. A one rupee coin is placed on a plain paper.25% on original is certainly before 17th but after price 12th October. After moving a distance of 119. If rain is called water. If F paid Rs. (D) Ninth Which of the following statements of not true ? PART-VI (A) Malti is the mother of Dipu Basic Numeracy and (C) (B) Sameer is the husband of Data Interpretation Malti 121. Seema’s present age? called air. These elements may 113.)— playing cards. Kanny started walking towards (C) NR (D) OR the same way as ‘Anarchy’ is East. In a row of boys. Clerks. ‘Anemia’ is related to ‘Blood’ in 112. You have to girl ? interchange their positions indicate the diagram in which the Anand will be fifth from the left. Philosopher. Sweets. A sold a cooker to B at a profit of (A) 13th 10% who sold it to C at a loss of (D) None of these (B) 14th 5% who sold it to D at a profit of 117. Which is the one that (C) P does not belong to the group ? (D) Data inadequate (A) TW (B) DG 104. (B) Seventeenth Sameer is the father of Ajit. Deepak is fifteenth from the fit into one of the diagrams lettered How is Ramprasad related to the right. he turned southwords and preceded by 4 but immediately (A) Disorder walked 5 km.75% (B) BPAPUPSP is the birthday of Rajesh ? (C) APAPUPSP 123. (A) 28 years (B) 42 years cloud is called sky. (A) Air (B) Sky increasing the price by 15% is 110. If both of them are (A) APAQUPTP correct. Fruits. sky is called 108. Introducing a girl. ago Dev was 5 years old.25% on certainly after 11th but before 116. Four friends M. on which date of October (D) A discount of 5. Ajit is (C) Eleventh (B) the brother of Rohan and Dipu. (B). Human beings. How many coins of the same size can be placed round it so that each one touches the central and adjacent coins ? (A) 4 (B) 3 (C) 7 (D) 6 (A 7 km (B) 5 km (A) 1 (B) 2 Directions—(105–109) Each of (C) 4 km (D) 3 km (C) 3 (D) 4 the question given below contains three elements. Saints. sea. sea is called road. Educated Persons. "Her mother is the only eleventh from the left and linkage. How far is he from (D) Lawlessness 514723 his starting point ? (E) Democracy 103. How many 7's not immediately related to— 1 km. O and P are the group ? had purchased it for (Rs. water is 106. he turned followed by 2 are there in the (B) Monarchy to East and walked 2 km. P faces towards North. Six years 105. How is 15th October. (A) Father group of elements fits correctly ? Which of the following will be (B) Husband Deepak's position from the right (C) Brother after rearrangement? (A) (D) Cannot be determined (A) Seventh 114. What is 115. Anand is or may not have some intense said. following series ? he turned to the North and (C) Government 34728729471357299772 walked 9 km. When Anand and Deepak (A). air is called cloud. A discount of 15% offered after Government servants. In a certain code BACTERIA is original price written as AJSFUDBB. where do (C) 60 years (D) 72 years 109. Reena is the thrice as old as Dev. Teachers. Four of the following five items (C) 12th 20% who sold it to E at a profit of mentioned below are similar in (D) Either 13th or 14th 1% who sold it to F at a loss of some respect and so form a 10%.

A certain type of bacteria 1 play Football and Hockey. What is the number of numbers (A) Rs. 400 (B) 333 metre group to the number of students then I shall have 5/4 times as (C) 25 metre in the second group ? much as you have. Two pipes P and Q fill a tank in itself ? (A) 1 (B) 2 24 and 30 minute respectively.712 was Rs. Two customers borrowed the (C) 61 : 26 (D) 26 : 61 2 years and 20% p. 2. If x : y :: 5 : 2.000 for 4 years if the rate (A) 22 : 29 (B) 29 : 22 of interest is 10% p. The radius of a circular wheel is (B) 2 : 5 have three and half times as 3 1 4 m. Hockey (A) 2000 opened in the beginning. then what was the principle and the rest of the profit is money lent to each one of them ? (D) Rs. How many revolutions it (C) 7 : 3 much as you have. 25 cm wide and 10 cm A class of 30 students comprises can empty the full tank in 25 thick ? hours. “if you give me Rs. What is the volume average ages are 20 years and 30 of tank ? years.200 Directions—(Q.000 (D) Rs. 500 (B) Rs. 2 134.000 and Rs. 1. 1. A. 3 boys play only Cricket.745 200. A gets 25% of (B) Rs. 6. 4.000. for the next same amount of money.(A) 92·65 (C) 50 (B) 100 (D) 110 (A) 1500 (C) 1000 (B) 1200 (D) 1600 124. The time 3 boys play only Hockey and 2 play (C) 12000 taken to fill the tank is— only Football. 900 Rs.a. thickness if the brick is 36 cm pectively while a third pipe C long. 126.000 respectively. C is closed. whose empty tank. There is an outlet tap (B) 50 minute (A) 1·81 at exactly half level of the (C) 30 minute (B) 1·67 rectangular tank which can (D) 60 minute (C) 2·2 pump out 50 litres of water per (D) None of these minutes. How many boys played Cricket (D) 18 hours minutes will the number double and Hockey but not Football ? 127.320. How many boys can play at least (C) 40 minutes two games ? minute to fill the tank.200. when all (D) None of these the three are working simul(A) 16 (B) 18 taneously. All the three pipes are of boys who can play Cricket. 750 (C) 99 (D) 102 137.a.50 years. then it takes 24 minutes to fill an 140.answer the questions that follow. 550 profit that year ? (A) 101 (B) 100 (D) None of these (A) Rs. then I shall 129. B and C invest Rs. 4 boys could play all (D) None of these (A) 35 hours three games. one at compound interest and the other 2 years ? 125. 220 and the other Rs. 132 and 133) build a wall of 15 meters length. 3. 1200 Rs. What is the present value (in (C) 10 (D) 22 for the exhausting pipes to empty lakhs Rs. 500 between 400 and 500 if both the B and C together. If after two 5. 450 in a year A gets Rs. How many metres start A has to give to B in a km race so that they end in a dead heat ? (A) 40 metre (A) (B) (C) (D) Rs. What is the compound interest : 8x + 2y is— on Rs. B and C in the proportion to their investment. combine to form a third (A) 1200 (B) 1500 group whose average age is 23 years. at simple interest. Two pipes A and B can fill a tank Refer to the data given below and 12 meters height and 20 cm in 15 hours and 20 hours res. what was the numbers are counted ? (C) Rs.” B tells A. 5. How long will it take 139. If the outlet tap is open. “if (D) 30 metre (A) 5 : 2 you give me Rs. 1600 PD/February/2011/1485 .368 divided by A. 3. Two taps can fill a tank in 20 the filled tank ? lakh in 2 years if the rate of minutes and 30 minutes res(A) 40 minute interest is 5% ? pectively. How many bricks are required to (C) Rs. reproduce itself at the rate of 10 (C) 132 hours every 5 minutes. (B) 4000 10 hours. for the first 136. and 10 boys could 138. 800 Rs. (A) 20 minutes (C) 3 (D) 5 But due to the presence of an (B) 30 minutes exhausting pipes it takes 20 133.” How much (D) None of these does B have ? has to make in travelling 11 km ? 128.) of an income of Rs. A tells B. 5. while 11 could play Foot(B) 12 hours ball and Cricket. (A) Rs. profits for managing the business (C) Rs. Two groups of students . In how many 132. the interest payable by one in a business. What is the ratio of the (C) 1800 (D) 2400 number of students in the first 1 135. A can run a kilometre in 4 minute 50 second and B can run in 5 minute. Rs. the value of 8x + 9y 130. If 131. After and Football. 100 less than (B) Rs.

5 50 1984 15 11 10 2. 63.0 1·0 0. 147–152) Study questions given below : graph given below and answer the questions that follow— Foreign Tourist Arrivals in India 2800000 2700000 2600000 2500000 2400000 2300000 2200000 2100000 Year-wise and Discipline-wise Number of Candidates Selected in an Industry Year Discipline Science Commerce Arts Agriculture Engineering Others Total 1981 16 08 04 01 0. 46.0 0.600 (A) 76 kg (B) 76. Simplify the 2 of 1 ÷ 1 × 2 — 4 2 8 5 153.5 kg (D) Rs.5 40 1985 14 15 11 1. The (B) Rs. If $ 1 = Rs. Science fell.00 (C) 76. would not explain this 2 (A) 90 (B) 72 anomaly ? (C) 85 (D) 61 Data Interpretation Directions—(Q.5 kg when one of tourist in India in 2003 ? the men who weights 65 kg is (A) Rs. .141. 62. if 1 1 and Social Science by— (D) 2 (C) 6 true.√⎯ = 2x then is equal ⎯ √ ⎯4 ⎯ 2 152. 156 to 160) Study the following table and answer the Directions—(Q.000 weight of the new man is— (C) Rs. 21 (D) None 18000 16000 14098 14126 (A) The average spend per foreign tourist increased in 2002 (B) The number of rich tourists increased while the number of budget travellers decreased (C) The value of the dollar with regard to the rupee had increased (D) None of these Directions—(Q. 62. The area of rectangle gets growth for 1998-2003 of foreign reduced by 9 square units if its tourist arrivals in India is— length is reduced by 5 units and (A) 0·5% (B) 0·9% the breadth is increased by 3 (C) 1·1% (D) 1·25% units. The highest average forex earning per foreign tourist in India the area is increased by 67 square was highest during the years— units. The average weight of 8 men is 147.180 (D) 3187 x (D) Science 146. Find the sum of 30 terms of the series 5 + 11 + 17 + …… 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 1 1 1 2 144. The subject in which the student Forex Earning (Rs. The percentage fall in tourist (A) Science 1 1 arrivals in 2002 was— (B) Hindi (C) 7 (D) 5 8 8 (C) English (A) 6·15% (B) 6·55% 145.5 1. 9 (C) 11.5 0.0 0.7 kg (D) 77 kg 148. 6. In 2002. in 2001 ? (B) Hindi (C) 15011 (D) 14171 (A) 300 (B) 3100 (C) English 3 4 (C) 31. If we increase the length by 3 units and breath by 2 units. how many million 2 scored 16 % is— dollars did India earn foreign is— 3 exchange on account of foreign (A) 14179 (B) 14157 (A) Social Science tourists. crore) scored 108 marks is— 1 1 (A) 7 (B) 5 5 5 150. If √⎯ 8. the foreign exchange 155. Find the length and (A) 2003 (B) 2002 breadth of the rectangle— (C) 2001 (D) 2000 (A) 12.5 30 1982 20 12 08 03 01 01 45 1983 25 12 8. 7 (B) 17.5 0.5 42 1986 16 13 13 2·0 0. The sum of all three digit num(D) Social Science (C) 5·45% (D) 5·75% bers which leave a remainder 2 154. The marks scored in Hindi and to— earnings increased marginally Mathematics differ from the but the number of foreign tourists (A) 1 (B) 0 marks scored in English.30. Which of the following. The average annual percentage 142. 153 to 155) The following pie chart shows the marks obtained by a student in an examination. What is the average foreign exchange earning per foreign increased by 1.5 3.5 0. 149.5 45 2607000 2623500 2649400 2538000 2002 2382400 1998 1999 2000 2001 PD/February/2011/1486 2003 2750000 2003 Study the graph and answer the questions 153-155 given below. who scored 540 marks in all— English 63º Hindi 60º Science 75º Maths 90º Social Science 72º (A) 2760 (C) 2245 (B) 2670 (D) 2345 12000 10000 14238 14344 14419 14000 17500 143. The subject in which the student when divided by either 7 or 5 151.000 replaced by a new man.

160. ……produced in phere give us air to breathe (A) (B) the rest of the world. with a complex structure. 171 to 185) In (D) That is (C) The industry required each of the following sentences. The principle of a rocket motor is (A) Science simple. One of the most obvious characzed. In which year for the first time did the Arts discipline candidates constitute more than 25 per cent of selected candidates? (A) 1982 (B) 1983 (C) 1984 (D) 1985 PART-VII English Language Comprehension Skills Directions—(Q. With any vaccine or drug. ………very common to find stars 170. and (D). but also it filters out harmful sun rays ? Part A each problem consists of an 172. scientists quickly (B) foresee the likelihood of further (C) (D) space probes. (C) 42. and skill in using (B) it uses tin teristics of the moon is the way (C) (D) in which it continuously (C) uses of tin Changes …… (D) uses tin crafts. …….You should choose the one word or mely rough surface. In the following (A) The atmosphere gives us air (A) sentence. No other object in the sky ……… 169. In which year is the percentage of your choice on the answer sheet.3 (D) 45 (A) most of all direct the (A) looks like 158. in its personnel full of craters …………an extre. and other bodycompletes the sentence. four science discipline graduates more 164. us air to breathe building material. (D) All of these phrase that would not be appropriate (A) that they present in standard written English. 168. James Cook. PD/February/2011/1487 . to breathe energy. Some areas of the moon are so words or phrases have been bold. Mark 159. powerful were selected for the given (D) When dinosaurs 162. (C) (D) Is incorrect in standard written English. there are four choices. a shell of gases (A) 38 (B) 42 narily precise and ……senses. Following the success of the (A) early satellites. (B) presenting Agriculture discipline candidates the highest? (A) 1982 (C) 1984 (B) 1983 (D) 1985 (C) which present (D) to present 165. (A) large and powerful (D) Arts (A) Dinosaurs which (B) but large. (C) who explored the South Sea and reached Australia (D) he explored the South Sea before reaching Australia Example : The average age at which people begin to need eye(A) (B) glasses vary considerably. civilized. (B).The correct answer to the (A) it is appearing 156. even death exists. Approximately what per cent of (C) large although powerful (C) Among dinosaurs candidates of science discipline (D) so large. which of the (C) the most direct of all (C) or In following inferences is probably (D) direct most of all the true? (D) except for (A) Among the applicants the 163. …………perished. If all the class graduates were (B) all direct the most of (B) as is eligible to apply. Archeological evidence shows States has little tin. You (B) Not only the atmosphere (B) should find the one choice that best gives us air to breathe mins. but it has neither vitamarked (A). 171. ………. (A) tin is used that the Egyptians were organi167. (A) by exploring the South Sea he reached Australia (B) explored the South Sea and reaching Australia. powerful (B) Then dinosaurs 157. Example : Because the United (D) Not only does the atmos. candidates is the largest (A) It is (A) a (B) there is a (B) If written test was given for (B) Being selection the test was biased (C) so a (D) that a (C) Nor is it towards science discipline Directions—(Q. 161 to 170) In 166. …………rockets are very (D) to appear (B) Engineering complicated machines. dates of which discipline is (B) its appearance increasing every year ? (C) are appearing 161. The sense of smell is extraordiperiod ? the Crab Nebula. Mark your (C) (D) (C) The atmosphere which gives choice on the answer sheet. minerals. allowing the (C) Agriculture flourishing of mammals. The number of selected candiexample is (B). (C). ……… possibility of severe reactions or number of science discipline in pairs. Sugar provides man with quick incomplete sentence.173. also discovered the Hawaiian Islands.

191. colour. the bill if Congress passes it. One symptom of the disease is a (C) high fever. leads his little attention was paid to it for (B) (D) fearsome (B) (C) (D) country to victory despite near 192. (D) (C) helpful (D) (D) useless 176. The stars can be classified by (A) their various characteristics. The findings of Gregor Mendel 185. The clerk had been insolent to (A) look of fear his superior once too often. given. 186 to 195) Each (A) (B) (C) severe (D) serene problem in Part A consists of a spices because disguised. is causing measles. (B) divide into two when properly sequenced. 195. He was greatly vexed by the new without changing the meaning of the and unexpected development. Even in ancient times. He is the most intrepid explorer (D) of the dangers of radiation. Sir Winston Churchill. (A) successful 177. (D) PD/February/2011/1488 . (C) look of delight (A) affectionate (D) look of surprise (B) rude The best answer is (B) (C) dishonest 186. is a mile with such force that it shattered. (B) annoyed Example : The frown on the (C) enlightened man's face showed that he was dis(D) contented pleased. (D) 180. temperature. Although tea drinking is a 182. sentence. seen except with a powerful (C) (A) unpleasant (C) English subjects were entitled. 181. willing to pay a high price for (A) superior (B) serious Directions—(Q. its impor(A) (A) (B) (C) timid (D) blind considerably old custom in the tance of the sun was recognized 188. People of the Middle Ages were your life. 178. as the (A) were published in 1866.000 miles (B) (C) operators who lack knowledge (C) pushed (D) threw (D) length. tanning salons are often run by (A) (B) (C) (A) dropped (B) pulled deep and more than 2. Mark your choice on the (A) astonished answer sheet. 196 to 200) The (A) become one sentences given in each question. the sentence in which one word or phrase 193. The two companies are going to (D) sly merge by the first of the year. Dermatologists warning that (A) 190. which is too small to be (B) 189. such (B) as size. now (B) look of anger he is without a job. (B) encouraging microscope. A virus. Each sentence is (D) change owners labeled with a letter. (C) (D) (A) chance of agreement reached Europe for the first time (B) doubt 183. there is no alterna(B) (C) tive. cross the street without. In America. He hurled the statue to the floor surrounded by land. It is futile to argue with him (A) (B) same rights to which other once he has made up his mind. in the present century. (D) mistake English colonists were given the 175. has been bold. the President must approve Far East. The old woman is too feeble to bright. From the four choices bad taste of spoiled food.(A) tired (B) weak 174. this custom first in sustaining life on earth. and (C) 187. When a spider catches an insect. Storm clouds of modest size (A) produces a few flashes a minute (B) (C) and a power of a few hundred (D) mega watts. her nephew's help. The Mediterranean. form a (C) dissolve coherent paragraph. you should choose the one (A) symbol (B) sign (D) word or phrase which could be sub(C) cause (D) pain 179. a large sea 184. (A) it releases some poison into an (B) (C) insect with its fangs. It is not easy to remain tranquil half a century. but (B) fearless (A) (C) reliable British Prime Minister. William Pitt urged that the (D) (C) other choice (A) in the seventeenth century. (C) (D) when events suddenly change defeat. Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph. Directions—(Q. stituted for the bold word or phrase 194.

in late July and early August. while constantly improving and Extending its distinctive positioning. As officials. they appear to be denying or ignoring part of what they know. 6. For instance. Answers with Explanations (A) 135426 (C) 432561 198. (A) 25314 (C) 54132 (A) 123456 (C) 142356 197. 4. 4. 5." says a senior functionary of the high-powered task force on drought. (B) 25431 (D) 52431 4. (B) 123546 (D) 154236 "This face off will continue for several months given the strong convictions on either side. Strategy goes far beyond the pursuit of best practices. the Central Government has sought to deny some of the earlier apprehensions over the impact of drought. Ambassadors have to choose their words. 1. So. It requires a strong focus on profitability and a willingness to make tough tradeoffs in choosing what Not to do. strategy must replicate the whole system. there appears at a first meeting a kind of ambivalence. A company must stay the course even during times of upheaval. the demand for branded (C) diapers at any particular store may be quite price 199. the question of 'how much more' was yet to be established. They do a specialized job and it is necessary for them to live ceremonial lives. more curved at the equator and flatter at the poles. By contrast. 3. 1. 3.196. (A) So. 5. The state governments. sensitive. 3. (A) 52341 (B) 42135 (C) 24315 (D) 53241 This fact was established in the 1730s by French survey expeditions to Equador near the Equator and Lapland in the Arctic. with ambassadors as with other expatriates in black Africa. 2. customers may buy that brand elsewhere. stores should set a higher incremental margin 2. It involves the configuration of a tailored value chain that enables a company to offer unique value. 2. on the other hand. (B) 132456 (D) 123546 During the past week-andhalf. If one supermarket sets a higher price for a diaper. 3. Having a strategy is a matter of discipline. their vision of a country shouldn't run too far beyond that of the local people with whom they have to deal. When a company's activities fit together as a self-reinforcing system. Shrill alarm about the economic impact of an inadequate monsoon had been sounded by the Centre as well as most of the states. To say what they feel they have to say. One way of doing that is to determine the length of the arc along a chosen longitude or meridian at one degree latitude separation. 5. The length of one-degree arc would be less near the equatorial latitudes than at the poles. 6. any competitor wishing to imitate a 200. While it was generally known that the earth was not a sphere but an 'oblate spheroid'. which found that around the middle of the earth the arc was about a kilometer shorter. 4. Then. One of the unsettled scientific questions in the late 18th century was the exact nature of the shape of the earth. PD/February/2011/1489 . 1. 1. Branded disposable diapers are available at many supermarkets and drug stores. 1. percentage for private-label diapers. 2. only Savon Drugs stores sell Savon Drugs diapers. 4. The recent revival of the rains had led to the emergence of a line of divide between the two. 5. 23541 25143 (B) 25413 (D) 23451 3. 2. the demand for private-label products may be less price sensitive since it is available only at a corresponding supermarket chain. allege that the Centre is downplaying the crisis only to evade its full responsibility of financial assistance that is required to alleviate the damage. 5.

V and W are to be operated daily. S (D) U. (D) If both I and II are implicit.Solved Paper HOTEL MANAGEMENT. U. U. R. V. V. The Institute had no Director before Shri Roy. V. If the program sets ‘R’ and ‘W’ are to be operated on the first day. T. U (D) W. It is now expected that the administration of the institute will improve. On any one day. 6. II. which of the following could be the other programs on that day ? (A) Q. five out of the eight program sets P. T. II. ‘V’ must be one of the programs to be operated after ‘R’. V (B) T. ‘T’ must be one of the programs to be operated after ‘Q’. T. Appointment of requires funds. Assumptions : I. S. V. Which of the following could be the set of programs to be operated on the first day of a month ? (A) P. each of the following could be the next day’s program set except— (A) Q. S. 4. W. only three of the program sets must be the ones that were operated on the previous day. If the program sets operated on a day is P. PD/February/2011/1495 . Which of the following is true of any day’s valid program set operation ? (A) ‘P’ cannot be operated at third place (B) ‘Q’ cannot be operated at third place (C) ‘R’ cannot be operated at fourth place (D) ‘U’ cannot be operated at fourth place 7. The program operating must also satisfy the following conditions— (i) If program ‘P’ is to be operated on a day. U (B) Q. S (C) W. ‘V’ cannot be operated on that day. U (B) Q. U. 3. Director is supposed to look after the administration of the Institute. retired IAS official has taken over as the new Director of the All India Nuclear Research Institute. R. U (C) T. Directions—(Q. Assumptions : I. 2. which of the following cannot be the second program in that sequence ? (A) Q (B) S (C) T (D) U II. Statement : The cotton crop continues to be poor even after the introduction of improved variety of cotton seeds. W 10.. T. S. (B) If only assumption II is implicit. (C) If neither I nor II is implicit. Q. Assumptions : I. Give answers— (A) If only assumption I is implicit. (iii) If ‘R’ is to be operated on day. II. Most of the decisions in our country are taken with partisan considerations. T. Assumptions : I. 1. T. T. Efficiency of people working in the office cannot be (ii) If ‘Q’ is to be operated on a day. Statement : The office building needs repairing just as urgently as it needs internal as well as external painting. R. 6–10) At an Electronic Data Processing Unit. If ‘R’ is operated at third place in a sequence. (iv) The last program to be operated on any day must be either ‘S’ or ‘U’. S. Statement : No budgetary provision for the purpose of appointing additional faculty would be made in the context of institute’s changed financial priorities. Statement : An opportunity to carry out reforms in elections to the Parliament and State Legislatures has been lost when we rejected most of the recommendations of Goswami Committee for partisan reasons. Repairing and painting of office building require funds. U 8. T. V (C) Q. R. Goswami Committee made certain good recommendations to improve the existing election system. there is a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II . 1–5) In each question given below. II. Q. except for the first day of a month. 2010 (Held on 7-3-2010) Logical Ability (Based on Memory) Directions—(Q. Assumptions : I. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement. 5. The yield of cotton was expected to increase after introduction of improved variety of seeds. W. S. V. There are areas other than appointment of faculty which require more financial attention. R. Statement : Shri Roy. R. Q. faculty improved unless office building is repaired. The yield of cotton was adequate before the introduction of new variety of seeds. S. S. S. V. P. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. V (D) T. AURANGABAD EXAM. U 9.

policy. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the three given statements. More tourist-resorts along the coastal line only should be started. temples. Statements : Some apples are watermelons. III. Statements : All teachers are doctors. II. Some erasers are pencils. (A) Only III (B) Either I or IV. Some books are black. Some windows are brown. Some doors are black. IV. Reasons for their absenteeism should be found out. All doctors are engineers. Efforts should be made to increase our agricultural production. 17. You have to assume everything in the statement to be true. All doors are black. Statements : Some books are papers. etc. Statement : Air export volumes have increased substantially over the past decade causing back logs and difficulties for air cargo agents because of increased demand for space and service. The reasons for the increase in the volume of air export should be found out. II. 16–20) In each question below is given a statement followed by two courses of action numbered I and II. IV. 18. India should suitably implement the Action points of this conference. II and III Directions—(Q. Course of Action : I. II. Some pens are erasers. III and IV (D) Either II or III 14. Some watermelons are apples. forests. Statement : About 30 to 40% of children who are enrolled. (D) If both I and II follow. II. Conclusions : I. (B) If only II follows. III. 11. Directions—(Q. No eraser is a pencil. Course of Action : I. (A) Only I and II (B) III and either I or II (C) IV and either I or II (D) Only III 13. II. Airlines and air cargo agents should jointly workout a solution to combat the problem. rivers. Give answers— (A) If only I follows. Conclusions : I. Course of Action : I. The tourist-potential of India should be exploited. Some typists are teachers. Statements : Some doors are windows. The exports of non-agricultural commodities should be reduced. Conclusions : I. Statements : All pens are pencils. No plastic is black. (A) Only I (B) Only I and IV (C) I. 20. II. etc. III and IV. (A) Only I and II (B) Only I and III (C) Either II or IV (D) Only I. (A) Only I (B) Only I and II (C) Only I and IV (D) Either II or III and I 12. Conclusions : I. Some papers are not black. All papers are not black. All windows are black. III. Some potatoes are fresh. You have to take the three given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. Some papers are black. II. Some watermelons are potatoes IV. Statement : The world conference on “Education of All” took place in Thailand in 1990.Directions—(Q. follow-up or further action in regard to the problems. Some apples are fresh. All doctors are typists. 19. You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the question. Some black are brown. III. Widely attend conference endorsed the Framework for Action for Meeting the Basic Learning Needs of all Children. (C) If neither I nor II follows. Read both the statements and give answers — PD/February/2011/1496 . No clip is a pen. Some erasers are clips. India should also immediately organise this type of conference. Course of Action : I. II. II. disregarding commonly known facts. Statement : Although the Indian economy is still heavily dependent on agriculture. All watermelons are fresh. II. A course of action is a step or administrative decision to be taken for improvement. IV. III. All engineers are typists. then decide which of the given suggested courses of action logically follows for pursuing. its share in global agricultural trade is less than the share of agricultural exports to total exports. Some papers are plastic. 11–15) In each question below are given three statements followed by four conclusions numbered I. Course of Action : I. 16. Conclusions : I. Statement : Huge amount of resources are required to develop tourist places in a country like India which is endowed with vast coastal lines. IV. All doctors are teachers. Some potatoes are apples. More schools should be started. on the basis of the information given in the statement. Some clips are pens. II. Some engineers are teachers. No window is brown. and III (C) Only II (D) Only IV 15. do not attend school on any given day. 21–25) Each of the questions below consists of a question and two statements marked P and Q given below it.

(C) Either RI could be right or RII. Lack of enthusiasm in the party workers was very noticeable. To determine who among them is the tallest. The area of a playground is 484 sq metres. Party ‘X’ lost elections in a certain area. (B) If the data in statement Q alone are sufficient to answer the question. How far is he from his original position and in which direction ? (A) (B) (C) (D) 20 metre. “You must renew your driving licence within ten days from the date of expiry”. When they came to know about the search. M is the father of C. 25. 33. How many daughters does ‘L’. What is its perimeter ? P. ‘C’ is taller than ‘D’. Hindi and Telugu novels. fifty per cent novels are in English and Hindi. (B) Only RII is right. According to an authentic report. 31. (D) Neither RI nor RII is right. Only those buildings fell down during heavy rains which had faulty designs or inferior material. It costs Rs. if any. Of the one thousand novels in the library. they could not be found. Statements : 1. (C) If the data even in both the statements P and Q together are not sufficient to answer the question. After walking 20 metres he turns towards East and walk 10 metres. 24. North 10 metre. Only those officers. A library contains only English. Mark your answer— (A) Only RI is right. Statements : 1. which of the following can be concluded ? (A) 50% to 85% of the studies on stress are related to role conflict and ambiguity (B) In this area only one scale developed by APA is available (C) Role conflict is the only cause of stress (D) There is dearth of research in the field of managerial stress 30. Who is the brother of C ? P. Q. ‘A’ is taller than ‘B’. D is the daughter of M. which of the following further information. 34. North 10 metre. 31–35) In each of these questions. Your task is to find out which is the reason for the situation. How many Telugu novels are there in the library ? P. The transfers were based on personal feelings of the Chief Secretary. 912 to put a fence around the playground. However. Q. 22. (D) If the data in both statements P and Q together are needed to answer the question. Many officers were transferred at a very short notice by the Chief Secretary. 2. Which one of the following does not belong to the group ? (A) Ear (B) Lung (C) Heart (D) Kidney 27. The statement was uttered on 17th February. RI. Based on the above information. 28. Raman starts walking towards West. 26. the party was sure to win the elections. Research in this area is extremely homogeneous. Q. After walking 10 metres he turns towards North. The Chief Secretary is a jolly person. Q. a situation has been explained through statements 1 and 2 followed by probable reasons RI and RII. RII. some who are happy-go-lucky type also suffer from ulcer. South (A) (B) (C) (D) ‘A’ is taller than ‘E’ and ‘D’ ‘C’ is taller than ‘B’ ‘A’ is taller than ‘D’ ‘E’ is taller than ‘A’ Directions—(Q. It was a leap year. who kept the Chief Secretary in good humour were not transferred. Anxiety causes ulcer. 23. 2. Which of the following would strengthen the association of anxiety and ulcer ? (A) Peptic ulcer is caused by either excessive anxiety or spicy food (B) Anxiety is more harmful than ulcer (C) About 90% of the women suffer from ulcer (D) About 65% of the ulcer patients were found to be high on anxiety 29. 2. is required ? PD/February/2011/1497 . ‘T’ is R’s sister and daughter of L. RII. Statements : 1. ‘D’ is taller than ‘E’. What is the exact date before which the licence must be renewed ? P. while the data in statement Q alone are not sufficient to answer the question. several militants were hiding in area X. Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and so form a group. RI. In spite of a through search. Had the workers been the devoted type. have ? P. Role conflict and ambiguity are the most widely examined source variable in managerial stress research. The number of Hindi novels is double the number of English novels. R’s father has three daughters. The party workers play a major role during election campaign. RI. RII. Statements : 1. as anywhere from 50% to 85% of this literature employs scales developed by APA. 21. Q. The playground is a perfect square.(A) If the data in statement P alone are sufficient to answer the question. 32. The locals were providing them with a cover. while the data in statement P alone are not sufficient to answer the question. they moved onto another area. South 20 metre.

