The Bilious Cuckoo-Clock V.

2 Written by Oliver Fowls

Scene One Int. Room [FADE IN] [Wide shot of clock and an open window.] The Cuckoo Clock is sleeping quietly. [Medium shot of clock face, hands moving toward 11:50] [Extreme close-up of Clock’s face as he snoozes] [Close up of clock face, the hands are sweeping quickly around to approach midday] [Extreme close-up of the Clock’s face, eyes open slightly as he snoozes] Scene Two Int. Room [The hands on the clock move till it is almost midday [Extreme close-up of the clock’s face] The clock is sleeping when all of a sudden its eyes change from closed to wide open, pupils dilated largely [Pan down to clock’s mouth] The clock looks worried and bites its lip

[Close up of the XII numeral on the clock face as the hands hit midday] *CLUNK Noise* [Close up of clock’s mouth] The clock’s cheeks bulge out, lip wobbles a bit [Close up of the clock’s eyes] Clock’s pupils constrict to small dots [Close up of mouth] The clock grimaces and his moustache curls downward [Medium shot of Clock] The cuckoo-clock shakes involuntarily, mouth open until suddenly he heaves and then vomits a wooden draw which fires out of his mouth with a *CUCKOO!* sound. Perched on the end of the draw is the bird which, carrying the momentum of the draw, flies off at great speed twittering loudly [Medium shot of window] The bird flies straight out of the window and disappears Act Three Int. Room [Close up of the Clock’s face] The clock is panting from the exertion of his violent regurgitation as his eyes follow the birds exit. After a few pants it shuts its eyes and starts to doze off again. [Close up of clock face as the hands approach 1pm] [Extreme close up of Clock’s face] The clock’s eyes dilate again in preparation for another episode of vomiting [FADE OUT]