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101 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Web Site

101 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Web Site

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Published by: anibadola on Apr 08, 2011
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The world of banner advertising is changing rapidly. In the early days when
banner advertising was in vogue, visitors were clicking through, good banner
space was hard to find, and prices were rising. Then we saw the big decline.
Click-through rates were poor and, as a result, advertisers were looking at alter-
native online advertising mediums. We saw banner advertising prices decline
significantly. Quality space was not difficult to obtain and banner advertising
was being used primarily to meet branding objectives. Over the last few years
we have seen more and more pay-per-click targeted advertising opportunities,
and this type of advertising is now on the rise. I have chosen to discuss the two
types separately. I deal with pay-per-click or pay-to-play search engine advertis-
ing in Chapter 9 and deal with other forms of online advertising, including
traditional banner advertising, in this chapter.
Despite all the doom and gloom and bad press, traditional banner ads can
still be an effective advertising medium for real estate professionals if the ban-
ner ad is properly developed and is placed on a well-chosen site.
We are starting to see a shift toward ads using rich media. Advertising online
provides visibility—just as offline advertising does. You must develop an online
advertising strategy that works with your listings, your services, your market-
ing objectives, and your budget.
In this chapter, we cover:

• Your online advertising strategy


208 101 Ways To Promote Your Real Estate Web Site (realestate.maxpress.com)

• Advertising opportunities on the Web for real estate organizations

• Banner ad design and impact on click-throughs

• Banner ad sizes and locations

• Placing classifieds

• Tips to creating dynamite banner ads that work

• The cost of advertising online

• Measuring ad effectiveness

• Banner ad exchange networks

• Using an online advertising agency

• Sources of Internet advertising information

• Behavioral advertising

• Retargeting

• Content integration.

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