(e) No lawyers are vagrants. (b) Some intellectuals are persons of unfailing vigor. (e) All preachers are persons of unfailing vigor. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (A) (C) (B) bed (D) abe 39. (f) No one who was at the dance saw the game. Some residents are voters. (a) All students are the people who saw the game. All citizens are residents. (d) Some wealthy persons are not vagrants. The houses in the colony had faulty designs. (A) bdc (B) abc (C) acf (D) cda 40. Choose the set in which the statements are logically related. (e) Some students are not the persons who saw the game. Law is very considerate for the criminals. 36–40) Each question contains six statements followed by four sets of combinations of three. All voters are citizens. An inferior kind of building material was used during construction. RII. (e) Some successful politicians are intellectuals. Some voters are citizens. RII. the policeman are summoned by the Court. (f) All lawyers are vagrants. (f) Some intellectuals are not preachers. (a) No wealthy persons are vagrants. (c) No preacher is an intellectual. RI. (b) All persons who saw the game are persons who were at dance. (c) Some students were persons who were at the dance. (f) No shy and retiring people are successful politicians. 35.2. (a) Some intellectuals are shy and retiring people. 36. (b) All lawyers are wealthy persons. Statements : 1. (A) cba (B) cbd (C) abd (D) cbe PD/February/2011/1498 . (A) cfa (C) fae (B) cdf (D) cbd Answers with Hints All voters are residents. (c) No intellectuals are successful politicians. (d) Some persons of unfailing vigor are not preachers. (d) Some persons who saw the game are students. RI. (d) All shy and retiring people are intellectuals. Directions—(Q. The heavy rains wiped a whole colony. (A) abc (C) abf 37. 2. cea (B) acb cef (D) aed 38. (a) Some preachers are persons of unfailing vigor. (c) Some lawyers are vagrants. they are punished by law. If atrocities are proved. No person can die a natural death while he is in police custody. If a person dies while he is in police custody. (b) Some shy and retiring people are successful politicians. No citizen is a resident.

“despite the headline. India will certainly shift from being a thirdworld country to plausibly becoming the world’s third-largest economy well within the lifetimes of those already born in the United States. This potential dimension should give more hope and tonic to bilateralism than speculated hype as antipodal political analysts do prophase. In other words.Darpan P. India has chalked up growth rates of about 8 per cent and most estimates suggest that. a nd technology growth for individual states—has concluded that India will hold the fourth largest concentration of power in the international system much earlier by 2026. Despite the current global economic crisis. which is driven by domestic demand rather than trade. it will grow at rates of 9 per cent or higher for at least another two to three decades.Darpan Continued from Page 1409 largest economic power in the world among states (and the fourth largest among political entities) by the middle of this century. the nurturing of the relationship with the US has been the most important foreign policy priorities in the recent years. is likely to be more sustainable over the long term than China’s current approach. Interestingly. export-centered growth. For India. In addition to these economic synergies strong bilateral ties between them are providing/ought to provide diplomatic and strategic strength to two biggest democracies in the new emerging multi-polar World order. In large measure. population. if not before.Darpan PD/February/2011/1499 .Some economists think India will grow faster than any other large country over the next 25 years. India is doing rather well… It has a long way to go before it is as rich as China—the Chinese economy is four times bigger—but its growth rate could overtake China’s by 2013. After all. Rapid growth in a country of 1. which centers on investment-driven.2 billion people is exciting. As the Economist recently concluded.” Although various international assessments differ on when exactly India becomes the fourth or thirdlargest global economy—because of the varying assumptions used in the analyses—they all reach the conclusion that India will become an international power of consequence before 2050. building a global partnership with India is ultimately in the strategic interests of the United States. based on current trends. These assessments are certainly plausible. the National Intelligence Council— using a composite measure that integrates gross domestic product. P. defense spending. Continued from Page 1479 Answers with Hint P. this is because India’s economic model. to put it mildly.

Which of the following expressions is correct if the expression ‘Z > Y ≥ W < V’ is definitely correct ? (A) V > Y (B) W < Z (C) Z > V (D) Y ≥ V (E) None of these 2. Y and Z and are currently in different professions namely. (A) Occupied (B) Person (C) Chair (D) Sitting (E) Vacant 4. B is an actor and did not study in the same college as F. Fashion designing. D (C) A. (B) (D) and then each vowel is changed to next letter in the English alphabetical series and each consonant is changed to previous letter in English alphabetical series. A did not study in college Z. D. C. Only G amongst the seven friends studied in college X along with E. What is the profession of A ? (A) Teaching (B) Medicines (C) Business (D) Fashion Designing (E) None of these 15. Who amongst the following is in the profession of Medicines ? (A) E (B) G (C) A (D) D (E) None of these 13. Which one does not belong to the group ? (A) Long (B) Tall (C) High (D) Short (E) Dim 5. each of which has as many letters between them in the word (in both forward and backward directions) as they have between them in the English alphabetical series ? (A) None (B) One (C) Two (D) Three (E) More than three 7. Which of the following figures represents the relation between ‘Sparrows’. G (B) A. (A) Ships (B) Battle (C) Water (D) Admiral (E) Defence 6. college and profession is definitely correct ? (A) E – X – Fashion Designing (B) F – X – Engineering (C) A – Y – Businessman (D) D – Z – Teaching (E) None of these PD/February/2011/1500 . ‘Army’ is related to ‘Land’ in the same way as ‘Navy’ is related to ‘………’. From town B the bus takes a right turn again. B. Which of the following combination of person. F is an engineer and did not study in college Y. None of those who studied in college Y is a teacher. Acting. After taking the right turn. Those who studied in college X are neither Fashion Designers nor teachers. 11–17) Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions— Seven friends A. 2010 (Held on 29-8-2010) Reasoning (Based on Memory) 1. it travels 5 km and reaches town B. At least two and not more than three friends had studied in the same college. travels 8 km towards West and takes a right turn. Business. What will come in place of question-mark (?) in the following series ? HK JM ? NQ PS (A) NL (B) LO (C) KN (D) KO (E) None of these 10. E is not a businessman.. 11. B. C (D) D. Which of the following groups represents the students of college Y? (A) C. C is an architect and studied in college Y. A disease would always necessarily have— (A) Medicine (B) Bacteria (C) Cause (D) Cure (E) Fever Directions—(Q. If each alphabet in the word FRACTION is arranged in alphabetical order (from left to right). B. A bus starts from town A. Engineering. E. Town D is 13 km towards the East of town A. How far and towards which direction must the bus travel to reach town D ? (A) 13 km towards South (B) 5 km towards West (C) 21 km towards South (D) 5 km towards South (E) None of these 9. Medicines. travels 21 km and stops. Teaching and Architecture (not necessarily in the same order). C. F and G studied in colleges X. Who amongst the following is a teacher ? (A) A (B) D (C) E (D) G (E) None of these 14. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word RETURNS. ‘Birds’ and ‘Crows’ ? (A) (C) (E) 3. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and hence form a group. C (E) None of these 12. which of the following will be fourth from the right side of the new arrangement thus formed ? (A) M (B) J (C) P (D) E (E) Q 8. A ‘Tumbler’ is related to ‘Empty’ in the same way as a ‘Seat’ is related to ‘………’.Solved Paper SYNDICATE BANK PROBATIONARY OFFICERS EXAM. E.

R. How many people sit between V and S when counted in anticlock-wise direction ? (A) None (C) Two (E) Four Directions—(Q. Statements : All books are pages. Training helps in boosting the performance of employees. (B) One (D) Three II. ● R sits second to the right of Q. W. II. ● T is a male and Y is not an immediate neighbour of V. 31. Z is not an immediate neighbour of V’s wife. Some cities are countries. No lock is a door. All cars are aeroplanes. Y and Z are sitting around a circular table. No key is a door. F (C) B. Some states are districts. Conclusions : I. Conclusions : I. Assumptions : I. All libraries are books. Who amongst the following has a male sitting to the immediate left and the right ? (A) Y (C) Q (B) R (D) S (E) None of these 30. Statements : All keys are locks. What is the profession of F ? (A) Engineering (B) Business (C) Medicines (D) Acting (E) None of these Directions—(Q. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. 20. You have to take the three given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the three statements disregarding commonly known facts. S. What is the position of T with respect to Z ? (A) Second to the left (B) Immediately to the right (C) Third to the left (D) Second to the right (E) Third to the right 28. There are three males and five females in the group of friends. Some ships are not cars. (D) If neither Assumption I nor Assumption II is implicit. All words are books. (C) If either Assumption I or Assumption II is implicit. All states are cities. A (B) C. Give answers— (A) If only conclusion I follows (B) If only conclusion II follows (C) If either conclusion I or conclusion II follows (D) If neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows (E) If both conclusion I and conclusion II follow 18. ● W sits second to the right of her husband Z. II. Some ashes are particles. Conclusions : I. Which of the following statements regarding S is definitely correct ? (A) S is one of the male members of the group (B) Both the immediate neighbours of S are females (C) S sits third to the left of T (D) W i s a n immediate neighbour of S (E) S sits second to the right of Q 26. Give answer— (A) If only Assumption I is implicit. facing the centre. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement. 18–22) In each question below are three statements followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. Conclusions : I. Statement : Give adequate job related training to the employees before assigning them full fledged work. Directions—(Q. All doors are windows. Employees have no skill sets before training is provided to them. All trucks are ships. F 17. 23. Who amongst the following sits exactly between V and Y ? (A) Q (B) W (C) R (D) T (E) Z 24. Who amongst the following have studied in college Z ? (A) B. All libraries are pages. II. Which of the following pairs represents the immediate neighbours of T ? (A) RQ (B) WZ (C) YV (D) WY (E) None of these 27. Who amongst the following is V’s wife ? (A) Q (C) R (B) Y (D) T (E) None of these 29. 22. Conclusions : I.16. V. Statements : Some clouds are ashes. D (E) D. Some countries are states. ● V sits second to the right of his wife. II. T. No two males are immediate neighbours of each other. Statements : All ships are aeroplanes. F (D) A. 31–35) In each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. 23–30) Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions— Eight friends Q. Some elements are ashes. No particle is a cloud. (B) If only Assumption II is implicit. All words are pages. 19. All particles are elements. All cars are trucks. Statements : All districts are cities. ● S sits third to the right of V. Which of the following is not true regarding T ? (A) T is an immediate neighbour of Z’s wife (B) No male is an immediate neighbour of T (C) Q sits second to right of T (D) The one who sits third to the left of T is a male (E) All are true 25. II. 21. D. (E) If both Assumptions I and II are implicit. PD/February/2011/1501 . Some windows are locks.

Stricter security arrangements needs and not for commercial should be put in place in purposes. (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (B) (C) (D) (E) PD/February/2011/1502 . Statement : The government has decided to run all commercial vehicles on bio-fuels in order to save the depleting fossil fuel reserves. Banks should simplify the procedure to avail loans so as to suit the farmers. 33. Directions—(Q. Statement : Take a ferry or a boat instead of a bus to reach the Kravi islands faster. BROWN DNROW WSDRO OWPSR ROWVP (B) (C) (D) (E) LROWC PROWV VROWC CROWV VROWP (A) 43. E (A) 42. or further action in regard to the problem. The tribes should be allowed theft of books from the library. II. 34. Statement : To save the environment enforce total ban on illegal mining throughout the country. All the students in the univerand dirty canal after tonnes of sity should be made to pay a sewage made way into it over hefty fine in order to replace the years. Clients sometimes may not present the correct picture of their ability to repay loan amount to the bank. The Government should make provisions for alternative methods of irrigation so that the farmers are not compelled to use ground water. All the tribes living near the Amazon rainforests should be forced to shift to urban areas of the country.32. II. Statement : A university librarian reported increased cases of II. and decide which of the suggested courses of action logically follow(s) for pursuing. (A) A (B) (C) (D) (E) (B) (C) (D) A (E) 44. II. Mining is one of the factors responsible for environmental degradation. Courses of action : I. Statement : A major river in the dents. Checking before lending would give a true picture of the client’s financial status. 37. Courses of action : I. to continue doing so as they Courses of action : cut down trees for their basic I. The government should modify the sewage system and find an alternate way to dump city’s waste. Statement : Water table in most parts of the State has gone down to such a level that its extraction for irrigation purposes is not economical any more. Sufficient amount of bio-fuel can be produced in the country to run all commercial vehicles. Directions—(Q. II. improvement. I. II. Extraction of ground water for any purpose in the State should be banned for some time in order to replenish the water table. you have to assume every thing in the statement to be true. Assumptions : I. the lost books. 39. Courses of action : I. A course of action is a practicable and feasible step or administrative decision to be taken for follow-up. Courses of action : I. policy. Give answers— (A) If only I follows (B) If only II follows (C) If either I or II follows (D) If neither I nor II follows (E) If both I and II follow 36. I. (A) 45. All those who dumped garbage and sewage into the river should be penalized. 35. if the sequence were continued ? Problem Figures Z O E V P V P T D T D S A S A Z B Z B Answer Figures B A Z B A Z B 41. Ferries and boats are available to travel to Kravi islands. II. The islands being in remote location are not easily accessible. Mining which is done legally does not cause any harm to the environment. thus severely affecting the ecological balance in the area. On the basis of the information given in the statement. 36–40) In each question below a statement is given followed by two courses of action numbered I and II. Statement : Banks should always check financial status before lending money to a client. 40. Statement : Indigenous tribes living near Amazon forests are cutting down trees to cover their basic needs. Local moneylenders who charge interest rates lower than the banks should be punished. Statement : An increasing number of farmers prefer to avail loans from local moneylenders instead of the banks owing to complicated paperwork involved in banks. etc. It is possible to switch over from fossil fuel to bio fuels for vehicles. 41–50) In each of the questions given below which one of the following five answer figures on the right should come after the problem figures on the left. II. city was reduced to a polluted II. order to prevent such inci38. Assumptions : I.

46. (A) 47.





(A) 48. (A) 49. (A) 50. (A)

















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22. Retail Investors can now apply for higher amounts in IPOs as per latest directives of SEBI. What is the new limit ? (A) 1 lakh (B) 1·5 lakh (C) 2 lakh (D) 3 lakh 23. As of September-end 2010, India’s tele-density reached— (A) 60·99 (B) 59·63 (C) 58·05 (D) 57·86 24. Which department of the government has completed its 150 years in 2010 ? (A) Income Tax (B) Customs Excise Duty (C) Post and Telegraph (D) Television and Broadcasting 25. The regulator of Micro Finance in India is— (A) Finance Ministry (B) Reserve Bank of India (C) State Bank of India (D) None of these




Solved Paper

(Held on 31-10-2010)

Quantitative Aptitude
(Based on Memory)
Directions—(Q. 1–5) What will come in place of the question-mark (?) in the following questions ? 12 1. of 25% of 1020 = 120 + ? 17 (A) 60 (B) 40 (C) 80 (D) 120 (E) None of these 2. 4321 – 9241 + 5642 + 3220 = ? + 1203 (A) 2649 (B) 2769 (C) 2639 (D) 2749 (E) None of these 3. 5 2 × 26 ÷ 169 – 32 = ? – 42 (A) 65 (B) 57 (C) 55 (D) 67 (E) None of these 4. 9. √⎯⎯⎯ – √⎯⎯⎯⎯ + √⎯⎯ = ? ⎯ 2642 ⎯ 1156 ⎯ 459 (A) 50 (B) 90 (C) 40 (D) 20 (E) 30 901 10. 29 (A) (C) (E) 91 51 × 301 ÷ 599 = ? 140 (B) 120 60 (D) 80 110 16. I. II. 17. I. II. 18. I. II. 19. I. II. 20. I. x 2 – 1200 = 244 y + 122 = 159 14x – 25 = 59 – 7x ⎯ y + 222 ⎯ 36 ⎯ 81 √⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ – √⎯⎯ = √⎯ 144x2 – 16 = 9 12y + ⎯ 4 = √⎯⎯ √ ⎯ 49 x 2 – 9x + 20 = 0 y 2 – 13y + 42 = 0

Directions—(Q. 11–15) What will come in the place of the question mark (?) in the following number series ? 11. 11, 15, 31, 67, 131, (?) (A) 233 (B) 221 (C) 243 (D) 231 (E) None of these 12. 483, 471, 435, 375, 291, (?) (A) 183 (B) 184 (C) 185 (D) 186 (E) None of these 13. 5, 7, 13, 25, 45, (?) (A) 67 (B) 75 (C) 65 (D) 55 (E) None of these 14. 4, 11, 25, 53, 109, (?) (A) 221 (B) 234 (C) 212 (D) 222 (E) None of these 15. 15, 21, 33, 51, 75, (?) (A) 113 (B) 103 (C) 105 (D) 115 (E) None of these Directions—(Q. 16–20) In the following questions two equations numbered I and II are given. You have to solve both the equations and give answer, If : (A) x > y (B) x ≥ y (C) x < y (D) x ≤ y (E) x = y or the relationship can not be established.

⎯ 54 × 5 + 150 + 21 √⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ = (?)2
(A) 21 (C) 441 2 (E) – 441 (B) √⎯ ⎯ 21 (D) 441

⎯x 1 ⎯ √ x 3 √⎯ + = 10 5 ⎯ √x 10 2 II. – = 4 √y ⎯ ⎯ √ y √⎯ ⎯y Directions—(Q. 21–25) Each of the questions below consists of a question and two statements numbered I and II given below it. You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the question. Read both the statements and give answer— (A) If the data in Statement I alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in Statement II alone are not sufficient to answer the question. (B) If the data in Statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in Statement I alone are not sufficient to answer the question. (C) If the data in Statement I alone or in Statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question. (D) If the data in both the Statements I and II are not sufficient to answer the question. (E) If the data in both the Statements I and II together are necessary to answer the question.

5. 7 2 × 492 = 7? × 343 (A) 4 (B) 3 (C) 6 (D) 2 (E) None of these Directions—(Q. 6–10) What approximate value will come in place of the question-mark (?) in the following questions ? (You are not expected to calculate the exact value.) 6. 465·84 + 764·86 – 211·99 = ? (A) 1100 (B) 1080 (C) 1000 (D) 1020 (E) 1060 7. 149·9% of 149·9 + 149·9 = ? (A) 375 (B) 400 (C) 350 (D) 425 (E) 450 8. 3001 × 749 ÷ 1001 – 1399 = ? (A) 650 (B) 700 (C) 950 (D) 850 (E) 1000

21. In how many days will five women complete a work ?


22. What least number should be subtracted from 1740. 24. What is the area of a circle ? I. If the average of first four numbers is 54. so that it will be completely divisible by 88 ? (A) 156 (B) 68 (C) 58 (D) 146 (E) None of these (A) 278 (B) 232 (C) 238 (D) 272 (E) None of these 33. Average speed of the car is four times average speed of a truck which covers 220 km in 11 hours.600 (B) 4. 31–35) Study the following table carefully to answer the questions that follow : Number of Flights (in hundreds) Cancelled in Five Different States During Six Different Years States Years 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Punjab 1·4 1·3 0·5 2·7 1·4 2·7 Haryana 3·2 4·1 1·7 2·6 1·5 1·3 Rajasthan 0·3 0·7 0·2 1·8 2·2 2·1 Assam 1·1 0·8 1·3 2·7 1·3 1·4 West Bengal 1·5 2·1 3·5 4·3 5·5 6·0 31. What will be Pravin's age after 4 years ? I.000 (C) 3. 36–40) Study the following graph carefully and answer the questions that follow : Water level of Four major Rivers (in metres) in Four Different Months Water Level of Four Rivers River . what is the value of the fifth number ? (A) 68 (B) 72 (C) 56 (D) 64 (E) None of these 28. 25. What was the respective ratio between the number of flights cancelled in Rajasthan in the year 2006 and number of flights cancelled in West Bengal in the year 2009 ? (A) 1 : 6 (B) 15 : 2 (C) 1 : 30 (D) 30 : 7 (E) None of these 32. 23. What is the average speed of a car ? I. Sonu's monthly income is 8. five boys and three men together complete the work in eight days. What is the number ? (A) 60 (B) 120 (C) 90 (D) 180 (E) None of these 29.800 (E) None of these 27. The ratio between Pravin's and Shekhar's present age is 2 : 3 respectively. II. The ratio between the three angles of a quadrilateral is 1 : 4 : 5 respectively.000 more than Sonu's monthly income. the value so obtained is 325. Two women. II. Shekhar is six years older than Pravin. 2007 and 2008 together ? (A) 200 (B) 230 (C) 210 (D) 240 (E) None of these 34. At what rate should he have sold the wristwatch to earn a profit of twenty five per cent ? (A) 3.C 230 230 234 211 River . II.400 at a loss of twenty-five per cent.D 212 207 219 196 202 196 184 146 A B C D June A B C D A B C D August July Months A B C D September PD/February/2011/1506 . In which state the number of flights cancelled continuously increased during the years 2004 to 2009 ? (A) Punjab (B) Haryana Directions—(Q. What is Sonu's monthly income ? I. Six women complete the same work in sixteen days. Average speed of the truck is half the average speed of a train whereas the average speed of a jeep is 40 km/hr. Number of flights cancelled in Haryana in the year 2004 was what per cent of the total number of flights cancelled in Punjab over all the years together ? (A) 12 (B) 32 (C) 36 (D) 24 (E) None of these Directions—(Q. What is the difference between the number of flights cancelled in Assam in the year 2007 and the total number of flights cancelled in Rajasthan in the year 2005. The radius of the circle is equal to length of a rectangle. A man sold a wristwatch for 2. 26. What was the average number of flights cancelled in all the states together in the year 2008 ? (C) Rajasthan (D) Assam (E) West Bengal 35. What is the difference between the value of the largest and the smallest angles of the quadrilateral ? (A) 120 ° (B) 90° (C) 110 ° (D) 100 ° (E) None of these 30. II.B 224 210 200 River . The breadth of the rectangle is equal to 22 cm. If a number is added to sevenninth of thirty five per cent of 900.000 more than Sohan's monthly income. Rita's monthly income is 5.I. The average of five numbers is 56. II.A Water level (in metres) 205 River . The value of the fourth angle of the quadrilateral is 60°.500 (D) 3.

Fifty-four per cent of the total students are boys. which river has not crossed the danger level in August but has crossed the danger level in July ? (A) River–A (B) River–B (C) River–C (D) River–D (E) None 38.Sc. Twenty-five per cent of the total number of girls visited Delhi. One-fourth of the total number of boys visited Varanasi. Phil ? (A) Only A (B) Only B (C) Only C (D) Only A and C (E) None 43. to M. Varanasi. Twothird of the remaining number of boys have visited Delhi. 46. then what will be the water level of River–A in July ? (A) 156 m (B) 162 m (C) 164 m (D) 152 m (E) None of these Directions—(Q. What is two-third of the total number of girls who visited Jodhpur and Varanasi together ? (A) 46 (B) 48 (C) 54 (D) 58 (E) None of these 49. 1 block = 2 Percentage) Answers with Hints Percentage of Marks B.Sc. Ajmer. Five-sixth of the remaining girls visited Ajmer. What is the average water level of River–A in all the four months together ? (A) 224·50 m (B) 212·25 m (C) 210·75 m (D) 222·25 m (E) None of these 39. What is the respective ratio between the percentage of marks of Student–B in B. What is the respective ratio between the number of girls who visited Delhi and number of boys who visited Mumbai ? (A) 23 : 24 (B) 23 : 50 (C) 23 : 25 (D) 50 : 23 (E) None of these 47.Sc.A Student . What was the respective ratio between the level of River–C in September and the water level of River–B in June ?` (A) 91 : 101 (B) 94 : 101 (C) 51 : 103 (D) 31 : 101 (E) None of these 37. course one has to consistently score more than 60 per cent of marks in each of the five Classes. To get admission for Ph.C 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 (in this Graph. What is the total number of students who visited Varanasi ? (A) 121 (B) 143 (C) 111 (D) 153 (E) None of these Percentage of Marks of Three Different Students in Five Different Classes Student . 46–50) Study the following information carefully to answer the questions that follow : In a school there are 800 students who have visited five different cities viz.36.Phil .Sc.D. Classes PD/February/2011/1507 M. Onefourth of the total number of girls visited Mumbai. Class-XII Class-X M. Which one of the following sets of students got highest percentage of marks in M. If the water level of River–A in July is decreased by 20 per cent. ? (A) Only A (B) Only B (C) Only C (D) Only A and B (E) None Directions—(Q. but decreased from M.Phil. Which student will be able to get admission for Ph. Total number of students who visited Jodhpur is approximately what per cent of number of girls who visited Ajmer ? (A) 90 (B) 81 (C) 66 (D) 70 (E) 76 50. course ? (A) Only A (B) Only A and B (C) Only C (D) Only B (E) None 44.B Student . Percentage of which student increased from Class–X to M. What is the average number of boys who visited Delhi. 101 boys have visited Ajmer. and Student–C in Class–X ? (A) 7 : 5 (B) 7 : 6 (C) 35 : 26 (D) 35 : 23 (E) None of these 42. Delhi. In which river and in which month respectively the water level is highest ? (A) River–C in August (B) River–D in September (C) River–B in July (D) River–D in August (E) None of these 40.D. Number of girls who visited Jodhpur is half the number of girls who visited Delhi. Varanasi and Jodhpur together ? (A) 82 (B) 77 (C) 86 (D) 76 (E) None of these 48. Performance of which student has consistently decreased from Class–XII to M. Total number of students who visited Mumbai is 192. Mumbai and Jodhpur.Sc. If the danger level of all the four rivers is above 215 m. 41–45) Study the following graph carefully to answer the questions that follow : 41.Sc. and lowest percentage of marks in Class–X respectively ? (A) B and C (B) B and A (C) C and A (D) A and C (E) A and B 45.

4. (A) documentation (B) programming (C) technical (D) user (E) None of these 13. What disk is used to cold boot a PC ? (A) Steup disk (B) System disk (C) Diagnostic disk (D) Program disk (E) None of these 14. (A) Buffer (B) Driver (C) Pager (D) Server (E) None of these The software that allows users to surf the Internet is called a/an— (A) Search engine (B) Internet Service Provider (ISP) (C) Multimedia application (D) Browser (E) None of these Which of the following is a popular programming language for developing multimedia web pages. 10. 9. users often use a— If a new device is attached to a computer. A word in a web page that. its………must be installed before the device can be used.Solved Paper PUNJAB AND SIND BANK PROBATIONARY OFFICERS EXAM. Optical Character RecogniOptical CPU Recognition Optimal Character RenderOther Character Restoration None of these 7. (A) menu bar (B) title bar (C) formula bar (D) tool bar (E) None of these 18. 2010 (Held on 16-5-2010) Computer Knowledge (Based on Memory) 1. (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) Template Workbook Active cell Label None of these 12.. A …… contains buttons and menus that provide quick access to commonly used commands. (A) utility (B) network (C) operating system (D) application program (E) None of these 15. PD/February/2011/1509 . To access a mainframe or supercomputer. 3. Numbers in table columns are usually— (A) right-aligned (B) left-aligned (C) justified (D) centered (E) None of these 17. and web-based applications ? (A) COBOL (B) JAVA (C) BASIC (D) Assembler (E) None of these Compilling creates a(n)— (A) program specification (B) algorithm (C) executable program (D) subroutine (E) None of these A CD-RW disk— (A) has a faster access than an internal disk (B) is a form of optical disk. when clicked. …… contains one or more worksheets. The first page of a Web site is called the …… (A) Homepage (B) Index (C) Java Script (D) Book mark (E) None of these 11. A tuple is a— (A) Column of a table (B) Two dimensional table (C) Row of a table (D) Key of a table (E) None of these The method of file organization in which data records in a file are arranged in a specified order according to a key field is known as the— (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) Direct access method Queuing method Predetermined method Sequential access method None of these 5. The …… tells the computer how to use its components. (A) menu bar (B) toolbar (C) window (D) action bar (E) None of these 16. The …… manual tells you how to use a software program. opens another document— (A) Anchor (B) URL (C) Hyperlink (D) Reference (E) None of these 6. websites. The …… of software ontains lists of commands and options. such as a printer or scanner. so it can only be written once (C) holds less data than a floppy disk (D) can be erased and rewritten (E) None of these 8. OCR stands for — (A) tion (B) (C) ing (D) (E) 2. IN Excel.

An example of a telecommunications device is a— (A) keyboard (B) mouse (C) printer (D) modem (E) None of these 34. ctrl. Memory unit is one part of — (A) Control unit (B) Central Processing Unit (C) Input device (D) Output device (E) None of these 30. A modem— (A) translates analog signals from a computer into digital signals that can travel along conventional telephone lines (B) transaltes digital signals from a computer into analog signals that can travel along conventional telephone lines (C) demodulates digital signals from a computer (D) modulates signals from an analog telephone line (E) None of these 26. Personal computers can be connected together to form a— (A) server (B) supercomputer (C) network (D) enterprise (E) None of these 25. The simultaneous execution of two or more instructions is called— (A) sequential access (B) reduced instruction set computing (C) multiprocessing (D) disk mirroring (E) None of these 37. By default. Which type of file is created by word processing programs ? (A) database file (B) storage file (C) worksheet file (D) document file (E) graphical file 24. (A) Web browser (B) PDA (C) Web Site (D) Link (E) None of these 32. shift and alt are called …… keys. Which device can understand difference between data and programs ? (A) Input device (B) Output device (C) Memory (D) Microprocessor (E) None of these PD/February/2011/1510 . A character of information is represented by a(n)— (A) byte (C) field (B) bit (D) attribute (E) None of these 33. . What characteristic of read-only memory ROM‚ makes it useful ? (A) ROM information can be easily updated (B) ROM provides very large amounts of inexpensive data storage (C) Data in ROM is nonvolatile. ……is a procedure that requires users to enter an identification code and a matching password. your documents print in …… mode. Which deivce is used as the standard pointing deivce in a Graphical User Environment ? (A) Keyboard (B) Mouse (C) Joystick (D) Track ball (E) None of these 36. it remains there even without electrical power (D) ROM chips are easily swapped between different brands of computers (E) None of these 21. (A) Landscape (B) Portrait (C) Page Setup (D) Print View (E) None of these 20. Data (information) is stored in computers as — (A) files (B) directories (C) floppies (D) matter (E) None of these 28. Multiprogramming systems …… (A) Are easier to develop than single programming systems (B) Execute each job faster (C) Execute more jobs in the same time period (D) Use only one large mainframe computer (E) None of these 38. that is. The process of writing out computer instructions is knows as — (A) assembling (B) compiling (C) executing (D) coding (E) None of these 31. the central processing unit contains which of the following as a component ? (A) Memory Regulation Unit (B) Flow Control Unit (C) Arithmetic Logic Unit (D) Instruction Manipulation Unit (E) None of these 29. A Web site address is a unique name that identifies a specific …… on the Web.(A) terminal (B) node (C) desktop (D) handheld (E) None of these 19. (A) Paging (B) Logging on (C) Time-sharing (D) Multitasking (E) None of these 35. Which of the following menu types is also called a drop-down menu ? (A) fly-out (B) cascading (C) pop-up (D) pull-down (E) None of these 27. (A) adjustment (B) function (C) modifier (D) alphanumeric (E) None of these 23. What are . and .bas.htm emaples of ? (A) extensions (B) domains (C) protocols (D) databases (E) None of these 22.doc.

