“Vivah” Wedding Mall

One Stop Destination for wedding

Prepared By Hetal Modi Chirag Gandhi

Co-owner: Hetal Modi Chirag Gandhi Hathisinh Kamaria Bhavik Parekh Hemali Jadfava

Description of business: Our business will provide products like wedding dresses, cosmetics items and event management service, invitation cards and all other wedding related items at one place. We will sale various stores. we would also rent stores to smaller wedding item store owners. we will also establish two wedding hall on a floor. We will also maintain a friendly, fair and creative service environment, which greetings diversity, ideas, and hard work. The contact will be on package system. Event management contacts will depend according to the customer’s demand. We are assuring you a perfect arrangement of starting a new part of life.


management. 2010 Dr. the market.Our total invested money is around 50 crore. Equally we will invest 10 crore by each partner. office rent. We are pleased to submit the Business Plan on the wedding mall –“Vivah – The Wedding Mall”. and the store itself. J. It might include office equipment. Permission Letter 28th October. the wedding products.S Joshipura Director. For carry on the business this debt will cover the portion of the expenses which we can not finance with our invested amount of money. Dear Sir. stationary items etc. . We also have an alternative plan to take a loan which will amount the 50% of the total invested money and to be paid off over 3 years with 10% interest. financing. The plan basically focuses on the Entrepreneurial aspects of setting up a wedding mall and tries to give an in-depth analysis in terms of the industry. Somlalit Institute Of Business Management Permission for submitting the business plan.

Hetal Modi Chirag Gandh . Thanking you. We are grateful for your valuable advice and kind cooperation. Sincerely.We thank you for giving us the opportunity to explore critically the entrepreneurial aspects of establishing a new wedding mall that has become a lucrative business the country and worldwide.

we will develop the marketing strategy keeping them at the center.Currently there are many established malls. entrepreneurial opportunities and skills. In addition to selling those Our target market is obviously the brides and bridegrooms. we have to develop some strong marketing tools. Himalaya Mall etc.Executive Summary “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Now that we. We project our sales to be minimum 10% of the capital in the first year. in order to compete with them. have decided to start and run a wedding mall. the middle-aged married guardians will get preference in our marketing strategy. operation. we must develop a very efficient business plan to run the business successfully in the long run. Our main objective will be to capture the large percentage of the market in one year of starting the business and retain it in the long run as well. for which we will make some promotional campaigns so that the habit of shopping for wedding by the brides and bridegrooms themselves is built over time. management. financing. including marketing. We will also try to change this tradition. . The store will offer wedding products & services to its customers.. Since most of the customers are seen to be women. So. including Central Mall. the five partners. We’ll consider all the factors necessary for establishing and running a successful business. However. We have decided our wedding mall’s name to be “VIVAH”. their parents and guardians are mostly seen to do the shopping for them. and above all. Reliance Mall.

However. We will personally appoint the necessary personnel in our stores. In total. we won’t be sticking to conventional or traditional products or services. So we will be accomplishing the management task ourselves. In case of finance. we will generate huge revenues from the beginning of the second year. We are capable of doing it as we come from a diverse background and sound knowledge in our fields. the five partners. 2 security guards. In addition. A SWOT analysis may sound like a form of mission planning for James Bond. However. not tomorrow. CFO. and services . we will run some promotional campaigns in which we will be attracting giant players in wedding accessories to buy office space in advance. we are not likely to incur any loss because market research shows that other bridal stores are quite high profitable. as entrepreneurs. supervise. Most part of the investment amount will be spent while establishing and operating the store in the very beginning. a architect initially. 1 project Manager. products. Opportunities and Threats. Weaknesses. and lead. the primary source of the store’s financing will be our initial investment of about rs 10 crore . control. We. will be the owner-managers. And again. which is not likely to be because we’re already doing an effective plan for that. We will always look for new ideas. We have done a thorough SWOT analysis at the end of the marketing plan. so there is not likely to be any problem in financing our business in near future. We will need the initial huge investment amount for buying a space and starting the construction of the mall space at stadium Road. Finally. and direct them as well. running a business forces to focus on the issues and fire burning today. We are 5 members that makes a total investment of about rs 50 crore. as a result of our effective marketing activities. A SWOT simply stands for: Strengths. to get our store more & more competitive advantages.SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis is a business tool available in the tool box of any small business owner. We won’t finance our business from outside sources unless it is too emergency. and then make our customers get used to them through extensive marketing strategies. we will appoint personnel: a CEO. since there is no bridal mall.

