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Published by: dr jameer kamate on Apr 08, 2011
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VENTILATOR 1. Weaning a patient off ventilator 2. Continuous positive airway pressure 3. APRV 4. Pressure support ventilation 5. PEEP 6. . P.E.E.P.

and its application in modern ventilators 7. Physiological changes associated with I.P.P.V. 8. Minimum minute ventilation 9. Applied physiology of intermittent positive pressure ventilation 10. Physiological changes of positive pressure ventilation 11. Weaning modes of ventilation 12. Postoperative elective ventilation. 13. Prone ventilation 14. High frequency jet ventilation 15. ECMO 16. PEEP and its application in modern ventilators 17. Contraindication of prone ventilation 18. Non invariance ventilation 19. HPPV 20. Auto PEEP

21. Enumerate the predictors of weaning from mechanical ventilation 22. Enumerate the role of analgesics and sedation in patient on ventilator therapy in the ICU 23. Compare and contrast: PEEP and CPAP 24. Newer modes of ventilation 25. Characteristics of ideal ventilators 26. Partial liquid ventilation 27. Inverse ratio ventilation 28. Postoperative elective ventilation. 29. Volutrauma 30. Long term ventilation and its complications 31. Weaning criteria in a patient of COPD on ventilator.

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