Darpan Continued from Page 1423 2. has its headquarters (Hq. GOI) established in 1958 as a tripartite Society for Workers Education Programmes in the country.) at— (A) Nagpur (B) Bhopal (C) Chennai (D) Guwahati 5. was established in the year— (A) 1965 (B) 1968 (C) 1970 (D) 1985 6. Data that is copied from an application is stored in the— (A) driver (B) Clipboard (C) terminal (D) prompt (E) None of these 42.) at Mumbai. The CBWE (Central Board for Workers Education) under Ministry of Labour and Employment–ML&E. Every component of your computer is either— (A) sofware of CPU/RAM (B) input devices or output devices (C) application software or system software (D) hardware or software (E) None of these 43. ……… is a set of keywords. The Plantations Labour Act.Darpan PD/February/2011/1511 . framed for the welfare of labour and regulates the conditions of work in plantations and it was re-introduced as Plantation Labour (Amendment) Bill in the year…… (on October 21). (A) Compiling (B) Assembling (C) Interpreting (D) Debugging (E) None of these P. (A) A computer program (B) A programming language (C) An assembler (D) Syntax (E) None of these 48. V. Which of the following devices have a limitation that we can only read it but cannot erase or modify it ? (A) Tape Drive (B) Hard Disk (C) Compact Disk (D) Floppy Disk (E) None of these 40. Which of the following is the storage area whit in the computer itself which holds data only temporarily as the computer processes instructions ? (A) The hard disk (B) Main memory (C) The control unit (D) Read-only memory (E) None of these 45. and a system of rules for constructing statements by which humans can communicate the instructions to be executed by a computer. with its Headquarters (Hq. A collection of interrelated records is called a— (A) management information system (B) spread sheet (C) database (D) text file (E) None of these 44. (A) programming language (B) programming structure (C) syntax (D) logic chart (E) None of these 47. The Minimum Wages Act—to safeguard the interests of workers mostly in unorganized sector was enacted in the year— (A) 1947 (B) 1948 (C) 1950 (D) 1955 3. Giri National Labour Institute)–a premier Institute of Research. VVGNLI (V. A ……… contains specific rules and words that express the logical steps of an algorithm. Indian Institute of Workers Education under CBWE (Central Board for Workers Education)– an aplex level training Institute. (A) 2000 (B) 2004 (C) 2008 (D) 2009 4. GOI) was set-up in July— (A) 1974 (B) 1980 (C) 1990 (D) 2000 Answers Answers P. symbols. ……… is the process of finding errors in software code. Training and Education in the area of labour (Under ML&E.39. Which of the following is not an output device ? (A) Plotter (B) Printer (C) Monitor (D) Touch Screen (E) None of these 41. Codes consisting or bars or lines of varying widths or lengths that are computer-readable are known as— (A) a bar code (B) an ASCll code (C) a magnetic tape (D) a light pen (E) None of these 46. The general term ‘peripheral equipment’ is used for— (A) any device that is attached to a computer system (B) large-scale computer systems (C) a program collection (D) other office equipment not associated with a desktop computer (E) None of these 49. it will— (A) explode if exposed to high temperatures (B) lose its contents if current is turned off (C) be used for data storage only (D) be used to both read and write data (E) None of these 50. If a memory chip is volatile. 1951.

Abraham Lincoln who became the President in the year 1860 had campaigned against slavery. After the end of the war. Amnesty International Human Rights are rights which are inherent to all human beings whatever their nationality. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle had clear ideas about rights and had used a term. had a short life span and the Second World War broke out in 1939 and lasted till 1945. 1948. There were human casualties on a large scale and gross abuses of basic human rights during these wars. philosophers like Thomas Paine. has PD/February/2011/1512 . the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic. various amendments were made in the American Constitution by which slavery was banned and civil rights were granted to all the citizens of the country. The American Civil War (1861 to 1865) broke out between the southern states. in his works. slavery became the key issue of concern for reformers such as William Wilberforce of Britain. This organisation however. known as ‘the confederacy’ and the other free states of the Union which had abolished slavery.C. it provides legal. In the Indian context. On the December 10. In the 19th century. without distinction based on the political status of the countries or territories. In the 18th and 19th centuries. The powerful world rule and the extent to which the subjects enjoyed their liberty was heavily dependent on the benevolence of the monarch. language or any other status. religion. A mandate to promote human rights were enshrined in its charter. the oldest treatise on polity written by Kautilya in around 300 B. In the United States. they give voice to the oppressed and hold the oppressors accountable for their crimes. tortured or executed because his opinions or religion are unacceptable to his government. The recognition of the Universal Human Rights is a pre. Finally. from the ancient period till about the middle of 19th century.Essay Contest Human Rights Through Ages —Dr. Hegel developed the philosophy of Human Rights. read and expounded principally in schools and other educational institutions.” —Peter Benenson Founder. Further. social and cultural rights through a rights based approach to development. They garner the support of the public and the international community for the cause of ‘Human Rights for all’.Dr. the decision to establish an international body called ‘the United Nations’ was taken. The rights espoused in the UN Charter were codified in the ‘International Bill of Human Rights’ comprising the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. such as the labour unions. At the end of the First World War. They are one of the fundamental aspects of a civilized society. However the concept of Universal Human Rights in the modern sense came to the fore as an aftermath of the holocaust that took place during the World Wars. campaigning and lobbying on country situations or individual cases.” Independent organisations like the ‘Human Rights Watch’ and the ‘Amnesty International’ have taken up the task of defending and protecting human rights. at the Yalta Conference in 1945. The Asian Centre for Human Rights’ is another organisation dedicated to the promotion and protection of Human Rights and fundamental freedoms in the Asian region. displayed. the United Nations bodies and mechanisms as appropriate and conducts investigation. the concept of ‘might’ enjoyed predominance over the concept of ‘rights’. During the period of reconstruction following the war. political and practical advice according to the needs of human rights defenders and civil society groups and secures the economic.. the United Nations General Assembly adopted and proclaimed the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’. Purvaja “Open your newspaper any day of the week and you will find a report from somewhere in the world of someone being imprisoned. S. It was this organisation which had played a pioneering role in the creation of the International Human Rights. Social and Cultural Rights. ‘to dikaion’ meaning ‘a just claim’. ‘The League of Nations’ was established according to the ‘Treaty of Versailles’ with the primary goal of disarmament. colour. It provides timely information and complaints to the National Human Rights Institutions. while describing the ideal features of a welfare state. The concept of ‘rights’ has existed in history for long. slavery was fully abolished in Britain by 1833. ‘Arthashastra’. Many Human Rights groups and movements cropped up in the 20th century which strove hard to bring about social changes. of property and participation in public affairs. place of residence. John Stuart Mill and G. Following this historic Act. It also increases the capacity of human rights defenders and civil society groups through relevant training on the use of national and international human rights procedures and provides input into international standard-setting processes on human rights. Purvaja requisite for ensuring peace and harmony in the world. By focussing international attention to those places where human rights are violated. research. S. in favour of slavery. Women’s rights movements and the National liberation movements.F. ethnic origin. sex. the Assembly called upon all the member countries to publicize the text of the Declaration and “to cause it to be disseminated.W.

The reported murder of the four members of a family belonging to a ‘dalit’ community in a village called Khairlanji. they can go a long way in the protection of Human Rights of women and children from abuse. its abuse in various forms still go on in our country. The protection of basic human rights is an absolute necessity for the fullest development of an individual. the founding fathers of our Constitution have. are unable to reach out for their rights. there are groups and movements which fight for environmental rights and against the displacement of locals. P. Under the British rule in India. in addition to those for civil liberties and women’s rights. This Act stands as amended in 2006. against child labour and so on. started gaining recognition and interest in the last quarter of the 20th century. the Supreme Court devised an institutional mechanism called ‘Public Interest Litigation’ (PIL) under which any person could move the court on behalf of a class of persons who due to indigence. caste discrimination.Darpan PD/February/2011/1513 . It took roots in the denial of right to life and personal liberty guaranteed by Article 21 during the Emergency in 1975-77. In addition. 2010’ and ‘Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Bill. child abuse. therefore. After the Indian Independence. Civil liberties movements and women’s movements came up. encounter killings. is a case in point. Despite the Constitution of India providing for Right to Equality (Articles 14-18) and other Fundamental Rights. the basic human rights of the natives were many a time suppressed. Custodial violence.not mentioned anything about rights for the subjects of the Kingdom. In addition. movement for forest dwellers’ rights. States Human Rights Commissions in states and Human Rights Courts for better protection of Human Rights and to look into matters connected therewith. in Maharashtra. in India. It places the well-being of the people at the mercy of the crown. 2010’ materialise into laws. illiteracy or incapacity of any kind. domestic violence and project displacement are some of the common forms of Human Rights violation. sexual harassment at work place. the National and the State Human Rights Commissions and the voluntary organisations working for the protection of Human Rights. If the proposed bills called ‘Protection of Women Against Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill. rape. In the recent years. created a Part III dealing exclusively with ‘Fundamental Rights’ for the citizens of the country. The concept of ‘rights’ crept into the Indian society during the nationalist struggle for independence. the various movements by groups of people by way of voluntary organisations offer a ray of hope towards individual empowerment leading to a holistic development of our nation. the Indian Parliament has enacted the ‘Protection of Human Rights’ Act in 1993 which provides for the setting up of a National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). Human Rights Activism. In the late seventies and early eighties.

The Treaty of Salbai was signed in— (A) 1785 (B) 1782 (C) 1790 (D) 1795 7. In 1908 which of the following Acts was passed ? (A) Indian Press Act (B) The Newspapers (Incitement to Offences) Act (C) Indian States (Protection) Act (D) Press (Objectionable Matter) Act 19. the last ruler of Oudh ascended the throne in— (A) 1844 (B) 1845 (C) 1847 (D) 1850 12.Darpan PD/February/2011/1514 . The name of the commission to enquire into Jallianwala Bagh Massacre was— (A) Simon Commission (B) Hunter Commission (C) Raymond Commission (D) Linlithgo Commission 15. Who ended the dual system of government in Bengal as established by Lord Clive ? (A) Warren Hastings (B) Lord Dalhousie (C) Lord Irwin (D) Lord Wellesley 6. Who is also known as Earl of Moira ? (A) Lord Cornwallis (B) Lord Minto (C) Lord Hastings (D) Lord Dalhousie 8. The post of the Collector was created in— (A) 1772 (B) 1860 (C) 1919 (D) 1935 20. Treaty of Aix La Chappell is associated with— (A) First Anglo Mysore War (B) First Carnatic War (C) Second Carnatic War (D) Third Carnatic War 4. Which of the following is called the builder of British Empire ? (A) Lord Hardinge (B) Lord Dalhousie (C) Lord Irwin (D) Lord Hastings 11. The aim of Poona Pact was— (A) Hindu-Muslim Unity (B) Representation to the depressed classes (C) Special right to the native states (D) Review of Dyarchy P. Vellore Mutiny took place in the year of— (A) 1764 (B) 1806 (C) 1857 (D) 1935 14. Who said. When was Nizam-ul-Mulk appointed the Wazir of the Mughal Empire ? (A) 1722 (B) 1723 (C) 1744 (D) 1732 3. Wajid Ali Shah. Under the civil administration of Maharaja Ranjit Singh which of the following departments was related to the accounts of pay and other emoluments in the various governmental services ? (A) Daftar-i-Mawajib (B) Daftar-i-Taujihat (C) Daftar-i-Roznamcha-iIkhrajaj (D) None of the above 10. Who was responsible for blackhole tragedy in modern history of India ? (A) Shiyauddaula (B) Sirajuddaula (C) Ali Vardi Khan (D) None of the above 5. “Every Indian is corrupt” ? (A) Lord Cornwallis (B) Lord Wellesley (C) Lord Hastings (D) Lord Dalhousie 13. By which Act. Which court was considered as the highest criminal court of appeal during East India Company rule ? (A) Circuit Court (B) Provincial Court (C) Sadar Diwani (D) Sadar Nizamat 16. Madhavrao and Narayanrao were the sons of— (A) Peshwa Balajirao (B) Mahadji Scindia (C) Nana Phadanvis (D) Balaji Baji Rao 9. Ali Gauhar was the son of— (A) Alamgir II (B) Shah Alam II (C) Akbar II (D) Bahadur Shah II 2. In which Session did Congress demand Poorna Swaraj ? (A) (B) (C) (D) Lucknow Session 1916 Calcutta Session 1917 Kanpur Session Lahore Session 17. did the Rule of East India Company end in India ? (A) Regulating Act 1773 (B) Pitts’ India Act 1784 (C) Government of India Act 1858 (D) Morley Minto Act 1909 18.CONCENTRIC QUIZ (Modern History of India Special) 1. In Mughal history.

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Uranium Corporation of India is located in— (A) Mumbai (B) Delhi (C) Thiruvananthapuram (D) Jadugoda 18. 2002 to March 31. Somdev Devvarman is a famous player of— (A) Tennis (B) Billiards (C) Snooker (D) None of the above 2. Who won the World Snooker Title in May 2010 ? (A) Pankaj Advani (B) Neil Robertson (C) Cliff Thorburn (D) None of the above 3. The Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment) Act 2008 came into force in— (A) January 2010 (B) January 2009 (C) January 2008 (D) None of the above 11. The Wenlock is the mascot of— (A) The Commonwealth Games 2014 (B) The Olympic Games London 2012 (C) 17th Asian Games (D) None of the above 4. Bist (D) Dayaram Sahni 16. Which of the following organizations has its headquarters in Rome ? (A) World Food Programme (B) Food and Agriculture Organization (C) International Labour Organization (D) European Free Trade Association 10. National Law Day is observed on— (A) 26th January (B) 15th August (C) 26th May (D) 26th November 23. Which of the following cities is famous for Tobacco industry ? (A) Jharia (B) Khetri (C) Firozabad (D) Guntur 15. Who is the author of ‘My Experiments with Truth’ ? (A) Nehru (C) Gandhi (B) Tagore (D) Jinnah PD/February/2011/1517 . National Youth Day is observed on— (A) January 15 (B) January 12 (C) January 20 (D) January 28 14. 2007 to March 31. Dakar is the capital of— (A) Romania (B) Senegal (C) Syprus (D) Mozambique 12. Which movie won the Palm d' Or (Best Feature Films) Award at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival in May 2010 ? (A) Of Gods And Men (B) Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (C) On Tour (D) Our Life 21. ‘Romancing with Life’ is a book written by— (A) Dilip Kumar (B) Debasheesh Dutta (C) Dev Anand (D) Hemamalini 6. B. 2005 (C) April 1. Who was the first scholar to use the term Indus Civilization ? (A) John Marshall (B) Rakhal Das Bannerji (C) R. Arun Bajpayee is the youngest Indian to mount— (A) K 2 Godwin Austin (B) Mount Everest (C) Dhaulagiri (D) Kanchendzunga 5. Padma Bhushan Award is— (A) Gallantry Award (B) Bravery Award (C) Civilian Award (D) Literary Award 22. Phylloquenone is the chemical name of— (A) Vitamin D (B) Vitamin E (C) Vitamin K (D) Vitamin C 7. Which Indian player was named Rookie of the year for 2009 ? (A) Rashid Khan (B) Anirban Lahiri (C) Gaganjeet Bhullar (D) C. Theorphrastus is called the father of— (A) Botany (B) Zoology (C) Anatomy (D) Astrology 13.1. 2007 (B) April 1. S. Roy Trophy is associated with— (A) Cricket (B) Football (C) Chess (D) Hockey 8. 2002 to March 31. C. The provision of Contingency Fund of India has been made under— (A) Article 266 (B) Article 265 (C) Article 267 (D) Article 268 19. The recommendations of 11th Finance Commission covered the period— (A) April 1. 2012 (D) None of the above 17. Muniyappa 9. Who is known as the father of Sanskrit Grammar ? (A) Panini (B) Patanjali (C) Kalidas (D) None of the above 20.

The 18th Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award has been conferred on— (A) Maulana Wahiduddin Khan (B) Shabana Azmi (C) Aruna Roy (D) Swami Agnivesh 32. ICPS stands for— (A) International Community Protection Service (B) Integrated Community Protection Scheme (C) Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) (D) None of the above 37. S. Noman Khan who is one of the recipients of the 2010 Ramon Magsaysay Award is from— (A) Pakistan (B) Maldives (C) India (D) Bangladesh 33. Mwai Kibaki is the President of— (A) Kenya (B) Mozambique (C) South Africa (D) None of the above 29. Purvaja Jalahalli. Narnaul Haryana–123 001 Third Prize Winner Miss Sweta Jalan Guwahati Assam–781 001 41. The last session of the existing Lok Sabha after a new Lok Sabha has been elected is called— (A) Lame-duck Session (B) Remaining Session (C) Essential Session (D) Last Session 26.S. Miss World 2010 is— (A) Alexandria Mills (B) Adriana Vasini (C) Denise Perrier (D) None of the above 28. Who won the French Open Women’s Singles title for 2010 ? (A) Samantha Stosur (B) Francesca Shiavone (C) Serena Williams (D) Venus villiams [For Answer See Page 1504] PD/February/2011/1518 . ‘The Masque of Africa’ is the book written by— (A) V. Dhoni (B) Sachin Tendulkar (C) Virender Sehwag (D) None of the above 27. Korea 30. A. Bangalore Karnataka–560 013 Second Prize Winner Mahesh Kumar C/o Chiman Lal Jugal Kishore. 2010 (B) October 15. Miss Universe 2010 is Jimena Navarrete whose country is— (A) Venezuela (B) Mexico (C) Austria (D) Argentina 34. Which country recently overtook Japan to become No. Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra was appointed recently the National Ambassador of— (A) UNICEF (B) UNO (C) FAO (D) WHO 31. Usain Bolt is a famous— (A) Cricket player (B) Athlete (C) Footballer (D) None of the above 40.24. 2 Economic Power ? (A) China (B) Russia (C) India (D) S.H. 2010 (C) October 8. 2010 (D) October 9. Santosh Trophy is associated with— (A) Football (B) Cricket (C) Chess (D) None of the above 38. S. Which day was observed as World Habitat Day in 2010 ? (A) October 4. LG ICC Cricketer of the Year 2010 is— (A) M. DNA refers to— (A) Di-oxyribo Nucleic Acid (B) Di-oxide Nucleic Acid (C) Different Nucleic Acid (D) None of these 25. 2010 36. Naipaul (B) Raghav Bahl (C) Nelson Mandela (D) Jacob Zuma 35.M. Mahaveer Marg. Saraswati Samman is an award given for excellence in the field of— (A) Sports (B) Social Service (C) Literature (D) Science and Technology 39. Alberto Contador famous— (A) Tennis player (B) Cyclist (C) Chess player (D) Snooker player is world RESULT Essay Competition Topic : Human Rights through the Ages Winners First Prize Winner Dr.

Indian Economy : Salient Indicators India’s GDP 8·9% in Second Quarter 2010-11 The Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) on November 30. placing country’s GDP growth at factor cost with 8·9 per cent. July-September) 2010-11. 2010 released the ‘Economic Outlook 2010-11’. According to World's Economic Outlook Report of IMF. CRISIL 9·7% 9·2% 8·5% 2010 2010-11 2010 2010-11 2010 IMF Forecasts Highest GDP Growth for India Among Various Projections International Monetary Fund (IMF) has projected India's GDP growth rate at 9·7% for the calendar year 2010 and 8·4% for 2011 due to better macro-economic performance and strong industrial growth. This growth rate stood the fastest in the last 11 quarters period. The salient highlights of this review of the economy for the year 2010-11 are— ● Indian economy is expected to expand by 8·5% in 2010-11 and 9·0% in 2011-12 compared to 7·4% growth in 2009-10. 2010-11 (in %) Sector Agriculture and Allied Mining and Querring Construction Electricity. growth in emerging Asia economies stand at about 9·5% with robust demand from China. This revision is on account of the new base year adopted in the circulation of inflation and industrial output. India’s growth rate during this quarter puts the country as the second fastest growing economy after China. with industrial production at a two-year high. RBI PMEAC . GDP Growth Second Quarter 2009-10 Vs. Moreover. Gas and Water Supply Manufacturing Trade. Rising Domestic savings and investment would be main promoters of higher growth rate. Insurance and Other Service Social and Private Services GDP at Factor Cost 2009-10 0·9 10·1 8·4 7·7 8·3 8·2 11·3 14·0 8·7 2010-11 4·4 8·0 9·8 3·4 8·8 12·1 8·3 7·3 8·9 ● ● Gross Domestic Product (Growth in%) GDP GDP at Factor Cost GDP at Market Price 5·64 6·62 10·28 10·56 2009 Q1 6·33 Q2 8·68 Q1 8·88 2010 Q2 8·89 PD/February/2011/1519 . of India . improving farm productivity and closing the large physical infrastructure deficit. India's GDP Growth Projections by Various Agencies IMF CMIE ADB Govt. the leading indicators of the economy show a steady improvement which makes IMF's projection for India's growth stronger. 2010 released the GDP’s data for the Q2 (i. focus is required on containing inflation. IMF in its report highlights that India's macroeconomic performance has been vigorous. To sustain a growth rate of 9·0%. Transport and Communication Finance. which has registered a growth of 9·6 per cent in September quarter of 2010. India and Indonesia benefiting other Asian economies. CSO’s latest released statistics also upped the GDP growth of first quarter (April-June) 2010-11 to 8·88 per cent. Asian Development Bank (ADB) on September 28.e. } 8·5% 8·1% PMEAC’s ‘Economic Outlook 2010-11’ Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council (PMEAC) on July 23.. 2010 had raised its India's GDP forecast from 8·2% to 8·5%.

● ● ● Planning Commission Expects 11th Plan Growth Rate to Exceed 8·1% Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Mr. Inflation rate projected at 6·5% by March 2011 due to expected normal monsoon combined with the base effect. Planning Commission had recommended it to cut down to 8·1 per cent average annual growth from targeted 9% growth which National Development Council in its meeting on July 24. In total included 676 commodities. High buoyancy in direct and indirect tax collections. Base Year for Wholesale Price Index shifts to 2004-05. Agriculture growth rate for 201011 has been pegged at 4·5 per cent on a expectation of a strong rebound in foodgrains output on the back of good monsoon. WPI for August 2010 released recently is based on the new series index. Udai Kumar got the approval for Indian Rupee’s identity. The symbol will standardize the expression for Indian Rupee. Planning Commission projects growth rates for 2010-11 and 2011-12 at 8·5% and 9·0% respectively. 2010 had given its approval. Relative weights in the index for the various components has also changed marginally. The number of commodities included in the new series stands at 676 while it was only 435 in old series with base year 1993-94. Base Year 1970-71 Number of Commodities Food sub group of Primary Articles Primary Articles Fuel and Power Manufactured Products All Commodities Number of Price Quotations Food sub group of Primary Articles Primary Articles Fuel and Power Manufactured Products All Commodities Relative Weight in WPI Food sub group of Primary Articles Primary Articles Fuel and Power Manufactured Products All Commodities 39 80 10 270 360 264 411 30 854 1295 29·799 41·667 8·459 49·874 100 1981-82 44 93 20 334 447 320 519 73 1779 2371 17·386 32·295 10·663 57·042 100 1993-94 54 98 19 318 435 340 455 72 1391 1918 15·402 22·025 14·226 63·749 100 2004-05 55 102 19 555 676 431 579 72 4831 5482 14·337 20·118 14·910 64·972 100 12) could exceed 8·1 per cent. Policy and Promotion. Taking the note of these growth rates. and relative weights in index undergo minor change The base year for the Wholesale Price Index has been moved from 1993-94 to 2004-05.Base Year of Wholesale Price Index Changed to 2004-05 The new series of Wholesale Price Index (WPI) with 2004-05 as its base year has replaced the series with base year 1993-94 with effect from September 14. The space between two horizontal lines signifies the Tricolour with the Ashok Chakra and the bold parallel lines stand for ‘equal to’ sign. The basket of commodities has been increased from 435 to 676 with the number of price quotations substantially stepped up from 1. Country is likely to fall short of the power generation target of 78740 MW by the end March 2012 and it would stay on 62000 MW power generation level. Indian Rupee gets Identity Symbol Indian rupee has been given an identity symbol. against 7·7 per cent recorded during the 10th plan (2002–07). 2008-09 and 2009-10 stood at 9%. the members of primary articles. British Pound. 19 and 555 respectively. number of commodities and price quotations increased.000 entries. 2010. It will not be printed or embossed on currency notes and coins. The approved symbol of Indian rupee is a blend of ‘Ra’ in Devnagari script and ‘R’ in Roman. of Ind. EU’s Euro and Japanese Yen. Among more than 3. The 11th plan original annual growth target was put at 9 per cent at the beginning of the plan but due to the impact of the global economic crisis during 2008-09 and 2009-10.482. The growth rates of the first three years of the plan i. ● Current Account deficit estimated at 2·7% of GDP in 2010-11 and 2·9% of GDP in 2011-12. average annual ● growth for the farm sector has been projected 3% which is lower to the target of 4%.. O/o Economic Adviser. Montek Singh Ahluwalia has expressed an optimistic view that the average economic growth during the 11th plan (2007– ● PD/February/2011/1520 . fuel and power and manufactured products stand at 102. 2007-08. but would be included in the ‘Unicode Standard’ and major scripts of the world. the target of 9% annual growth was found unattainable and it was cut down to 8·1 per cent in plan’s mid-term review.e. Rupee will now have a distinct identity like US dollar. Two parallel lines crossing this ‘Ra’ or ‘R’ denote the symbol ‘is equal to’ one Indian rupee. 6·7% and 7·4% respectively and for 2010-11 it is expected to grow at 8·5%. For the entire 11th five year plan period (2007–12). scrutiny and scanning was made and finally the entry of D.918 to 5. Deptt.

individual tax payers both men and women will now face the same slabs for calculating their income tax. Dividend distribution tax proposed at 15%. the National Council for Applied Economic was conducted in 1985 wherein NIPFP had estimated black money to be between 31584 crore and 36786 crore in 1983-84 which was 16·53 per cent of the Indian economy at that time. Three slabs in short-term capital gain.. The Bill. 2010. a year later than the stated deadline. the centre’s tax revenue has increased by 28·4 per cent to 332444 in crore the first half of 2010-11. With the support of these rise in custom. to Study ‘Black Money’ Estimates After a span of 25 years. The new Direct Tax Code which will replace 50-year old Income Tax Act 1961. Additional concession on education loans. 2009 Custom Duty Excise Duty Service Tax Total Indirect Tax 39907 43237 23191 106335 AprilSept. will be operational from April 2012. 2010. ● Senior citizen tax exemption raised to 2·5 lakh. the total indirect tax revenue climbed to 150686 crore against the level of 106335 crore obtained in the first half of 2009-10. STT to continue. Health Banking RBI to Issue Coins with ‘Commonwealth Theme’ Reserve Bank of India has announced to issue new coins of 5 and 2 to commemorate the Commonwealth Games held in New Delhi in October 2010. The third partner of the indirect tax club i.. Indirect tax revenue during April-September 2010 registered 44·4 per cent rise with 66·8 per cent growth in custom duty and 40·7 per cent growth in excise duty. (C) For Investor ● ● Tax Collections in First Half 2010-11 Show Rise As per the data released by the Finance Ministry. Highlights of the New DTC Bill Placed in the Parliament are : (A) For Individual Tax Payer ● No tax on income upto 2 lakh. excise and service tax.e. the government has decided to estimate the size of black money in the economy with the reasons of its generation. Interest upto 1·5 lakh on home loans retained as tax-free. service tax could register only 14·8 per cent growth in the first half of 2010-11. 2010 63229 60834 26623 150686 % Increase 66·8 40·7 14·8 44·4 Direct Tax Fiscal Highlights DTC Bill Tabled in Parliament The Direct Tax Code Bill (DTC Bill) has been tabled in the Parliament on August 30. 30% Corporate tax. National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP).e. placed before the Parliament proposes some relief to both individuals and companies. Special rebates to disabled. The new DTC Bill proposes to increase the exemption limit from 1·6 lakh at present to 2·0 lakh. ● PD/February/2011/1521 . ● Additional exemption limit for women withdrawn. MAT will be 20% of book-profit. Till now women tax payers seeking additional exemption limit has been withdrawn i. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Insurance and Tuition Fees upto 50000 only. SEZs to continue having profitbased tax concessions. (B) For Companies Corporation Tax Income Tax Wealth Tax Securities Transaction Tax (STT) Total Direct Tax 100572 51897 222 3207 122433 59053 263 2874 21·7 13·7 18·4 –10·3 152625 181758 19·0 Govt. ● Tax exemption investment limit in government approved funds stands at 1 lakh. The Cabinet had approved this DTC Bill on August 26. Tax rebate limited on investments in Life Insurance. For this very task the government has invited proposals from our National institutions namely.Tax Collection of Union Government AprilSeptember 2010 ( Crore) Indirect Tax AprilSept.

It is for the first time when this type of mannual ment of all 82 RRBs to enable them to have capital adequacy ratio of at least seven per cent by March 31. the government now holds a greater control in NABARD's decisions with more say and flexibility to issue the directions to NABARD for meeting its credit objectives set for the priority sector.310 crore. Reverse Repo Rate and CRR. the committee suggested an additional amount of 700 crore for regional rural banks in eastern and northeastern region. The committee carried out an assessment of the capital require- Note : On December 16. Besides. output and financial stability. This disinvestment makes RBI's holding down in National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) to only one per cent while it raised government's holding to 99 per cent. Repo Rate. ● Maintain an interest rate regime consistent with price. Other 42 regional rural banks will not require more capital.RBI has decided to put into circulation coins of 5 and 2 with the theme ‘XIX Commonwealth Games 2010-Delhi. It recommended that the authorised capital be raised from 5 crore to 500 crore. on the other hand. C. ● Cash reserve ratio of scheduled banks retained at 6%. to the government in National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. ● Repo rate increased 25 basis points (bps) under liquidity adjustment facility from to 6·25%. (B) Monetary Measures : ● Bank rate retained at 6%. The new Budget Mannual. 2010 RBI in its review of Monetary Policy made no change in Bank Rate. The committee has recommended to release the capitalisation fund of 2200 crore in two instalments 1338 crore in 2010-11 and 863 crore during 2011-12. Pranab Mukherjee is officially released. ● Reverse repo rate raised under LAF by 25 bps from 5% to 5·25%. It would provide RBI’s Review Monetary and Credit Policy 2010-11 on November 2. The largest chunk of 463 crore had been sanctioned for 146 Integrated Rainwater Management projects in 71 districts of the state. nor a deficit choking fund flows. the total credit under RIDF during 201011 has already touched 1. PD/February/2011/1522 . Soil and Moisture Conservation to an estimated half-million hectares of land. Following this changed holding structure in NABARD. 2010 released the ‘Budget Mannual’ showing the entire budget process of the country. Chakrabarty. and nine per cent from March 31. the Finance Minister Mr.’ Both the newly planned coins of 5 and 2 denomination will be of circular shape and have a diameter of 23 millimeter and 27 millimeter respectively. with neither a surplus diluting monetary transmission. 2012. ● Actively manage liquidity to ensure it remains broadly in balance. Indian Constitution though mentions budget and grants-in-aids etc. Only SLR is reduced from 25% to 24%. While releasing this mannual. RRBs Need ` 2200 crore Recapitalisation by 2011-12 According to the committee headed by RBI Deputy Governor K. 2010 (A) Key Objectives : ● Sustain the anti-inflationary thrust of recent actions and outcomes in the face of persistent inflation risks . NABARD Extends ` 687 crore Credit National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has extended a credit of 687 crore to Uttar Pradesh for various projects under the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF). With the current sanction. RBI Divests Stake in NABARD to Government Reserve Bank of India has divested its 71·5 per cent stake. RBI also announced that the existing 5 and 2 coins will also continue in circulation. but does not provide any detail. aggregating to 1430 crore. gives detailed budget making process. 2011. Pranab Mukherjee extended the hope that a transparency in various issues and making of budget will be established with this Budget Mannual. ‘Budget Mannual’ Released Union Ministry of Finance on September 26. 40 out of the 82 Regional Rural Banks will need 2200 crore capitalisation by 2011-12.