Vision . o Contribute to the overall satisfaction of our customers and focusing o Co-operation. integrity. observe the products and prices very well. and feel comfortable. It will clearly attract most of the customers because they prefer to shop where they get enough room to roam around. fairness.Business Overview Vivah Wedding will be one of its kind wedding store in ahmedabad. Customers will feel good about our mall when they will see more products at which they would purchase at a one stop destination. teamwork and partnerships. The vision of the Lovely Wedding-o To provide the quality and innovative products to meet the requirements of the customers.. and respect. The vision of the Lovely Wedding -- “To bring all wedding related products & services under one roof for customers and enhance there shopping experience by bringing latest in wedding accessories. . o Continuous learning o Honesty.

Therefore. People are used to spend as much as possible in a wedding ceremony and this tradition is not going to change in near future. As we are going to provide each and everything regarding to a wedding ceremony and so far we know that there is no shop where one can get chance to buy everything what ever they want for a wedding.Industry Analysis Wedding is one of the most important events in everyone’s life. Everyone gets married at least once in life. As the wedding function is special. In India the customs and procedures of wedding events have changed much. So it is certainly a great strength for us. the wedding mall business will be very profitable over time if the perfect strategies of marketing are adopted. So we think it will be strength for us as we will have leading players in wedding accessories in our mall. it is very . we the executive body decided to put more emphasis on providing quality service. We know for a business. SWOT Analysis : Strenghts : STRENGTHS We are the pioneer in our city The concept of a wedding mall is totally unique in our city. The weddings in India is becoming glamorous day by day the way people celebrate a wedding. the need for wedding accessories will never decrease. the customers of course will want to choose among different alternatives. So. We will provide quality service So far we planned for our business. And after watching the entire alternative. We are going to have huge collection We will have latest in wedding at our each store each store will provide a unique experience for customers. it’s increasing day by day. Moreover. they will buy the appropriate and suitable one for them. It’s a necessity that has been being perceived since the very early age of human being.

new Concept. No other bridal store performs this activity. which other stores don’t actually perform. We will run promotional campaigns. But we are able to overcome this obstacle at the very first stage through extensive advertising and promotion. Weaknesses Unawareness Unawareness AS it’s a new concept for customers is our main weakness.important to pay attention to the product quality as it attracts customer. . So it is definitely a great strength for our store. So it is sure that our service will be strength for us. As we are the first in this business and this is the first time that we have come up with such unique idea. Lack of product knowledge. • Extensive marketing strategy We will mostly emphasize on marketing and advertising activities. banners and many more. advertise on newspapers. • Roping in various players Roping in various players will be an issue as smaller players may not have proper resource to fit in there products in a mall. renting them will also increase administrative hurdles. it is obvious that we will have lack of product knowledge.

In market environment we often observe that many business fail due to the lack of education of the founder. Since we will have the largest market share in a very short period. We will consider it as our opportunity. But in our case the situation is different. . As it is the capital and central part of our country. we may also start small wedding related shops on our own like puja material store. Higher demand and increasing popularity Our business will certainly have higher demand and its popularity will increase day by day as people will get all the necessary items in one mall and as they will get to know about our store and its USP from advertisements and also from other people. there will always be demand for wedding related products.. he usually fails to carry on with his business. As he has less education. we’ll also be able to expand our business in different parts of our country. Entrepreneurial opportunities Because of the all time needs of wedding.Opportunities • Expansion in other areas of India Up till now we decided to operate our wedding mall in the ahmedabad city. They need not to search couples of markets to get their desired items. decorative item store. • • • . • We the owner of the business are educated We the five executives as well as the shareholders of the wedding mall are educated and studied in the field of business.

Ahmedabad continue to experience rapid expansion and prosperity. it has become more business focused. But we already said that we have plan to expand our business out of . So we may not face any major hurdles due to it. come up with more attractive feature than us. The national economy has been gaining momentum. In that time as we will expand our operations widely. As these regions accept many newcomers from the rust belt and other areas. it may happen that businessmen. after acquiring knowledge from us. it may creates any problems or chaos • Huge competitors Since we will be the first modern wedding mall in ahmedabad.Threats : • More Expansion/Diversification May Lead to Chaos Up till now our wedding mall will operate in the ahmedabad city. It always inhibits the growing of business. In our country Political situation is very good and especially Gujarat. Gujarat is developing at a very fast pace and with so SEZs and SBUs coming up in Gujarat the level of income will remain higher.. . PASTEL Analysis: Political Environment: Sound political situation helps to grow sound business condition. It will become a threat for us. Economic Environment: India is a developing country. Many businesses continue to expand job creation has advanced at a steady clip. Business is booming in the grass root level. The annual growth rates of new small businesses are soaring. the entrepreneurs have a very suitable conditions for operating business..

