DJ’s Humic Acid

What is it?
12% natural Humic Acid derived from brown coal. For foliar and fertigation applications and to buffer sodium excess, Humic Acid is a natural chelator and stabiliser, biological food source and buffering agent. • • • • • CEC of 450, excellent for improving moisture and nutrient holding in soil. Excellent biological food source. Enhances nutrient absorption through plant roots and leaf applications of nutrients. Ideal for buffering toxicities including sodium excess in irrigation water and soil. Improves the efficiency of nutrient applications, including N,P,K and trace elements.

Product Analysis:
Humic Acid 12% Potassium 1.2% pH 8.0-9.0 Conductivity 21 mS/cm Solubility 100% Appearance Dark brown liquid

Benefits of Humic Acid:
Fungal stimulant Buffers sodium excess Biological food source Increase nutrient efficiency Non-toxic Natural chelating agent Natural affinity for iron, can increase availability in soils

Available in 20L, 200L, 1000L

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