In SEBI’s board meeting held on October 25. Parliament Passes SBI (Amendment) Bill 2010 The both houses of the Parliament has passed a bill for reducing the minimum level of government’s shareholding in equity of State Bank of India from 55 per cent to 51 per cent. 6. 3. 4. ICICI Bank is around 25 times as large as Bank of Rajasthan. This move launched by SEBI for mobile trading will increase the volume of share trading because mobile holders number in the country is very large. SEBI Allows Mobile Trading Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has taken a bold step to give a big boost to equity trading by allowing mobile trading and Smart Order Routing (SOR) between stock exchanges. However. the merger of Bank of Rajasthan (BoR) with ICICI Bank has become effective and operative with effect from August 13. some important decisions taken are— 1. At present RBI has three members on the board of the bank. SEBI also exempted insurance companies from disclosing the disclaimer clause of IRDA in the offer document and appointing a monitoring agency. NABARD's board will not be changed. Even with this reduced equity share. 5. As per the official declaration of the NABARD. Primary Sector Minimum Support Prices for Rabi 2010-11 Announced After the approval of Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs PD/February/2011/1523 . 2010 and the Rajya Sabha on August 12. 2. over 470 million people hold mobile connections while demat account (required for share trading) holders number is only 10·6 million. In branch network BoR with 463 branches is less than a fourth of ICICI Bank. In terms of assets. amalgamation of BoR with ICICI Bank. It i s worthnoting that at present government’s shareholding in SBI’s equity stands at 59·41 per cent. SEBI has not made any changes in the quantum of shares reserved for retail investors in public issues. 2010. SBI can now raise additional capital through equity/ preference/bonus shares. State Bank of India will remain and continue as a bank of public sector. All branches of Bank of Rajasthan has started functioning as branches of ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank-BoR Merger Becomes Effective After the final approval of Reserve Bank of India. Disclosures of risk factors specific to IPOs by insurance companies. Enhances retail application limit to 2 lakh from 1 lakh across all issues. BoR’s branches have got converted into branches of ICICI Bank. According to July 2010 statistics. It is worthnoting that on May 25. known as State Bank of India (Amendment) Bill 2010.Despite the change in the holding structure. QIB status to insurance funds set up by Department of Posts. An internetenabled mobile phone holder has to access a trading terminal from their broker to buy or sell shares or transfer funds from their bank accounts for the purpose. Tightens preferential allotment framework for promoters. 2010. Lok Sabha on August 2. 2010 ICICI Bank and Bank of Rajasthan had decided the merger with the swap ratio of 1 : 4·72 and now after RBI’s sanctioning of the scheme of. Mandatory for companies to preannounce dates for dividend payment and bonus shares. there will not be any change in the mandate of bank after the stake transfer. Bank of Rajasthan had a market capitalisation of 2811 crore on August 12. With the permission of mobile trading the stock market investors will have no need to call up a broker or log on to a computer to buy or sell shares. 2010. Capital Market SEBI Raises Retail Investor’s Investment Limit The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has raised the investment application limit for retail investors to 2 lakh from 1 lakh at present. This bill raises equity base of State Bank from 1000 crore to 5000 crore. 2010 have passed this bill.

For small and medium enterprises of capital investment up to 2 crore. First Advance Estimates of Kharif Crops 2010-11 Released Ministry of Agriculture on September 24. 2010. the year 2010-11. 2010 announced minimum support prices (MSP) for Rabi crops 2010-11. The support prices of pulses such as masoor and gram dals have been raised sharply by 380 and 340 per quintal respectively to encourage farmers to produce more pulses so as to curb import bill on pulses. As per the declaration made by the Textile Ministry. the government on October 20. A new segment of synthetic and technical textiles will also be included in the sphere of TUF scheme. Coal India's IPO was floated in the public after government's decision to sell 10 per cent of its current 100 per cent stake in the company. Coal India Ltd.'s initial public offerings (IPO)—the biggest float in India's corporate history was opened on October 18. With this biggest public issue. Better monsoon this year helped Kharif crops to get increased to 114·63 million tonne in 2010-11. as well as on a sequential basis. a new salient feature will be included in the reintroduced TUF scheme. 15. all the months of 2010-11 experienced declining growth path in IIP.000 crore from Disinvestment Coal India Ltd. For wheat the MSP gets only a marginal hike of 20 a quintal. September 2010 Sector Mining Manufacturing Electricity IIP September September 2009 2010 7·4 8·3 7·5 8·2 5·2 4·5 1·7 4·4 PD/February/2011/1524 . 2010 released the first advance estimates of Kharif crops for Sectoral Growth September 2009 Vs. exchange rate fluctuations and capital equipment on a case-tocase basis. The MSPs of the masoor dal and gram dals have been fixed at 2250 per quintal and 2100 per quintal respectively for the year 2010-11. IPO’s price at 245 per share. 2010. Retail investors and Coal India Employees were given 5 per cent discount. TUF is a financial incentive scheme for the sector extended through banks in which the government subsidises a portion of interest on loans. Secondary Sector Industrial Growth Touches 16-Month Low Level of 4·4 per cent Industrial growth continued its declining path also in September 2010 and registered the 16-month low level of 4·4 per cent. a major Rabi crop was 1100 per quintal in 2009-10 season which has gone upto 1120 per quintal for 2010-11. The issue was listed on November 4. provided the proposal entailed in the National Fibre Policy is approved by the government. This estimated production level may be called satisfactory as it was only 103·84 million tonne in 2009-10. While launching the IPO. Coal India’s IPO Raised Rs. On October 25. government declared Coal India Ltd.(CCEA). Except July 2010. Union Government had fixed the price band at 225-245 per share. TUF Scheme for Textile Sector to be Reintroduced Technology Upgration Fund (TUF) scheme for the textile sector is being reintroduced by the Textiles Ministry. The issue got closed on October 21. 2010. 2010 with a supportive premium given to shareholders. The MSP of wheat. the proposed special incentive package entails capital subsidy instead of 10 per cent capital subsidy and five per cent interest rate subsidy. All the three sectoral components of Index of Industrial Production (IIP) show declined growth rates in September 2010 on an annual. has offered 631·6 million shares at a face value of 10 each in the offer. September’s IIP growth in 2010 Minimum Support Prices for Rabi Crops of 2010-11 Season to be Marketed in 2011–12 ( per quintal) Commodity MSP fixed for 2009-10 season 1100 750 1760 1870 1830 1680 MSP approved for 2010-11 season 1120 780 2100 2250 1850 1800 Change in MSP over 2009-10 season 20 30 340 380 20 120 IIP Growth Path in 2010-11 April May June July August September 17·6% 11·5% 7·1% 13·8% 5·6% 4·4% Wheat Barley Gram Masur (Lentil) Rapeseed /Mustard Safflower is the lowest expansion since May 2009. government has raised 15000 crore. the upper ceiling of the early offered range.

IOC's Paradip Refinery to Start Output by March 2012 Paradip refinery of the Indian Oil Corporation has been scheduled to start commercial production by March 2012 and become fully operational November 2012. 2010 with a high premium. Maharashtra 9·62 per cent and Madhya Pradesh has 8·81 per cent equity in the Nagpur-based company. launched in 1999. NCEAR’s survey measures business confidence on the basis of four indicators which are—overall economic conditions six months from now. This is the first decline in the business confidence level in the last one year. The Ministry has extended the hope to arrange investment of around $ 14 billion in this ninth round of auctioning. This poor response of the 8th round of NELP could manage only $ 1·1 billion. This index came down to 155·9 points in first quarter of 2010-11 from the peak Coal-fired Power Plant to be Set up in U. A proposal of building a petrochemical plant near Paradip refinery is also under consideration of Indian Oil Corporation and the decision will be taken within the next three-four months. Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) proposes to set up coalfired power plants of 2000 MW capacity each in Orissa and Uttar Pradesh and also to set up a 50 MW wind power plant at Trinelveli district of Tamil Nadu. Following the disinvestment. Energy Government Launches NELP-IX Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry on October 15.P. REC is the second company after Power Finance Corporation (PFC) to be accorded the IFC status by RBI. The estimated cost of the project is around 320 billion. The government was holding 81·57 per cent. and Orissa by NLC Neyveli Lignite Corporation of the public sector has proposed to set up 4000 MW Coal-based power PD/February/2011/1525 . Reliance-Power’s Sasan Ultra-Mega Power Project (UMPP) has got the clearance from US EXIM Bank’s board which earlier had reservations over environmental considerations for issuing the loans. allowing it to process and refine very low quality of crude or crude with high sulphur content. eight are deep water. the exploration coverage of India's sedimentary basin has expanded from 11 per cent to 58 per cent after the introduction of NELP regime and the discoveries made under NELP have resulted in in-place hydrocarbon reserve accretion of a staggering 642 million tonne of oil and oil equivalent gas. Coal-fired power plants would cost NLC as much as 20000 crore while the proposed wind mill will cost 313 crore as per estimates of the ‘mini ratna’ public sector company Neyveli Lignite Corporation. This Paradip refinery unit has a refining capacity of 15 million tonne per year. seven in shallow water and 19 blocks on shore. Indian oil sources also announced that everything produced in Paradip refinery will be for domestic consumption and none of its product will be exported. MOIL’s IPO was listed in the share market on November 15. Government had launched the 8th round of NELP in the midst of the global economic slowdown which resulted a very poor response. With this financier status. while Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh governments would divest 5 per cent each. Sasan UMP Project gets $ 917 million Loan from US EXIM Bank The American EXIM Bank has cleared $ 917 million (about 4300 crore) to Anil Ambani’s power project in Madhya Pradesh. Green activists had raised objections on this ultra-mega power project due to CO2 emissions from this coal-fired Business Confidence Index Declines Marginally The Survey made by NCEAR (National Council of Applied Economic Research) shows that the Business Confidence Index (BCI) in India during April-June 2010 quarter registered a marginal decline. financial-position of firms six months from now. The firm has also become authorised to issue infrastructure bonds and raise funds up to $ 500 million through external commercial borrowing in a year. The refinery will have a complexity factor of 13. As per the declaration of the Ministry. REC can now take an additional lending exposure of up to 5 per cent of its owned funds in case of a single borrower and up to 10 per cent of its owned funds for a group of borrowers. plants in the states of Orissa and Uttar Pradesh and also a wind mill in Tamil Nadu. (MOIL). Government has so far awarded 235 blocks under various rounds of NELP. investment climate and level of capacity utilisation. Power Finance Corporation (PFC) was accorded the status in July. the Government of India shares in the company has come down to 71·57 per cent. in which the Centre has devolved 10 per cent equity. 34 blocks have been put up for the auction under NELP–IX of the blocks offered in the ninth round. 2010 has launched the ninth round of bidding under the New Exploration and Licensing Policy (NELP). The total permissible exposure will now be 40 per cent of owned funds in case of a group of borrowers. level of 156·8 points attained in the last quarter of 2009-10.REC gets Infra Financier Status Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) has been granted the status of an infrastructure finance company (IFC) by the Reserve Bank of India. 34 out of 70 blocks could not attract any response and half the awarded blocks went to government-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC). As per the declaration made by the government in the Parliament. 20 per cent Disinvestment in MOIL The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has made disinvestment in state-run Manganese Ore India Ltd. The first stage of the plant will be commissioned in January 2012.

thermal coal. Astaranga port would be full-fledged all weather multi-user port on BOOST (build. This is the largest funding support by US EXIM Bank to any Indian company. With this new project. To connect small towns to destinations abroad or other locations. kerosene and LPG cylinder and also announced to deregulate petrol prices and made it market driven as suggested by Kirit Parikh Panel. the two airports in Mumbai will create a capacity to handle 50 million passengers annually by 2015. This agreement was signed almost two years after concluding a memorandum of understanding with the Hyderabad-based developer Navayuga on December 12. Earlier Vayudoot brand was under consideration to sell-off. (HPPL) and the Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) for developing non-LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) cargo handling facilities at Hazira in Southern part of Gujarat. Operations stopped in1997. is planning to revive ‘Vayudoot’ to increase its connectivity with smaller cities in the country. Though Oil Marketing Companies have decided to review petrol prices on a monthly basis. 12 months and the first phase will be completed by 2014-15. Though the initial capacity of the port will be 25 mtpa. Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation have not yet decided the mechanism for arriving at the market prices. This wind power plant will be one of the largest such plants in the country. the Board of the US EXIM Bank at last became satisfied and cleared the sanction of $ 917 million loan to Anil Ambani Group.500 crore in Puri district. it would reach 70 mtpa to export cargo like iron ore. a wholly owned subsidiary of MPSEZ. Future Highlights ● Launched as subsidiary of erstwhile Indian Airlines in January 1981 to increase connectivity with smaller cities. According to the official sources. coking coal. ● ● ● Deregulated Petrol Prices to be Reviewed Every Month On June 25. After government’s decision to deregulate petrol prices the government controlled oil marketing companies (OMCs) have decided to review the petrol price on a monthly basis. Adani to Develop Terminal at Hazira Mundra Port and Special Economic Zone (MPSEZ) Ltd. (AHPPL). operate. the operator of Air India.. But after seeking assurance from Reliance-Power to develop green-energy projects near the plant site. The airport project will be awarded in 10 to PD/February/2011/1526 . with an additional 10 million coming from the new airport. it stands at hardly 18–22 per cent in Madhya Pradesh. Ltd. diesel. NHDC to set-up 100 MW Wind Power Plant Narmada Hydroelectric Development Corporation (NHDC). The agreement was signed by Adani Hazira Port Pvt.project. ● Orissa to Develop a Port in Puri Orissa government has signed a concession agreement with Navayuga Engineering Company to set up a port with a capacity of 25 mtpa. The port would be operational within four years of land acquisition. at an investment of 6. is going to set up a wind power plant of the capacity 100 MW in Kukru village of Betul district. Transport Revival of ‘Vayudoot’ Proposed National Aviation Company of India Ltd. break-bulk. coke and break bulk cargo. but the three OMCs—Indian Oil Corporation. Besides. To operate four types of planes depending on demand. Vayudoot Past Vs. The plan is to extend the capacity of Navi Mumbai airport to 40 million by 2030 with an investment of 9970 crore. The airport which had in-principle approval from the Cabinet since July 2007. Vayudoot was originally launched as a subsidiary of Indian Airlines in January 1981 to serve the north-east region of the country. a part of the Ahmedabad based Adani Group has signed an agreement with Hazira Port Private Ltd. share and transfer) basis. NHDC has come forward with an optimistic project plan and appointed a consultant C-wet to prepare a detailed report in this regard and conduct a survey. Merged with IA due to financial crisis. The new Navi Mumbai airport will be developed on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) basis. own. 2008. 2010 Union Government raised prices of petroleum products —petrol. will make Mumbai the first city in the country to have two operational international airports. To lease aircrafts also planned. As per the agreement. On capacity utilisation front in wind power. the port will be developed at Astarang in Puri district. container and liquid cargo terminals at Hazira Port. Adani group will develop bulk. . Now revival has been planned to bring traffic from smaller towns to the bigger cities. ● ● Navi Mumbai Airport Project Cleared The Environment Ministry has given its clearance to a new international airport in Navi Mumbai. which is a joint venture between National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC) and Madhya Pradesh government. NHDC shows its confidence in ensuring optimum utilisation of wind power with the plant to be installed in Betul. the three OMCs will maintain a uniform price for three months and thereafter decide prices based on competition. with the private sector partner getting 74 per cent equity while Airport Authority of India and the Maharashtra government through City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) holding 13 per cent each. The investment envisaged for the project is about 2000 crore. According to the company sources. On the basis of this project. OMCs also did not specify the date on which the next price review will take place. As per the declaration made from oil marketing companies side.

Sampark Kranti. was not given spectrum for the Punjab circle due to pending regulatory clearances of its acquisition of mobile firm Spice. PD/February/2011/1527 .” Telecommunication Fixed-line Phones to have 10-digit Number The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has given its recommendation to use 10-digit number for fixed-line phones by December 2011.e. while imports rose by 26·1 per cent to $ 27·14 billion. This supportive growth in exports made trade deficit shrunk to $ 9·12 billion.. the operator of that berth or his associates would not be allowed to bid for the next berth for handing the same cargo in the same port. TRAI in its recommendations on ‘Efficient Utilisation of Numbering Resources in India’ has suggested to complete all preparation by September 30. Passenger trains numbers will get number 5 as additional digit in existing number while MEMU and DEMU trains will get additional number 6 and 7 respectively. Garib Rath and other Mail / Express / Superfast trains number will be added number 1 at the beginning of the existing number. trains numbers are of 4-digit. At present. Each Operator has been given 5 M Hz of 3G Spectrum for each Licensed Circle Major Ports to Follow ‘Monopoly Policy’ In its notification. The notification directs all the 13 major ports to follow the monopoly policy while awarding projects to private parties through PublicPrivate-Partnership (PPP). imports clocked 30 per cent growth during the April-September period 2010 reaching $ 166·5 billion. 3G Spectrum Allocated Sticking to its September 1 deadline. one additional digit will be pre-fixed in the existing 4-digit numbers of the trains under this newly proposed train number system. Mobile phones already possess 10-digit number. Rajdhani. Idea Cellular. Duranto.Railway to Convert Trains Number in 5-digit Indian Railways has initiated a plan to convert the numbers of trains into 5-digit. April-September 2010 exports went up by 27·6 per cent to $ 103·3 billion. the shipping Ministry has asked all major ports of the country to follow its ‘monopoly policy’ to check the private sector monopoly in ports with immediate effect. As a result. During the first six months of 2010-11 i. Currently fixed-line phones bear 8-digit number which will now be changed to 10-digit number. The monopoly policy approved by the Law Ministry States that “if there is only one private terminal operator in a port for a specific cargo. As per the official report of Indian Railways. which was a 23-month high. Jan Shatabdi. India’s exports increased by 23 per cent which took India’s exports to the highest level in the nearly two years. however. 2010 allocated 3G spectrum to seven winning bidders after amendments to the license terms and conditions. 2011. trade deficit shrunk to $ 9·12 billion compared to $ 13·06 billion in August. Shatabdi. 2011 and to have actual migration to the integrated scheme by December 31. According to the data released by Commerce Ministry exports grew by 23·2 per cent in September to $ 18·02. the government on September 1. Foreign Trade Trade Deficit Scenario in April-September 2010 In September 2010. On the other hand.

has been extended till June 30. 2010 released the annual review of Foreign Trade Policy World Bank’s Aid to India Shows 320% Increase in 2009-10 During the financial year 2009-10 (ended in June 2010). aid to India traditionally averaged about $ 2·5-3 billion a year. India was the largest recipient of World Bank’s financial assistance with a total of released asistance of $ 4·7 billion. 2011. government has extended hope of achieving export target of $ 200 billion for the year 2010 despite the recent appreciation of the Indian rupee. This aid includes $ 2·6 billion (around Rs. 42780 crore. India's Trade April-September 2010 (in billion $) Export Import Trade Deficit 103·3 166·5 – 63·2 + 27·6% + 30·3% — which provides a big financial boost to safeguard the interest of exporters in the phase of weak economic revival at the world level. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and IDA are two lending arms of World Bank which during 2009-10 provided $ 9·3 billion financial assistance to India. Soft loan window of World Bank i.856 crore) interest-free credits by the International Development Association (IDA) and $ 6·7 billion (around Rs.. The increased lending to India is the result of an influence of G-20 during its November 2008 summit and huge demands of India’s fast-growing economy that needs sustained growth of 8–10 per cent to lift some 400 million people out of poverty. Annual EXIM policy review extended the ambit of various export promotion schemes. International Development Association (IDA) provided $ 2·6 billion concessionary aid to India during 2009-10 which is about 15 per cent of the total assistance granted by IDA during the entire year to the world’s poorest countries.820 crore) longterm. both EXIM Policy Review Provides Big Package to Exporters Commerce and Industry Ministry on August 23. among developing countries and the world’s poorest nations. PD/February/2011/1528 .Taking the note of this encouraging scenario of country’s exports. the review announces steps to reduce the transaction cost by at least 40 per cent. 10. According to the World Bank. Foreign Debt India Becomes Largest Recipient of World Bank Loans in 2009-10 World Bank group of institutions have extended maximum financial aid in the form of loans to India.e. $ 3·4 billion from IBRD and $ 1·3 billion from IDA. low-interest loans from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). Mexico has been the second highest recipient after India with financial aid amounting to $ 6·4 billion. Besides providing financial package to export sector. 30. World Bank provided aid of $ 9·3 billion to India which shows an increase of over 320 per cent compared to last year. IBRD provided $ 6·7 billion to India during 2009-10 which is 15·1 per cent of its total lending. In rupee terms this aid stands at Rs. Duty Entitlement Passbook Scheme which is a duty refund tool. The statistics of 2008-09 also show that even in terms of actual disbursement.

Besides. though investment financed through loans registered a growth during 2009-10. PD/February/2011/1529 . 2010 released its 20th Human Development Report with the theme “The Real Wealth of Nations : Pathways to Human Development”. The funding. ADB has also approved a loan package of $ 120 million to Assam as assistance in combating flooding and erosion in the state.ADB to Lend $ 132 million to Bihar and $ 120 million to Assam Manila-based Asian Development Bank has approved $ 132 million (over 585 crore) loan for upgrading electricity system in Bihar and also a loan package of $ 120 million (about 532 crore) to Assam towards efforts to combat flooding and erosion. Despite the smart recovery in the domestic economy and a rebound in exports. China. India to have Top FDI Inflows Till 2012 : UNCTAD According to the estimates of United Nations study.e. China. SIDBI will use the funding for onlending to microfinance institutions (MFIs). India’s Overseas Investments Decline by 36·7% India’s overseas investments during 2009-10 faced a sharp decline as a result of global financial crisis. April to August 2010. The overseas investment in June 2010 was at $ 1·38 billion while that in July 2010 was $ 1·78 billion. particularly in underserved areas of India. North America and European Union are also attract high interest in FDI inflows. Besides. followed by India.. national investment promotion agencies and location experts. The funds have been assigned to be used to install new transmission lines and to renovate and modernise transmission and distribution facilities to improve the quality and reliability of the state's electricity supply network. Global investment flows slumped in 2008-09 as a result of the economic downturn but are expected to recover slowly in 2011 and 2012.e. overseas investment in the form of equity inflows have been declining since June 2010. aimed at the largest global non-financial transnational companies (TNCs). developing nations of Asia have been placed as the mostsought place for FDI (with six nations in the top 15). among other things. All the four BRIC nations for the first time have been ranked in the top-five places for FDI inflows. the United States and the Russian Federation. Brazil. International Reports Human Development Report 2010 UNDP on November 4. The survey. China has been ranked as the best-favourite destination for FDI in the world. The second project has been formulated by the Indian government to support statistical reforms in the country. India and Brazil are the top three nations which will attract these investments US economy has been placed at fourth rank in attracting FDI inflows in the study made by UNCTAD (i. published by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has extended the view that India. explores coming trends in global FDI over the next 3 years in the wake of the financial crisis. the FDI inflows declined by 35 per cent to $ 8·88 billion. India’s actual outward foreign direct investment (FDI) in joint ventures and subsidiaries slipped down by 36·7% and reached the level $ 10·3 billion from the level $ 16·3 billion achieved during 200809. The objective of the project is to scale up access to sustainable microfinance services to the financially excluded. the assisted projects are ‘Scaling up Sustainable and Responsible Microfinance Project’ ($ 300 million loan) and ‘India Statistical Strengthening Project’ ($ 107 million loan). The conclusions of UNCTAD’S study were based on a survey of the FDI climate among 236 leading multinational corporations and 116 investment promotion agencies.e. During 2009-10. ADB has also decided to extend a technical assistance grant of $ 3 lakh to improve project and financial management in Bihar state Electricity Board. will be the second-best favourite destination in the world for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) over the next two years. The FDI in the first two months of financial year 2010-11 i. after China. The world’s biggest companies will enter with their investments over the next two and three years in major emerging economies. $ 132 million loan to Bihar is being granted to Power System Improvement Project to upgrade electricity system in the state. will enable MFIs to leverage private commercial funds to on-lend larger amounts to the under-served. World Bank to Lend $ 407 million for Microfinance and Statistical Projects The World Bank has signed two agreements with India for a total loan of $ 407 million to scale up microfinance services in unbanked areas and improve capacity to generate quality statistics. April and May 2010 stood at $ 2·17 billion and $ 2·21 billion respectively. investments financed through equity registered a sharp decline. As per the data released in RBI’s study. compared to $ 13·76 billion in the same period of 2009. The FDI inflow in August 2009 was $ 3·26 billion. Foreign Direct Investment India World’s Second-Best Favourite FDI Destination : UNCTAD World Investment Prospect Surveys 2010-12. As per official sources. in the first five months of the financial year 2010-11 i. FDI Inflows Register 60% Decline Data released by industry department show that the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in August 2010 took a dip of about 60 per cent to $ 1·33 billion which is the lowest in the financial year 2010-11.. Cummulatively. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development). The project will be implemented by the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) over a period of 5 years..

values between 5·0 and 9·9 reflect moderate hunger. India’s life expectancy at birth increased by nearly nine years.337 1. India has been classified in the medium human development category. placed at 119th rank out of 169 countries. The index ranks countries on a 100-point scale. Between 1980 and 2010.According to this Human Development Report 2010. PD/February/2011/1530 . Australia. India scores HDI value above average amongst South Asian countries. the prevalence of underweight in children. with 0 being the best score (no hunger) and 100 being the worst. Burundi. Niger. values between 20·0 and 29·9 are alarming.587 2. and Ranking of India and Neighbouring Nations in Global Hunger Index-2010 Nation China Sri Lanka Pakistan Nepal India Bangladesh Ranking 9 39 52 56 67 68 The Global Gender Gap 2010 Ranking Top 5 Nations Nation Iceland Norway Finland Sweden New Zealand BRIC Nations Brazil Russia India China Pakistan Sri Lanka Bangladesh Nepal 85 45 112 61 South Asia Nations 132 16 82 115 Rank 1 2 3 4 5 India’s HDI Indicators for 2010 Relative to Selected Countries and Region HDI value India Bangladesh Pakistan South Asia 0·519 0·469 0·490 0·516 HDI rank 119 129 125 – Life expectancy at birth 64·4 66·9 67·2 65·1 Expected years of schooling 10·3 8·1 6·8 10·0 GNI per capita (PPP US $) 3. India is one of the fastest progressing country in the world in terms of its exponential economic growth. The GHI incorporates three interlinked hunger-related indicators—the proportion of undernourished in the population. 0·44 in 2000 and 0·482 in 2005. UNDP. and values of 30·0 or higher are extremely alarming. New Zealand. The GHI aims to raise awareness of regional and country differences in hunger and trigger action to eliminate hunger. mean years of schooling grew by close to three years and expected years of schooling increased by four years. Congo and Zimbabwe. from 0·32 in 1980. India’s gross national income per capita grew by 254 per cent during that time frame. the mortality rate of children. Values less than 5·0 reflect low hunger.678 3. Sri Lanka and Thailand. The top five countries in 2010 Human Development Index (HDI) rankings of 169 countries are Norway. Global Gender Gap Report Puts India on Poor Front The World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report assesses gender equality in 134 countries looking at economic participation and 67th Rank to India in Global Hunger Index The Global Hunger Index (GHI) is a tool adapted and further developed by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) to comprehensively measure and track global hunger. India's HDI value in 2010 report has been 0·519. values between 10·0 and 19·9 indicate a serious problem. compared to the average of 0·592 for medium development countries. The United States and Ireland while the bottom five are Mozambique. but below average among other medium human development countries such as China. It has increased steadily through the years.417 Source : Human Development Report 2010.