any operation related to those technologies should not face any problem regarding market demand. Current Marketing Situation : Our Vivah . . decoration on contractual basis. The strong competitors include Central Mall. we must make sure that we carefully perform all the marketing functions. Most of the customer go abroad to do their shopping. the market for a wedding service is growing for a whole year around.Technology: From the end of the 20th century. We will offer superior and unique products and services to our customers. We think. Legal Concern: Rules and regulations of Indian shop act and other guidelines for developing a mall are to be followed.Himalaya Mall. use of computer and other technology have increased in a dramatic rate. But. We want to attract those customers providing them quality products in Ahmedabad being a metro city. The brand names of those stores are very well known.Wedding Mall is a pioneer company for which the most vital issue to its success and profitability in the long run is marketing.There are some wellknown malls that are providing with the different services like photography. and store in and around CG ROAD. People are very much familiar with them and want to use them. Analysis of Competitor: We are going to face strong competition because there are already many established and well-experienced bridal stores in this industry. Reliance Mall . we have likelihood to acquire the largest share of this yet-toidentify market as we possess the knowledge and skills as well as the intention to do so. So.

who cosmetics. flowers. Some truths regarding our competitors: ( Well established brand name Operating in this segment for MANY YEARS ( ( Have a huge collection ( Lacks in exclusive wedding products Lacks in WEDDING variety of products ( Customer has to go at different places to buy various products. So. So we have to identify the consumer segment that is willing to take exclusive services. these unique and Target Market: Vivah Wedding’s market consists of consumers-brides & bridegrooms. We cannot just go for the whole potential market. and is affordable of buying them. In addition. Market Segmentation: It is one of the most important parts of marketing research and analysis. they are very experienced so they know very well what customer expect from bridal stores. The products and services we are going to offer are unique and exclusive. are going to get married and want to buy or borrow bridal dresses.All those popular stores sell typical bridal products. are several steps in a wedding. They have good looking environment. and other accessories needed in a wedding. “ . There customers. We have to select a target segment from the potential market and communicate with them in order to sell our service. shoes. invited people in the parties are also our potential .

It’s a common and traditional scenario that most of the time the bride’s or bridegroom’s parents or guardians or other family members are seen to shop for for the wedding occasions. Furthermore. we will also try to change the tradition by couple-to-be people to come and shop themselves for their wedding. the married women and their other family members are the most likely store. So. differs occasion to Target Consumer Profile: • Region – people from gujarat n non resident Gujarati’s from all over the world • Income Level – higher middle class and above Product • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • J e r soe w lley t r Bid l A c s oie r a ces r s Cte loh s In itaio C r v t n ad M tr o ia c u te a im n l o n r T usntr v ls or ae Dc r t r e oaos Ct r r aees Wd in h ll ed g a B a tys lo eu a n R s ua ts e ta r n F nz n u oe Wd in p n e e d g la n r C s e it m o m tic e s G atic s ift r le . we can segment our market according to better understand the need of customers. them middle-aged customers of our encouraging the young Occasion: The whole wedding ceremony consists of different activities. So. and those shoppers are mostly women. Customers demand according to each activity.

it will be spread across 4 floors with several shops and counters spread on 3 floors and 2 wedding halls on one floor.its a huge business venture employees Position CEO CFO Accountant Site Officer Project Manager (Marketing) Security Guard Total Number of employees 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 Physical plant: .ft plot in stadium road .• Po s d h to tu io • Fo er o tw a Size of business Our venture will be spread on a 25000sq.

Regular counter buses and other transport facilities are available at Asharam Road which is connected to it. ➢ it is just beside the main commercial area CG road in the city. Main reasons of locating our wedding mall at stadium Road are: “ ” ➢ Most of the customers will be aware of it as its much sort after areas in the city stadium road is easily reachable from any corner of the ahmedabad city. so it will be easily noticeable by most of our customers.ahmedabad . we can manage to all the products and service portion of our business under a single roof Organization Plan: Form of ownership: Business Identification Partnership of partners: • • • • • Chirag Gandhi Hetal modi Hemali jadafva Hathising kamaria Bhavik parekh .its at the end of cg road where many shopping outlets are located. Most of people use to go for shopping that’s why it is most recognized place.The VIVAH mall will be located at stadium road. Our mall will be spread across11000 square feet thus we hope.

