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101 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Web Site

101 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Web Site

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Published by: anibadola on Apr 08, 2011
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The benefits of RSS are many:

1. You are guaranteed 100 percent delivery. Spam filters are not an issue.
This means that your marketing and other messages to current and po-
tential clients are getting through.

2. You can quickly and easily get exposure on other sites that have the
same target market you do by having your content published on those
sites through content syndication. You immediately increase your reach.

3. Through your RSS feed opportunity, you can build your targeted database.

4. You can improve your search engine ranking through providing key-
word-rich content that is distributed to other sites with the link back to
your site.

5. You will increase targeted traffic to your site.

6. You will increase your brand awareness.

7. Through distribution of valuable content, you can establish yourself as
a great resource.

8. You have a great potential to increase revenue through your use of RSS
with the delivery of information, coupons, and promotions with the
links back to your site.

262 101 Ways To Promote Your Real Estate Web Site (realestate.maxpress.com)

9. You don’t have to worry about compliance with legislation, privacy
policies, spam, or age guidelines.

10. You will build trust, your reputation, and credibility.

11. RSS feeds are significantly less work than maintaining and promoting
through private mail lists. You don’t have to worry about cleaning lists,
running your content through the spam checker, or removing bad e-mail
addresses. This does not mean that you should switch everything previ-
ously provided through permission-based e-mail to RSS. See Chapter 14
for more on private mail lists.

12. RSS content is seeing significant click-through rates.

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