This fund will be functional within six months with the initial capital of 1. 89th and 92nd 6th Indra Nooyi PepsiCo CEO 89th Shikha 92nd Chanda Sharma Kochhar Axis Bank ICICI Bank CEO MD&CEO ● ranks respectively in this prestigious list. CEO PepsiCo. India has slipped down its rank to 51st from 49 in 2009 due to poor health. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) and Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). public sector undertakings (PSUs) and the private sector in the 10 physical infrastructure sectors during the Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012-17). This fund will be operated by National Innovation Council. In the next phase. Switzerland. the Pension. Govt.000 crore to promote new talents and their innovation tendencies. ● PF interest raised to 9·5 per cent —The Provident Fund trustees has decided to give a higher interest rate of 9·5 per cent for 2010-11 on the retirement savings of employees in the public and private sector. The government’s share in this fund will be 20 per cent and the remaining 80 per cent will be mobilised from the private sector. This fund is a new attempt made by the government to provide incentives to new talents in the direction of strengthening ‘Inclusive and New India’. the India’s score is well below the country’s record 137 index score reading obtained in the second half of 2006. unchanged from the June survey. Axis Bank and Chanda Kochhar MD and CEO. This fund will finance the promotional activities of new innovations. United States and Germany are the top five nations in the ranking list of global business competitiveness in the year 2010. Singapore. Indra Nooyi. the state governments. headed by Sam Pitroda. education and infrastructure facilities. The 16-member committee will have representatives from banks. Sweden. The first lady of United States Michelle Obama has topped this list of 100 most powerful women in the world. Three Indian Ladies in Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women List—In the Forbes' list of 100 most powerful women in the world. three Indian women have been included. India in Nielsen Company survey stays at the top of the list with the highest score of 129. Govt. India Slips Down in Global Business Competitiveness Index According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2010 released by the World Economic Forum. The committee will assess the investment to be made by the Centre. health and survival. As per the declaration of the government. the remaining BPL families will be covered.000 crore—The government has decided to constitute an ‘innovation fund’ of 5. political empowerment. This India’s reading has been the highest for any country ● since the Nielsen Consumer Confidence Index was launched in 2005. The newly launched scheme would entail an additional annual burden of 1116 crore to the exchequer of the state in the first phase. Every identified BPL family under this scheme will be paid 300 per month. this scheme will include only those BPL families which had not been covered under other pro-poor schemes. The report examines both men and women's access to resources and opportunities rather than the levels of resources and opportunities available in a country. ICICI Bank have been placed at 6th. In the first phase. forms 16-member panel on infra-finance—The government has constituted a Highlevel Committee on Financing of Infrastructure under former Reserve Bank of India Deputy Governor Rakesh Mohan. among others. Every female head of the identified BPL family will get this aid in her bank account every after six months. Despite being at top. Fifty per cent of the identified beneficiaries of the scheme will belong to SC/ST families.opportunity. Shikha Sharma CEO. Government constituted this committee recognising the need for a policy to enable flow of resources for infrastructure. educational attainment. the newly introduced scheme will cover 15 million people belonging to 3·1 million BPL families. Fund Regulatory and Development Authority. India Tops Global Confidence Index List—Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Index in September 2010 falls due to consumer’s opinion that the economies of the United States and Europe are still in recession. PD/February/2011/1531 . ● Global Competitiveness Report 2010 Rank Report Card Top 5 Switzerland Sweden Singapore US Germany Rank 2009 1 4 3 2 7 Rank 2010 1 2 3 4 5 Change 0 2 0 –2 2 BRIC Brazil Russia India China 56 63 49 29 58 63 51 27 –2 0 –2 2 Other Asian Economies Sri Lanka Indonesia Vietnam 79 54 75 62 44 59 17 10 16 ● Miscellaneous ● Uttar Pradesh launches BPL families financial aid scheme— Uttar Pradesh government has launched ‘Uttar Pradesh Mukhyamantri Mahamaya Garib Arthik Madad Yojana’ for providing financial aid to 3·1 million families living below the poverty line. to create Innovation Fund with 5.000 crore.

job vacancies and wages are affected by regulation and economic policy. Among the major offences mentioned in the draft Bill is the attempt to impersonate another person by providing any false demographic information or biometric information. Diamond of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (From left) Peter A. Date Mortensen and Christopher Pissarides have expanded the theory and have applied it to the labour market. As per the declaration of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences which selects the Nobel laureates. Dale Mortensen and Christopher Pissarides ● The steep 1-percentage point increase has taken the interest on PF deposits of 4.000 organised sector workers to a five-year high from the current level of 8·5 per cent. major penalties and other related matters. The decision to raise the interest rate was taken by the central board of trustees. The Bill proposes to constitute a statutory authority to be called the National Identification Authority of India and lays down the powers and functions of the authority. This offence shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years and with a fine of up to 10. The models developed by these Nobel laureates help in understanding the ways in which unemployment. particularly in the labour market. Dale Mortensen of North Western University and Christopher Pissarides from London School of Economics are the three economists who shared the 2010 Nobel Prize in Economics for research into the difficulties of matching supply and demand. NABARD raises refinance interest rate—National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has made longterm finance to farmers through cooperative and regional rural banks costlier by raising interest rate on refinance by 50 basis points (bps). With this revision. the interest rate on refinance is now pegged at 8·25 per cent on year for cooperative banks and 8·75 per cent for commercial banks. 2010. the frame-work for issuing unique identification (Aadhaar) numbers. NABARD has taken this step of raising interest on PD/February/2011/1532 . through an Act of Parliament. Diamond has analysed the foundations of search markets. Peter A.000 or both. Diamond. ● Nobel Laureates Economics-2010 refinance in the wake of monetary policy review undertaken by Reserve Bank of India. The draft National Identification Authority of India Bill. unauthorised access to data. proposes a slew of penalties on offences ranging from impersonation. Cabinet Approves Identification Authority Bill—The Union Cabinet has granted its approval to the proposed National Identification Authority of India Bill 2010 which envisages to make the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) a statutory body. RBI in its review of monetary policy had raised key short-term lending and borrowing rates by 25 basis points as part of steps to rein in inflation. The Bill will now be introduced in Parliament for approval.Nobel Economics 2010 Awarded to Three Economists for Labour Market Theory Peter A. among other things.71. the highest policy-making body of the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). giving wrong biometrics. with the highest punishment being 1 crore fine and three years of imprisonment.

luxurious characteristics of the rooms. The office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner would conduct the field operations of the caste enumeration. getting 5th. service. The programme has initially been launched as a pilot project by Minister of State for Petroleum Jitin Prasada in his Dhaurehra parliamentary constituency in Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh. ● Pilot Project of Subsidised LPG for BPL Families Launched— The government has launched an ambitious programme for providing subsidised LPG connections to below poverty line families. ● Oberoi Vanyavilas gets best hotel award—In Travel + Leisure’s 2010 World’s Best Awards reader’s poll. Anil Ambani who was at third rank in 2009 with $ 17·5 billion slipped down to sixth rank in 2010 with declined capital worth $ 13·3 billion. As per the declaration of the government. These top hotels of oberoi group have also been ranked at top four places in Asia’s list of hotels.Darpan 1 2 4 5 7 3 10 6 8 9 1 Mukesh Ambani 2 Lakshmi Mittal 3 Azim Premji 32 30 27·0 26·1 14·9 17·6 4 Shashi & Ravi Ruia 13·6 15·0 5 Savitri Jindal 6 Anil Ambani 7 Gautam Adani 8 Kushal Pal Singh 9 Sunil Mittal 10 Kumar Birla 12 14·4 17·5 13·3 6·4 10·7 13·5 8·2 7·8 9·2 8·6 8·5 Source : PTI/Forbes ● Cabinet Approves Caste Census Process—The government has finally decided to add caste in the ongoing census process of 2011. P. 2. the hotel Oberoi Vanyavilas Ranthambore has been ranked as the best hotel in the world. Laxmi Mittal and Azim Premji stood at second and third in the list with net worths of $ 26·1 billion and $ 17·6 billion respectively. : Forbes—Forbes India declares Mukesh Ambani as the richest Indian with a net worth of $ 27 billion ( 1. the collective net worth of the 100 wealthiest Indians stood at $ 300 billion while it was at $ 276 billion in 2009. The government has earmarked a budget of 490 crore for the programme. The union cabinet has approved the recommendations of the Group of Ministers that the caste of all people as reported by them will be incorporated in the census 2011.20. The main features taken into consideration while deciding ranking of hotels are location of the hotel. food quality etc. The four richest Indians have combined worth of $ 86 billion which is much short of $ 180 billion level. the scheme of providing subsidised LPG connections will be rolled out on a country-wide basis by the oil PSUs from October 2. India’s Richest Club Net Worth ( $ BN) 2009 2010 Rank Rank Name 2009 2010 manner by September after the Population Enumeration phase (to be conducted in FebruaryMarch) of the Census 2011 is over. three other hotels of Oberoi group—Oberoi Amarvilas and Oberoi Rajvilas. Besides. The central government has decided to constitute an expert group to classify the caste/tribe returns after the enumeration is completed. achieved by them in 2007. As per Forbes estimates. In the opening function. both in Jaipur and Udaivilas in Udaipur—have been placed in top 15 hotels in the world.● Mukesh Ambani Richest Indian. a suitable legal regime for collection of data on castes would be formulated in consultation with the law ministry. LPG connections to the heads of 100 selected BPL families were distributed at highly subsidised rates.980 crore).607 BPL families will be benefitted from the programme. It is also decided that the caste enumeration would be conducted as a separate exercise from June 2011 and completed in a phased PD/February/2011/1533 . 13th and 15th ranks respectively in the list of best hotels. 2010 on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.86. restaurants. According to the cabinet decision.

including the former Chairman of Union Carbide. Dr. India plans to pledge additional support of $ 4 billion to the fund. They were later released on bail. killing over 15 thousand people and incapacitating even more. He shared his ideas on conducting a broader dialogue with all parties involved. and step up exchange of high level defence officials. it had destroyed a stationary target and proved its capability of destroying a target at a close range of 500 metres in three seconds. This time it hit a moving target. This would increase India’s total commitment to the IMF to $ 14 billion. then Chairman of the US-based Union Carbide group.000 crore market for energy- PD/February/2011/1534 . 2010. space and energy security besides strengthening the existing bonds through restoration of transport links. 74. Interestingly. decided to extend their ties to areas such as defence. Singh expressed India’s constructive support for efforts of building peace and reconciliation among all communities in Sri Lanka. Manmohan Singh and the visiting South African President Jacob Zuma on June 4. They signed three pacts and agreed to support each other’s candidature in the elections to the rotating non-permanent seats of the United Nations Security Council. which was specially developed by Hyderabad-based Delta Technologies in collaboration with the DRDL. Manmohan Singh and Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa. On June 13. Mr. which will be headed by the two Foreign Ministers. 2010 agreed to step up their bilateral cooperation in different fields. Nag Missile Test-fired Successfully Anti-tank missile Nag on June 13.000 houses and restoration of the railway infrastructure. Keshub Mahindra. The verdict came 26 years after the tragedy on the night of December 2-3. 2010 also resolved to step up bilateral cooperation as well as greater coordination at multilateral fora. 2010 Nag smashed the moving target in 3·2 seconds after its launch. On June 6. in the much-vexed Bhopal gas tragedy case and awarded them a maximum of two years’ imprisonment. The three agreements which the two countries signed pertain to air services agriculture and contacts between their think tanks. They also agreed on the need to expand the Brazil-Russia-India-China (BRIC) group to include South Africa. as it had already pledged $ 10 billion in March this year for countries facing a financial crisis ‘‘India is likely to contribute up to $ 10 billion to the IMF’’. setting up additional consulates and initiating cooperation in the power sector.India. They agreed on an extensive aid package for northern and eastern Sri Lanka that include a project to construct 50. 1984. India and Sri Lanka decided to revive the joint commission mechanism. who was accused in the tragedy was absconding throughout the trial period. This was reflected in the seven pacts signed by the two sides and a joint declaration issued after talks between Prime Minister Dr. a senior finance ministry official disclosed. Rajapaksa expressed his resolve to continue implementing the relevant provisions of the Constitution to strengthen national amity and reconciliation through empowerment. an official Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) said. National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE) The government has approved the establishment of a National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency with the aim of building a Rs. India limited (UCIL) a multinational concern of the USA and killed thousands of people. 2010 announced its verdict and convicted all the eight accused. During this visit India and Sri Lanka on June 9. In the joint declaration. 2010 was successfully test-fired from the Army’s Firing Range at Shamirpet near Hyderabad. Dozens of tonnes of poisonous methylisocyanate gas leaked out from the Union Carbide. The missile punched a hole as it pierced through the target. a port and an airport. Surprisingly. The test-firing was conducted by missile scientists from the Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL) after the Army requested for a close range launch on a moving target. South Africa Sign Three Pacts India and South Africa in summit meet in New Delhi in the first week of June. India Plans to Raise Commitment to IMF As multilateral lending agency International Monetary Fund (IMF) may need more funds to help countries facing a sovereign debt crisis in Europe. which ravaged the city. the court did not mention his name in its verdict. During this meeting Prime Minister Dr. Verdict on Bhopal Gas Leak Case comes after 26-years At long last a court in Bhopal on June 7. Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Visit to India : Seven Pacts Signed Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa visited India in the second week of June 2010. Warren Anderson. Both sides decided to continue discussing resumption of full-fledged defence ties which suffered a setback after the blacklisting of a major South African firm from defence tenders.

denoting the strength of the economy. The Union Cabinet has approved the symbol—an amalgam of the Devnagiri ’Ra’ and the Roman capital ‘R’ without the stem and two parallel lines running at the top. 2010 signed a civil nuclear cooperation agreement during Indian PM Dr. The Mission is one of the eight missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change. and joined the select club of countries whose currencies have a unique identity. PD/February/2011/1535 .m. Both countries resolved to ratify the accord and complete all remaining steps. Indian Rupee gets Distinct Symbol India has finally got a symbol for the Rupee. CEO. Manmohan’s stay in Toronto in connection with G-20 nations’ summit. Prithvi. in the presence of S.efficient products. Matome. The symbol was designed by D. off the Orissa Coast on June 18. small and medium enterprises in both the countries. Manmohan Singh and his Canadian Indian Prime counterpart Stephen Harper witness Minister said that the signing of a civil nuclear agreement both nations agreed in Toronto. The initiative will help save nearly 23 million tonnes of oil equivalent (MTOE) and reduce greenhouse gases emissions of 98·55 million tonnes. With a length of nine metres and one metre diameter. T. Sinha Director. director (finance) NSIC. H. nuclear capable. Kumar. Director General of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency has also been designated the mission director. With a maximum range of 350 km. New Delhi. K. The MoU was signed by Dr. The missile mounted on a mobile launcher was blasted off from the launch complex-3 in the ITR at around 6·50 a. A Milestone : Prithvi-II lifting off from a mobile launcher at the Integrated Test Range at Chandipur. Prithvi-II achieves high degree of accuracy. Prithvi now has two variants– Air Force version (Prithvi-II) and Naval (Dhanush) both having a range of 350 km. Prithvi-II is capable of carrying a payload of 500 kg. 2010 successfully test-fired its indigenously developed. Vice-President of Botswana in the third week of June 2010. Ajay Mathur. Botswana. I wanted the symbol for the Rupee to represent the Indian flag. The symbol is British pound. P. the first ballistic missile developed under the country’s prestigious Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP) is propelled by liquid propulsion twin engine. Udaya Kumar. LEA. T. 2010. which will provide fiscal tools in aid of projects that work to reduce demand of energy. Prithvi-II uses an advanced inertial guidance system with manoeuvring trajectory. an agreement of mutual cooperation was signed between National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) and Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) of Botswana for the development of micro. It is estimated that this will unlock new and innovative forms of market for energy efficiency estimated at Rs. NSIC and Dr. Prithvi-II Test-fired Successfully India on June 18. 74. ballistic missile Prithvi-II from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur about 18 km from Balasore of the Orissa coast. Ottawa Sign Nuclear Agreement India and Canada on June 28. Canada said that the agreement will provide access for Canada’s nuclear industry to India’s expanding nuclear Breaking the Barrier : Prime Minister market. A comprehensive economic cooperation agreement was also being envisaged and the initial work on it was on. which has already been inducted into the armed forces. NSIC and Ravindra Nath. With the gaining of the symbol. was a users trial by the Army’s specialised group ‘‘Strategic Force Command (SFC)’’.000 crore. European euro and a mix between Japanese yen that currently have their Devnagiri ‘Ra’ and Roman ‘R’ own symbols. and meets all mission objectives. CMD. the mission also includes an Energy Efficiency Financial Platform (EEFP). to try and take the bilateral trade up to $ 15 billion in the next five years. ‘‘My design is based on the Tricolour with two lines at the top and white space in between. Besides the efficiency trading mechanism. the sources said. NSIC Signs MoU with Botswana During the visit of Lieutenant General Mompati Sebogodi Merafhe. K.’’ said Kumar. who is with the Department of Design at IIT Guwahati. up from the current level of around $ 5 billion. the Indian rupee joins the club of US dollar. The test-firing of the surface-to-surface missile. This is the next step before Canada starts selling nuclear reactors to India. The parallel lines symbolise the ‘equal to’ sign.

S. positioned at Wheeler Island. built by 35 students of seven engineering colleges in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. they have yet to identify a private shipyard to take up the responsibility. about 70 km across sea from Chandipur. 1. 2010 successfully placed into orbit remote-sensing satellite Cartosat-2B and four other satellites. The debri that fell into the sea was tracked by radars located along the coast. Government Scheme Clears Funds for UID The Union Government on July 22. at a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh approved the commencement of phase II of the scheme at an estimated cost of Rs. With the most successful launch of the PSLV-C15 India really has touched milestone in satellite launching. At a recent Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) meeting. Narasimhan launched two water jet–propelled fast attack craft. 2010. The estimated outlay of Rs. PD/February/2011/1536 .2 TISAT-1. the urgency in having the second production line was discussed with all seriousness and the nod for the project. the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has approved the National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer. after getting signals from radars tracked it a few minutes later and intercepted at a definite altitude in mid-air over the sea and destroyed it. Cardiovascular Diseases and stroke (NPCDCD) for implementation of its various components during the remaining period of 11th Five Year Plan. the official stated. as the leading cause of death in India. 3. 260 crore.230. accounting for over 42% of all deaths. 50.m. the Defence Ministry has given its nod to a Rs.000 crore project for building six vessels.000 crore Submarine Project With the Indian Navy trying to expedite a new production line for the next generation diesel-electric submarines.023·01 crore. It was a flawless mission all the way. This was the 16th consecutive successful flight of the PSLV. built by the University of Applied Science Sciences of Switzerland. chaired by Defence Minister A. Interceptor Missile Successfully Test-fired India on July 26. 2010 successfully test-fired its indigenously developed interceptor missile capable of destroying any incoming hostile ballistic missile. INS Cankarso and INS Kondul at the naval jetty in Vasakhapatnam on June 29. lifted off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre Sriharikota into clear skies. L. limited to a ceiling of 10% in order to impart operational flexibility in the implementation of these programmes. have a displacement of 325 tons each and reach a speed of 35 knots. Antony. PSLV-C15 Launched Successfully In a text book launch. and tiny Studsat. INS Cankarso and INS Kondul.05 a. The committee also approved the interusability of funds from one component to another within the same group of diseases. from the launch complex 3 of the ITR at Chandipur on-sea. The first phase of the BMD shield would be operational in 2012 and the second phase in 2016.1AISSAT-I of the Space Flight laboratory of the University of Toronto. 6. as a senior Defence ministry official stated in New Delhi on July 11.000 km an hour.Navy Launches Two Water Jet-Propelled Cabinet Clears National Health Plan Fast Attack Craft With Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) emerging Andhra Pradesh Governor E. 116-kg Alsat-2A of Algeria. K. 2010. named after two islands off Goa and in Nicobar. from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Wheeler Island off Orissa coast. the heat shield protecting the satellites falling off on schedule and the satellites flying out of the fourth stage at a velocity of 27. 15 km from Balasore. The on-board computers worked perfectly. The target missile. The five satellites launched were : ISRO's 694-kg Cartosat-2B. Approval for Rs. the defence sources said. 2010 sanctioned funds for the second phase of the ambitious scheme to allocate Unique Identity Numbers to 10 crore of the country’s population. The most successful launch by any standards demonstrated its reliability and robustness. the 44. Canada. Diabetes. ISRO's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C15) on July 12. Among the shipyards that could be considered to build the submarines are the MDL. PSLV puts 5 satellites in orbit in one go. Visakhapatnam-based Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL) acquired by the Defence Ministry last year from the Shipping Ministry and few private shipyards including the L&T. said a senior defence scientist. code named Project 751 was given. The whole exercise is to achieve the desired result with precision. with the ignition and separation of the rocket's four stages taking place on time. 50. Transfer of funds from one component to the other beyond this limit would be decided by the Empowered Programme Committee (EPC) and Mission Steering Group (MSG). one-kg nano satellite NLS 6. the trial was carried out from two launch sites of the ITR off the Orissa coast. The supersonic interceptor missile Advanced Air Defence (AAD).5 kg nano satellite named NLS6. But as things behave. The Cabinet Committee on Unique Identification Authority of India.4m tall four stage PSLV-C15 costing Rs. Aimed at developing a full-fledged multilayer Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) system. a modified surface-to-surface ‘Prithvi’ was first lifted off from a mobile launcher at 10. Approval has also been given to empower the MSG and EPC set up under the National Rural Health Mission to approve financial norms in respect of all components of the programme. At the end of a 51-hour countdown.90 crore will be shared by the centre and the states at the ratio of 80 : 20.

State and Public sector employees. The Phase I proposal was approved in November 2009. Government Nod for National Innovation Council Prime Minister Dr.The estimated cost includes project components for issue of 10 crore unique identity UID numbers by March 2011 and recurring establishment costs for the entire project phase of five years ending March 2014. making it the competent authority with all ministries and institutions coming under its ambit. former President of the National Association of Software and Services Companies Kiran Karnik. Manmohan Singh on August 16. promotion of exchanges regarding modernisation of techniques. 3. 2010 he was in Bangalore where he witnessed the signing of an agreement at Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. Centre to Expand PDS Cover As per press reports. and by Christopher John Awde. The UIDAI has since established its headquarters at New Delhi. The deal is valued at Rs. 1. The Bill. Rolls Royce. The tripartite agreement involving HAL. Group Managing Director. 500 crore ($ 107 million). On July 28. The agreement seeks to further enhance the cooperation between the two countries in counter terrorism as an important element of their bilateral strategic partnership. The UIDAI proposes to collect the demographic and biometric attributes of residents through various agencies of the Central and State governments and others. It aims at empowering the CVC significantly. Soundara Rajan. who in normal course of their activities interact with the residents. British PM Cameron’s Visit to India : Deal Signed Between India and Britain British Prime Minister David Cameron came to India on an official visit in the last week of July 2010. It means that no other government directive will be able to supersede the CVC’s order in this regard. The initiative provides for strengthening capabilities to effectively combat terrorism. The agreements were signed by Joint Secretary (M1) of finance Ministry. raw material and equipment necessary for airframe production and also the support package for the Indian Air Force and the Navy. The 17-member panel includes Planning Commission members K. Commercial Director. The Public Interest Disclosure and Protection to Persons Making the Disclosure Bill. Scaling up sustainable and responsible microfinance project for a loan of nearly Rs. 2010 signed a Counter Terrorism Initiative that includes steps to check financing of terror activities. which has provisions to prevent victimisation or disciplinary action against whistle blowers. Under the terms of the contract. said the official sources. America Sign Anti-Terror Initiative India and the United States on July 23. development of investigative skills and promotion of cooperation in forensic science laboratories. joint probe in cases of bomb blasts besides cooperation in cyber and border security. India. the central government plans to expand the coverage of Below Poverty Line (BPL) population under the Public Distribution System (PDS) to 8·07 crore from the current 6·52 crore based on the acceptance India. 2010 cleared a Bill to protect whistle blowers by providing for severe punishment to those exposing the identity of people disclosing information about cases of corruption. Director.400 crore ($ 30 million) and India statistical strengthening projects for a loan of about Rs. former DirectorGeneral of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) R. BAE systems will supply products and services to enable HAL build the Hawk under license from it for Rs. A. 2010 provides the Central Vigilance Commission with powers of a civil court to hand down harsh penalty to people revealing the identity of whistle blowers. Kasturirangan and Arun Maira. He led what Downing Street described as the largest UK trade delegation in living memory. BAE Systems will provide specialist engineering services. The UID project would provide unique numbers to all residents of India. The first set of 10 crore UID numbers are expected to be issued between August 2010 and March 2011. 1460 crore. The Council will have a mandate to evolve an Indian model of innovation that focuses on inclusive growth and creating an appropriate eco-system conducive to fostering inclusive innovation. and Biocon Chairman Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. the CVC’s directions in protecting the identity of the person as well as the person himself will have an over-riding effect. 2010 gave the green signal for the setting up of a National Innovation Council headed by Sam Pitroda. to give shape to the government’s decision to observe the current decade (2010–2020) as the Decade of Innovation. The Bill is expected to encourage disclosure of information in public interest and people who expose corruption in government. BAE Systems and Rolls Royce was signed on behalf of HAL by P. World Bank Sign Agreement Indian government and the World Bank have signed the Legal Agreements for two World Bank-assisted PD/February/2011/1537 . Adviser to the Prime Minister on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovations. Thereafter. Union Cabinet Clears Bill to Protect Whistle Blowers The Union Cabinet on August 9. World Bank's country director (India) and Deputy Managing Director on behalf of Small Industries Development Bank of India.640 crore. Corporate Planning and Marketing Guy Griffith. Executive Director of Tata Sons R. Mashelkar. sharing of best practices on issues of mutual interest. Gopalakrishnan. Since the whistleblower who provides inside information will be at grave risk.'s facility for the supply of 57 Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer aircraft to the Indian Air Force and the Navy. projects. 600 million UID numbers are expected to be issued within the next three years. will cover Central. BAE Systems.

5. 20. Besides salary. the NDA’s Atal Behari Vajpayee. the union Law Ministry proposes to establish five regional centres for advanced legal studies and research. the intention is to establish an autonomous networked centre for Advanced Legal Studies and Research in each region with the objective of carrying out cutting-edge research on various aspects of law. Government to Set-up Five Centres for Advanced Legal Studies As per reports emanating from a section of the press. became Prime Minister on May 22. This has been doubled raising it to Rs. only after Jawaharlal Nehru (17) and Indira Gandhi (16).000 a month and an office expense allowance of Rs. one rupee more than what a cabinet secretary gets. PD/February/2011/1538 . 45. 80. The parliamentary panel on the issue had recommended Rs.000 each. There will be no revision of quota per family or of the central issue prices. These perks have been doubled to bring them to Rs. However.000 crore annually on BPL account alone. Constituency allowance and office expense Allowance were further raised later by Rs. The Akula class nuclear attack submarine on a ten year lease to the Indian Navy left its base on the pacific coast. 2. Singh addressed the nation and hoisted the tricolour from the iconic monument for the third highest number of times. With his seventh Independence Day speech from Red Fort on August 15. 20.001 recommended by a parliamentary panel.000 for each day the parliament is in session or for taking part in House committee meeting. Singh.000 for Members of Parliament. Reports said that the Nerpa submarine which has been rechristened INS Chakra leased at a cost of $ 650 million is accompanied by Russian instructors.of the Tendulkar Committee’s poverty projections for 2011 by the Planning Commission. It will promote academic excellence. The centres will maintain adequate linkages and institutionalised interaction with law schools and universities and serve as a think-tank for advising the government in national and international fora. A member is also entitled to constituency allowance of Rs. by providing refresher courses on various aspects of higher legal education and research. but a comprehensive head count.000 each bringing them to Rs. Enhances Salary and Perks MPs Enhanced The Union Cabinet on August 20. 2 a kg or rice at Rs.000 each. He not only surpassed his predecessor. 54. who will help Indian naval crew to bring it to the new port of deployment. 5·65 a kg. It is also aimed at Union Cabinet Clears Educational Tribunals Bill The Union Cabinet on August 23. The move to provide more foodgrains to the poor has assumed urgency after the Supreme Court’s observation that the government distribute grains to the poor rather than allow them to be damaged for lack of adequate storage. finger printing and iris mapping of all citizens over the age of 15 for the National Population Register (NPR). This data will be tabulated and analysed later to arrive at figures of different castes in the country. 1. who made the speech six times. an MP gets an allowance of Rs. 2010 approved a 300 per cent salary hike from Rs. it will be after 19 years that the Indian Navy would have a nuclear submarine in its fleet. a Group of Ministers (GoM). 2010 reached a milestone—to the envy of many within and outside his party. It may recalled here that the recommendation for establishing the centres for Advanced Legal Studies and Research was made on the basis of the National Knowledge Commission. The parliamentary affairs ministry suggested raising it to Rs. an economist-turned-bureaucrat-turned-ministerpolitician. Most significantly it will not be just an OBC head count. including continuing legal education for faculty. The biometric phase will cover photographing. 2010. 40.000 a month. ending months of fractious debate across the political spectrum. providing common facilities for legal research for a group of law schools or for national law universities in general.001.000 to Rs. The 2·5 crore poorest of the poor (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) beneficiaries will also continue to get their entitlement of wheat at Rs. 4·15 a kg or rice at Rs. This will entail an out go of about 34 million tonnes of foodgrains annually and a food subsidy of about Rs. Russia Hands over Akula N-Submarine to India Russia has handed over a new nuclear powered submarine armed with torpedoes and cruise missiles to India and the vessel set sail in the second week of August for home with a mixed crew of Indian and Russian sailors. an official of the shipyard said that the submarine was still under-going final sea trials. The poor would continue to get 35 kg of wheat at the subsidised rate of Rs. 80. bound for India. he also positioned himself third. gave its seal of approval to the enumeration of caste in Census 2011 on August 11. with the thrust on new and emerging areas.000. 3 a kg. India’s indigenous nuclear submarine INS Arihant is presently undergoing sea test trials. 2010 Manmohan Became Third Longest Running PM Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on August 15. 50. 16. On August 15. 2010 cleared a Bill seeking to create a mechanism to provide for speedy resolution of matters relating to disputes in institutions of higher education. 2010.000 as against the Rs. with every citizen being asked which caste he or she belonged to. GoM Approval for Caste-Based Census As per press reports. According to the draft of the Centres for Advanced Legal Studies and Research Bill. 50. 2004. The GoM has recommended that the caste head count should be done at the biometric stage. With the expected induction of Nerpa by year end. headed by Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee. prepared by the Law Ministry.

The Bill proposes to set up a two-tier structure of Educational Tribunals at the national and state level to adjudicate on the entire gamut of disputes that arise in the higher education system.. Beyond this cap. U. The Sita Rasoi and Ram Chabootara have been given to Nirmohi Akhara. as earlier drafts proposed. Section 46—Government says victims can file tort claims but wording is ambiguous. He said that nuclear power was an option which the country could not ignore. Allahabad High Court Verdict on Ayodhya Sixty years after the matter first went into litigation Lucknow Bench of the High Court of Allahabad ruled in a majority judgement on September 30. The Waqf Board said that it would file an appeal in the Supreme Court against the judgement. Khan and Justice Sudhir Agrawal.100 crore.The Educational Tribunals Bill 2010 was given a goahead at a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The government walked more than half way to come to an agreement with the opposition by deleting the contentions ‘intent’ word from the clause dealing with suppliers’ liability. The present Bill filled that gap. the cap was Rs.500 crore proposed in the measure. 10. ● ● ● ● ● ● PD/February/2011/1539 . Lok Sabha Adopts Nuclear Liability Bill The Lok Sabha on August 25. 2. The Bench also directed maintenance of status quo for three months and invited suggestions from all the parties for demarcation of the land. The Ramjanambhumi Nyas President also said that the Hindu side was expected to approach the Supreme Court. There is no need for the supplier to agree to this in a contract or to have intentionally caused an accident. In earlier draft. While introducing the Bill. One-third part should be given to the Nirmohi Akhara. employees and students of institutions in the respective states. He divulged that 28 nuclear power generating countries had the liability law but India and Pakistan were the only two countries which did not have such a law. The entire bench was of the view that the central dome of the disputed structure goes to Hindu Mahasabha. The Court ruled that the place where the idol of Ram was kept was the birthplace of the deity and the idols should not be removed. the Bill was adopted by the House by a voice vote after it rejected a CPM amendment that sought to fix the liability cap on suppliers in case of accidents at Rs. Section 17(b)—If accident “has resulted as a consequence of an act of supplier or his employee. The Bench dismissed the suit filed by the Sunni Waqf Board for possession of the Babri Masjid because it was time-barred. The Bill also provides for imprisonment upto three years or fine of Rs. i. and One-third part should be given to the party for Ram Lalla. government assumes responsibility for damages. 10 lakh or both to those who fail to comply with the orders of the State or The National Educational Tribunals. unless a higher amount is notified by the government. 1. can sue the supplier for recovery of any damages paid. How the Bill Finally Adds up ● Section 6(2)—Nuclear operators to be strictly liable for damages resulting from an accident but their liability is capped at Rs. Rejecting the charge that the Bill was aimed at advancing US interests. Section 18(b)—Increases the time period for filing claims in case of personal injury from 10 to 20 years.” the operator shall have a right of recourse. Minister of State in the PMO described the Bill as the next step after the 2008 nuclear deal with the United States. The Tribunals will act as forums for fast-track and speedy resolution of issues in institutions in order to build an effective system of checks and balances in higher education. where the idols were installed in 1949 and again in 1992 after the demolition of the Babri Masjid. 500 crore.000 crore instead of the Rs. Bill also specifies ‘maximum liability’ of 300 million SDRs. Prithviraj Chavan. Section 1(3A)—Only government or ‘government company’ can benefit from the liability cap but the latter is defined as one where the Central government has ‘not less than 51 per cent’ ownership. 2010 passed the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill. approximately Rs. that paved the way for India’s participation in international civil nuclear commerce.500 crore. This paves the way for the liability burden of any private sector partner to be subsidised by the taxpayer. Section 16(1)—Claims for damages must be disposed of within three months of application. The State Tribunals will adjudicate on matters concerning teachers. Section 35—Victims can approach the High Court and the Supreme Court for review of compensation amounts. Manmohan Singh said that the accusation was far from truth and history will be the best judge. 2010 to open up the country’s $ 150 billion nuclear power market after the government agreed to tougher accident liability provisions and higher compensation. The National Tribunal will deal with all matters concerning regulatory bodies in higher education and also matters involving institutes located in two or more states. The Bench which delivered the much-awaited verdict consisted of Justice Dharam Vir Sharma. 2010 that the disputed land in Ayodhya where the Babri Masjid stood until it was demolished in 1992 shall be divided into three parts : ● ● ● One-third part of the disputed land should be given to the Sunni Waqf Board.e. Prime Minister Dr. which includes supply of equipment or material with patent or latent defects or sub-standard services. Justice S. 1. Ending weeks of wrangling.