As our shop is about wedding and providing marital service. Any kind of unethical behavior will not be accepted. We need experienced person here because to manage an event is not an easy task and to have cost efficiency and to control any unexpected situation. An experienced person does not mean that the employees must be educated.Terms of Agreements: • • • • • 3 Years agreement Have vision to expand the business 60% of profit earned in a year will be reinvested till further notice. Responsibilities will be specific and realistic Any kind of loss or profit will be distributed among the partners according to their contribution for that particular loss or profit. The officers who will work on site should be experienced as well. therefore. an experienced person is much better choice. we need such kind of people who can well communicate with the customers and make them to buy our products and services. . Backgrounds of the management employees: Our management employees should be enrienched and good communicator. Confidentiality of the firm must be reserved! All the partners should sit for a meeting to discuss future plan and recent threat for once in month. Any one who has deal with such event for long time can be eligible for the position. • • No products will be sold on account to the customers Any of director can’t argue about Terms and Condition. • • • • Partners should have good understanding between each other.

manager will possess the authority to change any procedure if he thinks necessary. Moreover.Business Plan Lovely Wedding Job Title: ceo Roles and Responsibilities: Manager: There will one manager in the firm. He also oversees the present ongoing progress of malls so that everything goes towards shop’s prosperity. he is the second most important and powerful position in the shop. All kinds of official affairs will be reported to the manager. who will deal with all official and related issues of the business. The main responsibility of this post is to carry out the policies issued by the owners. decision of the directors is mandatory Job Tittle : CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Available Positions Job description : 1 After the five owners. (CFO) chief financial officer: . but in this case.

office space rented. financial support. and other issues.Job position: Reports to: financial owners see the financial part of the mall Resposibilities ➢ Co ordinate with ceo for all the functions ➢ Co ordinate with architect so that a mall becomes functional within the budget of the organization ➢ Maintain all records of construction of mall. Site officer: . deal with the employees’ salary.etc used in the mall.matterials. Recording inventory items. Duties and responsibilities: • • Preparing the financial statement for the organization on each six months.leased or sold to others etc ACCOUNTANT: Keeping record of the equipments. whether going out or in and how much is there on the mall etc. The accountant will report to the cfo about the financial condition of the firm on a daily basis . • Recording daily sales and income on daily basis.

Job description He/she will be responsible to keep the shop environment neat and clean Duties & Responsibilities . monitoring the assigned task and reporting the information to the CEO. Their salary will be decided according to the typical salary rate on the market. Job Title: Security Guard Reports to: Manager Available Positions: 1 Job description He has the job of keeping the security system of the shop and helps the Factory Manager to keep the shop secured. o Clean and sweep the shop floor.he will be posted on the site and will oversee the construction of the site n report to the CEO. . o Maintain a neat and clear environment in the shop Clean the shop equipments Security Guard: Two security guards will be recruited on shifting basis on our shop. Their duty will be.

windows. and gates to determine that they are secure. if any change on pay scale is required it would be decided by the discussion between director board and employees. CEO/CFO Basic allowance Travel allowance (10% of the basic salary) Mobile bill (5% of the basic salary) 25000 2500 1000 Others . o Ensure shop security. Payment policies: Salaries: All the employees will get monthly salary for their regular job.Duties & Responsibilities . o Examines doors. o Handle any awkward situation. Their salary plan will be decided by the normal salary rate of in india In addition.

o Yearly holy day 15 days without government declared holy day.o Yearly holy day 15 days without government declared holy day. o a bonuses per year Accoutant Basic allowance Travel Allowance( 10% of the basic salary) 8000 800 Others . o a bonuses per year Security Guard Basic Allowance 2000 Others Yearly holy day 15 days without government declared holy day. o a bonuses per year Project Manager Project manager Travelling allowance 10% of basic Mobile exp 15000 1500 750 Site Manager .

Site manager Traveling allowance 10% of basic Mobile exp 10000 1000 500 • We can keep the data of the existing customers. We have our webpage and can sell internet. goods and can have virtual contracts of organizing parties out there on .and we can Computer makes our daily life easier. From the data of existing can identify the best seller zone and the group who mostly inform tham when new schemes or events happeing in the mall • customers we buy our product.

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