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Michael Chesbro US Army JBLM DES Force Protection

Michael Chesbro US Army JBLM DES Force Protection

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Published by: Andrew Charles Hendricks on Apr 08, 2011
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Sara L Beldin US Air Force McChord AMC 62 Air Wing Anti-Terrorism Intel Analyst Physical Security Officer

Blackberry 253-279-0812

October 19 2010 62 AW Monthly INTSUM Unclas / FOUO / Law Enforcement Sensitive


Lakewood Police Department

Same Function Different office on same base


Summary Likely in This Digest


Michael Edward Chesbro US Army JBLM DES Force Protection Crime Analysis Unit


September 24 2010 Joint Base Lewis-McChord Law Enforcement Intelligence Summary FOUO / LES

Doug Strand Lakewood PD Criminal Intelligence Analyst


Summary Likely in This Digest Same Office Mike Zaro Not that I know 253-966-73XX Daniel Lee Vessels US Army JBLM DES Force Protection Fusion Cell Task Force Protector September 15 2010 email alert about Demonstration on "Freedom Bridge" set for Sept 18 2010 FOUO / High Importance Planning?

(Lt) Chris Lawler

Lakewood Police Criminal Investigation Unit PIO

Planning? Yes - (Details)
(Lt) Dave Guttu

Heidi Hoffman


Monitoring in Person or just planning? Maysonett MCDT

Alexandra Kasuske No Response to Zaro's Email Provided Porche Steve Mauer

Advertisements or Facebook Posts

On Overtime Johnson Monitoring 1300 - 1600 Jeff Alwine Monitoring 1300 - 1600 Olsen Monitoring 1300 - 1600 Why use Detectives to watch a rally at an overpass?

September 18 2010 Demonstration at I-5 Exit 122 1400 - 1600 (Bradley Manning Support Rally) Sponsored by Veterans for Peace

Photographed passing Photographed passing Photographed passing Photographed passing 849 WSP Unmarked Patrol Unit

004 TLV Ford Taurus

Lakewood PD U/C Cars? 421 WBS Ford Taurus

This is an analysis of an email chain photographed at Lakewood City Hall on Thursday April 7, 2011. The records were requested by Seth Manzel from the City of Lakewood on January 26 2011. The records were printed by Lakewood in mid February and made available on April 7 2011. The emails and memoranda requested asked for any mentions of the following organizations: Coffee Strong IVAW GI Voice Iraq Veterans Against the War (spelled out) Not all of the email records were photographed and not all of the emails photographed are included in this analysis. Analysis by Drew Hendricks.

Gill S Vandenkooy WSP Dist 1 Det 15 Dec 2010 Info
Dale M Johnson (2006 Info - does not match Dec 2010 list)

This is in his normal patrol area for that time of day.

893 WSP Marked Patrol Unit

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