Antony.” He added that every point of view was accommodated and the time table drawn up. after five months of wrangling among political parties. Kim Tae-young on a wide range of regional and global security issues. after considering the recommendations of the Group of Ministers (GoM) headed by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee gave its approval. The MoU aims at identifying futuristic defence technology areas of mutual interest and pursuing R&D. the raw data collected would be analysed by an expert group. South Korea Sign Two MoU on Defence India’s Defence Minister A. while rival China has managed to improve its standing to 29th. During her visit to Laos. The global competitiveness rankings are viewed as a barometer of the business climate in 139 countries and PD/February/2011/1540 . 2010 in Cambodia for the second leg of the 10-day tour. both countries signed two landmark Memoranda of Understanding. exchange of visits by military personnel and experts. 2010. Heralding a new chapter in the history of defence cooperation and boost the strategic partnerships. military education and training. who became the first Indian Defence Minister to visit South Korea. Centre Clears Caste in Census 2011 On September 9. He stated that India thought itself as an integral part of east Asia and as a founder of the East Asia Summit. hydro power and irrigation schemes in particular. The President stated that she was informed that the National Assembly of Laos had already approved the IndianASEAN Agreement on Trade in Goods and only some administrative formalities remained prior to its notification. ranks 2nd. India. exchange of visits of ships and aircraft. The Indian President and her husband Devi Singh Shekhawat were accorded a warm welcome at Cambodian capital Phnom Penh when they arrived on September 13. which both fell by two positions from their ranking last year. Sources in the government point out that this would be a focussed exercise. followed by Singapore and the United States. first on whether to undertake caste enumeration or not. As per the WEF’s Global Competitiveness Report 2010-11. He stated that since the enumerators would be working on a verified data base—The NPR—the integrity of the data would be maintained. The other MoU between the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and South Korea’s Defence Acquisition and Procurement Agency (DAPA) will be operational under the overarching umbrella of India-South Korea Defence Agreement. Mr. The first MoU envisages exchange of defence related experience and information. Antony visited South Korea in the first week of September. paving the way for caste being included in Census 2011. but they would have the option to say ‘No Caste’. and then on the method for doing it. Antony held talk with his South Korean counterpart. and conduct of military exercises.President Pratibha Patil’s Visit to Laos and Cambodia Indian President was on a ten days state visit to South East Asian countries Democratic Republic of Laos and Cambodia from September 9 to 18. The office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner would be legally empowered to collect caste data by putting in place a suitable legal regime and would hand over the details of the castes/tribes to the proposed expert group. set up by the Centre. released in the second week of September 2010. The MoUs were signed at the end of delegation level talks led by Mr. It also envisages cooperation in humanitarian assistance and international peace keeping activities. The visit was part of India’s policy of strengthening bilateral relations with the South East Asian nations in the context of its Look-East Policy. Later. another technology powerhouse in Europe. if they so wish. that option that we have approved is based on the responses of various political parties : that caste must be convassed and the integrity of the head count must not be affected. Sweden. A Cultural Exchange Agreement for the year 2011-13 was also signed between the two nations. Switzerland is No. It further envisages co-development and co-production of defence products with Indian industry through the DRDO. looked at the emerging architecture in east Asia as open and inclusive. the Union Cabinet. The last castewise collection of data took place in the 1931 census. K. 2010. India Drops to 51st Position in Global Competitiveness India has slipped by two places to 51st in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) global competitiveness rankings. It may be mentioned that India has not done any castewise enumeration after Independence. Laos underlined its deep appreciation for India’s continued assistance and support for its developmental efforts through loans and assistance in the field of human resource development. 1 in the world in terms of its ability to provide the most competitive environment on several fronts. The African nation Chad figures at the bottom of the list of 139 countries. Home Minister P. Those being enumerated would be asked to name their caste. On September 14. Chidambaram told the journalists that “after considering various options. India extended a line of credit with USD 72·55 million to finance the two power projects in the country. A MoU for cooperation between the comptroller and Auditor-General and the National Audit Authority of Cambodia was signed. Patil was given a ceremonial reception by King Norodom Sihamoni. A US D 15 million credit Line Agreement between the EXIM bank on behalf of India and the Cambodian government was signed for phase II of the Stung Tassal Water Development Project. which began on September 9. including civilian staff associated with defence services.

Mukherjee had already allocated Rs. China proposes to build as many as six big dams in the region on the Brahmaputra in addition to a dozen or so it has already constructed. 12. and Colombia. India’s Minister of State for Petroleum Jitin Prasada led the Indian delegation at the signing.mirrors the assessments of leading businessmen on a range of political. but it still had to muster the support of 128 countries.000 from the government each year for a subscription amount of Rs. with Kazakhstan having pulled out earlier this year. the commission has held all such matters now investigated by ED come within the definition of allegations of corruption and. social. It will be managed by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority of India. India has been pushed down to 51st position from 49th due to its poor performance in a range of social sector areas such as education.000 per year. but not since 1992. which has alarmed officials. Sharma said that his Ministry was for making a presentation to Defence Minister A. West Bengal. India Signs Pipeline Deal with Turkmenistan India on September 20. Manmohan Singh. however. 2010 launched a pension scheme for workers in the unorganised sector. In the run-up to the vote. 2010. In 1996. It was the sole candidate from the region. In a development. The other ‘clean slate’ candidates included South Africa that got the Africa seat. and economic parameters. We here quote a press report detailing the same : China recently started work on extending its rail link in Lhasa to its border with Nepal. in Turkmenistan’s Capital Ashgabat. One member abstained from the vote. Afghanistan and Pakistan—signed the Gas Pipeline Framework Agreement (GPFA) that will lead to the Gas Sales Purchase Agreement (GSPA). 1. It was revealed by Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma on September 12. 2010 to the United Nations Security Council as a non permanent member. however. This time. health and infrastructure. In February. Chinese Constructing Rail Link upto Arunachal Pradesh The Chinese fling surprises in international politics in a manner that the world feels aghast.” Mr. exempted the directorate from disclosing the nature of such investigations and names of parties involved. hence. Under the scheme—which is named Swabalamban— subscribers would get Rs. 2010 signed initial agreements for laying a pipeline to wheel gas from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan and Pakistan. After 19 years. The scheme will remain valid for this financial year and for the next three consecutive fiscals. India. replacing Mexico. The latest Chinese move vis-a-vis India is its design of constructing rail link upto Arunachal Pradesh. The four countries—India. in Murshidabad district. should be disclosed. India secured the backing of 187 of the 191 member states in the General Assembly. two-thirds of the 192-member General Assembly. Mukherjee said after unveiling the programme at a function at Jangipur. While the line to Xigaze near Tibet's border with Nepal will extend south-west from Lhasa. India was elected on October 12. The position will help India push more aggressively for the Security Council reforms. The Chinese claim that the Nyangtri or Nyingchi prefecture includes some parts of Arunachal Pradesh. PD/February/2011/1541 . it has taken over the Asia seat from Japan. The Great Bend is the place. Antony on the need to raise FDI cap in defence sector to 49 per cent. the Central Information Commissioner (CIC) has directed the ED to make public an estimate of the total amount of such money involved in its investigation. India's candidature was endorsed by the Asian group. the line to Nyangtri will extend towards Arunachal in the southeast. Beijing is simultaneously working on bringing its rail link right up to Nyangtri—located on the border with Arunachal Pradesh and an area that China claims as its own.M. Enforcement Directorate Decides Disclose Black Money in Swiss Banks In a major development towards bringing transparency in the probe into black money stashed in swiss banks. The bench. 100 crore for the scheme in the budget for 2010-11. Mr. Japan Sign Economic Agreements India and Japan in second week of September 2010 concluded the final round of negotiations on a comprehensive economic cooperation agreement. “I launched the scheme to coincide with the 78th birthday of Prime Minister Dr. K. where the Brahmaputra takes a decisive turn and flows towards India. Government Launches Pension Scheme India Elected to Security Council as Nonfor Unorganised Sector Workers Permanent Member The Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on September 26. They are inured to a way of life that is clouded by clandestine and surreptitious activities defying proper comprehension. India has been on the Security Council six times earlier. This scheme will help those who are not covered under any social security scheme. A founding member of the U. replacing Uganda with the backing of 182 members. Turkmenistan. Nyangtri is also the site where the Brahmaputra is proposed to be diverted northwards by the Chinese. but for India it might just be a red herring.N. which secured the seat for the group of Latin American and Caribbean states. who do not have access to the social security net. Mr. India lost to Japan by 100 votes. China proposes to build the largest dam in the world at this spot. Krishna. Rejecting the contention of the directorate that it has been exempted from making disclosures under the RTI Act. who was in New York for more than a week in September itself met leaders of 56 countries on the margins of the General Assembly's annual session. though there is cynicism around in the context of unstable political situation in the region. India's External Affairs Minister S.

The MoUs were signed by directors of institutes from the two countries in the presence of HRD Minister Kapil Sibal and Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond in New Delhi. 2010 approved a bill providing for a mechanism to deal with complaints against judges of the High Courts and the Supreme Court. an improved version of Bangaram-class FAC. The Bill to replace the Judges Inquiry Act retains its basic features. This marks a change from the earlier proposal in which the committee was to be headed by the Vice-President and to have the Chief Justice of India. was signed with French shipyard Chantier Naval Couach. This will include 46 stations. bases and harbours on both west and east coasts. INS Kalpeni. The statement said Indian Navy gets Fast Attack Craft to Secure Coast As part of measures underway to strengthen the country's coastal security after the 26/11 terror strikes. The Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill sets judicial standards and makes judges accountable for their lapses. and have a serving judge of the Supreme Court and a serving judge of a High Court. each of which has a crew of three officers and 38 sailors. Yudhoyono during the latter's visit to India in 2005. 2010. a High Court Judge and two distinguished jurists not involved in regular practice of law. These boats will be in addition to the 80 FICs approved at a cost of over Rs. But it will take some time to take concrete shape. 2010 inducted its latest fast-attack craft (FAC) at the Southern Naval Command in Kochi. the creation of which was one of the measures announced after 26/11. propelled by three powerful waterjets. meeting all its objectives. It is the seventh of the 10 FACs. only Phase-I of the critical coastal surveillance network will be up and running by 2011 under a Rs. being built at Kolkata-based Garden Reach shipyard. Scotland Education Sign Four MoU on In a bid to strengthen educational links between the two countries. INS Kalpeni. can reach speeds in excess of 35 knots. V. with coastal radars. including the Chief Justice of India and the Chief Justices of the High Courts. Rustom 1 Test Flown Successfully Rustom 1 a medium-altitude and long-endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Bill on Judicial Accountability Approved The Union Cabinet on October 5. 320 crore for SPB. the Indian Navy on October 14. cameras. At present. the Attorney-General. designed and built indigenously. which will be ordered in the coming months. Similarly. Manmohan Singh and Mr. Col. India and Scotland on October 12. 350 crore project. Thapa of the Army. For one. which can effectively patrol almost up to 200 nautical miles. deliveries of the 80 FICs are likely to begin only by 2012-2013 at the earliest. AIS (automatic identification systems) and other sensors mounted atop old lighthouses to dynamically locate and track vessels. The FAC's main armament is the 30mm CRN 91 gun. an experienced External Pilot for UAVs who was positioned at the edge of the runway. For another. apart from also being equipped with 11 machine guns and shoulder launched IGLA surface to air missiles to neutralize aerial threats. including those of their spouses and dependents. While Lakshya—a drone that is remotely piloted by a ground control station—provides aerial sub-targets for live fire training. Yudhoyono is Chief Guest at Republic Day Parade 2011 Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is the chief guest at this year's Republic Day parade in Delhi. contamplates the setting up of a national oversight committee with which the public can lodge complaints against erring judges. developed by the Bangalore-based Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) was successfully test flown at Bangalore on October 16.000 well-armed personnel. 2010 signed four MoU in various fields that will also promote student and faculty exchange and encourage joint degree development. The 15 boats. the specialized SPB will be tasked with protection of naval and other assets. PD/February/2011/1542 . flew for 12 minutes and landed successfully. Rustom 1 was flown from the Taneja Aerospace and Aviation airfield at Hosur near Bangalore. there is no legal mechanism for dealing with complaints against judges who are governed by ‘Restatement of Values of Judicial Life. The FAC. With 1. It will also mandate the judges of the High Courts and the Supreme Court to declare their assets and liabilities. both nominated by the Chief Justice of India.’ adopted by the judiciary as a code of conduct without any statutory sanction. according to official sources.India. The government also recently inked the first contract to acquire 15 fast-interception craft (FICs) or patrol boats for the new Sagar Prahari Bal (SPB) being raised by Navy in the 26/11 aftermath. The first full flight of Rustom 1 on October 16 was under the command of Lt. the training of the first batch of 200 SPB personnel began only last January. Both countries will seek to build on the joint declaration on a new strategic partnership signed by Prime Minister Dr. As per an official statement. and an eminent person nominated by the President. appointed by the President. The five member committee will be headed by a retired Chief Justice of India. The two sides will also attempt to expand economic relations bilaterally and under the aegis of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) of which Indonesia is a founder member. According to a Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) spokesperson Rustom 1 followed the two other UAV developed by the ADE—Lakshya and Nishant. S. has been conceived. The aircraft took off even in inclement weather condition for a first flight. Nishant is a surveillance aircraft primarily tasked with intelligence gathering over enemy territory.

From Malaysia Dr. Malaysia and Vietnam Indian Prime Minister was on a seven-day visit to Japan. In their 10th meeting in six years. between the two countries. including the issue of China issuing stapled visas to people domiciled in Jammu and Kashmir and the consequent pause in the high-level defence exchanges. Najib. After the talks. On October 25 in Tokyo. 2010 to attend the 5th East Asia Summit and the 17th ASEAN Summit. 2010 approved amendments to a four-decade old law that proposes to allow Indian legal heirs to inherit the properties of relatives who migrated to Pakistan after partition. The most significant was Dr. There was huge potential for the employment of Indians in Korea owing to a large gap in market labour supply. they took a broad view of the strategic significance of India-China ties and expressed satisfaction at the development of relations. The German office. Prime Minister’s Visit to Japan. the government had declared the properties left behind by people who migrated to Pakistan during partition as ‘enemy properties‘. India and Japan decided to extend their cooperation to areas such as joint ventures in rare earth minerals. some hitherto unexplored areas in defence. PD/February/2011/1543 . S. climate change and the intensification of economic and defence ties. enhanced counter-terror cooperation. “if the enemy property was diverted from the Custodian before 2nd July.M. An agreement between the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the UNIK of Malaysia on Research and Development Collaboration will witness the setting up of a Joint Innovation Accelerator Centre in Malaysia to carry out research in green technology.N. this year will have legal sanction. They instructed the officials to ensure the smooth implementation of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) and accelerate discussions on the reform of the United Nations Security Council. Manmohan Singh reached Hanoi. The Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Bill. India and Germany have been elected non-permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for 2011-2012. Suresh Kumar Goel Director-General of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations. It means a Muslim citizen of India who is a legal inheritor of such property is able to retain ownership even if the deceased had gone to Pakistan after partition. External Affairs Minister S. The celebrations will mark 60 years of Indo-German diplomatic partnership. Korea. 2011 being the centrepiece. Malaysia and Vietnam in the last week of October 2010. but will be exercised in subsequent flights. India Signs Social Security Agreement with South Korea A reciprocal Social Security Agreement (SSA) and protocal that will benefit a huge number of Indians— particularly those working in the fields of Information Technology. The proposal for fresh amendments provide for ensuring that the enemy property shall continue to vest in the custodian till it is divested by the central govern-ment and the enemy property could be divested only to the owner or his lawful heir. medicine and finance—was signed in Seoul. Security Council and discussed ways to deepen counter-terror cooperation. signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and celebrating a year of Germany in India in 2011-12 and a year of India in Germany in 2012-13. 2010. as per the amendment to the Enemy Property Act of 1968 only transactions that have been effected before July 2. most of them professionals and self-employed persons. Manmohan’s meeting with Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao. The agreements were signed at a ceremony presided over by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Malaysian counterpart Mohd. Korean capital on October 19. An SSA with S. However. India and Malaysia signed six pacts. to which both countries are aspirants as permanent members. An official release said that a number of Indians were working in S. Culture and Science. Overseas Indian Affairs Minister Vyalar Ravi and Korean Minister for Trade Kim Jong-hoon signed the pact. but he will have to legally prove his or her inheritance. and Thomas Goetz Director-General. 2010 introduced says. which included the pilot-assisted take-off flight in air and a copy book style landing. with the accord for implementing the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) from July 1. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Japanese counterpart Naoto Kan. According to the amendments. water treatment and medicinal and aromatic plants. The aircraft has many auto-features such as GPS controlled Way Point Navigation and Get U Home included even in its first flight. 2010. Germany Ink Cultural Accord India and Germany on October 18. 2010 imparted fresh momentum to their joint efforts for expansion of the U. In Hanoi the Prime Minister interacted with several regional leaders and exchanged views on bilateral and multilateral matters. and investment. and transport and industrial corridors in South India. it shall stand transferred to and vest or continue to vest in the custodian. resolved to continue talks on a civil nuclear agreement.that he controlled it without any difficulty throughout its flight. In this meeting which materialised on the sidelines of the Association of South East Asian Nations Summit and the East Asia Summit both leaders covered the entire gamut of relations. the capital of Vietnam on October 28. Government Approves Amendments to Enemy Property Law The Union Government on October 20. Korea would enhance the movement of professionals. From Japan the Prime Minister dashed to Malaysia where he arrived at Kuala Lumpur on October 26. In Kuala Lumpur.” Through an Act in 1968. India. Krishna held talks with his German counterparts Guido Westerwelle that focussed on UN reforms. 2010.

2010. can transport tanks and combat-ready troops over 2. India.400 nautical miles. During Obama’s visit to India not less than six pacts were signed. Bangladesh Sign $ 1 billion Line of Credit Agreement India has decided to export 5 lakh tonnes of rice and wheat to Bangladesh despite ban on outward shipments of the foodgrains. Mr. President Barack Obama’s Visit to India US President Barack Obama’s visit to India materialised from November 6 to 9. Quraishi said on October 9. He said his administration’s foreign policy had been to engage aggressively with Pakistan to communicate that they wanted nothing more than a stable. particularly in the defence and scientific areas.000 feet airstrip. He shared the high table with Sonia and Rahul Gandhi and Pranab Mukherjee besides the PM and his wife. Issues relating to Pakistani origin of terrorism and terror groups active in the region figured prominently in restricted discussions between Manmohan Singh and Obama. worth some $ 15 billion. 2010. 6. President Obama later paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi at the Rajghat and went into talks with Dr. Obama on his side Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on November 8 underlined his commitment to pursue peace with Pakistan but made it clear that as long as terror machine was active against India it would be difficult to keep on talking. “We have finalised agreement on cooperation in civil uses of nuclear energy. was an important step in elevating India to one of America’s top trade partners. said sources. In Delhi President Obama was accorded a rousing welcome. Vietnam on the sidelines of the Asean Summit.’’ said the Prime Minister. 2010. India and the US are the world’s largest democracies sharing ‘certain values’ and their relationship will be a defining one in the 21st century. Y. January 25 to be National Voters' Day January 25 will hereafter be celebrated as National Voters' Day. could get even bigger.” national security adviser Shivshankar Menon said. He landed in Mumbai on November 6 and from there he arrived at Delhi the following day. On his part. This came shortly after Barack Obama while addressing the media with Dr. the $ 4·1 billion for 10 C-17 Globemaster-III gigantic strategic airlift aircraft. gas extraction and the establishment of global Disease Detection Centre in India.Nuclear Deal with South Korea India and South Korea have reached an agreement on civil nuclear cooperation. young voters. weather fore casting. manufactured by Boeing. Chief Election Commissioner S. These four engine aircraft. India may well order another six C-17s after the first 10 for which the deal has already been struck. Obama’s announcement of US support for India’s bid for permanent seat in the UNSC was not liked by Pakistan. who attain the age of 18 years on January 7. In a statement Pakistan said that by supporting India’s claim to UNSC permanent seat Obama has made the process of UN reform more complex. With US President Mr. prosperous and peaceful Pakistan. The formal announcement came during a joint press conference addressed by PM Manmohan Singh and US President Barack Obama after their one-on-one meeting in New Delhi at the Hyderabad House. In Mumbai. said that the US would support India’s bid to become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. Manmohan Singh. said. 8 decided to relax its export controls of high-tech equipment to India. The statement described the US gesture as a hasty step. On that day. The gigantic C-17s are capable of carrying a payload of 164. The two countries have signed $ 1 billion Line of Credit agreement and some important pacts for power transmission. Barack Obama made this announcement during his address to the joint session of Parliament. ‘‘You can’t simultaneously talk and have at the same time terror machinery active ever before. The date marks the foundation day of the Election Commission of India. Indo-US Defence Deal : $ 4·1 billion C-17 Aircraft Deal to be Expanded The biggest Indo-US defence deal in the pipeline. which is now awaiting signature. Manmohan Singh. Both parties issued a joint statement which touched upon all subjects referred to above and many others. Both countries also agreed in the third week of October to establish ‘Border Haats’ along the Meghalaya-Bangladesh border and open the Chittagong and Mongla ports to boost trade ties. followed by delegationlevel talks. The major gain out of Obama’s visit to India was the expression of support for India’s bid for a UNSC permanent seat. while agreeing to push Delhi’s membership in some key strategic multilateral institutions and work closely towards global energy security. 29 in Hanoi. US Eases Control on Hi-Tech Exports The US on Nov.900 pounds after taking off from a mere 7. where fielded questions ranging from Mahatma Gandhi to why US was fighting shy of declaring Pakistan a terrorist state were asked. the US President said the major trade deals announced in Mumbai on Nov. During his 26-hour stay in Mumbai his focus was on business and economic issues. The announcement came after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh met South Korean President Lee Myung-bak on Oct.' will be given Elector Photo Identity Cards (EPIC). The Obamas were treated to a slice of emerging India as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh hosted a private dinner on the lawns of 7 RCR on November 7. mostly relating to energy. Obama. President Barack Obama said after receiving a ceremonial welcome at Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi on November 8. Obama addressed a town hall interaction with students. on November 8. marking the ninth such pact Delhi has finalised since getting the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group waiver in 2008. Union Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma met his Bangladesh counterpart in New Delhi on October 23. PD/February/2011/1544 .

As Air Chief Marshal (ACM) P. V. Naik said C-17s would significantly augment India’s ability to move troops and combat systems, as also humanitarian aid and disaster relief, over large distances. At present, Indian Air Force (IAF) has just a dozen Russian origin IL-76 ‘Gajraj’ aircraft with its medium-lift fleet comprising 104 Russian AN-32 aircraft. The C-17s have short-landing capabilities, which will be crucial in the future, Mr. Naik said. The contract for 10 C-17s, with all its final costs, offsets training packages. India is buying the Globemasters under US Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programme in a direct government-to-government deal.

Army’s Strategic Forces Command Tests Agni-I
The Strategic Forces Command of the Army on November 25, 2010 Test-fired Agni-I, the surface-tosurface missile, from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) on Wheeler Island, off Damra village on the Orissa coast. The flight was successful with the missile travelling its full range of 700 km. Fired in the morning the missile followed its trajectory and reached the designated target area in the Bay of Bengal. Agni-I, which can carry nuclear warheads, is a product of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL), a DRDO facility at Hyderabad, developed it. The Strategic Forces Command is in charge of the nuclear delivery systems.

Judge Soumitra Sen Found Guilty of Corruption
A three-member committee formed by the Rajya Sabha to enquire into an impeachment motion against Calcutta High Court Judge Soumitra Sen has held him guilty. The panel, constituted by Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari, was headed by Supreme Court judge B. Sudarshan Reddy and comprised Punjab and Haryana High Court Chief Justice Mukul Mudgal and noted legal expert Fali Nariman. Its report was tabled in the Rajya Sabha on November 10, 2010. The panel said that Justice Sen was guilty of ‘‘misappropriation of large sums of money which he received in his capacity as receiver appointed by the High Court of Calcutta’’ and ‘making false statements’. Sen also misrepresented facts with regard to the misappropriation of money before the High Court of Calcutta, the panel said. The report says that charges have been ‘duly proved.’ In view of the findings the inquiry committee is of the opinion that Justice Soumitra S e n of the Calcutta High Court is guilty of misbehaviour, the report said. If the impeachment motion is approved by both houses of Parliament, Sen will be the first sitting judge in India to be removed in this matter. An impeachment motion was moved against Sen in February 2009 after a notice signed by more than 50 Rajya Sabha MPs was submitted by Communist Party of IndiaMarxist leader Sitaram Yechury to Ansari, who then constituted the three-member probe panel.

Jammu and Kashmir off from UN Disputes List
An annual report of the UN Security Council to the UN General Assembly has once again dropped mention of Jammu and Kashmir, in keeping with a trend that started in 2006, leaving Pakistan diplomats crying foul. On November 15, Pakistan’s envoy Amjad Sial told the General Assembly debating the annual report of the UNSC that the absence of the J&K issue was ‘inadvertent.’ However, while welcoming the UNSC report, Indian diplomats said that the issue has not been part of any UNSC report since 2006. In 2005, the then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan declared that the ‘plebiscite’ issue could not be enforced or self-implemented. In other words, Indian officials said, it was a dead letter. The India-Pakistan issue has not been debated in the United Nations Security Council since 1965. But it was after Annan’s remark, made in the context of resumption of IndianPakistan dialogue in 2005, that the UNSC dropped reference to the dispute.

President Pratibha Patil’s Visit to UAE and Syria
India’s President Pratibha Patil had her first official visit to the Gulf and the West Asia region in November 2010. She journeyed to the United Arab Emirates and Syria which reaffirmed India’s interest to strengthen ties with countries in these regions. She visited the UAE at the invitation of his Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE. He met with a wide crosssection of the UAE polity and society during her visit. Besides visiting Abu Dhabi, she also visited Dubai and Sharjah. During her visit, she also interacted with the business community, both Indian and local in the UAE. India’s bilateral trade which stood at a modest figure of around US Dollars 180 million in the early seventies now trade at present is valued at US $ 43 billion. In the second segment of her tour, she visited Syria which was the first Presidential visit from India. India and Syria enjoy traditionally friendly ties and cooperate actively in the UN and NAM. Significantly, Syria has expressed support for India’s Permanent Membership of the UNSC. India, too, on its part, has always supported all just Arab causes, and has consistently supported the return of the Golan Heights to Syria, which remains P.Darpan occupied by Israel since 1967.

Indian Scientific Team Reaches South Pole
An eight member Indian scientific team reached the South Pole on November 22, 2010 and hoisted the tricolour there. Speaking to journalists through satellite phone, Rasik Ravindran, head of the team and Director of the National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research said : ‘‘We are feeling at the top of the world standing at the bottom of the world.’’ The temperature outside was minus 70 degrees celcius. The team, consisting of five scientists including Dr. Ravindran, a doctor, and two vehicle engineers, reached the South Pole after a gruelling nine-day traverse across Antarctica. Starting from the Indian research station Maitri, 2,350 km from the South Pole, on November 13, the team travelled in four specialised Arctic trucks designed to handle not only harsh weather conditions but also icy and crevasse infested terrain. The team was to stay at the South Pole for short duration to conduct more research.


Justice N. Santhosh Hegde
In a sudden turn of events, Karnataka Lokayukta N. Santhosh Hegde on July 3, 2010 decided to withdraw his resignation submitted to Governor H.R. Bharadwaj on June 23, 2010. Earlier BJP leader L. K. Advani had requested Mr. Hegde to withdraw his resignation. Mr. Advani assured Mr. Hegde that the government would act on his demands.

Justice Rekha Manharlal Doshit
President Pratibha Patil has appointed Justice Rekha Manharlal Doshit of the Gujarat High Court as Chief Justice of Patna High Court. She succeeds Justice Deepak Misra, transferred to Delhi High Court as Chief Justice.

Ashok Kumar Attri
Ashok Kumar Attri has been appointed Ambassador of India to Denmark. Now Consul-General in Chicago, he will succeed Yogesh Kumar Gupta.

Philippe Croizon
A frenchman, Philippe Croizon, whose arms and legs were amputated swam across the English Channel in the second/third week of September 2010 using leg prostheses that had flippers attached.

Chistiana Figueres
Chistiana Figueres has been appointed new executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in place of the present secretary Yoes de Boers who resigned after the failure to reach an agreement in Copenhagen in December 2009 but was persuaded to complete his four year term ending in June 2010.

Priti Kumar
Priti Kumar (34) is the first motorwoman of western railway. October 13 was a historic day for the Western Railway (WR) when the first suburban train driven by a motorwoman chugged out of Churchgate station in Mumbai amidst a great reception from commuters who gathered at the station to witness the memorable moment.

Chistiana Figueres

O. P. Bhatt Elected IBA Chairman
State Bank of India Chairman O. P. Bhatt has been elected the new Chairman of the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) for 2010-11. Mr. Bhatt takes charge from M. V. Nair, Chairman and Managing Director of Union Bank.

V. Radhakrishnan
Eighty one year old Professor V. Radhakrishnan, eminent radio astronomer and Trustee of the Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, is one of the few Indians who have been criss-crossing the oceans in a yacht, that too designed by him. The son of Sir C. V. Raman, he is on a mission to learn more on his chosen field on his yacht ‘Eldemer’.

Yogesh Agrawal
Former banker Yogesh Agrawal has been appointed Chairman of interim pension regulator PFRDA. Yogesh Agrawal took over the charge of the Chairman interim Pension Fund and Regulatory and Development Authority on June 7, 2010.

Marisol Valles Garcia
The 20-year old Marisol Valles Garcia has become the Police Chief in Mexico in the borderland where drug gangs have killed public officials and terrified many citizens into fleeing.

S. K. Khanna
Brigadier S. K. Khanna assumed office as Chief Engineer (Naval works) at the Southern Naval command in Kochi. The Chief Engineer (Navy) heads the Military Engineer Services (MES) in Kochi and has jurisdiction over the establishments of the Southern Naval Command across the country. Commissioned into the Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army on June 8, 1985, Brigadier Khanna is a graduate in Civil Engineering.

Y. P. Singh
Yogendra Pratap Singh has been appointed the first Ambassador to the Republic of Niger. The earlier appointment of Vinod Kumar Sachdev has been cancelled.

Chandra Shekhar Verma
Chandra Shekhar Verma has taken charge of the office of Chairman, Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL). Prior to his appointment, Mr. Verma was director (Finance) of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL).

Justice Madan Bhimrao Lokur
President Pratibha Patil has appointed Justice Madan Bhimrao Lokur, Judge of the Delhi High Court, as the Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court. He succeeds Chief Justice R. S. Garg, who retired in mid June, 2010.


Three Chief Justices Appointed
The Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court, Mohit Shantilal Shah has been appointed new Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court. Justice Shah will succeed Justice A.R. Dave, who has been elevated as a Supreme Court Judge. F. I. Rebello, Judge of the Bombay High Court has been appointed Chief Justice of the Allahabad High Court. J. N. Patel, acting Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court has been appointed Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court.

Priyanka Chopra
Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra was appointed on August 10 UNICEF National Ambassador for promoting child rights and adolescence. She follows the foot steps of Amitabh Bachchan and Sharmila Tagore in supporting the UNICEF’s work in India and abroad.

Justice Barin Ghosh
Justice Barin Ghosh has been appointed Chief Justice of Uttarakhand High Court. He was sworn in Dehradun on August 12, 2010.

Saina Nehwal
To promote Andhra Pradesh as an attractive tourist destinations, the state government has decided to rope inace badminton star Saina Nehwal as its new brand ambassador.

Nisha Desai Biswal
The Obama government has nominated yet another Indian-American, Nisha Desai Biswal, to a senior position within its administration. Ms. Biswal has been nominated to the post of Assistant Administrator for Asia in the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Justice Bhagwati Prasad
Justice Bhagwati Prasad was sworn in as Chief Justice of the Jharkhand High Court on August 22, 2010.

D.R.S. Chaudhary
In an attempt to streamline its interaction with the media, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on July 20, 2010 appointed D.R.S. Chaudhary, Additional Secretary, as its spokesperson.

Justice Nissar Ahmed
In a departure from its more than two decades’ old practice, the Supreme Court has recommended the appointment of Justice Nissar Ahmed Kakru, who hails from Jammu and Kashmir, as the Chief Justice of the State's High Court.

Quraishi New Chief Election Commissioner
President Pratibha Patil has appointed Election Commissioner (EC) Shahabuddin Yaqoob Quraishi as the next Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) under clause 2 of the Article 324 of the Constitution. Mr. Quraishi (63) takes the place of Navin Chawla who retired in July itself. Mr. Quraishi, a former IAS officer of the 1971 batch from Haryana cadre, will S. Y. Quraishi be in charge of holding the Assembly elections in Bihar this year and in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Kerala, Puducherry and Assam next year. Born on June 11, 1947 Mr. Quraishi is a post-graduate in history from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. He became Election Commissioner on June 30, 2006. Prior to that, he was Union Secretary, Youth Affairs and Sports.

P. J. Thomas
P. J. Thomas was sworn in as Central Vigilance Commissioner in the first week of September, 2010. Mr. Thomas, the Telecom Secretary till now, was administered the oath of office by President Pratibha Patil at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi.

Kevin Rudd

The former Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd has got the Foreign Affairs portfolio in Julia Gillard's new Minority government in Australia. Mr. Rudd ceased to be Prime Minister when Ms. Gillard toppled him in a political coup within the ruling Australian Labour Party several weeks before seeking a mandate for herself in a snap general election on August 21, 2010. The election produced the counElena Kagan try's first hung Parliament in nearly Elena Kagan, Solicitor General in the Obama adminisKevin Rudd seven decades. tration and former Dean of Harvard Law School, has been confirmed by the Senate as an Associate Supreme Court Sushil Koirala Justice. The 12th convention of the Nepali Congress (NC) has The vote, 63–37 along party lines, made Ms Kagan the third woman justice in the court and the fourth in the elected veteran leader Sushil Koirala, a member of the influential Koirala family, as its new President. court’s history. More than 3,000 party delegates voted in the polls. Naina Lal Kidwai Mr. Koirala bagged 1,652 votes, defeating his nearest Naina Lal Kidwai, who heads rival, the former Prime Minister, Sher Bahadur Deuba, HSBC’s operations in India has been who obtained 1,317 votes. The third candidate Bhim inducted into the Asia-Pacific board of Bahadur Tamang obtained 78 votes. the global banking major. Kidwai has R. Chandrashekhar been with HSBC since 2002 and is currently the country head of HSBC in R. Chandrashekhar has been appointed as the new Naina Lal Kidwai India. Telecom Secretary. Mr. Chandrashekhar who was till now


2001. 2010 at her home in Los Angeles. following the appointment of his predecessor P. The ceremony took place at the Presidential Secretariat before Chief Justice Ashoka de Silva. P. Jose Saramago Nobel literature prize winner Jose Saramago. On November 1. Robert Byrd PD/February/2011/1549 .S. will be the new secretary of the department of Information and Technology. Vijay Kumar. 2010. asserting that she was the nurse kissed by a sailor in Life magazine’s memorable photograph of V-J Day in Times Square. 2010. 2010. on November 30. proving that she was Lula's true inheritor. Jodhpur on September 12 this year became the Acting Chief Justice on November 1. who replaces Ashok Chavan said that he was highly honoured and humbled that the Congress leadership had chosen him to undertake the responsibility of heading the government of Maharashtra at this important juncture. He has been the Administrative Judge of the MP High Court and Chairman of the Legal Service Authority in that State. who joined as the Additional Judge of the High Court of Madhya Pradesh on October 25. 2011. The 1955-born Justice Mishra. He was 97. Chavan. became a Permanent Judge on October 24. DEATHS Manohar Malgonkar Manohar Malgonkar. who became something of a celebrity decades after World War-II. the author. K. New Rajasthan Chief Justice takes Oath Justice Arun Kumar Mishra took oath as the Chief Justice of the Rajasthan High Court on November 26. Vijay Kumar K. Xi Jinping Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping has been promoted to Vice-Chairman of a key Communist Party military committee. She swept the polls in Brazil's poorer areas. 2010. 2010 appointed a Somali-American diplomat Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed as his Prime Minister. 2010 took over as the new Director of the CBI. Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa Sri Lanka's President Mahinda Rajapaksa was sworn in for a second term on November 19. He joined the CBI as Special Director in April 2009. He was first elected to the Congress in 1952. It may be added here that he had been associated with the investigations of a Amar Pratap Singh New CBI Chief number of sensitive cases. 1999 Robert Byrd U. Mr. who was transferred to Rajasthan High Court. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (NPA). A. Justice Mishra. including the Harshad Mehta scam in 1992. died on June 28. Singh takes over as New CBI Chief Amar Pratap Singh. who has been till now the Acting Chief Justice of the Rajasthan High Court. Ashok Chavan in the wake of the Adarsh Housing Society scam. official sources divulged. Chandrashekhar assumed charge on September 24. Dilma. She was 91. Senator Robert Byrd. Prithviraj Chavan Minister of state in the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) Prithviraj Chavan was selected as the new Chief Minister of Maharashtra. 2010 Dilma won 56 per cent votes to beat her social democrat rival Jose Serra and created history by becoming Brazil's first woman President. Xi Jinping Dilma Rouseff In Dilma Rouseff's election as Brazil's new President the Worker's Party has seen Lula da Silva. Edith Shain Edith Shain. following the resignation of Mr. Shashikant Sharma The current Director General in the Ministry of Defence. Mr. Singh belongs to the Jharkhand cadre of the 1974 batch of IPS. He succeeded Ashwani Kumar. the most popular Brazilian President again maintaining his powerful influence in Brazilian politics. died on June 20. He was 87. who retired after completing his 27 monthlong tenure. 2010.Secretary in the Department of Information and Technology has been given the charge of Department of Telecom. filling a post vacant for almost two months. Thomas as Chief Vigilance Commissioner (CVC). who takes over from Lula on January 1. He has also served in the Border Security Force (BSF) as Additional Director-General. who left his native Portugal after arguing with his country’s government died on the Canary island Lanzarote. Director. state media reported on October 18. Hyderabad has been appointed the new Director-General of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) headquartered in New Delhi. died in Jagalpet in Karnataka’s Uttara Kannada district on June 14. who evolved from a segregationist to a civil rights advocate in becoming the longest serving member ever of the Congress. Governor Shivraj Patil administered the oath to Justice Mishra. 2011 is affectionaltely called by him the mother of all Brazil. He has earlier held several positions in the investigating agency between 1987-1995. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Somalia’s President on October 14. Party leaders also pledged to make vigorous yet steady efforts to promote political restructuring. seniormost Special Director in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Byrd was 92. J.

Ohio on September 7. the Australian scientist who invented the flight data recorder famously known as the Black Box to help investigate aircraft accidents died at the age of 85 late in July 2010. 2010. He was 55. who helped start the New Wave Movement in the 1950s and created some of the darkest portrayals on the silver screen. Vice-Chancellor of Allahabad University and the President of the Indian Science Congress. who wrote Everybody Needs Somebody To Love’ and recovered the hit ‘Cry to Me’ used in the movie ‘Dirty Dancing’ died at Amsterdam's Schirphol airport. Cancer Research Institute. Swarnalatha Noted South Indian playback singer and National Award winner Swarnalatha died at a private hospital in Chennai on September 12. Mr. He was 80. He was 87. She was 84. leaving behind an extraordinary legacy.’ S. a former Defence Ministry spokesman. Homi Sethna Former Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission Dr. Eapen. who had played an important role in developing information set-up in the armed forces. 2010. Thomas was most known for being a member of the so-called ‘Little Rock Nine’ group of students. from Bihar died in London on June 24. died in Columbus. back in 1957. 2010. He was 79. David Warrent David Warrent. Narayanan the former Chairman of Goodyear India and Founder Trustee of Chennai Willingdon Corporate foundation. Mr. 2010 following lung infection. Soundara Kailasam Eminent Tamil poet and writer Soundara Kailasam. a pioneer in journalism and communication education in the country passed away in Bangalore on October 23. Arkansas. Homi Nusserwanji Sethna. who is the mother-in-law of Union Home Minister P. 8. She was 37.P. Former Union Minister and a sitting Lok Sabha M. who rebuilt a troubled career to win an Academy Award only to face a more desperate battle for survival when three strokes left her paralysed. Cambridge. Attorney General (1992-1996 and 2004–2009). Mr. Chidambaram passed away on October 16. 1997. Leghari was President from November 14. He was 70. He was 92. was a Wrangler and Owst Prize holder at Clare College. has died. having set up three university departments of journalism and communication. 2010 at her residence in Chennai. He was 86. 2010 after she died following an illness aged 83. the Padma Vibhushan in 2005. Dr. Mr. Farooq Leghari Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari. Solomon Burke Soul singer Solomon Burke. His father. Eapen K. He was awarded the second highest national award. 2010 following a brain haemorrhage. 2010 after a prolonged battle with cancer. Krishnamurthi. Pakistan’s eighth President died on October 19. 1993 to December 2. an important figure in India's nuclear programme. Adyar died in Chennai on July 2. Banerjee times of five different Prime Ministers as Additional SolicitorGeneral (1979–86). He was 82. 2010. Mr.C. K. 2010 after a prolonged illness.Digvijay Singh Digvijay Singh. E. E. Jefferson Thomas Jefferson Thomas. K. He was 90. E. She was 83. He was 67. Patricia Neal Actress Patricia Neal. Krishnamurthi S. Victor Longer Victor Longer. Professor Eapen was actively associated with journalism for over 50 years. 2010. 2010. In his later years. adviser (Research and Planning. He was 70. Dame Joan Sutherland Australian opera legend Dame Joan Sutherland was hailed as ‘La Stupenda’ and ‘voice of the century’ on October 10. Neal who had lung cancer died at her home in Edgartown. Narayanan V. 2010. V. Claude Chabrol French film maker Claude Chabrol. Eapen PD/February/2011/1550 . Mr. 2010. and many organisations connected with the field. Roy acted in a popular genre of Bengali theatre known as ‘Jatra. He was 92. Banerjee. Solicitor-General (1986–1989). the former Attorney-General of India passed away on July 20. Banerjee was born in a distinguished Brahmo Samaj family. who integrated Central High School in Little Jefferson Thomas Rock. Sethna has been suffering from lung fibrosis for the last several years. a key figure in the anti-segregation civil rights movement in the US. Massachusettes on Aug. passed away on September 14. Dilip Roy Well-known Bengali actor and director Dilip Roy died in Kolkata on September 2. died in New Delhi on July 18. Professor A. Milon Kumar Banerjee Milon Kumar Banerjee. Banerjee had the unique privilege of being Law Officer during the Milon K. IES. passed away in Mumbai on September 12. died in September.

A. Vidhu Vinod Chopra for 3 Idiots. 36. Best Direction : Rajkumar Hirani for 3 Idiots. Nihal Ranjan Samel for 3 Idiots. 2010 following allegation of his involvement in the illegal recruitment of 350 people for two new medical colleges in the state. 1·40 lakh crore to the government besides author Rs. Summers According to White House sources. Best Sound Recording : Bishwadeep Chatterjee. Debut of the Year (Female) : Jacqueline Fernandez– Mahie Gill. the Chief architect of President Barack Obama's economic policy Lawrence H. Best Playback Singer (Female) : Kavita Seth–Ek Tara for Wake Up Sid. Outstanding Achievement by an Indian Internationally : Anil Kapoor. Best Background Score : Sanjay Wandrekar. Ramchandra Gowda Karnataka Medical Education Minister Ramchandra Gowda resigned on September 12. The movie 3 Idiots emerged as the big winner of IIFA Awards. Best Performance in a Leading Role (Female) : Kareena Kapoor for 3 Idiots and Vidya Balan for Paa. His stepping down continues the exodus of top level advisers of President Obama at a time when his popularity is dipping. K. Parliament's Upper House. Best Performance in Supporting Role (Male) : For Sharman Joshi for 3 Idiots. Best Playback Singer (Male) : Shaan–Behti Hawa Sa Tha Who for 3 Idiots. K.000 crore for allocating additional spectrum to existing cellular operators. from the state-run Narmada Valley Development Authority. Abhijat Joshi for 3 Idiots. Lord Swaraj Paul Lord Swaraj Paul on November 2. who had played a key role in the release of the former Union Carbide Chief Warren Anderson. Raja submitted his resignation to the Prime Minister on November 14. Best Music Direction : Pritam for Love Aaj Kal. 2010 following a directive from Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi in the wake of the Adarsh Housing Society scam. Raja had refused to resign and the government too appeared to be shielding him. Atul Raninga. Swaraj Puri. But the pressure of the opposition proved to be a turning point. Best Cinematography : C. Summers would leave the post at the end of 2010. Best Screenplay : Abhijat Joshi. Rajkumar Hirani. AWARDS AND PRIZES/HONOURS IIFA Awards 2010 given away The 11th IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) Awards presentation ceremony was held in Colombo on June 5. with the opposition persistently demanding resignation from him holding him personally responsible for more than Rs. Best Lyrics : Swanand Kirkire for 3 Idiots. 2010 in the wake of 2–G scam controversy on account of which the proceedings of the Parliament had been stalled for a number of days. Chavan had on October 30 offered to resign during a meeting with Sonia Gandhi after it emerged that three of his relatives were members of the housing society in South Mumbai. Raja The Central Minister for Communication A. Debut of the Year (Male) : Omi Vaidya–Jackie Bhagnani. Lawrence H. Best Story : Abhijat Joshi. Micromax IIFA 2010 Awards Winner List : Best Film : Vidu Vinod Chopra for 3 Idiots. one lakh crore worth of 2G spectrum scandal. Best Performance in a Comic Role : Sanjay Dutt for All the Best. Yeddyurappa was under intense pressure from the High Court to act in the matter. Ashok Chavan Ashok Chavan resigned as Maharashtra Chief Minister on November 9. the House of Lord. built for the families of soldiers killed in the 1999 Kargil war with Pakistan. Kareena Kapoor for 3 Idiots and Vidya Balan for Paa shared the Best Actress Award Vidya Balan Kareena Kapoor trophy jointly. 2010 resigned from the position as the Deputy Speaker of the U. It may be recalled that Mr. Technical Awards Winners : Best Editing : Rajkumar Hirani for 3 Idiots. Initially Mr. Best Dialogue : Rajkumar Hirani. Muraleedharan for 3 Idiots.S. A. Shantanu Moitra for 3 Idiots. Best Performance in a Leading Role ( Male) : Amitabh Bachchan for Paa. PD/February/2011/1551 . Best Performance in Supporting Role (Female) : For Divya Dutta for Delhi 6. The move followed Paul's unhappiness over his 4-month suspension from the House of Lords over parliamentary expenses claim. It may he recalled that Comptroller and Auditor-General of India (CAG) had indicted the minister for not distributing 2G spectrum in a transparent manner resulting in a revenue loss of Rs. Rajkumar Hirani and Vidu Vinod Chopra for 3 Idiots.RESIGNATION/DISMISSAL Swaraj Puri The Madhya Pradesh government has removed former Director-General of Police. Best Performance in a Negative Role : Boman Irani for 3 Idiots. 2010. Puri was the Superintendent of Police at the time of the Bhopal gas tragedy. Chief Minister B.

The Committee which selects these award also decided to confer the Sangita Kala Acharya Awards on Saguna Vardachari vocalist and Radha dance guru. Subhash Agarwal (billiards and Winner of Rajiv snooker). Arundhati Roy comes in third on the list while Ms. 1 lakh. Best Make up Artist : Christien Tinsley. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Rajiv Tomar (wrestling). Rangarajan and Parassala Ponnammal will receive T. Shanta Dhananjayan who have propagated Indian dances was honoured with the award for preservation of India’s cultural Heritage.Best Song Recording : Bishwadeep Chatterjee. Dinesh Kumar (boxing). The Prem Bhatia Award for Best Political Reporting has been given to Ritu Sarin of the Indian Express for her in-depth analysis of key issues and events. Besides. L. National Sports Awards selection committee headed by PT Usha decided to bestow the Khel Ratna on Saina Nehwal after considering her brilliant performance in recent months. Sandeep Singh (hockey). Prem Bhatia Award for Ritu Sarin The Prem Bhatia Awards for the year 2010 were announced in the last week of July 2010. Best Choreography : Bosco Martis. media Mogul Oprah Winfrey and United States. The list also features Mother Teresa. R. Others named in the list are actor Angelina Jolie.T. PD/February/2011/1552 . Saina Nehwal. Jajseer Singh (paralympics). Sachi K. Caesar Gonsalves for Love Aaj Kal. Birla Awards Presented Vice-President Hamid Ansari presented on June 21. Goenka. The couple P. Arundhati Roy and Indira Nooyi Named among 30 Most Inspiring Women India-born head of PepsiCo Indira Nooyi and social activist and writer Arundhati Roy have been named among the world’s 30 most inspiring women in Forbes magazine’s list which was recently released. Joseph Abraham (athletics). The award for Humanism was conferred on Ms. Dinesh Kumar (kabaddi). Ms. Lalitha have been selected for the prestigious Sangita Kalanidhi award of the Madras Music Academy. the former U. Sheila Dikshit Honoured with Tilak Award Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has been honoured with Lokmanya Tilak Award this year.K. a memento. Parimarjan Negi (chess). Best Action : Shyam Kaushal for Kaminey. received the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) on July 2. Best Special Visual Effects : Charles Darby—Eyecube Labs for Aladdin. K. The award is considered the highest award in Carnatic Music. Hockey Coach A.S. K. A. R. Domini Till for Paa. Best Art Direction : Sabu Cyril for Aladdin. Sanghvi for 3 Idiots. Bhopal Post editor Rajkumar Keswani has won the award for best reporting on environmental issues for his coverage and reporting of the Bhopal Union Carbide disaster. Kapil Dev (volleyball). Bansal has been chosen for the Dronacharya Award. P. Percy Barnevik. The Arjuna Awards 2010 have been conferred on 15 sportspersons. Goenka Honoured with ICC Lifetime Achievement Award Mr. Sunil Chettri (football). 2010 in Kolkata. First Lady Michelle Obama and J. Ibomcha Singh (boxing). Dhananjayan and Ms. a Swedish national. Zokhumi Vankung—an eminent social activist from the North-East who has made a significant contribution for the benefit of spastic and handicapped children and to empowerment of women by helping in creation of an instruction called Gilead Special School’ and working for the betterment of those needing humanitarian assistance. ‘The 30 utterly Inspiring Role Models’ list has been compiled by ‘Forbes Women’. G. Deepak Mandal (football). 2010 the G. Kulty (athletics) and Gandhi Khel Captain Chan Roop (wrestling) have also Ratna Award 2010 been picked for the Dronacharya Award. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2010 for Saina Nehwal India’s ace shuttler Saina Nehwal was in August 2010 selected for the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2010—the country’s highest sporting honour—for her outstanding achievements on the badminton court. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.K. Kuldeep Singh (wrestling) and Anita Chanu (weightlifting). Chairman Emeritus of the RPG Group. Indira Indira Nooyi Nooyi has been ranked Arundhati Roy tenth in the list. Best Costume Designing : Anahita Shroff Adajania. The award is given by the Lokmanya Tilak Smarak Mandir Trust and carries a Gold Medal. Rehan Poncha (swimm ing) and Sanjeev Rajput (shooting). P.D. a citation and Rs. Jasjit Kaur (hockey). Besides. vocalist Manakkal S. Jhulan Goswami (cricket). Dr. D. Rowling—author of Harry Potter. Sarin heads the investigative team at the Indian Express. They include Krishna Punia (athletics). Saroja and C.V. Best Sound Re-recording : Anup Dev for 3 Idiots. was presented the award in the category of rural upliftment who devoted his life and retirement funds to transforming the socio-economic environment in rural and remote areas of Kanchipuram district in ‘Tamil Nadu’. The award was established in 1983. Award. The Dhyan Chand Awards 2010 have been conferred on Satish Pal (athletics). Birla International Awards to four awardees for their outstanding achievement in different fields. Dolly Ahluwalia for Love Aaj Kal. Sheila Dikshit Bombay Sisters Get Sangita Kalanidhi Award Bombay Sisters C.

Gurudev Singh has been chosen for the honour from the Northern region while Telugu researcher-critic Korlapati Sriramamurthy has been selected from the Southern region. Shri Sufyan Sheikh (Water Adventure) and Ms. Shankarnarayanan conferred the Businessman of the Decade Award on Ratan Tata August 13. The 2010 Announced Ramon Magsaysay Awards The Board of Trustees of the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation (RMAF) in first week of August 2010 announced this year seven individuals from Bangladesh. UNESCO Literacy Prizes Announced The six laureates of the UNESCO International Literacy Prizes for 2010 were announced in August 2010. Sankarnarayanan said relations between the two countries had witnessed a rapid growth across a broad spectrum since diplomatic ties between the two Ratan Tata countries were established in 1992. The award was given to him on behalf of the Federation of Indo-Israeli Chambers of Commerce. Christopher Bernido and Ma Victoria Carpio Bernido (the Philippines). 2010 in Mumbai. The UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy. Sunil Dutt. Sriramamurthy have been chosen for Bhasha Samman by the Sahitya Akademi for their contributions in the field of classical and medieval literature. Huo Daishan (China). Finally. Hiteshwar Saikia and Subhadra Joshi (jointly). Chandraprabha Aitwal (Lifetime Achievement). the committee decided to award the Honourable Mention of the UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy to the Coalition of Women Farmers (COWFA) in Malawi for the Women’s Land Rights Project (WOLAR). Lata Mangeshkar.H. Teesta Setalvad and Harsh Mander (jointly). Kapila Vatsyayan. Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award Announced The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports announced Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award for the year 2009 in second week of August 2010 to recognize the achievements of persons in the field of adventure. and Pan Yue and Fu Qiping (China). PD/February/2011/1553 .M. The previous recipients of the award include Mother Teresa. Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete after being crowned Miss Universe 2010. It may be added here that the Ashok Chakra has been awarded to an officer for an act of bravery while on a foreign land. Com Jai Kishan (Air Adventure). Wg. has been bagged by the Non-Formal Education Centre in National Literacy Campaign. Dilip Kumar.Ashok Chakra for Major Jyotin Singh The Ashok Chakra (the country’s highest peace time gallantry award) has been conferred on Major Laishram Jyotin Singh (Posthumously) who laid down his life in February terror attack this year. 2010 in Las Vegas. The Kirti Chakra announced by the Defence Ministry has been given to Captain Davinder Singh Jass and Superintendent of Police Vinod Kumar Chaubey. She was followed by Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillips while Miss Australia Jenista Campbell was the second runnerup at the 59th annual pageant. Maulana Wahiduddin Khan gets Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award Rajiv Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete is Miss Universe 2010 Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete (22) was crowned Miss Universe 2010 on August 24. Noman Khan (Bangladesh). Bhasha Samman for Gurudev Singh and K. Sriramamurthy A noted Punjabi scholar Gurudev Singh and a Telugu veteran K. One of two awards of the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize supported by the Republic of Korea has been won by the General Directorate of Adult Training in Cape Verde. Ratan Tata : Businessman of the Decade Maharashtra Governor K. The awardees include Tadatoshi Akiba (Japan). Japan and the Philippines the winners of Asia’s premier prize—the Ramon Magsaysay Award. Germany for the Family Literacy Project (FLY). The four persons selected for the adventure awards for the year 2009 include HC Kamlesh Kumar Boiunthiyal (Land Adventure). The second award of the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize was conferred on the State Institute for Teacher Training and School Development in Hamburg. Lauding the efforts of the Federation of Indo-Israel Chambers of Commerce for promoting closer business-tobusiness ties between India and Israel. The second award of the UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy has been given to the Governorate of Ismailia in Egypt for its programme Females for Families. A. Eminent Islamic scholar Maulana Wahiduddin Khan has been bestowed with the 18th Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award for his outstanding contribution towards the promotion of communal harmony. Ustad Bismillah Khan. China. peace and goodwill in New Delhi in August 2010.

Pride of India Award for UK's First Asian Judge Sir Mota Singh. Twenty-20 International Performance of the Year : Brendon McCullum (of New Zealand for his unbeaten 116 against Australia at Christchurch of February 28. Ramanaidu is India's most prolific film producer who has entered the Guinness Book of World Records for producing the maximum number of films (130) but also doing it in the maximum number of languages. Sachin Tendulkar. Kurup (Jnanpith Award winner for 2007) Akhlaq Khan Shaharyar (Jnanpith Award winner for 2008) pectively. Shane Watson. S.Dadasaheb Phalke Award 2009 for D.” His debut Ramudu Bheemudu in the 60s with legendary NTR. was a blockbuster. ICC Test World XI : M. Paul Collingwood. Hashim Amla. received the ‘Pride of India Award’ 2009. S. 2009 and selected it for the award from among the entries. a trophy and a citation. 2010). It was conferred on Mr. M. except Punjabi. Associate and Affiliate Player : Ryan ten Doeschate (Netherlands). Simon Katich. Talking of this accompalishment. 2010 by the Directorate of Film Festivals. 2 lakh. The List of the awardees : Sir Garfield Sobers Cricketer of the Year : Sachin Tendulkar. Test Player of the Year : Virender Sehwag. Ramanaidu has been conferred the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award 2009 by the Government of India. B. Courtney Walsh and Rachael Heyhoe Flint. ODI Player of the Year : A. Malayalam and Urdu Writers Selected for Jnanpith Awards Malayalam litterateur O. Birla Foundation and carries prize money of Rs. I plan to do that soon.V. 57th National Film Awards Announced : Amitabh gets Best Actor Award The 57th National Awards were announced on September 15. The IPI (International Press Institute) award comprises a cash prize of Rs. Kumar Sangakkara. He was honoured in absentia in September 2010 in New York. Spirit of Cricket : New Zealand. Ramanaidu Veteran film maker D. ONV Kurup is a leading voice among contemporary Malayalam poets while Shaharyar is considered as an intellectual Urdu poet. A.N. Dhoni (wicketkeeper). Premnagar was the tree. Surjit Patar Honoured with Saraswati Samman Eminent Punjabi poet Surjit Patar has received the prestigious Saraswati Samman 2009 for his collection Lafzan Di Dargah. Women’s Cricketer of the Year : Shelley Nitschke (Australia). Manmohan Singh The Appeals of Conscience Foundation based in the USA has honoured Indian Prime Minister Dr. James Anderson. S. LG People’s Choice Award : Sachin Tendulkar. O. The magazine has been honoured for its outstanding journalistic work. ONV now has 20 collections of poetry and six works of prose to his credit. Patar by the Union Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal in New Delhi in third week of September 2010. Kurup and Urdu poet Akhlaq Khan Shaharyar were on September 24. The announcement was made on September 9. K. Emerging Player : Steven Finn (England). ICC ODI World XI : Ricky Ponting (captain). Ramanaidu major Indian languages. The jury headed by former Chief Justice of India A. Michael Hussey.V.” he famously said. 2010 selected for the Jnanpith Award for 2007 and 2008 res- World Statesman Award for Dr. 2010 in Bangalore after receiving two awards simultaneously.N. Anand chose the report of Teresa Rahman (of Tehalka) on the brutal execution of a youth by security forces in broad daylight in Manipur on July 23. Dale Steyn and Doug Bollinger. 7·5 lakh. who is the United Kingdom's first Sikh and Asian judge and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II earlier this year. LG ICC Awards Given Away : Sachin is Cricketer of the Year Sachin Tendulkar emerged winner at the LG ICC Awards on October 6. Doug Bollinger and Ryan Harris. The trust notes about Akhlaq Khan Shaharyar (a leading urdu poet). Inductees into the ICC Hall of Fame : Bishan Singh Bedi. PD/February/2011/1554 . 2010. Stuart Broad. he said—“I have produced films in almost all D. The award has been instituted by the K. Graeme Swann. Tehelka Magazine Selected for IPI India Award Weekly magazine ‘Tehelka’ has been selected for IPI India Award for excellence in Journalism 2010. de Sachin Tendulkar Villiers (South Africa). Negeswara Rao-starrer Premnagar (1971) established him in the industry : “If Ramudu Bheemudu was the seed (for my success). Sachin Tendulkar. Manmohan Singh with the 2010 World Statesman Award. Umpire of the Year : Aleem Dar (Pakistan). de Villiers. Joel Garner. Daniel Vettori. D. Instituted by the India International Foundation (IIF). Virender Sehwag. B. The selection board chaired by Oriya writer and Jnanpith winner Sitakant Mahapatra made these choices for the awards. The Saraswati Samman recognises an outstanding literary work in any of the 22 Indian languages and published during the last 10 years. Dhoni (captain). Jacques Kallis.

Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja Malayalam). Unni.57th National Film Awards Name of the Award Best Feature Film Indira Gandhi Award for Best Debut Film of a Director Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration Best Film on Social Issues Best Children’s Film Best Direction Best Actor Best Actress Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress Best Child Artist Best Male Playback Singer Best Female Playback Singer Best Cinematography Best Screenplay Name of the Film Kutty Srank (Malayalam) Lahore (Hindi) : Director—Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan 3 Idiots (Hindi) Delhi 6 (Hindi) Well Done Abba (Hindi) Putaani Party (Kannda) and Keshu (Malayalam) Abohoman (Bengali) : Rituparno Ghosh Paa (Hindi) : Amitabh Bachchan Abohoman (Bengali) : Ananya Chatterjee Lahore (Hindi) : Farooque Sheikh Paa (Hindi) : Arundhati Naag Pasanga (Tamil) : Film Characters Jeeva and Anba Karasu Mahanagar@Kolkata (Bengali) : Rupam Islam Houseful (Bengali) : Neelanjana Sarkar Kutty Srak (Malayalam) : Cameraman : Anjuli Shukla Kutty Srank (Malayalam) Kanasemba Kudureyaneri (Kannada) Pasanga (Tamil) : Screenplay Writer (Original) " P. Siva Shankar Basundhara Abohoman Paa Kanasemba Kudureyaneri Palatadcho Munis Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja Natarang Passanga Padmapriya Best Audiography Best Editing Best Production Design Best Costume Designer Best Make-up Artist Best Music Direction Best Lyrics Special Jury Award Best Special Effects Best Choreography Best Assamese Film Best Bengali Film Best Hindi Film Best Kannada Film Best Konkani Film Best Malayalam Film Best Marathi Film Best Tamil Film Special Mention Non-Feature Films Name of Award Best Non-Feature Film Best Debut Non-Feature Film of a Director (Sharing) Best Compilation Film Best Environment Film Including Agriculture Best Film on Social Issues Special Jury Award Short Fiction Film Best Cinematography Best Audiography Best Editing Best Narration/Voice Over Special Mention Name of Film The Postman : Bilal Vaishnav Jan Toh. Venkiteswaran (Malayalam) PD/February/2011/1555 . Mathews and Harikrishna.F. Kerala Verma Pazasi Raja : Music Director (Songs) : Amit Trivedi Music Director (Background Score) : Ilayaraja 3 Idiots (Hindi) : Swanand Kirkire “Behti Hava Sa Tha Woh…” Kaminey (Hindi) and Kutty Srank (Malayalam) and Kerala Verma Pazhassi Raja (Malayalam) : Sreekar Prasad Magadheera (Telugu) : R. Laboratory : Adlabs Gaarud : Re-recordist (final mixed trade) : Lipika Singh Darai In Camera—Tarun Bhartiya In Camera : Ranjan Palit VILAY—Cinematographer : Nitika Bhagat Best Writing on Cinema Name of Award Best Book on Cinema Special Mention Best Film Critic Name of Film Cinemma Yaana (Kannada)—Publisher : Hasiru Prakashana. Puttaswamy Eka Studioche Atmavrutta : Prabhakar Pendharkar C. K. Screenplay Writer (Adapted) : Dialogues : Pandiraj Kaminey (Hindi). Kamal Kannan Magadheera (Telugu) : K. Author : Dr. S. India Kelkkunnundo : Child artisit—Aasna Aslam Boond Gaarud : Cameraman : Deepu S. Ekti Kaktaliyo Golpo) Pancham Unmixed In for Motion Mr. 3 Idiots (Hindi) Abohoman (Bengali) : Arghyakamal Mitra Delhi 6 (Hindi) : Samir Chanda Kutty Srank (Malayalam) : Jayakumar Paa (Hindi) : Christein Tinsley and Dominie Till Dev D (Hindi).

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research. Mumbai (Physical Sciences). Miss USA Alexandria Mills Crowned Miss World 2010 Miss USA Alexandria Mills was crowned the 60th Miss World 2010 on October 30. Kanpur. His ‘artificial glacier’ has helped farmers in the dry and difficult regions of Ladakh get water supply in April and May—the most crucial period of sowing. The award for development and welfare of women and children was given to Shakuntala Choudhary.” Jamnalal Bajaj Awards Presented President Pratibha Patil on October 28. Wei Zhang has been recognised for making a profound influence at the young age of 29 in a wide range of areas of mathematics. Chandhiok Honoured with Sikh of the Year Award Additional Solicitor General and Delhi High Court Bar Association President A. was given the award for outstanding contribution in the field of constructive work. Disarmament and Development for 2010 Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva the outgoing President of Brazil has been chosen for the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace. Sandeep Verma. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. loss and male friendship” and explores what it means to be Jewish in today’s age. and worked to strengthen bonds among developing countries …… His priority from the start was inclusive growth and Luiz Inacio Lula the consolidation and expansion of da Silva social programmes. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research. Chewang Norphel. Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology. Vaidya has been active in many movements in Gujarat and Rajasthan for betterment of the poor and the marginalised. Mumbai. Delhi. Indian Institute of Technology. Bangalore. Indian Statistical Institute. Bangalore and Kalobaran Maiti. Ann Sidney (1964). Sciences. was presented the award for application of science and technology for rural development. 2010 to mark the foundation day of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). The others awardees include Swapan K. Lula da Silva Honoured with Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace.K. Jacobson who was born in Manchester currently lives in London. ‘The Finkler Question’ is described as a novel Howard Jacobson about “love. Harvard University (USA) has been honoured with the 2010 SASTRA Ramanujan Prize. The Finkler Question is the semi-autobiographical comic take on his Jewish identity. Lula has championed the cause of global south. It may be mentioned here that SASTRA Ramanujan Prize was established in 2005 and is given annually for outstanding contribution by very young mathematicians in areas influenced by Indian mathematician Srinivasan Ramanujan. A. Miss Botswana Emma Wareus was named the first runner-up while Miss Venezuela Adriana Vasini was named the second runner-up. The jury included former Miss World winners Denise Perrier Lan franchi (1953). S. As per a recent release from the Shanmugha Arts. The awards were announced on September 26. G. Chunnibhai Vaidya. He won this prestigious prize after beating Tom Mc Carthy’s C and Emma Donoghue’s Room. Technology. Dr. Indian Institute of Science. The release notes—“Mr. Bangalore. Pune and Shubha Tole of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Disarmament and Development for 2010. Mary Stavin (1977) Agbani Darego (2001) and Miss World 2010 Alexandria Mills Maria Julia Mant. Atmosphere. a 74-year-old civil engineer from Ladakh. The awardees for Biological Sciences include Sanjeev Galande of the National Centre for Cell Science. Indian beauty Manasvi Mamgai even failed to find a place in the top 20. This was announced in release issued by the Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust. Umesh Vasudeo Waghmare. S. Pati.Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Awards Announced 2010 Three women have figured in the list of nine scientists chosen for the prestigious Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize 2010. Ananthasuresh. 2010 presented the Jamnalal Bajaj Awards for 2010 for outstanding contributions in social development. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay. Mitali Mukerji. Ocean and Planetary Sciences and Mathematical Sciences. a nonagenarian from Ahmedabad. Mr. The award for S&T Innovations for Rural Development 2009 has been received by the Indian Oil Corporation’s Research and Development Centre in Faridabad. Research Academy (SASTRA) University. This year no award is being given in Earth. Wei Zhang Wins SASTRA Ramanujan Prize Wei Zhang—a Benjamin Pierce instructor at the Department of Mathematics. Kolkata (Engineering Sciences). Howard Jacobson : Winner of the 2010 Man Booker Prize for Fiction British writer and journalist Howard Jacobson’s novel ‘The Finkler Question’ has won the 2010 Man Booker Prize for Fiction. Chandhiok has been PD/February/2011/1556 . 2010 in China’s Sanya City. It is for the first time that three women have been named for these prestigious awards. a nonagenarian from Assam.

and wages are affected by regulation and Christopher Pissarides. light panels and may be even solar cells”. The Nobel Committee for Chemistry at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said in a statement—“Palladium—catalysed cross coupling is used in research worldwide as well as in the commercial production of—for example. with job seekers finding available job and mics for 2010 thereby creating balance. Llosa is one of the great Latin American storytellers—a master of dialogue who has been searching for the elusive concept known as the total novel and who believes in the power of fiction to improve upon the world”. Llosa’s first major international breakthrough came in 1963. Robert Edwards Physics Russian born Andrei Geim and Konstantin Novoselov of Manchester University were named joint winners of the Nobel Prize for Physics for 2010. The jury lauded the trio for their analysis of markets with search frictions which helps explain how unemployment. pharmaceuticals and molecules used in the electronics industry”. Liu has been given the award for his calls for political reform. Winner for Literature His other profoundly influential novel was The Feast of the Goat (2000). It was Robert Edwards whose pioneering research with his late colleague Patrick Steptoe (who died in 1988) led to the birth of the world’s first test tube baby. As a material graphene is completely new and almost completely transparent yet so dense that not even helium (the smallest gas atom) can pass through it. Ei-ichi Negishi and Richard Heck shared the prize for the development of palladium—‘catalysed cross coupling’. Literature Peruvian—Spanish author and one of the most renowned novelists of his generation Mario Vargas Llosa (74) has won the Nobel Prize for Literature for 2010 for “his Cartography of structures of power and his trenchant images of the individual’s resistance. They have been bestowed with the award for their groundbreaking work on experiments with graphene—a new form of carbon. Death in the Andes (1993). Heck. Heck from United States of America have won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for 2010 in October 2010. Peter Diamond and Dale economic policy. Economics Three economists—Peter Diamond and Dale Mortensen of USA and British–Cypriot Christopher Pissarides have won the 2010 Nobel Economics Prize. “Such rights are a prerequisite for the fraternity between Winner for Peace nations of which Alfred Nobel wrote in his will”. winners of the 2010 Nobel Physics Prize Chemistry Three scientists—Akira Suzuki and Ei-ichi Negishi from Japan and Richard F. Thus graphene has immense possibilities. The Prize Committee said—“Since it is practically transparent and a good conductor. They have been awarded the Nobel Prize for inventing new ways to bind carbon atom with uses that range from fighting cancer to producing thin computer screens. revolt and defeat”. PD/February/2011/1557 . It said in a statement—“His work has made possible the treatment of infertility—a medical condition that affects a large proportion of humanity including more than 10% of couples worldwide” Edwards along with his late colleague Steptoe founded the Bourn Hall Clinic in Cambridge—which is the world’s first In-Vetro-Fertilization Centre. Other well known works include Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter (1977). It is important to mention that as per traditional theory labour Mortensen : The Nobel Prize Winners of Econo. job should work on their own. They have been awarded for their work on why supply and demand do not always meet in the labour market and elsewhere. “The Norwegian Nobel Committee has long believed that there is a close connection between The 2010 Nobel Prize human rights and peace” it said in a statement. He has been given this award for his pioneering work in in-vitro-fertilization (IVF).NOBEL PRIZES 2010 The Nobel Prizes for 2010 were announced in October 2010. Mario Vargas Llosa Mr. graphene could be used for producing transparent touch screens. (From left) Akira Suzuki. Professor Konstantin Novoselov (left) and Professor Andrei Geim. Professor Geim is Dutch citizen. Ei-ichi Negishi and Richard F. more recently. Peace Chinese political activist Liu Xiaobo (aged 54) who is in the jail has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2010. The Nobel Assembly at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute which awarded the prize (worth ten million Swedish Kronor) described his work as a milestone of modern medicine. The War of the End of the World (1981) and. The winners of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The Norwegian Nobel Committee which gives the award said—“Mr. with the publication of the novel The 2010 Nobel Prize The Time of the Hero. The jury also noted that the trio’s work in search theory can also be applied to other areas including housing markets and public economics besides labour markets. Medicine British scientist Robert Edwards has been selected for the 2010 Nobel Prize for Medicine. Akira Suzuki. for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights Liu Xiaobo in China”. ‘Conversation in the Cathedral’ published in 1969 was his monumental work. In the words of Peter England— Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy—“Mr. But the Diamond–Mortensen–Pissarides or DMP model–developed by the three show that markets do not always work in this way.

Turkey and the Bridge School Xiashi. Lin Dan of China Indira Gandhi Ranked 9th Most Powerful Woman of the Century in ‘Time’ List India’s Indira Gandhi. As China’s badminton ace. 1 lakh went to 'Kusum'. 'Special Jury Mention Award' with a cash prize of Rs. 2010. Rudisha. Aga Khan Awards Announced The 2010 Aga Khan Awards were presented on November 24. the Ipekyol Textile Factory. 19-11-1917–31-10-84 who is ranked 22nd. Praneet Kaur. 2010 in Doha Qatar. directed by Sangeeta Padmanabhan and 'Certificate of Appreciation from the Jury' went to 'In curable India' directed by Umesh Aggarwal. the Beijing Olympic gold medalist and twotimes world champion. 2010. Vasudha Award Jointly given to ‘Niyamgiri’ and ‘Kaippad’ Short films on environmental issues ‘Niyamgiri You Are Still Alive’. who was the first American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. the Madinat Al Zahra Museum Cordoba. Rudisha. a film directed by Shumona Banerjee. the Revitalisation of the Hypercentre of Tunis Tunisia. The winning five projects include Wadi Hanifa Wetlands. 2010. Italy. The list of ‘25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century’ is topped by Jane Addams.honoured with the Sikh of Year 2010 award. Spain. broke the longstanding 800 metres world record twice this season while 27-yearold Vlasic won both the European outdoors and world indoors titles. 'The Silver Lamp Tree Award' with prize money of Rs. Indira Gandhi Besides Indira and Mother Teresa. Spain won ‘The Golden Lamp Tree Award’ and a cash prize of Rs. the country’s only government award for an environmental film.with Awards/Trophies gious award having first broken the record in Berlin in August with a time of 1 minute 41·09 seconds before bettering that mark with 1:41·01 in Rieti. were declared joint winners of ‘The Vasudha Award’. The Forum presents the award every year to a distinguished person for his/her achievement in different fields. of 19 projects announced in May 2010. on November 30. PLACES IN THE NEWS Kolar District The country’s biggest grid-connected solar power plant has been set up at Yelesandra village in Bangarpet taluk of Kolar district and was commissioned on June 17. 21. Fujian. The award which includes a citation and a memento has been instituted by the Sikh Forum International. also completed a career grand slam by being crowned the games singles champion. Singh. Past recipients include Montek Singh Ahluwalia. 2 lakh was awarded to 'Charulata… A sequel of the Life Untold'. 5 lakh in the international section of short films. A total of 401 projects were presented for consideration for the 2010 award. 3 lakh. and ‘Kaippad’. Lin. It is noteworthy that Aga Khan Award for Architecture was established in 1977 by His Highness the Aga Khan with a view to enhancing the understanding and appreciation of Islamic culture as expressed through architecture. Lin Dan was selected from five finalists for the Samsung MVP Award. Lin Dan is Most Valuable Player of 16th Asiad 2010 China’s Lin Dan has been named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the Guangzhou Asian Games. He has been given this award for his outstanding achievement in the legal field and working for betterment of society. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is ranked sixth on the list. an outspoken advocate for women’s suffrage. ‘Extinction-II’ directed by Fernando Uson Fornies. directed by Babu ‘Kambrath.000 barrels per day. Riyadh. J. China. world’s longest serving woman Prime Minister. PD/February/2011/1558 . It may be noteworthy that the award instituted by the Short Film Centre (SFC) at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) carried a cash prize of Rs. He won two gold medals in the men’s team and individual badminton events. a list that also included Mother Teresa. a week later. 2010 by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) which is sports’ governing body. The winner of the award at the 2006 Doha Asian Games was swimmer Park. Sikh historian Patwant Singh and former Army Chief General J. Saudi Arabia. no other woman from the sub-continent has figured in the Time magazine list which was released on November 19. has been ranked by the Time magazine as the 9th most powerful woman of the past century. Vlasic IAAF Athletes of the Year 2010 Kenya’s running sensation David Rudisha and Croatia’s high jump star Blanka Vlasic were named male and female athletes of the year respectively on November 21. Rudisha is the youngest athlete ever David Rudisha and Blanka Vlasic to win the presti. It has been estimated that 1·7 million gallons of oil have been flowing out of the ruptured well of the BP owned Deepwater Horizon Offshore rig daily with flow rate of 40. Edrine. The winning projects were selected by an independent Master jury from a short list Gulf of Mexico Gulf of Mexico hogged the headlines of newspapers recently because of what might be the most serious setback to date in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis. directed by Suma Josson.

5 crore. Thanjavur Big Temple The ceremony to mark the completion of the 1000th year of the Thanjavur Big Temple constructed by Raja Raja Chola I will be held in Thanjavur from September 25 to 26. Everest Basanta Kumar Singha Roy.4 magnitude earthquake struck much of New Zealand devastating Christchurch—the second largest city in first week of September 2010. Petermann Glacier An ice Island four times the size of Manhattan broke off from one of Greenland’s two main glaciers—one of them is the Petermann Glacier. The expedition was planned and executed by the Mountaineers Association of Krishna Nagar (MAK). Ayodhya Ayodhya once again became the topic of discussion and debate and hogged the headlines of newspapers when the honourable the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court pronounced the long-awaited judgement over the vexed issue of the Ramjanambhoomi-Babri Masjid a site located in Ayodhya on September 30. The Exercise was named ‘Indradhanush’. Johannesburg Johannesburg is a city of South Africa where 19th edition of World Cup Football was organized in June-July 2010 in which Spain emerged victorious.600 years ago. Birbhum District At least 69 people were killed and more than 150 injured in one of the decade’s worst train accidents in India at the Sainthia Station in West Bengal’s Birbhum district on July 19. The Tamil Nadu government announced this in August 2010. San Jose Mine 33 miners were rescued from Chilean mine—San Jose Mine after being trapped in that mine for more than two months in second week of October. 2010. Hyderabad The International Congress of Mathematicians was recently held in August 2010 in Hyderabad. Jaipur’s Jantar Mantar The 34th session of the World Heritage Committee held in Brasilia in the first week of August 2010 has inscribed Jantar Mantar in the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s World Heritage List. Dehradun The inaugural South Asian winter Games will be held in Dehradun in Uttarakhand in January 2011. The port costing $ 1·5 billion was built with Chinese assistance and is being marketed by Sri Lanka as a mega infrastructure project. The five days conference was inaugurated by President Pratibha Patil. culture ministry said. The 10-day festival provided an opportunity for Indian film industry to compete with best of the world. 2010. Nepal. Christchurch A powerful 7. It is the biggest such event in the Arctic in nearly 50 years. Hambantota Port Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa opened the newly built port in Hambantota on November 18. Bangladesh. Jaitpur The 9. Nalanda The Union Cabinet has cleared the Nalanda University Bill 2010 paving the way for the establishment of Nalanda University at Nalanda in Bihar at an estimated cost of Rs. Maldives. 2010. Leh Hundreds of people were killed in Leh as flash floods caused by torrential rains hit Leh town and adjoining villages on August 6. Panaji The 41st International Film Festival of India (IFFI) was organised in Goan capital Panaji. 2010 whereas Ajay Devgan was the guest of honour at the festival. The festival was inaugurated by Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee on November 22. Bhutan. 3600-year-Old Egyptian City Unearthed Austrian archaeologists have located an underground Egyptian city believed to be Avaris. a PNB employee posted at Circle Office Kolkata along with his team recently scaled Mount Everest and hoisted the PNB’s flag on the summit. 2010. Several important buildings were also washed away in the floods. 2010 and later rescued. 2010. Mt. 100.900 megawatt Jaitpur power project to be set up in collaboration with a French firm Areva in Maharashtra on November 28. South Pole India will mount its first scientific expedition to the South Pole in November 2010 to mark the centenary of the first successful expedition to the southern end of the world by the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen. the capital used by Hyksos who ruled 3. The 33 miners caught in a collapse on August 5. 2010 on the contending title claims to the disputed site made by the Muslim Waqf Board and Hindu Dharm Sansad. Sri Lanka and Pakistan are expected to take part in the Games. 2010 received clearance PD/February/2011/1559 . 2010 spent 17 days in isolation before being located by drillers on August 22. The Austrian mission identified parts of Avaris in the Nile Delta near the modern town of Tal al-Dabaa.Coimbatore The First World Classical Tamil Conference was held in Coimbatore in last week of June 2010. Kalaikunda Air Force Station (West Bengal) A joint exercise by the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Royal Air Force (RAF) of the United Kingdom of the United Kingdom was held at the Kalaikunda Air Force station in West Bengal’s Paschim Midnapur district in October 2010.

Sikkim has dislodged the usual top ranker Kerala as the State with the highest suicide rate in the country. Sudan and Chad. 300 in South Asia and five in high income countries. Orissa. with a rate of 46. 78. 2010. The risk of a woman in a developing country dying from a pregnancy-related cause is 36 times higher than that of a woman in a developed country. REPORTS India. the United Nations Population Fund and the World Bank. Pak 10th. released by the World Health Organization. An analysis by MPI creators reveals that there are more ‘MPI poor’ people in eight Indian States (42·1 crore in Bihar. 570 lived in sub-Saharan Africa. or ‘deprivations’ at the household level from education to health outcomes. said the report called Trends in Maternal Mortality. shows that the proportion of the under nourished in India is declining. followed by Zimbabwe. The Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) was developed and applied by the Oxfort Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHDI) with the UNDP support and will feature in the forthcoming 20th anniversary edition of the UNDP Human Development Report due late in October.000 live births during 2001-03. India’s immediate neighbour Myanmar has been placed at 13.000 plus children who are stunted. followed by China with 22 per cent.2 per lakh of population. Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal) than in the 26 poorest African countries combined (41 crore).from the Environment Ministry which prescribed 35 conditions and safeguards.000 in 2008.000 child birth related deaths took place in India. Of these. Rajasthan. Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal together account for more poor people than the 26 poorest African nations combined. Sri Lanka at 22. While the report. China is ranked at 57th place. Even Sudan. India 87th In the 2010 Failed State Index released by the prestigious Foreign Policy magazine. assesses a range of critical factors India’s Position Dismal in Global Hunger Index Times of India correspondent Rukmini Shrinivasan reports that India dropped two ranks to 67th among 84 developing countries in the International Food Policy Research Institute’s annual ‘Global Hunger Index’ for 2010. says a UN report released on September 15. newborn and child survival” report.5 per lakh. Somalia’s capital. PD/February/2011/1560 . Jharkhand. presented a new and worrying trend of an escalation of suicides in smaller States. Pakistan stands at 10th. the worsening ranking indicates that other developing countries have done better in tackling hunger. the maximum of 48 per cent are in India. China in November 2010 in which China led the medals tally followed by South Korea and Japan.58. Yet it is on the Top Women dying from complications during pregnancy and child birth fell 34 per cent from 5. NTPC (Nuclear Thermal Power Corporation) along with French firm Areva will develop the plant. The MPI. India's maternal mortality ratio declined to 254 per 100. Guangzhou 16th Asiad Games were held in Guangzhou. including Bihar. a non-governmental organisation. working out to a 31·2 per cent share of the total affected children among the developing countries. 2010. Somalia tops the list. Sikkim.000 live births in 2004-06 from 301 per 100. The magazine said that Somalia saw yet another year plagued by lawlessness and chaos.” India’s Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) Declines. Madhya Pradesh. with pirates plying the coast while radical Islamist militias tightened their grip on the streets of Mogadishu. According to WHO. India has 60.9 per lakh. according to the Sample Registration System of the Registrar General of India. Kerala dropped to the fourth position with a suicide rate of 25 per lakh. about 1. Failed States of the World : Somalia Tops the List. with a suicide rate of 48. While twothirds of the total child population across the world is affected by stunting. Nepal at 25.46. a new ‘multidimensional’ measure of global poverty has said. North Korea and Pakistan rank higher than India. Sikkim has the Highest Suicide Rate According to a regional representative of the World Health Organisation on suicide prevention and founder of SNEHA.000 in 1990 to 3.3 per cent annually—fell short of the 5·5 per cent needed to achieve the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of reducing the maternal mortality ratio by 75 per cent between 1990 and 2015. Chhattisgarh. to assets and services. These findings have been unveiled by the WHO’s “Countdown to 2015—Taking stock of maternal. China have Maximum Stunted Children : WHO Report A WHO (World Health Organisation) report reveals that India is home to the maximum number of stunted or low-height-for-age children in the world. Norway is ranked at the bottom of the list. and Puducherry. which supplants the Human Poverty Index. while the Andaman and Nicobar Islands ranked third with a rate of 34. UNICEF.000 women died due to these complications. Eight Indian States Poorer than Africa’s 26 Poorest : A Report Eight Indian States. Of the 1000. The decline—about 2. 2010. Every day in 2008. stunting or low-height-for-age is a “particularly important health indicator as it reflects long term nutritional deficiencies with implications for growth and development of children now and in future generations. released on October 11. India is ranked 87th in a list of 177 countries.

SMTA—Standard Material Transfer Agreement. INTACH—Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage. Princeton University Press 5. The committee headed by Pranab Sen. Before Memory Fades —An Autobiography : Fali S. CWG—Commonwealth Games. ATGM—Anti-Tank Guided Missile.. The Beijing Consensus : How China’s Authoritarian Model will Dominate the Twenty-first Century —By Stefan Halper 6. International Criminal Law and Human Rights —Edited by Manoj Kumar Surha 2. Aftershock : Reshaping the World Economy After the Crisis —By Philippe Legrain. UAV—Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Securing the State —By David Omand Columbia. In 2005-06 about 44% of Indian children below five years were under-weight and nearly half-48%—were stunted. NPCDCS—National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer. —Edited by Anand Kumar and Manish Tiwari 3. Though Mumbai's slum population was 6·5 million in the 2001 census. DASA—Direct Admission of Students Abroad DEAL—Defence Electronics Application Laboratory. MCZMA—The Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority. Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke. principal adviser to the Planning Commission and former chief statistician. BOOKS AND AUTHORS 1. Over 8 million Slum Dwellers in Mumbai by 2011 The country's financial capital Mumbai will have around 8·68 people living in slums by next year. Nariman 10. SCOPE—Standing Conference of Public Enterprises. NCHRH—National Council for Human Resource in Health NGRBA—National Ganga River Basin Authority. projected the slum population in 2011 at 93·06 million. Diabetes. The 2001 census figures pegged the slum population at 52·40 million. not withstanding the high growth economy and focus on ‘inclusiveness’. The Fragrance of Forgotten Years —By Bikees Latif Published by Rupa and Co. FIC—Fast Interceptor Craft. NMEEE—National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency. Harper 7. according to a news methodology adopted by an expert panel appointed by the housing and urban poverty alleviation ministry. Islam in A Globalised World—Negotiating Faultlines —Edited by Mushirul Hasan 11. MMRCA—Medium Multi Role Combat Aircraft. CCI—Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure. BSF—Benefit Sharing Fund. Mumbai is followed by Delhi with 3·16 million people estimated to be living in slums by 2011 compared to 2·3 million in 2001. New Delhi 9. Awakening Giants. Quest for Participatory Democracy Towards Understanding the Approach of Gandhi and Jaya Prakash Narain. NIAS—National Institute of Advanced Studies. Feet of Clay : Assessing the economic rise of China and India —By Pranab Bardhan ACRONYMS AHRC—Asian Human Rights Commission AIDWA—All India Democratic Women’s Association AIS—Automatic Identification Systems. It is an irony indeed that the policy makers in India who are still fighting over the need to have an expansive National Food Security Act are yet to look at the dismal figures. Littee Brown 4. up from 75·36 million in 2001 as per the new methodology. IFFI—International Film Festival of India IGMDP—Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme. FAC—Fast Attack Craft. CDCP—Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. The Party : The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers —By Richard McGregor. MTA—Multirole Transport Aircraft NCDC—National Centre for Disease Control. SOJNMS—School of Journalism and New Media Studies. CSR—Centre for Social Research. ITPGRFA—International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. Fault Lives : How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy —Raghuram Rajan.India is home to 42% of the under-weight children under the age of five in the world. said the country's slum population had grown by 17·8 million people in the last decade. University Press USA 8. NLD—National League for Democracy. HINDRAF—Hindu Rights Action Force. GDD—Global Disease Detection. CICA—Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia. MPI—Multi-dimensional Poverty Index. The expert committee set up to estimate ‘reliable’ urban slum population. PFRDA —Pension Fund and Regulatory and Development Authority. the panel's methodology estimated it at 6·8 million. PD/February/2011/1561 .

.12. —By Mahmood Farooqui New Delhi 27. The Feast of the Goat —By Mario Vargas Llosa a Nobel laureate 35. Agra-2 and Printed by him at Pratiyogita Darpan Printing Unit. Besieged—Voices from Delhi 1857. Agra. Printed and Published by Mahendra Jain for M/s Pratiyogita Darpan. Wolf. Climatopolis : How our Cities will Thrive in the Hotter Future —By Mathew Kahn. MD Publications. New Delhi 32. New Delhi 14. The Arabs and the Holocaust : The Arab-Israeli War of Narratives —By Gilbert Achcar. Obama's War —By Bob Woodward 31. Turned out Nice : How the British Isles will Change as the World Heats up —By Marek Kohn Faber & Faber 26. Indian Origins of Arab-Islamic Scientific and Literary Heritage —By Abdul Ali. 5 & 6 Bye Pass Road. Basic Books 25. S. Superpower ? The Amazing Race Between China’s Hare and India’s Tortoise —By Raghav Bahl 21. The Grand Design —By Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow 28. There is Power in a Union : The Epic Story of Labor in America —By Philip Dray 29. Mehta 15. War on Terrorism or American Strategy for Global Dominance —By Manzoor Alam P.S. M. 2/11A. Metropolitan Books 20. Foundations of Tilak’s Nationalism—Discrimination. The Tryst Betrayed—Reflections on Diplomacy and Development —By Jagat S. —By Asheem Srivastav and Suvira Srivastava 18. Naipaul 22. Published by Sanskriti. Muhammad : A Story of the Last Prophet —By Deepak Chopra 33. A Rift in Time : Travels with My Ottoman Uncle —By Raja Shehadeh 19. Keeping the Faith : Memoirs of a Parliamentarian —By Somnath Chatterjee 13.Darpan Edited. State and Foreign Policy in South Asia —Edited by Jivanta Schottli and Siegfried O. Swaminathan 24. Outlines of the Protohistoric Chronology of Western Asia —By Kesari Balakrishna Pillai 16. A Journey —An autobiography by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair 23. Science and Sustainable Food Security —Selected Papers of Dr. Harmony —By Prince Charles of Britain 36. Swadeshi Bima Nagar. Of Thee I Sing : A Letter to My Daughters —By Barack Obama 30. Education and Hindutva —By Parimala Rao 17. The Masque of Africa —By Indian-Origin Nobel Laureate V. Ecological Meltdown—Impact of unchecked Human Growth on the Earth’s Natural Systems. Conversations with Myself —By Nelson Mandela 34.

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